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WELCOME TO SELL/BUY/DATE! I’VE BEEN IN AWE OF Sarah Jones since I saw her Tony-winning solo show Bridge & Tunnel on Broadway a decade ago. Her brilliant insight and elegant writing combine with a virtuosic ability to shapeshift in front of our eyes into a multitude of characters as different from each other as they are from her. Sell/Buy/Date takes place in the not-too-distant future as a professor looks back on the lives of sex workers in the early part of the 21st century. This exploration of sexual politics, including the impact of income inequality, seemed eerily relevant when the play premiered right before the 2016 presidential election. Given the urgent conversation about gender issues being had here in Los Angeles and across the country, it has taken on an even greater resonance. I firmly believe plays like this one—with dynamic, entertaining storytelling and a strong sense of immediacy—are the reason we come to the theater. A special thank you to director Carolyn Cantor and her outstanding design team for helping to bring Sarah’s captivating work to life. And thank you for making the work we do here possible. Matt Shakman Artistic Director




Written by JOSHUA HARMON Directed by STEPHEN BRACKETT In this smash hit comedy from Bad Jews writer Joshua Harmon, twenty-something Jordan is the life of the wedding party, until it dawns on him that he is “always a groomsman, never the groom.”


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Geffen Playhouse has been a hub of the Los Angeles theater scene since opening its doors in 1995. Noted for its intimacy and celebrated for its world-renowned mix of classic and contemporary plays, provocative new works and second productions, the non-profit organization continues to present a body of work that has garnered national recognition. Named in honor of entertainment mogul and philanthropist David Geffen, who made the initial donation to the theater, the company was founded by Gilbert Cates and is currently helmed by Executive Director Gil Cates, Jr., Artistic Director Matt Shakman and Board Chair Howard Tenenbaum. Proudly associated with UCLA, the Geffen welcomes an audience of more than 130,000 each year, and maintains an extensive education and outreach program, designed to engage young people and the community at large in the arts.

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An interview with Sell/Buy/Date writer/performer Sarah Jones and director Carolyn Cantor LONGTIME COLLABORATORS ON SELL/BUY/DATE, writer/performer Sarah Jones and director Carolyn Cantor sat down on the first day of rehearsals for the Geffen production to discuss the origins of the play, the writing process and the nature of art in the time in which we live. Carolyn Cantor: Sarah, would you begin by saying a little bit about how you arrived at the subject matter for the show? Sarah Jones: Since I’ve spent my life in a woman’s body, I’ve noticed the really uneven and unfair conversation about women’s sexuality and women’s empowerment. Whenever I went to the theater and saw a piece about prostitution, or trafficking, or something that was really

at the nexus of women’s power and sexuality, I always felt dehumanization was the dominant experience. And I thought, “What would it look like to give audiences a humanizing experience of thinking about this so-called ‘oldest profession?’” CC: How do you decide which characters to include? How do you decide whose voice is essential? SJ: Since I’ve been in not only a woman’s body, but a person of color’s body, and am thinking about race and multiculturalism, coming from different races myself, I thought about whose voices are usually marginalized and therefore will hopefully offer an audience a new lens on these ideas. I got a lot of support for my GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE 5

research through the Novo Foundation, which does work helping to empower women and girls, and it was so helpful to go around the world and speak to lots of different women. As an artist—and I know you experience this, Carolyn—we want to explore all of the facets of a theme, but never feel like we’re agitprop. This is not a rally. There’s nothing wrong with a rally, but when people come to the theater, I want to provoke thought and laughter and I don’t want to prescribe what they should think. CC: Can you talk a little about when you started working on this piece? SJ: I’ve been doing research for this, like every woman in this room, since I was 12—as soon as you’re aware of your sexuality, and the messages of either hiding it or putting it forward or shaming it. But the earnest research began in 2011. I went with Gloria Steinem and a group of American feminists to meet with feminists in South Korea and learn about the so-called “comfort women.” These were the last living examples of women who had been conscripted into the Japanese army, as though they were artillery or objects for the soldiers to use. As you can imagine, the brutality of their stories was unspeakable. I literally got to sleep over in the house where they were living, and I thought, “I have to write this.” Their stories actually didn’t end up in the script, but they informed [my work]. CC: Where you are with the text now? So much has happened around feminism and women’s issues just in the last year and a half [since it premiered]. 6 PLAYBILL

SJ: It’s odd to remember that, a few years ago, Donald Trump was in the Sell/Buy/ Date script as someone who was a mentor to a pimp character—someone whom this pimp admired so much for how he subtly exploited women. I eventually made an editorial decision to remove the reference because I really didn’t want to dignify him with a presence in my play. I thought I could just delete him away. Little did I know. I think this is unfortunately a timeless topic—“Time’s Up” and timeless at the same time. We really want to address that, and anyone who saw it in New York and now comes to see it here in L.A. will see some subtle, but important, changes. CC: Let’s shift gears to you as a performer. What kind of physical or vocal preparations do you have to do to perform in this show? SJ: My regimen is—don’t try this at home, I’ll put it that way. I have a monastic way of living. I have to live like the show is the only important thing in my life for the time that I’m doing it. Getting through eight shows a week means I don’t talk, to the best of my ability, outside of performing if I want audiences to have the same quality of experience from the first night to the very last night. It’s a demanding show, but I’m willing to go to any lengths for it. CC: What do you find are the rewards and challenges of working with material you’ve written yourself versus working in things written by other people? SJ: There are huge rewards and challenges on both sides. There is something so

freeing about being given someone else’s words. As long as I know I’m communicating the feeling they tell me they want, my work is done. With me, it’s like there’s a committee in my head saying: “I don’t know if you delivered that line exactly right,” “Why don’t we rewrite that section?,” “Maybe it’s not landing the way we think.” Fortunately I have collaborators like you, Carolyn, who help me land in the character. CC: It’s fun working with you, too. Sometimes when I give you direction, and you’re in a character, the character responds, and I’m like, “Sarah? Sarah?”

sponsibility or need as an artist to touch on those issues.” That sounds like a really delightful and less burdensome place to live, but to not use the megaphone I have and say “Hey! Is everyone seeing what I’m seeing here?” would actually be the kind of myopia that has landed us where we are now. We can also laugh, cry it out, gather and have a debate, but let’s not pretend it isn’t here. CC: I also wanted to ask you about your relationship to the audience. Do you think about the audience and what you hope they’ll experience or take away as you’re writing?

SJ: Yeah, sometimes I’m gone and the character is like, [as the character of Lorraine, an “elderly Jewish bubbe”] “Where’s my light?”

SJ: I think the audience is reflected in my characters—I would like them to recognize people they know. I think connectivity is what the theater provides in a way that no other media CC: And I’m like, “Lorraine, we need to talk to Sarah.” can—an experience of actual human connection. I can think Sarah Jones as SJ: [As Lorraine] She’s not “LORRAINE” of nothing more important available, sweetheart. I’m than the communal space and having such a wonderful time experience that’s shared when we literally working with Carolyn. It’s been so long since New York, she’s still not used to me have to turn our phones off, be present with ourselves in a way that we never yet. I’m also not in the union—don’t tell anybody. Sarah’s in the union for the rest are anymore, and be forced to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with other people who, of us. hopefully, aren’t exactly like us. Or, at the CC: This is what I mean. Can we get Sarah very least, to have an experience of someback? What do you see as the responsithing we don’t already know everything bility of an artist in modern times? about. It is a collective adventure, and we SJ: I’ve come to see that the choice for all have to have the willingness to show work to not be political or to not make up and hang out together. a statement is, in itself, a political statement. It’s saying, “I don’t feel any urgency To read more about Sarah Jones and Sell/Buy/ about these things. I don’t feel any re- Date, please visit GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE 7



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Carolyn Cantor OPENING NIGHT WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7, 2018 Originally produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club, Lynne Meadow, Artistic Director, Barry Grove, Executive Producer on September 27, 2016 Sell/Buy/Date was developed, in part, at the 2015 Sundance Institute Theatre Lab at the Sundance Resort Developed in part at Vineyard Arts Project, Edgartown, MA: Ashley Melone, Founder and Artistic Director EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS CIRCLE MEMBERS

Martha Henderson • Pamela Robinson Hollander & Robert Hollander Loretta Everett Kaufman & Victor Kaufman • Jason & Yvonne Lee • B. Scott Minerd Linda Bernstein Rubin & Tony Rubin • Kimberly Steward & Josh Godfrey • Miranda & Brett Tollman 8 PLAYBILL

CAST Sarah Jones* *Indicates member of Actor’s Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

RUNNING TIME Approximately 85 minutes. There will be no intermission.

PLEASE NOTE There is no photography or filming of any kind allowed in the theater. Please turn off all electronic devices, including cell phones. Thank you!

CONGRATULATIONS TO SARAH JONES Recipient of the 2017 Mental Health Award for Innovation in the Arts, from the Global Mental Health Program at Columbia University.



SARAH JONES (Playwright/Performer) Called “a master of the genre” by The New York Times, Sarah Jones is a Tony Award-winning performer and writer known for her multi-character solo shows, including Broadway hit Bridge & Tunnel, which was originally produced off-Broadway by Meryl Streep. She is also a writer and producer on the Golden Globe-nominated Showtime comedy SMILF. She has given multiple main-stage TED Talks, performed at The White House for President and First Lady Obama and traveled the world as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador raising awareness of issues including empowerment of women and girls. Projects featuring her characters include the podcast Playdate with Sarah Jones and The Messenger, a short film for the CFDA directed by Fisher Stevens. Learn more about Jones’s ongoing projects at or on social media at @jonesarah on Twitter and @xosarahjones on Instagram and Facebook.


CAROLYN CANTOR (Director) Geffen Playhouse: Rabbit Hole (Garland Award). New York: Sell/Buy/Date, Regrets and Pumpgirl (Manhattan Theatre Club); Indian Summer, Fly By Night (Drama Desk nomination), Great God Pan, After the Revolution (Callaway Award) and Essential Self Defense (Playwrights Horizons); Arlington (Vineyard Theatre); In A Dark Dark House (MCC); The Talls (Second Stage Theater); Something You Did (Primary Stages); Core Values (Ars Nova); Orange Flower Water, Now That’s What I Call a Storm, Living Room in Africa and Stone Cold Dead Serious (Edge Theater Company). Regional: The Violet Hour (The Old Globe); Diary of Anne Frank (Paper Mill Playhouse); After the Revolution, Not Waving and King Stag (Williamstown Theatre Festival); Vera Laughed and Get What You Need (New York Stage & Film); Assisted Living, After Ashley and Finer Noble Gases (O’Neil Playwrights Conference) and Nocturne (Ojai Playwrights Conference). Cantor has received the Kanin-Seldes Award from the Theater Hall of Fame, the Sagal and Foeller Fellowships from Williamstown Theatre Festival and a Drama League Directing Fellowship. She is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the mother of two daughters.

DANE LAFFREY (Scenic & Costume Designer) Broadway: set for the current revival of Once on This Island at Circle in the Square, set and costumes for Deaf West’s Spring Awakening, set for Fool For Love. Recent off-Broadway: set and/or costumes for Strange Interlude (Transport Group); This Flat Earth, Rancho Viejo, Indian Summer, The Christians, Iowa (Playwrights Horizons); Homos, or Everyone in America (Labyrinth Theatre Company); The Harvest, (Lincoln Center Theater); The Glory of the World (B.A.M. Harvey); Cloud 9 (Atlantic Theater Company) and other work at Manhattan Theatre Club, Roundabout Theatre Company, Second Stage Theater, Vineyard Theatre, Lincoln Center Theatre, MCC, Soho Rep, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Transport Group and many others. Regional work at the Humana Festival, Mark Taper Forum, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Williamstown Theatre Festival, The Old Globe, Huntington Theatre Company, Wallis Annenberg Center, Denver Center Theatre Company, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Goodspeed, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Center Stage, Studio Theatre, Dallas Theatre Center, others. International work in Tokyo, Oslo, Osaka and throughout Australia. Dane won a 2017 OBIE Award for sustained excellence in set and costume design and has been nominated for a Drama Desk Award and five American Theatre Wing Henry Hewes Awards.

PRODUCTION BIOGRAPHIES ELIZABETH HARPER (Lighting Designer) Elizabeth Harper’s theatrical design credits and awards include Immediate Family and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, directed by Phylicia Rashad (Mark Taper Forum, Center Theatre Group); Woman Laughing Alone with Salad, Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light Me Up (Kirk Douglas Theatre, Center Theatre Group); Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Bad Jews, Wait Until Dark, Good People and Play Dead directed by Teller (Geffen Playhouse); Office Hour, Reunion, tokyo fish story, District Merchants, The Siegel and Venus in Fur (South Coast Repertory); The Invisible Hand (Kansas City Rep), King Charles III (Pasadena Playhouse); The Cake (La Jolla Playhouse). Industrial lighting projects include shows and events for Ubisoft, Microsoft, Asics, Comedy Central, AirBnB, Under Armour and Universal Studios. Fine art consultations include projects at LACMA, the Hammer Museum and Greene Naftali. Elizabeth holds an M.F.A. in Design for Stage and Film from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. She is a guest lighting design instructor at USC. BRAY POOR (Original Sound Design & Composer) Broadway: Latin History for Morons, The Glass Menagerie, The Real Thing, the vibrator play, American Plan. Recent work includes Office Hour at the Public Theater, The Last Match at Roundabout Theatre Company and Little Bunny Foo Foo at Actors Theater of

Louisville. His sound design and music have been heard in many off-Broadway and regional theaters. Recent notable productions: Julius Caesar in Central Park (Music and Sound), Hamlet, Annie Baker’s The Antipodes. Upcoming: Jordan Harrison’s The Amateurs and Angels in America at Berkeley Rep. Obie Awards for John and Sustained Excellence in Sound Design. JONATHAN A. BURKE (Sound Designer) Off-Broadway: Lonesome Traveler, The Best is Yet to Come: The Music of Cy Coleman (59E59 Theaters). Regional: Chasing Mem’ries: A Different Kind of Musical, Outside Mullingar, Yes, Prime Minister, The Seafarer, You Can’t Take It With You, Cookin’ at the Cookery, The Weir (Geffen Playhouse); Our Town (Pasadena Playhouse); Avenue X, Beast on the Moon, If We are Women, Jack and Jill and Molly Sweeney (Pittsburgh’s City Theatre Company); My Fair Lady, Last Five Years (Ovation nomination), Daddy Long Legs (Ovation nomination), Hello! My Baby (Rubicon Theatre Company). Jonathan has been the Resident Sound Designer for Cabrillo Music Theatre (now 5 Star Theatricals) since 2003 and has worked on productions for the LA Opera, Mark Taper Forum, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Hollywood Bowl. Jonathan is the Academic Coordinator and Lecturer for UCLA’s School of Theater Film and Television and owner of JABWORKS, a theatrical sound rental, design and consulting company.

JULIE ANN RENFRO (Production Stage Manager) Julie is from Orange County, CA, where she received her B.A. in Theatre Arts from Vanguard University. Previous Geffen credits include Letters from a Nut and The Legend of Georgia McBride. Other credits include LA Opera, South Coast Repertory, Ojai Playwrights Conference, Pasadena Playhouse, Shakespeare Orange County, Laguna Playhouse, Sydney Independent Theatre Company and Long Beach Shakespeare Company. Julie is a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association.

MATT SHAKMAN (Artistic Director) Matt Shakman was named Artistic Director of the Geffen Playhouse in September 2017, having previously directed three highly acclaimed productions for the theater: the West Coast premiere of David Lindsay-Abaire’s Good People, the world premiere of Jeffrey Hatcher’s new adaptation of Wait Until Dark and Joshua Harmon’s Bad Jews. His theatrical work has also been seen at Primary Stages in New York and South Coast Repertory. Matt founded and was the artistic director of the Black Dahlia Theatre in Los Angeles, which was named “one of a dozen young American companies GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE 11

PRODUCTION BIOGRAPHIES you need to know” by American Theatre magazine and “Best Small Theatre” by Los Angeles magazine. Under his leadership, the Black Dahlia garnered numerous Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and LA Stage Alliance nominations and awards. In 2011, the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle awarded him the Milton Katselas Award for Career Achievement in Direction. Matt is also well-regarded for his achievements in television and film. He is a director and producer for FX’s long-running show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and has directed episodes of Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Fargo and The Good Wife. His feature film debut, Cut Bank, starring John Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton and Bruce Dern, premiered at the Toronto International and Los Angeles Film Festivals and

was released by A24. Shakman is a graduate of Yale University and holds a B.A. in History of Art and Theater.

GIL CATES, JR. (Executive Director) As Executive Director, Gil Cates, Jr. leads the Geffen Playhouse in its mission to inform, entertain and inspire diverse audiences with live theater of the highest caliber — both within and beyond the non-profit theater’s walls. He has proudly served on the Geffen Playhouse Board since 2012. Gil’s theater

credits include the award-winning Names (Matrix Theatre Company) starring Dixie Carter and Greg Mullavey and Three Sisters and David Mamet’s A Life in the Theatre (both at Syracuse Stage). Gil’s film credits include The Surface (starring Sean Astin and Geffen Playhouse alumnus Chris Mulkey), Jobs (starring Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad, Dermot Mulroney, as well as Geffen Playhouse alumni Matthew Modine and Ron Eldard) and the 2011 feature film Lucky (starring Colin Hanks, Ari Graynor, Ann-Margret and Golden Globe winner Jeffrey Tambor). In addition, Gil produced and directed the critically acclaimed Life After Tomorrow, featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, which premiered on Showtime. His other films include Deal (starring Burt Reynolds, Bret Harrison and Charles Durning),


PRODUCTION BIOGRAPHIES and The Mesmerist (starring Geffen Playhouse alumnus Neil Patrick Harris). Gil’s television directorial debut was an episode of the NBC comedy Joey, starring Emmy winner Matt LeBlanc. He studied at the National Theatre Institute in Waterford, Connecticut, and holds a B.F.A. in Drama from Syracuse University.

REGINA MILLER (Chief Development Officer) Regina Miller has advised non-profit institutions, foundations and corporations

on strategy, analysis and fundraising. She has consulted for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Eastern Congo Initiative, Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Project and Kershaw’s Challenge, among others. Prior to the Geffen, Regina worked for the Simon Wiesenthal Center/Museum of Tolerance, where she produced an innovative human rights exhibition that traveled to 14 international destinations around Europe, Asia and the U.S. She also served as the Director of Partnerships for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, where she led strategic planning and development while executing policies that advanced the organization’s visibility and growth. Additionally, Regi-

na has a strong passion for teaching. After graduating from University of North Carolina School of the Arts, she taught in preschools and kindergartens in New York. From the age of 13, Regina worked as a professional dancer on Broadway as well as with a number of prominent modern dance ensembles. Fusing two of her interests, she created a highly successful program that incorporated dance therapy and creative movement into an early childhood curriculum as well as writing and producing a television show based on this concept. In addition to being a published author and photographer with Tallfellow Press and Prometheus Books, Regina has taught and lectured at numerous schools in New York, Los Angeles and abroad.

THE NEW PLAY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Supporting artists is central to the mission of the Geffen Playhouse, and play commissions are a cornerstone of that support. To commission a playwright to write a play means making a commitment to their voice, craft and vision, with the hope of sharing the fruits of their work on our stage. The Geffen Playhouse’s New Play Development Program is made possible, in large part, through the leadership and generosity of donations from: The Edgerton Foundation, The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust, Fay & Frank Mancuso, Sandra Krause & William Fitzgerald, Hilary & Jack Angelo, and Mary Bianco, The MOCA Foundation. We are proud to have the following writers under commission: Rachel Bonds Colman Domingo Lindsey Ferrentino Michael Golamco Meghan Kennedy Matthew Lopez

Martyna Majok Michael Mitnick Jiehae Park José Rivera Robert Schenkkan Shaka Senghor

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Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, In the Heights) discusses relief for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and some of his recent work to raise awareness for the people of Puerto Rico, and fields questions from the audience.

Actress Beth Behrs discusses her time at UCLA and working at the Geffen Playhouse, booking 2 Broke Girls while working there and what the show experience was like, and writing her book The Total ME-Tox.

Wayne Brady discusses getting started as a performer in a theme park, the difference between celebrity and craft, how improv changed his career, auditioning for Hamilton and the importance of breaking the rules. OR SUBSCRIBE ON Apple Podcasts




Written by DOMINIQUE MORISSEAU Directed by PATRICIA McGREGOR It’s 2008 and the employees of a Detroit auto factory are facing an uncertain future. This stirring pla, follows a family of co-workers navigating economic instability, troubling rumors and the ways in which loyalty and love shape every decision we make.


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BE A PART OF OPENING NIGHT CELEBRATIONS THIS SEASON! To become a donor and learn more about exclusive benefits including Opening Night tickets, contact Jessica Brusilow Rollins ( or visit us online at

Constellations cast members Ginnifer Goodwin and Allen Leech at Opening Night Photo by Jordan Strauss

ANNUAL DONORS Susan & Yair Landau Drs. Gerald & Barbara Levey Lucques Catering Sherry Martin Jill Mazursky Merle & Jerry Measer Hillary & Lance Milken Marcia & Brett Molotsky Kate Moran & Mikki Rosenberg Rio & Frank Morse Newmeyer & Dillion LLP Benedicta & Geoffry Oblath Michelle & Guy Oseary Carol & Bill Ouchi Shana & Don Passman Pottash/Ferguson Family Foundation Nina & Mitchell Quaranta Kay & Bob Rehme Judith Reichman, MD Joyce Rey The Richenthal Foundation Mayor Richard Riordan Jane Rissman & Richard Sondheimer Ronen Levy Events Nadine & Fred Rosen Rikki Rosen Thomas L. Safran Dr. Bernard & Gloria Salick Dawn & Joel Scherer Jody & Arthur Schmid The Michael Schwab Family Carol ‘Jackie’ & Charles Schwartz Steve & Paula Mae Schwartz Tina & David Segel Jane & Terry Semel Michael & Glenda Shaw Sidley Austin LLP The Simon-Strauss Foundation Singer Family Foundation Claudia Falkenburg & Andrew Solt Lorraine Spurge & Patrick Mitchell Arnold Stiefel Rose Tarlow Lauren & Benedikt Taschen Thomas Safran & Associates Karen & William Timberlake Theatre Communications Group Karen Zoller, M.D. & David Tillman, M.D. The Travel Corporation The Tuck Room & Tavern Alice & Norman Tulchin Denise & Peter Walsh Warner Bros. Entertainment Aurora & Marc Weinstock

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HIGH SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS PROGRAM Bring the transformative power of live theater to youth across Los Angeles and open their eyes to a whole new world of artistic experiences, diverse perspectives and possibilities in life beyond their own communities.

Students participate in a Talk Back with the cast of The Legend of Georgia McBride Photo by Jeff Lorch Photography


ANNUAL DONORS Lynne & Michael Feldman Susanna Felleman & Erik Feig Sydney M. Finegold, M.D. Joan & Charles Fox Sterling Franklin Ben & Susan Friedman Pat & Sandy Gage Jeanne & Arnold Geffner Judith Ashmann-Gerst & Robert Gerst Diane & Bruce Gewertz The Gibbs Family Cherna & Dr. Gary Gitnick Charlotte Gold Dr. Irene Goldenberg Louis & Linda Goldsman Roz & Abner Goldstine Ellie Goodman Adrienne Grant & Paul Jennings Jack Grossbart & Marc Schwartz Penny Grosz & Eugene Korney Deidre Hall Kay Harrington Salli Harris Michael Parks & Judith Hayward Murray & Gail Heltzer Zvia Hempling Lynda & Neal Hersh Hella Hershon Jim Hliboki & Hildi Snodgrass Rand Hoffman & Charlotte Robinson Tamara Horwich & Gerry Lipshutz Toni Hoyt Terry & Marc J. Jacoby Victoria Jackson Linda Janger Judith & Steaven Jones Joseph B. Gould Foundation Linda & David Kagel Joyce & Don Kaiserman Trudy & Albert Kallis Jo Ann & Charles Kaplan Marcy Kaplan & Eric Gold Meg & Lawrence Kasdan In Honor of Judi Kaufman Ellie Kitta & Ron Goldie Barbara & Stuart Klabin Judy Knapp Leslie & Norman Koplof Carol Krause The Kriloff Family Lena & Mark Labowe Tam & David Lachoff Deborah Lacusta & Daniel Castellaneta Helene Laub Barbara & Andrew Leigh Bethany Joy Lenz Steven & Nancy Lippman Judith Locke Karen & Peter Locke

Karen & Frederick Lorig The Jennifer and Greg Malins Foundation Eric G.C. Mark The Miles Family Barbara & Fred Miller Cookie Miller Andrew & Laura Mintzer Joanne & Joel Mogy In Loving Memory of Harvey S. Morse Lon Morse & Toni Hollander Morse Carol & Jerry Muchin Joan & Fred Nicholas Albert & Barbara Nichols Olympus Theatricals Ornest Family Foundation Gia Paladino & Michael Wise Amanda Crick & Glenn Pfeffer Alex Phillips Craig Piligian Jeanne McDonald-Powers & Travis Powers Jane Rascoff Richard Rasiej & Joan Herman Rabbi Steven & Didi Carr Reuben Sandra C Ribble Donald B. & Susan F. Rice Esther & Howard Richmond Judi & Tim Ritchie Beth Roberts & Warren Smith Dolores Rogers Brad & Nancy Rosenberg Philip & Janet Rotner David A. & Karen Richards Sachs Mark San Filippo Jay Sandrich Gerald Sauer Toni & John Schulman David Schwartz Foundation, John S. Schwartz Dan & Cynthia Schwartz John Schwartz Carole Server & Oliver Frankel John & Lori Shaw Phyllis & Martin Shephard Doris & Michael Sherman Holly & Larry Shulman Rita & Jose Sigal Robin & Robert Sills Ron Silverman & Soraya Ross Joan & Jerry Snyder Drs. Matthew & Marion Solomon The Somaini Family Jordan Strauss Photography Barbra Streisand & James Brolin David & Katherine Stritzinger Eric Strom & Eileen Goodis Sugarfina The Tatasciore Family Anne C. Taubman & David Boyle John Teeples & Nicolas Martinez, Jr.

Nancy Thomas Triada Palm Springs Dr. Gerald D. Turbow John Turmes Catherine & Leonard Unger Leon & Stephanie Vahn Daniel & Shauna Valenzuela Susan & Peter Van Haften Kathryn & Alan Van Vliet Julie & Peter Weil Marcia Williams & Gene Lucero Judith & Philip Winik Christina Wren Drs. Anna & Stephen Yallourakis Patricia Youngman Bobbi & Walter Zifkin Zoetic Travel

ARTISTIC ADVOCATE $500 - $999 Anonymous (2) Ross & Lindsey Avner Jeanne Bailey Linda Barnett Irene Baron Teddi Berger & Lionel Sanders Yvette Bergeron & Dean Bailey Nat & Robin Bernstein Diane & Richard Birnholz Black Market Gelato Larry & Julie Blivas In Honor of Phyllis Blivas Pamela & Bill Bohnert Michael J. Bordy Paula Brand Janet & Mark Brown Laura D. Campbell Andrew Carlberg Scott Carter & Bebe Johnson Lee & Shelby Chaden Cindy Clark Ginger Conrad Phil Johnston & Jill Cordes Norman & Nancy Cravens Culver Hotel Robert Daseler Marcia Diamond Daryl & Paul F. Doucette Roni & Ethan Eller David & Joyce Evans Elizabeth A. Evans Marjorie & Arthur Fine The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Fund Myrna Forest Judith R. Forman & Richard N. Weiner Gwen & Jacob Friend Lois & Jerry Gallop Sharlene & Sol Galper The Gewecke Family Benita & Bert Ginsberg Linda & Louis Goldsman

Marcy Goldstein Lori & Robert Goodman Gabi & Rob Greenberg Marcy & Edgar Gross Carolyn & Bernie Hamilton Sheila & Chester Hasday Dr. Jacqueline Heller Noreen & Doug Herzog Carol Ann & Rick Hess Dorothy Hoffman Kelley M. Hogan Jack Hileman & Roxanne Huddleston Brett Johnson Robert Jones Yvonne & Damien Jordan Avi Kamienny Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Kamine Christine Kaplan Dean Kauffman & Carlos Andres Mosquera-Tangarife Patricia Keating Beverlee Bickmore & James Kelly Dr. Ann Kirsch & Mr. Jonathan Kirsch Leana Kleinman & Jerald Johnson Marlene & Donald Kottler Joan & Christopher Larkin Cristo & Jeanne Lavagnino Marla E. Levine Betsy Levy Brenda & Warren Lincoln Joe LoTruglio Loris & Kory Lunsford Marcus Mancini George Manet Mr. & Mrs. Phillips H. Marshall David Israeli & Dr. Marie Mazzone Kathy & Jim McCaffery Patrick McDivitt Julia McIlvaine Sue & Monty Mohrman Paula Moseley, EdD Robert & Anita Nitta Shelby Notkin Justin Okin Barbara & Gary Pasquinelli Pier South Drs. Laurence & Isabell Purdy Gary & Gail Rachelefsky David Rambo & Ted Heyck Sandra Rapke Mildred Reid Carl Reiner Simon Renshaw Carrie & Ken Richman Linda & Manny Rider Eden & Steven Romick Ronda & Fred Rose Kathleen & Dale Rosenbloom Joyce & Dean Ross Blanche & Bruce Joel Rubin GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE 22

ANNUAL DONORS Anne Sacks Ajay Sahgal Tawny & Jerry Sanders Nancy & Steven Schneider Jane & Bill Schopf Susan & Peter Schwab Melinda & Yossi Sidikaro Carol & Arthur Silbergeld Manish Singh Martin & Leah Sklar Dr. Jerry & Marci Smith Trudy Sokol Arthur Stern William Stringer Mr. & Mrs. David Tann Meg Thomas Marjorie Thomson W Hotel West Beverly Hills Ira & Laurie Waldman Bill & Kate Walsh Marcia & Dr. Charles Wasserman Jay Weinstein & Lori Woldar David Weiss Pat West Paul Whitman Bruce Whizin Bruce & Marci Wiseman Wright Maritime Group Karen & Frank Wurtzel The Yarkins Kimberly & Andrew Zakanych Crystal Zehetner & Julia Ramadan Anthony P. Zinge

ASSOCIATE $250 - $499 Anonymous (15) Norman & Toshka Abrams Terry & Richard Abrams Barbara Adams Loren Adams Elaine & Michael Agran Geraldine & Harold Alden Charles & Annick Allen Sylvia Almstadt Merryl & David A. Alpert Jan & David Altemus Peter Anderson Robert C. Anderson Philip Angerhofer & Stephen A. Jones Eloise & Mark Appel Jc & Jack Appelbaum Arete Preparatory Academy Barbara & Ethan Aronoff Marc & Elizabeth Axelrod Lynne Babbitt Cecilia Ball Elizabeth & Barry Bar-El Janet & Irwin Barnet Randy Bayard Dawn & Marshall Bein Dr. Timothy Belavich & Bernie Knobbe

Patricia Belcher JoAnn Bernard Barbara Berkowitz Marsha C. Berkowitz Virginia Bohrer Toby Bornstein Nina & Hon. Anthony Borwick Carol J. Bradshaw Mona Brandler Armida Brashears Arlene Braun Leah Lynn Broidy Laurrie Brooke Lionel Brown Mitchell Brown Diana Buckhantz David & Kathy Burke Marcia Burnam Marlene & David Capell Anthony Carbone Phil Carlin Ling Chan Richard Pezner & Sandra Chan Barry Charles Diane Chernansky Becky & Mike Clements Anselm Clinard Lionel Conway Gail Cottingham Susan Georgine Craig Valerie & Donald Cravitz Heidi Crooks Shawn Cunningham Ingrid Curtiss, MD Muriel Dance & Alvin Martin Beverly D’Angelo Col. Tony, Donna & Taylor Daniell Hedva & Dr. Dudley Danoff Jeffrey S. Davidson Elizabeth De Oliveira & Moacyr Da Silva Hal & Roberta Delevie Brian Demsey Denny & Cathy Dietz Robert Ditullio Carol Jean Doehring Sandy & Gerry Dorfman Linda Dozier The Milton L. & Betty J. Dranow Family Foundation Jacki & Murray Drechsler Chris Easley Michael East & Tanisha Gonzalez Barry & Mona Shafer-Edwards Ronald Eng Lidia & Mauricio Epelbaum Jim Esserman Rena Falk The Farwell Family Lisa Feintech, M.D. Mimi Alpert Feldman Abby & Malcolm Field Donnovan Field Lisa & William Finkelstein Donna Finley

VETERANS WRITING AND PERFORMANCE PROJECT APRIL 16, 2018 Give veterans the opportunity to write and perform their own work on the Gil Cates Theater stage, creating a vibrant, one-of-a-kind performance of resilience, empowerment and live storytelling.

Veterans take a final bow after performing their original monologues Photo by Jeff Lorch Photography


ANNUAL DONORS Keith G. Fleer William & Elisabeth Fleischman Lynne & Michael Flynn Myrna ‘Pepper’ Forest Deveen Fox Dolores Franco Fran Fredella & Scott Rubin Sandy & Donald French Elaine Friedman Kenneth J. Friedman & Marilynn J. Friedman Family Foundation Lynn & Barry Friesen Catherine Froloff Laurelle Frome & Brady Frome Gina Furth Wendy Furth Lee Gardenswartz Russell Gersten Linda & Tom Givvin Jill Glasband Dr. Diane & Michael Glazer Richard & Lori Glucksman Hannah Godwin Carol & Neil Goldberg Lorain Goldberg Mark & Molly Goldberg Francine Golden & Marvin Schlossman Dr. Peter Goldman Roger Gordon Liz Gottainer & David Sadkin Gigi & Don Grant Shelley Hill Grant Debbie & Glenn Gray Madelyne Green Gary & Jeannie Greenberg Paul & Louise Greenberg David Greenwalt Eve Haberfield & David N. Johnson Roberta L. Haft Hanif Haji Mary & Alan Halkett Jane Hall Monica & Mark Haloossim Roberta Hamilton Tess Harper Judy L. Hartley Hanna Heiting Michael & Candie Herman Hernand Family Winifred C. Hervey Penny Hildebrand Paul Gordon Hoffman & Sue Caren Hoffman Robert & Gail Israel Brenda Izzi Frederic A. & Nancy Jacobus Janice Jerde Martha Jones & Paul Zerella Robert Jones & Julie Anne Robinson Jerry Joseph Adriana Kahane

Joanne & Larry Kahn Jessica Kaltman Linda Kaplan Eran & Raquel Karoly Donald Kates Harris Katleman Family Owen Kato Dana Katz Morgan Kay Jim Keily Michael Keir William & Renee Kendall Louanne Kennedy Irwin Kishner Donna & Jeffrey Klein Dr. Phyllis Klein Laurie & Milton Klorman Delores Komar & Susan Wolford Charles Kristenson Jill & Michael Lasky Sharon & Lawrence Lavenberg Rhonda Lawrence Learning Encounters Ginger Leibovitz Ann Leland Adam Lesh Maxine & Gary Levine Anita & Burton Levinson Dr. & Mrs. Isaac Levy Rick & Vivian Levy Lawrin & Linda Lewin Angela Light Victor & Madeline Lindenheim Joanne Lindsay Bonnie Lisle Leslie & Adam Lobel Lori & Tom Low Anne L. Lynch Dr. Linda Maeder Carol & Doug Mancino Pauline Marks Annette Marmalefsky Goran Marnfeldt Gina Martino Phyllis & Bert Massing Douglas Mcavoy, Jr. Cynthia Melville Sumitra Menon R.G. Mercer Eileen & Paul Meshekow Dr. & Mrs. H. Reed Metzger Cathleen Meyers Sara Michrowski Judith & Jeff Milman Teddie J. Milner Julien Minard Peter Minarik & Sharon Vera Barrett Moore Christy & Leon Moore Marvin & Jean Moore Christopher Morden Shelagh Moriarty Howard J. Morris John Moschitta Jonathan Murray

Charlotte C. Myers Robert M. Nelson Sherri & Arnie Nelson Tom Nevermann Charna & Allen Nissenson Doreen & Donald Nortman Lawrence Ross & Linda Nussbaum Adrienne & Arthur Omansky Dr. Ronald & Iris Onkin Janie Orenstein Sylvia & Robert Paris Edward Parker Paul Pepperman Naidu & Jane Permaul Fran & Bruce Peters Berta & Lou Pitt Jack & Jane Pollock Zazi Pope Cheryl & Mel Posner Susan Poulson Lance Powell Philip Pritchett Neil & Lisa Greer Quateman Dr. Stephen & Lani Rabin Fred & Rebecca Raskin Michael & Gloria Rausch Andy Relis Marianne Reynolds Linda & Erin Rice Elaine Richards Mara Richards In Memory of Robert J. Richards William & Polly Ridgeway Alan Robinson Barbara & David Rognlien Janis & Avi Rojany Robert Rosania Barry Rosen & Neil Bokal Mary Ann Rosenfeld & Sheldon Kadish Maxine & Gene Rosenfeld Priscilla Rosenfeld Adrienne B. Rosenthal Beverly & Melvin Rosenthal Virginia Ross Michael, Michon & Jackson Roth Terry Ryan Susan & Kenneth Sarno Maxine Savitz Linda & Cliff Schaffer Chris T. Schmidt Joel & Sonia Schneider Gary & Karen Schneider Stanley Schneider Christine Schultz Janet & Michael Schwartz Lester Schwartz Brandon Scott

John H. Scott Scott Shagrin Barbara Vickery & Martin Shapiro Melanie Sharp & Kevin Miller Shelly & Greg Sherwin Lisa Siegel Seymour & Dorothy Siegel Linda & Ronald Slates Diane Good & Frank Smith Barbara & Hal Smith Marcia L. & Mark J. Smith Jean Smith-Moore Karen Smits Christine Sorgi Dr. Robert & Margo Sorrentino Stephanie Sourapas Bruce Spector Debra Spector M Leslie Stearns Christy Stevens Irina & Alex Stavchanskiy Frances & Sy Strasberg Penny Strowger Alec Sulkin Mr. Kayser Sume & Dr. Renee Sabshin Miriam & Gene Summ Ann Sunderland Lance & Maureen Tan Phyllis & Franklin Tell Cathy Thomas Cathy & Asher Thompson Judy & Art Tompkins Joyce & Josh Trabulus Miriam Trogdon Brigitta Troy Richard Turner Dr. Harold Urman Deborah Valdez Lorraine & Erich Van Lowe Anthony Vasek Carole Wagner-Vallianos & Peter Vallianos Ann W. Wang Marvin Wasserman Elisa Wayne Sherry Weinman & Michael Umansky Ben & Rose Weinstein Marsha & Steven Weiss Jacqueline Weitz Baker Wiles Rae Jeane Williams Karen & Gary Winnick Jan & Edward Woods Arnold & Tricia Zane Harriet Zaretsky Lynn & Meir Ziv Sandy Zwirn

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Sell/Buy/Date Program  

Program for the Geffen Playhouse production of Sell/Buy/Date

Sell/Buy/Date Program  

Program for the Geffen Playhouse production of Sell/Buy/Date