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小ontents People 26 Inspired by Fiona Bollag 28 Inspired by Zac Posen 30 Inspired by Anthony Bourdain 39 Modern Day Magellan Philippe Kjellgren, founder of Kiwi Collection

62 At the Helm with Olivier Krug Leading Krug Champagne into the 21st Century




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小ontents Fashion and Luxe 46 A Different Shade of Winter Wonderful ways to keep warm

53 Tent Party Mercedes-Benz Spring 2009 Fashion Week

97 Exclusive Holiday Gift Preview A list of our favorite, and most extravagant gifts of the season




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Сontents Fine Living, Travel and Real Estate 32 Napa Treats (And we’re not talking about the wine) A Michelin Star treat in Wine Country

72 From the Land of Carnivale... with a twist of lime Two Brazilian spirits will change the way you drink

82 Genuine Everything No other place treats our senses like Tuscany

145 Gateway to Paradise Owning and traveling in the Caribbean has never afforded more varieties

156 36 Hours Jackson Hole Four seasons of bliss




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On the Cover 133 Acai2 Brothers Jeremy and Ryan Black

short time later, brothers

discovered the Açai berry on a

Courtney and Carter Reum also

surf trip to Brazil years ago. They

took a trip to Brazil, and too

were so enamored with the

became quite smitten with Açai.

health benefits of the fruit and

After both leaving their jobs at

what it meant to the Amazon

Goldman Sachs, the Reums have

Rainforest and society in the

created a spirit made from the

exotic country that they vowed

berry called VeeV. It is now

to bring it to the United States.

served at almost every chic and

The brothers succeeded, and

relevant bar and restaurant in

today Sambazon is the largest

the US’s major cities. We sat

and most successful purveyors

down with all four of them at

of Açai products and juices in

Sam Nazarian’s Foxtail

the US. The boys live outside of

Restaurant and Lounge in West

LA on the beach, and are very

Hollywood to talk about the

committed to the cause. Not a

journey, the job, and a bit more.

Jeremy and Ryan Black, Courtney and Carter Reum. Shot in Foxtail Restaurant and Lounge 9077 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069. By JP Greenwood. Clothes and shoes by John Varvatos. Watches by Omega.


Sabatini’s expert assistance will come to your home or office by appointment worldwide Sabatini successfully combines old world craftsmanship with modern computer technology to create unsurpassed custom-made suits for executive men and women who understand the difference that quality makes. You will be personally served by Mr. Sabatini at your home or office, by appointment worldwide. During his visit, Sabatini will gladly access your current wardrobe to determine if the style and fit of your suits are perfectly matched to your unique physique. He will determine from what you already own, if the style and fit of your suits should be adjusted and will assist you in coordinating ties, shirts, and shoes. As your personal fashion consultant, his services also extend to recommending coordinating accessories for your wardrobe.

Mr Sabatini has tailored suits for the Royal Family, President Regan, President Bush, James Stewart and Frank Sinatra.

Appointment w/ Mr. Sabatini (202) 277-8227

ED NOTE 100TCUS7 v2:sep08



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The Editor’s Note


bout half way through assembling this issue of 100Thousand Club with our tremendous and tireless staff of writers, editors, and designers, I started to wonder whether maybe it had been a mistake on my behalf to not pro-

duce a traditionally themed “holiday issue” as is customary for most publications come this time of year. Of course we had spent countless hours compiling and arguing about which products would make the cut for our “Exclusive Holiday Gift Preview” – which our photographer Norimichi Inoguchi spent many nights in the studio perfecting. But beyond the lavish potential gifts, we decided to go against the kitschy route of holiday publishing. I didn’t allow myself to let it on to our team, but as a winter holiday sentimental softy, I began to regret the decision. As time went on and the work started piling up, I found myself pouring through the entire composed issue of the magazine on a nightly basis, making small changes here and there. The more I read, the more images I poured over, I slowly began to realize that we had perhaps put together the best type of holiday issue possible – one we probably wouldn’t have been able to assemble had we made it our goal. Take a look at Fiona Bollag. This remarkable young woman was born deaf, but at the age of sixteen had Cochlear Implants that gave her the ability to hear birds sing for the first time. It is now her favorite sound, and rather than

her by peering into the lives of others. Family meals and the holidays are always equated toget-

just reflect on her difficult past, Fiona deci-

her, but somehow Mr. Bourdain manages to show us that in many places around the world, these

ded to instead write a book about how her

traditional family meals are a part of everyday life. They are a reflection of the genuine people who

first sixteen years enlightened and stren-

eat them – not the time of year.

gthened her, made her appreciate and de-

Our cover story this issue takes a look at the incredible stories of Jeremy and Ryan Black, fo-

pend upon her other senses. The book has

unders of Açai product company Sambazon, and Courtney and Carter Reum, the brothers behind

been translated into seven languages, and

the Açai spirit brand VeeV. Each story is a fantastic read on its own. Their similarities are almost

English is soon to follow. It undoubtedly was

unbelievable. There are people who say you shouldn’t go into business with family. There are

written with the goal of helping other young

those who say it is irresponsible to leave cushy jobs to chase an entrepreneurial dream. After sit-

disabled children deal and cope with their

ting with these four young men, I am an advocate of the opposite.

difficult circumstances.

Finally, we took a close look at Tuscany, a place that probably inspires the feelings of the ho-

Anthony Bourdain may seem like an il-

lidays more than any other on earth. Food, drink, natural beauty, artisans, art – simplicity. The re-

logical person to equate with the holidays in

sult? A place that feels as luxurious as any we can imagine. The reason? The people who created

any way, shape, or form, but I will argue the

it, and the people we share it with. Just like the people in this issue who have inspired us. At

opposite till my throat goes dry. Mr. Bourdain

100Thousand Club, that is what the holidays are about.

inspires a type of sentimentality by forcing

Warmest wishes and holiday cheer (and a few glasses champagne and eggnog),

us to view cultures and places through travel and food. The end result is always a sharp and poignant view of each destination as its own unique family unit, reminding us that some of the most warming pleasures aren’t experienced through five star resorts, but rat-

Harlan Davis Editor-in-Chief




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Contributors• Autumn’08




JP Greenwood’s talent with the cam-

As the weather gets colder in New

Norimichi Inoguchi is a skilled still life

era has been delighting readers of a

York, where associate editor Kate

photographer who has worked on and

number of different magazines for the

Winick is based, thoughts inevitably

participated in many large-scale adver-

last ten years. JP has shot for maga-

turn to more indoor pursuits. This

tising campaigns for brands such as:

zines such as Vanity Fair, Forbes,

issue, she was honored to speak with

Baileys Irish Cream; Miller Lite; Smirnoff

Travel and Leisure, and Food and

two men who are the masters of their

and Johnson and Johnson. He focuses

Wine. He now brings his talent to the

respective arts: Olivier Krug, of Krug

on images using movement and water.

100Thousand Club, and with it, a ster-

Champagne, about his career with the

He is intrigued by the interaction of

ling reputation, especially in the Los

legendary house, and what it means to

water and fashion. Additionally, Nori

Angeles area. His photographs of Je-

take it into a lavish 21st Century lux-

has experience with photojournalism,

remy and Ryan Black, as well as Court-

ury market. For a unique perspective

having worked for two large Japanese

ney and Carter Reum in Sam Nazarian’s

on luxury travel, take a look at her in-

newspapers. He holds a BFA in photog-

Foxtail restaurant are a true testament



raphy and was first in his class at the In-

to the quality of JP’s work. We look

founder of the travel website KiwiCol-

ternational Center of Photography. It is

forward to showcasing this talent again and world traveler extra-

our pleasure to feature his work (Exclu-

in the near future.


sive Holiday Gift Preview).



Laura Lustman returned to her college roots and took a look at Tuscany,

of the United States’ most popular winter destinations that has been at-

a perennially popular Italian destination that is going evermore upscale,

tracting attention year-round. While those winter wonderlands are al-

with a range of experiences that will suit any traveler. Closer to home, she

ways entertaining, Sally was also eager to take a look at some of the best

got the chance to experience the thrill of New York Fashion Week (Tent

and most appealing real estate options in the Caribbean. From gadgets

Party, p.57), and shared with us her top ten collections from the shows—

and gizmos to cashmere and champagne, Charlotte Keenan explored

while it may be hard to imagine shopping for spring as cold weather is

the farthest reaches of the luxury goods world to help compile the first

approaching, warm weather, floaty chiffon, and bright jewel tones will

annual round-up of our favorite things. (Exclusive Holiday Gift Preview,

be here before you know it! Although it’s only fall, Sally Goetsch is al-

p.97) “This isn’t a traditional gift guide,” she says, but rather a way of

ready looking forward to winter, and the adrenaline rush of outdoor

highlighting the best of the last year, both new finds and old favorites,

sports. An avid skier, she parlayed her experience on the slopes into a

and celebrating their superlative nature with rich photography that high-

story for us on Jackson Hole, Wyoming (36 Hours Jackson, p.156), one

lights this unique assortment.




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Inspired by Fiona Bollag

Imagine never hearing the splash of the Pacific Ocean. Or the crack of 4th of July fireworks. Imagine never experiencing the voice of Van Morrison, or the sizzle and crackle of a steak on a grill. Try to put yourself in a place where you never heard the sound of your mother or father’s voice. If you can, try to envisage what life would be like if you had been born with out the ability to hear – born deaf. Now see if you can imagine how exactly it would feel, if at the age of sixteen, you were all of a sudden given the ability to hear all of those glorious sounds that you had no concept of for the first decade and a half of your life. This is obviously one of those experiences that is impossible to actually conceive of unless you experience it first hand. Luckily for us and actually for the world, however, Fiona Bollag has told us all about it. Fiona is an inspiration to everyone. She now says her favorite sound is that of birds singing. Why? Because the sound of birds singing was the first sound she had ever heard in her life. She has now dedicated herself to helping other people with handicaps that also suffered for so long the way she did. Fiona had Cochlear Implants that gave her the ability to hear far better than the average hearing aids, at sixteen years old. A new world was at her fingertips, and this Swiss born beautiful twentyfive year old has taken the gift she has been given and made it her goal to explain to the world how she is now appreciating life – with a new sense of adventure, spirit, and gratefulness. She has penned a book that chronicles her life, and explains how without the ability to hear, she came to appreciate and depend upon her other senses in a way that many would never dream of doing. The book has been publishing in German, Dutch, Polish, Estonian, and will soon be available in Spanish and Hungarian. Her next goal is to have the book published in English, which is something we would be very much looking forward to. It doesn’t stop just here for Fiona, who has also begun the beginning stages of a career in the fashion magazines. She would love to end up working at an industry standard such as Vogue. It is remarkable how this young lady has not put her past behind her, but is embracing the struggles she had to endure, and has used what she learned throughout that time to improve not only her own life, those of others as well. Now, in her mid twenties, Fiona can call places like St. Moritz, St. Tropez, and New York her favorites in the world, and strive to make a name and career for herself not by moving forward without her past experiences, but by embracing them and building on them. For some people, that is easy; for Fiona, it is not, but she sure is making it look that way. That is something we are easily inspired by. 




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Inspired by Zac Posen


Each year, a crop of fresh faces shows at New York City’s Fashion Week. Some of these aspiring Armanis disappear, some of them go on to find success – and some of them become a Zac Posen. One of the talent-mining Gen Art show’s greatest success stories, Posen burst onto the scene in 2001, with a collection of timelessly beautiful dresses designed to take a starlet down the red-carpet at the height of old Hollywood glamour. The 27-year-old Brooklyn native attended St. Ann’s School for the Arts in Brooklyn Heights

followed by the legendary Parsons School of Design in Manhattan and Central St. Martins College in London, but opted to take his vision into the working world rather than continue his schooling. Interning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute gave him an appreciation for classic shapes and the history of design, and he soon continued with stints at Nicole Miller and Tocca, contemporary women’s designers known for their beautiful, wearable clothes. His highschool classmates, arty society belles Stella Schnabel and Paz de la Huerta, were among his earliest muses and supporters, helping make him a favorite among the young social set from his earliest beginnings. His debut collection featured all the looks and shapes that would make him famous: draping and seaming that accentuated the body; sweeping, floor-length gowns; classic feminine shapes like fishtail hems and bias-cut tailoring; fearless use of colors and metallics that manage to stand out without shouting. The work had serious editorial appeal, showcased in spreads all over the world, as well as cropping up on red carpets throughout the season. Trendsetting young women like the Olsen twins, Claire Danes, Natalie Portman, and Vogue scion Bee Shaffer flocked to his elegantly tailored gowns, making ruffles and curves that would have thrilled the couturiers of fifty years ago, looking fresh and almost avant-garde. Posen truly hit his stride in 2004, when the success of his first major runway show garnered him the CFDA Swarovski-Perry Ellis Award for Ready-to-Wear. Also in 2004, menswear designer and rap icon Sean Combs bought a 50% interest in Posen’s company, and together they are getting ready to expand the brand. A menswear collection is planned, as well as a lower-priced diffusion line aimed at women who can’t afford his four-figure frocks – recently, he tried his hand at a capsule collection for Target Australia, but a more permanent effort is also in the works. Posen has also designed three styles of limited-edition jeans in partnership with denim gurus 7 For All Mankind, made with special Zac Posen-branded details and sold with a hotly coveted pendant. In his latest Spring 2009 ready-to-wear collection, he departed from his usual tailored look and instead focused on heavily embellished party-girl dresses with a rock-and-roll feel, enhanced by covetable biker jackets and shoulder-grazing earrings. The Zac girl this year is young, bold, cheeky, and adorable – much like the man himself. In a business that can tear you down and make you irrelevant as quickly as is escorts you to stardom, Mr. Posen has remarkably not made one misstep in what should be an illustrious journey to icon. 

100 Thousand Club





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Inspired by Anthony Bourdain


To see the world through the eyes of Anthony Bourdain is a privilege. In today’s cheap thrills landscape of television, where following around a gaggle of desperately pathetic women on the UES passes as mainstream entertainment, Anthony Bourdain has reminded us why the medium is so special. His wildly successful “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel has revealed Tony as a man

whose passions run so deep that his insights – while not always delivered in the proverbial politically correct method – are a weekly treat for those of us who find pleasure in delving into cultures and normalcy that are anything but concurrent with our own. The trend in luxury travel has been skewered over the last few years to not only focus on the traditional “pamper and play” resorts and hotels that dot some of the world’s most beautiful shores and posh urban districts, but to require more from our experience. Many of us have stayed at the Ritz in Paris, and had a lengthy holiday at Cap Juluca. There is inherent beauty and joy to be had in these non-adventurous excursions, but a new luxury – the cultural luxury – is what we now crave most. To immerse ourselves in a place and with a people in their natural habitat and environment, to experience their culture, this is a luxury that cannot be replicated by hotel developers and celebrity chefs with franchises of Michelin star eateries. What Bourdain brings to the table – literally – is a helping of insight into the food, drink, and traditions, through which you can take an emotionally charged and glorious journey through the history of a myriad of places and societies. Tony, as he is affectionately called, takes joys in eating with the locales, appreciates the artisan cheese makers, marvels over the small communities in countries as varied as Romania, China, Jamaica, and Ireland. He reminds us that the simple pleasures – opening a bottle of regional local wine, tasting an olive oil whose maker has dedicated his life to the product – can many times tell us more about that place and those people than any guidebook or hotel concierge. Bourdain started out in the kitchen, and reached his pinnacle as Chef and owner of Les Halles brasserie in New York City. He is friends with a veritable “who’s who” of the culinary elite throughout the United States and actually the world. It is not rare to find him carousing with friends Mario Batali and Eric Ripert. What Tony does that is so special, however, is humanize the experience for us, and show us that food and travel go hand in hand, and don’t have to be vanilla or predictable. He finds pleasure in tracking history through food, fulfillment, and family. He keeps a blog on his website for the Travel Channel (, and one particular passage says it all, from his entry on August 22nd, “Without Pyramids”: “A short, sweet-faced, matronly woman made me quesadillas of fresh cheese and zucchini blossoms in the street today. The fillings cooked inside blue corn tortillas which she made by hand in front of me. They puffed and blistered on the hot metal. As she proudly presented me with the finished product, folding the quesadilla with a final squeeze and passing it to me with her hands, I noticed her fingers were dusted with indigo colored corn flour. They were beautiful.” 


100 Thousand Club




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N a p a Tr e a t s (And we’re not talking about the wine)


alifornia cuisine can at

It will always be the wine that defines this

tomary three stars, as to be expected.

times be a bit difficult to de-

part of the country. Luckily, however, the

There are a few two star restaurants as

fine. Beginning with Alice

food has caught up to the wine in terms of

well, all of which deliver impeccable meals,

Waters and the famed Chez

quality, variety, and execution. What

most of which take advantage of the bounties of the local lands and waters.

Panisse, to the literal influx

Keller did with the French Laundry was

of world-renowned chefs to the Los Angeles

inspire dining venues, set in both breath-

It is a newcomer to this list, however,

and San Francisco dining scenes over the

taking and quaint country settings across

that has caught our attention as worthy of

last twenty years, California cuisine has

the landscape, to stand up to the natural

a closer look, and considerable praise.

come to be defined by a number of differ-

treasures of Pinot and Chardonnay, and

The Restaurant at Meadowood, a luxuri-

ent techniques, personalities, and regions.

embrace the land to create unique and

ous picturesque resort settled on a private

Since it opened in 1994, Thomas Keller’s

local cooking that identifies the area in its

estate in Napa Valley, has recently re-

French Laundry has not only become the

own right.

opened to just about all the acclaim and

emblem of gastronomy in the state, but in

To predict that an area such as this

praise a new restaurant can have be-

many ways the symbol of excellence in

would be wrought with Michelin stars is a

stowed upon it. This fine dining establish-

cooking for the entire country.

thought that many would have scoffed at

ment has just about everything going for it

While doing so, the French Laundry

just ten years ago. There are a collection

that a restaurant can have. Its setting

also spawned a new type of California

of one star Michelin restaurants through-

within the famed resort is an ideal loca-

restaurant. While Napa Valley, Sonoma

out the San Francisco Bay area, including

tion, if not for the beautiful grounds and

Valley, and the entire wine country of

wine country, but it’s the influx of multiple

facilities, also for the lent reputation of

Northern California has clearly been an

starred restaurants that should catch the

excellence that Meadowood resort has

ideal destination to live, work, drink, or

attention of any foodie looking to explore

garnered throughout the years.

simply visit, it was obviously the vino that

this dynamic landscape of culinary adven-

It is often difficult for new restaurants

kept people coming back time after time,

tures. In the most recent Michelin guide,

set in prestigious properties to claw out an

season after season. And for good reason.

the French Laundry maintained its cus-

identity for themselves, but one of the




Page 33




Page 34

things The Restaurant at Meadowood has done is not try to fight for its own identity, but rather embrace its place among the other recognized features and facilities of the resort. In doing this, however, the restaurant has passively gone about its business, and over the past year lent its critical acclaim to the resort. Perhaps the main reason The Restaurant has gotten off to such a remarkable start is its chef, Mr. Christopher Kostow. Chef Kostow had already garnered two Michelin stars at other famed eatery Chez TJ in Mountain View, so his arrival to the resort signaled a commitment to cement the restaurant among the best in the country. Chef Kostow may not seem like your typical high-end cuisine practitioner. He did train in France, and his techniques are about as perfected as any young chef at the moment, but this early thirties culinary artist sports a bit more of a daring perfectionist menChristopher Kostow, Chef, The Restaurant at Meadowood

tality than is often experienced in the cuisine of young culinary stars. In some ways, his persona and confidence in the kitchen can be likened to former wunderkinds such as Kerry Simon. This of course, is a high compliment. Chef Kostow has moved the menu away from its former rusticity, and instead created meals of pure Napa Valley cuisine, which match perfectly with the wonderful Napa Valley wine. Chef Kostow’s design of the menu was to incorporate the classic techniques he learned while training abroad, but using and showcasing the wonderful treasures and ingredients that Napa Valley cuisine is famed for. There is a certain character to Napa Valley cuisine, much like there is a particular character to the region’s wines, and Chef Kostow has done a remarkable job in choosing and utilizing these fantastic ingredients, all the while keeping in mind the relationship each course and dish will have with the wine with which it is paired. The menu is available in a prix fixe version, as well as a la carte. There is also the ultimate showcase of his creations in the nightly seven-course tasting menu. Featured




Page 36

A sampling of Chef Kostow’s creative, locally inspired creations

dishes include Sonoma Poussin, with cockles,

every year and every season brings with it a

proteins. Couple that with the wines, and a

chorizo, and haricot vert; Black Cod and local

variety of wonderful treasures to be indulged

bit more experience at the helm of such an

squid, with zucchini, bouillabaisse, and os-

upon. There will always be new fruits and veg-

important kitchen, and we will not be too

manthus; Elysian Fields Lamb, with Castelve-

etables. The artisan cheeses will always be

surprised if it isn’t long before Mr. Kostow

trano olive, almond, and purslan; and,

available, and the local farms and waters will

joins Mr. Keller in that incredibly exclusive

“Lasagna” of poached and roasted partridge,

always produce the most succulent and tasty

world of three Michelin stars. 

with matsutake, truffle, and partridge egg. The intricate combination of flavors makes every there is a sense of place to the cuisine that in

Meadowood Napa Valley 900 Meadowood Lane St. Helena, California 94574

many ways is reflective of the sense of place

Tel: (800) 458-8080

associated with a region’s wines.

Restaurant Chef: Christopher Kostow

bite seem as though it was thought out, and

We expect The Restaurant at Meadowood will continue to thrive, and continue to evolve. One of the beauties of Wine Country, is that


100 Thousand Club

Attire: Evening casual

4 Courses $95 Add Wine Pairing $65 5 Courses $115 Add Wine Pairing $75 Tasting Menu $155 Add Wine Pairing $95 To reserve dinner seating in The Restaurant Monday through Saturday evenings, please call 707-967-120




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Page 40




Page 41

“I love a little bit of everything in life.” That statement, more than any other, sums up the world of Philippe Kjellgren, an entrepreneur and world traveler who turned his love for the good life into a successful business. The president and founder of Kiwi Collection, a website popular with in-theknow travelers looking for the very best in high-end hotels, Kjellgren was, quite literally, born to do this job. The son of a diplomat was raised all over Africa, mainly in the French-speaking parts, attending nine schools throughout his youth. After he returned to his native Sweden, he got involved in the fashion industry, gaining the exclusive rights to many luxury brands. His retail experience led him to develop a successful point-of-sale system – the cashier’s checkout system in every business establishment – but even with these successful endeavors, his love of travel never abated. “I had many friends who were too spoiled and rich for their own good, and they had a lot of money but hadn’t traveled very widely. I had traveled so many places, over 100 countries now, so they all wanted recommendations when they traveled.” The constant need for recommendations from even the most privileged of people showed him an opening in the travel industry that he could fill. “It’s very hard to find trusted advice, and even then people have different tastes. This is for my category of people, people who are very traveled and very used to luxury. There are other niche sites for, say, high-design hotels. But even then, those are not necessarily luxury hotels, they can be fairly basic in terms of service but simply be highly designed, because that’s what some people are looking for.” And so the Kiwi Collection was born, a repository for all of Kjellgren’s personal experience and a vehicle through which he could continue to explore the very best of the world’s offerings. The ideal Kiwi Collection user is a high-end traveler, spending at the very least about $500 a night, or the equivalent of $500 a night in the local market. “In New York, $500 a night is luxury, but it is fairly usual, in a little village in South America that a $60 a night hotel might be a $500 hotel experience. The bar has been raised all over the world, and is rising all the time,” Kjellgren says. “A fivestar hotel 10 years ago would not be a five-star hotel now; a three-star hotel now is better than some five-stars then.” So what makes a hotel stand out to someone like Philippe Kjellgren, as the best keeps getting better and he keeps seeing the best? Attention to detail is the absolute most important thing, and properties that go to extensive lengths to personalize a stay are always a better experience. Many properties tout their high-end furnishings and high-tech gadgets, but personal care always trumps technology. “All hotels have these high-tech things, but I think we live surrounded by that now. When people anticipate your needs, it is really impressive.” He gives an example of one hotel in Europe, when he arrived late after flying for most of a day. “When I got to my room, the first call I got was from the spa director, calling to say that they’d heard I had a long flight and they were sending a masseuse for a 15-minute in-room Photographer Paul Joseph. Orig. Published in Elegant Bride

100 Thousand Club





Page 42

massage. Was I excited I saved fifty bucks? No.

some established reviewing patterns and invent-

When traveling, Kiwi Collection representa-

It was a value-added thing above and beyond the

ing some others. Aside from their unbiased and

tives try to get a representative range of experi-

dollar amount.”

well-contextualized reviews, The Kiwi Collection

ences that visitors would have, whenever it is

Other examples include hotels that stock the

is about building relationships, with managers

possible in their schedule, to write better reviews

liquor bar to your individual preference, or ho-

and concierges and owners, which should make

and also, in some cases, just to see new things.

tels where you’re greeted by name before you’ve

booking through the site an even more attractive

“We go horseback riding, diving, paragliding—

checked in for the first time. “The Peninsula in

option. “When someone books through us, we

you HAVE to go diving in the Maldives, or hik-

Beverly Hills changes the literature in the room

can send a personal email to someone, saying

ing in Bhutan, otherwise you haven’t really been

depending on who’s coming. If it’s a man they in-

‘Hey, take care of this person,’ and leverage their

there,” says Kjellgren, recounting some of his

clude car and boat magazines; if it’s a woman they

experience on behalf of their users – and thus the

greatest hits. “I stayed in a hotel in Amman

have more fashion magazines, and if they know I

site is a benchmark of quality for both individu-

where you can arrive by car, boat, or paraglide, so

like National Geographic, then they will have Na-

als and properties.”

of course I opted to paraglide in.”

tional Geographic.”

Of course, that high expectation of quality

The trends in luxury travel have clearly

Kjellgren also noticed another deficiency in

must be extended evenly across the board, and

moved away from places that are overdeveloped,

the hospitality industry, one that his site seeks to

when good hotels go bad, they won’t linger on

but even then Kjellgren is hesitant to dismiss

rectify in a way that is tailored to the needs of his

forever. “Sometimes, new management teams

anyplace outright. As he discusses the advan-

users. The Kiwi Collection rating system is an in-

take over, or there’s a new owner, and we’ll re-

tages of numerous different sorts of vacations,

dependent entity that does not take into account

visit it and sometimes it isn’t as good. Every

Kjellgren demonstrates one of the distinguishing

the inconsistent ratings of other guides, giving

single hotel isn’t the same within a brand, even

characteristics of the most seasoned, cultured

their readers a useful gauge for comparing dif-

if they’re a great brand. We would never say

ferent properties.

something negative, we just don’t include them

He and his staff “try to manage expecta-

if they’re not up to our standards.” Hotels can-

tions across the board, so when our users see

not pay to be listed on the site, although once

we’ve rated a hotel as five stars, whether it’s in

they are listed they can pay for extra market-

the Maldives or in New York, they’ll know

ing and advertising opportunities to make

they’re likely to get the same kind of experi-

themselves more prominent within the ap-

ence.” And of course, when you are looking at

proved editorial content.

travelers. He recognizes that people exist along a

as many extraordinary properties as the Kiwi

Next up for Kjellgren and his reviewers is a

continuum of pleasure, with those who are not

Collection staff are, your scale must accommo-

constant stream of new properties around the

used to luxury appreciating even the smallest bit

date the truly superlative, hence the 5-star plus

globe. There is a constant need for reviews of

on one end and people like Kjellgren on the

rating they have adopted.

Asian hotels: “Tokyo hotels are amazing and the

other: someone who has lived with luxury for so

“Some of these hotels are so wonderful, and

city is underrated – people still think of it as

long that they have comparable perspective on

we could go to six stars, seven stars, but that gets

being very expensive, but the cost is still 60%

the small things – Kjellgren appreciates how dif-

confusing. The 5-star-plus ratings are the above

of what it would be in New York, and of course

ferently he experiences things from other people.

and beyond of the 5-star hotels. For instance,

Asia is exploding everywhere.” They are very

He talks about travel to Western Europe:

when you have two hotels in a city and both are

excited about South America, especially Ar-

“Some places in Europe live a little too much on

undoubtedly 5 stars, but one is better than the

gentina, Chile, and Brazil as well, and expect to

their history, I am thinking specifically of Rome.

other, that is a 5-star-plus.” The site also offers

see much more out of those destinations in the

It’s not as interesting to me, but it’s a matter of

their WOW picks, which are editorial picks,

future. “They’re doing well now with luxury

taste. For someone who has never been to Rome,

places where reviewers have been and had an in-

boutique hotels in Buenos Aires – the value is

I would say you have to go to Rome, but I don’t

credible and unique experience, but which aren’t

still good and it is just fantastic hospitality, cul-

feel the need to go back every year. Same with

intuitive choices for most users and require a lit-

ture, wineries, beaches – everything.” And of

the Louvre, it’s a museum, but unless you really

tle more information in order to be appreciated.

course, he mentions the Middle East as well:

love museums there’s no reason to see it more

A new version of the site – bigger and better

“Dubai is a huge experience; they’re trying to

than once.” Similarly, not every worthwhile ex-

build a New York City inside of 10 years.”

perience has to be a luxury experience, since as

– will be launching in 5-8 months, following


“I stayed in a hotel in Amman where you can arrive by car, boat, or paraglide, so of course I opted to paraglide in”

100 Thousand Club




Page 43




Page 44

he says, “I enjoy a five-dollar meal in a tiny neighborhood place or a cold drink in a local bar as much as a 3-star Michelin restaurant; it’s all about the experience.” So how does Philippe Kjellgren vacation? The same way most people spend most of their time – at home with friends. “I have a very rustic summer home just outside of Stockholm in the inner archipelago. My vacation is I try not to stay in a hotel. We see friends, I do work on the house, repair the deck, have people over to cook dinner and have wine. It’s all about quality time with friends. One year we rented a sailboat in the Barrier Reef, or we’ll rent a house for a few couples and just hang out. Sometimes we do things like go diving, but then, unfortunately, it makes more sense for me to stay in a hotel where I can get everything set up.” Some of the simple pleasures he indulges in are good food and drink; his tastes run from the simple to the most upscale. “My favorite cham-


pagne is Krug, I love Krug; I think the bottle is so

it’s all about bragging rights for being some-

upcoming trips to Buenos Aires & Sao Paulo,

foxy. I love the taste, and I love the design, that

where first. Everyone wants to go somewhere

the Maldives, Turks & Caicos, then back to

long slim neck… it’s very sexy. I like things that

no one else has been. It’s more adventurous in

Europe. He is most excited about the new de-

are a bit different.” Ever the cultural nomad, he

a sense, but there are only so many times you

velopments in Buenos Aires & Maldives –

still maintains, “I try to drink Absolut vodka be-

can reinvent the wheel. Richard Branson’s Vir-

they are locations drawing people from a vari-

cause I’m Swedish; “absolute” is a big word in

gin Galactic is kind of the end of that, there’s

ety of places, making them ripe for develop-

Sweden, we use it a lot, and I like to help build

not much more extreme that you can invent.”

ment, and therefore ripe for visitation and

the brand. I generally prefer European wines to

And sometimes, extreme doesn’t have to

review by cultural arbiters like Kjellgren. He

North American wines, but there are great things

be extreme in its conventional sense; in an in-

says of his own expertise, “I have been

all over.” He also admits to a weakness for

creasingly planned and sanitized world,

blessed with a huge range of experiences. I

clothes stemming back to his days in the fashion

sometimes the most exciting trip is simply to

can actually judge and look at details that

industry; he keeps in touch with his old contacts

step as far as possible outside your own

most people would never notice. I’ve lived on

and will sometimes wear clothes from his former

boundaries. For example, he says, “I stayed

four continents, been so many places, I can

clients, but now he branches out; as he jokes,

in a traditional ryokan in Japan, and the ex-

appreciate things for what they are – I really

“When I worked in fashion I spent all my money

perience was all about being somewhere his-

enjoy so many little things.” And after so

on travel; now that I work in travel I spend all my

toric, having a really authentic experience –

many years working around the hospitality in-

money on clothes.”

a cultural safari.”

dustry, he has enough ideas that he anticipates

As trends in travel continue to grow ever

“If I wasn’t working here I would still be

creating something great of his own design.

more personalized and exotic, Kjellgren feels

doing this, but just for fun. I book myself into 10

“In the end, I’d like to start a resort on Mada-

the next big thing in extreme vacations will be

different hotels on my own trips, just because I

gascar, where I used to live, it hasn’t been too

really far-flung destinations. “People will want

like to see them; I rent a car and drive up and

developed yet but it’s a beautiful place. I

hotels in the Himalayas, in Bhutan, places that

down every street looking for the best little

would live on a little island off the coast of

are very hard to reach. I sit around the table at

restaurants and bars and shops.” He expects

Madagascar, and hopefully all my friends

so many dinners with so many rich people, and

to travel about 150 to 200 days this year, with

would come visit me.” Philippe, I’m there. 

100 Thousand Club





Page 46


Make-up: Lee Pycroft/My Managment London Hair: Jamers Row/Holy Cow London Left: Proenza Schouler Shoes: Sergio Rossi Right: all by Michael Kors






Page 47





Page 48



Dries Van Noten


Page 49




Page 50




Page 51

Jacket belt & skirt: Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti




Page 52

Join now:

200,000 Challenges. 100,000 Executives. One Community membership reads like an industry who’s who. CEOs, CIOs and other senior executives from leading organizations are just two clicks away. But there’s more. Weekly interviews with industry leaders are webcast on the site’s dedicated channels. These are combined with live, moderated discussion groups, video conferencing, IM and secure e-mail in one easy-to-use app that’s dedicated to business.

New York 8:50 a.m.

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If your network isn’t focused on your business, change it.

Dedicated To Business is simple, intuitive, unintrusive and secure. It’s also free to use. Membership restrictions apply.




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Page 54


he weather outside may be frightful–but at New York Fashion Week, spring was in the air, and the looks were oh-so-delightful. More than 130 designers showed their looks for the coming spring, and while trends

ranged all over the map, here are some our favorites of the season.

3.1 Philip Lim This Spanish-accented collection was something of a departure for the young designer, who is a favorite of the young, hip, and unpretentiously stylish. The slightly quirky collection built on several visual themes from Lim’s Moorish inspiration, as ruffles and fringes clung to hemlines, the ornately geometric patterns taken from cathedral ceilings and mosque walls repeated on dresses and blouses, and the glossy, high-perched buns of hair echoed the shape of a traditional mantilla. Although not the stuff of huge commercial success, the collection will surely satisfy Lim’s devotees, while excited whispers spread across the tents about—gasp!—the shoes. Glorious Christian Louboutin heels and flats decorated with lush, fringed pom-poms, in bright oranges and pinks as well as neutrals, are sure to sell out if they ever hit the mass market—we wouldn’t be at all surprised if a few pairs managed to sneak away backstage after the show.

J. Mendel Gilles Mendel, fifth-generation head of the legendary fur house, has staked his name and reputation on expanding the label from fur coats to fabulous fashions, and this collection stood up to the legacy. Showcased in an off-site presentation at the Chelsea Arts Museum instead of in the tents, guests had the opportunity to get up close and examine the incredible workmanship that goes into his pieces. His earliest mission was to find a way to use furs and skins as fabric, and the fur coats and vests were nearly as light as cloth and detailed with satin piping. They were a perfect complement to the rich, natural reds, yellows, and pinks worked into the clothing, a collection of cocktail dresses and statement gowns that demanded attention, drawing the eye to the intricate draping, tucking, and folding that characterized the look. Inspired by the saturated colors and soft textures of flower photographs, the ensembles flowed together as naturally as, well, nature.

Michael Kors The king of American sportswear did not disappoint his core customer this season—indeed, Kors drew from classic




Page 55




Page 57

American looks of every era and from every pocket of the country to create his signature separates and must-have jersey dresses. His enthusiastic riff on the bikinis of the 40s, the full skirts of the 50s, the fitted dresses of the 60s, right on up to the jersey dresses and even the tracksuits of the 80s and 90s were modernlooking and impressive in situ—the cohesiveness of the collection made quite an impression. He marched right through the same bright primary color palette for all his pieces as well—black and white threw bright blue, red, and yellow into sharp relief. The unapologetic stripes and gingham checks were a reminder to his audience that no matter what’s happening to the economy and the government, the institution of American fashion remains intact.

(Clockwise from top) Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Anna Wintour, Emmy Rossum, Leighton Meester, Richard Chai

Ralph Lauren The dual identity of one of the world’s best-known modern brands is split between a vision of classic New England prep-school attire and attire to take the wealthy traveler very far afield. This collection tended towards the latter, a luxe safari look inspired by North Africa and the ever-enticing idea of Morocco. A ripped khaki shirt paired with sparkly gold harem pants opened the show and set the tone for the mixing of glamour and grit that followed. Slouchy pants and sexy silk blouses foreshadowed khaki cocktail dresses and olive drab evening gowns that managed to stay wholly on concept while looking surprisingly accessible—after all, this was still Ralph Lauren, and bias-cut silk gowns, creamy linen suits, and floaty black-tie dresses are still his bread and butter. While the pairings with distressed messenger bags, Indiana Jones fedo-

100 Thousand Club





Page 58

A model wears a creation from the Carmen Marc Valvo spring 2009 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York on September 12, 2008.

ras, and over-the-top turbans may not make it

lore. While many were left gasping for air, the

to the originals to be considered truly inspired,

off the runway, the collection made the most of

profusion of color and pattern had a way of

Milly’s young audience rejoiced at the oppor-

its inspiration while producing lovely, wear-

sticking in your mind long after the initial im-

tunity to indulge in a youth-driven look they

able pieces that worked.

pression, and as with so many of Jacobs’ best

missed the first time around.

collections, we bet the aftershocks of this ex-

Marc Jacobs

plosion will be felt for many seasons to come.

In recent years, the spectacle of the Marc show has been tragically overshadowed by the


Oscar de la Renta The perennial choice of serious society


doyennes, de la Renta did not disappoint his

drama surrounding the designer’s sometimes-

If other designers danced through the

social swans, producing many of his classic

erratic personality and ever-later start times.

decades, preppy party girl favorite Milly ze-

looks in rich textures and luxurious fabrics

This year, although the show went off without

roed in on the spirit of the countercultural 60s,

paired with the high-fashion version of the

a hitch, nothing could possibly have spoken

with rich psychedelic prints and ethnic-in-

family jewels—looks styled to fit seamlessly

louder than the exuberant cacophony of color

spired ikat cloth draped into flowing dresses

into the wardrobes of the women who have

and style walking down the runway. Jacobs

and flattering silhouettes. An unapologetic

made the label what it is today. A few bold

took his usual circus-like atmosphere to a

throwback collection, designer Michelle Smith

maillots and white cotton dresses begged for

whole new level, sending out 53 looks that

distilled the essence that had been brewing for

summers on the lawn, while classic boat-neck

seemed to lack any unifying theme except their

several years in the form of maxi dresses and

and strapless bodices paired with full skirts

overall delight in their own cleverness. While

boho chic into pure hippie glamour. This is a

dominated the cocktail hour. Day looks were a

a certain American-in-Paris flavor was carried

very different take on Morocco than Ralph

suite of little suits and separates, and shifts

throughout, it was hard to say just how that was

Lauren’s vision; this is Morocco as the glam-

paired with bright patterned coats, while

accomplished, with prints ranging from blue

orous imagined homeland of all that was

evening was classic Oscar: nipped in, x-ray

and yellow stripes that would look at home on

young, sexy, and rock-and-roll. While not the

thin long gowns and full, elegantly embel-

a nautical flag, to red checks and green silks

sort of collection that is likely to garner criti-

lished strapless confections, in chiffons and

and bags, hats, and big statement jewelry ga-

cal acclaim, as the looks came a little too close

laces and taffetas and silks. While a designer

100 Thousand Club




Page 60

of his stature could take a risk and do some-

down the body to create an almost topograph-

thing revolutionary, de la Renta is smarter than

ical sort of visual interest that was, indeed,

that—he does what he does best, because he

quite interesting to watch.

Diane von Furstenberg One of the living goddesses of fashion brought us a collection she named “Rock Goddess,” a collection replete with many of the 60s

knows his best is better than everyone elses’.

touches seen elsewhere, but here were tough-

Max Azria/Herve Leger


ened by strong, saturated colors, judicious tai-

Design power couple Max and Lubov

Forget the skinny models controversy–the

loring and hemline-shortening (no clichéd

Azria produced two collections, one for his

red carpet is still the new runway, and in Hol-

maxi-dresses here; the full length gowns were

eponymous line and one for his recent acqui-

lywood, full-figured gals are fighting for their

as deliberately updated as anyone could hope)

sition, party-girl favorite Herve Leger. For

right to be chic, elegant, and dazzling, with the

and a general aura that reminded you these

MaxAzria, the look was pared-down and pure,

help of designers like Tadashi Shoji, who apply

women were not meant to stand passively in

a fluid and ethereal silhouette that neverthe-

their design expertise to scaling their garments

the audience—they were meant to get up and

less retained some physical appeal, with lots

well up into a plus-size. He made great use of

rock the stage. Dresses are what Diane does

of exposed backs and miles of arm as lithe as

tucking, folding, pleating, and other couture-

best, and she did them here in spades (just

the bodysuits belted around the waist. Their

style tricks to create an almost origami-like ef-

three pairs of pants went down the runway)

collection for Herve Leger could be described

fect in many of his looks. He contrasted the

taking advantage of her incredible eye for

as minimal, but not quite minimalist—the

simplicity of his Asian influences and crisp an-

prints and her incredible fabric library to cre-

ever-popular bandage dresses came out with

gles with simple sportswear touches that gave

ate frocks full of movement and merriment.

guns blazing, staying true to the tightly-bound

the clothes an elevated sense of cool. His big

Wild headdresses, big bags, and floppy state-

shape that made their reputation, but going a

statement dresses were right on trend as well,

ment hats created the look without looking too

bit further with the idea, incorporating an extra

closing with chiffon gowns in the electric blue,

costumed—each of her girls could have

frisson of naughtiness in the cris-crossing

yellow, and white of his ongoing color scheme

hopped right down and taken off to her private

bondage-style straps. They also played with

that brought one-shouldered to a whole new

jet, as long as there was a limo waiting at the

color and texture, grading the straps up and


end of the runway. 

From left: 3.1 Phillip Lim, MIchael Kors, 3.1 Phillip Lim 60

100 Thousand Club

In USA please contact: Fine Writing | 800 - Visconti / 001.718.305.7201




Page 62






Page 63




Page 64


livier Krug sits on a

cial. Each bottle represents six generations of

would need a sampling of 600 bottles world-

stately blue couch in the

family expertise, dozens of specialized, exclu-

wide to find 1 bottle of Krug, but we have some

sitting room of an ele-

sive vineyards, and the work of many others to

of the best distribution in the world, through

gant New York City pri-

create some of the world’s best, most exclusive

Moet-Hennessey,” he says. Moet-Hennessey

vate club, a bottle of his


targets new markets ripe for introduction to




Not least among these efforts are those of

Champagne in a sterling bucket close at hand.

Olivier Krug himself. The trim, elegant 41-

As he talks quickly but easily about his role

year-old serves as a sort of brand ambassador

As a certain class of Americans continue

as Director du la Maison, in which role he

for Krug, spending about a third of his year on

to grow their interest in high-end wines and

looks after everything related to taste, growers,

the road maintaining a personal touch not seen

liquors, Krug is a natural step up for those

and production, it becomes clear that that bot-

in many marketing efforts today. “I try to travel

drinkers. In terms of price, Olivier says, “Krug

tle is not just a bottle of Champagne—it is a

the world regularly—Krug is not a big brand.

starts where champagne stops—most cham-

bottle of Krug, which is truly something spe-

We are 0.2% of the worldwide market—you

pagnes go up to about $150 or so, but Krug is

100 Thousand Club

Krug, including countries in Asia and even the US, where it is not as widely appreciated.




Page 66

The Krug house is an extremely beautiful place, with a myriad of sights, smells, and tastes that will enlighten the senses. Here are some casks reflecting the nearby trees and a close up look at a trademark Krug logo.




Page 67

anywhere from $160 to $4000 a bottle. We are all about bespoke quality brands over big brands.” It takes 10 years to make a bottle of Krug, something he calls “the new luxury”— the luxury of time as well as money. Olivier is reluctant to discuss in technical terms the process of making his champagne. “When you go to Ducasse, or you go to Robuchon, and you have an incredible meal, you don’t care what time of day he went to the market or whether the sea bass was caught north or south of New York City—so what? You just say, wow, I’ve never had anything like that before.” He speaks fondly, however, of working with growers all over Champagne country to find the best grapes at each, and emphasizes that they are the only house that still ferments all their wine in small oak casks, where it is handyeasted and able to breathe, the old casks allowing in oxygen without imparting the oaky flavor of newer vineyards. The Grand Cuvee is the top of the line— there are no famous vintages, as they aim carefully to get the same sensation and taste every time. Every year the wine is blended fresh— 30%-40% of the annual crop is banked so there are wines from the last 12 years to rebuild the taste and compensate for anything off about the wine from the environment that year. The Grand Cuvee is about 80% of the market, but even then, it is a mere fraction of the amount of champagne produced annually overall. In terms of the drink’s image, it has an individualistic bent—people serve it because they love it, but also because it’s different and special. To make his point, he opens a bottle of the Grand Cuvee for a tasting, and it is truly magnificent. It drinks more like a great wine than any bubbly New Years’ brew— the distinctive gold color and tiny, tiny bubbles are accompanied by a strong, fresh nose, light at the front of the mouth but strong in the back of throat, sweet and strong. As we taste, Olivier mentions that one of the highlights of his job is hearing people recount their stories of the first

100 Thousand Club






Page 68

time they ever tasted Krug. A chef from New

While Krug is certainly a wine designed to

As Krug spreads across countries and cul-

Zealand told his uncle, Remy Krug, this story

impress, it’s for people who don’t need to show

tures, one fact remains constant in their strat-

completely unprompted; he was 20 years old,

off. “Krug is not for everyone. Celebrities drink

egy. Whatever the country, champagne is

taking a beautiful girl out to a very expensive

it at private parties, they drink Krug at home,”

drunk by the same people for the same rea-

dinner, at the best table in the best restaurant

he says. Krug recently issued a series of cases

sons—“for celebration, happiness, special

in Auckland, and he looked at the wine list

of the 1995 vintage with engraved personalized

days. There is no sex, no age” that is barred

and ordered the most expensive champagne on

plates that were highly sought after. Olivier was

from enjoyment. Moet-Hennessey, an interna-

the menu, which was a bottle of Krug, even

in charge of hand-signing the engraved plate

tional powerhouse, helps with distribution—

though he had no idea what it might be. The

editions, many of which went to celebrities, and

places like the Middle East consume

man told Remy, “I took a sip…I took another

even says he was surprised at the number and

champagne more than they have in years past,

sip…and it blew my socks off!” That is the re-

stature of the names on the list—none of which,

despite cultural reservations on the part of

lationship that Krug has with its public—a

of course, he would ever divulge, but we hear

some. Wherever in the world they concentrate

Champagne that demands attention, a Cham-

that George Clooney, Lenny Kravitz, and Robert

their efforts, Krug does a huge business with

pagne good enough to almost make you forget

DeNiro were among the boldface names to

resorts, chalets, and yachts, because the dis-

about the girl.

whom Olivier signed his cases.

tribution is based on personal connections

100 Thousand Club




Page 70

everywhere. “What we have in mind always is the final stage, the way this bottle will ultimately be drunk. This world is seasonal,” Olivier says, ”in the winter people migrate, maybe to Aspen or St Moritz for skiing, or to homes in Gstaad and Courcheval, and then those same people will move to fashion week, or some people will go to Cannes, and those people who drink Krug in Cannes will have it at private parties, rather than in the big official things, and then they move to maybe San Tropez, or they go to Croatia or New York, they move very fast. If the weather is not good, if the good DJ has moved from San Tropez to Sardinia overnight, they have a yacht, they have double bookings they can move.” He emphasizes that the key to finding these discerning drinkers is finding the “roots” and connectors in those social circles. “We are finding a market for which money is irrelevant, this is the brand of the future for them.” In select places, they maintain “Krug rooms,” a marketing tool and a simply great experience, which started at the Dorchester in London at the chef’s table in the kitchen, about six years ago. “It’s a great tool to connect,” he says, allowing Krug’s best customers to experience the unique Champagne in a unique setting. This personal touch is part of the Krug magic. “In New York, if you organize 50 dinners a year, it’s nothing, it’s once a week, and if you have 10 connectors at each of those dinners, at the end of the year you’ve reached 500 Krug people, which is almost more than the bottles of Krug we even produce each year. This is marketing that is touching people where they really are, where they live.” Indeed, this same day Olivier was headed to lunch at Per Se, Thomas Keller’s revolutionary restaurant, with New York City’s top 12 sommeliers to help introduce them to Krug and make it a part of their eating experience. “We are selling pleasure,” he says, and social experiences like these make the drink all the more pleasurable in context.




Page 71

As someone who circles the globe almost

great year—these are highly sought after, each

to older bottles than most people, even Olivier

annually, he still declares his love for New

bottle being “the very best in its simplicity.”

declares, “I once did a tasting with a big col-

York City, where he comes often for work, and

Last October, around 70 people were invited

lector of Krug who had bottles of the 1985,

Japan, where he first began his career as brand

for a surprise unveiling of a similar one-off

1976, and 1973, and really, it was amazing,

ambassador. “I don’t remember a dull moment

wine. Created back in 1995, there were 3000

they were almost impossible to tell apart.”

in 10 years,” he says, as even when he is in

bottles selling at $3000 each. “These wines

As of this writing, the company is about to

France at his office he spends much of his time

are not better than any other Krug, but they are

release Krug Vintage 1998, after the requisite

personally greeting guests to the vineyard.

exceptional,” says Olivier.

decade of aging. “I could stop working today

Krug began as a vineyard in 1843, and for

One might naturally assume that a wine so

and you’d still be drinking Krug 7 years later,”

years focused on simply doing what they had

sought after would be popular at auction, and

jokes Olivier, and he does emphasize drinking.

always done—creating the wines that were ar-

indeed, the secondary market for Krug is very

“There are 2 kinds of collectors: people build-

guably some of the best. It took until 1983 to

strong. “It is hard to find in the market when it

ing a library and people trying to fill in blanks.

add a 3rd Krug, Krug Rose (“I hate the word

is new and has great aging potential because of

These buyers are not speculative, but passion-

launch—you create a wine, you don’t launch

the cask fermentation,” explains Olivier. “This

ate,” he says of his customers, “people who

it,” says Olivier) of which his grandfather was

wine is very oxygenated, like athletes training

drink their wines.”

initially skeptical—his reaction was quoted as,

at altitude, and lasts better in the bottle, which

Although Olivier and other members of the

“Rose is for birthday parties and girly bars,”

is why we only sell it aged 10 years.” Unlike

Krug family maintain a strong interest and in-

but the timing was right and their detour into

other houses, which are famous for their good

volvement in the vineyard, it is not a family

the pink has proved to be extremely popular.

years and bad years, Krug prides itself on its

business anymore—Greeks, Americans, Cana-

Krug has also created a couple of limited-

dependability, creating incredible, identical

dians, and Russians all work at the home office;

run wines, named Krug Clos du Mesnil, made

wines that stay enjoyable in a fashion that is

it is a brand with an international flavor even

from one grape, from one vineyard, from one

uniquely Krug. As someone with more access

within the storied grounds of France’s Champagne region. Olivier describes his crew as “young and hungry. The team is like the drinkers—not corporate, not influenced by marketing.” The headquarters itself is rather austere—“It’s a working place. I can see guests walking in from my office and go down and chat with them for 10 minutes, although it’s never 10 minutes with me,” he laughs, in an aside. “They can see the production, delivery, corporate offices, everything right there. I like being an entrepreneur but it’s all about people for me.” As we finish our glasses, I cannot help but ask him, half in jest, if he remembers his own first taste of Krug. He answers with a smile, saying, “I take great pride in being one of the few people who don’t remember their first taste. We have a family tradition of putting a few drops on the baby’s lips the day he or she is born, so that is my taste.” In that case, let us drink in celebration to many more generations of Krug to come.  The picturesque Krug vineyards are as much a sight as any country view.

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Brazil spirits:5nov




100 Thousand Club

Page 72

Brazil spirits:5nov



Page 73

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Brazil spirits:5nov



Page 74


The local flavors of a place can be caste through many different mediums. They awaken the senses, and they enliven the experience, and in many ways, they are representative of the people and the culture that calls this place home. The word “flavors” in this context can come to mean any number of things. Art, literature, architecture, food, wine, music – these are all creative endeavors that have a flavor, a uniqueness that distinguishes them, and their homeland, from others that may appear similar. The country of Brazil is a sensual place. One that distinguishes itself from other surrounding countries with a blend of natural beauty and a lust for life that is clearly individual to its inhabitants and culture. From the glorious glamour days of Rio de Janeiro, to the Amazon’s wondrous allure, and everything in between – a nightlife unparalleled among both locals and the international jet set, along with a beach culture that is so much more than just a lazy way to spend a sun splashed afternoon – Brazil seems to do everything it does with a genuine lust and passion. This translates into many different areas that may be unnoticed to the untrained, inexperienced eye. Much of what people enjoy most about Brazil, the music, the food, the dance, are born out of a pride of country – a pride that extends to every aspect of life. One particular area that can be neglected when taking an anthropological look at a this place are its spirits. For any traveler visiting a tropical location, an idyllic scene of relaxing on the beach, sitting on the veranda of an ocean side


100 Thousand Club

Brazil’s most popular spirits – Cachaça, from fresh-pressed sugar cane juice and VeeV, made with the Brazilian Amazon berry, Açai

Brazil spirits:5nov



Page 76

VEEV R E C I P E S: VEEV AÇAI-TINI 2.0 oz of VeeV 1.5 oz açaí juice 0.5 oz fresh lime juice 2 bar spoons of agave nectar

Combine VeeV, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, açaí juice and ice in a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain and pour into a martini glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

JOIE DE VEEV 2.0 oz VeeV 3 mint sprigs 2 strawberries 2 lime wedges

resort, gently swaying back and forth in a hammock, or perhaps leaning against the railing of

Artesanal Cachaças are produced by thousands of small mills all over Brazil and are usually fermented with flour in a copper still

a Sunseeker a few miles off the coast are things that should probably come to mind.


ginger ale

Muddle 2 slices of lime, 2 strawberries, and 3 mint sprigs in a mixing glass. Add 2.0 oz VeeV and ice in a cocktail shaker and shake. Pour into a glass and top with ginger ale.

Usually included in this mental picture

the artesanal Cachaças that are produced by

is the presence of an exotic beverage, cold

thousands of small mills all over Brazil and are

and refreshing, the perfect blend of spirit,

usually fermented with flour in a copper still.


ice, and natural fruits, garnishes, and flavors

Then, either bottled or stored for aging in wood

2oz VeeV

that ideally were plucked from the tree that

barrels made out of a variety of exotic trees like

1oz Fresh Lime Juice

same morning.

brazilwood, oak, and almond.

5oz Simple Syrup

The most popular spirit in Brazil, Cachaça,

Another spirit made from a natural re-

is made from fresh-pressed sugar cane juice,

source of Brazil is VeeV, a spirit made with the

fermented and distilled. It has a clear and

Brazilian Amazon berry, Açai. Açai has been

crisp taste, with a soft bite at the end that

featured very prominently by people such as

makes it the perfect complement to any variety

Oprah, and proclaimed as her super food.

of fresh squeezed juices, herbs, and purees.

VeeV is a very new spirit, and the company is

There are generally two different types of

owned by brothers Courtney and Carter Reum,

Cachaça, artesanal and industrial. We prefer

featured on the cover of the magazine. They

100 Thousand Club

3 Fresh Basil Leaves 4 Cucumber slices

Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice (tear Basil to release oils), shake vigorously, strain into a martini glass and garnish with a lime slice

Experience the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches of the Mayan Riviera. Exquisite beach front resort condominiums and suites, designed by Three Architecture from Dallas. Indulge in Mayan Magic with Cantex's newest of six lifestyle developments in the Playa del Carmen area. STARTING FROM THE LOW $600,000’S For reservations or more information visit us online or contact our sales offices in Mexico +52 984 803 2324 or Canada 1 403 399 3668

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Page 78

“Açai is only found in the Brazilian rainforests, and only 1% of it is actually harvested”


discovered the berry while on a surf trip to

Cachaça recipes coming from our friends at

1/2 Lime

Brazil, immediately became enamored with its

Leblon, who make one of the best varietals

2 tsp Superfine sugar or 1 oz

health benefits and flavor. Açai is only found in

distributed here in the United States. So

Simple Syrup*

the Brazilian rainforests, and only 1% of it is

whether you are lulling in your hammock in


actually harvested. VeeV has a smooth almost

Virgin Gorda, combing the beaches of Rio,

sweet taste, and is a wonderful spirit for any

or simply taking in a sunset from your

variety of situations. Drank straight, it has a

home, you can feel the spirit and sensuality

silky finish, and is crisp and refreshing.

of Brazil whenever you want by simply in-

On these pages you will find a variety of recipes for both Cachaça and VeeV, with the

dulging in one of these tasty libations. Happy drinking. 

Cut the lime into four wedges. Muddle the lime and sugar in a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and add Leblon Cachaça. Shake vigorously. Serve in a rocks glass. Garnish with a slice of lime

Brazil spirits:5nov



Page 80


C A C H A Ç A R E C I P E S:

2 oz. Leblon Cachaça 1⁄4 oz. Pernod


1 oz. apple juice

1 1/2 oz. Leblon Cachaça

1/4 oz. fresh lime juice

1⁄2 oz. Southern Comfort

1/4 oz. simple syrup

1⁄2 oz. Lime juice

1 kiwi – peeled and chopped

1⁄2 oz. simple syrup


6 Mint leaves – torn

Muddle kiwi and simple syrup in a shaker. Shake hard with remaining ingredients and strain over crushed ice. Garnish with kiwi slices.


Glass- Highball

Fresh squeeze the juice of 1⁄2 of a lime. Pour lime juice, Southern Comfort, simple syrup, and mint leaves into a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and add Leblon Cachaça. Shake vigorously. Serve in a highball glass.

2 oz. Leblon Cachaça 3 Strawberries


3 Basil leaves - torn

2 oz Leblon Cachaça

1/4 Lime

1 oz. sake

2 tsp Superfine sugar or 1 oz Simple Syrup

2 oz. lychee puree


½ oz. lemon juice ½ oz. vanilla & lemongrass & chili

Muddle the lime, strawberries, basil and sugar in a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and add Leblon Cachaça. Shake vigorously. Serve in a rocks glass. Garnish with a strawberry.

Small pieces of lemongrass & chili Champagne – to top Glass-Highball

Muddle chili and lemongrass in a shaker. Shake with remaining ingredients except Champagne. Strain over ice into a highball glass. Top with Champagne and stir well. Garnish with lemongrass straws.


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Tuscany ed:5nov



Page 82

Everything Genuine

Tuscany ed:5nov



Page 83

There is perhaps no other place on the planet where all the senses are as satisfied by the natural beauty of the land, taste of food and wine, sight of marvelous art, and warmth of the native people like in Tuscany. When the Etruscans settled in Northern Italy, to

Wanting to explore what was attracting visitors

His company was founded in response to a

build their villages among the olive trees and

from all over the world to rent a villa and take

sub-par experience with a villa rental agency

poppy flowers covering the rolling hills, they

part in the food, art and life of Tuscany, we

while he was still a college undergraduate.

could never have predicted they would be suc-

spoke with James Fantaci, founder of Purple

Renting a villa has always been the iconic way

ceeded by layers upon layers of history and

Fete, a travel concierge service specializing in

to experience the Tuscan countryside, but

culture that would turn their quiet region into

Tuscany, to hear his thoughts on this perenni-

those seeking a luxury experience were often

one of the world’s most desirable destinations.

ally popular place.

confronted with a more bare-bones accommo-

Tuscany ed:5nov



Page 84

dation than they might be accustomed to, and no help in finding their way through the country but their guidebooks. Now, services like those offered by Purple Fete have changed the

“The city of Florence is a confluence of all that is great in art, architecture, landscape, and gastronomic bounty”

game, arranging for guests to experience the best of everything.


We suggest you start in Florence. Named

of rolling hills of olive groves, vineyards, and

Armani, Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, Prada,

one of the world’s most popular destinations

unspoiled views,” says Fantaci, still evangeli-

and local treasure Santa Maria Novella,

for the past five years by Conde Nast Traveller,

cal after all these years about a city that has

whose beauty products possess a reputation

the city of Florence is a confluence of all that

become his second home.

that has spread well beyond the realm of lo-

is great in art, architecture, landscape, and

The sights in Florence are almost too

cals. Florence is famous for keeping the

gastronomic bounty. “It is hard to find too

many to be believed: the Duomo, the Ponte

work of local artisans alive and flourishing,

many places in the world that offer some of the

Vecchio, the Boboli Gardens, and the Uffizi

from the leather bags at Il Bisonte, the

best wine, olive oil, and cuisine in the world,

Gallery are almost an embarrassment of cul-

hand-crafted pens at Visconti, to the cus-

combined with amazing achievements in his-

tural riches, and the shopping rivals more

tom-made gloves at Madova, and jewelry at

tory, art, and architecture against the backdrop

fashion-forward Milan, with boutiques from

Aprosio I Co.

100 Thousand Club

Tuscany ed:5nov



Page 86

Florence of course has many elegant hotels (we like the trendy Hotel Savoy, popular

book over and over with friends, the better to share the warmth with loved ones.

with young Florentines, and the Relais Santa

As you look at villas across the region,

Croce, home to one of Italy’s most famous

you have the opportunity to choose one of

restaurants, Enoteca Pinchiorri) but the pri-

the hidden gems scattered across the hill-

vate home experience is getting ever-more

sides. While of course most of these towns

popular, and staying in a villa is truly a con-

are easily accessible on day trips, there is

nection to Italy’s rich history. The warm sen-

something special about getting to live, if

suality of the architecture and countryside is

only for a little while, off the beaten path

irresistible to those who immerse themselves

surrounded by some of the warmest, most

in it, so much so that many start browsing

welcoming locals imaginable. No one

second homes (Fantaci at Purple Fete, as well

should miss the dazzling Duomo in Siena,

as real estate agencies like Case in Italia,

the ancient Arezzo, or the walled city of

have special expertise in helping foreigners

Lucca in the north; similarly, the southern

buy homes in the region) and many more

hill towns like Montepulciano and Montal-

Natural Pools of the Spa Terme di Saturnia


From Italy, With Love Thomas Keller, owner-chef of the French Laundry and

most stores), an extra virgin can lose all its antioxidants

Per Se restaurants, calls them “the best and healthiest

and turn into a simple virgin olive oil in just a few months.

extra-virgin olive oil on the market, … an integral

That means that when you buy a bottle labeled Extra

ingredient in our kitchen.” Chef Charlie Trotter says

Virgin Olive Oil in a shop, you know only that the oil was,

using them “is a little like using truffles or caviar.”

by law, extra virgin at the moment of pressing. But you

MANNI® Organic Farming Extra Virgin Olive Oil

can’t be sure that it is still extra virgin when you buy it, with

TOSCANO IGP (Protected Geographical Indication)

all its antioxidants intact. And it usually is not. If tested

is an elite global brand that has entered the topmost

again when you open the bottle, that oil would probably

echelons of quality, luxury, and taste. Manni’s two

not meet the standard for extra-virgin olive oil; it would

unique oils, the most expensive in the world, are

have lost all its antioxidants and become a simple virgin

acclaimed by leading chefs, physicians, and gourmets

oil, and only a chemical test can tell you if an oil is virgin or

as the best and most healthful extra virgin olive oils on

extra virgin. That is why Armando Manni does not sell his

the market—both the assertive Per me (“For me”) and

oils through intermediaries but only ships directly from

the delicate Per mio figlio (“For my child”).

Tuscany by overnight courier all over the world.

Production of the oil is limited to 2500 liters per

Oils produced with the MANNI® Live Oil method are

year and is available only for an exclusive list of clients.

guaranteed to stay the same delicious, healthful, perfect

The oil is ordered directly from Tuscany and dispatched

extra-virgin olive oil when you uncork the bottle as they

by overnight courier. His select clientele includes the

were when they were just pressed—and to stay that way

Fat Duck (UK), The French Laundry (USA), Pierre

for at least two years (other extra virgin oils last only a

Gagnier (France), Tetsuya (Australia), and thirty other of

few months). In fact MANNI® oils are analyzed quarterly

the world’s best restaurants; his private clients include

at the University of Florence for three years and the data

more than sixty Hollywood notables.

published on They are the only oils to

With support from the University of Florence and the National Research Council of Italy, Manni created “Live Oil,” a revolutionary method that guarantees just-pressed goodness and maximum health benefits. Chefs and gourmets praise MANNI® oils’ clean, exciting taste and physicians recognize that the Live Oil method preserves ten times the precious antioxidants required for the coveted TOSCANO IGP designation. Extra virgin olive oil is extremely fragile. If not properly

© Franco Fontana for MANNI oil

handled (for example, if exposed to light or heat, as in

bear a university endorsement on the label. You no longer have to go to Italy for the taste of a just-pressed oil. „

For more information, visit or send an e-mail to

Tuscany ed:5nov



Page 88

Manni Olive Oil Returning from Italy with the latest designer find, brag-worthy leather goods, and stories galore should be enough for any traveler. But to truly bring home the taste of your time in Italy, Manni Olive Oil is the ultimate for the gourmet with a taste for all things Italy. As olive oil moved from a niche product to a widely available cooking necessity the market predictably expanded, with numerous brands rushing in to fill the void – but all olive oils are not created equal. Produced by Armando Manni with an eye to health as well as taste, his rich, delicious oil is packed with polyphenols and vitamins that combat cholesterol (a good thing after all that pasta!) and he swears by it as a regular part of his diet, and his son’s. Just drops of the concentrated oil provide a taste experience unlike any other, and some serious palates have taken note: Manni is the only olive oil served at Thomas Keller’s Per Se and French Laundry restaurants, as well as the house oil at Jean Georges in New York.


100 Thousand Club

cino are equally beloved for their unique ar-

“Some cuisines, like that of Emilia Ro-

chitecture and atmosphere. There are even

magna, can be richer than Tuscan food,” says

smaller towns that experts like Fantaci will

Fantaci, “but both offer amazing examples of

name that are, as he says, “truly special –

Italian food’s potential quality. The constant in

San Casciano Dei Bagni, Pienza, Volterra,

Italian cuisine in general is the use of local, fresh

and Pietrasanta on the coast, the small hill

ingredients, since even within Tuscany you will

towns of Chianti, are among my favorites.”

find differences. Sometimes, simple is sublime.

Of course, there are those who would say

Consider a simple dish like Pappa, which is es-

that you don’t see Italy so much as taste it, and

sentially tomato and bread soup – a well-known

cooking, eating, and drinking Tuscany is a

Tuscan dish that when done right with great

sensual experience not to be missed. Many

sweet tomatoes is perfection.” In the cities, pro-

regions in Italy are famed for their food, and

fessional chefs have garnered a following put-

some tastes and preparations cross borders,

ting a modern spin on old classics like those,

but there is much that is unique in Tuscan

while staying true to their roots and to the flavor

cuisine, above and beyond the incredible

profiles and ingredients that have kept Italian

raw ingredients.

food an international favorite for decades.


Whether you are dreaming of the sybaritic experience of a private yacht charter or exploring the treasuries of Tuscany’s countryside, discover Traveling Fete Group. We represent a select group of beautiful, staffed villas in Tuscany and personally chosen yachts around the world, focusing on customized experiences for each client.

Get your feet wet with Traveling Fete Group! Ph: 646 270 5999 Fax: 212 202 7863

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Tuscany ed:5nov



Page 90

Local farmers harvesting olives, Orbetello, Italy (above)

Tuscany ed:5nov



Page 91

(clockwise from top left) Local olive oil produced at Villa Campestri Local nibbles at Villa Campestri Freshly baked Montegemoli bread

A native woman preparing wild mushrooms from the area Local bottled wines hanging outside a celler in Florence The first stages of a Tuscan red

Tuscany ed:5nov



Page 92

To complement that food, of course, is wine – can anyone say enough about great Italian wines? Sangiovese and Trebbiano grapes dominate the red and white varieties respectively, and of course local specialties like Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino originate from those particular locales (try the Brunello from the Cupano vineyard on Montalcino – a small boutique wine to fall in love with) making a vineyard tour an absolute must on every wine lover’s list of things to do here. There are so many vineyards it is nearly impossible to keep track of all the new developments, but local wine merchants are well versed in the idiosyncrasies of their native vineyards, and are always happy to make recommendations for everyone from enthusiastic amateurs to serious collectors. Fantaci recommends Enoteca Di Ghino-Ghino in Pienza for those looking to bring bottles home – the shop is famous for their knowledge of local wines and expansive inventory of rare finds.




Page 93

Join the Club... Online. Every single limited edition issue of the 100Thousand Club is available at Take a visit for more exclusive information on our partners. Your exclusive online resource for all things luxury.

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Page 94

Tuscany ed:5nov



Page 95

Cosmopolitan travelers and Mediterranean neophytes come to Tuscany year after year, and even as other destinations go hot and cold in the world of the international jet set, Tuscany continues to be a draw. “The great mix of history and progress, tradition and innovation, whether that is in regards to art or food and wine keeps people coming back. There are still many artisans in all fields, from fashion to oenology – the people that appreciate and know the history and embrace the best elements, combine that with their own ideas, and are responsible for some of best of Tuscany's contribution to wine, food, and art.” As befits Italy, the attraction, always, is passion—the romance of the landscape, the awesomeness of the landmarks, the delight of the cuisine and the joy of Tuscany’s inhabitants, all combine to seduce your senses, to make you, if only for a little while, as much a part of Italy as the Etruscan ruins crumbling on the hills. 

Ponte Vecchio and Arno River, Florence

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Page 97


H O L I D AY G I F T P R E V I E W The holidays obviously means shopping. Especially when the variety of stunning products seem to be designed more extravagantly, offer more in style, and at times can take you from air to water in a matter of minutes. Whether it's for your family, friends, co-workers, or even yourself, take a look at our favorites of the season. The lucky recipient won’t regret it.

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Page 98

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Page 99

Loro Piana Cashmere Coats Six generations of the Loro Piana family have brought their products to the forefront of the luxury industry, as one of the foremost producers, manufacturers, and retailers of cashmere in the world. Their classic sweaters and scarves are an asset to anyone’s wardrobe, and these incredible statement coats are a must for winter weather.

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Page 100

Gift Guide v4:5nov



Page 101

Manni Olive Oil To truly bring home the taste of your time in Italy, Manni Olive Oil is the ultimate for the gourmet with a taste for all things Italy. As olive oil moved from a niche product to a widely available cooking necessity the market predictably expanded, with numerous brands rushing in to fill the void – but all olive oils are not created equal. Just drops of the concentrated oil provide a taste experience unlike any other.

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Page 102

Montague Luxuries Pen The heavy-duty fountain pens created by Patrick Chu of Loiminchay were named the official pens at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, incorporating classical imagery of athletes in action to celebrate the event. Their legacy of greatness that led to their nod from the Olympics holds true for all their products, some of the finest pens in the world. Curtis Australia creates special edition pens centered around some of the world’s most history-making events; this pen commemorates the Great Race.

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Page 103

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Page 104

Dior Bags In a world grown increasingly politically correct, and increasingly full of luxury products, is there anything – any innovation at all – more luxurious and indulgent than fur? The glamour of these two bags from Dior’s fall line runs the gamut from edgy raccoon, to elegant grey astrakhan, all embellished with Dior’s signature hardware and accents and ready to carry you in high style into the winter.

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Page 105

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Page 106

Berluti Shoes Founded in 1895 in Italy, the Berluti family brought their company to Paris in the 1920s and has been producing their iconic and highly coveted men’s shoes ever since. The company, currently led by Olga Berluti, now produces the bespoke and ready-towear shoes known for their signature honey-gold finish and custom details.

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Page 107

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Page 108

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Page 109

Baccarat Jewelry Baccarat’s latest collection of jewelry, called InsomNight, is a bold, sensual mix of deep-colored crystal in sleek, modern settings. Feminine but strong, this collection is perfect for the international woman who needs accessories to make as big a statement as she does.

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Page 110

Spiders Jewelry designer Nicole Landaw has taken her eye for design and applied it to home dĂŠcor. The hand-fabricated 18 karat gold-and-pearl spiders toe the line between delicate and dangerous, and are a striking addition to any desk or table.

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Page 111

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Page 112

Meridian Audio For 30 years, Meridian has been setting new standards in high-quality audiovisual systems. Their extensive product range allows customers to tailor their systems to their individual needs, incorporating the best of speakers, players, controllers, and projectors, as well as transportable systems for even more versatile use.

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Page 113

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Page 114

Blackberry Bold This is the Blackberry that Blackberry users have been waiting for – the one that does it all, with all the style of an iPhone, but the functionality Blackberry users have come to depend on, with a full keyboard, camera, gorgeous screen, and most importantly, it’s fast, fast, fast! Even small tweaks have made a big difference in usability – the Messenger function is more user-friendly, the battery life is exponentially longer, the keyboard feel is highly responsive, and the new network solves almost all the old connectivity issues. Those of you holding out on the iPhone, rejoice – your new phone has arrived.

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Page 115

Lantic Gold RCI Remote This high-tech gadget is worth its weight in gold – literally. The 24-karat remote control from Lantic Systems, famous for their custom home and yacht installations, can be programmed to operate everything from your television and stereo to your curtains and your security system.

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Page 116

Bang and Olufsen Beovision 9 When you turn on your flat-screen TV, you don’t want to have to think about maintenance, image optimization, or sound quality – you just want to enjoy the show. Luckily, the BeoVision 9 does all that for you. The 50” plasma comes equipped with the Acoustic Lens, a refining speaker that makes sure you never miss a word, light-sensing technology that adjusts every frame for your specific surroundings, and even a tiny built-in camera that periodically monitors and compensates for the effects of aging on the screen. This technological marvel is one that you’ll want hanging around well into the future.

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Page 117

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Page 118

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Page 119

Cervelo PC-3 The visionary founders of frame maker CervÊlo began their careers in the aerospace industry, and each of their frames conforms to the rigid standards of perfection that both pursuits require. The elliptical leading edge of the frame is the new standard for aerodynamics, developed through consistent wind tunnel testing throughout the design process. The light, durable frames are highly sought after, as CervÊlo’s uncompromising quality control standards rejected 95% of the frames made for them last year, pushing their suppliers and manufacturers to the limit to produce the absolute best frame for you.

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Page 120

Chris Craft Corsair 36 High powered and perfectly appointed, the Corsair 36 is the embodiment of thoughtful construction, inside and out. The boat is factory-equipped with anchor, line, and chain, overboard drains and superior power and handling, while aesthetic accents include hardwood accents, shiny chrome and top-shelf gel coat – even the stainlesssteel deck screws are all aligned in the same direction. The heavy hull is a comfortable ride through even the choppiest waters, and the two berths will sleep four very happy people.

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Page 121

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Page 122

Yamaha Jetskis Lauded by the industry for new advances in performance and design, the Yamaha FX SHO is the vehicle of choice for waterbound speed freaks. With the largest displacement motor ever put in a personal watercraft at 1.8 liters, and extremely light, sturdy NanoXcel exterior construction, this latest WaveRunner is stylish, sleek, and extremely exciting – the SHO series in general has been a runaway success, but this model is the top of the line.

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Page 123

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Page 124

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Page 125

ICON A-5 Foldable Plane Called a revolution in sport flying, a newly created category in the aviation world to begin with, the Icon A-5 has been designed to bring the thrill of flight to a whole new level. The two-seater plane has sportscar styling, with a built-in parachute, foldable wings for easy storage, its own trailer for transportation to airstrips – and some models are even amphibious!

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Page 126

Polaris Snowmobile If snowmobiling is your passion, we have picked the superior model for you. The FST IQ Touring snowmobile by Polaris Industries is a marvel of the latest technology put to work for exceptional swiftness and comfort. The 2008 FST IQ represents the pinnacle of power and magnificence, as it is the most dynamic of all of the models in Polaris’ long history of manufacturing. There is no other way to describe it: the ride of the FST IQ is fast.

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Page 127

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Page 128

Takashimaya Sake Set Takashimaya, one of the world’s largest chains of department stores and a New York institution on Fifth Avenue for 50 years, has always specialized in bringing the elegance and craftsmanship of traditional Japanese culture to the wider world. This hand-crafted sake set is a perfect way to bring some sleek, minimalist style to your home

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Page 129

Mikimoto Pearls The iconic producers of pearl jewelry for more than 100 years, founder Kokichi Mikimoto nurtured both the world of pearl production and the image of pearl jewelry worldwide to the paragon of elegance it is today. These black South Sea cultured pearls range from 8 to 11 millimeters and are finished with a round pave diamond clasp much too pretty to push to the back.

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La Prairie Platinum Rare Renowned for years as one of the best skin-care companies in the world, La Prairie outdid themselves yet again with the launch of their Cellular Cream Platinum Rare. While the price tag made headlines at $1,000 a jar, devotees rave about the anti-aging and renewing power of the platinum-infused cream, and it’s special hydration system, which provides time-released moisturizing that adjusts to the needs of your skin.

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There are a variety of ways to make money in

ally think about the chance someone took, the circumstances that worked perfectly in their favor at just

this world. There are the traditional routes of

that right time. Sometimes the stories are interesting enough that they momentarily give us that feeling

professionalism. Go to law school, take your

of empowerment or inspiration, that maybe we can also have an idea, jump on it, do the grunt work, and

shot at medical school, spend the time getting

end up in a place that puts us in complete control. We’re not sure when this idea would come, not sure

the MBA. You’ll end up in a rewarding and

who we’d embark on this adventure with, and perhaps not even sure if it would be fulfilling. Even so,

pretty standard path resulting in a lifestyle that

we know there are some people for whom this does happen. Be jealous. You should.

affords the comforts and luxuries in which we

Imagine going on a trip down to Brazil to spend time doing what people do in Brazil. That in

love to indulge. There are the less standard

itself is usually a good story. While down there you discover a berry called Açai that comes from

routes as well. Today’s technology climate af-

the Amazon Rainforest, is being eaten by all the locals, and seems to give you a great feeling of

fords plenty of opportunities to make a mark

rejuvenation unlike any food you’ve ever eaten before. The people of Brazil love the berry and de-

in an industry that seems to be changing rap-

pend upon it. It is sustainable, and absolutely unheard of in the United States. You decide that

idly enough to afford many different opportu-

there is a great opportunity to fix this problem, and think about how you can develop a business

nities every year. We also encounter our spare

doing so. The business could be extremely profitable. It would also make you independent, a pi-

architect, the random engineer, once in a while

oneer, and at the same time afford opportunities to be environmentally responsible. You would

a business owner who had that genius retail

take a leap into this grand plan, and the best part is, you would be embarking on this adventure

idea that enabled him or her to spend each

with your best friend, who just happens to be your brother. This is the type of aforementioned in-

Christmas and New Years Eve at Sandy Lane.

spiring story that gives us pause, even for just an instance, to think, why not me? Now think about

There are plenty of good stories out there.

hearing a story almost exactly identical, about two other guys, down to the detail about them being

Some are good enough that we even stop and re-

brothers. It sounds downright suspicious. It is completely true.

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all extremely passionate about what they do, and their journeys seem to have molded them into even greater personalities and stronger people than they were before they took the first steps in their entrepreneurial careers. To meet all four of them, a picture is painted that makes it much easier to realize why they are passionate about their respective companies. Ryan and Jeremy, both in their early thirties, have a warm and pensive way about them – listening more than they might speak – but always giving the impression that they are happy to be in the conversation, and even though it might not seem like it at first, often leading it. They were raised near the beach, and taking advantage of a supremely healthy lifestyle has been instilled in them from the time they were children. Courtney and Carter, hailing from the Chicago area, have a spunkiness that is not only indicative of their slightly younger age – they are both in their late twenties – but also of their life as social nightlife fixtures in top venues throughout New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc. Part of the joy of their new careers is surely the marketing and mingling that goes with promoting a spirit brand. Courtney, who is a bit older, at first can seem a bit younger, with a bit more of a playful demeanor, while Carter is always smiling, but with a slightly more reserved makeup. It is quite easy to surmise why the two are succeeding so rapidly in a business that reJeremy and Ryan Black, and Courtney and Carter Reum are the two sets of brothers. They are

lies heavily on social networking.

the ones lucky enough to say these stories are about them. Jeremy and Ryan’s company is called

I sat down with all four of them at Sam

Sambazon, and is the leading global supplier of Açai. They manufacture a complete line of organic

Nazarian’s Foxtail Restaurant and Lounge in

products including juices, smoothies, supplements, sorbets and energy drinks. Courtney and Carter

West Hollywood, and discussed their suc-

Reum’s story is a bit different. The two brothers were working at Goldman Sachs in when they de-

cesses, journeys, insights, and delved into

cided to throw caution into the wind and develop VeeV, the first spirit made with the magical lit-

their personal lives.

tle berry, after they had their surfing experience in Brazil.


Obviously the two products are on polar ends of the spectrum. One is a company dedicated to

100TC: What was the “we are definitely

wellness and health, while the other is a spirit, dedicated to sophisticated drinking, and revelry.

doing this” moment when you decided to

Ryan and Jeremy certainly paved the way and have truly lead the renaissance of the Açai berry

go into business? Was there a “eureka”

within the United States. Courtney and Carter, however, have taken the berry to a new place in Amer-

moment, or did happen more gradually

ican culture. What all four of the men have in common, though, is a strong responsibility to the envi-

than that?

ronment, the Amazon Rainforest, and the people in Brazil who benefit from their hard work. They are

Ryan Black (RB): Actually on the island of

100 Thousand Club

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Fernando de Noronha, where it seemed like we

but over time my view on that has softened. Of course, we’d still very much like to reap the financial

were eating Açaí everyday, we resolved to

rewards of VeeV but the experience and the journey has made it a win/win situation regardless.

bring it to the USA. From that moment we were on a mission.

100TC: Give me three words that best describe VeeV.

Jeremy Black (JB): When my brother and

CR: Progressive, Balance, Green

our partner Ed came back from their 2nd trip to Brazil with a signed agreement from a fac-

100TC: How healthy are Sambazon products, really?

tory in the Amazon that could provide us with

RB: Basically the healthiest foods and beverages on the market. Certified organic superfoods.

the export-quality product we needed to start selling in the US I knew it was game on and

JB: This little purple berry has a unique synergy of powerful antioxidants, more antioxidants than

we had to get things ramped up as soon as pos-

blueberries or red wine, heart healthy omegas 3-6-9, fiber and protein. Açaí has been a dietary staple

sible. Immediately we updated our business

of the Amazon people for centuries because of its nutrition but it just got popular with the mainstream

plan, raised the initial capital we needed, and

in the 90s in Brazil when Brazilian surfers realized it was the ultimate fuel that doesn’t weigh you down

got our packaging and marketing plans going.

and tastes so good.

Carter Reum (CaR): We had always wanted to do our own thing but never knew what form it would take or how it manifested itself. I was the first to take the leap but even then there wasn’t a definite idea so much as a directional vision that gradually morphed together over several months. 100TC: What is your advice for people who are in finance or other more traditional business outlets, who are not very happy? Do you think everyone should be confident taking a leap of faith and put everything they have into a unique business they are passionate about, or is more skepticism necessary? RB: I can really only speak from my own experience, where I was asking God for an opportunity to do something unique, and then came Açaí. To get to Açaí, I had taken a chance and gone to Brazil on vacation. So, one leap of faith led me to a “discovery” and then I just made up my mind to do it. The Latin root of entrepreneur is decidere, or to “cut off”. I cut off other paths and went down this one. It takes a lot of courage and sacrifice, which I think anything in life that is worthwhile does. Success is a journey, not a destination. Put your mind towards your goals and go for it. Courtney Reum (CoR): Take a chance. You’ll almost never regret it I’d venture to say. Initially I’d say that I felt like we had a lot to lose




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“In a rapidly growing business, there is never a dull moment. Plus, since this is our first venture, the learning experience has been incredible” Ryan Black

100TC: In your eyes, who is the average

it, and about working everyday? What does your average day entail?

VeeV drinker?

JB: We’re in a war and it’s never dull. Trying to get your beverages into grocery stores nationwide is

CoR: A 24-35 male or female who is daring,

one thing, getting them to sell off the shelf is even harder and there are thousands of moving parts. I

adventurous, looking for the next “it” thing and

spend a ton of time on my Mac both at home and at the office communicating with my teams, working

has a taste for the exotic and can appreciate

with our graphic designer on packaging, website and all kinds of communication pieces from ads to

the finer things in life.

videos. Work with our promo teams and sponsored athletes, watch a lot of feedback from consumers that comes in from the website, do conference calls with food scientists, writers and our PR agency.

100TC: In your eyes, who is the average

RB: In a rapidly growing business, there is never a dull moment. Plus, since this is our first venture,

Sambazon customer?

the learning experience has been incredible. This provides a great environment and keeps me excited.

JB: Healthy, active people that care about

CaR: It’s easy to stay exciting because each day is different than the previous and what the next

what they are putting in their bodies, and peo-

one will be. As the company continuous its explosive growth the challenges and the successes

ple who support companies that are being so-

change quickly as the company takes on a new stage of development.

cially and environmentally responsible.

CoR: Wake up at 7 am, after being out well past midnight to be modest, run through the 50-100 emails already in my inbox, go for a quick jog – gotta be an embodiment of VeeV right? – head

RB: Health conscious boomer, or active youth.

into the office until about 6 pm and then usually have 2-3 “drinks,” meetings per night with busi-

I could also say me.

ness colleagues, nightlife influencers, editors, etc.

100TC: Your companies are rocking and

100TC: Are there going to be any chances for expansion into other products?

rolling. How do you stay excited about

CoR: Always a chance and definitely something we’ve been approached about but at this point

100 Thousand Club


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we’re focused on VeeV. It’s a dynamic enough product with a unique story so we want to make

CoR: We’re both pretty simple guys from the

sure we get it out in the right way before we move onto other lines or extensions.

Midwest, but moving out to LA and having a

JB: Well we have tons of products – juices, sorbets, supplements, energy drinks – they just are

pool is definitely pretty amazing. Aside from

all based on Açai, and at this point I think that’s more than enough because Açai is still very new

that, since we’re tree-huggers at heart, we’re

and unknown by a lot of people worldwide. We want to be the brand people think about when they

pretty excited about the new Lexus Hybrid we

think of Açai.

just purchased.

RB: I think our consumers would accept healthy beverages and tropical foodstuffs of different

JB: I gotta go on at least three or four surf trips

kinds. I do think we should stick to our core.

per year. I consider them “wellness retreats.”

100TC: What’s it like being young, wealthy with a company that looks like it’s only

100TC: What is your favorite thing to do

going to grow? What are you favorite parts about the lifestyle this has afforded

in LA?

you guys?

JB: Since we live in a sleepy little beach town I

JB: It’s a huge blessing and I really give thanks everyday that we are where we are. It was just a

like to go up to LA to go out on the town, hit some

few years ago that 4 of us were living in a small house wearing 10 different hats and not sure if we

cool restaurants, lounges, clubs, and visit my

were going to survive another year. Today we have teams of people working for us, our own plant

parents. I also love to get up to Malibu where I

in the Amazon and I meet random people daily who purchase our products in their local store, it’s

went to college and hit up my old surf and hang

amazing, and it’s fun. Also being able to travel to different parts of the country and get work done

out spots and visit friends who are still up there.

while having fun, and the luxury of being able to go on vacation and really unplug and know that

CoR: Figure out new ways to enjoy the

things are under control and on track.

weather…usually some type of outdoor sport or

RB: Well, the truth is that we work very hard, probably more in terms of time and brain power than


anyone I know. As you are constantly trying to grow bigger and better, it doesn’t get any easier. I truly enjoy being able to travel. I feel a real sense of pride employing locals in the Amazon and regular moms and daughters and fathers and sons in the US and Brazil. Teamwork separates good from bad performance, and working with my team and Board of Directors is a great experience.

“St. Barts. The perfect combination of leisure and insanity” Carter Reum

Promoting positivity, consciousness, social justice, sustainable agriculture and health and wellness is a privilege and we are very blessed. CoR: Wealthy, really? That’s a stretch but, truthfully, it’s a lot harder work in many respects

100TC: Where do you most enjoy to

than our 100+ hr work weeks at Goldman Sachs, but the main thing it allows us is access to

travel and why?

people, opportunities, etc., that we would have normally never had at this age. Also, it’s great

JB: Anywhere that I can mix fun stuff like surf-

to feel like you’re creating your own destiny and that every additional hour you work will pay

ing/snowboarding/etc with a unique culture, his-


tory and people. Indonesia, Europe and Brazil, are a few of the places that I have been to many

100TC: How can you best describe your personality in one sentence?

times and will keep going back.

CaR: Chameleon. Many different hats and many different personalities whether we’re analyzing

RB: I really enjoy Brazil as it is so raw and full

a situation, joking around with a bartender, or dealing with our internal people.

of life. I also enjoy surfing in any tropical desti-

CoR: I think we both try to be well-rounded Renaissance people and consider ourselves univer-

nation. Last, anywhere new is a great experience.

sal enough to be able to handle almost any situation no matter the context.

CoR: At this point in our lives, we tend to travel

JB: Playful yet reserved, I listen more than I talk, and I strive to be humble, giving and thankful.

to the cities that serve VeeV, but luckily those

RB: Passionate, full of hope, adventurous and aggressive.

are some of the best destinations around like California, New York, Miami, Chicago and


100TC: What are some of the extravagances or guilty pleasure that you have? What are

Vegas. When we’re on vacation, which we’re

purchases you have made that you were really excited about making?

probably due for, you can’t beat the magic of

RB: A massage chair and a Tempur-pedic bed. Health is key, but material possessions are

St. Barts. It’s like no other place in the world.


CaR: St. Barts. The perfect combination of

CaR: I’m hoping to one day be able to afford a Tesla – the new electric sports car.

leisure and insanity.

100 Thousand Club

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100TC: Any hotels or spots around the world that you absolutely love?

JB: Little bro is the boss – God’s sense of humor

CoR: Hotel St. Barth Isle de France is located on one of St. Barthelemy's most exotic beaches,

– but I keep him in check. I got better grades but

Baie des Flamands, and has everything I need for a relaxing getaway. Unspoiled Caribbean land-

I think we’re both smart in different ways thanks

scape, peace and privacy, understated entertainment, fabulous retail therapy, and top-notch ac-

to our parents’ genes and our hard work ethic in

commodation. Also, I really think that the Morgans Hotel Group developed a ground-breaking

school. As far as women go, I’d have to say him.

concept years ago when the boutique hotel idea hadn’t really taken off yet. Even today, I think that

RB: Jeremy is certainly the boss of his domain,

they have really unique properties that still push the envelope in a variety of ways.

which is the brand and marketing. I would not

CaR: Singita. A hotel in South Africa I was lucky enough to visit on safari.

say that I am smarter than him, but would not say

JB: Bali has amazing hotels and the people are as gracious as anywhere in the world. Fernando de

he is smarter than me. We are lucky to have dou-

Noronha is a small island off the northeastern coast of Brazil that is an ecological preserve and has re-

ble trouble and both be competent and tough. Je-

ally cool little pousadas - which are bed and breakfasts – restaurants and excellent surf and diving.

remy is more shy with the ladies. Being the

RB: Fernando de Noronha is all time. I also like Amsterdam.

younger brother, I have always been more outgoing so I got a leg up on him. However, I think he

100TC: Tell me something about yourself that not many people know.

is a tad better looking than me so we are back to

JB: When I was in 2nd grade I could solve the rubics cube in under 2 minutes and the principal used

that equality, which makes our brotherly compe-

to take me around to 5th and 6th grade classes to show the older kids how it’s done.

tition even more fierce in all that we do.

CaR: I’ve gone to summer culinary school to be a sushi chef.

CoR: Well, I’m definitely the boss but Carter

CoR: I am striving to become a vegetarian.

is definitely smarter. As for women, to each

RB: When I was seven I used to carry cardboard down to the wedge in Newport beach and break

their own, but a gentleman never tells…and

dance for money.

neither do we.

100TC: Who’s the boss between the two of you? Who’s smarter? Who’s better with

CaR: You’ll need to flip a coin to answer that






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Meet Paradise on Earth Located 200 miles off the coast of Brazil, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Fernando de Noronha is one of the most important Ecological Sanctuaries in the world. With turquoise waters, pristine beaches, great attractions, beautifully preserved natural wildlife, and a hotel of international standards, Fernando de Noronha is one of the best places on earth to get in touch with what paradise looks like.

Telephone: +55.81.3619-0028




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Gateway To Paradise

The pleasures of life, as brought to you only by the Caribbean





Page 146

s is always the case,

In this particular glance, we have

real estate and villa

picked three different options that stand

rentals are always

out for their beautiful design, splendid lux-

such an important

ury, and picturesque settings on each of the

part of the 100Thou-

islands that they exist.

sand Club lifestyle,

The Bahia Beach Resort and residence

and we feel it is always in our best interest

community on the Northeastern coast of

to keep you up to date on some of our fa-

Puerto Rico has been catching our attention

vorite properties, and the best ways to go

for quite some time now. It is situated where

about searching and deciding on where to

the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean

purchase or rent. Our focus at the moment

Sea, and its natural simplicity and beauty

– as it is quite often when searching for a

are unrivaled anywhere else on the island.

second or third home, or just a temporary

The crown jewel of this Interlink Group de-

getaway – is on the Caribbean.

velopment will be the St. Regis Resort and

The Caribbean is always an ideal des-

Residences (, an em-

tination for a for a variety of reasons: the

bodiment of all that the St. Regis name has

close proximity to the continental United

come to represent in terms of luxury,

States, its natural beauty, the prospect of a

beauty, and most of all, service.

warm escape from a cold Boston, New York, or D.C. winter. Of course these are the usual reasons. When it comes to delving a bit deeper, there other things to take into consideration. Type of residence, activities on the island of choice, ease of access by direct flight, amenities of different residential, resort, and club communities.




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The residential options are varied, with Las Estancias leading the

scenic lakes, and undulating fairways. There

pack. These twenty-six estates are going to represent an unparalleled

is something for everyone at Bahia Beach, and

version of luxury and custom service on the island of Puerto Rico. The

we think it’s as spectacular a choice as any in

architectural style is pure tropical plantation, and views will abound of

the Caribbean.

not only the ocean, but also of the Robert Trent Jones, Jr. custom designed golf course.

Another choice at this precise moment is Roko Ki (, a tremendous new de-

The second type of residence available will be the St. Regis Bahia

velopment in the Dominican Republic. Situ-

Beach Resort Residences, which are scheduled to open in late 2009.

ated along the dramatic headlands and pearl

These luxurious suites are available for purchase, and range in size be-

white beaches of the Dominican Republic’s

tween 650 and 1400 square feet. All of the amenities of the resort will

eastern shore, Roko Ki is in an area where the

be available to its residents, including the legendary St. Regis person-

culture is as inspiring as the opportunities for

alized service.

activity and adventure. The words “Roco Ki”

The amenities of this spectacular project are varied and wonderful.

actually mean "honoring the land" in the lan-

A Remède Spa at the St. Regis will be a sanctuary for both mind and

guage of the Taino Indians, the original inhab-

body, and the tailored services menu will include facials, massages, and

itants of the Dominican Republic. Every effort

body services. For those looking to hit the links on a daily basis, the

is being made to preserve this historical past,

Robert Trent Jones Jr. golf course will preserve the natural integrity of

and its result will be a genuine and authentic

the beautiful island, and will feature greens along the ocean, along with

Caribbean experience.




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The residential offerings of Roko Ki will too be vast and varied, with three distinct options that seem to be hitting all the right notes. The beachfront homesites are the ultimate in second or third home luxury. These types of homesites have an unusually large acreage, and owners will be able to call one of the most enviable stretches of beach in the Caribbean their back-yard. Beachfront residences will have hand-tied palm roofs. They are three and four bedroom luxury residences that sit up on the dunes over looking the aqua ocean. All will be equipped with state of the art European cabinetry and gourmet kitchens, making the properties a true tropical sanctuary. The view of the ocean is accessible from almost every room, not to mention the views from the infinity pool on each private terrace.

The range of activities offered in the natural splendor of the Caribbean is unparalleled. From diving, sailing, and horseback riding on the beach, there is never a moment unfulfilled.

Lastly, but certainly not least, are the EcoDream Villas. These Villas promise a lifestyle that takes place above the others at Roko Ki. The main living areas are at the treetops. These residences overlook beach and ocean because of a four-story design. There is 6,200 square feet of total living space for every type of family, and each villa has three bedrooms with the option of a fourth bedroom or service quarters. And to make the most of the sun-splashed Caribbean lifestyle, the residences feature wrap-around terraces on the second and third floors, a roof top deck and spa, and private elevators in each residence. Sounds like paradise to us. If you are not quite ready to purchase, there are certainly some exquisite resorts with rental villas available. Here we will turn our attention to Half Moon in Jamaica, where the Villas at Half Moon ( have been acting as a second home for the most discriminating families and friends for

100 Thousand Club





Page 152

whom luxury, sophistication, and privacy are


hen venturing into the Caribbean, it is always good to have a guide to help you navigate the real estate and rental landscape. It is one thing to

pick a particular island, or be attracted to one specific new highly advertised resort development. It is quite another to truly understand what it is like to be a foreign buyer, and learn the ins and outs. Brokers very often work on one particular island, and will do their best to sell exactly what properties are most easily at their disposal. We find it much more favorable to use a group such as Luxury Retreats, a group that encompasses a large network of property consultants who will help you explore options not only in the Caribbean, but all over the world. Their personal service and fantastic connections will be a great aid in the process. They also have a large network of stunning villas in locations throughout the world, so don’t be bashful to visit before you buy.

the ultimate need. It is easy to relax and leave all of the details to your personal butler, housekeeper and cook. Each of them are willing and able to arrange whatever your needs may be, whether it is an impromptu meal by the pool, a day at the Dolphin Lagoon, or dinner reservations at any number of restaurants on the island. Personal services such as pantry stocking, personal shopping, and party planning are also at your disposal, truly combing the services of a five star hotel with the space and luxury of a private home. Each Royal Villa has five-, six- or sevenprivate bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, each with its own keyed entrance. They are all exquisitely furnished and tastefully decorated in tropical hues. Jamaica is a land of pure re-

Luxury Retreats

laxation contrasted with great activity, and 888-738-0928

there is nary a better place to make your home base than Half Moon. 


100 Thousand Club




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St. Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico Residences Developers: BBP Partners, LLC. Interlink Group Golf: Troon Golf Management Design by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Airport: San Juan, PR Carr. 187 Km 4.2 Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, USA P.O. Box 363529 San Juan, PR 00936-3529 T: 787.957.5800 Email:

Roko Ki Dominican Republic Developer: Richard Knorr International, Ltd. Golf: Troon Golf Management Design by Faldo Design Airport: Punta Cana International Airport Roko Ki is 20 miles northwest T: 888.476.2654 Email:

Villas at Half Moon Accommodations: Four- Five- Six- and Seven- Bedroom Royal Villas Rates: Peak Season, $1880 - $3,420 Non Peak Season, $1,175 - $2,340 Half Moon P.O., Rose Hall, Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies T: 876.953.2211




Page 156

Day One


pm: Check in at Aman-

the interiors are done in a cozy, updated-West-

large restaurant still retains its cozy and rustic

gani, one of Aman Resorts’

ern style. The common spaces, from the lounge

feeling, and the menu is a combination of re-

premiere properties. Known

and library to more eclectic offerings like the

fined American comfort food fused with Asian

for its raw, powerful design

art gallery and the Takoda Room, all contain the

and Italian accents. Head Chef Jeff Drew has

meant to emphasize and en-

redwood accents, rawhide seating, and regional

worked at some of the best resorts and restau-

hance the impact of Jackson

artwork that are as welcoming as the lush bed-

rants in the American West, as well as continu-

Hole’s natural surroundings, the property man-

rooms. Settle in with a swim in the heated out-

ing to sharpen his skills with guest stints at the

ages to achieve its look without sacrificing an

door pool and hot tub that feels like a hidden

School of American Chefs and the James Beard

ounce of comfort and luxury. Perched atop a

oasis tucked away in the mountains.

House. His cooking is complemented by a wine

butte in Grand Teton National Park, the floor to

list both deep and broad, with a wide range of

ceiling windows afford dramatic views of the

8pm: Do dinner at the Snake River Grill, a

selections from around the world, as well as an

snow-capped mountains and blue skies, while

Jackson Hole landmark, for good reason. The

extensive list of beers and single-malt scotches.





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Page 158

Day Two 8am: Get an early start at Pearl Street Bagels, easily the best bagel west of the Hud-

son River, take your breakfast with you and get an early start hiking into Snow. The ski resort provides a beautiful view in the off-season, and it’s a brisk two hour round trip if you stop to snack at the top and enjoy the view all the way into Yellowstone National Park. If you don’t feel like hiking, stroll through the town square, framed by four elk horn arches, and browse through the shops showcasing an eclectic mix of Western gear and art and international textiles, antiques, and jewelry. 11am: The Four Seasons is one of the other premier lodges in town, and their fly-fishing

program can’t be beat for a fall day experience. Jackson Hole is a major destination for fly fishers from all over the world, and it is the perfect place for beginners to start, or for veterans to experience some of the best conditions around. Their director of fly fishing will guide you down the Snake River on a hand-crafted wooden boat for a daylong trip including lessons, bait, gear, and a Four-Seasons-quality lunch to be enjoyed riverside. 5pm: The Body Sage Spa at the Rusty Parrot Lodge has been the most acclaimed spa in

the area since its opening more than ten years ago. The founder Heidi Harrison, has a background in traditional Thai massage, perfect for working out shoulders and backs aching from casting flies all day, and the spa has made a concentrated effort to incorporate natural local ingredients into all of their treatments, creating a truly unique experience. The Stress Relief massage features hand-blended citrus and flower oils, and the Sports Massage infuses locally gathered arnica flowers into powerful oil, for their natural healing properties.


100 Thousand Club




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Jackson Hole is truly a place where all four seasons bring their own unique beauty and grandeur. From skiing and dog-sledding, to fly-fishing and horseback riding, each time of year brings with it a unique range of activities, and new ways to enjoy nature at its best.




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9pm: Dinner at the Cadillac Grille might

outdoorsmen, and when chilly weather sets in,

sound like nothing more than kitchy Ameri-

best to grab a seat at the main bar for the best

cana—if it weren’t for the top-notch food and

view of the show.

unexpectedly glam atmosphere. The place is divided into the Dining Room, serving excel-

Day Three

lent upscale American cuisine such as elk tenderloin and Billy’s Giant Hamburgers (no

11am: The Jackson Hole Airport is set en-

surprises on the menu there), and the Cadillac

tirely within Grand Teton National Park, and

Lounge, a casual bar where you can order off

the solo runways services flights from all major

either menu.

domestic carriers. Aspen Jetride ( offers service to private jets and


11pm: The Mangy Moose is a local institu-

small airplanes experienced in mountain fly-

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view of the magnificent mountain range as you

ing fireplace warms two levels of visitors and

take off into the great blue sky. 

100 Thousand Club


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