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Where does your daughter want to go?

A message from our Head, Emma Pattison I am extremely proud to be leading this school, with its impressive history and its reputation for providing outstanding education for girls. Building on the strong foundations of our past, our girls embrace challenge and opportunity and their remarkable talents and aspirations inspire the whole community, making this a truly exceptional place to work and learn. The combination of impressive facilities, stunning and extensive grounds and a passionate and dedicated teaching staff, supported by a strong leadership team, guarantees the girls’ success and enjoyment in their endeavours. Every girl is understood for the person she is and will become. She is supported through her challenges, and her accomplishments are celebrated. Our girls are what makes our school community unique. The emphasis on academic progress, blended with breadth of experience and exceptional pastoral care, equips them to go on and fulfil their dreams. Please get in touch and come and visit us; our girls would love to tell you more about their school and all they aim to achieve here. We look forward to meeting you.

A message from Sophie Bradshaw, Head of Croydon High Junior School. At Croydon High Juniors, we strive to support the girls to become the best version of themselves. There is no ideal they need to model themselves on, no set formula for their interests and passions; just an expectation that they approach learning opportunities with curiosity and commitment. Visitors often comment on how relaxed and happy the girls are in their school environment. For me, this is the most important element of what we do. Happy girls who are comfortable to talk about their work, their ideas and their concerns are best placed to learn. They are also the best people to show you what makes Croydon High so special. If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch.

GIRLS- ONLY A unique culture at Croydon High School Girls only education at Croydon High – or GO-ED for short – is an attitude, a vision and a culture that we think sets us apart from the rest. We believe passionately in the benefits of single sex education. We believe in it because we know it works. Year after year, we see how our girls flourish in a secure, happy environment where they can discover who they really are and where they want to go. Croydon High is committed to developing strong compassionate young women, well informed and able to express their opinions confidently but without arrogance. We want our girls to be high achievers in every aspect of their lives and we recognise that now, more than ever, they will need more than just excellent examination results to meet the challenges of the modern world. So if you are thinking about where your daughter wants to go, come and discover the possibilities on offer at Croydon High School. We believe, given the right opportunities, she could go anywhere.

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Go-Discover You probably think your daughter is

Leonie, Year 1 Loves school because ‘everyone is friends and the teachers are really kind.’

something special We certainly do. We know that every single one of our girls is an individual and we celebrate that fact. When she joins Croydon High Nursery, your little girl will be welcomed into a warm and caring environment where learning is fun and being happy is always the most important thing. Years of experience have taught us that girls respond best when they are secure and happy. That is why we are able to stretch even our youngest girls to achieve more than you could imagine. We accept girls in to our Nursery from the half term immediately following their third birthday. The school day is reasonably structured, as the girls enjoy a routine, but the priority is ensuring they are secure and confident as we help put in place the building blocks for their education and development.

Ella, Nursery Wants to be a doctor or a nurse because her teacher has shown her how to use ‘kind hands.’

Go-Create Spring blossom, first snowfall, new puppies and birthdays There is always something to celebrate at our school. Creativity in all forms is encouraged right from the beginning with dressing up, music, art and good old fashioned make-believe games in the playground. Our girls never cease to amaze us with the enthusiasm,


bring to every school day.

Miku, Reception Best thing about school is that if you are good you get to take the school bears, Ruby and Topaz, home for the weekend.




Go-Learn Croydon High guarantees you a warm Reception Reception class is very special. It’s your daughter’s first step on the road to her future academic success and we are committed to making sure she makes the best possible start. Her dreams may be small now, but, just like her, they will grow quickly. We want to give her the confidence to believe she can do anything, in a learning environment where she is stretched and supported every step of the way. We believe in a balance between traditional education and learning through play and experience. Everything they do has a purpose but the girls are usually too busy enjoying themselves to realise that they are learning. You will notice it though, as you watch how we develop her thirst for knowledge, her interest in everything and her ability to work alongside others in this first key year of her education.

Aleena, Year 1 Likes making daisy chains and loves science. That’s where she learned that wild flowers don’t need watering, just rain and sunshine.

Poppy, Year 2 Was voted on to the School Council and loves organising charity events. Best things about Croydon High? Friends, teachers and lunch…definitely.

Jun ior

Go-Explore We believe the girls can be whoever they want to be With a firm foundation established in Reception, girls progress through Juniors gaining confidence and discovering more about themselves and their world with every year. We encourage, support and inspire our girls to ‘have a go’ and try new things to help them find out what they are good at – because even at this young age, challenge, opportunity and diversity are important in developing skills and confidence. Everyone who wants to take part is encouraged to do so. We help the girls to explore and enjoy the world around them, to understand the value of friendship and to develop the high standards of behaviour, confidence and care for others that we expect from all in our school community. Croydon High girls are bright and eager to learn. Inspirational teaching and a focus on the individual helps them develop their own unique skills and talents, maximising their personal potential and preparing them academically, emotionally and socially to make an easy, seamless transition to our Senior School in Year 7. Amira and Mia, Year 3 Amira wants to be an engineer; she plans to design a Jet Pack so there will be no need for anyone to pay for flights anymore. Mia loves making different friends, plays tennis and can do 50 skips without stopping.

Go-Further Happiness breeds success In the Senior School, just as in the Juniors, we firmly believe that happy students are successful students and we prioritise the creation of a caring, sympathetic and inspiring environment in which the girls can thrive. Pastoral care is an absolute priority and the Heads of each year group work tirelessly to ensure that the girls are supported at every stage. Younger girls are paired with ‘Big Sisters’ further up the school who have gone through a rigorous selection procedure; the feedback from younger girls is that they really benefit from having someone in the upper school that they can talk to about any worries or concerns – or just wave to in the corridor! We believe in the girls; we put trust in them and we have high expectations. Because of this, Croydon High girls believe in themselves and in each other. It makes for a wonderfully supportive environment.

S en i or

Megan, Year 8 Played ‘Dodger’ in the school production of Oliver which is one of her favourite musicals. ‘The best part was sharing the stage with so many girls who share my passion for Drama.’

Go-Higher The aim is to get her to where she wants to go Croydon High has an impressive reputation for academic success. Our girls consistently achieve outstanding results at GCSE, AS and A Level and we are very proud of them and of our fantastic teaching staff. However, our school is so much more than this. We are committed to encouraging every girl to discover her passion in life. It may lie in art, drama, sport, music, dance; it may be Chemistry, History or Economics. Whatever it is, and wherever she wants to go with it, we are ready to support her all the way. Our unparalleled emphasis on individual care and a wide range of extra-curricular activities will stretch her imagination and her horizons.

Grace, Anika, Jo-Jo and Jade, Year 9 Our tutor group is our second family.

Go-Compete Aiming high in everything we do The girls benefit from outstanding sports facilities and many compete at the highest levels. We believe in healthy competition because we know that this is an essential ingredient in helping our girls secure the bright futures we all want for them. Fiercely fought inter-house contests reveal that our girls have a real desire to take part and to win. Participation and success in every arena are equally celebrated by the whole school community.

Georgie, Year 9 In the Netball, Hockey, Tennis, Rounders, Athletics and Cross Country teams. Favourite subject? Physics. Wants to go to a ‘really sporty Uni’ and then be a lawyer or an accountant.

Go-Perform Performance can be measured in many ways The girls are monitored closely in terms of their academic development and performance within a broad and well balanced curriculum. Expectations are made clear and high standards are maintained; and there is a real sense of pride in the school and in the girls themselves. What is important is that the girls set themselves meaningful challenges and in fact, in most cases, they then go on to exceed them. This is due to the individual care and outstanding teaching they experience and also to their own aspirations – they really want to Aim High! Dramatic and musical performances are varied and outstanding every year, with many girls taking part in a wide range of productions in and outside school. Our Art Department inspires an exceptional level of dedication with artwork of the highest standard displayed at our Summer Show and proudly presented around the school.

Blanche, Year 12 ‘Croydon High has allowed me to expand my creative horizons and also achieve academic goals that have given me the confidence not to accept second best.’

Six th For

Go-Forward Individual progress that exceeds statistical forecasts Moving on to Sixth Form is all about making decisions. Choosing A Level subjects with a view to making choices about higher education and future careers can seem daunting. But choosing to enter the Sixth Form at Croydon






opportunities on offer here is, we believe, the secret of Sixth Form success. In this hugely supportive, single-sex environment the girls can be themselves; doing what they do best in a relaxed yet innovative atmosphere that is underpinned by outstanding academic performance.

Mia, Year 12 ‘When I started in Juniors, I wanted to go far. Now I know I am going to.’ Georgia, Year 12 ‘Croydon High has given me the friends, education and experience that will hugely benefit my future and I am so proud to call myself a Croydon High girl.’

Go-Beyond Preparation for life not just for exams Our Head of Sixth leads a team of dedicated teachers who have huge experience in guiding girls through these two vital years. It is all about achieving balance; celebrating the important things like 18th birthdays, university offers and driving test successes whilst managing the increasing demands of their academic lives is an important life skill. The A to Z of Sixth Form runs from Aspiration to Zest for Life and our exceptional young women have both of these qualities in abundance. It’s a truly inspirational place.

Our Senior Prefect Team A group of inspiring young women leading a diverse and multi-talented sixth form. They are Croydon High!

Don’t just take our word for it… We are very proud of the fact that personal recommendation is almost always the reason given by those enquiring about our school. Here are just some of the things people have been kind enough to say about us.

Croydon High School is successful in its aims to be a forward “ thinking community where all girls achieve their personal best and are nurtured within a safe, happy and supportive environment. ” “ Pupils’ personal development is excellent.” “ The quality of pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent.” Good quality teaching makes an effective contribution to “pupils’ learning and achievement, as do their very positive and enthusiastic attitudes, their excellent behaviour and the relationships they enjoy with the staff and each other.

are noticeable features of the whole “ Tolerance and harmony school community. ” of leadership and management, including links with “ The quality parents, carers and guardians, is excellent. ” Copyright Independent Schools Inspectorate 2014

At a time when many parents and children are “ “caught in the headlights” of SATS and the media talks of “teaching to the test”, I know why Croydon High has been the right choice. People often ask me why I chose to go down the independent route for my daughters’ education. I tell them it is not just about good teaching and smaller classes, but about what is offered outside of the classroom – the opportunities and experiences that are hard to measure, but which certainly form and influence the girls, preparing them for their futures. Thank you, and all involved, for making Saturday (and pretty much every day at CHS) such an experience for the girls. Parents like me don’t say it enough, but we do appreciate it greatly.

Current parent

to be who they are instead of trying to make “ …allows girlsthem something they are not. ” “ …the enthusiasm of staff rubs off on girls and parents.” teaches very well. That’s a great gift. Draws out, “ The School challenges, ignites, opens frontiers… ” CHS listens. CHS cares. “ CHS gets results…and not just academic ones. ” Source: CHS Parental Survey

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