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Brooke Interviews the Cast and Crew of Ferdinand the Bull Brooke: What made you want to be an actor? Did you know you wanted to act as a child? Chad (Duque Dodo): My stepmother asked if I wanted to be a play when I was about 12 and I did. Every since then, I knew I wanted to act and have been doing so. Colin (Doquito Danilo): I grew up listening to videos and music with my mother. From this, my interest in acting grew. Acting made me happy and it made me feel good about making other people happy when they saw me act. I knew from about my teen years, I wanted to act as a career. Brooke: Is there a lesson to be learned about Ferdinand the Bull story and if so, what is it? Yolanda (Cochina): Yes, “To be true to yourself.” Chad and Colin: “To listen to others and to respect other people.” Brooke: As an actor, do you have a “boss?” All: Yes, we have lots of bosses. We have a Musical Director, an Artistic Director, a Costume Director, a Producer and others. The “actors” are the last in the chain. Brooke: Do you have parties after the play is over? All: Well, we usually have a party on Opening Night, but otherwise we are really tired when we finish the day. This is our job, so we are really tired at the end of the day- too tired to party. Brooke: Is it hard to memorize your lines? John (Ferdinand): Well, everyone has different techniques. I usually don’t memorize lines until rehearsal, but it depends on the show. The Director gives you notes to read and follow- its like homework.