GO ART! 2021-22 Annual Report

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Genesee-Orleans Regional Arts Council (GO ART!) is to inspire a creative and inclusive community through the power of arts, culture, and traditions. This is accomplished within three areas:

• Providing key support services for current and emerging artists within the community

• Deepening connections within the community through dynamic arts and cultural programing

• Fostering traditional arts to engage with the community’s sense of beauty, identity, and values.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Genesee-Orleans Regional Arts Council (GO ART!) is to lead authentic and all inclusive networking of arts and cultural opportunities for the Genesee-Orleans region.

GO ART! at a Glance

GO ART! was founded as Genesee Arts Council in 1962, a non-profit serving Genesee County. In 1992 we assumed the duties of the adjacent arts council of Orleans County and created the Genesee-Orleans Regional Arts Council (GO ART!). Our offices are in Batavia, a small city (pop. 14,000) midway between the larger metropolitan areas of Buffalo and Rochester, and a historical crossroads for commerce, transportation and immigration. While this hub offers resources, most of our constituents live in the surrounding rural area (pop. 83,000, in towns of 7,500 or fewer). Census data show an average of 88% White, 4.8% African American, and 4.3% Hispanic/Latino, with concentrations of up to 12% of those minorities in specific towns. Within those numbers is a more complicated story: our communities include Italian, Polish, Irish and African American roots that remain relevant; the Tonawanda Nation can lay first claims to the land; and newer Latinx residents sustain our century farms. Our vision is to recognize the cultural assets of these differing and sometimes

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conflicting communities, and engage our mutual understanding through the powerful medium of the arts. We do this through administration of NYSCA’s Statewide Community Regrant program; by artist services such as gallery space, networking and technical assistance; by arts initiatives to youth and teens; through GLOW Traditions, a 4-county collaborative traditional arts and folklife program; and through stewardship of our National Historic Landmark cultural center which offers event and program space.

Rural residents are historically underrepresented by geographic location. Genesee-Orleans counties have had a 5% population loss since 2010 and an 11.8% poverty rate. Locally, minorities include the African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and LGBTQIA persons populations. Additionally, 7% of the population includes veterans.

Agriculture is the primary industry, within this rural and economically depressed area. Diversity and population fluctuate with seasonal agricultural jobs, community colleges, a specialized school for immigrants, and a prison. Additionally this region includes mid-sized industrial employers.

Services for the additional communities include support for developmental disabilities and mental illness through ARC and Mental Health Associations, a veterans center/hospital, senior centers, and community services and mentorship programs for atrisk youth, including the LGBTQIA+ community through GLOW OUT!.

GO ART! aims to be a nexus for all socioeconomic groups to experience and appreciate a spectrum of arts experiences. Some examples of this include our Salon Series classical voice recital, workshops on Turkish paper marbling, youth animation film screening, and drag shows. This council is the only public art and cultural center to represent all forms of art in our counties, and we strive to be a resource center for anyone looking for connections in the arts and cultural realm.

The most effective way to expand connections is through the collaboration with businesses, non-profit, educational, and service organizations. Past and current projects include working with ARC clients to create a group visual art exhibit, hiring teen and young adult interns through Genesee County Job Development and Genesee County Justice, sponsoring cultural food demonstrations at farmers markets, and opening arts workshops to YMCA summer campers. The council works with school districts and teachers to offer student scholarships to our Explore ART! programs, where fine and performing arts teachers work with guidance counselors to identify children in need or with a specific talent that would benefit from a scholarship. These include Children’s Creative Arts Workshops in fine, performing, literary, culinary, media, tech, folk and design arts, and Tech Art Classes, as well as performing and visual arts classes for families. In total, GO ART! Collaborates with 35 organizations and non-profits in order to make art happen!

Executive Director’s Letter

2021/2022 was definitely better than 2020/2021, thanks to all the amazing support of our community, sponsors and donors who helped us prove that our organization is resilient. We applied for and received many state COVID relief grants this past year. So an additional thanks goes to our state representatives. We are using our funding wisely to continue to provide outstanding programming for our community even in the growing fear of an economic collapse. We continue to work with our sister councils; Genesee Valley Council on the Arts and Arts Council for Wyoming County to ensure steady growth. We now share a marketing position as well as a folklorist and plan to continue to grow our collaboration. What we learned throughout this past year is all of us at GO ART!, our staff, board, members and community, are able to rise and continue with work that fulfills our mission of inspiring a creative, inclusive community through the power of arts, culture, and traditions.

In November we rewrote our mission and vision statements. It took many workshops to come up with the perfect ones, but we did. The word that I am most proud of being included in both of them is, “inclusive”. My immediate family is a multicultural rainbowed chorus line who gets to feel as much at home at GO ART! as their actual home.

We are working diligently to expand upon the diversity of our board, and staff and in this past year created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee to help diversify not only our organization, but the community members partaking in our programing. To take it one step further, as a cultural center, we are striving to spread the DEI initiative throughout our community, not just within our organization. Over this past summer we had a mural painted of faces, faces of all different people. We want anyone and everyone to look at this mural and see some representation of themself, leading them to feel they are welcomed within our space. Our entire staff is going to be taking a Safe Zone course in the coming year so we can proudly display on our entrances that we are a safe place for all. We are here not only to showcase art/talent that is familiar and comfortable, but also to expose our community to art and CULTURE of others, outsiders, and newcomers.

GO ART! engages the arts to present topics that many might feel uncomfortable about. Because, we feel it is our duty to do so. It is our duty to educate, keep our lights bright, and expose people to topics that are often swept under the carpet. This past June we collaborated with the University of Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) to display artistic posters from the 1980’s and 90’s about HIV and AIDS. The show was titled, “Up Against the Wall: Art, Activism and the AIDS Poster”. We were honored to work with the MAG, but more honored to bring such a powerful


exhibit to our community. It was on display at GO ART! during Pride Month. Our Pride Flag still flies at our front entrance, and will, year round.

Also, in June, in collaboration with our sister councils, we received a grant from Creatives Rebuild New York, funded by multiple foundations, but primarily the Mellon Foundation, to hire ten artists for two years;

Dan Butler - Muralist

Ted Canning - Steel Band / Percussion

Ruben Ornelas - Dancer/Choreographer

Jill Pettigrew - Visual Artist/Art Teacher

Susan Ferrari Rowley - Sculpture

Rashaad Santiago - Special Effects Artist

Gaitrie Devi Subryan - Dancer/Choreographer

Annette Daniels Taylor - Story Artist

Paul Thomas - Functional Pottery

Keith Walters - Photographer/Videographer

These artists are working as artists in residence/ teaching artists. They are primarily here to bring art to the people. We are unbelievably grateful to have been given this opportunity and look forward to what they will accomplish. Please follow them on our website at www.goart.org/glowcratives.

During 2022/2023 we have plans to begin a capital campaign to open a new space in Medina, expand upon the space we currently have in Batavia and add a cultural garden. We will continue to build on the relationships we have forged and establish new ones through our arts education initiatives, workshops, events and outreach. Our accomplishments of 2021/2022 make our members, board of directors and dedicated staff excited about supporting thriving and diverse arts in Genesee and Orleans Counties, because together we WILL, “Make Art Happen”!

Creatively yours,

Gregory A. Hallock

Our Board

Executive Committee


Vice President

Stuart McLean

Joan Post

SECRETARY Chris Manaseri TREASURER Shane Ashton

Board Directors

Andrea Clattenburg

Kasey Edgerton

RaeAnn Engler

Tammy Hathaway

Dan Ireland Kelly March

Advisors Mark Scarborough

Lesile Moma

Erin Mattison

Patti Paccio

Idris Salih Judy Wenrich

Standing committees of the board include Executive, Finance, Fundraising and Governance. Committees of the organization are Membership/Volunteer, Seymour Place Auxiliary, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Our Staff

Executive Director
Gregory Hallock
Mary Jo Whitman
Traditions Director
Karen Canning
Allison Hamilton
Jodi Fisher

ExploreArt Programing

ExploreArt is a comprehensive Arts Education Program, working with the specific intent to provide education, enrichment, and exposure to people of all ages in Genesee and Orleans counties that may otherwise lack access.

Through Creative Arts Camps, grade school children create and maintain positive connections. The program provides ia ntensive, enjoyable, learning experience during summer and school breaks. Each week includes a variety of activities that promote problem-based learning, creativity exploration, leadership, diversity, and critical thinking. Students participated in projects which highlight different styles of art including impressionism, pop art, surrealism, dada, and abstract expressionism. This year, students made up stories, put on puppet shows, danced, cooked, played music, and took weekly field trips to explore the arts in our community. This experience exemplified how art is integrated into our daily lives. Each week wrapped up with a mock podcast where the students discussed all that they learned as well as their own personal reflections on their experience.

Week-long, full-day camps were offered in February and April during school breaks. During the summer we had four, one-week half day camps. Through generous donations, full and partial scholarships were available for those with financial need.

In 2021, GO ART! received a grant through Gen Z, a part of the Ralph Wilson Foundation, to provide programming for teens and run by teens. Under the leadership of the Education Director, the program continued through the first half of the year. A committee of teenagers met monthly to plan events and programming. The program provided the opportunity for committee members to gain experience in leadership, event planning, marketing and budgeting. The teen center hosted monthly events, programs and master classes. Participants also had the opportunity to independently use the facility to record podcasts, take advantage of the dance studio, bake in the culinary kitchen as well as create self-directed art projects. All of the events and programming were offered at no cost through the generous grant received.

”Thank you for providing a safe, fun and creative experience for my son
... When he woke up this morning he said, “I miss art camp.” Keep up the great work!”
- ExploreArt Kids Camp Parent

This year GO ART! partnered with the Batavia Ramble Organizers for the Batavia Ramble ExploreArt Music Festival. The one-day event featured 25 bands on two stages with several art vendors, street performances, demonstrations, food trucks, and a children’s section complete with a puppet show. The free event had a great community response and was widely attended.

GLOW Creatives

This spring, Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) Artist Employment Program introduced a grant program designed to support artists and communities to reinvigorate the creativity that was deeply impacted by the pandemic. To apply, artists had to propose collaborations with community-based organizations, municipalities, and tribal governments across the state. The recipient organizations received funding for each artist to include artists’ salaries and benefits for two years. A total of $49.9 Million in funding has come from the Mellon Foundation to New York State for distribution.

From an initial pool of over 2,700 written applications, 167 were shortlisted for interviews with reviewers, and ultimately 98 recipients were selected across the state. Ten artists from Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, Wyoming (GLOW) and Monroe and Erie counties joined, proposing artistic development for our upstate region and were the recipients of this major funding. The recipient organizations are GO ART!, GeneseeOrleans Regional Arts Council; ACWC, Arts Council for Wyoming County; and GVCA, Genesee Valley Arts Council. Our group collaborative is aptly named the ‘GLOW Creatives.’ Together the group will be collaborating with other artists, spending time as

embedded artist in the community, and working with local schools to foster excitement for artistic growth and creativity.

GLOW Creative Artists

Dan Butler


Ted Canning ..................... Steel Band / Percussionist

Ruben Ornelas ...................... Dancer/Choreographer

Jill Pettigrew ....................... Visual Artist/Art Teacher

Susan Ferrari Rowley ..................................... Sculptor

Rashaad Santiago ..................... Special Effects Artist

Gaitrie Devi Subryan Dancer/Choreographer

Annette Daniels Taylor Story Artist

Paul Thomas Functional Potter Keith Walters Photographer/Videographer

“If we are to truly rebuild our amazing state, we must celebrate artists’ contributions not only to the economy but to what makes us human.”

GLOW Traditions

GLOW Traditions is the regional traditional arts and folklife program serving Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming counties, administered collaboratively by GO ART!, The Arts Council for Wyoming County, and the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts. It was established in 1997 and has documented and presented traditional arts of all kinds, continuously, to the present day.

We sponsor distinct programs and events, as well as bring traditional artists into annual events and youth programming across our region. This year, art campers enjoyed East Indian, African, Colombian, Native American and square dance workshops in the spring and summer, while Alma de Mexico and Womba Africa provided spirited music, dance and drumming at the Batavia Ramble and ExploreArt festival in July.

Our ongoing collaboration with the Orleans County YMCA, Mariachi del Oro Mexican Grill and Medina businesses supported the Day of the Dead celebration this October, welcoming 440+ community members to experience this Mexican tradition that honors ancestors. Oak Orchard Girl Scouts and local High School Seniors provided invaluable volunteer hours to prepare and host craft tables, with special ofrenda installations, sand painting, face painting, foods, music and dance theater presented by artists and community members.

In a major regional initiative, GLOW Traditions embarked on a 2-year project with CAMPS (Creative Arts Migrant Program Services) called “Stories That Cook,” funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. We are collecting and compiling traditional recipes and their stories from the agricultural community, to result in an exhibit and cookbook featuring art by migrant farmworkers at the end of 2023.

GLOW Traditions Director, Karen Canning, continued work with Local Learning, the National Network for Folklife in Education to design and present teacherartist professional development for 30+ attendees in Corning, where educators and tradition bearers learned how to incorporate folk arts in the classroom. She also consulted with folklorist colleague, T.C. Owens, at the Arts of the Southern Finger Lakes, in a Community Documentation project in the southern tier, guiding participants in interviewing, videography and editing techniques to create their own mini documentaries of local culture. Both programs will enable GLOW Traditions to increase these kinds of opportunities in our four county region.

Finally, digitization of our archival recordings of interviews, events and demonstrations taken over the last 25 years is nearly complete. We are looking forward to making them more accessible to researchers and community members through a newly-designed website in 2023.

“I also wanted to commend GO ART! for hosting the exhibit, Dream of America. The Hispanic community in America receives a disproportionate and undeserved amount of negative press, and it was great to experience the photos and stories that depict the honest and loving truth of their lives in our community! Thank you on so many levels!”
- Lynette Celedonia, GO ART! Member

Art Galleries & Exhibits

The galleries located within GO ART! offer professional artists, and up and coming artists the opportunity to display their work in solo and group exhibitions. The variety of media, styles, concepts, and processes featured within the exhibitions provide culturally enriching events to gallery patrons. This year GO ART! held 32 gallery exhibitions including The Art of the Rural, an annual juried exhibition, The Annual Members Exhibit, and The Congressional Art Competition. Galleries and receptions were free and open to the public.

Our Galleries

The Bank of Castile Main Gallery

The Oliver’s Gallery

The Batavia Rotary Club Gallery

The Owen Library Gallery

The Batavia Club Gallery

Permanent Collection

This year GO ART! is honored to become the home of a new permanent collection of Mason family artwork. The collection features paintings by Roy Mason, Max Mason, and Nina B. Mason Booth with subjects ranging from still-life to landscapes. The collection will be open to the public for viewing during GO ART!’s open hours. This installation was generously donated by Bank of America, Batavia.

Left: A series of paintings created by different members of the Mason Family that we currently have on display, not all pictured.

Right: Pastel piece created by Rebecca Graham titled ‘Horse Rider From Behind.’


2022 Statewide Community Regrant


Amanda Humprhey

Bart Dentino

Batavia Concert Band

Batavia Players

BCSD Foundation

Bergen Historical Society

Byron-Bergen Public Library

City of Batavia Community Garden

Cobblestone Museum

Eric Weatherbee

Genesee Chorale

Genesee Chamber of Commerce

Genesee Symphony Orchestra

Gilliam Grant Community Center

Haxton Memorial Library

Holland Purchase Historical Society

Hollwedel Memorial Library

Judd Sunshine

Lyndonville Lions Club

Oakfield Betterment Committee

Orleans County YMCA

The Elba Betterment Committee

Village of Albion

Village of Holley

Village of Medina

Woodward Memorial Library

Yates Community Library


The Statewide Community Regrant Program was developed by the New York State Council on the Arts (a.k.a. NYSCA) in 1977 in response to a mandate by New York’s Legislature that there be a greater local involvement in funding decisions, affecting local non-profit organizations, offering artistic or cultural services and programs, and to ensure New York State’s cultural funding reached every part of the State. In partnership with NYSCA, GO ART! offers this crucial funding to artists and organizations throughout Genesee and Orleans counties.

SCR grants are designed to support and develop the capacity of individual artists, collectives, and small nonprofit organizations to develop high quality local arts projects and programming. This contributes to Genesee and Orleans County communities by providing opportunities for the public to experience and engage with the arts. Through the Statewide Community Regrant Program, GO ART!, NYSCA and New York State Legislature hope to extend, upgrade, and increase the arts and cultural programming in Genesee and Orleans Counties. This program makes support available to geographically, economically, and ethnically diverse segments of the state’s population.

This year GO ART! received 28 applications, and we were able to provide over $107,000 in funding.


In addition to the SCR grants, this year GO ART! held a second round of grants through the Restart NY Regrant Program. The Restart NY Regrant Program was developed as part of an initiative to spur the revitalization of New York’s creative economy. Through the Restart NY Regrant Program, GO ART!, NYSCA and New York State Legislature hoped to provide immediate support to promote arts experiences that fueled the reopening and recovery of performance organizations and groups affected by necessary closures in 2020.

Through the Restart NY Regrant Program, GO ART! was able to distribute $35,000 toward programming for 14 organizations and artists.

2022 Restart NY Grantees

Batavia Concert Band

Elba Betterment Committee

Genesee Chamber of Commerce

Genesee Chorale


Gillam Grant Community Center

Lee Whedon Memorial Library

Lyndonville Lions Club

Oakfield Betterment Committee

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

The Landmark Society of Genesee County

Village of Holley

The Old Hippies

Yates Community Library

Genean Awards

Lance Anderson

Individual Artist of the Year

This award honors an individual artist in any discipline for their achievements in 2021 or career-long body of work.

Matthew Gray, Eli Fish Supporter of the Year

This award honors an individual or an organization outside of the arts and cultural sector for their work directly aiding in the arts and/or cultural sector.

Orleans County YMCA Organization of the Year

This award honors not-for-profit or for-profit arts organization for its achievements in the arts and/or cultural sector in 2021.

Carol Hertel

GO ART! Volunteer of the Year

This award honors an individual for their work directly aiding GO ART!.

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18 • GOART.ORG Digital Media Report Followers Likes 14 Reviews Followers Likes 14 Reviews 2,677 2,470 +601 +473 NO CHANGE 3,278 2,943 2020-21 2021-22 Women AGE & GENDER TOP CITIES Men 76.6% 23.4% Followers Followers 158 7 “Great ‘hidden gem’... quaint little spot for a glass of wine or a beer. Or a classy little place to host an event.” - Jessica Rae, 2019 Facebook Review
Followers Posts Top County United States Followers Posts 695 131 +141 +99 836 230 2020-21 2021-22 Women AGE & GENDER TOP CITIES Men 77.8% 22.2% Subscribers Subscribers 284 958 “A great little best kept secret in Batavia. So many events and activities for everyone at this place.” - Celina Bryan 2019 Facebook Review

In the past year, in GO ART!s National Historic Landmarked facility, the Seymour Place, two bathrooms were remodeled and two galleries installed, including the permanent Mason Gallery, presented by Bank of America. We have installed a new HVAC system throughout the entire

Capital Improvements
building allowing zoned temperature control helping to preserve and protect the art within the
teachers and community artists painted murals
kitchen, while local artist,
community mural
20 • GOART.ORG Organizational Income EVENTS & EARNED INC.* ...................................................... $72,660 FOUNDATION SUPPORT* ..................................................... $31,539 INDIVIDUAL & CORPORATE* ............................................... $67,657 PUBLIC SUPPORT* $385,791 * UNAUDITED AMOUNT
building. Batavia High School students,
in the
Dan Butler, painted a
back of the building. All

of Castile Main Gallery.

an organization we’re
building that
proud to have a
allows us to be versatile in the programming we are able to offer the greater community.”
were given
fresh coat of paint, and we
Organizational Expenses GRANTS AWARDED* ........................................................... $147,465 PROGRAMS & EVENTS*......................................................... $46,167 FUNDRAISING* ....................................................................... $10,138 ADMINISTRATION* $208,395 * UNAUDITED AMOUNT 2.4%
added a garden lounge, Emma’s Garden Lounge, in the front foyer. Rounding out the year, a stage for small performances was installed in the Tompkins Bank

Organizational Support


Jerianne Barnes

Larry Barnes

Dianne Boeheim

Charles Boyd

Connie Boyd

Chuck Brenner

Mary Brenner

Philip Briatico

Nancy Brown

Anna Browne

Nora Browne Wade Browne

Mary Bryant

Patrick Burk

Jane Burk Don Burkel

Karen Canning

Rebecca Chatt Swanson Karen Crittenden

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Daviau

Richard DellaCosta

Mr. & Mrs. Jim DeLooze

Judith DeLuca

Rebecca Demaray

Mike Dow

Heather Dow Syeira Dow

Dorian Ely George Ely

Robin Ettinger

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Rita Fischer

Jodi & Andrew Fisher

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Gerald Foster

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Douglas Greenbaum

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Gregory Hallock

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Caleb Hamed

Carol Hertel

Steve Hertel

Larene Hoelcle

Kathleen Hoerbelt John Kandl Gary Kent

Grace Kent

Cecilia Ladd

Gregory Lawrence Lee-Whedon Memorial Library

A.J. Lendvay

T.J Lendvay

Laurie Lynn Tessa Lynn Krysia Mager

Jon Mager

Emersyn Mager Evelyn Mager

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Peter Mark

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Gary Stich

David Swartz

Janice Swartz

Michael Szymczak

Teresa Tamfer

Anthony Terrell Eric Terrell

Gwendolyn Terrell

Julien Terrell

Village of Albion Terry Weber

Judith Wenric Henry Yasses Lydia Zwierzynski

BFFS ($500+)

ReaAnn Engler & Richard Beatty Carol Hertel

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Lamb

Robert & Roberta Call

In Memory of Kathy, Natalie, Robert and Frank Owen

Linda Knipe In Memory of Bob Knipe


Linda Blanchet

Connie Boyd Matthew & Jennifer Gray

Lyndonville Lions

Chris & Holly Manaseri Stuart & Jackie McLean

Jon McManis

Patti Ann & Jim Pacino Joan & Greg Post

FRIENDS ($100)

Maryanne Arena

Norm Argulsky

Michael Bonafede & Judy Koehler

Mr. & Mrs. George Brady Andrea Clattenburg


& Michael Szymczak

Gale Conn-Wright

Greg and Charlotte Crawford

Derrick and Emily Crawford & Family

Joan D’Alba

Donna Ferry

James & Marjorie Fulmer

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gaenzler

Richard Heye

Mary Kane

Peter Langen

Leslie Moma

Dr & Mrs. William Pierce

Gary & Donna Warren Yates Community Library Craig & Kimberly Yunker


Amazon Smile

Anthony Terrell

Barbara Hale

Barbara Pierce

Batavia Concert Band C

Bergen Business & Civic Association

Bonafede & Koehler

Carol Hertel

Cecilia Ladd

Connie Boyd

Craig Yunker

Cortni Brown

Dana Charters-Warren

Donald Fryling

Dorian Ely

Eric Terrell

Gale Conn-Write

Genesee Symphony Inc.

Give 716


GLOW Women Rise

James Fulmer

Jennifer Gray

Jim Owen

John Kandl

John & Kathy Saville

Jon McManis

Karen Faulkner

Kathryn Roblee

Linda Blanchet

Linda Knipe

Lynn Eick

Margaret D Lamb Mary Brenner

Mary Pease

Nancy Gaenzler

Nina Warren Norm Argulsky

Patti Ann Pacino

Public Trust Advisors

Richard A. Siracusa

Richard Dellacosta

Richard Heye

Roberta Call Sandra Brady Scott Neff

Stuart & Jacqueline McLean Teresa Tamfer

The Batavia Players, Inc Vanguard Charitable Lydia Zwierzynski


The Arc Genesee Orleans

Batavia Rotary Club

Carol & Stephen Hertel City of Batavia CNY Arts

Curtis Foundation

Dr. Bill & Barb Pierce

Eli Fish Brewing Co. Esther Leadley

Genesee County

Greg Post General Services Inc. Joan & Greg Post

Jim Owen KaBoom!

Lakeshore Connections Lorri Goergen M&T Bank

Mariachi De Oro

Martha Bailey

National Endowment for the Arts

New York State Council on the Arts

Orleans County Orleans County YMCA

Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation

Rochester Area Community Foundation

Terry Hills

Tompkins Bank of Castile Tompkins Insurance Agencies

Turnbull Heating & Air Conditioning

United Way of Genesee County

United Way of Orleans County Zeliff Aviation

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