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The purpose of this brochure is to bring every piece of information you could possibly need to know about becoming an NLP practitioner with People Building, into one handy brochure. You will find that the guide layout is suitable for those who are big picture thinkers and those who like the finer details too. Each section contains an overview, bullet points or illustrations to talk you through the steps to becoming a successful NLP practitioner. This is followed by specific information about that section and directions to further reading or videos.

I strongly recommend that you read this guide in full prior to attending a one to one meeting with us. This will allow you to streamline your questions and begin to build a picture of how this business will work for you. There are many important details for you to know about what we do and how we do it, so the more knowledge you can gain now, the easier it will be to understand what we are talking about later on.

I appreciate there may be a temptation to jump straight to the financials section! Of course, making back your money from your investment into our business is incredibly important, but it’s important to be realistic too.

The days of ROI in 3 years have shifted to 5 years because starting a small business is more challenging now than it ever was. The economy is much more volatile with many more surprises than we had been used to. (Yes, I’m referring to the fact that Covid was not in my 5year-plan!)

The human brain and nervous system is yet to adapt to the new communication style or texting, our health is not acclimatised to being bombarded with blue light and our metabolic system hasn’t taken too kindly to microwave meals. People seek out unhealthy and unhelpful ways to cope.

An upside to working in psychological services is there is, sadly, a growing demand. People are working hard, faster and longer than they ever have. As a licenced practitioner with People Building you can choose to offer a therapeutic services to help people with emotional challenges, or to work as an NLP coach in a more strategic way, helping people overcome problems in practical ways.

I’ve worked really hard to cultivate a team of practitioners who have a varied skill set and a great attitude, who will compliment each other. The one thing they have in common is that they want to make a difference. You’ve got to have some of that in your blood. You can’t come at this just thinking about the money. I get it - the money is important but so is your motivation to do this kind of work. You need to be a make a difference sort of person.

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I’ve been qualified in NLP since 2004, I set up People Building and began running training in 2005 and have another business (NLP4Kids) which I franchised in 2009. My experience in this sector is extensive and I know what’s possible for those who really go for it. But to do that - to really go for it - you have to have the passion for it. If you don’t love it first, the people you are interacting with will not want to work with you again. You have to have the drive for this kind of work to get the money. If the money is your primary focus, your clients will sense it and you’ll find your business plan doesn’t work out as you’d hoped. You will see in the financial section, the variety of different ways in which you can use your time to create the highest possible income but, bear in mind that there might be areas of work that do not pay so highly, that you would really love to do. It’s important that you love this work, so I’d recommend creating your own unique business plan that takes into account the hours you want to work, the type of work you’d like to be doing and the work that will help you meet your financial targets too.

It’s your own business. That means you style-it-out to be the way you want it to be, taking responsibility for your outcomes and holding yourself accountable. It can be a lonely road starting up on your own and that’s why the ‘team’ aspect of People Building is so very important to us. It means that even though you are starting your own business, we’ve got your back.

I’ll be working with you to establish whether you want to work therapeutically, with a corporate coaching edge or in another domain completely. Then we’ll work together to find the niche client base so that you can grow and succeed. Niching is extremely important even if you want to help people with many different mental wellbeing, communication or emotional issues.

As a franchise, there are not too many problems we haven’t already created the solutions for because we’ve been through the process of training and recruiting a good few times now and as a franchisor, I offer one of the most comprehensive and value for money packages with ongoing support and resources for our licensee team.

You may hear me say franchise and licence interchangeably. Technically, our agreement is a licence as it is rooted in IP rather then physical goods such as premises. However, general business model is the same as a franchise and this is a term more people are familiar with.

There’s a few hoops to jump through to join us, there’ll be hurdles too and some aspects of the training can be challenging on an academic or personal level.

And we’re here to support you every step of the way. Gemma

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

Established in 2005

People Building was created in 2005 by Gemma Bailey.

The company now has several other branches which specialise in personal development and improving mental health and wellbeing. These include NLP4Kids, The Hypnotherapy & NLP Clinic and Superheroes.

Podcast & iTunes Success

The People Building podcast was published on iTunes for 5 years and remained in the top 10 of the iTunes alternative health download chart for the length of its publication.

The show achieved over 1 million worldwide downloads and is still now also available in video format on YouTube.

Products People Building have over 80 different albums sold in iTunes for a range of health and personal development solutions.

As well as having digital books for sale, Creating Trance and Hypnosis Scripts (a resource for Hypnotherapists) was written by Gemma Bailey and published in 2009 by O-books.

How We Operate Our Courses

People Building offer a variety of accredited training courses throughout the year which focus on personal development, improving mental health and wellbeing. Typically these courses are qualifications in NLP or hypnotherapy that can be undertaken at different levels such as diploma, practitioner and master practitioner.

We also offer bespoke courses for organisations who wish to build or improve their teams, enabling each individual who attends to:

• Increase their communication skills

• Better manage other people’s emotions

• Achieve a more positive mindset for themselves

• Have a better understanding of others

Accredited training with People Building awards delegates with association or professional level membership with the ANLP (association of NLP) the largest professional membership body for NLP in the UK.

Who Teaches Our Courses?

Our accredited training is usually run by the company director, Gemma Bailey.

Gemma is a qualified senior hypnotherapy practitioner with the GHR and an accredited trainer of NLP with the Association of NLP.

As well as teaching, she also has a successful coaching and therapy practice and in addition works with young people teaching them skills for improving confidence, self belief and communication techniques.

Gemma is the co-creator and franchisor for NLP4Kids - a company that specialises in working with young people to help them with mental and emotional wellbeing.

For our non - accredited courses, trainers are sourced based on their qualifications, background and presentation styles. All of our trainers are interviewed and auditioned prior to delivering training for People Building.

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The Journey

The step above have an optional exit point of ‘skipping off into the sunset’.

Some people train with People Building just for the qualification. We refer to these people as “training only.” This happens when someone doesn’t need, doesn’t want or isn’t suited to becoming a licenced NLP practitioner.

For example, sometimes we train qualified hypnotherapists who want to upgrade their suite of skills to include NLP, or vice versa. These want the accreditation we have to offer, but do not need start a business as they already have one.

Some people attend our training only because they intend to use the skills in a full time job or they simply want the self-development benefits of the course. For this reason they exit the process once the training is completed and receive a “trained” logo and certificate instead of the “licenced” logo and certificate.

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An Overview

The Journey

It’s All in The Details

Read through the materials:

As well as reading through all of this brochure, you can find get an idea of the style of our training and learn a great deal before you attend any training by watching our YouTube videos or listening to our podcasts.

Choose the training that fits your budget:

On this page you will find details about our training levels and the cost of each of them. You will also see a video-version of the image on the previous page with extra details about the steps included:

Based on the level of training you will take, work out your income: Read through all of this brochure to study the different income streams available to you. There are several different ways in which our practitioners earn a return on their investment.

1. We offer one to one therapeutic or coaching session. This means that a client will typically contact you or People building directly requesting some sessions. Typically, we see clients between 2-5 sessions and our practitioners charge an average of £113 per session.

2. We work with clients through their employer. This may take the form of workshops with small groups or one to one sessions that the employer identifies as someone who would benefit.

3. We deliver workshops online about specific health and mental well being challenges.

4. We may also deliver workshops in the community.

5. We work with other groups of people within psychological services. For example, charities, healthcare professionals or the local authority. Sometimes we bid for tender opportunities to deliver projects that are required in a particular area of the country, focusing on a particular mental health outcome for our practitioners to deliver. You can see examples of the organisations we have worked with at the bottom of our website.

Then complete a business plan which you can access here:

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

Book in for a one to one meeting:

You can sign up to a one to one meeting with the company director from this page:

Just let us know if you will be coming to the office in Hemel Hempstead or if you would prefer Zoom or a telephone call. The booking will automatically create a Zoom link so please tell if this is not your preference.

Book your training:

You can pay in full or set up monthly payments for your training.

This page gives you all of the training options with us:

Remember that to become an NLP master practitioner, you must first complete the NLP Practitioner training. If you have already taken this qualification with another company but wish to join the franchise or take our Master Practitioner training, please contact us to discuss your options.

You can pay for your training by bank transfer or cheque - just give us a call on 0345 3192 666 or email us to request an invoice. If you are buying more than one course, contact us for a booking form so that you can make the payment all in one go, rather than having to hop around the site making multiple bookings.

Complete your pre-course study and assessments:

Prior to attending any training, we will ask you to complete a home-study training programme which includes online assessments.

It is possible that you can fail the assessments, though also highly unlikely as it is an “open book test.” This means that all of the answers to the assessment questions are in the materials that we give you. If you do not open the manual and listen to the discs or log onto the online training platform then you might struggle to answer the assessment questions! We always give feedback on submitted assessments and give you 2 further attempts at re-submitting before we ask you to take more time to complete it and attend the next round of training instead. The batting back-and-forth of the assessments can take some time. This is why the latest you should apply for a place on the training is 4 weeks beforehand. That way we can ensure you have enough time to complete the home study element, have your assessments marked and returned to you for any adjustments a few times over if necessary, prior to the NLP4Kids training starting.

Please note that any home study only materials will not lead to a certification, accreditation or the option to join the franchise. However, you can upgrade to live training with us at a later stage by paying the price difference.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

Attend your training:

It’s recommended that you start with our NLP Practitioner training. After that you can take your pick as to which order and sequence you follow for the other courses. If you wish to become a licenced practitioner, you will always need to do at least an NLP Practitioner training with us. If you do not want to become licenced, you can purchase any course, for self development and qualification purposes.

Have an interview:

Before agreeing to licence you, we will ask you to jump through a few hoops. These include: A face to face interview, a formal application form, 2 references, a DBS check and a health questionnaire. You will also need to submit your business plan back to us, using the template we will provide you with.

You can get a copy of the application form or business plan template here: and book your interview here:

Start the licensee process or exit the process with training only:

Ask for a copy of the licence document once you have a good idea of the business model, the levels of training you want to do and the licence you would like. The licence document is written by our franchise lawyers and is therefore worded very formally, so make sure you understand the basics of our business before reading this document as it is a legally binding contract.

Confirm the niche you will focus on:

Having a niche is important even if you want to work as a generalist. It will enable us to focus your marketing and elevate you as a specialist in a particular subject area. You can always change your niche later and if you don’t know what it should be yet, don’t worry as I will help you to decide during our group mentoring sessions which you’ll attend as a licenced practitioner.

THEN: Complete outstanding admin and get to work!

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Accredited NLP Practitioner Training

Accelerated Learning with People Building

We’ve spent a long time studying NLP so that you don’t have to.

We’ve pulled together all of the needto-know content to create the best possible training and created practical exercises to help you learn with ease.

Our NLP practitioner training is 7 intensive days during which you will be fully supported by an ANLP accredited trainer.

• Enter someone else’s world for greater understanding of others

• Communicate effectively

• Have better rapport and quickly gain a connection with others

• Fire off positive states in others and yourself at will

• Remove bad feelings associated to triggers from the past

• Change your unwanted feelings and behaviours

• Learn to say ‘No’ whilst avoiding conflict

• Elegantly persuade and influence others

• Understand and utilise the strategies that we each run

• Learn how to match the preferred sensory preferences of others to create congruent communication

• Understand others eye movements to understand how they are processing information internally

• Understand the coding used by your mind

• Understand habits and create new empowering alternatives in a moment

• Create new empowering beliefs

• Learn the fast phobia model to remove a lifetime phobia in minutes

• Set goals and well formed outcomes that can be achieved with ease

• Utilise questioning techniques that help a person identify their objectives

• Use your language to create a receptive state in others

• Use your language to get more specificity and deeper meaning within your conversation

• Influence and negotiate with ease and power

• Help others to become solution focused using effective conversation

• Use verbal and non verbal suggestion

Home study and open book test (minimum) plus 70 hours on the course. This is usually 7 consecutive days with morning sessions that focus on theory and the afternoon sessions on your practical skills. It takes place online.

When you have completed your NLP practitioner training, you are able to register with the ANLP at “professional level” membership. This qualification can be used in a business, coaching or within a therapeutic setting.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

NLP Master Practitioner Training

The People Building master practitioner training programme takes your NLP skills to a higher level. As well as learning greater distinctions on the practitioner content, you are also introduced to new concepts and techniques that can help you to understand personal values and the individual blueprints we each have that drive our behaviours.

• Personal emotional values and the values of others that drive our emotional needs in our lives

• Identifying and healing values that are in conflict

• Identify the matrix of a personality using meta programmes

• Use meta programmes and values in management, sales and recruitment

• Compulsion blowouts

• Advanced strategies

• How to change a persons strategy in business, therapy or relationships

• Model excellence in others and install the model within yourself.

• Advanced conversational change and quantum linguistics

• Use time in your language to create movement in a stuck problem

• Change a persons beliefs using conversation

• Sleight of mouth patterns

• Meta model III

• Learn the physics for personal empowerment

• NLP presentation skills and NLP training design

• Creating metaphors

• Patterns of indirect suggestion

• The agreement frame

• Creating embedded commands and using hypnotic language

• Deductive and inductive language patterns

• The structure of therapy and coaching sessions

Home study and open book test plus 100 hours on the course. This is usually 10 days in two blocks.

When you have completed your NLP master practitioner training, you are able to register with the ANLP at “professional level” membership. This qualification can be used in a business, coaching or within a therapeutic setting.

To qualify to attend the master practitioner level training, you must first have completed the NLP practitioner course.

Home Study Options

All of our accredited training courses are also available as a home study option and you are able to upgrade to live training by paying the difference in price.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

Trance Forming Minds Hypnotherapy Training

Trance Forming Minds part 1

The history of hypnosis

The therapy movement

Prime directives of the unconscious mind

Rapport, calibration, pacing, elicitation

Pre hypnosis consultations

Suggestibility tests

Inductions and deepeners

Signs and symptoms of trance

Post hypnotic suggestions and anchors

Double Binds

Ericksonian hypnosis

Self- hypnosis

Resistance and abreaction

Trance Forming Minds part 3

Indirect techniques

Double induction

Stage hypnosis and rapid inductions.

Dreamweaver process & metaphors

Common problems and hypnotic resolutions

Mental Healing

Ethics and the law

Safety in therapy

Record keeping

Practice set up

Marketing and advertising

What is Hypnotherapy?

Trance Forming Minds part 2

Brain structure

Representational systems

Hypnotic language patterns, intonation patterns, embedded commands

Linguistic presuppositions

Milton model

Meta model

Levels of competency

Smoking cessation

Ideomotor testing


Pain management

Hypnotherapy is an application of hypnosis for therapeutic benefits. It can be used in areas such as medicine, sport, and for development of a person’s well-being. It enables the mind to focus concentration, producing a state of deep relaxation.

Throughout this process, the mind is more open to suggestion, allowing changes to be made in perception and behaviour, for the benefit of health and wellbeing. Our Trance Forming Minds Hypnotherapy training is not just about learning the art of hypnosis - we want you to provide your clients with the best therapeutic experience so that you will help them to create changes that last.

50 hours per module. Total classroom time = 150 hours

This course also includes 3x 10 hour open book tests plus 10 hours reading and unlimited practice at home.

Each module awards a certification and once you have passed all 3 modules of training, you will be awarded a diploma in hypnotherapy. You are then eligible to apply for professional membership with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

What’s Included in A Licence? Setting

Up Your Business

A note from Gemma…

Setting up any business is a challenge - I should know, I’ve got 5 of them - meaning I’ve had lots of practice. People Building was my first ever limited company and I have had so many positive experiences as a result of creating it. But it was incredibly hard work too. That’s why I’d like to help fast track your success so that you can avoid the mistakes I made and piggyback off of the brand and credibility I have created.

In 2014 I made the biggest leap in my business. I bought premises on the high street. I share this not to gloat, but to give you confidence in knowing that our business has grown over the years and is very firmly rooted. In fact, I didn’t just buy the lease, I bought the entire building, renovated it to include a therapy space and converted the basement into a small training room (aka my private cinema!)

As you can probably imagine, there are important character traits required to do well in business. So before I tell you what you will get as a licensee, let me tell you what you need to have already:

• Motivation

• Organisation skills

• Proficient with technology

• Caring attitude

• Resilience

• Creative

• Ability to listen and take on feedback

• Adaptable

As a licensee we will provide you with:

Ongoing Business Support

• Formats to follow in your sessions

• A profile page on our website

• Live, interactive monthly mentoring

• Support in finding and researching your niche

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

• Business building guidance

• Website critique and feedback

• Guidance & support on building your own database

• Affiliate commission on our products

• Team Whatsapp group support

• Marketing support, templates and resources

• Support in finding and researching your niche

• Client paperwork templates

• Promotion of your blog posts, event and videos to our database and social media

• Retrain for free, at any time.

Ongoing Client Support

• Creating a client enquiry funnel

• Client referrals from People Building (pay on conversion for session 1 only)

• Client conversion support

• Client session planning support and guidance

• Ensuring you get paid on time!

• Safeguarding guidance and when to refer to other professionals

• Brainstorming outcomes to help clients achieve their desired results

• Introduction to additional coaching strategies not covered in your training

• Suggestions and support for working collaboratively with other professionals to support your clients holistically

• Ideas and encouragement from the rest of your team

• Discounted liability insurance

• Access to our wider support network, including opportunities to collaborate with the other organisations in the People Building network.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

Your own People Building themed website:

In 2016 People Building won the Hertfordshire business award for online innovation. Second to helping people, we’re big on using technology in a way that can help support our franchisees in their learning and business development.

That’s why as well as having a beautiful platforms for the online portion of your learning and another where you can access all your licensee resources, we’re going to give you a website.

Your People Building website is personalised to you.

It is created from start to finish for you so that you do not have to do any of the hard work! (Except write about yourself and the work that you do).

• Follow our guide to website content creation to make your site SEO friendly.

• People Building branded.

• Your own PBNLP email address.

• We will show you how to write your content.

• Tell you where to get images to use, royalty free.

• Includes a fully integrated blog.

• Built in data capture facilities.

• A critique of the site content you create in a customised video.

• We host the site for you; there are no hosting fees for you to pay.

• We will guide you on choosing a domain name that reflects your niche.

• You can add pages/remove pages and add media to the site

• Simple to use and easy to learn Wordpress platform.

• Access to our web developer for additional support and to fix things when you delete something you shouldn’t have!

• Piggyback off of the credibility of our established People Building website. This website is valued at £2500.00

Monthly Marketing Kits

• Every month you will receive a brand new marketing kit which contains approx 30 posts for you to use on Meta, Twitter, Linkedin and elsewhere.

• You’ll receive a combination of meme posts and 1 min videos that can be uploaded as reels.

• High quality, engaging social media content, done for you.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

• Share content from the most inspiring and powerful moments of the People Building podcast.

• You’ll receive a blog post/podcast transcript which you can annotate or comment on and share on social platforms or on your blog.

• Never stress about finding enough time to write brand awareness posts.

• We’ll show you how to pre-schedule your social media so that it doesn’t have to be a daily chore.

• Help to promote the People Building brand far and wide to increase brand awareness and increase your client enquiries.

• The People Building Podcast spent over a decade in the top 10 of the iTunes alternative health download chart. Piggyback on its credibility.

• Access to our Facebook & Google ads expert for additional advice and training sessions in social media.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

Achieving an ROI Planning Your Finances in Advance

For context, I will disclose that I (Gemma) earn £1,500-£2,500 per month from seeing clients. However, you are also, by now aware that seeing clients is not my full-time job. I also manage our office team, mentor our franchisees, run the training, offer CPD sessions, direct a nonprofit company, create podcasts and YouTube videos and occasionally write books!

I offer a free consultation session and charge £250 for a 90-minute session.

Our top performing practitioners earn £3,000-£5,000 per month which is typically from one to one sessions for which the average charge is £114 per session. Not all of the practitioners offer a free consultation. The variation in their income will be due to a number of factors, for example:

• Their location (unless you have created some celebrity status, you will likely earn more in inner cities than in a rural village)

• Positioning (for example, you can charge more if you work from an office space than if you work from your back bedroom)

• How much they charge (usually linked to confidence and self esteem of the practitioner)

• Marketing (There is a difference between a post card in your local community centre and running Google ads)

• Effectiveness (You can be the best marketer but if you are a poor practitioner you won’t get repeat or word of mouth business.)

However, the plan below is intended to be for one modest month one and not what you should plan to achieve. I expect your goals to be ambitious and realistic.

*Realistically, you will spend time preparing and evaluating sessions, marketing and advertising. This becomes streamlines over time but for 1:1 sessions, I’d suggest adding on 30 mins and for your very first workshop, you may need a day to organise your marketing and plan your content.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666
Work Type Charge Number of attendees Number of sessions Total for 1 month One to one sessions £95.00 3 clients 4 £1140.00 Zoom workshops (90 mins) £15.00 10 1 £150 Corporate training Total income for month £1290.00 Hours worked in one month 19.5*

The plan on the previous page would achieve an annual income of £12,900 based on 8 hours a week with 8 weeks a year holiday when you do not work (because, why not!?)

Of course there are overheads to consider such as :

• Room hire/Travel to the room

• Marketing costs

• Professional costs (eg insurance/ANLP membership)

• People Building Licence fees

If, however, you intend to work more than 8 hours a week, and would be comfortable to undertake other areas of work, then your modest monthly plan could look more like the following:

Above, I have assumed: You have taken our hypnotherapy training so that you have additional clients. Your corporate training day is from 10am to 4pm and you required half a day to plan your content and half a day to do the marketing that got you the contract. You have worked approx 12 hours per week that month. If you replicated this work pattern every month excluding the corporate work (which you may only want to deliver 6x per year) your annual income would be £32,500.00 with 8 weeks holiday when you do not work at all.

Now I’d like you to make a plan based on what you’d like to do, how much time you want to put into your business and the areas of work you want to focus on.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666
Work Type Charge Number of attendees Number of sessions Total for 1 month One to one NLP sessions £95.00 3 clients 4 £1140.00 Hypnotherapy session £95.00 2 clients 4 £760 Zoom workshops (90 mins) £15.00 10 1 £150 Corporate training £100 20 1 £2,000 Total income for month £4050.00 Hours worked in one month 45.5* Work Type Charge Number of attendees Number of sessions Total for 1 month One to one NLP sessions Hypnotherapy session Zoom workshops (90 mins) Corporate training Total income for month Hours worked in one month

What you have probably realised is that this business model comes with a great deal of flexibility. You can work remotely, via Zoom or face to face. You can offer workshops, 1:1 sessions or both. You can take holiday when you like for as long as you like. Using our affiliate products (for example our hypnotherapy audios) you can earn 60% commission for selling our digital products enabling you to make an income when you are on holiday or asleep.

Most of our franchisees are slow to start and have a panic at about 6-10 weeks into licensing with us before they start to find their groove. There then comes a point when I haven’t heard from you in a while and then I panic and reach out! However, the response I get at that point is that you’ve been ‘too busy’ and then I know you’re in your stride and starting to grow. I’m telling you this now so that when you have that panic, you can know that it’s likely to be the all important final crease that we iron out before you start to fly.

The speed at which that happens is unpredictable mainly because I don’t know how hard and fast you’ll work. I know it’s very cliché to say ‘you get our what you put in’ and the quality of what one person puts in can vary quite significantly to the next. However the team is here to give you candid feedback and guide you on how you can improve the quality of your marketing and pull you up by your boot straps if you’re starting to lag behind.

You have likely also realised that you will earn more from being a practitioner than I do and that’s not unusual at all. I often have days when I think I’d be financially better off as one of my own franchisees but you will also know by now that I have my fingers in many pies and I’ll teach you why this is important and lucrative during the mentoring sessions we do together.

For a more in-depth business plan, download our template here:

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

Training and Licence Fees

An Investment inYourself

Home Study ONLY Options

You cannot join the franchise or achieve certification with home study only. However, you can upgrade to the live training at a later stage by paying the difference in price and can then be considered for a franchise opportunity.

NLP Practitioner Home Study Only

£1,188 inc VAT

NLP Master Practitioner Home Study Only

£1,668 inc VAT

Hypnotherapy Home Study

£1,428 in VAT

Live, Online, Accredited Qualifications

Notes: To become a Master Practitioner in NLP, you must first complete the NLP Practitioner training. For a professional diploma in hypnotherapy, you must complete all 3 modules.

NLP Practitioner Coach Training (7 days)

£3,600 inc VAT

NLP Master Practitioner Training (7 days & 6 days)

£6,600 inc VAT

Trance Forming Minds Hypnotherapy Certification (per module prices)

£2,640 inc VAT

Trance Forming Minds Hypnotherapy Diploma

£7,920 inc VAT

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NLP and Hypnotherapy are alternative therapies and as such, are unregulated. This leads to enormous variation in the training quality. Please be very careful when choosing an NLP training company if you decide that People Building is not right for you. Just last week I saw a facebook post for NLP Practitioner training that costs just £7.00. If that sound appealing to you, you’re not right for us. That’s not to say the resources wouldn’t be valuable in some way, but I’m looking for business partners, not self development junkies or those with a short cut mentality. We’re dealing with people’s mental wellbeing. There’s no short cuts there.

Our training is expensive and that’s not only to exclude people who are not serious about becoming professionals, it’s also to account for the hours that they team and I invest in bettering the systems, support and skills we have to offer you. I undertake personal development so that I can disseminate what I learn back to my franchisees so that you too are continually learning from me.

Licence Fees

Our monthly licence fee is £120 per month for 5 years. At the end of the 5-year contract you can renew or leave. Following your final training with us we will give you up to 3-months to consider whether or not a licence is right for you.

I’m aware some people may want to take a licence from our hypnotherapy training and not NLP training. You will need to do the full professional diploma in this instance (so that we can market you as a qualified hypnotherapist). It’s not out of the question so please ask us about it.

I’m also aware that there are some people who have already trained in NLP who want to join our franchise without paying to retrain. This is a tricky situation, in part due to the wide variation in training available. In addition, training is an opportunity for me to see how you perform and if you are right for our team. If I have missed out on that experience it becomes risky bringing you onboard. However, if your NLP Practitioner qualification is at professional membership with the ANLP and you’d like to upgrade to master practitioner or hypnotherapy diploma with us, then we can consider you for a licence.

There’s no pressure to become a franchisee and take a licence with us. It’s a big decision and we want you to be comfortable making it.

If you don’t join the licensee team, we’ll still think of you as part of our extended family.

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

“Brilliant support throughout, if there was anything that I didn’t get to grips with at first I felt confident to ask and it was explained again in a way that I could understand.”

“I found much of the content challenging, and I found it stretched me outside of my comfort zone, if it had been easy I wouldn’t have felt like I had learned anything. This is why I can look at my certificate with enormous pride. Everything that I have learnt this week has completely blown me away! I am so impressed.”

“I have learned loads about myself and this wonderful world we share.”

“The trainer's sense of humour, and the techniques I have learnt were taught in a way that was better than just “sitting at a desk and being dictated to. They allowed for a lot of interactions and lots of flexibility. The trainer also made everyone feel like their questions were important and she listened to what we had to say.”

“Supported – ABSOLUTELY! The trainer was great – Confident, fast, sufficient and she explains everything very very well – I know I understand my training now!”

∞ Kelvin

“Exceptional! Always heard about understanding and over delivering but never experienced it ….UNTIL NOW! I will definitely be doing more training.”

“The training was extremely factual, relaxed and fun. Offered so many creative ideas’ that brought the literature to life. I will be doing more training with them in the future.”

“Very interactive, excellent support from trainers.”

“The trainers delivery of the course was great, really engaging. She fully supported me, the best teacher in general, very enthusiastic and personalises the learning.”

“Practical and to the point, well rounded, covering all aspects of learning.”

∞ Javier Orti

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666

Our terms and conditions

1.The level/programme/product you are booking/buying is the one you have communicated to us via your email or online purchase.

2.For the sake of clarity and the Distance Selling Regulations, any conference centre you attended is an extension of our business premises and as such in signing up to our programme we want you to feel fully committed in your decision to work with us.

3.Cancellations must be made within 14 days of your initial payment and an amount equal to the full RRP price of your home study materials will be kept as there are no cancellation right for our products. You will not be entitled to a refund after the 14 days. The pre-course materials for the first course you are due to attend will be sent to you via special delivery upon receipt of your first payment amount. If you are absent from the training room whilst training is in progress you will not earn your accreditation.

4.We don’t give legal or financial advice and you are responsible for all business decisions you make in attending our trainings and as a member of our licensee team.

5.You are required to submit your assessments and achieve a 70% pass mark in order to achieve accreditation and receive your certificate and ANLP initial 3 month membership.

6.The live training days will take place on Zoom unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to move it to a more suitable provider and if this becomes necessary we will give at least 5 days’ notice..

7.If a payment instalment is missed, we will suspend service until payment is made. Instalment arrangements are made in good faith. We will pursue any payment defaults. All services/products remain the property of People Building Ltd until paid for in full. Your training manual/forum contents and materials are copyrighted to People Building Ltd and as such you do not have permission to loan, reproduce, republish or upload to the internet or other media our materials without the written permission of People Building Ltd.

8.If you wish to make payments by instalments or if you wish to become a licenced practitioner (which necessitates regular monthly payments) we will, with your permission, perform a credit check. We reserve the right to cancel our agreement with you if the credit check is unsatisfactory.

9.If you experience ill health, make a decisions to downsize or close your business, make a change of business direction, or a person close to you becomes ill (or any similar circumstances) you may send a qualified substitute as appropriate and we will do what is reasonable and within our power to support you.

10.All implementation of services must be used in full within twelve months of the date of the contract and cannot be carried over. Please talk to us if you anticipate any challenges with this.

11.Joining us is subject to completion of an enhanced DBS check, (every 3 years for licensees) completing your NLP Practitioner home study and assessments and getting relevant insurance. We reserve the right to withdraw you from the team should any relevant history, which could prevent you from working with vulnerable people, be revealed.

12.You are not licensed to use our logo or branding in your business or advertising at any time unless we have given you our expressed written permission in writing to do so (for example by signing a licence agreement.) Purchase of our home study materials or attending our training does not give you any rights to use our branding or logos.

13.We will do everything we can to ensure that your relationship with People Building is an outstanding one. If at any time you feel it is less than 100% outstanding, please tell us first so that we can put everything right. !

© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666


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© People Building Ltd Tel: 0345 3192 666
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