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The 16th Biennial Castlemaine & District

Festivalof Gardens

Melbourne Cup Week: Saturday 29 October to Sunday 6 November 2022

Welcome from the Committee AS WE STEP GINGERLY into the post-Covid world once more we are pleased to offer twenty-one gardens who are opening in Melbourne Cup Week this November. As we did not have a festival in either 2020 or ’21 we will try again — for the third time. As I write this in July we have had very good winter rains which should lead to a bumper spring and beautiful gardens.

We would like to salute our sponsors for this Festival, ASQ, Mount Alexander Shire, Jellis Craig and the Stoneman Foundation and thank them for their support. Our advertisers are some of our regulars and we hope you will support them and our sponsors where possible.

Finally a very big thank you to our committee who have worked hard to make this Festival possible, they are: Peter Morris (President), Sue Arnold (Secretary), John Rudolph (Treasurer), Geoff Hocking (Brochure Editor extraordinaire) Margaret Beyer, Bev Lewis, Sally Leversha, and Sue Proeve. Ex-officio on the committee is Denise Button from Colourful Language who does a great job doing our Publicity and Marketing. We hope you enjoy your visit or stay in our wonderful part of Victoria and appreciate the work that the gardeners have done over the past two years. Peter Morris — President

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our generous sponsors: ASQ, Jellis Craig, Bendigo Bank, the Shire of Mt Alexander, the Stoneman Foundation and our supporters — the advertisers, who we trust you too will support while you are visiting. Also, with heartfelt thanks toJohn Patrick has been our patron and supporter for many years.

Stay in touch with the Festival of Gardens online, where you can preview some of the gardens which will be open. Castlemaine & District Festival of Gardens CM Festival of Gardens

This event is supported by the Mount Alexander Shire Council Events Grants Program | #castlemainemaldonsurrounds


Welcome from our Patron –


For all its faults, Covid has granted gardeners the time and opportunity to garden! Families who lockdown together, no doubt garden together, and it may well be that many of those long promised projects, distant aspirations in normal circumstances, have now been completed. A new pergola, a garden house clad in roses, that delightful informal pond surrounded by native plants or simply a new path and seat offering distant views of Mt Alexander, all become realities in Covid times!

As a result, the Castlemaine Garden Festival offers visitors not only the opportunity to get away from their homes to explore the gorgeous goldfields country of the Castlemaine District, the opportunity to stay in a friendly Bed and Breakfast in an historic cottage but also the chance to view the efforts of Castlemaine’s many gardeners through the extended enforced Covid break! Regular visitors will be eager to spot the changes and to share the stories of how these visions came to be. As luck would have it gardeners in southern Victoria have also benefitted from excellent winter rains. For once the gardener’s cry of “But it’s been so dry!” is not appropriate though no doubt some will still fall back on it as a crutch for gardening inadequacies. Without being able to predict conditions through the coming spring, all seems set fair for a splendid Garden Festival, good gardening weather, enthusiastic and proud gardeners, passionate visitors eager for an opportunity to travel beyond their own five kilometres. What more could we want!

Congratulations to Castlemaine Festival of Gardens organising committee for their tenacity in trying circumstances but most of all, thanks to the many garden owners who ensure the Festival’s success — John Patrick. .

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The Gardens

Antares Iron Art Garden Birdsong Chapmans Road Clontarf Congdon Road Forest Edge e Garden of Waverley Glovers on Merrifield Hallstead Farm Harley

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Haven on Barkers Hedgehogs Inclinations Laceys. East Meets West Lixouri Loddonia Mossbank Pangbourne Porcupine Villa Tranquillo Weemilah

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Cover: ‘Changes ahead’. oil on linen by geoff hoCking 2019 PhotograPhs by Claire beyer and the gardeners Printed by bart ‘n’ Print


Forest Edge at Muckleford


The Festival of Gardens has a long history What began more than twenty-five years ago as an event to plug the gap in the off-year of the biennial Castlemaine State Festival, the Festival of Gardens has offered visitors, and garden lovers, an opportunity to enjoy more than 200 gardens across Mt Alexander Shire. IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED, TRY, TRY AGAIN! The Castlemaine & District Festival of Gardens has been Covid-cancelled twice, in 2020 and 2021. This year, 2022, we are trying again — third time lucky. Gardeners, like gardens themselves, can get a bit weary, and gardens can be hard work. After more than a quarter of a century of dedicated labour and exhibition, some of our gardens have retired. We would like to thank them for being with us for so long — and trust that their example, and community spirit, may encourage new gardeners to join with us in the future.

Our first programme in 1991, featured fiy gardens over four days

Forest Hall: Opened from 1991-2018

Mica Grange Sculpture Garden — page 48


Castlemaine is truly blessed — our Botanical Gardens are a gift all year ’round.


The Royal Oak in winter, planted 1863 ANOTHER OUTSTANDING feature of our historic goldfields’ community are the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens and Lake Joanna. This beautifully maintained public gardens sits between Barkers Creek, the railway and the historic Thompson’s Foundry. It was first set aside for a public reserve in 1860. The first curator of the gardens was Phillip Doran, a former apprntice to British landscape designer Sir Joseph Paxton. During his time in Castlemaine Doran fostered a close relationship with Baron von Mueller, the Director of the Melbourne Botanical Gardens. Hungarian emigré, silversmith Ernest Leviny, developed the Victorian home once known as Delhi Villa, into the mansion known today as Buda. Leviny was also an acquaintance of von Mueller, and the Baron’s influence can be seen in Buda’s extensive gardens. There are many significant trees in the Botanical Gardens, with several on the National Register, including the magnificent oak planted in 1863 to celebrate the marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Believed to be the oldest planted tree in the gardens, in 2021 the ‘Royal Oak’ was voted Victoria’s Tree of The Year.

Buda. Historic Home & Garden 42 Hunter Street The Botanical Gardens are opposite the popular Mill Vintage Bazaar, Shedshaker Bar & Brewery and Das KaffeeHaus. You can park by the gardens, and stroll from there to visit Harley at 116 Hargraves Street and the Garden of Waverley at 112 Hargraves, Buda at 42 Hunter Street and Loddonia at 69 Hunter Street before you make your way back to your car.


1 Antares Iron Art Garden

“Always a surprise and a delight!”

EVER EXPANDING beyond its boundaries, this enticing garden of sculptural wonders will intrigue and inspire! Created of found and re-imagined objects of stone, bone, wood, glass and iron, there is always more to see and explore. Perched above the Loddon River at Newstead, Antares enjoys wide views of the surrounding landscape, including majestic Mount Franklin. Featured on Gardening Australia, ep.19: ‘Rusted On’

Owner: Roger McKindley Address: Cnr Punt Rd & Brandt St (Loddon River Rd), Newstead (off Daylesford–Newstead Rd) Mobile: 0447 229 149 Email: Instagram: @rogermckindley Special Details: Buses welcome — plenty of parking; limited wheelchair access Restrictions: No toilet, dogs on leash only Open: Every day except Thursday 3 Nov. Saturday 29 Oct to Sunday 6 Nov Times: 10.00 am — 5.30 pm (other times by appointment) Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free




Birdsong “An Urban Garden embracing the verge”

AN ABUNDANT AND ENTICING URBAN garden block overflowing with natives, flowering perennials and annuals. The garden was developed to have a positive effect on the environment and to encourage biodiversity. An extensive verge garden using a modified Hügelkultur technique was established on a difficult slope and is a talking point for locals. Vegetables and fruiting trees are grown in wicking pots. Chickens happily entertain and assist with composting. Quirky, creative yet practical upcycled materials add to the garden’s functionality reducing waste in land fill. Owners: Kerry Herbison & Sharyn Walters Address: 15 Gaffney Street, Castlemaine Mobile: 0425 745 362 | 0425 745 360 Email: Special Details: Bus parking nearby. Plants, handmade goods and bric a brac for sale. Restrictions: NO dogs please, some gravel paths and steps, no wheelchair access Open: 29th Oct to 1 Nov and 4-6 Nov Times: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free


Chapmans Road “A Rural Garden on the

Edge of Town combining mass plantings of natives among well-established European exotics’ ”

ON THE EDGE OF TOWN a predominately native garden has been established over the past six years. The aim has been to create a welcoming family garden and year round habitat for birds, insects and wildlife. Hardy water-wise plantings have been incorporated with original large deciduous and native trees. Extensive use of gabion walls and terracing provides shape, interest and quiet sitting areas. A productive raised bed organic vegetable garden is bordered by espaliered olive trees. Rural views from the northerly aspect of the garden are enhanced by an ornamental dam, creating a tranquil setting and entertaining bird watching. Owners: Robyn & Harry Fleury Address: 31 Chapmans Road, Castlemaine Special Details: Restricted wheelchair access; on site parking


Restrictions: Water hazards; no dogs Open: Every day Sat 29th October to Sunday 6 November Times: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free




“A sublime fusion of old exotic trees c.1862 provide lush surroundings for an historical Castlemaine homestead.”

ESTABLISHED C. 1862 is the original house, double-storey stables and outhouse cottage on 1.2 hectares. The garden consists of exotic trees, old gums, new plants including perennials, fruit trees, and a walled vegetable and herb garden with large tanks to collect water and a worm farm. The borrowed landscape adds significantly to the property including a sandstone walled paddock, once called The Pleasure Garden opposite the Botanical Gardens and next door to beautiful Forest Hall. Owners: Beverly & Anthony Knight Address: 1 Burnett Road Castlemaine Mobile: 0407 974 038 Email: Special Details: Wheel chair access. Restrictions: No animals. Open: Saturday 29, Sunday 30, Monday 31, (closed Tues-Fri), Open Saturday 5, Sunday 6 November. Times: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm. Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free



Congdon “A Rural Garden on 10 Acres at Barkers Creek”

Rural garden surrounding house, pool studio and veg patch. This unfenced garden is open to all manner of wild life, birds, kangaroos, rabbits, lizards and the occasional snake.. Goldfield Sedimentary soils, skeletal stony slates and sandstone shot through with granite proximal to Mt Alexander (rubbish). All soil has been imported premium topsoil, mushroom mulch, compost, pea straw, council mulch and dynamic lifter. All household vegetable waste is composted.


Owners: Marie and Maurice Molan Address: 107 Congdon Rd, Barkers Creek Phone: 0408 130 727 Special Details: Planting terraces made up by using rock found on the block. I plant everything and see what grows and sometimes a microclimate will support a surprise and I replant; after plants fail I move on. I copy what I see growing in gardens in the area, I propagate as much as possible. The garden is a Covid garden as we moved from Melbourne early in 2020. I installed a tank and pumps to access water from a dam at the bottom of the block for Christmas 2021 Restrictions: Scones and jam and cream available. Toilet available if necessary Wheelchair access with some small limitations. Studio open paintings, plants for sale. Fundraising for View Smith Family. Open: Every day, Sat 29 Oct to Sun 6 Nov Times: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free




Forest Edge “Organic Country Garden with Formal and Cottage Aspects.”

A LARGE FARM GARDEN watered by a dam, with many ideas and features. A love of all plants makes for garden rooms of roses, irises, self-seeding annuals, perennials, bulbs and trees. A vegetable garden, an orchard growing soft fruits and nuts, ponds, rock walls. A ruin of a Hobbit’s Home also adds interest, and areas to sit and take in the delights of a variety of birds which help keep the garden in harmony. Owners: Jill & Graham Hiscock Address: 140 Butchers Rd, Muckleford Phone: 03 5472 3753 Special Details: Plants for sale; toilet available; wheelchair access; buses welcome. Restrictions: Water hazards; no dogs Open: Every day, Sat 29 Oct to Sun 6 Nov Times: 10.00 am — 4.30 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free



The Garden of Waverley ‘After more than 150 years, this garden continues to delight’.

‘WAVERLEY’ WAS BUILT IN 1864 by Melbourne based barrister Mr George Smythe, who moved to Castlemaine to be closer to his recently married daughter. The current owners, Sally and Rob Leversha, have occupied the property since 1987. The garden itself is of two parts — the front garden faces west — this features an original granite block front wall, and an elevated garden behind. A magnificent very old twenty-five metre tall callistemon dominates the driveway side of the garden. Roses, agapanthus and irises are seen in the garden beds, with a pathway of hardy mini-cog acacias as well as a variety of other shrubs throughout. The rear garden faces east: the feature of the garden is the original two-storey stables, and the large European trees, which give height, structure and important shade in summer. A crazy slate sitting area is located under a large pergola supporting very old grapevines and with the stables behind, this Tuscan like area is the perfect place to sit and enjoy.


There are several garden beds with a mixture of Australian, exotic and classical English plants, dominated by the deciduous trees.

Owners: Rob and Sally Leversha Address: 112 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine, Mobile: 0437 683 469 Email: Special Details: There is wheelchair access to most areas of the garden. Car, Coach and bus parking is available in the street or side street (Doveton St) close by — where there is shade as well. Public toilets — toilet available at the house with one step into the house (unlikely to be wheelchair suitable) & there is a cafe across the road with facilities. Refreshments: cold drinks, tea coffee and Devonshire Tea may be purchased Cautions: there are water features — children need to be supervised Restrictions: No dogs allowed Open: Every day of the festival Times: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm and/or by appointment for bus groups Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free




Glovers on Merrifield “A bush setting transformed”

SITUATED ON THE VERY EDGE of town in a natural bush setting Kay and Len Glover have transformed a neglected vineyard into a lush sward of lawn fringed by more than seventy Cleveland Select pears, conifers and extensive native plantings. The rear of the property has been made ready for more grass and meadow to be seeded. The unforgiving soil has been dug, turned and tilled to enable the planting of hundreds of native plants in and around the large, existing gum trees, attracting native birds and other fauna. Owners: Kay and Len Glover Address: 13 Merrifield Street, Castlemaine Special Details: Children welcomed but supervised Restrictions: No toilet; dogs on leads only; water hazards; some steps Open: Every day of the Festival Times: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free


M E R C H A N T S CAFE & General Store All Day Breakfast, Light Lunches, Coffee, Cold Drinks, Cakes and assorted homemade treats.

Open 6.30am - 4pm Mon to Fri 8.30am - 4pm Sat & Sun

151 MAIN RD, CAMPBELLS CREEK | | TEL: 0416 366 363

Blackjack is nestled in the beautiful Harcourt Valley just 2kms south of Harcourt. Blackjack Vineyards offers a friendly welcome and a chance to taste some excellent award winning full bodied reds made from Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot grapes. Wine that has twice won the trophy for the ‘Best Shiraz’ at the Royal Melbourne Wine Show. Open for tastings and sales at weekends 11am to 5pm or by prior appointment.



Hallstead Farm

“A rambling rural property — this is stunning.”

LOCATED ON A HILL TOP ONLY 5km from Castlemaine, Hallstead Farm with its commanding views in every direction to Mt Franklin, Wombat Hill in Daylesford and Mt Alexander. Winding paths through an extensive garden has something to see at every turn. The garden is designed to offer a cooling reprieve from the summer heat with plenty of water features amongst a large collection of trees and shrubs offering lots of shaded areas to sit and relax. Other features include a large dam, a double decker bus, citrus grove, an extensive

Owners: Ben, Emma, Brooke, Ashton and Aiden Hall Address: 130 Congdon Road, Barkers Creek Phone: 0411 315 613 Special Details: Coffee, tea, juices and light snacks for sale, dogs allowed on leash Restrictions: Water hazards, steps, no toilet Open: Sat & Sun both weekends, and Tuesday (Melbourne Cup Day) Times: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free

chicken run, large vegetable garden and plenty more. This is a garden to discover and explore that you won't want to miss.



Harley “A Classic Victorian Town Garden”

THIS GARDEN CAME with good bones but a lot of gaps due to the ravages of the millennium drought. Over the last 10 years the gaps have been filled and new garden beds created with an emphasis on texture and colour. Under-storey planting, ground-cover alternatives to lawn and a variety of paving materials add further interest. While the garden is still evolving, it has settled attractively around the late Victorian house. Owners: Bronwyn and John Rudolph Address: 116 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine, 3450 (corner of Berkeley Street) Mobile: 0400 051 511 Special Details: Some level changes in the garden but mainly flat. Good parking with shade in the side street (Berkeley Street). Seating available.Toilet available. Café close by with facilities. Restrictions: Dogs on lead only. Wheelchair access: some gravel and steps Open: Every day, 10.00 am – 4.00 pm. Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free.


Haven on Barkers “Relax and enjoy the

many sculptures and discover what it’s like at “Haven on Barkers” HAVEN ON BARKERS is a five-acre property which has been carved from the rugged Australian bush into a unique paradise: undulating with surprises around every corner, a meandering creek frames the property with elegant gum trees scattered around. Also bulbs and cottage garden perennials, and much more. To the rear of the property you’ll find a small orchard, comprising stone fruits, quince and pear trees. Flanking both ends of the property are the animal paddocks for goats, a miniature pony and chickens. Owner: Judi Watts & Lou Marsal Address: 8867 Midland Hwy, Barkers Creek, 3451 Mobile: 0402 147 269 Email: Special Details: Bus groups welcome. Wheelchair access. B&B self-contained accommodation available. Restrictions: No toilets, no dogs, water hazards. Open: Every day of the Festival. Times: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm. Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free.


12 Hedgehogs “A beautiful, tranquil garden.”

A DELIGHTFUL LARGE GARDEN with curved sculptural paths, terraces and stone gardens, sculptures and granite ponds and a lawn sweeping to a dam surrounded by iris. A magnificent food garden with enclosures for fruit and berries. Roses abound. This very peaceful garden is a haven for people and birds.

Owners: Margot and Morry Rottem Address: 60 Hagues Road, Barkers Creek Mobile: 0409 014 533 Email: Special Details: Toilet available. Plants for sale. Marginal wheelchair access. Picnic area available Restrictions: No dogs allowed. Water hazards, young children to be supervised Open: Sat 29, Sun 30, Mon 31 Oct, Tues 1, Sat 5, Sun 6 Nov. All proceeds Sunday 30 Oct to Australian Conservation Foundation. Times: 10.00 am to 4.30 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free







“Flowing from one vista to another.” A GARDEN, NOW EIGHT YEARS OLD, that is settling into its landscape. Suited to our goldfields environment with a large variety of carefully selected plants providing year round interest. A haven for birds and insects. Features include a sunken courtyard complete with fishpond and waterwall. A unique range of materials have been used for landscaping and shedding. Our garden gives us much pleasure (and exercise!) Owners: Larraine Martin and Rod Millard Address: 55 Bowden Street, Castlemaine Mobile: 0439 035 382 Email: Special Details: Wheelchair access to most areas. Seating available . Restrictions: No dogs Open: All days Times: 10.00 am — 4.30 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free




14 Lacey’s “East Meets West. The Lacey’s Hidden Garden.” OUR GARDEN IS IN TWO SECTIONS. The ‘Western garden’ is an eclectic display of horticulture splendour with a wide variety of plants and quirky pieces of art. The ‘Eastern Garden’ consists of two oriental arches with over 100 bonsai of various shapes and sizes. This area also contains a fish pond and a frog pond. The gardens are both peaceful and happy and continually changing.

Owner: Barry and Jennifer Lacey Address: 6 Canrobert Street, Newstead Mobile: 0417 581 808 | 0447 581 808 Email: Special Details: Toilet available. Bus parking. Plants for sale. Handmade cards for sale. Free tea and coffee for bus groups. Free bonsai trimming (by appointment) Restrictions: Water hazard, dogs must be on a lead, wheelchair (some gravel paths) Open: Every day, Sat 29 Oct to Sun 6 Nov Times: 10.00 am — 4.30 pm, every day of festival (or by appointment) Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free. $2 from entry fee to be given to Newstead CFA



Lixouri “One of Castlemaine’s jewels.”

AN ESTABLISHED MEDITERRANEAN style garden and olive grove. Limewashed mud-brick house & studio overlooking distant hills, garden terraces and dam fringed with yellow water iris, willow, birch and paper barks. Old entwined wisteria and Cherokee rose. Mixture of cordylines, pencil pines, exotic and native trees; clipped, rounded forms and soft flowing plantings. Beautiful dry stone walls. Owners: Margaret & Max Beyer Address: 24 Hagues Road, Barkers Creek (VicRoads 59 2E; Melways 509 D6) Phone: 5474 2747 Mobile: 0458 386 547 (Margaret) e: Special Details: Gallery open. Restrictions: No toilet; dogs on leads only; water hazards; children to be supervised. Open: First weekend. Sat 29, Sun 30, Mon 31, Tues 1 Oct. Second weekend Sat 5, Sun 6 Nov Times: 10.00 am — 5.00 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free





Loddonia “A Romantic Shady Garden” THERE IS A SEnSE oF PEACE & tranquility in this garden, reflecting my interest in eastern philosophy. My many years of traveling give it a touch of belonging to another place. Whilst it also replicates my previous garden at Mulberry Cottage Harcourt, but on a much smaller scale. It is not about rare plants, but mainly interesting design & foliage use. It is a shady place with lots of pots & interesting statuary. Owners: heather Morrison Address: 69 hunter street, Castlemaine Mobile: 0400 048 581 Email: Special Details: Partially wheelchair accessible. . Restrictions: no dogs please. Open: saturday 29, sunday 30 october. friday 4, saturday 5, sunday 6, november. at any other time, by appointment. Times: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free 41




17 Mossbank

“A Stunning Garden filled with Inspirational Ideas”

MOSSBANK has many noteworthy ideas, such as dry stone walls and solar water features. The owners have crafted a series of distinct areas with each presenting a different feel. Mixtures of exotic and native plantings, beautiful trees include white cedars, pinoak, chinese elms, grevilleas, acacias and leptospernums. Features an espaliered, enclosed vegetable gardens, orchard, olives, grapevines and beehives. The garden has a harmonious array of texture, colour and structure and is also a ‘Land for Wildlife’ property. Latest additions, added to the garden are the greenhouse and green-door garden room. Owners: Judy & Peter Sherlock Address: 81 Odgers Road, Castlemaine Phone: 5470 5041 | Mobile: 0409 021 842 Email: www: Special Details: Tea, coffee & light refresh ments available. Bus groups welcome.

Wheelchair access. Art Gallery open. B&B self-contained accommodation available Restrictions: No toilets, no dogs, water hazards Open: Every day Times: 10.00 am — 5.00 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free


18 Pangbourne

“A deeply sloping garden with its own inner-city vineyard”

FROM ITS COTTAGE STYLE ENTRY at the front, this garden opens up into a large, meandering Mediterranean style garden set on an extremely steep and tiered block. With vine covered courtyard, fountains, stairs and vistas, this garden embraces the good life with Mediterranean plantings including an array of fruit and olive trees and a small but productive vineyard – with views! Owners: John and Barb Rowland Address: 115 Gingell Street, Castlemaine Mobile: 0409 413 427 Email: Special Details: Multi-level, distinct garden sections incorporating a natural reef running through the property and Mediterranean style plantings. Toilet available. No wheelchair access — steep gravel paths. Buses welcome with advance notice Restrictions: Dogs welcome — on leashes Open: Every day of the Festival Times: 10.00 am — 4.00 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free




garden crafted 19 Porcupine Villa “Afromrustica harsh environment” ROCK GARDENS, deciduous trees and a network of paths harbor hardy plants that must survive the extremes of heat and cold. The addition of cottage and Japanese elements to shady Chinese elms and a large oak tree make this an unusual and charming garden. The garden has a small vegetable patch as well as a small orchard and features two dams, a ruin, a bridge over the ephemeral creek, a sculpture garden and a wildflower walk. Unusual features include a rustic clock tower and a pirates’ tavern where you can sit and relax.

Owners: Margaret Kirby & Mark Wardle Address: 1234 Fogartys Gap Rd, Maldon Mobile: 0403 451 802 | 0409 800 069 Email: Special Details: Toilets available on request. Wheelchair access to about 50% of the garden and all of the wildflower walk Restrictions: Water hazards for small children, unfenced dams. Dogs on leash only. Some rough paths and steps Open: Open 29, 30, 31 Oct, 1st Nov. Closed 2, 3 Nov. Open 4, 5, 6 Nov. Times: 10.00 am — 4.30 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free




20 Tranquillo “Tuscan Paradiso”

AN INSPIRATIONAL AND CREATIVE Italianate Town Garden, framed by mature evergreen trees in a borrowed landscape. Elegant dry stone walls, with a persimmon walk, leading to garden beds designed around a natural reef. Peaceful areas to sit and contemplate. Forest Creek below. A garden designed for outdoor entertaining, so come and stroll and enjoy the serenity. Owner: Mary Stuart Address: 23 Britton Street, Castlemaine Phone: 03 5472 3319 Restrictions Caution: Steep incline at rear of property Special details: No toilet, no wheelchair access, no dogs please. Parking in street, buses welcome Open: Every day of the festival Times: 11am-4pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free. Entry fees donated to Red Cross Ukranian war effort


A New Café on The Block Greek Inspired Café opposite The Castlemaine Market Building 79 Mostyn Street Castlemaine Open 7.30am to 4.00pm Lunch and Take-home dinner Café Style Food for Breakfast, Lunch and Take-home dinner Huge Salad Bar: eat in or take away.

run, rabbit, run… CafE | Coffee | Cake Breakfast & Lunch Daily

& at 73 Mostyn Street CASTLEMAINE FRESH Open 7.30am to 7pm

Open: Mon to FRi 8.30–4pm Sat & Sun 8.30–3pm

24 Hargraves St, CAstleMaine (03) 5470 5712


t: 03 5470 5090 Please check website for latest Togs news -

w w


21 Weemilah

“Stunning views await,while wandering throughout the garden”

SITTING ON TOP OF A HILL on the outskirts of Castlemaine with views to Mt Franklin and Mt Alexander the garden has been taking shape since the house was built in 1990. The property is 5 acres with approx 2 acres under garden. There are formal, cottage, vegetable and native gardens with an orchard. With very little top soil initially, trees, perennials and the 48 red standard roses that line the brick path to the front door have been planted and are thriving with lots of all year round colour and interest.

Owner: Sue Grimes Address: 148 Richards Rd, Castlemaine. Mobile: 0438 724 741 Email: Special Details: Kevin Walsh designed garden with plans on display, buses welcome. Restrictions: No dogs,some steep paths, some steps, water hazard Open: Everyday except Wednesday. Times: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm Entry fee: $5.00 per adult, children free





WARNING: No matter what Google Maps or your SATNAV says, you are advised,-- do not drive over these unpaved sections. Best to go around.

Central Castlemaine

21 Weemilah 112 richards road

17 21


X 8

Tranquillo 112 britton street




Pangbourne 112 gingell street

16 13



10 7



112 odgers road



16 Loddonia 69 hunter street


2 Birdsong


112 bowden street

15 gaffney street






Chapmans Road


Garden of Waverley

Glovers on Merrifield


31 Chapmans road

1 burnett road

112 hargraves street,

13 Merrifield street

16 hargraves street,


6 Forest Edge


140 butchers road, Muckleford

TAIT Decorative Iron

Muckleford DIG Café



Laceys 6 Canrobert street, newstead






Antares Iron Art Garden by the loddon river ford, cnr brandt street & Punt road (loddon river road), off daylesford–newstead road it is best to go the long way around.

10 59





Congdon Road

Hallstead Farm



Congdon road

Congdon road

60 hagues road

24 hagues road

To Garden No 19 | Porcupine Villa



1234 fogartys gap road Maldon


Barkers Creek

Mica Grange

10 ASQ Skydancers Blackjack Wines

5 9


10 Haven on Barkers 8867 Midland highway

61 Stay in touch with the Festival of Gardens online, where you can preview some of the gardens which will be open. Castlemaine & District Festival of Gardens CM Festival of Gardens