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Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. October 2018

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STORIES 5, 11-13 – Election Time 7-8 – Dressage4Kids 9, 14 – The ‘r’ Program 16-17 – Attending the Dressage Festival of Champions 24-26 – Southeast Schooling Show Championship Review 34-37 – Special Section: Region 3 Dressage Championships BITS 37 – Sponsors 6 – GDCTA Hot Topics 15 – Calendar 23 – Donors 28-29 – Meeting Highlights 30 – Membership Form 31 – Contact Us

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at Southeast Schooling Show Championships Chattahoochee Hills Eventing Fairburn, Georgia


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SHOWS Schooling Shows:  Oct 26-28 D4K ATL Youth Festival at the Horse Park USEF/USDF:  Region 3 Dressage Championships & ANFD at the Horse Park

KUDZU KLINIC COMMITTEE We'd like to thank Kathy Riggs Duffy for running a full and fun Kudzu Klinic schedule for us! Kathy has decided to hand off Kudzu duties and Erin Lea McCloud has agreed to accept the responsibility for 2019. Thank you, Erin! If you would like to be a Kudzu Klinic clinician or would like to hold a KK in 2019 at your facility, please contact Erin. Erin McCloud mcclouderinl@gmail.com 404-538-6749


Nov 3-4 Kathy Connelly Dressage at Shannondale Farm Nov 17-18 Stephen Bradley Eventing at Full Gallop Farm

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MEMBERSHIP GDCTA membership year is December 1st through November 30th each year but you can

AWARDS GALA Save the Date! January 26, 2019 Alpharetta Marriott

YEARBOOK The inaugural issue of the GDCTA yearbook was released. Additional copies are available for purchase here: http://bit.ly/gdctayrbk or on the Facebook page.

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CALENDAR (GDCTA events in red) USEF/USDF/USEA, 2018 Show Season Oct 12-14

Nov 3-4 Nov 17-18

Oct 6 Oct 13 Oct 20 Oct 26-28 Oct 27 Oct 27 Nov 17-18 Nov 17 Dec 1 Dec 16


Clinics & Symposiums Kathy Connelly Dressage Stephen Bradley Eventing 

   Milton Aiken 

   GA SC 

ƒ†›‘‘˜ƒ   Julie Shannon Peri Lambros 

•ƒ†›†‘‘˜ƒ̷‰ƒ‹ŽǤ…‘   Julie@shannondale.com plambros@bellsouth.net 

GDCTA-Recognized Schooling Shows (green=pending), 2019 Show Season

AYDC @ The Horse Park Full Circle Horse Park Poplar Place Farm ATL Youth Festival LEAF NAE Chatt Hills HTPC Poplar Place Farm Silverthorn Farm

Conyers Pell City Hamilton Conyers Gainesville Cartersville Fairburn Covington Hamilton Athens


Liz Molloy Janice Ballard Jennifer McClure Liz Molloy Dana Ferguson Rebecca Bowman Penny Morse Christie Hanson Jennifer McClure Caroline Marlett


missliz@taramiaridingschool.com janice@fullcirclehorsepark.com show@poplarplacefarm.com missliz@taramiaridingschool.com allfergs2@yahoo.com gallop766@aol.COM sessc@chatthillseventing.com marensmewdow@gmail.com show@poplarplacefarm.com silverthornfarm@gmail.com

For updates, click GDCTA.org/calendar-of-events

New for 2019 – No more Rider Reports Forms, well, sort of*…  ‘”•‡˜‡”ƒŽ›‡ƒ”•ǡ–Š‡ •Š‘™”‹†‡”•ȗŠƒ˜‡‘–‡‡†‡†–‘•‡†‹ •„—–…Š‘‘Ž‹‰Š‘™”‹†‡”•Šƒ˜‡ …‘–‹—‡†–‘„‡”‡“—‹”‡†–‘•‡†‹ˆ‘”•Ǥ‡‰‹‹‰™‹–Š–Š‡ʹͲͳͻ•Š‘™•‡ƒ•‘™Š‹…Š„‡‰ƒ…–‘„‡”ͳ•–ǡ –Š‡”‡’•‘”‡“—‹”‡‡–ˆ‘”…Š‘‘Ž‹‰Š‘™‹†‡”•–‘•—„‹–ƒ›ˆ‘”•Ǩ  Š‡‡›–‘–Š‡•—……‡••‘ˆ–Š‹•‘ˆ‘”’‘Ž‹…›‹•–Šƒ–—’‘Œ‘‹‹‰‘””‡‡™‹‰ǡ‡„‡”•”‡‡„‡”–‘ …Š‡…–Š‡„‘š‡•ˆ‘”–Š‡ƒ™ƒ”†•’”‘‰”ƒ•–Š‡›’Žƒ–‘’ƒ”–‹…‹’ƒ–‡‹ˆ‘”–Š‡›‡ƒ”Ǥ‡™‹ŽŽ‘Ž›–”ƒ…–Š‡•…‘”‡•‘ˆ –Š‘•‡™Š‘Šƒ˜‡…Š‡…‡†ƒ™ƒ”†•’ƒ”–‹…‹’ƒ–‹‘„‘š‡•ǤTo reiterate, it’s critical that you check the appropriate awards programs boxes on the membership form to participate. …Š‘‘Ž‹‰•Š‘™•–ƒ†‹‰•™‹ŽŽ„‡—’†ƒ–‡†‘–Š‡™‡„•‹–‡‘–ŠŽ›•‘›‘—…ƒ…‘ˆ‹”–Šƒ–›‘—”•…‘”‡•ƒ”‡„‡‹‰ ”‡…‘”†‡†Ǥ ”‹†‡”•™‹ŽŽ‘Ž›•‡‡–Š‡‹”•–ƒ†‹‰•ƒ––Š‡‡†‘ˆ–Š‡•‡ƒ•‘™Š‡ƒ† •‡†—•–Š‡ †‹‰‹–ƒŽˆ‹Ž‡•Ǥȗ ‡”‡’•™Š‡”‡–Š‡“•‘”–‘ˆ”…‘‡•‹–‘’Žƒ›Ǥ ”‹†‡”•™Š‘ƒ”‡ƒ”–‹…‹’ƒ–‹‰ ‡„‡”•™‹ŽŽ „‡–”ƒ…‡†ƒ†•—„‹––‡†–‘ „› „—––Š‘•‡™Š‘ƒ”‡ ”‘—’ ‡„‡”•‘Ž›•–‹ŽŽ‡‡†–‘•—„‹–ƒ ‹†‡”‡’‘”– ‘”–‘Šƒ˜‡–Š‡‹”•…‘”‡•–”ƒ…‡†Ǥ  GDCTA AWARDS CHAIR - Recognized & Schooling Shows Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net / 770-713-4025 15 15 15

Attending the Dre This was my first year attending the Dressage Festival of Champions and competing in the FEI Children’s Team and Individual tests for kids age 12-14. I was the youngest in my group. Lamplight was an amazing experience. I loved getting to see all the horses and meet all the cool people. It was great riding with kids in my age group. When we arrived at Lamplight on Tuesday morning, I was so shocked to see the facilities. When we unloaded my horse Honour, she was a little colicky so we gave her some Cavalor Mash n Mix to help but I was so worried I wasn’t going to be able to show. As the day went on, she got better and started to eat more but was still a little unsettled. I walked her around and got to show her the amazing arenas. My mom and I did some shopping - I got some amazing things. We watched some of the horses being schooled, which was wonderful. Honour continued to get better. We just spent Tuesday relaxing and letting Honour settle in. My trainer Jessica Bryant-Souther was not arriving until Thursday evening so on Wednesday, I rode with Charlotte Bredahl, who was the team coach. It was also the day of the Jog. The jog was about presentation and the horse being sound. I waited my turn and then did exactly what was asked by the judges. I had to jog down to the designated area walk in the turn and jog back. As I was leaving the arena, they announced Honour had been accepted so I was really excited. When I rode the next day, we rode lightly. Honour was tired after our ride on Wednesday. Later that day, I watched some of the tests being ridden and, wow, what an experience. I got to meet Anne Gribbons and watch her training one of her students. That evening, Jessica arrived.

Friday was preparati I had a great lesson schooled in the mai all the amazing hors watched the 13 and how everyone did.

Saturday was the bi Children’s Division. has so many differe really nervous. It wa on live TV. Honour w We didn’t have our so proud of both of Honour was given t rest of the day - som I could cheer them o test on Sunday.

Sunday, we had a m us in 9th place. I wa making it to Lamplig in and do a victory t home.


Festival of Champions

tion day for my tests on Saturday and Sunday. n with Jess but I was nervous about showing. I in arena and it was a little intimidating. Seeing ses and riders was great. Later that day, we d Under Dressage Seat Equitation class to see

ig day. I was showing Honour in the FEI The test is the equivalent of 2nd level and ent movements in it. I warmed up but was as my first time riding in such a big arena and was hyped from the intensity and my nerves. highest score but we got a 61 total and I was us. We accomplished it! When I was done, the remainder of the day off. We watched the me my friends put in amazing rides. I was glad on. I went to bed looking forward to my final

much better ride with a total of 63, which put as so proud of our accomplishment and for ght. We finished 9th overall and I got to go trot around. Then we packed up and headed

by Maribeth Hebert

I want to thank everyone who helped me get here - my mom, my dad, my grandparents, and, of course, my Trainer Jessica Souther. I also want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way, including Kayce Redmond, Jennifer Manus Davis, Julie Cochran, and all my friends and family who have supported me along the way. This is my story and I hope it helps inspire others to go after their dreams and what they

GDCTA proudly welcomes Kathy Connelly for a Dressage Clinic on November 3-4, 2018, at USEF Elite Training Center Shannondale Farm in Milton, Georgia. Kathy Connelly is a highly accomplished international dressage rider, trainer, coach, S level judge, and popular clinician. She was a member of the United States Equestrian Team at the World Cup in Sweden and trained extensively in Germany with Herbert Rehbein and in Vienna with Ernst Bachinger, the former director of the Spanish Riding School. She trains out of Elysium Farm in Harvard, Massachusetts, and at Havensafe Farm in Wellington, Florida. She is well known for her extensive experience both in the US and Europe for training piaffe and long lining. Many successful international riders have trained with Kathy. Her horses and her students have competed on Olympic teams, at the World Cup, the World Games, the Pan American Games, the Canadian World Cup and the United States Young Rider teams. In recognition of her numerous contributions to the sport, GDCTA is eager to welcome Kathy Connelly here to Georgia for this clinic.

Auditors Welcome RIDERS:

WEBSITE: gdcta.org/kathyconnelly Chandilyn Smith Madison Keys Jessica Beier Pam Hara Taylor Blumenthal Abbey Dodanville Kelli Agnew Julie Shannon

TICKETS: http://bit.ly/KathyConnelly2018




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Collected Remarks - July/August 2018 “Mustangs at Wills Park” by Caitlyn Bennet won the award for Best General Interest Article for a GMO with 500 or more members. Collected Remarks - May 2018 “I Threw Out Everything I Thought I Knew & Rebuilt My Riding” by Karen Kreider received Honorable Mention in the category of First Person Experience Article for a GMO with 500 or more members! Once again, congratulations! USDF is proud to recognize the hard work that goes into every newsletter. Sincerely, Jill Chamblin USDF GMO Coordinator

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Show Schedule Meet and Greet teams Welcome Competitors on Drive. Get directions to barns Barns and RV parking open Give way to tractors as you navigate around the grounds Meet and Greet teams Welcome Competitors on Drive. Get directions to barns Barns and RV parking open Show Office Open for Check-in Show Rings and Warm ups available for Schooling. (Give way to tractors) Welcome Reception in the Horse Head Courtyard (In the central area between Barns 1‐5)  Sponsored by I Love My Horse and Custom Saddlery   Schooling allowed in rings from end of competition until dark Show Office Open until end of classes for the day Classes Begin - rings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 Cash Bar Open – Near Concession Stand Vendor Walk – Shop to live music and tasty treats Sponsored by ShowChic and The Shop at Wit's End Schooling allowed in rings from end of competition until dark Show Office Open until end of classes for the day Classes Begin - rings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 Cash Bar Open       Competitor Dinner in the Excel Supplements Arena (Add'l seating in Carriage Room)   Sponsored by CU at X Tack and GDCTA  Show Office Open until end of classes for the day Classes Begin in rings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8

Ring 16 available throughout show for on-the-day non-showing horses to school. Lungeing in Ring 14 and in lungeing pens.

Changes to the schedule must be requested in the show office by 3pm the day before the requested change.

GDCTA Welcomes: Cristen Brown  USDF Competitions Coordinator Susan Bender  USDF Region 3 Director Kierra Wilson  Shawna Dietrich  Great American Insurance Group

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Collected Remarks - October 2018  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA).

Collected Remarks - October 2018  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA).

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