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REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY What your generosity brought to the 26,718 children and adults served, 2011-2012

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Dear Geffen Playhouse Supporter, Within this report is evidence that your gift to the Geffen Playhouse this past year reached someone in need and gave them pivotal opportunities to experience — and grasp a firm hold on — profound new levels of success, hope, connection and perspective. Children attending schools in the most challenging communities of Los Angeles experienced the joy and power of knowing how to write and how to write well — inspired and entertained (even while learning) through our highly talented and passionate Story Pirates and the quality programming we brought to their classrooms. Young teenagers who are not only affected by their family’s economic stress but also by the often tortuous years of middle school gained escape through our plays, connection to highly engaging artists and ideas, and the realization that they are not alone in their challenges and struggles. They experienced a whole new dimension of society to relate to, find meaning in, and explore. Through your generosity we also reached out to High School youth — to those attending the lowest performing schools in Los Angeles. Instead of giving them “one-off” experiences, we invited them to a year’s worth of plays and to experience pre and post-show workshops with our teaching artists to help develop their critical thinking skills in response to each play. It worked. Students were not only “blown away” by the plays and by opportunities to interact with casts and our artistic teams, they were moved that the Geffen Playhouse’s donors cared about them, believed in them, and wanted to give them such an in-depth, quality experience and education.

In addition to giving thousands of the most underserved youth powerful connections to the arts, we also reached out to thousands of needy adults and gave them access to Geffen plays and artists through your generosity. I hope you will have time to read the pages in this report that unveil how your generosity changed their lives as well. In fact, we received over 14,000 letters, emails and other responses of gratitude from the children, youth, educators, nonprofit leaders, and adults who benefited from your generosity. On the following pages is our attempt to capture their gratitude and expressions of how your investment paid off in rich dividends. With great pride on behalf of the Board of Directors, I share this report with you, and I share in the enormous outpouring of gratitude we all feel towards those who believe in and invest in the power of the arts to change lives, and connect us all to much higher levels of hope, success and humanity. I can’t imagine an education without the arts.

Frank Mancuso Chairman of the Board Geffen Playhouse


TABLE OF CONTENTS Impact of your support on those served through the Geffen’s Programs for: Elementary School Youth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Middle School Youth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 High School Youth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Adults . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45

Critical Partnerships & Outcomes You Helped Make Possible . . . . . . . . 51 Artists who participated. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 Numbers Served . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Map of Communities Served . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69

Geffen Playhouse Board & Advisory Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73

Pictured left: A young man who is home schooled by his mother told us that coming to see Red Hot Patriot through our Student Matinee Program was a ‘life-changing’ experience. Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

YOUR IMPACT ON YOUNG CHILDREN served through our Story Pirates Program for Title 1 Elementary Schools

A student from Nora Sterry Elementary School waits happily in our lobby before his story was performed in front of his whole school by the Story Pirates on our Gil Cates Main Stage.

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

5 10

About the Geffen Playhouse Story Pirates Program The Geffen Playhouse is a nonprofit organization, formally affiliated with UCLA, that is dedicated to enriching the cultural life of Greater Los Angeles through plays and educational programs that inform, entertain and inspire. Story Pirates is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the words and ideas of young people. We come together to serve Los Angeles in ways that we could not do so alone, and in ways that maximize both organizations’ strengths and resources as we build and deliver programs that efficiently and effectively address the most urgent needs of the children, schools, families and communities we serve. We are alarmed by the number of children in Los Angeles who are unable to express their ideas in writing. We know that writing ability, even as early as the Third Grade, is very closely linked to a child’s ability to graduate from high school, be accepted into higher education opportunities, and to succeed in their careers. We have seen the power of theatre and theatre artists to accelerate student learning and achievement. Together, our two biggest priorities are: 1.

A student at 20th Street Elementary School enjoys a moment with Connor White, a Geffen staff member and Story Pirate.

To deliver high-quality in-school programming that ignites, unleashes and strengthens the writing, creativity, and critical thinking skills of the most economically and educationally disadvantaged children of Los Angeles County.

2. To celebrate the writing, creativity and infinite potential of Los Angeles youth by producing professional performances of their stories, delivered to audiences of their school peers, family members and the larger community. Through the Geffen Playhouse Story Pirates Program, economically disadvantaged students across Los Angeles experience solid success as writers — a critical foundation for both their short and long-term academic success. Our Story Pirates work in very close collaboration with classroom teachers in Title 1 Elementary Schools, creating a year-long program designed to engage students in classroom workshops that unleash their creativity and desire to write. By the end of the school year, students who used to find writing “pure agony” (as many teachers describe) are now avid writers, proudly turning in pages and pages of work, and well on the path to long-term English Language Arts proficiency. Teachers who work with our Story Pirates define the program as pivotal for their students. “This is the finest outreach program I have seen and worked with in my 23 years of teaching,” a National Board Certified teacher recently told us.

Among the 9,051 students across Los Angeles who experienced new levels of success

Inner city schools are very stressful places. We rarely have people from the outside coming into the classroom. To have these wonderful people full of energy and excitement coming in and working with our students — it means so much to them and really is a huge motivator. When the Story Pirates come in to our classrooms, they tap into each child’s senses, get them engaged physically, and get them excited about writing (a task they used to dread).

Our students are much better at writing and critical thinking now, and they look forward to being challenged by the Story Pirates.

Story Pirates is low anxiety for the children, highly rigorous, and gets 100% participation. This program is outstanding.

Isla Gutierrez Teacher, Lorena Street Elementary School Boyle Heights

Teachers, parents and students from Lorena Street Elementary School gather after a Story Pirates performance of student stories.

The Geffen’s Story Pirates bring a fresh, new voice into the classroom. They are inspirational, energetic, and get the students writing. The students begin to see that the sky is the limit. In my 20+ years in the field, I have rarely seen a program with such definitive and lasting impact on students.

Freida Smith Principal, Nora Sterry Elementary School West Los Angeles


Students from Nora Sterry wait on our patio before attending the world premiere Story Pirates performance of their school’s stories.

Photo by Chelsey 10 Rosetter


Before Story Pirates: “Students agonized about writing; they absolutely dreaded it.”

“Students agonized about writing; “Theyabsolutely are voracious, fearless they dreaded it.” writers now.”

“Kids wrote in stereotypes (e.g., stories about blond- haired princesses). Same old story. Regurgitated from what they see on TV or in movies.”

“Students agonized about writing; they absolutely dreaded it.” “The depth and creativity of their writing improved overnight.”

“Before Story Pirates came, my students’ biggest concern used to be, ‘What’s the minimum amount we have to write in order to get this done?’ ”

“Students are 100% more creative now, with original, much more sophisticated ideas that blow you away.”

“Students agonized about writing; they absolutely dreaded it.” “The questions of ‘how many words’ or ‘how far down on the page does this have to be?’ never come up!

Now, I don’t have enough paper for them to use! They write 5 pages and more, on their own.”

Teachers explain how/why Story Pirates Works: “Research shows that getting kids WANTING to learn, instead of DRAGGING them through it is critical. The Story Pirates are outstanding at this. First, they perform hilarious stories written by students at other schools across L.A. to pique our students’ interest in writing. Then, they teach our students how to write in a way that is so entertaining and engaging that every single one of my students falls in love with writing.”

“The Story Pirates model the creative process. They act out what is boring and then elicit from the students ideas for making a sentence — or a sequence of ideas — a lot more interesting, unexpected, and compelling to an audience. Kids love this. They learn through this.”

“Every single student experiences a success through the Story Pirates Program. They complete a story that they are proud about, that inspires them to continue exploring and developing their writing skills.” “Story Pirates gives them an experience of writing as a pleasure, not a ‘task’.”


20th Street Elementary School Students are celebrated as authors.

After Story Pirates:

Before Story Pirates:

Teachers explain how/why Story Pirates Works:

“Students agonized about writing; they absolutely dreaded it.” “Students wrote using the simplest words possible.”

“Now, they use highly descriptive language, sophisticated adjectives.”

“They know how to build the mood of a story through their vocabulary choices.”

“I taught my students the same content as the Story Pirates did, but it rarely ‘stuck’ with them.”

“Students agonized about writing; “Students remember theit.” content they absolutely dreaded and the techniques that the Story Pirates taught them – throughout the entire school year!”

“They even refer to the Story Pirates when another student is stuck on something — weeks or months later!!!”

“ELL* students are often engaged in a way that was from a ‘deficit perspective.’ Surrounded by low expectations. They pick up on this and always seem reluctant to participate, fearful that they will say something wrong or have a bad idea.” (*English Language Learners)

“Students agonized about writing; “ELL students fully participated they absolutely dreaded it.” when Story Pirates came into the classroom. Story Pirates put them at ease – totally reduced the stress they have about being English Language Learners — by making it clear that ‘every idea is a good idea.’ They thrived on the high expectations Story Pirates had of them.”

“The Story Pirates give them a tool kit for creativity — including enhanced vocabulary and a much deeper appreciation for the power of vocabulary, the power of their choices.”

“Their techniques are highly engaging and stimulating for students. Their creative energy is phenomenal and contagious.” “They don’t just teach isolated writing skills. Skills are taught in a meaningful, powerful assignment – writing one’s own story. Students remember how to write, and the strategies the Story Pirates taught them, because it was such an engaging, enjoyable and satisfying experience for them.”

“The Story Pirates instantly create an environment of fun, respect for all, and safety (safety in taking risks and in being creative) in a classroom. They gave all students — including our ELL students — the tools and support needed to be able to participate, to take risks, and to experience success both individually and with the group. This changes everything for them.”


Story Pirates engage all students in creative thinking.

Photo by Jamie Salka

After Story Pirates:

Before Story Pirates:

“I’m sure my students never even imagined that they could become ‘writers.’ ”

“Students agonized about writing; they dreaded “Thisabsolutely was the first time init.” their lives they truly felt successful as writers, and truly began to understand the power of their own writing.”

“They see themselves now as writers. They have the much-needed and authentic pride and confidence as writers.”

Teachers explain how/why Story Pirates Works: “With the Story Pirates helping them learn how to write their own stories, and then performing their finished stories in front of the whole school, the students experience the thrill of becoming ‘authors.’ “ “It’s a thrill that lasts and that propels them further. This model builds their eagerness to write by capitalizing on their newfound experience of success and excitement as ‘authors.’ ”

“Students agonized about writing; they absolutely dreaded it.” “Students rarely understood the value of writing.”

“They now see writing as a highly valuable way to express themselves and to experience success at school.”

“Before Story Pirates came, my students’ biggest concern used to be, ‘What’s the minimum amount we have to write in order to get this done?’ ”

“Students agonized about writing; they absolutely dreaded it.” “The questions of ‘how many words’ or ‘how far down on the page does this have to be?’ never come up!

Now, I don’t have enough paper for them to use! They write 5 pages and more, on their own.”

“The Story Pirates provide a pivotal experience of writing and learning. They help students discover the power of writing to create something of value to themselves, to their peers, to their school.”

“Every single student experiences a success through the Story Pirates Program. They complete a story that they are proud about, that inspires them to continue exploring and developing their writing skills.” “Story Pirates gives them an experience of writing as a pleasure, not a ‘task’.”


The Geffen’s Story Pirates made a powerful connection with our students. They were able to encourage even the most reluctant writers to express their ideas in writing. And even the most reluctant students looked forward to the Story Pirates’ visits with tremendous enthusiasm. In fact, many students who had experienced academic, social, and/or emotional challenges shined during the Story Pirates’ visits.

The Story Pirates Program is the finest outreach program I have participated in during my 23 years as a teacher! Dennis Hagen-Smith National Board Certified Teacher, Toluca Lake Elementary School North Hollywood

Amy’s Story Pirates Transformation Amy arrived at our school after moving cross-country last year. We were her third school in 12 months. A very capable student, Amy's academic progress had been hampered by social and emotional challenges. During the course of her work with the Story Pirates, Amy’s attitude and relations with other students improved dramatically. Given the Story Pirates’ comedic, high-energy approach, Amy felt excited about expressing her ideas in writing. Moreover, she was willing to follow the Story Pirates' steps and carefully revise her written work. When she read her stories aloud, other students were taken with her humor. She became much more popular in class. As a result, there were less behavioral problems. As Amy recently put it, “The Geffen Playhouse must be puffed up with pride on how we were progressing on writing. I like that my old “1s” in writing have gone to “3’s” and “4’s” in the course of a few months." Amy’s story is special, but not unique. The Story Pirates were able to have a positive impact upon each of my students . . . academically and socially. I am very thankful for this exceptional program.

Dennis Hagen-Smith Teacher, Toluca Lake Elementary School North Hollywood


James Asmus

George Basil

Tommy Bechtold

Julia Bellows

Satya Bhabha

Mary Bogh

Marian Brock

Jordan Kai Burnett

Drew Callander

Sophia Carter-Kahn

Mark David Christenson

Jen D’Angelo

Khalia Davis

Duke Doyle

Scout Durwood

Lauren Flans

Dan Foster

Trish Hadley

Ayana Hampton

Hesley Harps

Marcel Hill

Graeme Hinde

Mary Holland

Will Holt

Cory Howard

Zoe Jarman

Gabe Jewell

Quinton Johnson

Michael Joyce

David Kerns

Leslie Korein

Lauren Lapkus

Martha Marion

Tim McGovern

Scott Passarella

Jessica McKenna Mike McLendon

Lucas Peterson

Josh Rachford

Peter McNerney

Kyle More

Sarah Moreau

Peter Moses

Kate Mulligan

Rich Ramberg

Erika Rankin

Morgan Rebane

Zach Reino

Spencer Robins

Hunter Seagroves

Matt Sheelen

Adam Shenk

Jessie Sherman

Danny Tieger

Richard Valitutto

Madeline Wager

Rebecca Warm

Benjamin Siemon Joanna Simmons

Mike Wells

Connor White

Aparna Nancherla Phoebe Neidhardt

Jamie Salka

Courtney Rudolph

Lee Overtree

Jon Schmidt

Teddy Steinkellner Lauren Stripling

Alexis Simpson

Joel Sinesky

Anthony Starble

Matt Wool

Nayla Wren

Carolyn Marie Wright


Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

19 10

3,167 middle school youth saw the Geffen’s presentation of the musical play, Rock the Presidents, through tours to their school or through a trip to the Geffen Playhouse.

Seeing your play, Rock the Presidents, wasn’t just fun, it was interesting and made me want to know more about the presidents. There are many things about seeing this play that I’ll always remember, like the acting and singing. The play was really creative and I liked it . . . a lot. Sarai G., student, R.L. Stevenson Middle School

What meant the most to me about this program? It wasn’t just being able to see the play. The people (the actors and the teaching artists) taking time out of their day just to talk to us.

Catalina E., student, R.L. Stevenson Middle School

Thank you for bringing Rock the Presidents to Hollenbeck Middle School. This program helps us learn about the presidents in an entertaining way. It also exposes us to new things. Not many people in Boyle Heights have been to plays. The

play made it fun to learn things that would be boring otherwise! Imelda M., student, Hollenbeck Middle School

This program helps kids like me to watch theatre. I have never gone to a play before. The reason I have not been to a play is because it is too much money. I was so happy to see this play. I learned many new things. I hope that you guys invite us back. If you do, many more people will be breathless. Mariana G., student, Hollenbeck Middle School

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter


This program has helped me learn a lot more history, without it being boring. It helped us learn a lot about what the Presidents were like and what they did. I learned a lot of new things. Thank you for coming to our classroom and answering our questions, too. Thank you for giving us the chance to see this show and to learn so much.


Rob P., student, Mark Twain Middle School

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter 10

Photo by Jordan Strauss

Our gratitude to Geffen Board Member Cynthia Stafford (happily pictured above) who underwrote the opportunity for over 400 middle school students to see Rock the Presidents and to attend a very lively discussion afterwards about politics and our dreams for Los Angeles and for this country. In honor of Cynthia’s commitment to inspiring youth through theatre arts, we officially name one day a year here at the Geffen, “Cynthia Stafford Day” and bring new experiences to the most underserved youth of Los Angeles. 23

Photo by Jordan Strauss

Leading the presidential discussion with middle school students are (left to right) Randall Arney (Artistic Director of the Geffen Playhouse), Wendy Greuel (LA City Controller), host and Geffen Board member Cynthia Stafford and her husband, Lanre Idewu, and the cast of Rock the Presidents.


Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

25 10


There are not enough words to express my gratitude to you for your generosity in providing such wonderful exposure to the arts to so many of my students. In these dark days of budget cuts, the Geffen Playhouse is a beacon of light for my kids who are starved for the kinds of experiences you provide them. There are no funds for buses for field trips anymore, let alone funds for expanding the arts in the schools, which makes your efforts all the more vital.

Please let the donors, whose contributions make such experiences possible, know that their generosity pays dividends that go beyond money. Their donations improve and change the lives of so many young people.

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

I continually hear from my students about how going to the Geffen Playhouse was an

experience they will never forget and want to know when it can happen again. It not only inspires some kids to enter into the arts, but also adds culture into lives where such experiences are completely lacking. It allows me to tell them that if they work hard and make something of themselves, they will be able to afford many such experiences for themselves and their families in the future. I look forward to collaborating with your wonderful and vital educational outreach program again and again and feel much better about the world knowing that organizations such as yours are around to help the next generation.


David Crowley Teacher, San Pedro High School San Pedro


I was moved and inspired to actually get involved in politics, to help shape my future and fight for what I believe in. I was opened up to new experiences. The play brought up past events that I didn't know had actually happened. I appreciated mostly that I was invited to see a riveting piece acted out by such a phenomenal woman, Kathleen Turner.

Coray R, Student San Pedro High School

Kathleen Turner starred in our production of Red Hot Patriot, the Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins

Photo by Mark Garvin

27 10


It was amazing being able to see how emotionally inspired she was in doing what she loves. Her emotion

It really brought new experiences, and thoughts to mind. was incredible.

I’ve been so turned off by the political process. But this play inspired me to fight the good fight. I loved the writing. It can be

Andy M., Mendez Learning Center High School student

Kathy G., Home School student

This moves me to watch more plays and learn more about Molly Ivins (Really!) I loved Kathleen Turner’s I loved this play.

acting and how she talked 80 minutes without help. Ivan S., San Pedro High School student

difficult to bring a person to life through the writing. This was excellent!

“ ”

I was inspired by Molly Ivin’s life, how she fought. I went home and learned she died a few years ago in 2007.

It made me want to know more about journalism and the tasks she did. Emmanuel B., Mendez Learning Center High School student

I was moved to be more politically active by Ivins’ forthrightness and speaking out.

Veronica B., Home School student

Seeing Red Hot Patriot inspired me to pursue my dreams. Tess R., San Pedro High School student

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

10 29

The cast of CHAD DEITY spent time with students after their performance.

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter


“ “ “

I am really glad to have had the chance to experience the play as I did on that day. Shigemy M., student, Santee High School Education Complex

I’ve never seen a play like this before and it kind of blew my mind away.

The entire story had me captivated from beginning to end. Samantha A., student, East Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy

Terence Archie starred as Chad Deity.

I think that this play was amazing. Its

use of racism and comedy worked together to provide us with a message about our society.

Desmin Borges as Macedonio Guerra

Steven Valentine as Everett K. Olson

It also had amazing effects and props that worked very well with the play. I really liked it and it makes me want to watch more plays. William L., student, Lincoln High School

The play really got to me, both logically and emotionally.

This inspired me to see my choices in life. Made my first experience of seeing a play a very memorable one.

Melvin H., student, South Gate High School

Usman Ally as Vigneshwar Paduar Photos by Michael Lamont

31 10

IMPACT OF NEXT FALL Betsy Brandt as Holly, Geoffrey Nauffts as Adam, and James Wolk as Luke

Geoffrey Nauffts and James Wolk

Photos by Michael Lamont

The play was so amazing. It brought up a subject I have never thought of before.

It really showed me the obstacles you have to overcome when being gay. The actors were great at making it believable. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Rebecca M., student, San Pedro High School

It was the first play I have ever seen and it blew my mind because of the topic and what it was based on. Next Fall was cool.

It blew my mind because of how all of this works. How the sets move and the actors move. We wouldn’t have this opportunity without people making

This experience really opens our eyes. Thank you. donations.

Alexandra N., student, Santee High School

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter


High school youth gave the cast of Next Fall a standing ovation.


This play was very inspiring to all gay people who have had a hard


time keeping their sexuality a secret, especially if their parents are strict. I absolutely loved the play.

Michael T., student, San Pedro High School


I don’t want to still live in the projects when I’m grown. I want better for myself. Seeing this play motivated me to work hard and prove that through hard work, anything is possible. This play has definitely made me think about the choices I make when it comes to my future. Linda A., student, Venice High School

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

35 10

Marylouise Burke as Dottie, Sara Botsford as Jean, and Jane Kaczmarek as Margie

Photo by Michael Lamont

Good People is the first play I have ever seen. Seeing it changed my outlook on my future. The story let me see how important education is. Yes, there are choices I need to make.

Before this, I didn’t want to go to college at all. I just wanted to work after finishing high school. Now I’m rethinking this. I now understand from this play that it would be a lot better for me to go to college. Desiray H., student, Roosevelt High School


People have told me a million times how important it is to stay in school, get good grades, and go to college. But it never really sank in. Seeing this play, I now understand. It taught me that if I ever want to get far in life, I'm going to need to work hard and to make the right decisions.


E. M., student, Roosevelt High School

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

37 10

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

What I learned from this play was: Never give up. Go to college. Don’t blame others for your mistakes.

Walter R., student, Roosevelt High School

Jon Tenney as Mike, Jane Kaczmarek as Margie

Photo by Michael Lamont

Thank you for allowing me to bring my students to the brilliant performance of Good People on May 10, 2012. Most of my students had never been to the Geffen and a majority of them had never witnessed live theatre. To a person, they

were awed.

Days later, they were still talking about the experience, not only about the beauty of the theater, but about the play’s themes, many of which resonated deeply with them.

Sara Botsford, Jane Kaczmarek and Marylouise Burke

Your donors’ generosity and kindness has left a deep and positive impact on students who are not accustomed to be given gifts like a day at the Geffen Playhouse. Dennis D., Teacher, Venice High School Venice

Cherise Boothe as Kate, and Jon Tenney Photos by Michael Lamont


The cast of GOOD PEOPLE answered students’ questions during a “Talk Back” after their performance.

I had teachers and students stopping me in the hallways to tell me that they loved the play. I have NEVER –

in 28 years of teaching – had that happen. Rebecca L., Teacher, Roosevelt High School Boyle Heights

” 10

Students were eager to ask questions of the cast after their performance.


The play was great, specifically because it talks about sacrifices and decisions one has to make as an adult and being a mother/father. It definitely made me see things differently, in a positive way.


I think many people get the wrong perspective/opinion of others and judge them wrongly based on that. This play made me realize those things. Sandra J., student, Roosevelt High School

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

41 10


Bringing my students to see The Pianist of Willesden Lane extended learning out of my classroom and into the world.

The amazing and beautiful performance of Mona Golabek touched my students’ hearts and spoke to their intellect in ways I cannot inside a classroom. Also, the experience of just being at The Geffen Playhouse, sitting in an audience with avid theatre-goers, and talking with Ms. Golabek afterwards moved my students in their own personal growth.

Leigh Ann Orr, History / Social Science Teacher, Mendez Learning Center

Mona Golabek starred in “The Pianist of Willesden Lane.”

The one woman play was one of the best plays I have ever gone to. One, I love the way her emotions changed and characters changed too and the whole room would change into different scenes! I really enjoyed that she was able to bring you in and into the story. Her story touched me, but also made me

If I had the chance to watch it all over, I would. learn so many things.

Nalleli B., student, Mendez Learning Center

My experience when I went to see the play of the Jewish lady at the Geffen Playhouse was something new. I never went to a play before especially to a beautiful theater like there. I learned a lot from the play. I learned new things that I didn’t learn in school. The play was wonderful. I loved how the pictures would pop out of the mirrors and how when the air planes dropped bombs, the seats would shake to the dropping of the bombs. I loved how all these effects

happened. You


can learn a lot from a

Natalie L., student, Mendez Learning Center

Photos by Michael Lamont


Anna Gunn in the world premiere of Alan Alda’s Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

Even though I am already interested in science, seeing this play made me a whole lot more interested in thinking about it as a career. It opened my eyes to things I had never thought about. This was the first play I have seen in my life. It definitely made me want to see more. Henry K., student, Roosevelt High School

Photo by Michael Lamont


Photo by Craig Johnson



Urban Possibilities exists to help adult homeless and working poor men and women living through life’s toughest circumstances see that beyond the extreme poverty, abuse and neglect they experience, they have access to great possibilities and the Geffen Program is an essential part of our program.

I have graduated from the Los Angeles Mission Program and I am now 15 months clean and sober from alcohol. I started college at the end of August to earn my B.A. in Psychology; and I have discovered so many stories inside me that I am now writing to help others find their courage, strength, and will to fight on as well.

The Geffen’s plays are used as a catalyst for change and the results prove that theatre is a powerful tool that helps transform lives even in critically underserved communities.

I believe that Urban Possibilities, and it’s collaboration with the Geffen Playhouse has played a big part in my sobriety, and my determination to complete my goals.

One of our students explains . . .

Anthony Tate and Eyvette Jones-Johnson

‘My name is Anthony Tate. I went through a bottom spiral in my life and ended up at the Los Angeles Mission. One day, one of the staff asked me if I would like to become part of an Urban Possibilities program that hosts Skid Row theatre discussions and then attends plays. Being a lover of the arts I said yes without hesitation. The play was Superior Donuts at the Geffen Playhouse. That experience and the many plays and discussions that followed have helped restore hope, goals, and ambitions within me rebuilding my self-confidence and esteem. Urban Possibilities also started a creative writing program at the Los Angeles Mission, in which thus far I have attended all sessions. So like one of the characters in that play, I too am writing my first novel now. Being able to attend the Geffen plays has taken my thoughts out of a depressive state, and revitalized my creativity. For those moments that I am watching a play, I am not center stage any longer, but the characters are; and I can focus on them and their story, taking me outside of myself and away from the stresses and challenges of living on Skid Row to a place where I can dream.

Photo by Craig Johnson

Most importantly, the collaborative effort of both groups has helped me to believe in myself and build my own support group. I am confident that, if given the opportunity, this program could do the same and even more for others. I want to thank you for all this program has given to me. You’ve helped to create a stronger, more creative, more determined man that I can share with my children.’ We are grateful for our Geffen collaboration and for all the beauty it helps us illuminate in the talented men and women of L.A.’s Skid Row.

We thank you for the constant source of inspiration the Geffen Playhouse provides so they can fight on, dream big, and like Tony, work to transcend their circumstances. Eyvette Jones-Johnson Founder & Executive Director Urban Possibilities


Bringing our members who are HIV positive out of isolation and exposing them to a cultural experience is paramount. Most of our membership lives below poverty level and has limited opportunity to experience theatre as produced by the Geffen.

Seeing plays at the Geffen Playhouse has been invaluable to our members and has done so much to contribute to their well-being. As one member stated, in addition to ‘bringing me out of isolation, it has brought people together for outings that are shared with great anticipation.’ The lively discussion about the plays and interaction between members of all ages has been a very positive benefit of this program. This season we have attended “Talk Back Tuesdays," and many have commented on what a unique and exciting opportunity it has been to be able to discuss the plays directly with the actors. There has also been much commentary about the unique experience presented there. The Geffen Playhouse dares to "push the envelope" in order to make the audience’s experience one that is interesting, thought provoking and memorable. It doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you for allowing our membership to experience such great theatre. I cannot express the gratitude of our members as well as they might. I only hope that our partnership with the Geffen Playhouse continues for years to come. Craig R. Taylor Director, Board of Directors Being Alive Los Angeles

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter



As the program coordinator at Silvercrest — a residential home for Senior Citizens that is operated by the Salvation Army — I take a personal interest in the happiness, development and growth of our residents. Our relationship with the Geffen, and the stimulation attendance at the Geffen shows has provided, is beyond measure. The Geffen’s shows provoke active, interesting discussions among residents and contributes to their feeling connected to the rich cultural community that surrounds us here in Los Angeles.

I am thrilled with the growth I have seen in many of our residents that I directly attribute to their participation in attending plays at the Geffen and having the opportunity to discuss their experience and feelings with the Geffen’s theatre professionals in workshops afterwards. The benefits have been huge and palatable. Amy Malina Program Coordinator Silvercrest, Salvation Army Home for Seniors

Silvercrest residents enjoy a post-show discussion of a Geffen play with one of our teaching artists.

YOUR SUPPORT BRINGS HOPE & NEW PERSPECTIVES TO THE MOST DISENFRANCHISED YOUTH & YOUNG ADULTS OF LOS ANGELES The Geffen Playhouse is proud to welcome youth and young adults to the theater through season-long partnerships with social service organizations, including Create Now. Create Now serves vulnerable kids ages 2 to 25 who have been abused, neglected, abandoned or orphaned (foster children). These "forgotten children" are tucked away in group homes, shelters, detention facilities, special centers and schools throughout the Southern California region, under the radar of the general public.

Create Now is one of 44 organizations with whom we partnered through our Lights Up Program to give the most underserved and disenfranchised access to the beauty, power and inspiration of live theatre.

The Geffen Playhouse has provided a great opportunity for the youth that we serve to experience the arts. Today's teens are exposed to drugs, gang violence, and graffiti. Through the Geffen’s Lights Up Program, the youth have learned to appreciate the arts as an alternative to the bad influence of inner-city life. Your program has impacted the behavior of the kids that we work with in a very positive manner. Their outlook on school and life has broadened. The arts excite them and challenge them to become more than just vessels of knowledge but to become creative individuals who will be willing to take exciting risks in their pursuits. The youth have said that they were amazed and excited about the events that they have attended through the generosity and support of the Geffen Playhouse and its donors. Here are a few quotes from students who had the opportunity to see plays at the Geffen:

William A.: "This wonderful opportunity to see such an amazing performance has influenced me to believe that there's more to this world than I have ever imagined." Bryan O.: "I love playing soccer, but I have never seen something so different from sports." Oliver B.: "I got to see that there is more to life than just the everyday routine. I can't believe how the creative mind can produce such an amazing show. I wish I could be part of it.” The Geffen’s Lights Up program definitely impacts students with an enhanced appreciation for the arts. With it, their lives will be forever changed and potentially lead them into creative and imaginative endeavors. This is the very definition of inspiration and should be done more often to increase the odds of succeeding for our troubled youth.

Ruby Medina Director of Programs & Operations CreateNow 49


“ New Directions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering veterans and to facilitating their successful return to families and society.

New Directions is deeply grateful for the many opportunities that the Geffen Playhouse and its donors have presented to the homeless veterans who are in residence here while they work to reassemble their lives.

Sometimes the subject matter of the play itself is discussed for several days following the performance, demonstrating again that attending live theatre can be educational and healing, as well as entertaining.

Many of the men and women who have served our nation in military uniform have never had an opportunity to see professional live theatre. This makes your generosity particularly meaningful.

New Directions has sometimes incorporated improvisational theatre in our program activities, and we have also sent veterans for training in stagecraft.

Socialization activities such as those provided by the Geffen have added therapeutic value for people who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Planning to see a show gives our veterans an activity they look forward to; planning for, and actually attending, a performance requires them to really focus on their treatment and recovery process.

A recent graduate of our program is employed as a scenic designer today; he informed me at that he was paying $16,000 in income taxes — not bad for a man who was recently living on the streets. It is quite possible that seeing a performance at the Geffen rekindled his creative spark. We know that the arts heal, that they inspire, and that they are essential. And for these reasons we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for including New Directions in your outreach programs. You're helping to end veteran homelessness in a way you may not realize.

Cindy Young Director of Development & Marketing New Directions


Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

51 10


The beautiful Geffen Playhouse — founded in 1995 by the legendary Gil Cates with strong support and encouragement from former Chancellor Charles Young and the entire UCLA community — started out as and continues to be a remarkable, mutually beneficial partnership between the Geffen and UCLA. By offering a variety of educational internships, residencies and workshops, Geffen Playhouse represents an invaluable learning and developmental resource for UCLA students and faculty alike. In addition, the Geffen provides a wide range of community education and outreach programs, enabling students, seniors, veterans, and many others in the Los Angeles community to experience the thrill and wonder of live theatre.

I’m delighted that Gil Cates’ legacy will live on at the Geffen, thereby serving as both an inspiring tribute to my friend and as an important resource for UCLA and the wider community. UCLA Chancellor Gene D. Block

UCLA & GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE PARTNERSHIP TO BRING ARTS-INTEGRATED LEARNING TO UNDERSERVED CHILDREN IN TITLE ONE SCHOOLS ACROSS LOS ANGELES This past year, we partnered with the UCLA Department of Theatre to develop a brand new children’s play called Tall Tales and to bring it to 10 Title 1 Schools as a creative and powerful learning opportunity for both the children and the UCLA theatre students. The new play used shadow storytelling, puppetry and music to engage children in exploring links between ancient values and our modern culture. UCLA students not only performed in the tour of the play to 10 Title 1 Schools, they also taught pre and post-show classroom workshops for each classroom that the children and teachers loved.

UCLA theatre students rehearse Tall Tales 53 Photo by Chelsey Rosetter


“ “

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the Tall Tales tour and workshops! The students and teachers were

thoroughly entertained.

Our students sat spellbound the entire time!

Barbara K. Phillips, Teacher, Sunrise Elementary School, Boyle Heights

This experience was magical! My fourth grade students were highly engaged in the performance and in the classroom workshops. I noticed a whole new level of participation from the students, and a great improvement in

their interactions with each other. On top of these benefits, your program also addressed standards in narrative writing, character development and plot summarizing. Jolie Aure, Teacher, Middleton St. Elementary School, Huntington Park

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

Collaboration between the Geffen Playhouse and UCLA’s Department of Theatre and Teaching Artist Program has been enormously beneficial to our students in the undergraduate programs. Students receive arts-based training with a professional theatre. Theatre undergraduates gain an opportunity to perform on a professional stage and in front of a child audience.

Thanks to the Geffen’s donors, our students have had the opportunity to develop and tour productions for young audiences and have provided meaningful arts experiences to underserved populations throughout Los Angeles. The Geffen Playhouse’s willingness to reach out to K-12 students in order to close the gap in arts education, particularly in a time of belt tightening in all professional houses, speaks loudly about the Geffen’s priorities and provides a powerful model to students that the need to be involved in the youth community is an essential part of theatre.

Patricia Harter Professor UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television Director, ArtsBridge Program

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

55 10





Geffen Playhouse Board member, Cynthia Stafford and Partnership for Los Angeles Schools CEO, Marshall Tuck


Through your support, the Geffen Playhouse works in close collaboration with The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools to bring the arts to youth across Los Angeles who are among the most underserved and in need of creative opportunities that accelerate their academic success.

Thanks to your generous support of our Education and Outreach Programs, we were able to serve 21 of the 22 Partnership schools in the 2011-2012 Academic Year, giving thousands of elementary, middle and high school students access to high-quality arts experiences at the Geffen and in their classrooms.

The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is a unique collaboration between the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Unified School District to turnaround L.A.’s lowest performing schools.

We are honored to work with The Partnership, a highly focused, student-centered organization that is making significant progress in helping the most challenged schools and students succeed.

Today it is one of the largest public school turnaround projects in the nation. The organization manages 22 of L.A.’s highest-poverty, lowestperforming schools and serves 15,000+ students, 93% of whom are economically disadvantaged and 75+% of whom are students below grade level in reading and math.

At a time when public schools have fewer resources than ever because of extreme budget cuts, the Geffen Playhouse has come on board as a major partner to bring urgently needed arts education and arts resources to our elementary, middle and high schools. In fact, this past year, the Geffen served 21 of the 22 Partnership schools.

The Geffen's commitment to the Partnership’s mission has made a critical difference to our schools and to our students, and is hugely inspiring to all of us. Marshall Tuck Chief Executive Officer Partnership for Los Angeles Schools

Mendez Learning Center students and Geffen artists at a recent Student Matinee in the Geffen’s Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater


Photos by Craig Johnson

Last year, our school was introduced to the Geffen Playhouse through the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools. The Geffen is the primary arts organization that partners with us, giving our students

Our partnership with the Geffen has transformed the English Language Arts experience for our students. opportunities to learn through the arts.

We are grateful for the team work and collaboration that has taken place between the Geffen’s staff

The level of depth and quality of the programming has been unparalleled.

and our teachers and school staff.

Alex Avila Principal, Mendez Learning Center, Engineering & Technology Boyle Heights



Photo by Chelsey Rosetter

We are very, very grateful to the Geffen for their extraordinary theatre education program and the collaboration with the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools. Through this partnership and the generosity of the Geffen’s donors, hundreds of students had their first time experience seeing a live theatrical production. The study guides and teaching artists were enormously helpful in preparing the students for the plays. Best of all, the students gain something to look forward to: their next theatrical outing!!! Jim Pentecost Teacher, Santee Education Complex Downtown Los Angeles


A young audience member participates in our Story Pirates’ adaption of Radiance (our production of Alan Alda’s play about Madam Marie Curie) into the child-friendly Brilliance


Photo by Jamie Salka


Zoe Jarman and Leslie Korein star in Brilliance Photo by Jamie Salka

Your generosity made our partnership with the Story Pirates possible throughout the year, even beyond the work we do together in Title 1 Schools across Los Angeles County. This past year, through support from the community, our Story Pirates partnership included the development of a child-friendly version of our play, Radiance (written by Alan Alda about the life of

Madam Marie Curie). The Story Pirates developed and performed their brilliantly creative, highly kid-engaging version, called Brilliance on our Audrey Skirball Kenis Stage, and it was a huge hit with our young audiences.


Duke Doyle and Connor White in A T.Rex is Loose! Photo by Jordan Strauss

Your support of our work with the Story Pirates also funded a new collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles this past Spring, during which our talented team developed a new play for children based on a T-Rex from the Museum.

Our Story Pirates performed the play not only on our Gil Cates Main Stage to roaring audiences, they performed to wildly enthusiastic audiences at the museum. The dinosaur themed story was inspired by real idea submissions from kids. 63


Photo by Jamie Salka

A third of all seats for the Geffen Playhouse’s Saturday Family Programming were given to organizations serving disadvantaged children. Through your support, more than 1,600 children and their parents or grandparents enjoyed these Saturday experiences of live theatre, including those from the following schools and organizations:

Beethoven Elementary School Canejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Challengers Boys and Girls Club Children’s Institute Claude Pepper Senior Community Center Fifty-Fifty Leadership Garden Co-op and Nursery Hermosa Beach Education Foundation KOREH L.A. - TheJewish Federation L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

LEAP - Learning Enrichment After-School Program Loyola Marymount Children’s Center Maple Counseling Center Mar Vista Gardens Recreation Center Norwalk-LaMirada Students Shane’s Inspiration Sheenway School Sherman Oaks Elementary School St. Cyril of Jerusalem School St. Monica Senior Ministries South Pasadena Schools

Temple Judea Urban Possibilities Vistamar School Walgrove Elementary School West Hollywood Elementary West Valley Occupational Center – Alternative Education & Work Center West Valley Occupational Center – English as a Second Language Zeta Rho


Photo by Jamie Salka

The Story Pirates were joined on our Gil Cates Main Stage by special guests Cheri Oteri, Nick Offerman and host Conan O’Brien for a fundraiser to support our partnership and continued work in classrooms across L.A. County.

Our “Story Pirates and Friends Family Event” celebrated and showcased performances of original stories written by LAUSD students, including Alejandro Vargas from Mayberry Elementary School, pictured here with the Story Pirates and special guests performers. 65

Photo by Jordan Strauss

Thank you for giving 4,300 youth and adults the opportunity to interact with some of the most gifted actors, directors and playwrights of our time through your support of our Talk Back Tuesdays Program


Next Fall


Kristoffer Diaz

Edward Torres

Usman Allay

Terence Archie

Desmin Borges

Justin Leeper

Timothy Talbot

Geoffrey Nauffts

Sheryl Kaller

Ken Barnett

Betsy Brandt

Jeff Fahey

Lesley Ann Warren

James Wolk

Daniel Sullivan

Hugo Armstrong

John De Lancie

Dan Donohue

David Lindsay-Abaire

Matt Shakman

Cherise Boothe

Sara Botsford

Marylouise Burke

John Pielmeier

John Doyle

Richard Chamberlain

Brooke Shields

Emily Yetter

The Pianist of Willesden Lane

The Jacksonian

Beth Henley

Alan Alda

Robert Falls

David Wilson Barnes Stephen Bogardus

Hershey Felder

Ed Harris

Anna Gunn

Leonard Kelly-Young

Natacha Roi

Brad Fleischer

Jane Kaczmarek

Jon Tenney

Manoel Feliciano

Harry Groener

Mona Golabek Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Margaret & Allison Engel Wit of Mollly Ivins

Glenne Headley

Amy Madigan

Steve Valentine

Bill Pullman

David Esbjornson

Bess Rous

Tom Nelis

Kathleen Turner

Sarah Zimmerman

Roslyn Ruff

Matthew Van Oss



Children Served

Adults Served

Total Individuals Served

Schools Served

Non-Profits Served

Story Pirates Performances & Classroom Workshops for Title 1 Elementary Schools






Tall Tales Performances & Classroom Workshops for Title 1 Elementary Schools






Rock the Presidents Performances & Classroom Workshops for Title 1 Middle Schools




































Performances of Gil Cates Main Stage & Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater Productions, and Classroom Workshops for Title 1 High Schools

LIGHTS UP Program (formerly called CREATE) for disadvantaged adults Nonprofit Partnerships (Tickets for their constituents) Saturday Programming for Children & Families Talk Back Tuesdays


North Hills Elementary Schools Served through our Story Pirates Program 20th Street Elementary, South Los Angeles 74th Street Elementary, South Los Angeles Braddock Drive Elementary, Culver City Chapman Elementary, Gardena City Terrace Elementary, East Los Angeles Coeur D’Alene Elementary, Venice Downtown Value Elementary, Downtown Los Angeles Gardner Street Elementary, Hollywood Humphreys Avenue Elementary, East Los Angeles Lorena Street Elementary, Boyle Heights Marlton Elementary, Crenshaw Mayberry Elementary, Silver Lake McKinley Elementary, Santa Monica Nora Sterry Elementary, West Los Angeles Point Fermin Elementary, San Pedro Rockdale Elementary, Eagle Rock Toluca Lake Elementary, North Hollywood Wilshire Crest Elementary, Miracle Mile Elementary Schools Served through Our Tall Tales Tour 99th St Elementary, South Central ACES Elementary, Downtown Delevan Drive Elementary, Glendale Dolores Huerta Elementary, Downtown Figueroa Elementary, South Los Angeles Griffith-Joyner Elementary, Watts Kelly Elementary, Compton Middleton Elementary, East Los Angeles Ritter Elementary, Watts Sunrise Elementary, Boyle Heights Middle Schools Served through Rock the Presidents Bancroft Middle School, Hollywood Carver Middle School, Central Alameda Cochran Middle School, Mid City Gompers Middle School, East Los Angeles Hollenbeck Middle School, East Los Angeles Markham Middle School, Watts Mark Twain Middle School, Mar Vista Marshall Academy of the Arts, Long Beach Pacoima Middle School, Pacoima Prairie Vista Middle School, Hawthorne Stevenson Middle School, Watts Willowbrook Middle School, Compton High Schools & Organizations Served through Student Matinees of Geffen Productions Abraham Lincoln HS, Lincoln Heights Animo Inglewood Charter HS, Inglewood East Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy, East Los Angeles Hemet High School, Hemet James Monroe High School, North Hills W. Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Ctr, Children Youth & Family Services Mendez Learning Center (HS) – Math & Science, Boyle Heights Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, Westlake Roosevelt HS - Academy of Medical & Health Sciences, Boyle Heights Roosevelt HS – Humanities & Art, Boyle Heights Roosevelt HS – Science, Tech, Engineering & Math, Boyle Heights Roosevelt HS – Law & Government, Boyle Heights Roosevelt HS – Communications, New Media & Tech, Boyle Heights Roosevelt HS – School of Environment & Social Policy, Boyle Heights Roosevelt HS – School of Law & Government, Boyle Heights Santee Education Complex, Downtown Los Angeles South Gate HS, South Gate Venice High School, Venice Westchester HS, Westchester



Winnetka San Fernando Valley

Toluca Lake Pasadena

Glendale Eagle Rock North Hollywood

West Hollywood Lincoln Heights

Schools and Organizations Served through our LIGHTS UP Program Affordable Living for the Aging Being Alive Beverly Hills Adult School California Lawyers for the Arts Santa Challengers Boys and Girls Club Culver City Monica Choreographer’s Theatre Ensemble South Claude Pepper Senior Community Center Los Angeles Country Villa Terrace Venice Create NOW! Cultural Education Project East Los Angeles College Westchester Inglewood Felicia Mahood Senior Center Fifty-Fifty Leadership Heal the Bay Hollywood Arts Holman United Methodist Church Hawthorne Inside Out Community Arts Israel Levin Service Center It’s Time for Kids Mar Vista Gardens Recreational Center Gardena Mokichi Okada Association Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation New Directions New You Foundation Oasis West L.A. Operation MEND Reading is Fundamental of So. California Redondo Russian American Choir Beach Santa Monica Emeritus College Self Realization Fellowship Sheenway School and Cultural Center Silvercrest Residence/Salvation Army SRO Housing St. Monica’s Catholic Church Center Step Up On Second Sunset Hall Thomas Safran and Associates United States Veterans Artists Alliance Urban Possibilities San Pedro West Valley Occupational Center – AEWC & ESL Programs Westside Community Adult School Zeta Rho

Downtown Los Angeles Boyle Heights

East Los Angeles

Huntington Park

South Gate Watts Lynwood





Suzanne Deal Booth

Frank G. Mancuso

Gil Cates, Jr.


Vice Chair

Patricia Kiernan Applegate

Dennis Doty

John Ebey

Mark Fleischer

David Geffen

Pamela Robinson Hollander

Quincy Jones

Joan Kaloustian

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Glorya Kaufman

Ron Meyer

Ginny Mancini

Susanna Midnight

Leslie Moonves

Teri Schwartz

Richard Sherman Victoria Mann Simms

Steve Tisch

Michael Walsh

Linda Bernstein Rubin

Howard Tenenbaum

Dr. Gene D. Block

Dr. Charles E. Young

Harold A. Brown

Herbert M. Gelfand Patricia L. Glaser

Mary Ann Cloyd

Kirsten Combs

Robert A. Daly

Adi Greenberg

Arthur Greenberg

Martha Henderson

Loretta Kaufman

Dr. Gerald S. Levey

Carla Malden

Susan Mallory

Jerry Moss

Steven A. Olsen

Jerry Perenchio

Andy Spahn

Fred Specktor

Steven Spielberg

Loren Rothschild

DeeAnna Staats Cynthia P. Stafford

Randall Arney

Behnaz Ataee

Regina Miller

Ken Novice

Artistic Director

General Manager

Chief Development Officer

Managing Director


Bruce M. Ramer


Michael Centeno

Annette Blum

Stephanie Carson

Lori Collins

Debra Davis

Valarie de la Garza

Jason Delane

Yvonne Huff

Lanre Idewu

Wendy Kurtzman

Adrian Pasdar


Priscila Giraldo

Kirsten Hansen

Rollin Ransom

Allen Shay

Eric Heer

John Sonego

Miranda Tollman

Deborah Benson Walsh

Laurie Ziegler

Founded in 1994, the Geffen Playhouse is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the cultural life of Los Angeles through plays and educational programs that inform, entertain and inspire. We are very proud of our affiliation with UCLA, including our partnership with the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television.

For more information about the Geffen Playhouse, please call us us at 310.208.6500. Geffen Playhouse 10886 Le Conte Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024 71

On behalf of every child, teacher, adult and senior citizen who gained access to the one-of-kind joy, inspiration and learning that only live theatre can bring, our deepest appreciation to you for making so much possible for so many.

10886 LeConte Avenue• Los Angeles • California • 90024 310 208 6500 • Federal Tax ID# 95-4492653

Dedicated with love to

Gil Cates whose legacy of bringing humanity, inspiration, understanding and joy through the arts lives on in our Education & Outreach Programs and in everything we do.

Photo by Chelsey Rosetter


2011-2012 Education Report  

Report of impact on the community, for Geffen Playhouse Education and Outreach programs in 2011-2012.

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