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THE GC GUARANTEE. peace of mind motoring.

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Contents • Welcome • Important Information • Parts Covered • Servicing Requirements • Terms and Conditions • How to Book a Repair

Nothing contained in this guarantee affects your statutory rights. This guarantee offers you parts and labour protection for your vehicle that will assist in safeguarding your investment. It is very important that you fully understand this guarantee, so please read each page carefully. GC Motors hope that your vehicle will provide you with long and trouble free motoring.

Welcome to GC Motors

providing peace of mind motoring. Our team’s years working on Sports, Prestige and 4x4 vehicles has bestowed GC Motors with a great deal of experience and knowledge when it comes to giving longevity to our customers vehicles, with this confidence that there are few other operations as keenly aware of the details of these cars; We have created of our very own comprehensive guarantee.

First off there is no multiple page warranty document, we aren’t looking to exclude or wriggle out of potential claims via paragraphs of legal jargon designed to avoid covering repairs, what we have is a simple contract where GC Motors look after your vehicle and any problem it has for a period of your choosing. There are no exclusions or ‘common failure clauses’ to catch you out, we expect the car to be reasonably looked after and we won’t cover items that are affected by wear and tear but that’s it.

How can I safeguard my new investment? By taking out this Guarantee you get the lasting peace of mind motoring that you would never have thought possible, subject to the servicing criteria being adhered to and the failing component not being due to natural wear and tear. When are my services due? The vehicle must be serviced in accordance with the servicing requirements detailed on page on the first page of this booklet.

Important Information

Duration of Guarantee This Guarantee starts on the date of purchase, if the guarantee is taken after the purchase of your vehicle you have 30 days or 1000 miles which ever is the sooner, to confirm without the need for subsistent inspection at the cost of £150.00 Claim Limitations and Parts Covered

Important Information

Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown The definition of a mechanical or electrical breakdown is “The failure of a component for a reason other than wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence causing a sudden stoppage of its function.” Replacement parts which have reached the end of their effective working lives because of age and/or usage are not covered under the terms of this guarantee.

This guarantee all parts other then those specifically listed as being not covered. The claims limit available under this guarantee is the original screen price of the vehicle before modifications or customisations. Only if the terms and conditions of this guarantee are fully complied with, will the items listed be covered. Transfer of Warranty Only upon an on-site inspection at GC Motors can a policy be swapped to a new keeper. Proof of purchase must be provided and the inspection fee of £150.00 covered.

What is Covered?

All mechanical and electrical components are covered including the following: All air-conditioning components, all braking system components, Casings, all clutch components, all cooling system components, all electrical components (including electronic components and electronic control units), all engine components, flywheels (including duel mass flywheels), all fuel system components, infotainment/ navigation and telephone systems (if factory fitted), all gearbox components, all ignition system components, oil seals and gaskets (that necessitate the removal of the engine, gearbox or final drive to replace), all steering system components, superchargers, all suspension system components, all transmission components, turbochargers, wheel hubs and bearings. Additional Cover for Hybrid Vehicles DC Converter, Power Electrics Controller, On-board charger, Generator, Traction Motor, Charge Port.

3. This guarantee does not cover the cleaning of any assemblies, including the fuel, lubrication systems & DPF systems. 4. Damage caused by the effect of overheating is not regarded as a mechanical failure. 5. Battery, fuse boxes, LED lights and illumination, fuses and light bulbs, Aerials, Bodywork, Brake friction materials, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, heating elements, lamps, seats, spark plugs, upholstery, upgraded or revised software and firmware, glass, wheels and tyres, hoses, Diesel Particulate Filter, service items, wiper arms and blades, cigar lighter, wiring and connections and printed circuit boards.

What is not covered?

1. This guarantee does not include recovery of the vehicle nor does it include any relief vehicle benefit. 2. Replacement parts which have reached the end of their effective working lives because of age and/or usage are not covered under the terms of this guarantee.

6. You are not covered for burnt out, lacquered or pitted valves, or any damage resulting from the failure of worn timing belts which have not been replaced in accordance with manufacturer’s service schedule. 7. No liability will be accepted for damage caused by neglect, intrusion of foreign or deleterious matter, lack of servicing, overheating, freezing, abuse or to the

continued use of the vehicle after a fault has become evident or for consequential loss upon the failure of parts not covered by this guarantee. 8. No liability will be accepted for any items which do not form part of the manufacturer’s original specification unless the modification where supplied by GC Motors at the time of purchase. 9. This guarantee does not apply to Vehicles used for hire and reward (e.g. Taxis, self-drive hire, driving schools etc.) or for vehicles used for any kind of timed competition or race. 10. Any attempt to disconnect, tamper with or alter the odometer of the vehicle will invalidate this guarantee. 11. The costs of dismantling and repairing the vehicle if the cause of the breakdown is not covered by this guarantee. 12. Any repairs or modifications not pre-authorised by GC Motors will not be covered by this guarantee

Servicing Requirements

The vehicle must be maintained at all times in a roadworthy condition, insured, taxed and have a current MOT certificate in accordance with the law. The vehicle must be regularly serviced at a VAT registered garage in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Only a fully documented receipt from a VAT registered garage showing date, mileage and work carried out will be accepted as proof of servicing. Service Schedule After servicing becomes due, you have a maximum of 30 days or 1000 miles (whichever is sooner), to have the service competed. Please refer to your vehicles hand book for service schedule. As A GC Guarantee customer you receive 15% discount on routine servicing and MOT’s at GC Motors.

Failure to comply with the above service schedule will invalidate this guarantee Please retain all service invoices, as proof of servicing will be required in the event of a claim.

Terms and Conditions

Repairs must be authorised by GC Motors. No claim will be paid if the repairs are carried out before obtaining prior authority from GC Motors. The customer will be liable for diagnosis costs if the fault is found not to be covered under the Guarantee, in some cases diagnosis may be needed to investigate a fault, if the fault is covered under the Guarantee the diagnosis cost will be covered. GC Motors liability will be subject to the limits indicated within this document. This Guarantee cannot be transferred to any other car or company.

How to Book a Repair

The Guarantee can be cancelled within 14 days of the start date on the certificate for a full refund. No refund will be given for cancellation after 14 days or the guarantee becomes void due to failure to adhere to the terms and conditions. In the event of a dispute GC Motors reserve the right to have the vehicle independently assessed. The result of this assessment will determine any liability subject to the claimable limits. GC Motors Guarantee will cover up-to £100 per hour, and GC motors reserve the right to supply alternative parts; such as reconditioned and non OEM parts. The terms of this guarantee cannot be altered or amended by any person. The liability of the guarantee ends upon expiration, unless service schedule requirements have not been met.

In the event of a problem simply contact GC Motors on 01423 50017 or email Guarantee@gcmotors.co.uk who will assist with the claim and a speedy repair. For a claim to be considered, the mechanical breakdown must have occurred and have been reported to us within the policy period. Repairs may be made through a repairer nominated by GC Motors. If the covered part is beyond economic repair, their repairer may replace it with a similar part.

You will have to provide GC Motors with proof of servicing before a claim is settled. No claim will be paid if the repairs are carried out before obtaining prior authority from GC Motors.

In the event of a problem simply contact GC Motors on 01423 50017 or email Guarantee@gcmotors.co.uk who will assist with the claim and a speedy repair.

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