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Great Times at Fraser Island Great Walk In Fraser Island lies the perfect spot for walking adventures: aptly named, Fraser Island Great Walk presents spectacular views, beautiful walking trails, and other host of activities catapulting the once hidden location into a ‘walking’ treasure which tourist from all over the world have come to see and experience. Take the family for a stroll or a half- to full-day walking exercise. Or, stay longer in order to complete the life-changing 90 km Great Walk which spans 6–8 days. Getting there means going first to Fraser Island via Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay. These two sites can be reached by vehicle barge, passenger ferry, aircraft, commercial tour or private boat. Feel free to visit custom home builder sunshine coast. Fraser Island Great Walk features amazing scenery, which include towering rainforest, crystal-clear lakes, colored sands, and wide sand dunes. Iconic sites include Lake McKenzie, Wanggoolba Creek, Lake Wabby, and Central Station. There are also ever-changing landscapes such as coastal heath land, mangrove forests, woodlands, and subtropical rainforest. Walks are divided in two parts, short and long walks. With short walks, here are the itineraries: 1. Dilli Village to Wongi Sandblow—8.3 km return (3–4 hrs) 2. Dilli Village to Markwell’s Break—21.6 km return (7–9 hrs) 3. Lake Boomanjin to Wongi Sandblow—4.2 km return (1.5–2 hrs) 4. Lake Boomanjin to Dilli Village—12.6 km return (4–6 hrs) 5. Lake Boomanjin to Markwell’s Break—21.6 km return (7–9 hrs) (There is vehicle access to Lake Boomanjin.) 6. Central Station to Wanggoolba Creek—0.9 km return (0.5–1 hr) (Wheelchair accessible) 7. Central Station to Basin Lake—5.6 km return (2–2.5 hrs) 8. Central Station to Lake Birrabeen—12.8 km return (4.5–6.5 hrs) 9. Central Station to Eurong—21.2 km return (7–9 hrs) 10. Kingfisher Bay Resort to Lake McKenzie—23.5 km return (8–10 hrs) 11. Kingfisher Bay Resort to McKenzies Jetty and Fraser Island Commando School—6.6 km return (2–3 hrs) 12. Lake Wabby carpark to Lake Wabby—3.1 km return (1–1.5 hrs) 13. Lake Wabby carpark to Eastern Beach—6.5km return (3–4 hrs) 14. Valley of the Giants to the giant tallowwood—2.6 km return (1–1.5 hrs) 15. Valley of the Giants to the giant satinay—7.3 km return (2.5–3.5 hrs) 16. Lake Garawongera–Bogimbah historical walk—15.6 km return (5–7 hrs) Long Walks span 90 km long and takes 6–8 days to complete where you can visit crystal-clear lakes, sand dunes, and lush subtropical rainforest. The majority of the tracks are suitable for fit folks who have bushwalking experience. Just look and visit Extensions Sunshine Coast. Dilli Village to Lake Boomanjin— this is a 6.3 km (2–3 hours) walk. There are open forests and gum woodlands. See the spectacular views from Wongi Sandblow. Continue through eucalypt forest and Lake Boomanjin, which is the largest perched lake in the world.

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From Lake Boomanjin to Lake Benaroon, it will take you 7.2 km (2.5–3.5 hours). Walk around Lake Boomanjin's north-western beach and follow the track up to the walkers' camp at Lake Benaroon. Lake Benaroon to Central Station is 7.5 km (2.5–3.5 hours) while the track from Central Station to Lake McKenzie makes up 11.3 km (3.5–4.5 hours). The sights will truly drown the senses with beauty and natural grace. From Lake McKenzie to Lake Wabby, it would take ‘walkers’ 11.9 km or 4–5 hours of strolling extravagance: pass through the island's most spectacular tall, open forests and rainforests. Lake Wabby to the Valley of the Giants is 16.2 km (5.5–7.5 hours). Re-enter the closed forest of the central high dunes and descend into the Valley of the Giants (which contains the largest living trees on Fraser Island). Traversing Valley of the Giants to Lake Garawongera spans a whopping 13.1 km or 4.5–6.5 hours’ worth of travel. Lake Garawongera to Happy Valley is 6.6 km (2.5–3.5 hours); after visiting the lake’s north-western shore, continue the journey completing your Great Walk adventure at the seaside village of Happy Valley. Some Walking Tips Always prioritize safety amongst others. Take a Fraser Island Great Walk topographic map to plan the walk and to carry with you. Also, be wary of dingoes: they may be charming, but a food in their thought may turn them from Teddy Bear cuddly to wolverine messy. Plan to reach campsites before dark and keep food in storage boxes which are provided at walkers' camps. In everything you do in Fraser Island Great Walk, never walk alone. Walking is recommended from April to September in order to avoid extreme weather conditions that will certainly ruin your ‘walking’ plans. Keep in touch with weather forecasts from news or directly from the Bureau of Meteorology. Walking knows no boundaries; may it be introverts, extroverts, single, married, old and young, man or women, spending time in this pursuit will result to a refreshed soul and sound physique. In today’s trend where technology is infused with everything, walking gets more exciting with music, camera, and video accompanied to savor every waking moment with your friends and family.

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Great Times at Fraser Island Great Walk  

In Fraser Island lies the perfect spot for walking adventures: aptly named, Fraser Island Great Walk presents spectacular views, beautiful w...

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