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June 2019

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Bill Woods -Term(inology) Limits Intercollegiate Championships at Chattahoochee Hills

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‡”Â?ȋ‹Â?Â‘ÂŽÂ‘Â‰Â›ČŒ‹Â?‹–• Bill Woods Š‡ Â?–‡”…‘ŽŽ‡‰‹ƒ–‡ ŠƒÂ?’‹‘Â?•Š‹’•…‘Â?‡•–‘ ͳͲnjͳͳ – Šƒ–– ‹ŽŽ•Penny Morse (photos by Liz Crawley) ”‡’ƒ”‹Â?‰ˆ‘”Š‘™–‹Â?‡ ͳ; – Brooke Taylor NEW!

nj”‡…‘‰Â?‹œ‡† ͳ͡ – …Š‘‘Ž‹Â?‰Š‘™ “ ‘•– ‹‰ŠŽ‹‰Š–â€? Silver Spurs Stables  BITS Í´ÇŚÍľ – ‘Â?–ƒ…–• Íš –

͸ – ‘–‘’‹…• ͝ –

‘ŽŽ‡‰‹ƒ–‡‡•– …‘”‡™ƒ”†•

ͳʹ – ƒ”Â?‡–’Žƒ…‡

ͳ͸njͳ͚ – ƒŽ‡Â?†ƒ”

ͳ͝ – ”ƒ‹Â?‹Â?‰ ”ƒÂ?–• Í´Íł – ‘Â?‘”•

ʹ͜ – ‡‡–‹�‰ ‹‰ŠŽ‹‰Š–• 


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Term(inology) Limits By


OK, I agree judges should know all the terms in the Glossary, and it would be nice if all the riders understood them too. But it’s not good enough to say, “If they don’t know them, they should look them up.” While to a judge a technical term like engagement can call up a whole bundle of intricate images, the reaction of a typical 15-yearold rider is apt to be, “Huh?”

At a recent conclave of judges, we were watching demo horses and evaluating their movement. Commenting on what was wrong with a particular horse’s canter, one judge volunteered, “He’s strung out.” Indeed, he was and discussion followed about his overly long, flat topline, high croup, weight on the forehand, and trailing haunches which lacked engagement. After all this our leader said, “So what comment would you give on the test sheet?”

As a teacher or a judge, I am in favor of using many different terms, images, and explanations. What works for one listener may not for another, but if you say it enough ways, something is likely to click.

One of my favorite judges when I was trying to learn the craft almost 40 years ago was Heather St. Clair Davis. She was a gifted artist and wordsmith, and I delighted at her ability to get her message across colorfully without the constant refrain “Needs more… “

“How about strung out?” came a voice from the back. “People,” our leader said, “let’s use correct terminology,” implying that if the term isn’t in the Glossary, it somehow can’t apply or doesn’t exist.

This brings us to a philosophical question not so much about dressage judging but about communicating. I’m sure you have heard the tale of the tourist who goes up to a local in a foreign land (The story is usually set in Germany) and asks directions. The tourist obviously doesn’t understand the words, so the German repeats the same thing only much louder.


So, getting back to “strung out,” as the forum’s discussion ended (leaving some of the participants unsatisfied), I believe I heard Sidd Finch whisper ‘sotto voce’, “It’s OK. After tomorrow we can go back and do whatever we want for the next three years. “

GDCTA Adult Camp ** 4 days of intense training ** and lots of fun with your horse! July 25-28, 2019 WHERE: Brandreth Farms

470 Brandreth Farms Dr Talking Rock, GA

WHO: Adult riders of all levels FOCUS: Dressage

SCHEDULE: Your trainers will be Jessie Steiner, Cynthia Thaxton, Bryan Tweed and Beth Stelzleni. Camp (10 participants maximum) includes: - All 4 days: private lessons, with Jessie Steiner - lunch - stall


- Thursday: private seat lesson with Cynthia Thaxton (longeing) - Friday: Sports Counseling for Equestrians lecture plus lesson with Bryan Tweed - Saturday: Better dressage through cavaletti training with Beth Stelzleni (no jumping)

COST: GDCTA Members: $1100 / Non-members $1200 Auditors are invited on Saturday and Sunday: $20 per day

(join and register at gdcta.org)

QUESTIONS: Peri Lambros plambros@bellsouth.net / 678-372-4105

The GDCTA Collegiate Best Score Award Program By Amanda Garner Under the newly created GDCTA Collegiate Best Score Award Program, a year-end award is presented to the best scoring collegiate rider in each of the GDCTA competition levels at the GDCTA Gala in January. This program also encourages GDCTA sanctioned shows to offer the ‘collegiate best score at end of day’ ribbons for the best scoring in dressage, combined training, and/or three-phase collegiate rider at their competitions.

Riders must join GDCTA as a junior, adult amateur, or professional member and pay the appropriate junior, adult amateur, or professional membership fee.  The collegiate best score award is a separate award given in addition to any other GDCTA awards won as a junior, adult amateur, or professional.  All other GDCTA rules regarding membership, fees, and participation in the awards program apply (i.e., riders must be members of GDCTA at the time of competition, et cetera.) 

This program is not the same as ‘USEA Collegiate Eventing’. The goal of the Collegiate Best Score Award Program is to target riders at a local level. USEA-sanctioned collegiate eventing has existed for several years, and is a great program for college riders at the rated level, but what has been missing is a program for college students competing only at schooling shows. These are the students who, for various reasons (time, financial status, skill level, horse availability, etc.) are not able to pursue eventing at the rated level, but still enjoy the sport. The GDCTA Collegiate Best Score Award Program has been created to accommodate these riders.

For more information on the collegiate program or to apply for membership, please see the GDCTA website GDCTA.org.

Who is eligible to participate and how do riders sign up? All full- and part-time college students at two- or four-year accredited institutions at the time of the competition in which the score is earned are eligible.  To have their score included, riders must submit a photocopy of their valid student ID along with their rider report form and indicate that they would like their score to count towards the Collegiate Best Score Program.  In order for scores from competitions taking place during the summer months to count, riders must have been a college student in the preceding spring semester or the immediate following fall semester. 


The Intercollegiate Championships comes to Chatt Hills!! This was a spectacular weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!!! Results of the Intercollegiate Championships 2019

1st Auburn University Orange Isabel Franklin Sallie Johnson Dorothy Dreelin Any event associated with colleges has a certain atmosphere, and that certainly applied to the Intercollegiate Championships held at Chatt Hills May 18th and 19th 2019. In their normal fashion, the team at Chatt Hills went over and above to make this event spectacular. From bringing in renowned Announcer Spencer Sturmey from England, to putting on a delightful Opening Ceremonies radiating plenty of Southern Charm and Team excitement! The rain hovered around the facility but held off to allow the first of the Team Spirit competitions to take place! The show was well attended, so there were five dressage rings until midday and then for the rest of the day there was just the regular 3 rings. The upper level riders (Training through to Advanced) ran their cross-country course Saturday afternoon while Novice and Beginner Novice competitors took on the stadium course. It was a long day, with some of the best dressage tests being ridden in a while, according to the Judges and nothing but excitement on the Cross-country course and in stadium.

Saturday evening the colleges were judged for the best decorated area at the barn, and then they all competed in the talent contest! From dancing to singing these young riders showed that they had many talents! Sunday started at 8 am with stadium for the Advanced through to Training levels, while the Novice and Beginner Novice riders battled it out on cross-country. It was a fantastic show full of the college team spirit that was very infectious! Terrific weather, great atmosphere and all in all one of the best shows held in the southeast. The Spirit Award results were 1st place Texas A&M, 2nd place University of Kentucky, 3rd place University of Findlay These young people really went all out to show they had the spirit! As far as the final results of the competition, it was not clear through the whole weekend who was going to win. It could have been one of a few with Kentucky in the lead right up till crosscountry.

Aubrey Wagoner 2nd University of Kentucky Blue Macy Clark Jackie LeMastus Elizabeth Silva-Chandley Mia Fox 3rd Place University of Kentucky Wildcats Jackie LeMasters Katelyn Hagerty Clair Rowlands Cora Severs 4th Place Auburn University Blue 5th Place USC Aiken Blue

6th Place University of Louisville and University of Virginia

written by

Penny Morse

pictures by

Liz Crawley


For Sale

1996 Sundowner 2 Horse Straight Load TB Trailer (Model C-525); Bumper pull Ramp Dressing Room- 3 saddle racks, bridle hanger, rubber matts and more! Call 954 242 9932. Trailer located in Ellijay, GA $7,900.00


arises now, and less like panic. I put myself right in the middle of the discomfort and hang out there, so I know I have within me the capability of acknowledging it and moving on. The more you make yourself uncomfortable, the better equipped you are to deal with those feelings.

By Brooke Taylor I think everyone who rides is familiar with the fact that there is no straight line from training to showing, but it gets particularly more complex after you’ve had a significant fall or injury. In my case, a pretty horrific injury requiring surgery and downtime of close to 6 months. So, the preparation is a little longer, a little more in depth and a lot, lot slower. I’ve spent months sending my horse out to recognized shows with my trainer so that she can prepare him for me and, meanwhile, I can prepare myself mentally for showing again. I’d like to say this was easy, but the fact is both my horse, myself and us as a pair have encountered several roadblocks along the way. It’s quite frustrating to be a very capable rider trapped in an anxiety ridden body. Equally as frustrating I imagine for the horse who is the unintended recipient of this anxiety by osmosis. I’m identical parts excited and horrified that the time has come to go out and face my fear. Excited, because I’ve been preparing. Horrified, because I’m climbing aboard a 1200 lb. unpredictable mass of inertia and, well, physics…. So, what are some ways to cope with the anxiety and getting yourself into the start box? It’s quite a loaded question; and while I’m no expert, hopefully some of these ideas can help someone else who is struggling.

Sit With the Anxiety: I listened to a podcast recently about controlling anxiety and one of the best pieces of advice for me was to get comfortable sitting with the anxiety. Pushing it away or ignoring it has a tendency to magnify its effects. So, I’ve spent a couple of weeks practicing when the anxiety washes over me to just sort of sit and recognize it for what it is. To say, “Oh hey there anxiety, old friend. What have you been up to?” I’ve noticed that by just sitting with it and confronting it, it tends to dissipate a whole lot quicker than it did previously. It also feels familiar when it

Visualization: As in, positive visualization. When your brain starts to freak out and imagine you somersaulting into oblivion, you have to say to yourself no, I don’t accept that vision and replace it with a positive picture. Sometimes when I’m lying awake at night waiting to fall asleep, I ride my dressage test over and over in my head perfectly until my brain is like fine, I’m bored, let’s go to sleep. The other part of positive visualization for me is watching videos of my trainer on my horse and repeatedly putting together a picture of how well he goes in my head to replace the negative outcomes your mind fictionalizes.

Breathing: Ok it sounds hokey, but I recently read an article about how Navy Seals use a box-breathing technique to lower their heart rate and “re-set” the fight or flight instinct. So, imagine a box and breathe in deeply for a count of 4 “up”, pause for a count of 4 “over”, breathe out for a count of 4 “down” and pause for a count of 4 “over”. Admittedly I have not mastered this technique because I sometimes feel like I’m being water-boarded on the holding breath after breathing out, but it does actually work to physically stop the panic reaction you are experiencing by slowing the heart rate and giving you more oxygen. Practice makes perfect.

Talk About It: In many respects I think riders, especially adults, don’t want to be seen as bothersome to their trainers. We try hard not to be the squeaky wheel and we certainly don’t want to be seen as someone who needs to have a babysitter. But I’ve come to realize that doesn’t mean not vocalizing your fear. A trainer is there to make sure you are prepared and unless she knows what you are terrified of, she can’t help you face it. You can’t suffer in silence. So, speak up – even if you think it sounds ridiculous. Above all else remember that we do this because we love it, it is what we live for, practice for and train for. Focus on the progress you have already made and enjoy the partnership and friendships you have developed. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

GDCTA-Recognized Schooling Show

Host Highlight

Silver Spurs Stables Hayesville, NC addictions and this non-profit group is definitely deserving of all possible help. This year, the prize list has all the dressage tests and CT divisions you would normally find at schooling shows PLUS 3-phase Amoeba (18") and Starter (2') divisions to get more inexperienced riders or horses involved. One more thing they offer is cooler temperatures during the summer!

“We just think we have the most beautiful farm and want to share it!” says Karen Trout. Originally from Area V, owner Karen Trout earned her ICP trainers certificate from USEA many moons ago in the blistering heat of Texas. Several years ago, she and her husband decided to retire from those temperatures and found our paradise in Hayesville, North Carolina, lovingly known by locals as “Two Hours From Everywhere.”

Karen said, “Last year, I enjoyed receiving an end of year award at the GDCTA banquet and was blown away by its organization, membership numbers, enthusiasm and obvious talent the member riders and horses bring

It took several years to find the new slow mountain pace, but Karen never stopped eventing and she has enjoyed many of the fantastic venues of Area III. But missing the students and activities of a busy Texas barn, she thought, "Let's start putting on shows that can help our new beloved community AND get more folks interested in horse trials and dressage." In 2018, they hosted an Open Charity show that benefited Truett's Children's Home, which had wonderful support from local western riders giving dressage a first try! This year on July 27th, they are expounding on that mission by hosting their 2nd Annual Charity Horse Show with all proceeds going to Rock Bottom Recovery. They believe that we have all heard about or been touched by

to the table. I am so excited to be part of this group, and hope to bring in more members from the shadows of the mountains.” Please have a look at their website Silverspurs.com and consider hauling up for their show to support their endeavors.


GDCTA EVENT CALENDAR (GDCTA Events are in RED) USEF/USDF/USEA 2019 Show Season Aug 31-Sep 1 Labor Day Classic I & II Conyers, GA Sandy Donovan sandydonovan@gmail.com Oct 11-13 GAIG/USDF Region 3 Dressage Championships Conyers, GA Sandy Donovan sandydonovan@gmail.com

GDCTA Clinics & Symposiums Jun 22-23 Adult Dressage Clinic Kathy Connelly & Betsy Steiner Milton, GA Julie Shannon Julie@shannondale.com Jul 25-28 Adult Dressage Camp Jasper, GA Peri Lambros plambros@bellsouth.net Nov 1-2 Trainer Symposium Milton, GA Julie Shannon Julie@shannondale.com

Caren Caverly GDCTA AWARDS CHAIR – Recognized & Schooling Shows ccaverly@comcast.net / 770-713-4025

GDCTA-Recognized Schooling Shows


2019 Show Season Jun 8 Chatt Hills Eventing Fairburn, GA Hugh Lochore info@chatthillseventing.com Jun 15 Foxberry Farm 3-Phase Dallas, GA Kim Abernathy kimfoxberry@gmail.com Jun 15 Poplar Place Farm Hamilton, GA Launa DesPorts Launa@poplarplacefarm.com Jun 22 Oxer Farm Clermont, GA Sandra Carnet scarnet@carnetstudio.com Jul 13 Big Cheese HT, CT, Dr Athens, GA Caroline Marlett silverthornfarm@gmail.com Jul 20 North Atlanta Equestrian Cartersville, GA Rebecca Bowman gallop766@aol.com Jul 20 Poplar Place Farm Hamilton, GA Launa DesPorts Launa@poplarplacefarm.com


Jul 27 2019 Silver Spurs Annual Charity Horse Show Hayesville, NC Karen Trout silverspursnc@gmail.com Aug 3-4 GDCTA Summer Finals Wills Park Alpharetta, GA Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net Aug 3 Chatt Hills Eventing Fairburn, GA Hugh Lochore info@chatthillseventing.com Aug 3 Big Cheese HT, CT, Dr Athens, GA Caroline Marlett silverthornfarm@gmail.com Aug 10 AYDC GIHP Conyers, GA Liz Molloy missliz@taramiaridingschool.com Aug 24 Full Circle Horse Park 5555 Wolf Creek Rd Pell City, AL Janice Ballard Janice@fullcirclehorsepark.com Aug 24 Oxer Farm Clermont, GA Sandra Carnet scarnet@carnetstudio.com

GDCTA EVENT CALENDAR (GDCTA Events are in RED) Sep 7 North Atlanta Equestrian Cartersville, GA Rebecca Bowman gallop766@aol.com Sep 7 AYDC GIHP Conyers, GA Liz Molloy missliz@taramiaridingschool.com Sep 14 Foxberry Farm 3-Phase Dallas, GA Kim Abernathy kimfoxberry@gmail.com Sep 14 LEAF Gainesville, GA Dana Ferguson allfergs2@yahoo.com Sep 21 Oxer Farm Clermont, GA Sandra Carnet scarnet@carnetstudio.com Sep 21 Poplar Place Farm Hamilton, GA Launa DesPorts Launa@poplarplacefarm.com Sep 28-29 Southeast Schooling Show Championships Chatt Hills Eventing Fairburn, GA Hugh Lochore info@chatthillseventing.com

2020 Show Season Oct 12 Chatt Hills Eventing Fairburn, GA Hugh Lochore info@chatthillseventing.com

Dec 7 Chatt Hills Eventing Fairburn, GA Hugh Lochore info@chatthillseventing.com

Oct 19 Poplar Place Farm Hamilton, GA Launa DesPorts Launa@poplarplacefarm.com

Dec 15 Winter Wonderland Combined Test & Dressage Show Athens, GA Caroline Marlett silverthornfarm@gmail.com

Oct 20 North Atlanta Equestrian Cartersville, GA Rebecca Bowman gallop766@aol.com Oct 26 LEAF Gainesville, GA Dana Ferguson allfergs2@yahoo.com Oct 26 AYDC GIHP Conyers, GA Liz Molloy missliz@taramiaridingschool.com Nov 2 Full Circle Horse Park 5555 Wolf Creek Rd Pell City, AL Janice Ballard Janice@fullcirclehorsepark.com Nov 16 Poplar Place Farm Hamilton, GA Launa DesPorts Launa@poplarplacefarm.com


Congratulations from The Equestrian Journal on your Grant Award from GDCTA! As you embark on your upcoming training, we hope to support your efforts to learn and grow from each experience with your horse. The Equestrian Journal is a great tool to organize your thoughts from daily sessions, track progress and habits on weekly basis, and process the big picture perspective each month.

One Component of a Well-Rounded Training Program

Monthly, Weekly, and Daily guided methods designed to help you: Record Your Training Experiences Practice Visualizations Develop Awareness Track Habits Plan Your Goals in Sport or Pleasure

Improve Memory and Retention Unlock Knowledge from Observations Gain Perspective on Progress Customize Your Next Step in Training Fulfill Your Potential

“In the busy and exciting world of training horses, The Equestrian Journal has been a lifesaver that helps me keep track of the daily progress of both riders and horses. It is a tool that my riders and I will never go without!” - Jennifer Flowers, FEI Rider & Competitor USDF Silver & Bronze Medalist • USDF L Graduate

Available for purchase on Amazon, Facebook, and TheEquestrianJournal.com


GDCTA TRAINING GRANTS The GDCTA Grant has been established to provide funding support for GDCTA member-riders who are working to sharpen their riding skills. Four grants of $800* each will be offered to GDCTA members for concentrated work with a trainer of their choice within one year of receiving the grant award. The grant is meant for a GDCTA members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and/or excellence in the sport as well as service and ambassadorship within the Association. Easy application – online or email APPLY BEFORE THE NEW JUNE 15TH DEADLINE.


Barbara Taylor, Grant Program Committee Chair 404-274-4411 / haileysdq@gmail.com



Thank you to the following members for their generous donations Alex M. Adams Leslie Allen Sarah Mitchell Ballou Jessica Beier Lori L. Bell Caryl Berzack Samantha Bielawski Kayla Born Erin Braden Mary Charlotte Bryant Fred M. Burdette Susan Burns Meghan Cameron Theresa Campbell Rhonda Cathy Ann Caverly Caren Caverly Richard Cohn Emily Copeland Jessica Cox Sophia Cox Claire Davis Leslie Davis Mary Bess Davis Susan M. Day Leeanna Dick Abbey Dondanville Ashley Dowdy Lily Grace Draper Martine Duff Tawn Edwards Jennifer Ellis Liesel Fazekas Judith C. Fiorentino Paula Fisher Devon Fowler Jean Corbett Fowler Michelle B. Futral Susan Gampfer Caroline Garren Linden H. Gaspar Jeri L. Geary Pagan Gilman Abigail Goodwin

Lori Goodwin Mary Carol Harsch Kathy Hedgepeth Emily Hewitt Hannah Hewitt Cynthia Hollis Diana Hollis Sophia Holloway Mark Hook Claire Howard Allisa Huestis Christa Welch Hutchings Melody Jackson Mikensey Johansen Elizabeth Jones Kay Kendzor Leigh Kent-Scherzer Rebecca Kestle, DVM Andrea L. Krakovsky Anabelle Kurtz Susanne Lauda Eleanor Lawson Sydney Lee Valerie Levin Erin Lea McCloud Jennifer Melcher, DVM Anne Margaret Meyers Lisette Milner Naida-Ann M. Mirza Janie Montgomery Carol Morgan Elleene J. Morgan Dawn Mortimer Michaela Mosley Kimberly Murray Wisti Nelson Beth Nielsen Chantelle Noble Miriam Offermanns Leslie O’Neal-Olsen Emma Osmer Samantha Osmer Mary Ann Parker Janie Pride

Robin G. Puryear Margaret Putnal Tamara Putnal Shelley Rahiya Sophie Redmon Gillian Robinson Keith Robinson Aubrey Sabatino Judith Sawall Leila Saxe Holly Scherzer Sarah Serban Katie Sisk Roger Sisk Kelly Reed Slack Betty G. Smith Kimberly Schisler Sosebee Jeff Speed Lisa Speed Holly Spencer Susan Stern Helena Stokes Elizabeth Syribeys Marline Syribeys Barbara Taylor Brad Thatcher Alethea Tinkle Claudia Tomaselli Karen Trout Marie Vonderheyden Sylvia Wade Chandilyn Wicker India Wilkinson Cheryl Williams Lindsay Wilson Virginia Woodcock Lauren Wright Hadiya Yarbou


Save the Date!



Summer Finals Schooling Show Aug 3-4, 2019 Wills Park Equestrian Alpharetta, GA ​ Combined Training, Dressage and Western Dressage classes plus show jumping rounds (non-judged) ​Championship classes to be held Sunday, August 4th Lisa Seger Insurance AA Medal Dressage Seat Equitation 13 & under Dressage Seat Equitation 14 & up ​

Western Dressage classes - Intro, Basic, First and Second Levels. Website: gdcta.org/gdcta-summer-finals Facebook: facebook.com/events/365402324015246/

Aug 2 GDCTA Youth Ride-A-Test Clinic Wills Park, Alpharetta, GA Facebook: facebook.com/events/2255226348083084/ 23

Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association Regular Meeting Minutes Overview May 20, 2019 

 

 

 

President Caren Caverly called the regular meeting of the GDCTA to order on May 20, 2019, at 7:00 pm at Shannondale Farm, 2395 Birmingham Rd, Milton, GA 30004. Recording Secretary, Joanne Morse, performed roll call. A quorum of the board consisting of Caren Caverly, Peri Lambros, Julie Shannon, Erin McCloud, Liz Molloy, Joanne Morse, Amanda Garner, Rebecca Bowman, Lori Goodwin, Amanda Moretz, Susan Collins, and Peter West were present. The minutes of the regular meeting for April 15, 2019, were sent and approved as corrected. Treasurer’s Report, Peter West, April is showing a loss but part of that was recovered with a price adjustment on the letterman jackets. Membership, Mary Lou Freil, Membership is down for this month. Mary Lou has been having an issue getting mail forwarded to her new house which we believe to be the issue. A problem with payment processing on the website was also discovered and has since been rectified. Gala Chairperson, Caren Caverly, Caren has located a type of pop up back drop for photos at the Gala. Still looking into getting sponsors to cover cost. Insurance Chairperson, Caren Caverly, All attendees and volunteers at events now must sign the hold harmless release form. Youth Chairperson, Liz Malloy, The kids submitted a budget to do a clinic at the beginning of the year but that has been changed to a budget for a meet and greet that will cost less. Youth committee would like us to lower the scores needed to earn a letterman jacket for dressage. We have asked the Youth committee to provide more information and data for us to make an informed decision. Will discuss further at the next meeting. Regionals, GDCTA is hosting 2019 but the show will be in Ocala 2020. New arenas have arrived. USDF Convention, Convention takes place in December in Savannah, Georgia. GDCTA is the hosting GMO, hosting the Welcome Reception

 

December 5th. It will have a “Back to the 70s” theme. There will be awards offered at the party for best dressed, dancing, etc. Education and Young Horse Chairperson, Julie Shannon, June 22-23 Betsy Steiner and Kathy Connelly clinic is full. Nominating Committee, Julie Shannon and Lori Goodwin, All officer positions are open as well as 3 board seats. People who are interested in joining the board need to come to board meetings to experience the process before joining the board. Next meeting is June 17, 2019, at 7:00 PM Shannondale Farm 2395 Birmingham Rd Milton, Georgia. See you there!


Kathy Connelly & Betsy Steiner an Adult Clinic: In-hand and Under-saddle Training to create a winning partnership with your horse June 22-23 Shannondale Farm 2395 Birmingham Rd Milton, GA

This is a GDCTA clinic with a FORMER USDF Adult Clinic Series format.

Auditor Options: $80 / Weekend - Both Full Days (Included Breakfast/ Lunch)

Kathy and Betsy work as a team to showcase the importance of partnership, communication, and patience, offering their expertise alongside praise, admiration, and endless encouragement.

$40 / Weekend - Both Half Days (Either AM or PM & No Meals)

$50 / Each day, all day (Included Breakfast/ Lunch) $25 / Each day, half day

Event hashtag #AdultClinicGDCTA

(Either AM or PM & No Meals)

Tickets are available on the website: www.gdcta.org/adultclinic

Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association needs your help! Your ideas, opinions, and involvement are how we plan and get things done. Our Committees are listed below or you can find them on the website Contact Us page. If you would like to join a committee . . . (usually takes just a couple of hours per month of your time) Let Your Talents Shine! Volunteer on a GDCTA Committee!

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Please contact: Heidi ccaverly@comcast.net White Volunteer Coordinator: heidiann5683@yahoo.com / (706) 248-6305 Caren Caverly / 770-713-4025 Sign up online at https://www.gdcta.org/volunteer


Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, U.S. Dressage Development Coach

A Trainer’s Symposium   ˆ‡ƒ–—”‹‰  ‡ ”‹„„‘• ƬŠƒ”Ž‘––‡”‡†ƒŠŽǦƒ‡”  ‘˜‡„‡”ʹǦ͵ǡʹͲͳͻ  Šƒ‘†ƒŽ‡ ƒ” ʹ͵ͻͷ‹”‹‰Šƒ† ‹Ž–‘ǡ ‡‘”‰‹ƒ


Professionals interested in riding should contact Julie Shannon Julie@shannondale.com 770-569-9555

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Anne Gribbons, former USEF Dressage Technical Advisor



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