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letter from the dean At Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, we understand that the world needs principled, ethical leaders with a global mindset who are ready to serve business and society. This mission starts with our distinguished faculty — academic and industry leaders — who conduct pioneering research, share their expertise with students and organizations, and improve the world of business through their instruction and insight.

This publication highlights our impact, from the thought-leading institutes and initiatives to the individual contributions that advance business practices. From the halls of the school’s Hariri Building to forums on Capitol Hill and Wall Street, our centers engage students, alumni, executives, and policymakers, prompting critical discussions and producing valuable studies that help us make decisions. In the classroom, our professors educate future business leaders, enhance the skills of current ones, and advance careers and organizations. Each year, Georgetown student teams and faculty advisers complete more than 100 consulting projects around the globe. Professors inspire students to win case competitions, work for social enterprises, and become entrepreneurs. As experts in their areas of study, they stay apprised of current events and bring business into the curriculum, grounding our studies in the evolving economy and our Jesuit heritage. This year, we welcome nine scholars to our faculty. All bring new perspectives, with impressive records of research, patents, and business leadership, to enrich our students’ learning and ultimately transform the business world. I invite you to learn more about our faculty and our work in this booklet and at


David A. Thomas Dean William R. Berkley Chair

i m pac t The research entities at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business leverage their location in Washington, D.C., to study the intersection of business and public policy, international affairs, financial markets and policy, and markets and ethics. Georgetown McDonough excels at solving critical business issues and defining best practices across a range of industries that will transform the world of business. Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy

The Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy is an academic, nonpartisan research center with a mission to engage scholars, business people, and policymakers in relevant inquiries and dialogue to impact key business, economic, and public policy issues confronting American and international businesses today.

The Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy provides innovative thought leadership for global financial markets.

The foundation of the center is a set of Senior Policy Scholars whose research interests focus on two vital economic issues that affect virtually every economy: competition and innovation. Specific areas of research include: antitrust, energy and the environment, telecommunications, fiscal and monetary policies, globalization, industrial organization, international trade, regulation and deregulation, and technology and innovation. The center’s research and rigorous economic and econometric framework have been utilized in the creation of public policy. Executive Director: John W. Mayo, professor of economics, business, and public policy Director: Jeffrey T. Macher, associate professor of strategy

The center hosts dialogues, conferences, and events involving leading scholars, practitioners, and policymakers; provides a nonpartisan forum for informed discussion; sponsors relevant and impactful research on key global market issues; and engages students interested in finance. Center-sponsored research offers valuable guidance to regulators and market participants. Recent research has addressed important issues such as capital formation and job growth; systemic risk and economic downturns; financial market regulation and economic growth; the role of regulation and institutional investors in corporate governance and firm performance; corporate cash holdings and firm decisions; and corporate disclosure and earnings quality. Findings are communicated through publications, working paper series, media interviews, and events organized by the center. Executive Director: Reena Aggrawal, Robert E. McDonough Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Finance

“Our centers are crucial in  supporting research as well as offering programs that link the business world and markets to the decisions of regulators.” – Rohan Williamson, professor of finance, Stalkamp Faculty Research Fellow, and area coordinator

Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research

The Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research focuses on developing innovative, ground-breaking consumer research to illuminate the challenges and opportunities of understanding and marketing to technologically empowered consumers. R e a l E s tat e F i n a n c e I n i t i at i v e

Sponsored by KPMG, the audit, tax, and advisory firm, the

The Real Estate Finance Initiative elevates Georgetown’s role in real estate finance by developing future business leaders interested in careers in the industry.

institute also serves as a forum for global business

In addition, the initiative aims to make Georgetown a forum where industry leaders gather to discuss changing industry trends and share their knowledge.

executives and leading academics to share knowledge and perspectives on the constantly changing habits of consumers and to help consumers make better purchasing decisions. The institute supports two to three targeted, high-quality research projects each year by bringing together Georgetown marketing scholars and students, KPMG internal talent, the wider business community, and other key stakeholders. A series of interac-

Specifically, the Real Estate Finance Initiative supports

tive dialogues presents new knowledge about consumer

a community of interest through events series in both

research and solutions to consumer issues.

Washington and New York, including conferences, panels, and guest speakers, with leading professionals and organizations in real estate finance. The initiative enhances

Executive Director: Robert Thomas, professor of marketing Research Director: Kurt Carlson, associate professor of marketing

the McDonough School of Business curriculum and expands experiential learning through consulting projects, Argus training, case competitions, site visits, industry conferences, mentor programs, and student club activities, ultimately providing professional opportunities with leading real estate organizations. Alumni are integral to the initiative’s success, offering real-world experience, expertise, and advice.


Director: Matthew Cypher, professor of the practice in real estate finance


georgetown E n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p I n i t i at i v e

The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative seeks to inspire students by encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and activity; teach valuable lessons learned from current and past entrepreneurs; connect a variety of entrepreneurial people and organizations; and create new ventures and new knowledge.

effective leaders. GUWLI promotes dialogue, knowledge creation and dissemination, and skill building for the women leaders of today and tomorrow. Executive Director: Catherine H. Tinsley, professor of management

The initiative hosts a robust suite of curricular and extracurricular offerings for students in the McDonough School of Business and across the Georgetown University campus, including the campus-wide business pitch competition, Hoya Challenge. Events, such as the annual Georgetown Entrepreneurship Day, bring notable alumni entrepreneurs to campus, while the summertime Startup Hoyas incubator provides work space, mentoring, and inspiration for students starting businesses. Students can engage further through the undergraduate Entrepreneurial Fellows Program and numerous studentdriven entrepreneurship organizations.

Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics

The Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics (GISME) rethinks and re-creates the way ethics is taught and, perhaps even more important, practiced.

Director: Jeff Reid, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship

By bringing together the finest scholars and best teachers

Georgetown University W o m e n ’ s L e a d e r s h i p I n i t i at i v e

of the ethical issues inherent in the functioning of the

The Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Initiative (GUWLI) promotes the development and advancement of women leaders.

The institute produces high-quality research on the ethics

The program contributes to the social and economic

externally oriented programs designed to both educate the

progression of women by addressing their intellectual and

broader, non-academic community about ethical issues

practical needs.

related to the functioning of markets and bring ethical

The uniqueness of this program stems from the focus on

considerations to bear on policy decisions regarding the

research aimed at understanding and promoting women’s

regulation of markets.

advancement. The research ultimately helps deliver awareness

Director: John Hasnas, associate professor of business ethics and law

from different fields, the institute advances understanding

and skill building to allow women to become better and more


market society. of markets and the ethical challenges individuals encounter in the market environment; develops courses and pedagogical tools of professional ethics and the exploration of the moral foundations of the market society; and creates

“Our faculty’s study of  the intricacies of human behavior reveals trends that benefit organizations and allow all those working within them to fulfill their potential.” – Cathy Tinsley, professor of management and area coordinator

G l o b a l B u s i n e s s I n i t i at i v e

The Global Business Initiative enhances the school’s global focus through curriculum and research activities, alliances with international universities and organizations, and coordination of existing efforts spread across various research centers. As one of its first undertakings, the Global Business Initiative is expanding the Global Business Experience program to complement the revised MBA curriculum announced in

Global Social Enterprise I n i t i at i v e

spring 2012. Georgetown McDonough pioneered these international consulting projects in 1995 for all graduate students at the school. By moving from a geographic

The Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) aims to prepare current and future leaders to make responsible management decisions that create both economic and social value.

emphasis in assigning residency projects to a thematic one,

The initiative engages corporate, nonprofit, government

Director: Ricardo Ernst, professor of operations and global logistics

leaders, and other stakeholders to advance the understanding and application of social enterprise. GSEI encourages shared value-focused thinking, learning, and activity through the development of comprehensive curriculum and experiential programs; partnerships with corporations, nonprofit organizations, government and multilateral agencies to tackle large-scale challenges in key areas; hosting executives-in-residence to bring direct practitioner knowledge and offer career guidance, networks, and mentoring to share with students and faculty; and convening of thought leaders to share best practices and key learnings from the field. Leveraging the university’s best assets, the initiative focuses on five key issues, including global health and well-being, impact investing, economic growth and financial security, clean-tech, energy and environment, and international development. Founder: Bill Novelli, distinguished professor of the practice Executive Director: Ladan Manteghi

the Global Experience gives students a comprehensive understanding of a particular industry at both regional and global dimensions while including strategic topics such as supply chain management or social innovation.


Teaching and Research Interests Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business attracts outstanding teachers, scholars, and advanced management professionals who wish to impart their lifetime of learning and experience to the next generation of business leaders. As authorities in their fields, they provide thought leadership in the areas of accounting, finance, management, marketing, operations and information management, and strategy. ACCOUNTING

PATRICIA M. FAIRFIELD Associate Professor of Accounting


KIRSTEN L. ANDERSON Teaching Professor of Accounting

Financial statement analysis, earnings management, profitability analysis

Financial reporting and financial markets

PREM C. JAIN Elsa C. McDonough Professor of Accounting and Finance

REENA AGGARWAL Robert E. McDonough Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Finance

WILLIAM R. BABER Robert E. McDonough Professor of Business Administration, Professor of Accounting, and Area Coordinator

Financial reporting and disclosure, Warren Buffet style investment

Executive compensation, earnings management, governmental-nonprofit accounting and financial management

Turan Bali Robert S. Parker Professor of Business Administration

Financial reporting, stock options, and accounting disclosure

Business law and taxation

JAMES J. ANGEL Associate Professor of Finance Structure and regulation of financial markets

PREETI CHOUDHARY Assistant Professor of Accounting

THOMAS COOKE Distinguished Teaching Professor of Accounting and Business Law

International stock markets, initial public offerings, financial regulations

Asset pricing, risk management, fixed income securities

Allison Koester Assistant Professor of Accounting

Robert Davidson Assistant Professor of Accounting

Financial reporting, corporate taxation, and financial misconduct

Accounting fraud, corporate governance

ALAN P. MAYER-SOMMER Associate Professor of Accounting Financial accounting, accounting history Katie McDermott Assistant Professor of Accounting Financial reporting, accounting standards Rama Ramamurthy Visiting Professor of Accounting International accounting JASON D. SCHLOETZER Assistant Professor of Accounting Performance measurement, corporate governance, management control VICKI WEI TANG Associate Professor of Accounting Chinese stock markets, earnings prediction, financial reporting

GARY BLEMASTER Professor of the Practice in Finance Investment banking, mergers and acquisitions JAMES N. BODURTHA Associate Professor of Finance Derivatives, risk management, international finance GEORGE COMER Associate Professor of Finance Institutional money management, mutual funds, investments MatThew Cypher Professor of the Practice in Real Estate Finance Real estate finance and investments Sandeep DahiyA Associate Professor of Finance Corporate banking, lending, financial distress, entrepreneurial finance Lynn Doran Teaching Professor of Finance Financial management, corporate governance

William G. Droms John J. Powers Jr. Professor of Finance


Investment analysis, private client wealth management

ROBERT J. BIES Professor of Management

ALLAN C. EBERHART Professor of Finance

Leadership, the delivery of bad news, organizational justice, revenge in the workplace

Corporate finance, research and development, wealth management GEORGE K. PANAYOTOV Assistant Professor of Finance Options, asset pricing

Contracts, professional sports leagues Michael Fitzgerald Teaching Professor of Management

Thomas Hajduk Professor of the Practice in Management Rhetoric, corporate communication, entrepreneurship

Corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate liquidity PIETRA RIVOLI Deputy Dean and Professor of Finance International trade, corporate responsibility, China BUMJEAN SOHN Assistant Professor of Finance Financial econometrics, asset pricing JASON STURGESS Assistant Professor of Finance Corporate finance, corporate governance RICHARD J. SWEENEY Sullivan Dean Professor of International Business and Finance International finance and monetary economics MEG VAN DE WEGHE Professor of the Practice in Finance Investment banking, corporate finance, capital markets DAVID A. WALKER John A. Largay Professor of Finance Financial markets and institutions, consumer credit ROHAN WILLIAMSON Professor of Finance, Stallkamp Faculty Research Fellow, and Area Coordinator Corporate and international finance, corporate governance, corporate risk management JIE YANG Assistant Professor of Finance Corporate finance and capital structure


Social responsibility, social marketing, nonprofit management

GEORGE DALY Professor of Management and Dean Emeritus

Organizational change and communication

LEE PINKOWITZ Associate Professor of Finance

WILLIAM NOVELLI Distinguished Professor of the Practice in Management

MICHAEL O’LEARY Assistant Professor of Management Leadership, team performance, global collaboration CHRISTINE PORATH Associate Professor of Management

REBECCA HEINO Teaching Professor of Management

Workplace behavior, positive organizational psychology

Management communications, communications technology, intercultural communications

N. LAMAR REINSCH Professor of Management

BROOKS HOLTOM Associate Professor of Management Human and social capital, employee retention CHRIS LONG Assistant Professor of Management

Management communication, crisis communcation, leadership David A. Thomas Dean and William R. Berkley Chair Organizational behavior, strategic human resource management, diversity

Leadership, organizational design and change, organizational trust and fairness

CATHERINE TINSLEY Professor of Management and Area Coordinator

DOUGLAS M. MCCABE Professor of Management

Negotiations, decision making under risk, gender in organizational behavior

Organizational due process, procedural justice, employee rights MARCIA P. MICELI Professor of Management Human resource management, whistle blowing, compensation systems



ALAN R. ANDREASEN Professor of Marketing Consumer behavior, social marketing, social enterprise

Vishal Agrawal Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management

Simon Blanchard Assistant Professor of Marketing Quantitative marketing, consumer segmentation, consumer decision making KURT CARLSON Associate Professor of Marketing Judgment and decision making, consumer behavior, branding

Sustainability, new product development, effect of consumer behavior on operations

Neeru Paharia Assistant Professor of Marketing Judgement and decision making, consumer behavior

Interface of operations and finance, supply chain management and risk management, stochastic modeling

ILKKA A. RONKAINEN Professor of Marketing and International Business

Almula Camdereli Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management

International marketing

Service operations, retail supply chains

Charles Skuba Professor of the Practice in Marketing

So Yeon Chun Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management

International marketing, trade ROBERT J. THOMAS Professor of Marketing and Area Coordinator Market segmentation, new product development, organizational buying behavior DEBORA V. THOMPSON Associate Professor of Marketing MICHAEL R. CZINKOTA Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business International business, export development RONALD GOODSTEIN Associate Professor of Marketing Consumer behavior, brand equity, consumer partnerships KENNETH HOMA Professor of the Practice in Marketing

Volodymyr Babich Associate Professor of Operations and Information Management

Consumer behavior, judgment and decision making, persuasion Marlene Morris Towns Teaching Professor in Marketing Consumer behavior, youth and urban segments Luc Wathieu Associate Professor of Marketing

Revenue management and pricing, risk management, stochastic programming Robin L. Dillon-Merrill Associate Professor of Operations and Information Management Decision-making under risk RICARDO ERNST Professor of Operations and Global Logistics Global operations and global logistics Kasra Ferdows Professor and Heisley Family Chair in Global Manufacturing Global manufacturing and operations

Consumer engagement, behavioral economics, marketing management and research

Consulting, strategic planning, pricing JOHNY K. JOHANSSON McCrane/Shaker Professor of International Business International marketing, global brands, Japanese management PRASHANT MALAVIYA Associate Professor of Marketing

JosĂŠ-Luis Guerrero-Cusumano Associate Professor of Operations and Information Management

Customer psychology, branding and brand positioning, advertising and social media

Data mining, innovation, social responsibility


Harvey J. Iglarsh Associate Professor of Operations and Information Management Quantitative tax policy analysis Victor Jose Associate Professor of Operations and Information Management Decision and risk analysis Bharat Kaku Teaching Professor of Operations and Information Management

S t r a t e g y, Economics, Ethics and Public Policy PAUL ALMEIDA Senior Associate Dean of Executive Education and Associate Professor of Strategy and International Business

CATHERINE LANGLOIS Associate Professor of Economics Game theory, international relations JEFFREY MACHER Associate Professor of Strategy Market and non-market strategies, business and public policy

International business, strategy, knowledge management

Operations management, facility layout, risk management in supply chains Bardia Kamrad Professor of Operations and Information Management and Area Coordinator Interface of operations and finance, risk management in operations and supply chains, applied stochastic processes Bonnie R. Montano Teaching Professor of Operations and Information Management Decision support systems, management science

JOHN MAYO Professor of Economics and Business and Public Policy

J. KEITH ORD Professor of Operations and Information Management Forecasting and statistical modeling Norean Sharpe Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Teaching Professor Analytics, statistics education, women in science

Regulatory economics and public policy Jason Brennan Assistant Professor of Business Ethics Business and environmental ethics, political ethics ARTHUR DONG Teaching Professor of Strategy Competitive strategy and interactions, Organizational design, China business and economy SUSAN DUGAN Professor of the Practice in Strategy Business and corporate strategy, competition JOHN HASNAS Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Law

Betsy Sigman Distinguished Teaching Professor in Operations and Information Management E-commerce, databases and information systems, social media Sezer Ulku Associate Professor of Operations and Information Management Operations, product design and development, outsourcing

STANLEY D. NOLLEN Professor of Economics and International Business International business and trade DENNIS P. QUINN Professor of Strategy International political economy ELAINE ROMANELLI

Senior Associate Dean of MBA Programs and Associate Professor of Strategy Strategy, entrepreneurship Michael P. Ryan Teaching Professor of Strategy International business, knowledge management

Business ethics, white collar crime

Sunita Sah Assistant Professor of Strategy

Peter Jaworski Teaching Instructor

Business and medical ethics, conflicts of interest, disclosure policies

Social and political philosophy, applied ethics, normative ethics J. BRADFORD JENSEN Professor of Economics and International Business and Area Coordinator International trade and investment, offshoring, trade in services Ethan Kapstein Visiting Professor of Strategy International economics and security relations

Ed Soule Associate Professor of Business Ethics Business ethics, corporate social responsibility David Tan Assistant Professor of Strategy Technology and innovation strategy Stephen Weymouth Assistant Professor of Strategy International political economy


n e w fa c u lt y Drawn from the highest levels of academia, business, and government, the faculty at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business represents a diversity of intellectual perspectives and a depth of professional experience. Each year the school welcomes new scholars who bring their leadership and expertise to the classroom. Georgetown McDonough faculty members regularly contribute to scholarly and trade publications, participate in ongoing debates and conferences, publish pioneering books and papers, and serve as consultants to businesses, governments, and non-governmental agencies throughout the world. By making themselves available to students for independent consultations, recruiting student assistants for research projects, and advising student organizations, they enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of the school and introduce students to opportunities within their industries of experience.

So Yeon Chun Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management

So Yeon Chun’s research based on stochastic optimization and applied statistics focuses on revenue management (demand forecasting and dynamic pricing) and risk management with applications to the transportation, retail, and hospitality industries.

Before coming to Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Chun served as an instructor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she was honored by the Thank a Teacher program for her course in statistical methods.

In addition to teaching classes in the Undergraduate

She holds several patents for demand analysis and decision

Program, MBA Programs, and Executive Degree, Custom,

support systems and has published articles in Operations

and Certificate Programs, these professors conduct research

Research, SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications,

that impacts the way the world does business. They

and Multivariate Behavioral Research.

epitomize the global at home approach that distinguishes

Originally from Korea, Chun holds a Ph.D. in industrial

the school, expanding traditional classroom learning

engineering and an M.S. in applied statistics from the

with the latest thinking across each field of study.

Georgia Institute of Technology. She earned a B.S. in industrial engineering from Seoul National University.

Leaders 12

“We are taking important steps toward realizing our vision  for the school’s future,  including the addition of nine outstanding new faculty.” – David A. Thomas, Dean and William R. Berkley Chair

M at t h e w L . C y p h e r

P e t e r J aw o r s k i

Professor of the Practice and Real Estate Finance Initiative Director

Teaching Instructor

Matthew L. Cypher brings more than nine years of industry real estate experience to Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, where he will teach as a professor of the practice and direct the school’s Real Estate Finance Initiative.

Peter Jaworski specializes in social and political philosophy, applied ethics, and normative ethics. He also studies the philosophy of law and art, business ethics, biomedical ethics, and personal identity. Before coming to Georgetown McDonough, Jaworski was an instructor of philosophy and of Canadian studies at

He joined Invesco’s Real Estate acquisitions group in 2005

Bowling Green State University, where he received the

following several years in academia, where he served on the

university-wide Graduate Student Teaching Award and

faculties at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas

the Philosophy Department Graduate Student Teaching

at Arlington. He most recently served as an adjunct professor

Award. He also served as a visiting instructor of philosophy

at Southern Methodist University, teaching courses in the real

at the College of Wooster. In addition to many conference

estate concentration of the university’s MBA program.

presentations, he has been published in Locke Studies.

Cypher also has been a member of Invesco’s Investment

Jaworski holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Bowling

Committee and Investment Strategy Committee. His work

Green State University, an M.Sc. in philosophy and public

has been published in several peer-reviewed journals

policy from the London School of Economics, an M.A. in

including the Journal of Real Estate Research, Journal of

philosophy from the University of Waterloo, and a B.A.

Property Research, and Urban Affairs Review. He has also

in philosophy from Queen’s University.

written for trade-level publications including Urban Land and The Institutional Real Estate Letter. Cypher holds a Ph.D. and M.S. from Texas A&M and a B.S from the Pennsylvania State University.

Ethan B. Kapstein

K at i e M c D e r m o t t

Visiting Professor of Strategy

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Ethan B. Kapstein is a visiting professor of strategy at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, on leave from the University of Texas at Austin.

Katie McDermott’s research examines the role of accounting information in capital markets. She is primarily interested in financial reporting, with a focus on firms’ application of accounting standards, the quality of the resulting accounting information, and how that information is used in managers’ and investors’ decisions.

Formerly, Kapstein held the Chair in Political Economy at INSEAD. He also has served as executive director of the Economics and National Security Program at Harvard, as vice president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and as principal administrator at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. A former naval officer and international banker, Kapstein is the author or editor of 10 books, most recently The Fate of Young Democracies (Cambridge University Press, with Nathan Converse) and Economic Justice in an Unfair World (Princeton University Press).

of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has presented her research at more than a dozen universities. Prior to pursuing her doctoral studies at the University of North Carolina, McDermott worked as a senior auditor for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP in Chicago. She is a registered CPA in Illinois and a recipient of the Elijah Watt Sells Award for having one

Kapstein holds a Ph.D. in international political economy

of the 10 highest national scores on the CPA exam.

from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts

McDermott earned a Ph.D. in business administration

University and an A.B. in the history of science from Brown University. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Economics Association, as well as a research affiliate of the National Bureau of Economic Research.


McDermott previously was an instructor at the University

from the UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, where she received the Royster Society of Fellows Lovick P. Corn Dissertation Fellowship. She earned a B.B.A. in accounting from the University of Notre Dame, graduating summa cum laude.

“We hire exceptional faculty and then make a strong  commitment to support their research aspirations.” – Pietra Rivoli, deputy dean and professor of finance

N e e r u Pa h a r i a

Rama S. Ramamurthy

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Visiting Professor in Accounting

Neeru Paharia conducts research on judgment and decision making, consumer behavior, signaling through brands, social media, political consumption, moral psychology, and digital marketing.

As a CPA and a business communications specialist, Rama Ramamurthy brings a unique range of experience to her position as visiting professor in accounting. She has received professional recognition for teaching

Prior to joining the Georgetown McDonough faculty, Paharia

courses in International Financial Reporting Standards

served as the research director for the Edmond J. Safra Center

(IFRS) for the past several years. She has delivered

for Ethics at Harvard University. She also spent three years on

numerous presentations on the integration of IFRS into

the founding team at Creative Commons serving as assistant

the accounting curriculum and also has moderated several

and executive director, after working at McKinsey as an associ-

IFRS related discussions for DVD productions.

ate consultant. She has cofounded several community-oriented

Prior to joining Georgetown McDonough, Ramamurthy

social networking sites in education, research, and music

taught at the College of William and Mary, the Ohio State

including Peer 2 Peer University (,, and

University, and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Ramamurthy holds an MAS in accounting, an MBA, and an

Paharia’s work has been published in the Journal of Consumer

M.A. in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-

Research and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision

Champaign. She also earned an M.A. and a B.A. in English

Processes, and she has authored several book chapters.

from the University of Madras, Holy Cross College in

Paharia holds a doctorate in marketing from Harvard

Tiruchirapalli, India. She is a member of the American

Business School, an M.S. in public policy and

Accounting Association and the American

management from Carnegie Mellon

Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

University, and a B.A. in economics from the University of California.

“Our faculty will continue to perform scholarly work that both reflects the evolution of global business and helps to shape its future.” – Ricardo Ernst, professor of operations and information management

S u n i ta S a h

Marlene Morris Towns

Assistant Professor of Business Ethics

Teaching Professor in Marketing

Sunita Sah’s research focus is on organizational corruption, business ethics, and advice — in particular how professionals who give advice alter their behavior as a result of conflicts of interest and disclosure policies.

Marlene Morris Towns specializes in consumer decision making, particularly the sources and quality of consumer information, entertainment and fashion marketing, nontraditional marketing communications, youth and urban market segments, and religion in marketing and retail.

Sah incorporates psychology and behavioral economics theory to study different aspects of giving, and reacting to, biased or overconfident advice.

Prior to joining the Georgetown McDonough faculty,

Sah’s research has been published in the Journal of the

Towns was an assistant professor of clinical marketing at

American Medical Association, American Economic Review,

the University of Southern California’s Marshall School

Academy of Management Proceedings, and Social Psychological

of Business. She also has been a consultant for AT&T,

and Personality Science.

PepsiCola, Exxon Corporation, and the U.S. State

Prior to joining the Georgetown McDonough faculty, Sah held academic positions at the Fuqua School of Business at

New York State Attorney General’s Office.

Duke University and the Edmond J. Safra Center for

Towns’ research has been published in the Journal of

Ethics at Harvard University. Before entering academia,

Consumer Affairs, Marketing News, and the Journal of Marketing.

Sah worked as a general medicine doctor for the UK’s

Towns holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the Fuqua School

National Health Service, and went on to be senior consultant and European marketing director at IMS Health Consulting, and then managing director [CEO] of Organisational Dynamics Ltd. Sah holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in organizational behavior from Carnegie Mellon University, an MBA from London Business School, an MB ChB (UK equivalent to the U.S. M.D.) in medicine and surgery, and a B.Sc. in psychology from the University of Edinburgh.


Department, and has served as an expert witness for the

of Business at Duke University, and a B.S. in commerce with concentrations in marketing and management from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia.


For more information, please contact: Dean David A. Thomas Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Rafik B. Hariri Building 37th and O Streets, NW Washington, DC 20057 (202) 687-3883


Georgetown McDonough aims to have an impact from the thought-leading institutes and initiatives to the individual contributions that advance...