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Now offering Medspa services. Spa Visage has teamed up with Dr. Jay Lucas, plastic surgeon, to become a MedSpa, allowing us to offer more extensive skincare services, such as Dermaplaning® medical grade peels, and Microneedling. Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation. For a limited time, Dr. Lucas will be offering a complimentary cosmetic consultation to clients of Salon and Spa Visage. Ask us for details.


Tues. 2pm – 5pm Wed. 9am – Noon


1645 Downtown West Blvd. CALL: (865) 694-9007 SpaVisage.com

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center is celebrating 35 years of service to the women of EAST TENNESSEE

First in-office needle biopsy, so women didn’t have to go to the hospital or operating room

1985 1983 Opened the first breast center in Knoxville, which was woman owned, independent, and the only one within 700 miles

First multidisciplinary conference, which brought all the physicians involved in treating breast cancer together to customize and personalize every patient’s treatment

1997 1988 First mobile mammography program in East Tennessee. KCBC’s mobile drives to surrounding areas for women who don’t have access to quality breast imaging

First Hologic digital mammography, which allows for more clarity when reading mammograms


2002 First dedicated breast MRI, designed exclusively for diagnosing breast cancer and women’s comfort

Freezing small breast cancers in the office instead of the operating room which lessens recovery time and surgical scars


2018 The first to offer “no compression” breast imaging, it’s 3D mammography but better

Whether it’s your first time or your 35th time, You’ll always get answers to your breast questions 1400 Dowell Springs Blvd, Suite 200 | Knoxville, TN 37909 (865) 584-0291 | (800) 456-8169

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ave you seen the daffodils that sporadically pop up in glorious droves along Pellissippi/I-140? I’m embarrassed to admit that I thought they randomly bloomed, like some great perennial miracle, and just learned that Maria Compere is the woman responsible for planting the first bulb over twenty years ago and coordinating an effort that continues with more than two million bulbs planted from Oak Ridge to Alcoa. If only I could thank her. She died in 2013 at the age of 97, but her gift keeps giving and growing. I hope the next time you spy a daffodil patch, you will recognize the impact of one

Kaysee Armstrong Joy Ride

determined woman and realize the power within yourself to cultivate your own dream. You may never see the fruit of your labor because true growth takes time, effort, and a faith that comes from believing without seeing—like the unseen bulb lying dormant until bursting forth in the spring. This issue is about women stepping out in faith, in different directions and different ways, but for the same reason: to chase a dream. It all begins with a single bulb, or a single step. Katie Rymer Managing Editor

For advertising call 865.936.3013 georgelaurence1@gmail.com www.knoxvillestylemag.com 4 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE

Raye-Anne Ayo, MD Let’s Talk Ashlea Bushman Ownbey Book Nook Emily Norris Dancing for Life Sien Moon Theatre Scene Randalle Love Love Yoga Jennifer Hedley Glamping Lauren Pennline Start Up Mary Strong #marystrong Photographers Rita Edlein | Life Illuminating Art Andrea Hagood | Andrea Madeleine Photography Whitney Jade | Whitney Jade Photography Tara Kneiser C O V E R P H O T O B Y R I TA E D L E I N L I F E I L L U M I N AT I N G A R T

Big, bold and beautifully detailed, this handcrafted collection offers authentic designs that translate into today’s modern must haves. Top to Bottom SRA440 $149.99 DOCS802 $99.99 SRA272 $179.99 SRA839 $309.99 SRA242 $159.99

Knoxville’s Treasure Chest

9933 Kingston Pike • Knoxville, TN • 865-692-6111 Shop Monday-Friday 10a–6p Saturday 10a–5p • gemstorejtv.com











THE RESULTS ARE CLEAR AND LONG LASTING! No down time / minimal scabbing Treatment applied only on imperfect area Quick treatment lasting only a few minutes Also does electrolysis

5614 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 • 865.584.3492 • www.msmcclellan.com





Rose-gold has been popping up everywhere from sunglasses to evening-wear, so it’s no surprise to see it trending in makeup. Sweep a rose-gold highlighter across your cheekbones or blend it over your eyelids—this easy-to-wear-trend flatters every inch of your face, regardless of your skin tone.


Rosy, flushed cheeks are replacing super-matte foundations and strong contours for spring. Blend a soft-pink cream blush across the apples of your cheeks, on the tip of your nose, and over your lips. Increase the glow factor with a cream highlighter down the bridge of your nose and along your cheekbones. Try a contour color under your chin, a few shades darker than your skin, to diminish the appearance of your chin


Nude makeup—not to be confused with no makeup—was one of the biggest trends on the spring runways. When used properly, it can actually make your eyes look larger and your cheekbones more defined. The trick with this look is to use a variety of textures and tones on each feature. Use a matte blush and a metallic eye shadow. Try a nude lipstick with a touch of shimmer to add dimension, or wear with one of spring’s hot deep matte tones.

This is one of the prettiest makeup looks and also the most simple. It’s a great way to warm up your complexion without going full-on bronze, just adjust the depth of shades for your skin tone. You only need a few products to make this look work. First apply a matte crème colored shadow over the entire eye lid, then sweep on a sheer peach shadow over the eyelid. Use the same peach shadow on your lower lashline, and apply a liner to the top lid. Apply a peach blush and illuminating shimmer powder to Use a gold the cheeks. Finish lips with a neutral shimmer powder Matte Long Lasting Lipstick or Apriaround your lips to cot Shimmer traditional lipstick.

make them appear larger


On the spring runways two of my favorite makeup trends mixed it up—royal blue and glittery finishes. This could possibly be the prettiest, boldest look of the season. To keep the trend from looking like an ‘80s throwback, pick a shadow that looks opaque and rich, and keep the rest of your makeup neutral.


As soon as warm weather hits, we’re usually tempted to toss our darkest lipsticks to the sidelines in favor of something soft and flowery. But this spring it’s all about the new rich, inky shades in matte finishes. To pull off this look, it’s best to keep the rest of your look fresh and nude.



Rose, red, pink and purple for lips. Blue based eye shadows look amazing on you! Enhance the pink pigment in your skin with a pale or rosy pink and plum blush.


Earthy eye shadows complement your skin’s natural warm glow. Highlight cheeks with coral, peach, or brown blush. Enhance your lips with a splash of orange-based red, coral, or brown.


You can wear warm and cool tones, so the key for you is to choose colors that flatter your eyes and hair. Enhance green or hazel eyes and brown or red hair with warm toned shades of makeup. For blue or grey eyes and blonde and black hair, use cool tones.

Mix your foundation with your moisturizer for a dewy, youthful look

Now you might be wondering, how do I identify my overtone, or “surface tone?” Fair Skin Tones have very fair or have porcelain skin, and burn very easily. You may be very blonde and have pale eyes, or have very dark hair and a porcelain complexion. Light Skin Tones are pale, and you burn before you tan. You may be pale in the winter and tan in the summer. Medium Skin Tones are of average tone and usually tan when in the sun.

Tan Skin Tones are the lighter of the darker skin colors, usually with olive, coffee, or caramel hues, and you tan well. Brown Skin Tones tend to be naturally beige or lightly sun-tanned skin with yellow to golden undertones. Bronze and Ebony Skin Tones usually come with a warm red undertone, but sometimes feature the beautiful and exotically rare blue-black undertone.

Susan Bourdeau is a nationally recognized makeup artist and wardrobe stylist with 20 years’ experience in television, film and print, and recently developed her own line of cosmetic and skincare products.


UNDERTONES AND OVERTONES What Shade Are You? You know how sometimes you try on a lipstick and it just brings your face to life, then you try another similar one and it washes you out? That’s because of your skin tone. Regardless of your “surface tone” we ALL fall into three skin catagories: cool, warm, and neutral. The first step in grasping the concept, is understanding that our skin’s surface tone is the color you’d describe yourself as having (ivory, light, medium, tan, dark, bronze, etc.). Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath the surface. You can have the same skin color as someone, but a different undertone, which are broken down like this: Cool skin has pink, red or bluish undertones. Warm skin has yellow, peachy, golden undertones. Neutral is a mixture of both warm and cool tones. So, how do you determine which undertone category you fall into?

Try these quick tests to figure it out! The Vein Test Push your sleeves up and look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they blue or green? If they look more blue or purple, you likely have cool undertones. If the veins look greenish, you’re warm. The White Balance Test What color do you see when you hold a blank piece of white paper next to your face? If your skin appears more yellow, than you’re probably warm. If your skin looks pink, then you’re likely on the cool side. The Neutral Test Think about what neutral shades flatter you best. Do your skin, eyes, and face look better in bright white and black hues, or ivory, off-whites, and brown/tan shades? The former means you’re probably cooltoned, and the latter, warm.

Eye and Hair Color Your natural eye and hair colors can help figure out your coloring. Customarily, cool people have eyes that are blue, gray, or green and have blonde, brown, or black hair with blue, silver, violet and ash undertones. Conversely, warmtoned women usually have brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blond, red, brown, or black hair. Their hair tends to have gold, red, orange, or yellow undertones. The Sun’s Effects When you’re out in the sun, does your skin turn a golden-brown, or does it burn and turn pink first? If you fit into the former category, you’re warm-toned, while cool tones tend to burn (fair-skinned cool girls will simply burn, while medium-skinned cooltoned girls will burn then tan.)

discover knoxville’s most progressive workout

A body-changing workout that is dynamic and suitable for every BODY Pictured in this photo are real clients who have all taken over 500 classes. All of our journeys are different, but they all deliver real results.

Get 3 Free Classes when you create an account at www.neighborhoodbarre.com! Link directly via instagram @neighborhoodbarreknox or @neighborhoodbarrefarragut! We have 3 convenient area locations and offer free childcare during select class times: 2099 Thunderhead Rd, Knoxville, TN 37922 | 4445 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 | 11672 Parkside Dr. Farragut, TN 37934


ask CARRIE M. Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it. Diane von Furstenberg

My son got engaged! I’m searching for mother-ofthe-groom dresses, and most of them are matronly. I’m so discouraged! Although women are vibrant throughout all the seasons of their lives, the fashion and formalwear industries haven’t gotten the memo! Assemble all details on the wedding, including clothing discussions with your future daughterin-law, son, and mother-of-the-bride. Identify what you would be most comfortable wearing to gain a clear picture of what you are seeking. Think outside the box - where do you typically shop locally? Do they carry a line of formalwear or dressier options? What about consignment shops? Online, try JJ’s House, Floryday and Miusol. Don’t forget body shapers, and shoes to dance the night away! Look for kitten heels, Mary Janes or wedges. And enjoy, you sexy thing, you!!

When is it time to finally let go of clothing? When in doubt about a piece of clothing, try it on and reflect. The right reasons to say adieu: it doesn’t fit, it was a gift and you don’t love it, it’s the wrong color, it’s irreparably damaged or out of style. The wrong reasons: you’ve had it for years (if it’s a classic style and in good shape, why let it go because it’s a “senior member” of your closet?), you haven’t worn it in awhile (maybe the seasons have been kooky), or there has not yet been an occasion to don it (perhaps you’ve been thinking of it too narrowly?). Finally, as declutter guru Marie Kondo asks, “Does it spark joy?”

How do I tastefully use patterns in a professional outfit? Using and mixing patterns adds a fashionable touch to both men’s and women’s clothing. The key is how to get away with it. When using patterns in a professional atmosphere, less is more. Stick with a scarf (vintage stores are a great place to find interesting and inexpensive scarves) or wear a


A dressmaker in a former life, Knoxville Fashion Consultant Carrie McConkey is a “clothes whisperer” for her clients, taking great pleasure in helping them unlock their signature style.

patterned blouse underneath a jacket or cardigan. Avoid patterns on core items of clothing such as pants and suits. Choose the scale of the pattern based upon your build. Stick with small patterns (or avoid completely!) near areas you would like to de-emphasize. Patterns can become a part of your signature style – do you love polka dots? Florals? Make them your own!

How many pairs of black pants do I really need? Women typically own MANY pairs of black pants. They are like little black dresses you can wear every day! Don’t fret or feel guilty – just evaluate. Do you own a variety of cuts and lengths? A pair suitable for each season? A dressy pair and a casual pair? Remove any duplicates. Now try them on. Do they still fit? Are they a classic cut, or beginning to look dated? Do any need repairs? Remove the dated and damaged pairs and decide if you need to replace. Finally, go through your entire closet. There is usually a pair hiding in a corner that you will be thrilled to rediscover, or relieved to clear out. Voila!

How do you incorporate high fashion trends into your wardrobe without being “that fashion girl?” Incorporating fashion trends into your wardrobe can spark creativity and style, adding to your personal branding. To prevent breaking the bank, dating yourself, or looking like a fashion ad, keep the old saying in mind: “Everything in moderation!” Pick and choose your favorite elements based upon your taste, body type, and colors. Select pieces that are classic (black leather moto jacket), or so unique that their date of origin is unclear (sparkly clutch purse). Don’t wear a head-to-toe look. Instead, mix high fashion pieces with inexpensive items (Google “Sharon Stone black Gap turtleneck”). Go ahead and swoon over Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Porter— and make the looks your own! Do you have questions for Carrie? Email her at carrie@carriemfashionconsulting.com.

“By the third ketamine treatment, I noticed a huge improvement in my thinking. Within the two week treatment cycle I was able to function again!”

“In my 30+ years of managing depression, never have I experienced a resolution of symptoms as I did with my treatments with Ketamine at Revitalist.”

“This has been a journey that has lasted more than 3 years. Thank you SO much for everything. I feel like I can actually live my life again.”

BRINGING NEW HOPE TO KNOXVILLE We are excited to bring the benefits of low dose ketamine infusion therapy to Knoxville and its surrounding communities. Many resistant or difficult to treat conditions are responding to ketamine therapy with more than a 70% success rate.

KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE 13 120 Huxley Road | Suite 102 | Knoxville, TN 37922 865-392-6262 | www.revitalistclinic.com

FIND IT HERE! Turkey Creek offers selection and convenience unmatched in the Knoxville area with more than 300 stores, shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

DownloaD the turkey Creek app toDay! Make shopping at Turkey Creek a breeze.



BOSTON BLESSING Betsy recounts a frightening finish at the 2013 Boston Marathon.


he Boston Marathon takes place on the third Monday of April every year which always happens to be Patriot’s Day. After qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2012 and months of training, race day couldn’t come fast enough. My husband, Jonathan, and I made the trek to Boston without our kids (our boys were 8 and 5 years old at the time). Boston is honestly one of the most amazing towns and marathon weekend creates an energy in the city that is nothing like a runner has ever experienced. Every resident loves the race and the energy is contagious everywhere you go. We were ready to go and ready to conquer the race and the famous last turn onto Boylston Street to the finish. It’s always hard to predict what the weather in Boston will be like that time of year, but it was a gorgeous morning. The race starts at 10am in order for all of the spectators to get set up and cheer on the runners. The city takes the day off work so nearly every mile is covered with people cheering you on, tailgating and having a party. My husband had an incredible race and finished it right at the 3 hour mark and I was happy to be 29 minutes behind him. Looking back on it, I’m so incredibly thankful that he waited on me at the finish line and we were able to set a meeting point to meet up. We found each other, hugged, took a quick picture, and walked the couple blocks back to our hotel. I was in the coffee shop when hundreds of people appeared to be running towards our hotel. I thought to myself that that was odd and then noticed multiple police cars, bomb vehicles and people with machine guns on the street. I looked to my left and saw the news flash on the television, “Boston

Marathon, Two Bombs have Live your life, just exploded at the finish fill it with joy, line.” I asked myself, “How could this be? How is this poschallenge sible and who would do this? yourself, surround They must have gotten this wrong because we were just yourself with down there 15 minutes ago.” The city was turned upside wonderful down in a matter of minutes, people, and make and one of the most wellknown races and celebrations a difference was now the site of a bombing attack. We were stuck in our because you hotel room and everything was never know what on lock down. Before the cell phone towers were shut down tomorrow (because the police suspected brings. that the bombs were exploding by cell phone signals and that there were additional bombs), I was able to post this picture of us on social media at the finish line to let everyone know that we were okay. About seven hours later, we finally heard that all the competitors from Knoxville were okay. We literally just sat and wept in front of our hotel television. Listening to the stories of heroism and loss that happened right where we were minutes before was hard to process. We found out that an 8 year old boy died while waiting on his dad to finish. This really hit home to us because we had decided to have our 8 year old son stay home after debating if we should bring him. I still look at this picture and cannot believe that something of this magnitude happened that beautiful day in April of 2013. I continue to train, to race, and to be thankful that we weren’t hurt. We were blessed that day, and as difficult as it was, this finish line picture ranks as my most memorable race photo. Live your life, fill it with joy, challenge yourself, surround yourself Betsy Johnson runs all over Knoxville, either training for with wonderful people, and make a her next event or taking her difference because you never know two sons to their practice what tomorrow brings. or game. KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE 15

L E T ’ S






ow that I am into my 40s, I have the distinct privilege of experiencing some new aspects of life that I never considered in my 20s. Two biggies: Childbirth and Hormonal Changes. The first is obvious, but the second is sneakier. I do my best to actually “do as I say” and follow doctor’s orders: exercise 5-6 times a week, eat lots of fruits and veggies, sleep the proper amount of hours. But, some things remain beyond me no matter how hard I try. Like jumping jacks or the trampoline or doing that last little thing before I take off in a rush for the bathroom. Don’t even get me started on coercing my body to keep up with any intimate scenario—um, just give me a few minutes— well maybe more than a few. As a woman, mother, and physician, I am unwilling to accept some things as simply part of getting older. Through the years with patients and now from personal experience, I am acutely aware that women’s sexual health needs more attention. First, we need to TALK about it. Second, we need to know our options. Finally, we need to take action for ourselves. Men have the iconic Viagra and other colorful pills, while women have been a pharmaceutical enigma thus far. However, hormonal changes can affect sex-drive, physical comfort when we have the chance, and also raise the risk for infection. Add to the mix decreased muscle tone after carrying those sweet babies and you can feel like a wreck. It’s stuff your mom probably never told you: Yes, you may dribble a little, or so much that you and your two-year-old potty-train together. You may benefit from KY or other lubricant, to be more prepared for intimacy, but that’s a temporary fix, and frankly a little messy. That’s the old days. I’m excited to tell you about a new way to revitalize your body and it’s not hormone replacement. {Drum roll!} Vaginal rejuvenation! Sounds a little bizarre, but the goal is to restore the tissue to function normally as in younger days. What are the benefits you ask? Let’s start with decreased urinary tract infections and yeast infections and skin irritation.

We can reverse the ravages of aging and improve many aspects of our health


Now let’s throw in an impoving stress urinary incontinence so that we can unload the last few grocery bags before needing a pit stop! And last but certainly not least, bring on a rush of sensation, more natural lubrication (bye-bye KY), and pleasure you may only remember as a distant memory. You have a couple of options—laser or radio frequency. Talk to your personal physician about which is better for you. This specific technology of radio frequency treatment to the vaginal mucosa and external genitalia gets to the root of the problem by rebuilding the blood supply to the tissue and stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin in the tissue so that it functions normally. The collagen and elastin support the urethra and improve stress incontinence significantly. Before Votiva, I haven’t seen another procedure with 100% of those treated to have positive results. I’ve personally had the procedure, and now I can do that last little bit of work without so much as a drip. I exercise more strenuously (bring on the jumping jacks!), and since I no longer have to wait and wonder, my libido has returned. I’m amazed how my patients share similar stories. The initial treatment is 3 sessions, and the 1520 minute procedure is non-hormonal, PAINLESS (just feels warm), and completed in a standard medical room without requiring any prep or recovery time. You may return to regular activities immediately, though I do ask patients to refrain from intimacy for 3-5 days depending on the specific case. You will need a touch up here and there, but it’s just one session at a time; about 2-3 times per year. How great to improve so many levels of women’s health! So, let’s start the conversation. Things have changed since our grandmother’s day—we can change how we age and we can talk about down there. Improving sexual health and everyday life through vaginal rejuvenation is just one way to deal with aging and discomfort. Ask your doctor. You are worth it.

We all deserve to feel beautiful in our own skin Aesthetic Skin Solutions provides the newest technologies in Coolsculpting by Allergan, Thermage and Clear & Brilliant by Solta Medical, and SkinPen Microneedling by Bellus Medical. Treatments available are coupled with the latest medical grade scientifically proven skincare products by SkinCeuticals, Obagi, Neocutis, Theraderm and Revision. Other services available include medical grade Peels, Dermaplane and Cryogenic Treatments.

GO ONLINE TO WIN ! Dermaplane Trio Exfoliant Treatment, it includes the dermaplane/peel/ Cryogenic treatment. $150 value Clear and Brilliant Fraxel, includes hydrating mask and vitamin C treatment. $325 value

Go to www.knoxvillestylemag.com to register! 9947 Kingston Pike | Knoxville, TN 37919 | 865-660-6132 www.aeskinsolutions.com | susanbuchanan@aeskinsolutions.com

I found this vintage dress on eBay one day when I decided I needed more feathers in my life. I was lucky enough to find this in my size for a reasonable price. You don’t always come across finds like this but it feels so rewarding when you do! —Adrienne


I love the current trend of wearing different prints of a similar pattern. I found these pinstripe Premonition Designs pants at Crossroads Trading Company on a trip to New York and paired them with an off the shoulder striped shirt from Forever21. —A



I found this vintage dress on Etsy while searching for a “vintage floral dress.” This was so different than anything I saw. In person, the flowers appear to be hand painted and there’s a little strip of lace sewn around the inside of the waist band. I’m a sucker for details like that. —A


Shop our more than 40 local merchants offering stylish home decor





5400 Homberg Drive | Knoxville, TN 37919 (865)588-0274 | (865)588-2260 | Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM 20 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE

“I feel weathered and worn, but I also feel the light.”





s the seasons begin to change, I cannot help but reflect on what has felt like a cold, dark and weary season in my own life. As confusing and painful as this time has been, I know it is necessary. As I take time to dig deeper, I find fear at the root of it all. I have allowed fear to guide my life for as long as I can remember. The fear of failure, specifically, has limited me in many ways. Much of my time and energy has been spent trying to avoid fear or minimize it whenever possible. It often felt all-consuming, and unable to harness it properly, I would buckle under its weight. The walls that I had built to keep it out weren’t protecting me, they were weakening me and the roots beneath me. The more I tried to diminish it, the more it diminished

me. As these walls begin to break, I am discovering that my struggles with perfectionism and shame are rooted deeply in this fear. Perfection is unattainable, so shame following is unavoidable. This combination is poisonous and sabotages the potential for growth. I have spent much of my life cultivating an image of myself, a perception to display. I have done this in large part because I fundamentally struggle with the belief that I am enough. I keep people at arm’s length to prevent them from discovering this truth. So much time has been spent presenting myself, and too little time spent developing myself. This has created an internal disconnect. It is this disconnection that keeps me from picking up my camera, painting that picture, trying something new. This polarized and fear-based thinking shuts me down and I lose heart. We must remain open to failure, because it is through our failures that we add depth and texture to our lives.

Openness does not come naturally for me. The fear of exposure tries, at every turn, to force me back into hiding. Some days, it wins completely. Some days a little. Other days, I find the courage to remain open long enough to share my struggle with someone close to me. It is in these moments, where I feel the most connected and I am reminded that without others, I would not have the courage to remain open. I know this is meant to be a season of scarcity, of pruning. I feel the exposure to the elements as I continue allowing my walls to break. I have given away my strength by reaching for things that were always out of reach, and I have lost nourishment by spreading myself too thin. I am learning how to break free of these areas, so that what remains can flourish. I feel weathered and worn, but I also feel the light. Through this pruning, my roots are deepening, the parts of me that remain are becoming fuller, and new growth is coming. Courtney Cunningham is the wearer of many hats and co-owner of Alchemy Salon KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE 21


Need a little boy blue? Larimar is the perfect choice to relax by the haystack and fall fast asleep. Feeling a little nostalgic? Almost mauve will take you back to those romantic moments with blushing rose gold.

Bring on the warm weather and enjoy wearing these 2018 top must-have colors of spring! How about adding some Ultraviolet in your gem collection?


pring is finally here—thank goodness! One of my favorite seasons other than football time in Tennessee is spring. It’s so much fun to get outdoors for an all-day hike, or even cleaning out the old garage, and of course, adding some color back into that dull winter lawn. Speaking of color, Pantone, the leading color authority, announced Ultra Violet the color of 2018. This shade is ultra-perfect for adding a bit of drama to your look when you’re feeling creative. Not only does the leading color authority select the color of the year, they include other top colors to the list of must-haves this spring season. Here are a few of my favorites that I can’t wait to wear.


With a home shopping industry career spanning more than 20 years, Kristie is currently a JTV trend reporter. She adores her family, french fries, and loves doing laundry.

Turquoise is always in style, especially paired with other hues of blue and green. Add it to your silver collection for a fast go-to spring pick-me-up.


style REPORT

We’re shedding layers and adding fresh new styles for spring.

It’s a season of new beginnings, so spring is a perfect time to add some cute, new items to your wardrobe. Here are some of the top trends from designers and influencers for Spring 2018.


The baggy cargo trend adds a tomboy edge to your spring wardrobe. Once popularized by celebrities like Aaliyah and Avril Lavigne, Y2K era style has been seen on many of the hottest social media influencers. There is something relaxed about these baggy pants with a mix of attitude.


Polka dots are a huge pattern in 2018. This print is a timeless classic and has been seen all over the runway (Dior, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga.) It’s reminiscent of a romantic ‘50s style and is a versatile look for the spring. Polka dots give a perfect playful vibe for the season.


Enter the Matrix! Tons of celebs like Rihanna and Bella Hadid are rocking skinny, Matrix-style sunglasses. We’ve had years of oversized sunglasses being the rage (originally popularized by the ‘it’ girls blocking their faces from paparazzi). However, the tide has turned on the oversized shade trend and micro shades are taking their place. These are great because they give every outfit a little bit of edge. They look stylish in casual and formal attire.


This is a sassy detail that gives a sense of spontaneity. A great thing about this trend is its versatility. Fringe trim made 2018 runway appearances in skirts, boots, tops, dresses, bags, and many other forms.


Give this classic hairstyle an update with a relaxed, textured ponytail. The runway had countless relaxed updos and often pairs them with the ever-so-nineties scrunchy. This style gives a fresh, carefree vibe for the warmer seasons.


Billowy, soft, feminine styles are a massive trend for the season. Designers are debuting their collections with delicate fabrics, ruffles, lace, etc. White, offwhite, and soft pastels paired with airy fabrics are perfect for the spring. 24 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE

Helping people find their dream home or sell a home they’ve raised their family in is a privilege. It’s so much more than a business transaction —it’s building relationships.

865-315-7644 www.amypacetti.com 865-588-5000 (office)


All Kinds of Ideas Entertaining at home can be daunting, but chances are you have what it takes to pull off a fabulous fete. BY WHITNEY BOWMAN PHOTO G RA PHS BY

TA R A K N E I S E R | D I X I E P I X E L



pring’s arrival brings travel and company, dogwood trees and cherry blossoms, and lovely weather that encourages entertaining at home. Easter and Mother’s Day, as well as graduation celebrations, showers and cocktail parties are all great opportunities to celebrate. Let’s start with your occasion’s theme. Is your event casual and colorful, low-key chic, or a more traditional affair? Once settled, start perusing items you own and think about what you can use, and what you may need to rent or purchase. Say you have the perfect china and silverware, but wish to add charger plates and stemware. Chargers add texture, height and interest. Great rental choices—casual and formal—ranging in a variety of price points are available locally at All Occasions Party Rentals. If your party calls for crystal, by all means take out the Waterford. If your affair is more casual in style consider buying stemless wine glasses and mixing with water and tea glasses. Variety adds interest. As for barware, glass is always appropriate but if outdoors or more casual, consider shatter-proof themed barware you can create and personalize with Sharon at Wallace Paper Company in Knoxville. While there, don’t forget to purchase festive cocktail


napkins, personalized stir sticks, and stylish invitations that will set the tone and create anticipation for your party. Consider hosting Mother’s Day at home. This is a great way to spend quality time together and not feel rushed at a restaurant trying to have a second seating. Invitations can be verbal and use what you have on hand, especially if they are family pieces. Serve cocktails or mimosas and sweet tea, if brunch, and prepare a tray filled with fruit and cheese for guests to nibble on while you add the final touches to your meal. This holiday provides the perfect opportunity to bring nature indoors. Collect dogwood branches, forsythia, Lenten roses and magnolia from your yard to assemble unique, fresh centerpieces. Create a center garland with magnolia and add candlelight, or fill several tall vases with dogwood branches and line your table. Fresh-cut jonquils and daffodils from your gaarden always bring a special spring flair. Crisp, hemstitched linens and handwritten or calligraphy place cards are final welcoming touches that prevent seating dilemmas. Lastly, enjoy the fruits of your labor with guests, family and friends! Cheers!


Handcrafted jewelry in the heart of Bearden. Requests for custom designs welcomed. 5805 kin gston pike , kn oxville , tn 37919 865. 588. 0801 | w w w. j e ssicaw e issje w e lry. co m



Knoxville’s favorite neighborhood Brasserie for over a decade. Come eat with us!

Mondays: Half off all Belgium Super Beers Tuesdays: Half price bottles of wine (under $100)

Wednesdays: $1 oysters on the 1/2 shell

9430 S. Northshore Drive, Suite 107 | Knoxville, TN 37922 | 865.539.5188 | www.northshorebrasserie.com


Nicole enjoys a sunny day in a jumpsuit made of her own design. 30 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE

E Nicole Montg omery

shares her st y lish finds fr om lo c al a n t i q u e s h o p s t o Fr e n c h fa r m e r s ’ m a r k e t s. T r a ns l at e d “B e t w e e n Y o u a n d M e ,” N i c o l e o p e ns h e r h e a rt a n d homes in Knoxville and in Fr a n c e .

Nicole will be an ongoing contributor to Knoxville Style Magazine sharing life, travel and style from Tennessee to the South of France. You can follow her at movedbystyle.com.


toi et moi I

am a wife and mother to four children, a brittany spaniel, and our newest addition is a 10 week old Yorkie Poo named Bruno. Yes, I know. . .a bit tongue in cheek. I am a University of Tennessee graduate originally from Middle Tennessee. I worked in corporate sales living in Cincinnati and Philadelphia before moving back to Nashville, meeting my husband, and returning to Knoxville. Knoxville has been good to us. It’s been a great place for my husband to practice medicine and a wonderful place to raise our children. I grew up going to flea markets, estate auctions, and antique shows with my father, a collector, searching for anything interesting and unusual. Our family vacations were historical ones. From touring plantation homes in Louisiana to former president’s homes along the East Coast.




I developed a love for travel, history, and design at an early age. Whether it is a piece of furniture, art, jewelry, or a dress in an amazing fabric, I appreciate all things that are beautiful, unique, and tell a story. My husband and I have adventurous souls, so a few years ago, while on an extended vacation in the South of France, we did the most adventurous thing we’ve ever done. We bought a Maison de Maître (town or village house) in need of a major renovation. Since then, it’s been a magical ride of culture, language, renovation, travel and friendship. We have come to love France as our second home. What I love about the French country life is its simplicity. We spend our mornings at the open air market shopping for the evening meal. We visit the farm next door to purchase our poultry and eggs. We ride our bikes to our neighbor’s homes for candlelit dinners under the stars. It’s quiet. Sometimes, it seems like we’ve been transported back in time. A nice break from our usual hectic life. Speaking of food, I’ve never been much of a cook, but the fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood brought over from the Mediterranean have been a game changer for me. I enjoy cooking in France and so do the children. It’s a family event. We love preparing and eating together. The dinner parties in France are so fun and the children love being a part of them. Our friends and neighbors are from various European countries, so we have interesting conversations ranging from world politics to religion. Just like my father did with me, I take the children brochanting (antiquing) on Sunday afternoons. We give them a few euros and off they go to find their treasures while I shop for mine. I love searching for antique handembroidered napkins and tablecloths and I’m always on the lookout for pretty dishes and glassware. This month, I’ll be traveling to the Avignon and Beziers furniture markets to look for some pieces for the house. I’m very excited to see what I’ll find!

The living room features a blend of fine furniture, antiques and a series of x-ray flower prints by local artist Don Dudenbostel.


The outdoor living space provides a great area for entertaining family and friends.

We’ve been blessed to use our home in France as a means to travel to other parts of Europe. So far, we’ve explored the two northern coasts of Spain. Our family fell in love with the small towns along the Costa Brava, north of Barcelona, where we sat in small restaurants along the water, eat paella and drink sangrias, all while the water laps at our feet. Last summer, we explored the Basque country, restaurant hopping and eating pintxos along the way, a culinary event within itself. We also did a day of family surfing which was a lot of fun! This summer, our plan is to take the high speed train to Paris, Versailles, and Normandy. We are all so excited to take the train! While in Paris, I’m looking forward to perusing Les Puces (‘fleas’) de Saint Quen—the largest flea market in the world—along with some vintage clothing stores. There, I find inspiration. Actually, this year I’m delving into the process of clothing design. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Pieces inspired by unique fabrics and lazy southern afternoons. I love fashion, and always have, both the old and the new. Actually, I love to blend the two. For example, a vintage dress with a pair of modern boots. The blend is what I think makes things so interesting. This is a concept I use in my home decor as well. For instance, a contemporary piece of art hung over a beautiful antique console or a tablescape that blends antique china with contemporary stemware. For me, it’s all about the mix. As I sit and write these words, I am humbled by the wonderful experiences, people, and places that life has provided me since moving back to Knoxville. I am drawn to the moods and currents of a life in the South, whether it be in France or Tennessee. I suppose, I will always be a southern girl. I feel blessed to be a part of this new magazine and to share in the upcoming issues some of the unique experiences that I’ve had and continue to have while embracing these southern latitudes. Bisous, Nicole

Nicole relaxes in her family room with Murphy. Her favorite art pieces are the ones found along her travels. KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE 33

A view of the French “tuscan” countryside from the orangerie (yet to be renovated). 34 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE


The front gated entrance to Maison de la Colline.

An inlaid Moroccan chair sits next to an antique French armoire on the second floor corridor.

A view of the sitting room from the kitchen.

A view of the pool in the east garden from the second floor bathroom.





’m an interior designer, but that doesn’t mean I only design interiors. I love to be outdoors and recharge with that magical combination of fresh air and sunshine. Throw in the

sound of kids laughing with an occasional cool breeze, and I’ve exchanged the confinement of walls for the freedom of wide open spaces. The climate in East Tennessee is mild enough to spend some time on a veranda, patio, or deck yearround. With this kind of opportunity, why neglect your outdoor space? Invest in weatherproof furniture and a durable umbrella if the area is not already covered. The position of the sun in relation to your home will affect some design choices, but we can make adjustments as needed, if say, your deck is directly beneath a high-noon sun. Using Sunbrella outdoor fabrics will fend off mold and mildew better than most from a covered screened-in porch to a 36 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE

portico. An easternfacing veranda is like hitting the outdoor design jackpot—warm in the morning and cool in the evening—adding a few elements here and there is like icing on the cake.

TIPS FOR CREATING YOUR OWN RETREAT: Use logic when designing a gathering place for people to relax and unwind. Think comfort and function first, then durability and style. Forget your grandmother’s old plastic-covered chaise; fabrics have much improved since those days and pattern selections run the gamut. Having comfortable, nap-inspiring furniture is a luxury within reach, especially when you mix and match affordable options. If you choose to invite friends over, consider chair and table placement to inspire lively conversations and memorable moments. Since you’ll likely want to stay out beyond

Renee kelly

sunset, don’t forget to add lighting. Aside from being able to see, lighting is one of the most effective ways to create moods. Some may prefer the practicality of a fan, but the unexpected flair of a chandelier can transport guests to another place and time. Exterior walls make a great canvas for wrought-iron pieces, metal mirrors, even frames and weathered wood signs. Make sure anything you use outside is treated to be mold and mildew resistant. Our humid summers can be brutal, as you know if you’ve been here more than three seasons. An all-weather rug will tie in the seating arrangement and define the area. Get creative with antiques or reclaimed wood buffets to create a focal point and provide a spot for the television on the night of The Bachelor premiere or the big game. Balance the surface with lamps on each side. Take care to cover or bring inside your collection during harsh weather—and you can experience the same kind of freedom and rejuvenation I feel outdoors.

Wood and iron chandelier. By OP Jenkins. 28.5W x 28.5D x 63.5H

Audrey end table by Summer Classics. Travertine top, iron base. 18.25W x 18.25D x 25H

Baldwin lounge chair. Covered in Sunbrella cast dove upholstery by Summer Classics. 32.5W x 36D x 35.25H

Casey Fulton-Jordan is a South Alabama transplant and an interior designer at CJF Interiors.

Metal laptop table. Pewter finish, Iron base. 18W x 14D x 27H

Gold leaf hammered metal framed mirror. Reproduction antique. 43W x 3D x 43H

For chairs: Tasseled coral & mint green outdoor decorative pillow by Celerie Kemble. Patio pillow insert included. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use. 18�x 18�

Nandina outdoor slipcovered double chaise by Lee Industries. Shown in spinnaker salt. Pillows in (green stripe) Pinafore Spruce. 81W x 49D x 34H

Pulcinella glass lamp. By OP Jenkins. 34H

Reclaimed pine sideboard- unique find. Distressed gray finish. By OP Jenkins. 67W x 19D x 35H Jute woven rug by Dash and Albert. 8 x 10




Women experiencing thinning hair or hair loss can turn to us with confidence.

The first and only salon devoted to providing treatments and services to protect and preserve a healthy head of hair. Featuring beautiful hair additions for thinning hair and hair loss. Call for a salon consultation.

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Under Canvas offers access to undiscovered areas through expertly guided excursions and coordinates unique activities for guests of all ages.



Cozy, comfortable, and inviting, these spaces are a wonderful way to relax and retreat. Natural furnishings and privacy afford each guest a truly unique experience.


ust one hour south of Knoxville, on a sweeping 200-acre campus, Under Canvas Great Smoky Mountains hosts more than 70 canvas tents and include amenities such as in-tent bathrooms and showers, king size beds, sleeper sofas, leather furniture, rawhide rugs, wood burning stoves, private decks, luxury linens and unparalleled views. Well-rested glampers will wake to the sound of nature in the WiFi-free camp. Offering adventure, pristine mountain views and access to the Appalachian Trail, Great Smoky Mountains will be the largest Under Canvas property and will sleep over 200 people. Named the “Land of the Blue Smoke” after its localized atmospheric phenomenon, the mountainous 800-square-miles of lush forest is home to over 400 different types of wildlife. Providing fully customizable itineraries for travelers, Under Canvas offers access to undiscovered areas through expertly guided excursions and coordinates unique activities for guests of all ages.

Jennifer Hedley is a freelance publicist who writes when she isn’t trying to keep up with her cute little boy.








woman can be described using many different words. Teacher. Caretaker. Multi-tasker. Voice of reason. Artist. Amy Campbell embodies all of these things and more. She is a radio show producer and host, studio artist, garden keeper, mule momma to Ruby and Pearl, public speaker, storyteller, friend, wife, preservationist, (unofficial) anthropologist, Appalachiana dvocate, and a Knoxville girl. I could go on, but this is just an introduction to a woman I greatly admire. I first met Amy when I called about her original painting of Johnny Cash for sale in the windowof the old Roy’s Record Shop in downtown Maryville, now Barley’s. A connection was made in more ways than one when Amy’s smooth, warm voice answered. Her voice, made for radio, is familiar and comTHE fortable yet has a twang, like WOMA N buttermilk perhaps. An approB EHIND T HE priate comparison since Amy often shares her extensive TENNESSEE knowledge of good buttermilk FARM TA BLE and other local food and farm topics on her radio show—The Tennessee Farm Table. She created the show over five years ago to connect folks with local farmers’ markets when they were small and did not have funds for advertising. Amy describes the focus of the show being about “people of our Appalachian region who produce, prepare and preserve our food and agricultural products.” With many interviews conducted in a pasture, on a front porch, or from a kitchen table, Amy features major chefs, farmers, food historians, entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and people of tradition; those people connected to Appalachia who make it unique. Amy reveals what many outsiders do not know about the Appalachian region. Of all the many words that describe Amy, I believe genius is most accurate. The Tennessee Farm Table is broadcast on 89.9 WDVX FM every Saturday morning from 9-9:30, with podcasts of current and previous shows available on tennesseefarmtable.com.




Laura Pierpont is a fine art and portrait photographer passionate about capturing local communities and human experiences through the use of film photography.



Art History Scavenger Hunt IN THE CITY

Knoxville Urban Guy shares an artful experience with his granddaughter, aka Urban Girl, on a warm day in February. Excerpts taken with permission from insideofknoxville.com



t’s hard to impress Urban Girl with a walk in downtown Knoxville since she’s been trudging around these city streets with me her entire eight-year-old life. But the girl loves a good scavenger hunt, and the Knoxville History Project provided me with just the perfect object of our search—Downtown Art Wraps. Now full disclosure: I peeked ahead of time at the map on their site. Don’t tell Urban Girl. She thinks she found them all coincidentally as we walked in random directions. I handed her a camera, described what we were looking for, and we went about our search. I think she really took something away from the exercise about art and history. She got a kick, for example, after shooting the art wrap featuring Albert Milani sculpting his eagles, when she turned around and saw them atop the Supreme Court Building. We discussed abstract and impressionist art. She ultimately decided she liked the Charles Krutch work on Krutch Park even though she didn’t know what it was, at first. She also learned about marble and quarries.

Hunting for art wraps makes a great outing for children, but why not for adults? Simply load the map on your phone and take a walk through the city. You’ll learn about artists connected to the city and you might just keep on walking over to the Knoxville Museum of Art to see some of the works up close and personal. Doesn’t that sound like a great spring outing? At the end of February, nine art wraps are scattered about the city and word is they are going to expand each month. Consider taking your own scavenger hunt to appreciate additional layers of history and culture in our city. The interactive map at knoxvillehistoryproject.org offers all you need to know. Cameras and eight-year -olds optional.


PLEASE NOTE: Thanks to the Knoxville History

Project and the sponsors who pay for each installation. Notice the sponsors and thank them. Interested in helping the effort by becoming a sponsor? Contact the Knoxville History Project. KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE 45


Who is Knoxville Urban Guy? 46 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE

ave you ever considered taking a leap in your life? If so, and if it was in recent history, you likely went online to gather information. But what if you found nothing in your search? In 2009, my wife and I became very interested in moving to downtown Knoxville, but we were nervous about the move: Would we be safe? Where would we park? Could this really work for two people who’d lived their entire lives in suburbia? I grew up loving cities. From my home city of Mobile, Alabama, I fell in love with New Orleans, Louisiana at an early age, taking frequent trips with my parents to the French Quarter. My parents taught me to love travel, also taking me to Washington, D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Dallas and Mexico City. As adults, my wife and I later fell in love with San Francisco, Boston, London, Paris and Tokyo. So, I did what we all do: I “Googled it.” But I didn’t find much. While it may be hard to imagine now, very little was being written about life in downtown Knoxville in 2009. We knew we loved the emerging energy there and several nights a week found us walking downtown streets. Despite the lack of information, we took the leap, anyway, and quickly fell in love with our new urban lifestyle. In 2010, a friend suggested that I be the one to write the missing story. I wasn’t sure I

could define “blog” or “website” and didn’t know where to start. After some research, I started writing what would become “Inside of Knoxville” in June 2010. I adopted the persona of “Knoxville Urban Guy,” to keep my online identity separate from my work life. I had no experience with this type of writing, with the technology involved or with the photography which quickly became a major part of the website. In short, I had no idea what I was doing. But I had readers and readership grew. From about thirty readers a day early on, the blog would grow to the point of having thousands of readers each day and becoming a go-to source for everything downtown Knoxville. It also became my full-time job. It’s been a humbling journey and my readers have been very patient as I’ve worked to improve both the site and my skills. Over the coming months you’ll get a sample of my work which is all about style — a lifestyle. Living in the city isn’t the same as living in the suburbs. For those considering moving to the city, Inside of Knoxville can be a very informative. For those who like to visit the city to enjoy its vibrant environment, it can be extremely helpful. On these pages you’ll likely see my work about festivals, new spaces and places, events and other opportunities for fun. The first article also features “Urban Girl,” as she and I explore the city. I hope you enjoy what you read, and I hope you’ll visit InsideofKnoxville.com for a deeper dive into life in the city. —Alan Sims | Inside of Knoxville

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As a team of highly trained medical professionals we can assess your individual situation and deliver a treatment customized and tailored specifically for you and your symptoms. Treatments include, but are not limited to, the administration of intravenous (IV) fluids and electrolyte replacement, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and comfort medications to alleviate acute symptoms.

W E B R I NG T H E T R EAT M EN T TO YO U ! Athletic Endeavors - Home - Hotel - OďŹƒce - Special Events

www.revivemeknoxville.com | CALL OR TEXT: 865-268-3923 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE 47

With a full line up of festivals and events, Knoxville is THE place to be this Spring. Come join the fun!






To Find Out More Visit




Knoxville will surprise you.



Knoxville’s first-ever Chinese Lantern Festival will be at Chilhowee Park. The festival features 42 larger-than-life lantern displays each featuring thousands of light components. The displays are constructed on-site by dozens of Chinese artisans. The festival will feature nightly stage performances by Chinese acrobats and Chinese folk art demonstrations. Children’s activities and food and drinks also available. March 16 - April 22 Dragon.VisitKnoxville.com

Knoxville’s premier Earth Day celebration takes place at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens. Free and open to the public, EarthFest provides environmental demonstrations and educational opportunities along with entertainment, food, fun, and a great marketplace for local, environmentallyfriendly vendors. April 28 Knox-EarthFest.org


Now in its 17th year, the free-admission Rossini Festival International Street Fair is Knoxville Opera’s perennial celebration of the performing arts. Over the course of 11 hours, the public is treated to non-stop entertainment on five outdoor stages showcasing everything from opera, classical, jazz, gospel and ethnic music to ballet, modern and world dance. April 14 RossiniFestival.org


This annual festival features many events, including High Teas on March 28, April 4, April 11 and April 18. Cost is $25. Reservations required. CrescentBend.com


The highlight of this Boston Marathon qualifier is a 50-yard line Finish Line at Neyland Stadium. Includes 5K and kids fun-run on March 24 and marathon, half marathon and relay on March 25. KnoxvilleMarathon.com


Watch in wonder as downtown Knoxville sidewalks turn into a vast, vibrant canvas for the region’s most talented professional and student chalk artists at this day-long street festival celebrating its 10th anniversary. Groups of all ages enjoy this free event. April 21 DogwoodArts.com


A spring celebration that transforms downtown Knoxville into a lively street fair with quality arts and crafts booths, live music and other performing arts, plus a children’s creation station loaded with fun activities. April 27-29 DogwoodArts.com


A celebration of film and music featuring live musical performances, music documentaries, music videos, animation, shorts and feature films. July 26 -29 KnoxvilleFilms.com


With the Great Smoky Mountains as the backdrop and the Historic Old City as the stage, this unique event offers a 3-day music experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Knoxville’s largest music festival honors the identity and spirit of our rich East Tennessee history with a premium listening environment for top-notch musical performances. April 6 - 8 RhythmNBloomsFest.com

Check out nearly 2,000 street rods, customs, muscle cars, and street machines and more than 600 exhibitors and swappers at Chilhowee Park as the National Street Rod Association presents its 44th Annual Street Rod Nationals South. May 4 - 6 NSRA-USA.com


You might be familiar with bagels and lox, but what about shakshuka or mandlebrot? Join in the celebration and appreciation of Jewish foods and cuisine. Admission is free; minimum $10.00 food purchase. May 6 JewishKnoxville.org


Celebrating the heritage of the South Knoxville community of Vestal, the festival includes music, arts, crafts and food vendors, and children’s activities. May 12 CandoroMarble.org



Knoxville’s biggest, boldest, and most dynamic festival experience is a 4-day weekend featuring the most celebrated, innovative musicians and composers of our time - spanning rock, jazz, classical, folk, electronica and including an array of Grammy Award, Pulitzer Prize, and MacArthur “Genius” Grant winners - in over 100 concerts in Knoxville’s extraordinary array of world-class concert halls, places of worship, listening rooms, clubs, and galleries. March 22 - 25 BigEarsFestival.com


Free live jazz from the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra on the stage at Market Square. May - August KnoxvilleTN.gov


Free concerts from a variety of bands and genres on Market Square. May – June KnoxvilleTN.gov

A founding event on the WEB.com Tour, the tournament takes place at Fox Den Country Club. It will be moving to Mother’s Day weekend in May 2018. KnoxOpen.VisitKnoxville.com


Enjoy arts and crafts, storytelling, games, music, food, and dozens of interactive enrichment activities from community groups. Watch performances by world-class children’s book authors and illustrators, meet and ask them questions, and even get autographs! May 19 KnoxLib.org


Open Streets Knoxville offers the opportunity to engage in physical activity in Knoxville’s communities and neighborhoods. Events include bike rides, street dancing, and more in a fun, safe setting. May 20 and September 30 OpenStreetsKnoxville.com


An annual event celebrating the outdoor adventurer, the dog lover, the craft beer enthusiast, the local AND the visitor looking to discover something unexpected. In addition to hike and bike, pet activities and brewery rides, the day includes the POWERBOAT NATIONALS, featuring some of the fastest Superleague race boats in the world racing on the Tennessee River. June 2 BBBB.VisitKnoxville.com




Sien Moon hopes to impact the lives of young actors in the same place her children fell in love with theatre.


Knoxville Children’s Theatre (KCT) is celebrating ten years of producing high-quality, live entertainment by children for everyone.


here are dozens, if not hundreds, of children’s theatres around the country producing quality entertainment for children. The Knoxville Children’s Theatre (KCT) is one of the few theatres producing high-quality, live entertainment BY children. Our annual season (we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year) of ten shows translates into 146 performances completely performed and designed by children. Students (generally between 8 and 17 years old) are the actors. They also design the sets, props, costumes, and lighting. Children are the stage managers, scenic painters, set builders and, for several shows each season, the directors. Our “KCT kids” aren’t just turned loose in a theatre. We offer the area’s only year-round theatrical academy, with all levels of classes, summer camps, and master classes in every aspect of theatre. Whether it’s a beautiful, large production of Beauty and The Beast or the uncomfortable intensity of To Kill a Mockingbird, our audiences almost always become so immersed in the show that they forget it is a fully-student production.


More important than our teaching and producing, however, is that KCT is a place of community for students from every socio-economic group and every school in and around Knox County. Nine years ago I walked into KCT and saw my own two young children almost immediately find “their place.” And for more than half

book NOOK


of their lives, KCT has been my kids’ “place.” As they have grown in responsibilities, they now spend multiple days a week rehearsing, performing, directing, building sets, designing lights and creating costumes. They even happily clean the theatre and I can’t even get them to clean their rooms. They love KCT! After almost a decade of serving KCT as both a mom and board member, I recently accepted the position of Managing Director. It was an easy decision, as this is a very special place. Come join us. See a show. Enroll your child in a class or have them sign up for an audition. You will be entertained. And your children may just find “their place.” Next show: Anne of Green Gables May 4th - 20th knoxvillechildrenstheatre.com for tickets and info

Ashlea Bushman Ownbey reads way too many books and spends the rest of her free time at HSTV finding homes for animals.

ince vacation season is coming up, I’ve decided to introduce our readers to three books that are adventurous, suspenseful and thrilling—but in very different ways. I enjoy all kinds of novels, but there is a special place in my heart for the stories that put me on edge and not wanting, but NEEDING to know how it’s all going to end. These three books, to me, are the epitome of that feeling. The first book I’m recommending is “The River at Night” by Erica Ferencik (Scout Press, January 2017). This novel is about four friends who are getting ready for their annual girls trip. This year, much to the chagrin of one of the women, they are going white water rafting and camping in the wilderness of Maine. Let’s just say things go very, very wrong. This novel is a thrill ride that is not only frightening but delves into the heart of friendships and the angst of entering middle age. Not

to give away too much but I will say that this book made me want to brush up on my survival skills! The second book I picked is “Before the Fall” by Noah Hawley (Grand Central Publishing, May 2016). A private plane taking its affluent passengers on a quick flight from Martha’s Vineyard to New York, crashes 16 minutes into the flight. The only survivors are a starving artist (who was a last minute addition) and the 4 year old son of

some of the doomed travelers. Wondering why the plane crashed, how these two survived, and the hidden secrets of the passengers and crew, makes this an exciting and suspenseful read. The third novel is “The Immoralists” by

Chloe Benjamin (G.E. Putnam’s Sons, January 2018) and it is a totally different adventure. Four siblings go to a psychic as children and are told the exact date of their deaths. Whether the information is correct or not - it’s amazing to see how it impacts the choices they make and the lives they lead. Would knowing the date of your death make you more or less courageous? Would it change how you spend your life and who you spend it with? I found this novel and its premise completely fascinating. So if you are wanting an exhilarating read for your upcoming vacation or even stay-cation, these are my selections for this issue. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



Emily Norris is passionate about using her talent and experience to help others. She co-owns Dance Tonight with her brother and cherishes every moment with her son, Edward.

GET HELP National Eating Disorders Association Helpline: 1-800-931-2237 www.nationaleatingdisorders.org Focus Integrative Centers 865-622-7116 focustreatmentcenters.com/knoxville



SUMMER 2017 Stupid…lazy…worthless…selfish… The words echo in my mind like drumbeats as my feet pound the pavement. Sweat pours down my face in the early July heat and my body screams for a break, but I can’t seem to stop running, despite the pleas of everyone in my life. If I stop, it will catch up with me, and I’ll have to face it — whatever it is. I don’t want to pause long enough to find out. I’m starving (literally) and exhausted, but nothing seems more important than doing everything within my power to keep carving the pounds off my frame until I’m acceptably thin (which is never). Stabbing pains in my shins finally force me to walk, (Too weak to keep going? Figures.), as images of my precious little blonde-haired, blue eyed 15-month son Edward flood my mind. Overwhelmed with guilt, I push away the pain and take off again — I can’t bear to stay with the shame of what I view as choosing my eating disorder over my child. Two weeks prior, my

doctor had spoken for my treatment team (the norm in eating disorder treatment — a therapist, dietician, and physician) and told me that they no longer felt comfortable caring for me outpatient and were recommending I seek out a residential program. Several days later, after coming to grips with what I felt was a failure, and deciding along with my husband that I needed to go to residential or I would likely not recover, I was met with a brick wall from my insurance company. There was no debate that I met all requirements for admission, but there was no in-network treatment option for me. I would call the company, they would approve an in-network agreement, then the residential facility would call and get a denial. And so the dance went for several weeks until I was able to get in touch with my state representatives as well as the regional medical director for my insurance company. The next day, Thursday, July 6th, I was approved to begin a program at Focus Treatment Center in Chattanooga the following Monday. Through the chaos of phone calls, frustration, and determination, I had not let reality fully sink in. I would be leaving behind my family, friends, business, students — a whole life I had so lovingly crafted — to surrender my life to a group of professionals that I could only hope would know how to help me. And help they did. I had no idea the incredible journey I was about to begin, and how it would forever change me in ways I’m only beginning to understand. In those trying months ahead, I clung to words a dear friend gave me: You are strong. You will do this. Your heart is stronger than anything your mind might tell you.

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Knoxville is fortunate to be one of the very few selected U.S. cities to have the opportunity to experience Maggie Taylor’s extraordinary collection at Bennett Galleries. 5308 Kingston Pike, May 4 - May 16, 2018.





aggie Taylor is a digital image-maker who delves into everything from antique photographs, taxidermy specimens, and flea market finds, to classic literature, memories of childhood sitcoms, and her own dreams to conjure up mesmerizing, otherworldly scenes. She begins with backgrounds from portions of 19th century photographs, scans selected elements, and uses Photoshop to arrange her players into “a stage-like world of unsettled magic.” Uniting Maggie Taylor’s vision and technology with Lewis Carroll’s enchanting Alice in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1871) appears to be a match made in art heaven. With a philosophy degree from Yale University and a masters in photography from the University of Florida, Taylor skillfully utilizes her education, experience and imagination to make tangible images of the unimaginable. Ten years after releasing a beloved volume of 45 images to accompany Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, she’s assembled a sequel collection of 64 images that defies “the categories of photography, painting, drawing and print-making [and is] imbued with a sense of history and delight.” The latest volume, Through the Looking-Glass, What Alice Found There, is currently available through Bennett Galleries and the University Press of Florida.



wineDINE French Champagne gives you a taste of the French Riviera at home.


ho wouldn’t want to be relaxing on a French Riviera beach while sipping a cold glass of Provence rosé or enjoying a romantic evening in Paris, glass of Champagne in hand? France is the most visited country on earth due to its history, culture, and its enticement to wine-lovers as the second largest producer of wine in the world. While we may not be able to escape the craziness of daily life to travel there, we can easily travel through France with our palates and a quick stop at one of our local wine shops. Paris, the city of love, lights, history, and fashion is also the city closest to one of my loves…Champagne! While Champagne tends to come with a “not-your-everyday” bottle pricetag, France also offers many other options in the bubbly category that are wallet-friendly. Champagne and bubbly can hold up to almost any food pairing while also being delightful on its own. Splurge: Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé Mid-Range: Gérard Bertand Crémant du Limoux Rosé Weekday: De Chanceny Crémant de Loire Rosé


Shawn Mason has worked in the wine and spirits distribution industry for a decade and is a Certified Specialist of Wine.

Lyon is located between the Rhône and Saône Rivers and offers history lovers and artists an unbounded exploration of medieval and Renaissance architecture, museums, libraries, and theatres. One of my all time favorite wines, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, is king in this area of France. Chateauneuf-du-Pape along with other red Rhône offerings are extremely versatile wines ranging from big and bold to elegant and Fleur du Champ refined and everything in between. They can A riff on the classic French 75, but pair up to a wide range with lavender added to make it extra of cuisine as well. springy (and extra French!) Bright, Splurge: Vieux Telegraph floral and effervescent — perfect for a Chateauneuf-du-Pape spring brunch. Mid-Range: Saint Cosme 1 oz. gin (we used PostModern Spirits Saint-Joseph Empirical Dry Gin) Weekday: Brotte Do1 oz. fresh lemon juice maine Grosset Cote du 1/2 oz. lavender simple syrup* Rhone Village Carianne 2 oz. rosé champagne (we used Southern France Forget-Brimont brut rosé) stretches along the garnish: lemon twist Mediterranean Sea from Spain to Italy and is Add first three ingredients to a shaker synonymous with rosé with ice and shake. Add rosé to the wine. The rosé wine shaker to mix (but no need to shake), category continues to then strain into a flute. show enormous growth *Lavender simple syrup: heat 1 cup with France being the water, 1 cup sugar, and 1.5 tablespoons world’s largest producer dried lavender flowers until sugar is of rosé. It is perfect dissolved. Let steep for 5 minutes, then spring or summer time strain and let cool. beverage to pair with your fresh salad, pizza, —Courtesy of Libacious or BBQ, but rosé is also Cocktail Catering | Casey Fox becoming a year-round beverage of choice for traditional red and white drinkers alike. Splurge: Whispering Angel Provence Rosé Mid-Range: Fleur de Mer Provence Rosé Weekday: AIX Provence Rosé

VOTED BEST WINE MENU IN KNOXVILLE! Our cellar selection hosts over 200 different wine selections from around the world.

Artisan small plates and shareable style Tapas Bistro, Craft beer, fresh juiced cocktails, select bourbons & full bar Acoustic Jazz Saturdays & Cover Duo’s on Wednesday nights Open for Lunch and Dinner RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED

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As women, we become too busy with others and lose ourselves in the process of life. No doubt that this is rewarding, but it can come with a high price. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, educator and churchgoer—and the icing on the cake—a tennis player. Life was great, until I received a diagnosis that rocked my world, and [the world] of those I love. — Mary Millsaps

Mary was approved to participate in a European clinical trial and, at the time of this writing, just received the incredible results that the tumors in her lung and liver have shrunk 74%. That’s a little like winning the first set in the best of three; it’s great momentum to carry into the next set, but she can’t rest just yet. She garners strength from her family, friends, and colleagues to keep going forward, and desires to turn a negative into a positive and fulfill a greater purpose. With the assistance of her Morgan Stanley advisor, Mary and friends are planning a tennis tournament to raise funds to provide a scholarship to a deserving student in the area. As an educator and competitor, this event will combine three of her favorite things: Tennis—Friends—Love.


n a time when hashtag slogans and support bracelets pop up like wildflowers, #MaryStrong is spreading through Knoxville’s tennis community like wildfire. This March, I saw a Facebook photo of mutual friends making a circle of fists with wrists encircled by gray rubber bracelets emblazoned with Mary Strong and Isaiah 40:31 in bright orange. My first thought was, “Mary who?” It took one phone call to learn that Mary Millsaps was diagnosed with breast cancer in November, and the news was grim because it had already spread to her lung and liver. See, Mary is a beautiful and beloved elementary school teacher from Sweetwater who can still whip up on women half her age in singles. Singles! You may not play tennis, so believe me when I tell you, most women grudgingly play singles because they drew the short straw and take one for the team. Not Mary. She’s a fighter up for any challenge, but this time her foe didn’t play fair. Cancer whispers doubt into the mind and causes one to dismiss a concern as paranoia, until the lump is undeniable, and the

fear is palpable. With that one word, a life-ordeath battle is waged against an invisible enemy. Mary was stunned into silence and didn’t want to tell anyone, not even her family. She was rattled and scared and felt guilty for passively allowing a disease to take root in her body that could have been spotted and removed earlier had she gone for a regular mammogram. She hadn’t, and now she has to live with the regret. But first, she has to fight to live. She has to be Mary Strong. Enter Sheila Watson: a friend and fellow tennis player who came alongside and refused to coddle her. Mary didn’t need someone to cry with her; she needed an action plan, some might say she needed fightin’ words. Sheila helped arrange doctor’s appointments and accompanied her, prayed with her, laughed with her, and gave her the courage to let people know. A few others agreed that bracelets would be a good way to show support and spread the word, so Sheila made the first order. Then another.

. . .b u t th o se w h o h o p e i n th e LO RD will ren ew t h eir st ren g t h . Th ey will soar on win g s like eagles; th ey w i l l ru n a n d n ot g row wea r y, t h ey will walk an d n ot be faint . Isai ah 4 0 : 3 1 58 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE

Mom of 3 boys, University of Tennessee graduate, 2004 Raye-Anne Ayo MD, FAAFP

Family Health Center is excited to introduce a new and innovative therapy for female wellness! Votiva is a nonhormonal treatment to build and rejuvenate the vaginal mucosa to treat vaginal dryness, and mild urinary incontinence. This reduces recurrent urinary tract infections and yeast infections and allows the tissue to function normally so that you can easily be intimate with your partner. Call for your consult! 865.675.4342

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“If a little girl from Greeneville, Tennessee, can find her passion and make it a success, so can you!” —Randalle Love


’m a yoga instructor named Randalle Love. Now, before you roll your eyes, let me tell you a little bit about my journey. I was raised up in the small, East Tennessee town of Greeneville. My family were members of a very strict religious group; we couldn’t celebrate any holidays or birthdays, and extracurricular activities such as sports, were not allowed. It was also frowned upon to have aspirations of going to college. So, needless to say, I never knew what I wanted to do as an adult. I would hear friends at school saying “When I grow up I’m going to be a social worker, doctor, firefighter, etc.” but I was very lost. Fast forward a few years, I no longer attended that church, I got married in 2004 and had two beautiful boys. I was a stay at home mom for many years. It was wonderful, but I still had this void inside, which I couldn’t figure out. In 2013, I attended a yoga class at the local YMCA, and it hit me, I had found my passion! It felt natural and amazing. I immediately found a teacher training that was starting eight months down the road. I spent those eight months practicing yoga every day, learning all that I could on the subject. I successfully completed my training, then opened my studio, Love Yoga, one month later. That was over four years ago, and my studio has been very successful! It hasn’t been an easy journey, by far. Living in a small town, a lot of people hadn’t been exposed to yoga. Many were afraid, thinking it was some kind of religion, or just plain weird. One of my main goals is to destigmatize yoga, making it more down to earth, so everyDr. John McRae, Professor of one feels comfortable. I play Architecture at UT, created Randalle fun music, and make a point to in various yoga poses, combining his have a nonjudgmental environ- passion with her love. ment. I have had so many adventures the past four years, and I just released a book entitled, LOVE YOGA. It’s an artistic coffee table book, featuring myself in tasteful, nude yoga poses. I’ve also been collaborating with Dr. John Malcolm McRae, Professor of Architecture at UT, in creating sculptures of myself in various poses. Fifteen years ago, if I could have looked ahead to see my life as it is now, it would have blown my mind! I never know what is right around the corner, but I am sure many more exciting things are to come! —Randalle Love



Soo Cha Griffith


oo Cha Griffith is an international award-winning artist with a studio and gallery in the Karns Community. When she lived in Europe for several years, she was inspired by the beautiful landscapes and architecture of France, Italy and other countries. Her talent flourished as she traveled and painted outdoors as often as possible. She loves using any medium, but mostly works with oils and acrylics on canvas. She emphasizes quality in the light impressionist image which provides some detail of the subject, while her use of vibrant colors is visually appealing and evokes feelings of happiness, harmony and serenity in the viewer.

Soo Cha will is exhibiting her work at the NYC Art-Expo this April. If you’d like to visit her studio, please call (865) 748-1089. 8326 Beaver Ridge Road, Knoxville, TN 37931.


RIDE Kaysee Armstrong crushes her competition on trails all over the world.

Kaysee Armstrong has grown out of the nickname given to her when she first started riding (and often crashing): Wreckless



biking for seven years? am not the most comfortable talking about You’ve probably picked up on how much I love myself, but I do want to encourage anyone bikes and how busy my life is, but I wouldn’t have reading this to know that no matter how crazy it any other way. Well, maybe sometimes. your dream might be, you can make it happen While I am writing this article, I am actually with focus, hard work, and belief. So here it goes. I am Kaysee Armstrong. I love in South Africa competing in the world’s biggest my dog, Dale, and I love being outside. I race stage race where my partner and I will battle mountain bikes and am a full-time accountant with it out with world champions over eight days, Adrienne Webster Accounting. I’m so grateful to 658km, and 13,530m of climbing. This stage race my awesome boss for allowing me to chase my differs so much from the others because I get dream and keep my day job. In my downtime to mentor the trail squad; it’s been so wonderful (besides walking Dale), I volunteer with kids who and such an honor. My sponsor, LIV Cycling, held an Instagram competition want to race mountain bikes. last year that gave six girls (with I help coach the Tennessee Bears, WE ARE ALL no stage race experience) the a National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) team made STRONGER THAN chance to come to the Cape Epic race. These races break you up of middle and high school stuWE THINK. down. After eight hours in the dents. I love working with kids desert heat, one little thing can because they simply do things for fun—they aren’t worried about jobs, bills, or set you off. I just sat down with a girl who started workouts—so they help me remember why I love crying all of a sudden because she forgot to drop to ride. For those who want to find out what I’m off her laundry. By the end of our conversation, talking about, Knoxville has a great program for and after sharing my own meltdown stories, women called the Bell Joy Ride. I lead rides for we were both laughing. So, why do I do these races that break me the advanced group, but even first-time riders can join in on the fun and learn about mountain down and make me question my own sanity? biking. Check out their Facebook page, Bell Joy Sometimes I think I am a little crazy, but mostly Ride—Knoxville, Tennessee for more information. I love seeing this world from the saddle of my bike. I love pushing myself through weak moI’ve won stage races all over the world: Trans ments and coming out stronger. I go up against Andes Challenge in Chile, Baja Epic in Mexico, competition, but I also race against myself— stage wins in India (until I was too sick to continagainst self-doubt and the people who said ue), Transylvania Epic in Pennsylvania, and many I couldn’t. more in various places. Before this, I was the collegiate National Champion in XC, If you tell me I can’t do something, I’ll try my Short Track, and overall in my last year of best to prove you wrong. college. Can you believe I’ve only been


Visit us for a unique and fun shopping experience in downtown Loudon!



322 Grove Street | Loudon, TN 37774 whistlestopboutique.com | whistlestop@yahoo.com



MARK CARSON ENGLISH Studio/Gallery 130 West Jackson Avenue Knoxville TN 37915 615.479.7279 markcarsonenglishstudio markcarsonenglishcontemporary markcarsonenglish@gmail.com markcarsonenglish.com

”An Evening Out”

”Coffee, Bagel and Shopping”

”Reach for the Sun”

”Running for the Roses”


Instead of building just another upscale eatery,we wanted to create a place you can go not just for a special occasion, but for any occasion.

5 44 8 H o m be rg Dri ve | Knoxvil l e , T N 3 79 19 | 86 5 -3 37 - 5 7 7 5


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Tues. Wed. Thurs. open from 11 to 10. Friday 11-11. Saturday open at 4-11 Sunday 11-3 brunch Monday Special Events Only


The Best Italian Cuisine in Knoxville IN THE HEART OF BEARDEN Now serving lunch buffet Tuesday through Friday 11 to 2 4884 Chambliss Ave. Knoxville, TN 37919 info@merellis.com 66 KNOXVILLE STYLE MAGAZINE


KNOXVILLE’S AWARD-WINNING SALON Voted Knoxville’s Best Salon for

23 years straight.

SALON VISAGE 1701 Downtown West Blvd. Text or call: (865) 694-4000 SalonVisage.com Color by Raven and Cut by Tationya for Salon Visage – Intercoiffure America/Canada Nouveau 2017 Creative Cut & Color Winner

TREATING THE PATIENT AS A WHOLE ❍ IV NAD-treatment for alcohol and opiate addiction, mental clarity, anti-aging, chronic fatigue ❍ Bio identical hormones-creams and pellets for men and women ❍ Nd and Erbium Yag-hair removal all body parts, snoring, vaginal rejuvenation, bladder incontinence ❍ Radiofrequency microneedling-— wrinkles, scars ❍ O-shot, Priapus shot, Vampire facial with PRP taught by Dr. Runels

Anti-Aging Centre for Longevity Preventative Medicine

Fellowship-trained, and board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine 1400 Dowell Springs Blvd. | Suite 210 | Knoxville TN 37909 www.drtroxell.com US POSTAGE




Profile for George Laurence-Krieps

Knoxville Style Magazine  

Volume 1, Issue 2 of Knoxville Style Magazine.

Knoxville Style Magazine  

Volume 1, Issue 2 of Knoxville Style Magazine.