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T h e

G r e at e r



2 00 9

a n n ua l

Communi ty r e p o rt

F o u n dat i o n

Amount Granted in 2009




Number of Different Charitable Funds:

1949 500 Founded in


Cont ents 1 Letter to the Community

24 financial advisors


Financial Highlights/Assets by Fund Type

25 Pooled Investment Allocation


2009 Year in Review


The Impact of Grant Making

2009 Grant Making Analysis

Profiles of grant recipients — 6 Indian Creek Nature Center 8 Area substance abuse council 10 cedar rapids museum of art 12 Kids First Law Center 14

kirkwood gap tuition assistance program

16 Olivet Neighborhood Mission 18 Metro Care Connection 20 Block by Block

27 How to Apply for a Grant

Grant Writers’ Workshops


Types of Charitable Funds

29 Donors Making A Difference New Funds Started in 2009 30



William Quarton Heritage Society

34 Memorials in 2009 36



Contributors to the Flood 2008 Fund

profile of giving

43 Supporting Organizations

22 Orville Bloethe

44 Staff and Volunteers

A b o ut th e

C o m m u n i t y

F o u n dat i o n

The mission of the GCRCF is to


connect donors to the priorities they

200 First St. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community

care about and to the needs of the

Foundation (GCRCF) is a public charitable

community, to increase charitable

foundation holding more than 500

giving, and to provide leadership on

different charitable funds, large and

important community issues.

small, established by individuals,

Since becoming a public

families, nonprofit agencies and

foundation in 1992, the GCRCF

businesses to benefit Linn County, Iowa.

has distributed more than $54 million

The GCRCF funds nonprofit activities

in grants.

in four essential areas: Arts and

Being a philanthropist doesn’t take a


Culture, Community Development and

lot of money or time and there’s no age


the Environment, Education and Health

requirement. Whether you choose to

and Human Services.

give today or endow a fund to support

Since our founding in 1949 as the

a cause or issue yet unforeseen, the

Community Welfare Foundation, we

GCRCF makes it easy and rewarding

have served the needs of eastern

to be charitable. We encourage you

Iowa and the wishes of our donors

to learn more about the Community

through personalized service, financial

Foundation and how to become a part

stewardship, local expertise and

of our family of philanthropists.

community leadership.

Please note: after July 1, 2010, our new address is:

324 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 Email:


319.366.2912 Online:

L e tt e r t o t h e f rom the


Communi ty

Presiden t



began with trepidation.

We were six months removed from the largest natural disaster in our community’s history. Our investment portfolio, like all others, was suffering in the midst of unprecedented losses being experienced by investment markets worldwide. Donors to nonprofits were understandably skittish

Dan Baldwin

Lorna M. Barnes

P r e s i d e n t / C EO

2 0 0 9 B oa r d C h a i r

as their own net worth was in decline. And amidst this turmoil, the Greater

b The combination of several large

second floor. We’re thrilled at the

Cedar Rapids Community Foundation

new funds that utilized the Endow

opportunity to participate in the

(GCRCF) needed to begin the task of

Iowa tax credit program with the

rebuilding of our central business

finding a new home, as our current

second largest planned gift in

district while meeting the long-term

building was slated to land on the

the GCRCF’s history (from Joseph

“wet” side of the City’s proposed flood

Kacena) allowed us to record in

mitigation plan.

the range of $12.2 million. A very

with a healthy 22.7 percent return

That was a pretty gloomy start. By

large percentage of these funds

in 2009. This in spite of January

the time 2009 came to an end, we’d

are endowed, meaning they will

and February being aggressive

had an exceptional year. Here are some

generate significant support to area

extensions of the 2008 downturn.

reasons why:

agencies in perpetuity.

b The Block by Block program created

b The Foundation has found a new

needs of the GCRCF. b The GCRCF portfolio rebounded

b Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the GCRCF awarded $8.2 million

tangible progress in neighborhood

home! After an eight-month process

through 1,000 grants in 2009. We

rebuilding. A partnership between

of needs assessment, research,

enjoy growing our asset base.

nonprofits (Affordable Housing

cost analysis and negotiations, the

We believe we have a role as a

Network, Matthew 25 Ministries

board of directors approved the

community leader. And we support

and the United Methodist Church)

purchase of the Torch Press Building

nonprofits through the Linn County

and funders (John and Dyan Smith,

in downtown Cedar Rapids. Located

Nonprofit Resource Center. But we

the GCRCF Flood 2008 Fund and

at the corner of 3rd Street and

are first and foremost a grant maker.

the United Methodist Church)

4th Avenue SE, the historic

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community

allowed for the rehabbing of 96

four-story, 16,000-square-foot

Foundation is only as successful as the

out of 104 properties in the first

building will enable us to house

generosity of citizens in Cedar Rapids

eight city blocks worked on by the

the Foundation and Linn County

and surrounding areas. This is a very

program. Efforts are underway to

Nonprofit Resource Center office,

philanthropic community and we

take on another 12 blocks. This

utilize the first floor for meeting

are proud to be an important link in

has brought real hope to families

and program space and lease the

converting philanthropic desire with high-impact grant making.

whose homes were directly in the path of floodwaters.


2 0 0 9

F i n a nc i a l

H ig h l i gh ts / A s s e t s

b y

F u n d T y p e

Total assets under management

2009 ROI:

Since inception annualized rate of return (1/94):

Total gifts (outright and deferred):




227 .



Assets by Fund Type (as of Dec. 31, 2009)

Designated Funds

Affiliate Funds Flood Funds

Unrestricted & Special Funds

1.1 1.4

Donor-Advised Funds Corporate Donor-Advised Funds

Agency Funds

1.0 Other Funds

Field of Interest Funds




Nina & Victor Merveaux Administrative Fund GCRCF Administrative Fund Operating Fund Anonymous Funds


Scholarship Funds

.10% .30% 1.00% 7.40% _____ 8.80%


Dollar amount of grants awarded:

Number of donations received:


8 .2 MILLION $

donations from


unique donors

The primary advantage of pooling funds is that it permits

Pooled Investment Allocation as of Dec. 31, 2009


greater diversification of investments than would be possible

he Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation

for single funds. This provides for greater opportunities

(GCRCF) has a balanced approach to investing.

without increasing risk.

The Investment Committee of the GCRCF board

works closely with staff and a professional management 2009 Return on Investments


During the fiscal year that ended Dec. 31, 2009, the GCRCF

Contributions made to the GCRCF are pooled for invest-

endowment pool return on investment was 22.7 percent. The

ment purposes. There are more than 500 total funds, of which

three-year return was -3.5 percent; the five-year return was

393 component funds in the combined Endowment Pool and

3.1 percent, and the annualized return since Jan. 31, 1994, is

a system unitization, much like a mutual fund, allocates total

7.6 percent. These returns are stated net of fees.

return to each component fund. These component funds

The audited financial statements, containing all required

represent a collection of interests of individual donors and

disclosures and IRS forms 990, are available upon request in the

agencies who have united to increase the effectiveness and

Community Foundation’s offices or online at

assure the future of charitable giving.


T h e

G r e at e r

C e da r

Ra p i d s

2 0 0 9 Ye a r

C o m m u n i ty

i n

F o u n dat i o n

R e v i ew

organized in the fall of 2008 as a public/private partnership

Growing Philanthropy and Our Assets

of elected city and county officials and local business leaders

As of Dec. 31, 2009, the total assets of the Greater Cedar

to address community challenges with post-flood recovery

Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF) were $95 million.

and rebuilding. Its primary focus is to identify long-term

Individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits

economic development needs, facilitate public/private sector

established 40 new funds. The Community Foundation now

partnerships and identify and secure non-local sources of

has more than 500 funds.

funding critical to flood recovery.

The William Quarton Society, honoring those who have

Since the flood of 2008, the Community Foundation has

established an endowed fund or will make a planned gift,

worked in close partnership with the Linn Area Long Term

grew to more than 250 members.

Recovery Coalition (LALTRC), a partnership of more than 70 local nonprofits, government agencies, funding sources

Financial Stewardship

and faith-based organizations to support collaborative long-

The GCRCF endowment pool investment return was 22.7

term recovery efforts to rebuild the lives of those impacted

percent, as of Dec. 31, 2009. The three-year return was –3.5

by the flood. GCRCF staff members Karla Twedt-Ball, vice

percent; the five-year return was 3.1 percent. The return since

president of Programs; Jean Brenneman, director of Finance;

inception (1/94) is 7.6 percent.

and Elizabeth Pollard, grants program associate, continued their involvement in 2009 as key contributors to the LALTRC


by providing their leadership and expertise in grant making,

More than 50 local nonprofits were awarded $2 million

financial practices and effective case management practices

in 2009 from the Flood 2008 Fund that aids in community


rebuilding efforts after the historic flood of 2008. Since the flood, the GCRCF has awarded more than $13 million in flood-

Wise and Effective Grant Making

related grants from the various funds held at the Foundation.

The GCRCF made $8.2 million in grants to 331 nonprofit

A sincere thanks goes to outgoing board members

organizations and funded 81 scholarships, supporting

Rich Patterson and Gary Skogman, whose terms ended

arts and culture, community development and the

in 2009. Rich has served on the board since 2004 and served

environment, education and health and human services in

on the Fund for Educational Excellence grant committee.

Linn County.

Gary served on the board since 2004, including board chair in

Since becoming a public foundation in 1992, the GCRCF

2007 and a member of the Momentum grant committee. Both

has distributed more than $54 million in grants.

made significant contributions of time and leadership and

Through the County Endowment Fund program, the

their support is deeply appreciated.

Community Foundation received more than $387,000 to

The GCRCF continued its commitment to leadership

support charitable projects in Linn, Jones and Wapello

post-flood. In addition to its grant making programs, the

Counties. This state-funded program redistributes gambling

Community Foundation helped build additional momentum

revenue to non-gambling counties through qualified

through involvement in the Economic Planning and

community foundations. Twenty-five percent of the funds

Redevelopment Corporation (EPRC). The EPRC was


Number of New Funds in 2009

Quarton Society Members

250 9 5 +


Tot a

l As









help build an endowment for the county and 75 percent

the exceptional achievement of a chief executive of a Linn

passes through in grants for charitable projects. The GCRCF

County nonprofit organization.

manages the funds for projects in Jones, Wapello and rural

Mr. Moore received the Bridge Builder award for his

Linn Counties.

leadership in the development and sustainability of the organization, particularly with a successful $1.7 million capital campaign and recovery from the flood that destroyed

Advocacy, Initiatives and Community Partnerships

the museum in 2008. Mr. Moore’s vision and commitment

Coordinated in partnership with the Cedar Rapids Area

since 1994 has enabled the museum to open satellite offices

Chamber of Commerce, the GCRCF continues to support

in Davenport and Des Moines and to become the leading

various initiatives of the Fifteen in 5 community-planning

resource on Iowa’s African American history and culture.

program. Started in 2005, its mission is to accomplish 15

The Minnie Rubeck award was presented to Kathy

great ideas by 2010. More than 1,000 volunteers, including

Kaiden, Director of Development and Youth Development at

all GCRCF staff, are working on these initiatives.

Young Parents Network (YPN). The Minnie Rubeck award,

In 2009, the Community Foundation continued to manage

named for an early contributor to the GCRCF, is awarded to a

the funds of the Job and Small Business Recovery

nonprofit professional staff member.

Fund. Since the fund opened in the summer of 2008, 334

Ms. Kaiden was honored in recognition of her 18-year

local Cedar Rapids businesses received $6 million in direct

commitment to YPN. She currently manages YPN’s annual

assistance from the fund. This program was implemented

signature fundraising event, Broadway Maybies, and has

in partnership with the Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of

written grant applications garnering the organization more

Commerce Foundation.

than $2 million in funding to help support the organization’s

Investing time and interest in the legislative process has

services to families and children in Eastern Iowa.

been tremendously effective in creating awareness of the

The Linn County Nonprofit Resource Center (LCNRC),

benefits of philanthropy, the impact of the GCRCF in Linn

a program of the GCRCF, offered a variety of programs

County and the importance of Endow Iowa, a one-of-a-

for nonprofit professionals and board members to help

kind charitable tax credit program. GCRCF staff and board

strengthen the nonprofits of our community. The LCNRC

members worked to educate legislators in Des Moines to

Institutes provide formal training and structured peer

keep Endow Iowa intact so donors and nonprofits may

engagement that will have lasting impact on individuals and

continue to make an impact for generations to come.

the nonprofit organizations they work for. The Leadership

These outreach and education efforts were successful and

and Managers Institutes increased participants’ knowledge of

Endow Iowa created more than $9.5 million in permanent

and skill set for key executive leadership areas. LCNRC Peer

endowments across the state in 2009.

Groups engaged senior managers, marketers and executive

The Bridge Builder award was presented to Tom Moore,

directors of small nonprofits with peer support and learning

founding board member and executive director of the African

specific to the nonprofit sector. More than 1,000 nonprofit

American Museum of Iowa. The Bridge Builder award honors

professionals participated in LCRNC programming in 2009.


2009 ROI

I ndian M et ro


C r e e k

H i gh

N at u r e

s tuden ts

c r e at e

C e nt e r

ou tdoor


he idea behind creating an outdoor classroom

“Most of the students had never done anything like this,”

at Indian Creek Nature Center was ultimately

Wiedenheft notes. “Those with experience and skills were

to re-engage youth, parents and teachers in a

able to use them. They all really liked building the music

safe, natural environment. In a world where children are

movement area, which includes a limestone stage. They were

increasingly disconnected from nature and community, such

learning and using a variety of skills.”

a place could help them rediscover the joys of the outdoors.

Adult work crews assisted where heavy equipment was

So it seemed wholly appropriate last spring when Metro

needed for compacting gravel and deep digging. The students

High School staff approached

helped plant and dig a shallow

the Nature Center to help

water basin for a rain garden to

build such an outdoor space,

help control run-off.

expanding the Center’s “Sense

“A lot of them were interested

of Wonder” trail. Not only would

in controlling water run-off,”

the Center enhance and diversify

Wiedenheft says of the students.

its offerings, but students would

“Anything that involved learning

learn new skills and expand their

new skills and putting them to use

outdoor awareness.

really appealed to them.”

The Center staff invited

The 18 most active students were

all of the students at Metro,

given memberships to the Center

Cedar Rapids’ alternative school,

to encourage them to return. The

to participate. Those taking service learning classes spent

outdoor classroom was finished and dedicated in October.

the most time on the project, focusing on environmental

Today the Indian Creek Nature Center has one of the

responsibility and recovery from the 2008 flood.

leading outdoor classrooms in the state, thanks to the project,

Students and staff began work last spring, continuing

Wiedenheft notes. It is one of only three such certified areas

through the summer and fall. On weekdays, service learning

in Iowa.

students came to the Nature Center to work. Other students

“The Community Foundation grant enabled us to create

built components of the classroom at school and brought

an above-and-beyond your ordinary outdoor classroom,”

them out later to install, says Jean Wiedenheft, the Nature

she says. “It made a huge difference in what students were

Center’s land and facility steward.

able to experience and learn. Without it, we probably would

“It worked really well,” she adds. “It gave students a chance

have been able to only do about one-tenth of what we

to learn a skill and they really rose to that challenge. They


really got into it.”

Best of all, some of the Metro students still help at the Center.

Thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Greater Cedar Rapids

“Some volunteered after the project was done,” Wiedenheft

Community Foundation’s Community Fund, the project

says. “Some worked with our prairie grass burns. A few

included installation of permeable paving for the trail, the

still come out when I call them. They have a real strong

hiring of an experienced adult work crew to assist and the

commitment and sense of pride here.”

creation of a rain garden.


Photo courtesy of Linda and Robert Scarth

Today the Indian Creek Nature Center has one of the leading outdoor

Community Fund Grant

classrooms in the state. It


is one of only three such certified areas in Iowa.





h e l p s


i n

H i s pa n ic

O u t r e ach

e ff o r t

rom 2000 to 2007, Linn County showed a 67 percent

“The GCRCF grant has been absolutely instrumental

increase in its Hispanic population. As the Hispanic

in getting our Hispanic Outreach project off the ground,”

population grows, nonprofit organizations have

she says. “This grant allowed us to dedicate staff time and

responded by offering bilingual programming. Last year,

resources to launch a much larger scale initiative needed to

the Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC) expanded its

get information to the Hispanic community.”

prevention services through reaching out to the Spanishspeaking population. ASAC had begun providing tobacco prevention

Community Fund Grant

programming in fiscal year 2009


to this growing community.


While working as part of a Linn County coalition to help Hispanic residents quit smoking, ASAC’s bilingual prevention specialist began hearing their concerns about alcohol abuse – binge drinking,

It’s been a learning experience for both providers and

and drinking and driving – within their community.

participating residents. Walker adds: “We have learned how

These concerns prompted ASAC staff to try expanding

important ongoing relationships and prevention efforts will

services to address the issue. They requested funding

be for impactful change.”

assistance from the Greater Cedar Rapids Community

The focus group of Hispanic women that ASAC established

Foundation (GCRCF); the GCRCF provided $7,500 from its

at the beginning of the project continues to offer advice and

Community Fund.

to share information.

ASAC began its new outreach in May 2009, setting up

“Many of these women have friends and family who have

events to make connections and build trust within the

been impacted by substance abuse and are desperate to

Hispanic community, conducting individual assessments,

gain information and resources to transform their lives for

developing a long-term strategy and establishing a focus

the better,” Walker points out. “These women have been at

group of Hispanic adults for feedback and input. As the

the forefront of the planning project and have committed

prevention message got out, disseminating information

to continuing to guide this project into the next stages

at community events about risks of alcohol abuse,

of development. We focus on distributing accurate and

ASAC collaborated with other service agencies to offer

culturally-sensitive materials in an environment of trust and

presentations in Spanish as well.

mutual respect. We’ve learned that when this is done, the

“The GCRCF grant was a critical part of ASAC’s ability to

information is welcomed and accepted.”

successfully connect with Hispanic men and women,” says Melissa Walker, ASAC’s deputy director for prevention services.



G C R C F g r a n t h e l p s M u s e u m d i v e r s i f y, e n r i c h i t s e x h i b i t s


ariety is key to engaging the public, especially in

It’s a constant balancing act, Pitts says, trying to host one

the arts. So when the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

major show based on the Museum’s collection and include

(CRMA) drew up plans for a series of exceptionally

a traveling exhibition from another museum for greater

diverse exhibits for 2009-2011, its selections aimed to inspire,

exposure and variety.

educate and surprise its patrons.

“The traveling exhibits are very expensive. We’re priced out

Each exhibit required an education plan and marketing

of many exhibitions; $5,000 to $10,000 is considered a small

design to make the public curious enough to visit the

rental fee. And that’s just to get it here,” Pitts comments.

Museum to see the displays firsthand. Success depends

“But we can get back into the game with the Community

on extensive planning and reliable funding. Costs for

Foundation’s Momentum Fund.”

transportation, preparation, programming and marketing

The first exhibit in the fall, “Norman Rockwell: Fact and

new exhibits are significant. In most years, the Museum

Fiction,” explored the way Rockwell used Cedar Rapids as a

staff is able to raise basic funding to

backdrop for a November 1944 cover

install exhibits, and grant funds offer

story for the Saturday Evening Post,

further support.

showing how he moved from original

“Without publicity, the general

concept to finished product, relying on

public doesn’t know these shows are


going on,” explains Terry Pitts, CRMA

It was well-received, Pitts remarks,

executive director. “Our only real source

and the Museum heard a lot of feedback.

of funding is local businesses and

In early 2010, the second exhibit,

corporations if no grants are available.”

“Less Is More: The Vogel Collection,”

But in post-flood 2008 in Cedar

showed how artists can use the

Rapids, the old rules no longer apply.

most rudimentary materials to create

Fundraising for many public and private

evocative works of art. This cutting-

efforts is now a struggle. Once-solid resources cannot

edge collection of 50 artworks was recently donated to the

provide the support they previously proffered, Pitts notes.

Museum by a prolific collecting couple from New York City.

“This is a tough time, after the 2008 flood and with the

It drew a good response, Pitts notes, including 600 people

recession,” he adds. “There’s less to go around and there’s a

on the day after the opening, a very high turnout.

lot of need in the community.”

The third exhibit coming the fall of 2010 is “China

Fortunately, the Greater Cedar Rapids Community

Insights,” which illustrates how seven contemporary

Foundation (GCRCF) provided a $20,000 grant per year for

Chinese photographers view their own country. It offers a

two years from the Momentum Fund, enabling the CRMA to

rare opportunity for deeper understanding of the remarkable

maintain the quality and scope of three exhibitions scheduled

diversity of this vast country.

for September 2009 through August 2011.

The GCRCF grant provided key support and helped restore

That’s critical because the Museum relies on scheduling

the Museum’s audience, Pitts says.

three major shows each year, Pitts explains.

“Our attention is back to where it was before the flood,

“We’re mostly focused on these because there’s more

which is very good,” he notes. “Without a grant of this caliber,

cost associated with them and all our programming is built

our exhibition program would be devastated. It let us stay

around them,” he says.

in the market for rental exhibitions and that’s what provides the variety.” 10

“ Without a grant of this caliber, our exhibition program would be devastated. It let us stay in the market for rental exhibitions and that’s what provides the variety.” Terry Pitts, CRMA executive director


Momentum Fund Grant



x2 years


GCRCF helps Kids First Law Center meet its mission


roviding free representation for children in

Remote access software allows them to work from any

high-conflict custody and divorce cases entails a

location with their laptop and wireless connection. Now, they

lot of after-hours commitment for the staff at Kids

can work efficiently between meetings or from home when

First Law Center of Cedar Rapids.

client emergencies arise.

Kids First attorneys meet regularly with their young clients

“Remote access has been so great,” says Jenny Schulz,

after school, in the evening and on weekends. They arrange

Kids First executive director. “Now our employees can handle

meetings, settlement

client issues as they arise,

conferences, negotiations

even if it’s after-hours.

sessions and mediation to

That’s better for the kids

resolve conflict between

because we can resolve

parents, and advocate

these issues right away.”

for each child at all court

Often, evenings and

hearings. The three

weekends are the only

attorneys now represent

times the kids can call

135 kids.

their attorneys.

Two issues limit the

“We counsel them.

staff’s efficiency: a lack of

That’s why we want to be

clerical support and no

available. That’s the heart

remote access to case files

of our representation –

in the office database.

to be there for them,”

That’s where cutting-edge technology – like voice

Schulz explains. “These kids have a lot of anxiety because of

recognition and remote access software – can make a

all the drama in their lives.”

difference. Thanks to a $5,000 grant from the Greater Cedar

The voice recognition software, being installed this spring,

Rapids Community Foundation Organizational Development

will allow attorneys to dictate notes to a digital recorder,

Fund, Kids First staff can now retrieve information without

which transfers them to the computer. In such cases, Schulz

going to the office. They can work from home or check case

adds, it’s critical to get notes down while details

files from elsewhere.

are fresh.

With voice recognition software, attorneys can create

“This technology makes us so much more efficient,” Schulz

correspondence, case notes and pleadings much more

says. “It wouldn’t have been possible without the Community

quickly, accessing the office database from outside the office.



Organizational Development Fund Grant



“Now our employees can handle client issues as they arise, even if it’s after-hours.That’s better for the kids because we can resolve these issues right away.” Jenny Schulz, Kids First executive director

Illustrations courtesy Kids First Law Center.

Brid g i ng t h e G C R C F


s upport s

g a p :

K irk wood

Gap Tui tion

A s s i s ta n c e


elping students overcome obstacles, complete

funding could only support 81 students. By the end of the first

training programs and enter the workforce is

quarter of FY 2010, more than 60 percent of available funding

what the Gap Tuition Assistance Program at

had already been committed.

Kirkwood Community College is all about. One of the biggest

With deep budget cuts and burgeoning demand, the

blocks to success can be a disparity – or gap – in funding

Kirkwood Foundation sought fresh support from new

for tuition.

sources, including the Greater Cedar Rapids Community

That kind of disruption can spell real trouble, especially

Foundation (GCRCF).

for those seeking new job skills or training that leads directly

The GCRCF granted $10,000 from its Community Fund

to employment through short-term certificate programs like

to help Kirkwood expand the Gap program. It’s a welcome

Kirkwood offers through its Continuing Education & Training

partnership that’s made a tremendous difference, says Kathy

Services. These

Hall, vice president for resource development with the

programs are often

Kirkwood Foundation.

the quickest path to

“The need is just off the charts,” she says. “This grant from

work in fields where

the Community Foundation, plain and simple, is allowing us

jobs are currently

to help a lot more people.”


The Gap program provides tuition for students in four

occupational areas: business/information technology,

Students enrolled

in these noncredit

manufacturing/industrial technology, transportation and

programs aren’t

health care. The program also includes personal case

eligible for federal

management to find the perfect fit in training for the

financial aid and

individual. Staff works closely with students throughout the

rarely receive

program and helps find employment once their training

privately-funded scholarships. So three years ago Kirkwood

is complete.

established Gap Tuition Assistance, a workforce development

“Program Director Bethany Parker gives applicants a

program providing case management and tuition assistance.

great deal of support, from skills assessments and career

It bridges the funding gap, helping students facing multiple

counseling to connect them with the right profession,

barriers to succeed.

to support through the training period, and into the first

Initially, Kirkwood’s Workplace Training and Economic

stages of employment,” Hall notes. “Kirkwood’s Continuing

Development Fund supported the Gap program, using an

Education & Training Services staff works closely with area

internal allocation of a state funding stream. But with the

employers, who tell us what they need.”

difficult state budget situation and continued reductions

The Gap program’s success shows in the numbers: as of

in higher education funding, there are no guarantees of

Sept. 30, more than 75 percent of those who completed the

continued state support.

Gap program were successfully employed.

At the same time, the recession has pushed Kirkwood’s

enrollment to record levels: nearly 18,000 credit students this

can really shine – and does,” Hall says. “These short-term

past fall (up 17 percent over the previous year) and another

certificate programs are where we can put people back into

40,000 non-credit students.

the workforce – and with a career, not just a paycheck.”

In 2009, there were 926 referrals to the Gap program, but


“Meeting workforce development needs is where Kirkwood

“ The need is just off the charts… This grant from the Community Fund Grant



Community Foundation, plain and simple, is allowing us to help a lot more people.” Kathy Hall, Kirkwood Foundation


Funding Olivet Neighborhood Mission: G r a s s roots


Sustenan c e

n the aftermath of the 2008 flood, the enormous

ONM sought out and received help from civic

need for outreach and support for those

organizations, schools, grocery stores and area students.

devastated by the disaster did not recede with the

Those partnerships provided additional donations of food

flood waters. Nowhere was that more apparent than at the

and clothing.

Olivet Neighborhood Mission (ONM) in Cedar Rapids.

But by last summer, Thomas realized the 35-year-old

The combination of the flood’s impact, rising

nonprofit was going to need more help to continue

unemployment and the recession hit hard those most in

responding to the elevated demand. She requested $25,000

need: low-income families and individuals, the homeless and

over two years from the Greater Cedar Rapids Community

single parent families.

Foundation (GCRCF) Momentum

Jan Thomas, director of ONM, saw

Fund to better address the community

a drastic increase in demand for

need. Last fall, GCRCF granted that

ONM’s Clothing Closet and Food

request; the funds have made a

Pantry programs, which provide free

tremendous difference for ONM.

emergency clothing and food.

“Following the flood in ’08 and

means to help those people,” Thomas

for all of 2009, our traffic picked up

says. “It costs to administer programs

tremendously, by about 300 percent,”

and our costs have increased.

she says. “We were serving 70 to 80

We were able to meet those

people a day and we were open six

needs through the funds from the

days a week.”

Momentum Fund.”

“Those funds give us the

That demand remains high, Thomas points out.

ONM has now been able to go above and beyond providing

“The number of individuals and families we are serving has

just basic sustenance. Over the holidays, ONM was also able

increased dramatically and is staying at this high level,” she

to provide food and gift boxes to those who were struggling,

explains. “Our customers are struggling to get back on their

partnering with individuals and groups who sponsored or

feet and back on track with their lives. They are caught by the

“adopted” families in need.

circumstances of the economy and unemployment.”

“The community response has been just awesome. From

ONM’s Clothing Closet served 21,000 clients in 2009,

both businesses and individuals, it’s been incredible,”

a 46 percent increase over 2008. The Food Pantry’s requests

Thomas adds.

increased 79 percent over the same period.

The food pantry now is trying to provide healthier food

“We have had to go ‘outside the box’ in thinking about

choices for families, too.

how we can continue to serve our client needs and provide a

“Our food pantry is working toward better nutrition and

means to assist in improving their lives,” Thomas says. “Our

also, with our after-school program, providing treats that are

efforts are to serve the needs of others without reservation or

healthier so we help develop healthy habits,” Thomas says.

judgment, not turning anyone away.”

“If we can provide assistance for these people, we help fuel their families.”


“Our customers are Community Fund Grant



over two years


struggling to get back on their feet and back on track with their lives.� Jan Thomas, director of the Olivet Neighborhood Mission

S u p p o r t i n g M e t r o C a r e C o n n e ct i o n : C e d a r R a p i d s C o m m u n i t y Sc h o o l & A b b e Cen ter helpin g s tudents


D i s t r i ct

ometimes you don’t know how much you need

its Momentum Fund. Since last July, when the funding was

something until it’s there for you.

granted, MCC has begun providing 40 hours a week of

That’s been the case with the response to a

on-site mental health services in those three schools.

pilot project in the Cedar Rapids Community School District

“We believe it truly has helped,” says Rhoda Shepherd,

(CRCSD) expanding the availability of school-based mental

director of Student Services for the Cedar Rapids schools.

health services for students.

“With this grant funding, we’ve been able to assign one

The CRCSD and Abbe Center for Community Mental Health

person to three schools for 12 to 16 hours each per week.

have collaborated for more than 10 years on an ongoing

That’s about double the time we could provide before. It’s a

basis district-wide to remove barriers to learning for students.

big improvement. It allows these counselors to be at school

Abbe provides individual and family

more often to deliver the services directly

therapy and crisis intervention. Together,

to the students.”

their Metro Care Connection (MCC)

program mission is to provide school-

funding Abbe received to help expand

based primary and preventive health care,

services in other schools such as Taylor

addressing substance abuse and mental

and Harrison, 70 students each month

health. It serves about 1,800 students

have been helped since last year,

each year. Working on-site enables

Shepherd adds. Abbe therapists provide

earlier identification of children’s and

prevention/education skills groups on

families’ needs. The sooner they are

anger management, social and coping

addressed, the better.

skills and grief/loss issues, educating

Thanks to the GCRCF grant and

In the aftermath of the June 2008 flood and the onset of the

teachers as well as students.

recession, MCC’s workload has increased, with more need

Kathy Koehn, Abbe’s Director of Outpatient Services,

from students coping with displacement from their homes,

says feedback from several schools tells them they’d like to

financial struggles and other stresses that interfere with

maintain – and expand – the services.

learning and stability. The district identified 1,151 students

“We use team planning at the schools, with staff and Abbe

who were made homeless by the flood; school-based mental

working together,” Koehn says. “With additional time there,

health services have helped in their recovery. But MCC saw

people recognize that we’re there and what we’re providing.

an ongoing need among students for social, emotional and

We’re more accessible, more visible.”

behavioral support.

Teachers are reporting that students using the expanded

MCC requested grant funding for $50,000 over two years,

services accomplish more and settle in better to the classroom

through June 2011, to expand mental health services in three

environment, having worked through personal issues.

schools: Polk Elementary School, Franklin Middle School

“It’s helped greatly with awareness of these services,”

and Washington High School. The Greater Cedar Rapids

Shepherd says. “It’s been good for staff too. Everyone benefits.”

Community Foundation (GCRCF) provided that grant from


Momentum Fund Grant



over two years

“ It allows these counselors to be at school more often to deliver the services directly to the students.� Rhoda Shepherd, director of Student Services for the Cedar Rapids School District


B l oc k

b y

R e b u i l d i ng


B l o c k : Homes, Nei ghborhoods



ransformation” might be the best description

sources,” he explains. “Just having the Foundation’s name

for what the Block by Block program has

on something shows there’s stability and recognizes that this

accomplished in helping neighborhoods recover

works – and is working.”

from the June 2008 flood.

Planning began in July. The goal was to get eight

And the rewards of their hard work are visible in those

neighborhood blocks to join the program by the end of

now-rejuvenated, living neighborhoods that stood defeated

2009 and to have identified solutions for 75 percent of the

by the floodwaters.

homes there.

In June, one year after the flood, hundreds of Cedar Rapids

“We reached that goal,” Ball says. “Construction isn’t

homes remained uninhabitable or unoccupied, raising

finished on those blocks but we’re making good progress on

concerns about safety issues and long-term consequences

those blocks and seeing some pretty amazing turn-arounds.”

for residents in those neighborhoods. That’s when Block by

In just one block, for example, Ball notes, out of nine

Block kicked into gear.

abandoned houses, seven are now being rehabilitated.

A solutions-based approach that identifies and helps

“In 2010, we plan to add 12 more blocks,” Ball says. “By

neighborhoods revive, Block by Block worked with churches,

the end of 2010 we should have 20 completed blocks. There’s

agencies and other groups to encourage property owners

been some slow-down, with winter, but it’s picking up with

in the worst-hit blocks to reinvest in

spring coming.”

their property or find an alternative to

abandonment. Matthew 25 Ministry

into a neighborhood, knocking on

Hub led the effort, helping identify

doors and inviting residents to come to

flood-affected blocks and assist

organizational meetings.

neighborhoods in developing a “block

plan” for revitalization.

and quite a few who are skeptical. They

In June, with a six-month, $2 million

might come to a meeting but they really

project plan, Block by Block sought

question it,” Ball says. “After two or three

and received $200,000 from United

meetings, once they’re meeting with

Methodist Church and two grants from

construction people and planning, they

the Greater Cedar Rapids Community

start showing a little trust. Later on, almost

Foundation (GCRCF): $700,000 from

every single resident says, ‘I didn’t think

the Flood 2008 Fund and $1 million

Initially, the group’s members go

“At first, there are one or two excited

you could do it, but you did.’”

from the John and Dyan Smith Donor-Advised Fund.

Group-building — getting neighbors to get better

Courtney Ball and his brother Clint Twedt-Ball, co-directors

acquainted and work together — is vital.

of Matthew 25, credit the GCRCF funding as key to the

“Often, the residents would go out their back door when

undertaking’s success.

they left their house after the flood,” Ball explains. “Now, they

“The biggest thing was that the Community Foundation

go out the front door, see their neighbors and talk more. We

gave us the money to get started,” Courtney Ball says.

decided we wanted these neighborhoods really strong when

“Since then, we’ve gotten funds through the local sales tax

we walk away. People are connecting with each other now.

and the Iowa Finance Authority. But we couldn’t get started

Their block meetings are potlucks.”

without that money up front. The grants allowed us to set up

As plans continue, Twedt-Ball reflects on the unique

the partnership.”

collaboration of private philanthropy, faith-based groups and

Once that was underway, the momentum picked up,

government that made it all happen.

Clint Twedt-Ball adds.

“That doesn’t happen very often,” he says. “It’s been fun to

“The incredible success of it is the increased leverage the

work with.”

grant has given for additional money from other funding


John and Dyan Smith Donor-Advised Fund Grant






Flood 2008 Fund Grant




“ In 2010, we plan to add 12 more blocks. By the end of 2010 we should have 20 completed blocks.” Clint Twedt-Ball, co-director, Matthew 25 Ministry Hub

O rv i l l e Ta k i n g


Bl o e t h e :

e ndow men t to


pe rsonal


rville Bloethe’s fondness for his home town of

“I want to make the most of what I do,” he says. “I could

Victor is as homegrown as it comes.

see the advantage of doing it now because of Endow Iowa.

I took advantage of that.”

Maybe it’s the kindness of the townspeople, or

the simplicity and satisfaction of a life and work he still loves.

He’s referring to the Endow Iowa program, which provides

At 90, Bloethe could easily rest on his laurels. He’s been an

donors of qualifying gifts with state income tax incentives

attorney since 1947 and still works full-time in the old brick

worth up to 25 percent of the amount of their gift.

downtown building that houses his corner office. But Bloethe

“This is the right way to do this; it will help the school right

still loves helping a wide range of long-time clients.

now,” he explains. “I get to see them benefit from it. And it’s

“The greatest blessing I have is to come to work,” he says,

an unrestricted gift. I trust the school to use it well.”

smiling. “Truly, it’s the greatest gift I have.”

That trust comes from a lifetime spent honoring his roots.

There’s just one other thing Bloethe loves just as much, if

Born and raised in Victor, Bloethe and his two brothers grew

not more: its school. He still serves on the Hartwick-Ladora-

up three miles south of town. Bloethe remembers walking six

Victor (HLV) school board.

miles round-trip every day to school.

Now Bloethe has taken that commitment to a new level

“One advantage of that was I could think while I was

by establishing a $1 million endowment through the Greater

walking,” he says. “It was wonderful exercise and it helped

Cedar Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF) to benefit

me recite and memorize the Gettysburg Address.”

the HLV district. It’s an unrestricted fund, which allows the

His father died when Bloethe was young; he and his

school district’s board members to determine how the money

brothers supported the family by farming. Bloethe finished

is used. The GCRCF is the steward of the endowment; it will

college, served in World War II in Australia and New Guinea

manage the gift, working closely with the school district.

and got his law degree from the University of Iowa College

“If there’s anything fundamentally important to the

of Law. He married the love of his life, Loanna, after their

community, it’s the school,” Bloethe says. “It’s really the heart

seventh date; they lived happily in Victor.

and soul of a community. And I give to everyone when I give

Bloethe established a national reputation as a legal

to the school.”

authority on taxes. He helped write the Iowa State Bar’s

Bloethe’s generosity stems, in part, from his involvement

widely-used Income Tax Manual. He served as Victor’s city

in school matters, especially during the 1970s when small

attorney for 56 years. He has taught a tax school every year

school districts were consolidating.

since 1976 for the Iowa Bar Association. His work today, he

“I was very involved with school consolidation,” Bloethe

says, is “a people practice,” with emphasis on estate plans,

recalls. “It was one of the toughest times because it meant

revocable trusts and wills.

so much to the people. It’s unfair to a community but it’s a

“I know the people here,” he adds. “They’re good to me and

matter of self-preservation. That’s why this school district is

I try to be good to them.”

so important to me, having seen the other side.”

Bloethe credits his longevity to oatmeal and daily walks.

In the fall of 2009, Bloethe decided to establish an

Every evening, he and his son walk for up to 45 minutes –

endowment. He’d heard good things about the GCRCF and

outside if the weather cooperates, or in the school gym if not.

his attorney, Paul Morf, pointed him in that direction. Bloethe

Philanthropy is nothing new for Bloethe. He and Loanna have

contributed the first half of his endowment in 2009; he’ll give

provided scholarships and given to Kirkwood Community

the rest in 2010.



Established a

DOLLAR Endowment benefiting HLV School District

“ This is the right way to do this; it will help the school right now…I trust the school to use it well.” Orville Bloethe, Esq.

Orville Bloethe, Esq. V i c to r , I owa

College and the University of Iowa College of Law. They once

Paul Morf, Bloethe’s attorney who helped set up the

gave a $100,000 challenge grant to Victor if the community

endowment, cites Bloethe as a role model of compassion.

could raise $200,000 to build a new medical clinic. They did it.

“Orville exemplifies the very best that an attorney can

Of his endowment through GCRCF, Bloethe says, “I know

be,” Morf notes. “His life is a shining example of the impact

what I’m doing is a little bit unique but I think it’s going to

a lawyer-statesman can have on his community. His

help the whole community, because the school is so much a

legacy is one of service to his community not only through

centerpiece. It touches everyone.”

his profession but also through significant community involvement and philanthropy.”



a n d

j o i n i ng

e ff o r t s t o


F i n a n c i a l

A dv i s o r s :


philan thropi c


he title – Trust Officer – says it all.

Community Foundation is a good fit for them,” she says.

“I can tell them that the best way to accomplish that is

Becoming a bank trust officer requires

expertise in handling estates’ finances and

through the Foundation. It’s a wonderful non-profit for those

advising clients and family members on their best options.

who want to support their community.”

It also involves gaining, and holding, the trust of those

Many clients have decided where to focus their

you counsel. Confidentiality and respect are key. No one

philanthropy long before meeting with her, Fitzgerald notes.

knows that better than Sara Fitzgerald, vice president and

Often, clients have strong feelings on what they want to

trust officer for Guaranty Bank in Cedar Rapids. Fitzgerald

support. Establishing scholarships is a popular option.

joined Guaranty Bank in 1983

and has 26 years of trust

for a lot of people,” she says.


“They can feel like they’re

The trust department helps

making an impact, making a

care for estates, investment

difference even if they don’t

accounts, conservatorships

have a lot of money.”

and trusts.

“We develop relationships

are more options than they

with bank clients,” she says,

realized is a good reason to

helping them look ahead

inform clients of what the

so they can address any

GCRCF offers, Fitzgerald adds.

concerns and lay out their

estate so it accomplishes

has many options for an

what they want. “Whatever we do, we do because of the need of the client.”

Sara Fitzgerald V i c e P r e s i d e n t & T ru s t Off i c e r G ua r a n t y B a n k , C e da r R a p i d s

For those clients who

“Those are good choices

Just finding out that there

“The Foundation

individual to use, from establishing a fund, giving to a community non-profit or adding to the general fund

express interest in leaving a financial gift for philanthropic

to help Cedar Rapids,” she says.

use, Fitzgerald recommends working with the Greater Cedar

Fitzgerald first heard about the GCRCF’s services through

Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF).

a client about 10 years ago. Working with the Community

“Everyone is different. It’s important to make a connection

Foundation has enhanced her work and helped many of her

with the person so they feel they’re being helped in some

clients, Fitzgerald says.

way,” Fitzgerald explains. “Some might need more guidance

“The community is lucky to have the GCRCF in Cedar

or want to give more. It’s up to the individual.”

Rapids,” she says. “People are proud of their community and

Some clients indicate a specific desire to give to a single

GCRCF is the tool for them to use if they have intentions of

cause or entity. But for those who want to contribute to the

philanthropy or charitable giving.”

greater good – to benefit the community - “that’s when the


P o o l e d

I n v e s t m e n t

A l l o c at i o n

a s

o f

D e c . 3 1 , 2 0 0 9

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF)

The primary advantage of pooling funds is that it permits

has a balanced approach to investing. The Investment

greater diversification of investments than would be possible

Committee of the GCRCF board works closely with staff and

for single funds. This provides for greater opportunities

a professional management consultant.

without increasing risk.

Contributions made to the GCRCF are pooled for investment

2009 Return on Investments

purposes. There are more than 500 total funds, of which more

During the fiscal year that ended Dec. 31, 2009, the GCRCF

than 390 component funds are in the combined Endowment

endowment pool return on investment was 22.7 percent. The

Pool. A system unitization, much like a mutual fund, allocates

three-year return was -3.5 percent; the five-year return was

total return to each component fund. These component funds

3.1 percent, and the annualized return since Jan. 1, 1994 is

represent a collection of interests of individual donors and

7.6 percent. These returns are stated net of fees. Copies of

agencies who have united to increase the effectiveness and

the GCRCF audited financial statements and IRS form 990

assure the future of charitable giving.

are available upon request.

T h e G r e a ter Cedar Rapids Community Foundation

Stat emen ts o f Finan cial Position Dec. 31, 2009, and 2008

A s s e t s

2009 $ 7,495,104

2008 $ 7,531,110

1,832,400 10,009 85,410,536

1,227,778 7,554 69,503,118

596,189 301,888

32,003 294,476

$ 95,646,126

$ 78,596,036

Cash and cash equivalents Receivables: Contributions and bequests, net Prepaid Expenses Investments Property and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation of $58,041 in 2009 and $52,150 in 2008 Cash value of life insurance




LIABILITIES Accounts payable Accrued expenses Grants payable, primarily due within one year Amounts due under annuity and unitrust agreements Amounts held of behalf of others


ASSE T S $ 69,520 23,577 204,829 2,535,194 16,584,394

$ 27,187 11,038 990,231 2,528,918 13,455,560



NET ASSETS Unrestricted: Operating 576,367 Endowed 69,693,044 Non-endowed 3,462,568 Support Trust

534,933 51,082,748 5,009,151 2,968,741

Total liabilities

Total unrestricted net assets

Temporarily restricted

Total net assets









$ 95,646,126

$ 78,596,039

T h e


I m p a ct

o f

G r a n t

M a k i n g

n 2009, the Greater Cedar Rapids Community

latter requests make up our competitive grant programs, so

Foundation (GCRCF) was pleased to have awarded

named because grants are awarded based on the relative

almost $8.2 million in grants to support charitable work in

merit of the project as compared to other applications.

Linn County and beyond. While $3.9 million was provided

In 2009, almost half of the Foundation’s grants were

to support flood recovery, the $4.3 million in non-flood-

competitively awarded from over 30 funds. Local

related grants slightly exceeded the total grants awarded

corporations that accept competitive applications reviewed

by the GCRCF in 2007, prior to the flood. This remarkable

286 applications this year. GCRCF grant committees reviewed

commitment to the on-going charitable work in our

the remaining applications. The varied knowledge and

community is a tribute to donor steadiness, unrestricted assets

experiences of the dedicated volunteers who make up

and the exceptional nonprofits that benefit our community.

Foundation grant committees ensure robust, high-quality

The Foundation awards grants in various ways,

grant decisions. This year, 70 volunteers reviewed and scored

depending on the type of fund. Donor advisors initiate

370 grant applications and 283 scholarship applications. This

grants by recommending funding for organizations. Other

commitment represents more than 1,000 hours in volunteer

grants come from designated funds that specify on-going

service. Certainly, the commitment of Foundation volunteers

support to pre-determined organizations. Many grants are

and donor advisors are key to putting the “community” in

triggered by the nonprofits themselves, with organizations

“community foundation.”

submitting applications to request project funding. These

2 0 0 9

G r a n t

M a k i n g

A n a ly s i s





in millions

Community Development & the Environment

Health & Human Service





Other Education

3 % 2 19


Arts & Culture

2.5 $2,024,340












$329,901 $197,069

Arts & Culture

Education Community Development/ Environment


20 14 13


Flood 2008 Fund

Health & Human Service




All Corporate Donor Advised

Agency Endowment



$188,722 $103,988



Designated Agency

County Endowment Grants

General Endowment (Unrestricted)

Field of Interest

Organization DonorAdvised

Individual DonorAdvised


Competitive grant programs are initiated by nonprofit organizations submitting an application to the GCRCF. These applicants compete for funding against those from other nonprofits. Staff review all submitted applications, which are then distributed to the donor-advisors or to GCRCF grant committees.


Competitive Grant Programs Number Funded


Amount Awarded

Number of Applications

Number Funded

Amount Awarded

Number of Applications






















Non-Profit Recovery














Organizational Development







Linn County







Jones County













Field of Interest Funds







Flood 2008 Fund









Donor-Advisors (competitive applications only)






Grants are not always paid in the year they are approved.

H ow to

A p p ly

f o r


G r a n t:

The GCRCF seeks grant applications from charitable nonprofit

age and size and area of community need. Grant awards

and governmental organizations serving Linn County, Iowa.

range from small, one-time grants to larger multi-year

Organizations should be tax exempt under section 501(c)(3)


of the Internal Revenue Code, or partnered with a 501(c)(3)

Information about various grant programs, deadlines and

that has agreed to serve as a fiscal agent.

application materials are available online at,

The Community Foundation offers multiple funding

or by contacting the program department at the Community

opportunities based on the type of project, organization

Foundation at 319.366.2862 or

G r a n t W r i t e r s ’ Wo r k s h o p s : Each year, the Community Foundation offers workshops for

County Fund, in addition to the four regular workshops

grant writers to provide information on funding opportunities

offered in January and September.

and the grant making process. Each workshop offers an

To be added to our grant writers’ workshop email

overview of the GCRCF grant programs, information on

distribution list, please contact the Program Assistant at

completing grant applications and when to apply for grants.

319.366.2862 or email

In 2009, the GCRCF added workshops specific to the Linn

The Foundation maintains strict standards to uphold the integrity of the grants process. Our conflict of interest policy applies to grant committees, board and staff and requires recusals in cases of conflicts of interest. Foundation review processes are methodical and transparent, with scoring tools for competitive grant applications available on the website,


T y p e s


o f

C h a r i ta b l e

F u n d s

iving through the Community Foundation is an

Unrestricted Funds allow you to address current and

effective way to ensure your charitable gifts go to

future community needs. As an unrestricted fund donor, you

the causes that are most important to you. Donors may

understand the dynamics of our changing community and

contribute a wide variety of their resources using the

world and know that there are issues yet to be determined.

following charitable options:

By working with the Community Foundation, grants will be awarded in your name or fund name to nonprofits that

Donor-Advised Funds offer ongoing involvement in the

address community needs today, tomorrow and forever.

use of your gift. Working with our professional program staff, you recommend grants to support charitable groups

Agency Endowment Funds are established by nonprofit

or causes of your choice (in Linn County or beyond). Your

agencies to provide permanent, annual support for the

recommendations are submitted to our board of directors

organizations. Partnering with the Community Foundation

for approval and the Community Foundation then distributes

allows nonprofits to focus on carrying out their mission

grant funds on your behalf.

while knowing their fund is a part of a large, professionally managed investment pool.

Corporate Donor-Advised Funds provide a convenient, flexible way for businesses to extend their commitment to the

Bequests and Beneficiary Designations may be a gift or

local community with charitable giving.

portion of your estate to the Community Foundation. In some

Currently, the Community Foundation holds 20 corporate

cases, you may qualify to receive a substantial reduction in

donor-advised funds, including GreatAmerica Leasing

federal gift and estate taxes.

Corporation, Diamond V Mills, The Gazette Foundation, Altorfer, Inc., Lil’ Drug Store Products Inc., Van Meter

Charitable Gift Annuities may be of cash or property to

Industrial and many others.

the Community Foundation. This will allow you to receive immediate tax benefits while ensuring that you or a loved one

Designated Funds are permanently endowed to make a

receives fixed quarterly or annual income payments for life.

difference and leave a legacy forever. The nonprofits you select receive an annual gift in your fund’s name. You may

Charitable Remainder Trusts allow you to place cash

choose one or more organizations for permanent support.

or property in a trust that pays annual income to you (or another designated beneficiary) for life. After your death, the

Field of Interest Funds focus on a particular charitable

remainder of the trust transfers to the Community Foundation

area that you choose. Once you determine a cause you want

and is placed in a charitable fund you have chosen. You

to support, our grant program staff will help to identify grant

receive income tax benefits the year you establish this trust.

recipients and make grant recommendations from your fund.


D onor s

M a k i ng


D i ff e r e n c e

D i v e r s e . C a r i n g . Pa s s i o n at e .



Donors who have created funds at the Greater Cedar Rapids

Donors may take an active role in their grant making or

Community Foundation (GCRCF) are as diverse and unique

entrust the Community Foundation to make grants to support

as the organizations and causes they care about. Our donors

organizations or issues of interest to them. Some leave a

care deeply about their community and they are passionate

legacy to benefit the community in perpetuity.

about making a difference.

This year, the GCRCF awarded $8.2 million in grants to

Our donors have set up funds as a family, business

organizations in our community, around the country and

or as part of a group with common interests. They are


community leaders and volunteers, entrepreneurs, retirees

Following is a list of funds donors have created at the

and professionals who support causes from arts and

Community Foundation and the organizations and causes

culture, to preserving the environment, community building,

donors supported through their funds in 2009.

advocating for accessible health and human services and promoting education.

N ew

F u n d s

St a r t e d

Jean H. Ashby Fund Gordon and Jann Baustian Designated Fund

i n

2 0 0 9

The Dick Damrow Educational Fund

Klepfer Family Fund

DeWolf Family Endowed Fund

Dr. Joseph and Isabelle Krichel Family Endowed Fund

F. William Beckwith Endowed Fund II

Kevin Eck and Sashi Solomon Family Fund

Roger and Thea Leslie Endowed Fund IV

Orville Bloethe Endowed Fund for the HLV School District


Christopher and Jane Lindell Family Fund

Michele Boyer Endowed Fund

Gehring Family Fund for Coe College

Jean Brenneman Family Fund

Haas Family Designated Fund

Ruth L. Hastings Brown Fund

Kylie Hall Designated Endowment Fund

Buresh Family Endowed Fund Busse Family Endowed Fund Cedar Rapids Rough Riders Hockey Charitable Fund

Iowa Legal Aid Foundation Endowment Fund

John and Dyan Smith Fund for Cornell College Tree of Five Seasons and Plaza Maintenance Endowment Fund

Marion Churches Senior Living Community Foundation Endowment Fund

Wiesenfeld Family Fund

Theatre Cedar Rapids Trustees Agency Endowment Fund


Martha L. Parsons Endowed Fund

David Mahlke Endowed Donor Advised Fund

Neighborhood Transportation Service Endowment Fund

Joseph M. Kacena Endowed Fund

Tyler & Sarah Halbrook Olson Family Fund

Trees Forever Jack Shaffer Memorial Fund

F u n d s o f t h e G r e at e r C e da r R a p i d s C o m m u n i t y F o u n dat i o n

Agency Endowment African American Heritage Foundation Friends Fund Alternative Services, Inc. Agency Endowment Alzheimer’s Association, East Central Iowa Chapter QuasiEndowed Fund Amana Arts Guild Agency Endowment Fund Amana Heritage Society Designated Agency Endowment Fund ARC of East Central Iowa Foundation Quasi-Endowed Fund Art Christoffersen Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Big Brothers Big Sisters Fund Boys and Girls Club of Cedar Rapids Agency Endowment Fund Peggy Boyle Whitworth Endowed Fund for Brucemore Camp Courageous of Iowa Endowment Fund Cedar Rapids Community School District Foundation Fund Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Endowment Fund Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Quasi-Endowed Fund II Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre Agency Endowment Fund Cedar Rapids Public Library Foundation Fund Cedar Rapids Symphony Endowment Fund Cedar Rapids Symphony Quasi-Endowed Fund Cedar Rapids Symphony School Endowment Fund Henry and Bertha Tiemeyer Scholarship Fund (Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra) Coe College Endowment Fund Community Health Free Clinic Endowment Fund Community Health Free Clinic Quasi-Endowed Fund Discovery Living Endowed Fund II Discovery Living Quasi-Endowed Fund Discovery Living, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund Four Oaks of Iowa, Inc. Endowment Fund Four Oaks of Iowa, Inc. QuasiEndowed Fund Four Oaks of Iowa, Inc. QuasiEndowed Fund II Gems of Hope, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund Hawkeye Area Council, Boy Scouts of America Endowment Fund Henry Davison Youth Center Fund

Mount Mercy College Endowment Fund Mount Vernon Community School District Foundation Agency Endowment Fund Mount Vernon Community School District Foundation Friends Fund Elaine Mykelby Young Artist Friends Fund (Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre) National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Fund Neighborhood Transportation Service Endowment Fund Friends of the Oak Hill Cemetery Endowment Fund Old Creamery Theatre Agency Endowment Fund Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa Agency Endowment Fund Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa Quasi-Endowed Fund Red Cedar Chamber Music Agency Endowment Fund Southeast Linn Community Center Agency Endowment Fund St. George Orthodox Church Cemetery Endowment Fund St. George Orthodox Church General Endowment Fund St. George Orthodox Church Scholarship Endowment Fund St. Joseph’s of Marion Agency Endowment Fund St. Luke’s Health Care Foundation Endowment Fund St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Systems Unlimited Agency Endowment Fund Theatre Cedar Rapids Trustees Agency Endowment Fund Trees Forever Agency Endowment Fund Trees Forever Quasi Endowed Fund Trees Forever Quasi-Endowed Fund II United Nations Association – USA of Linn County, Iowa Endowment Fund United Way of East Central Iowa Agency Endowment Fund Waypoint Endowment Fund Westminster Presbyterian Church Agency Endowment Fund Westminster Presbyterian Church Quasi-Endowed Fund Witwer Center, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund Xavier Foundation Endowment Fund Young Parents Network Agency Endowment Fund

Heritage Area Agency on Aging Older Iowans Endowment Fund Indian Creek Nature Center Charitable Trust Endowment Fund Indian Creek Nature Center Founders’ Fund Indian Creek Nature Center Land Perpetual Care Agency Endowment Fund Bena Homestead Endowment Fund (Indian Creek Nature Center) Lynch/Schulz Environmental Education Fund (Indian Creek Nature Center) Lynne Stimple Memorial Trail Fund (Indian Creek Nature Center) Iowa Legal Aid Foundation Endowment Fund Friends of the Iowa Medical Aid Fund Isaac Newton Christian Academy Agency Endowment Fund Jane Boyd Community House Agency Endowment Junior Achievement Endowment Fund Kirkwood Community College Foundation Endowment Fund Legion Arts Agency Endowment Fund Linn County Historical Society Agency Endowment Fund II Linn County Historical Society Collections Fund Linn County Historical Society Fund Linn-Mar Foundation Endowment Fund Linn-Mar School Foundation Selness Fund Linn-Mar School FoundationKiwanis Club Scholarship Fund Lisbon Community School District Foundation Agency Endowment Fund Lutheran Services in Iowa Charitable Foundation QuasiEndowed Fund Marion Churches Senior Living Community Foundation Endowment Fund Mercy Medical Center Foundation Endowment Fund Mercy Medical Center Foundation Hospice House Friends Fund Metro Youth Football Association Agency Endowment Fund Miracles in Motion Agency Endowment Fund Miracles in Motion QuasiEndowed Fund


Community Affiliates All Saints Roman Catholic Church Fund (Keokuk) Anamosa Community Foundation Fund Community Foundation of the Great River Bend Endowment Fund Greater Delaware County Community Foundation Affiliate Fund Jones County Endowment Fund Jones County Fund Keokuk Community Affiliate Fund Grand Theatre Corporate Foundation Fund (Keokuk) Michael and Kathy Klauser Endowed Donor-Advised Fund (Keokuk) Dr. Joseph and Isabelle Krichel Family Endowed Fund (Keokuk) Keokuk Area Hospital Endowment Fund Keokuk Public Community School Foundation Fund Keokuk Public Library Foundation Fund Keokuk Young Men’s Christian Association Foundation Klepfer Family Fund (Keokuk) Judith & David Morgan Fund (Keokuk) JM Morgan Fund (Keokuk) Kenneth Sibbing Endowed Designated Fund (Keokuk) Three Rivers Conservation Foundation Endowment Fund (Keokuk) Linn County Endowment Fund Linn County Fund Mount Pleasant Community Affiliate Fund Wapello County Foundation Affiliate Fund Wapello County Non-Endowed Fund Corporate Donor-Advised Funds Altorfer Machinery Company Non-Endowed Corporate Donor-Advised Fund CRST Fund Diamond V Mills Corporate Fund The Gazette Foundation Corporate Donor-Advised Fund GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation Fund Hall & Hall Engineers, Inc. Corporate Donor-Advised Fund IGD Fund Lil’ Drug Store Products, Inc. Fund McGrath Automotive Corporate Fund

The McGrath Automotive Group Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Merit Construction Co./ Rinderknecht Associates Inc. Donor-Advised Fund Midamar Corporation DonorAdvised Fund New Frontier Foundation Fund Paulson Electric/PEC Communications Corporate Donor-Advised Fund Paulson Electric/PEC Communications Endowed Fund Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, P.C. Fund Simmons, Perrine, Moyer & Bergman Donor-Advised Fund Van Meter Industrial Corporate Donor-Advised Fund Young Genius Fund (Henry Russell Bruce, Inc.) Designated 15 in 5 River Timeline Project Fund Abbie Downing Educational Fund Alex Strait Memorial Fund for Indian Creek Nature Center Anonymous Designated Fund II Benjamin Christopher Tvedt Fund Bernice Pratt Circle of International Order of King’s Sons and Daughters Fund Blahnik/Garden Club Speakership Fund Bonnie Rae Picard Memorial Fund Carl & Doris McClain Ecological Restoration Fund Carl and Jill Henrici Fund Cedar Rapids Healthcare Alliance Fund Cedar Rapids Symphony Center Endowed Fund Cedar Rapids Symphony Endowed Chair Fund Charles and Evelyn Erb QuasiEndowed Designated Fund Claire & Vernon Hudek Fund Clifford A. Hendricks Fund David & Ann Pickford Endowment Fund David & Chris Kubicek Endowed Fund David H. & Rose Marie Burke Fund Dorothea E. Garberson Wildflower Project Fund Dows Fund for Artists, Authors & Musicians Edna A. Herbst Fund EPRC Fund F. Forbes Olberg and Ann Olberg Endowment Fund F. William Beckwith Endowed Fund F. William Beckwith Endowed Fund II

William B. Quarton Fund for Hoover Library Quarton Fund for Indian Creek Nature Center Quarton Fund for International Writing Program Quarton Fund for Waypoint Rick & Donna Flynn Fund Riverside Skate Park Fund Robert W. and Elizabeth M. Allsop Endowed Fund Roger and Thea Leslie Endowed Fund Roger and Thea Leslie Endowed Fund II Roger and Thea Leslie Endowed Fund III Roger and Thea Leslie Endowed Fund IV Russell W. & Ruth E. Landis Designated Endowment Fund for St.Paul’s Methodist Church Ruth Opal Beatty Fund for Music Education of Shellsburg Youth Theodore & Elizabeth TrefnyCzech/Slovak Museum Fund Tokeim Family Designated Funds for Inn-Circle Tokheim Family Designated Fund for Linn Community Food Bank Tokheim Family Designated Fund for Lutheran Church Initiatives for the Homeless Tree of Five Seasons and Plaza Maintenance Endowment Fund Trees Forever Jack Shaffer Memorial Fund Viola Elsenbast Fund Virginia J. Lyon Memorial Fund/ Mt. Vernon Community Preschool William P. and Gayle S. Whipple Endowed Designated Fund Witwer Senior Center of Cedar Rapids Fund

Friends of Inn-Circle Designated Agency Fund Gehring Family Fund for Coe College George A. and Louise M. Kalous Endowed Fund Gladys Bock Children’s Fund for the Indian Creek Nature Center Gordon and Jann Baustian Designated Fund Haas Family Designated Fund Helen Troxel/Ella Johnson Miller Fund/Indian Creek Herbert L. & Dorothy E. Ellingson Charitable Fund Inter-Religious Council Designated Fund Iowa Artist Relief Non-Endowed Designated Fund Irene B. Konecny Designated Fund for Library Acquisitions for the Mount Mercy College Library James W. and Susan K. Turner Endowed Fund II Jay G. Sigmund Fund Jay G. Sigmund Fund II Jean H. Ashby Fund Jefferson High School Performing Arts Program Fund John and Dyan Smith Fund for Cornell College John M. & Wilma Ann Wallin Sagers Endowed Designated Fund Joseph M. Kacena Endowed Fund Ken and Ortha Harstad Fund Kylie Hall Designated Endowment Fund Larry D. & Claire J. Sharp Endowed Designated FundXavier High School Larry H. Christy Endowed Fund Learning Alliance Fund Lewis Bottoms Heritage Fund Martinek Memorial Trust Fund Maurice G. and Leona Rapoport Designated Endowed Fund for Hadassah Hospital Maurice G. and Leona Rapoport Designated Endowed Fund for Jewish Welfare Fund of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Michele Boyer Endowed Fund Nina & Victor Merveaux Designated Funds Norm & Floy Erickson Endowed Fund Orville Bloethe Endowed Fund for the HLV School District Paul Christiansen Memorial Fund Paul R. and Rebecca F. Shawver Endowed Designated Fund Peter F. Bezanson Fund William B. Quarton Fund for Coe College William B. Quarton Fund for the Community Health Free Clinic

Field of Interest Altrusa Club of Cedar Rapids Literacy Fund Fund for Education Excellence Fund for Management Resourcing G.P. Fund for the Environment Hughes Fund for Church Related Human Services John A. & Elsie M. Nelson Fund Marshall Journalism Incentive Fund Nina E. and Victor Merveaux Fund for Historic Preservation Peggy Fashimpaur Fund for Arts Education Red Ribbon Fund:For the Fight Against AIDS Robert E. and Corinne L. Yaw Fund Tokheim Family Field of Interest Fund for the Homeless & Hungry of Cedar Rapids Van Nostrand Fund for Health Related Activities


Vern W. Reeder Memorial Fund White Cross Society Fund Individual Donor-Advised Anonymous Fund I Anderson Family Charitable Fund Gary L. & Alice Anderson Endowed Fund John and Mary Ellen Bickel Donor-Advised Fund Bloomhall Family Fund The John Corey Bloomhall Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Katheryn M Boatman Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Gilda & Barry Boyer Fund Stephen & Sara Brandenburg Charitable Fund Jean Brenneman Family Fund Bridge Fund II Buresh Family Endowed Fund Carol and James Burns NonEndowed Donor-Advised Fund Busse Family Endowed Fund Steve & Joanne Carfrae Fund Cedar Rapids Rough Riders Hockey Charitable Fund Clancey Family Donor-Advised Fund Clancey Family Endowed Fund Jane Cook Memorial Fund Sutherland and Josephine P. Cook Donor-Advised Fund Loren L. and Patricia A. Coppock Donor Advised Fund Matthew Craig Donor-Advised Fund The Dandekar Fund DeWolf Family Endowed Fund Dillman Family Endowed Fund Ann Dorr Family Endowed Fund James and Rosemary Earl Family Endowed Fund Tiffany Ann Earl Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Kevin Eck and Sashi Solomon Family Fund Florence & Melvin Galbraith Donor-Advised Fund Garner Family Donor-Advised Fund William and Harriet Gasway Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Dean & Laura Gesme Family Fund Gray Donor-Advised Fund Robert A. Handler M.D. Ecology Education Fund David T. Hanson Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Allan and Sally Harms Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Hellickson Family Endowed Fund Katherine K. Hladky DonorAdvised Fund

Hoffman Family Fund G.Richard & Jacqueline R. Johnson Fund Mary & David Junge Fund David & Sherri Justice Endowed Fund Bert and Sue Katz NonEndowed Donor-Advised Fund Gerald T. Knox Donor-Advised Fund Gerald T. Knox Fund II Kolln ¨ Family Endowed Fund Robert & Caroline Kucharski Fund Michael A. Kudej Memorial Fund Sheryl Chehack Lamb Endowed Donor-Advised Fund for Health and Welfare Kidneeds Fund Robert J. & Sue B. Latham Fund Robert & Carol Lehman Endowed Fund Christopher and Jane Lindell Family Fund Joe and Cherri Lock NonEndowed Donor-Advised Fund David Mahlke Endowed DonorAdvised Fund George and Janelle McClain Family Fund Jo & Larry McGrath Endowed Fund Jo & Larry McGrath QuasiEndowed Fund Nancy G. McHugh Fund Meffert Non-Endowed DonorAdvised Fund Dick & Mary Meisterling DonorAdvised Fund Milagros Research Fund Frank & Cheryle Mitvalsky Fund Mohnsen Family Endowed Fund Paul and Jennifer Morf Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Ron and Sue Neil Endowed Fund Duane & Kay Nesetril Endowment Fund Duane & Kay Nesetril Fund The Gregory and Debora Neumeyer Endowed DonorAdvised Fund John and Christine North Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Tyler & Sarah Halbrook Olson Family Fund Martha L. Parsons Endowed Fund Martha L. Parsons Family Fund Jay and Bonnie Petersen DonorAdvised Fund Project Victoria Fund William B. Quarton Endowed Fund

Iowa Community AIDS Partnership Fund League of Women Voters Fund Linn County Bar Association Endowment Fund Marion Metro Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Kits Quasi-Endowed Fund Marion Metro Kiwanis Playground Fund Quarton-McElroy IBA Fund RJHS Society Donor-Advised Fund Rotary Centennial Project Capital Campaign Fund Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids Metro High School Fund Tree of Five Seasons NonEndowed Fund Washington High School 50th Anniversary Fund Zeta Phi Eta Fund Special Funds Justin & Mildred Albright Fund Board of Director’s Fund Board Restricted Quasi-Endowed Fund Ruth L. Hastings Brown Fund Community Fund Jeanne L. Howell Fund Library Funding Information Center Operating Fund Linn County Nonprofit Resource Center Fund Nina & Victor Merveaux Administrative Fund David and Mary C. Neuhaus Fund President’s Fund REACT & K-12 Programs Fund Robert & Marion South Fund Ted and Maxine Welch Unrestricted Endowed Fund William B. Quarton Unrestricted Fund YouthPOWER Fund

William B. Quarton Fund Wendy Rivinius-Portz Memorial Fund Jack & Jacqueline Roland Family Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Gary and Cathy Rozek Endowed Fund Bob Rush and Judith Whetstine Endowed Donor-Advised Fund John M. & Wilma Ann Wallin Sagers Fund Duffy and Belva J. Schamberger Quasi-Endowed Fund Doug & Pat Sedlacek DonorAdvised Fund Doug & Pat Sedlacek Endowed Fund Larry D. & Claire J. Sharp Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Silber Family Endowed DonorAdvised Fund Drew and Jo Ann Skogman Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Leroy & LaJuana Skogman Family Fund John and Dyan Smith DonorAdvised Fund Marty and Julianne Smith Endowed Fund Julie L. and Byron A. Tabor Endowed Fund Susan M. Thayer Donor-Advised Fund Marian S. Thomson NonEndowed Donor-Advised Fund Toborg Family Fund Todd-Bridge Fund #3 Terry Trimpe Endowed DonorAdvised Fund James and Susan Turner DonorAdvised Fund Michael R. and Marla K. Valliere Donor-Advised Fund Carolyn and Charles Wellso Donor-Advised Fund Wiesenfeld Family Fund Myron & Esther Wilson Endowment Fund II Myron F. and Esther S. Wilson Donor-Advised Fund Larry & Joni Witzel Family Endowed Fund Frank P. & Marie M. Woods Family Fund Brian J. Worley Fund for the Performing Arts Zylstra & Earl Family Fund

Scholarships The Bob V. Bengtson Scholarship Fund for Students of Truman Elementary Stephen Bonfig Memorial Scholarship Fund Suki Cell Scholarship Fund College Club’s Designated Endowed Scholarship Fund Joe Corbin Memorial Scholarship Fund Joe Corbin Memorial Scholarship Fund II The Dick Damrow Educational Fund Daybreak Rotary/Polk Elementary Scholarship Fund Delaware County Fish & Game Protective Association Scholarship Fund

Unrestricted and Organization Donor-Advised Artists in Schools Fund Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce Corporate DonorAdvised Fund


Eastern Iowa Cash Management Association Scholarship Fund O.J. & Viola Elsenbast Designated Fund Charles & Edith Glidden Fund High School High Tech Fund Iowa Physician Assistant Society’s Designated Endowed Scholarship Fund Carole Jamieson Spirit Scholarship Fund Joslin Scholarship Fund Henry & Sara Katz Foundation Fund Kleiman Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Kleiman Family Scholarship Fund Komensky Society Fund Lavenz Memorial InCourage Scholarship Fund All-McKinley Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund Outstanding Student & Special Teacher Fund Bonnie Reames-Grant Memorial Scholarship Fund Vern W. Reeder Memorial Scholarship Fund Robert K. Dennis Scholarship Fund Louis Joseph and Elmer Marvin Rosenbaum Memorial Fund Dave Shay-KGAN-TV Broadcast Journalism Scholarship Fund Glenn & Mary Wendler Scholarship Fund Zeta Phi Eta Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Performing and Communicative Arts Flood Funds Berthel Fisher 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund CRSA 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund ITC 2008 Flood Relief NonEndowed Donor-Advised Fund Flood 2008 Fund Job and Small Business Recovery Fund Rockwell Collins 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Rotary 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund Van Meter Industrial Corporate Donor-Advised Fund Weitz Company 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund World Class Industries, Inc. 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund

W i l l i a m

Qua rto n

H e r i tag e

S oc i e t y

a s

o f

D e c . 3 1 , 2 0 0 9

If you have remembered the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF) in your estate plans, or if you have established an endowed fund at the GCRCF, you are eligible to become a member of the Williams Quarton Heritage Society. We will not list your name without your permission. Please the GCRCF at 319.366.2862 or for more information.

Anonymous (8) Robert W. and Elizabeth M. Allsop Thomas J. and Sarah E. Anderson

Robert C.* and Marjorie H. Fletcher Rick and Donna Flynn William B. and Jo Anne F. Galbraith

David and Chris Kubicek

Jack and Jackie Roland

Robert and Caroline Kucharski

Gary Rozek

Lawrence and Kimberly Kudej

Judith Whetstine and Bob Rush

Sheryl Chehak Lamb*

John M. and Wilma Ann Wallin Sagers

Gary L. and Alice Anderson

William and Harriet Gasway

Robert J. and Sue B. Latham

Marian J. Arens

Dean and Laura Gesme

Karen Ann Laughlin

Carl and Topsy Aschoff

David and Kathleen Good

James* and Susan Lavenz

Jean H. Ashby*

Rose and LaVern Gordon

Robert and Carol Lehman

Daniel R. Baldwin

Gary Grant

Thea and Roger* Leslie

Lorna M. Barnes

Joan Greenblatt

Christopher and Jane Lindell

Helen (Skippy) Bell

Kathy L. Hall

Bob V. Bengtson

Ortha R.* and Ken* Harstad

Norman G.* Lipsky and Belle M. Lipsky

Peter F. Bezanson*

Mary Lou and Donald Hattery

Bill and Jan Bloomhall

Ted and Tish Healey

Barbara Bloomhall and William A. Bloomhall, Sr.*

Kay and John Hegarty

Wilma J. Blosser Katheryn Boatman J. Scott and Joann Bogguss Barry and Gilda Boyer Jean Brenneman Ruth L. Hastings Brown*

David Mahlke George and Janelle McClain Bruce and Judy McGrath Jo* and Larry McGrath

Jason and Susan Hellickson

David and Ruth McGuire

Clifford A. Hendricks

Nancy Green McHugh

Kate Hladky

Frank and Cheryle Mitvalsky

Jim and Ann Hoffman

Mike and Ann Mohnsen

Lee R. Horn

Tara and Bob Moorman

Barbara J. and Ralph E.* Hughes

Paul and Jennifer Morf

David H. and Rose Marie Burke

William B. Quarton* and Jean A. Hunnicutt

Steven and Joanne Carfrae

Sher Jasperse and Daryl Julich

Bill and Cathy Munsell

Richard* and Judith Chandler

David and Mary Johnson

Virginia Myers*

Ivan and Mary Bess Chester

Kenneth L. and Mildred M.* Johnson

Kay and Duane Nesetril

Mildred Joslin and Edward Kemp*

William and Cheryl Nordstrom

Barbara Christiansen Larry H. Christy Lee and Jay Clancey Loren L. and Patricia A. Coppock Paul and Sara Corbin John P. Curran Tom and Beth DeBoom Dr. Robert and Eloise Dennis Ann Dorr Tiffany A. Earl John R. and Cheryl G. Elliott John M. Ely, Jr.* and Polly Ely* Peggy Fashimpaur Kahr John P.* and Jean W. Ferring

Craig and Deborah Mrkvicka

Greg and Debbie Neumeyer John and Christine North

Mary and David Junge

Ron and Sue Olson

David and Sherri Justice

Richard and Marion Patterson

Vyrl* and Martha Justice

Jay and Bonnie Petersen

Joseph M. Kacena*

Ann and David B.* Pickford

George* and Louise Kalous

James A. and Monica M. Piersall

Suzanne Rosenbaum Katz

Mike Plotz

Merry and Bob* Kelley

Wendy* and Randy Portz

Frank and Geri Kintzle

William and Janis Quinby

Thomas and Clara Kleiman

Curt and Sigrid Reynolds

G.T. (Jerry) Knox

Mary E. Rickey

Peter and Ingrid Kรถlln

Louise G. Roalson

Ted and Margaret Kubicek

Larry D. and Claire J. Sharp Paul R.* and Rebecca F.* Shawver Laurie and Robert Silber Marilyn and Dayton* Sippy Gary and Robin Skogman LaJuana Skogman Kyle and Susan Skogman Drew and Jo Ann Skogman Marty and Julianne Smith Duane Smith Ellen Smith Dyan and John Smith Sue and Gary Speicher Eleanor Streletzky Robert Synhorst Julie and Byron Tabor Fred and Bev Timko Kathleen Toborg Sara and Dale Todd Terry Trimpe James and Susan Turner Robert Untiedt Josie Velles R. Ray* and Barbara Weeks Maxine and Ted* Welch Guy H. Wendler Susanna Wendler William P. and Gayle* Whipple Dorothy J. White and Robert Dean Metcalf* Esther and Myron Wilson Robert and Charlotte Worley Jason and Leslie Wright Corrine and Robert* Yaw David Zylstra

Dr. and Mrs. William John Robb * Deceased


M e m o r i a l s

i n

2 0 0 9

Alex Strait Memorial Fund for Indian Creek Nature Center

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goeke

Mary Pezley

Jean Maass

David and Leah Gudgel

Bob and Anne Merkel

In Memory of Alex Strait

Bill and Shelby Gullick

Anthony and Mary Ellen Pfeifer

Steve and Vicki Archibald Altrusa Club of Cedar Rapids Literacy Fund In Memory of Albertine Brody Erica Strohl

Barbara Poe

Jeff and Laura Hachmeister

Steven and Janis Renard

Thomas and Adrianne Hakes

Jack and Susan Rogers

Dwight and Patricia Handyside

Marjorie Roost

Jim and Diane Hankes

Donald Shannon

Ivan and Bonnie Hasselbusch

John and Christine Shields

Jack and Marjorie Hatfield

Irene Smith

Benjamin Christopher Tvedt Fund

Heartland Financial USA, Inc.

Jack and Mary Jo Smith

In Memory of Benjamin Christopher Tvedt George and Karolyn Stigler

Frances Hederich

George and Lorna Sparrow

Vera Hellweg

Donald and Carol Steingreaber

Mary Jo Hendrickson

Hugh and Marjorie Summers

Tim and Rita Hickey College Club’s Designated Endowed Scholarship Fund In Memory of Joan Hemphill Josie Velles

Mary Higgins Anne Hiller Martha Hollingsworth

Dr. Joseph and Isabelle Krichel Family Endowed Fund In Memory of Dr. Joseph Krichel Richard and Sharon Harker Michael and Kathy Klauser Isabelle Krichel Jane Abell Martha Barclift Richard and Alice Bowers Joseph and Margaret Boyle Bruce and Gretchen Brandt

JLM Farms Betty Johnson Keasling’s Pharmacy & Gifts

Rosalie Strang

In Memory of Ann Winslow Bastian Melissa Randall In Memory of George Berg Timothy and Mary Bennington

Thomas and Varaluck Berg

Arletta Marsh

Ashok and Purnima Chawla

N.J. and Sue Daskalos

Kenneth and Barbara McCredie

Alan and Jenni Doyle

Peggy Dietsch

Bertha McIntosh

Marvin and Judy Doyle

Mildred Medley

Frederick and Jacqueline Freese

John and Carla Dunlap

Donald and Judith Miller

John and Sharon Grimes

George and Lois Eichacker

Douglas and Sandra Miller

James and Gail Fleming

Raymond and Patricia Miller

Herbert and Carmen Hammerberg

Sarah Fletcher

Janice Morgan

Leslie and Jane Fowler

Michael Hirleman and Nancy Loonan Hirleman

Dottie Neumeister

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Fox

James and Ruth Hodges

Doris Neyens

Paul and Alice French

Alan and Karen Kessler

George Norman

Jeffrey Fuller and Louise Maarcoux Fuller

Miriam Lamb

Jim and Joann O’Hagan

William and Sheila Landers

Larry and Jean Daggs

Malcom and Carol Ellison

Edward and Annette Peevler


In Memory of Dorothy Heald Jean Cavin Helen Schwietert

Greg and Cathy Ludwig

Thomas and Cindy Crew

Frederic and Diana Westbrook

Betty Young

Joan Logan

Kevin and Joni Crenshaw

Erin Timmerman

Hertz Farm Management Inc

Kerry Klepfer

Richard and Dolores Lofton

Jeanette Tadewald

Robert Wustrow

Friends and Family of George Berg

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Brown

Keith and Nancy Sutherland

Jeffrey and Mary Weld

Flood 2008 Fund

E.J. Lew

Richard and Diane Stefani

Sandra Yarrington

Edward and Tammi Kircher

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Krueger

Dean and Colleen Shupe

Betty Vanderloo

Jane Krebill

Louis and Kathleen Klepfer

Lloyd and Elaine Seaman

Ronald and Susan Wieben

Martha Zumwalt

Ed and Dev Kiedaisch

Martin and Laurie Reinhart

Mary Ann Underwood

Allan and Patricia Zastrow

Patricia E. Kemp Trust

Leroy and Margaret Pape

Stephen and Sharon Westbrook

Leroy Watson

Tom Hutchcroft

Rebecca Norlien

Lois Thompson

C. Dennis and Joyce Ward

Mardelle Holst

Ray and Judy Miller

In Memory of City of Cedar Rapids Traffic Engineering Department Employees Melvin Meyer In Memory of Roland Scharmer Thomas and Patricia Lanz Sven and Carol Larson Neal and Kathleen Scharmer Friends and Family of Roland Scharmer In Memory of Tim Tousey Chad Tousey

Gladys Bock Children’s Fund for the Indian Creek Nature Center In Memory of Gladys Bock Robert W. and Elizabeth M. Allsop Phyllis Barber Robert and Stephanie Caldwell Varlyn and Jane Fink Ray and Dorothy Fisher Clifford and Marjorie Franklin Ted and Tish Healey

Indian Creek Nature Center

John Nasser

Kenneth and Helen Kupka

Donald and Patricia Odegard

Mary Jo Langer

Barnes and Judith O’Donnell

Lumir and Norma Newmeister

Ann Oleson

Steven and Susan Ovel

Keokuk Community Affiliate Fund In Memory of Betty Lancaster Donald and Beverly Baustian Keokuk Community Foundation Friends Fund

Robert and Margaret O’Meara Kevin and Melanie Ostmo

In Memory of Lucille Huiskamp Richard Bowers Associates

Marilyn Osweiler Indian Creek Nature Center Founders’ Fund

Charles and Nancy Patrick

In Memory of BB Stamats Peter and Amy Alworth

Richard and Marion Patterson

Anonymous Elizabeth Adams Arnott David Barnhizer Mary Jen Bear Warren and Elizabeth Beckman

Curtis and Sigrid Reynolds Sarah and Moe Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Arlo S. Schultz William and Rachelle Shepard

Campbell Steele Gallery

Anne Stamats and William Stamats

Carolyn Davis Mary Hitchcock Davis Lois Donovan Anne Doty

Paul Christiansen Memorial Fund

RSM McGladrey, Inc. Richard and Jeanne Sentman

Barbara Coppock

In Memory of Doug Lewis Paul and Joy Sulc

Dr. and Mrs. John Purdie

Ryan and Katie Buresh

David and Lijun Chadima

In Memory of Danny Harris Paul and Alison Demyanovich

Ann Pickford

Barbara Bloomhall

Indian Creek Nature Center

Kidneeds Fund

Henry and Dorothy Patterson

In Memory of Paul Christiansen Dana and Elizabeth Christiansen

Brenda Harms Mrs. Horace G. Hedges Timothy Hill and Catherine Salata-Hill Hills Bank and Trust Company Joe Hladky John and Kathryn Hoover Thomas C. Jackson and Joanne Stevens Nancy and Thomas Lackner Bruce and Kimberly Lehrman Craig and Kimberly Leonard Frank and Marilyn Magid

Stamats Communications, Inc. TrueNorth Companies Marcia Whiteford and Ronald Thompson Wiederspan Gallery

Nancy McHugh Peggy Meek Alex and JoAnn Meyer

Gingie Hunstad Theodore and Mary Anne Kowalski Charles and Judith Lightner Nancy McHugh Margaret Quinlan David and Elizabeth Remley John and Kathy Teele Jane Van de Roovaart Haynes Julie Watts The Dick Damrow Educational Fund In Memory of Richard Damrow Anonymous

Project Victoria Fund

Mary Jen Bear

In Memory of Janis Curran Marc and Catherine Gullickson

Larry and Joan Buchanan

Quarton-McElroy IBA Fund

Timothy and Sue Winegarden

In Memory of Ford Roberts Calvin and Cynthia Bierman

Larry Zirbel and Ann Carson

Rollie Bredeson and Dawn Malllory

Jane Cook Memorial Fund

Hal Brown

In Memory of Jane Cook Kathy Cook’s Friends in Virginia and Maryland

George and Kathlyn Carpenter

Patricia Crawford Eric and Amy Engelmann Chris Erickson and Peggy Goth Thomas and Marilyn Gahm Marjorie Grovert Halo Innovations, Inc. Jack and Particia Hild Terry and Karen Hinderbrand Joe Hladky

Sally and Haven Simmons

Des Moines Radio Group

Randy and Diane Hora

Valene Joslin

Mary Fatzinger and Family

Bobbi-Jo Pankaj

Ben Harrison

Richard and Sherry McClymont

Barbara Turpin

Nell and Ed Hartlein

H. David and Paula Willey

John and Becki Hawkins H.G. Hokel Betty Hufford

Job and Small Business Recovery Fund

Dr. Phillip Hutchison Ray Marcks

In Memory of Charles F. Raines Professional Office Services

Norman and Lois Roelfs

Meers Advertising Jeffrey and Rhonda Millhollin Mark Morris E.W. and Cathy Munsell Kevin and Melanie Ostmo Charles and Mary Ann Peters Jenny Rammelsberg

Alan and Linda Smith

Retirement Planning Associates

Keokuk Area Hospital Foundation Friends Fund

Talmage Thompson and Ellen Cleveland

Ellis and Kathy Smith

In Memory of Bonnie L. Mathews G. Kenneth Mathews Trust

J.E. and Mary Turnbull

Nancy Mahany Fritz and Devonee McDonald

Carolyn Hastings

Gary and Susan Aulwes

Finy Durin Jonathan Dusek and Dina Igram Dusek

Ruth L. Hastings Brown Fund In Memory of Ruth L. Hastings Brown Grandfield & Dodd

Jim and Karon Warner Dean Westergaard

Westminster Presbyterian Church Quasi-Endowed Fund In Memory of Milly Smith Westminster Presbyterian Church


C o n t r i b u to r s to T h e G r e at e r C e d a r R a p i d s C o m m u n i t y F o u n d at i o n

Each year, the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF) receives gifts of all sizes from individuals, foundations and corporations. These generous gifts are used to support programs that improve the quality of life in Linn County, the U.S. and around the world. In 2009, the Community Foundation received gifts from the following donors or estates that were used either for the creation of new funds, additions to existing funds or unrestricted grant making support. Marva Abel Jane Abell Nicolas and Cristiane AbouAssaly

Daniel Baldwin and Anne Ylvisaker

Michael and Jeanne Bonner

Bank of America Foundation, Inc.

Michele and Bret Boyer

Account Services Processing Center

Phyllis Barber

Active Network

Lorna Barnes

Deborah and Brian Adams

David Barnhizer

Elizabeth Adams Arnott

Lynda Barrow

AEGON Transamerica Foundation

Jeff and Judi Barta

Aero Rental

Charles Bassani

African American Historical Museum & Cultural Center of Iowa

Richard and Alice Bowers Joseph and Margaret Boyle Tim Boyle

Martha Barclift

Bruce and Gretchen Brandt Rollie Bredeson and Dawn Malllory Timothy and Jacqueline Brennan Jean Brenneman

Gary and Tracy Bartlett

Bridge Club Doug Brock

Donald and Beverly Baustian

John and Margaret Brolly

Gordon and Jann Baustian

Richard Brondel

Jan Aiels

JD and ML Bayless

Gary and Diane Albers

John Beaird

Thomas and Florence Allen

Mary Jen Bear

Jeffrey Allerman and Susan Brown

Rhet Bear and Miranda Liu

Kenneth and Nancy Allerman

John and Marsha Beckelman

Buccaneer Computer Systems & Service, Inc.

Alliance Bank

Warren and Elizabeth Beckman

Larry and Joan Buchanan

Alliant Energy Foundation

F. William Beckwith

Robert W. and Elizabeth M. Allsop

John Beldon Scott

Bucks County Tape & Design, Inc

Michael and Nancy Almasi

Timothy and Mary Bennington

Leta Almeda and Suzanne Nunn Richard and Candace Altorfer Altorfer Inc. Peter and Amy Alworth Amana Arts Guild American Escrow, Inc. American Golf Foundation Gary L. and Alice Anderson Thomas J. and Sarah E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Anhalt Anonymous Albert and Nancy Aossey W. Douglas Appling Steve and Vicki Archibald Donald and Georgina Arnold Michael and Sharon Artman Carl and Jacqueline Aschoff James and Gwendalynn Atty Gary and Susan Aulwes David Auman Baile Latino of Cedar Rapids Sharon Bailey Anson and Susan Baker

Hal Brown Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Brown Chris and Shannon Bruns Ardyce and Edward Brunsting

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Beatty

Ernest and Joanne Buresh

Edward Bell

Ryan and Katie Buresh Delores Burgmann

Thomas and Varaluck Berg

Jacob Burington and Barbara Blake

Dan Bern Neil and Renate Bernstein

Jim Burke

Kristie Berntsen

Lavern and Audrey Busse

Shelly Berry

P. Barry and Audrey Butler

Berthel Fisher & Company

William and Margaret Butler

Bernard D and Deborah Bertino

Robert and Stephanie Caldwell

Calvin and Cynthia Bierman

Cameron Concrete, Inc.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Campbell Steele Gallery

Salvatore Biondo and Patricia Williams

Can Shed

Dorothy Bishop Gregory and Katherine Bjornsen Justin and Karen Bland Orville Bloethe

Katherine Bohannon H. Culver Boldt and Maria Lukas


Cedar River Soccer Association Shane and Sarah Cerone David and Lijun Chadima Ashok and Purnima Chawla Claudia Christensen Major Dana and Elizabeth Christiansen Helen Cielo Craft Robert and Elaine Ciesielka City of Cedar Rapids Traffic Engineering Department Employees City Revealed, Inc. Jay and Lee Clancey Craig and Pamela Clark W. Bryan and Virginia Clemons Coe College Jodi Cohen Bill and Ming Cole Louis and Sharon Collins Community Foundation of Johnson County Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin Community Health Free Clinic Community Theatre Building Corporation Patrick and Ann Connolly Francis and Diane Conroy

Joseph and Yara Conway

Ellen Carl

Kathy Cook’s friends in Virginia and Maryland

Roger Caudron

J. Scott and Joann Bogguss

Cedar Rapids Washington Class of ‘88

Joan Convey

Catholic Youth Swim League

Troy and Laura Boffeli

Cedar Rapids Sunrise Rotary

Steven and Joanne Carfrae

Jason and Lauren Casarella

Todd and Kristin Boffeli

Cedar Rapids Roller Girls

Capital Area Endodontocs PA

George and Kathlyn Carpenter

Mrs. Thomas Boffeli

Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre

Rosemarie Consunji and James Daher

Lynne Carlson

Marjorie Bode

Cedar Rapids Downtown District

Howard and Kathleen Cantz

Joseph and Donna Carlin

Barbara Bloomhall

Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Annie Cooper Sandra Cooper William and Lorrie Cooper Laura Comried Barbara Coppock

Jean Cavin

Paul and Sara Corbin

Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

Cornwall Trust

Richard and Sherry Cornish

Gordon and Jackie Cover

Eldora Rotary Club

Gazette Foundation

Allan and Sally Harms

Terry and Sheri Crandall

Jeffrey and Teresa Elgin

GCRCF Support Trust

Brenda Harms

Patricia Crawford

Malcom and Carol Ellison

GE Foundation

Jeanette Harrington

Kevin and Joni Crenshaw

Ely Rotary Club

David and Susan Gehring

Edward and Carolyn Harris

David and Olive Crew

Embrace Iowa

General Mills Foundation

Mark and Marcia Harris

Thomas and Cindy Crew

Eric and Amy Engelmann

Julie Gibbs

Percy G. Harris

Megan and Joshua Crosser

David and Marilyn Erb

Warren and Lori Gichard

Ben Harrison

CRST International

Chris Erickson and Peggy Goth

Joseph and Lorraine Gilbert

Ortha R. Harstad

CSA Lodge Christa #479

Philip and Kimberly Erisman

Cindy Glenn

Barbara and Dave Hartle

Kenneth and Jamie Cummins

Estherville Rotary Club

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goeke

Nell and Ed Hartlein

Mark and Sally Cunliffe

Timothy Etherington

Caryn Gonzales

Marjorie Daft

David and Carolyn Evans

Joel and Ellen Gordon

Caroline Harwood and Everett Greenberg

Larry and Jean Daggs

Jack Evans

Ivan and Bonnie Hasselbusch

Arvind and Swati Dandekar

Christine and Charles Everingham

Graduate Student Government Assn., Inc.

Carolyn Hastings

Grandfield & Dodd

David and Kathleen Hatala

GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation

Jack and Marjorie Hatfield

Greater Des Moines Community Foundation

Melanie and Bruce Haupert

N.J. and Sue Daskalos Carolyn Davis Paul and Alison Demyanovich Robert and Eloise Dennis Peter and Ellen Densen Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Melinda Derynck Des Moines Radio Group Desert Rose Golf Course Destinations Unlimited, Inc. S and C Dettman Chris DeWolf Diamond V Mills Mr. John Dilg Jo Ann and Samuel Dillon William and Helen Dillon Direct Marketing Solutions Rosi Disterhoft Aidan and Theresa Diviny DJ Smith Enterprises Lois Donovan Anne Doty Alan and Jenni Doyle Bradley and Melissa Doyle Marvin and Judy Doyle Julie Driscoll Melinda Drynck Neil and Colleen Duffie Ben Dukes Joe and Lisa Dumond John and Carla Dunlap Lance and Karen Dunn Finy Durin Jonathan Dusek and Dina Igram Dusek Carita Dyas Daniel Eberl and Mei Ling Joiner Kevin Eck and Sashi Solomon Gary and Patricia Eckley Josephine Edwards and AnnMarie Hirsch Robert and Josephine Edwards George and Lois Eichacker

ExxonMobil Foundation Brian Fagan Fairfax State Savings Bank Charitable Trust

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Joseph and Lynn Farinella Farmers State Bank

Don Hattery John and Becki Hawkins Robert and Maureen Hawley

Greater Twin Cities United Way

Jane Van de Roovaart Haynes

Joan Greenblatt

Sara Hazen

John and Sharon Grimes

Walter D. Head Foundation

Dennis Groenenboom

Ted and Tish Healey

Marjorie Grovert

Heartland Financial USA, Inc.

Andrew Groves

Frances Hederich

Lawrence Grubryn

Mrs. Horace G. Hedges

David and Leah Gudgel

John and Kay Hegarty

Bill and Shelby Gullick

Roger W. Heidt

Marc and Catherine Gullickson

John K. Helbling

Tara Gundacker

Vera Hellweg

Loretta Gunn

Ed R. Hemphill

Ted and Dianne Haas

Jeanette Hemphill

William and Shannon Haas

Aaron and Jennifer Henderson

Jeff and Laura Hachmeister

Dennis Henderson

Steven and Barbara Haffner

James and Tricia Henderson

Haffner Carpentry, Inc.

Jeff Henderson

Thomas and Adrianne Hakes

Mary Jo Hendrickson

Sherry Hale

H.M. and Maree Heng

Brian and Amy Hall

Daniel and Rosemary Hennessy

Hall-Perrine Foundation

William and Mary Henry


Saul Herrera

Halo Innovations, Inc.

Hertz Farm Management Inc

James and Sandra Ham

Charles and Anne Hesse

Hamburg Inn No. 2, Inc.

Tim and Rita Hickey

Dennis Hamilton

Janet Hickman

Bruce and Beth Hammell

Mary Higgins

Herbert and Carmen Hammerberg

Jack and Particia Hild

Frontier Natural Products CO-OP Jeffrey Fuller and Louise Maarcoux Fuller

Calista Hammes

Timothy Hill and Catherine Salata-Hill

Dwight and Patricia Handyside

Anne Hiller

Thomas and Marilyn Gahm

Jim and Diane Hankes

Hills Bank and Trust Company

Michael and Lorraine Gallagher

Edward L. Haney

Terry and Karen Hinderbrand

Gannett Foundation

Bill and Tami Happel

Bruce and Mary Gantz

Harding Middle School

Michael Hirleman and Nancy Loonan Hirleman

Emily Garberson

Richard and Sharon Harker

Thomas and Kathleen Gaus

Tork Harman

Mary Fatzinger Children of Mary Fatzinger Amy Faulkner Doug Feil Dennis and Grace Ferreter James and Connie Fetzer Fexco Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fifth Season Cedar Valley Varlyn and Jane Fink E.J. and Allen Fisher Ray and Dorothy Fisher James and Gail Fleming Sarah Fletcher Leslie and Jane Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Fox Rikki Franck John and Julia Frank Clifford and Marjorie Franklin Daniel and Kimberly Franklin Franklin High School Class of 1949 Barry and Christina Frantz Eric and Jayne Freeman Frederick and Jacqueline Freese Paul and Alice French Edward Friedmann and Elizabeth Coyte


Mary Hitchcock Davis Joe Hladky James and Ruth Hodges

Jim Hoffman

Joseph Kacena

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Krueger

Jean Maass

Robert and Ann Hogg

John and Mary Kane

Ty and Debbie Krumm

John and Sue MacGregor

H.G. Hokel

Joseph and Mary Kane

Steve and Kathy Krusie

Carrie Machacek

A.C. Holden

Thomas and Mary Kane

David and Chris Kubicek

Andrew Maenner

Martha Hollingsworth

Thomas and Rosemary Kane

Brian and Susan Kucera

Frank and Marilyn Magid

Dean and Rise Holloway

Beheram Kasad

Gail Kucera

Nancy Mahany

Mardelle Holst

Keasling’s Pharmacy & Gifts

Robert and Caroline Kucharski

David Mahlke

David and Barbara Holzhauer

Teresa Keen

Kenneth and Helen Kupka

Nicole Manos and Aaron Tritle

John and Kathryn Hoover

Robert Kehoe

David and Elizabeth Kutter

Matt and Kristi March

Randy and Diane Hora

Gordon and Deanna Kellenberger

KZIA, Inc.

Ray Marcks

Sandra Keller

Nancy and Thomas Lackner Jack and Lori LaFayette

Marion Churches Senior Living Community Foundation

Kathleen Horan Jo Ellen Hovind Betty Hufford Gingie Hunstad Kevin and Rose Hussey Tom Hutchcroft Dr. Phillip Hutchison Hy-Vee IBM Employee Services Center IGD Linda Imhof Indian Creek Nature Center Inflection Point Insurance Associates of Cedar Rapids, Inc Iowa Legal Aid Foundation Iowa Physician Assistant Society Iowa Psychological Association Iowa Telecom Iowa United Methodist Foundation Margaret Jackson Michael and Sarah Jackson Susan Jackson Thomas C. Jackson and Joanne Stevens Betty and Jacqueline Janco Dennis D. Jandik Tanya Janulecwicz

Catherine Kelly

R E. Laird

Matthew Kelly

Miriam Lamb

Scott and Holly Kelly

William and Sheila Landers

Patricia E. Kemp Trust

Mary Jo Langer

Ted Kendzora

Linda Langston

Keokuk Area Community Foundation

Dean and Dorris Lanning Lynne Lanning and Richard Smith

Michael and Jennifer Kephart John and Patricia Kerr

Thomas and Patricia Lanz

Alan and Karen Kessler

Dennis and Cheryl Larsen

Ed and Dev Kiedaisch

Sven and Carol Larson

Benjamin and Angelika Kieffer

Marion Musical Literary Club Amanda Marrow Arletta Marsh Eric and Andrea Martin Martinek Memorial Trust Marvin Cone Art Club Mary Queen of Angels Knights of Columbus Jerry and Lynn Matchett G. Kenneth Mathews Trust Shannan Mattiace

Richard Lawless

Maximum Graphics Corp

League of Women Voters of Cedar Rapids-Marion

Dennis and Ruth McCann George and Janelle McClain

Kimberly Clark Foundation Matching Gift Center

Barbara Leaver

Patrick and Barbara McClintock

The Kenneth K. Kinsey Family Foundation

Joseph and Bridget Lebender

Richard and Sherry McClymont

Caroline Ledeboer and Alan Eacret

Jerry and C.C. McConnell

Legion Arts

Kenneth and Barbara McCredie

Marvin and Louise Kiel Debra Killion

Lance and Kelley Kirby Edward and Tammi Kircher

Bruce and Kimberly Lehrman

Nickelas and Alana Kirkpatrick

Deborah Leichsenring

Michael and Kathy Klauser

Craig and Kimberly Leonard

Thomas and Clara Kleiman

Dominick and Jacqueline Leone

Deborah Kleiman and Greg Hapgood

Thea Leslie Dr. James Levett

Jennifer Kleiman and Michael Wunn

Steven and Barcey Levy

Theodore McCracken Fritz and Devonee McDonald Anne McFadden Guy and Bonnie McFarland Kevin and Robin McGlynn Larry McGrath Mike McGrath Auto Center McGrath Automotive Corp.

E.J. Lew

Valerie Jaramillo

Kathleen Kleiman and Michael Glavan

Peter and Janice Jauhiainen

Stephen and Kristin Kleiman

Charles and Judith Lightner

Joyce Jeanblanc

Jonathan and Carol Klein

Lil’ Drug Store Products

Jefferson High School Class of 1989

Tom and Barb Klein

Lindale Mall

Mark and Joann Igoe

Kathy Klepfer

James and Sara Jane Lindberg

Kerry Klepfer

Christopher and Jane Lindell

Louis and Kathleen Klepfer

Linn County Historical Society

Rachel Klimek

Linn-Mar School Foundation

Beverly Klug

Jeffrey Lirby

Scott Knapp

Thomas Liston

Daniel Knuckey

Joe and Cherri Lock

Carl and Mary Koehler

B.L. and Amy Lofland

Francis and Teresa Kosich

Richard and Dolores Lofton

Theodore and Mary Anne Kowalski

Joan Logan

Terry and LaDonna Krejci

Greg and Cathy Ludwig

Meredith Corporation Foundation

Patricia Lukens

Todd and Dana Merfeld

Jamie and Linda Lundahl

Merit Construction Company

Gary and Barbara Lundquist

Bob and Anne Merkel

Michael and Julie Lynch

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.

Ronald Jizzi JLM Farms B. Larry and Judith Johnson Betty Johnson Foster and Marion Johnson John and Cynthia Johnson Jack and Darlene Jones Jim Jones and Linda CoulterJones Valene Joslin Stephen and Joanne Joyce Jumpstart Mary and David Junge Rosemary and C.L. Jungmann

Jennifer Lewis

Keith and Cheryl Krewer Isabelle Krichel Deborah L. Krieg


Nancy McHugh Bertha McIntosh Bruce and Jennifer McKee Estate of Helen McKee Robert K. McMaster Daniel and Karla McMurrin Jane McNulty Chick Scott and Joan McVay Mildred Medley Peggy Meek Meers Advertising Dick and Mary Meisterling Daniel Memmen Mercy Medical Center

Jeff and Amy Mesch

Catherine and James Nepola

Philip and Barbara Peterson

Rocklin Chiropractic Clinic

Rob and Jolene Mesch

William and Diana Neppl

Mary Pezley

John and Mary Meschler

Network For Good

Anthony and Mary Ellen Pfeifer

Rockwell Collins Charitable Corporation

Metro Youth Football Association

Network of Lovingkindness

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Alex and JoAnn Meyer

Dottie Neumeister

Andrea Meyer Noel and Carla Michael John and Debby Miljavac Miljavac Electrical Corporation Dennis and Sheri Miller Donald and Judith Miller Douglas and Sandra Miller Jason and Wanda Miller John Miller and Faith Russell Ray and Judy Miller Raymond and Patricia Miller Richard and Beth Miller Ted and Sally Miller Jeffrey and Rhonda Millhollin Joseph Mills and Margaret Schneider Mills Joe Minessale Frank Mitros and Monica Maloney Mitros

David C. Neuhaus

George Norman Shirley Northway Barbara Novak Cindy O’Toole Barnes and Judith O’Donnell

Kevin and Melanie Ostmo

James and Rika Moore

Marilyn Osweiler

Martin and Marie Moran

Steven and Susan Ovel

Janice Morgan

Armond and Polly Pagliai

Rina Morre

Barb Palmer

Mark Morris

Bobbi-Jo Pankaj

Mount Pleasant Utilities

Leroy and Margaret Pape

Mount Vernon Lisbon Woman’s Club

James and Kathleen Parker

Ronald and Margaret Nelson Ronald Nelson Nephropathology Associates, PLC

Casey Prince

Diane Northway

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan F. Moore

Jeff and Alisa Nelson

Anil Prasad and Enid Brenner Prasad

Rebecca Norlien

Debra Orr

Ronald and Sue Neil

Pauline Poyner

David and Anne Nordstrom

Monticello Rotary Club

Neighborhood Transportation Services

Melissa Poulsen

Kimberly Noles

Tyler and Sarah Olson

Edward and Louise Needham

Robert and Michele Pospiech

Brian and Michele Nolan

Kathleen Montgomery

John and Joan Navarro

Barbara Poe

Bob and Dorothy Nolan

Ann Oleson

Carla Nauman

Steven Platt

Leroy and Mary Noel

John and Rosemary Montagno

William Nassif

Dennis and Carla Platt

Noble Investments Inc

Donald and Patricia Odegard

John Nasser

Mario Pirrello

Carol Nilles

Moms Club of Cedar Rapids North

Lisa Nagle

Fred and Janet Pilcher

Janet Nicol

Robert and Margaret O’Meara

E.W. and Cathy Munsell

Warren and Michelle Piette

Doris Neyens

Andrew and Erin Moeller

Lorraine Mueller

Thomas and Mary Piecyk

Lumir and Norma Newmeister

Jim and Joann O’Hagan

John and Katherine Moyers

Ann Pickford

Greg and Debora Neumeyer

Frank and Cheryle Mitvalsky

Moyer & Bergman, PLC

Mari Phelan

Jenny Rammelsberg Shannon Ramsay Mark Ramsey

Edward and Annette Peevler Pella Rolscreen Foundation Martin and Eleanor Pendergast Penn, Schoen & Berland Assoc Pepper Hill Kennel Perfect Vision Productions Thomas and Mary Perks Michael and Carol Personte Charles and Mary Ann Peters Jay and Bonnie Petersen


Rotary - Cedar Rapids Sunshine Rotary Club Branch 2193 Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids West

Edward and Mary Rowen RSM McGladrey, Inc. Charles and Janice Runels Bob Rush and Judith Whetstine William and Alice Russell Mary Russell Curran and James Curran James and Cecelia Ryan Scott and Diane Ryan Adam Sadler

Brian Randall and Mary Kemen

John M. and Wilma Ann Wallin Sagers

Melissa Randall

Saint Joseph’s University

Dorothy Ray

Courtney Sanderson

RBC Foundation

Nicole Sassa

Real Property Specialists Group

Vincent and Frances Sassa

Yutaka and Rebecca Sato

Ronald and Sue Reider

Aaron Saylor

Gregory and Debra Reiman

Ed and Joan Schaffer

Martin and Laurie Reinhart

Duffy and Belva J. Schamberger

Tim and Ann Rellihan

Gregory and Kristine Schares

David and Elizabeth Remley

Neal and Kathleen Scharmer

Steven and Janis Renard

Friends and Family of Roland Scharmer

Retirement Planning Associates

Hazel Pegues

Ross Electric, Inc.

Rotary International District 7490

Julie Raffel

William and Diane Peach

W Mark and Janet Rosenbury

Rotary Club of Elmbrook

Margaret Quinlan

Todd and Dana Patterson

Marjorie Roost

John and Larissa Purcell

William and Janis Quinby

Richard and Marion Patterson

Jamie Rome and Leila Mankarious Rome

Rotary Club of Concord, MA

Jon and Mary Quass

Henry and Dorothy Patterson

Jack and Jacqueline Roland

Professional Office Services

Quarton Trust

Charles and Nancy Patrick

Rohde Family Charitable Foundation

Daniel and Angele Proctor

Barbara Putnam

Martha Parsons

Jack and Susan Rogers

Rotary Club of Cedar RapidsDaybreak

Elizabeth Putman

David and Anne Parmley

Norman and Lois Roelfs

Rodley and Lisa Pritchard

Dr. and Mrs. John Purdie

Stefanie Oelmann

Rockwell Collins Matching Gift Program

Reuben and Muriel Savin Foundation

Scheels All Sports

Curtis and Sigrid Reynolds

Robert and Elizabeth Schieffer

Richard Bowers Associates

Roger and Marilyn Schnittjer

Sarah and Moe Richardson

Christy Schrader

David and Richelle Riley

Roger and Joyce Schreder

Kathy Rinkerberger

William and Candace Schulte

Richard and Janice Risdale

Mr. and Mrs. Arlo S. Schultz

Rochester Area Community Foundation

Matthew Schultz

Jane Scheer and Robin Hursh

Helen Schwietert Barbara Scoles Joseph and Christina Scott Nick and Janett Scott Tony and Jan Sdao Monica Seabeck Lloyd and Elaine Seaman Fyoyd and Dona Seiberling Kevin and Geri Seiberling James Seifert Richard and Jeanne Sentman Francis and Madonna Shammo Donald Shannon William and Rachelle Shepard

Anne Stamats and William Stamats

Chad Tousey

Julie Watts

Stamats Communications, Inc.

Eric and Sarah Tow

Jerry and Debra Weeter

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Richard and Julia Weidman

Toyota Scion of Iowa City, Inc.

Diane Weimer

Douglas and Jennifer Trask

Christopher and Kelly Welch

Trees Forever

Jeffrey and Mary Weld

Reed and Rebecca Trefz

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Michael J. Stanly Louis and Ann Stark Anita T. Starman Estate State of Iowa Richard and Diane Stefani

Terry Trimpe

Brett and Angela Steffen

Josephine S. Trubek

Donald and Carol Steingreaber

TrueNorth Companies

Steve’s Ace Hardware Inc.


George and Karolyn Stigler

Trust for the Future

Wendy Stivers

Brad Tucker

John and Jackquelyn Stokes Robert and Alice Stott

Michael Tully and Mary Matthews

Karla Stout

Sean and Amihope Tully

Peggy Stover

J.E. and Mary Turnbull

Rosalie Strang

Barbara Turpin

William and Winifred Shuttleworth

Erica Strohl

Kathleen Tyrrell

Anne Stuhlman

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, P.L.C.

Bob and Cindy Stuhlman

Brad Simanek and Tricia Hoffman-Simanek

Daniel Stuhlman

UC Hastings College of Law Class of 2011 ASUCH Section 2

John and Trisha Shepherd John and Christine Shields Eraj and Celeste Shirvani Dean and Colleen Shupe

John and Jeri Simenec

John Stuhlman

Sally and Haven Simmons

Sarah, David and Michael Stuhlman

Simmons Perrine PLC

Tom and Linda Stuhlman

Christopher and Susan Siwinski

Joseph Stuhlman and Kathryn Carney

Gary and Robin Skogman Kathleen Slane Elizabeth Slappey Robert and Lisa Slesinger Alan and Linda Smith Ellis and Kathy Smith Francis and Gwendolen Smith Irene Smith John and Dyan Smith John Smith

Scott and Stephanie Uhlir Mary Ann Underwood United Business Media United Way Special Distribution Account United Way United Way of East Central Iowa

Robert and Cynthia Stuhlman Ronald and Sharon Stuhlman Ronald and Donna Stuhlman Paul and Joy Sulc Hugh and Marjorie Summers Keith and Nancy Sutherland Thomas Sutton Josh and Dawn Svenson Holland

Wells Fargo Bank Trust Operations Michael J. Welsh Robert and Nancy Welsh Carol Wengraitis and Denise Chilinskas Frederic and Diana Westbrook Stephen and Sharon Westbrook Dean Westergaard WestLB AG Westminster Presbyterian Church John Weyer Timothy and Gretchen Whener Marcia Whiteford and Ronald Thompson Ronald and Susan Wieben Shawn Wiederin Wiederspan Gallery Martin and Diane Wiesenfeld

United Way of the Bay Area

H. David and Paula Willey

United Way Special Distribution Account

Fred and Lois Willhoite Nicholas Williams

United Way, Inc.

Scott and Karen Williams

University of Iowa Community Credit Union

Timothy and Sue Winegarden

Van Meter Industrial, Inc.

Larry and Joni Witzel

Betty Vanderloo

Jon Swanberg

Wellpoint Foundation

Allen Witt R. Robert Woodburn, Jr. and Janet M. Smith

Byron and Julie Tabor

Thomas and Katheryn VanderMolen

Jeanette Tadewald

Josie Velles

Hazel Tanenbaum

Veridian Credit Union

Charles Wunder and Marcia Barnes Wunder

Marie Taylor

Monica Vernon

Robert Wustrow

John and Kathy Teele

Rhoda Vernon

Xavier High School

Amanda Sue Teply

George Veto and Sheila Hibbard

Sandra Yarrington

Jeffrey Textor

Vickie Vlasek

Nicole Yates

The Port Arthur Foundation

William and Carol Von Hofen

Tom and Mary Jo Yates

Christie Thomas

Catherine Wade

Corinne L. Yaw

Gary Thompson

James Wade

Forest and Josephine Yocum

Daryl and Susan Spivey

Gary and Diane Thompson

Patricia Wade

Betty Young

St Martha’s Church Home and School Assoc

Lois Thompson

Dr. Jerry D. Walker

Donna Young

Shirley Thompson

Walker Methodist Chruch

Young Womens Guild

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Talmage Thompson and Ellen Cleveland

C. Dennis and Joyce Ward

Joseph and Kineret Zabner

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

Hugh and Marian Thornton

David and Sharon Ward

Mark and Laurie Zaiger

Jim and Karon Warner

Allan and Patricia Zastrow

St. Luke’s Health Care Foundation

Erin Timmerman

Sue and Tom Warner

Larry Zirbel and Ann Carson

James E. and Jo A. Wasta

Brian Zumhof and Carol Zhanel Zumhof

Jack and Mary Jo Smith Marty and Julianne Smith R. H. Smith Roger Smith Vera Snow Nancy Sondel Bonnie Sorensen Robert South Trust Thomas and Karin Southard George and Lorna Sparrow

St. Martha’s Senior Club Lee Staak

Ticor Title Insurance Company Richard Tkach

Stephen and Diane Waterson

Kathleen Toborg

Edward and Barbara Watson

Dale and Sara Todd

Leroy Watson

Mary Tompkins


Mark Woods

Martha Zumwalt Paul and Terry Zuschnitt

C o n t r i b u to r s to t h e

F l o o d

2 0 0 8

F u n d

Donors from Linn County, across the country and around the world gave generously to


the Flood 2008 Fund following the June flood disaster. In 2009, the Community Foundation received gifts from the following donors that were used to help flood-affected individuals and families, assist non-profits gain stability post-flood and to address systemic issues resulting from the flood.

Jan Aiels

Coe College

John and Sharon Grimes

Rachel Klimek

Gary and Diane Albers

Jodi Cohen

Lawrence Grubryn

Scott Knapp

Alliant Energy Foundation

Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin

Sherry Hale

Terry and LaDonna Krejci

Laura Comried

James and Sandra Ham

Ty and Debbie Krumm

Joseph and Yara Conway

Herbert and Carmen Hammerberg

Brian and Susan Kucera

Sharon Bailey

Annie Cooper

Harding Middle School

Gordon and Jackie Cover

Barbara and Dave Hartle

KZIA, Inc.

Bank of America Foundation, Inc.

David and Olive Crew

Donald P. Hattery

Lynda Barrow

Megan and Joshua Crosser

Sara Hazen

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Beatty

CSA Lodge Christa #479

John K. Helbling

Timothy and Mary Bennington

Kenneth and Jamie Cummins

H.M. and Maree Heng

Thomas and Varaluck Berg

Melinda Derynck

Hertz Farm Management Inc

Dan Bern

Desert Rose Golf Course

Neil and Renate Bernstein

Destinations Unlimited, Inc.

Michael Hirleman and Nancy Loonan Hirleman

Kristie Berntsen

Rosi Disterhoft

Shelly Berry

DJ Smith Enterprises

Berthel Fisher & Company

Alan and Jenni Doyle

Marjorie Bode

Julie Driscoll

Katherine Bohannon

Melinda Drynck

Bridge Club

Joe and Lisa Dumond

Doug Brock

Gary and Patricia Eckley

Richard Brondel

Malcom and Carol Ellison

Buccaneer Computer Systems & Service, Inc.

Embrace Iowa

Iowa United Methodist Foundation

Jacob Burington and Barbara Blake

Philip and Kimberly Erisman

Margaret Jackson

Farmers State Bank

Michael and Sarah Jackson

Amy Faulkner

Valerie Jaramillo

Franklin High School Class of 1949

Peter and Janice Jauhiainen

American Escrow, Inc. American Golf Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Anhalt

Can Shed Jean Cavin Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Cedar Rapids Downtown District Cedar Rapids Roller Girls Cedar Rapids Washington Class of ‘88 Ashok and Purnima Chawla Helen Cielo Craft City of Cedar Rapids Traffic Engineering Department Employees City Revealed, Inc.

James and Ruth Hodges A.C. Holden David and Barbara Holzhauer Jo Ellen Hovind Hy-Vee Insurance Associates of Cedar Rapids, Inc Iowa Psychological Association

David and Elizabeth Kutter Nancy and Thomas Lackner Miriam Lamb William and Sheila Landers Thomas and Patricia Lanz Dennis and Cheryl Larsen Sven and Carol Larson Caroline Ledeboer and Alan Eacret Deborah Leichsenring Jennifer Lewis Lindale Mall Linn County Historical Society B.L. and Amy Lofland Michael and Julie Lynch Jean Maass Carrie Machacek Nicole Manos and Aaron Tritle Matt and Kristi March Marion Musical Literary Club Amanda Marrow Marvin Cone Art Club

Joyce Jeanblanc

Shannan Mattiace

Fifth Season Cedar Valley

Jefferson High School Class of 1989

George and Janelle McClain

E.J. and Allen Fisher

Anne McFadden

John and Cynthia Johnson

Rikki Franck

Robert K. McMaster

Robert Kehoe

Frederick and Jacqueline Freese

Daniel and Karla McMurrin

Sandra Keller

Gannett Foundation

Mercy Medical Center

John and Patricia Kerr

GE Foundation

Bob and Anne Merkel

Alan and Karen Kessler

Warren and Lori Gichard

Andrea Meyer

Kimberly Clark Foundation Matching Gift Center

Noel and Carla Michael

Nickelas and Alana Kirkpatrick

Jason and Wanda Miller

James and Connie Fetzer

Cindy Glenn Greater Des Moines Community Foundation

Tom and Barb Klein


Dennis and Sheri Miller Ray and Judy Miller

Ted and Sally Miller

Melissa Poulsen

Jane Scheer and Robin Hursh

Erin Timmerman

Joe Minessale

Elizabeth Putman

Christy Schrader

Chad Tousey

Andrew and Erin Moeller

Jon and Mary Quass

Helen Schwietert

Eric and Sarah Tow Trust

Moms Club of Cedar Rapids North

Mark Ramsey

Barbara Scoles

Trust for the Future

James and Rika Moore

Brian Randall and Mary Kemen

Nick and Janett Scott

Brad Tucker

Melissa Randall

Lloyd and Elaine Seaman

United Way

RBC Foundation

Fyoyd and Dona Seiberling

Real Property Specialists Group

Kevin and Geri Seiberling

United Way Special Distribution Account

Gregory and Debra Reiman

Dean and Colleen Shupe

Van Meter Industrial, Inc.

Martin and Laurie Reinhart

Brad Simanek and Tricia Hoffman-Simanek

Veridian Credit Union George Veto and Sheila Hibbard

John Smith

Vickie Vlasek

David and Richelle Riley

Roger Smith

Walker Methodist Chruch

Kathy Rinkerberger

Vera Snow

David and Sharon Ward

Richard and Janice Risdale

Bonnie Sorensen

Richard and Julia Weidman

Ross Electric, Inc.

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

Diane Weimer

Richard and Diane Stefani

Frederic and Diana Westbrook

Rina Morre Mount Vernon Lisbon Womans Club Carla Nauman Jeff and Alisa Nelson Ronald and Margaret Nelson Ronald Nelson Network For Good Kimberly Noles Rebecca Norlien Cindy O’Toole Stefanie Oelmann

Reuben and Muriel Savin Foundation

Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids RSM McGladrey, Inc. Adam Sadler

Brett and Angela Steffen Steve’s Ace Hardware Inc.

Leroy and Margaret Pape

John M. and Wilma Ann Wallin Sagers

Wendy Stivers

James and Kathleen Parker

Saint Joseph’s University

Rosalie Strang

Pella Rolscreen Foundation

Courtney Sanderson

Keith and Nancy Sutherland

Penn, Schoen & Berland Association

Aaron Saylor

Thomas Sutton

Perfect Vision Productions

Ed and Joan Schaffer

Jeanette Tadewald

Gregory and Kristine Schares

Amanda Sue Teply

Neal and Kathleen Scharmer

Jeffrey Textor

Friends and Family of Roland Scharmer

Gary and Diane Thompson

Debra Orr Barb Palmer

Philip and Barbara Peterson Dennis and Carla Platt


Robert and Nancy Welsh Stephen and Sharon Westbrook Ronald and Susan Wieben Shawn Wiederin Fred and Lois Willhoite Nicholas Williams Sandra Yarrington Corinne L. Yaw Donna Young Mark and Laurie Zaiger Brian Zumhof and Carol Zhanel

S u p p o rt i n g

O r g a n i z at i o n s

A supporting organization advances the general mission of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF), but has its own distinct mission and purpose. The GCRCF provides administrative, investment, and/or grant making support to these organizations: Linn County Nonprofit Resource Center The Linn County Nonprofit Resource Center (LCNRC) was established in 2005 as a semi-autonomous program of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation. The LCNRC is a training

2009 Linn County Nonprofit Resource Center Advisory Board Dan Baldwin, Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation (ex-officio) Ed Brandon, Boy Scouts of America-Hawkeye Area Chapter Lois Buntz, United Way of East Central Iowa (Vice President) Cindy Dietz, Rockwell Collins (Secretary-Treasurer) Helen Elsbernd, Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center Jim Ernst, Four Oaks (Past President)

K-12 Partnership Program The Rockwell Collins K-12 Partnership program is a community outreach program working to enrich the education of area students by collaborating with public and private schools and more than 1,200 Rockwell Collins employees. The program supports the effective teaching of basic K-12 curricula, increases parental support for the education process and promotes a greater awareness of “real world” career options. For more information on the K-12 Partnership, please contact Kimberly

and resource center for nonprofit

John Herbert, Legion Arts/CSPS

Beals, K-12 Partnership Program

organizations in Eastern Iowa.

Liz Hoskins, Waypoint

and strengthening the nonprofits

Mike Humbert, The Alternative Board of Eastern Iowa

REACT Center

of Linn County. The LCNRC offers

Jim Kern, Brucemore

workshops, peer groups, and other

Robert Massey, Cedar Rapids Symphony/Orchestra Iowa

Its mission is to build vibrant communities by promoting, supporting,

trainings; is an advocate for Linn County nonprofit organizations and engages nonprofit board members. Local nonprofits can be directed to best practices in a variety of areas such as finance, board development, fundraising, and marketing, as well as find information on consultants

Coordinator, at 319.295.8122 or

Hazel Pegues, Diversity Focus

The REACT Center, Rockwell Educational Access to Computer Technology, is a non-profit organization funded by Rockwell

Delaine Petersen, The Arc of East Central Iowa

Collins Foundation and managed by

Dan Strellner, Abbe, Inc. (President)


Brian Stutzman, Young Parents Network

to provide refurbished computers and

and other resources in these areas.

For more information on the Linn

The LCRNC also seeks to be a partner

County Nonprofit Resource Center,

with existing nonprofit professional

contact Executive Director,

organizations in their training and

Bob Untiedt, at 319.366.2862 or

professional development efforts.

the Greater Cedar Rapids Community The REACT Center’s primary goal is computer learning experiences to area schools, as well as provide refurbished computers to area non-profit organizations that work with youth and the community. For more information on REACT,

An advisory board of nonprofit

including how to make a computer

professionals and other community

and/or peripheral equipment donation

leaders guides the LCRNC. This

or to request donated equipment,

structure allows nonprofits to seek

contact Barbara Klawiter, REACT

advice and services on issues most

Center Administrator, at 319.393.9632

central to their administration in an


environment completely separate from the GCRCF’s grant-making programs.


St a ff

a n d Vo l u n t e e r s

A committed board along with dedicated staff and volunteers assure the future growth of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation. Together, they keep abreast of changing problems and needs, positioning the Community Foundation to identify and meet new challenges in the community. The board of directors includes Linn County citizens who have had a long history of nonprofit involvement and experience.

2009 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Lorna M. Barnes, Chair Ron Olson, Vice Chair Rich Altorfer Gary Bartlett John M. Bickel J. Scott Bogguss - Past Chair Loren Coppock

Swati A. Dandekar Chris DeWolf Ruth Hairston Kay L. Hegarty – Treasurer Elizabeth Hladky Nancy Kasparek Kathy Krusie

Gerald T. Matchett – Secretary Sean McPartland Cheryle Mitvalsky Rich Patterson* Gary Skogman* Fred Timko Dr. Ruth E. White

Honorary Director William P. Whipple

Chair Emerita Nancy G. McHugh

*term ended in 2009

G r a n t

M a k i ng

Committee on Grant Making Jerry Matchett (Chair) Lorna Barnes** Mary Lou Erlacher Cathy Gullickson Sean McPartland Ron Olson John Wasta Dr. Ruth White

Community Fund Dr. Ruth White (Chair) Rich Altorfer Lorna Barnes** John Bickel Gilda Boyer* Elizabeth Hladky John MacGregor* Rhonda McCombs* Chad Peterson*

C o m m i tt e e s Momentum Fund

Field of Interest Funds and Organizational Development Fund

Sean McPartland (Chair) Lorna Barnes** John Chaimov* Loren Coppock Chris DeWolf Ruth Hairston Peggy Hardesty* Fred Timko Peggy Whitworth*

Rich Patterson (Chair) Kathleen Aller* Ann Hoffman* Liz Hoskins* Trace Pickering* Kurt Rogahn* Sally Sandberg*

Ron Olson (Chair) Lorna Barnes** Suresh Ganu* Kathy Krusie Greg Neumeyer*

Linn County Endowment Fund

Flood 2008 Fund

Elizabeth Hladky (Chair) Lorna Barnes** Gary Bartlett Swati Dandekar Dave Mahacek*

*Non Board Member

**Board chair is member of all committees


Fund for Educational Excellence

Jerry Matchett (Chair) Lorna Barnes** Scott Bogguss John Chaimov* Cathy Gullickson* Sigrid Reynolds* Ruth White John Wasta*

2009 Scholarship Committee Volunteers

Kristin Neal, Mt. Mercy Student Director

Alycia Lee, Senior, Linn Mar High School

Wendy Blood

Marcia Hughes

Kristin Roberts

Peyton Doss, Junior, Metro High School

Max McGee, Sophomore, Washington High School

Cheryl Carder

Gayla Huston

Amanda Cook

Maggie Jackson

Monica RyanRausch

Ellen Gardner, Junior, Alburnett High School

Jason Milke, Junior, Xavier High School

Jo-Ann Cook

Clara Kleiman

Nancy Craig

Kathleen Kleiman

Ashwath Gunasekar, Senior, Kennedy High School

Luke Reynolds, Senior, Washington High School

Laura Donovan

Becky Koch

Dave Draker

Kari Lammer

Allison Johnson, Senior, Washington High School

Christine Smith, Junior, Washington High School

Melissa Fiacco

John Laverty

Sara Fitzgerald

Russ Novotny

Emily Kratovil, Junior, Washington High School

Jeralyn Westercamp, Senior, Kennedy High School

Ruth Hairston*

Kevin Papp

Christine Hathaway

Julie Perez

Marlene Hill

Ellen RamseyKacena

*GCRCF Board Member


Oline Stigers Mary Stull Cathy Terukina Lisa Thirnbeck Mindy Thornton Crystal Usher Laurie Wahlert Melissa Winter Jerry Ziese

Pictured left to right: Dan Baldwin, Wendy Blood, Bob Untiedt, Jean Brenneman, Emmylou Ball, Amber Mulnik, Josie Vellis, Deb Orr, Katie Giorgio, Elizabeth Cwik Pollard, Karla Twedt-Ball, and Bud Synhorst.

2 0 0 9

C o m m u n i t y

F o u n dat i o n

St a ff

Daniel R. Baldwin President & CEO

Deb Orr Office Assistant

Emmylou Ball Accountant

Elizabeth Cwik Pollard Grants Program Associate

Wendy Blood Office Manager

Robert “Bud� Synhorst Vice President of Resource Development

Jean Brenneman Director of Finance

Karla Twedt-Ball Vice President of Programs

Amber A. Mulnik Director of Communications

Josie Velles Foundation Services Manager


Special Programs Staff Kimberly Beals K-12 Partnership Coordinator Katie Mills Giorgio Marketing Assistant, Linn County Nonprofit Resource Center Barbara Klawiter REACT Center Administrator Robert Untiedt Executive Director, Linn County Nonprofit Resource Center

200 First Street SW Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404 319.366.2862 after July 1, 2010 324 3rd St SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 fax: 319.366.2912 e-mail:

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation is in compliance with national standards for services and operations that have been established by the Council on Foundations to guide sound policies, accountable practices, and ethical and operational integrity that strengthen the effectiveness of community philanthropy.

2009 GCRCF Annual Report  
2009 GCRCF Annual Report  

Annual Report of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation for 2009