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Information for Chinese Students applying to Croydon High School

Welcome to Croydon High Emma Pattison Headmistress I am extremely proud to be leading this school, with its impressive history and reputation for providing outstanding education for girls. We are an exceptionally welcoming community with impressive facilities, stunning and extensive grounds and a passionate and dedicated teaching staff. If you are looking for an outstanding British school, which offers a bespoke sixth form experience and a gateway to opportunity at some of the very best Universities in the world, I believe Croydon High School is an excellent choice. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Susan Gower Deputy Head of Sixth Form and Co-ordinator of International Students As a past Head of Geography, interested in the processes of Globalisation and Migration, I am excited about the new relationships that we can forge with students from across the world. I have been Head of Careers here at Croydon High School for the past 10 years, which has given me a distinctive perspective on the growth and development of international employment prospects. We aim to encourage all our students to embrace the opportunities that this new interconnected global environment offers them. I believe there is no better place to start an international career than here in the Croydon High Sixth Form. I look forward to meeting you.

“If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.�

Why choose Croydon? Croydon High School is actually in Selsdon, in the southern suburbs of the London Borough of Croydon. The school was originally in the centre of Croydon but moved to the current site in 1966. Selsdon is a quiet, pleasant town with excellent transport links to London, major airports and tourist attractions Our unique location, on the edge of quintessentially English countryside, and our proximity to the global city of London, provides the perfect springboard for Europe, and the rest of the world.

East Croydon train station is just ten minutes away from the school by bus or taxi. From here, fast trains to central London have journey times of 13 minutes to London Bridge and 15 minutes to London Victoria. Access to both Heathrow and Gatwick airports via East Croydon is very simple, with Gatwick just 20 minutes away on a direct train.

Why choose Croydon High School? Croydon High School is an exceptional Independent (fee-paying) day school for girls aged 3 to 18. With an impressive reputation for enabling academic excellence, girls consistently achieve outstanding results at GCSE, AS and A Level and go on to the UK’s top Universities. Croydon High is part of the The Girls’ Day School Trust; the UK’s leading network of independent girls’ schools. One of the original schools in the Trust, Croydon High has been delivering a top class education to girls since 1874. UK Independent schools like Croydon High are recognised as being among the best in the world. Our school offers a rigorous and thorough academic education combined with stimulating extra-curricular opportunities, designed to help girls achieve and, in many cases, exceed their potential. Pastoral care and support is a priority for all girls, but for international students this is a particular strength. The school works hard to help girls integrate with their peers, to enjoy a positive and happy educational experience and to prepare them for life after school. The school is set in beautiful grounds of almost 20 acres. There is a fully equipped sports centre, with pool, gym and dance studio, as well as tennis and netball courts and a floodlit artificial pitch. Facilities in the school are excellent and girls enjoy tremendous opportunities to develop talents in art, music and drama as well as being fully supported in their academic achievements. The sixth form team is particularly strong when it comes to supporting applications for university and developing girls’ career aspirations. Expert staff will work tirelessly with girls to ensure their applications really stand out from the crowd.

Academic Achievement at Croydon High We are very proud of our academic profile and once again in 2016 Croydon High maintained its reputation for excellent academic results with a 100% pass rate at A-level and over 94% of students achieving A*-C grades. As well as achieving excellent academic results, extended learning and life experience is offered through our wide range of extra-curricular and cocurricular opportunities. The Extended Project Qualification is a great example of enhanced academic learning. This award, representing an additional half an A-level, is increasingly valued by prestigious universities who believe it effectively showcases students’ research and presentation skills as well as their self-motivation and breadth of education. In 2016, 95% of Croydon High girls in Year 13 were awarded an A* or A in their EPQ – with 100% awarded A*-B grades. This is an outstanding achievement.

A Level Results – The Headlines







English Literature












Gov & Politics




Destinations 2010-2016 Croydon High girls aspire to go on to the best Universities in the country and they study a diverse range of subjects. This network is a fantastic resource as girls make their applications and can contact former students who are ready to help with information and advice. DESTINATION


Bath University

Bristol University

International Management & Modern Languages, Spanish Business Management, Geography, Dentistry, English Literature & History,History,Geography & Economics (Joint Honours), Mathematics (3) Medicine (2), Archaeology & Ancient History, History & Philosophy, Political Economy Biomedical Sciences, Business with Economics,Civil Engineering, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences, Physiotherapy, Law with Business, Product Development Law (2), Law & German LLB, Medicine, Dentistry, Maths, Economics (2)

Brunel University

Finance & Accounting, International Business, Maths

Birmingham University Brighton University

Budapest, Hungary

Dentistry, Medicine

Cambridge University

German & Russian, English, Medicine, Engineering, Philosophy

Cardiff University Central St Martins (1 year), then Newcastle University Charles University, Prague


Courtauld Institute of Art

History of Art

Foundation Art & Design then English Language & Literature Medicine

Coventry University

French & Spanish

Durham University

Biological Sciences, Economics, Chemistry, Modern Languages and Culture, History, Education Studies (Mathematics), Politics, Theology

Edinburgh University

Glasgow University

Economics English & Spanish, Modern Languages (2), Maths, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Economics, English, History, History and Economics, Psychology, Spanish & Italian, Human Biosciences Biochemistry,



Hull University

Biomedical Science

Keele University

Kent University (Medway)

Maths and Physics, Medicine Accounting & Finance (with a year in industry), Applied Psychology with Clinical Psychology,Film Studies and English & American Literature, Law, Marketing, Psychology Pharmacy

King's College, London

Biochemistry, Dentistry, Medicine, Music, History, Geography

Lancaster University

Leicester University

English Literature Advanced Psychology, Design & Colour Technology, Economics, Economics & Spanish, English Language & Literature, Italian with Spanish,Midwifery, Music, History, Theology & R.S. Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies, Sport & Exercise Science, Theatre and Performance Biological Science, Chemistry with Forensic Science, Economics & Politics, History, Law, Medicine, Politics, Law

Liverpool University

History (Social & Economic), Veterinary Science

London School of Economics

Portsmouth University

Economics, Politics and International Relations Economics (2) English, English and Publishing, Geography (2), Geography with Economics, History and English, Sport & Excercise Science, Industrial Design and Technology Accounting & Finance, Drama, Economics, Economics & Politics, History of Art, Mathematics with Business & Management, Physics, Spanish & Japanese, Biomedical Sciences Geography, Politics and Economics, Economics & International Economics, Civil Engineering, Animal Science, Business & Economics of Contemporary China (2), Economics, German & Abinitio Russian, History, Humanistic Counselling Practice, Law, Medicine, Modern Languages with Business, Portuguese & Spanish (2) Spanish & Abinitio Portugese, Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Mathematics, Spanish and Russian,History, English Language and Literature, Human Sciences, Chemistry, Law, French and German, French and Italian, Biochemistry Economics, Biomedicla Science, English

Queen Mary College, London

Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Zoology

Exeter University

Kent University (Canterbury)

Leeds University

Loughborough University Manchester University Newcastle University Nottingham University Oxford University

Royal Holloway College, London

Economics, Music, Zoology, Psychology

Sheffield University

Biology, Chemistry

Royal Veterinary College, London

Veterinary Medicine, Biological Sciences

Skidmore College, New York

Psychology Spanish & Latin American Studies, Biomedical Sciences (3), Applied Social Sciences, Economics and Management Sciences(2) English and Spanish, Law( 2), Psychology, Psychology & Education Studies, Spanish & Latin, Politics and International Relations, American Studies, English

Southampton University St George's Hospital, University of London Surrey University

Medicine (2), Biomedical Science (3), Radiography Business & Retail Management, Economics, Law (2), Physics, Nursing

Sussex University

Accounting & Finance, Anthropology, Chemistry, History, American Studies

University College, London University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA Warwick University

Economics (4), MFL-French and Spanish, Neuroscience, Geography, Medicine

West of England University, Bristol

Geography, Accounting and Finance, Early Childhood Studies Criminology, Economics & Economic History, English & Education, History (4), Management, Politics, Accounting, Business Finance & Management, Politics & International Relations

York University

BS Chemistry Biomedical Science, Economics (2), International Management, Mathematics (2), Psychology

Universities in bold are part of The Russell Group

An Individual Approach to Learning We encourage and support diversity of interest and ambition; each girl’s individual talents and aspirations are unique and enhanced by the school’s approach to teaching and learning. The personalisation of learning is key and we pride ourselves on how well we know each girl and, as importantly, how well they know themselves. This approach means that girls make choices – especially at sixth form – that enable them to achieve their goals in a way that is right for them. Girls can opt to take 3 or 4 A-level subjects and will be offered clear advice regarding which combination of subjects best suits their aspirations for University or future careers. Our Pathways Mentoring Programme guides students to choose the right degree, enhance their UCAS applications, obtain relevant work experience and more effectively bridge the gap between sixth form and University or working life. Croydon High is privileged to have amongst their staff, teachers who have invaluable expertise in their specific subject areas. Their experience has already enabled generations of girls to go on to study and work in esteemed professions at the highest levels. These teachers understand what it takes to reach these goals and by harnessing their experience, we provide exceptional focused support for every girl. Experienced mentors work with the girls individually to ensure they are making the most of every opportunity available to them. These mentors have knowledge of and access to on-line courses, trips, additional reading and of course, networking contacts that broaden the girls’ knowledge and experience and enrich their applications for future study or careers.

“To know what you know and to know what you don’t know, that is real wisdom.”

Pastoral Care for International Students “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” All sixth form students are assigned to a form tutor, whose role is to support and monitor their progress during their sixth form careers. They will be the first person the girls turn to if they encounter problems, want information or need advice. Tutors play a crucial role in guiding students through the process of university entry. They are all very experienced teachers and have a wealth of knowledge to help girls make the most of the many opportunities they will be offered during their time at Croydon High Students joining the sixth-form from abroad are also supported by a dedicated staff member, the Co-ordinator of International Students, who oversees both their pastoral and academic progress. All students follow an induction programme designed to enable integration into both the country and school. Within days of their arrival, we will escort the students on a number of trips to familiarise them with London and the local area. This will help them become more confident when using transport, and when visiting shops. It will also introduce them to some of our British idiosyncrasies. The tutorial programme will include opportunities for students to discuss topical issues which will develop their communication skills and widen their vocabulary.

Spoken English As all lessons are delivered in English, it is important that students applying to Croydon High have a good command of the English language. They will need to be able to cope with the challenge of learning in this high-achieving school as all lessons are delivered in English. Sixth Form applicants – those aged 16-17 – applying for Tier 4 Child Student visas must achieve at least IELTS Overall Score 5.5 or an equivalent qualification, such as Grade B in IGCSE English Language. After joining the school, all overseas students must show progression in their English fluency. Girls are expected to have a good enough grasp of the language in order for them to join in with school life from the outset and to study with other pupils as their language skills improve. Please note that if girls are joining in the sixth form they will be expected to have a level 6.5 IELTS certificate in order to apply for University. Croydon High School offers support in developing girls’ written and spoken English skills, with one-to-one and small group sessions according to needs. This is sometimes in the form of individual or group sessions dependent upon need. Procedures are in place to ensure that teachers and non-teaching staff are aware of EAL pupils and supported in meeting their needs.

Applying to Croydon High School Applications are welcomed from students wanting to join in Year 12 (16+) for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL). Entry for international students is discussed on a case by case basis. Enquiries are accepted at any time throughout the year although candidates are advised to consider the length of time it will take to gain a visa and make travel arrangements. Applications for girls wanting to study and live independently from their families in the U.K. are only considered if they will be under the protection of a guardian resident in this country. We do not accept applications to the Junior School for children living separately from their families. Once the school has received a completed application form, a skype interview takes place with a senior member of staff, for example, the Head of Sixth Form. Following a successful application and interview, an offer letter will be sent to the parents/agent of the applicant, who, if they wish to accept the offer, should complete and return the Acceptance Form with the required Advance Deposit & Advance Fees to secure the place. A number of our Chinese students are placed through an agency which offers a complete service: acting as a guardian and matching them with a local host family who will provide a room and board. The agency, host family and school work together to help girls settle in to life in the U.K. The school may also be able to arrange host families for students travelling from other countries. Sixth Form applicants – those aged 16-17 - applying for Tier 4 Child Student visa must achieve at least IELTS Overall Score 5.5 or an equivalent qualification, such as Grade B in IGCSE English Language. Please note that if girls are joining in the sixth form they will be expected to have a level 6.5 IELTS certificate in order to apply for University.

Tier 4 Student Visa Assistance Applications for girls living in the UK with their own families should be covered by family visas. Students living independently will need to apply for a Tier 4 student visa and our Admissions Registrar will work with families to make this process as simple as possible. A valid passport is required to support the application and upon accepting a place at Croydon High for September 2017, applicants will pay a deposit of £500. Our Admissions Registrar will then apply to the UK Visas and Immigration Agency for Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) details. The applicant will need to provide their passport details for this process. Any associated costs will be charged to the applicant. Once the CAS details have been received by us, they will be sent to the applicant, or their agency, who can then contact their local Embassy to start the visa application process. Please note that all applications are judged on their individual circumstances and visa requirements may vary according to different living situations. Full details for Tier 4 (child) visa applications for girls aged between 4 and 17 can be found here. For further information about Croydon High School or the admissions process, please look at our web site or contact our Admissions Registrar on +44 208 260 7543 or by email –



Girls in Croydon High are friendly; when I struggled with my Economics, my classmates were happy to help me with it.

I really feel the time I spend here is worthwhile, and it has also changed me a lot. It has made me become a better person.

Croydon High School also provides lots of extra academic help if you are confused about any of your studies


Looking back to two years ago, the reason why I chose to came here is that CHS is a local school rather than an International school. It means I can absorb traditional Britain culture. I am studying Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry. The thing that I like most at CHS is the teachers who are teaching me now. They work diligently for students. Finally, from my experience, self-confidence is vital for Chinese students who are considering joining this school.


The School often organises many activities for students to participate in school and life is very full. I enjoy studying in Croydon High School. Students here are more autonomous learners and,we have a lot of time to arrange our study and life.


If I were to make a comment on the amazing time I have had here all in only one sentence, I would probably say that choosing to study at Croydon High was probably one of best choices I’ve made so far in my life. To me, going to a local school meant that I would probably be exposed to a very native English environment.

Why Croydon High Sixth Form? ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT


GO-ON Programme

Music, Choir, Orchestra

Extended Project Qualification

Sport: social and competitive

CHS Twilight College

Drama, Public Speaking & Debating

GDST Masterclasses

Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards

Personalised Careers Programme

House Competitions

Visiting Lecturers

Charity Events and Volunteering

Residential trips to Europe and USA Science Olympiads & UKMT Challenge

Fashion Show

GDST Competitions and Scholarships

House responsibilities

Theatre and music trips

Mentoring system

University Lectures

Whitgift SNAP

Books and Breakfast Club

Young Enterprise

NCYW Conference





ACADEMIC CORE Teaching Expertise Outstanding Results




Risk Taking Leadership Roles


Peer Listening Independent Learning and Research Skills PSHE and Tutorial programme Organisation, Time-management Leadership and Interview Skills Self-reliance and Effectiveness Teamwork Opportunities Outstanding Pastoral Care Debating and Public Speaking Skills Mentoring younger students ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL RESOURCES AND RESILIENCE

World Challenge


Personal Tutors GO Fly Careers Higher Education Talks

Pathways Mentoring Programme Oxbridge and Medics Programmes Mock Interviews Ivy Link Alumnae Network and GDST Internships Networking Breakfasts Outstanding UCAS Support and Guidance Biennial Careers Convention International University Applications MAXIMISE YOUR ACADEMIC POTENTIAL

Croydon High School, Old Farleigh Road, Selsdon, South Croydon CR2 8YB +44 208 260 7500

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Our brochure for students based in China

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