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Amsterdam Pieter Klomp

“Amsterdam is experiencing strong growth again on many fronts simultaneously. This time it is not about further expansion but about densification, within the framework of the metropolitan area at large. Not only are highly urban environments essential to its metropolitan attractiveness, it is also essential to reduce society’s ecological footprint. Some say Amsterdam has entered a third golden age. Others fear current qualities of life might change with it. Important issues are inclusiveness and affordability, retaining a mixed productive environment, mobility, and the incorporation of public facilities in an ever denser city. The ultimate challenge is to balance Amsterdam’s international position with local characteristics and qualities in a sustainable way: towards a human scale metropolis.”

Pieter Klomp is deputy director of the department of Urban Planning and Sustainability of the city of Amsterdam. He is leading the program “Koers 2025”, which aims to accommodate the strong growth of Amsterdam, aiming towards strengthening a human scale metropolis. As supervisor at the Northern IJbanks he has been actively involved in the current transformation of the Amsterdam waterfront. Pieter is trained as a landscape architect at Wageningen University, and holds an MBA degree from TiasNimbas/Bradford University.