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Collected Remarks

January/February 2020

2020! Here we come!!! Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. GDCTA is a Group Member Organization of USDF.

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Chair – Erin McCloud Recognized – Caren Caverly Schooling – Caren Caverly, Peri Lambros 1. Horse Show Recognition – Chris Hutchings Regionals 2019 1. Chair – Caren Caverly 2. Vendors – Caren Caverly 3. Hospitality – Liz Faso 4. Awards Chair – Peri Lambros 5. Grounds – Peri Lambros Volunteer Coordinator – OPEN – looking for candidates for this position

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First college chartered to grant degrees to women (1836) Only school in Georgia competing in IDA Small class sizes and low faculty/student ratio Liberal arts with 23 majors/30 minors 6 NCAA Division III athletic teams Riders are encouraged to compete in multiple disciplines DISCIPLINES IDA Dressage IHSA Hunt Seat IHSA Western

EQUESTRIAN CENTER Student boarding available Located on our 200-acre campus a short walk from residence halls.

EQUINE STUDIES MAJOR beginning fall 2020 Two tracks available: equine assisted therapy and management EQUINE ASSISTED THERAPY MINOR To schedule a personalized visit or to RSVP for a Preview Day, visit our website at www.wesleyancollege.edu/visit.


W W W.W E S L E YA N C O L L E G E . E D U

It’s the time of year ™Š‡•‘‡‘ˆ—•™ƒ–…ŠƒŽ‘–‘ˆ football. You know the term “armchair quarterback?” All fans are susceptible to acting that ™ƒ›‡˜‡‹ˆ‘—”‰”‡ƒ–‡•–ƒ……‘’Ž‹•Š‡–‹–Š‡ •’‘”–™ƒ••‡…‘†•–”‹‰ „ƒ…‹‹††Ž‡•…Š‘‘ŽǤ ‡•’‹–‡–Šƒ–™‡…ƒ•‹–‹ˆ”‘–‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ†…ƒŽŽ–Š‡ ’Žƒ›•ȋ‹‘—”‘™‹†•Ȍˆƒ”„‡––‡”–Šƒ–Š‡ ’”‘ˆ‡••‹‘ƒŽ•‘–Š‡ˆ‹‡Ž†Ǥ Š‹Ž‡›‡š’‡”–‹•‡‹–Šƒ–”‡ƒŽƒ›„‡•‘”‡Ž› limited, I’d like to claim it is less so in dressage. All –Š‹•…ƒ‡–‘‹†‘˜‡”–Š‡™‡‡‡†ƒ• Œ—†‰‡†ƒ •…Š‘‘Ž‹‰•Š‘™ǤŠ‡™ƒ”Ǧ—’ƒ”‡ƒ™ƒ•”‹‰Š–„‡Š‹† ‡ƒ†‡ƒ•‹Ž›™‹–Š‹‡ƒ”•Š‘–Ǥ• ’”‡•‹†‡†‘˜‡”‘‡ Intro test after another, I couldn’t help but overhear –Š‡…‘ƒ…Š‹‰ƒ†˜‹…‡„‡‹‰‰‹˜‡ƒ•”‹†‡”•’”‡’ƒ”‡† –‘…‘’‡–‡Ǥ • –‘Ž†›•…”‹„‡ǡ•‘‡–‹‡• Œ—•–™ƒ–‡†–‘ turn around and say to them, “You’re kidding, right? You can’t be serious!” All advice –‡˜‡‰‹˜‡ ‡–Š—•‹ƒ•–‹…ƒŽŽ›ƒ†•‹…‡”‡Ž›–‹•‘–‘ˆ‡“—ƒŽ ™‘”–ŠǤŠ‡’—––‹‰ƒ–‡•––‘‰‡–Š‡”ǡ„‘–Š‹–Š‡ ’Žƒ‹‰•–ƒ‰‡•ƒ†‹–Š‡ˆ‹ƒŽ–—‡—’ǡ–Š‡”‡ƒ”‡ ƒ›–ƒ…–‹…ƒŽ†‡…‹•‹‘•™Š‹…Š—•–„‡ƒ†‡Ǥ

’—Ž•‹‘ǡ™‡‘™ǡ‹•ƒ‰‘‘†–Š‹‰ǡ‹ˆ›‘—” horse is tense and wired, that’s a bad time to be ’—•Š‹‰ˆ‘”‘”‡Ǩ ˆŠ‡‹•„‡‹‰•–”‘‰‹–Š‡ canter, that’s a bad time to be practicing Ž‡‰–Š‡‹‰•Ǥ


Š‡•Š‘”–˜‡”•‹‘ǡ™Š‡–Š‡”›‘—„‡”‹†‡”‘” …‘ƒ…Šǡ‹•–Šƒ––Š‡”‡ƒ”‡‘‡–•–‘„‡„‘Ž†ƒ† ‘‡–•–‘„‡…‘•‡”˜ƒ–‹˜‡Ǥ‘—”†‡…‹•‹‘••Š‘—Ž† „‡„ƒ•‡†‘™Šƒ–›‘—”Š‘”•‡•Š‘—Ž†–ƒ‡ƒ™ƒ› ˆ”‘–Š‡‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ǡ‘–Œ—•–‘–Š‡Š‘’‡–Šƒ–‹ˆ ›‘—‰‘ˆ‘”„”‘‡ǡ›‘—™‹ŽŽƒ—–‘ƒ–‹…ƒŽŽ›’”‘†—…‡ –Š‡„‡•–”‡•—Ž–•Ǥ‡‰‡†ƒ”›ˆ‘”‡”Š”‡‡ƒ› …‘ƒ…Š ƒ…‡ ‘ˆˆ•ƒ‹†‹–„‡•–™Š‡Š‡ƒ‘—…‡† to an audience, “I can teach any horse jump off a ͵ͲǦˆ‘‘–…Ž‹ˆˆ‹–‘ͳʹˆ‡‡–‘ˆ™ƒ–‡”ǨǤǤǤ‡–‹‡ǤǤǤǨ” ‹•–‡‹‰–‘–Š‡™ƒ”Ǧ—’ƒ”‡ƒƒ†˜‹…‡ƒ––Š‹• weekend’s show or watching some of the things the ”‹†‡”•†‹†‹–Š‡•Š‘™”‹‰ǡ …‘—Ž†„ƒ”‡Ž›‡‡’ myself from interrupting, “Excuse me, what exactly were you thinking anyway?”

Horse Show 101 Symposium Join Us!

February 29, 2020 Georgia International Horse Park Conyers, GA

Dressage & Eventing Discussions Topics • • • • • • •

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (lunch included) In the Carriage Room

Attire with Caren Caverly & Carol Tresan Braiding with Peri Lambros & Carol Tresan Entries with Mary Lou Freil Feeding the Equine Athlete with Peggy Miles Healthy Horse & Rider with Amanda Moretz IEA / Collegiate with Amanda Garner Psychology with Cheryl Williams

• •

• • • • •

Rules and Show Etiquette with Caren Caverly Saddle Fit with Melanie Miller Safety Vests Fitting with Joanne Morse Step By Step Show Prep with Caren Caverly Trailer Safety with Amanda Moretz Volunteering (Jobs) with Penny Morse Walking Jumping Courses with Joanne Morse

$20 pp - Register in advance at GDCTA.org 8

Wesleyan adds equine studies major and welcomes dressage to equestrian competition Catherine Baker came to Wesleyan in 2018 to serve as head coach for the College’s Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) hunt seat and western equestrian teams. Bringing more than twenty years of professional and equestrian experience to Wesleyan, Baker also serves as director of the Nancy Ellis Knox Equestrian Center, adjunct professor, senior associate athletic director, and community lessons instructor. Her certifications include Licensed Official FEI Federation - Equestrian International and IEA Steward.

Wesleyan will welcome a new major in equine studies fall semester 2020, joining The University of Georgia and Savannah College of Art and Design as the only three Georgia institutions to offer this program. Equine studies at Wesleyan combines the scientific study of horses with practical aspects such as business models, herd management, equine nutrition, equine anatomy, physiology and first aid, and the fundamentals of riding. Two tracks are available: equine-assisted therapy and equine business management. Students will gain equestrian knowledge through hands-on experiences with horses and lecture courses. Equine studies students will graduate with a solid foundation in equine management and welfare in order to combine their passion for horses with a career path. This major can also serve as an equine knowledge base for students applying to veterinary school for large animal and equine specialties. Equine-assisted therapy is also offered as a minor.

Under her direction, Wesleyan recently joined the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) and added dressage to its team competition. With just three team riders at their first IDA Show in November, Wesleyan was the third place team on the first day of competition and the Reserve Champion High Point Team on the second day, earning the Wolves enough points to potentially earn regional standings and to compete at IDA Nationals in the spring. Wesleyan is the only school in Georgia competing in IDA competitions.

Dedicated to the continued success and growth of the program, Baker said, “There is so much potential for this program to provide amazing opportunities to students and the community. Working with horses provides lessons and skills that can be used in every aspect of our lives. Horses are very special creatures that teach us responsibility, courage, empathy, and humility.�

Several beginner team riders will compete for the first time at the Wesleyan College Schooling Show on Saturday, January 25. The first weekend in February starts the spring intercollegiate season and every team rider will be competing.

Founded in 1836, Wesleyan was the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. Wesleyan is a four-year, residential, liberal arts college for women offering the bachelor of arts, the bachelor of fine arts, and the bachelor of science in nursing. We offer 23 majors, including an interdisciplinary self-designed major, 30 minors, and nine pre-professional programs: allied health, athletic training, dental, engineering (dual-degree), law (accelerated JD), medicine, pharmacy, seminary, and veterinary.

As members of IHSA, Wesleyan competes against schools that include: Clemson University, College of Charleston, Georgia Southern University, University of South Carolina, Lander University, and Converse College. Wesleyan equestrian team members have competed in post-season competitions including Regional Finals, Western Semi-Finals, and Nationals. Awards to team members include being named to IHSA All Academic Team, receiving the Jon Conyers Scholarship, and being awarded the USHJA/ IHSA Sportsmanship Award for Zone 5.

Wesleyan Wolves compete in five NCAA Division III sports - basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, and tennis. Volleyball will be added in fall 2020. Unlike many other schools, Wesleyan athletes can compete in more than one sport.

For more information visit www.wesleyancollege.edu 9


Five Forks Stables in Cartersville GA has immediate full board availability. We are a family friendly equestrian facility that caters to all riding disciplines. Full board includes full access to 200x150 lighted arena, access to riding trails, hot/cold wash rack, and feedings twice a day. There is always someone there to ride with. 24/hr equine knowledgeable staff on premises. Easy access off of I-75 exit 296. Call Mitchell Martin at 770/547-4856.


By Joanne Morse

โ€˜Equestrian Community Unitesโ€™

ย•ยยƒยย›ย‡ย“ย—ย‡ย•ย–ย”ย‹ยƒยยƒยย†ย–ยŠย‡ย›ย™ย‘ย—ยŽย†ย•ยƒย›ย–ยŠยƒย–ย‹ย–ย™ย‘ย—ยŽย† ย„ย‡ย‡ยƒย•ย›ย–ย‘ยยƒยย‡ยƒยŽย‹ย•ย–ย‘ยˆย™ยŠย›ย™ย‡ยŽย‘ย˜ย‡ย‘ย—ย”ย•ย’ย‘ย”ย–ย•ย‘ ยย—ย…ยŠวคยŠย‡ย›ย…ยƒยย‰ย‘ย‘ยยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย–ยŠย‡ยƒยยƒยœย‹ยย‰ยŠย‘ย”ย•ย‡ย•ย–ยŠยƒย– ย–ยŠย‡ย›ยŠยƒย˜ย‡ยŠยƒย†ย–ยŠย‡ย’ยŽย‡ยƒย•ย—ย”ย‡ย‘ยˆย™ย‘ย”ยย‹ยย‰ย™ย‹ย–ยŠวคยŠย‡ย› ย…ยƒยย”ย‡ยย‹ยย‹ย•ย…ย‡ยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย–ยŠย‡ย’ยŽยƒย…ย‡ย•ย–ยŠย‡ย›ย–ย”ยƒย˜ย‡ยŽย‡ย†ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ย–ยŠย‡ย‹ย”ยŠย‘ย”ย•ย‡ย•วคยŠย‡ย›ย…ยƒยย”ย‡ยยƒย”ยย‘ยย–ยŠย‡ย™ย‘ยย†ย‡ย”ยˆย—ยŽ ย’ย‡ย‘ย’ยŽย‡ย–ยŠยƒย–ย–ยŠย‡ย›ยย‡ย–ยƒยŽย‘ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡ย‹ย”ยยƒยย›ยƒย†ย˜ย‡ยย–ย—ย”ย‡ย•ย‹ย ย–ยŠย‹ย•ยŠย‘ย”ย•ย‡ย…ย”ยƒยœย›ย™ย‘ย”ยŽย†ย‘ยˆย‘ย—ย”ย•วคยŠย‹ย•ย’ยƒย•ย–ย‡ย…ย‡ยย„ย‡ย” ยยƒยย›ย‘ยˆย—ย•ยŠยƒย†ย–ยŠย‡ย‘ย’ย’ย‘ย”ย–ย—ยย‹ย–ย›ย–ย‘ยƒย†ย†ยƒยย‘ย–ยŠย‡ย” ยย‡ยย‘ย”ย›ย‘ยˆยƒยย‘ยย‡ยย–ย™ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ยย‘ย–ย‘ยยŽย›ยŠย‘ย”ย•ย‡ย•ย„ย—ย–ย–ยŠย‡ ย…ย”ยƒยœย›ยŠย‘ย”ย•ย‡ย’ย‡ย‘ย’ยŽย‡ย–ยŠยƒย–ย‰ย‘ย™ย‹ย–ยŠย–ยŠย‡ยย–ย‘ย—ย…ยŠย‡ย†ย‘ย—ย” ยŽย‹ย˜ย‡ย•ย‹ยยƒย™ยƒย›ย–ยŠยƒย– ยยย‘ย™ย–ยŠยƒย– ย™ย‹ยŽยŽยย‡ย˜ย‡ย”ยˆย‘ย”ย‰ย‡ย–วค ยŠยƒย–ย•ย–ยƒย”ย–ย‡ย†ยƒย•ยƒย•ยยƒยŽยŽย‹ย†ย‡ยƒย–ยŠยƒย–ยˆย‘ย—ย”ย™ย‘ยย‡ยยŠยƒย†ย–ย‘ ยŠย‡ยŽย’ยƒยˆย”ย‹ย‡ยย†ย‹ยยย‡ย‡ย†ย”ยƒย’ย‹ย†ยŽย›ย‰ย”ย‡ย™ย„ย›ยŽย‡ยƒย’ย•ยƒยย† ย„ย‘ย—ยย†ย•ย‹ยย–ย‘ยƒยย‡ย˜ย‡ยย–ย–ยŠยƒย–ยย‘ย–ย‘ยยŽย›ย…ย‘ยย•ย—ยย‡ย†ย‘ย—ย” ยŽย‹ย˜ย‡ย•ย„ย—ย–ยƒยŽย•ย‘ย…ยŠยƒยย‰ย‡ย†ย–ยŠย‡ยยˆย‘ย”ย‡ย˜ย‡ย”วคยŠย‡ยย™ย‘ย”ย†ย‰ย‘ย– ย‘ย—ย–ย–ยŠยƒย–ยƒยˆย—ยย†ย”ยƒย‹ย•ย‡ย”ย™ยƒย•ย„ย‡ย‹ยย‰ย‘ย”ย‰ยƒยย‹ยœย‡ย†ยˆย‘ย”ยŽย‘ย…ยƒยŽ ย–ย”ยƒย‹ยย‡ย”วกย”ย‡ย™ยŽย•ย‡ยวกย–ยŠย‡ย‘ย—ย–ย’ย‘ย—ย”ย‘ยˆย’ย‡ย‘ย’ยŽย‡ย™ยƒยย–ย‹ยย‰ ย–ย‘ยŠย‡ยŽย’ย™ยƒย•ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”ย™ยŠย‡ยŽยย‹ยย‰วคย‹ย•ยƒย—ย•ย‹ยย›ยƒยวกยŠยƒย‡ ย”ยƒยยย‘ยยƒยย‡วกย‡ย„ย‡ย…ย…ยƒย‘ย™ยยƒยวกยƒยย† ย–ย‘ย‘ยย–ย‘ย–ยŠย‡ ย–ยƒย•ยยƒย–ยˆย—ยŽยŽย•ย’ย‡ย‡ย†ยƒยŠย‡ยƒย†ย–ย‘ย†ย‘ย‘ย—ย”ย„ย‡ย•ย–ย–ย‘ยยƒยย‡ย–ยŠย‡ ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย–ยƒย•ย•ย—ย…ย…ย‡ย•ย•ยˆย—ยŽยƒย•ย’ย‘ย•ย•ย‹ย„ยŽย‡ย™ย‹ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‹ย–ย–ยŽย‡ย—ยย†ย‡ย”ยƒ ยย‘ยย–ยŠย–ย‘ย’ย—ยŽยŽย‹ย–ยƒยŽยŽย–ย‘ย‰ย‡ย–ยŠย‡ย”วคยŠย‡ย”ย‡ย•ย—ยŽย–ย™ยƒย•ยย‘ย”ย‡ ย–ยŠยƒยย™ย‡ย…ย‘ย—ยŽย†ย‡ย˜ย‡ย”ย‹ยยƒย‰ย‹ยย‡วค 

ย‡ย‹ยย‰ยƒยย‘ย–ยŒย—ย•ย–ยƒย™ย‡ยŽยŽวฆยยย‘ย™ยยŽย‘ย…ยƒยŽย–ย”ยƒย‹ยย‡ย”ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยย—ย…ยŠย’ย—ย„ยŽย‹ย…ย‹ยœย‡ย†ย•ย—ย…ย…ย‡ย•ย•ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ย—ย•ย–ยƒยย‰ย™ย‘ย”ยŽย†ย„ย”ย‘ย—ย‰ยŠย– in much support for Drew. Drewโ€™s mother Leslie Olsen, ยƒยย—ย…ยŠวฆยŽย‘ย˜ย‡ย†ย†ย”ย‡ย•ย•ยƒย‰ย‡ย–ย”ยƒย‹ยย‡ย”ยƒยย†ยŒย—ย†ย‰ย‡วกย„ย”ย‘ย—ย‰ยŠย–ย‹ย ย•ย—ย’ย’ย‘ย”ย–ย‡ย”ย•ย–ยŠยƒย–ยŠยƒย†ยยย‘ย™ยย”ย‡ย™ย•ย‹ยย…ย‡ยŠย‡ย™ยƒย•ยƒย…ยŠย‹ยŽย†วค

ย–ย™ยƒย•ย–ยŠย‡ย‘ย—ย–ย’ย‘ย—ย”ย‘ยˆย•ย—ย’ย’ย‘ย”ย–ย–ยŠย‘ย—ย‰ยŠยˆย”ย‘ยย’ย‡ย‘ย’ยŽย‡ย–ยŠยƒย– didnโ€™t know either one personally though that blew me ยƒย™ยƒย›ย–ยŠย‡ยย‘ย•ย–วคยŠย‡ยˆย—ยย†ย”ยƒย‹ย•ย‡ย”ย™ยƒย•ย•ย…ยŠย‡ย†ย—ยŽย‡ย†ยˆย‘ย”ย–ยŠย‡ ยƒย–ย—ย”ย†ยƒย›ยƒยˆย–ย‡ย”ยŠย”ย‹ย•ย–ยยƒย•วคย‡ย™ย‡ย”ย‡ยย‘ย–ย•ย—ย”ย‡ย™ยŠยƒย–ยย‹ยย† ย‘ยˆย–ย—ย”ยย‘ย—ย–ย–ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ย™ย‘ย—ยŽย†ย„ย‡วคยŠย‡ย•ย‹ยŽย‡ยย–ยƒย—ย…ย–ย‹ย‘ยยŠยƒย†ย„ย‡ย‡ย ย†ย”ยƒย™ย‹ยย‰ยƒย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ยƒยย‘ย—ยย–ย‘ยˆยƒย–ย–ย‡ยย–ย‹ย‘ยวคยย‹ยย‹ย•ยŠย‘ย™ย™ยƒย• ยƒยŽย•ย‘ย•ย…ยŠย‡ย†ย—ยŽย‡ย†ยˆย‘ย”ย–ยŠยƒย–ย†ยƒย›ยƒย–ย–ยŠย‡ย„ย‡ยƒย—ย–ย‹ยˆย—ยŽ ยŠยƒย–ย–ยƒยŠย‘ย‘ย…ยŠย‡ย‡ ย‹ยŽยŽย•ย˜ย‡ยย–ย‹ยย‰ย™ยŠย‘ย‰ย”ยƒย…ย‹ย‘ย—ย•ยŽย›ย†ย‘ยยƒย–ย‡ย† ย–ยŠย‡ย‹ย”ยˆยƒย…ย‹ยŽย‹ย–ย›ยˆย‘ย”ย–ยŠย‡ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย–วคยŠย‡ย”ย‡ย™ยƒย•ย•ย‘ยย‡ย–ยŠย‹ยย‰ ย‘ยˆยˆย‡ย”ย‡ย†ยˆย‘ย”ย‡ย˜ย‡ย”ย›ย‘ยย‡วคย•ย–ยŠย‡ยย‘ย”ยย‹ยย‰ย•ย–ยƒย”ย–ย‡ย†ยƒยย†ย–ยŠย‡ ย–ย”ยƒย‹ยŽย‡ย”ย•ยย‡ย’ย–ยŠยƒย—ยŽย‹ยย‰ย‹ย ย…ยƒยย•ยƒย›ย–ยŠยƒย–ย™ย‡ย™ย‡ย”ย‡ยƒยŽยŽ ย„ยŽย‘ย™ยยƒย™ยƒย›ย„ย›ย–ยŠย‡ย˜ย‘ยŽย—ยย‡ย‘ยˆย’ย‡ย‘ย’ยŽย‡ย–ยŠยƒย–ย™ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย”ยƒย™ย ย‹ยย–ยŠยƒย–ย†ยƒย›วคยย‰ยŽย‹ย•ยŠยƒยย†ย‡ย•ย–ย‡ย”ยวก ย—ยย–ย‡ย”ย•วก ย—ยย’ย‡ย”ย•วก ย˜ย‡ยย–ย‡ย”ย•วกย‡ย‹ยย‡ย”ย•วกย”ย‡ย•ย•ยƒย‰ย‡ย”ย‹ย†ย‡ย”ย•ย™ย‡ย”ย‡ยƒยŽยŽย–ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ย–ย‘ ย•ย—ย’ย’ย‘ย”ย–ย‘ย—ย”ยˆย”ย‹ย‡ยย†วค ย‡ย™ย‡ย”ย‡ยƒยŽยŽย•ย‘ย‡ยšย…ย‹ย–ย‡ย†ย–ยŠยƒย–ย”ย‡ย™ย™ยƒย•ยƒย„ยŽย‡ย–ย‘ยƒย–ย–ย‡ยย† ย–ยŠยƒย–ย†ยƒย›ยƒยย†ย•ย‡ย‡ย–ยŠย‡ย•ย—ย’ย’ย‘ย”ย–ย–ยŠยƒย–ย–ยŠย‡ย…ย‘ยยย—ยย‹ย–ย›ยŠยƒย† ยˆย‘ย”ยŠย‹ยย‹ยยˆย—ยŽยŽย•ย™ย‹ยย‰วคย‘ย•ยƒย›ยŠย‡ย™ยƒย•ย„ยŽย‘ย™ยยƒย™ยƒย›ย™ย‘ย—ยŽย† ย„ย‡ยƒยย—ยย†ย‡ย”ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ยย‡ยย–วคยŠย‡ยƒย’ย’ย”ย‡ย…ย‹ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยย™ยƒย•ย‘ย„ย˜ย‹ย‘ย—ย• ยƒยย†ย‹ยย’ย‘ย•ย•ย‹ย„ยŽย‡ย–ย‘ยย‡ยƒย•ย—ย”ย‡ย‹ย–ย™ยƒย•ย•ย‘ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–วคย‡ย•ยŽย‹ย‡วก Drewโ€™s mother who was judging the dressagย‡ย’ย‘ย”ย–ย‹ย‘ย ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย•ยŠย‘ย™วกย™ยƒยŽยย‡ย†ย‹ยย–ย‘ย–ยŠย‡ย’ยƒย˜ย‹ยŽย‹ย‘ยย†ย—ย”ย‹ยย‰ยŠย‡ย”ย„ย”ย‡ยƒยวก ยŽย‘ย‘ยย‡ย†ยƒย”ย‘ย—ยย†ยƒยย†ย•ยƒย‹ย†วกโ€œarenโ€™t horse people just the best!โ€ The amount of thanks to all the people that ยŠย‡ยŽย’ย‡ย†ยยƒยย‡ย–ยŠย‹ย•ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย–ยƒย•ย—ย…ย…ย‡ย•ย•ย…ยƒยยย‘ย–ย„ย‡ย•ยƒย‹ย† ย‡ยย‘ย—ย‰ยŠวค ยˆ ยŠยƒย†ย–ย‘ย•ย—ยย—ย’ย–ยŠย‡ย™ยŠย‘ยŽย‡ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡ย‹ยยŒย—ย•ย– ย‘ยย‡ย•ย‡ยย–ย‡ยย…ย‡วก ย™ย‘ย—ยŽย†ยŠยƒย˜ย‡ย–ย‘ย•ยƒย›ย–ยŠย‡ย‡ยšยƒย…ย–ย•ยƒยย‡ย–ยŠย‹ยย‰วค ย‘ย”ย•ย‡ย’ย‡ย‘ย’ยŽย‡ยƒย”ย‡ย–ยŠย‡ย„ย‡ย•ย–วจ 

โ€œIf there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives.โ€ ~Robert South


Thank you to the following members for their generous donations Alex M. Adams Leslie Allen Eliot Axt Jessica Beier Caryl Berzack Sue Bibler Terry Blair Fred M. Burdette Meghan Cameron Mary Campbell Theresa Campbell Rhonda Cathy Richard Cohn Mary Bess Davis Susan M. Day Leeanna Dick Martine Duff Judith C. Fiorentino Devon Fowler Jean Corbett Fowler Michelle B. Futral Susan Gampfer Caroline Garren Linden Gaspar Marjolein Geven Pagan Gilman Tamara Gomez Abigail Goodwin Julie Ballard Haralson

Janet Hawkins Emily Hewitt Hannah Hewitt Vicki Holland Mark Hook Claire Howard Allisa Huestis Melody Jackson Elizabeth Jones Kay Kendzor Leigh Kent-Scherzer Andrea L. Krakovsky Susanne Lauda Sydney Lee Valerie Levin Elaine McAllister Christi Meyers Melanie Miller Heather Moffett Janie Montgomery Carol Morgan Elleene J. Morgan Michaela Mosley Kimberly Murray Wisti Nelson Chantelle Noble Miriam Offermanns Emma Osmer Janie Pride


Robin G. Puryear Margaret Putnal Shelley Rahiya Hannah Rickles Gillian Robinson Aubrey Sabatino Sarah Serban Julie Shannon Kelly Reed Slack Betty G. Smith Kimberly Schisler Sosebee Julia Stainback Elizabeth Syribeys Marline Syribeys Brad Thatcher Tara Tibbs Alethea Tinkle Claudia Tomaselli Karen Trout Mireille van Haren-Poeisz Linda K. Varkonda Marie Vonderheyden Sylvia Wade Merrell Waggoner Chandilyn Wicker India Wilkinson Virginia Woodcock Hadiya Yarbou


GDCTA-Recognized Schooling Shows

May 9-10 Greater ATL Dressage Southern I & II Conyers, GA

2020 Show Season

Aug 29-30 Labor Day Classic I & II Conyers, GA

GDCTA Clinics & Symposiums Feb 29 Horseshow 101 Symposium Conyers, GA Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net


April 25-26 Laura Graves Clinic Milton, GA Julie Shannon Julie@shannondale.com

GDCTA Schooling Shows 2020 Show Season *Aug 1-2 Summer Finals at Wills Park Alpharetta, GA Caren Caverly CCaverly@comcast.net

2021 Show Season Conyers, GA Caren Caverly CCaverly@comcast.net *Oct 10-11 Atlanta National Fall Dressage


Feb 8 (Sally Crews) Chatt Hills Eventing Fairburn, GA info@chatthillseventing.com 770-892-2117 Feb 22 Full Circle Horse Park Pell City, AL janice@fullcirclehorsepark.com Feb 22 AYDC Winer Wonderland GIHP, GA missliz@taramiaridingschool.com Mar 7 Poplar Place Farm Hamilton, GA launa@poplarplacefarm.com 706-681-8748 Mar 7 Full Circle Horse Park Pell City, AL janice@fullcirclehorsepark.com Apr 4 Ashland Farm Covington, GA bigcheeseeventing@gmail.com Apr 18 (Cynthia Thaxton) Chatt Hills Eventing Fairburn, GA info@chatthillseventing.com 770-892-2117 Apr 25 Oxer Farm Clermont, GA scarnet@carnetstudio.com May 2 Foxberry Farm


Dallas, GA kimfoxberry@gmail.com 770 318-6330

May 16 Oxer Farm Clermont, GA scarnet@carnetstudio.com May 23 Ashland Farm Covington, GA bigcheeseeventing@gmail.com Jun 13 (Leslie Olsen) Chatt Hills Eventing Fairburn, GA info@chatthillseventing.com 770-892-2117 Jun 13 (Sally Crews) Foxberry Farm Dallas, GA kimfoxberry@gmail.com 770 318-6330 June 20 Ashland Farm Covington, GA bigcheeseeventing@gmail.com Caren Caverly GDCTA AWARDS CHAIR – Recognized & Schooling Shows ccaverly@comcast.net 770-713-4025

*The GDCTA 2020 Schooling shows in August and October will be participating in the new USDF Regional Schooling Show Award program. Details can be found on the USDF.org website. Also, in those shows we will now be offering the AA Dressage Seat Equitation class in addition to the DSE 13 & under and DE 14 & over classes. And of course, we will continue offer our Lisa Seger Insurance AA Medal classes!


Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association Regular Meeting Minutes Overview

January 20, 2020 

 

President Caren Caverly called the regular meeting of the GDCTA to order on January 20, 2020 at 7:30 pm at Shannondale Farm, 2395 Birmingham Rd, Milton, GA 30004. VP of Eventing, Joanne Morse, performed roll call. A quorum of the board consisting of Caren Caverly, Peri Lambros, Joanne Morse, Liz Molloy, Peter West, Lori Goodwin, Carol Lane Tresan, Erin McCloud and Amanda Moretz was present. Also present were Kim Keaton and Amy Tobias. The minutes of the regular meeting for December 16, 2019, were emailed to board members prior to the meeting. Peri Lamrbos made a motion to approve the minutes. Liz Molloy seconded. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report: Peter West, A report of financial statements was presented to the board. December expenses included all the costs from the USDF and USEA Conventions. VP of Eventing: Joanne Morse, Information for Olympian Jill Henneberg was given to Mary Lou to start her membership. Joanne is submitting budgets for two clinics at this meeting but has one more in the works for a kudzu style clinic for this summer. Membership: Mary Lou Freil, We are up members from this time last year. Awards Banquet Chairperson: Caren Caverly, Awards banquet is this coming Saturday. 485 people coming to the Gala this year. There are 95 items in the silent auction. All silent auction items are tax deductible. Backdrops have been ordered and will be here for the Gala. Communications: Joanne Morse, We are in better shape than this time last year as far as the Yearbook goes. Still looking for more advertisers. Next online newsletter is a January/February issue. Horse Show Chairperson, Erin McCloud,  Caren has judges lined up for the May show. Linda Zang is lined up and Anne Gribbons is a maybe. The Labor Day show also has two “S” judges lined up.  Caren talked with a person on the Wills Park Foundation about getting more

 

 

dates during the show year. There is discussion in place to have more for the 2021 year. Finance Committee: Peter West, Looking into making a packet to send out to potential sponsors. Youth Chairperson: Liz Molloy,  Liz has a new revised Letterman Application that has been sent out.  Erin McCloud is looking for input on how to get the Youth Board more active. The Board wants to inspire more leadership and responsibility from our Youth. Education and Young Horse Chairperson: Julie Shannon, Horse Show 101 coming up in February in Conyers. Caren made a motion to buy a second projector to have for this clinic. Peri Lambros seconded. Motion approved. Old Business – A new volunteer coordinator is needed. New Business  Caren made a motion that we donate $2000 to the Wills Park Foundation and $250 in Pam Kimble’s name to the Dressage Foundation. Lori Goodwin seconded. Motion passed.  Quote was acquired of $1750 to have the arena trailer modified to make loading the new arenas easier. Peri Lambros made a motion that we do this. Liz Molloy seconded. Motion passed. Erin McCloud made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Peri Lambros seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:06 PM. Next meeting is February 17, 2020, at 7:00 PM Shannondale Farm 2395 Birmingham Rd Milton, Georgia


There’s a new USDF awards program for GMO members (that’s us!) The USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program will offer regional recognition to USDF Group Members, competing in non-USEF-licensed/non-USDF-recognized competitions. The program will start on December 1, 2019 and run December 1 through November 30 yearly. Four award divisions, including open, junior/young rider, adult amateur and non-professional will be recognized per region. The open division will offer six levels of recognition (Training, First, Second, Third, Fourth and FEI), with the junior/young rider, adult amateur and non-professional divisions offering an additional seventh level (Introductory). USDF Group Members and non-USEF-licensed/ non-USDF-recognized competitions that would like to participate in the USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program may do so by submitting the applicable application.

GDCTA Schooling Shows will be participating in the new USDF Regional Schooling Show Award program* 2020 Show Season August 1-2 Summer Finals Wills Park, Alpharetta, GA 2021 Show Season October 10-11 Atlanta National Fall Dressage GIHP, Conyers, GA *Our 2020 schooling shows will now be offering the AA Dressage Seat Equitation class in addition to the DSE 13 & under and DE 14 & over classes. And of course, we will continue offer our Lisa Seger Insurance AA Medal classes!

Both show organizers and competitors have to opt into this program.

Full program details and rules can be found on the USDF website: https://www.usdf.org/awards/performance/regional-schooling.asp 16





The GDCTA Yearbook 2019 Be part of the 2019 Yearbook! We welcome articles and entertaining pictures from every member! Contact Penny Morse or June Brewer if you would like to contribute!

Contact info:designonpenny@yahoo.com or yearbook@gdcta.org

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By Brooke Taylor

With each turn around the sun, the inevitable wane of daylight culminates to close out the year and we come to a point of reflection.

‘‡›‡ƒ”•™‡‡†‘ƒ‹…”‡†‹„Ž‡Š‹‰Šǡ •‡‡‹‰Ž›‡˜‡”›‘—–ƒ‹…Ž‹„‡†ǡƒ†‡˜‡”›‰‘ƒŽ reached. And some years are hard. For me, it’s been ‘‡‘ˆ–Š‘•‡Šƒ”†›‡ƒ”•Ǥ Œ—”›ƒˆ–‡”‹Œ—”›•Ž‘™‹‰ ›’”‘‰”‡••ǡƒ•™‡ŽŽƒ•…‘‹‰–‘–‡”•™‹–Š•‡ŽŽ‹‰ –Š‡Š‘”•‡ –Š‘—‰Š– ™‘—Ž†‘™ˆ‘”‡˜‡”Ǥ–‡ƒ…Š „—’‹–Š‡”‘ƒ† …‘—Ž†ˆ‡‡Ž›‡–Š—•‹ƒ•ˆ‘”–Š‡ •’‘”– Ž‘˜‡•‘†‡ƒ”Ž›ˆƒ†‹‰ƒŽ‘‰–Š‡™ƒ›ǤŠ‡ ˜‹…–‘”‹‡•ƒ”‡‡ƒ•›–‘‘˜‡”Ž‘‘™Š‡–Š‡…ŠƒŽŽ‡‰‡• ’‹Ž‡—’Ǥ —–ow that I’ve reached this point of ”‡ˆŽ‡…–‹‘ǡ  …ƒ•‡‡ƒŽ‹––Ž‡„‹–‘”‡…Ž‡ƒ”Ž›–Š‡•ƒŽŽ‰‹ˆ–•–Šƒ– ™‡”‡‰‹˜‡–‘‡ƒŽ‘‰–Š‡”‘…›”‘ƒ†‘ˆʹͲͳͻǤ   ‹”•–Ž›ǡ–Š‡‰‹ˆ–‘ˆˆ”‹‡†•Š‹’Ǥ ‘”–Š‡ƒ›–‹‡•  …”‹‡†–‡ƒ”•‘”‡‡†‡†Š‡Ž’ǡ Šƒ†ˆ”‹‡†•™Š‘ •–‡’’‡†—’–‘ƒ‡Ž‹ˆ‡ƒŽ‹––Ž‡„‹–‡ƒ•‹‡”ǤŠ‡•‡•ƒ‡ ˆ”‹‡†•ƒŽ•‘…Š‡‡”‡†–Š‡Ž‘—†‡•–ƒ–›•—……‡••‡•Ǥ Š‡›„”‘—‰Š–‡ˆ‘‘†ƒ†–‘‘…ƒ”‡‘ˆ›†‘‰• ™Š‡ ™ƒ•‹Œ—”‡†ǤŠ‡›”‘†‡›Š‘”•‡ƒ†•‡–‡ pictures when I couldn’t go out to the barn. They ƒ†‡‡Žƒ—‰Šƒ†ǡ‘•–‹’‘”–ƒ–Ž›ǡ–Š‡›ƒ†‡ –Š‡†‹ˆˆ‹…—Ž––‹‡•™‘”–Š‹–Ǥ ‡…‘†Ž›ǡ–Š‡‰‹ˆ–‘ˆ”‡•‹Ž‹‡…‡Ǥ Ž‡ƒ”‡†–Š‹•›‡ƒ” –Šƒ– ƒ–‘—‰Š‡”–Šƒ ‡™ǤŠ‡‹Œ—”‹‡••Ž‘™‡† ‡†‘™ǡ„—– ‡˜‡”“—‹–Ǥ†‡˜‡–Š‘—‰Š› Š‘”•‡ƒ† ™‡”‡‘––Š‡„‡•–ƒ–…Š …ƒ•‡‡Š‘™Š‡ –ƒ—‰Š–‡•‘ƒ›Ž‡••‘• ‡‡†‡†–‘Ž‡ƒ”ƒ„‘—– ›•‡ŽˆǤ ‡–ƒ—‰Š–‡–Šƒ– ƒ…ƒ’ƒ„Ž‡ƒ†•–”‘‰ ƒ†•‹ŽŽ‡†ƒ–Šƒ†Ž‹‰™Šƒ–‡˜‡”Š‡–Š”‡™ƒ–‡ǡ ™Š‡–Š‡” ™ƒ–‡†–‘‘”‘–Ǥ

‡–ƒ—‰Š–‡–Šƒ–Ž‘˜‡•‘‡–‹‡•‡ƒ•Ž‡––‹‰‰‘ ƒ†Š‡ˆ”‡‡†‡–‘„‡…‘‡ƒ„‡––‡”˜‡”•‹‘‘ˆ ›•‡Žˆˆ‘”›‡š–Š‘”•‡Ǥ I’ve found myself at the close of the year facing new …ŠƒŽŽ‡‰‡•„—–knowing that I’m resilient. Instead of letting the down spots weigh on me, I’ve been better at recognizing that a bad day doesn’t mean a „ƒ†Ž‹ˆ‡Ǥ

ƒ•–Ž›ǡ–Š‡‰‹ˆ–•‘ˆ–”—•–ƒ†Ž‘˜‡ǤŽ‘™Ž›„—– •—”‡Ž››‡™Š‘”•‡•Š‘™•‡–Šƒ– …ƒ„‡ …‘ˆ‹†‡–‹Š‹ǡ‹›•‡Žˆƒ†‹—•ƒ•ƒ–‡ƒǤ Even on days when I don’t ride and I just go stand ‹Š‹••–ƒŽŽƒ†‹••Š‹•‘•‡ǡŠ‡Ž‘‘•ƒ–‡™‹–ŠŠ‹• •‘ˆ–„”‘™‡›‡•ǡŽ‘™‡”•Š‹•Š‡ƒ†ƒ†ƒ……‡’–•‡Ǥ ‡•‡‡•‡ƒ–›™‘”•–ƒ†ƒ–›„‡•–ƒ†Š‡ doesn’t judge me. He doesn’t care what my job title ‹•‘”™Š‡–Š‡”I’ve met my sales goals for the month. He’s genuine and sweet and I’m grateful for his ‹…‡”™Š‡ …‘‡‹–‘–Š‡„ƒ”Ǥ˜‡‹ˆ ‡˜‡” …‘’‡–‡ƒ‰ƒ‹ǡ‹–™‘—Ž†„‡‡‘—‰Š–‘Ž‘˜‡–Š‹• …”‡ƒ–—”‡™Š‘Ž‡–•ƒ‹’‡”ˆ‡…–•‘—Ž•‹–‘Š‹•„ƒ… ƒ†ˆ‡‡ŽŒ‘›Ǥ


I’ll continue to make goals for 2020. I need to because it’s who I am. But this year my primary ‰‘ƒŽ‹•–‘ƒ‹–ƒ‹ƒ•’‹”‹–‘ˆ‰”ƒ–‹–—†‡‹–Š‡ …ŠƒŽŽ‡‰‡•ƒ†–Š‡•—……‡••‡•Ǥ‘ˆ‹†–Š‡•ƒŽŽ‰‹ˆ–• ƒ†„‡‰”ƒ–‡ˆ—l for every day I’m able to live this †”‡ƒ‘ˆ‹‡‘–Š‡„ƒ…‘ˆƒŠ‘”•‡Ǥ

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In my work I often see horses with a sacrum that is unable to move properly due to restricted fascia and tight muscles. If the sacrum isn't moving properly due to restriction, that restriction will move up the chain through the spine and into the neck/poll/head. It will also limit pelvic motion and the horse’s ability to sit and push from behind. Releasing the fascia and surrounding muscles will help rebalance the sacrum and the compensation through the body. The tension pattern seen in one particular horse with this issue being very tight in his low back and that was affecting his work. I found his sacrum was locked down by the surrounding fascia and soft tissue. The fascia was pulling the sacrum to the left and then pulling the low back to the right. This had the lower lumbar vertebrae restricted in motion as well. After releasing the fascia around the sacrum, it was able to move and then the lumbars were able to release as well. When the sacrum did start releasing, I got some big spasms/twitching in the left gluteal/Bicep Femoris muscles. I did check in to the front end and had to release some areas around the withers, low neck, and poll.

PHOTO: The green line shows the main path of the fascial restrictions and the yellow arrows show the direction of pull. * Equine Massage/Muscle Therapist * Equine Craniosacral Therapist * Licensed Veterinary Technician Amanda Starr Bodyworks was created to help bring bodywork/massage therapy to the horses and riders of all disciplines. amandamoretzbodywork@gmail.com / www.amandamoretzbodywork.com


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Collected Remarks - January/February 2020  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA).

Collected Remarks - January/February 2020  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA).

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