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The essential guide to the UK domestic furniture and furnishings trade #360 March 2019 | www.furniturenews.net

Paradise 3000, Rest Assured

BRICKS AND CLICKS Made.com’s CCO on omnichannel

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STATE OF TRADE An industry in statistics, from FIRA

FAMOUS FIVE The Furniture Awards 2019

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Natural Sleep

the complete service Carpets and Flooring

SERVICE QUALITY VALUE 27/02/2019 11/02/2019 15:18 15:59

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“Technology is responsible for much of this upheaval – but it also promises salvation” COMMENT


hat’s keeping you up at night? Rising

operations, from granular detail to macro trends

costs? Consumers not spending

– so it’s perhaps fitting that with this, the 360th

enough? What your rivals are doing?

issue of Furniture News, we’re striving to do the

These are challenging times for our industry,

so you’d be forgiven for losing sleep (even during

As well as our lead interview with Made.

National Bed Month) – but many businesses are

com’s CCO Annabel Jack, who outlines the

recognising that negotiating this turbulence (and

brand’s evolving take on bricks and clicks (p24),

ensuring they’re still around to do so in 10, 20, 50

we present an insightful overview of the UK

years’ time) calls for some reinvention.

industry’s performance, from consumer spend

Much of this is down to the way people want to shop. The continued growth of online shopping – and its mobile iterations – makes it imperative to

to exports, courtesy of the Furniture Industry Research Association’s Suzie Radcliffe-Hart (p38). For those hungry for new product, take stock of

offer an experience that’s free from friction and

what you might have missed at this year’s January

frustration. After all, many of us are now choosing

Furniture Show (p68), and enjoy our celebration of

to mix up the channels when buying furniture. I

the best in the business, as we present the winners

might check out a new sofa on a retailer’s desktop

of The Furniture Awards 2019 (p55).

site before visiting a store to see it in the flesh

In the first of a new series of advice columns

and get some advice from staff. If I decide to buy,

from van builder Maxi Mover, we look at how to

there’s a chance it will be on my own terms, at

keep those goods moving (p152). Then there’s

home that night on my smartphone or tablet.

a global view of this year’s Far East exhibition

Delivering a decent version of this kind of

circuit (p7), and a glimpse of where creativity

‘omnichannel’ experience is no mean feat, as it’s

begins, as young designer Beatrix Bray introduces

crucial to first apply the same philosophy to the

her Fluctuare table (p160).

back end of your business. Companies usually

Meanwhile, on the topic of omnichannel,

grow fairly organically, plugging in or augmenting

software specialist Cylindo describes the benefits

new processes (such as mobile commerce or

of employing an endless aisle strategy (p44). “The

delivery routing) when the need arises – but

store of the future will be a blend of the digital

this can lead to inefficiency, as the various parts

and physical worlds, combining the convenience

of an operation begin to operate a little too

benefits of ecommerce with the haptic product

independently of one another.

exploration benefits of bricks-and-mortar,”

That’s why many businesses are in the process of overhauling or replacing their ERP systems (the enterprise resource planning software at the heart

writes the company’s Biljana Vidoevska. We shall see. As always, my thanks to the advertisers whose

of any business’ IT infrastructure), removing the

support helps ensure Furniture News can deliver

barriers and striving for that seamless journey

such a wide range of fresh perspectives, month

they need to replicate at the front of house. Doing

after month – and to our readers, who help

so also widens their field of vision, making it

shape the scope of our vision.

easier to spot bottlenecks and opportunities in the supply chain, get a more accurate reading of stock levels, measure the results of promotional exercises, and much more. In short, technology is responsible for much of this upheaval – but it also promises salvation. Modern ERPs promise to empower business leaders by giving them a 360° view of their

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Sleep well.

Paul Farley

Editor-in-chief T 01424 776101 E paul@gearingmediagroup.com Twitter @FurnitureNewsED

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The essential guide to the UK domestic furniture and furnishings trade #360 March 2019 | www.furniturenews.net

Paradise 3000, Rest Assured

BRICKS AND CLICKS Made.com’s CCO on omnichannel

STATE OF TRADE An industry in statistics, from FIRA

FAMOUS FIVE The Furniture Awards 2019

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Paradise 3000, one of the latest models from Rest Assured (www.restassured.co.uk). Read more about developments at the Silentnight Group on p104


FIRA’s Suzie Radcliffe-Hart presents the association’s latest statistical findings

Alexander & James (122)


Cylindo’s Biljana Vidoevska explains the benefits of an endless aisle strategy


Corndell (74)

Beatrix Bray (160) imm cologne (28) Maxi Mover’s Joe Wiggins warns operators of the

The Furniture Trade Directory The indispensible guide for UK suppliers and retailers,

dangers of running overweight vans

in print and online www.gmgconnect.com

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Partner Comment | 7

Asian show circuit still lively Every March, tens of thousands of furniture players from around

Chinese imports, this has continued to fuel the rate of Chinese

the world gather in Asia for one of seven export-oriented furniture

manufacturers moving their production – in part or wholesale – to

trade fairs held in this region.

south-east Asia (this has been going on for the last five to seven

Last year, the dates of those shows in south-east Asia were packed tight, overlapping one another with little more than a week between the start of the first event and the close of the last one. This year is little better – the first show, VIFA Expo Vietnam,

years, but it’s become much more pronounced lately). So, what else can buyers expect this March besides bigger shows, more companies and more competitive products? Better services, it seems. While the exhibitors are pitting themselves

will open on 6th March, while IFEX Indonesia, the last in the

against their competitors, the fair organisers are working hard to

circuit, will close on the 14th. That gives the trade a four-day

make visitors feel as welcomed as possible.

break before the mega Chinese show, CIFF Guangzhou (boasting a

This year, EFE Malaysia and IFEX Indonesia are offering complimentary airport shuttle services between the airport, official

staggering total floor area of 760,000m2) opens. Here’s a list of those major March fairs in the order of their

hotels and fairground, as well as VIP lounges with refreshments.

opening dates (I’ve also added two Chinese events that are

IFFS takes it up a notch and provides complimentary hotel

significant in size but predominantly oriented towards the Chinese

accommodation and flight reimbursement for a select group of

domestic market, that some of you might like to know about):

buyers, as well as a premium prestige club service for established VIP buyers. CIFF Guangzhou, meanwhile, is issuing long-term VIP

“What else can buyers expect this March besides bigger shows, more companies and more competitive products?”

and Premium cards for fast entry and access to VIP lounges at all future CIFF events (to register go to www.furnitureandfurnishing. com/VIP). The global economy has a huge impact on the furniture trade – let’s keep our fingers crossed that our industry remains resilient. I, for one, am optimistic that those visiting Asia this March will have a fruitful time.

VIFA-EXPO (Vietnam), 6-9th; PIFS (Philippines), 7-9th; MIFF (Malaysia), 8-11th; EFE (Malaysia), 9-12th; IFFS (Singapore), 9-12th; IFEX (Indonesia), 11-14th; 3F (Dongguan, China, targets domestic Chinese market), 16-20th; CIFF Guangzhou (China),

Dr Casey Loo is the vice-chairman

18th-21st; and SIFE (Shenzhen, China, also targeting domestic

of the International Alliance of

Chinese market), 19th-22nd.

Furnishing Publications (IAFP, www.

With the exception of IFFS Singapore, which seems to be

iafpalliance.com), an association

undergoing a repositioning exercise to occupy a more upmarket

comprising the leading furniture

spot with top-notch, design-focused content, almost all of

magazines in 18 countries worldwide.

Asia’s other shows are targeting a mass-market audience,

He is also the publisher and editor-

and have expanded this year. This is generally a reflection of

in-chief of Furniture & Furnishing

the manufacturers’ competitiveness, as well as an optimistic

Export International magazine, the

anticipation of the shift of US orders from China to the wider

founder of the Furniture Leadership


Awards (FLA)and an adviser to the

The south-east Asian region and many of its exporters are benefiting from the ongoing trade war between China and the

Council of Asia

US. With the outcome of current negotiations between the two

Pacific Furniture

giants remaining uncertain while punitive tax is slapped on

Association (CAFA).

Our Media Partners Exclusive UK Member

Furniture News supports the aims and objectives of ACID (Anti Copying In Design) which is committed to fighting intellectual property theft

Official Media Partner

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Rest Assured is a real jewel in the crown when it comes to quality beds and mattresses.

Designed with quality and comfort in mind, our new mattress collection features zoned pocket springs, luxurious British wool and high performance fresh fibres to deliver a brilliantly breathable and superbly comfortable mattress collection. Luxuriously indulgent and beautifully affordable.


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Discover inspired home collections that celebrate your style.

Factory Showroom Open Weekend Dongguan

15.03.19 – 17.03.19 in advance of CIFF Guangzhou (Phase 1) The AIS Members Only Furniture Show Cranmore Park, UK

25.06.19 – 26.06.19 Launch of In-store Gallery Concept Furniture China 2019 Shanghai

09.09.19 – 12.09.19


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Look again at Nathan Nathan Furniture is undergoing a brand ‘refresh’ uniting all of its ranges under one Nathan name. In addition to our current offering we have three new ranges targeted at an ‘on trend’ customer base. The Nathan name has always been synonymous with quality materials and construction, so by using this ethos across all of our collections, it will let new and existing customers know that Nathan is a name they can trust for quality, reliability and now choice with our wider offering. Our stockist partners can still have our best-selling pieces, but they can also expand our values into more contemporary store displays, opening up the Nathan brand to an extended demographic.


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The robust metal work has been stylised with epoxy resin to create an aged appearance whilst remaining hardwearing.

LACQUERED BRUSHED SURFACES The quality teak panels have been brought to life with a brushed matt lacquered finish to create a tactile and natural looking finish.

STYLISH FINISHING TOUCHES Attention to detail and subtle features include contemporary handles with finger grip and drawer boxes made from mindi wood.

27/02/2019 15:18




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14 | News

Otty builds in-store presence Online bed-in-a-box brand Otty Sleep has increased its physical presence through a partnership with bedroom retailer Beds Are Uzzz, which will see the mattress stocked in six stores. Otty, which is also stocked within a number of Next Home stores, will create PoS displays for Beds Are Uzzz, and all customers purchasing in-store will be eligible for the company’s 100-night trial. Michal Szlas, CEO of Otty Sleep, says: “We’re excited to have finally partnered with Beds Are Uzzz – one of South England’s most respected independent retailers. Beds Are Uzzz share our standards when it comes to quality, customer service and convenience, and we’re confident the partnership will help more people

Independent retailer opens at Mailbox Independent retailer Authentic Furniture

options available, and we know that

has officially opened at Birmingham

Mailbox’s easily accessible location will

shopping and lifestyle destination, Mailbox.

provide us with a platform to engage with a

The 3000ft2 store is the retailer’s second

brand-new customer base. It’s an incredibly

showroom, and can be found alongside

exciting time to be moving to the UK’s

Heal’s, Made.com, BoConcept, Calligaris and

second city, thanks to the significant level of

Design Quarter. The store replaces Wesley

investment and number of large corporations

Barrell’s, which closed in December.

choosing to relocate there, and we’re looking

Authentic Furniture offers a range of handmade sofas, living room and dining

forward to welcoming people to the new store very soon.”

room furniture. MD Tim Lowry says: “At Authentic Furniture, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest standards of quality, service, and overall retail experience. We feel a great synergy with Mailbox in this respect and are thrilled to have opened our second showroom in the centre. “The showroom is an extremely important part of our customer journey due to the nature of our products and the customisation

receive a better night’s sleep.” Alex Fellingham, director at Beds Are Uzzz, adds: “Beds Are Uzzz always look to stock the best and most innovative products, so adding Otty to our collection was a natural move. Otty is a growing brand and we’re excited to be able to offer our customers the option to try the boxed mattress in store, alongside our other quality bedroom furniture.”

Boyteks appoints sales lead Turkish fabric producer Boyteks has

Carpetright appoints new CFO After more than 10 years in the post and

outstanding contribution to Carpetright over

over 30 in retailing, Carpetright’s CFO, Neil

many years, and the board wishes to express

Page, is to retire from a full-time plc role.

its gratitude for his unstinting commitment

He was succeeded by Jeremy Simpson on

to the business, particularly through the

25th February.

recent challenging period of restructuring.

Jeremy was most recently CFO of

We are delighted that Jeremy is joining us

Sureserve Group (previously Lakehouse).

as CFO – he has a strong plc track record

After qualifying as a chartered accountant

and will be able to integrate swiftly into the

with Ernst & Young, he moved to KPMG

executive team.”

Corporate Finance, and later to Smiths

Carpetright also announced a trading

Group. He subsequently held senior finance

update for the 13-week period to 26th

roles at Hunting and Shanks Group.

January. As anticipated, UK LFL sales

Carpetright chief executive Wilf Walsh says: “As CFO, Neil has made an

remained negative for the period, although the trend has improved from that of H1.

appointed Dean Anderson to handle its upholstery fabric sales in England. Dean has worked at high levels in the fabric sector for many years, and has supplied upholstery fabrics to manufacturers since 1997.

Parliament looks at furniture manufacturing Maggie Throup MP, chair of the All Party

Richard Harrington MP, Parliamentary

Parliamentary Furniture Industry Group

Under Secretary of State for Business and

(APPFIG), secured a Westminster Hall

Industry, responded for the Government,

debate in January that examined the

acknowledging the economic importance

contribution of furniture manufacturing to

of the industry and commenting how

the UK economy.

“furniture is fundamental to all our lives”

She used the opportunity to champion the sector, and raised some of the policy issues

position on some of the BFC’s key policy

that the British Furniture Confederation

concerns. He mentioned that “the country

(BFC), the industry lobby group, has

has a rich history of producing world-class

highlighted – trade and export, standards


and regulations, skills and education, and the environment. The debate was well attended by MPs

FN360_Pages.indd 14

while providing clarity on the Government’s

He concluded the debate by stating that he recognised “the furniture industry’s great contribution to our country and of the

from both sides of the House of Commons

strong position it is in to make a positive

and from constituencies across the UK.

contribution to a more sustainable future”.

27/02/2019 15:19

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Sealy’s Activsleep range was awarded ‘Best in Class’ at The Furniture Awards 2019. Activsleep has one goal and that is to promote healthy living though healthy sleep. A good night’s sleep should leave you feeling refreshed and energised, ready to conquer all that the day throws at you. For more information about this award-winning range, call our Sales Hotline on 016973 20342 or visit out website.

www.sealy.co.uk FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 15 1

27/02/2019 14/02/2019 15:19 14:36

16 | News

Oak Furnitureland’s 100th UK store National retailer Oak Furnitureland has opened its 100th UK store. Located in Slough at the Slough Retail Park, the 17,635ft2 showroom features a mezzanine floor and has created six new jobs. Ben North, regional manager at Oak Furnitureland, comments: “Following on from the success of our stores in the region we’re thrilled to have opened our first showroom in Slough, and our 100th showroom nationwide. Reaching 100 stores is an exciting milestone for us, and the Slough team is proud to be part of our expansion programme across the UK, which has seen the creation of over 500 jobs nationwide.”

Furniture leads return to retail sales growth In January, furniture was the bestperforming retail category in terms of total

leave retailers feeling increasingly anxious. “The colder weather and continual

sales in physical stores (the category ranked

discounting drove up fashion sales, whilst

fifth online), according to the latest BRC-

the increased focus indoors also boosted

KPMG Retail Sales Monitor.

furniture sales. However, not all categories

Across every retail sector in total, sales increased by +2.2%, against an increase of +1.4% in January 2018. This was the highest growth since June. Paul Martin, UK head of retail at KPMG,

or players have been so fortunate, and even online growth continued to slow. “Eyes are naturally fixed on who the next casualty will be, but we can’t afford to overlook those excelling despite adverse

says: “Following the worst December

conditions. Winning retailers remain

trading performance in a decade, January

attractive to investors and consumers –

brought a welcome improvement, with total

they are adaptive and agile, and ultimately

retail sales up +2.2%. Having said that, this

they continue to outperform in this rapidly

increase points more to British shoppers’

evolving market.”

obsession of bagging a bargain and price

The monitor also found that the rate of

inflation, rather than any real improvement,

online penetration increased to 29.4% in

and these peaks and troughs continue to

January 2019.

Apprenticeships boost output at Westbridge

Ashley Manor appoints key principals

Welsh college Coleg Cambria

Whitelocks, who is the company’s new MD.

has supplied Deeside upholstery

Sofamaker Ashley Manor has announced two high-profile announcements – Lisa Broad, who has joined as sales director, and Paul Lisa was previously head of buying for

manufacturer Westbridge Furniture

Steinhoff Group. Her father, former Alston’s

with six apprentices, and is

sales director John Broad, sparked her

encouraging more youngsters aged

interest in the industry. “I’ve always had

16-18 to enrol on its traineeship

a real passion for upholstery, and with my

scheme before moving on to a full

background in textiles I have a real interest in


fabrics, design detailing and trends,” she says.

Lisa Broad

In collaboration with North Lancs

Lisa was responsible for high-profile

Training Group, the Level 2 Upholstery

launches at Harveys, where she worked for

Apprenticeship programme runs for

many years as head of buying. Her retail

the likes of Christie Tyler, Ultra, Wyevale

two years.

background also includes stints with BHS

Group, Belfield Group and Alexander &

and Laura Ashley.

James. Paul latterly founded The Cotswold

Participants are given the opportunity to put the finishing

Paul Whitelocks, the brand’s new MD,

touches to chairs, sofas and beds

has a unique combination of talents, from

for global customers including Ikea,

design and marketing to sales expertise and

M&S and John Lewis. Learners spend

proven leadership skills. He has worked for

Bed Company, which is now run by his wife, Alejandra. “Paul was the obvious person for me to help steer Ashley Manor into its next

up to eight weeks at Cambria’s

phase as a fast-growing British business,”

Deeside site as part of the traineeship

comments Mark Smith, CEO of DM Midlands

scheme, where they are taught

Group, which comprises Ashley Manor,

basic employability skills, and the

Alexander & James and AMX Design. “His

following four weeks are spent on work

appreciation of design, love of product

placement at Westbridge.

and knowledge of the marketplace adds interesting layers to his expertise in running

Westbridge operates from three UK production sites and employs over 1300

and developing companies, so I’m looking

people. HR manager Nick Arundell says

forward to the next chapter.”

there is demand for more production

Paul adds: “I am delighted to be part of

workers – particularly in upholstery

this exciting new chapter in Ashley Manor’s

- and is delighted to have already

history. With many years of experience

recruited trainees from the college.

behind us, we have now added an extra ‘sparkle’ with Scott’s [Coggan’s] fabulous

“We have four apprentices who were

design skills, and we launched our latest

part of the launch who are now past

collections at January Furniture Show, which

the halfway stage and doing very well,” he says.

FN360_Pages.indd 16

Paul Whitelocks

really showcased our new design language.”

27/02/2019 15:19

Full pag

To all of our customers.....

Thank you for visiting us at

the January Furniture Show!

New products on our website soon! www.westbridgefurniture.com

The new Milton range

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27/02/2019 18/02/2019 15:19 11:47


18 | News

Amazon unveils own-brand lines Amazon has unveiled its first UK own-brand furniture lines, Movian and Alkove, which comprise products for the living room, dining room, bedroom and more. The online giant states that lighting, additional home furnishings and textile items will be introduced to the ranges down the line. Movian offers a flexible and practical collection of modern, Scandinavianinspired furniture, while Alkove offers customers “premium design and quality materials”. These join a broad selection of furniture including Amazon-own and exclusive brands.

Team GB partners with Dreams Team GB and Dreams have confirmed a

Dreams CEO Mike Logue adds: “We’re

partnership which will see the retailer

delighted to become the first-ever official

become the official sleep partner for Team

sleep partner of Team GB in the run up to

GB up to and including the Tokyo 2020

and throughout the 2020 Olympic Games

Olympic Games.

in Tokyo. We pride ourselves on being a

With the games under 20 months away,


great British brand as we make, sell and also

Dreams and Team GB will work together to

deliver our Dreams beds - setting us apart

further prepare for Tokyo 2020, specifically

from the competition and making us the

looking to help the athletes sleep, rest and

best and most natural fit for the nation’s


most-loved sports team.”

Double Olympic gold medal-winning rowers Helen Glover and Alex Gregory visited Dreams’ HQ in High Wycombe to help launch the partnership. The London and Rio champions met with employees and discovered more about the partnership and how the Dreams team can help with athletes’ sleeping needs. British Olympic Association CEO, Bill Sweeney, says: “The importance of sleep, rest and recuperation is critical to athlete performance, and we look forward to combining sport science with the expertise of Dreams to deliver innovative initiatives for the athletes.”

Helen Glover and Alex Gregory

Apprenticeship standards approved The Furniture and Interiors Education, Skills and Training Alliance (FIESTA)

Mammoth helps rowers set record Health and wellbeing furnishings brand Mammoth supported a group of northeast England rowers who completed a 3000-mile Atlantic Challenge, setting a new world record in the process.

Product Developer. The development of the standards was

has announced that the Institute for

co-funded by the BFM and The Furniture

Apprenticeships (IFA) has approved five new

Makers’ Company, and follow the launch

Level 3 apprenticeship standards for the

of the Level 2 apprenticeship standards in

furnishing industry.


The standards, which were approved in

Both sets of standards have been written

December, are Bespoke Furniture Maker,

with the industry under the Government’s

Advanced Furniture CNC Technician,

Trailblazer initiative. FIESTA hopes that

Advanced Upholsterer, Fitted Furniture

the new apprenticeship standards will be

Design Technician and New Furniture

available for use by May.

Team Tyne Innovation become the fastest mixed four to cross the ocean. The team, which reached the end

Make the most of National Bed Month

point of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Simon Williams, NBF marketing

Challenge in Antigua after 42 days and

National Bed Month is here, and the NBF

10 hours on the ocean, was helped on

is calling bed retailers and manufacturers

manager, says: “Over the years we’ve had

its way by a range of regionally-based

to make the most of the campaign with

hundreds of retailers and manufacturers

companies, including Mammoth, which

its free downloadable toolkit. The national

support National Bed Month in their sales

supplied the team’s custom-made

awareness campaign, which has been

and marketing campaigns. Whether it’s


running for nearly 30 years, promotes the

fundraising, fun photo opportunities or

health benefits to consumers of buying

special discounts, it really is the ideal

Phil Kite, says: “We had a tough daily

a new bed – particularly one made by an

opportunity for bed retailers to push new

schedule of eat, sleep, row, repeat,

NBF-approved member.

bed sales.

Team Tyne Innovation skipper,

and having our Mammoth beds in

Taking place throughout March, bed

“The kit gives them the additional tools

the cabins was a huge help. Our

retailers are encouraged to download the

to help them promote the importance of a

cabins were tiny, but the Mammoth

National Bed Month artwork from the NBF

good comfortable bed, for a great night’s

mattresses packed a whole lot of

website. The toolkit includes a specially

sleep. Use the video and infographics on

comfort into slimmed-down versions,

designed logo, infographics, posters,

social media, the banners on websites and

which were specially designed to fit.”

animated web banners and a short video.

the logo in marketing collateral.”


FN360_Pages.indd 18

27/02/2019 15:19








The JF710 San Francisco Smart Lamp Table

The JF402 San Francisco Bed / Lamp Table

QI Standard, Qi Standard, Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad Fast Charge

USB Charging

Wireless Charging Pad

The PC709 San Francisco Smart Desk

USB Charging

The JF404 San Francisco Bed / Lamp Table

Music Streaming: Pair Your

Music Streaming 2.1 or Stereo Smartphone, Tablet MP3 Quality 2.1 Stereo Wirelessly & Enjoy Great Music Quality Speakers Pair your smartphone, Speakers tablet, MP3 wirelessly & enjoy great music

01443 www.jualfurnishings.co.uk N OW816 I N982 S TO Csales@jualfurnishings.co.uk K AND READY F O R NEXT DAY DE L IV ERY


FN360_Pages.indd JualMarch_JA.indd 119

27/02/2019 18/02/2019 15:19 14:49

20 | News

Updated NBF Code of Practice approved by trading standards Version Three of the National Bed Federation’s (NBF) Code of Practice

Government report suggests urgent measures to save the high street The Government has published a report

recommends that action is taken to create

which explores which measures should be

visionary strategies with the backing of the

taken to preserve the future of town centres

local community to support local traders,

and the high street.

facilitate parking and develop the role of

The report, entitled High Streets and

partnerships – and that retailers should

has been accepted as Assured Advice

Town Centres in 2030, draws attention

carve out a role dinstinctive from online

by trading standards – meaning that

to the disruption taking place in the

sellers which focuses on experience and

all approved members of the NBF

sector, and makes recommendations to

convenience, by making more use of staff

complying with the code can rely on

the Government, local government, local

and reassessing store opening hours.

this to demonstrate they are exercising

communities, retailers and landlords, to

an acceptable level of due diligence

be acted on urgently – driven by local

that landlords take an active approach,

in complying with the law in those

authority intervention and kickstarted by

providing tenants with good-quality

areas under the jurisdiction of trading

the Government’s £675m Future High

properties on a flexible basis and investing

standards (product safety and trade

Streets Fund.

in and reconfiguring properties for new


Finally, the committee recommends

The report recommends that funding is

uses, and that the Government task the Law

generated by revenue from business taxation

Commission with reviewing whether the law

Yorkshire Trading Standards as its

reforms including a sales tax, an increase in

is impeding the emergence of a landlord/

Primary Authority since the launch

VAT, an online sales tax and green taxes on

tenant relationship more appropriate for the

of its Code of Practice in 2013, and

deliveries and packaging. The Government

current retail environment.

the first two versions of the code

has already announced the introduction

were also both given Assured Advice

of a Digital Services Tax in April 2020 to

that our high streets and town centres can

status. Version Three now covers 10

address issues related to historic avoidance

have a better and more balanced future

key areas, including new additions and

of corporation tax, but the report urges it to

ahead of them if our recommendations

adjustments to existing requirements.

go further to level the playing field between

are followed. This will require a shift

The NBF Due Diligence Programme

online and high street retailers.

from the retail-focused activities of high

The NBF has partnered with West

of random purchase and testing has

It suggests raising revenue by reducing

The report concludes: “We firmly believe

streets and town centres today to new uses

also been incorporated into the latest

business rates, offering a 12-month holiday

and purposes which foster greater social

version and included in the Assured

from rates increases which result from

interaction, community spirit and local


investments into improving properties, and

identity and characteristics.

“The Code of Practice has gone a

an increase in the funding available through

“With a properly planned strategic

long way towards raising standards,

the Future High Streets Fund. It also states

intervention led by the local authority,

improving awareness and tightening

that the Government should ensure that

with the backing of local stakeholders and

procedures in bed manufacturing in the

planning powers are fit for purpose, and

the wider community, we can redefine our

UK,” explains NBF executive director,

should undertake a comprehensive review of

high streets and town centres and ensure

Jessica Alexander. “All this helps to

high street planning.

their long-term sustainability for future

level the playing field for reputable

At a local level, the committee

generations to come.”

manufacturers doing the right thing.”

And So To Bed appoints ambassador

Spring Fair’s new portfolio director

Manufacturer and retailer And So To

topic at the moment, and as there is such

Bed has partnered with sleep expert, Dr

an abundance of information available for

Charlie Cracknell has been appointed

Lindsay Browning, the author of www.

consumers it is now more important than

portfolio director for Spring Fair, and

troublesleeping.co.uk. Lindsay will work

ever that we are properly educating people.

will be in the post from next month,

as the brand’s ambassador to educate

where he will assist in shaping the

customers on how to get “the finest night’s

passion for

strategic direction of the show.

sleep”. She will provide sleep tips on And

sleep aligns

So To Bed’s blog and social media channels,

perfectly with

event experience, Charlie has held

and will be available for one-to-one

And So To

a number of senior sales and event

consultations with customers to help them

Bed’s ethos,

leadership roles across multiple

overcome specific sleep problems.

so I am very

With over 20 years of international

sectors, and has built customer-

Having obtained a doctorate from the


excited to

focused events and communities. He

University of Oxford, where she investigated

see what we

says: “I’m already planning a concierge

the relationship between worry and

can achieve

matchmaking programme for the

insomnia, Lindsay has since been passionate


show, aimed at finding and matching

in helping people of all ages to sleep well.

in this

buyers with the ideal exhibitors.”

FN360_Pages.indd 20

Lindsay comments: “Sleep is such a hot


27/02/2019 15:19


Covercraft Upholstery Limited bespoke handmade furniture Acton House, Acton Grove Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 1FY Tel: 0115 9736111 Email: sales@covercraftupholstery.com www.covercraftupholstery.com CovercraftMar19.indd FN360_Pages.indd 211

21/02/2019 27/02/2019 09:12 15:19

{Surprisingly affordable} Just Just aa few few reasons reasons why why The The Great Great Chair Chair Company Company has has just just got got aa Whole Whole lot lot Greater! Greater!

Stunning Stunning bed bed ranges ranges NEW NEW for for 2019 2019

Double Page Spread.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 22

27/02/2019 15:19

Beautiful Beautiful NEW NEW additions additions to to our our extensive extensive accent accent chair chair ranges ranges



9 B E D, A C CE N




















Athena House, Olympus Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 4NF Tel: 01452 881 777 | www.thegreatchaircompany.com

FN360_Pages.indd 23

14/02/2019 15:19 14:38 27/02/2019

24 | Interview

Annabel Jack, CCO, Made.com

FN360_Pages.indd 24

27/02/2019 15:19

Interview | 25

Curation story Last summer, Furniture News visited Made.com’s new Shoreditch headquarters to hear how CEO Philippe Chainieux was delivering a business fit for the future. He revealed how a well-plotted recipe of fluid design, manufacturing and fulfilment (buoyed by significant cash injections) was making those ambitions a reality – so, when Made’s new financials were published last month, Paul Farley took the opportunity to check back in and ask chief commercial officer Annabel Jack for a progress report …

There are no tills – as before, transactions

It’s opening day at Made.com’s redeveloped

who returned from maternity leave a few

flagship store on Charing Cross Road,

days ago to be greeted by something that far

are carried out online to ensure a consistent

and I’m sitting by (what is now) the rear

exceeded her expectations. “Seeing so much

multichannel journey for every customer.

entrance. It’s likely this part of the store will

of our product here in one place, in such a

It’s all very Apple Store/Minority Report

become a café, Annabel tells me, gesturing

beautiful environment … it feels like a totally

– but you’d probably expect that from one

to the patio beyond the floor-to-ceiling

different shopping experience. When you’re

of the pioneers of the bricks-and-clicks

windows and suggesting how great it

adopting a ‘bricks-and-clicks’ strategy, it’s


would be to offer shoppers a little outdoor

so difficult to get the balance right between

hospitality in the heart of London’s theatre

what you physically show customers, and

Made’s first showroom, which opened in


what’s available from the website – are you

Notting Hill back in 2012 – long before the

sure you’re giving them enough examples of

likes of Amazon made the leap into the

your furniture to buy into what you do?”

physical space.

It’s just one example of the potential of this impressive new space. Three times

Annabel was one of the people behind

As befits the brand’s digital heritage,

“Back then, our showroom wasn’t as

the showroom now occupies the whole

the showroom is loaded with tech, from a

customer-friendly as it might have been,”

ground floor of the Soho building. This

jumbo-sized interactive screen (pick your

she admits. “Because it was part of our

means that, despite being a ground floor

look, see the specs, zoom in and out, print

office, people had to sign in when they

location, its corners are blessed with natural

a PoS postcard, summon an assistant,

entered – although that was great from

light, making the more colourful elements

etc) to the rows of smaller digital stations

a data capture POV, it wasn’t exactly

of Made’s eclectic range really sing.

which replicate the website and invite more

welcoming! There were other problems, too.

intimate engagement.

Our business meetings would sometimes

bigger than previously, at more than 1100m2,

“I was blown away by it,” says Annabel,

spill out into the showroom. And, although we had a touchscreen, it didn’t work very well. “This,” Annabel indicates the space around us, “is something else. Here, our customers can see our product, discuss design, get advice on fabric and wood choices, and so much more. The things that are different make it so special.”

Made.com’s expanded flagship on Charing Cross Road

FN360_Pages.indd 25

“When you’re a certain size of company, it’s really important to have people on the ground and understand the customer”

27/02/2019 15:19

26 | Interview

Alongside the technology, the showroom offers retail theatre in spades. Alongside bestsellers, the entrance and window display house examples from the Made’s TalentLAB initiative, reinforcing the brand’s status as a champion of democratic design. An archway leads to the main floor, which spans everything from tasteful roomsets and plinth-mounted product displays to a lush display of indoor plants. Towards the rear is that aforementioned breakout space, rows of touchscreen stations, and a corner in which customers can get interior design advice from staff. Annabel tells me that the decor, which currently emphasises provenance and craftsmanship, will change according to seasonal campaigns (like the brand’s everevolving product catalogue, the showroom is primed to react to changing demand). She also confirms that Made may open more UK showrooms in time – but that the company is more concerned with delivering a solid brand experience than broadening its native market’s retail footprint. That’s not the case for mainland Europe. In Made’s latest financials, Philippe Chainieux revealed that, after revenue grew by +40% in 2018 (to £73m), Made’s European business is set to overtake the UK’s this year. From a base of nine European

FN360_Pages.indd 26

27/02/2019 15:19

Interview | 27

territories, Made will launch in four new

expansion, we’ve benefited from having a

ones this year – Portugal, Italy, Denmark

bigger product catalogue behind us,” says

and Sweden – and will devote significant


investment to establishing a physical

Of course, operational efficiencies –

Jack in business Annabel’s career took off at consultant

presence in these markets, starting with a

logistics in particular – are critical to

FreshMinds (now Decidedly), where

new 5000ft2 store in Hamburg this spring.

success, and Made is happily ahead of

she saw an opportunity to widen the

the curve in this respect. For example,

company’s scope from financial services

London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin,

as a safeguard against imminent Brexit

to retail, and went on to work with

and spends roughly two days a week on

upheaval, the business has announced its

clients including Coca Cola, Dixons Group

the Continent. The devolution of power to

readiness with a dedicated supply chain,

and (a very young) Innocent Drinks.

regional European hubs is a fairly recent

ensuring uninterrupted fulfilment.

As CCO, Annabel manages teams in

development, but it is proving more

Yet these painless translations can also

“FreshMinds was run by two brilliant entrepreneurs, who taught me to have a

effective than keeping it all in London, says

be attributed to a certain universality of

can-do attitude and to take risks,” says


product design. Given that traditional


“Until recently, we’ve been more

tastes dictate how product should differ

In 2006, a chance meeting with

concerned with maintaining control and

from country to country, it’s surprising

entrepreneur Brent Hoberman (the

sharing best practices from a centralised

that Made’s seems to find a ready audience

founder of Lastminute.com) at a luxury

hub. But, when you’re a certain size of

wherever it goes.

goods conference prompted a change

company, it’s really important to have

“Among younger audiences, there’s much

people on the ground and understand the

more of a shared design language than you

customer,” she says.

might think,” states Annabel. “There are

of direction that would eventually lead Annabel to Made. “I (not completely accidentally!)

some differences, of course – for example,

bumped into Brent during a break,

generally do so for the European customer

in southern Europe styles will be influenced

and we started talking about selling

base as a whole – but, in terms of

by the hotter climate – but, broadly, we see

luxury products online. He was still at

marketing, there are specific nuances to

similar customer bestsellers across every

Lastminute.com, but was setting up a

each market.”


new business, Mydeco. On the 1st of

“When we design new products, we

Despite these nuances, Made’s business

Having a sizeable international design

January the next year, as I always do, I set myself a new goal – to work for him.

model has proved incredibly robust and

team – which manages an exponential

adaptable through its various transitions

number of designers, in turn – certainly

abroad – from France in 2013, right through

plays its part, but Annabel attributes this

that’s all. People sometimes say Mydeco

to Spain last October. “With each new

cultural shift to the boom in social media.

didn’t really work out – but it was very

“Back then, Mydeco was a vision,

ambitious, investing so much in user design tools like rendered floor plans, drag-and-drop technology, and style finders. There were so many facets to the business. It was really ahead of its time – these applications just weren’t in common use at that time.” At Mydeco, Annabel developed business in the UK and US for four years, before joining Made in 2012 as head of business development. She comments: “Mydeco was so many different things to so many different people – at Made, we’ve always been much more focused on building a brand, understanding the customer and guiding their journey.” After fulfilling various senior roles in the intervening years, Annabel was appointed Made’s CCO in January last year, and now oversees a sizeable team.

Pretty in pink? The showroom decor will change according to seasonal campaigns

FN360_Pages.indd 27

“Among younger audiences, there’s much more of a shared design language than you might think”

27/02/2019 15:19

28 | Interview

For today’s design-savvy Millennials (and

design chops through the development of

market, we’ve been able to achieve similar

those that have come after), inspiration

their own homes – but they’re also the

penetration levels across the whole home.”

knows no borders.

perfect ambassadors for the Made brand,

The results speak for themselves. Made

as they’re always keeping one eye on the

has reported record financials for 2018, with


overall revenue up +37% YoY to £173m. UK

“The explosion in social media is so relevant to how we have grown our business,” she says. “It gives us so many

“There’s a real sense of pride in what

revenue hit the £100m mark – an increase

insights into what styles and designs are

they do, which equates to trust in our brand.

of +34% on the previous year, when it grew

trending, and opens up countless marketing

We’re a design-led company who have made

by +29%. Made may be looking to Europe


it more affordable – and thus easier – to

for serious growth, but its performance in

make your home more beautiful. And that’s

the UK reflects a serious appetite for market

really the heart of the business.”


Thanks to initiatives such as Unboxed, which encourages Made’s audience to share snaps from their own homes on its

Accelerating the adoption of Made’s

“When I started at Made, we were a small

website through platforms such as Pinterest

brand is the more general inclination

UK company that sold sofas,” says Annabel.

and Instagram (“social media is so much

towards online buying, which shows little

“Now, we’re a multinational entity,

more visual these days, the picture is

sign of slowing. From bicycles to yoga mats,

working through factories across the world,

everything”), Made has cultivated a vast

diversification into new product areas has

employing nearly 500 staff and selling

online community, which has contributed

helped this furniture brand redefine itself

around 4500 SKUs.

some 10,000 pieces of user-generated

as a lifestyle provider, while the offer of


smaller, lower-priced homewares has made

ever-broader suite of quality products. But

it more accessible to customers reluctant to

it’s all underpinned by the brand experience

part with large sums of money online.

we strive to deliver. When Millennials buy

“On these platforms, you may not be sharing particularly private stuff,” says Annabel, “but it is personal, nonetheless

“Most buying journeys start and finish

“Ultimately, our growth is down to our

something for their home, they’re typically

– your house is a reflection of you, and,

online,” says Annabel. “While those bed-

investing in something they’ve fallen in love

typically, you feel proud of it. These users

in-a-box companies have done a great job

with, and they need to believe in the brand

want to demonstrate their creativity and

of seizing this opportunity in the mattress

delivering it. Having the human touchpoint through showrooms like this is integral to

“The explosion in social media is so relevant to how we have grown our business”

that experience.”


Customers can research and buy from various digital stations

FN360_Pages.indd 28

27/02/2019 15:19

Full pagGallery

NEW IN for SS19 Launching brand new products for SS19 in all our ranges of furniture, home accessories, lighting, made to order, soft furnishings and wall décor.

VISIT US ONLINE TO VIEW OUR FULL COLLECTION 01795 439159 www.gallerydirect.co.uk

Full page USE.indd 1 Gallery - Mar Issue FN.indd FN360_Pages.indd 29 1

18/02/2019 11:35 Fri 15/02/2019 12:02:08 27/02/2019 15:19

Get Connected

Online platform and printed directory brings buyers and sellers together Promote your company and find new business Access exclusive market knowledge and insights

Domestic Hospitality Manufacture

FNConnect_DPS_MAR19.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 30


27/02/2019 15:44

The Furniture Trade Directory

To receive a hard copy of the directory, a subscription to and greater online access, upgrade to VIP membership for just ÂŁ95 (UK) by calling 0044 (0)1424 776100

Second edition coming soon – call to advertise

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27/02/2019 13:43 15:19

32 | Events


SOURCE SCANDINAVIAN, IN STYLE Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, which took place last month, continues to strengthen its position as the world’s leading event for Scandinavian design.


f the visitors to this year’s fair, 31.5% came from abroad (an increase of +0.5% YoY),

representing 99 different countries – with the top four being Norway, Finland, Denmark and the UK. Interest and participation in Stockholm Design Week also continued to grow – a recordbreaking 427 events were arranged throughout the city this year. Cecilia Nyberg, event manager for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and Stockholm Design Week, comments: “It is fun to see that we are continuing to grow within international design. We are also very pleased about all the positive feedback we have received

The show’s best stand award went to Baux (photo by Gustav Kaiser)

from both national and international visitors and exhibitors. Many have

function. Our efforts to establish

during the week this year, which is

commented on the high quality level

Stockholm Design Week – to add

twice as many as last year.”

at the fair, and the open and pleasant

content to the visit to the fair and


strengthen Stockholm as a design

Light Fair will be held from 4-8th

destination – has generated fantastic

February 2020 at Stockholmsmässan.

results. There were over 400 events


“It is a meeting place for business, but we also fulfil an important social

The Greenhouse bar (photo by Gustav Kaiser)

FN360_Pages.indd 32

The next Stockholm Furniture &

An installation courtesy of Guest of Honour, studio Neri & Hu (photo by Mathias Nero)

27/02/2019 15:19

Full pag

FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 33 1

27/02/2019 12/02/2019 15:19 10:52

34 | Events


EXPECT MORE FROM MILAN THIS YEAR The 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano will be held from 9-14th April at Milan’s Rho showgrounds. This year’s event sees the return of the biennial Euroluce and Workplace3.0 exhibitions and promises to feature more than 2350 exhibitors (including 550 SaloneSatellite designers) across 205,000m2 of exhibition space.


reparations are in full swing for the upcoming edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano,

the global furniture sector’s platform for quality, innovation and creativity. Encompassing five trade events, within a new format, Milan’s big show hinges on the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, C

which is split into style categories Classic, Design and xLux – the latter international brands), underscoring

Milan as an international creative

be joined by the biennial Euroluce

its role as the international point of

hub, and the capacity of the industrial

and Workplace3.0 exhibitions, plus

reference for the lighting world. This

network that underpins it. It will also


edition will feature everything from

pay homage to Leonardo da Vinci, on

integrated and intelligent solutions

the 500th anniversary of his death.

Making its debut is S.Project, a space dedicated to design products

to Smart Living and energy-efficient

and decorative and technical interior


design solutions which reflects the

Workplace3.0 promises a 360°

Fair president Claudio Luti says: “At this particular time of great success for Milan, it is important

synergies between various industry

overview of the design of new working

to consolidate the Salone del

sectors, from furnishings to wellness

environments, while the 22nd edition

Mobile’s powers of attraction,

products. S.Project is set to include

of SaloneSatellite, a leading design

offering its visitors not just a wide

66 participants, including B&B

event for talented young designers,

range of products, but, especially,

Italia, Boffi Living, cc-tapis, Emeco,

invites reflection on the future of food

opportunities for international

ercol, Flos, Fredericia, Fritz Hansen,

from a responsible perspective.

interface and for reflection on the

Kvadrat, Maruni, Missoni, and Rubelli. Euroluce will comprise 421 exhibitors (48% of which are

FN360_Pages.indd 34


of which is bigger than ever, and will

In the wake of the new approach







relationship between creativity and

to the fair announced last year, the


Salone is putting the spotlight on


27/02/2019 15:19

Full pag

LEG Full Page Advert - May 2019.pdf 1 12/02/2019 10:03:09









FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 35 1

27/02/2019 18/02/2019 15:19 11:45


TCH_DPSJA.indd 136 FN360_Pages.indd

27/02/2019 15:19


FN360_Pages.indd 37

21/02/2019 15:19 10:36 27/02/2019

38 | Resources

FIRA’s annual statistical digest provides a summary of how the UK furniture industry has performed in recent years, drawing on data from a variety of sources to identify the manufacturing, spending and trading trends that have defined the sector, and offering businesses a valuable benchmark against which to measure their activities. Furniture News presents an exclusive summary of the digest, with commentary from its author, Suzie Radcliffe-Hart …

FIRA looks at the bigger picture then it has increased, reaching £321.1b by the end of 2017 (an increase of +10.3% on the 2016 figure). Some of this increase in lending was attributable to credit cards (+5.3% from 2016-2017), although lending through other channels was, comparatively, +11.7% greater than at the end of 2016. Total net unsecured lending continued to rise into 2018, with the latest available data (March 2018) indicating an outstanding value of £327.6b, which was +8.7% more than the outstanding net lending figure of £291.2b in March of the previous year. Published last month, the report covers 2014-17, and includes some estimates for how 2018 will be recorded, and beyond. Drawing on data from Government bodies such as the Office for National Statistics, HM Revenue and Customs, Communities and Local Government, plus the Bank of England, FIRA’s digest provides the industry with a good historical benchmark against which to measure its activities. Covering areas such as national economic trends, the structure of the UK furniture manufacturing industry and trading relationships with the rest of the world, the report delivers figures across contract, office and domestic subsectors.With a focus on the medium-term trends and the changes that took place between 2016 and 2017, here are the key findings of the latest report …

“I’ve been impressed by the resilience of the furniture industry – particularly when considering the economic challenges of the last two years”

In addition to the above, there has been a gradual rise in lending secured on dwellings, which increased by +3.3% from the end of 2016 to the end of 2017. At the end of 2017, lending secured on dwellings reached £1366b, and preliminary data for 2018 shows that this figure increased to £1390b by September last year. House starts and sales Following a fall in new UK dwelling starts in recent years, there was a significant increase in the number of starts in 2016/17 of 23,780

companies, supporting in the order of

– equating to +13.5% when compared with

338,000 jobs.

2015/16. Indeed, 2016/17 saw the highest number of new dwelling starts in the UK

Consumer credit and lending

since 2007/08, when the sector peaked at

After 2008, total net unsecured lending


to individuals in the UK continued to fall, bottoming out at £207.1b in June 2012. Since

Suzie Radcliffe-Hart, technical manager at FIRA International and the author of

National economic trends The UK furniture and furnishings sector The UK furniture and furnishings sector – comprising design, manufacturing, retail and repair – is much larger than many people think. Total manufacturing turnover for this sector in 2017 was £11.83b, representing a YoY increase of +4.8% – the largest proportion of which was furniture manufacturing, at £8.76b. This turnover emanated from 8489 companies employing 120,000 individuals. The wider sector, including specialist retail but excluding general retail, comprised over 52,000 VAT-registered

FN360_Pages.indd 38

Average weekly internet sales for household goods, 2015-18

27/02/2019 15:19

Resources | 39

the digest, comments: “It is possible that this reflects the pressure on Government in recent years to increase the number of available and affordable housing developments. With new housing – or even home improvement – comes potential additional spend on furniture and furnishing items, both large and small.” Provisional data for 2017/18 hints at a significant fall in dwellings starts for Wales (-12.1%) with comparably slight decreases for both England (-2.9%), and Northern Ireland (-2.7%). Data was not available for Scotland. Any increases in the building of new homes have significant potential for

UK furniture manufacturer turnover, 2014-17

increasing domestic furniture sales. However, annual dwellings starts remained well below those recorded in the four years prior to the 2008 financial crisis, when they were typically in the order of 220,000 to 235,000. However, the UK’s new homes trends do not mirror property transaction statistics – the total number of UK property transactions above £40,000 decreased by -0.9% from 2016-17. Whilst the number of non-residential transactions remained relatively buoyant from 2014-16, growth dipped slightly from 2016-17. The total number of transactions reached 1.35m – a slight fall when compared

Number of UK furniture manufacturing enterprises, 2014-17

to the previous year. Consumer spend Total UK consumer expenditure increased between 2014-2017 to £1259b (an increase of +8.1%). Expenditure for the wider furnishings, household goods and routine maintenance sector rose by +25.5% from 2014-17, with YoY growth of +7% over 2016-17. This expenditure increase exceeded that seen in all other competitor sectors. Consumer expenditure on furniture and furnishings was almost £17.5b in 2017 and exceeded all other spend in the household goods sector. This represented a +21% increase from 2014. The YoY growth from 2014-16 was +6.9% and +4.8%, respectively. However, growth from 2016-17 was higher,

Average employment in UK furniture manufacturing, 2014-17

at +7.9%. The latest data shows that furniture and furnishings sales continued to rise into 2018,

£8.76b, which was +7.2% higher than the

1.60% of the total for UK manufacturing,

with first and second quarter consumer

previous year and an overall increase over

the furniture sector employed 3.46% of

expenditures being respectively +8.5% and

the period from 2014-17 of +14.9%.Furniture

all UK manufacturing personnel, which is

+8.3% higher than for the equivalent periods

manufacturing in 2014 equated to 1.46% of

estimated to have equated to 2.4% of the UK

in 2017.

the UK’s total manufacturing turnover. In

manufacturing wage bill.

2016, this had increased to 1.60%, and 2017

Furniture industry trends

figures show that this has remained stable.


employed 89,000 individuals, on

Total provisional turnover in 2017 was

average. Despite its turnover being

In 2017, 6254 UK furniture manufacturers

FN360_Pages.indd 39

Office and shop furniture, unlike the other subsectors, saw turnover continue to drop between 2016-17 from £2.05 to £2.02b (-1.27%). Turnover in the kitchen subsector had

27/02/2019 15:19

40 | Resources

dominated by micro and small- to mediumsized businesses, with just 300 companies (5%) operating at turnovers in excess of £5m. Indeed, just 130 companies turn over more than £10m, which is slightly lower than in the previous year. The latest data (October 2018) indicates 6260 companies in the sector, compared with 6230 in the previous year. Most of this growth has been in the number of companies turning over less than £1m, although there has been a slight increase in the number of organisations in the £1-5m bracket, as well as the £5-10m and £1050m brackets. This, particularly in the higher turnover brackets, is assumed to be due to growth Number of furniture manufacturers in turnover bands by region

rather than new entrants. Over four-fifths (82%) of companies

historically fallen from a high of £1.70b in

particularly buoyant sector could be down

turn over less than £1m, and the largest

2008 to a low of £1.15b in 2011, and whilst

to multiple factors, including growth in the

percentage of companies are in the

turnover increased back to £1.73b by 2014,

number of mattress-in-a-box products

£100-250k turnover band (30.4%) – and

2015 was a comparatively poor year, with

available, potential impact of activity and

there remains a significant proportion of

turnover dropping back to £1.68b. However,

campaigns by organisations such as the

extremely small companies within the whole

consecutive data for 2016 and 2017 suggests

The Sleep Council, as well as publicised

furniture manufacturing sector, with 55.7%

that this was just a blip, with YoY increases

information and advice on replacing a worn

of organisations operating at turnovers of

in turnover of £1.99b (+19.1%) and £2.34b

mattress, which may have had a positive

less than £250,000.

(+17.7%) respectively.

effect on figures in this sector,” says Suzie.

The increases seen were larger than might

The rest of furniture manufacturing

In the mattress and office and shop sectors, the percentage of smaller

have been expected, and it is difficult to

comes under the heading of ‘other furniture’

companies is lower than in others (52.9%

judge whether it was all attributable to the

and comprises the largest of the industry’s

and 66.9% within these sectors turn over

market, or whether it was partially due to

four sub-sectors. In 2017, turnover reached

less than £1m, respectively). Conversely, in

data reconciliation issues.

£3.55b, representing an increase of +7%

the other furniture and kitchen sectors, this

over the 2016 figure of £3.32b.

figure is significantly higher, at 85.9% and

The mattress subsector continued to grow, with the £0.85b turnover in 2017 reflecting a +28.4% growth in the period

This category has a significant influence on UK furniture manufacturing’s overall

84.9%, respectively. The mattress sector has proportionately

from 2014-17, and +68.8% since 2010.

performance figures, accounting for 41% of

more large companies than the others, with

Turnover in 2017 was +3.7% greater than in

turnover. As such, any recovery in turnover

23.5% of companies turning over more than

2016. Company numbers also continued to

here normally reflects the overall position

£5m, an increase of +33% from 2016. In

increase, with the 174 registered companies

for the whole furniture sector.

comparison, just 9.9% of companies within the office and shop sector turn over more

in 2017 equating to a +10.8% increase on the previous year. “It is possible that figures in this

Company size

than £5m, followed by the kitchen (3.8%)

Furniture manufacturing continues to be

and other furniture (3.1%) sectors. International trade Imports of furniture into the UK in 2017 increased to £6.01b, compared with the previous year’s figure of £5.4b. Indications for 2018 are that this figure could decrease slightly to around £5.9b, which could be due to continuing uncertainty surrounding the impact of the UK’s departure from the EU. The majority of imports originated from China (£1.98b), with its share of imports into the UK dipping slightly to 33% when compared to 35% in the previous year. In purely financial terms, Italy regained its position of second in the hierarchy of furniture exporters to the UK. Poland moved to third position, with Germany dropping to fourth. In round terms, these countries

Number of furniture manufacturers in employee bands by region

FN360_Pages.indd 40

accounted for 10%, 9.5% and 9% of

27/02/2019 15:19


To register your interest go to our website

www.artisanfurniture.net E: mail@artisanfurniture.net / T: 0800 689 4736

Introducing ‘Granary Royale’ Directly by the Manufacturers Artisan Furniture is proud to bring the iconic ‘Granary’ range of handmade classic furniture. Customers can now enjoy all the handcrafted features directly from the manufacturer. This classic handmade range was first introduced in 2008, and is one of the most popular as well as one of our oldest range. This collection was first offered in acacia wood, with a darker finish and subsequently the second edition was launched in 2012 under the name ‘Granary Royale’ with a lighter finish in mango wood.

• Solid Wood • Mango Wood • Crafted By Hand • Royale Finish • Fully Assembled • Secure Packaging • Timber EU Compliant

FN360_Pages.indd 41 GVis_JA.indd 1

27/02/2019 19/02/2019 15:19 14:55

42 | Resources

Furniture imports into the UK, 2017

Furniture exports from the UK, 2017

furniture imports into the UK, respectively,

following significant YoY growth over 2014-

increases in exports to the UK, moved

at around £0.5b each.

15 and 2015-16 of +60.9% (£7m) and +110%

from £0.16b in 2016 to £0.19b in 2017,

(£20.6m) respectively. In 2017 the market

with predictions for 2018 indicating that

European Community was £2.73b – an

received £43.4m of goods (an increase of

this could increase, albeit by a smaller

increase of +10.6% on the previous year

+10.7% on the previous year) whilst early

percentage, to around £0.20b.

(when it was £2.46b) and +23.8% (£0.52b)

estimates for 2018, based on extrapolated

over the period from 2015-17.

data, indicate a potential decrease in exports

countries with which the UK benefited from

of up to -25%.

much smaller positive trade gaps in 2017,

The value of 2017 imports from the

Furniture exports have continued to

After this, there was a number of

Suzie comments: “There has been a

starting with Saudi Arabia at £10.9m and

to £1.14b in 2017, equating to a +12%

reasonable amount of publicity recently

Russia at £8.3m, although both markets

increase from 2016-17, a marginally greater

in relation to a potential deceleration of

saw a slight decrease, of £0.25m and £2.2m,

percentage increase than the +11.48% figure

economic growth in China, some of which


for imports over the same period. In pounds

may be attributable to recent exchanges

sterling, this increase of £122.7m in exports

between the market and the USA. There may

to the US, which slipped from a positive

was significantly smaller than the £619m

also be other factors, such as the sourcing

trade gap of £41.5m in 2016 to a negative

increase in imports.

of components and materials from other

trade gap of -£38.8m in 2017. It is thought

markets, which has grown steadily in recent

likely that the recent issues surrounding


trade tariffs are responsible for this shift.

grow in recent years, from £0.89b in 2015

The prediction for 2018 is that exports will continue to increase and could reach £1.21b, which would represent a +6.3% improvement on 2017.

Although the negative trade gap

The most striking figures were in respect

“It is possible that recent issues around

continued to widen from -£4.71b to

trade tariffs, as well as frequent fluctuations

-£4.87b, the increase was far less than

in state-specific regulation, could pose

grow YoY, and reached £0.24b in 2017 – an

originally expected, at just £0.164b (+3.5%).

a challenge to exporters,” says Suzie of

increase of +16.2% from 2016.

Initial figures suggest that the gap may

international trade in general.

Exports to the Irish Republic continue to

There was an increase in UK furniture exports to the US in 2017 (£20.1m,

reduce to -£4.68b by the end of 2018. Despite the UK’s stronger export

“This data is so important to both our

which accounted for 12.6% of the total.

performance, the 2017 negative trade gap

own and wider industries. In preparing

Germany and France, next in the hierarchy

with China (the largest for the sector)

the latest digest, I’ve been impressed by

respectively, both received 9% of UK

increased to £1.93b (from £1.86b in 2016).

the resilience of the furniture industry –

furniture exports.

This was followed by negative trade gaps

particularly when considering the economic

Trade with leading European nations

with Poland, Italy and Germany, which

challenges of the last two years and the

continued to be the main source of export

equated to £0.56b, £0.55b and £0.44b,

uncertainty surrounding the UK’s departure

income, with 60.5% of UK furniture exports


of the EU,” Suzie concludes. “We are

in 2017 going to the European Community (totalling £687.3m). Exports to China appear to have slowed

The main positive trade gap, as in

part of a truly global industry, exporting

previous years, was with the Irish Republic.

products all over the world, from Algeria to

This gap, despite the republic’s recent


THE AUTHOR Suzie Radcliffe-Hart, technical manager at FIRA International and secretary of the Furniture Industry Research Association, compiled this year’s digest on behalf of the association. The full report is available free to FIRA members, and for £2000 otherwise. All findings and summaries in this article are subject to copyright, being issued by FIRA International, the exclusive service provider to the Furniture Industry Research Association. www.fira.co.uk

FN360_Pages.indd 42

27/02/2019 15:19

Full pag

FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 43 1

27/02/2019 13/02/2019 15:19 12:25

44 | Resources

In today’s connected world, consumers move across channels to research, purchase and review products, and are more informed than ever –writes Cylindo’s Biljana Vidoevska, as she explains the benefits to retailers of deploying an endless aisle strategy …

Why retailers should embrace the endless aisle The customer journey continues to evolve, and forward-thinking retailers know that offering an exceptional omnichannel experience can be a gold mine. Indeed, the latest Retail TouchPoints Omnichannel Survey shows that 87% of retailers say creating a seamless customer experience across all channels is the most important business goal of their company’s omnichannel strategy. Connected customers are more focused on experience than ever - they expect a personalised offer and engaging shopping experiences. More often than not, they don’t think in terms of channels, and they expect

“Traditional retailers have realised the importance of digital merchandising while pureplays found that even having a small store can have a significant impact on their business”

Besides the fact they can create engaging shopping experience in-store, endless aisle can help retailers prevent customers from leaving their store unhappy because they couldn’t find what they were looking for. It basically means that you are giving your sales associates a tool to sell even the products they don’t have at their disposal in the moment. That puts retailers in a good position, creating a feeling that they are never out of stock. According to Forrester Research, retailers who have put endless aisle strategies to work noticed that they account for up to 10% of their revenue. The best thing about endless aisle is the

seamless experience at every touchpoint.

fact that it blurs the boundaries between

The fact that some of the biggest pureplays on the market have dipped their

and, if the sales associates are busy and

online and o�ine, enabling retailers to

toes into the world of bricks-and-mortar

there is nobody immediately available to

create an endless product assortment.

is one more proof that physical retail is

help, the endless aisle is a good alternative,

Disruptive furniture companies are

not dead – but the store of the future

so customers can look through the products

already using endless aisle to address

will be a blend of the digital and physical

and variations while waiting for assistance.

different challenges – and there are

worlds, combining the convenience benefits of ecommerce with the haptic product

On the other hand, an endless aisle can make a retailer’s life much easier.

numerous benefits endless aisle technology can bring:

exploration benefits of bricks-and-mortar. Traditional retailers have realised the importance of digital merchandising and the power of the first digital impression, while pureplays found out that even having a small, gallery-like store can have a significant impact on their business – for instance, earlier this year US retail giant LaZ-Boy acquired the pureplay Joybird, while online-first furniture retailer Interior Define expanded with more showrooms. The main challenge here is how to showcase your broad product portfolio within a limited footprint. The answer is simple – technology! What is endless aisle? An endless aisle is a retail concept of using kiosks and tablets in-store to allow customers to browse and order products that are not showcased in-store – even including products that are out of stock. One of the most important benefits of an endless aisle strategy to customers is that of product personalisation – the ability to get the product they want, and when they need it, no matter whether the store has it in stock. They can also get faster service,

FN360_Pages.indd 44

27/02/2019 15:19


Stylish, Modern, Leather & Upholstery Sofas...

ABBEY 3+2 £255



Jupiter Corner £370

DEVON 3+2 £340

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Jupiter 3+2 £395


All Sofas Come In All Combinations 3+2, Corner Units, 3+1+1 Leathers Come In Brown , Black , Grey


Ryan 3+2 £250

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Ryan Corner Group £240 3+2 £250

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21/01/2019 09:47

… OTHERS MAKE A PLACE BEAUTIFUL Tel: (0044) 3885 1509 Email: sales@derrys.com www.derrys.com 85 Teaguy Road, Annaghmore, Co. Armagh BT62 1LX DerrysMar19.indd 1

FN360_Pages.indd 45

11/02/2019 10:41

27/02/2019 15:19

46 | Resources

1. Prevent stockouts Stockouts can hurt your business. According to IHL Group, retailers are missing out nearly $1t in sales because they don’t have what customers want to buy on hand in their stores. Retailers found out that they can reduce lost sales by creating in-store kiosks, offering customers a possibility to browse and order products that are not available in the store. 2. Dropshipping and endless aisle – a

“According to Forrester Research, retailers who have put endless aisle strategies to work noticed that they account for up to 10% of their revenue”

will be surpassed by customer-centric retailers that work on designing the ultimate omnichannel experience. With today’s technological advancements, furniture brands and retailers can create engaging online shopping experiences and showcase every piece of furniture they offer in different colours, fabrics, and materials with superior quality visuals, 360° views, and 4K HD zoom. What if you could translate that experience in-store? Endless aisle is a perfect response to customers’ increasingly

match made in heaven

high expectations when it comes to

One of the biggest challenges for furniture brands and retailers is stock management.

(still a very high percentage of purchases in

shopping online and in-store. Customers

With endless aisle, they can implement

each case).

perceive time as one of their most valuable

a dropshipping model and present every

Knowing these facts, experts predict

possible variation, but actually order a

that showrooms will become smaller and

product only when there is interest in it.

more tailored to the customer’s needs. And

resources, so make sure that the experience you offer in-store is worth while. Replace waiting in line with a pleasant

instead of being sales-focused as in the

shopping experience. Forget about lost sales

management model where a store

past, stores will become shopper-centric,

due to out-of-stock products that you can’t

doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock.

focused on creating valuable in-store

showcase. Give your customers a reason to

Instead, it purchases the item from a third

experiences and personalised messaging

visit your store and make the purchase.

party and has it shipped directly to the

for their customers. Endless aisle can help

customer. By employing an endless aisle

furniture retailers turn their stores into

technology, retailers can promote their

destinations with engaging experiences.

Dropshipping is a supply chain

The biggest challenge of selling furniture online is that people often want to get a better sense of what it looks like. Coversely,

whole assortment. Interactive touchscreens allow your customers to browse through the

4. Empower sales reps to sell more

it’s hard to showcase every piece of

virtual inventory and check the different

Another factor is sales representative

furniture within a limited physical footprint.

product options available.

challenges. One of the main reasons people

Therefore, the more product variations

go in-store is to see how a product looks.

and options a retailer has, the more sense

3. Leverage a limited in-store footprint

Having only a limited number of pieces of

implementing an endless aisle strategy

An endless aisle makes it easy for furniture

furniture present makes it hard for sales


brands and retailers to showcase their

reps to sell a product – in this case, an

product assortment without having huge

endless aisle is a perfect tool to show more

showrooms. Instead, they can choose

and sell more.

attractive locations and open small, gallery-

By deploying an endless aisle strategy,

like stores where they will offer engaging

you can empower your sales reps to sell

shopping experiences.

more with less effort. Having your sales staff

Get the most out of limited in-store

equipped with laptops, tablets and in-store

space by offering an experiential retail

kiosks makes it easy for them to quickly

journey. Furniture retailers are aware of

show customers what the specific piece of

the importance of the first impression,

furniture looks like. In the hands of a smart

which in most cases happens online –

associate, endless aisle technology becomes

however, stores are still the preferred

a powerful in-store tool. Their knowledge,

channel for buying furniture. Research from

combined with superior visualisation of

Furniture Today shows that the number of

every product variation, can do wonders for

purchases in-store drops as we see a shift

your revenue.

in generations – 82% of Baby Boomers said that they bought upholstery furniture

5. Translate online experience in-store

in-store, as opposed to 74% of Millennials

Retailers that think in terms of channels

THE AUTHOR Biljana Vidoevska is a content marketer at Cylindo, a software specialist which brings together decades of experience from 3D, gaming and retail backgrounds to o�er brands and retailers simple product visualisation. The Cylindo Platform promises to automate the visualisation of any product, from any angle and in any variation, increasing engagement and conversion rates. www.cylindo.com

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27/02/2019 15:19

of all your products in a Greenwood Sale.

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Britain’s Leading Experts in Retail Sales Promotion since 2002

Britain’s Leading Experts in Retail Sales Promotion

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1 Wilmslow House, Grove Way, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AG sales@greenwoodretail.com www.greenwoodretail.com 14/02/2019 14:33 GreenwoodRetailMar19.indd 1

12/02/2019 10:47

27/02/2019 15:19

48 | Profile

Mayfair 13,000 on contemporary bedstead

Mayfair – the quality pocket of choice Gainsborough’s Mayfair collection has achieved rapid success, reports MD Nick Gigg. Well received by retailers – in part, thanks to the early involvement of key stockists during the design process – Mayfair sports fine fillings and fulsome support, making it the pocket-sprung model of choice for an increasing number of Gainsborough’s customers … “We recognise that bricks-and-mortar

retailer, it can be offered at exactly the same

retailers have a unique understanding of

price points as the regular version.

what their customers are looking for,”

Nick explains: “Mayfair is designed to

more attractive proposition. As with all the bases, the bedstead, box-sprung and ottoman can be paired

says Nick Gigg. “Being able to tap into that

make the retailer’s job as easy as possible.

with any of the five Mayfair floorstanding

expertise and design a product based on the

The look and feel of the mattress sells itself,

headboards, and all bases can be matched

feedback has been extremely useful.”

and we’re rolling out new options to satisfy

with any of 14 fabrics, with more to come

as many customers as possible.”

this year.

Nick says that the results are impressive – many multi-store retailers now cite

There will be an ottoman base, and, for

Mayfair is made in the UK and carries a

Mayfair as their bestselling range, and to

customers not prioritising storage, there

10-year frame guarantee. This range was

quote one retailer, “Mayfair is now my

will be a selection of non-storage options

conceived to give retailers a collection

pocket of choice.”

– a stylish contemporary bedstead, which

that they could confidently offer to any

features a lower profile than a standard

customer looking for a top-quality bed, and,

including cashmere, merino and alpaca

divan, and a modern box-sprung shallow

concludes Nick, it has proved that it can

wool are finished with up to three rows of

base, which aids support and increases the

deliver a compelling solution.

hand side stitching, hand tufting and eight

longevity of the mattress. All options are

E sales@gainsborough-beds.co.uk

embroidered flag-stitch handles.

commercially priced, making this an even


Some of the finest fillings available

What really sets this range apart, however, is the support layer. Many brands would boast 3000 springs in their top model, but for Mayfair, this is just the beginning. Moving up through 5000, 7000 and 9000, the range peaks at an impressive 13,000 individual pocket springs. Having established itself, there is a number of plans for the range throughout the year. First is a pillow top – the clever combination of micro springs and fillings reduces settlement yet offers the same generous specification. Crucially for the

FN360_Pages.indd 48

Box sprung base with Mayfair 9000

The New Ottoman

27/02/2019 15:19

FN360_Pages.indd 49

27/02/2019 15:19

50 | Profile

Nola in black

Steens’ designs transcend borders Leading European business fair, imm cologne, saw flat-pack furniture giant Steens take the floor again this year. Furniture News caught up with UK MD Alan Cozens to hear more about the company’s performance …

“Cologne 2019 was a real success for

of high-quality new retail accounts were

number of new ranges, all designed to hit

Steens,” says Alan. “From a UK perspective,

opened, and a good number of active leads

international demand – and imm proved the

our visitor list was both extensive and of

are also in progress.”

perfect platform for reaching this audience,

high value, with most placing orders for new product. In addition, a good number

The Danish manufacturer took the opportunity to launch a significant

says Alan. “Whilst many products may have been designed with other countries in mind – for example, Maga for the Scandinavian market – their design and specification also proved of great interest to UK visitors. This, in fact, is the real benefit of holding a truly international event, where Steens’ full range of design and development capabilities are showcased.” The new ranges – including Alba, additions to the Steens for Kids, and Softline Kids – were all favourably received, and will be added to Steens’ core UK offer in the coming months. Forward orders have already been committed for both stock orders and DHD supply. “Steens have built an enviable and

Memphis in grey

FN360_Pages.indd 50

award-winning capability in the design and supply of children’s bedroom furniture,”

27/02/2019 15:19

Profile | 51

comments Alan. “These new launches will both improve the recognition of our expertise and increase our market share – we have ambitions to be the market leader in all our markets.” Having strategic partners in multiple territories means Steens is able to develop product designs for specific customers, which, depending on their suitability, can then be rolled out in other markets. Take Steens’ Venice living and dining collection. A classic design, comprising a large collection of tables, chests, cabinets and TV units, Venice was originally designed for a large Scandinavian client – but it very quickly became clear to Steens that its appeal could transcend these borders.

Steens’ stand at imm cologne 2019

A similar story arose from Steens’ Maga, Skjern and Skyline collections. With the reclaimed/industrial look

development, manufacture and supply.

becoming more mainstream, Steens

Taking responsibility for every process

presented its own Scandi version at imm

involved, Steens is able to achieve a level

cologne, in the form of New York dining,

of control that is outside the grasp of most

and living room cabinets in the Slimline



“In all, it was another successful

Combining metalwork and structured

presentation of our skills and capabilities,”

pine, and manufactured in Steens’ factory

concludes Alan, “and we’re already looking

in Kjellerup, Denmark, these new lines

forward to imm 2020.”

proved popular, and demonstrated the

E sales@steens.dk

benefits of Steens’ expertise in design,



New York

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019 10:32





CALL US NOW TO ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT 01489 778890 ORDER HOTLINE / 01489 778890 EMAIL / sales@steens.dk www / www.steensgroup.com

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27/02/2019 15/02/2019 16:08 11:55 15/02/2019 10:32

the Falcon pendant and Data console table

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01295 672200

14/02/2019 15:19 17:48 27/02/2019 15/02/2019 10:29

019 17:48 19 10:29

The Furniture Awards 2019 | 55

FAMOUS FIVE The fifth edition of The Furniture Awards, held at this year’s January Furniture Show, saw some of the strongest entrants to date recognised for their market-beating models. With new categories, an independent line-up of expert judges and more entries than ever vying for the top spot, 2019’s champions are due some well-deserved recognition, writes Paul Farley … Picking the top players from some 500

of its game, and then stepped things up

furniture suppliers and manufacturers is no

another notch. My hope is that things just

mean feat. Each year, the Furniture Awards,

keep getting better in this regard – however

a programme developed by Furniture News

the economy behaves. Well done to all of

magazine in partnership with the January

them.” This year’s awards were sponsored by

Furniture Show, aims to do just that, and put the industry’s most creative, intelligent

trade association BFM, and entrants were

and industrious furniture providers to the

given extra incentive by digital marketing


specialist Orbital Vision, which pledged to reward each winner with a photorealistic

Evaluating the many entries with integrity takes a good deal of industry

of the exhibition itself. Either way, a look

rendition of their entry for use in print, PoS,

expertise, and this year’s judging panel

at the following pages reveals a string of

online and social media – a free marketing

had this in spades. With specialist beds

success stories worthy of acclaim.

package which promised a taste of Orbital’s

and cabinet experience covered by Ross Beveridge (Archers Sleepcentre) and

“The awards seemed different this year, but definitely in a good way,” comments awards

impressive enVision software platform. January Furniture Show event director

designer Rob Scarlett (Furniture & Print),

co-ordinator, and editor-in-chief of Furniture

Cleer Scammel comments: “The Furniture

respectively, complemented by holistic

News magazine, Paul Farley. “Perhaps it’s

Awards at January Furniture Show are an

buying perspectives from Matt Hesketh

all the uncertainty around us, but it felt like

increasingly important element of the show.

(AHF) and Malcolm Walker (FIRST MW, ex-

2019’s entrants were more committed to

Each year the level of entries has grown

Furniture Village), it’s hard to dispute the

making the most of their achievements, and

and has included new and inventive uses of

selection process.

this was reflected in the overall quality of

materials, remarkable designs and clever

presentation around the show.

construction. We are looking forward to

Following evaluation of every entry in December, a shortlist was drawn up for on-

“The products themselves were generally

developing the awards in future years, with

site inspection at the Birmingham NEC. Led

better thought-through – from concept and

the aim of making them a highly regarded,

by the awards co-ordinator (yours truly),

quality to after-sales service and marketing

industry-wide accolade.”

the judges toured the show before it opened

strategy. The high standards set by this

to the trade, quizzing representatives and

year’s winners reflect a trade which, faced


getting a feel for each entry in the flesh

with hardship, has fought to reach the top


Read on to discover this year’s champions …

before sitting down to discuss their thoughts and return a verdict. The entry categories – Living & Dining Cabinet, Bedroom Cabinet, Upholstery, Accents, and Mattresses & Divans – each attracted a good number of entries, ranging from first-time exhibitors to high-profile brands, reflecting the scale and diversity

“The high standards set by this year’s winners reflect a trade which, faced with hardship, has fought to reach the top of its game, and then stepped things up another notch”

At Orbital Vision, work is in progress to turn each winner’s entry into a flexible 3D model

FN360_Pages.indd 55

27/02/2019 15:19

56 | The Furniture Awards 2019


Winner: Hartman UK Entry: The Julia Resin Chair Collection The Accents Category invites an eclectic mix of accessories, furnishings, accent chairs and more, so choosing a winner is less about direct comparisons between entries and more about simply recognising which business and product makes the best impression. Hartman UK’s attractive stand in Hall 2 hinged on a new range, the Julia Resin Chair Collection. Combining Dutch design and technology with the company’s core values of comfort, design and quality, the sleek and stylish Julia chair is ergonomically designed for impressive seating comfort. The chair’s base comes in a range of chic colours combined with either aluminium or oak wooden legs, ensuring a unique, warm look, while three seat shell options are available. Hartman UK offers a five-year guarantee on this scratch-resistant range, which is also 100% recyclable. The collection offers a low-maintenance, stylish and affordable indoor

“To have been awarded such an accolade for the Julia chair provides us the perfect platform to drive awareness of the full Hartman indoor range”

dining (or home office) solution, and complements Hartman UK’s wider dining furniture offer. “Hartman UK’s core values lie in creating timeless furniture that unites comfort, design and quality. Silently and stylishly supporting great times, Julia has been developed to suit every home and every person,” comments marketing manager Michelle Bradford. “We are truly humbled at being chosen as the Accents Category winner. The January Furniture Show was a fantastic opportunity to launch our range of indoor furniture products to the UK market, and to have been awarded such an accolade for the Julia chair provides us the perfect platform to drive awareness of the full Hartman indoor range – we are very excited about what the next 12 months offer. Our focus at the show was to raise awareness of the Hartman brand, and we had a fantastic response from the visitors. The show also provided some invaluable insight on the indoor furniture market, which will enable us to channel our efforts more efficiently moving forward.”


The Julia Resin Chair Collection

FN360_Pages.indd 56

27/02/2019 15:19

The Furniture Awards 2019 | 57

ACCENTS The judges said: “This is a great idea. Get two or three moulds together, and six or seven applications of legs and height, and create a dining chair that’s comfortable, stylish and 100% recyclable. The wooden leg models in particular would look great in kitchens alongside the natural dining tables that are very much in vogue right now.”

From left: awards co-ordinator Paul Farley; Hartman UK area sales manager Angela Byrne; event director Cleere Scammel; and Hartman UK sales director Paul Facey

Highly Commended Thought Machine, for Saviour At once an affordable piece of wall art and digital piggy bank, Saviour caught the judges’ imagination for its crisp design and innovative use of technology. A quiet mechanical object, Saviour links safely to a specified online savings account and provides a subtle, visible reflection of it, filling up and changing colour according to any changes contributing to a nominated target value. “Designed to inspire and motivate – but to remain a mystery to everyone but its owner – Saviour comes in five elegant colourways and connects to any UK bank,” states Mark Warrick, chief design officer for Thought Machine, which made its market debut at this year’s event. “The owner sets Saviour to move in increments of however much money they wish – one notch might mean one pence, or it might mean one pound. And if guests perceive it as a curious ornament or designer clock, that is perfectly fine! “Saviour is the world’s first ornamental and mechanical object designed to help anyone feel excited about saving up, now that money is all but digital, and increasingly invisible.” The judges were divided on the concept itself, but felt that Thought Machine had created an incredibly compelling and innovative product, with great potential. They said: “Soulful design, in a great combination of colours and finishes. As well as being a well-packaged and priced piece of wall art, Saviour brings an innovative application of technology to the home – and is Saviour

FN360_Pages.indd 57

likely to have even greater appeal at more mainstream exhibitions.”


27/02/2019 15:19

58 | The Furniture Awards 2019


Winner: Parker Knoll Entry: Collection 150 Leading British upholsterer Parker Knoll truly came out swinging at this year’s show, marking the start of its 150th year in business by launching a characterful sofa and chair collection that draws on historic designs yet meets modern demand. A success of reinvention, innovation and storytelling, Collection 150 confirms Parker Knoll’s reputation for quality and service, but also marks out its creative team as one of the best in the business. Drawing on Parker Knoll’s recently restored Frederick Parker archive, Collection 150 was designed to celebrate the brand’s years of heritage, as well as its founder’s commitment to quality, skilled design, comfort and elegant proportions in upholstery. The collection, which combines art deco influences with a contemporary aesthetic, comprises two sofa collections – Hoxton and Wycombe – alongside complementary chairs Shoreditch and Fitzroy. Hoxton grand sofa in Charlotte Teal, with scatters in Bracklyn Blush, Blomfield Blush, Hampstead Teal and Wenlock Blush

As well as impressive comfort, the models boast details from contrast piping to brushed steel and brass-edged feet, and are accented by a carefully curated fabric collection, carrying everything from stylish textures to rich plains in a broad range of colours. Soft interiors, high backs and classic styles complete the offer. “Our latest collection boasts the latest technology in re-engineering comfort, from cradle comfort to our new and exclusive foam seat interior. As a brand, we know functionality is key for the consumer – but a product must also be stylish, comfortable and good quality, and we must ensure it is fit for the modern consumer,” says head of marketing, Meisha-Grace Nicely. “Our new collection is a reflection of this, a move forward for the brand. With the introduction of a new modern chesterfield and a square-arm, T-cushion shaped sofa, these designs mark a new style position for us. “Being chosen as the winner is a great accolade – it really puts all the hard work of our teams into context, both leading up to the show and over the past 150 years. This year marks 150 years of great British furnituremaking for the Parker Knoll brand, and we will be celebrating this with an extensive campaign of commercial activity, including national advertising and marketing activity to drive brand awareness and brand growth.”


“Being chosen as the winner really puts all the hard work of our teams into context, both leading up to the show and over the past 150 years”

FN360_Pages.indd 58

27/02/2019 15:19

The Furniture Awards 2019 | 59

UPHOLSTERY The judges said: “They’ve done a really professional job, applied so much innovation, and brought a great marketing story to the table. The original design cues were taken from authentic archived designs and documents that took two years to amass – but they haven’t slavishly reproduced them. The collection could so easily have been a pastiche as this period is really hard to interpret, but they’ve done a terrific job of taking heritage and removing the baggage. “The fact they went to the trouble of not using off-the-shelf accents and fabrics, of adding a slight angle to the seat to improve the sit and encourage the cushions’ loft to return, of opting for those great feet … there’s so many things working in its favour. Parker Knoll is offering the consumer a piece of modern-day history, and supporting stockists with a rich promotional calendar to help them convey that.” Judge Ross Beveridge adds: “You could clearly see the great effort and care that had been taken to assemble the archive detailing the journey of Parker Knoll, and I particularly enjoyed looking at the original design drawings that formed the purchase order in their day. I was also pleased to see that they have re-delivered many of the original designs while still implementing parts of their more modern production techniques.”

Highly Commended Alpha Designs, for Nido

From left: awards co-ordinator Paul Farley; Parker Knoll senior creative designer, Jo Butters; Parker Knoll head of marketing, Meisha-Grace Nicely; Parker Knoll sales director, Chris Everist; Parker Knoll chief executive, Donna Bellingham; and event director Cleere Scammel

Alpha was Highly Commended at last year’s show for its Tiffany sofa, and has followed this up with another accolade for Nido, a collection that combines contemporary style with a traditional fabric treatment. Available with pillow or traditional backs, with contrast or self piping, Nido – which is Italian for ‘nest’ – attracted praise from the judges, who said: “Comfortable, a great frame shape, displayed in a colourway that’s very much on-trend.” Director Charlotte Floate comments: “Being chosen as a Highly Commended entrant for the second year in a row is an amazing accolade and really enhances the feeling of achievement and pride that all of our development team feel.Achieving such an award within a category that has such long-established names within the industry really does motivate us to continue to be creative and to be confident in whatever direction we choose. “At this year’s show, the overall reaction to the presentation of our business and our new products was extremely encouraging, and in a tough climate we can only strive to be the best at what we do and to entice people to trust us to provide new product design that’s accompanied by great customer service. We are currently increasing our development team substantially, working on a works processing system and updating our working


FN360_Pages.indd 59


T 01902 492937

27/02/2019 15:19

60 | The Furniture Awards 2019


Winner: Wiemann Entry: Monaco Last year’s category winner, German bedroom manufacturer Wiemann, delivered once again with an extremely well-finished answer to an age-old problem – how can a wardrobe make the best use of space in a corner? This fresh range offers a selection of bi-fold and bi-fold combi wardrobe options, making it ideal for consumers seeking an innovative space-saving, storage-maximising wardrobe that creates a strong design statement – while still offering a collection packed with hanging and storage space, to suit a range of budgets and tastes. Monaco features the latest wood, glass and painted finishes, plus smart, matt black, industrialstyled handles. The range of wardrobe widths and heights available maximises every inch of storage space, and offers a wide choice of combination options and integrated drawer choices to suit different requirements. Designed to look and function like fully fitted furniture but with a freestanding furniture price tag, Monaco is both practical and stylish. Simon Hewitt, director of Litmus Furniture, Wiemann’s principal agent in the UK and Ireland,

“We were delighted to win again in 2019, and the judges’ thoughts and feedback are fantastic”

comments: “Monaco will appeal to consumers with limited bedroom space. It features doors that open at 90° in its corner units to ensure full usage of its carcass, offering a total storagemaximising and space-saving package. It also offers a wide choice of storage and drawer combinations, and is available in four finishes plus a number of widths to suit various decorating schemes and requirements. “We were delighted to win again in 2019, and the judges’ thoughts and feedback are fantastic. It was especially good to hear the judges’ comments being replicated by many customers who went on to order Monaco displays at the show. and a number of other retailers after the show. “In all, it was a very successful show for Wiemann – our best yet in terms of customer engagement and orders.”


Monaco wardrobe, with corner unit detail

FN360_Pages.indd 60

27/02/2019 15:19

The Furniture Awards 2019 | 61

BEDROOM CABINET The judges said: “Why has no-one done this before to this standard? It’s a revelation. From the unobtrusive lighting to the size and scale, this is seriously practical, giving complete access to the whole wardrobe, and it’s flexible enough to create cracking in-store displays, no matter the space. “It’s probably the closest thing to a fitted bedroom we’ve yet seen from Wiemann, and a clear winner.” Judge Ross Beveridge adds: “This collection was attractive, well made and, equally important, it was very practical. The corner robe with bi-fold doors allowed far easier access to the internal compartments and really maximised the storage space, providing a muchimproved, usable, practical corner wardrobe. I also liked the internal shelf lights, which illuminated above and below, where internal ceiling-mounted lights often struggle to light below the first shelf.”

From left: awards co-ordinator Paul Farley; event director Cleere Scammel; Litmus Furniture director Simon Hewitt; Wiemann owner Markus Wiemann; and Wiemann export manager (UK) Stephan Sprick

Highly Commended Jual Furnishings, for the San Francisco Smart Range The San Francisco Smart Range comprises lamp/bedside tables and a desk, and is packed with smart technology such as Qi wireless charging, two USB ports and highquality Bluetooth speakers with sound output to rival some high quality brands. Meanwhile, ash veneer finishes and solid ash legs give this stylish, practical range a modern, clean appearance. “Most people live on their phones these days, so we have brought style and practicality to our furniture to cater for the Millennial lifestyle of today,” says director Julie Powell. “It’s extremely practical, and its sleek design means it will fit in any setting.” The judges liked the range’s Scandi-style curves and finish, and are looking forward to seeing how it evolves in time. They said: “Each piece was flexible and multifunctional, adding layers to basic tech-enabled functionality such as wireless charging.” JF404 bedside lamp table

FN360_Pages.indd 61


27/02/2019 16:19

62 | The Furniture Awards 2019


Winner: Sealy UK Entry: Activsleep After a long absence, Sealy returned to the show this year on an impressive modern stand at the back of Hall 5 – front-and-centre of which was Activsleep. Initially presented at the Silentnight Group’s Brooklands show last May, the range has quickly become Sealy’s most successful launch in over a decade. Designed for a younger demographic who prioritise an active lifestyle and healthy living, the range has seen Sealy build upon its key philosophy – that the quality of one’s sleep is just as important as the quantity. Handmade in Sealy’s factory in Cumbria, the Activsleep range combines innovative, high-quality sleep technology with some of the latest fillings, including Sealy Smart Fibres, which hold the Allergy UK seal of approval and include Purotex, which releases friendly bacteria into the fabric of the mattress to clean up allergens and reduce humidity, and Tencel, which prevents overheating. A select number of models combine these fillings with new nanobiotic technology – a high-tech coating that transforms body heat into Far Infrared rays, which are reflected back into the body to help the sleeper feel energised and healthy, stimulating blood flow and optimising the thermoregulation of the body. The new range has also seen Sealy move away from its traditional blue colour palette to a fresher green accent – alluding to Sealy’s commitment to sustainability. It was the first in the bed industry to adopt a zero-to-landfill policy, and was recently awarded Carbon Neutral status. As part of the launch, Sealy has worked Activsleep Geltex Pocket Eurotop 2800

with a range of online health, fitness and wellness influencers to test the range, all of whom are now brand advocates.Traditionally associated with an older and more a�uent audience, the brand has consequently expanded into new markets with the likes of Argos, Wayfair and Shop Direct. “The bed market is more competitive than ever, and with an increasing number of manufacturers

“The award is a massive accolade for us, coming as it does from the biggest furniture show in the UK, and from such a diverse and independent panel of judges. We will publicise this extensively”

FN360_Pages.indd 62

entering the market and a challenge from new mattress-in-a-box brands, it’s never been more important for traditional bed manufacturers to stand out from the crowd,” says sales and marketing director, Neil Robinson. “Activsleep has met this challenge by offering the market something truly unique. With the health and wellbeing market booming, consumers are demanding more from their products and looking for propositions which offer the final piece in the healthy lifestyle puzzle – a good night’s sleep. Activsleep is uniquely placed to appeal to this type of consumer, offering an innovative and highquality product which puts healthy sleep at its heart. “The award is a massive accolade for us, coming as it does from the biggest furniture show in the UK, and from such a diverse and independent panel of judges. We will publicise this extensively – both to our retail partners and to our end consumers across social media, advertising, PR and PoS. “This was our first attendance at the show for a decade, so we were not sure what to expect – but it exceeded our most optimistic forecasts in terms of new accounts and floor models. The fact that we were meeting and talking to a lot of furniture retailers as opposed to solus bed retailers meant that the potential audience was far bigger. “This year, you’ll see some significant new product launches for both our core Posturepedic range, as well as our rapidly growing Activsleep range. Both will be getting increased levels of support through both digital and traditional advertising channels.”


27/02/2019 15:19

The Furniture Awards 2019 | 63


The judges said: “Sealy’s entry looked sharp, felt good, and came at the younger, more health-aware consumer from a new angle. The whole marketing story behind Activsleep is great – from Sealy’s zero-to-landfill policy to the first-class exhibition stand on which it was displayed. “The branding is just so well thoughtthrough. For example, they’ve recognised that green is an emotive colour, which you see everywhere on ‘buy-it-now’ prompts and online baskets. In all respects, green means go – but it’s so easy to go OTT with it. Sealy have used it cleverly in the mattress’ piping and ticking – it’s very tasteful.” Awards co-ordinator Paul Farley, Sealy UK sales and marketing director Neil Robinson and event director Cleere Scammel, in front of Sealy’s UK sales team

Highly Commended Silentnight, for Eco Comfort Breathe

Silentnight’s commitment to sustainability – ably demonstrated by its Eco Comfort Fibre, a luxury filling made from recyclable plastic bottles – proved a strong selling point for this year’s panel. Innovative vertical fibres help control moisture for a fresher night’s sleep, and also work with Silentnight’s Mirapocket spring system to offer recovery, longevity and support. A stylised leaf motif embossed in the knitted fabric, and green piping, end embroidery and a breathable mesh border finishes the design across the collection. “Available in a range of spring count options, the mattress has surprised consumers in research as they expect to pay a premium for sustainable products, especially one with proven performance,” says brand marketing manager, Grace Moorhouse. “Silentnight’s Eco Comfort Fibre comfort layer, made from recycled plastic bottles, features in Eco Comfort Breathe, and has prevented over 105 million of them from entering our oceans in just the past year alone. In addition, the mattresses are fully recyclable at the end of life, and we are establishing a close relationship with Keep Britain Tidy to tackle mattress fly-tipping.” The judges praised Silentnight’s entry for the strong recycling story behind it. “Messages like this

Eco Comfort Breathe 1200

FN360_Pages.indd 63

can really tip the balance of a purchase.”


27/02/2019 15:19

64 | The Furniture Awards 2019


Winner: ALF Uno Entry: Fusello Table Sporting a typically high-end look and offer, Italy’s long-established ALF Uno put its mix-and-match Alf DaFré concept front and centre, attracting a good deal of admiration from the panel. ALF’s entry, the Fusello Table, was designed by studio Molteni/Baron, and marries a spindle-legged base with a range of table top options – the natural (or laquered) wooded structure of Fusello’s frame can be combined with a glass, marble or wood top, making it a tasteful yet expressive choice for the home. Fusello’s concept was born out of tradition, says UK sales manager, Sally Breda. “The base is made up of spindle legs, evoking the spool for winding thread used to make Cantu lace. The Fusello, or spindle, is the bobbin used for making lace – its soft look is what inspired the shape of the legs that characterise the wooden structure of the table, while the top almost seems suspended on the structure, and becomes a central, sculpured and expressive element of the composition.” Manufactured in Italy with an emphasis on local suppliers, the Fusello Table is just part of a wider bespoke concept which makes high-end Italian design accessible to UK consumers. Area manager Alessio Pessotto comments: “Being chosen as a winner means a lot to us. Crucially, it means we’re on the right track – the design of our product intersects the taste and requirements of the most sophisticated clientele. The extreme personalisation and the endless options offered in our products – along with the uniqueness of certain pieces – makes the ALF group a leading player in the international furniture scene. able to furnish every space of the house. We’ve developed a concept called Total Living, which aims to provide the same finishes and materials in every area of the home, creating a link between the environments.” The company currently exports furniture to 91 countries, and is constantly expanding.


Fusello Table, ALF Uno

FN360_Pages.indd 64

“Being chosen as a winner means a lot to us. Crucially, it means we’re on the right track”

27/02/2019 15:20

The Furniture Awards 2019 | 65

LIVING & DINING CABINET The judges said: “Stunning quality and finish, with so many material and colour permutations. Being a high-end Italian design – with a price point to match – its engineering and proportions should be faultless, and the concept does not disappoint. “With great touches like the lovely barrel legs, easy assemble points and a great bespoke element, the whole concept is backed up by a reliable, highly automated factory – making ALF a worthy winner in this category.”

From left: awards co-ordinator Paul Farley; ALF Uno UK sales manager Sally Breda; event director Cleere Scammel; and ALF Uno area manager Alessio Pessotto

Highly Commended Gallery Direct, for Barcelona

This category was hotly contested this year, with previous winner Gallery’s Barcelona narrowly missing out on the top spot. This competitively priced mid-market living and dining collection combines white marble with stylish dark acacia frames, offering a modern take on the mid-century look. The range includes dining tables to seat four and six (square and rectangular) plus a chair, display unit, media cabinet, sideboard, console, coffee and side tables. “We believe Barcelona brings a new and exciting collection to the market, based on a mid-century look with updated features,” says sales and business development director, James Hudson. “The meticulous care and attention that goes into the design and development process of our products, coupled with continuous feedback from our customers to ensure we understand their requirements, means that we offer desirable products at outstanding value-for-money prices.” The judges said: “Gallery continually pushes the boundaries of design, and Barcelona is eminently commercial and on-trend, with some nice manufacturing touches. A bold range, from which both industrial and mid-century looks can be achieved with the right


selection of dining chairs.”


Think your company is in with a chance of winning next year’s competition? The Furniture Awards 2020 will be open for business this autumn …

FN360_Pages.indd 65

27/02/2019 15:20

Double Page Spread.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 66

27/02/2019 15:20

FN360_Pages.indd 67

18/02/2019 27/02/2019 15:59 15:20

68 | January Furniture Show Review

BUYING TIME If the January Furniture Show is an industry bellweather, the UK trade appears to be in good health. From 20th-23rd January, some 500 exhibitors took up residence in the Birmingham NEC to show buyers their latest wares, and – despite the inescapable backdrop of uncertainty – encountered a good number of buyers hungry for something new. Furniture News presents a round-up of the new product hitting shopfloors in its wake …

Gymnast Mimi-Isabella Cesar takes Millbrook Beds’ latest models for a spin

FN360_Pages.indd 68

27/02/2019 15:20

January Furniture Show Review | 69

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen raises a glass to Aspire Furniture

“The reaction we’ve had to this year’s show from both exhibitors and visitors has been overwhelmingly positive” The January Furniture Show is the UK’s

exhibitor feedback focused on the quality of

biggest furniture buying event. This crucial

buyers and orders committed on site.

platform sees national and international

Event director Cleere Scamell says:

manufacturers, suppliers and service

“The reaction we’ve had to this year’s

providers set out their stalls for the year

show from both exhibitors and visitors


has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re

Despite the best intentions of all involved,

delighted with the great support from our

it was hard to anticipate how successful

exhibitors who build amazing stands and

this year’s edition would be – but organiser

present inspired new product collections

Clarion Events came away more than

so thoughtfully – together with the huge

satisfied. Strong results were reported across

support from buyers who come in their

all five halls of the show, indicating that the

thousands to source everything they need

overall picture might be more positive than

for their stores, projects and contracts.

the media would have us believe.

“We’ve already started planning JFS for

This year’s edition saw the launch of the

2020 and intend to make it even better.”

sleep-centric Beds and Light sectors in halls

The next edition will run from 19th-22nd

5 and 3, respectively. Both of these new

January 2020 – in the meantime, here’s just

initiatives proved popular – according to

a few of the new lines introduced at this

Clarion, they contributed to a +5% increase

year’s event …

in overall visitor numbers YoY, while


FN360_Pages.indd 69

Manchester United FC ambassador Bryan Robson on Mlily’s stand

27/02/2019 15:20




FN360_Pages.indd 70 Double Page Spread.indd 1

27/02/2019 15:20





Beautiful bedrooms to please all pockets

Our great value bedroom furniture starts from just £15.00 Wholesale Any items from UK stock with free delivery from just £250

FN360_Pages.indd 71

Stockist Any items from UK stock with free delivery for a spend of £2,500

Order in the UK from Kettle Interiors 01536 444960 kettleinteriorsagencies.com Order in Ireland from Decor Furniture 028 3844 6000 decorfurintureltd.com

Container Any items with no deposit and delivery from just six weeks

Container prices displayed

With Kettle Interiors, you can benefit from bedroom furniture in a range of styles and with prices to please all pockets. Whether the great-value oak of GAO from our ‘Essentials by Kettle Interiors’ brand, or the elegance of our Chateau inspired FR collection, customers are sure to find their perfect, relaxing retreat.

27/02/2019 15/02/2019 15:20 09:43

72 | January Furniture Show Review


Ayla (01670 594137, www.bazaar-group.uk/ayla), the first in-

Buoyant Upholstery (www.buoyant-upholstery.co.uk) enjoyed its

store retail brand from British soft seating specialist Bazaar

best show in years, reports MD Mike Aramayo. “We all go to our

Group, enjoyed a successful show debut. The collection, which

historic NEC exhibition with a plan, a twist, something we feel is

was launched at the exhibition, features seven pieces – Horizon

new and a massive feeling of optimism,” he says.

lounger, Dune chair, Drift chair, Oasis loveseat, Oasis snug chair, Mirage pouffe and Halo pouffe. Allison Chatten, head of design and development, says: “Ayla’s pieces were set to add a fresh perspective to upholstered furniture

Buoyant’s stand was divided into three main areas, with Industrial and Classic themed sections, plus giant LED screens at each entrance drawing visitors in. “This year, Buoyant upped its game with more exciting designs,

and a new living concept to the market, and they did just that! We

richer fabrics, amazing touches, better seat options and by far

had lots of positive and constructive feedback.

and away the best collection of product we have ever taken to the

“ The challenge for us was to create something that offered

January Furniture Show. This became quite clear when, on the

flexibility for modern living, whilst maintaining our fluid,

second day, two well-respected multiple buyers came to me and

body-sculpting aesthetic. We fused our commercial and design

told me that the whole NEC was talking about the Buoyant stand

knowledge of the soft seating industry with the expertise of

and product.

upholsterers and furnituremakers to find techniques that could

“It was an amazing buzz. I say it every year – the show is like

combine structure and curvaceous form to create a striking

Disney World for me, and in the midst of all the doom and gloom

collection. All our hard work paid off – bring on the 2020 show!”

surrounding Brexit, the guys in my team are feeling very Buoyant!”

Reporting a successful show, Custom Made Home Design (07944 356577, www.epoxyworks.co.uk) is a family-run British brand which produces handmade furniture and furnishing accessories. Managing the company is an art- and wood-loving couple, with an obsession for the mystery and colours of the sea and water. They enjoy working with wood, power tools and casting epoxy resin. “We put a lot of passion into handcrafting epoxy resin and wood furniture and interior decor items,” they state, outlining a portfolio that comprises unique coffee tables, dining tables, corporate meeting

room tables (personalised with company logos), desks, kitchen countertops, table and floor lamps, charcuterie boards and trays, clocks, wall art, and more. “Our creations are visually striking, and make a unique and eye-catching centerpiece to any room,” they continue. “Our style is natural and flowy, with unique, handcrafted, authentic pieces in Blue Planet tones that give a bold, luxurious look to your interior design. “We use a vast range of hard and soft woods, rare and exotic woods, stains and dyes and different materials and techniques to create textures within the epoxy resin – and we can custom-make any of the above items to spec.”

FN360_Pages.indd 72

27/02/2019 15:20


FUSELLO is a table born out of tradition. The base is made up of spindle legs, evoking the spool for winding thread used to make Cantu lace. The table’s innately soft look is given not only by these legs but also by the different physical forms the top can take on, and the use of wood, a material offering the very best sculptural qualities.


FN360_Pages.indd 73 ALF_JA.indd 1



www.alfdafre.it 27/02/2019 16:47 15:20 19/02/2019

74 | January Furniture Show Review

NEW CONCEPT TAKES CORNDELL TO THE NEXT LEVEL In 2015, heritage manufacturer Corndell was given a lifeline by international export giant Global Home Group – and, despite the challenges involved in its resurrection, the business hasn’t looked back since. Having concluded a show appearance which director Maarten van Eden says was Corndell’s most successful to date, the Witney-based importer/ manufacturer shares details of its newest lines with Furniture News …


The retail landscape has become more

at this year’s show was Austin, a living and

Benelux-style finish. The result is an eye-

challenging in recent months, admits

dining range crafted from a combination of

catching contrast, which makes the range

Maarten – but, nonetheless, Corndell is

off-white concrete and dark, hand-brushed

flexible enough to complement a variety of

growing its share of the market. Perhaps this

acacia. Sharp, angular and contemporary,

interior styles.

success is down to Corndell’s vast expertise

Austin marries sturdy concrete tops with a

Next was an addition to Corndell’s

in developing and sourcing the right product at the right time. Perhaps it is because of its unique marriage of Vietnamese manufacture and Oxfordshire finishing and deployment, or its experienced employees. Either way, the cabinet specialist – having finally overcome its historic debts and the inefficiencies it inherited from previous owners – is in a good place right now. Crucial to Corndell’s strategy is a refusal to rest on its laurels, and simply allow long-established favourites such as Nimbus and Annecy to decide its fate. Since day one, design director Melanie Mills has busily forged new directions, with the hope that she can create fresh lines for Corndell that are strong enough to sit alongside those enduring modern classics. And she may well have achieved this. The first of the new collections on display

FN360_Pages.indd 74

Oak Mill Bedroom at January Furniture Show

27/02/2019 15:20

January Furniture Show Review | 75

in particular will help broaden Corndell’s appeal with quality retailers nationwide. “We’re truly excited about St James,” Melanie emphasises. “It represents the next level of product we’re capable of producing, and we think we’ve communicated the choices available very clearly, so stockists will have a great time talking their customers through the different options. And (although of course we’d prefer them to do so!) they don’t have to commit a huge amount of floorspace to getting this across.” Making the delivery and price points of a line like this possible is a robust stocking and fulfilment infrastructure, which benefits from various synergies with the parent company’s Global Home brand to ensure quality, flexibility and on-time delivery, even when demand spikes. The St James’ Range is supported by clear PoS guides

“We’re now seeing the benefits of the rationalisation process we’ve been through over the last four years,” concludes Maarten, “and with ranges like St James being deployed, I see good times ahead for

popular Oak Mill, which has been extended

Buoyed by positive feedback at the

our customers.”

to the bedroom. A mixture of industrial

exhibition – and afterwards – Maarten and

T 01993 776545

and rustic elements – most notably its

Melanie are confident that this collection


combination of oak and metal – the range offers a high-end look, and comprises various wardrobes, chests and bedsides.

Just one example of a St James’ Range combination

The centrepiece is the bed itself, which features a headboard topped proudly with the live edge which characterises the wider collection. Both proved popular, and sat well alongside the rest of Corndell’s offer. However, the indisputable star of the show was the St James’ Range – a mixand-match concept that offers consumers a bespoke design opportunity, and the potential to create a myriad of on-trend looks. Four table leg styles and six dining chair options are available, plus an impressive nine eye-catching tabletop styles, including various oak finishes, marble, shagreen, zincs and concretes. These options are carried through into a range of complementary sideboards, allowing consumers to create their perfect match – or mismatch, if they prefer. From materials to marketing support, the St James’ Range is an extremely wellthought-out proposition that would be ideal for any homeowner or specifier wishing to put their personal stamp on an interiors scheme (the off-white concrete and gunmetal zinc options in particular attracted a great deal of interest at this year’s show), but without the complexity often associated with bespoke cabinet concepts.

FN360_Pages.indd 75

27/02/2019 15:20

St James’ James’ St FN360_Pages.indd CorndellMar19.indd 76 1

27/02/2019 15:20


01993 776545 776545

Austin FN360_Pages.indd 77

27/02/2019 27/02/2019 15:20 11:55

78 | January Furniture Show Review

Wayne Hollis, Celebrity’s MD, comments: “You need only look at

A new partnership between Mammoth (www.mammothcomfort.com) and Celebrity Motion Furniture

the partnerships Mammoth has forged with the likes of the Chartered

(www.celebrity-furniture.co.uk) was launched at the show. The

Society of Physiotherapy to appreciate that they leave no stone

partnership has seen the upholstery specialist augment five of its

unturned in their quest to make a difference in people’s lives. This

bestselling rise and recline chairs with Mammoth’s Medical Grade

dovetails with our own commitment to excellence and the reputation

Foam technology, offering unique pressure-relieving benefits as

we have built over more than 30 years in business. We are excited

standard, at no extra cost to the retailer or consumer.

about the potential of this partnership and delighted by the feedback it received from retailers at the January Furniture Show.

Celebrity now manufactures the only seating to feature

“For most brands, the idea of launching multiple new collections

Mammoth’s NHS health award-winning technologies, recommended by health professionals and developed in partnership with the

and expanding into an entirely new market would be more than

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

enough to squeeze into a single 12-month period. Yet John Tuton promises that there is still more to come in this transformative year

John Tuton, founder and MD of Mammoth, says: “The

for Mammoth as a business.”

announcement of our partnership with Celebrity and its many benefits was incredibly well received by retailers at the furniture show. Celebrity’s pedigree in motion furniture is unquestionable, and there’s a strong synergy with the Mammoth brand. “Celebrity now offer the only chairs and settees in the industry to feature our scientifically tested technologies, meaning retailers can offer their customers – many of whom are living with mobility issues – a product which has the backing and endorsement of a wide range of health professionals. “As leading experts in health and wellbeing, we understand the importance of being well-rested and comfortable, and the difference it can make to someone’s life. Everyone deserves better health, and with our background in healthcare and years spent alleviating people’s aches and pains with our comfort technologies, we’re now in an exciting position to reach even more consumers than ever before.” The partnership follows a successful year for Mammoth, which recently launched its new Rise and Shine mattress collections.

This Easter treat the one you love to a Special Chair...

High Back Slat Granddad Chair Ref. 122

Slat Back Rocking Chair Ref. 126

High Back Fiddle Granddad Chair Ref. 123

Fiddle Back Rocking Chair Ref. 127

Smoker’s Bow Chair Ref. 125

Q UA L I T Y E U RO P E A N H A R D W O O D ( B E E C H A N D OA K ) C H A I R S ALL AVAILABLE FROM STOCK • FINISHING SERVICES AVAILABLE • EMAIL OR CALL US TO REQUEST A BROCHURE AND PRICELIST • LARGE OR SMALL QUANTITIES • DISCOUNT FOR COLLECTION Please visit our website to see our full ranges - W W W.MA N D P CHAI RS. CO . UK All enquiries to: Mike Hodgson – mikehodgson@gmx.com • Call: or Paul Hodgson – paul.holroyd.hodgson@gmail.com • Call:

M&PFeb19.indd 1

FN360_Pages.indd 78

07802 648383 07469 819520 14/01/2019 09:28

27/02/2019 15:20









WAS £51.55

WAS £70.55



NOW £48.90

NOW £65.35







WAS £58.33

NOW £54.24





WAS £33.72

NOW £31.44

w w w. as gt ra ding .c o.uk



+44 (0)121 7792138 I +44 (0)7377 074488 I sales@asgtrading.co.uk I echo@asgtrading.co.uk UNIT 4, GRIFFIN BUSINESS PARK, WALMER WAY, CHELMSLEY WOOD, BIRMINGHAM B37 7UX

www.asgtrading.co.uk FN360_Pages.indd ASGMarch.2.indd 1 79

27/02/2019 26/02/2019 15:20 10:11

80 | January Furniture Show Review

AWARD-WINNING WIEMANN COVERS EVERY ANGLE Award-winning German bedroom furniture manufacturer Wiemann started the year with a successful few days at the January Furniture Show, which saw an impressive result in The Furniture Awards – in which Wiemann won the Bedroom Cabinet Category for the second year in a row with its new VIP range, Monaco.

Monaco, with detail of corner unit

“It was a very positive start to the year for Wiemann,” says Simon


It comprises various bi-fold and bi-fold-combination wardrobe

Hewitt, MD of Wiemann’s sole UK agent, Litmus Furniture. “We

options. Monaco is ideal for consumers seeking an innovative space-

had over 19 collections on show and 30 displays, including five new

saving, storage-maximising option that creates a strong design

options and two new finishes. We saw great success with ranges

statement while still offering a solution packed with hanging and

Dakar, Miami+, Cambridge, and our award winner, Monaco.

storage space. Its corner units also include doors that open at 90° to

“Now we’re looking forward to following some great leads with new accounts over the coming weeks, and of course capitalising on Monaco winning the show award in the bedroom category.” Monaco offers a contemporary collection of bedroom pieces,

ensure full use of carcass. The Furniture Awards 2019 judges commented: “Why has noone done this before to this standard? It’s a revelation. From the unobtrusive lighting to the size and scale, this is seriously practical,

featuring the latest wood, glass and painted finishes plus smart

giving complete access to the whole wardrobe, and it’s flexible

matt-black, industrial-styled handles.

enough to create cracking in-store displays, no matter the space. “It’s probably the closest thing to a fitted bedroom we’ve yet seen from Wiemann, and a clear winner.” Kai Schwenke, Wiemann’s export manager, adds: “We’re delighted to win this award for the second year in a row. Monaco provides consumers with a total bedroom solution. “It’s a practical, modern-looking storage option that also comes with a selection of additional cabinets and storage units, and represents excellent value for money. “This product once again shows Wiemann’s commitment to create innovative, unique products that combine practicality and functionality to a high standard.” In addition to well-designed, desirable products at competitive prices, Wiemann also offers a full delivery and installation service to all stockists, as well as product sales training and aftersales service


FN360_Pages.indd 80

via its team of regional sales agents.


27/02/2019 15:20

Full pag

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who visited the Duresta stand at the 2019 January Furniture Show

DURESTA.COM FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 81 1

27/02/2019 15/02/2019 15:20 10:33

82 | January Furniture Show Review

HYDER’S TRANSFORMATIONAL EVENT Along with previewing new product developments, Hyder Living used this year’s show as the platform to transform its identity to H Living, revealing a new chapter in its story …


The rebrand comes at a time when the bed, mattress and sofa specialist is expanding its product offer in response to a growing customer base looking to enjoy the brand’s versatility and flexibility. Unveiling this fresh identity, the H Living stand captured the bright new look for the Huddersfield-based supplier that sees it turn from bed specialist into a multifaceted home and living brand ready for today’s competitive and ever-changing market. Also showing off new lines in its range of beds, sofas, made-inthe-UK mattresses, including the premium Natural Collection, and a stylish new chaise longue, H Living enjoyed a successful show. Biny Hyder, director, H Living, says: “Through a wider product offer, during the last few years we have evolved from our reputation as a bed specialist, and felt that the time was right to finally break from the confines of the Hyder name. “However, we didn’t want to lose the family history of our brand, so ‘H’ stays, for prosperity. The look is certainly young and fresh, and is sure to give us the room to expand our horizons by introducing new products for today’s modern home.” Visitors to the H Living stand also saw how the supplier is growing its contract furniture arm through the supply of beds and mattresses to national holiday parks and hotel chains, as well as a collection of customisable contract-rated sofas. Introductions previewed at this year’s show will be available from H Living this spring.

T 01484 531000 www.hyderliving.com

FN360_Pages.indd 82


27/02/2019 15:20

ParkerK 3692-PK

WE WELCOME YOU TO A CELEBRATION OF FINE DESIGN www.parkerknoll.co.uk FN360_Pages.indd 83 1 News_AW1.indd 1 ParkerKnollDec18.indd 3692-PK 150 Ad Furniture

27/02/2019 12/11/2018 10:32 09/11/2018 15:20 15:51

84 | January Furniture Show Review

Kettering-based testing house SATRA (www.satra.com, furniture@ satra.com), which celebrates its centenary this year (including 21 years of furniture and floorcovering testing), enjoyed a successful January Furniture Show. Geoff Bindley, SATRA’s furniture and floorcoverings business manager, says: “The January Furniture Show was very positive for SATRA, and we have already had new testing business as a result. We feel it is important to continue our presence at the show as it is a good vehicle to meet new customers and cement relationships with our current customers too, and therefore we look forward to exhibiting in 2020.”

Furniture testing at SATRA’s Kettering facility Malham Royale riser/recliner Sherborne (01274 882633, www.sherborneupholstery.co.uk) reports “tremendous success” at the show, thanks to its wide display of electric riser/recliners, which included the new Malham and Virginia designs, plus the recently introduced Albany. The option of an adjustable lumbar support was also launched, further enhancing these models’ appeal. This is available on Express Delivery across Sherborne’s entire range of riser/recliners in both fabric and leather. The attractive new Virginia recliner/suite was also successfully introduced, together with four popular new cover ranges and two modern and sophisticated new sprung mattresses, bringing even more comfort to the company’s adjustable bed range.

“The January Furniture Show is always a key indicator on how successful the year ahead may look,” says Bilkis Patel, business development and marketing manager of Vogue Beds (01455 841257, www.voguebeds.co.uk), “and for us here at Vogue Beds it has started well after a very good


show! “This year we decided to have a


stand which was easy to navigate, and we took the decision to not take every brand along, instead focusing on our three main categories – which included the Vogue Helix mattress, the Repose collection and some of the Vogue bedsteads, which all drew a lot of attention. “Now that the first show of the year is done, we’re focusing on what to push for the next one, and we’re looking at how we can push this new image forward for our adjustable beds as a product. We are currently redesigning and


revamping our adjustable mattress range, as well as introducing an adjustable bedstead into the collection.”

FN360_Pages.indd 84

MAQ bedstead

27/02/2019 15:20

Full pag

0121 506 4888

Seconique Furniture

Wobaston Road, Wolverhampton, WV9 5EY

new colour

N E V A D A B E D R O O M R A N G E I N W H I T E G LO S S new









For more details call 0121 506 4888 or visit our website www.seconique.co.uk COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT RANGE - FIRST CLASS SERVICE - OUTSTANDING VALUE FN360_Pages.indd 85 Full page.indd 1

27/02/2019 16:36 15:20 14/02/2019

Rowico IM Feb 2019 DPS Ad



Page 1

Warwick, sleep in style

+44 (0)1249 821 748 rowico.co.uk

Double Page Spread.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 86

27/02/2019 15:20

FN360_Pages.indd 87

11/02/2019 27/02/2019 16:01 15:20

88 | January Furniture Show Review

ROWICO ENJOYS GROWTH FROM NEW CUSTOMER ORDERS Rowico UK would like to extend its thanks to everyone who visited its steampunk-inspired stand at this year’s January Furniture Show to see the company’s new launches …

Tate Collection in charcoal

Rowico’s new launches included Bowood Day, Windermere, Tate (in two distinctly different finishes), a bedroom expansion to the

Rowico’s stand in Hall 1

popular Warwick Ivory, and five contemporary coloured dining chair additions (bringing Rowico’s seating offer to an assortment that is over 40 strong). UK business director Caroline Henchcliffe is grateful for the overwhelming response the new lines received over the four-day event, saying: “A sincere thanks to customers old and new for the lovely feedback we received. We’re a team that really look forward to launching new products at the UK’s big exhibitions, and the vibrant environment that is the January Furniture Show has been no exception. “It’s an exciting time for the company, as we are experiencing exceptional growth and record sales. The January Furniture Show confirmed the increasing appeal of our ever-developing product offer, qualified by a substantial increase in new customer orders. This really has been The Greatest Show!” Rowico UK recommends that any visitors who missed the chance to visit the stand – or were unable to attend – should contact the company to take the first step in joining one of the UK’s fastestgrowing suppliers of innovative, award-winning, free-standing furniture.

T 01249 821748 www.rowico.co.uk

FN360_Pages.indd 88

27/02/2019 15:20


Sales@dispatchtrack.co.uk 0800 1951347

DispatchMar19.indd 1

27/02/2019 10:56

Gascoigne Designs are dedicated to producing truly outstanding furniture with exquisite detailing and sumptuous fabrics. Founded in 1989 by David Gascoigne, the privately owned luxury furniture manufacturer is world renowned for its high quality furniture and bespoke designs. (0115) 946 4070 GascoigneMar19.indd 1

FN360_Pages.indd 89


www.gascoignedesigns.co.uk 14/02/2019 13:13

27/02/2019 15:20

90 | January Furniture Show Review

SIMPLICITY DEFINES GALLERY’S NEW BED OFFER The January Furniture Show once again proved a success for Gallery Direct, with record orders being written. One of the new collections that contributed to this was Gallery’s new bed brand, Simply Sleep, which offers mattresses, divans and headboards, along with duvets, pillows and bedlinen.

Simply Everynight mattress with shallow base and Margot headboard

Designed with simplicity for both retailer

individually to suit very different customer

and consumer in mind, the new range was

requirements. Each has its own attributes

well received at the show, reports Gallery.

and values, combining optimum spring count with UK-sourced fillings and

Berni Rowland, Gallery’s mattress

technologically advanced outer fabric.

specialist and operations director at the

Berni’s expertise has been invaluable

company’s Wiltshire factory, says: “There

in developing these new mattresses. His

is a vast amount of choice for mattresses

wealth of knowledge and experience has

and beds, so we wanted to offer a simple solution, enabling retailers to stock a full range without a huge amount of floorspace,

Simply Sleep duvet and pillows

“With this is mind, we developed a collection of four mattresses, five bases and four headboards. It’s as easy as one, two,

innovative, quality products at value-formoney prices. Although there are only four

and so consumers find the decision-making process much easier.

enabled Gallery to offer a simple choice of

Simply Sleep mattresses

mattresses, the individual properties of each offers sufficient variety to meet different tastes and requirements. Then there are just five bases from which

three – customers simply choose a mattress,

to choose (shallow, no-drawer, two-

choose a base and then a headboard.”

drawer, four-drawer and ottoman) and four

The mattresses, bases and headboards are all designed to offer quality, comfort and

headboards. Finally, to complete the brand offering,

affordability, and are all hand crafted by

there are Simply Sleep duvets and pillows,

Gallery’s skilled team at its manufacturing

as well as 100% cotton, 500 thread count

unit in Wiltshire. To make the offer even

premium bedlinen, with quilt cover sets and

more compelling, the models are held in

fitted sheets in a crisp white finish, plus

stock by Gallery, ready for delivery in just

white piping detail on the quilt covers and

five days.

pillowcases. All are simply (but attractively)

The mattresses – Simply Irresistible,

packaged, ready for retailers.

Simply Everynight, Simply Natural and

T 01795 439159

Simply Luxury – have been developed


FN360_Pages.indd 90

27/02/2019 15:20

Full pag Protect

FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 91 1 1 ProtectABedJan19.indd

27/02/2019 22/02/2019 10:43 17/12/2018 15:20 10:57

92 | January Furniture Show Review

Alma dining table in taupe

For over 30 years, Artedi (0208 845 2727, www.artedi.co.uk) has

Headquartered in North London, and boasting comprehensive pre-

supplied high-quality contemporary furniture to leading retailers

and after-sales support from its offices there, Artedi offers delivery

across the UK and Europe, and this year’s January Furniture Show

to warehouse depots across the UK and Ireland, plus home delivery

gave it the opportunity to grow its customer base even further in

and installation services in some instances. Artedi supplies the wholesale and contract markets as well as

2019. A specialist in marble, veneers, Mactan stone and glass furniture,

domestic furniture, and is able to work with clients to develop

Artedi is passionate about design, and employs its own in-house

specific lines should they require it. Interested parties can make

creative team to develop innovative and commercial models to meet

an appointment to visit Artedi’s London showroom if they wish to

various customer demands.

explore the company’s range in more depth.


 㜀㜀㜀㐀 㜀 㐀㜀㐀㐀 1/2 page landscape.indd 1

FN360_Pages.indd 92

18/02/2019 11:41

27/02/2019 15:20



T: 0208 845 2727 E: info@artedi.co.uk Unit 17, Abbey Road Industrial Park, 1-29 Commercial Way, London, NW10 7XF www.artedi.co.uk

World leading supplier of indoor furniture to retailers and professionals. We provide high quality contemporary furniture for all purposes including wholesale, contract and home staging. We are continuously introducing new models and can also work closely with clients to develop lines for them. Please contact us to make an appointment to come see is at our London showroom. ArtediJan18.indd 1

21/12/2017 16:49

T: 0208 845 2727 E: info@artedi.co.uk Unit 17, Abbey Road Industrial Park, 1-29 Commercial Way, London, NW10 7XF www.artedi.co.uk

World leading supplier of indoor furniture to retailers and professionals. We provide high quality contemporary furniture for all purposes including wholesale, contract and home staging. We are continuously introducing new models and can also work closely with clients to develop lines for them. Please contact us to make an appointment to come see is at our London showroom. ArtediJan18.indd 1

FN360_Pages.indd 93 Artedi_JA.indd 1

21/12/2017 16:49

27/02/2019 21/02/2019 15:20 12:01

94 | January Furniture Show Review

WESTBRIDGE REFLECTS ON RECORD-BREAKING PERFORMANCE From its usual spot at the rear of Hall 1, Westbridge Furniture welcomed a steady stream of visitors eager to explore its well-dressed display of new upholstery models – sales director Nichola Bell shares her thoughts …


“We had one of our best-ever January

“The hard work that went into creating

introduction of two new fabric ranges. “Overall, I was delighted with the show

Furniture Shows,” says Nichola. “With a

our show offer definitely paid off, as the

brand new stand and nine new models, there

results were record breaking. Our new

this year, and want to thank our customers

was plenty to be proud of.

launches offered customers a great choice

for their support. It was a great show, and

of comfort, style and price point – Slouch,

a great finish for Laraine and Theresa from

was a happy one, with buyers being buoyant

Lucille and Petra were clear winners, and

the January Furniture Show team – we

and enthusiastic for our product. Hall 1 had

will reach the stores in time for Easter.”

would like to wish them well in the future.

“It was agreed that the feel of the show

a great buzz, and our stand was so busy at

Nichola also reveals that Westbridge

times we didn’t have time to take a breath

was able to offer lower price points on

(just how we like it)!

established favourites, thanks to the


FN360_Pages.indd 94

Have fun girls! “Bring on January Furniture Show 2020!”



27/02/2019 15:21

Full pag

Full page USE.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 95

25/02/2019 27/02/2019 10:59 15:21

96 | January Furniture Show Review


CIMC Home (www.cimchome.com) has launched the Amara dining range, an exclusive design which promises to bring a striking aesthetic to any room. A combination of wood veneer and metal, the dining table features a marble-effect top in subtle shades of grey and white, and a geometric sculptured base with a chrome foundation. Adding to the designer look are accompanying cantilevered chairs which feature chevron stitching on an impressive faux leather fabric.

Comfort and impressive looks are at the heart of every chair from Conform (0046 3835 0890, www.conform.se), which enjoyed a good show this year. Since production began in Sweden in 1978, Conform has developed an ever-improving line of stylish contemporary recliners, and the new models displayed at the January Furniture show were no exception. Jahn Aamodt, the designer of Conform’s Timeout chair, believes that “design should satisfy the desires of the user, the company and the society, and have a personality strong enough to last for decades of use”. With a choice of more than 500 fabrics, sheepskins, leathers, woods and base styles, Conform offers customers vast freedom of choice to find and enjoy their own comfort zone.

Thank you to new and existing customers for making JFS 2019 a great success 1/2 page landscape.indd 1

FN360_Pages.indd 96

13/02/2019 12:27

27/02/2019 15:21




ALPHA DESIGNS UPHOLSTERY LIMITED T: 01902 492937 F: 01902 493700 E: sales@alpha-designs.co.uk Unit 1, Stag Industrial Estate, Oxford Street, Bilston, Wolverhampton WV14 7HZ

AlphaJan19.indd FN360_Pages.indd1 97

15/02/2019 27/02/2019 09:18 15:21

98 | January Furniture Show Review

As one of the UK and Ireland’s leading suppliers of sofas delivered to spec (Your Sofa Your Way), furniture, mattresses and flooring, TCS (00353 293535, info@tcsimports.com), which enjoyed a successful show, is planning to help give independent retailers an Easter sales boost through a one-off March Madness promotion of selected products. Aimed specifically at this year’s late Easter dates, TCS’ March Madness promotion aims to help retailers take full advantage of this trading period, with new discounted products across the company’s portfolio that can be on their sales floors in time for Easter. TCS advises retailers to enquire early to ensure delivery in time for the Bank Holiday sales period and have their pick of the widest available selection of products before this limited stock offer closes at the end of March. To find out more, stockists can also contact Mark, Craig or Bradley from TCS’ sales team.


Austwick Heathers carpet

“In 2018 Sofahouse Imports (www.sofa-house. co.uk) achieved exceptional growth in modular sofa ranges,” says the company’s Cormac Crawley, “as consumers began to realise that a broader range of seating configuration was now possible. The reaction has been so positive that we decided to make modular the focus of this year’s January Furniture Show – a great way to begin 2019. “We have been working with our manufacturing partner, White Feathers Ltd, to produce some of the finest modular models in the market.

Urban in charcoal

“In terms of configuration, it was sometimes difficult for the end user to grasp the concept and the multitude of possibilities available. Sofahouse is now creating 3D animations to demonstrate to retailers and consumers what is possible. 3D animations have become a power marketing tool in helping visualise the possibilities with modular, and videos are available on our website. These cuttingedge 3D animations were displayed at the show, and generated a lot of interest. “With such variety in modular, stock availability becomes crucial. Sofahouse has 250,000ft2 of warehousing in the UK and Ireland, ensuring that our product is available for immediate delivery. “Modular development has been a revelation, and we are excited about 2019.”

FN360_Pages.indd 98

Urban in charcoal

27/02/2019 15:21

Full pag

Select from 9 Unique Modules 100s of Possible Configurations

Urban Modular Customise Your Own Space

Power Reclining Optional | USB Charging

HOUSE www.sofa-house.co.uk

UK: andrew@sofa-house.co.uk | 0044(0)121 448 3690 IRE: sales@sofahouse.ie | 00353(0)42 935 1950

Full page USE.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 99

15/02/2019 27/02/2019 10:35 16:34

100 | January Furniture Show Review

HOMESTYLE’S MAKEOVER WINS PLAUDITS This year’s show gave cabinet specialist Homestyle GB an opportunity to unveil a fresh look, new ranges and greater online functionality, reports Furniture News …


Well established on the UK cabinet scene,

describes as “a superb piece of quality and

“incredibly well” at the show, says Mark. “It

family-owned and operated wholesaler

workmanship” (which will be available from

was hailed as one of the finest collections at

Homestyle GB has garnered a reputation for

the end of the month).

the exhibition,” he notes, proudly.

on-trend, well-priced solid wood ranges, both modern and traditional. Acknowledging the need to respond to a changing marketplace, throughout 2018 the company worked hard behind the scenes

Front and centre of its display was the

“Scandic attracted the lion’s share of

new Scandic range. Clean, functional and

the attention – it truly represents excellent

attractive, Scandic represents an impressive

value for money for such a high-calibre

step forward for Homestyle, and sold

range.” These attractive new lines are backed

to take its digital presence and branding to

up by significant investment in website

the next level – and its new look, bolstered

and branding. Homestyle’s website is

by a slew of new models and one of its best

undergoing extensive redevelopment, and

stands to date, went down remarkably well

will relaunch soon with live stock feeds,

with the show’s visitors, reports MD Mark

online ordering, API for programmatic


integration, new price-checking software,

“Our customers definitely appreciated our new direction,” he says. “The stand

and product data downloads available in all formats.

attracted a steady stream of visitors eager

Creating high-quality and detailed

to see our new lines, and we feel we really

product photography for the website has

put our best foot forward in terms of

been another key focus for Homestyle. Users


will be able to view cut-out, lifestyle and

Homestyle launched an array of new

360° shots of the company’s products –

designs at the show, including a reclaimed

watch this space for more news.

range with industrial styling (due by June),

T 01606 556585

and the New Deluxe painted – which Mark


FN360_Pages.indd 100

27/02/2019 15:21


Vogue.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 101

19/02/2019 27/02/2019 09:25 15:21

Double Page Spread.indd FN360_Pages.indd 102 1

27/02/2019 15:21

La-Z-Boy. but not as you know it.

Our 2019 upholstery range includes something for every taste, from our traditional styles to modern off-the-floor designs - all with our famous reclining technology.

FN360_Pages.indd 103

11/02/2019 15:21 16:02 27/02/2019

104 | January Furniture Show Review

SILENTNIGHT SHOWS SUPPORT FOR INDEPENDENTS This year’s January Furniture Show saw the return of the Silentnight Group after an absence of 10 years. With a commanding presence in Hall 5, the Silentnight Group stand featured displays covering the Silentnight, Sealy and Rest Assured brands, along with the group’s hospitality division.

Rest Assured’s Indulgence Range

A key feature of the Silentnight stand was a

tremendously well at the January Furniture

foam and meets UK flammability regulations

new Exclusives Collection for independent

Show, with interest from a number of

without the need for additional FR chemical

retailers. The new range – with products

independent retailers,” says Stuart Law,


including Atala Deluxe, Elisa Deluxe, Luna

head of general retail sales at Silentnight.

Health, quality and sustainability was a key theme of the Silentnight stand at the

Deluxe, Cypria Deluxe and Valieria Deluxe –

The Exclusives Collection was not the

is based upon previous bestselling products,

only new range available for independent

show, with the Silentnight Eco Comfort

and will be launched into the independent

retailers at this year’s show, with Rest

range also featuring prominently. The Eco

retail market this month.

Assured launching the Indulgence

Comfort Fibres used in the mattresses are

Collection. Featuring the natural comfort

made from 100% recycled plastic bottles,

to provide independent retailers with a

of British wool and high-performance

without any compromise on comfort. With

new in-store proposition that dovetails

fresh fibres to deliver a breathable and

the equivalent of over 150 bottles in each

perfectly into the current Silentnight

comfortable mattress range, the Indulgence

mattress, Silentnight has saved 105 million

Inspired Collection. The range was received

Collection has been crafted without using

plastic bottles from entering oceans and

“The new collection has been created

Silentnight Group ‘s impressive stand at the back of Hall 5

FN360_Pages.indd 104

27/02/2019 15:21

January Furniture Show Review | 105

landfill in the past 12 months alone. The high-performance fibres spring back to their original shape for superior durability and impressive comfort. Silentnight’s Eco Comfort range is now available across the infant, child and adult sectors, and supports the company’s message of “eco product for all of the family”, says Stuart. “There is no doubt that healthier and more sustainable products are in demand by consumers, and our ranges can help independent retailers provide sustainable options for their customers,” he adds. “We are seeing strong interest and growing sales in this sector of the market as retailers are reacting to the demands of their customers for eco-friendly products.”

Silentnight Eco Comfort

Independent retailers had the opportunity to see the investment that Silentnight makes into the testing and development of its products, with part of its laboratory featured on the stand. One of the few SATRA-approved testing labs in the UK, it featured leading-edge technologies used to test material components that make up the Silentnight Group’s mattress ranges, and offered a glimpse of the research projects designed to gain more understanding of how people can get better sleep. These have been

developed in partnership with the University

increase awareness of local bed and mattress

of Central Lancashire and AWAKE, an

retailers. A marketing campaign is being

independent specialist team of academics

planned for National Bed Month in March,

which studies sleep and fatigue.

with social media activity and promotional offers for consumers. In July, Silentnight

The return to the NEC was part of Silentnight’s commitment to supporting

will support Independent Retailer Month

national and local trade exhibitions,

with a series of regional events to promote

including Scotland’s Northpoint show – and

the Silentnight brand and independent

Silentnight has further plans to support


the independent retail sector this year,

T 01282 813051

with a series of campaigns and events to


The Silentnight Group lab at the show

The Silentnight Group lab

Siletnight’s new Exclusives Collection for independents

FN360_Pages.indd 105

27/02/2019 15:21

106 | January Furniture Show Review

ASG (0121 779 2138, www.asgtrading.co.uk) enjoyed a successful January Furniture Show, before going on to exhibit product at Spring Fair last month. ASG’s supply chain director Echo Yang says: “Most of the clients we dealt with were volume dealers who had purchased from China before – and many commented that the quality and price were better than they’d find by going direct! “The shows also confirmed the suitability of our product portfolio for the UK market – it’s really hitting the right mark in all respects, from quality to design and price.” To fulfil its promise of profitable, hassle-free partnerships, ASG’s team in China draws on more than a decade of supply chain management experience, covering market analysis, product

… and at Spring Fair

development, logistics, quality and pricing control, and works closely with reliable manufacturers to deliver successful product and fulfilment solutions. In a competitive marketplace, ASG achieves highly competitive prices by consolidating production and shipping, cutting any unnecessary costs and passing the benefits on to its customers. With a strong portfolio comprising furniture for the home, garden and storage, and decor – plus various customisation options, even for smaller customers – ASG anticipates good growth this year. ASG at the January Furniture Show …

Anyone wishing to more closely explore ASG’s offer can do so by visiting its showroom in Birmingham.

JF710 in walnut

Jual Furnishings (01443 816982, www.jualfurnishings.co.uk), established in 2006, attended the show to present its latest Smart product portfolio. Julie Powell, director of the South Wales-based company, says Jual


with the amazing sound quality and the wireless-charging feature. “We were delighted to be shortlisted for this range in The Furniture Awards 2019 and to receive a Highly Commended award was reward and recognition for all the hard work we have put in

exhibited at the show to raise awareness of its new furniture designs,

over the last few months in developing this product to ensure it met

which are packed with Smart technology such as high-quality 2.1

British Standards.

Bluetooth speakers, wireless-charging facilities and USB ports. She says: “The new range was really well received by our customers, new and old. The designs are leading the way in bringing together stylish furniture and practicality for the Millennial lifestyle of today. Customers who tried the product were extremely impressed

FN360_Pages.indd 106

“Over the course of the four-day show, we generated a number of leads from across the UK, which our agents are currently following up on the road. “The January Furniture Show was a fantastic platform to launch our new products, which are available now.”

27/02/2019 15:23

Full pag

Our new models were a great success at The January Furniture Show! The January Furniture Show saw the launch of new and exciting models such as Arc, Vesper, Roko and Weston to name just a few. We also showcased popular existing models including stunning fabrics which all received a positive response by visitors to our stand. Weston


Mike Aramayo (MD) explained why Buoyant had their best show in years: “Buoyant has upped its game with more exciting designs, richer fabrics, amazing touches, better seat options and by far the best collection of product we have ever taken to the January Furniture Show. ” Arc

Not to worry if you missed us, our sales agents will be visiting your area in our show vans soon.


FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 107 1

www.buoyant-upholstery.co.uk Telephone - 01282 691631

Dates to remember: • AIS Bed Show - 9th &10th April • AIS Furniture Show - 25th & 26th June • Manchester Show - 14th - 16th July www.facebook.com/BuoyantUpholsteryltd www.twitter.com/BuoyantUph www.linkedin.com/company/buoyant-upholstery

27/02/2019 13/02/2019 15:23 12:24

108 | January Furniture Show Review

ASPIRATIONAL REBRAND SET TO PAY OFF After months in planning and development, Hydeline’s new brand, At The Helm, launched to rave reviews at both imm cologne and the January Furniture Show …

This year will see the development of further new models, plus various in-store gallery concepts. Based on the distinctive creative elements of At The Helm – and incorporating the look and feel of the company’s exhibition stands – these galleries, and the PoS materials that will be made available to stockists, will ensure that the brand’s depth and style is communicated cleanly and clearly to shoppers, allowing them to buy into an inspirational, curated offer. Hydeline reports that visitors’ reaction –

It is set to be a busy year for Hydeline,

both to the new brand direction towards

but the company is offering the trade ample

to the AIS members-only show in June,

comfort and style, and to the sofas

opportunities to see what is happening At

where the At The Helm in-store gallery

themselves – was “extremely positive”, and

The Helm. The At The Helm showvan is now

concepts will be launched.

that this was reflected in the level of orders

taking to the road, and will be available to

taken during and after the shows.

visit retailers across the nation over the

of new brand identity, impressive product

Following this, the company’s focus turns

Thanks to this impressive combination

next three months – and for anyone further

developments and best-in-class retail

capitalise on the solid UK foundations built

afield, there will be an opportunity to visit

theatre, 2019 is set to be another record-

by the company in the past three years, and

Hydeline’s factory showroom during its

breaking year for this inventive company.

is likely to cement its position as one of the

open weekend on 15-17th March, ahead of

leading suppliers in the sector.

CIFF Guangzhou.

T 01908 968228 www.hydeline.co.uk

The new brand, At The Helm, is set to

FN360_Pages.indd 108

27/02/2019 15:23


t: 0208 997 7397 e: sales@twenty10design.com Highbridge Oxford Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1HR www.twenty10design.com



Twenty10Mar19.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 109





15/02/2019 27/02/2019 09:56 15:23

110 | January Furniture Show Review

Florence in orange velvet

Latina in mustard velvet

Samara in blue velvet

MD Marc Bunting says: “Over the years,

World Furniture (www.world-furniture.biz)

a range of velvet dining chairs in bright,

has long followed a path of diversification

vibrant colours, in various desgns and

we have heard our customers say at every

into modern, on-trend, contemporary

prices; Tivoli/Merano, a range of marble/

show that they want to see something

designs, and its performance at the January

granite finishes in modern styling with a full

different. Whilst oak remains strong – and

Furniture Show vindicated this strategy.

occasional range to match; Cadiz/Granada, a

we believe it will always continue to be – we

range of extending and fixed dining tables,

took the decision to focus on stepping out of

in its 20-year history, the Irish supplier

finished in light oak ceramic glass with

the oak environment and exploring material

presented a broad mix of dining furniture,

black powder-coated legs; Loreto, a variety

combinations, adding value so that we have

including modern marble and granite

of dining chairs in subtle but vibrant PU;

products that are both different in design,

ranges, partnered with chair options in

and velvet sofas, in styles ranging from

but equally, commercially desirable.

velvet, PU and fabric.

Chesterfield to modern, and promising good

Off the back of its best business quarter

New models included: Florence/Samara,

“We seem to have found that niche, and

value for money.

will continue to develop it.”

under-bed storage.

contemporary bedroom. This low-profile

Olympic gymnast Mimi Cesar putting on a show with the new Millbrook bed frame (photo courtesy January Furniture Show)

The recent January Furniture Show proved a great experience for Millbrook Beds (02380

Now, the storage options have been

bed frame is available in three headboard

866111, www.millbrook-beds.co.uk), which

bolstered by the re-introduction of the

styles – Adam, Eve and Eden – across a

launched two new divans.

Millbrook Ottoman divan, which offers

complete range of over 70 fabrics.

Millbrook’s divan sets are handmade

extensive under-mattress storage, with an

The company saw a good mix of existing

by skilled craftsmen using traditional

effortless hydraulic lifting mechanism to

customers at the show who were investing

techniques, and can be made with flush-

open and close it.

in new models and increasing their

fit drawers in two- or four-drawer configurations to provide sleek and stylish

FN360_Pages.indd 110

Also well received at the show was

Millbrook Beds range, as well as opening

Millbrook’s new bed frame for the more

opportunities with three major accounts.

27/02/2019 15:23

Full pag Sherbo


New optional Lumbar Adjustment


A big thank you to all the customers who visited our stand at the January Furniture Show, where we were delighted with the response to our enormous display of Riser Recliners, featuring in particular the new Malham design with wooden knuckles and the new additional option of Adjustable Lumbar Support on all models.


Also highly successful were the new Virginia Recliner/Suite range, 32 exciting new fabrics and two new Sprung Mattresses to enhance the comfort of our superb Adjustable Beds. Malham

Sherborne Upholstery Limited Telephone: 01274 882633 sales@sherborne-uph.co.uk www.sherborneupholstery.co.uk (including Product Customiser to view all Fabrics and Leathers) FN360_Pages.indd 111 Full page USE.indd 1 Sherborne Cabinet Advert Feb 2019.indd 1

27/02/2019 15:23 11/02/2019 09:52 15:58 30/01/2019

112 | January Furniture Show Review



The Great Chair Company brought a host of new products to the show, including a new product category – upholstered bed frames …


Malmesbury with Plume Grey cover

“Throughout 2018, from our launch at last

an exclusive prestige collection for the

year’s show, our customer base and product

independents. We are constantly told by our

offer grew at pace,” says commercial

customers that the quality of our product,

director Mark Symes.

the outstanding price points and the simple

“We pre-marketed some bed frames at

minimum order of just one unit, delivered

the Autumn Furniture Show in Stoneleigh,

super-fast, is so compelling, and a huge

and from there we understood clearly the

commercial win!”

huge demand for a fast-track, simple service supplier.

Later this year, a range of sofas will be brought to the market on an exclusive

“Our business foundation is all about

basis to a major retail group, followed by a

being in stock and delivery in 24-72 hours

collection available to the general trade in

depending on where you are in the UK


or Eire, so to extend that simple offer

“If our great sofa business is anything

to upholstered bed frames was a logical

like as successful as our accent chairs and


bed frames – and I have no doubt they

“It’s good to know that in just three

will be, as we maintain a laser focus on

months we have grown our bed business

commerciality – then the future of the

from zero to over 700 floor placements –

Great group is looking bright indeed,” Mark

and that’s growing rapidly. The key is our


ability to manufacture private label fabrics

T 01452 881777

for the larger group customers and maintain


FN360_Pages.indd 112

Bloxham with Shangri La cover

27/02/2019 15:23

Full pagObaby

Elegance, Style & Quality www.obabystamford.co.uk

pe Tau y Gre

e Whit

Grey Warm ®

Junior Bed - Lunar



AmyChilds Brand Ambassador for Obaby

Double Wardrobe - Lunar

The new Madrid furniture range from Obaby • Gloss finish • Chest includes hanging option • Sliding doors • Two colour options, Lunar and Eclipse • Multi use changing top

www.obaby.co.uk 01652 641491

FN360_Pages.indd 113 Full page USE.indd 1 - Feb 2019 - Madrid and Stamford Amy.indd 1 Obaby - Furniture News

27/02/2019 11/02/2019 15:52 08/02/2019 15:23 13:41

114 | January Furniture Show Review

After M&P Chairs (07802 648383, www.mandpchairs.co.uk) returned to the show this year, it reported a degree of success, despite the feeling that visitor footfall was lower than in 2018, due to inclement weather. “Many of our existing customers visited our stand and we met with several promising new prospects, some of which are already turning into firm orders,” comments a spokesperson. “Subsequently – and rather pleasingly – a lot of interest is being shown in our new beech Caversham wooden seated side chair.” M&P is based in East Sussex, carries large stocks of its core products and distributes throughout the UK using its own delivery vehicles plus pallet and courier providers. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver quality European hardwood (beech and oak) chairs quickly and e�ciently.

Hailing from Altamura, Italy, New Trend


Concepts Italia (0039 0803 140194, www.newtrendconcepts.it) o�ers more than 250 upholstery models across four collections. At the heart of the brand is its Italian heritage – from design to manufacture, New Trend Concepts creates every model within its own production plant, utilising locallysourced materials whenever possible, and drawing on the know-how of experienced craftsmen, who utilise skills passed down from one generation to the next. The leather, fabric, wood and metal that make up the company’s elegant seating solutions are chosen based on most stringent criteria, while care goes into the quality of the springs and foams contained in its cushions. The result is a line of unique, comfortable models that reflect the qualities of the country in which they are made.



FN360_Pages.indd 114

27/02/2019 16:37


FN360_Pages.indd 115 1 Collins&HayesDec18.indd

27/02/2019 12/11/2018 15:23 08:56

116 | January Furniture Show Review

“Exceptional design and amazing value” were the key ingredients that made this year’s show the most successful in recent years for Lebus Upholstery (www.lebus.co.uk) . With all the outside pressures and uncertainty around, Lebus saw that value, key price points and maximum commerciality were vital to capitalise on any opportunities. Consequently, every range was critically price pointed, different in design, and in tune with current market demands and expectations. New models Dakota, California, Athena and Idaho all saw strong uptake, while the prices of Pasha and Illusion really made an impression – customers clearly recognised the value offered, and responded with enthusiasm.


Sweet Dreams (www.sweetdreamsuk.com) surpassed records set in previous years with an impressive display at the NEC that saw total sales up by around +25% YoY. The Sweet Dreams stand, a celebration of 30 years in business, was one of the largest in Hall 5 – if not the show – as the company showed off an extended range this year, including dining and living room furniture as well as divans, bed frames and bedroom furniture. Upholstery sales accounted for 40% of the total orders taken at the show. This represented +50% more in actual sales than at the 2018 event, demonstrating how the collection is steadily gaining traction in the market – while sales of British-made sofas and chairs doubled the orders taken on the range from last year. The manufacturer has improved the sit and comfort of the range, and buyers were quick to appreciate this. The range comprises new models as well as established sofas – for example, Harvey, a 3-2-1 plus stool with foam seat cushions and luxury


back cushions, available in Sweet Dreams’ extensive range of fabrics, and in a choice of

recliner, Tuscany – also a new model – and

two finishes for the wooden feet.

fabric manual recliner, Rutland.

The understated Fraser also performed

Sweet Dreams also saw significant success

Of these, Dusk performed especially well. A corner sofabed with a pull-out section that forms the sleeping surface together

well, as did a range of four accent chairs

with sofabeds, which accounted for 12%

with the chaise, the chaise itself lifts up

– which are so new they do not feature in

of total sales. The stand-out story was the

to reveal useful storage. Altogether, the

the company’s Book 18 brochure. Imported

own-manufactured range, which included

sofabeds represent good commercial value,

sofas saw strong sales, especially the power

Dusk, Twilight, Dawn and Faith.

and buyers were impressed.


FN360_Pages.indd 116


27/02/2019 15:23

Full pag


For further information visit our showroom or contact us on: 01162875288 www.CIMChome.com

FN360_Pages.indd 117 Full page USE.indd 1

27/02/2019 11:10 15:23 19/02/2019

118 | January Furniture Show Review



The där lighting group (www.darlighting.co.uk), which is renowned

The Falcon is an attractive statement pendant that incorporates

for large-scale, conceptual design with dramatic styles and finishes,

eye-catching design with a futuristic style. The 35W LED pendant

presented its Spring Edit at the show.

is available with either acrylic, polished chrome or gold detailing to

Under the creative direction of lead designer Peter Legg, the ranges are defined by bold lines of monochrome geometry, stone and marble

create a unique centrepiece. The Spring Edit continues där’s commitment to quality, innovation

effects, including oversized pendants. The Spring Edit includes

and trend-led design with sleek lines and integrated LED technology.

new collections that bring a touch of dark luxury to interiors, with

Ranges such as Twist encompass contemporary lighting, with

graphical silver finishes and black and gold foil designs – and the

floating acrylic ribbons and a bright light output, while SPL is a new

collection is completed with elements of art deco and Hollywood

suspension range that brings a fresh take on innovative LED lighting. Designed in the UK and exclusive to där, these original pendants

Regency, with rich gold detailing. The nw Spring Edit offers statement centrepieces such as Mercury,

are an energy-efficient replacement to traditional ceiling

which combines modern design with planetary themes, and the

suspensions. Compatible with easy-fit pendants and där’s Keila

dramatic Hex, which brings artistic flair to interiors with geometrical

range, these long-life LED suspensions will not need replacing, states



www.markwebster.co.uk 1/2 page landscape.indd 1

FN360_Pages.indd 118

Hardwick Upholstery 13/02/2019 12:28

27/02/2019 15:24


world furniture introducing JFS bestsellers

opal table + oscar chairs

argento table + argent chairs table available in white, latte + grey

santana table + soho chairs

tivoli table + lorreto chairs

merino table + florence chairs

cadiz table + chairs

028 9182 8202


2 Ballyharry Business Park, Donaghadee Road, Newtownards, Northern Ireland BT23 7ET

www.world-furniture.biz FN360_Pages.indd 119 1 WorldFurnitureMar19.indd

27/02/2019 15:38 15:32

120 | January Furniture Show Review

Smart Trading (01937 589188, www.smart-trading.co.uk) presented a new range, Hudson, at the January Furniture Show. Created by renowned designer Paul Stott and produced in a blond oak finish, the range encompasses 12 pieces, but more – including painted product – will be added later this year. The mainstays of the supplier’s Smart Occasional ranges were also on show – including two popular painted colours – alongside numerous show deals and special offers.


TIMEOUT. A PERFECT RELAXING CHAIR by Jahn Aamodt. Conform developes, designs and manufactures armchairs, crafted by hand, for timeless contemporary settings in homes and public places. Full function. Distinct design. conform.se

ConformMar19.indd 1

FN360_Pages.indd 120

21/02/2019 08:58

27/02/2019 15:24

Wieman FN Full

Everyone’s a winner with Wiemann’s winning ranges!


Stand out from your competitors with Wiemann’s award-winning Monaco.




“Why has no-one done this before to this standard? It’s a revelation . From the unobtrusive lighting to the size and scale, this is seriously practical, giving complete access to the whole wardrobe, and it’s flexible enough to create cracking in-store displays, no matter the space.” The 2019 Judges.

made in germany enquiries@wiemannuk.co.uk | www.wiemannuk.co.uk

FN360_Pages.indd 121 WiemannMar19.indd 1Feb19.indd 1 FN Full page Wiemann

15:24 27/02/2019 15/02/2019 12:24 17:41

122 | January Furniture Show Review

WELCOME TO WONDERLAND Furniture News’ inaugural Stand of the Show award goes to Alexander & James’ Wonderland-themed retreat, which was created by the sofamaker’s brand director Michelle White …

“The story behind the stand is our attempt to make sense of a chaotic world by offering collections grounded in themes such as wanderlust and gratitude”

This year’s January Furniture Show boasted

and glamorous, the look proved so popular

displays – but Furniture News’ 2019 Stand

with visitors that Michelle plans to recreate

of the Show award went to a setting bristling

it in the brand’s Long Eaton showroom –

with personality and character.

and in Alexander & James’ first retail store,

Alexander & James’ Wonderland-themed retreat saw Michelle take cues from fairytales, catwalk trends and a blend of complementary themes to provide a warm,

which opened in Bangkgok last month. “I’m confident this look will translate to the store,” says Michelle. Furniture News’ editor-in-chief, Paul

engaging environment in which to do

Farley, comments: “Consistently busy, and

business, putting the supplier’s bestselling

playing host to a lively party on the second

velvet-upholstered models to the fore.

night of the show, Alexander & James’

“The story behind the stand is our attempt to make sense of a chaotic world

FN360_Pages.indd 122

At once decadent and homely, ethereal

more than its fair share of high-quality

neon-tinged escape proved Furniture News’ favourite this year – and we’re sure we’re

by offering collections grounded in themes

not alone in that opinion!”

such as wanderlust and gratitude,” says

T 01159 835500



27/02/2019 15:24

January Furniture Show Review | 123

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Covercraft Upholstery (0115 973 6111, www.covercraftupholstery.com) designs and manufactures furniture to the highest specification, crafting each piece by hand

Colchani, the Uyuni collection

using sustainable hardwood frames, before fabrics are hand cut and pattern matched by its skilled staff. Covercraft’s range is available in an extensive range of fabrics depending on the design, or in customers’ own materials. Covercraft’s aim is to offer comfort and a personal service to all customers. Interested parties can get in touch to find out more, or to arrange a visit from Covercraft’s show van.

Louis de Poortere (www.louisdepoortere.com) presented its 2019 Rug Collection at January’s Domotex, revealing new styles that reinforce the Belgian maker’s reputation for hitting the delicate balance between style and affordability. These included the international launch of Uyuni, a collection inspired by the world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia, as well as new designs for Mad Men and Antiquarian, and the official launch of the Original Wilton Rugs programme. Uyuni’s multi-layered effects are achieved through cotton chenille in varying thread counts mixed with yarns of space-dyed wool. In two designs – linear Tunupa and the Chanel Tweedinspired Colchani – the development of the collection saw Louis de Poortere push its machinery hard, creating a technique that means each machine-made rug is different from the last. Louis de Poortere showed the next in the Antiquarian line, Ushak, and Mad Men was bolstered by the five colourways of Fahrenheit 32, reflecting the marks left by skaters on New York’s Wollman Rink.

Monterey Lux

Over the past 35 years, Nordic-C (www.nordic-c.com) has developed business throughout mainland Europe – and this year it made its UK debut, at the January Furniture Show. The UK recliner range benefits from Memafoam, a cold cure foam system, which, together with the Schultz Easylift mechanism offers

Wave Plus

we were targeting that gave us a great deal of encouragement.” The Classic Collection consists of three models, each offering the same value, comfort and benefits, and, like all Nordic-C’s products, available with or without footstools. The Living Collection, with its smooth Easylift system, offers a

comfort and support, while eliminating the pinch which can occur

broad choice of designs, with each model boasting its own style and

when returning the back of a seat to an upright position.

features. Many have adjustable headrests, and some offer self-

East to assemble, with warranties for peace of mind, Nordic-C’s

contained footstool options. The models are available in a wide

products cover three collections, which all offer a broad choice of

selection of fabrics and full-grain leathers, plus a large choice of

covers and finishes. The core models are available from stock within


two weeks, while the lead time for special orders is six weeks. Director Simon Orr says: “As well as the orders taken and positive enquiries received, it was the understanding retailers had of where we were positioning our products in the market and the defined areas

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Finally there is the Traditional Collection of assisted seating models, offering both contemporary styling and functionality. Also offered is a range of complementary sofas, featuring standard and recliner chairs.

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126 | Living Room

ARTISAN BRINGS GRANARY TO LIFE Last month, Furniture News profiled online drop-shipping specialist Artisan Furniture, a London-based business that works with factories in India to offer retailers a plethora of on-trend designs at competitive prices. In this issue, manager Bruna Martins reveals that Artisan is also bringing a new brand to the market – Granary Royale, a handmade classic with an already-strong following …

What’s Granary Royale’s background?

and long extension dining tables, to name

(including Granary Royale) come from the

This classic handmade range was first

but a few.

manufacturer, thereby offering retailers a

introduced in 2008, and is one of our most

As the current trend is for lighter finishes,

chance of customising the product in terms of finish, dimension, style and design.

popular, and oldest. The Granary collection

we are offering Granary Royale with an

was first offered in acacia wood with a dark

amazing natural grain pattern (including

finish, and subsequently the second edition

wooden knots) and handmade, turned legs.

March onwards, for drop-shipping amongst

was launched in 2012 as Granary Royale,

We also offer the darker version, popularly

the other products listed on our website.

which was in mango wood and had a natural

known as Granary, in acacia wood.

With our dropship service, customers


Granary is a classic, evergreen home

Granary Royale will be available from

don’t need room or resources to store any

furniture design. It never goes out of

products, as we stock everything at our

inspired collection offers truly classic pieces

fashion, which is evident from the fact that

Leicester warehouse, which we then ship

of furniture which will last for generations.

both Granary and the extended Granary

directly to their customers’ doorsteps.

This collection has been running

Royale have been running successfully for

successfully for a decade, and is now being

10 years.

This 100% solid wood, 20th century-

Additionally, our stockists enjoy free delivery within the UK mainland, and there’s no minimum order for value or

introduced to the UK marketplace directly by the manufacturer, who employs skilled

Does the flexibility for which Artisan


Furniture is known extend to Granary


Royale? Can you describe the offer in more depth?

Indeed. In line with our policy of

T 0800 689 4736

This collection is suitable for everything

empowering retailers, all our products


from traditional English homes and cottages, to post-colonial and classic mansions. The products are competitively priced, and cater to the mid-market segment, and offer construction features such as wooden pegs, breadboard joints, grooves, hand distressing and chamfered edges. The collection includes all the most popular products, such as the butterfly dining table, trilogy coffee table, round drum chest, corner TV unit, nesting stools

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Following on from a strong January Furniture Show, Woodman Chairs (01884 841789, sales@woodmanchairs.co.uk) plans to New this year, the striking GAO Collection from Essentials by

launch a number of new chairs, tables and bar stools in the coming

Kettle Interiors (01536 444960, sales@kettleinteriorsagencies.

few weeks. “We were very pleased and encouraged by the level of

com) brings high value to modern oak furniture. Offering 21 items

interest and enthusiasm shown in our new designs,” comments

for dining and occasional and 12 items for the bedroom, the GAO

a spokesperson. “Whilst the Brexit saga remains a drag on the

Collection features rounded corners with bevel detailing to the tops

economy, we remain highly optimistic, and know that customers

and tapered legs, as well as brushed metal handles.

appreciate our wealth of choice, flexibility, quality and service.

Crafted in proportions ideal for today’s homes, this natural oak

“At the show, it was reassuring to hear strong echoes of our

finish collection represents impressive value, making it a natural

mantra that the retail world is increasingly about being alert and

choice for retailers keen to lead the charge on promotions, window

offering greater choice, style and alternatives – that is what we

displays and in-store incentives.

offer you and intend to build upon.” Woodman supplies chairs

Available through Wholesale, Stockist and Container services,

and tables to the retail and contract markets, and bespoke-

the GAO Collection from Essentials by Kettle Interiors will be

manufactures customers’ own chairs, chair frames and furniture

available soon from UK stocks for fast delivery across the nation.

components, with good lead times and in sensible quantities.

Shankar (01902 399764, www.shankar.uk.com) is a design-led importer and distributor, and is fast becoming an industry-recognised home, office and business brand. Based in the West Midlands, Shankar’s head office in Wolverhampton is home to its sales, design, R&D and buying teams, which ensure the business is at the forefront of the latest design, fabric colour and texture trends. Shankar offers a Direct Home Delivery (DHD) service to reduce the need for customers to keep and maintain stocks. Upon receipt of an order, Shankar’s staff make contact with customers and arrange bookings directly with them at a convenient time. This is normally done within 24 hours, and Shankar also offers a next-day delivery service. Shankar strives to offer innovative, desirable, durable and functional products. Its latest models include the Capri dining chair, which has minimal styling that emphasises contemporary living. These chairs would suit a well-appointed kitchen, loft-style living space or traditional dining room, and promise to blend with both casual and formal dining solutions. The chair features a sprung seat for additional comfort. The Sidcup chair collection is also designed to create Just some of Shankar’s chairs on display at the company’s showroom

FN360_Pages.indd 128

a stylish dining atmosphere and features simple lines with softened edges, as well as a sprung seat. Leg assembly is required for both collections and the chairs are sold in boxes of two (for natural legs) or singles (for chrome legs).

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130 | Dining Room

Somerdale Dining

NATHAN OPENS BRAND UMBRELLA Leading cabinet manufacturer and teak specialist Nathan Furniture is undergoing a strategic brand refresh as it begins to widen its portfolio and audience with new ranges. All of the company’s existing collections,

changing with new additions to expand our

fashioned into a contemporary style – with

including the Charltons and Sutcliffe

portfolio for a wider audience. Our stockist

hardwearing metal frames brushed in epoxy

products, will now come under the Nathan

partners can still have our bestselling pieces,

resin to give each piece a distressed look and

name – along with three ranges newly

but they can also expand their displays with

its own individual character;

released at January’s AIS Furniture Show,

more varied collections, knowing they are

including painted country cottage and

supported by our company values.”

modern industrial styles.

The three new Nathan ranges launched

Tiverton, a quality painted collection with hardwood frames and featuring eyecatching parquet-style tops and a two-tone

at the AIS were: Palma, an elegant and

colour finish; and Somerdale Bedroom,

in providing more support for stockist

modern-industrial collection of living,

a painted collection and an extension of

partners, including new and consistent PoS

dining and bedroom pieces, which combines

Charltons’ popular Somerdale living and

material, up-to-date lifestyle photography

Nathan’s trademark quality teak –

dining range.

The move will enable Nathan to invest

“The last 18 months have been an

for marketing use and branded room sets to

incredibly busy period for us,” continues

increase visibility in stores.

Nicholas. “Consolidating production to a

MD Nicholas Radford says: “The Nathan name has always been synonymous with

single, state-of-the-art factory in Indonesia

quality materials and construction, so by

has been a hugely successful exercise, and

using this ethos across all collections, it will

it has enabled us to move Nathan Furniture

let new and existing customers know that

forward. “The quality of workmanship on our

Nathan is a name they can trust for quality, reliability and now choice, with our wider

products has risen while lead times have


fallen, and we now have more freedom to introduce new ranges with greater flexibility

“We will continue to produce our most popular ranges such as Nathan Classic and

for finishes and details. This is enabling

Shades, which remain fresh and relevant.

us to create more choice for our stockist

These are both now supported by new


lifestyle photography, with more planned

T 0203 058 4280

throughout the year. But Nathan is also

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The new MN Bedroom Collection from Kettle Interiors (01536 444960, sales@ kettleinteriorsagencies.com) features a space-saving sliding wardrobe – the first of its kind from the supplier. The MN slide door wardrobe makes it possible to provide functional hanging storage in smaller bedrooms, with the sliding door allowing easy operation in the often-narrow spaces between beds and storage pieces. With the optional slide door wardrobe internal unit, which features two deep drawers, practicality can be further enhanced. Blending classic styling and current trends, the MN slide door wardrobe comes in a soft grey paint finish with contrasting oak tops and chrome handles, and features bun feet and panel detailing. The full range is available through Kettle’s Wholesale, Stockist and Container services.

Just some of Protect-A-Bed’s mattress protector lines – Bamboo, Plush and Cloud Having enjoyed another year of strong sales

– which offers cutting-edge cooling

experience, and built on a singular focus.

growth, award-winning mattress protector

technology and dynamic TV display bays –

This includes a unique sales training and

specialist Protect-A-Bed (02087 310020,

Protect-A-Bed unveiled its new Platinum

motivational programme, our best-in-class

www.protectabed.co.uk) enjoyed a good start

Club. “The Platinum Club has been designed

mattress protection collection and bundled

to 2019 at the January Furniture Show.

to build, recognise and reward success

guarantees, new state-of-the-art display

with unique promotional and discount

bays, award-winning customer services and

in the category has the same passion, drive

opportunities, sponsored incentives, tailored

claims resolution, and a next-day delivery

and focus to grow sales, and that’s why

PoS solutions as well as membership

service where required.

we are the leading global brand in healthy

rewards,” explains sales and marketing


manager, Paul Lake.

CEO Simon Zamet explains: “Nobody else

Building on the successful launch of collections including the Snow range

FN360_Pages.indd 134

“Protect-A-Bed have developed a worldclass programme, honed over years of

“The Platinum Club is a way of bringing together the very best elements of what we have to offer and what we know works well to build sales.”

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136 | Beds & Bedroom


TCH POWERS AHEAD WITH VALUE PROPOSITION With all the uncertainty that 2019 holds for the UK, TCH Furniture has enjoyed a positive start to the new year, with a good response to its new collections and pricing strategies, supported by investment in machinery and marketing …

promotional material.

TCH Furniture started the year with an

compared with the company’s standard

appearance at the AIS Furniture Show in

pricing. TCH Premier was launched at the

January, where it launched an AIS-exclusive

January Furniture Show, and was well

to manufacturing a quality product at a

bedroom and dining collection, Aria. Aria’s

received by customers old and new.

competitive price, backed up with excellent

TCH Furniture remains committed

smooth curves and soft lines, together

Once TCH Premier is established, the

customer service – indeed, the company

with its pastel finish, were designed to

company plans to offer its customers the

has won the AIS Gold Standard Award for

complement every aspect of modern living.

option of ordering bespoke pieces based on

Service and Quality for the last two years

existing products within its collections – a


It also launched Vantage, a dining

Anyone seeking further information

collection. In contrast to Aria, this collection

service not readily available from most

features clean, contemporary lines, with

manufacturers. On the marketing front, TCH

thin-edge tops and open compartments

also plans to invest in new CGI marketing

contact its sales director, Greg Bachelor.

accented by LED lighting. Broad horizontal

imagery to provide customers with better

T 07973 731762

regarding the company’s products can

elements, including flap doors and drawers, offer plenty of storage and display areas. However, the big news this year is the


launch of TCH Premier. The company has invested heavily in the latest CNC machinery, enabling it to improve productivity by manufacturing in larger quantities, and therefore making it more efficient and reducing lead times considerably. As a result, TCH Premier was launched. This service offers key pieces from TCH’s top-selling collections in the two bestselling colour options, with a delivery lead time of four weeks and a price reduction of -10%

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138 | Beds & Bedroom

Wools of New Zealand works with selected farms to deliver higher standards and greater efficiences in wool production for Hypnos’ collections

HYPNOS – A PIONEER IN COMFORT AND SUSTAINABILITY British luxury bed manufacturer Hypnos has a rich heritage, having handcrafted comfortable, bespoke beds for the homes around the world for over 100 years – and its expertise was highlighted at imm cologne in January, where the award-winning company demonstrated its ambitious growth plans, latest products and projects, all of which are designed to enhance the business’ key values around comfort, performance and sustainability.

Chris Ward, group marketing director

With innovation and sustainability at the

and humidity within a bed’s microclimate.

heart of its operation, Hypnos was proud

This helps ensure each individual sleeper

at Hypnos, comments: “Our relationship

to announce its latest partnerships at the

stays dry, cool and comfortable, reducing

with Wools of New Zealand enables us to be

exhibition – the first with international

interruptions to sleep.

confident that we have a really high-quality

brand 37.5, which provides its unique

Along with this, Hypnos continues to offer

wool, grown by chosen family farms who

mineral-based sustainable fibre for

its customers peace of mind with the new

adhere to the strictest standards in animal

enhanced personal comfort, and the second

Pillow Top, Orthos Elite, Natural Comfort

and land management, something incredibly

with Wools of New Zealand, which ensures

and Regency collections, all of which feature

important to us.

Hypnos can confidently and responsibly

a chemical-free sleep surface as standard.

source some of the finest wool with a low carbon footprint. The popular Hypnos Pillow Top collection

“And when it comes to the wool itself, the

Celebrating its eighth year as carbon

efficiencies and high fleece yields means it

neutral, Hypnos is one of the UK’s leading

has a -28% lower carbon footprint to that

environmentally friendly bedmakers.

of UK wool. “We’re incredibly proud to include

has been redesigned to help create an even

Beginning its sustainable journey over 10

better sleeping environment. Generously

years ago, the company continues to source

filled, the range features patented 37.5

recyclable materials and actively works to

Natural Comfort and Regency collections.”

technology integrated with a wool-rich

improve traceability throughout its supply

T 01844 348200

comfort layer to help regulate temperature



FN360_Pages.indd 138

this wool in our key ranges, including the

27/02/2019 15:24

Full pag 3632 H

The next generation of comfort






Luxury handcrafted mattress collection featuring a wool-rich comfort layer with patented 37.5ÂŽ active technology to help keep the body dry, cool and comfortable. Sumptuous, adaptive ďŹ llings gently cocoon the body, making the perfect comfort zone for sleep.

T: +44 (0) 1844 348200 | E: sleep@hypnosbeds.com

hypnosbeds.com Hypnos is proud to be Carbon Neutral

Handmade in Britain and 100% recyclable

Contact your Area Sales Manager for further information

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140 | Beds & Bedroom

Activ Geltex Pocket Euro Top 2800

SEALY TAKES A PROACTIVE APPROACH TO LOST SLEEP Designed to appeal to a new generation of health-savvy younger customers who are putting their health and wellbeing at the heart of their decisions, Sealy’s Activsleep range emphasises just how much healthy sleep contributes to a happy, healthy lifestyle … Combining the latest innovations in sleep technology with the high quality and comfort for which Sealy is renowned, the Activsleep range helps people achieve healthy and restful sleep. Every product in the range includes Sealy Smart Fibres – a package of unique materials including Tencel, which helps to prevent overheating, whilst Purotex cleans up allergens and reduces humidity. This innovation is exclusive to Sealy UK, as it is the only mattress company in the UK to hold

Activ Memory Pocket 1800

the Allergy UK seal of approval. The collection includes a range of comfort

and breathability. Combining 1400 pocket

prevents the overheating which can

types, from firm orthopaedic mattresses to

springs with 1400 mini pockets, the superior

commonly be associated with memory foam,

cosy pillowtops.

spring unit promotes a supportive and

while helping to create a cool, dry sleeping

revitalising sleep.


Tailored to those who struggle to get a good night’s sleep, the Activ Geltex

Next is the Activ Memory Pocket 1800, a

Then there is the Activ Ortho Extra Firm,

Pocket Euro Top 2800 features Geltex, an

sumptuous memory foam mattress which

an extra-firm mattress which provides

innovative combination of elastic gel and

offers a high level of comfort.

support across the entire sleeping surface

air-permeable foam, designed for maximum comfort. Geltex also achieves the highest ratings

Featuring 1000 pocket springs with 800

and features Sealy’s PostureTech Zero

mini pockets, the Activ Memory Pocket

Deflection construction, which combats

1800 combines a layer of memory foam

motion disruption and helps the sleeper

in the three essential components to a great

with Sealy’s unique springs for a balance of

wake up revitalised and refreshed.

night’s rest – pressure relief, body support

comfort and support. Adaptive technology


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FOR YOUR ORDERS TO ARRIVE? Why not become a stockist of our 6 new Premium Bedroom collections... UK STOCK






Hampton Bedroom Collection



Aspen Bedroom Collection



Contact: sales@harmonyfurnishings.co.uk Tel: 01902 459898 FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 141 1

27/02/2019 25/02/2019 15:24 11:56

142 | Beds & Bedroom

Sleepeezee’s imm stand offered new models and traditional British hospitality

SLEEPEEZEE OFFERS A TASTE OF BRITISH BEDMAKING Sleepeezee reports a successful imm cologne debut, where it was present in Koelnmesse’s prestigious Design Hall, alongside well-known international Adova Group sister brand, Treca.

The demand for handmade British

Sleepeezee’s new collection of luxury

watching demonstrations of the traditional

handmade, 100% natural beds attracted a

hand side-stitching techniques which are a

products with a Royal Warrant of

good deal of praise and interest, reports the

key feature of this range.

Appointment proved “extremely attractive”

Kent-based bedmaker.

During the show, 20 new accounts were

to potential customers from a variety of

In contrast to the Treca stand’s luxury

opened across countries including Germany,

countries, states the bedmaker, which also

Parisian feel, Sleepeezee hosted a traditional

Korea, Hungary and the Benelux, with good

offered an imaginative PoS package to

British-themed bar and hospitality area

prospects established in Russia, France,

complement the new collection and help

that proved a popular focal point for visitors

Portugal, Poland, South Korea and China

establish the Sleepeezee brand in stores

throughout the show.

– all of which will help Sleepeezee achieve

while offering a clear point of difference

one of its key targets for this year onwards,

from its competitors.

English gin and tonic whilst perusing

of exporting its Royal Warrant products

T 01634 723557

Sleepeezee’s new Pure collection and



Here, guests could enjoy a relaxing

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144 | Beds & Bedroom

Are your customers looking to create space in a small room – or a spectacular statement in a large one? Levitas Design (01843 606822, www.levitasdesign.com) is a British designer and manufacturer of ‘floating’ furniture - blending cutting-edge engineering technology with intelligent contemporary design, and employing 100% recycled aluminium. A clever, super-strong cantilever design allows Levitas’ bed to be attached to timber-frame walls as well as brick or block walls. All bed supports have a 10-year guarantee for weights up to 750kg (1650lb). Bespoke beds take just two days to build, can be made to fit any size of mattress, and can be installed at any height. There are 2000 fabrics and colours from which to choose, including real wood laminate.


“Excellent quality, exceptional value for money, and exclusive designs” – that is the promise of a new UK partnership, which has seen Dako (01842 810420, www.dakohome.co.uk) join forces with leading Polish manufacturer, Stolar. Together, they are able supply more than 1500 sliding door wardrobes every week from one of Europe’s newest, most technologically advanced production parks, and are looking to grow close, long-term relationships with active trading partners.


The Softheads Group, which consists of Siesta Beds (0121 773 9969, sales@siestabeds.co.uk), Mayfair Beds and Mulliners Beds, reports


comfort and support. The Exquisite’s copper-infused latex offers the unique feel of

the completion of a successful open week and Edinburgh Northpoint

latex, while the copper – an excellent thermal conductor – rapidly

Show, at a time which has proved to be a frustrating period for many

transfers heat away from the body.

retailers. The group’s range is extensive, and offers models across all areas, from open-coil to high-spring-count pocketed mattresses. Three of its latest models are the Sublime, Superb and Exquisite. The group’s superior edge-to-edge encapsulated gel range sees the addition of the Sublime 5000 pocketed and Superb 3000. Both have a gel-infused fabric which has proved a welcome addition to the successful gel collection, offering both additional

FN360_Pages.indd 144

Copper is also anti-microbial, and thought to promote health and wellness. The group’s next outings will be the SWFMARF Bed Show at Bridgwater on 2nd and 3rd of April, and the NBF Bed Show on 17t-18th September. A show van is also available if any retailers wish to see products in the meantime, and this can be booked through the group’s local area agent.

27/02/2019 15:25


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18/02/2019 11:33

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146 | Beds & Bedroom

GAO Bedroom

A BEDROOM BONANZA FOR PRICE-SAVVY SHOPPERS Offering bedroom furniture in a range of styles, Kettle Interiors gives retailers a unique opportunity to provide a huge choice, so no matter their style or budget, customers can find the right look for their bedroom …

Thanks to well-established ranges such

collections designed to deliver unbeatable

feet and pewter-effect handles mark this as

as the modern Scandinavian style of the

value for money.

a range for romantics.

natural oak NT Collection and the oak and

Take for example, the modern oak GAO

Rounding out the series is the oak RAO

painted TT Collection, retailers are familiar

Bedroom Collection. With rounded corners

Bedroom, which is also available in a painted

with the scope of items available from Kettle

and bevel detailing to its tops and tapered

finish as RA Bedroom. Well-proportioned

Interiors’ bedroom furniture. Including a

legs, plus a light oak finish and brushed

collections, offering a rustic oak or dove

range of chests, bedsides and wardrobes to

metal handles GAO is ideal for starter homes

grey paint finish, with antique or brushed-

accommodate every need, these collections

and rental properties.

steel cup handles and rounded corners, RAO

are already present in stores across the nation. Now, with the launch of the Essentials

This same approach can also be seen to the painted collections from Essentials by Kettle Interiors, with the Moonlight

and RA are designed to add traditional style to modern homes. For Kettle’s mainstay collection, this year

by Kettle Interiors brand, the supplier

Grey and Classic White finishes of the BP

sees the introduction of the MN Bedroom

is bringing bedroom furniture to a new

Bedroom Collection bringing clean, simple

range. Blending classic styling and current

audience of price-savvy shoppers, with the

sophistication to bedrooms. The sculpted

trends, MN Bedroom is painted in a soft

introduction of oak and painted furniture

cornices, upholstered headboard, elegant

grey, contrasted with chrome handles and natural oak tops, and detailed with bun feet or turned legs. MN Bedroom features a range of items for today’s homes, including two chest styles and a sliding door wardrobe (with optional internal drawer unit) that is ideal for optimising space. Kettle Interiors states that these bedroom furniture collections will look great in any shop window, in-store display or landing page, leading the charge with stylish pieces for all budgets.

MN Bedroom

FN360_Pages.indd 146

T 01536 444960 E sales@kettleinteriorsagencies.com

27/02/2019 15:25

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SWFMARF BRIDGWATER SHOW 2nd and 3rd April 2019

A Life Changing Choice

Est 1986

Bamboo 3,000 Pocketed Springs

Mulliners Works 154 Bordesley Green Road, Bordesley Green, Birmingham . B8 1BY.

Natural Bamboo Fillings Tencel Soft touch fabric Hand Tufted

Tel: 0121 773 9969 Fax 0121 766 741

Email sales@siestabeds.co.uk

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148 | Beds & Bedroom



Slumbernights (01274 571077, sales@homeofbeds.co.uk) enjoyed “great success” at this year’s January Furniture Show, where it saw high demand for its Home of Beds brand ottomans in particular. With an extensive range of beds, all available with matching buttons or diamanté, the 50 colour choices on each model gives buyers the best choice for their customers. Director Mas Shakil comments: “We aim to give the buyers everything to help give their customers choice and diversity- and it is definitely working!”


Subscribe to the essential guide to the UK

£65 ONLY

12 iss

ues U


domestic furniture and furnishings trade

furnish ings trade furnitu re and UK domest ic guide to the The essenti al ews.net #346 January

rnituren 2018 | www.fu

Furniture News is the UK’s favourite furniture trade platform, o�ering market news, insight and new products in print and online. Its international scope is unsurpassed – it is recognised by the International Alliance of Furnishing Publications (IAFP) as the UK’s leading publication.

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model y’s new retail

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An independent

t product

The NEC’s standou

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HOME OF BEDS S l um ber ni ght s

G IVING YO U R CU S TOM E R THE B E S T CH O I CE • Extensive range of beds • UK made • 50 colour choices on each bed

T: 01274 571 077

• All available with matching buttons or diamante • Ottoman version available on all models

E: sales@homeofbeds.co.uk SALES AGENTS




Steve Johnson 07508 852572

Sara Haines 07916 164624

Stephen Fownes 07850 431604

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150 | Furnisher

Mandarin Arts (01873 812255, www.mandarinarts.co.uk) specialises

Every year, the company adds new table lamps to its collection,

in oriental-style products from China. Everything from golden

and sends these to customers all over Europe, including hotels and

peonies and blossom on black or white backgrounds to phoenix,


koi carp, dragons, goldfish, butterflies, hummingbirds and delicate

Mandarin Arts is a British company, and holds good stock levels

passionfruit flowers can be found on the supplier’s decorative pieces,

at its base in the Brecon Beacons in Wales, to which it extends a

which include lamps, umbrella stands, vases, porcelain stools,

warm welcome to all visitors. As it is always a good idea to see

crockery, fans and pictures.

and touch products before purchasing, a visit to the showrooms is

Many of Mandarin Arts’ lamps boast matching accessories such as vases, ginger jars, porcelain pots, tea caddies, candle holders and trinket boxes, enabling them to sit comfortably alongside European

recommended by the supplier – failing that, interested parties should feel free to request a full-colour catalogue with price list. Mandarin Arts’ next trade show will be Autumn Fair (stand 19-

furniture and decor styles to create a warm glow in dark corners.

G01), taking place from 1st-4th September at the Birmingham NEC.

Independent curtain and blind manufacturer Ena Shaw

beautiful collections of products, which reflect classic, modern and

(www.enashaw.co.uk) has launched a home furnishings brand, Tru

retro interiors themes,” continues Steven. “It will allow customers

Living, offering ready-made curtains, roller blinds, cushions and

to bring a complete look to their interiors, but give them enough

lampshades manufactured at its 85,000ft2 premises in St Helens.

options to still be creative in making it personal.”

Ena Shaw’s commercial director Steven Ross says: “Tru Living

The cushions and curtains are 100% cotton, with curtains in nine

has been designed to encourage add-on sales by offering a

sizes and a choice of pencil pleat or eyelet headings.The roller blinds

comprehensive design solution for peoples’ homes. For retailers, it

come in five widths, digitally printed in-house on a standard or

eases the journey from a single cushion purchase to a whole room

blackout base cloth.

makeover, without the need for any specialist knowledge.”

Steven adds: “There is also an option to buy made-to-measure

The five Tru Living collections are Urban, Country, Festival,

products such as Roman blinds through our Curtain Express brand,

Stratus and Scandi. “Our in-house design team have curated five

which has access to the same fabrics as the Tru Living collection.”

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NEW IN for SS19 Launching brand new products for SS19 in all our ranges of furniture, home accessories, lighting, made to order, soft furnishings and wall décor.

VISIT US ONLINE TO VIEW OUR FULL COLLECTION 01795 439159 www.gallerydirect.co.uk

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MAXI MONTHLY VOSA and the DVSA are on the lookout for overweight 3.5t vans. With a growing number of vans being pulled at the roadside, how do you maintain maximum payload and avoid heavy penalties for overloading when you’re transporting heavy goods like furniture? In the first of a regular series, Maxi Mover’s Joe Wiggins reveals all …

Are your vans running legally? In 2017, the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle

be quite a way under the gross vehicle weight

costly addition to your business. A public

Standards Agency) implemented a five-year

limit but still exceed the rear axle limit?

weighbridge isn’t often a realistic option for most businesses, either – it’ll reduce

strategy to protect British roads from unsafe drivers and vehicles. As a result, more

What are the costs?

your operating time (and increase your daily

commercial 3.5t vans are being stopped at

The fixed penalty amount depends on how

costs) if you’re sending each and every load

the roadside than ever before.

much the vehicle has gone over the legal

going out to weigh in first.

Whether you’re an owner-driver or a

limit: +5-10% over the limit, and you could

Plus, these additional roadside vehicle

fleet operator, it pays to know the facts and

get a £100 fine; +10-15% over will be a £200

spot checks could impact more than just

restrictions surrounding load weights. It

fine; +15-30% over will result in a £300 fine.

your pocket – your reputation is at stake,

Any van weighing over +30% of the limit

too, thanks to late deliveries, returns and

could save your business thousands in fines, and reduce your risk of downtime.

could trigger a court summons. At over

unhappy customers.

+30%, the DVSA would consider the van to What do they check?

be overloaded to the point that it is a clear

Prevention is always better than cure

As well as checking vehicles for

hazard to other road users. In these cases,

To reduce the risk posed to your business,

roadworthiness and mechanical faults, the

the driver can be charged with dangerous

our R&D team are continually researching

DVSA will check your gross vehicle weight

driving - an offence that potentially carries

and developing the latest lightweight

(GVW) and the weight per axle.The technical

a prison sentence.

technology to ensure our vans are the

terms for vehicle weights are: kerb weight,

According to the latest statistical report

but fuelled; and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW, found on your VIN plate), which is the maximum weight that a van is legally allowed to weigh when loaded. To work out how much you can load onto your van and be within the legal GVW limit, you need to subtract the van’s kerb weight from the van’s GVW. The figure you come to is the payload, and is the total weight you can safely load into the van –

lightest, lowest, biggest and most efficient on the market.

the weight of your van when it is unloaded

“Did you know it’s also possible for the van to be quite a way under the gross vehicle weight limit but still exceed the rear axle limit?”

Our exclusive Advanced Lightweight ProMAX chassis allows us to build the longest (up to 5.6m in length) and widest (up to 2.3m), and therefore the biggest 3.5t vehicle on the road. But, with a far shorter rear overhang than your standard low luton van, it also creates the perfect loading environment to evenly distribute load weights between your front and rear axles. This means we can offer unrivalled payloads while significantly reducing your

but remember, this includes the driver, passengers, and anything else that’s usually

from the DVSA, the average cost to a

on board whilst the vehicle is travelling

business for overloading an LCV vehicle

along the road (the DVSA will weigh it all).

is on the rise. In 2015-16 the average fine

For example, if your vehicle is carrying three

per offence was £788.94 – but in 2016-17,

passengers weighing in at 12st each (76kg),

being found overweight at the roadside

this will use up 228kg before you even start

would have cost your business an average of

adding any cargo.


risk of overloading.

As well as knowing your van’s GVW, you also need to know your van’s axle weights.

With roadside checks becoming more

If your vehicle exceeds either the front or

frequent, how can you reduce your risk?

rear weights, you can be fined up to £300

The only sure-fire way to be certain that

per axle.

your vehicles aren’t overweight once

Did you know it’s also possible for the van to

loaded is at a weighbridge, but these are a

Joe Wiggins is fleet sales consultant at leading low-floor Luton manufacturer, Maxi Mover. An independent, family-run business, Maxi Mover has specialised in lightweight commercial vehicle

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conversions for over 25 years, supplying both owner drivers and fleet

T 01673 863300 E joe@maximover.co.uk

customers. Call Joe today to discuss your 3.5t vehicle needs.


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m bi d

fa .

Ev er y e ol x-d pr d s isp ot to la ot c y yp k es

W ed ne sd ay .

e se nd re co of tu n lin rn ds e s

154 | Trade Services

Barker and Stonehouse has invested in a logistics solution from

Eight out of 10 garden

Paragon (01306 732600, www.paragonrouting.com) to provide its

cushions sold on the

customers with a superior delivery service. Combining Paragon’s

high street fail to comply

routing software and proof-of-delivery system will enable the

with the Furniture

retailer to efficiently fulfil increasing order volumes nationwide

and Furnishings (Fire)

without compromising on service.

(Safety) Regulations,

“We needed a technology solution that would help us make

reports the Leisure

better use of our vehicles and drivers, but also help us to provide a

and Outdoor Furniture

better service with more options for the customer to choose from,”

Association (LOFA, 02392

explains Shane Butler, retail director at Barker and Stonehouse.

258844, www.lofa.co.uk),

Going forward, the retailer will increase delivery frequency,

which has announced

serving nearly 90% of postcodes nationwide on a daily basis, six

that 100% of its members

days a week.

offering cushions and cushioned outdoor furniture have now earned LOFAssured accreditation, ensuring that every cushion they sell complies with current Government fire safety regulations. When LOFA tested a number of garden cushions from non-LOFA members bought from online and high-street stores, 80% of the samples failed. The products were then withdrawn from sale, preventing potentially disastrous incidents. LOFA has been on a three-year journey after committing to having 100% of its relevant members compliant by the end of 2018. The process saw members put through an educational audit followed by a full audit of all certification, documentation and traceability, to ensure only safe, compliant products are offered to the marketplace. The rigorous process included product testing conducted by an independent test house. LOFA will now extend the scheme to retailers to help them to ensure they have performed all due diligence in their purchasing processes and are stocking safe, compliant furniture.

World of Opportunity

Engage a

The most extensive range available from including: The International Alliance of Furnishing Publications (IAFP) is an association comprising the leading industry trade publications in 18 countries. Established in 1997, the IAFP aims to improve communications between international markets and create new business opportunities. Furniture News is the IAFP’s representative in the UK, and can offer readers and advertisers target market information, contacts and reach through the most effective B2B channels. Contact us on 0044 (0)1424 776101 or visit the IAFP website to find out more. www.iafpalliance.com

IAFP_FNQP.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 154

Touch Up Markers & Graining • Transparent & solid colour markers • Clear finishing markers • Graining markers & colouring sticks

Repair Aerosols • Dye & Pigment Colouring Aerosols • Finishing Aerosol in 6 sheens • Low Odour Finishing Aerosols • Speciality Aerosols for spot repairs, blushing etc

Repair Kits • Touch Up Furniture Repair Kit • Professional Furniture Repair Kit • Cabinet Installation Kit • Flooring Installation Kit • Solid Wood Repair Kit • Quick Repair Burn-In Kit

Fillers • Simple Fill-Sticks & Quick Fill hot sticks • Burn In Repair Systems - matt & gloss • Epoxy Repair Fillers + Wood Touch-up & Repair Training Courses


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Furniture testing and certification SATRA is an international centre of excellence for product testing, training, consultancy and innovation celebrating 100 years in business and 21 years of furniture testing. Working to ISO 17025 and offering expert technical advice on UK and European standards, SATRA is the premier technical partner for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers of furniture. SATRA Diamond Product Certification available for products that meet extra quality standards.

www.satra.com furniture@satra.com Tel: +44 (0)1536 410 000 FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 1155

27/02/2019 11/02/2019 15:25 15:55

156 | Trade Services

Heal’s reports that it has improved online

The flagship Heal’s store on Tottenham Court Road

conversions and reduced cart abandonment thanks to a solution from behavioural marketing technology provider, BounceX (www.bouncex.com). The retailer recognised that customer buying journeys often took a long time, especially due to the big-ticket nature of its higher-end collections. In fact, nearly half of the purchases on Heal’s website involve three or more sessions, often across more than one device, before conversion. However, despite allocating the bulk of its media spend to targeting customers with intent via adwords, Heal’s found that it could not identify the customers it was

increase visitor recognition across devices,

made to the site, which channel they came

driving to its website – particularly those

sessions and browsers by around +300%.

from and how they’re behaving on-site. This

using more than one device. This lack of

Because Heal’s can now recognise site

gives a greater idea of where the customer is

identification made it difficult for Heal’s to

visitors on a unique basis, it has greater

in the journey.”

help shoppers along their buying journey

clarity of where each individual customer is

to drive conversions and prevent basket

on their own buying journey, enabling it to

marketing the BounceX solution affords


send relevant trigger emails and deliver on-

Heal’s – from identifying customers on-

site personalisation.

site to understanding the conversion path

Consequently, Heal’s partnered with BounceX to help it identify its online

David Kohn, customer and ecommerce

The highly targeted and personalised

and effective remarketing – means it can

customers, determine where they were on

director at Heal’s, says: “BounceX’s

create a seamless customer journey that

their sales journey and find ways to move

technology was able to start linking

encourages more purchases, faster. Initially,

them along the path to purchase.

different device journeys and identifying

Heal’s saw a +53% increase in emails

customers not only on a single device, but

captured per month, and +9.1% of its total

techniques and proprietary identity

across all their devices. With that, they can

digital revenue was driven as a direct result

resolution technology, allowing Heal’s to

identify how many visits a shopper has

of BounceX trigger emails.

Become a NBF Retail Supporter and together we can put rogue traders to bed.

Email: simon@bedfed.org.uk for further information 1/2 page landscape.indd 1 24237•NBF Trade Ads Furniture News 1/2 Page.indd 1

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The NBF is fighting back – investigating dubious products and businesses and reporting our findings to trading standards.

TO STOCK UD Available for B RO bed retailers sourcing at least 50% EP N SA FE • S EEP SOU of their beds L from NBF members SL

Rogue traders continue to steal business from legitimate bed manufacturers and retailers. They dupe people into buying products that are simply not what they claim to be.

FREE point of sale pack S ED

Let’s Put Rogue Traders to Bed


BounceX deployed its email capture

PACK INCLUDES: Window vinyl, in-store vinyls, pyramid display boards, USB stick with new videos and downloadable artwork

bedfed.org.uk 18/02/2019 24/04/2018 11:45 13:59

27/02/2019 15:25

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Trusted in the UK by leather specialists for more than 40 years

Gliptone, Liquid Leather, Scuffmaster and Flexicote Dyes are all manufactured and distributed by Staingard Ltd.

PROFESSIONAL COLOUR MATCHING SERVICE SCUFF Master & Flexicote - two revolutionary products developed to meet the specific needs of the leather repair and restoration industry. Liquid leather made by Gliptone have decades of experience in the leather care, leather dyes and furniture care industry.

For more information call 01244 888 658 or visit liquidleather.com FN360_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd 157 1

27/02/2019 25/02/2019 15:25 13:52

158 | Trade Services

Stroolmount UK (sales@stroolmount.co.uk, www.stroolmount.co.uk) is a family-run business with over 25 years’ experience in the furniture industry. As a consequence, it understands the challenges its customers face in keeping their customers happy – which is why it is 100% committed to supplying the best products and accessories for protecting furniture and flooring. Stroolmount UK offers a range of cost-effective solutions to help retailers and homeowners protect their investment in furniture and flooring – sometimes, small safeguards can make a big difference to reduce costly stress and damage.

Cushion specialist Fibreline (01535 606846, www.encorecushion.co.uk) has put together a retail sales pack that will be supplied free of charge – retailers have only to ask their usual furniture supplier to receive their pack, and each contains sale aids for either or both Encore Fibre and Encore Feather. The pack contains instruction leaflets, giving customer advice on how best to care for the cushions, along with swing tickets to attach to the cushions. In addition – and seen as a great help to retailers – there are see-through mini cushions for either or both fibre and feather cushions which ably demonstrate Encore’s unique properties.

Adhesive pads help prevent scratches as furniture is moved

Antelope Design - Trend Report Antelope Designnew - Trend Report Are you developing product? Areneed you developing newthe product? Do you insights into furniture market? Do you need insights into the furniture market? Design. If so take a look at the Trend Report by Antelope If so take a look at the Trend Report by Antelope Design.

Crammed with over 60 pages of information that will Crammed with over 60 pages of information that will inform and guide youryour decisions; you’ll inform and guide decisions; you’llbebekept keptup up to to date with reports published in February and August key date with reports published in February and August -- key timestimes for furniture developers. for furniture developers.


you get: WhatWhat you get: • A clearly presented guide over 400furniture furniture ranges ranges • A clearly presented guide of of over 400 on the high street on the high street • What’s new and discontinued for each chain • What’s new and discontinued for each chain • Guides on materials and handles • Guides on materials and handles • Information on housing • Information onInternet housingsearches • Consumer • Consumer Internet searches • Mood boards and trends • Mood boards andfortrends • Our insights whats coming next • Our insights for whats coming next


Get your subscription now and we'll give you a free review of the January Furniture Show. Get your subscription now and well give you a free Toof find more contact review theout January Furniture Show. Paul Galley T 07947 639006

To find out more contact sales@antelopedesign.co.uk Paul Galley T 07947 639006 sales@antelopedesign.co.uk 1/2 page landscape.indd 1

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19/02/2019 17:07

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Your top tip for 2019

How to save £1000s in damages with protection from 1p

Protect your floor and your furniture with Protect and Care specialist products from Stoolmount:

Self-adhesive felt for your furniture legs from 1p per tip. NEW! Brass or Chrome Castor Cups for a touch of


Quickclick Guides. Award-winning long-term interchangeable system.

NEW ! Point Of Sale...

Furni-Glides: Long-term screw-in glides so heavy furniture glides across hard floors and carpet. Also available for heavy recliners too. Move it pads: Temporary solution: like a magic carpet so heavy furniture moves with ease.

Own Branding available…. Please contact us for details. Wall display unit

Recline rG ui d


We are giving JFS a miss this year but you will still ca tch us at: Manchester Furnitu re Show - Stand A2 14-16th July

Harrogate Flooring Counter top unit

Show - Stand M12

15-17th September


www.stroolmount.co.uk 01942 271271 271271 www.stroolmount.co.uk •• info@stroolmount.co.uk info@stroolmount.co.uk • Call: 01942 FN360_Pages.indd 159 1 2019.indd 1 StroolmountJan19.indd Stroolmount Advert_January

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Fluctaure, Beatrix Bray Setting out to design a piece which was at once functional and challenging, Sheffield Hallam graduate Beatrix created this low table from American walnut, topped with a system of reconfigurable, hand-carved sycamore tiles.

“Fluctaure’s design – and my

“As humans, we become so emotionally invested

major project – were influenced by

in our belongings, and I believe their ability to

personal observations of a societal

evolve alongside the user is key in establishing

discontentment, a disconnectedness

lasting, sustainable and continuously joyous

between people and their physical

material relationships. The retention of this


emotional value in turn counteracts the disposability of an item – preserving resources – whilst simultaneously enriching the lives of those they surround”

“The concept behind this table seeks to

“In many cases, standardisation

question the predefined, easy-to-use

has morphed into a stagnation of

qualities of modern products, by providing

form, leaving little-to-no leeway

a functional, decorative surface that is both

for individual interpretation over

mentally and sensually intriguing”

an object’s meaning or use”

“Harmony is the result which I seek within my work. My designs look for balance – not only between a piece’s form, function and materiality, but also its place within human lives, spaces and the wider ecological systems of which we are all party to and responsible for” Training: Last summer, Beatrix graduated with an

at the Young Furniture Makers exhibition, organised

Exceptional First in Furniture Design at Sheffield

by The Furniture Makers’ Company. She also

Hallam’s Institute of Arts.

exhibited at last year’s Milan’s SaloneSatellite with five fellow students (where she exhibited her Suku

Achievements: Beatrix was awarded the Consistent

range of turned cork vessels), and at London Design

Academic Achievement accolade by the Chartered

Festival, as part of Mint Shop’s 20-year anniversary

Society of Designers last June, and won Best in

exhibition, Trans-Form – with whom Fluctuare

Show at Sheffield Hallam’s 2018 degree show in the

remains on show.

same month. She was the runner-up in the John

FN360_Pages.indd 160

Lewis Loves category at New Designers 2018, and,

E beatrix.bray@hotmail.com

in October, won first prize in the Bespoke category


27/02/2019 15:25


WOULD YOU LIKE TO..? organise

push not carry

display better

extra storage

Ask Steely for a leaflet on the range 0161 702 7002 sales@steelyproducts.co.uk

FOR SALE! Bed Business number plate

A111BED Contact Alan on:

077899 37958 fira.co.uk/compliance

NumberPlate.indd 1 FN360_Pages.indd 161

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News UK and Irish retail associations issue stark no-deal Brexit warning

Events Kuala Lumpur’s EFE promises unique Malaysian design this month

Events Polish sourcing event promises even greater international scope




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er 2017

er - Decemb

| Novemb

productio n.net

Flat Panel FP290_


by BA Com




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Doha, Qatar 7 15:32



017 11:34




NEXT MONTH Living Room, Dining Room, Beds & Bedroom and Furnisher, plus Trade Services, Rugs, and Mirrors

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FROM £22,990 + VAT




01673 863300

VISIT WWW.MAXIMOVER.CO.UK FN360_Pages.indd 164 MaxiMoverJan19.indd 1

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