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10. ANALYTICS Marketing analytics

1. CONTENT Copywriting and Content marketing

2. DATABASE Big data targeting

a r k e ti n g

9. SALES Personal sales

3. ONLINE Digital Campaigns

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8. EXPERIENCE Sales events

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6. PRINT Image building

THE SAME WORLD IN OTHER WORDS In many ways the meetings industry is similar to rock'n'roll. It is passion, a dedication. It strives to be different and visible, showing with one's heart and soul the power of speech at the right moment. It inspires the audience and leaves an impression. It creates a special connection with every listener and responds to their wishes, and ensures that they become fans. You know how to inspire, and we have a stage on which you can present. Therefore, this year Kongres magazine has brought its readers even closer, breathed into it new content and changed it into an even more attractive publication, all with the aim of becoming a unique, creative and effective medium for dialogue between you onstage, and your buyers in the audience. Therefore, we offer a range of solutions for your dialogue with readers, from text-writing and web optimisation to promotions in the magazine and on social networks.

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4. SOCIAL Social media campaigns

W i t h 6 7 i ssue s a l re a d y und e r i t s b e l t , Ko ng re s ma ga z i ne ha s o nce a ga i n p rove d w hy i t i s t he l e a d i ng co mmuni ca t i o ns me d i um i n t he eve nt s a nd meet i ng s i nd us t r y i n ‘ Ne w ’ Euro p e .

5. DIRECT E-mail marketing and Telemarketing communication is ensuring the provision of quality reach of all communication channels and measuring sales conversion. NOW WHAT Our agency is among the first to offer 360° MICE ACTIVATION, which includes all communication tools that actually communicate with event organisers, regardless of which communication tool they use. Bratislava Motor City and Meet in Šibenik are examples of integrated campaigns.

WHAT The majority of media and specialised marketing agencies in the congress industry only offer event organisers and destintations one of the many possible methods of communication.

6 GOALS RELEVANT FOR YOUR BUSINESS • Content Creation: Producing engaging content for clients and providing content targeting • Content Curation: Finding relevant content for specific meeting planners groups through our network • Content Distribution: Delivering content to meeting planners who will find it valuable and driving conversion • Boost Awareness: Creating client brand awareness by consistently communicating with meeting planners • Lead Generation: Creating qualified leads as a result of content marketing and converting reach into leads • Drive Sales: If content is king then sales conversion is queen - converting leads into customers

THUS Integrated communication in all contact points of communication with event organisers is rare and usually also very expensive. The biggest problem of such

TELL YOUR STORY Plan your marketing activities ahead. Add Kongres magazine to your marketing plan today to help shape the meetings industry of tomorrow. 2

Ko ng re s i s t he l a rge st re g i o na l B 2B co mmuni ca t i o n p l a t fo r m. Our d a ta b a s e ha s ove r 6 9,800 p ote nt i a l b uye rs of yo ur p ro d uc t . The d a ta b a s e i s b e i ng e x p a nd e d o n a d a i l y b a si s a nd i s p r i ma r i l y ta rgete d a t t he Euro p e a n ma r ket . We k now meet i ng p l a nne rs re a l l y we l l .



• Vol XII, No. 1, January 2018



Conventa is the focal point for organisers of business events in the region of Southeast Europe, which, in addition to the exchange of knowledge and experience, places emphasis on networking and making new business contacts. For 10 years Kongres magazine has also been contributing to the success of the Conventa trade show, where it traditionally issues a catalogue of such events.

The Slovenian edition of the magazine is intended for communicating with Slovenian event organisers. Each year it is issued prior to the Conventa trade show. Over 100 pages the magazine contains interesting interviews with Slovenian and foreign providers of congress services, offers examples of good practice, and reveals the new trends that are shaping the future of the congress industry. Space close: 22.12.2017

Space close: 22.12.2017

Materials due: 5.1.2018

• Vol XII, No. 3, March 2018


Materials due: 9.3.2018

• Vol XII, No. 5, September 2018



All that is authentic is genuine. Everyone likes to search for and come up with unique experiences that are nothing but authentic, and slightly nostalgic stories with a bit of spice. The main focus of the summer issue will be authentic cuisine, music, special historical venues and cultural history, as well as everything that forms the core of every good event – from incentives to large congresses. Space close: 22.6.2018

Materials due: 6.7.2018

PRINT ISSUE: IMEX special edition


• Vol XII, No. 5, December 2018


Materials due: 20.4.2018


You are probably wondering what hipster lounges have in common with event organising. At modern events it is necessary to offer an appropriate environment that allows quality interaction among attendees. In the final edition of 2018 we will reveal what kind of models for arranging spaces are suitable for individual events, and present an overview of various formats that you will want to use at your next event. Materials due: 16.11.2018

Delivery: 14.12.2018

Delivery: 28.9.2018


• Vol XII, No. 5-1 November 2018

PRINT ISSUE: IBTM special edition

A special spring edition of Kongres magazine that will be issued prior to the 2018 IMEX trade show. The magazine will contain a complete overview of the most interesting stories from our writers that we have gathered over the first quarter of the year. Essential reading for all event organisers around the world. Space close: 6.4.2018

Delivery: 31.07.2018

Delivery: 30.3.2018


• Vol XII, No. 3-1, May 2018



Space close: 9.11.2018 Materials due: 7.9.2018

Delivery: 24.1.2018

• Vol XII, No. 4, July 2018

We learn the most if we do some things ourselves. If we want to achieve this, we can learn a lot from the field of didactics and moderatorial and experiental learning. Prior to this we need to explore and know attendees' needs. The autumn edition will be full of practical tips, and will also provide the largest overview of different methods and techniques for actively co-shaping events with attendees. Space close: 31.8.2018

Materials due: 5.1.2018

Delivery: 24.1.2018

In the spring issue the main emphasis will be on the user experience of event attendees. How to guide attendees through various experiences in stages and how to measure this. What should a good user experience be in the field of communication. Other practical tools and techniques that can be implementated at your event will also be featured. Space close: 28.2.2018


• Vol XII, No. 2, January 2018

Delivery: 14.5.2018

3 3


A special autumn edition of Kongres magazine that will be published prior to the 2018 IBTM trade show. It will contain a complete overview of the most interesting stories from our writers that we have gathered in the final quarter of the year. Space close: 19.10.2018

Materials due: 2.11.2018

Delivery: 25.11.2018

Stories you won’t find in any other media …. Kongres magazine enables our partners to inform the public at home and abroad about new developments and important achievements. All announcements are archived and available at all times. All information is also easily accessible via mobile devices.



Best Venues 2015


Behind the Scenes




ZVONKO BOGDAN “Zaustavite Dunav” (Stop the Danube)

European Incentive Destination of Excellence Text by Gorazd Čad, Editor in Chief

A timeless hotel story

Photo Vila Vipolže

MEETINGS STAR City Meeting Hotel STANDARD Hotel with Conference Facilities NUMBER OF ROOMS 257 rooms and suites INTERNET PRICE 216 EUR (November 2017, Trivago, single room) ADDRESS InterContinental Bucharest Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu 4 București 010051, Romania T: +40 21 310 2020 E: FACILITIES Corso Brasserie, Intermezzo Piano Bar, Club InterContinental Lounge, Modigliani restaurant EXTRAS The pool at the top of the hotel – 22nd Floor and the 21st Floor 21st floor serves as a Club InterContinental Lounge; it is a kitchen serving both the club and the event space.

“Residents of Brda connect Vila Vipolže with many beautiful memories of their youth dances, St Martin’s Day, weddings, pubs and socializing in the various local societies,” recalled Tina Novak Samec, director of the Brda Institute for Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport. She took over the position as director of the institute last summer, when the property was handed over by the Ministry of Culture to the institute’s care. With more than 15 years of tourism experience

A RICH HISTORY FROM THE 12TH CENTURY In the field of tourism Brda made a huge leap forward in the last twenty years and is now upgrading its offer with boutique tourism too. A kind of forerunner to this story lies in the formation of the old manor – the romantic Brda hills have always been at the crossroads of three worlds and cultures, where the noble families of Herberstein, Della Torre, Attems and Teuffenbach enjoyed the boutique comfort of the manor, an ideal spot for hunting, from the 12th century onwards.

Today the greatest potential of Brda lies in its people. For more than 20 years, and in the most previous years under the leadership of the Mayor Franc Mužič, the stubborn locals had been insisting on the reconstruction of the building. Once the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia handed the management of the villa as a monument of national importance (and renovated with European funding) over to the municipality of Brda, the Brda Institute for Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport immediately set about the realization of its ambitious plans to revive the property, and without doubt their extremely positive energy will help them pull it off. This year, the offer will be upgraded with the opening of a cafe and wine bars, while Vila Vipolže can already boast numerous cultural and congress events.


OUT THERE The characteristics of the climate gives music and wine its character, just as the sounds of tambourine players are a part of the life and the sounds of the legendary Zvonko Bogdan. Over the years the philosophy of his songs became infused with the philosophy of his wines, so his name that is now a synonym for a superb musical experience has naturally been transferred to his wines. The dream estate that is home to these wines is located on the eastern shore of Lake Palić and on ideal sites for fine wine production. In his quest for perfection he has made what is probably one of the best-equipped wineries in the entire Balkans, deriving from the region’s wine tradition that was also rebuilt and upgraded on that same property: Music, horses and grapes!

STAY Soon the Art Nouveau style facilities will be upgraded with a hotel with 100 rooms and a wellness centre. Ten exclusive suites will this year already be available to guests. The junction of the modern and traditional, with antiques and high quality pictures, is impressive and the true sense of nostalgia makes for a home away from home. You will also get the feeling that there is nothing standing between you and the beautiful vineyards beyond. For larger groups we currently recommend accommodation at the Galleria, which is known for being the best congress hotel in Subotica.

MEET IN STYLE The designers of the complex worked on sustainability and the modern culture of pleasure in delivering a modern and functional appearance that dispenses with all the clichés of Pannonian pleasure. In addition to the main venue, which can accommodate up to 300 guests, we were impressed by a tasting room rounded off with a library. The glass wall gives it a modern feel, while the wine barrels are set as a part of the scenery. The terrace and numerous outdoor locations perfect for dining among the vines are also great venues for events. Immediately beyond the entrance area one can also find a conference room for 60 people.

RESULTS OF ANALYSIS Location Accessibility First impression Lobby Employee attitude Reception Hotel room Hotel bed Bathroom and restroom Hotel breakfast Bars and restaurants Congress hall Additional offer TOTAL: FINAL GRADE Premium Resort Meeting Hotel Luxury Premium Business Economy Budget

4.95 4.51 4.88 4.72 4.83 4.71 4.52 4.66 4.67 4.69 4.90 4.89 4.83 4.75

4.75 ***** **** *** ** *

ACCESSIBILITY Bucharest is a huge city and consequently the traffic is busy as well; in fact it can be loud and choked with traffic, especially at the beginning and end of the week. It must also be said, however, that the public transport is well organised and year on year allows you to get to your destination easier. Meeting planners are also pleased at the improving airport accessibility, which is also close to town – from the hotel to the airport is just 15 km. If arriving at the hotel by car there’s an extra charge for parking, in which case the helpful concierge/porters will take care of your vehicle. COLD APPETISER – Architecture and aesthetics The mind behind the building, which was designed during the era of mega-megalomaniac Ceausescu, is Romanian architect Dinu Hariton. The building was conceived to be modern and furnished only by local interiors. The architecture really astonished us, firstly by its recognizable style that is not aggressive and moreover is today a part of the city’s image, but secondly its functionality is even more impressive, standing the test of time. The many retro elements in the interior are not in any way out of place, but rather they contribute to the architectural authenticity of the hotel experience, of which the lobby is a typical example, or the hotel bedrooms with balconies urging you to photograph the details – timeless! An exciting thing is that the hotel doesn’t have a 13th floor, due to the American way of building. WARM APPETISER – Staff and Food Amongst the many luxury hotels we’ve visited, this InterContinental is truly special. The staff is exceptionally kind and seem proud of their work at the legendary hotel. Once an oasis of the west, today it is still synonymous with fantastic service and great cuisine. The breakfast is served in the Corso Brasserie restaurant that transforms into a pleasant bistro

during the day. Intermezzo Piano Bar is a popular cafe and a meeting space, but top spot is reserved for the Modigliani restaurant, famous for its excellent Italian cuisine for which it is recognised by the Ospitalita Italiana certificate, which is a warranty of authenticity and in this case is entirely justifiable.

Q: Since its opening in 2014 what kind of events has ICE Kraków been mostly attracting? In the past two years what has the ratio of congress/conference events to other organised cultural (concerts, exhibitions, theatre, etc.) events been? Izabela Helbin, Director of Kraków Festival Office – ICE Kraków’s operator: The ICE Kraków Congress Centre was opened in October 2014. However, the Kraków Festival Office, operator of ICE Kraków, already began intensive work in 2007. The team was present at the most important business meetings and conferences around the world, presenting the facility’s brand (Convene Wilno, Meedex Paris, EIBTM Barcelona, IMEX London) for many years before it opened, promoting Kraków as the perfect destination for the meetings industry and organisation of congresses and conferences. This resulted in a very rich calendar of events. In 2014, out of the approximately 70 days available from the opening, nearly 90 % was booked. The very name of the facility, ICE – International Conferences and Entertainment – shows that it is a facility designed to accept almost any type of event: from congresses, conferences, symposiums and forums, to cultural events (classical and pop music concerts, theatre and opera spectacles and acrobatic shows [the stage of the Auditorium Hall was even the site of a children’s revue on ice], to social events and television productions). ICE Kraków is a multifunctional site – and what is very important, the project was consulted with representatives of the meetings industry and representatives of the world of culture. Today, about 60 % of the events hosted there consist of conferences and corporate meetings, while 40 % is culture. The Congress centre is also able to accommodate trade fairs, although we do not hide that we are not strictly an exhibition facility. There is no doubt, however, that during the organisation of events – beyond the cubic capacity of the facility – our only limit is our imagination.

MAIN COURSE – The hotel's congress services The hotel rooms seem at first glance outmoded and from another era, but the charm of the story is in their combination of modern technology and retro looks, as well as the combination of fantastic bed linen and a well-equipped bathroom, which is all why the entire hotel still appears fresh and attractive. It is even the reason why the rooms can still today compete with more modern competitors. The congress centre is amongst the biggest in the city and offers 14 halls, the biggest of which, the Ronda meeting hall, can host up to 450 persons and with its retro look and top of the line technical equipment is quite a stunner. The newest hall, Fortuna, is located on the 21st floor and was renovated not too long ago. DESSERT – Additional offer Given that many top celebrities have stayed in it, we recommend a visit to the 240m2 ‘Imperial Suite’. Alongside the luxurious furniture, a Steinway & Sons white piano rules the area – it wows every true music lover.


FLOP – negative surprises Noise sifts in from the street, as apparently the windows don’t really seal the best.


TOP – positive surprises The staff – still setting the professional standards of high category hotels. Overall impression and credibility Celebrating its 46th anniversary this year, the hotel has hosted some famous guests and in the Romanian capital it broke the ice in the field of hotel management. It seems not to be affected by age, as the striking architecture has an allure even today. From its very beginning the hotel has been aiming for the goal of being the best in the city. In recent years many new competitors have come along, but it is still holding on just fine. With its retro charm it excites the lovers of timeless classic and for all these years it has been a favourite among meeting planners. The final touch is the truly exceptional, professional and kind staff.

Introducing new innovative congress products that surprise with aesthetics and creativity.

Q: The centre is undoubtedly an architectural masterpiece, its modern form with an ingenious interior design, with its multi-storey foyer offering a panoramic view of the old city centre and the Wawel Castle hill is absolutely outstanding. But still, this 36,000m2 complex, with its intelligently designed roof formed into cascades flowing down towards the Vistula, which visually diminishes the scale of the building, is nevertheless a huge building standing out like a giant. How did the local people accept the building, or how are they experiencing it? Michał Zalewski, PR & New Media Manager: Kraków had been waiting for a prestigious congress centre since the 1970s. The plans changed many times, until finally in 2007 preparations for the construction began. Today, as a thriving facility, we describe ourselves as a next generation public institution. The facility is owned by the Municipality of Kraków. With the residents of Kraków in mind, we regularly organise free social events – Open Days, a festival of European funds, open rehearsals of orchestras, meetings for fans of mobile photography, and meetings with writers. There is also the possibility of touring ICE Kraków with a guide who, during the 1.5hour tour, talks about the facility operations and the architectural solutions implemented in its construction. Many groups have taken us up on this offer, including local preschools, pensioners’ clubs, associations, universities and high schools. As you might expect, the publicly-funded construction of such a large building was controversial. However, through our openness, willingness to enter into a dialogue and – most importantly – effective operations, we are showing that it was worthwhile to invest in the construction of the Congress Centre. With the opening of ICE Kraków, the immediate vicinity also changed – the area around ICE Kraków has become increasingly attractive. A new bus terminal was opened, the area was landscaped and planted with new vegetation, many sidewalks were renovated and a cycling path was opened. The nearby public transportation hub was also modernised. This was truly a comprehensive investment.




An editorial look behind the scenes of the most exciting congress hotels in the region.


Final Score

Text by Polona Ponikvar

LOCATION This iconic building was for a long time the tallest skyscraper in Bucharest, known for both its incredible architecture as well as its height. The brainchild of American investor Cyrus Eaton Jr., construction of the hotel got under way in 1968, along with that of the National Theatre building. One of the requests from the outset was that it would have views over every part of the city and this was done expertly. Despite its age, even today one would agree that the hotel was brilliantly designed; the proud building still looks fresh and appealing, and is located right next to the city centre.


working for Hit, as a local resident Tina felt that Goriška Brda has an enormous potential that will only be enhanced by the Vila Vipolže offer. She was thrilled to see that the Brda residents have embraced this property as their own and are passionate to see it come to life again.



Quality, hospitality and an authentic congress experience in the heart of Goriška Brda in Slovenia



Unique evaluation of hotels by hidden congress guests using more than 400 criteria.

Overview of interesting congress providers through experiences and special offers.




Kongres meetologue








ne of the smaller and very likeable European capitals is compact and you can explore its beautiful parts by foot. The old town is closed for traffic. Administrative and economic centre of Slovakia is currently a fast growing Slovakia’s congress brand. Bratislava is a modern city with a developed congress infrastructure with key international hotel chains such as Sheraton, Kempinski, Crowne Plaza, Radisson Blu, Austria trend hotel and Falkensteiner. The offer is surprisingly rich and very colourful and includes a number of interesting special venues. We are all impressed


with Slavic spirit influenced by Germanic organization. As the new centre of European automotive industry, as it is considered for European Detroit, pins great hopes on the presentation of new cars as one of the specializations. All this is packed into affordable yet very effective and attractive package.


QATAR CONFIRMED TO HOST ICEIRD 2018 Over 250 delegates to convene in Doha in October next year

A current comparison of the closest competitors on the 2015 ICCA scale following the Kongres travelogue methodology – meetologues.


DID YOU KNOW that Bratislava and Vienna are said to be the two closest capital cities in the world - only 64 km (or 40 miles) apart.

What's your take on Šibenik as a host city for an event? Ever thought about hosting a MICE event there, but you weren't sure whether it would be the right place? Well then, read through 10 Šibenik myths that we've already debunked for you. MYTH 1: Šibenik is a remote town, difficult to reach. BUSTED As a matter of fact, Šibenik is ideally located between two popular Adriatic spots with airports – Zadar and Split – that possess the mildest and sunniest climates anywhere in Europe. For this reason it is very rare for flights to be cancelled, which makes Zadar and Split International Airports two of the most reliable in Croatia. Therefore, Šibenik is anything but a remote town! MYTH 2: Šibenik has the biggest congress room on the Adriatic. CONFIRMED Convention Centre Šibenik has the largest conferencing facilities on the Adriatic, including the single biggest meeting room that can seat 1,500 delegates. Moreover, if it's a number of seperate events rather than a single one that is required, then you can distribute up to 3,000

people across 11 meeting halls in total. The Amadria Park's Convention Centre Šibenik offers 4,000m2 of conference and exhibition space, state-of-the-art multimedia technology and 1,100 on-site staff. MYTH 3: Šibenik is a city of industrial ghosts. PLAUSIBLE During the 90s war Šibenik lost most of its industry, so as a consequence some of the buildings are still standing empty and looking rather forlorn. However, most of the buildings aren't derelict, but rather buildings either hosting new successful industries (like Impol-TLM) and undergoing present or with planned future renovation to become modern venues for hosting events. They also add a particular charm to the city's landscape that stretches from the industrial suburbs all the way to its one thousand-yearold downtown area. MYTH 4: People are unfriendly and tell wicked jokes. BUSTED Totally busted! The people of Šibenik are extremely friendly, approchable, chatty, kind, smiley, helpful, and overall just incredibly open – the author of this article can confirm from


Qatar has won the bid to host the International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD) in October 2018. The rights to host the field’s leading conference was secured through a joint bid between Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) and Qatar University (QU) which was presented in Thessaloniki, Greece.

personal experience that they offer one of the best customer services ever, from the exchange office guy to the parking lot cashier, gas station staff, bar and restaurant staff, hotel staff and even people on the street when asking for directions. Šibenik's residents are, indeed, renowned for some kind of a »wicked« humour and teasing, but this friendly teasing comes as part of the local culture and tradition. Moreover, their motto is: »there is always time for a great laugh«. Jokes are a part of Šibenik's joie de vivre. Embrace it! MYTH 5: Just one more over-crowded Dalmatian town. BUSTED For a long-time hidden in the shadow of its famous brothers like Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, Šibenik is finally gaining in recognition and importance as a tourist and congress destination of its own standing. However, this does not mean that it has become over-crowded by the tourist masses comparable to those of other Dalmatian towns. Even though Šibenik has also hosted the filming staff of Game of Thrones, it remains reluctant to employ this as a promotional advantage, as it wants to keep a managable flow of tourists in order to maintain the town as pleasant for both the locals and the visitors. This has been successful, as its coastline gives you the chance to enjoy the beach and all of its offerings

edition will be the first edition to be hosted in the Middle East. Owing to the country’s state-of-the-art facilities and tourism assets, Qatar has a strong track-record in successfully hosting large-scale international conferences and events. Between 2014 and 2016, Qatar hosted a total of 56 events affiliated with the International Congress and Convention Association.

ICEIRD is a three-day conference organised by the University of Sheffield’s International Faculty bringing together academics, university technology managers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and businesses to foster and promote innovation-led growth. The conference offers a platform for academics, university technology managers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and businesses interested in the theory and practice of university-industry links as well as innovation, entrepreneurship, and regional development.

Ahmed Al Obaidli, Director of Exhibitions at QTA commented saying, “ICEIRD is a perfect match for Qatar as it is a regional hub where academics, innovators and entrepreneurs can continue to learn and share knowledge within and outside the walls of a conference hall.” He added, “The hosting of this event comes as part of our continuous efforts to work with local partners to attract international events and boost business events tourism’s contribution to the national economy.”

First held in 2007, ICEIRD has been taking place annually for the past 10 years in Europe; for its second decade, it will rotate worldwide and be hosted in a different region every year. The 2018

Over 250 conference delegates are expected to visit Doha in October next year to attend the conference for which Qatar University will be ‘local host’.

Professor Panayiotis Ketikidis, Founder of ICEIRD, said, “Taking the 11th ICEIRD beyond Europe is a step towards to satisfying global demand for the wealth of knowledge that the conference has produced through its wide network over the past decade. We are highly honoured that the ICEIRD 2018 will be hosted by the University of Qatar and are confident that being hosted in a true regional innovation hub will further expand the conference’s network.” He added, “We hope that through ICEIRD 2018, new ideas will be unveiled and strong sustainable partnerships are built.” Qatar Tourism expands international efforts to further establish the destination’s relevance for congress organizers – recent steps include a waiver of visa for 80 international countries. Meet the team of QTA at ibtm Barcelona at Stand J60 and set up an appointment or contact Johanna Fischer of tmf dialogue marketing Germany. (, +49 9002 111)

*Numbeo Quality of Life Index 2016 3.45

Population: 269.997

Sunshine hours: 1.989 per year

ICCA Country and City rankings 2016 160 place - 16 meetings

ACI Airport Connectivity Index: 3.51 The number of 4* and 5* category hotels: 22

Numbeo Safety Index: 4.52

Population: 280.310

Numbeo Quality of Life Index 2016* 3.32

ICCA Country and City rankings 2016 47 place - 54 meetings

Sunshine hours: 1.981 per year

Numbeo Safety Index: 4.13

ACI Airport Connectivity Index: 3.16 The number of 4* and 5* category hotels: 19

+ Being the first to do something is sometimes difficult, and Graz was among the first to develop the branding of the entire destination, subsidies and many other marketing innovations, from which other regional convention bureaus drew inspiration. However, former pupils have caught up and in the field of branding and in some other areas are now ahead of their teacher. A developed infrastructure and year long additional offer helps this, where tradition combines with the present and where everyone can find an offer for their taste, needs and pocket. Environmental responsibility, tidiness of the surrounding areas and infrastructure, cultural infrastructure, the city of design and creative industries are all ideal for the development of the meetings industry. The city, key stakeholders and politics are not lacking in creativity and strategic vision.

+ Ljubljana has congresses written in its genome. Long before the emergence of the meetings industry as we know it today, in 1821 Ljubljana hosted the Congress of the Holy Alliance. The city is picturesque, attractive and friendly to congress guests. According to its conference and accommodation infrastructure, Ljubljana belongs to the group of capitals suitable for medium-sized and smaller meetings (up to 2,500 participants). It is positioned side by side with the new EU member states and geographically in the region of the Western Balkans. Ljubljana is friendly and favourable to the meetings industry, while at the same time competitive in terms of price and quality. Ljubljana makes a good first impression and among all regional capitals it also has a very good image that has also been strengthened thanks to the Conventa Trade Show.

Graz meetings flashpoints: 1. Congress Graz - A blend of tradition and modernity that is an ideal backdrop for creative communication. The unique location in the historic city centre of Graz, a UNESCO listed World Cultural Heritage site. 2. Stadthalle Graz - Austria’s most up-to-date event location has been creating a stir in the Styrian capital since it opened in 2002. 3. Kunsthaus Graz - Memorable event locations, candlelight dinners, presentations or panel discussions – the remarkable ambience of Space04 and Needle 4. Helmut List Halle - A former factory hall combined with modern architecture. 5. Joanneum Quarter - the centrepiece of Austria’s first public museum. The underground yet light-filled auditorium, along with the attractive foyer, provide a range of possibilities for events.

Ljubljana meetings flashpoints: 1. Grand Union Hall - A wonderful example of an Art Noveau conference hall tailored to the needs of modern congress organisers 2. The Walnut grove - The venue has an amazing location set in nature. The main attraction of the venue is its ambience, which is best described as ‘eco-chic & vintage’. 3. 2 Convention Centres - Cankarjev dom and the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre 4. The Švicarija Creative Centre - With this new venue one can decide on hosting an event in the middle of the city, yet at the same time be in the middle of a natural setting 5. The Fashion House - Dedicated to business and social events, this is especially for event organisers looking for a different space to offer creative stories. The venue is a part of the Grand Hotel Union congress and meetings offer, which altogether has 21 halls.

STAY: roomz Graz Design Hotel / 4****

STAY: Grand Hotel Union/ 4*****

4.32 / 5

4.33 / 5


Quality of Life Index (higher is better) is an estimation of overall quality of life by using empirical formula which takes into account purchasing power index (higher is better), pollution index (lower is better), house price to income ratio (lower is better), cost of living index (lower is better), safety index (higher is better), health care index (higher is better), traffic commute time index (lower is better) and climate index (higher is better). e.g. Vienna index for 2016 is 195.97




Busting or confirming 10 meeting destination myths about which you have always wondered.

A golden guide for meeting organisers, which, since 2010, has been revealing fresh and interesting European meeting destinations.

Secrets about Non-European meeting destinations through the brilliant editorials of Kongres magazine.

4 4

A current comparison of the closest competitors following the Kongres MTLG methodology.





Voice from the top Lifestyle

Q: What would be the first thing you would show every visitor to your country? Something that we still really know how to do is to enjoy a glass of Slovenian wine and a good dinner combined with Slovenian hospitability - it is always a winning combination. Q: What has been your star moment so far and your favourite project with which you would praise yourself ? Definitely CUBO hotel in Ljubljana. I have been with it since the beginning and I am glad to see how the baby is growing up. We are setting the standards for the boutique hotel industry in Slovenia with it and we are constantly receiving great reviews from guests.

SANDI KOVAČEVIČ Executive Director Hotel Cubo Ljubljana


Q: Have you always wanted to work in the meeting industry? Well, I have more the feeling that we found each other! I always knew that I would be working in the hotel industry, as it is a family tradition and I didn’t even consider any other profession. In my early twenties, I was one of the founders of the Hound Dog club. It was quite successful at the time due to the concerts and stand-up shows which we organised. That was my first experience with event organisation and I was “hitched”. When I actually started working in the hotel industry, implementing previous experience to my new work was a logical step. Now that I can organise events and work in the hotel industry I have two things that I love bound together. It is never a struggle to wake up in the morning when you get to do things that you love.

Q: What motivates you the most at work? The best motivation is to see when an event turns out as a success and becomes a standard bearer for the following ones, especially when we have been preparing it for a month or more.



Who is Who at Ljubljana Tourism/Convention Bureau

Event Sales Specialist at Union Hotels

two new meeting halls, which could be ready by mid June and will increase our capacity for various events. Furthermore, we will unite several on-going projects under the CUBO group name. Besides the hotel in Ljubljana, another hotel will be added to the group. The hotel is located in Bovec, Soča river valley, one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia. We expect the complete renovation to be finished by the end of 2018. The third member of the CUBO group will be Enso Village – a group of luxury private villas built next to a golf course just outside Ljubljana.

Q: Where would you go if there were no time or financial constraints? Anywhere in central Asia.

Q: If there would be no time or financial constraints, where would you go? I would travel to all the best and legendary hotels in the world to experience them as a guest.

Q: Which song do you most often play on your iPod? Lately it’s Beyonce's ‘Lemonade’.

Q: In what way do you deal with stress? Well, I don’t need to deal with it. I guess I am in stress like everyone else, but to me unexpected and tense situations are a positive thing, which give me energy and motivate me further.


Q: What is your favourite mode of transport? Cycling

Q: Life wisdom / motto? Feel the fear and do it anyway. Q: Where are you going to spend this year’s holiday? I was camping in Croatia. Q: What was your favourite vacation? Summer, after finishing high school. It seemed endless.



Q: What’s your alternative career fantasy? It’s funny, but when I was 8 years old I was drawing pictures and making plans for my own hotel. Today, nearly 20 years later, I am working at Union hotels, a landmark of Slovenia’s hospitality. It seems life has always been steering me into this (right) direction. But if I had to choose a different path - photography is my second passion.

Q: Which part of the day and the week is your favourite? Sunday morning NEŽA LIPANJE PROJECT MANAGER LJUBLJANA TOURISM/CONVENTION BUREAU

Q: What are you most proud of in business / privately? Friends and family.

Q: What will be new in your business in 2016? In Hotel CUBO we have just finished with the renovation of all of the rooms. The next part to be renovated is the lobby; we plan to extend the bar as far as the street and create a more comfortable and open space. Currently we are also working on a project to add


Q: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done? Waking up one morning and deciding to move to London. Finishing my undergradute studies in Ljubljana brought me to the crossroad of what I wanted to do in life. Following the road to Event Management brought me to London. Alone and not knowing what to expect, but it was the best decision I ever made to succeed in the career I chose.

Q: What is your favourite gadget? My phone, I guess.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.“

Q: When were you last angry/disappointed and why? I don’t waste my time with anger; it is counter-productive. When I am disappointed, it is usually because of things over which I have no influence. I was disappointed to learn that the renovation works on the main street in front of Hotel CUBO will take much more time than initially anticipated. But when you are aware that it is because of ancient Roman archaeological artifacts discovered on our doorstep, you take it easier.


Q: What is your favourite meetings brand? Getting to know Union hotels, of which I am lucky to be a part of since last year, has shown me a great deal. We not only offer accommodation, culinary services and meeting facilities, we offer and fulfil a variety of client’s wishes and expectations, through personalised service. We always do our utmost best.

Q: What is your favourite indoor / outdoor activity? I love winter, so having a hot tea with overcooked pasta in the cabin after spending a day skiing would be my favourite thing. Q: What is your favourite dish and restaurant (anywhere in the world)? Mum's kitchen, always.

Q: What would be the title of your life autobiography? Hotel je hotel (a word play in the Slovenian language – the title can be interpreted and translated as “A hotel is a hotel” or “He wanted a 5* hotel”).


Interview by Nika Pirnar / Photo credits Union hotels

Q: Where will you spend this year’s holiday and why? I spend most of my holidays at equestrian competitions (show jumping is my hobby). This year, I will also ride horses outside competition times; I plan to do horseback travel through Tuscany.

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VOICE FROM THE TOP Q: Why is your destination/country the best in the world? I know that it will sound like a cliché, but my favourite country is Slovenia, my home country. It is a unique destination, full of natural beauties, and you can do so many things in such a small territory – we can still ski in April and swim in the sea in September. And no destination is more than one hour away by car.



Q: If you could return to the past or hurry to the future, how old would you like to be? I've always looked forward to getting old(er).

Career Path: Banqueting Sales Executive at the Caledonian Private Members Club in London; Sales Specialist & Associate Sales Manager at Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons; Event Sales Specialist at Union Hotels in Ljubljana.

Q: What are you obsessed with at the moment? Right this moment - my two cats. I love animals and my Nala and Lexy are just adorable little things.


Q: Why? Because youth is overrated.


Q: If you could witness any event in history, which one would you choose? I cannot think of any historical era more exciting that the one we live in right now. Q: What was the best party you attended? Umm, can't remember :)

Q: Your goals before 50? They say that goals that don’t have a timeline are called dreams. So, setting the timeline at the

age of 50, I aspire to living my life surrounded by “TheyFOR sayYOUR NEXT people I love and things I enjoy doing. Balancing a family-life with work, along with great true that goals that friends, seeing the world and its glories, together with a positive energy and passion for living. don’t have a UNION HOTELS timeline are called dreams.“ IN THE HEART OF THE CITY



Q: The last film, book, concert? Captain Fantastic, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Operators. Q: What fantasy character would you be? Chewbacca from Star Wars.

- The craziest destination: Iceland - The craziest event: Landing on the moon - If you could be present at any event in history, which one would it be? The Big Bang


Q: What did you learn last week? Work hard!

- Hotel to which you like to return? Lone


- Rock concert that you would like to see: Nick Cave




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Interviews with meetings industry professionals who reveal the stories of their success.

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24th - 26th May 2017 Montreal, Canada Sid Lee Interactive conference Commerce + Creativity

ENGAGEMENT C2's engagement model is based on a convergence of fun, knowledge and different people from different fields coming together. It's an ecosystem that suits our generation of participants, who are looking for innovation and information in parallel worlds. The atmosphere at the event resembles a street festival and spreads a relaxed vibe, unlike the classical and often morbid conference rooms. Organic socializing and "festivalization" that need no encouragement starts happening, and the Cirque du Soleil masters of engagement know how to address every single sense organ. RESULT In times like these, a combination of technical content and a good measure of fun is key for every event, and not a lot of room for differentiation has been left in our post-modernistic age. What truly counts is experience and personal communication with participants on an emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual level. If there is one thing the C2 team can do really well, it is to tie all of those things together and experiment with new things. In this spirit, this year's C2 will be organised in Melbourne for the very first time.

YOUR PICKS for the Best Special Venues

Interview with Melinda Rebrek, Pirana Productions/CEO/owner and Managing Director at Zvereene Institute & LJFW Executive Producer INTERVIEW BY JASMINA JERANT PHOTO CREDIT PERSONAL ARCHIVE, MIMI ANTOLOVIĆ

IDEA The most successful event brands have experiential marketing strategies at their core and have been using them for years, mostly in the field of corporate events. Events are one of the best tools to sell experiences and the C2 project brought together some of the brightest minds on the planet. A joint venture between the magical Cirque du Soleil and Sid Lee marketing agency resulted in an astounding event, connected by Commerce + Creativity. A combination of both ideas and parties also created the name of the event, which has been organised since 2014. CREATIVE FORMAT The organisers tried to take the conference as far away from regular practices as possible and, by doing so, attracted some of the greatest thinkers and creative minds in the business. The three-day event is based on a combination of socializing, fun, learning and peculiar workshops in completely unconventional environments. A perfect example is their Creativity Boot Camp, molded into an entirely different format. It's no surprise that Fast Company is part of the event each year, where they announce their scale of the 100 Most Creative People in Business.



Audience Engagement

Date Location Agency Type of Event Slogan Web page















INCENTIVE: Glamorous camping in Stari pod. Three glamping houses were named after the indigenous sheep breads from the Kolpa river area, namely Pramenka, Tkalka and Pisanica. The glamping experience will be spiced up with boating on the river and a competition for the best barbecue chef. Wow factor:

Combining nature and fun


Active experiences

Best time of the year:

May – September


All day

Min./max. number of 1 – 10 participants: Base:

Kamp Janković, Stari Pod


Kamp Janković, Stari Pod

INCENTIVE: Participants will get acquainted with the centuriesold tradition of hanging and curing smoked ham from Prekmurje. They will also learn how to cook the “prekmurski bograč” stew and participate in a competition for the best one. The programme will be spiced up with a visit to a greenhouse in Renkovci, where the Lušt tomatoes, probably the best tomatoes in the country, are grown. The group will get to know the “prekmurski bograč” stew , smoked ham, the meat specialty “tünka”, the traditional desert “posolanka”, the potato dish “dödli” and “gibanica”, a famous pastry dish from Prekmurje. Wow factor:

Culinary art by the Mura river


Culinary experiences

Best time of the year:

All year


10 hours

Moravske Toplice


Moravci, Markišavci, Renkovci

All you have to do is to open your eyes and ears and constantly learn from people in various positions around you. Be a sponge of their knowledge, read, explore, keep an open mind. When you connect the dots of gathered knowledge and

INCENTIVE: A cultural and kayak experience in the Dolenjska region and on the Krka river. A kayak descent on the Krka to the town of Žužemberg with some adrenaline rushes. All in all, this is a picturesque and easily manageable kayak trip. What follows is getting to know the culinary art of the Dolenjska region at the idyllic Javornik farm by the enchanting Krka river. Wow factor:

Carpe Diem


Active experiences

Best time of the year:

May – September


10 hours

Min./max. number of 1 – 30 participants: Base:



Domačija Javornik, Krka

Min./max. number of 1 – 50 participants: Base:

Q: The list of your past work and experience is inspiring – besides casting management, event management, project management and a list that goes on and on, you have also worked in TV, movie and video production. And now you are one of the most recognizable personalities in Slovenian event production. How has that transition happened? If you look at it closely, a TV or film shooting is not that far from an event need to organise the locations with all the permits within the requests of a client/director/producer, people need to eat and drink, you need light, sound and some entertainers/actors, but it all has to be just a bit prettier and the language a bit more sophisticated. In a way, it's all the same thing, but just a bit different.

Melinda Rebrek is Ljubljana's so called 'all-rounder'. She has a wide variety of expertise, knowledge and experience. In Slovenian MICE circles she is the person who everyone knows and they all agree that »she is soooo awesome!!« Ljubljana is also becoming more recognised on the world's events map because of her role in Ljubljana Fashion Week and the new pop-up Secret Dinner. For all of these reasons and many others besides, we took the time to talk to her about her work, about fashion, about Ljubljana and about Slovenia.













build a faithful and resourceful team, there is no force you cannot overcome. Q: At the moment you are an executive producer of Ljubljana Fashion Week, amongst several other roles. How long does it take to prepare such an event and how much foreign interest is there in it? Could it ever be comparable to fashion weeks in more prominent global capital cities? That particular job never ends. Before we finish the current one, we are already planning the next edition; we travel all the time, visit other fashion weeks and network a lot. It's a lifestyle, of a kind. Over the years we have developed a solid base of contacts and international collaborations that is already showing results at home as well as abroad. Regional collaborations have also resulted in Fashion Scout South East Europe Showcase (Fashion Scout SEE), a great new project that opens doors in London and elsewhere, getting

5 More ideas from Austria

»All you have to do is to open your eyes and ears and constantly learn from people in various positions around you. Be a sponge of their knowledge, read, explore, keep an open mind.«

1. IceQ, Solden
 2. Graz Opera House, Graz
 3. Rein Abbey, Gratwein
 4. Skybar, Graz
 5. Schleppe Brewery Events Hall, Klagenfurt
 6. Soap factory Graz, Graz 
 7. Old Unviersity, Graz
 8. Brewery Gösser, Leoben


1. Meneghetti Estate, Bale 
 2. The Mimara Museum, Zagreb
 3. The Golden Hall, Zagreb 
 4. Revelin and Lovrijenac Fortress, Dubrovnik 
 5. Vila Polesini, Poreč
 6. Arsenal, Zadar 
 7. Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb 
 8. Kozlović Winery, Buje

More ideas from Bosnia and Herzegovina 1. Sarajevo's National Theate, Sarajevo
 2. Garden of Hotel Europe, Sarajevo 
 3. Cultural center Banski Dvori, Banka Luka 
 4. Muslibegović House, Mostar 
 5. Andrićgrad, Višegrad 
 6. Vjetrnica Cave, Ravno
 7. Dom maldih, Centar Skenderij, Sarajevo
 8. Monastery Tvrdoš wine cellars, Trebinje





More ideas from Croatia


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Event filming up to 8 hours

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Filming includes 2 cameramen/women, 2 cameras, graphics, subtitles, in filming announcements at the event.

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