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Innovating Sales — Strategic Management and Leadership Development

In today’s competitive market, the ability to help your sales organization evolve to address the rapidly changing buying environment will separate the winners from the losers. This starts with understanding the factors shaping your customers’ buying priorities and developing new insight into taking control of the customer conversation. The shift to insight-driven selling has implications for the entire sales organization, from individual reps to managers, all the way up to the chief sales officer. Corporate Executive Board (CEB) and Georgetown McDonough Executive Education have joined forces to deliver a powerful and dynamic four-day executive course in successful sales strategy and leadership. Influenced by the innovations revealed in The Challenger Sale, this course tackles the issues surrounding organizational effectiveness and delivers high-impact strategies for motivating and managing your sales force.

Innovating Sales — Strategic Management and Leadership Development Approach and Coursework The program begins by presenting a critical framework for assessing your sales force and developing winning initiatives for performance enhancement. Over the course of four days, you will explore relevant issues and create solutions in terms the customer will be able to understand and implement. Module 1: Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management The End of the Solution Selling Era (and Beginning of the Insight Selling Era) Innovations in Sales Operations and Infrastructure Module 2: Talent and Skill Development Skill Adoption: Driving and Sustaining Behavior Change Needed for Today’s Complex Sale Instilling Coaching Culture Across the Sales Organization Module 3 – Leadership Leading Organizational Change Moving Through Change Curves Innovating Sales is jointly presented by leading Corporate Executive Board sales experts and Georgetown McDonough School of Business faculty: Matthew Dixon, David Anderson, Tom Disantis, and Ted McKenna from Corporate Executive Board (CEB); Rebecca Heino, Teaching Professor of Management at Georgetown McDonough School of Business.

Location: Georgetown University campus Fees: $5,800 (20 percent discount for alumni) EXECUTIVE EDUCATION

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Leading Change in Government

As a government executive, you are charged with leading change and achieving increased efficiency in your organization. This three-day program will arm participants with the specific skills needed to develop a comprehensive change strategy and the confidence to apply it in complex organizations. You will gain a theoretical perspective and pragmatic implementation techniques, as well as learn from executives who apply these methods daily.

Leading Change in Government Approach Leading Change in Government is designed specifically for government executives (approximately grade GS-14 or equivalent) who are leading organizational change initiatives. Participants will be introduced to the latest research, theories, and frameworks, with a focus on practical application. The curriculum is delivered over a three-day period at the Georgetown University campus. This schedule ensures that participants are out of the office for a concentrated period and return with new knowledge and skills to apply immediately. Coursework The LCG curriculum follows a proven path from foundation to application. The program covers: – Foundation and fundamentals, including the history of change management and a discussion of organizational strategy and its importance to change. – Change simulation, incorporating a look at the decisions faced by leaders and the obstacles that tend to arise. – Expert practicum. A guest speaker will walk the participants through a significant change initiative that the speaker has led and the leadership process and strategies engaged. – Bodies of knowledge, such as leadership, communication, human capital, and process and infrastructure.

Location: Georgetown University campus and Washington metro area Fees: $3,825 EXECUTIVE EDUCATION

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Demystifying Finance — Balance Sheet Basics for Non-Financial Managers

All executives and managers today need to have a basic grounding in finance. As the recent financial crisis underscored, financial decisions, reporting, and results can affect an entire organization and its condition, performance, people, and future. Demystifying Finance will give non-financial managers a crash course — or refresher — in the basics of finance, accounting, budgeting, and financial analysis. Participants will understand the main terms and concepts and be able to read a financial statement in depth — with knowledge of what went into it, why, and what the bottom line means for the organization, its mission or business, and each functional area.

Demystifying Finance — Balance Sheet Basics for Non-Financial Managers Approach Demystifying Finance and Accounting emphasizes real-world, practical steps to allow participants to apply what they learn immediately and effectively within their organizations. Coursework addresses current issues, events, and best (and worst) practices in finance. Harnessing Georgetown’s unique global perspective and academic resources, the coursework looks at financial practices, policies, regulations, and trends in the United States and internationally. This approach recognizes that global lines are blurring and that companies and organizations take a broad view of their markets and missions. Coursework Sessions combine classroom lecture and discussion, group work, and some pre-class preparatory reading to ensure the best use of session time. Courses will cover the fundamentals, including: – Key financial and accounting terminology, concepts, and processes. – Understanding and analysis of balance sheets, income and financial statements, quarterly and annual financial reports, business decisions, and performance metrics. – Fundamentals of budgeting, investing, costing, and risk management. – Capital allocation, cost, and return on capital to determine the productivity of initiatives.

Location: Georgetown University campus Fees: $4,250 (20 percent discount for alumni) EXECUTIVE EDUCATION

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Embracing Change — Leading Organizations in Turbulent Times

Rapid change, turbulence, and uncertainty are constants for most organizations today, whether driven by global trends, market forces, political dynamics, or business cycles. Upheavals often require strategic redirection, restructuring, budget cutbacks, and human resources decisions — which can disrupt and distract an organization’s workforce. Managers must constantly anticipate and adapt to a highly dynamic environment and keep employees focused, engaged, productive, motivated, and energized amid chaos. This course will equip managers to help their organizations accept change and uncertainty as a given, stay on course, and keep focused on their mission.

Embracing Change — Leading Organizations in Turbulent Times Approach The curriculum highlights practical strategies to help managers and executives keep workforces and their organizations focused on their goals. We encourage — and appreciate — real-world examples of challenges faced by participants and incorporate the examples in program learning. Coursework Sessions combine classroom lecture and discussion, group problem solving, and some pre-class preparatory reading to ensure the best use of session time. Courses will cover the fundamentals, including: – Achieving mission success in demanding times through key leadership skills, with an emphasis on strategies to sustain and energize people and retain focus on mission success. – Managing difficult conversations during change by exploring the theory underpinning these conversations, diagramming their structure, and learning specific strategies for approaching them successfully. – Defining and analyzing key stakeholder groups, including communications, human capital, training, strategy, and leadership. – Formulating different leadership strategies to more effectively deliver bad news as part of managing change in turbulent times. – Developing personal strategies for rekindling and maintaining the passion and energy to lead change.

Location: Georgetown University campus Fees: $4,250 (20 percent discount for alumni) EXECUTIVE EDUCATION

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Brand Advantage – Standout Marketing in a Saturated Market

Marketing expertise is not just for marketing experts. Every executive and manager involved in advancing an idea, product, service, process, or policy before it goes to market needs a basic understanding of the target market, the competition, the customer, and the client – what they want, what they value, and strategies to capture their imagination in an economy inundated with marketing messages. Professionals of all disciplines who understand marketing essentials can instill the rigor and discipline of “what works” into their organization’s processes and decision-making, engage more effectively with marketing experts, mitigate market risk, and ensure the return on investment and capital their organizations are seeking. Brand Advantage is presented by three of the most accomplished associate professors of marketing at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business – Kurt Carlson, Prashant Malaviya, and Luc Wathieu – combining more than 40 years of experience teaching executives at top MBA schools.

Brand Advantage – Standout Marketing in a Saturated Market Approach Brand Advantage will address effective marketing and the importance of market segmentation today, examining how to analyze competitors and compel customers, and how to understand customer differences and needs. Participants will learn about the significance of “branding,” “positioning,” and the price/ value equation, and they will study the growing role of creating and keeping customer loyalty. The course will cover fundamentals, including: – The foundations of strategic marketing with application to contemporary problems such as developing social media strategy. – Understanding your market, through competitor analysis and customer analysis. – Creating a winning position, by understanding market segmentation, developing the value proposition, and establishing positioning and branding. – Capturing and delivering value, by examining the role and psychology of pricing as well as communications and customer management. Coursework Coursework includes lectures and classroom discussion of real case studies, providing practical learning from marketing strategies that have proven effective and lessons from those that have not. Brand Advantage is designed for all professionals involved along the value chain of goods and services offered by their organizations – from corporate strategy to product development, production, finance, project management, and beyond. Individual entrepreneurs seeking to hone their marketing skills – for their clients or their own businesses – also would benefit.

Location: Georgetown University campus Fees: $4,250 (20 percent discount for alumni) EXECUTIVE EDUCATION

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Global Advanced Management Program (GAMP ) ®

The Global Advanced Management Program (GAMP®) brings together Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and Spain’s ESADE Business School. Our combined strengths in leadership, business strategy, global policymaking, international relations, global operations and supply chain, marketing, and cutting-edge financial knowledge make this program truly exceptional.

Global Advanced Management Program (GAMP ®) Approach Over three weeks — in locations such as the United States, Spain, and Dubai — participants will learn through immersion, interaction, and networking with colleagues and organizations. Each week’s agenda is designed around the host country and includes classroom and field activities with visits to local companies and places of cultural note. The curriculum focuses on the concepts, techniques, tools, and subjects most relevant to executives who need to address a global environment or market. The program will blend insights from leading academics with innovators in business and government and apply teachings to everyday challenges facing organizations. Coursework Sessions combine classroom lecture and discussion, group work, and some pre-class preparatory reading to ensure the best use of session time. Courses will cover the following: – Global business environment (Washington, D.C.). Examines the factors that shape and drive the global economy and analyzes their implications for business. – Strategizing and managing finance operations globally (Dubai, United Arab Emirates). Focuses on the fundamentals of finance to create value in organizations. – Senior leadership and decision-making (Madrid, Spain). Analyzes the critical role of senior executives in defining and leading global transformation.

Location: Georgetown University campus and locations worldwide Fees: $32,400

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