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November 2019

Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. GDCTA is a Group Member Organization of USDF.

GDCTA Board Members 2019

President Caren Caverly Gala, Horse Show Awards 770-713-4025 ccaverly@comcast.net

Recording Secretary Joanne Morse Communication 770-313-6283 Joannemorse1@yahoo.com

Corresponding Secretary Peri Lambros 678-372-4105 plambros@bellsouth.net

Amanda Garner Collegiate Programs 404-245-6688

Lori Goodwin Youth Programs 404-226-1770 lori@goodwinfam.org


VP Dressage Erin McCloud Instagram, Kudzu Clinics 404-538-6749 Mcclouderin1@gmail.com

VP Eventing Rebecca Bowman 859-489-8141 Gallop766@aol.com

Julie Shannon Education, Dressage Events 770-569-9555 Julie@shannondale.com


Amanda Moretz Grants 404-435-5823


Treasurer Peter West 762-448-9049


Liz Malloy Youth programs 770-634-4089


Heather Ryfa 770-403-4873 ryfa.heather@gmail.com


Nominating – will be decided in April


Grievance – (only if there is a complaint) Erin McCloud and Rebecca Bowman


Finance – a. b.


Grants – Amanda Moretz

Chair – Caren Caverly Silent Auction – Joanne Morse Barn Raffle – Erin McCloud

Education – Chair – Julie Shannon Clinics – Erin McCloud, Caren Caverly Kudzu – Peri Lambros

Youth – a. b. c. d.




Awards Gala –

a. b. c. 7)

a. b. c.

Chair – Peter West Sponsorship 2020 - Caren Caverly

a. b. c. 6)

Show –

Awards – a.



Chair – Rebecca Bowman, Erin McCloud Schooling or Grassroots – Halliea Milner Recognized – Liz Molloy, Lori Goodwin Collegiate – Amanda Garner

Communication – a. b. c. d. e.

Chair – Joanne Morse Yearbook – Penny Morse, June Brewer Newsletter – Penny Morse, June Brewer Website – June Brewer Social Media – June Brewer, Erin McCloud

Chair – Erin McCloud Recognized – Caren Caverly Schooling – Caren Caverly, Peri Lambros 1. Horse Show Recognition – Chris Hutchings Regionals 2019 1. Chair – Caren Caverly 2. Vendors – Caren Caverly 3. Hospitality – Liz Faso 4. Awards Chair – Peri Lambros 5. Grounds – Peri Lambros Volunteer Coordinator – OPEN – looking for candidates for this position

Submission Guidelines Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA), a non-profit, exempt corporation organized under Section 501© (3). It is the monthly newsletter designed to inform, educate and entertain the membership. The Editors encourage members to submit original advertising, articles, photographs, and artwork for possible publication. The editors of ‘Collected Remarks’ reserve the right to reject any advertising or article deemed to be unsuitable for this newsletter. • Editorial contributions of 600 words or less (accompanied by photos with permission to publish, if applicable) are welcomed although publication cannot be guaranteed. • GDCTA is not responsible for the opinions and statements expressed in signed articles or paid advertisements. GDCTA Collected Remarks welcomes submissions of quality color dressage and sport-horse photographs. All mounted riders must be wearing appropriate headgear (a safety helmet, a derby, or a top hat). Photos must be accompanied by complete captions, including the full names of all subjects. For print, only high resolution (300dpi) Jpeg or PDF files will be accepted. Please submit electronically to designonpenny@yahoo.com and webmaster@gdcta.org.


In This Issue STORIES

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Horse Cents Penny Morse

8-9 – What’s a USDF Delegate? 10 – New! USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards 11 – Upcoming GDCTA Events A Trainer’s Symposium 12-13 – Overview 14 – Learning to Scribe Overview 15 –

No Hoof – No Horse April Love

20-21 – The Lipizzan Brittany Purcell


2-3 – Contact Us

6 – Hot Topics

16 – Donors

17 – Calendar

19 – Meeting Highlights


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PHOTO: Jennifer Bishop

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Here you'll find What You Need to Know! Find more at GDCTA.org.



The next meeting is the General Meeting with all members encouraged to attend. It will take place November 18 at 7:00 PM

GDCTA is the hosting GMO, hosting the Welcome Reception on December 5th. It will have a “Back to the Beginning: 1974” theme. There will be awards offered at the party for best dressed, dancing, etc.

The December meeting is the Holiday meeting and all are invited to attend on December 16 at 7:00 PM Both at Shannondale Farm 2395 Birmingham Rd Milton, GA

MEMBERSHIP GDCTA membership year is December 1st through November 30th each year but you can renew/join now for 2020. Join here: http://bit.ly/joinGDCTA

DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR ASSOCIATION? Please take the time to visit the GDCTA website at GDCTA.org and sign up to receive emails about the events that are happening here. The sign up section is located on the top of the home page.

USDF AWARDS for GDCTA! This year at the 2019 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention in Savannah, GA, the winning GMOs will be awarded plaques, and Honorable Mention recipients will have their names announced at the Board of Governors (BOG) General Assembly on Saturday, December 7th. We will have a copy of each article on display as well. Honorable Mention recipients will be published in the USDF Connection and on the USDF website. For more information on the 2019 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention, to be held December 4th – December 7th, please visit the USDF website at www.usdf.org/convention.

GDCTA Calendar of Events CLINICS  Feb 29 Horseshow 101 Symposium at the Horse Park  April 25-26 Laura Graves Dressage Clinic


HORSE SHOWS USEF/USDF Dressage May 9-10 GADS I&II  Aug 29-30 LDC I&II

Schooling Shows Aug 1-2 GDCTA Summer Finals at Wills Park  (2021 Show Season) Oct 10-11 ANFD at Conyers


GDCTA Facebook page: www.facebook.com/gdcta/ GDCTA Youth Facebook page: www.facebook.com/gdctayouth/ GDCTA Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/gdcta/ GDCTA Instagram: @gdcta @gdctayouth

You have joined the horse owning world, and it is starting to make a bigger impact on your budget than you thought it would. It started with lessons and then you found a trainer who saw something in your child (or you), and it seemed logical to invest in a horse and everything that goes with it. Afterall, talents should never be wasted and you should never ignore an opportunity. It didn’t take much to convince you! We see it all the time, especially with parents who are passionate about investing in their children’s future, and the belief that one day they could be on the Olympic Team. When you are applying for yet another credit card, because the others are maxed out, it is time to sit down and regroup. Admittedly there are fewer and fewer barns that supply schooling horses. For them, economically it is better to have horse owners boarding and taking lessons, rather than riders coming once a week for a lesson, but there are still some that offer lesson horses. You do have other options. Look for a free lease. There are quite a few young riders who go off to college, and cannot take their horse with them. Having you lease the horse for the cost of paying the board and insurance, and the expenses, saves you the initial expense of horse buying and chances are you will get a horse to ride that normally would be out of your price range. You will be paying for all the expenses, but you have your money assigned for horse buying safely in the bank. Make sure you have the monthly expenses written down, plus 20% for the unexpected, and multiply that by 12. That is how much you need in a savings account, just in case something happened with your monthly income.


Now you will need equipment. Saddle, bridle, pads, boots, blankets, grooming kit……once you enter the tack store you will see things to buy you never thought you would need, probably don’t need, but you are getting them anyway because the nice assistant advised you to do so!!! Let’s get off that merry-go-round and be smart! Go to a good saddle fitter, and see what she has for sale. She will fit the saddle to your horse and you, for more than half the price of a new one. Ask the owner what bridle was used, and the trainer what she suggests, then look around for a used one. The owner may let you use the bridle they used. Everything else you can buy used. New is fabulous but in the horse world, new gets dirty very fast and after a week any new item can look the same as the used item! The $300 breeches and the $600.00 jacket are not going to help anyone improve their riding. A good pair of boots will be of help, but start with paddock boots and chaps. I could sit here and list everything I have experienced or seen over the past 60 years, but the best piece of advice you will ever get, is be smart. If you think your trainer is asking for nonrelated expenses, question it. Talk to other horse owners and get their opinion. Find a trainer that can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Make sure they have ridden consistently and for a considerable amount of time in the discipline you choose. For example, I would never ask a Hunter Jumper Trainer to teach anyone how to ride a cross country course, but I would ask them to teach a stadium course. I realize they both involve jumping, but they are ridden totally different and a cross country course has technical questions on it, that you will not see in a stadium course. At the end of the day, if you stick with what you can afford, and remain smart, you can enjoy a sport you love without the unnecessary stress of wondering if you can afford to pay the electric bill, or if they are going to foreclose on your house. Peace of mind, is the first thing you should have when you get on the back of your horse, so all of your concentration is on what you and he are doing.

BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG) Composed of: • PM Delegates – Elected by and represent the PM members of each region. • GM Delegates – Designated by each GMO; represent a GMO’s membership Governing body of USDF. PM & GM delegates vote & make the major decisions.

EXECUTIVE BOARD (EB) USDF STAFF USDF paid employees. Report to the EB, support members and volunteers.

Composed of: • 4 Officers (President, Vice Treasurer; President, Secretary, & Treasurer; elected by the BOG) at Large Directors nominated • 3 At (nominatedby by committees within each of the three Councils, elected by the BOG) • 9 Regional Directors (elected by Regional PM and GM Delegates) Manages USDF operations and councils & committees that oversee specific functions and areas of national dressage activities.


• Regional Directors (RD) elected by the region’s PM and GM delegates • PM Delegates elected by the PMs of each region Provide Governance and oversight of USDF regional activities.


• GM Delegates designated by each GMO. Multiple GMOs are in each region. Each GMO is an independent club affiliated with USDF. Organize and oversee regional and local dressage activities.


Oversee specific functions and areas. AT LARGE DIRECTOR (ALD) = ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL CHAIR Nominated by the Committees Elected by the BOG ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL

Composed of the chairs of the following USDF committees: • Membership Committee • GMO Committee • Historical Recognition Committee • Bylaws Committee • Nominating Committee


Composed of the chairs of the following USDF committees: • Judges Committee • L Program Committee • Freestyle Committee • Competition Management Committee • Technical Delegates Committee • Instructor/Trainer Committee


Composed of the chairs of the following USDF committees: • Adult Programs Committee • Youth Programs Committee • Youth Programs Advisory Subcommittee • FEI Jr/YR Committee • Regional Championships Committee • Sport Horse Committee • Awards Committee


USDF Regions

• Audit Committee • Steering Committee


What is a USDF PM delegate?

A PM delegate represents the interests of all USDF Participating Members within their respective region on the USDF Board of Governors (BOG). A PM delegate is asked to vote on governance issues at the BOG General Assembly held at the USDF Annual Convention [December 5-7, 2019 in Savannah, GA], as well as issues that may arise throughout the year. PM delegates communicate with their Regional Directors to stay informed on important regional and national issues, as well as with the Participating Members within their region whom they will be representing on the BOG.

Region 3 PM Delegates Carol Bulmer cbulmer1@aol.com Barbara Cadwell Niezelster@gmail.com Judy Downer starrynightfarm55@yahoo.com Lisa El-Ramey oakhammockfarm@mac.com Mary Fowler BILFOW@aol.com Robert Higgins roberthiggins1@me.com Loretta Lucas meadowlarkhill@earthlink.net Jane Pride Janiepride@yahoo.com Julie Shannon shannondalejs@gmail.com Amy Swerdlin abradleywlcc@hotmail.com Jean Thornton equivalejean@gmail.com Charlotte Trentelman rebelridge@aol.com Chris Trentelman dirtlawyer47@aol.com

Region 3 Director Susan Bender benderds@msn.com

“A good part of the region is excited about the Adequan®/ USDF Annual Convention returning to the region after a number of years. GMOs and individuals are planning on how to participate and help to make it a special time for everyone that attends. There is talk of the welcome party [December 5th, hosted by GDCTA] and other events to put some fun into the convention again. As some may remember, this region may ride full out, but they have been known for also enjoying their time together at conventions.”


There’s a new USDF awards program for GMO members (that’s us!) The USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program will offer regional recognition to USDF Group Members, competing in non-USEF-licensed/non-USDF-recognized competitions. The program will start on December 1, 2019 and run December 1 through November 30 yearly. Four award divisions, including open, junior/young rider, adult amateur and non-professional will be recognized per region. The open division will offer six levels of recognition (Training, First, Second, Third, Fourth and FEI), with the junior/young rider, adult amateur and non-professional divisions offering an additional seventh level (Introductory). USDF Group Members and non-USEF-licensed/ non-USDF-recognized competitions that would like to participate in the USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program may do so by submitting the applicable application.

GDCTA Schooling Shows will be participating in the new USDF Regional Schooling Show Award program* 2020 Show Season August 1-2 Summer Finals Wills Park, Alpharetta, GA 2021 Show Season October 10-11 Atlanta National Fall Dressage GIHP, Conyers, GA *Our 2020 schooling shows will now be offering the AA Dressage Seat Equitation class in addition to the DSE 13 & under and DE 14 & over classes. And of course, we will continue offer our Lisa Seger Insurance AA Medal classes!

Both show organizers and competitors have to opt into this program.

Full program details and rules can be found on the USDF website: https://www.usdf.org/awards/performance/regional-schooling.asp 10

Horse shows

Energize your schedule

USEF/USDF 2020 Show Season  May 9-10: Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern I & II, Conyers, GA  August 29-30: Labor Day Classic I & II Dressage Show, Conyers, GA

with these GDCTA events (some dates are tentative) View the full list of events on the website events calendar https://www.gdcta.org/calendar-of-events

Schooling Shows*  2020 Show Season August 1-2 Summer Finals at Wills Park, Alpharetta, GA

2019 Nov 18 7:00 PM Board meeting and General Meeting Election results - have you voted?!  Any voting questions should be sent to Joanne Morse joannemorse1@yahoo.com.  Meeting Contact: Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net

2021 Show Season October 10-11 Atlanta National Fall Dressage at GIHP, Conyers, GA

*Our 2020 Schooling shows in August and October will be participating in the new USDF Regional Schooling Show Award program. Details can be found on the USDF.org website. Also, in those shows we will now be offering the AA Dressage Seat Equitation class in addition to the DSE 13 & under and DE 14 & over classes. And of course, we will continue offer our Lisa Seger Insurance AA Medal classes!

Dec 5 USDF Convention / Welcome Party  https://www.usdf.org/convention/ Dec 16 Holiday Board Meeting  Contact: Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net



There are volunteer opportunities at every show~ Show volunteering hours go toward the year-end Volunteer Awards Program.

GDCTA Awards Gala Jan 25, 2020

Don't know what you want to do? Sign up to be a “Floater”.

Be sure to check the Rider Standings to see if you have qualified.  Any questions should be sent to Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net.

We are currently seeking someone who would like to be our Volunteer Coordinator.  If you would like to become the GDCTA Volunteer Coordinator, contact Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net 770-713-4025.

Clinics Feb 29: Horseshow 101 Symposium at GIHP, Conyers (96 with lunch included) - one for Dressage and one for Eventing.  Contact: Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net  Website: http://bit.ly/Horseshow101Symposium

April 25-26: Laura Graves clinic, Shannondale Farm, Milton, GA  Contact: Julie Shannon Julie@shannondale.com


Sign up to volunteer on the website http://bit.ly/2oBpjid



GDCTA held A Trainer’s Symposium at Shannondale Farm November 2-3, 2019. Riders and auditors alike took this opportunity to focus on creating winning strategies for horse/rider and improving scores by refining movements and transitions with world-class instructors Anne Gribbons and Charlotte Bredahl. It takes courage to ride in front of Oryx “ a clinician (and even more for 2!) and auditors and we appreciate all of the riders who allowed us in on their rides! fir Did you leave the clinic feeling like you and your horse had a better understanding? Let us know! Trai Breda Great clinic! loads ~Peri Lambros we t I couldn’t be prouder of my 5-year-old baby Bellina, she worked so well for me we ar and behaved like a star at the Trainers Symposium with Anne Gribbons and Charlotte Bredahl! Anne and Charlotte had fantastic exercises and advice for the Second level and beginning Third level work, and it was going so well we even did a flying change each direction successfully, which is quite new for her! Their feedback was very encouraging for me and I’m excited for the future more than ever! I’ve come away from it inspired by these super instructors and fellow trainers who rode as well! Huge thank you to the GDCTA and Julie Varellas Shannon for making this happen and hosting so well at her beautiful Shannondale Farm! And thank you to my incredible husband Kearston Abner for videoing and helping me in anyway possible throughout the weekend as he always does! I’m a lucky girl! ~ Laura Abner I had such a great weekend riding in the Trainers Symposium. Deo was amazing (how did I get so lucky?!) and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of him. I’m really starting to feel the Grand Prix come together. I woke up today still feeling so inspired by my horse, Anne Gribbons & Charlotte Bredahl, as well as the other trainers who participated. Thank you Julie Varellas Shannon & Shannondale Farm for hosting another amazing clinic. ~ Chelsea Akavickas

Anne Gribbons and I just completed a two-day Trainers Symposium held at the beautiful Shannondale Farm in Milton, Georgia. This was hosted by ulie Shannon and very well organized by GDCTA. It was so much fun working with my long time friend and colleague Anne Gribbons. We had a great group of trainers as demonstration riders and a very enthusiastic group of auditors. ~Charlotte Bredahl It was amazing, thanks to everyone for organizing and putting it on! ~Susan McCoskey

“Piaras Fiodh” stepped up to act like a gentleman his rst time away from home, in cold weather, in the iner Symposium with Anne Gribbons and Charlotte ahl-Baker after only about 60 days of training. He had s of compliments and tried his hardest on everything threw at him this weekend! After lots of hard work, re both feeling tired but have some new tools in the shed to use as soon as we get home to TN! Great weekend at #Shannondalefarm ! ~Shannon O’Hatnick

Brandy, Bella, and I had a wonderful time at the GDCTA Trainers Symposium hosted at Shannondale Farm. I cannot thank the instructors Ann Gribbons and Charlotte Bredahl for the immense amount of feedback, exercises, and homework. I had several major breakthroughs that will help me take another step forward in my training/riding. Thank you to Cindy Bregenzer for allowing me to ride your wonderful mare Bella and thank you to Austin for all of your help and support. It takes a village and mine is super. I loved watching all of the other trainers and learned so much from their rides. I cannot wait to see all of you throughout the 2020 show year! ~ Cassidy Nutter Lambert Great day at the Trainers Symposium with Anne Gribbons and Charlotte Bredahl-Baker. Jumper was such a good boy! Julie did an awesome job with him! Learned some new exercises for walk pirouettes, simple changes, and medium trot and canter transitions. Thank you Julie Shannon and Shannondale Farm for hosting such a great clinic! ~Naida Mirza




This old cowboy adage has been bantered around since we first started domesticating and using the horse as a means of traveling and working with heavy loads and instills the dreaded notion that if your horse has a hoof problem you really don’t have a healthy horse. While true, in its extreme sense, few people know or realize just how much can be done from a bodywork perspective, to keep your horses’ hooves healthy and functioning correctly. The old notion that your horse’s health starts at the feet, and works its way up looks set to be updated, as more and more evidence from equine bodywork shows how you can help your horses feet by helping his muscles, tendons and ligaments stay soft and supple and the skeleton aligned. My years of applying Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding therapy to clients’ horses has shown how removing misalignments in the body and tensions from muscles and fascia, relieves the pressure on the tendons running down the legs into the hooves. This in turn allows the hoof to adjust and load correctly. All working towards the same goal, equine bodywork is very complementary to Veterinary, Barefoot trimmers and Farriers applied science. The pivotal point of misalignment in the horse’s body starts at the withers, 1st rib and scapula and this is what starts the big High-Low hoof syndrome most hoof professionals are always correcting. Once you correct this misalignment then the front hooves balance out naturally. If you analyze this vitally important junction in the equine body, the first rib and scapula tie into the C7 and T1 spinal segment, where the neck and upper back connect. All the nerves serving the head, foreleg and shoulder blade are in this region and any blockages affect the blood supply to the muscles. This can lead to excessive muscle tension that can overload the flexor tendons, and tendons running into the lower foot. Continued tensions can ultimately lead to suspensory and tendon tears. Behavioral and training issues can also surface, such as random bolting, bucking or rearing from bad saddle fit, or bucking in upward transitions. Feeling the muscles and fascia at the top of your horse’s leg (forearm on the back side below the elbow) will give you an indication of the level of tension in this area. If the muscle is hard and the skin/fascia doesn’t move, this tension automatically puts pressure on all the tendons and ligaments running down the leg into the hoof. In most cases of ‘over at the knee’ horses (where the knee appears bowed and hangs over the foot instead of being upright) this can be released by releasing tension from the body and realigning the body bringing it back to proper form and function. The premise of Holistic Horseworks LLC unique Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding therapy is based on exactly that: a holistic therapy that releases tension from the musculoskeletal body, the fascial body, the emotional body and the osteopathy body of the horse. Using bodywork techniques to realign the musculoskeletal body, the therapy also uses advanced applied kinesiology techniques and ancient Chinese energy work methods that can bring softness, suppleness and vitality back to the horse in just one session. Top Olympic athletes the world over include some form of physio, massage and bodywork in their health and fitness regimen. Keeping muscles and tendons soft and supple is key to their enhanced performance but more importantly, plays a major role in avoiding injuries. It bears consideration to include regular sessions of Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding therapy in your sport horse’s care regimen. It could add 10+ years to his rideable life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: April Love is a global holistic horse therapist, whose areas of expertise include developing and teaching Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding therapy; a blend of Osteopathy for deep myofascial muscular and skeletal releases, Craniosacral therapy, massage therapy, bio-energy therapy, equine kinesiology, Acupressure and Reiki. She is a Certified Instructor for Quantum Relief for horses and humans, as well as a certified instructor for Ting Point Therapy. For more information please visit her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/HolisticHorseWorks/videos and her website www.holistichorseworks.com

15 7

Thank you to the following members for their generous donations Alex M. Adams Leslie Allen Sarah Mitchell Ballou Jessica Beier Lori L. Bell Caryl Berzack Sue Bibler Samantha Bielawski Kayla Born Erin Braden Mary Charlotte Bryant Fred M. Burdette Susan Burns Susanne f. Burton Meghan Cameron Theresa Campbell Rhonda Cathy Julie Cochran Richard Cohn Emily Copeland Sophia Cox Claire Davis Mary Bess Davis Susan M. Day Leeanna Dick Abbey Dondanville Ashley Dowdy Lily Grace Draper Martine Duff Tawn Edwards Liesel Fazekas Judith C. Fiorentino Paula Fisher Devon Fowler Jean Corbett Fowler Michelle B. Futral Susan Gampfer Caroline Garren Linden H. Gaspar Jeri L. Geary Marjolein Geven Pagan Gilman Abigail Goodwin

Julie Ballard Haralson Kathy Hedgepeth Emily Hewitt Hannah Hewitt Diana Hollis Sophia Holloway Mark Hook Claire Howard Allisa Huestis Christa Welch Hutchings Melody Jackson Mikensey Johansen Elizabeth Jones Kay Kendzor Leigh Kent-Scherzer Rebecca Kestle, DVM Andrea L. Krakovsky Susanne Lauda Eleanor Lawson Valerie Levin Elaine McAllister Erin Lea McCloud Jennifer Melcher, DVM Anne Margaret Meyers Christi Meyers Lisette Milner Naida-Ann M. Mirza Heather Moffett Grace Montgomery Janie Montgomery Carol Morgan Elleene J. Morgan Dawn Mortimer Michaela Mosley Kimberly Murray Wisti Nelson Beth Nielsen Chantelle Noble Miriam Offermanns Leslie O’Neal-Olsen Emma Osmer Mary Ann Parker Janie Pride


Robin G. Puryear Margaret Putnal Shelley Rahiya Sophie Redmon Gillian Robinson Aubrey Sabatino Judith Sawall Leila Saxe Holly Scherzer Sarah Serban Julie Shannon Katie Sisk Kelly Reed Slack Betty G. Smith Kimberly Schisler Sosebee Lisa Speed Holly Spencer Susan Stern Helena Stokes Elizabeth Syribeys Marline Syribeys Barbara Taylor Brad Thatcher Tara Tibbs Alethea Tinkle Claudia Tomaselli Karen Trout Mireille van Haren-Poeisz Marie Vonderheyden Sylvia Wade Chandilyn Wicker India Wilkinson Cheryl Williams Lindsay Wilson Virginia Woodcock Lauren Wright Hadiya Yarbou

GDCTA EVENT CALENDAR (GDCTA Events are in RED) USEF/USDF/USEA 2020 Show Season May 9-10 Greater ATL Dressage Southern I & II Conyers, GA Aug 29-30 Labor Day Classic I & II Conyers, GA

GDCTA Clinics & Symposiums Feb 29 Horseshow 101 Symposium Conyers, GA Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net


~Tentative~ May 30-31 Laura Graves Clinic Milton, GA Julie Shannon Julie@shannondale.com

GDCTA Other Events Jan 25, 2020 Awards Gala Alpharetta, GA http://bit.ly/Gala-2020 Chair – Caren Caverly CCaverly@comcast.net Silent Auction – Joanne Morse JoanneMorse1@yahoo.com Barn Raffle – Erin McCloud McCloudErinL@icloud.com

GDCTA-Recognized Schooling Shows


2020 Show Season Nov 16 LEAF Gainesville, GA Dana Ferguson allfergs2@yahoo.com Nov 16 Poplar Place Farm Hamilton, GA Launa DesPorts Launa@poplarplacefarm.com Dec 15 Winter Wonderland Combined Test & Dressage Show Athens, GA Caroline Marlett silverthornfarm@gmail.com

Caren Caverly GDCTA AWARDS CHAIR – Recognized & Schooling Shows ccaverly@comcast.net 770-713-4025

Please check to see if you have qualified on the website under Awards: www.gdcta.org/riderstandings Let Caren Caverly know if your records show something different from what she has. No changes will be made after 11/30/19.

*Aug 1-2 Summer Finals at Wills Park Alpharetta, GA Caren Caverly CCaverly@comcast.net

2021 Show Season *Oct 10-11 Atlanta National Fall Dressage Conyers, GA Caren Caverly CCaverly@comcast.net *Our 2020 Schooling shows in August and October will be participating in the new USDF Regional Schooling Show Award program. Details can be found on the USDF.org website. Also, in those shows we will now be offering the AA Dressage Seat Equitation class in addition to the DSE 13 & under and DE 14 & over classes. And of course, we will continue offer our Lisa Seger Insurance AA Medal classes!


14785 East Bluff Rd, Milton, Georgia 16.5 Acres l 6 Bed l 7 Bath l 12,854 Sqft $3,900,000

2166 Martin Mill Rd, Moreland, Georgia 31 Acres l 6 Bed l 4.5 Bath l 5,983 Sqft $1,549,000


Todd Kroupa Broker Associate - Realtor® (770) 910-4860 Todd.Kroupa@bhhsgeorgia.com



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Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association Regular Meeting Minutes Overview

October 21, 2019 

President Caren Caverly called the regular meeting of the GDCTA to order on October 21, 2019, at 7:00 pm at Shannondale Farm, 2395 Birmingham Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Recording Secretary, Joanne Morse, performed roll call. A quorum of the board consisting of Caren Caverly, Peri Lambros, Julie Shannon, Erin McCloud, Joanne Morse, Liz Molloy, Rebecca Bowman, Lori Goodwin and Peter West were present. Also present were Jennifer Scherrens and Carol Lane Tresan. The minutes of the regular meeting for September 16, 2019, were emailed to board members prior to the meeting. Julie Shannon made a motion to approve the minutes. Erin McCloud seconded. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report: Peter West, Presented a Treasurer’s report to the board. September had a small profit. Caren Caverly presented the profit/loss statement for Regionals. Regionals was a profitable event. Caren suggested that we not do the Welcome Party on Thursday night next time as it was not well attended and that money can be used elsewhere. VP of Dressage: Erin McCloud, Erin reached out to Jennifer Keeler of Yellow Horse Marketing to assist with the Trainer’s Symposium. Waiting to hear back. Membership, Mary Lou Freil, Mary Lou emailed in the membership report to all the board members. Caren would like to have a board member reach out to new members when they send in their application to welcome them to the club. Lori Goodwin and Erin McCloud will handle this.

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Committee Reports  Awards Gala Chairperson, Caren Caverly, Awards banquet is the last weekend in January on the Saturday.  Communications, Joanne Morse, Membership interaction through social media accounts during Regionals was great! Working on more material for the Yearbook. Bounced around ideas for Newsletter covers.

Youth Chairperson, Rebecca Bowman, Liz Malloy shared that the Youth Festival and letterman program are being promoted. New letterman jacket application form coming out in January. Youth Festival is lower this year and is looking to either break even or have a small loss. After much discussion, it was suggested that we revisit the volunteer requirement for the youth to receive their letterman jackets. A motion was made that the volunteer hour requirement can be satisfied by volunteering at a GDCTA hosted event for 4 hours or a GDCTA sanctioned event for 8 hours. Motion seconded. Motion passed for the 2020 show year. Nominating Committee, Julie Shannon, Joanne Morse informed the board that the election ballot is ready to send out. Education and Young Horse Chairperson, Julie Shannon, Trainer’s Symposium is full and in two weeks. New Business o Several committee spots were open. Discussion happened amongst the board and members filled in the vacancies. o Joanne Morse made a motion that jackets be made for board members. Amanda Garner seconded. Motion approved. o Joanne Morse made a motion to adjourn. Peri Lambros seconded. Motion approved. o Next meeting is General Membership meeting. All members invited. Committee leaders need reports to present. o A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:13 pm Next meeting is November 18, 2019, at 7:00 PM Shannondale Farm 2395 Birmingham Rd Milton, Georgia


’ By Brittany Purcell, Sugar Magnolia Farms LLC, Lipizzan breeder & amateur rider “They must be expensive!” people often say to me warmblood when it comes to my favorite breed, the Lipizzaner. You -style movement. Lipizzaners have wide backs/large see, when most people think of the word or see the barrels thanks to their Neopalitan and Karst ancestors. horse, they associate them with over 400 years of Royal Thanks to the width and size of their barrel, the average breeding in Vienna and the “Dancing Stallions” at the height of the riders at the Spanish Riding School is Spanish Riding School there. In North America, we also barely noticeable (they average over 6’ tall!). While rarely see them since, here, they highly competitive in dressage, are incredibly rare (less than Lipizzaners are not just dressage 1,000 across the country!). I stars! believe their rarity causes us even “You don’t have to train a Lipizzan. They more speculation about their Though Lipizzaners are known for are bred for the work. You just have to temperaments, utility, their Haute Ecole maneuvers and learn to ride them, and they will give you availability, price range, and even traditionally are considered to be what you ask of them.” the competitive advantage that dressage horses, they are ~Susan Kruzdlo, dressage trainer they offer in many disciplines incredibly athletic and have including dressage.

gained popularity with their riders in a multitude of disciplines. Many of the active members of the United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF) enjoy their Lipizzans in dressage, jumping, working equitation, horseback archery, trail riding, and more! Lipizzaner owners boast that among their favorite characteristics of their horses, their athleticism and their temperament exceed all the other traits. The breed is known for their balance, their elegant and pronounced movement, and the slight pause in their step at the trot and canter that appears as if they are skipping while moving (another trait common in the Iberian breeds). While their absence in most show rings can be credited to their rarity in this country, competing Lipizzans are often out-scoring

Lipizzaners are typically 15 - 15.3 hands high, highly muscled, boast the crested neck and often the roman nose of the Iberian breeds, sturdy hooves and are easy keepers. While 95% of the breed is “grey”, all foals are born dark and the 95% eventually lighten. Only 5% of the breed stays their birth color and are considered rare and lucky! The breed is slow to mature and while typically not started until 4 years of age, if cared for properly, they have long productive lives. Some of the stars of the Lipizzan show performers are known to perform and breed well into their twenties and live into their thirties. Many people are surprised by their height. Somewhere along the lines we decided that “bigger was better” and people can be perplexed at an average sized horse with


Arya PHOTO: Rachael Renee Photography

“They are dream partners. I'm an amateur who never competed above second level and have no particular gifts as a rider, but I'm now competing PSG on a lipizzan no one has ever ridden but me (and he has never held it against me as I try to figure it out).” ~Kristen Guest on her Lipizzan Maestoso II Imperea II, champion for Region 6 at 4th level AA and reserve champion for amateur PSG

many popular breeds thanks to their natural predisposition to collection and extension. One myth circulating about the breed is that they are high strung or “hot”. While each horse always has its own personality, my personal experience on our farm has been that Lipizzans are an athletic and intelligent breed that has a natural desire to connect with humans (typically deeply bonding with ONE human), and while they are sensitive to the desires and intentions of their person, they tend not to be overly energetic or “hot”. Once a Lipizzan has bonded with you, they would give their heart, their soul, and their life for their person. After all, they were bred to be war horses. Once you’ve loved one, you’ll be changed forever.

Tulsa & Arya PHOTO: Rachael Renee Photography

From the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation where Lipizzans and Lipizzan crosses can be adopted from around the country, to private small to medium breeders, there are many options for horse lovers across the US. If you find yourself in possession of a purebred or Lipizzan cross, the USLF also has an incredible awards program each year for you and your equine partner to participate in! Not to mention, our group is small and feels like a second family. If you’re looking for a supportive, welcoming, and loving group of horse owners, look no further than the United States Lipizzan Federation.

On behalf of the United States Lipizzan Federation and on behalf of the breed, I invite you to become curious about the breed to find out if they may be a match for your equestrian goals.

Amiro PHOTO: Jenrette Fowler



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Collected Remarks - November 2019  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA).

Collected Remarks - November 2019  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA).

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