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MAGAZINE Hershey Felder and the Geffen Playhouse present The Eighty Eight Entertainment, Samantha F. Voxakis, and Robert M. Birmingham Production of

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Photo by Andrew Southam

mona golabek in the pianist of willesden lane

From the artistic Director Mona Golabek has an extraordinary story to tell about her mother. Like those of so many who escaped occupied Europe during Hitler’s reign, Lisa Jura’s story is a triumph of will infused with a staggering sense of loss for family left behind. What is distinct about this story, though, is the choice of Lisa’s parents to save this daughter — one of three — because of her gift for music. Even in the darkest times of human history, our desire to perpetuate and cultivate art is as strong as our will to live — an artist’s gift is not taken lightly. And so we proudly welcome back Mona Golabek in The Pianist of Willesden Lane. This project came to us through Hershey Felder, a member of the Geffen family, with whom we have collaborated on numerous occasions. When he spoke to us of Mona’s extraordinary talent and conveyed the story of Lisa Jura’s life, we were immediately enamored. This production reminds us that in cultivating relationships with theater artists we benefit from having them return home to the Geffen time and again. And, as in this case, they bring to our attention new and exciting projects so that we have the opportunity to premiere them in Los Angeles. Hershey, who our audience knows is a perfectionist in his own work, has helped Ms. Golabek hone this story into a mesmerizing evening of theater that transports us to Austria, England and, finally, the United States, incorporating performances of some of the most beautiful piano concertos ever written. Since premiering here two years ago, Mona has gone on to perform for sold-out houses all over the country. She is the toast of the town from Boston to Berkeley, and with great pleasure we welcome her back for this limited engagement. We are pleased that those of you who missed her the first time around will now have the opportunity to enjoy an evening with this incredible storyteller.

Enjoy the show.

Randall Arney Artistic Director PErFORMANCEs  MAGAZINE P1

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Pamela Robinson Hollander Co-cHAIR

Patricia Kiernan Applegate Randall Arney Behnaz Ataee Beth Behrs Dr. Gene D. Block Harold A. Brown Gil Cates Jr. Vice Chairman

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Thank you for being part of the Geffen Playhouse family. We are delighted to welcome you to this Spotlight Entertainment Series performance of Mona Golabek in The Pianist of Willesden Lane. We would love you to join us for Backstage at the Geffen on Saturday, March 22, 2014. Backstage at the Geffen, our biggest fundraiser of the year, is an evening of laughter, music and never-before-told stories from the other side of the curtain. Hosted by Steve Carell, this year we will present Alan Horn, Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios and long-time friend of the Geffen Playhouse, with our Distinction in Service Award and the incomparable Steve Martin with our Distinction in Theater Award. Through the participation of our extended family of actors, playwrights, directors and surprise guest artists, this event never fails to be lively and unforgettable and sells out every year! The success of Backstage at the Geffen is absolutely critical in helping us reach our goals in 2014, and we hope you will be a part of it. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or to purchase tickets, please contact Chief Development Officer Regina Miller at 310.208.6500 ext. 112 or visit We look forward to getting to know each of you and sharing with you our love for the Geffen Playhouse — both the artistic initiatives and our educational programming, which we provide to more than 15,000 underserved students, seniors and veterans throughout Los Angeles every year. Please look for more information on these programs in the following pages as well as at These essential outreach programs, along with our innovative artistic initiatives, could not continue without your support. Thank you for joining us for today’s performance, and we hope to see you again at the theater for Backstage at the Geffen on March 22.

Martha Henderson Co-Chair, Geffen Playhouse

Pamela Robinson Hollander Co-Chair, Geffen Playhouse

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Photo by Michael Brosilow. Courtesy of Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Slowgirl earns fast praise in Chicago This March, Geffen Playhouse Artistic Director Randall Arney reunites the same cast and designers for the West Coast premiere of his critically acclaimed production of Slowgirl. With Arney as director, the play garnered rave reviews last summer at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre where he is an ensemble member. William Petersen and Rae Gray — who originally rehearsed the play with Arney in Los Angeles before the Chicago run, make their Geffen Playhouse debuts. Arney creates an astonishing “tennis court” design in the intimate Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen Playhouse that will allow audiences to experience the play from two sides of the action. Greg Pierce’s funny, introspective and absorbing new play reminds us that escape is easy but redemption is hard. When seventeen yearold Becky is shipped off to her Uncle Sterling’s Costa Rican home — a sanctuary to which he escaped many years ago — the two lost souls navigate contrasting philosophies and a maze of regret.

geffen playhouse presents the steppenwolf theatre company production of

slowgirl Written by

GREG PIERCE Directed by


Raves for Slowgirl “Under the sensitive direction of Randall Arney, two marvelous actors — William Petersen and Rae Gray — deliver finely tuned, often surprising performances ... The intriguing chemistry between these two masters of the intimate stage is delicious to observe.”



West Coast premiere IN THE Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater AT THE GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE

— Chicago Sun-Times

“Engaging, compassionate and well-written … you’ll likely find yourself touched by how well it charts the loving complexities of families.” — Chicago Tribune

“Petersen and Gray make an absorbingly off-kilter onstage pair.”


— Time Out Chicago PErFORMANCEs  MAGAZINE P3

how hate breeds heroism

the events leading up to the kindertransport by amy levinson

June 9, 1938 Nazis destroy the Munich Synagogue by burning it to the ground.

October 5, 1938 The German government recalls all Jewish passports and marks them with a large, colored “J.” This is to prevent German Jews from passing as Christians and smuggling themselves into Switzerland.

Lisa Jura’s story as told by her daughter, Mona Golabek, is one story of thousands, many of which have never been heard. Although each story is entirely unique, as is each person who lived through these horrors, there is a commonality in having survived what led to the evacuation of 10,000 children to England, now known as the Kindertransport. The events leading up to the Kindertransport began with Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels who instigated widespread pogroms (violent mob attacks against Jews) in Germany and other German-occupied areas in November of 1938. And although we could track violent anti-Semitism further back, for the purposes of contextualizing the Kindertransport we begin with Joseph Goebbels and his propaganda machine. When Herschel Grynszpan, a young Jewish Pole, received news that his parents, residents of Germany since 1911, had been expelled from Germany along with thousands of other Poles, he was despondent. When the Jews tried to return back to Poland, they found they were not welcome there either, and were interned in a refugee camp to await a place to go. Outraged by the treatment of his parents, Grynszpan sought revenge on the diplomatic official who had been assigned to help him and his family, and on November 7, 1938 he shot Ernst Vom Rath who died two days later. P4  PERFORMANCES  MAGAZINe

When the news of this reached Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels, he positioned the event as a conspiracy of the Jews, when all evidence pointed to the fact that it was simply one young man in desperate straits to save his parents. The Propaganda Minister assured the German people that if they were to take mob action against the Jews, steps would not be taken to stop or punish their actions. The statement from Munich, where the Nazi leadership convened read: “Demonstrations should not be prepared or organized by the Party, but insofar as they erupt spontaneously, they are not to be hampered.”

Two days later, the Nazi Party and their supporters systematically attacked Jewish populations throughout Germany and the occupied territories. In the span of a few hours, thousands of synagogues, Jewishowned businesses and Jewish homes were severely damaged or completely destroyed. The event came to be known as Kristallnacht, translated to “the night of broken glass.” While the signs had been evident to the outside world all along that the Nazi party sought to exile their Jewish populations, this singular event opened the eyes of many, most notably the British, who up until that point had resisted emigration en masse from Germany. The British government had recently denied the entrance of 10,000 children into Palestine, which was under British rule at that time, but in light of these blatant atrocities, Britain’s leadership felt a duty to change their position, and thus the Kindertransport began. The British government agreed to permit an unspecified number of children (citizens under the age of 17) to come to the British Isles for the period in which the crisis in Germany and the occupied countries continued. Parents or guardians were not permitted to accompany their children, and they were required to post a £50 bond for each child. It was understood that these children were on temporary travel visas and would be returned to their families when it was thought safe to do so. The bond was to be used for their travel expenses home. The effort to organize these transports was painstaking work, and numerous organizations and individual British citizens answered the call. The first train left Germany on December 1, 1938. It arrived in Harwich from the Hook of Holland, carrying 200 children, all of them orphans, who had left Germany with just 24 hours notice, each with two bags of clothing. The Kindertransport was a remarkable humanitarian endeavor as approximately 10,000 children were rescued between December 1938 and September 1939. As violence continued to escalate, it became more and more difficult to remove the children. In September of 1939 the Germans ceased the issue of travel visas for Germany and the annexed countries,

ending the opportunity for Britain to offer a safe haven to more children. The events are described in great detail on

July 6-14, 1938 An international conference is called by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt to deal with the Jewish refugee problem. The 32 nations attending decide that they will not permit large numbers of Jews to enter their countries.

Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels delivers a speech.

December, 1938 The British Cabinet allows 10,000 unaccompanied Jewish children into Britain in an action called the Kindertransport.

Children of the Kindertransport were dispersed to many parts of the British Isles. About half lived with foster families, the others in hostels, group homes and farms in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Those older than 14, unless they were fortunate enough to be sponsored by individuals and sent to boarding schools or taken into foster care, were frequently absorbed into the country’s labor force after a few weeks of training, mainly in agriculture or domestic service. Many families, Jewish and non-Jewish, opened their homes to take in these children. Many of the children were well-treated, developing close bonds with their British hosts; however, others were mistreated or abused. A number of the older children joined the British or Australian armed forces as soon as they reached 18 years of age and joined the fight against the Nazis. Most of the children never saw their parents again. It should be noted that many individuals and organizations are recognized for their assistance in implementing the Kindertransport. The story of Mona Golabek’s mother, Lisa Jura, helps us to understand how many acts of valor are required to save only one life, and here tens of thousands were saved. In 1989, a group of Kinder, as they are now known, convened to create the Kindertransport Association (KTA) in order to reunite the people who had shared this experience, to revisit an often horrific past that was frequently unspoken by those who had survived it, and to create a written history so their families and the world outside might understand what it meant to be part of this rescue effort. Mona Golabek is a living beneficiary of what the Kindertransport did for generations of Jews. Her grandmother, who wanted so much to preserve the gift of music in the Jura family has certainly lived on in Mona’s extraordinary talent. PErFORMANCEs  MAGAZINE P5

Hershey Felder and The Geffen Playhouse present The Eighty Eight Entertainment, Samantha F. Voxakis, and Robert M. Birmingham Production Of

Based on the book The Children of Willesden Lane by

Mona Golabek & Lee Cohen

Scenic Designers

Trevor Hay & Hershey Felder Sound Designer

Erik Carstensen

Costume Designer

Jaclyn Maduff

Projection Designers

Andrew Wilder & Greg Sowizdrzal

Lighting Designer

Christopher Rynne Dramaturg

Cynthia Caywood, Ph.D

Production Stage Manager

Young Ji

Adapted & Directed by

Hershey Felder

cast Lisa Jura.....................................................................................................................................Mona Golabek

setting / time Vienna, 1938 and London, 1939–1945. running time Approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes There will be no intermission.


production biographies

Mona Golabek (Lisa Jura) American concert pianist Mona Golabek has appeared at the Hollywood Bowl, the Kennedy Center, and Royal Festival Hall. She is a Grammy nominee who has been the subject of several documentaries, including Concerto for Mona with conductor Zubin Mehta. Her syndicated radio program, The Romantic Hours, combines music with poetry. Her recordings include Carnival of the Animals and Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite featuring Meryl Streep, both recorded with Mona’s sister, Renee Golabek-Kaye. Both daughters were taught by their mother, Lisa Jura, who is the subject of Mona’s acclaimed book, The Children of Willesden Lane. Mona founded Hold On To Your Music, a foundation devoted to spreading the message of the power of music. With the help of the Milken Family Foundation, Facing History and Ourselves, and the Annenberg Foundation, she created educational resources which, with her book, have been adopted into school curricula across America. Hershey Felder (Director/Adaptor) Mr. Felder created and performed George Gershwin Alone, which played on Broadway at the Helen Hayes Theatre, in the West End at the Duchess Theatre, and in theatres around the country including Berkeley Rep. His Composers Sonata — George Gershwin Alone; Monsieur Chopin; Beethoven, As I Knew Him; Maestro: Leonard Bernstein; Hershey Felder as Franz Liszt in Rock Star — has been presented at dozens of theatres across the U.S. and around the world, including a command performance of Monsieur Chopin for the Polish Ambassador to the United States. His compositions include Aliyah, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra; Fairytale, a musical; Les Anges de Paris, Suite for Violin and Piano; Song Settings; Saltimbanques for Piano and Orchestra; Etudes Thematiques for Piano; An American Story for Actor and Orchestra. As director, he premiered Mona Golabek in The Pianist of Willesden

Trevor Hay (Associate Director / Scenic Co-Design) Directed the world premiere of Hershey Felder’s An American Story For Actor And Orchestra as well as subsequent productions. He is Associate Director for Mona Golabek’s The Pianist of Willesden Lane. He is a former member of the historic Old Globe Theatre in San Diego where, at the age of nine, his first position was selling Old Globe memorabilia. Over the next 32 years, Mr. Hay went on to various aspects of production on more than 80 presentations, including the Broadway productions of Jack O’Brien’s Damn Yankees, How The Grinch Stole Christmas!, and Twyla Tharpe’s The Times They Are A-Changin’. Included in his 23 seasons at the Old Globe were eleven seasons of the Summer Shakespeare Festival Repertory, as well as work on Tracy Letts’ August: Osage County, directed by Sam Gold, and Hershey Felder’s George Gershwin Alone, Monsieur Chopin and Maestro. Christopher Rynne (Lighting Designer) This marks Chris’ third collaboration with Hershey Felder. His other productions with Hershey include An American Story and Hershey Felder as Franz Liszt in Rock Star. He has designed lighting for productions at the Old Globe, San Diego Opera, South Coast Repertory, Houston Grand Opera, San Diego Repertory Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse, the Geffen Playhouse, Michigan Opera Theatre, Madison Opera, Cygnet Theatre Company, North Coast Repertory Theatre, and San Diego Musical Theatre. Chris also designs lighting for museum exhibitions and special events, and lighting systems for new venues. Erik Carstensen (Sound Designer / Production Manager) Erik designed sound for Lincoln: An American Story; The Pianist of Willesden Lane (2012 Ovation Award nomination); Maestro: Leonard Bernstein; and Beethoven, As I Knew Him (2009 Ovation Award). He was the master sound technician at the Old Globe Theatre from 1997 to

2012, and the production engineer on over 60 productions, including Allegiance, Robin and the 7 Hoods, A Catered Affair, George Gershwin Alone, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Chita Rivera: The Dancer’s Life, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, The Full Monty, Dirty Blonde, and Floyd Collins. Erik is a member of IATSE Local 122. Andrew Wilder (Projection Co-Design) Andrew’s experience in lighting design, web design, and photography has led him to the world of projection design, and he is thrilled to be working with the Eighty-Eight Entertainment team once again. Andrew designs websites and consults on internet strategy at, writes about being a “healthy foodie” at, and is the founder of, an online advertising network focused on health through food and fitness. Most recently, he led the October Unprocessed challenge, in which more than 6,000 people became healthier by avoiding processed food for the entire month. The challenge was featured by the Los Angeles Times, Food Inc., and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, among others. He is also the founder of International Kale Day, which is celebrated annually on October 10. Greg Sowizdrzal (Projection Co-Design) Greg is a native of Orange County. A member of IATSE Local 122, he has filled the roles of stagehand, master electrician, video engineer, audio engineer, and carpenter. As an automation operator with PRG, he has toured the U.S. on shows including How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Robin and the 7 Hoods, and The First Wives Club. He made his graphic design debut on Hershey Felder’s Lincoln: An American Story. Young Ji (Production Stage Manager) Recently, Assistant Director for Robert Falls, The Jacksonian at The New Group (NYC). Geffen Playhouse: Play Dead, Rapture, Blister, Burn, Yes, Prime Minister, American Buffalo, Nothing to Hide, Build, The Exorcist, The Jacksonian, Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Extraordinary Chambers, In Mother Words, Love Loss & What I Wore, Ricky Jay: A Rogue’s Gallery; Louis & Keely: Live at the Sahara. Other Regional: Center Theatre Group: The Cherry Orchard (Taper); Wrecks, Trial of the Catonsville Nine, Pyrenees, A

Very Old Man with Enormous Wings (Kirk Douglas Theatre). Other Los Angeles: Cousin Bette, King Lear, The Autumn Garden (Producer); La Ronde, The Glass Menagerie (Director); Tonight at 8:30, Phaedra (Getty Villa), Mother Courage and Her Children, Pera Palas, Chekhov X 4. Cynthia Caywood, PhD (Dramaturg) Cynthia Caywood is the chair of the department of English at the University of San Diego and serves as co-director of the London Summer Program. She is a founding faculty member of the Old Globe/University of San Diego MFA program in acting and has worked as a dramaturg on several MFA productions. Her research interests include Aphra Behn, Jane Austen, and August Wilson, with a special focus on British and American theatre history, stage production, and feminist theory. Jaclyn Maduff (Executive Director) Jaclyn has been the director of Hold On To Your Music, Inc since its formation in 2003. Hold On To Your Music is a nonprofit dedicated to providing educators and students with the book The Children of Willesden Lane. For more information, visit

RANDALL ARNEY (Director / Artistic Director) Randall Arney has been a theater professional for over 30 years and has served as Artistic Director of the Geffen Playhouse since 1999. In addition to his artistic programming and oversight at the Geffen, Arney has helmed more than 10 productions for the theater, most recently Slowgirl, American Buffalo, Superior Donuts, The Female of the Species, The Seafarer, Speed-the-Plow and All My Sons. Arney is an ensemble member and former Artistic Director of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre where his directing credits include: The Seafarer, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Death and the Maiden, Curse of the Starving Class, Killers and The Geography of Luck, among others. Arney also directed Steppenwolf’s world premiere of


mona golabek in the pianist of willesden lane

Lane at the Geffen Playhouse in April 2012, and will soon direct Jack Lemmon’s Son starring Christopher Lemmon. Mr. Felder has been a Scholar-in-Residence at Harvard University’s Department of Music and is married to Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada.

production biographies Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile, as well as the subsequent national and international acclaimed productions. Mr. Arney’s acting credits with Steppenwolf include Born Yesterday, Ghost in the Machine, The Homecoming, Frank’s Wild Years, You Can’t Take it with You, Fool for Love, True West, Balm in Gilead and Coyote Ugly. As the Artistic Director for Steppenwolf from 1987 to 1995, he oversaw the creation of a new state-of-the-art theater which is Steppenwolf’s current home. Broadway transfers under his leadership include The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, The Song of Jacob Zulu (six Tony Award nominations) and The Grapes of Wrath (1990 Tony Award, Best Play). Mr. Arney has an MFA degree in Acting from Illinois State University and has taught master classes and workshops at UCLA, Steppenwolf, around the U.S. and in Tokyo.

KEN NOVICE (Managing Director) Ken Novice’s career in the professional theater spans 25 years and over 250 productions. Prior to joining Geffen Playhouse, he served as Managing Director and Director of External Affairs at Pasadena Playhouse where his credits include the revival of Fences starring Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett and the world premieres of Sister Act the Musical, Ray Charles Live, Stormy Weather starring Lesley Uggams and many others. He was Director of Marketing and Public Relations for San Diego’s Tony Awardwinning Old Globe Theatre where his credits include Jack O’Brien’s acclaimed revival of Damn Yankees, the Tony Award-nominated musical

The Full Monty, Henry IV starring John Goodman and Sheldon Epp’s Tony-nominated hit Play On! among many others. His credits also include marketing and public relations for the Tony Award-winning Denver Center Theater Company and New York’s Circle Repertory Company. As Director of Programming for YouthStream Media Networks he developed national marketing and public relations programs for most of Hollywood’s major motion picture studios. Novice also served as Head of the Theatre Management MFA/ MBA program at California State University, Long Beach and has been a guest lecturer at San Diego State University and the University of California, San Diego. He holds a BA from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from San Diego State University.

BEHNAZ ATAEE (General Manager) Behnaz Ataee is a financial professional with more than 25 years of experience in for-profit and nonprofit financial management and auditing. Behnaz joined the Geffen Playhouse in 1999 and this marks her ninth season as the theater’s General Manager. She began her career in the Bay Area as a partner in a small family start-up before joining FBS Management where she acted as Director of Accounting, overseeing the finances of more than 25 non-profit organizations. Behnaz continued her work with non-profits as an auditor for Trump and Van Sloten CPA and then returned to the for-profit sector at Ultratech, before ultimately landing at the Geffen Playhouse. Behnaz has a Master’s degree from Pepperdine University.

REGINA MILLER (Chief Development Officer) Regina has been a development professional for over 18 years, working with non-profit institutions, foundations and corporations on strategy, analysis and fundraising. She has worked for Simon Wiesenthal Center, The Clinton Foundation, Ben Affleck’s Eastern Congo Initiative, Hank Azaria’s Determined to Succeed, The Millan Foundation and Whole Child International, among others. Prior to the Geffen, Regina served as the Director of Partnerships for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire where she led strategic planning and development while executing policies that advanced the organization’s visibility and growth. Regina also has a strong passion for teaching. After graduating from

University of North Carolina School of the Arts, she taught in preschools and kindergartens in New York. From the age of 13, Regina worked as a professional dancer on Broadway as well as with a number of prominent modern dance ensembles. Fusing two of her interests, she created a highly successful program which incorporated dance therapy and creative movement into an early childhood curriculum as well as wrote and produced a television show based on this concept. In addition to being a published author and photographer with Tallfellow Press and Prometheus Books, Regina has taught and lectured at numerous schools in New York, Los Angeles and abroad. Eighty-Eight, LLC (Producer) Eighty-Eight Entertainment was created in 2001 by Hershey Felder, and is devoted to the creation of new works of musical theatre. Current projects include the new musicals Abe Lincoln’s Piano and Jack Lemmon’s Son. Its recordings include Love Songs of the Yiddish Theatre; Back from Broadway; George Gershwin Alone; Monsieur Chopin; Beethoven, As I Knew Him; and An American Story for Actor and Orchestra.

a note from mona golabek My mother, Lisa Jura, was my best friend. She taught me and my sister Renee to play the piano. We loved our piano lessons with her. They were more than piano lessons — they were lessons in life. They were filled with stories of a hostel in London and the people she knew there. Her stories were our folklore, bursting with bits and pieces of wonderful characters who bonded over her music. Sitting at the piano as a child, I would close my eyes and listen to her lilting voice and imagine her world. She always believed “each piece of music tells a story.” Her legacy has inspired my music and my life. I pass along her story in the hope that it may enrich the passion and music that lie in each of us.

The Geffen Playhouse is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. This project was also funded in part by the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles. The Geffen Playhouse, a non-profit theater company, is proudly affiliated with the University of California at Los Angeles.




PRODUCTION STAFF FOR MONA GOLABEK IN THE PIANIST OF WILLESDEN LANE Associate Direction Trevor Hay Production Manager Erik Carstensen Scenic Decoration Meghan Maiya, Emma Hay & Jordan Hay Light Board Operator Yelena Babinskaya Production Assistant Leia Crawford ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Lighting Equipment provided by Entertainment Lighting Services Sound Equipment provided by Jon Sound Inc. Production Photographer Michael Lamont Media Filming Four Leaf Media SPECIAL THANKS UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Scene, Prop, Sound and Costume Shops; London Cleaners; Peet’s Coffee & Tea UCLA SCHOOL OF THEATER, FILM AND TELEVISION The Geffen Playhouse is affiliated with the University of California at Los Angeles, specifically the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. The Geffen Playhouse values its role as an important educational resource by providing students with master classes, workshops and internships. Students are also able to work and learn from distinguished visiting Geffen artists such as Alan Ayckbourn, Jon Robin Baitz, Annette Bening, Ed Harris, David Ives, Neil LaBute, David Mamet, Donald Margulies, Terrence McNally, John Rando and Kathleen Turner in areas of directing, playwriting, acting, design, dramaturgy, management and production. The Geffen Playhouse also draws upon the distinguished experts in the university to enhance the theater’s programs and research. special thanks from mona golabek I offer my gratitude to the following individuals who have journeyed with me through the years with enormous love, support, and kindness: Richard Burkhart, Christine Burrill, Lee Cohen, Chuck Hurewitz, Steve Robinson, Pebbles Wadsworth, Doug Ordunio, and Julie Anderson. Thank you to my beloved family. You give me strength and inspire me every day. Jackie (for her unparalleled dedication), London, Jesse, Manny, and to my beloved sister’s children — Michele, Sarah, Jonathan, and Rachel — who continue the musical legacy passed down by their grandmother, Lisa Jura. Thank you to Ron Losby and Steinway & Sons. I am honored to be a Steinway Artist. Thanks to Randall Arney, Ken Novice, Amy Levinson, Behnaz Ataee, Andy Perez, and everyone at the Geffen Playhouse. I am grateful to everyone who has entered my life in connection with The Pianist of Willesden Lane: my acting coach, Howard Fine, Samantha Voxakis, and the incomparable Hershey Felder who believed in the story “of the little girl who was sent away and told to hold on to her music.”

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Accessible Accommodation The Geffen Playhouse is fully committed to ensuring a satisfying theater experience for our patrons with special needs or disabilities. Please contact the box office or an usher to discuss your needs.

AT THE THEATER Late Seating Should you arrive late to the theater or vacate your seat during the performance, please expect to be held in the lobby until an appropriate pause in the action on-stage. To minimize disturbance to other patrons, you may be sat into the first available location by the house staff even if different from your assigned seat. Be advised that some productions or circumstances may not allow for late or return seating.

Ms. Golabek is a Steinway concert artist. The concert grand piano used during the show is graciously provided by the Steinway Piano Gallery. PErFORMANCEs  MAGAZINE P9

Musical performance by Josh Gad

Storyteller Topher Grace

Storyteller Annette Bening

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Before the Geffen came, I hated writing. Thanks to this program, I now write a lot more, and I read a lot more, too. It has helped me improve my writing and reading a lot, and it has inspired me to be open to new experiences, to the new worlds that the plays can take you to. — 10th grade student, Mendez High School (Boyle Heights)

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annual donors In appreciation, donors enjoy a host of special benefits including house seats, complimentary drinks, receptions and much more. For more information, please call Jamie Mikelich at 310.208.6500 ext. 128.


Anonymous Aria Resort & Spa Audi of America, Inc Ben/Joyce Eisenberg Foundation City National Bank Mary Ann Cloyd David Geffen Foundation Susan & John Ebey Edgerton Foundation Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer & Melvin Keefer Fox Entertainment Group Herbert M. & Beverly J. Gelfand In Memory of Alice Ghostley & Felice Orlandi Jim & Ann Gianopulos The Adi & Jerry Greenberg Foundation Guggenheim Partners Carole & Bill Haber Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust Martha Henderson Rabbi Uri D. Herscher & Dr. Myrna Herscher Cindy & Alan Horn J.P. Morgan Private Bank Marilyn & Jeffrey Katzenberg Glorya Kaufman Loretta Everett Kaufman & Victor Kaufman Keyes Automotive Group Sandra Krause & William Fitzgerald Latham & Watkins LLP Mr. and Mrs. Jason & Yvonne Lee Ginny Mancini Fay & Frank Mancuso John McCrite & Juan Lopez Donna McKenna & Flynn Chernos Ron & Kelly Meyer Ann & Jerry Moss Moss Foundation PricewaterhouseCoopers Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Madeline & Bruce Ramer Linda Bernstein Rubin & Tony Rubin Richard & Barbara Sherman Shubert Foundation Skirball Foundation Karen & Vic Smith Kate Capshaw Spielberg & Steven Spielberg DeeAnna Staats, Staats & Co. Cynthia P. Stafford & Lanre Idewu Judith & Bruce Stern Jodi & Howard Tenenbaum The UCLA Dream Fund Deborah & Michael E. Walsh The Walt Disney Company Westfield Group Judy & Chancellor Charles E. Young Dirk & Natasha Ziff


$25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Patricia Kiernan Applegate The Backyard Robert C. Baral Bulgari Corporation of America Stephanie & Jonathan Carson CBS Corporation Classic Party Rentals Designer 8 Event Furniture Rental The Douglas Foundation The Edward A. & Ai O Shay Family Foundation Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown, Inc. Greater Los Angeles New Car Dealers Association Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa InterActive Corp J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Laurents / Hatcher Foundation The Lear Family Foundation Los Angeles County Arts Commission Los Angeles magazine Louis XIII de Remy Martin

Susan & Peter Mallory Marcia Israel Foundation, Inc. Nancy & Sir Paul McCartney Montage Hotels & Residences Leslie Moonves & Julie Chen Morgan Stanley Napa Valley Grille Northern Trust, NA Anna K. Nupson The Richenthal Foundation SOCIAL by Samantha Sackler & Tammy Ratner Shel & Cynthia Stone Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group Universal Studios Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Warner Bros. Entertainment


$10,000 - $24,999 Ariel Investments, LLC Beth Behrs Charles A. Black, Jr. James L. Brooks Brotman Foundation of California Eileen & Harold Brown Gilbert Cates, Jr. & Elizabeth Lacey Brunello Cucinelli Mark Burnett & Roma Downey The Capella Resorts Capital Group Companies Marcy Carsey & Leo Yoshimura Valarie de la Garza & Michael Centeno City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs Carole Bayer Sager & Robert A. Daly DreamWorks Studios Fielding Edlow & Larry Clarke Dr. & Mrs. Paul Eisenberg Susan & Mark Fleischer Carol & Paul Frimmer G.E. Foundation Patty Glaser & Sam Mudie Arthur Greenberg C. Curtis Grisham In Memory of Morrie Hazan HBO Eric & Samantha Heer Mellody Hobson Vicki Iovine & David Coiro Joseph Drown Foundation Joan Kaloustian Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation Peter & Janine Lowy Carla Malden Mona Malden Malibu Family Wines Nancy & Michael McClelland Sandra E. Milken The Muse New York, a Kimpton Hotel & Nios Restaurant Occidental Petroleum Corp Paramount Pictures Laurie MacDonald & Walter Parkes Rollin Ransom & Chris Lacroix Readers Fine Jewelers Dr. Judith Reichman Pamela Robinson Hollander & Robert Hollander Loren Rothschild & Hon. Frances Rothschild Richard Ruskell Pastries Ronen Levy Events The Simms/Mann Family Foundation Sony Pictures Entertainment Fred Specktor & Nancy Heller Heather Thomas & Skip Brittenham Lynda Thomas Steve Tisch Union Bank U.S. Bank Variety W Hotel Westwood Wells Fargo Foundation William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks Ruth Ziegler Ziffren Brittenham LLP Ken & Ellen Ziffren


$5,000 - $9,999 Jehan F. Agrama & Dwora Fried Amgen Foundation Jack & Hilary Angelo Anschutz Film Group/Walden Media Annette Blum Mara & Jonathan Blum Bobcat Productions, Inc. Jerry Breslauer, Mickey Rutman & Tammy Anderson Linda & Jerry Bruckheimer Glenn & Lynn Cardoso Dr. Fanya Carter, Ph.D. Creative Artists Agency Creative Intelligence Incorporated Directors Guild of America Lauren Shuler & Richard Donner Mica Ertegun Andrew Fickman Eric Flamholtz & Yvonne Randle Four Seasons Gary Sinise Foundation Michael Gendler & Jessica Teich George Hoag Family Foundation Priscila Giraldo Gloria & Peter Gold Stanley & Ilene Gold Jay Gordon & Meyera Robbins Brian & Myra Greenspun Jill Grey Lynne & Michael Heslov Stanley Iezman & Nancy Stark Hugh Jackman & Deborra-lee Furness Wendell & Bernice Jeffrey Mannon Kaplan Julie & David Kavner Wendy Kurtzman La Valencia Leo S. Guthman Fund David & Susan Leveton Drs. Gerald & Barbara Levey LuxFit Spa Marlene & Sandy Louchheim LucasFilm LTD Des & Bryna McAnuff Tobias Meyer & Sotheby’s MOCA Foundation Kate Moran & Mikki Rosenberg Morris & Libby Singer Foundation My Vienna Gelato Neda Nobari Foundation Christine Marie Ofiesh Carol & Bill Ouchi Shana & Don Passman Brenda R. Potter Lee & Lawrence* J. Ramer Kay & Bob Rehme Carl Reiner Joyce Rey Mayor Richard Riordan Jane Rissman & Richard Sondheimer Rikki Rosen Thomas L. Safran Ted Sarandos & Hon. Nicole A. Avant Judi & Bruce Schindler Jody & Arthur Schmid Sidley Austin LLP Mr. & Mrs. Keong Sim Simon Strauss Foundation Sondheimer Foundation St. Regis Princeville Resort Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor Larry & Kiki Taylor Larry & Barbara Tenan Thomas Safran & Associates Tanino Ristorante David Tillman, MD & Karen Zoller, MD William & Karen Timberlake Miranda & Brett Tollman The Travel Company Alice & Norman Tulchin UBS Private Wealth Management US Playing Card Company Jennifer Young & Katrina Nason Gail Zappa

Robert & Leslie Zemeckis Ruth & Stan Zicklin In Loving Memory of Herman Ziegler


$3,000 — $4,999 Anonymous Janis Adams & John Lyons Connie Kramer Alexander Chancellor Gene D. Block & Mrs. Carol Block Susan Booth & Christopher Wadden Robert Brook & Jacqueline Kosecoff Terri ann Cooper Konheim Scott, Susan & Joshua Corwin Victoria Dummer Dora & Neil Kadisha Sally & Dr. Manny J. Karbelnig Thea & Neal Koss Robin & Seth Kugler Phyllis & Ken Lemberger Pam, Amanda, Lianna & Eddie Renee & Meyer Luskin Michael & Cecil Pulitzer Paula & Allan Rudnick Anne C. Taubman & David Boyle Vernon, Barry & Dale Tyerman In Honor of Ruth Tyerman Lentz The Waterman Family Foundation Leslie White & Al Limon Karen & Rick Wolfen Uniworld River Cruises, Inc.

EDUCATION ADVOCATE $1,000 - $2,999

Anonymous (3) 23rd Street Jewelers Gerald Abrams Harry & Gay Abrams/Abrams Artists Agency Dr. Richard Ackerman & Miriam Shakter Miriam Aguiar Olga S. Alderson Richard Alonso Merryl & David A. Alpert Patti & Harlan Amstutz Arizona Biltmore Margaret & Howard Arvey AudioQuest D.C. & Carol Ann Bakeman Alec Baldwin Foundation Robert E. & Maria H. Barron Battista Family Richard Bautzer & David McDowell Richard & Shelley Bayer Susan & Eric M. Bender Peter & Barbara Benedek Patricia & Mark Benjamin Shelly & Libby Bergen Cathy & Bill Bindley Helen Bing Joe Blackstone & Jamie Mohn The Bordy & Leibovic Families Brenda & Alan Borstein Helen Breitwieser & James Jacks Dr. Wallace P. Brithinee Carolyn & Gerald Bronstein Wendy & David Brotman Janet & Mark Brown Mr. & Mrs. Todd Brown & Family Marcia Burnam The Busch-Schifino Family Timothy J. Carlson Cassidy Turley Chancellor Emeritus Albert Carnesale & Mrs. Robin Carnesale David Cates & Christine Vavak Jane Cates Jonathan & Elena Cates Melissa Cates & Roger Claman The Chatwal Sheldon Cherry & Carolyn Runowicz Rich-Chiocchi Family Roy & Dorothy Christopher Laurel & Aaron Clark


mona golabek in the pianist of willesden lane

The Geffen Playhouse recognizes the following individuals and organizations for their generous support of our Annual Fund and Backstage at the Geffen. Donors are listed at the Associate level and higher for gifts made between November 1, 2012 and January 15, 2014.

annual donors Linda & John Coleman Lou Colen Ted Cordes James Costa Carolyn Crandall & Harley Kornblum Shelley Wike Cranley Janine Cristiano In Loving Memory of Ed Cypert Ruth Daugherty Lawrence G. David Shirley Lu & Norman Davidson Pam Dawber Gavin de Becker Deluscious Cookies Bill & Kate in honor of Blanche Schimmel Daniel & Gayle Devin Carolyn Dirks & Brett Dougherty Dennis & Jeralyn Doty Dr. Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food Jan & Thea Drayer Dream Warrior Group Gerald & Sally Ducot William Duncan Marilyn P. Dunn Colleen M. Ellis Terri & David Elston The English Language Center Kevin Watts & Christine Enlow Carl & Courtenay Enright Enyart, Doyle & Daniels Family Fund Carol & J.B. Esterkin Fairmont Miramar Donnovan Field Lawrence N. Field Gloria & Morton Field Michael Filerman Burt & Nanette Forester Joan & Charles Fox Steve Freedman Thomas Fuller & William Kelly Future Lighting G2 Graphic Service, Inc. Pat & Sandy Gage Sharlene & Sol Galper Kathleen Garfield Jeanne & Arnold Geffner Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Geoffrion Diane & Bruce Gewertz Rose Gilbert Kiki & David Gindler Cherna & Dr. Gary Gitnick Charlotte Gold Dr. Irene Goldenberg Marion Goldenfeld Eric Goodman Adrienne Grant & Paul Jennings Heidi Gregg Jack Grossbart & Marc Schwartz Allen & Deborah Grubman Michael Grunwald The Guerin Foundation Harlan D. Gulko Madeline Gussman Andrea & Marc Guth Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors, LLC Monty & Marilyn Hall Alan & Michelle Heilpern Mel & Faith Henkin Hernand Family Grant & Lysa Heslov Heys USA Jean Himmelstein & David Coleman Stephen Sass & Steven Hochstadt Dr. John D. Hofbauer & Dr. Laura E. Fox Gail & Stanley Hollander In Honor of Development Roger & Linda Howard Toni Hoyt Lisa Ingalls Lynn Hunt & Margaret Jacob Jason & Courtney Janda Jerome & Linda Janger Jordan Strauss Photography Joseph B. Gould Foundation Linda & David Kagel Karney Guren Family Foundation Robert Katz Patricia Keating Lenny & David Kelton Lauren & Richard King Barbara & Stuart Klabin Kent Klavens & Judy Vourlas Klingenberg Family Judy Knapp Leslie & Norman Koplof


Carol Krause Eric & Melissa Kurtzman Deborah Lacusta & Daniel Castellaneta Las Ventanas al Paraiso Helene & Arthur Laub Laura & Harvey Alpert Charitable Foundation John Liebes Steven & Nancy Lippman Dorothy Lipsky Judith Locke & Dennis Massie Karen & Frederick Lorig The Jennifer & Greg Malins Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mancuso Jr. Eric G.C. Mark Sherry Martin Janis B. McEldowney Sue McHugh & Herb Seese Barbara & Fred Miller Andrew & Laura Mintzer Joanne & Joel Mogy Garry Morris & Kent Harrison Hayes Greg Morrison In Loving Memory of Harvey S. Morse Rio & Frank Morse Lon Morse & Toni Hollander Morse Joan & Fred Nicholas Albert & Barbara Nichols Benedicta & Geoffry Oblath Bobbi & Rory O’Donnell Ornest Family Foundation Guy Oseary London, Alex & Marty Padilla Paradigm Talent & Literary Agency Michael Parks & Judith Hayward Amanda Crick & Glenn Pfeffer Julie Piepenkotter Herbert & Marilyn Piken In Memory of Michael Piller Ruth Popkin Popland Studios Portico by Exclusive Resorts Jeanne McDonald-Powers & Travis Powers Richard Rasiej & Joan Herman Harvey & Joyce Reichard Donald B. & Susan F. Rice In Memory of Frances Richman Esther & Howard Richmond Beth Roberts & Warren Smith Joseph & Cynthia Rodriguez Craig E. Rogers Brad & Nancy Rosenberg Sue Weiss Rosenwasser Lori & David Rousso Russ August & Kabat Laura & John Saade Sabrina Kay Charitable Foundation David A. & Karen Richards Sachs Richard & Amber Sakai Mark San Filippo Sarah Leonard Fine Jewelers Toni & John Schulman Jonathan Schwartz Steve & Paula Schwartz In Memory of Diane Barnett-Shapiro Traci Shelton Sherak Family Showtime Networks Inc. Holly & Larry Shulman Rita & Jose Sigal Ron Silverman & Soraya Ross Snyder Family Foundation Sold Out Crowd Drs. Matthew & Marion Solomon Bruce & Patti Springsteen St. Regis Monarch Beach St. Regis Punta Mita Mitch & Sherry Stein Joannie Stern Eric Strom & Eileen Goodis Alec Sulkin & Tal Rabinowitz Elaine F. & Radoslav L. Sutnar Katy Sweet Fred Tatasciore Family John Teeples & Nicolas Martinez, Jr. Audri & Stan Tendler Michael E. Tennenbaum Family Paul Tetreault Daniel Tongbai The Lodge at Torrey Pines Laura Trice, M.D. Daniel & Shauna Valenzuela Peter & Susan Van Haften Alan Van Vliet Anthony Vasek Peter & Denise Walsh

Rhonda & Mark Wapnick Joanne & Ken Weinman Roberta Weintraub Gelena & Seth Weissman Alison Whalen & Steven Marenberg Geoffrey & Susan Wharton Anna & Stephen Yallourakis Young Family Ms. Patricia Youngman Debra Zavala Barbara & Stanley Zax Marcie & Howard Zelikow Ellen & Arnold Zetcher Richard & Mae Ziman David & Ellie Zuckerman


Anonymous (3) Terry & Richard Abrams Dale Adrion Katherine Amber Ross & Lindsey Avner Lucia Barbaro Janet & Irwin Barnet Dawn & Marshall Bein James & Diane Berliner Diane & Richard Birnholz Ruth & Jake Bloom Frances & Thomas Booth Dr. R.W.G. Bugental David & Kathy Burke Ms. Martha Chase JP Cherry Beverly & Dennis Chester Phil Johnston & Jill Cordes Donald & Zoe Cosgrove Gail Cottingham Cameron Crowe Morgan Dameron Jeffrey S. Davidson Daniel Dodson The Milton L. & Betty J. Dranow Family Foundation Patricia L. Eisenberg Roni & Ethan Eller Myrna & Howard Fabrick Mimi Feldman Abby & Malcolm Field Marjorie & Arthur Fine Sydney M. Finegold, M.D. Michael & Lynne Flynn Myrna Forest Glenn & Jane Fowler Fran Fredella & Scott Rubin Lois & Gerald Gallop Benita & Bert Ginsberg Donna & Lee B. Gold, M.D. Francine Golden & Marvin Schlossman Louis & Linda Goldsman Ellie & Barry Goldstein Abner & Roz Goldstine Ellie Goodman Lori & Robert Goodman Mike & Elaine Gray Robert & Gabrielle Greenberg Lance Hagenbuch Mary & Alan Halkett Peter E. Hall Carolyn & Bernie Hamilton Stanley Handman Ronald Hansen Ms. Tess Harper Sheila & Chester Hasday Barbara & Bud Hellman Murray & Gail Heltzer Helene Hendrickson Neal Hersh & Lynda Klein Andy Heyward Mrs. Dorothy Hoffman Rand Hoffman & Charlotte Robinson Kelley M. Hogan Judith Hohman Gerald Isenberg Jackie & Warren Jackson Bill & Tiiu Jacobson Nancy & Len Jacoby Terry & Marc J. Jacoby Edward & Aya Jakobovits Josh Jones Ruth & Marvin Kalin Trudy & Albert Kallis Drs. Elaine & Jeff Kamil

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Kamine Anita Karbelnig Laurence O. Karsh Roy Kaufman Rima & Saul Rima Kay Susan & Greg Kay Milly & Robert Kayyem Joyce & Don Kaiserman Avi Kamienny Dr. Ann Kirsch & Mr. Jonathan Kirsch Kouy T. Kolar Mary Koppel Dr. Marina & Yana Kovalevsky Ron & Joanne Kramar Jay & Billie Kubrin Carol & Richard Kurland Tam & David Lachoff Joan & Christopher Larkin Jeanne & Christopher Lavagnino Joyce Lederer Peter Levin & Audrey Davis Levin Barry Levinson Burton & Anita Levinson Dr. Isaac & Barbara Levy Charles & Lydia Levy Donald Lipschutz Loris & Kory Lunsford Neil L. & Ora D. Macfarlane Elizabeth Marcellino Mr. & Mrs. Phillips H. Marshall Jim & Kathryn McCaffery Cindy Mediavilla Robert Mercer Philip & Joan Miller Pamela & Mark Mischel Allan M. Mohrman Jr. Bill & Gail Morino Sandra Moss John & Sandy Murdock Sherri & Arnold Nelson Adrienne & Arthur Omansky Mark Paluch & Bryan Ozamoto Cynthia Palm Dr. & Mrs. Emil & Dolores Pascarelli Barbara & Gary Pasquinelli C. Alexander Payne Mr. John Perkins Carol F. Phillips Lisa Pierozzi Jon Polito Jack & Jane Pollock Gary & Gail Racheletsky Linda & Manny Rider Carlene Ringer Richard Robertson Dolores Rogers Ronda & Fred Rose Maxine & Gene Rosenfeld Lawrence Ross & Linda Nussbaum Paul A. Rudnick, M.D. Nancy & Ted Sanborn Larry & Carole Scherzer Malcolm Schneer & Cathy Liu Elaine Carey & Vincent J. Schodolski David & Margaret Schwanke Bob & Susan Schwartz Dr. & Mrs. Jack Schwartz Susan Schwarz Michele & Peter Serchuk Robert Shadur Annette & Leonard Shapiro Peggy & Robert Shapiro Pearl Shultz Melinda & Yossi Sidikaro Steven Siegel & Lily Carey Significance Foundation Carol & Arthur F. Silbergeld Robin & Robert Sills Steven Sills Don & Marie Sirney Martin & Leah Sklar Dione & Joe Smith Karen Smits Trudy Sokol Roberta Spero Susan & Alfred Stern Edith L. Stoell & Linda Gach Ray Aaron Stroud Lance & Maureen Tan Mr. & Mrs. David Tann Judy & Art Tompkins Brigitta Troy Deborah Valdez Ira & Laurie Waldman Marcia & Dr. Charles Wasserman

annual donors

ASSOCIATE $250 - $499

Anonymous (10) Norman & Toshka Abrams Elaine & Michael Agran Theo Alexander Charles & Annick Allen Sylvia Almstadt Jan Altemus Robert C. Anderson Elise Andrews Philip Angerhofer & Stephen A. Jones Nancy Antoniou Eloise & Mark Appel Audrey & Martin Appel Bonnie Arnold Barbara & Ethan Aronoff Charles & Tana Axelrod Marc & Betsy Axelrod AKW Lynne & Lee Babbitt Betsy Baker Sheila & Raymond Bangs Anne Barry Cecile Bartman Randall C. Bassett Lynne & Bernie Bassey Sheila Spiro & Dr. Gregory Bearman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bechely Arnold & Susan Becker Wayne Biswurm & Brock Bennett Carole A. & Charles Bennett Barbara Bereny Roger P. Berg George E. Berger Richard N. Berger Karen Berkowitz JoAnn Bernard Laurie Bernhard Beverly Bierer Mr. & Mrs. William Birnkrant Adrienne & Michael Blackman Mrs. Marilyn Blank Ruth & Donald Blumkin Pamela & Bill Bohnert Susan Boiko & Martin Schwartz Toby Bornstein Betsy Bosak Wanda Boulgarides Paula Brand Mona Brandler Laura Brawner Felix Brenner Dr. and Mrs. Neal & Ruth Bricker Dr. Gerald Buckberg G & Ashley Buonanno Mark & Penny Burley Howard Bushinsky Laura D. Campbell Grace Diehaus & Pauline Canny Andrew Carlberg Marlene & David Capell Cindy Carlin & Jeff Rousso Barry Charles Beverly & Dennis Chester Carole & Leslie Cohen David Conney, M.D. Dino Conte Susan Georgine Craig Sandy & Alan Croll Judith & Mel Croner Else Dahl Muriel Dance Hedva & Dr. Dudley Danoff Jaye T. Darby Diana Davidow & Deborah Constance Debra Davis Jeffrey Davis Ruth B. Davis & Pearl Schultz Hal & Roberta Delevie Virginia DiBona Susan & Kevin Dobson Bruce & Suzanne Dodds Carol Jean Doehring Fred & Marilyn Dorer Steven & Beverly Dorfman

Daryl & Paul F. Doucette Ms. Susan Downey Sharon & Ron Dunas Dr. & Mrs. William M Duxler Chris Easley In loving memory of Howard Eichen Mr. & Mrs. Epelbaum Larry & Elke Ereshefsky David & Joyce Evans Alan & Barbara Faiola Carole Faxon Barbara & Denny Federman Carolyn Fernandez Lila & Fred Fink Paul & Karen Finkel Fran Flanagan William & Elisabet Fleischman In Loving Memory of Frank & Eileen Flood Edward Flores Sandy Francis Marilyn Freeman Francine Freid Kenneth J. Friedman & Marilynn J. Friedman Family Foundation Lynn & Barry Friesen Ms. Laurelle Frome Yury & Yelena Furman Lee Gardenswartz Larry & Judith Garshofsky Adleen & Richard Gibbs Linda Gibbs Karen Berko Gibson Diane Glazer Ann M. Goldberg Carol & Neil Goldberg Marilyn & Allen Golden Dr. Peter Goldman Louis & Linda Goldsman Ellie & Barry Goldstein Mark Gordon Roger Gordon Susie & Bruce Goren Ellen Greene Susan & Michael Gregory Gary Gross Marcy & Edgar Gross Suzi & Bob Guerin Eve Haberfield & David Johnson Peter & Sarah Hall Mark & Monica Haloossim Carolyn & Bernard Hamilton Tess Harper Kay Harrington Salli Harris Nancy Harrison Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Haveson HBC Protocols Inc. Richard Hefner & Greg Hoffman Allan Heinberg Mr. & Mrs. William Hellman Zvia Hempling Jackson Henry Carla & Alan A. Herd Michael & Candice Herman Ms. Kathryn Hibbs Cina Hodges Shirley Hoff Jackie & Dr. Irwin Hoffman Dr. Sharron Holman Mr. & Mrs. John Hopmans Mr. & Mrs. John Huber Lonnie Levi Israel Robert & Gail Israel Craig & Lynn Jacobson Josh Jacobstein Fred & Nancy Jacobus Mr. & Mrs. Vernon D. Jones Carolyn & Dan Jordan Peter & Cynthia Joyce Marlene Kane Jean Kaplan Jo Ann Kaplan Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell Karlan Harris Katleman Owen Kato Judith P. Katz Claudia Kazachinsky & Richard A. Sherer James Kelly Jordan & Nicola Kerner Family Irwin Kishner Phyllis Klein Dr. Phyllis Klein Donna & Jeffrey Klein Annette & Charles Kleeman Laurie & Milton Klorman Charles Kolstad Mr. & Mrs. Richard Korchien Dolph Kornblum & Florence Robins

Donald Kottler Barbara & Stan Krasnoff Janice White & Eugene Krieger Charles Kristenson Michelle & Bob Laemmle Carol D. Lande Dr. & Mrs. Eric Leibovitch Ginger Leibovitz Ann Leland Marla E. Levine Wayne Levine Dr. Isaac & Barbara Levy Richard & Vivian Levy Nan Lewis Mae & Hugh Lichtig Lee & Therese Linden Victor & Madeline Lindenheim Joanne Lindsay Irma & Allen Lipin Leslie & Adam Lobel Geri Loe Lori & Tom Low Ann & Bill Lucas Anne L. Lynch Teresa L. Maguire Guillaume & Crystal Maillet Carol & Doug Mancino Jeannette & Mervyn Mandelbaum Myrna & Irving Margol Robert B. & Dona Martin Sylvia Mason Phyllis & Bert Massing Stewart Mayeda David Israeli & Dr. Marie Mazzone Sheri & Jim McCashin Cheryl McCormick Lawry & Charles Meister Kimberly Meye Teddie J. Milner Pamela & Mark Mischel Thomas Mitchell Dr. & Mrs. Leon Mizrahi Andrew Molasky Susanna Morgan Shelagh Moriarty John Moschitta Bill Mullins Bonnie Nash David Neilan Fran Neiman Mark & Diane Neubauer Sheila Newman Robert & Anita Nitta Napoleon & Afra Nobay Shelby Notkin Elad Offer Sandy & Alan Olick Judy Orlanski Anton & Olivia Pacino Allen Pack & Rikki Gordon Bill Palmer Bob Paris Edward Parker Dara & Greg Payne Kathy & Jeff Perkins Michael Perlstein Naidu & Jane Permaul Susan Petelik Bruce Peters Frank Pfizenmayer & Josh Brown Frank Piontek Dr. Ronald & Alyson Podell Zazi Pope David Posner Philip Pritchett Joan & Martin Ransohoff Karen Reckamp Mildred Reid Vicki Reiss Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rennick Linda & Steve Richman Lee Rodgers Elizabeth Roewe Barbara & David Rognlien Mr. Avi & Mrs. Janis Rojany Rose Brand George M. Rosen Beverly & Melvin Rosenthal Joyce & Deane Ross Dr. Martin & Lorraine Ross

Bert Royal & Clay Black Adrienne & Stanford Rubin Blanche & Bruce Joel Rubin Joyce Hokin Sachs Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sackheim Mr. & Mrs. Simon Salloom Janet Salter In Memory of Hon. Maxwell Hillary Salter Karen Sandler Dr. Victor Sands & Mrs. Charlene Sands Susan & Kenneth Sarno Maxine Savitz Carole & Michael Scheinberg Carole Scherzer Gary & Karen Schneider Nancy & Steven Schneider Jane & Bill Schopf Barbara Schulman Susan & Peter Schwab Mr. Charles Schwartz & Mrs. Carol Schwartz John H. Scott Earlene & Herb Seymour Scott Shagrin Mary & Paul Shane Tom & Judy Sharp Madeline & Robert Sharples Shelly & Greg Sherwin Sideshow Rare & Remarkable Books, Art & Curiosities Renee & Joe Siegel Seymour & Dorothy Siegel Bonnie Sturner PhD in memory of Peter Silton Joan Silver Diane Good & Frank Smith Diane Smith Marcia L. & Mark J. Smith Karen Smits Joan & Jerry Snyder Fanya & Sidney Soll Michael & Millie Sondermann Anne-Marie & Alex Spataru Debra & Bruce Spector Ms. Rita Spiegel Ms. M.L. Stearns Dr. Jay Stein & Mrs. Carol Stein Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stempel Arthur Stern Gloria Stroock Stern Sally Stevens Holly Strom Mr. Kayser Sume & Dr. Renee Sabshin Katherine Sung I.H. Sutnick Deepak Swarup Donna Thompson Dorothy Thornhill Jay & Courtney Tobin Mr. & Mrs. Art Tompkins David Trainer Laura & John Lincoln Uelmen Robin & Gary Ungar Catherine Unger Leon & Stephanie Vahn Pia & Steve Vai Anthony Vasek Vital Research LLC Lois Von Morganroth Carole Wagner-Vallianos & Peter Vallianos Jane Wang Bunny & Jay Wasserman Elisa Wayne Annette & David Weil Julie & Peter Weil In Memory of Eunice Weiner Marsha & Steven Weiss John Weston Rae Jeane Williams Bruce & Marci Wiseman Deborah Wiss Rowie & Jeffrey Wolf George Wolfberg Albert Wolsky Jess Womack Lynn Woods Karen & Frank Wurtzel Kevyn Wynn Harriet Zaretsky Lynn & Meir Ziv Sandy Zwirn

Have we made an error? To report a misspelling or omission in these listings, please contact the Development Department at 310.208.6500 ext. 128 PErFORMANCEs  MAGAZINE P15

mona golabek in the pianist of willesden lane

Jay Weinstein & Lori Woldar Pat West Annabelle Weston & Steven Shulman Bruce Whizin Deborah Wiss Elaine & Donald Wolf Kyra Woo Andrew & Kimberly Zakanych Arnold Zane

geffen playhouse staff Randall Arney Artistic Director

Ken Novice Managing Director


Behnaz Ataee General Manager

Regina Miller Chief Development Officer


Mary Garrett Amy Levinson Phyllis Schuringa Shannon Noel Kristina Leach Nick Johnson Kristen Osborn

Artistic Manager Artistic Associate / Literary Director Artistic Associate / Casting Director Artistic Coordinator Literary Associate Literary Intern Intern

DEVELOPMENT Ellen Catania Director of Major Gifts & Corporate/Foundation Partnerships Jessica Brusilow Rollins Director of Education Partnerships & Donor Relations Jamie Mikelich Associate Director of Individual Giving Kristen Smith Eshaya Grants Manager & Major Gifts Executive Assistant Scott Kriloff Development Associate & Database Manager Ava Bogle Development Assistant Jessie Sherman Development Assistant

ADMINISTRATION Frankie Ocasio Executive Assistant to the Managing Director Maryam Meehan Accounting and Payroll Manager Francisca Lopez Accounts Payable Marguerite Harris Receptionist

EDUCATION Jennifer Zakkai Education Projects Leader Connor White Resident Teaching Artist & Education Associate

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public relations Andy Perez

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Mona Golabek in the Pianist of Willesden Lane Program  

Program for the Mona Golabek in the Pianist of Willesden Lane Spotlight Signature Series event