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Residence Application Guide 2018-2019

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Table of Contents Welcome to the Georgian College Residence


Applying for Residence


Fall/Winter 2018-2019


Important Dates Academic Year 2018/2019

Fees Academic Year 2018-2019

Living in Residence

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Safety and Security


Living With Your Roommate


Mixed Gender Housing


Get Involved


Residence Council


Resident Advisors


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What to Bring


Items to Bring


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Welcome to the Georgian College Residence Dear Applicant, Living in the Georgian Residence is a unique experience. As a Georgian College student, living in Residence you have the advantage of being steps from your classes, meeting many new friends, participating in all sorts of social and educational opportunities and having caring staff available to assist you. I am committed to ensuring that residence positively influences your academics at Georgian College. I will work hard to ensure that your stay with us will be an unforgettable experience, where you will meet many new people and create many good memories that will last you a lifetime. Best wishes for your school year!

Sincerely, Sara Van Heeswyk General Manager Georgian College Residence


Applying for Residence 2018-2019 1 – Register through the Housing Portal Once you have completed the self-registration you will be able to apply for residence. The registration step is relatively simply and will only require you to fill a few personal details such as name, address, email, program, etc. 2 – Complete the Residence Application by April 6 Applicants are asked to complete the application including payment of the $500 security deposit by April 6. Applicants that have failed to fully complete their application can only be accepted to residence or placed on the waitlist when their application is complete. Those applicants that have applied past April 6 may be placed on the waitlist and only offered a spot if spaces are available. An invoice for the payment of your security deposit will be sent to you once we have received your application. Please note that this is not an automatic process, however should you fail to receive this e-mail after 2 business days please call the Residence at 705.730.5600. 3 – Complete the Residence Personality Profile Questions in the Housing Portal Acceptance emails will be sent out to students by April 6. Once you receive this email please complete the next available steps in your application by May 25. Failure to complete these steps by May 25 may result in your spot in residence being forfeited and offered to the next available applicant on the waitlist. 4 – Make your residence fees payment by May 25 Payment instructions will be sent to you via email once you have completed the above steps in the Housing Portal. Applicants that miss the May 25 deadline will have their spot in residence forfeited and offered to the next available applicants on the waitlist. 5 – Roommate Selection The roommate selection page of the Housing Portal will be open from July 13 to August 10. During this time applicants will have the opportunity to review possible roommates and make requests. Those students that are unable to locate roommates or opt out of the selection process will have roommates assigned to them by the Residence.


6 – Roommate Confirmation Applicants will receive an email from the Residence on August 17 with their confirmed roommates’ names and email addresses. 7 – Check your Email Throughout the summer and leading up to the move-in weekend you may receive additional information from the residence. In order to be fully aware of any important information we suggest that you check your email account regularly.


Important Dates Academic Year 2018/2019 April 6 – Acceptance emails distributed May 25 – Residence fee deadline (Option 1, 2 and 3) May 25 – Deadline to cancel Academic Year 2018/2019 application without financial penalty September 1 – Official move-in day September 3 – Room inspection deadline October 15 – Residence fee deadline (Option 2 and 3) December 16 - January 5 – Holiday room inspections January 6 – Official move-in day for Winter Term students January 15 – Residence fee deadline (Option 3) July 31 – Move-Out form due August 24 – Official move-out day


Fees Academic Year 2018-2019 Option 1

$7,325 due May 25

Option 2

$4,515 due May 25 $3,010 due October 15

Option 3

$1,425 due May 25 $3,050 due October 15 $3,050 due January 15


Living in Residence Safety and Security We take the safety and security of our residents very seriously. The areas below outline some of the steps that we take to ensure that all members of the residence community get the most out of their experience. • • • • •

There are 2 Residence Advisors who are student staff members living in the building with the students and who go through extensive training to help prepare them. Access to the units and bedroom doors is by hard keys. You will be issued keys that will grant you access to your unit and your bedroom. Security cameras located in various areas of the building. Security guards are stationed in the residence. The residence is equipped with smoke detectors that are checked regularly. Additional information will be posted and outlined to all residents after move-in date.

Living With Your Roommate Many residents come to college with great expectations about their roommates. Hopefully these impressions will be true, but stress levels have a tendency to increase during certain times of the year (i.e. exams). It is important to be aware and appreciate these stressful times as you and your roommate may experience some rough spots. It is very important that you communicate about things early so you can begin to understand each other. Discuss issues that will affect both of you: • • • • • •

Cleanliness Study habits Sleep habits Music preferences and volume Sharing personal belongings Overnight guests

Things to remember: • • • • • • •

Keep communication lines open. Be honest about how you feel and what you are thinking. Be willing to compromise. Give your roommates the respect, consideration, and understanding you want in return. Discuss problems as they arise with your roommates, not with other residents. If things change, be sure to let your roommates know. It is normal for your ideas, feelings, or even habits to change - situations change too. Ask your RA for help if you need it.


Mixed Gender Housing Mixed Gender Housing allows students to be assigned roommates without regard to gender. By default, students are assigned roommates of the same gender unless they opt in to our Mixed Gender Housing community. If you do not request to live with a student of the opposite gender, you can only be assigned roommates of the same gender. A student is never required to live with a student of the opposite gender if they do not wish to. If you know someone else who will be living in residence and would like to room together, we can usually accommodate your request. 1-2 months before move in, you will have access to the Roommate Selection process in the Housing Portal. When this opens, you can request the students you would like to live with. The other students will be notified that you have requested him/her as your roommate and s/he can either accept this request or reject it. If you agree to be roommates (and you are both offered a space in residence), then our residence application software will pair you as roommates. If you don’t know anyone else, you can search for roommates based on profile questions or you can let us match you up with other students who have applied for residence. More information about our Mixed Gender Housing option will be provided to you after you are accepted into residence. Please note, anyone who opts into the Mixed Gender Housing option will have access to the Roommate Portal in early July. If you are unsuccessful in matching with a roommate in the Mixed Gender Housing option you will be added into the Traditional Housing option which will open on July 13.


Get Involved You have the opportunity to make living on campus whatever you want it to be. We have many opportunities and a variety of ways in which everyone can join in and be part of it all. You can choose to join a committee like our residence council or you can simply come out and participate in the events being held by our Residence Life team. If you have any ideas for programs that you would like to see happen, please stop by the front desk and let us know.

Residence Council As a representative body of the residence student population, the residence council aims to enhance the residence experience and foster academic success by practising high quality student leadership through programming, volunteerism and student support initiatives. The residence council creates opportunities for residents to participate in leadership initiatives, learn valuable new skills and add value to the residence experience. Students may volunteer on committees, attend meetings or simply participate at council events. The residence council president and vice president positions are selected by the residence life co-ordinators, community advisor and residents through an application process. All residents are welcome to apply to be members of this volunteer council.

Resident Advisors The role of the resident advisor (RA) is filled by returning students who drive the social activities and community building within the residence. Resident advisors provide valuable support and guidance to residents, while at the same time acting as liaisons with residence management. The RAs complete nightly rounds of the building and can be reached through the front desk. Resident advisors are a great resource: they have the tools and knowledge to get you the answers, direction and/or assistance you need, or can simply be someone to talk to. Applications for RA positions are available starting in January of each year for the upcoming academic year.

Community Advisor The CA is a leader, role model, mentor, resource and support to the residence life staff, residence council and the students in the residence community. Their primary role is to foster a community environment that eases the student’s transition into college and supports the personal and academic success of their students. The CA will assist with areas such as roommate conflicts and low-level judicial processes associated with the RCLS. The CA is an additional resource for the students and will work directly with the RA team to provide direction, guidance and support for the students living within the residence.


What to Bring Items to Bring • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Alarm clock Cell phone Computer/laptop and printer IPod or other MP3 player Backpack Digital camera Clothes hangers Email addresses of family and friends Surge protected power bar DVD player Pillow, sheets, blanket and comforter for an extra-long double bed Hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc. Health card, medications with instructions and health insurance info Housecoat and slippers Kitchen supplies (plates, bowls, glasses, kettle, toaster, microwave containers, cutlery, cookware, etc.) Laundry bag/basket and detergent Pictures and posters School supplies Small stereo and headphones Toiletries, towels and soap Umbrella Toothbrush Toilet paper Student card Recreation and entertainment equipment Bicycle and lock – bike can be stored in your room (please do not ride them through the building) Cleaning supplies Iron and ironing board Additional desk/reading lights – torchiere lamps are NOT permitted Appliances permitted in the residence include: blender, bread maker, coffee maker, contact grill (George Forman), crock pot/slow cooker, electric frying pan/skillet, food processor, food steamers, juicer, kettle, rice cooker, toaster, toaster oven


Items to Leave at Home •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Appliances, including but not limited to: deep fryers, hot plates or other items with exposed elements and indoor grills are not permitted in the suites (toasters or toaster ovens may be used in the kitchenette area of the suites) Candles and incense Cigarettes, cigars and pipes — the residence is smoke-free Draperies Heaters and heat lamps Pets Waterbeds and other furniture Water cooler Bar fridge Barbeque Fax machine Halogen lamps Telephone (one is already provided) TV (one is already provided)

What we Provide Bedroom • Double bed • Desk and work area with chair • Closet space with rack Kitchen • Full-size refrigerator • Dishwasher • Breakfast bar and chairs • Prep. area with sink and storage • Stove and oven • Dishwasher Living Room • LCD flat screen TV • furnished Bathroom • Shower/Bathtub • Toilet • Dual Sinks


Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is there a residence deposit? A: The deposit is a $500 refundable fee that is used to cover the cost of any damage or excessive cleaning charges assessed after you move out of your suite. Any associated charges that occur during the contract term must be paid by the due date indicated when you are billed for them. Please refer to the residence contract for full details. Q: I no longer require a space in Residence. How do I cancel my application? A: If you are no longer planning on living in the Residence, or have found alternative accommodation, you cancel your application by logging into the Housing Portal and clicking on the “Cancellation/Withdrawal� link. Please ensure you review the cancellation policy: CLICK HERE for more information on our cancellation deadlines to receive a refund of your security deposit and residence fees. Q: How will you consider my medical needs when making my assignment? A: Students who have need for a special accommodations that may impact their living environment are encouraged to notify the residence via the Medical, Accessibility and Special Consideration page in the Housing Portal application. We recommend contacting the Centre for Access and Disability Services at Georgian College to access services throughout campus. Q: What if I don’t get along with my roommates? A: If you have problems with your roommates we recommend that you speak to your RA, they may be able to help mediate the conflict. If this step is unsuccessful please feel free to speak with a Manager. Q: What is the alcohol policy? A: Alcohol may be consumed only by those persons, whether a resident of the Residence or not, who have attained the minimum age under applicable provincial law and shall be consumed only in such areas of the Residence as may be designated by the Institution or the Manager. Residents and their visitors who violate this policy may have any and all alcohol confiscated by the Manager. The Resident accepts responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of alcohol anywhere in the room or in the Residence. Alcohol sold in individual single serving glass containers (i.e. beer bottles, coolers, etc.) or kegs (of any size) are prohibited from entering the Residence and will be confiscated by the Manager. Residents are permitted to bring plastic or aluminum cans into the Residence. As the safety of the Resident and the Residence community is paramount, the illegal use or abuse of alcohol will not be tolerated. Q: What if I do not want the furniture in my room? A: Unfortunately, the Residence does not have adequate storage facilities for students to store furniture, and Residence furniture cannot be taken off site. Students will be held responsible for the furnishings in their room. If there is a concern about the furnishings or if a repair needs to be made, you can submit a maintenance request by contacting the front desk or by logging in to your Housing Portal. Q: What kind of internet access is available in the residence? A: Internet access is setup by the students at the time of move-in. More information on third party providers will be sent in our move-in email. Q: Can I bring my car with me to campus? A: All students parking on campus must purchase a parking permit from Georgian College Parking Services. Residence students will be able to purchase a parking pass as part of their residence application that is valid for the residence parking lot only (spaces are limited). Parking is limited, so get your permit early. 12

Q: Is there any way to recycle in residence? A: Students are responsible for removing their own garbage and recycling from their suite. The garbage and recycling bins are located in the residence parking lot storage building. Q: Where can students study? A: Many students choose to study in their residence rooms while others find that the library is a more effective place to study. Q: What about noise in the residence? A: The key to successful Residence living is in cooperation with and respect for other students. The volume of voices, TV’s, and stereos must be contained within your room at all times. Quiet Hours Sun to Thurs Fri and Sat Exam Period

11pm - 8am 1am - 8am 23hrs

Q: Are my belongings safe in my room? A: Your unit door automatically locks when shut and your bedroom door can be locked with the key provided. Most thefts from residence rooms occur when students leave their doors propped open. You are responsible for arranging adequate insurance coverage for all of your belongings. The Residence’s insurance policy does not cover damage to or loss of your personal items. You should contact your family insurance agent to determine if you are covered under your parent’s home insurance and if so, for what amount. Q: Do my parents/guardians have access to my personal records/information? A: The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) prevents the Residence from releasing any information about to you outside parties. In most circumstances, Residents will be treated without reference to their parents, guardians or primary/secondary contacts; however, the Residence may contact the Primary or Secondary Contact to advise them of accident, injury, or other emergency situations. Q: When do I find out what room I am in? A: You will find out who your roommates are but we cannot give out your room number prior to your arrival. The reason for this is that changes to our room registry may occur before you arrive and we want to ensure we provide you with the correct information about your room. This information will be given to you upon your arrival. Q: Is the residence wheelchair accessible? A: The residence has 12 units that are accessible via exterior ramps. If you require one of these units, please mention this in your accommodation request or email Q: Is smoking permitted in the residence? A: No. Georgian College established a policy in 2001 ensuring a smoke-free environment in all college buildings. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas on the campus. Q: What if something breaks in my room? A: If something breaks in your suite, please contact the front desk or submit a maintenance request by logging in to your Housing Portal. By submitting a maintenance request, you authorize our maintenance staff to enter your room between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to repair the damages you have requested. This repair may take a few days to get to, so we ask that you be patient. If it is an emergency, please contact the front desk immediately. Please note that any damage to the suite that has occurred at the fault of the resident will be billable. 13

Q: Can we visit the residence for a tour? A: We would be happy to have you visit the residence at a time most convenient for you. Q: Can I bring the family pet to visit the residence? A: Sorry, pets are not allowed in residence. This is an effort to keep the environment clean and free of allergens. Q: Will my son/daughter be evicted from the residence if he/she doesn’t do well academically? A: A resident must be a student at Georgian College. If a student is not allowed to continue at the college for academic reasons, he or she will be required to leave the residence as well. In other words, if a student maintains satisfactory grades and remains in good standing, he or she may continue to live in the residence. Grounds for eviction from residence are outlined in Residence Community Living Standards.


Contact Us Front Desk Georgian Residence Email: Phone: 705.730.5600 Fax: 705.730.5558

Applications/Fees Georgian Residence Email: Phone: 705.730.5600

Sara Van Heeswyk, General Manager Georgian Residence Email: Phone: 705.730.5600, ext. 7062

Kurtis Schlueter, Housing Coordinator Georgian Residence Email: Phone: 705.730.5600, ext. 7074

Jesse Gignac, Residence Services Supervisor Georgian Residence Email: Phone: 705.730.5600, ext. 7075

Courtney Daponte, Residence Life Coordinator Georgian Residence Email: Phone: 705.730.5600, ext. 7078


Residence Application Guide 2018-2019 (Owen Sound)  
Residence Application Guide 2018-2019 (Owen Sound)