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1113 Carver Street – Childhood Home

STILL DREAMING After All These Years


Gene Cartwright

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Table of Contents Today



Where The Winding Road Ends



My Father’s Son



My Mother’s Voice



A Day In The Life



If A Rose



Be There



To Chase The Sun






A Father’s Love



A Mother’s Love



A Star



Her Hands



How Long You Gon’ Be Dead?



I Weep No More



Never More



If Freedom Were Water



Whose Life



Women Who Walk Their Dogs At Sunset



End of Days



About The Author



My Neighborhood Schools To say I attended neighborhood schools, as a student in Baytown, Texas, is an understatement. From first grade through twelfth, I never left my street. To attend grades 1-3, I exited the gate of our ‘Cyclone’ fence at 1113 Carver, turned left, and walked one block. To attend grades four through twelve, I exited the gate, turned right, and walked one long block and a half. Of course, there were times I wished the distances were greater. But all in all, the advantages were considerable, especially being able to dash home for a hot lunch everyday.

‘Little’ Carver Elementary School

G.W. Carver H.S. – Lee Dr. at Carver St.

G.W. Carver H.S. – Front

G.W. Carver – West End at “Projects”

The dilapidated remains of G.W. Carver Elementary (“Little Carver”) still stand, except for the piece of red brick I recently salvaged as a souvenir. The same-named, functioning school exists elsewhere. G.W. Carver High School is no more. I wrote about my feelings on the subject, in the foreword of my novel, ‘A Family Gathering.’ The above photos show the fenced-in grounds, prior to demolition by those in power who lacked any sense or concern for “our” history. These are likely the only such photos of “Big Carver” in existence. See and download larger versions at

Reader Reviews “As a devoted fan, I had the chance to read the print book manuscript of ‘Still Dreaming’, and was left wishing everyone could share this amazing poetry, and all this writer’s wonderful works. You must also see the beautiful images of the softcover.” —Jane Austen Dickey, South Carolina “The imagery, the mastery of the language, and the range of emotions this book stirs could only come from a gifted writer with great heart and rich soul.” — Ella Turner, Los Angeles, CA. “I was hooked when I read ‘My Mother’s Voice’ in Gene’s novel, ‘Half Moon, Full Heart.’ He places a poem in every novel. Then, each poem I read afterwards became my favorite. Now, I simply love whatever he writes.” —Martha Cambridge Tolleson, London, England

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Dedication This book is dedicated to my sainted mother and father: Elmer & Marie Cartwright; to my seven siblings; to my children: Gene II, Gina, Patrick: to you, and everyone I have encountered on my journey. What I have taken from my experiences is woven like a living thread through the poems that follow. Whatever thoughts and imagery these poems inspire are left to you, and are yours to claim.

The Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church Yupon & Bookertee Streets – Baytown, Texas

Today N

Not even the deepest footprints last forever. — Gene Cartwright


Today Today, I left the freeway, and took to a winding, narrow road— a road so often envisioned but too seldom traveled by. Today, I heard a voice: my own; a voice often muted by the mindless refrain of those who wish only to be heard, not to be understood.

Today, I stopped to listen, to see, to feel, to walk—to walk slowly along a quiet shoreline; quiet, except for the melodic symphony of eternal waves crashing on ageless rocks. I saw gulls soar like eagles, dive like bombers. I saw ghostly ships outlined against a far horizon.

Today, I felt the warm, soothing rays of a brilliant sun on my face. And I thought of this same sun having once warmed the face of my father, my mother, and those who came before. Today, I saw a blue sky, higher than high. I saw blue water, deeper than deep. I stared across time, across generations, and felt my heart beating to ancient rhythms.

Today, I came upon a small chapel crafted of aged spruce, cut stone, tempered glass, perched high on a hill–a hill with a view, a view of boundless sand and sea.



I heard its bells toll the hours. And I sat inside for a while—alone, yet in the company of angels.

Today, I saw flowers. I stole their fragrance. I saw majestic trees; saw their branches swaying, swaying in gentle breeze, framing a distant cliff towering above the blue Pacific. And today, at days end, I saw a flaming sun sink slowly into that ocean blue, leaving behind a fountain of color to swell inside evening clouds.

Then a moon. I saw the moon rising, chasing the sun, inspiring dreams, claiming heaven and sky. Today, I left the freeway. Today, I lived. Today, I lived.


Where The Winding Road Ends


Where The Winding Road Ends Who can say where the winding road ends, where the dark night fades, and the light begins to reveal the path to places unknown, and the promise of harvest for seeds long sown? Who can say where the winding road ends? Who can say?

Who can say where the winding path leads, where the cold heart cries, and the blind eye sees the arc in the road give way to a view that confounds the many and rewards the few? Who can say where the winding path leads? Who can say?

Teach me, of leaves of gold, crimson and yellow–once green. Inform me, of naked branches and limbs laden with virgin snow. Enlighten me, of white ice that clings stubbornly to bending bough. Humble me, to glorious Spring that emerges triumphant, then soon gives way, in the inexorable march of seasons that ends where it all began, yet never ends until...

Who can say why the winding trail bends, why the songbird dies, and the silence descends, muting the eternal cries of countless lost souls, leaving fools and the wise to only suppose? Who can say why the winding trail bends? Who can say? — more



Who can say where the winding road ends, where the dark night fades, and the light begins to reveal the path to places unknown, and the promise of harvest for seeds long sown but not forgotten? Who can say where the winding road ends? Who can say?


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Still Dreaming  

Still Dreaming - "After All These Years" A book of "Visual Poetry" in Full Color. Pulitzer Nominated fiction author, and former Oprah gue...

Still Dreaming  

Still Dreaming - "After All These Years" A book of "Visual Poetry" in Full Color. Pulitzer Nominated fiction author, and former Oprah gue...