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Georgetown University McDonough School of Business INVESTORS REPORT 2012–13


Dean David A. Thomas





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In 2012â&#x20AC;&#x201C;13, Georgetown McDonough donations helped support...


Endowed Professorships


Undergraduate and Graduate Programs





Deanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Message


Supporting Faculty Research


Funding Social Impact


Principled Leadership


Campaign Progress


Global Experiences


Global Career Connections


Transforming Passion Into Action


The Undergraduate Experience


Hallmarks of a Georgetown Education


Empowering Communities


Rising to the Challenge


Thank You for Making an Impact



Faculty Development and Research

Centers and Initiatives


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DEAN’S MESSAGE At Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us. With a mission to serve both business and society, we often focus on the work of our students, faculty, and alumni. In these pages, we also would like to recognize the tremendous impact of our growing community of philanthropic support. The alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations that contribute time and resources to our school cause a ripple effect — by transforming ourselves, we are able to transform the world.

Across the school, your contributions have touched thousands of individuals. Scholarships open doors and allow us to recruit the very best students. Funding that supports student and faculty research enhances our thought leadership and influences business practice. Endowing chairs and professorships creates opportunities to attract and retain top academics to teach our students. Contributions to the Dean’s Leadership Fund enrich student life and opportunities for student success.

In addition to making financial contributions, you have spoken in classes, served on our boards, hosted events, mentored or recruited students, employed our graduates, or sponsored our extracurricular programming. The pages of this report could never capture the full impact that you have on the school, but what follows highlights many of the ways in which your support has enriched the Georgetown McDonough experience and allowed us to live our mission, both on the Hilltop and around the world.

“As we continue toward our goal of becoming a

preeminent business school built on the pillars of principled leadership, a global mindset, and service to business and society, we are grateful for your support. Thank you.


Dean and William R. Berkley Chair


DEAN’S LEADERSHIP FUND ALUMNI, PARENTS, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS Anonymous Robyn Abraham Jonathan R. E. Adams Zubaid Ahmad Ritu Ahuja Shamim Akhtar Jonathon Alexander Paul C. Almeida Eric Matthew Alonso Cindy Altberger Joseph V. Amato Doreen M. Amorosa Laura Ferris Anderson Orlando J. Ardila Traci A. Bahsoon George Michael Baker Sam Bakhshandehpour Rita A. Ballesteros Rahul Bansal Katherine Elizabeth Barasch Greg Barnes Keith Barnish Carney A. Barr Michael A. Barston

Natalie Barth Taraneh M. Bastani Christian Jon Beach Joshua Guy Bedell Rosemary Begin Anthony J. Bellezza Bradley Bendeck William R. Berkley Jr. Justin Berman Danielle V. Bernstein Frederick David Betzner Thomas Bindley Jr. Ahna Blessing-Moore Richard Turner Bohling Brian W. Bolster Bernadette Bonadurer Greg Booth Henry Bose Jr. Lawrence R. Botel John V. G. Bowlus David Thomas Boyd Charles V. Boyle Bradbury Family Charitable Fund Nina Govic Braun Richard A. Breton Daniel Patrick Brophy

Georgetown McDonough School of Business August 9 This Faculty Friday, we have a Q&A with Mae McDonnell on impression management and pro-social activity. Read more:

Darrin Scott Brown Douglas G. Brown Elizabeth Dee Brown Alicia Roddy Buchwalter Daniel Mark Butturini Lynne M. Butz Jonathan Wood Byers Patricia E. Byrne Richard P. Callahan Family Fund Matilda Carpenter Mary McCann Cassell Catherine Conway Castro Hillary Chassin Sam Chawla William Tae-Wook Cho Timothy A. Chorba Linda Cochran Mark Anthony Cognetti Jill Frances Conklin Patrick J. Connelly Alexander D. Cope Charles P. Corcoran Sally Corning James Joseph Cornish Ryan Craig Dennis Crilly Crnkovich Family Fund Susan Wood Cunningham Alan Cyron Peter Greene Dagher

Georgetown McDonough School of Business May 31 Happy Faculty Friday! Today we congratulate our commencement faculty award winners!


John M. Dagnon Matthew L. D’Ambrisi Stephen James D’Ambrisi Lori A. Davis Nicolas Sierra de Alejo Rajeev Donald De Mello Linn Deavers Rick P. Desai Ronald Nicholas DeSantis John Anthony DeSisto Donald Devine Mohammed G. Dewji Dex Family Charitable Fund William H. Diamond Jr. Maura Cannon Dick Erik Didriksen Charles A. Dietzgen Jessica E. Dillon Ronald E. DiSimone Kenneth Ditzel John Richard Doherty The Donlin Family Charitable Fund William P. and Elizabeth Doucas The Thomas W. Dower Foundation John A. Doyle Jr. Benjamin Drylie-Perkins Scot Lee Duncan

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SUPPORTING FACULTY RESEARCH Donors have contributed $15 million of the school’s $23.5 million goal to support faculty excellence. These funds help support faculty research like Assistant Professor Neeru Paharia’s “Sweatshop Labor Is Wrong Unless the Shoes Are Cute,” which investigated consumer reasoning and decision-making processes behind purchasing items made from sweatshop labor. Published in May 2013 by Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, the study examined experiments using hypothetical labor conditions at destination resorts, with desirable brands and amongst competing corporations. Paharia determined that consumers drew on motivated reasoning, product desirability, and

moral hypocrisy (or self-relevance) to justify questionable labor practices with economic development explanations. Following the collapse of Rana Plaza, an eight-story garment factory in Bangladesh, Paharia was highly sought for commentary as the incident brought significant media attention to the topic of sweatshop labor and working conditions.

“Research consistently has found that consumers

have a strong preference to purchase products made without sweatshop labor, but the question of why demand for products that guarantee favorable working conditions is so low led me to this research. It seemed if consumers really cared, there would be more demand for sweatshop-free products and more opportunities for companies to profit from such products. It turns out there are a variety of reasons that may explain why we find ourselves in this conflicting situation.




Associated Press Chicago Tribune Georgetown Forum Radio Huffington Post New York Times

James L. Hendricks Jessie Barter Henry Thomas R. Hensel Hermance Family Foundation Inc. David H. Herskovits Alyssa R. Hill Lisina Hoch Edward J. Hoff Christian J. Hoffmann III Diana Lyte Holcomb Carol Q. Holden Michael Dennis Holic R. Sean Honey David & Lisa Hooper Fund Jeffrey Alan Horowitz Bethany Hu Todd Daniel Huey Pamela Storms Hufnagel Yongsoo Huh David B. Hulme Peter D. Hunt Michael G. Infante Stephen T. Irza Sunder Ganesan Jambunathan Dimuth Jayawardhane Erika Jones-Trujillo Arlen and Ann L. Kantarian Jarett R. Kaplus William M. Katz Jr. Meridena Kauffman Colleen Michelle Kearns Kevin Jennings Keck Peter C. Keenoy Stephen Keenum Kenneth J. Kencel Christy Pugh Keswick The Kibler Foundation Inc. Mallory H. Kiplinger Mike Kirby Robert Todd Kitterman Christopher Klejdys Chris M. Kormis Joseph S. Kraemer III John T. Krakowski Alan H. Kramer Jamie T. Kraska Muehlhauser Kristin Jill Kraska Jordan Thomas Krawll Andrea C. Kuettel Michael J. Kunz Russell A. Kurihara Edward P. Landers Jr. Robert R. Langelier Larry and Rhonda Post Charitable Fund Earl K. Lau Gerard A. Launais

Georgetown McDonough School of Business December 7, 2012 #WhyaHoya

Principles! That is what will drive/distinguish the future leader. Women and men for others. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Z. Michael Wang

Dasha Dwin Timothy S. Eberhardt Bradley N. Edwards John Benjamin Edwards Karim El Solh Khaled S. Eldabag Stephen Paul Elker Kirwan B. Elliott Spencer D. English Frank C. Ernst Josh Ramsey Evans Mary Susan Evans Michael Joseph Fabiano Tuula Hoiska Fai Louis G. Farr Kristen Farren Mary Roberts Feichthaler Matthew L. Ferebee David Kennedy Ficca Deborah Ann Fields Raymond S. Filocoma Michael Fisher Thomas M. Fitzgerald III Roy D. Flood Jr. Keenan S. Flynn Timothy D. Fording Keira Alexandra Forker Robert Fragola Daniel William Gagen Katharine C. Gagne Tania Marie Galarza

Inocencio Galindo Caroline Mayhew Gardner Eugene & Mary Anne Gargaro Fund Martin J. Garofalo Michael Gart Lori Gatto Maureen Regina Gaus Evan Anthony Giancaterino James Stevenson Gillingham Arthur and Elizabeth Godbout Family Foundation Inc. Sharon Goodman Persinski Alex Gorodetsky Geoffrey Phillip Gougion William C. Gould Jr. G. Michael Green Rebecca N. Greenwell Maureen Clare Gullo Rania S. Hadchiti Ramy S. Hakim Kevin P. Halpin John Paul Hambene Hardesty Family Fund Christopher Houston Harris Nicholas A. Hart James Scott Hartman Joseph F. Hartnett Jr. Mary Jane Hawes Gino Heilizer Kourtney Catherine Azure Heintz


Lauricella Family Charitable Fund Alyson Lawrence John P. Leader Jung Tae Lee Lois A. Lee Aimee Reiver Lehrman Karmi Leiman Brigid E. Lenahan Diana Hennessey Lescinsky Andrew B. Levin Vincent J. Lewis William L. Licamele Peter Wills Lischick Mary Ellen Lisicky Yuchen Liu Mary Lynn Lockard Alison Lohrfink Blood Heather London Christina A. Losier Kristina Luck Quentin E. Lyle Jonathan R. Lynch William R. Lynch III Herbert Stuart MacArthur Margaret Brill MacWhirter Vanessa E. Magli David M. Magruder James Robert Maida Christina Mallus Jason James Mansilla Christina Nystrom Mantha David Noah Marcato Jr. Gordon M. Marchand Daniel Marchetta Kelly Neal Mariotti Fabrice C. Martin Ronald Charles Martin Jr. Elaine Maslamani Patricia Mayer Carlos Francisco Mayorga Dmitry Mazilo Daniel F. McCarthy Brian McConville Daniel McConville James C. McCoy Sean Thomas McDermott Thomas L. McDermott John V. McKee Jr. John C. McNamara II Mark and Jill McNay Fund McNeill Charitable Foundation Rebecca L. Meisels Michael and Joanne Lewicki Charitable Fund Lynn Anne Miller

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FUNDING SOCIAL IMPACT While many Full-time MBA students use their summer internship as a stepping stone to lucrative corporate careers, an increasing number of Georgetown McDonough students spend their summers exploring another option: nonprofit and social impact organizations.

“Over the summer I interned as a short-term associate in Acumen’s East Africa office in Nairobi, Kenya. The opportunity to spend a summer in a developing country and understand the challenges and opportunities that these countries face is not something that can be learned in the classroom or from reading a newspaper. Getting on-the-ground experience will be invaluable for my future career, and Social Impact Internship Fund funding made the decision to go abroad easier.


The student-led Social Impact Internship Fund (SIIF) raises funds and awards scholarships to support Georgetown McDonough MBA students pursuing unpaid or minimally funded internships in social impact-oriented organizations. Supported in part by the Dean’s Leadership Fund, SIIF awarded $34,500 to 13 students for their 2013 summer internships, which took place in Washington, D.C., and around the world, from Managua, Nicaragua, to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


SOCIAL IMPACT ORGANIZATIONS 2013 Social Impact Internship Fund recipients worked at the following organizations: • Acumen Fund • Agora Partnerships • Ashoka • Education Pioneers • Inter-American Development Bank • Millennium Challenge Corporation • OPIC • ShoreBank International Ltd. • Social Impact Partners • The Tony Elumelu Foundation • U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Development Policy and Debt

McGue Millhiser Family Trust Michael A. Milone Henry Minello Charitable Fund Ron Mirro John Richard Mirvish Hiroto Miyake Katherine Modena Maysam Mohsseni Ralph P. Money Corliss S. Monfries Wayne G. Monfries Cary L. Moore Jack Leslie Moore Jarrett Michael Morrell Letty Puccinelli Morris Isabelle Robinson Moses Walter Joseph Mostek Jr. Carlos A. Munoz Edmund and Jennifer Murphy Foundation Paul Francis Murphy

Haig Nerguizian The Nesi Family Foundation Bernard Nolan Jr. Barbara A. O’Boyle Charles John Ogeka Karlene E. O’Hara Kevin Patrick O’Keefe Stewart M. Oldfield Geoffrey A. Oliver Daniel Simon Orbach Holly M. Ormseth Samuel J. Osea Thomas T. O’Shaughnessy John P. O’Toole James Robert Ottobre Michael Un-Jun Paek Adelaida Delgado Palm Lindsay Marie Palmer Robert Vincent Palmese Alexander J. Paranicas Dean Paranicas

Peter A. Pawlick Niels M. Pedersen Ira Veselinova Penza

Jan Dominik Christoph Remmen Rencourt Foundation Inc. Deborah Reyes

Georgetown McDonough School of Business January 4 During the month of January we will be featuring Georgetown McDonough alumni daily. Follow along to see life after McDonough! Today’s featured alum is Eric Zheng. Where is he now? Eric runs AIG’s insurance operations in Shanghai.

Georgetown McDonough School of Business January 28 Today’s featured alum is Tiffany Wilson Karp. Where is she now? Leading the Global Center for Medical Innovation.

Matthew S. Pfile Andrew C. Philipp William H. Piccione Kimberly Adams Piliero Kristen Marie Pinksten Wayne Clarke Plewniak Elaine N. Pochtar David G. Poe Stephen T. Pokora Bill and Mary Poland Frederic B. Powers III Robert Stephan Preston Peter Pritchard Louis Prosperi Andrea Bergofin Rachman Hossam Y. Radwan Shubha T. Rao David Edward Rappa Ali Rashid Elizabeth Ann Rathz Daniel Steven Reale Artur Rebisz

You’re a Rockstar!!! Like • Reply • June 28 at 6:37pm via mobile Representing us well, Tiffany Wilson Karp. Great feature! Like • Reply • January 28 at 11:09pm via mobile

Stephen Bernard Murray Ihemba Mujinga Mwamufiya Brenda Fischer Myers Barbara W. Navarro

Anthony Arthur Paras Andrew Jay Pardo Jongkook Park John A. Parmigiani


Susan Holter Reynolds William M. Rice Kimberly C. Rieck Marc Charles Rinaldi Pietra Jo Rivoli Jean Roberts Shannon J. Robins Madeleine D. Robinson Kevin M. Roe Peter J. Rogers Mary V. Roney Meredith Roscoe Richard C. Rowlenson Stephanie Rufino Julia Ostapenko Ryaboshapka Jeff Ryder Jaime Eduardo Saenz John Todd Samperton Joseph Sullivan Sanborn Melissa McCann Santangelo John Michael Santoro

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PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP In January, Georgetown University and the District of Columbia Public Schools launched a new cohort of the Executive Master’s in Leadership Program that prepares D.C. principals to address leadership opportunities and challenges faced by an urban school system. The program was inspired by

District, as well as the Incarcerated

Kaya Henderson (SFS ’92, EML ’07),

Youth Program.

who was asked to take the helm of DCPS as chancellor while still a student in the EML program. Having felt transformed by her own experience at Georgetown McDonough, Henderson reached out to her alma mater to create a version of the program specifically for primary and secondary school principals. The 25 principals in the inaugural class, shown below at their opening residency, lead elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the

The yearlong program is made possible in part by a generous multi-year gift from the Bradley Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region and furthers Georgetown’s mission by serving the needs of the city. By creating a transformational educational experience for these principals, Georgetown and DCPS hope to positively impact the 45,000 students who attend the city’s schools.


“I am thrilled that we have

partnered with Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business to create an innovative program that will enhance our principals’ leadership skills and strengthen DCPS’ human capital efforts. Together, we are making an investment not only in the futures of the principals but in the future of DCPS.


Wayne and Deborah Zuckerman Family Foundation Inc.

Georgetown McDonough School of Business June 27 Dean Thomas shares his love for BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and his plans to boost Georgetown McDonough rankings in the latest Poets and Quants article. Show your Georgetown pride in the comments!

Sounds like some great changes. Can I go back for another two years? Like • Reply • June 27 at 12:37pm

Carl L. Scheuerman Robert A. Schmid Edward Augustine Schwartz William P. Schweikhardt Caroline L. Scullin Michael Charles Serra Neil Sethi Philip J. Shaw Paul Francis Sheahen Mark Shinderman Joshua B. Siegel Antonio Lapus Sierra Jr. Denny H. Silverman Taylor Travers Simmons Kevin and Mariann Simms Family Fund Karen Moritz Simons Katarina Alexandra Skladony Jan Smilek Courtney Smith Stephanie Waldman Spar Bruce C. Spencer Randolph A. Spoth Miss Tara Kathleen Stadolnik Tim Stallkamp Trevor M. Stanley

Stephen Gaull Fund Lisa Stern Maxim Sergeevich Stoklitsky David L. Stone Janeen Stone Christopher J. Sullivan Margaret Sung David Everett Sylvester Timothy P. Tassopoulos Dhaval Tejani Kenji Terao David A. Thomas Christian Tietzsch Jose Ricardo Toro Elizabeth M. Touomou Christopher Michael Trahos Jeffrey Peter Travers Alisa Tugberk de Macedo Carl Frederick Tuke III Peggy Bell Twitchell Mark Toshiro Uyeda Eileen Van der Waag Abbie E. Van Nostrand Jonathan Henry Van Slooten Dana Van Tassel Georgia VanDyke

Javier A. Varela Joan W. and Philip A. Vasta Fund Nicole Vavrecka John Vitalo Mark Vincent Vlasic Natalie Walker Robert Emmett Walley IV David Glenn Walz Luc Wathieu David D. Wegner Randall R. Weller Mikel Howard Williams Laura Kauffman Wilson Jun Won Michael Wong Toshiyuki Yamaguchi Brooke Dooley Ybarra Michael Anthony Ybarra Aviva Yoffe Raymond Wan-Hoe Yue Mark J. Zabierek Ellen Nicole Zander Lynn Nide Zbranak Kyle B. Zilles Kathryn Zoch Sasha DiScala Zolik


CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS AllianceBernstein LP American Express Gift Matching Program Apple Matching Gifts Program The Baltimore Life Companies Chick-fil-A Inc. The Clorox Company Foundation-Employee Giving Campaign CME Foundation Matching Gift Program Creek Investments LP Partnership Deloitte Foundation The Walt Disney Company Foundation Ernst & Young Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation First Data Corporation Forest Laboratories Inc. The Gap Foundation Gift Match Program GE Foundation GenCorp Foundation Inc. Goldman Sachs & Co. Goldman Sachs Gives Google Inc. Hess Corporation Hudson City Bancorp Inc. John Hancock Financial Services Johnson & Johnson The JP Morgan Chase Foundation KPMG Foundation Lockheed Martin Corporation LPS Industries LLC Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Program NYSE Euronext Foundation PNC Bank Foundation PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Qualcomm Incorporated State Street Matching Gift Progam Truist Tyco Employee Matching Gift Program Unilever United States Foundation Inc. United Way of Metro Chicago Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Windy City Holdings Inc.

CAMPAIGN PROGRESS Now in its third year, Georgetown University’s “For Generations to Come” $1.5 billion capital campaign reached the $1 billion milestone at the end of March. FACULTY AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE


Faculty and research programs — chairs and professorships for new and existing faculty lines and a robust Faculty Excellence Fund

Support for centers and initiatives, which benefit both undergraduate and graduate programs across the school





million+ goal

million+ goal




$ million raised

$ million raised



Scholarships, student research funds, and general support for the many student initiatives

Strategic opportunities that will allow the school to achieve many goals across the unit


Georgetown McDonough alumni, parents, and friends have contributed some $84.5 million toward the school’s goal of $125 million as part of the university’s campaign. “Our campaign goals focus on the investments necessary to achieve our vision of preeminence,” says David A. Thomas, dean. “Success in the campaign helps us enhance the transformational experience that is a McDonough School of Business education.” Gifts support scholarships, faculty and academic excellence, the ambitious transformative opportunities for our students that are emerging out of the school’s centers, and the Dean’s Leadership Fund. » To support the “For Generations to Come” campaign, contact Matilda Carpenter, senior director of development, at (202) 687-3930 or




million+ goal

million+ goal



$ million raised

$ million raised


Sponsored research and gifts in holding reflected in total.

EMPLOYERS LIST 3greenmoms LLC 3M Company AARP

Applied Predictive Technologies Artemis Real Estate Partners ASB Real Estate Investments

Boku Booz Allen Hamilton Boston Consulting Group The Boston Red Sox Baseball Club BP BrightLife Direct Caesars Entertainment Caine Mitter & Associates Campion Asset Management LLC Capgemini U.S. LLC* Capital One Financial Corporation* Carr Business Systems Cassidy Turley Censeo Consulting Group The Chartis Group Chevron Corporation China Development Bank Choice Hotels International* CITGO Petroleum Corporation Citi* Cleveland Browns Clinovations CMC Cognizant* The Cohen Group Colgate Palmolive* ConAgra Foods Consultatio Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Cornerstone Research* Corning Incorporated CoStar Group Credit Suisse* Crossix CSC* DC Law Students in Court DC United Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Deloitte LLP Deloitte Monitor Deutsche Bank* DigitalGlobe Discovery Communications LLC Doosan Holdings Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. DSK Solutions Duff & Phelps DuPont Corporation Eastdil Secured Eaton Corporation

Georgetown McDonough School of Business July 10 Ever wonder how MBA students spend their summer? Recently, we caught up with Rahul Jindal, MBA ’14. Read his story here:


Abercrombie & Fitch Academy Sports & Outdoors Accela Inc. Accenture* Acumen Fund Adobe Systems* AFIG Funds Agora Partnership Akya The Alexander Group Inc. AllianceBernstein Alvarez & Marsal* Amazon* Amenalav Group American Airlines* American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy American Eagle Outfitters Inc. American Express* Anheuser-Busch InBev APCO Worldwide Apple

Ashoka* Associated Press AT&T* athenahealth Azure Power BAE Systems Bain & Company* Bangkok Bank Bank of America/Merrill Lynch* Barclays* BASF Baxter International Inc.* Bayer HealthCare LLC BDO* Bellwether Education Partners Bellwether Technology Bill Kenwright Lmt. Blackboard* The Blackstone Group* Bloomingdale’s* BMO Capital Markets* Boeing


Economic Consulting Services LLC Education Pioneers* Eli Lilly and Company Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Encore Enviva EOG Resources Ernst & Young* Estée Lauder* eVariant EverFi F Greek Development Facebook Fannie Mae Farlie Turner & Co. Investment Bank Federal Reserve Bank of New York Ferrovial FINCA International Fintrac First Annapolis Consulting Inc. Flat World Knowledge Flocabulary Ford Motor Company* Forestar Group Gallup Consulting GE Capital EFS General Electric* General Mills* George Washington University School of Business* GLC Advisors Goldman Sachs & Co.* Google* Government of the District of Columbia* Groom Law Group Chartered Guardian Life Insurance Company Hall Capital Partners Halliburton Energy Services Hanwha Investment Harvard Business Publishing HC Securities and Investment Herbalife International The Hershey Company* Hillstone Restaurant Group Hilton Worldwide HJ Heinz Hospitality 3 Housing Partnership Network

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GLOBAL EXPERIENCES Pioneered by Georgetown McDonough in 1994, the Global Business Experience gives business students the opportunity to expand their worldview as they partner with executives from multinational organizations to address complex business challenges. This program is just one way that the school’s Global Business Initiative (GBI), led by Professor Ricardo Ernst, ensures that the global mission of Georgetown McDonough is evident throughout all aspects of the student experience. Beginning in spring 2014, the Undergraduate Program will partner with GBI to implement the Global Business Experience as an elective for undergraduate students, thanks

to a generous gift from Joseph (B ’93) and Abigail (SFS ’96) Baratta. “Georgetown has an opportunity to really define what is unique about its undergraduate business education,” Joseph Baratta says. “It’s not just to study accounting and finance — exposure to different business cultures is important to be a really successful business person. Giving that kind of exposure at a young age is beneficial and unique to Georgetown.”


• • • • • • • • • •

“Business has no borders. In this age of globalization, it’s crucial that Georgetown McDonough educates future business leaders capable of making complex business decisions in a global environment.



• • • •

Mustafa Abdel-Wadood (MBA ’96) Abraaj Capital Marcos Alcocer (MBA ’88) Clubes Albatros, Organización Britania Maximo Blandon (MBA ’88) – Chair Stephens Miguel de la Campa Pacific Rubiales Energy Tom DeRosa (B ’80) Private Investor Mark Del Rosso Audi of America Ricardo Ernst Georgetown University Damir Fazlic Politics, Real Estate, and Energy Peter Foyo Nextel Mexico, NII Holdings Fabrizio Freda The Estée Lauder Companies Alvaro Garza (MBA ’95) ALFA Franck Moison Colgate-Palmolive Company Manuel Sánchez Ortega Abengoa Pavlos Vardinoyannis M&M Gas S.A. Artem Volynets (MBA ’97) Polyus Gold International Fred Wakeman (MBA ’90) Advent International Carlos Zalles (B ’75) LW Investment Management

HSBC Humana* IBB Consulting Group IBM* InfoStrat Intel Corporation* Inter-American Development Bank* INTERMIX International Finance Corporation Invesco Invictus Consulting Group Ironwood Pharmaceuticals J.P. Morgan* The JBG Companies Jefferies LLC* Jellyfish JJ Mae’s Rainbeau Johnson & Johnson* Johnson & Johnson/McNeil Consumer Healthcare Jones Lang LaSalle JOSS Realty Partners LLC JP Morgan Chase & Co* Key Bridge Partners* KippsDeSanto KMR Infrastructure Inc. KPMG LLP* L.E.K. Consulting* Lantheus Medical Imaging Laureate Education Inc. Leerink Swann Liberty Mutual* LinkedIn L’Oreal* M&T Bank Corporation* Macquarie Group Limited Makerbot Industries Marsh & McLennan McKinley Advisors McMorgan & Co. Medisolv Merck MetLife Investments MetLife Real Estate Investors The Michaels Organization Millennium Challenge Corporation Mintz Levin MITRE Moet-Hennessy USA Mondelez International Monitor Deloitte Morgan Stanley* Mount Sinai Hospital My Ceviche National Basketball Association

Vote! Spring 2013 Global Experience Photo Contest April 5 Best Representation of the Georgetown MBA Global Experience. Photo by Allen Wang.

Navigant Consulting Navy Federal Credit Union* NBCUniversal Neighborhood Development Company Neiman Marcus* NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Nextera Energy Nike Noble Energy

Praetorian Holdings S.A.S. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC* Promontory Financial Group* Public Broadcasting Service The Quant Group RB Invest RBC Capital Markets Realterm Global Richard Media Company The Riverside Company Rooney Development Rothschild RSF Social Finance The RSP Companies Rumwood & Sabre Holdings* Sagent Advisors Samsung* Samsung Everland Inc. Sandler O’Neill Sandoz Savan Group SC Johnson*

Nomura* Novahill Partners Novartis International NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Ogilvy ONE* Oracle Corporation Overseas Private Investment Corporation* Pan African Capital Group PepsiCo* Personal Inc. Philips Consumer Lifestyle


Seminole Tribe of Florida Gaming ServiceTitan Seventh Generation Shooshan Company ShopStyle ShoreBank International Ltd. Signal Hill SimpsonScarborough Sinopec Sparks Consulting Sports Illustrated Stifel* StudentsFirst Success Academy Charter Schools Sunoco Inc. Surgical Information Systems Susquehanna International Group T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.* T. White Parker Consulting Tax Analysts Taylor-DeJongh Telos Advisors Telsey Advisory Group Tencent The Tony Elumelu Foundation* Towers Watson Toys “R” Us U.S. Department of Health and Human Services U.S. Department of the Treasury UBS Under Armour Inc. UniCarriers Unilever* Universal McCann University System of Maryland Foundation The Vanguard Group* Venture for America Vertex Pharmaceuticals VicNRG LLC Virginia Hospital Center Wal-Mart Wales Council for Voluntary Action Washington Nationals Baseball Club The Washington Post Wells Fargo* Wells Fargo Securities* Wemed Services Inc. The World Bank* Zayo Group ZenithOptimedia ZS

* Hired more than one graduate.

GLOBAL CAREER CONNECTIONS MBA students have the opportunity to attend many different types of career fairs, though the one held at Georgetown McDonough is unique. We thank the employers who support this initiative as well as those who provide other career opportunities for our students.


Now in its third year, the Global Career Conference and Expo (GCCE) is the only in-person career fair that connects employers to MBA candidates from top schools who are U.S. students seeking global opportunities or international students seeking U.S. employment.

business schools

Global Career Conference and Expo Attendees

The event’s success lies in its exclusivity — it connects the best talent from top business schools with interested employers who do not find the same level of exposure anywhere else. It also provides students with access to employers specifically seeking global talent.



261 students

“GCCE was an incredible experience to get

profound information about global companies and their general interest in international students. For me, it was a crucial part of my professional career because it was during GCCE that I first interviewed with L’Oréal, the company that ultimately extended an offer and where I now work as a finance manager.



SCHOLARSHIPS, FACULTY EXCELLENCE, INITIATIVES, AND PROGRAMMATIC FUNDS ALUMNI, PARENTS, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS Anonymous (6) Mohamed Abdel-Kader Jordan Bennett Abramson Alejandro Acevedo Daniel Acosta Jr. Aqeel H. Adenwala Stephen Paul Adkins Sachin Aggarwal Ruma Ahmad-Mirza The Sprung Alexander Charitable Gift Fund Stephen Alfieri Renee C. Allain-Stockton Joao P. Almeida Todd Jeffrey Altenburger Joan B. Ames William D. Anderson Jr. Daniele Andreini Christopher W. Andrews Paul Timothy Andrukonis Adnan Anwar Nairi Aprahamian

Thomas J. Arnsperger The Arun I. & Asmita Bhatia Family Foundation Matthew Ralph Ash Rouzbeh Ashayeri Dewey John Awad II Nadim Bacho Kiran Baderdinni Mark T. Bagin Alvin & Geraldine Baileys Foundation James Morrison Baker Michael P. Bannon Joseph Patrick Baratta II David J. Barie Kristin B. Barina Stefano Baroni Sean Matthew Barrie Gregory C. Barry Dolores A. Barta Sandra A. Barta Ryan Bateman Kate Fisher Baumann Bryan L. Beaudoin

Georgetown McDonough School of Business December 7, 2012 #WhyaHoya

Proud to be a hoya because of one word COMMUNITY — tiffrocka

Anne L. Beaurline Kimberly Bechler Timothy A. Becker Caesar S. Benipayo Joseph F. Berardino Shaul Berechman The Berkley Foundation Inc. Clark M. Beyer Rajan Bhardvaj Arun I. Bhatia Patricia M. Bidwill Osman Bilgin Leila Blodgett Howard M. Bloom Barbara Boehm Kelley Bolten Michael J. Bonanno Jamey Elizabeth Borell Alexander Leland Boyle Bradley Charitable Fund Charlotte Wiethoff Bradley Albert Brancaccio

Georgetown McDonough School of Business April 18 This past Sunday, Georgetown MBAs from around the world celebrated Holi, an Indian festival of color. The event is celebrated by all as a colorful and joyous festival. The tradition is such that all barriers and ill feelings are forgotten and people come together to celebrate life and happiness.


Aleco Jaime Bravo-Greenberg Ashley Beardsell Breed Daniel K. Brendtro Kristina Fausti Broumand Jacqueline A. Brown Martha Montag Brown Maureen Rutter Brown Rebecca J. Brown Sidney R. Brown Valerie A. Brown Andrews Lord Browne Angela Brubaker Gabriel John Buerkle Mary Ann Bui Elizabeth Bulin Charles E. Bunch David Matthew Burke Michael Gerard Burke Emily Burns Mariko Butler Sherry S. Byon

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TRANSFORMING PASSION INTO ACTION Georgetown McDonough is committed to rewarding excellence and providing financial assistance to deserving students in all of its programs. The Georgetown MBA John F. Connelly Scholars Program is an endowed scholarship program established to recognize an elite group of students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, professional excellence, and leadership in their community. Created in 2001 by the Connelly Foundation of West

Conshohocken, Pa., the program benefits 10 MBA students each year. In addition to receiving full tuition scholarships, Connelly Scholars enjoy special programming, mentoring, and leadership development. “The Connelly scholarship gave me the opportunity to arm myself with the best, most socially focused education and training in business management,” says Connelly Scholar Maria Luque (MBA ’15).

“Additionally, thanks to the special networking opportunities, I am able to develop stronger relationships with my fellow Connelly Scholars, with Dean Thomas, and other members of McDonough School of Business.” » To learn how to support or create an endowed scholarship, contact Matilda Carpenter, senior director of development, at (202) 687-3930 or

“Thanks to the financial freedom that the Connelly

Scholarship gives me, I am able to truly focus on pursuing my passion of eliminating global poverty through a career in international development, removing the role of personal finances from my professional decisions. I have the responsibility to ensure that the impact of this award will extend well beyond my own career by giving back to Georgetown and society.



Timothy Vincent Cahalane Chad Michael Camilli Christopher Joseph Carabetta Jeffrey D. Carpenter

Elizabeth Comerford Jeffrey Alan Conn William L. Connelly Gillette M. Conner

Silvio Joseph Disisto David Charles Dodson Walter B. Doggett III Donn C. Dolce Ana Sofia Dominguez William P. and Elizabeth Doucas Martin Vern Doyle William Thomas Doyle IV Barre C. Dumas Jr. David M. Dundes Nicolas S. Durand Ann M. & Robert G. Dwyer Fund Viktoriya Dzyuba Robert Drew Edgerly Tali Efraty William Bruce Ehrreich James S. Eisenstein Karim El Solh Adam Maxwell Eliscu Harriet W. & Edward P. Ellis Charitable Trust David M. Evans Dean Selby Eveland Richard Everett IV Jessica Ann Goldberg Falkowitz James Duncan Farley Jr. John J. Fauth IV Clifford Freret Favrot Conor Michael Fennerty Kristen Klemperer Fenster Mitchell Fenster

Georgetown McDonough School of Business December 7, 2012 #WhyaHoya

Because of the hundreds of years of tradition. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; iWroteLazarus

Elizabeth Margaret Carten Mark J. Casella Rebecca Cassidy William N. Caudill Karen M. Chambers James Edward Miller Chapman Educational Foundation Stuart Ross Chapman Justin P. Chausse Cheng Hua JRoi Chen Katherine Ann Chepucavage Miriam Paulina Chiume Patrick Charles Chrysler Michael Chupeco John Hamersly Church Elizabeth J. Ciampo Martin J. Cicco Douglas Peter Clarisse Christopher Maxime Cochet Alex Benjamin Cohen Katherine Betsy Cohen Katherine L. Cohen Allyson Lynsey Pyeritz Colaco Mark Thomas Colaco Thomas Lubcher Coleman Luis G. Colomer Joan Schaffer & Edward H. Comer Charitable Fund

Paul Converti David L. Cook Michael Robert Cory Karen Schorr Craig Byron Richard Crossen Susan Cuscela Stewart Clydesdale Cushman Stacey Yates Dahman Jennifer Dalton Alissa C. Danaher Michael Gerard Danzer Antonio Maurice Davis Robert F. Davis Cynthia Davison Brian Colby Dawson James W. Day Tunc Dayioglu Phillippe De Dreuzy Adriana A. de Riva Robin Deliso Michael Delli Paoli Kimberly H. Deobald James Caulley Deringer Marlene Alejandra Devotto Jackson Charles DeWitt Troy Cameron Dibley Susan M. Didriksen Rocco A. Dimeo

Gregory W. Fisher Mark H. Fitzpatrick Marc L. Flamino Robert J. Flanagan Larsen Hamilton Flinn Angel L. Florenzan Peter Bernard Forman Kristin R. Fors John K. Forsythe Andrew D. Forth Steven Edward Fortier Theodore S. Francavilla Peter Svensen Frantz Fredericks Family Foundation John Richard French Allison Anne Fries Nana Pokuaah Janny Frimpong Aaron Paul Fuchs Gabelli Funds Mark J. Gabriel Melisa Fay Galasso Marc Lawrence Gale Daniel I. Gallagher Alisa Guyer Galperin Kerry Anne Galvin Julie E. Garment Clinton G. Gartin Bernard Gartlir Steven J. Gartner Jill Jeffery Garvin Alvaro Fernandez Garza

Georgetown McDonough School of Business April 2 Congratulations to the Annual Fund 2013-McDonough Undergrad group on a great Senior Philanthropy Night.

Claire M. Fink Clifford Brown Finkle Finnerty Family Charitable Fund George F. & Lina C. Fisher Charitable Gift Fund


Lisa Gaton-Rapena Patrick Joseph Geary Jennifer Lee Gentry Laurence P. Genuardi

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THE UNDERGRADUATE EXPERIENCE Georgetown McDonough faculty regularly conduct research on topics that impact public policy and business. Now, our undergraduates have the opportunity to work with faculty on these research projects and to explore the global business environment abroad. For the second year, undergraduate students played an important role in faculty research through the Undergraduate Research Fellow Awards. Thanks to generous donors and support of the Parents Advisory Council, the Undergraduate Program, led by Senior Associate Dean Norean R. Sharpe, granted a total of $75,000 to 19 students to conduct summer research with faculty from disciplines including marketing, management, and operations. These experiences culminated in the inaugural Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Other undergraduate students used their summer break to study business concepts internationally. In 2012–13, the Undergraduate Program supported summer study abroad scholarships totaling $100,000 for nearly 30 students at one of three custom programs in Oxford, Barcelona, and Shanghai. Recently, members of the Parents Advisory Council provided a generous gift to establish the Global Parents Fund, which will enhance our ability to award these scholarships.

“Our mission is to provide a transformative experience for students. The impact of conducting research with faculty and exploring how to establish and grow a global business cannot be overestimated.


PARENTS ADVISORY COUNCIL • Stephen Alfieri (B ’86, P ’17) • Rodolfo A. and Josephine Mejia Beeck (P ’13) • Maite Arango (P ’17) • Lawrence D. and Amy Buhl (P ’15) • Shawn (B ’81) and Peggy Feeney (P ’14, ’17) • Robert (B ’75) and Elizabeth Flanagan (P ’10, ’15, ’17) • Clinton C. and Karen A. Gartin (P ’07, ’09, ’11, ’15) • Thomas W. and Mary P. Grein (P ’14) • Peter Johnson and Stephanie Tolleson (P ’15) • Charles (C ’75) and Joan Levin Lohrfink (P ’12, ’14) • Joseph and Susan Meyer (P ’16) • John and Lauren Roth (P ’14) Co-Chairs • Richard and Mary Schammel (P ’16) • Yanko and Lisina Noel Della Schiava (P ’17) • Daniel W. and Mary Stanton (P ’12, ’14) • Dmitri L. Stockton and Renee C. Allain-Stockton (P ’15) • J.P. and Alice Wang (P ’06, ’15) • Saul and Aviva Yoffe (P ’16)

Undergraduate students studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, summer 2013


Devon A. George Alex Gershman Cyrus A. Ghazvini Byron Jackson Gierhart Jr. Deena Elissa Gift

Mitchell R. Harris II Jason Patrick Hart Martin J. Hart Reginald Percy Hart Andrew J. Hartman

Brooke F. Istook Michael Anthony Jackman John T. Jackson Foundation Daniel Steven Jaffee Gladys Jaramillo

Georgetown McDonough School of Business February 27 Is “Expert Creep” making advisers out of the wrong people? Associate Professors Robin Dillon-Merrill and Kurt Carlson share their work on page 12 of Georgetown Business magazine.

Susan C. Gigli Shye Gilad Lauren M. Golden Emily C. Goodson Tamara Berner Gracon Mattias M. Graff William Graham Patrick M. Gray Cathy Greek Frank Anthony Greek Lisa C. Green Joseph Jarred Greenwood Mary P. Grein Robert P. Greiner Jennifer Gribskov Panackal Scott Fitzgerald Griffin Joseph P. Grimes Margarita Gutierrez Edward E. Haddock Jr. Family Foundation Philip E. Hagan Erin N. Hagarty Brian S. Hall Mohammad Ayaz Haniffa Benjamin Laird Hanslin Todd Philip Harff H. E. Saad Rafik Hariri Elizabeth Nicole Harless

Arsen Harutyunyan Michael J. Havard Robert R. Haynie Cristina S. Headrick Edward S. Henry Mia Tarducci Henry Colleen Herlihy Lewis Pedro C. Herrera Melissa Leanne Hertel Bradley Ryan Hight Paul J. Hill Sarah O. Hill Wei Min M. Ho Kevin G. Hoder Kimberly G. Hogan Stephen Holowesko Jan Wilhelm Holtermann Jessica Lynne Holton Patrick D. Hook Binh B. Hua Alma I. Huerta Pamela Storms Hufnagel Scott R. Humphrey Reed P. Hyde Melissa L. Hylton Teresa E. Iannaconi Steven T. Incontro Suzanne L. Infante

Georgina R. Javor Audrey M. Jewell Robert J. Johnson Robert P. Johnson Roshin Mathai Joseph

The Josh and Erika Slater Charitable Fund Robert Eugene Joyce Timothy M. Joyce Tiina Kaljot Devin Thomas Kalman Karam Kalsi Andrew J. Kane Paul Alan Kates Michael G. Katovitz Matthew Alan Katz Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Kevin Keenan Michael Edward Kelker Katelin Kennedy Eletta Kershaw Sherief Khalil Osmaan Khan Stephen M. Kiene Alice Sae Kyung Kim Allan Young-bae Kim Edward K. Kim Michelle S. Kim Andrew C. King Chris Allan King John C. Kinsler Meredith McBride Kipp Mike Kirby Lt. Col. Lea T. Kirkwood Brian David Knapp Robert E. M. Koenis Michael Kolman

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Georgetown McDonough School of Business December 20, 2012 Congrats to MBA student Jae Yoon, MBA ’15, who supported Northwest Biotherapeutics in the opening bell ceremony with NASDAQ!


HALLMARKS OF A GEORGETOWN EDUCATION Alumni reminiscing about their days on the Hilltop talk about their professors and how the lessons they learned transformed their lives and their careers. Georgetown McDonough currently has 100 full-time faculty who provide the academic knowledge, rigor, and research that are hallmarks of the Georgetown experience. Only 12 of those faculty positions are funded with endowed gifts — a number significantly lower than the school’s competitors. Alumni like Michael Psaros (B ’89) are taking action to improve those numbers. Psaros and his wife, Robin, endowed the most recent faculty position. During the school’s Beta Gamma Sigma honor society induction ceremony in April 2013, the Psaroses announced their gift to create the Robin and Michael Psaros Endowed Chair in Business Administration. This sentimental moment for the Psaroses drew enthusiastic applause from the faculty, students, and families attending the ceremony.

“Robin and I believe that to those whom much is

given, much is expected. Endowing this chair is a great honor. Georgetown University is one of the world’s premier educational institutions, and its core competency and expertise is teaching and the classroom experience. Georgetown McDonough has and will continue to attract the best and brightest faculty in the world, and our gift is in furtherance of strengthening the school’s competitive advantage.



Adam Gregory McBride Annelise Clemens McBride Christopher N. McBride Daniel P. McBride David McBride Jr. J. Nevins McBride Jr. John J. McBride Mark Joseph McBride Matthew McBride Michael Paul McBride Peter Nevins McBride Robert Lane McBride Scott B. McBride Timothy B. McBride W. Peter McBride Edward James McCarthy M. Patrick McCloskey Kathryn S. McCord Lisa G. McCormack David Charles McDonnell Robert E. McDonough Jim Mcelderry Patrick J. McGinnis Brent Edward McGoldrick William G. McGowan Charitable Fund Inc. Jamie McGurk Anthony McKinney

Georgetown Alumni April 9 We are excited to announce that the Georgetown McDonough undergraduate program was just ranked #1 in finance by Businessweek!

It IS about much more than just the bball GO HOYAS Like • Reply • April 9 at 9:27am wahooo! Like • Reply • April 9 at 10:03am WOW just WOW Like • Reply • April 9 at 9:27am

Allen R. Komarinski Stefanie B. C. Korepin David Benjamin Krieger Kerry Ann Kruckel Gibbs Kitty Kruckel Lara M. Kudryk Traska Joseph Aloysius LaNasa III Pamela F. Landel Laurie Hodges Lapeyre Robert F. Lardizabal Lauricella Family Charitable Fund Katherine Dianne Lavelle Alan Brett Leahey Charissa Lee Jorge E. Lee Min Jeong Lee Sue Lee Qi Lei Rosa Maria Lesso Andris Levensteins Margaret M. Lewis Alex Li Yunjin Li William L. Licamele Brian E. Lieberman Andrew Charles Liggio Charlotte Lindell Ivaylo Vladilenov Linev Donna Lloyd George

Alison Lohrfink Blood Charles D. and Joan Lohrfink Eric London Mark A. Longo John Ludden Sallie A. Luebbe J. Kyle Lynch Allison Maas Maria E. Maat Andrew T. Macdonald Tammara Lurding Maddrey Kristin Hollis Malcarney Pawan Kumar Malhotra Varun Malhotra Mary H. Malphrus Kareem Mangaroo Nicholas C. Marcou Catherine Sanborn Marquette Jennifer Corinne Marston Mary C. Knight Family Trust Frederick John Maxted III William Walter May Marie Kathleen Mayr Lina Mazo George A. McAndrews Samantha McAnulty Michael D. McAuley Tim McBride Charitable Gift Fund The McBride Family

Ronald W. Meyers Jason Scott Miller Lynn Anne Miller Katherine Elise Mills Henry Minello Charitable Fund Maureen Mingey Mirnahill Foundation Richard Misrok Maria Modugno Matthew S. Molyneux Miquel Montes William L. Morrow Claire Morse John M. Mueller Munn Family Foundation Inc. Moira McBride Murphy Peter J. Murphy Margarita V. Muzzall Brian R. Nagendra Seiko Nakada Suvobroto Nandi James Preston Neal V Beth J. Nicotera Niels Eric Nielsen Svetoslav E. Nikov Brenda Ning Timothy Wilson Nollen Leonid Alexander Norsworthy

Georgetown McDonough School of Business March 19 GEMBA alumnus Shaun Gause explores opportunities in Africa. Read more about Shaun’s trip at gemba-alumnus-explores-opportunities-africa

Donna A. McNamara William S. McNamara McNeill Charitable Foundation Brian Paul McViney Jesse Amilcar Mejia Marc Melkonian Andrea Leigh Messina


Elizabeth L. Norton Bernard Salim Nossuli James P. Nugent Nancy J. Oakes Kathleen M. O’Connell William J. Oetgen

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EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES In August, three students from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business Executive Master’s in Leadership (EML) program launched the Georgetown WasteNot Initiative in Cape Town, South Africa. The initiative links poverty-stricken communities to local manufacturers in close proximity to one another. As part of EML’s Global Business Experience, a student-consulting project designed to assist overseas organizations, EML ‘14 students Cherian Thomas, Tim Powers, and Ted Fahy partnered with South African manufacturers to host educational workshops in Langa Township to teach residents the value of their waste. The team also launched a fully functional waste collection business named the Halaza Innovation Center, where local residents can bring recyclable trash, weigh the material, and receive immediate monetary compensation. The waste is then sorted, baled, and commoditized to serve as raw material for local manufacturers in South Africa. Gifts to Georgetown McDonough’s executive degree programs help provide support to Professor Lamar Reinsch, director of the EML program, and the students as they develop curriculum for future EML courses in an effort to sustain and further develop these initiatives.

“Our mission in Langa was to bring together and

empower communities, businesses, universities, local entrepreneurs, and the necessary key players to create a sustainable business. The outcome of the project will significantly benefit the people of Langa and also has the power and influence to shape cross-cultural partnerships around the world.



Enrique Isaias Olivares Lopez George H. Oliver Keith Edward Olson Kerri Lara Olson Ryan Jon Orner Thomas A. Ortenzi Gezelle Suyao Osea Lawrence Palumbo III Barbara Drogin Panawa Pamela Lynn Pardes Arash D. Parham Matt Parthasarthy Michael Alexander Partridge Rahul S. Pasarnikar Jeannine Kylie Pascal Emiliano Pasini Sundeep S. Patel Thomas D. Patrick Joanne Pearlman Thomas D. Petroff Edwin L. Phelps Christopher L. Phillips Kevin W. Phillips Conchita Piedra Heffron Patrick J. Pierce Patricia Mulvaney Pignataro Bill and Mary Poland Alona B. Ponomareva Babak Allen Pooya Cheryl A. Power Stephanie Prager Jose Manuel Prince Marcelo Luis Prince Mark D. Prybutok Michael G. and Robin Psaros Sekhar Puli Marc D. Puntus John Joseph Quinn Karen Fagerholt Radka Joseph J. Ragonese Deva Nandan Rama Nikhil Kishore Ramchandani Artur Rebisz Sarabeth D. Rees Gillian Reilly P. Amy Reischauer Fredrica Smithline Reiter David K. Reyes Matilde Reyes Jee Eun Rho James Lincoln Rianhard Albert Walter Ribeiro Sheffield Clay Richey Jr. Bethaney Paige Rider Kimberly C. Rieck Marc Charles Rinaldi Alberto Rios

Deborah Reyner Roberts Bethany Rockovich Eugene Joseph Rohrer David Andres Rojas-Mejia

Michael Andrew Schmeltzer Konstantinos Georgios Schoinas Matthew John Scholl Karen A. Schroeder

Georgetown McDonough School of Business February 11 Georgetown McDonough had the chance to ask Bill Gates and Warren Buffet a question on Fox Business. If you missed it, check out the clip here:

Bevinn M. Romaine Elaine Romanelli David Scott Roover Lindsey Beth Rosenberg The Ross Foundation Mitchell N. Ross John M. and Lauren Razook Roth Eric A. Rowan Joshua Cory Rubin Kathleen Crowley Rudduck Cheryl Stevens Runneboom Susan Ruona Benjamin John Rusckowski Sandeep Sahai Kareem Sakka Asif Abdul Salam Andrew Winter Salembier Victoria Merrow Sanford Leslie Givens Sarandah Ann & Richard Sarnoff Family Foundation Regina Lawrence Savage Caroline Pascale Schaefer Matthew A. Schlueter

James A. Schroer Steven M. Schuler Raymond G. Schuville Christian Schwarz Oscar Scolari Eric T. Sconyers Eric Barry Seid Mark W. Shaffer Dong Shao Karen Shapiro Norean R. Sharpe Anne Frances Shekleton Patrick Quayle Sheridan Richard J. Sherman Jr. Paul Anthony Sherrington Kristine C. Shih Ronald Albert Shiley John Sholl Ash Shrestha Antonio Lapus Sierra Jr. Nathan F. Simms III Devon M. Skehan Brett Slattery Teresa J. Smerdzinski Annette H. Smith


Maribeth Regan Smith Stuart Archer Smith III Thomas Oliver Smitt-Jeppesen Jeffrey M. Soderberg David A. Sokol Christie Spado Mary Sue Spahn Michael D. Spaight Judy A. Spindler Roberta Sposato Vincent R. Sprouls Geoffrey L. Stack Stephanie Georgia Stamas Katherine B. Stanley Stanton Family Foundation Kathleen Starr Robert H. Steers Julie Stella Leah Stewart William J. Stickney Matthew R. Stoeckle Richard A. Stoll Christopher Michael Stone Stephen B. Straske II Matthew H. Strelecky Federico C. Stubbe Chitra Subramanian Arlene Mitchell Sueter Marc H. Sulam Susan Sullivan Varuth Isra Suwankosai Patricia Swart Amy L. Sweet John Steven Swenson Andrew J. Synnott Mary Szoka De Valladares Oranuj Tantimedh Evan C. Teiger Gil Tenzer David Teves Kathleen Thomas Ann V. Thornton Brian M. Tichenor Mary Elizabeth Tips Toren Charitable Fund Daniel Trosch Daisuke Tsuyuki Maura Kilduff Turner Robert M. Twitchell James Jude Valentino John Van Benschoten Alison Van Dyke Susan M. Vanderver Pavlos Nikolaos Vardinoyannis Felicia Varlese Jaime Alberto Vasquez

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RISING TO THE CHALLENGE It was a clean sweep for Georgetown’s undergraduate and MBA venture capitalists in case competitions in 2013. Gifts to Georgetown McDonough’s Undergraduate and MBA Programs help send students to case competitions in the United States and around the world. In February, Georgetown won the first national Undergraduate Venture Capital Investment Competition (uVCIC). Seniors Herbie Golstein, Erin Cay Cawley, Tom Zorc, Elizabeth Schieffelin, and Jeff Stefanis played the role of a firm that went through the entire VC investment process in

a condensed time period. A panel of venture capitalist judges evaluated teams on how well they identified and mitigated risk, understood the VC process, communicated, and worked as a team. After winning local and regional competitions, the MBA Georgetown McDonough team, composed of Neal Foley, Sherief Khalil, Ryan Hill, Sara Zulkosky, and Selman Altun, placed first at the 2013 Venture Capital Investment Competition

(VCIC) international finals in April. Sixty of the best business schools in the world participated in the 2013 VCIC, where a panel of venture capitalists judged each team on how well it analyzed startup companies, interviewed entrepreneurs, structured a deal, and negotiated terms. Winning teams from the 10 regional VCICs qualified to compete in the international finals. Georgetown McDonough won the 2013 Mid-Atlantic VCIC in February.


“The VCIC competition has been the most rewarding experience thus far in the MBA program. As an MBA student, this provides a valuable opportunity to transition into the venture capital industry after graduation.


Georgetown McDonough students earned first place in the following case competitions in 2012–13: •

• • • •


International McDonough Hilltop Business Strategy Consulting Competition Rutgers Biopharmaceutical Case Competition Washington Post-IBM Technology Case Competition Undergraduate Venture Capital Investment Competition Venture Capital Investment Competition

Ingrid Velmonte Vladimir Vepryev Lisa Verdejo Eddie Joe Vieyra

Agora Partnerships American Farm Bureau Federation Analysis Group Inc. AT&T Bank of America Corporation Bank of America Foundation Bank of America Merrill Lynch BB&T BlackRock Matching Gifts Program Blue Heron Capital LLC The Carlyle Group Churchill Industries Inc. Clark Construction Group LLC Clark Enterprises Inc. Cornerstone Government Affairs LLC Creek Investments LP Partnership CTIA Cyrus Capital Partners LP Deloitte Foundation DICKEY-john Corporation DLA Piper Dow Jones & Co. Inc. Eco-Coach Eli Lilly and Company Environmental Systems Corporation Eo DC Ernst & Young Foundation Estee Lauder Companies Expedia Inc. ExxonMobil Foundation Fannie Mae Foundation Matching Gifts Program Focus Forward LLC Freddie Mac Foundation Gannett Company Inc. GE Foundation The Glenmede Trust Company Goldman Sachs & Co. Goldman Sachs Gives

Jeffrey Wilsey John William Winkler Kathleen P. Wolff Arkadiusz K. Wolinski

Graduate Reunion 2013 October 15 Graduate Reunion 2013. Welcome back to the Hilltop, Hoyas! Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Kathryn Villani John J. Vivoda Vinod Wadhwani Jonathan Isaac Wainberg Frederic E. Wakeman The Eugene M. & Renee D. Waldron Jr. Charitable Gift Fund Michael Phillip Walls Bo Wan J. P. Wang Jeanne Wang Sarah M. Wang Jacqueline Waugh Megan Weber Leonard Weiner Martine Lellis Weinhold Joseph Raphael Weinstein Abby Jean Weinstock James E. Welch Michael James-Jeremiah Welch Frank L. White Wendy Brigette Whiteman Margaret Whitesides Eric C. Whittenberg Mikel Howard Williams Diane Marie Willkens

John C. Woloszyn Charles Daniel Wolverton Fraser Woodford Kevin S. Wrathall Brook L. Wright Theresa Wylie Yun Xu Michael Anthony Ybarra Nicholas W. Young Virginia Tao-Ching Yuan Natalia Zacipa Mejia David S. Zajc Carlos A. Zalles Martha Jane Zaring Sophia Abdella Zeinu Fan Zhang JiQiang Zhang Jie Chris Zheng Maury Howard Zimring Abbas F. Zuaiter Elizabeth Susanne Zucker

IBM Corporation Inc. IEMBA Golf ING Knopf Real Estate and Construction Management KPMG Foundation KPMG LLP McBride Family Ventures LLP Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Montgomery Brothers Inc. Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Program MSCI Inc The NASDAQ Stock Market National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance New York Life Foundation Oil-Dri Corporation of America Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program Pacific Gas & Electric Company Pfizer Matching Gifts Program The PNC Foundation PPG Industries Foundation PricewaterhouseCoopers Charitable Foundations PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP PWC Employees Soros Fund Charitable Foundation Matching Gift Program TC Group The Tides Center Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc. Truist TSI Inc. University of Missouri at Columbia U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Related Entities US Global Corporation Wells Fargo Foundation The World Heritage Foundation Worthington Tractor Parts

Please consider making a gift in 2013â&#x20AC;&#x201C;14 by visiting msb.georgetown. edu/giving. You also may contact Matilda Carpenter, senior director of development, at (202) 687-3930 or

CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS 3M Foundation ADG Fund Aetna Foundation Inc.


THANK YOU FOR MAKING AN IMPACT Students and faculty alike attribute the growing prominence of Georgetown Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s McDonough School of Business to the enduring support of its alumni, parents, friends, and corporate and foundation partners. Their success and that of the school come from the individuals, families, and organizations that make gifts to Georgetown McDonough.


YOU Georgetown alumni and friends make a commitment to be men and women in service to others. We appreciate your ongoing support of our mission.


BOARD OF ADVISORS Georgetown McDonough School of Business (as of November 1, 2013) Robyn Abraham (EMBA ’97) Executive Director International Capital Solutions Zubaid Ahmad (B ’82) Vice Chairman, Institutional Clients Group Citi Global Markets Inc. Joseph V. Amato (B ’84) President/CIO Neuberger Berman Group LLC William D. Anderson Jr. (B ’88, JD ’94) Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions Goldman, Sachs & Co. Dewey John Awad II (MBA ’96) Managing Director Brookside Capital LLC Joseph Patrick Baratta II (B ’93) Global Head of Private Equity Blackstone Group Natalie Barth (B ’96) Founder & Principal Barth Advisors LLC William R. Berkley Jr. (B ’95) President & COO W.R. Berkley Corporation Justin Berman (B ’99) Founder & CEO Berman Capital Advisors Alison Lohrfink Blood (B ’81) Lawrence Robert Botel (B ’88) Managing Partner JOSS Realty Partners LLC Mark J. Casella (B ’80) Partner PwC LLP Peter N. Crnkovich (B ’78) Managing Director Morgan Stanley

Rajeev Donald De Mello (MBA ’92) Head of Fixed Income Schroder Investment Management Limited Mohammed G. Dewji (B ’98) CEO METL William H. Diamond Jr. (MBA ’83) Vice President Oclaro Inc. William Paul Doucas (B ’82) Chairman eLutions, Inc.

Yongsoo Huh (B ’94) Senior Vice President GS Holdings

Elaine N. Pochtar (B ’79) Principal Morgan Stanley

Daniel S. Jaffee (B ’86) President & CEO Oil-Dri Corporation of America

Peter Pritchard President & CEO Pritchard Industries Inc.

Arlen H. Kantarian (B ’75) CEO Kantarian Sports Group

Michael G. Psaros (B ’89) Co-Founder & Managing Partner KPS Capital Partners LP

Kenneth J. Kencel (B ’81) Managing Director & Group Head The Carlyle Group

Hossam Y. Radwan (B ’92) Senior Partner Abraaj Saudi Arabia Ltd.

Laurie Hodges Lapeyre (B ’83)

David Edward Rappa (B ’97) Portfolio Manager, Global Equity Fund Beck, Mack & Oliver LLC

Jonathan R. Lynch (B ’88) Managing Director CCMP Capital Advisors

Dasha S. Dwin (B ’95) Managing Director & Chief Human Resources Officer Grosvenor Capital Management

Herbert Stuart MacArthur (MBA ’97) President Capital Advisory LLC

Karim El Solh (MBA ’91) CEO & Co-Founder Gulf Capital

David McBride (C ’69, JD ’73) CEO McBride Enterprises Inc.

John J. (Hap) Fauth IV (B ’67) Founder, President, & CEO Churchill Companies

Timothy B. McBride (JD ’75, L ’80) Chairman & CFO McBride Enterprises Inc.

Michael R. Fisher (B ’80) President & CEO Fisher Dynamics Corp. Thomas M. (Terry) Fitzgerald III (B ’80) Managing Partner Longbow Capital Partners Marc L. Flamino (B ’89) Managing Director H2 Capital Partners Robert J. Flanagan (B ’78) Executive Vice President Clark Enterprises Inc. Paul J. Hill (B ’67) Chairman, President, & CEO Harvard Developments Inc.


Robert H. Steers (B ’75) Co-Chairman & Co-CEO Cohen & Steers Timothy P. Tassopoulos (MBA ’83) Senior Vice President, Operations Chick-fil-A Inc.

Paul Francis Murphy (MBA ’94) Partner Sentinel Capital Partners

Gil Ashley Tenzer (B ’84) Partner

Robert Bernard Nolan Jr. (B ’74) Managing Partner Halyard Capital Fund

John F. Vitalo (B ’90) CEO, Middle East & North Africa Barclays

Geoffrey Allen Oliver (B ’77) CEO Hilltop Advisors LLC

Carlos A. Zalles (B ’75) CEO LW Investment Management

Patricia Mulvaney Pignataro (B ’81) Partner PwC LLP

Abbas Farouq (Eddy) Zuaiter (B ’89) Managing Member Zuaiter Capital Holding, LLC

Wayne Clarke Plewniak (MBA ’85) Managing Director GAMCO Investors Inc.

David M. Hooper (B ’89) Partner & Head of Private Equity Centerview Capital

Ann Misiaszek Sarnoff (B ’83) COO BBC Worldwide America

Contrarian Capital Mgmt. LLC

We aim for perfection. If you note an error in this publication, we sincerely apologize. Please bring it to our attention at (202) 687-3930 or

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business INVESTORS REPORT 2012–13


Dean David A. Thomas





Georgetown McDonough 2012-13 Investors Report  

The 2012-13 Investors Report recognizes the alumni, parents, family, and friends who make a positive impact on the Georgetown McDonough expe...

Georgetown McDonough 2012-13 Investors Report  

The 2012-13 Investors Report recognizes the alumni, parents, family, and friends who make a positive impact on the Georgetown McDonough expe...