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Our Opportunities Mapping project identifies locations which are key opportunities for delivery of the Green Network. The approach was developed in response to requests from planners that the identification of spatial priorities at regional, local authority and neighbourhood scale would be very useful to support the production of Green Network policy and the targeting of action. Our approach uses GIS spatial analysis to overlay data layers which highlight areas where multiple Green Network benefits can be delivered. The data layers used are: • access priorities • habitat priorities • open space opportunities • development opportunities



These collectively identify where the planning system should facilitate expansion and enhancement of the Green Network.

Our work to date

Our plans for the future

We developed our approach using regional scale datasets for the GCV Strategic Development Plan in 2012. Our analysis identified fourteen ‘hotspots’ which are spatial priorities for delivery of the Green Network.

Our Green Network Opportunities Mapping work has been enthusiastically received by planners and others.

A similar analysis has been completed at a local authority scale for Renfrewshire Council. Our report has informed the Council’s Main Issues Report and is a supporting background document. Similar reports are being prepared for all our partner local authorities. Our analysis has also supported proposals at neighbourhood scale. For example, through the analysis, the Green Network is delivering improvements to Erskine town centre in Renfrewshire.

We will be working with our partners to build on this success and to: • complete Opportunities Mapping reports for all our local authorities partners • develop ‘Green Network Delivery Plans’ for selected Opportunities Mapping ‘hotspots’ • apply the approach to a climate change adaptation strategy, and identify opportunities for woodland creation on Vacant and Derelict Land • use the spatial analysis to inform masterplanning of development sites across the region • explore others ways to apply the approach

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