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I FEEL INSPIRED BY WHERE WE MEET Let‘s meet, greet and do business at the crossroads of Europe! Cherry on the top: explore Slovenia – the only European country which connects the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain in manageable distances. Make Slovenia‘s love story your own business story.

SLOVENIA. Green. Active. Healthy.



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Page 6 POWER TO THE PEOPLE – What will 2016 bring to the meetings industry Page 12 Why Cross–Cultural Competence Matters in The Global Hospitality Industries, Daniel Tschudy

GORAZD ČAD Editor of the magazine is in his profession a geographer and historian. He united his professional education and love of discovering new lesser-known convention destinations with love and passion for the meetings industry. In meetologues he will try to share his enthusiasm with the readers.

ŠPELA BULC Spela has recently joined the Conventa team. As an assistant to the Editor in Chief, she loves to be challenged by different editorial tasks and short deadlines.


Page 22 Upper Savinja Valley – Off The Beaten Mice Track

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Best of 2015

Page 8 Find out what the best incentives, experiential events, conferences and congresses, apps, cultural events, songs and movies were in 2015 Page 14 TOP 10 DESTINATIONS TO WATCH, We predicts the TOP 10 hottest, newest and freshest meeting destinations in New Europe


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NATALIJA BAH ČAD An unforgettable member in the editorial board of travelogues, who at each destination adds her icing on the cake. She has insight into the soul of destinations based on many years of practical experience with the organisation of events. She is interested in everything from the history, geography and destination marketing to care for the tiny little things that make the big events. POLONA SIMŠIČ The knowledge and experience she accumulated with organisation of advertising festivals and conferences, she successfully transfers to the meetings industry. She tells stories of the project Conventa and takes care that they are always up to date and fresh.

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Official magazine of the Slovenian Convention Bureau Member of

ROBERT COTTER Alongside his work for Kongres, Rob is a regular contributor to MPI’s One+ magazine as well as MICENET Asia and Eventbiz Japan. He attends international MICE events to seek out best practice and share this with the international meetings community.

ISSN 1 8 5 5 - 8 6 1 5

9 771855 861009


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HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY For a decade Kongres Magazine has been connecting the meetings industry of New Europe

Gorazd Čad, Editor, Kongres magazine



The range of both print and online editions of Kongres Magazine is more than impressive. In 10 years 54 issues of the Magazine have been published, 8 special editions with some 3,200 contributions that were read by more than 53,000 people. Are you with us?

ongres Magazine is celebrating its first landmark anniversary today. What started out as a coincidence, but at the same time as the realisation of many years of planning, has come to be today’s product that you have in your hands, one that began in autumn 10 years ago and that has weathered on and even grown through the past six years of economic crisis in Europe. A decade ago, in a company of determined enthusiasts, we created the magazine and all of its columns, a format that has stuck to this day. A few weeks after we presented our first issue to the public and most of our colleagues they all supported our feat with words to the effect that the magazine is everything they imagined it would be. This round jubilee is therefore more than ample opportunity for me to thank everyone who has been in any way involved in making Kongres Magazine see the light of day: from the Slovenian Convention Bureau, which has always been helping us with our publishing; the magazine’s constant associates, especially our Andrej Juvan and Rob Cotter, who always ensure a quality product within tight deadlines; and the many readers who have taken on our magazine as their own and have supported us in a way that we always want give one hundred and ten percent to it. Our 10 years in the making also reflects the development of the meetings industry in our region, as we have kept track of all the key events and the industry’s growth. Over the past decade and through our work we have become the regional niche communication agency, specialized in the meetings industry, to which we dedicate many original stories spiced up with creativity and a lot of out-of-the-box thinking.


With our help, the Conventa Trade Show has also developed into one of the biggest and most recognized trade shows of the regional meetings industry and a calendar highlight for the industry. Alongside the daily news, we are proud of our in-depth expert articles that we know will definitely come in handy with your own work and give you the latest information on a range of different topics. The most popular of these have been the weekly supplements, meetologues, incentive guides and other key stories in which congress organisers are definitely finding something in it specifically for them. Take the chance to leaf through the Kongres Magazine to see if you too think it is truly the right magazine for event organisers. We think you’ll be pretty pleased at what you see and what you read. All of us at Kongres wish you much more reading pleasure with us in the future, Gorazd Čad Editor in Chief

In Focus

POWER TO THE PEOPLE What will 2016 bring to the meetings industry? Text by Gorazd čad


he past year brought us quite a few reasons to remain positive, but unfortunately it also gave us good ground for a lot of pessimism too. Compared to the previous years marked by the economic recession the blood count of the meetings industry has improved: after a delay the better economic conditions influencing the development of the meetings industry have been showing their signs, especially when we’re talking about incentives and corporate meetings, while the associations market has traditionally been immune from the crisis. What official statistics don’t show, however, is the rise of homophobia, xenophobia and of all those who are moving beyond what is considered normal behaviour. What is most concerning with all this are the questions of tightening security that can quickly transform the current meetings champions into meetings pariahs.

Many are creative but can still make that breakthrough. Creativity is not a requirement to work better, faster, cheaper or more - it is aimed at innovation. The winners of 2016 will be those who will intelligently connect creativity to innovation and use technology smartly. These are mainly an aid rather than a lever for changing the meetings industry, but change it they will.


SHARING ECONOMY & MEETINGS Who will be the Über of the meetings industry?

Despite this, there are currently enough progressive forces and synergies in the meetings industry for the editorial team to sketch a picture of the key conceptual challenges that we have discussed with the important meeting players throughout 2015.

2015 has shown that change has never occurred so quickly and to such an extent as in the past year. Among the trends that may substantially change the competition are certainly the various forms of ‘economy sharing’ based on digitization of industries and sectors, which includes the niche meetings industry. Despite numerous attempts to date we have not yet seen the new business model emerge, but we believe that 2016 will bring the landmark shake-up in the meetings industry. Just think how Über has shaken up the taxi service business.


NICHE CONGRESS DESTINATIONS AND PRODUCTS The Congress world stands on niche congress destinations


Innovation takes place at the edges and with it new congress niches and products are coming to pass. In today’s world there are countless congress destinations and providers all hoping to succeed, so destinations that are settling for mediocrity will struggle to survive. The biggest challenge for them is to grasp that idea that nobody has yet thought of, to do something new, something daring and to persevere with it. We believe the future is bright for the New European destinations, as they are on the way to becoming the best in one of such niches.

It seems that today we no longer need to know a single thing or retain any knowledge, as everything can be googled. Knowledge is available anywhere, anytime. Google Play, Maps, Docs and Wallet are the seemingly inconspicuous services that are crowding out the old and seemingly ancient business models. It is therefore more necessary now to think about high-performance mobile and internet networks and the best bandwidth. The network of the future will have to provide transmission speeds of at least 50 or even 100 MB/s, while the maximum speed will exceed 1GB/s.


‘GOOGLIZATION’ OF THE MEETINGS INDUSTRY Are you ready for a total ‘googlization’ of your meetings services?

THE ECONOMIC RECESSION RAISES INNOVATION Are apps the future of the meetings industry?


It is said that crisis is the mother of invention, so in times of recession we tend to find hidden reserves and innovative thinking. Never before have there been so many innovative solutions available to event organisers as there are today.

To take full advantage of digital marketing you really have to understand the habits of congress participants. Over the last period we have been noticing a major shift from social media to chat-


DARK SOCIAL MARKETING The power of quality content marketing

In Focus

ting and parallel communication, which we call the ‘dark social’ (Alexis Madrigal). On average we share about 31% of content on social media and the remaining 69% through direct communication. The biggest challenge in 2016 will be to find the content that your clients share through these parallel worlds. And thus the knowledge of content marketing will come to the fore.



PayPal was not invented by a bank, Amazon was not invented by merchants, Airbnb was not invented by hoteliers… In the world of the new economy, changes are not happening within the existing structures, but on a completely new set of platforms. If we are still thinking about the meetings industry on the same set of generalizations and models as twenty years ago, it is highly likely that we will no longer decide on our own business (or even ourselves) and someone else will be ready to take advantage. The question is whether the existing organisations and associations are properly ready for enabling and driving the campaign for a better future of the meetings industry.


MORE VALUE FOR EVENT PARTICIPANTS Respecting participants as participants It sounds like a phrase already heard a million times, but we really do live in a time when every link of the meetings chain has to offer more value. Looking specifically at the new framework, the focus is more than ever on the participant and his or her needs. The Millennials are the largest target group of participants in the meetings industry, a group that has perfectly mastered technology, do not believe in institutions and that wishes to change the world for better. How well do we really know their habits and do we really know how to listen to them?


CONTROL OVER THE USE OF PARTICIPANTS’ PERSONAL DATA Protection of the rights of privacy and the confidentiality of personal data are fundamental human rights

integrate data from different services and applications that are today mainly based on services in the cloud, have that advantage. But it is one that comes with responsibility and the guardians of privacy have long been aware of the traps of such conduct. We believe that users will continue to try to regain control over the use of their personal data. Privacy, anonymity and security or encryption of communications is a key challenge for the future.


INTUITION EQ - Emotional Quotient of your destination

What is the EQ - Emotional Quotient – of your congress destination or product? With all the big words we use we often overlook the challenge of finding people with great intuition. It is a complex assembly of knowledge, experience, creativity and emotional intelligence that make a good event, destination or product.


BEAUTY, SUSTAINABILITY AND FUNCTIONALITY OF EVENTS In the search for full compliance with the form and content of events

Experimenting with different forms that we have a common name for – meetings architecture – has become a standard. Knowing the context of the destination and thinking of the environment has become a part of the congress story we no longer talk about. A good meeting planner must be an explorer interested in different professional fields that do not use stereotype solutions. The region has a good starting position for a congress breakthrough and a lot of well-trained professionals who importantly are flexible and receptive to change. As we are now accustomed to recession we are able to cope with all of the challenges it brings. The goal that we must strive to promote is the exchange of knowledge among all of the key partners. Last but not least, we must learn to be critical when managing the destination.

Happy 2016!

Conference organisers have been collecting data on participants and in a way have also been trading it. The larger organisers, who are able to 7

Best of

BEST OF 2015 Find out what the best incentives, experiential events, conferences and congresses, apps, cultural events, songs and movies were in 2015

THREE BEST INCENTIVES 2015 Roger Tondeur, Founder, Chairman and President, MCI MCI Group combined its local knowledge and innovative insights to deliver a memorable Arabian experience in the United Arab Emirates for top global sales agents of one of the world’s largest direct selling businesses. MCI is the world’s largest provider of strategic engagement and activation solutions and has been a key driver of innovation in the meetings, events, association and congress industries since 1987. THREE BEST INCENTIVES 2015: 1. The company leveraged its creative solutions to select three unique venues in Dubai to help a Fortune 500 company reward its best performing European employees. 2. It also set a benchmark in reward schemes with annual incentives to Mauritius for top sales people worldwide at a leading medical technology company, four years running. 3. “Through our unique solutions and local and global connections, we have marked another successful year creating inspiring incentives for clients worldwide,” said Roger Tondeur, Founder, Chairman and President of MCI.


Best of

THREE BEST EXPERIENTIAL EVENTS 2015 Colja M. Dams, CEO, VOK DAMS Agency for Events & Live-Marketing Colja M. Dams has been President/CEO of the VOK DAMS GRUPPE since 1998. From its foundation in 1971, the agency has been one of the international market leaders in LiveMarketing and Events. Graduated as an economist from the University Witten/Herdecke in Germany, he recognized very early on the importance of internationalisation within the special events business. Thanks to his efforts the Wuppertal, Germany-headquartered agency has established five additional German offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich, as well as successful subsidiaries in the Middle East (Dubai), China (Shanghai & Beijing), France (Bordeaux), England (London), Eastern Europe (Prague), South America (São Paulo) and the U.S.A. (New York). THREE BEST EXPERIENTIAL EVENTS 2015: 1. Cooperation Jeep® and Red Bull - VOK DAMS supports the cooperation between Jeep® and Red Bull. 2. L ufthansa Meet & Greet with FC Bayern Munich. 3. Celebrity event in Shanghai - VOK DAMS organises Lufthansa Meet & Geet with FC Bayern Munich.

TWO BEST CONFERENCES AND CONGRESSES 2015 Alain Pittet, Managing Director of Congrex Switzerland Congrex Switzerland provides consultancy and management services in the areas of association and conference management, including accommodation handling. Congrex Switzerland AG and Congrex Travel AG were founded in the 1980s as AKM Switzerland AG and AKM Travel AG. Some of the management staff have been with the company for more than 20 years and bring a vast experience and profound knowledge in the Association industry. TWO BEST CONFERENCES AND CONGRESSES 2015: 1. In October 2015 Congrex Switzerland organised in Barcelona the world’s largest annual international conference devoted to basic and clinical research in multiple sclerosis, ECTRIMS, with over 9,000 participants from 95 countries. 2. The 1st Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) in Berlin in June 2015, also organised by Congrex Switzerland, was attended by almost 6,500 participants.


Best of

SIX BEST APPS 2015 Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP, DES, Corbin Ball Associates Corbin Ball is a speaker and independent third-party consultant focusing on meetings technology. With 20 years experience of running international citywide technology meetings, he now helps clients worldwide use technology to save time and improve productivity. Mobile event apps have become the standard for many events, with more than 300 products to choose from. With so many choices, we are seeing an evolution expanding from simple agenda apps to ones that can provide specialized benefits, including audience engagement, advanced networking and much more. SIX BEST APPS 2015: 1. This volunteer and staff management software system and app is a novel product for a specific challenge of managing onsite staff and volunteers. The product has been tested, the pricing is reasonable and a significant benefit for planners with this kind of need.

2. This mobile event guide app is specialized for large scientific/medical meetings. It has a number of strong features, including the ability to handle very large sessions, extensive search capabilities, the use of beacon technology, offline abstracts, audience polling, text Q&A, slide distribution with notes, CME tracking and more. There are many mobile event guides, some with similar features, but this is unique in its vertical market focus, wide range of tools and design. 3. This app takes a novel approach to business contact exchange at events and exhibitions. It is completely smartphone-based and provides extensive capabilities to capture business card information, distribute marketing literature, integration with CRM systems and robust analytics. 4. Many events do not require an elaborate registration check-in procedure – a quick check-in to verify attendance is all that is required. This app works to make this process much quicker and more efficient. This app helps planners to move

THREE BEST CULTURAL EVENTS 2015 Pádraic Gilligan, Managing Partner, SoolNua Marketing Pádraic Gilligan is Managing Partner at SoolNua Marketing, a boutique consultancy working with destinations, hotels and venues on marketing, strategy and training. He has written and spoken on many aspects of the meetings industry, regularly contributing to Site, MPI, ADMEI, ICCA and other associations. THREE BEST CULTURAL EVENTS 2015: 1. R  ugby World Cup - This year’s Rugby World Cup brought hundreds of thousands to Great Britain from places as far apart as New Zealand and Argentina. It was a true example of how sports can be a unifying agent. 2. E  xpo, Milan - Almost 200 countries exhibited at the Expo in pavilions imagined by “starchitects” and elite designers. It was a great exercise in diplomacy and nation branding and, despite the endless lines, a thoroughly satisfying experience of cultural immersion. 3. The Web Summit, Dublin - Starting with just 500 delegates 5 years ago the Web Summit reached 35,000 this year and became a truly global contemporary cultural phenomenon and not just another tech event.


away from bulky and slow printed spreadsheets to a mobile solution that can sync with multiple devices, with arrival alert notification for VIPs, with real-time analytics and much more (www. 5. There are several good mobile audience polling tools. This one I have personally found to be reliable and easy to use. It integrates with PowerPoint, it has a range of survey capabilities, it has social Q&A (attendees can vote on questions they like with the question with the most votes rising to the top), analytics and more. 6. This full-featured mobile event app uses beacon technology to assist in event networking. Beacons are small, inexpensive “digital lighthouses” that interact with the mobile event app when it comes into range (from 1-50 metres). Eventbase allows attendees to enter their interest areas into the app and, when an individual of like interest comes within range, the attendee receives a pop-up notification with the person’s picture and interest areas.

Best of

THREE BEST SONGS 2015 Christian Mutschlechner, Vienna Convention Bureau The Vienna Convention Bureau (the Vienna Tourist Board’s congress office) was established in 1969 with the assistance of the municipality of Vienna and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. Eleven congress specialists work to acquire congresses, corporate conventions and incentives worldwide. THREE BEST SONGS 2015: 1. C  armina Burana, Carl Orff - A very emotional piece of music, elements of this piece could be used to emotionally embrace an audience before a keynote speaker enters the stage. 2. R  olling in the deep, Adele - A typical dance floor starter, great to start an evening function of young scientists, it puts everybody on the dance floor and speeds up emotions immediately. 3. R  adetzkymarsch, Johann Strauss father – An early morning plenary session and you want to wake up people - let them accompany this by clapping their hands to the rhythm of the Radetzkymarsch (the famous final piece of the annual New Years Concert in Vienna) - everybody knows, everybody stands up and claps the hands and you immediately create a good vibe in the room before starting the session.

THREE BEST MOVIES 2015 Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Group Carina is an active member of the meetings industry and has served as Chair of the Marketing Committee for MPI’s European Meetings & Events Conference, London (2008), as well as served on the Board of the MPI UK Chapter and the MPI International Multicultural Committee. She is currently serving on the Advocacy Taskforce for PCMA, the Site International Foundation Board and the Britain for Events Advisory Council. THREE BEST MOVIES 2015: 1. The Intern - A funny, heart-warming story that is carried by its leading characters played by Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, who have a great and unlikely chemistry in this story of a retiree (Robert de Niro) returning to work for a tech start-up founded by the unlikely Jules Austin (Anne Hathaway). 2. The Bridge of Spies - Tom Hanks plays the lead role of James Donovan – telling the true story of the US lawyer who negotiated the release of Francis Gary Powers – a US pilot captured by the Soviet Union during the early years of the Cold War. As always, Hanks carries the film with brilliant acting and Steven Spielberg ensures there is plenty of suspense. 3. The Woman in Gold - Sixty years after fleeing Vienna, Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren), an elderly Jewish woman, attempts to reclaim family possessions that were seized by the Nazis; including a famous portrait of Maria’s beloved Aunt Adele: Gustav Klimt’s "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer". Again this is the re-telling of a little known true story.


In Focus


Daniel Tschudy, from Switzerland, is coach, speaker and business consultant about globalisation, international marketing, cross-cultural competence, and the global hospitality industries. Tschudy focuses on the emerging markets in Africa, Arabia and Asia. And he specifically features China and Japan.

Within the fast spinning global business dimension, intercultural behaviours and international communication have become complex topics. All while we see, around the globe, a resurrection of national and regional sensitivities; be it in Catalonia, Crimea, or between Japan and China; only to mention a few. They are complicated processes in this status of globalisation, which in addition run aside a ‘parallel-world’ of hearth-breaking mass migration across the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkan countries. And yet, our job in the hospitality-industries is to create events, to bring people together, to stimulate happiness, and yes, to make money. How can one not get confused about this constellation? This is where cross-cultural competence comes in; and now is the time for cultural intelligence (CQ). While all of us working in hotels, venues, transport companies and agencies probably can assist only little to world peace and regional politics, what we can contribute is tolerance, respect, and empathy. In a time where stakeholders, clients, suppliers, competitors, and of course employees become increasingly international and multi-cultural, it is up to our industries to learn and distribute this new core competence: tolerance for diversity and respect for individual cultural values and needs. And obviously, cross-cultural competence can play a vital role not only across nations and ‘business-borders’, but also within a country.

cesses were never easy, but the nation managed through intensive and long-winded discussions; and somehow managed well. Freedom of speech and belief, and the ability to communicate while being on conflicting positions, are some of the key tools for the country. And respect. ‘Global understanding’ has dramatically changed. During the last century, it was about the differences between developed and emerging countries; with language, race and religion as dominating comparisons. Today, it is a wild matrix of values, interests and objecti­ves among the 200 nati­ons and even more major ethnicities. EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is not enou­gh anymore; it now needs CQ too; Cultural Intelligence. CQ has become a key tool not only to understand foreign clients, but also to embrace citizens, immigrants and co-workers with different cultural background. Today, it is about each culture’s values of status, time, space, communication, and leadership.

Successful international event & conference management needs more than just tolerance for race, language and religion. It now requires active search to find the tools for cultural intelligence.

Basic respect is fundamental

Switzerland is not a role-model for every aspect of life. But at least in the above mentioned, the country has learned over many decades to unite people from many different cultural backgrounds. Today, one of four is a foreigner in Switzerland, which is one of the highest shares in the Western world. Immigration has been a major and regular issue; with arrivals from Hungary (1956) and Czechoslovakia (1968), later from Italy, Portugal, Sri Lanka; and from many Balkan-countries too. Those immigration pro12

The better prepared, the better performed

For employees and managers in the hospitalityand tourism industries, it may mean to search pro-actively for data about unknown markets and foreign clientele. Wikipedia and Google are first sources; and relevant textbooks exist on just about every foreign cultural group, nation or market. Social Medias enable to communicate with people from around the world, and the awareness of cross culture competence allows asking the right questions; to get informed; to obtain knowledge. Knowledge leads to understanding, understanding leads to tolerance, tolerance leads to respect, respect leads to appreciation, and appreciation leads to friendship and great business operations. Cross culture competence is not only required for when launching an international Merger & Acquisition, but also for preparing and operating every single foreign tourist group or corporate event. Intercultural competence helps avoiding significant errors and the subsequent loss of time, energy and

In Focus

money. And we are not only talking about long-haul future markets like China or India; cross-culture competence is equally needed for our interactions with neighbouring countries or within our own.

Here comes another key element of cross-culture competence: Understanding and respecting a foreign person or business partner is only truly possible if one understands and respects its own culture. To know where you come from, to treasure your “cultural DNA”, to appreciate

your identity and to respect your own values is vital for doing the same with others. Self-respect is not granted for every nation, but desirable for every human being. And, if you respect yourself, it is much easier to respect others too. That then leads to a healthy diversity, and for countries like Switzerland, its multi-cultural background has eventually become a true USP (unique selling proposition). Just like the former CEO of Nokia, Jorma Ollila, once explained in business terms: “diverse teams are more creative and find better solutions than homogeneous teams.” In hospitality and in life, all means to identify and focus on common interests, rather than linger on differences. Flexibility is important too, plus the ability to allow mistakes and misunderstandings. People are different, and that is ok. Cross Culture competence is not only ‘nice to have’ but crucial when doing business, or politics, in a friendly, sustainable and successful way. Be it around the globe or home in your own backyard.

GR-Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre: Best event I’ve worked on? »BE PREPARED!«


The 40th World Scout Conference with over 1200 people from 130 countries

ESRA Congress 2015 The European Society of Regional Anasthesia & Pain Therapy, scientific programme combined with exhibition

»CELEBRITIES!« Naomi Campbell, Kevin Costner, Ben Affleck … Gala receptions of the Diners Club Slovenia


Kurzschluss, the hottest pop up festival club in Ljubljana, with Europe’s finest music talentsevery December

The 5th Trade for Automotive parts

w w


Best of

TOP 10 REGIONAL MEETINGS DESTINATIONS TO WATCH IN 2016 We predict the top 10 hottest, newest and freshest meeting destinations in Central and South East Europe for 2016.


n the shadows of the most familiar congress destinations of the region, which have already firmly established themselves on the international market, we predict some of the new destinations that are just sprouting onto the well-tended congress lawn but that we think will make a name for themselves. We have listed them below, having taken into account their ability to provide suitable congress infrastructure for various events and their descriptive index. These destinations are currently much less well known amongst congress organisers and so are perceived as fresh congress destinations…for now…

1. KOŠICE, Slovakia

This city to the east of Slovakia is a picturesque mix of architectural styles that reflects its rich history. Today Košice is the base for numerous companies and a symbol of Slovakia’s new economic growth. Košice picked up its momentum when it was named as European Capital of Culture in 2013, since when its special atmosphere has been getting more interesting and is now starting to attract international congress organisers of the type who appreciate the rich offer and medieval spirit of the city centre. It is an excellent congress alternative to other major cities in central Europe. For many the most beautiful and cutest of Slovak cities not only doesn’t disappoint congress guests, but also offers a wide range of special venues that have no match.

Airline connections to the city aren’t the best, but a good alternative is Budapest airport. What Košice is missing is a more forward thinking destination marketing.

2. LINZ, Austria

Today an industrial city by the Danube, Linz is often the main stage for musical and artistic events, which are deeply embedded in the city’s DNA and indeed the whole Upper Austria. Linz is often overlooked by congress organisers, which is doing the city an injustice, as it is an interesting destination that is searching for its optimum tourist identity and creating many fresh and interesting things in the process. New buildings from when the city was European Capital of Culture have created a genuine blossoming of the congress industry. Design Centre Linz is also worth a mention, as it is one of the venues you won’t want to overlook when thinking of organising your next event in Austria. Excellent meetings infrastructure and accessibility on the Danube, which gives the city a special dimension.


The disadvantage is a poorer image of the destination as opposed to what it is actually worth.

Best of

3. MARIBOR, Slovenia

5. RIJEKA, Croatia

Maribor is one of the most promising meetings destinations in Slovenia. The city is historically, ethnically and culturally extremely interesting and it gives a feeling of familiarity and warmth. Unfortunately the city lacks a captivating story that might also attract foreign event organisers, the main reason for this being the lack of a convention bureau to tell it. The lack of knowledge in the field of the meetings industry may well stem from the influence of the past and the city’s industrial thinking. Today, however, Maribor has everything that is necessary for development in this field, but the key people are not fully aware of the potential the meetings industry could have for them.

The extended region of Kvarner has the huge potential to become a leading meetings destination. Individual congress cities together with the islands of Opatija, Lošinj and Cres are the heart of a very rich product. It is a complex offer, more suitable for associations as well as corporate events. In contrasting Rijeka with Split it’s possible to see just how quickly the tourist-congress transformation can happen. With its Mediterranean– industrial character Rijeka has no competitor in the Adriatic; the urban scene is so very alive and contains a rich cultural offer. Plenty of latent congress stories are just waiting to be discovered.

The existing congress infrastructure owned by Terme Maribor is in great shape.

At the moment the meetings scene is much more developed in nearby Opatija, but Rijeka offers an interesting product and a truly urban congress experience.

A more active approach towards marketing from Maribor’s Convention Bureau is missing.

4. PULA, Croatia

Pula is a city of intoxicating flavours, scents and multiple images that once you experience, it becomes clear why it’s also a great meetings destination. As a regional centre of Istria Pula is, in terms of congress tourism, currently less developed than some other tourist destinations in Istria - Rovinj took the role of the regional congress centre with intensive investment, partly in Poreč and cities of NW Istria. The current investments of the company Arenaturist elicit a very high degree of optimism, however, as the city acquired high quality infrastructure. Along with the urban culture of the city and the range of higher education institutions, its potential for congress tourism in Istria is among the largest. Pula, in the middle of Istria, offers an exceptional number of different incentive experiences in a small area.

It can perhaps only be reproached at the moment for a slightly reduced level of profile. The establishment of a convention bureau would help it a lot.


Current state of the meeting infrastructure and its transport isolation.

6. SOFIA, Bulgaria

Sofia is a typical ‘transition’ convention destination: as a destination to discover Bulgaria, it has a lot to offer, but it will have to internationalise its meetings industry and strengthen its marketing. Sofia’s biggest opportunity is in the added value of the destination in being unknown to the rest of congress Europe. Sofia needs to get rid of the image of a cheap congress destination of a lesser quality and become an internationally recognised congress brand. For now, Sofia is a congress sleeping beauty caught between the east and the west.

Hospitality of the locals and a good balance between price and quality.

The weakest part of the offer is the congress infrastructure – first and foremost the lack of a convention bureau rounding up the offer and the fact that Sofia lacks a modern, multifunctional convention centre.

Best of

7. ŠIBENIK, Croatia

It is very rare for the name of Šibenik to be raised with any association to the meeting industry. In the process of its transition from an industrial city into a tourist destination it has not yet asserted its image among competing cities. Despite this, however, it is a fact that it has excellent conditions and is considered to be a hidden jewel of the Croatian congress offer. For ease of accessibility it may be a suitable location for small association conferences as well as a variety of incentive programmes. Until recently Šibenik would have been considered somewhat off the beaten MICE track, but in recent years it has been rapidly developing in the right direction. Strategic position, which enables easy access to the most attractive parts of Croatia for incentives.

Meetings industry support through the Convention Bureau and the image of Šibenik as a meeting destination.

8. TIRANA, Albania

Stereotypes about Tirana couldn’t be further from the truth, as the city is very dynamic, has the youngest population in Europe and is full of building sites, showing its dash for the future. In ‘the land of the old Mercedes’ you can also find many great congress hotels that compare well to the European competition. Improved airline accessibility and cheap prices are one of the assets of this increasingly popular Albanian capital. Getting in touch with the city’s history is made possible by the many incentive programmes, featuring explorations of genuine pearls such as the town of Berat. On the congress organiser’s radar Tirana may still be an undeveloped destination, but you will have a difficult time finding a destination as diverse and interesting as Albania. ‘Average expectation, positive surprise’ is the easiest way to describe the first impression given by Albania’s capital.

Chaotic traffic as well as the overall traffic infrastructure.

9. UDINE, Italy

The key challenge of the destination is its competition within the region - you can find conference infrastructure in Trieste as well as in Gorizia, Grado and Lignano. In addition, the world famous Venice is relatively close by. For these reasons reason, Udine is perhaps less recognizable than it would otherwise deserve based on a comprehensive and high-quality congress infrastructure analysis. It is very well-developed and fully viable, but on the international market is just less visible. Like a hidden gem it is waiting to be discovered by those international congress organisers who desire a bit more of a relaxed but still quality congress experience. Meetings elegance spiced with superb gastronomy and Friuli charm.

Meetings industry might not be the first link to Friuli.

10. VILLACH, Austria

Villach is the second largest city of Carinthia and has also become established as a small Silicon Valley in the Alps, with an international character reflected in the town‘s infrastructure. The main reason for a meetings industry in this part of Austria are the numerous incentive programmes, all of which you can engage with in a very clean environment. The most charming aspects are the Carinthian way of life, cultural diversity and a general sense of casualness. In our opinion the main advantages are the size and the feeling of familiarity, along with a modern congress infrastructure. It is an inspiring mixture of meeting facilities, atmosphere, modernism and a high quality of life and services at any time of the year. Political stability, safety, ratio of quality to price and general competitiveness of the destination.


Being oriented towards holidaying tourism for years, the convention infrastructure is somewhat behind compared with the competition in Austria.


Enjoy business. Feel pleasure. Bernardin Group. Perfect combination.

Hoteli Bernardin d.d., Obala 2, SI-6320 Portoro탑, Slovenia

Tel . +386 5 690 70 00



TOP PEOPLE WITH TOP TIPS FOR A BETTER MEETINGS INDUSTRY How trends, technology and innovation shape the meetings industry Kongres magazine’s editorial board has reached out to the most influential people in South East Europe in 2015 to ask them what their view is on competitiveness, innovation, technology and trends in the meetings industry. Here’s what they had to say:




MIHA KOVAČIČ, Director Slovenian Convention Bureau

GORAN PAVLOVIĆ, Head of the Opatija CVB

ZLATAN MUFTIĆ, General Manager, Zagreb CVB

SOMEDAY WE’LL BE THE TRENDSETTERS IN MEETINGS INDUSTRY “I’m open to new concepts and technology but at the end of the day, I believe that simple face-to-face and personal touch can make a big difference.”

EVEN THE SMALLEST THINGS CAN PUT YOU UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT “Paying attention to the trends is like going for a morning run – a good way to start a day.”

THE PRIORITY IS TO HAVE CLIENTS AND THEIR NEEDS IN THE MAIN FOCUS “Technology is our best partner to improve the quality of meetings and provide more options for the clients and planners.”




TATJANA RADOVIČ Head of Ljubljana Tourism / CVB

DANIEL MARUŠIĆ General Manager, DT - DMC

TOMAŽ KRUŠIČ General Manager, Intours DMC

DIGITAL NATIVES, WILL DICTATE A STRONGER ORIENTATION TO INTEGRATING NEW TECH SOLUTION Generation Y, or the “digital natives”, will dictate a stronger orientation to integrating new tech solutions.

A LOT OF TRENDS WE HAVE CREATED RECENTLY HAVE BEEN COPIED UNFORTUNATELY “We added a special Max version to please our clients and our team: MaxSafe, MaxSpeed and MaxSmile!”

TECHNOLOGY MOVES FASTER THAN WE CAN COMPREHEND “To be able to propose authentic, engaging and meaningful travel experiences in the Adriatic Region, we first have to carefully listen to clients’ needs and requests.”




DANI POLAJNAR, General Manager, Teambuilding Academy


DAVOR BRUKETA, Creative Director, Bruketa & Žinić

WALKING THE TALK AND PROTOTYPING. “There are two crucial factors: the development of HR field and the trends in incentive event management.”

MAKE TECHNOLOGY YOUR FRIEND “Keep it simple and relevant, look friendly but professional, make technology your friend …”

IF MY IDEAS ARE INTERESTING ENOUGH, THE WORLD WILL LISTEN. “If something is trendy it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for our client and solve his problems.”




MIHA KOVAČIČ, Slovenian Convention Bureau Active for a decade as the director of the Slovenian Convention Bureau, which enjoys an outstanding reputation abroad. Through a number of innovative marketing and CSR projects he continually manages the growth of the Slovenian meetings industry. The editorial board has put a particular emphasis on the Conventa project that, as a brand, has become synonymous with the SE Europe congress product and has significantly assisted with getting the region firmly onto the meetings planners’ list of top destinations.


GORAN PAVLOVIĆ, Opatija Convention Bureau In 2008 Goran started working for the Opatija Tourism Office as Head of the Convention and Incentive Bureau. In his current role he is responsible for the promotion of Opatija as a convention destination in Croatia on the domestic and international markets. He successfully completed the ECM Summer School programme in 2008 and the DMAI Destination Sales Training programme in 2009, so he has been designated to receive the DMAI/ECM Destination Pro certificate. Since June 2013 he has been a Board member of European Cities Marketing, the network of European tourist and convention cities.

Q: Do you pay attention to trends? Of course I do! The Slovenian Convention Bureau team always has its trend radars on. After a decade of promoting and positioning Slovenia as a MICE destination it was time to slip into a higher gear, so last year we started working with international marketing agencies SoolNua and tmf dialogue marketing in order to help us drive forward with a compelling, engaging story of Slovenia as a MICE destination. We’ve done and learned a lot over the past decade, actually we’re still learning, especially in the field of all kind of trends. Someday, maybe, we’ll be the trendsetters in the meetings and events industry…

Q: Do you pay attention to trends? There are numerous newsletters published daily from different parties in our industry and although it might seem that you are cluttered with emails, definitely don’t unsubscribe from them. Between the news you can always find some useful information and knowledge that can be easily implemented in your everyday work. Run through these emails and see what is going on in the market as today’s trends very often become tomorrow’s necessity. Paying attention to the trends is like going for a morning run – a good way to start a day.

Q: How do you feel about technology? Digital technology is definitely one of the most important aspects for the future. It has swept across the meetings and events industry like a tsunami and all the old paradigms have been washed away and new, exciting horizons have opened up. I’m very open to new concepts and technology, but at the end of the day I believe that simple, face-to-face engagement and a personal touch can make a big difference. Don’t get me wrong, however - at the Slovenian Convention Bureau we strive to use technology as much as we can to enhance and strengthen MICE business in Slovenia.

Q: How do you feel about technology? Technology plays a very important role in the modern meetings industry. It enhances a participant’s experience of the event, enables more interactivity and eases an event organiser’s operation. With technology events are no longer limited to the actual days of the event, but they start months before and last long beyond the last day of the event. Using technology is essential for every event organiser and every day new ideas and solutions are implemented, so you just need to search for them. I personally try to implement new technologies whenever it is convenient, being for my personal use or for the event.

Q: How are you competitive and innovative? We highlight Slovenia’s advantages with our “Slovenia Meetings” brand pillars that are used to help position the uniqueness of our lovely country for MICE business. The brand pillars are exclusively orientated around behaviours and attitudes, highlighting the human, inter-personal benefits of doing business with Slovenian MICE professionals. The 4 pillars – natural charm, team flexibility, personal touch and a 24h smile – are built on the strong foundation of Slovenian energy. Slovenia is a petite but diverse country; our big advantage is that we can focus on the little things with a generous pinch of personal touch and authenticity.

Q: How are you competitive and innovative? In today’s world it is hard to say who is not your competitor, so in order to be at the top of a client‘s mind you need to stand out from the rest. One of the ways of doing it is to be innovative. It doesn’t need to be something big or expensive even the smallest things can put you under the spotlight so a client will remember you or your destination. For example, I’ve already used our local classic cars club several times to organise hotel site inspections for the study tour visiting Opatija.



ZLATAN MUFTIĆ, Zagreb Convention Bureau With a wide range of activities he is charged with getting Zagreb on to the congress market. It is to his credit that Zagreb is today a modern and distinctive convention destination. Through active participation in all of the regional and international initiatives Zagreb is today a stable, growing congress destination, which over the last few years has been steadily increasing its market share in the associations and corporate markets. Q: Do you pay attention to trends? Of course, in order to become and stay successful and competitive, it is vital for every industry to not just pay attention to the trends, but also to be the one who sets them in order to improve the conditions for every stakeholder, especially the clients. When I say trends, I mean global, regional and local economical impact, green meeting trends and influence on environment. Generation change is also a very important factor; Gen Y will become the mainstream in no time. The biggest innovation will be the change of meetings itself to totally participative events that will use all the advantages of particular meeting destinations. Q: How do you feel about technology? Personally, I feel very comfortable about technology. Technology forms a key part of our everyday routine and it has become essential for providing new ways to improve how we do things, ease administration and achieve higher goals. On the other hand, technology itself is not enough - it has to be supported by great ideas to show its full value for the meeting industry that is, and will stay, a face-to-face business for a long time, despite the new possibilities provided by technology. Technology is our best partner to improve the quality of meetings and provide more options for the clients and planners. Q: How are you competitive and innovative? It may sound like a cliché, but the most important way to stay competitive is to know your priorities, and priority number one in our industry is to have clients and their needs as your main focus. It is also essential to make strategic alliances with your competitors in order to establish a co-opetitional environment where both or several sides can benefit from it. Everything else is mostly about improving administration or adopting new technologies and trends.



TATJANA RADOVIČ, Ljubljana Convention Bureau Tatjana Radović has candidacies to her name that she has prepared with passion and dedication in her blood. In carrying out her role she has for a number of years been linking key Ljubljana meeting suppliers, which this year all came together in the Ljubljana Strategic Bidding Team. This gave an additional boost to the work of connecting with the Slovenian Convention Bureau and to a number of important projects of associations obtained for the coming years. Q: Do you pay attention to trends? Definitely - it’s really important to keep track of all the major trends affecting the meetings industry and its individual sectors. Research documents and reports, issued by industry trade associations and others are valuable sources of information. Talking to clients on such topics gives an additional perspective and a better understanding of their challenges. Sharing knowhow with colleagues from other destinations and talking to partners in my city, who are directly involved in the business, rounds up the picture. Trends are there for us to anticipate today what we will do tomorrow to be more competitive. Q: How do you feel about technology? Meetings technology, including mobile event apps and audio-visuals, is the name of the game – having a major influence on the format of meetings (i.e. hybrid), their design and organisation, the delegate experience, interaction and engagement. The gradual shift of generations and a growing presence in the workforce of Generation Y, or the “digital natives”, will dictate a stronger orientation to integrating new tech solutions. With its fast development, ICT is also a propulsive industry sector that generates a multitude of meetings and educational events worldwide. Q: How are you competitive and innovative? By spotting novelties that can be integrated into the destination’s meetings & events portfolio (green venues and initiatives, niche programmes, CSR, themed experiences…). By cooperating with the Slovenian Convention Bureau in creating a stronger awareness of the Slovenia Meetings brand through fresh approaches and harmonised communication. By providing a destination support scheme aimed at attracting larger association meetings, which is based on a cooperation model with the key partners in Ljubljana. Last, but not least, being since the start a steady partner of the Conventa Show.


DANIEL MARUŠIĆ, Dubrovnik Travel DMC Dubrovnik Travel is recognised in the market as an extremely marketing-oriented company that dictates the trends of regional DMCs. A clear marketing strategy and a systematic operation are visible at both the service level of co-operation with the most demanding clients, as well as in the credible results, which were confirmed through the Gazelle Award in 2011. Daniel is heavily involved in the meetings space, as a member of peer associations as well as being the voice of the convention industry of Croatia. Q: Do you pay attention to trends? It‘s a must to be in the loop all the time - today trends in any industry are very important, so one must be ‚all in‘. DT Croatia&Slovenia DMC follow some „practical“ trends from the world of meetings and incentives and implement them regionally - on the flip side of this a lot of the trends we have created recently have unfortunately been copied, but thats what a trend leader like us has to live with! Q: How do you feel about technology? We don‘t ‚feel‘ it, we simply drive our business through with the ‚3S rule‘, and we added a special Max version to please our clients and our team: MaxSafe, MaxSpeed and MaxSmile! Q: How are you competitive and innovative? Our passion for organising meetings and incentives plus our every day creativity with the services we provide have made our company heralded by the industry many times as the best DMC in the region. Obtaining the AAA certificate for our long-term financial stability and being the first ISO certified DMC in the region for Quality Control is testament to the level at which we carry out our daily work at the DT offices in Ljubljana, Portoroz, Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb.


TOMAŽ KRUŠIČ AND MIRO HRIBAR, Intours DMC Intours reached its star moment in 2013, since when the company has been recording impressive business results, an increase of brand awareness and rapid growth. For the company 2014 was a year of moving into a more broad regional presence, where it has been continuously increasing its market share. Tomaž is also active as president of the council of the Slovenian Convention Bureaus, in which he is responsible for improving the visibility of the industry in Slovenia. 20

Q: Do you pay attention to trends? At Intours DMC we keep our eyes peeled for meeting industry trends, from personalizing travel experiences to paying special attention to safety. By knowing what is up-and-coming internationally and implementing this in the Adriatic Region, we can convince agencies to organise their incentives and conferences in Slovenia, Croatia or Montenegro. But it is important to not just keep track of meeting industry trends; it is also of great importance to pay special attention to new developments in the region. If we want to advise clients on the most appropriate destinations and venues as well as authentic experiences, then we have to know each corner of our own destinations. Only then can we make recommendations to clients with confidence. Q: How do you feel about technology? Technology moves faster than we can comprehend and perhaps I am a bit old-fashioned as regards all these new ideas and technologies. On the other hand, though, our team of event specialists is on top of all the new technology trends, which will drive great change in the next couple of years. We hope the technology will bring more interaction and engagement in the events and incentives industry, which will in turn lead to new ways of experiencing our destinations. Q: How are you competitive and innovative? One of our strong points is creativity in designing a la carte incentive programmes. To be able to propose authentic, engaging and meaningful travel experiences in the Adriatic Region we first have to listen carefully to clients’ needs and requests. Our experienced event professionals then brainstorm how an incentive group can have some ‘wow time’ in our region. It is of course important to have the right contacts to make this possible and to deliver the event in a highly professional manner, ensuring great client and customer satisfaction. Thereby Intours DMC can present itself as a creative specialist in the art of destination management in the Adriatic Region.


DANI POLAJNAR, Teambuilding Academy

Dani has more than 15 years of experience in training, coaching and conferences or events moderation. He is a founder and CEO of Teambuilding Academy – a company dedicated to developing team work in organisations through interactive workshops, active teambuilding programmes, personalised solutions and modern teambuilding events throughout Europe. Dani is a frequent guest speaker and

Views moderator on different conferences and seminars. In 2009 he was recognised with The best 10 lecturer award within the Slovenian market. Q: Do you pay attention to trends? For Teambuilding Academy to be, and to stay, at the top end of our industry, paying attention to trends is of utmost importance. There are two crucial factors in this: the development of the HR field and the trends in incentive event management. The HR field is becoming more agile, as well as more and more aware of the fact that building an efficient team is a planned process, not just something that happens and comes about “per se” or by chance. That is why we work closely with the HR departments of our clients, cooperating with them to offer the highest quality of services designed to fit their overall HR strategy. We combine knowledge about HR trends with them and together we set up modern teambuilding, combining training sessions with modern incentive events. Q: How do you feel about technology? In our field of work, on first glance we could say that technology is “to blame” for the degradation of the personal connections in teams. This is somehow true if we look at work in a traditional way, but modern organisations know how to best utilise technology to foster relations between people. The future of teamwork is more and more dependent on long-distance cooperation. Our goal is to build and disseminate the culture of keeping people close together, even from afar, in order to raise their productivity. Integration of high-tech elements of course gives us numerous opportunities to create high quality and engaging teambuilding events. Connecting globally dispersed teams into “real time” teambuilding events, modern high-tech “treasure trails”, mobile “escape rooms” or the integration of gaming is definitely a trend we work on. Q: How are you competitive and innovative? Our competitive advantage lies mainly in us walking the talk and prototyping. Each and every programme we offer is firstly tested by our team and only after it reaches our high quality standards is it offered to the market. We focus on content teambuilding, meaning that we thoroughly understand the fact that every team is different, every business has another business story and the approach to raising their effectiveness is different, so most of our programmes are exclusive and custom made. We try to implement the latest knowledge, processes, equipment and technology to offer our clients the best possible services they can get. Therefore, we are happy to be the trendsetters in the fields of integration of teambuilding and event management.


ALEKSANDRA UHERNIK ĐURĐEK, HelmsBriscoe A meeting and motivational event professional located in Croatia, business meetings, educational programmes, conferences, congresses and motivational events are Aleksandra’s profession and have been her everyday life for more than fifteen years. She holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Zagreb with a specialisation in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Q: Do you pay attention to trends? Absolutely, in our business it is very important to pay attention to trends, meaning not only our industry trends but trends in general. Being up to date is mandatory so you can meet your clients‘ needs and also show that you are making an effort to be the best you can be. Not to forget that our clients are getting younger and younger and millennials are becoming decision makers - it is not an option not to pay attention to the upcoming movements. It brings you the upper hand and keeps you in the market. Q: How do you feel about technology? Technology is one of the most handy tools in the meetings and events business. As a professional in the market it helps you to present to vast public; it helps the events you are involved with to have a long term effect by encouraging and empowering maximal networking. If the web page is designed so that it is user friendly, clients instantly get a good first impression. The Facebook page, Linkedin profile, Instagram, YouTube – all of these are today‘s first impression. Various applications, social media tools, wonderful new gadgets…but only within the event‘s scope and the clients‘ comfort zone. Keep it simple and relevant, look friendly but professional, make technology your friend… Q: How are you competitive and innovative? I believe my competitiveness is in my 100% client-centric approach, my professionalism (backed up by industry authorities and certificates) and by the fact that I have been in the business for many years. Furthermore, by  joining HelmsBriscoe I have found an easy alternative to the traditional way of planning events. With colleagues - associates in every corner of the world - my clients can now also benefit from a global reach and strong industry relationships. How innovative am I actually? This question could be answered only by my clients and my colleagues/partners. I can only say that I am making an effort to follow trends and to be the best listener, to see the events business through the eyes of the clients.



DAVOR BRUKETA, Creative Director, Bruketa & Žinić Davor Bruketa is the co-owner and Creative Director of Bruketa&Žinić OM advertising agency, one of the 17 leading independent agencies in the world according to Campaign magazine (London, 2014), “Small Agency of the Year, International” according to AdAge magazine (Portland, 2013), Second Most Efficient Independent Advertising Agency Globally according to Effie Index (Cannes, 2012) and among the 200 best packaging designers globally (Lürzer’s Archive, Vienna, 2015). Bruketa is a permanent member of the New York Cresta Awards jury and he was also a jury member of the Art Directors Club New York, D&AD London, NY Festivals, Graphis and in 2008 he was also the first jury president of the London International Awards coming from Southeastern Europe. Q: Do you pay attention to trends? It is a full time job, especially when one is working in the communications industry probably among the fastest changing industries today. We live by keeping up with what’s out there, but if something is trendy it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for our client and solve his problems. I always try to see what is an optimal solution, not what is hot at the moment. Q: How do you feel about technology? I am not your regular geek. Even though my job is largely led by digital technology and endless data available, I still use a simple little black notebook where I write everything down. As for technology, I’m still fascinated with the fact that I can speak with the entire planet almost entirely for free, and if my ideas are interesting enough, the world will listen. This is a new step in the evolution. Q: How are you competitive and innovative? Creativity, creativity and more creativity. Besi­ des that it’s crucial to always be open to change while maintaining a critical eye and using this approach in trying to provide optimal solutions for clients, meaning providing maximum results with minimum resources.






he first association you’ll get when you think of Upper Savinja Valley is with a number of different municipalities, as the Valley covers a magical seven of them: Mozirje, Nazarje, Gordnji Grad, Rečica ob Savinji, Ljubno, Luče and Solčava together represent a rounded geographical area of outstanding natural beauty that has a special charm thanks to its four glacial valleys, The Logar valley, Matkov kot, Robanov kot and Lučko Belo. Logar Valley is considered as one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Europe, which in 1987 was declared as a landscape park. It offers numerous natural attractions, such as cultural, ethnological and archaeological attractions, and its experiential identity creates a rich architectural, artistic and urban heritage. The Savinja river has formed a very diverse landscape from its source under Okrešelj to a gorge at Letuš, where the Lower Savinja Valley or Celje Valley continues, with the most striking stretch being the Savinja Alps west of Raduha. The whole region is extremely mountainous as 70% of the territory lies at more than 600m above sea level. Alongside the interesting cultural heritage it offers an unprecedented experiential diversity that is embodied by the stunningly picturesque Logar Valley, the setting for the filming of the famous advertisement “Slovenia my country” because of its exceptional nature. Throughout history the economy of this region has been based on the extensive forest and timber trades, with livestock breeding also an important strand. As a result of this rafting was begun here in the 16th century and Mozirje developed as a central point of the region. To reach the valley in the headwaters of the Savinja at the Solčavsko area it is just a one and a half hour’s drive from Ljubljana and along the road you will come across areas that are completely authentic with untouched nature and many culinary specialities. It was before the Second World War that tourism started to develop here, as the Logar Valley was already known then as a tourist and vacation spot. The Upper Savinja Valley was not hit by the wave of mass construction of tourist facilities at the end of 60s and fortunately the valley remained intact with its ecologically clean nature maintained. Today, people in this area largely live off tourism, which given their local natural resources is certainly not difficult to attract, with numerous tourist farms and other offers such as hiking, climbing, mountain-biking, archery, paragliding, rafting and in the winter the alpine and cross-country skiing, sledding, recreational skiing and much more. The summer tourist season is the most important one though. Water sports such as rafting on Savinja river are very popular. Winter season takes place mainly at Golte, which following in-

vestment in a renovation is among most modern of Slovenian ski resorts. The Upper Savinja Valley offers three camps that mostly attract foreign tourists looking pitch up in the midst of nature and participate in sports activities. In Luče there is the Šmica camp, at Spodnje Pobrežje the Savinja camp and on the left bank of the Savinja is the Menina camp. Upper Savinja also offers some hotel accommodations and the valley has a total of six hotels, including Hotel Golte, which in 2010 underwent a thorough renovation. In the Upper Savinja Valley you can find a wide range of tourist farms, most of them being are at Solčavo, Lučkih and Ljubno Hills. Consequently they often have high visit levels, all spreading the good word about the hotel and the valley. With a comprehensive and innovative offer the hotel is a very common decision for congress and incentive groups, no less so because of the world-class cuisine and hospitality of the Plesnik family. Hotel Golte, located by the top cable car station, can be reached by an 8-minute cable car ride that brings you right to the reception at an altitude of 1,430m. The hotel has 54 rooms and a modern conference hall for 100 people. Many people think that this is the best ski slope with guaranteed snow, but it’s even more attractive in the summer season. A rich offer is rounded off by excellent incentive options in the Savinjska and Šaleška valley, accompanied by an interesting local culinary tradition, which goes hand in hand with all the incentive programmes. There is also the legendary Mozirska cottage that exudes relaxation and attracts cheerful gatherings where you will enjoy the genuine Slovenian alpine experience, be it playing alpine billiards or learning to bake homemade bread. The full offer is rounded off with incentive programme providers who delight with their authenticity, sincerity and honest products. The Menina camp, owned by Jurij Kolenc, is something of an epicentre of this and with the help of its team you will learn all about the life, the joys and difficulties of local people, experience real rafting, test yourself in the adrenalin park or by sorbing. A special story of the valley can be found in Luče, where House Raduha is located and is a spot that, with its first-class cuisine, will satisfy even the most demanding congress guests. The restaurant is considered to be one of the best in Slovenia, after which you can also spend the night in a hayrack. The entire facility represents a merger of tradition, modern architecture, nature and exquisite food. Far from the traditional hotel resorts often with their generic offer, the Herbal Glamping in Ljubno ob Savinji offers you a freshness for both the body and the soul, as well as an unforget-

The legendary Hotel Plesnik is the one that can claim to be the origin of congress tourism in the valley. The Plesnik family has been involved in the hotel industry more than 80 years and they are famous for excellent facilities and the fact that guests are guaranteed discretion and the ability to escape the world’s prying eyes.



table experience. As part of a new brand, ‘Charming Slovenia’ is planning to open a number of such ‘glamping’ resorts that will be located in different parts of the country. The first, located in Ljubno ob Savinji, opened in late August in 2015 and is designed as a boutique resort with a central theme of herbs and spices. The resort is suitable for small meeting groups of up to 40 participants who get the chance to experience a very special energy and genuine contact with nature. Attendees will gather around the campfire as their central outdoor event space, one that is calling out for social teambuilding activities or just socialising with the memories of old scouting time in mind… The entire village is interwoven with sustainable stories, from its idyllic herb and vegetable gardens to the natural pool. In the Upper Savinja Valley guests today are particularly looking for the kind of pleasures in nature that are becoming less and less in today’s mass tourism. If the Upper Savinja Valley is for now considered as an excursion point, in the future it will for sure become a significant incentive point in Slovenia. They have everything an offer needs, it’s just that congress guests don’t yet know it due to a lack of connectivity. You will be hard pushed to find so many incentive pearls in such a small area in Slovenia or anywhere else. With such a range and exclusivity of supply this is one of the largest congress hidden gems of Slovenia. Destination grade: QUALITY MEETING DESTINATION Grades: 5 excellent convention destination 4 quality convention destination 3 recommendable convention destination 2 average convention destination 1 so so


INDIVIDUAL GRADES: Natural and cultural factors


The Valley boasts a pristine and ecologically clean nature. The area has over 100 natural, cultural, historical, ethnographic and archaeological attractions. There are plenty of options for recreation and incentive programmes. This is a region with exceptional tourist potential and a high experiential value. General and transport infrastructure


Given its location the valley is less accessible and the main transport hub is the regional road from the Lower Savinja Valley. Travellers are often surprised by the good municipal services, however, and all of the municipal centres have wastewater treatment plants. The main challenge is public transport, which is currently not properly regulated other than in the high summer tourist season. Tourist infrastructure 


There is a lot of potential for the development of congress tourism in the valley and the number of visitors is increasing year on year, especially in the summer. In addition to the traditional tourism at Golte and Logar Valley, camping near Savinja is also popular. The EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence award) award given to Solčavo in 2009 has contributed to its profile and visibility. Meetings infrastructure  4.05 The pioneer of congress tourism in the valley is certainly the Plesnik family with its legendary hotel. They have been synonymous with boutique congress tourism at the highest level for many years. As a result of their offer and professionalism many corporate and government clients have learned about its advantages. Others are slowly following them and together they are building a recognizable brand. 24


WHAT‘S NEW 2016 1. World Cup Ski Jumping Ladies: It’s one of the most attractive winter sports events thayt will take place from 13th to 14th February 2016. 2. Raftsmen Ball: Raftsmen ball is a traditional event that has been held in Ljubno ob Savinji since 1961 in memory of all things rafting. 3. Mozirski gaj: an exhibition of flowers that has the tradition of being annually opened on May 1st. 4. Days of Solčava: held in the last weekend of July to display the pulse of the city in which they lived many years ago. 5. Mozirje Carnival: this carnival has quite a long tradition, as the first written sources talk about “Mozirje Pustnaki” being already active around 1891. The procession that includes at least one or more local stories from the past year has become one of the key elements of the carnival.

Subjective grade 


The selected suppliers and their offer are an undiscovered incentive pearl of Slovenia in the heart of the SAVINJSKIH ALP regional park. Unfortunately they stand apart and without the clear strategic orientation that would enable them to bring the most demanding congress guests into the valley. An incentive office that should be placed above the partial municipal interests would be a great help. The prospects for the marketing and sales of an integrated congress product are enormous. F. Marketing buzz 


In terms of promotion the individual suppliers are left to themselves. Some of them, like Hotel Plesnik, are carrying out a superior level of marketing, but a more connected tourism appearance could really improve the visibility of the entire valley. Disconnected marketing of destinations within individual municipalities or micro-meeting destinations simply won’t produce the kind of results required or desired. Comparison with the region: Upper Savinja Valley is one of Slovenia’s natural jewels of. Its tourism offer is undoubtedly getting more diverse with every passing year, but still many of its foreign guests are not getting a comprehensive source of information about the full range of events and activities offer. The valley can be compared with the Soča Valley, which in many respects has a similar congress offer and the advantage of a functioning destination organisation (LTO Sotočje). Both valleys are two uncut diamonds of the Slovenian meetings offer that we believe will sooner or later be discovered by European event organisers. Given the advantages of this valley that is really impressive with its diversity, its natural resources and the charms of the Savinja river, it will undoubtedly succeed. Cool meetings: Zgornje-Savinjski stomach: One of the most famous dishes is certainly the geographically protected Zgornje-Savinjski stomach - dried sausage made from high-quality pork meat and bacon.


BEST INCENTIVE IDEA 1. Cycling through the Solčava panoramic road: Cycling along the most picturesque Slovenian alpine route, the trail leads through unspoiled nature offering breathtaking panoramas of immense peaks and lush valleys whilst simultaneously telling the tale of the harmony of pristine nature and human ingenuity. 2. Doživetje gorske turistične kmetije: A presentation of peasant traditions, tasting selected dishes and participating in workshops of baking delicious pastries or preparing selected local dishes. 3. Kayaking or rafting: Rafting on the quiet river is possible from May to October, with the entire programme taking a solid two hours. 4. Herbal workshops: The Glamping Resort is connected to its herb and vegetable gardens. At their workshops you will learn about herbs and their use in the manufacture of cosmetics, teas, liquors and herbal spirits.

DID YOU KNOW LJUBNO – Cradle of women’s ski jumping The first attempts at jumping took place there before the Second World War and after 1947 a contract to build a 60-metre ski jump was signed with Stanko Bloudek from Planica, the legendary ski-jump hill engineer. Since then, the ski jumps have been constantly upgraded and improved. As the first organiser of the continental cup for women Ljubno made an extremely important campaign on the international scene in holding the first meeting of countries that had relatively developed woman ski-jumpers. After the long and hard road they had to travel, female jumpers finally won their hard-earned place in this discipline.


Are you reAdy for new Adventures?

Feel the buzz of European destinations

Discovering new places and meeting new people enriches us with new experiences. Fly with Adria from Ljubljana Airport with a 23 + 8 kg baggage allowance. Great FIRST MINUTE and LAST MINUTE offers available to more then 22 other destinations.

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TOPICS AND DATES / Published  times per year

Kongres Magazine is far from being just a magazine. It is the only provider of integrated congress marketing communications, with which you can make effective dialogue with the meetings industry audience. Because we know what meetings industry payers really need and how to ensure their long-term loyalty, we can make above-average, high-quality, relevant, independent, in-depth and interesting meetings industry stories. In 2016 they will be dedicated to you and your customers even more.





Daily newspaper, which will be released during the Conventa trade show and which brings to exhibitors and hosted buyers daily news from Conventa.

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Special edition, published as a catalogue of Conventa together with extensive destination presentations and presentations of participating partners. In terms of content this is the most comprehensive overview of the meetings industry in the region of Central and Southeast Europe.



In Focus: TASTE - five senses

Participants will always remember an event by its sensory, gastronomic experience. It is well known that humans can remember almost everything, if they are able to hear, see, touch or taste the information. Like nothing else food can ignite truly nostalgic feelings. In the spring issue we will present a number of ways to create different impressions at events, everything from those connected with time (traditional, futuristic) and technology (natural, organic, artificial) to those geared towards sophistication (exclusive, grand). Hot Spot: EVENT CREATION How to create creative experimental events Themed supplement: CATERING SURVEY 2016

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THE POSITIVE PATH TO THE PARTICIPANT’S MIND TAKES US THROUGH OUR SENSES In Ancient Greece Aristotle outlined the 5 senses that we all now and understand today. The coming year will be dedicated to those senses, which are also the biggest amplifiers of emotional experience in your event. With the proper use of our senses we can establish either a positive or a negative attitude towards events. This important subject will be founded on a scientific as well as completely practical viewpoint, through best advice on how to set off the right set of stimuli.



Since 2010, Kongres magazine has been publishing CONGRESS TRAVELOGUES, which were renamed MEETOLOGUES. International meeting planners thus discover little-known European convention destinations. All existing travelogues of the NEW EUROPE will be issued in a special issue of Kongres magazine, which will be released prior to IMEX trade show. With high-quality editorial content, travelogues completely replace the tedious and irrelevant catalogues of meetings suppliers. Digital versions of MEETOLOGUES are currently the most read sections of the Kongres magazine.

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Meeting planners wish for something new. You would like – for the same or lower price – to see the yet unseen places, taste un-tasted delicacies, unknown wines and experience undiscovered experiences. Central and South East Europe offers numerous pleasant incentive secrets in the worldwide meetings industry, waiting to be discovered.

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In Focus: SIGHT - five senses

Colour, light, darkness, design and unusual imagery that reach out beyond the regular boundaries can arouse your curiosity and have a direct effect on your emotional sensors. Today, technology offers unlimited visual solutions that can be used at events, but we will also point out the problems with an overload of visual images. Today images also aren’t enough in themselves, so we must keep our participant’s nostrils and ears open at the same time and receptive to new smells and sounds. In our summer issue we will also cover the important role of branding and creating the perfect event.

Hot Spot: EVENT PRODUCTION How to organise viable events

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In Focus: TOUCH - five senses

If you want to showcase a new product, you have to make sure that participants can feel it and get familiar with its texture. If the presentation is about services, you have to have the right marketing materials, as well as the social networks to generate the right experience. Getting to ‘touch’ a brand is only possible through the use of good materials, varied surfaces and interesting shapes. Touch not only has a physical effect, but also a big mental one, as it creates memories and stirs personal emotions. Hot Spot: EVENT MARKETING How to make desirable events Themed supplement: INNOVATIVE PEOPLE & EVENTS

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In Focus: SOUND - five senses

In the auditory sphere humans are highly affected by different sounds and particularly by music. Music is a way an artist expresses himself and his emotional body language, and it has an extraordinary power of stimulating our sensations. How to create the best musical atmosphere, make an event jingle with excitement and bring a personal musical signature to an event will all be revealed in the winter issue of Kongres Magazine. Hot Spot: EVENT DIFERENTATION How to stand out from the crowd

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In Focus

ALL ROADS LEAD TO CONTENT Why Content Marketing Matters To Me And Should To You Too Text by Gorazd Čad


oday I had a call from one of my colleagues who was amazed by a discussion in the elite group of Slovenia’s congress industry where they were talking at length about the importance of content marketing. After a thorough and detailed analysis, an important regional player supposedly came to the conclusion that content marketing doesn’t pay off and brings no benefits. Judging by his words the only thing that works is direct sales on workshops and probably sales calls.

Personally, I believe that his thoughts were taken out of context, but they do open up quite a few important questions, which require an in-depth response. First of all, a classic mix-up occurs when we talk about ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’. They are two completely different functions that are today connected by none other than content marketing. Let’s take a look how: The goal of any company or destination in the meetings industry is to gain as many events as possible. Congress marketers believe that you can only achieve those goals through branding and a series of tools that allow the currently supreme digital communication with meeting planners. Congress sales believe in epic sales feats, workshops and sales calls to companies in a 1on1 battle with deadlines, which will generate a return of every single euro. In reality, sales are the ones who bring in the money to allow others to live on the destinations, whereas the marketers are the irreversible spenders who absurdly throw money through the window. I believe that efficient content marketing creates the opportunities for the sale to even happen. To simplify it, we could say that marketing creates the opportunities, which are transformed into profit by sales. Only when marketing does its homework can the sales winners come to play. Bad sales figures are usually the result of missing opportunities. Today, creating those opportunities and getting people excited is mostly done on digital platforms, which feed on good stories and quality content marketing. It is why we must involve

content marketing in every single marketing process, as content is the number one necessary element for success in sale activities. Too often do we equate content marketing with creative writing and ‘word forming’, which is far from the truth.

2. Offer/pitch preparation is your daily content marketing

As a matter of fact, you confront content marketing every day when you answer questions about enquiries and RFPs. Without proper knowledge you might have some luck with your story, but with content marketing your buyer will acknowledge the fact that you can solve problems, give added value and that it will be his loss if he doesn’t take the chance with you.

If we look at both sides of the coin, we can see that sales are far more manly -focused and physical by function. Marketing is more deliberate, refined and orientated towards people, which can be marked as more feminine qualities. From this perspective, the two fields form a logical attraction, which is connected by good stories.

Why is it then that this content marketing is so crucial for destinations and providers? I have summed up the answer in 10 simple arguments and facts connected to our industry. They are as follows:

1. Congress Bidding is content marketing

Congress bidding includes all the elements of content marketing. Its success relies extensively on the way it is prepared and the way the destination’s story is presented. Like in every great dish, the addition of good and fitting spices can sway your opinion. In every candidacy content spice is the thing that gives the deciding vote, but it includes an enormous amount of experience, teamwork and professionalism in the field of content marketing.


3. Incentives tell stories

In reality an incentive product is not only a motivational trip or a teambuilding programme with all the accompanying logistics. It is a story with everything connected to it, from the first customer impression of the destination to a positive experience, including the way of communication with the participants. It is exactly the quality relationships with participants that are the key to success of your incentive story.

4. The congress world is made up of stories

Amongst countless destinations, recognisability is the key competitive advantage. Congress organisers have zero chance of recognising you as the right option if they can’t differentiate you from all the other destinations. Differentiation can only be achieved through quality and targeted stories. If you don’t know or understand your focus group then you will have a difficult time reaching your goal, but even before that you have to answer the question: Who are you in the meetings and events universe and what story are you trying to tell?

5. Telling stories about yourself is key

Today, our attention is only directed to a small percentage of original stories. We, as humans, have reserved the focus of our attention for what seems useful or amuses us. Through content marketing we give meeting planners stories that are relevant for them and consequently they reward us with their loyalty and business. If we aren’t able to tell stories ourselves, our buyers will create them themselves and those mightn’t always be positive. When stories intertwine with efficient sales you have an open path towards success.

In Focus

6. Quality content is a digital Trojan Horse

Can you imagine being in the global marketplace without your own web page? Yet a web page isn’t enough. In addition to this, optimisation (or SEO for short) is the key for making your web page visible. Every web browser has it’s own set of rules for result classification, but all have in common that they give prominence to quality and relevant content. Currently this is the most dynamic field of content marketing, where you can quickly jeopardize your position in browsers by not having the proper knowledge. The originality of your content is also important. Before you spread it on the world wide web, you can check its adequacy with the help of

7. Social media is the ultimate congress story amplifier

Social media and content marketing is today’s winning combination. Through social media you can create recognition for your brand and at the same time direct potential buyers to additional content on your web page. With its viral potential social media has become a source of evidence that your congress service is trustworthy. You can achieve that with numerous content marketing tools, from posting informational articles, webinars and demo videos to good practice studies and white papers. Professional profiles, such as photographers, graphic designers, video producers and journalists, are also the key for having successful content distribution on social media.

8. More contacts - more contracts

Real and credible stories are the pillar for your sale. They trigger a positive reaction, which in the end turns into an active base of buyers. The starting point for direct marketing and sales is the conversion of content into a database of potential buyers. Therefore the golden rule of sales states that building a strong buyers’ following is key. A lot more time should be set on finding your focus group, which your story is tailored to. You should constantly have in mind that quality always beat quantity, which means you have to have interested and keen buyers who you can reach out to and touch with the right content.

9. Content is your company’s wealth

Good content is the communication capital of your company. Imagine you have developed an excellent incentive programme and maybe even copyrighted it. It is like your company’s seed, which can potentially bear rich fruit. Of course

this capital is completely useless if you don’t take care of its proper content distribution. The best destinations and providers take distribution into their own hands and are becoming new editors who can keep meeting planners happy with attractive content.

10. Can you still afford life without content marketing?

We used to get along just fine with a simple web page, but today a complete user experience through every channel imaginable is neccessary. Just think about what drives the modern mix that leads us to a good event - quality content is powering landing pages, Facebook profiles, YouTube channels, corporate magazines, call centres, digital campaigns, newsletters, direct management and, at the end of the day, your event. Not only do we need content marketing, but in every field it is omnipresent. We live in a hyper-symbiotic congress world in which what is currently trending may well be outdated by tomorrow. Content marketing has definitely taken over, with companies investing in content quality and thereby attracting new buyers, whilst at the same time satisfying the established ones. You don’t really need anything spectacular and if you are already being hunted down by buyers and subscribers then you are probably on the right path. For starters, though, just listen to your customers’ opinions and needs. The cardinal sin of content marketing is being infatuated by your own modules and not being open to new information. The power of content marketing lies in the fact that it can take your buyers’/congress organisers’ side, which it understands and can give the right solutions to at the right time. Content marketing - is a marketing technique of creating and distributing content, with the goal of reaching the right focus group Inbound marketing - is content marketing based on giving relevant content that attracts buyers. Outbound marketing - is traditional marketing in the form of ads, commercials and direct marketing. For many it is often perceived as intrusive and imposed.


KNOWLEDGE CAFE 2016: Content Marketing is the King, Content Distribution is the Queen For all of you who are closely connected to the congress industry, in 2016 we will once again carry out our popular workshop in the field of content marketing, social media, digital marketing and events in the congress industry. Your lecturer, Gorazd Čad along with guests, will focus on every participant, his company and his own story in a way for you to gain knowledge on an actual case basis. You will have the chance to acquire new information and some useful ideas at the same time. You will be treated to a programme that will answer your questions on content marketing, which you will be able to apply to your own company. Knowledge Cafe’s spring dates Ljubljana 03. March 2016 Beograd 10. March 2016 Zagreb 07. April 2016 This year’s Knowledge Cafe will teach you: - How to write a congress story, which your buyers won’t be able to resist reading - Which content approaches and tools for boosting sales actually work - How to adapt your story to different focus segments - How to take on marketing in social media - Which are the apps connected to social networking - What are the tools and techniques of re-marketing - How to write a good message for the media - How to measure and analyse results - What are some good congress practices around the world We will also show you some different success stories in the field of content marketing. More information: Mr. Gorazd čad E:

IMEX in April? Whatever next - Christmas in November? As regulars to IMEX in Frankfurt know, the show always takes place in May. But not in 2016. That’s right – for one year only, the meetings industry’s annual three-day exhibition in Frankfurt will take place in April instead. So pencil in 19–21 April 2016 for your next fix of business productivity, networking and creative inspiration at the most engaging event in the meetings industry’s year.

The worldwide exhibition for incentive travel, meetings and events.

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09/11/2015 10:21







ith the mince pies all scoffed and the last pine needles cleared from where the Christmas tree stood, the MICE industry is once again ready to kick off another calendar year with its first key events. Taking place annually in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and for 2016 at its regular home of the GR Ljubljana Convention and Exhibition Centre from January 20-21, Conventa has become a staple of the MICE calendar and triggers the European MICE year with a regional event covering the South Eastern European region and the territories of ‘New Europe’, an area of boundless potential for event organisers ready to break new frontiers with new ideas in new destinations. Taking place simultaneously with Conventa but on the other side of the world is another such event that is also reaping the rewards of a regional reach into lesser known territories. The TTG-organised ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF), a further MICE calendar staple, is a rotating event that in 2016 will be held at the SMX Convention Centre in the Philippine capital of Manila for its 35th instalment and will showcase products and services from over forty destinations across the ten-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The international event will host 400 buyers from around the world and the growing appeal of ASEAN destinations has drawn the interest of global buyers from across 65 countries, with the participation of top markets such as Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States of America all secured.

“A cooperative effort of promoting the ASEAN region as a single tourist destination, ATF is an annual gathering that brings together the member countries of the ASEAN to discuss innovations, trends, and developments in the tourism industry and facilitate joint policy formulations to accelerate the growth of the region’s tourism,” explained Ramon R. Jiminez, Jr, Secretary of Tourism for the Philippine Government. “Most people describe the countries in our region as ‘fiercely competitive’, but upon closer look one realises that the more the countries of ASEAN compete, the more that we all tend to gravitate towards growth.”



“Our region is characterized by coopetition—a cooperative, collaborative decision by all players to compete with each other so that the world will choose the region before choosing the country,” he continued. “Our countries become, in very real terms, each other’s value extension—we become each other’s developing markets. And to make this development last for our children, we have to make certain that we are mindful of the social and environmental context that our region’s growth exists in.” Boosting the region’s growth in this responsible way is highlighted by the 2016 theme of One Community for Sustainability that infuses the new ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP) that will be launched at the event and that will work towards not only the development and growth of the region’s tourism, but also in ensuring that this growth is grounded on responsible, sustainable, and inclusive tourism that will keep the region – and the event – on its trajectory of success. “ATF has been a key trade event for the Philippines that has proven to produce good results for our travel suppliers over the years and this showing at ATF 2016 will be one of Philippines’ best, with over 150 exhibiting booths from across the country,” said Susan del Mundo, Chairperson of ATF 2016 TRAVEX Sub-Committee. “Participation at ATF 2016 also includes a strong showing of corporate hotel chains such as CHM Hotels, FRHI Hotels & Resorts, Furama Hotels International, HPL Hotels & Resorts, Park Hotel Group, Premier Inn Hotel, Sol Melia, InterContinental Hotels

Group, Starwood Asia Pacific Hotels & Resorts, Best Western International, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Movenpick Hotels & Resorts, AccorHotels, Pan Pacific Hotels Group and Wyndham Hotel Group.” With buyers descending from around the world to an event showcasing such a wealth of exhibitors from an area of such diversity and as yet untapped potential, the two events from opposite sides of the world kicking off the 2016 MICE calendar are both set to demonstrate the muscle behind the regional approach. Kongres will be at this year’s ATF and looks forward to reporting back in our Spring issue.





press briefing given at IT&CMA 2015 in the Thai capital Bangkok announced the opening of Indonesia’s first major convention facility, the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in Tangerang, just outside the metropolis of Jakarta on the island of Java. Whilst the opening of yet another major convention facility in Asia may not be much news in such a dynamic MICE region, the information that it was being operated by Deutsche Messe of Hannover, Germany, was indeed news and a signal of the potential of synergies of expertise in the MICE industry that can be created not only across borders or within regions such as South East Europe, but right across continents. “With 247 million inhabitants, Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world and is Southeast Asia’s biggest economy, and apart from the BRIC nations Indonesia is also one of the world’s leading growth markets,” explained Hendrik Engelking, Head of International Sales for ICE. “A key objective of our foreign strategy is to grow our expertise as an operator of exhibition facilities abroad and Indonesia offers the ideal prerequisites for expanding our tradeshow business: the economy there continues to grow, the international industry is actively involved and the investment climate remains stable.” “We are delighted to have gained such competent partners for our entry as a tradeshow operator into the Indonesian market,” he continued. “Our stake in the Indonesia Convention Exhibition Centre will provide us with a strategic base for staging future trade fairs.” Alongside being a strategic base for Deutsche Messe, ICE is also a brand new and state of the art facility comprising ten exhibition halls of 50,000m2 and a further 50,000m2 of outdoor exhibition space, a 4,000m2 Convention Hall divisible into four rooms, a 12,000m2 pre-function lobby and more than 30 separate meeting rooms. “ICE was opened on 4 August 2015 by the President of Republic Indonesia, Joko Widodo,” said Engelking. “We are proud that the

Indonesian government has fully supported us through the Tourism minister and we also work closely with MICE associations either in Indonesia or internationally, as well as participate actively in MICE forums around the world, such as the UFI congress. ICE is currently a new venue and we need to build its awareness in the market. However, as it’s the biggest venue, it’s also not so hard to penetrate the market.” “ICE is the most exciting convention and exhibition venue in South East Asia and Deutsche Messe is committed to adding sustainable value to ICE and to leverage the MICE industry in Indonesia by making ICE the preferred destination for convention and exhibition in the region,” added Mark Schloesser, President Director of Deutsche Messe Venue Operation. In terms of getting the new centre off the ground and running, efforts are being made to market it into every sector, but with a focus on conventions and exhibitions. “We target every scope, but stress more on exhibitions and conferences, and also concerts,” said Engelking. “We have now many big exhibitions who have moved to ICE (previously scheduled for another venue), as ICE offers bigger spaces equipped with international services and facilities.” There will undoubtedly be challenges ahead for Deutsche Messe and for Indonesia in getting the new centre established. Issues of pollution and traffic are just some of them, and Indonesia is also not yet established as an international destination for the industry in the way that Thailand or Singapore have already been for decades. The catch up will involve hard work, but the new facility offers Indonesia, with the input of Deutsche Messe, the chance to put itself on the MICE map. It will be interesting to see how this collaboration works out and if any other such synergies in the region come to blossom.



RISE WITH AFRICA’S GROWTH In 2016, Meetings Africa will be in its 11th year. Recognised as the premier African business events show, Meetings Africa proudly invites you to join us and be a part of Africa’s success story. The Meetings Africa team will be at South Africa Pavilion at IBTM World, please visit our stand No. 38


Telephone: +27 11 895 3000 Email:



10018434_Meeting Africa_Print_255x204_03_HR.indd 1


2015/11/06 3:12 PM




here was much media discussion throughout 2015 of China’s rate of economic growth starting to slip into something of a slowdown, yet benchmarked against the majority of economies around the world it continues to record a more than healthy level of growth. So too does its MICE industry, the largest single MICE industry in the world and one for which the full potential still remains some way off from being wholly tapped. Working prodigiously to explore just what the full extent of this potential might be and how the global industry can benefit from it is IT&CM China, the leading MICE event to take place in the country and which from 6-8 April 2016 will be making its tenth outing at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Centre of International Sourcing. Bracing itself for reaching the landmark double-digit anniversary of such a major event, show organisers have been losing no time in getting a key initiative off the ground that will enhance the event not only for their tenth birthday, but for the years ahead, and have also been working intensively to deliver a stellar international showing at the 2016 event. The roll out of IT&CM China’s BT-MICE Forum engagement series is a pivotal initiative aimed at engaging China’s Business Travel and MICE industry on the latest trends and challenges and serves as a prelude to the main event in April. The first engagement sessions have already been held in Beijing’s Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel as well as in the city of Suzhou, and under the leadership of industry practitioners looked at the issues of optimising cost savings from business meetings, incentive travel and business travel. The on-going dialogue offered by this Forum ensures that many delegates will be fully up to speed with the key issues of the industry come the event and will not only be able to benefit much more from their attendance, but will also be able to share the most important current issues of China’s MICE sectors. In addition to the Forum organisers have been shoring up a formidable gathering of international exhibitors from around the globe, all alert to how important the Chinese market is and will continue

to be. Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia will all be back in greater force than in 2015, with closer to home Berlin returning with a greater floorspace and other European destinations sure to follow with a showcase of what they can offer the Chinese MICE market. “The Chinese outbound market is one of the fastest growing tourism and MICE markets in the world right now,” said Ralf Ostendorf, Director Market Management of Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH. “We are in our early stages of promoting Berlin as a leading worldwide MICE destination to the China market, thus it is imperative to gather market knowledge, keep track with market trends and meet partners from the Chinese industry face-to-face. IT&CM China has proven to be a good platform in achieving these goals last year, so we are looking forward to being in Shanghai again in 2016.” “The Chinese market continues to be an important source of meetings and incentive buyers for many of our exhibitors,” added Ooi Peng Ee, General Manager of TTG Events. “Our business appointment system, structured one-to-one business meetings, and superb networking sessions have constantly been highly rated by exhibitors as an excellent way to reach out to quality Chinese buyers they want to meet.” Reaching out to quality Chinese buyers and enjoying a broad spectrum of exhibitors will be the expected attendance at the 2016 event of 3,000 MICE professionals from sectors including DMCs, PCOs, corporate travel and associations, along with some 400 hosted delegates, all of whom will look forward to participating in more than 10,000 business appointments as well as over 60 business, education and networking sessions. With strengthened growth, IT&CM China continues to grow its strengths and its goal to “Promote China to the World and the World to China” shows no signs of slowing any time soon.



6-8 April 2016 Shanghai • China

Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

Buyer Hosting Programme Open!

China In t n e v E E IC M l a Internatim oacnross China and around the World g in d a e L e h T t a Come Sovoenutorcsheowcase the widest range of destinations fro Pr

Largest Collection of Chinese and International CVBs and other MICE suppliers

Learn and Get Inspired at Campfire Knowledge Sessions, Destination Presentations and other educational forums!

Association Days @ IT&CM China A dedicated programme for Association professionals

Networking Beyond The Show Floor that range from hosted luncheons, coffee breaks, cocktails to dinners and tours.

400 hosting places with flight and accommodation privileges.

Close to 50 buyers confirmed procurement on-site.

Over USD 160 million in procurement value expected within 1 year of the show. “ In addition to gaining valuable tools at the forums, I also met vendors I may use.” Association Buyer Kimberly LaBounty President of Apex Management Special Events Inc, USA

“ This is a great platform as it gathers almost all mature MICE destination service providers from all over the world. It is a rare opportunity.” Buyer Shi Liqin General Manager of Hohhot Xingyue Travel Service, China

“ The exhibitors have very good profiles. They understand the China market and know our buyers’ needs.” Buyer Joyson Chen General Manager of Hunan Toureasy International Travel Service, China

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Bring your events to the next level by boosting your skill-set, knowledge and creativity! A revolutionary format at a fantastic unexplored location! 16-18 MARCH 2016 | SOFIA, BULGARIA


Kongres magazine



Meetings Star 2015

TOP MEETING HUBS OF NEW EUROPE MEETINGS STAR 2015 AIRPORT CONNECTIVITY: Connectivity is the metric by which airports live – the more connected an airport is to the wider world, the more attractive it becomes to its users and the greater the value it provides to the community and local, regional or indeed national economy it serves. ACI Europe, 2015



Population: 1,826,030

Airport connectivity: 7.562

With the richest and most groomed congress tradition in Europe imperial Vienna is leading the game across many different scales of the congress industry. Over the past decade Vienna has also broadened its modern content and offer. As a bridge between eastern and western Europe, Vienna is known as a starting point and a central hub, which many other destinations are trying to mimic.


Meetings star final mark: 4.93 7


Population: 146,631

Airport connectivity: 891

Austrian efficiency and organisation infused with the baroque charm of its city is for Salzburg the formula for success in the field of medium-sized congresses of up to 2,500 participants. The cosmopolitan mix of visitors and the local population straddle its charming tradition and the fast pace of the 21st century.



Meetings star final mark: 4.39



Population: 282,994

Airport connectivity: 1.026



Population: 1,107,623

Airport connectivity: 1.923

Ljubljana is renowned for making an extremely good first impression, something that is partly attributable to some of the ‘preconceived’ ideas of how it might be as a city in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Against any such ideas visitors find a congress destination that is friendly and favourable to the meetings industry, whilst also competitive in terms of price and quality. Of all the regional capitals it also has a very good image that has been strengthened thanks to the annual Conventa Trade Show.

Within the wider region Zagreb has best managed to maintain the Central European culture that is reminiscent of Vienna and create a special atmosphere from it. In addition to this, it is a ‘pocket-friendly destination’ that offers a lot for reasonable little money. It is the ideal combination of a metropolis with charm and a small town atmosphere. Everything is seasoned with the right dose of metropolitan character and the friendliness of the locals.

Meetings star final mark: 4.36

Meetings star final mark: 4.38



Population: 42,615

Airport connectivity: 570



Population: 1,757,618

Airport connectivity: 3.427

Dubrovnik is the flagship of regional tourism and for meetings organisers we meet daily it is their first association with the region. The world class destination is once again attracting well-known names and world class events. In the meetings industry it is the strongest brand of the region, and a brand that rarely disappoints or leaves one feeling indifferent. Dubrovnik is love at first sight.

Simply put, this is a city that offers the best value for money. According to research carried out by Magyar Turizmus, 1 EUR spent in the congress industry in Vienna is worth 2 EUR in Budapest. On top of this Budapest is also a fresh and new destination compared to some of the more tried and tested competitors still in the market.

Meetings star final mark: 4.43

Meetings star final mark: 4.41



Meetings Star 2015 10 WARSAW: NEW URBAN PULSE Population: 1,740,119



Airport connectivity: 4.161


Population: 1,259,079

Today Warsaw is one of the fastest growing capitals in the EU and a city that can pride itself on a mix of new and old architectural styles. Its growth in infrastructure was strongly boosted when Warsaw was the host of the UEFA European Championship in 2012 and many new hotels were opened. The biggest congress hotel, the Hilton Warsaw with a hall for 1,600 participants, is one of the biggest in Europe, but The Palace of Culture with its 40 congress halls is also an interesting option.

The city with a rich cultural heritage, warm friendliness of its locals and countless congress options drops its anchor deep into the heart. Every street and house tells its own story, which gives the city a special touch. Prague maintains and builds on its high-quality romantic reputation. Looking at the position of Prague regionally, it will not take primacy over Vienna, but it certainly has all the conditions in place to remain the prime congress destination among East European capitals for a long time to come.

Meetings star final mark: 4.35

Meetings star final mark: 4.60



Population: 1,166,763



Meetings star final mark: 4.45




Population: 14,025,646


Airport connectivity: 2.011

Belgrade bases its congress story on a rich culture at the crossroads of East and West, the central position in SouthEast Europe and a lively social scene. It is a city on the rise and for now a rough congress diamond that has enormous development potential, one that geo-strategically can be placed side by side with other world congress capitals if it can improve its infrastructure and handle the entire meetings sales chain.



Airport connectivity: 4.437

Airport connectivity: 9.729

Caught between traditional and Western cultures the city offers one of the most authentic congress experiences anywhere in the world. Leaving aside the political instability and security challenges, it is one of the most competitive destinations in the world, characterised by the genuine hospitality of the locals and their natural aptitude for business.


Meetings star final mark: 4.61






Population: 3,090,580

Airport connectivity: 5.458

A historic city with excellent connectivity to the rest of the world and where you will find infrastructure befitting a major European capital, but with better weather and in a more interesting location. The Athens congress industry definitely has a clear vision and enough reserves of energy for a second break into the premier congress league, but for the moment it has been a little bit set back by the crisis. Once this finishes, Athens will be able to hit the heights once again.


Meetings star final mark: 4.43


Meetings Star 2015

HOW TO EVALUATE AND DEFINE ‘THE BEST’ FROM Meeting planners, FOR Meeting planners KEY TO EVALUATION CRITERIA 2015 Destination evaluations are based on thorough analyses of different criteria. They have developed from interviews and surveys with over 1,200 event organisers from across Europe, work that showed us that congress destinations are comparable and helped us to form a unique model of evaluation. A mixture of factors that we have been evaluating since 2010 can affect the entire meeting experience for both congress organisers and participants. During our years of assessment, three basic categories were formed, which are related to the size of a destination: - NATIONAL MEETING DESTINATIONS - REGIONAL MEETING DESTINATIONS - LOCAL MEETING DESTINATIONS

destinations with more than 150,000 inhabitants destination with less than 150,000 inhabitants destinations with less than 20,000 inhabitants

Each category has its own standards, with important professional and other comparable criteria also playing a major role. Listed below are the main groups of criteria that have been divided into subgroups. A. NATURAL AND CULTURAL FACTORS


1. Natural diversity 2. Climate and Weather 3. Social environment 4. Cultural heritage 5. Natural experience index 6. Historical sites 7. Architecture 8. Accessibility to nature 9. Sustainability satisfaction 10. Quality of ecosystem

1. History and references 2. Variety of meeting suppliers 3. Quality of meeting hotels 4. Convention and exhibition centres 5. Ratio of 4 and 5***** hotel rooms 6. Incentive programmes 7. Professionalism of meetings industry 8. Diversity of offer 9. Effective convention bureau activities 10. Support services



1. Destination safety 2. Accessibility - road 3. Accessibility - air 4. Accessibility - rail 5. General public services 6. Airport 7. Public transport 8. Financial institutions 9. Internet access 10. Pollution index

1. Political stability 2. Security ratings 3. General support to meetings industry 4. Cost/Value 5. Destination competitiveness 6. Personal experience 7. Local hospitality 8. E-services 9. First Impression 10. Destination image



1. Restaurant scene 2. Variety of bars and coffee shops 3. Nightlife 4. Leisure activities 5. Adrenaline activities 6. Sports activities 7. Shopping 8. Fun parks, casinos 9. Theatres, musical venues, cinemas 10. Tourist information system

1. Destination brand perception 2. Brand and corporate identity of CVB 3. New or innovative 4. Destination advertising 5. Direct communication 6. Digital communication 7. Mobile communication 8. Content marketing 9. Events 10. Social network and community


Meetings Star 2015



ith different destinations we evaluate over 70 criteria that are described in detail below. They form the final destination grade or the ‚MEETINGS EXPERIENCE INDEX‘, as we like to call it. The best destinations are annually recognised on the main stage of the Conventa Trade Show. A. NATURAL AND CULTURAL FACTORS Factors that are vital for the development of the meetings industry, because events are usually focussed on the more appealing destinations. We grade everything from regional diversity, climate conditions and social attractiveness to architecture, historical sites and the attitude towards continual development of the market. The whole picture gives us an image of the diversity of a destination and is an important criteria for its attractiveness. B. GENERAL AND TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE This includes analytic assessment of infrastructure and public realm tidiness, which reflects the quality of living for residents and consequently also for congress guests. In this section we test everything from destination safety to road, air and rail connections. Other important criteria include public infrastructure, the network of financial institutions, internet access and a healthy and respectful attitude towards the enviroment.

C. TOURIST INFRASTRUCTURE Without appropriate tourist infrastructure, the development of congress tourism is nearly imposible. The assesement shows if there is an appropriate quality and accessibility of hotel capacity, restaurants, cafes and nightlife. We also grade the recreational/sport offer as a basis for incentive programmes. On top of that, the cultural offer, tourist information and destination managment are also given full assessment. D. MEETINGS INFRASTRUCTURE For many the most important part is grading the congress capacity. In this section we evaluate the standard palette of congress providers, congress hotels, congress centres, exhibition centres and focus on their quality. We want to know the number of appropriate 4 and 5 star hotel room providers and, above all, that the incentive offer, business attitude and professionalism of congress providers is supportive of congress services and the activities of their local convention bureau. E. SUBJECTIVE GRADE Within the remit of subjective grading are a number of combined criteria that include political stability, destination safety and the attitude taken to congress tourism. We also assess the ratio between quality and


price, the competitiveness of the destinaton, local hospitality and the destination‘s overall image. A lot of this boils down to the personal experience of the assessors. F. MARKETING BUZZ Despite impressively fulfilling the other criteria, proactive marketing can be the element that sorts the good from the great. This is why we assess the development of the entire marketing infrastructure in the field of direct, digital, social and traditional marketing. An added value of our project it that we can then offer recomendations and suggestions on the further positive development of the destinations reviewed. After evaluation, the destinations are then assigned one of five categories as follows: 5 excellent meetings destination 4 quality meetings destination 3 recommendable meetings destination 2 average meetings destination 1 so-so

Meetings Star 2015


1. Istanbul final mark

60 meetologues of New Europe 220 new features and attractions from destinations for 2015 16 countries


The Editorial Board of Kongres Magazine has completed the evaluation process of meeting destinations, which has been carried out continuously since 2010. With travelogues we literally cross the boundaries of space and time and absorb specific knowledge about meeting destinations. Each travelogue is an experiment of an objective interpretation of the current situation through the eyes of our reporters. We are bold enough to claim that we were the first to develop a sub-genre of the meeting travelogues – meetologues – in which we discover and analyse new meeting destinations based on extensive field research. We want to get as close as possible to real-life situations, which is why our reporters use a special matrix that we have called the ‘Experiential Index of Meeting Destinations’. This is a reference system that we have used from the outset and it offers the framework to make a real comparison of the destinations over time. To ensure this is done fairly, properly and professionally, we are committed to the actual conditions, truthfulness, 46

verifiability and objectivity. Each year we have therefore revised the grades and meetologues to supplement them with current information that we receive from the field. In 2015 we have reconfigured the data to reflect the current classification of the ICCA scale and the data available on quality of life (Numeo). From our very first meanderings with Meeto­ logues right up until today, we have accumulated a total of 60 of them. Given this large number, they have had to be classified into comparable categories and in doing so we took into consideration various criteria, including the size of the city: 1. Cities with more than 150,000 inhabitants are large country or region capitals 2. Cities with 15,000 – 150,000 inhabitants are medium-sized and smaller regional meetings centers 3. Cities with less than 15,000 inhabitants are smaller tourist destinations that have developed a congress product Awards will be made at Conventa’s Official reception.

Meetings Star 2015


2. Prague final mark


3. Belgrade final mark









1. BLED 
























5. HVAR 
















8. PULA 

















Meetings Star 2015




WHAT‘S HOT 2016 1. 15th World Cereal and Bread Congress taking place in April with approx. 2.000 delegates 2. European Society of Cardiology in May with approx. 2.000 delegates 3. 24th World Congress of Political Science -IPSA- in July with approx. 2.300 delegates 4. 23rd World Energy Congress (WEC) in October with approx. 9.000 delegates 5. World Congress on Human Resources in October with approx. 3.000 delegate

4.61 Final Score

Does size matter? ‘Absolutely’, argue the meetings industry representatives of Istanbul. Distances and size are all relative in this city of superlatives where even five minutes, which is maybe a measure of distance from your destination, can easily be converted into a completely different travel experience.

INDIVIDUAL GRADES: Natural and cultural factors: General and transport infrastructure: Tourist infrastructure: Meetings infrastructure: Subjective tgrade: Marketing buzz:

Today Istanbul is some kind of a congress hybrid between regulated western destinations and more exotic congress destinations, and a hybrid between the old and the new that follows you in this incredible city at every step. Options for the organisation of social events are unparalleled elsewhere in Europe. Cosmopolitan Istanbul has come back in full shine and has become one of the top global congress cities. The destination is back in the limelight and is the new global success story. We believe that the meetings industry of Istanbul will be the new congress success story, for it has already fulfilled almost every condition and at the same time it is still relatively inexpensive.

Comparisons with the region Current support of local politics and the economy in the region is more an exception than a rule. Although the country has recently found itself in a whirlwind of protests and political instability, it seems that this does not affect the meetings industry and the Turkish congress tiger is relentlessly growling and overcoming everything set in front of it. If personal hospitality could be combined with the proverbial German precision, the route to congress superstardom would be completely open. Professionalism and entrepreneurship when they are competing for international events is not lacking and they could be setting an example to other convention bureaus. Perhaps the biggest rival is Barcelona, which with its facilities and overall support is also able to host the biggest events.

Destination mark: EXCELLENT MEETING DESTINATION Marks: 5 excellent meeting destination 4 quality meeting destination 3 recommendable meeting destination 2 average meeting destination 1 passable

4.79 4.29 5.00 4.99 4.25 4.92

BEST INCENTIVE IDEA Home to a diverse culture and vibrant crowd, Istanbul offers an infinite number of possibilities for incentive ideas. Having the Bosphorus dividing the city and the continents, a boat tour on a beautiful Istanbul evening promises breath-taking scenery for your guests.

DID YOU KNOW British author Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel “Murder on the Orient Express” at Pera Palas Hotel in Istanbul.



4.258 9.729

Indirect 5.471 Hub 34.129

Meetings Star 2015




WHAT’S HOT 2016 1. 55th Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group taking place in May with approx. 1.200 delegates 2. 15th World Congress of the World Association for Infant Mental Health in May with approx. 1.800 delegates 2. XXIIrd Congress of Intenrnational Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) in July with appr. 4.000 delegates 3. 12th European Congress on Epiletpology (ECE) in September with appr. 4.000 delegates 4. 15th World Congress on Menopause in September with appr. 3.500 participants

4.60 Final Score

The spirit of Central Europe is in the best way caught in this beautiful city, which is an excellent convention destination because of its cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, liveliness and a tireless nightlife. What is the secret of the Prague congress tourism? What are they doing differently? It is a combination of circumstances and wise development policies. Elegantly and sustainably they are working to be among the top ten European congress cities. Destination mark: EXCELLENT MEETING DESTINATION Marks: 5 excellent meeting destination 4 quality meeting destination 3 recommendable meeting destination 2 average meeting destination 1 passable INDIVIDUAL GRADES: Natural and cultural factors General and transport infrastructure Tourist infrastructure Meetings infrastructure Subjective grade Marketing buzz

Comparison with the region: Prague has for a long time not been an Eastern European gem, but a true European tourist metropolis with a diverse and comprehensive offer, luxury hotels and sometimes too high prices. The story is reminiscent of Škoda, of which the Czechs are very proud and is one of the oldest automotive brands in Europe. Reputable, solid and reliable pre-war limousines were after the war changed by cars that were behind the times. Today, Škoda shines again and again puts the Czech manufacturer where it once was. The same can be said for the meetings industry, where Prague began to seriously falter against the locations top of the European league. If we look at the position of Prague regionally, Prague will not take primacy in the region over Vienna, but it certainly has all the conditions to remain for a long time the first congress destination among East European capitals.

4.54 4.23 4.79 4.65 4,61 4,85

BEST INCENTIVE IDEA Glass Decoration – visit a famous glass gallery in Prague, where you can admire beautiful works of art and create your own piece of art using your artistic flair whilst painting a piece of glass.

DID YOU KNOW why Prague is called “Golden Prague”? This name was given to the city during the reign of the Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, when the towers of Prague Castle were covered in gold. Another theory is that Prague was called ‘Golden’ during the reign of Rudolf II, who employed alchemists to turn ordinary metals into gold.



1.158 4.437

Indirect 3.729 Hub 1.244

Meetings Star 2015




WHAT’S HOT 2016 1. EAPD2016 – 13TH Congress of the European Academy for Paediatric Dentistry, 2-5.Jun,2016. 2. International Flight Inspection Symposium 2016, 13-17 June 2016, 3. A.I.E.B., 23RD International Congress of Byzantine Studies, 22-27.08.2016. www. 4. WASWAC (World Association of Soil and Water Conservation) World Conference 2016, August 22-26, 2016. 5. WYSTC 2016 – The World Youth and Student Travel conference , 20-23.09.2016. 6. 39TH ESNR Annual Meeting – XXXIXTH Congress of the European Society of Neuroradiology, 15-18.09.2016. 7. ESPA – Annual Conference of the Society for Paediatric Anaesthesia, 29.09-01.10. 2016. 8. 10TH MedPower 2016, The Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Trans­ mission, Distribution and Energy Conversion, November 6-9, 2016. 9. 11TH Biennial Meeting of the ISMR (International Society for Maxillofaciial Rehabilitation) May 4 – 7, 2016

4.45 Final Score

10. 28th World Congress of Theatre Critics (AICT/IATC), Belgrade is an authentic, open and hospitable congress destination with soul.It features a plethora of floating restaurants and clubs, plus lively riverbank promenades.It is a city on the rise and a rough congress diamond that has enormous development potential and can be placed geo-strategically side by side with world congress capitals, once it improves its infrastructure and handles the entire meetings sales chain In short, the zeitgeist of Belgrade is best summed up by writer Momo Kapor with the words: “Belgrade is a low-budget New York.” Destination mark: QUALITY MEETING DESTINATION Marks: 5 excellent meeting destination 4 quality meeting destination 3 recommendable meeting destination 2 average meeting destination 1 passable

INDIVIDUAL GRADES: Natural and cultural factors: General and transport infrastructure: Tourist infrastructure: Meetings infrastructure: Subjective tgrade: Marketing buzz:

4.29 4.63 4.82 4.55 4.77 4.91

Comparisons with the region Belgrade bases its congress story on the rich culture at the crosroads of East and West, the central position in the South-East Europe and a lively social life. Belgrade is a city on the rise and a rough congress diamond, which has enormous development potential and can be placed geo-strategicaly side by side with world congress capitals, if it improves its infrastructure and handles the entire meetings sales chain.

BEST INCENTIVE IDEA Belgrade Rakija Tour. With the authentic charm of Belgrade and the bohemian atmosphere with an organized visit to Rakia Bars you can learn more about rakija (a local brandy) and try six different kinds of rakija at three different locations, served with a special type of snack that amplifies and frames the taste of the rakija accompanied with presentations, lectures and professional commentary at Rakia bars.

DID YOU KNOW That Belgrade was the second city in the world to have a Grand Prix in 1939, right before WWII. The first was Monte Carlo.



548 2.011

Indirect 1.462 Hub 301

The most beautiful in Slovenia, a perfect MICE destination

Renaissance villa

TIES BETWEEN WORLDS AND PEOPLES Organise the most memorable meetings, congresses and events halfway between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. Vila Vipolže will charm you with romance, inspiring landscapes, a sophisticated atmosphere and genuine hospitality. One of the most beautiful centres for business, social and cultural events in the region is nestled in Brda, the land of invigorating moments offering some of the world´s finest wines. The Villa´s Venetian architecture and modern interior have lent it an air of timeless elegance. Vila Vipolže was awarded by the Italian UNESCO clubs for the most beautiful restoration.

Bookings and information: Vipolže 29, 5212 Dobrovo v Brdih, Slovenia, t +386 31 699 458, e,


The operation entitled “Complete renovation of Vila Vipolže (heritage register no. 820)” was partly financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. The operation was carried out within the framework of the Operational Programme for Strengthening Regional Development Potentials 2007–2013 under the “Integration of Natural and Cultural Potentials” development priority and the “Networking of Cultural Potentials” priority axis.

Meetings Star 2015




PRAGUE, Czech Republic






ATHENS, Greece





Turkish congress tiger is relentlessly growling and overcoming everything set in front of it. Professionalism and entrepreneurship when they are competing for international events is not lacking and they could be setting an example to other convention bureaus. Congress Bazaar of Istanbul offers everything that a meetings organizer needs, in addition to 7 convention centers, 3 fair grounds and almost 94.000 bed capacity, and the excellently organized Convention Bureau of Instanbul. The quality of life in Istanbul is improving as well as the general infrastructure; Turkish Airlines as Europe’s Best Airlines flies more countries than any other airlines.

Prague has for a long time not been an Eastern European gem, but a true European tourist metropolis with a diverse and comprehensive offer, luxury hotels and sometimes too high prices. The story is reminiscent of Škoda, of which the Czechs are very proud and is one of the oldest automotive brands in Europe. Reputable, solid and reliable pre-war limousines were after the war changed by cars that were behind the times. Today, Škoda’s shine again and again puts the Czech manufacturer where it once was. The same can be said for the meetings industry, where Prague began to seriously falter against the locations top of the European league. If we look at the position of Prague regionally, Prague certainly has all the conditions to remain one of the most popular congress destinations for a long time.

Belgrade bases its congress story on the rich culture at the crossroads of East and West, the central position in the South-East Europe and a lively social life. It is a city with remarkable cuisine, world-class nightlife, world events and positive vibrations, which makes it a very dynamic and attractive tourist destination. Belgrade is a city on the rise and a rough congress diamond, which has enormous development potential. With the establishment of the Serbian Convention Bureau in 2007, co-operation and promotion has thoroughly improved and now Belgrade has in terms of management a unique opportunity to take advantage of its benefits, provided so the complete infrastructure can be thoroughly renewed. With that the city can easily be geo-strategically placed by the side of world’s congress capitals.

Historic city with good connectivity to the rest of the world where you can find the infrastructure of a major European city, but with better weather and in a more interesting location. The Athens charm includes 300 days of sunshine a year, more than 30,000 hotel rooms in 439 hotels, 95,000 sqm of conference space, 1000+ restaurants and 200,000 flights per year. All major hotels in the city underwent a refurbishment for the 2004 Olympics. An incoherent image of Athens in the middle of the crisis improved by active marketing of the destination, which returned quite a few trust worthy clients. Besides that, don’t expect a sale, because the city keeps normal european hotel and service prices. Athens congress industry has a clear vision and enough energy for a second break for the first congress league, but it’s compromised, becuase of the crisis.

Budapest enjoys a very favorable position in Europe, at the crossroads between the East and the West. It is one of just a few cities in the world that literally lies on thermal springs and to which the Danube River gives a special experiential value. The city has no shortage of picturesque special venues nor the most luxurious hotels and crazy and diverse incentive locations. If Prague is love at first sight, then Budapest is love on the long run. In addition to the selection of 16 five stars hotels, from Intercontinental to Kempinski, and 61 hotels with fourstars, it impresses with unique historic spa resorts. All this has been for many years an excellent and well-established MICE destination with well-oiled congress machinery. In addition, Budapest is also a very pocket friendly and safe congress destination. 52

Meetings Star 2015




ZAGREB, Croatia









KRAKOW, Poland





It can be said that Zagreb has a great congress future. As well as Belgrade, Zagreb is also progressing steadily on the chart of development meetings destinations; the final breakthrough of the intire region is intertwined and dependent on the marketing of mayor regional congress cities in the international market. In the last ten years Croatia has radically improved road infrastructure and thus its accessibility. Significantly improved is also air accessibility via Zagreb Airport, which accepts over 40 % of all air traffic in Croatia. The hotel infrastructure with new acquisitions fully satisfies modern congress guests and is perhaps at this moment the best among regional capitals. Zagreb is a pocket-friendly destination that offers a lot for reasonable money. According to its conference and accommodation infrastructure, Ljubljana belongs to the group of capitals suitable for medium-sized and smaller meetings (up to 2.500 participants). It is positioned side by side with the new EU member states and geographically in the region of the Western Balkans. With two top-level convention centers and a very well developed hotel meetings offer, Ljubljana is the region’s leading congress destination. At the end of last year in order to give Ljubljana a new sales and promotional momentum, a partnership called Ljubljana Strategic Bidding Team (LSBT) was established; it is composed of interested partners from both the private and public area. The city is extremely safe and one of the region’s most sustainably-oriented.

Today Warsaw is one of the fastest growing capitals in the EU and a city that can pride itself on a mix of new and old architectural styles. Its growth in infrastructure was strongly boosted when Warsaw was the host of the UEFA European Championship in 2012 and many new hotels were opened. The biggest congress hotel, the Hilton Warsaw with a hall for 1,600 participants, is one of the biggest in Europe, but The Palace of Culture with its 40 congress halls is also an interesting option.

Of all Polish cities Krakow is the one with the greatest soul and is the most fraught with history. In Poland, Krakow will be the destination of the new generation, which will soon be recognized as a high quality, compact and most versatile meetings destination in Poland due to the cultural heritage, hospitality of the locals, new meetings capacities and because of its huge scientific potentials. Krakow has a variety of hotels services and an exceptional number of tourist attractions. Being the main tourist city it has excellent conditions in place for the development of congress tourism. With the construction of the new convention center ICE it has also received a real affirmation. Krakow’s recipe is successful and a case of good practice for other more traditional central European destinations.

The city of four rivers defines the Danube river with its tributaries and with the mighty Renaissance castle above the intimate and compact old town. Bratislava is undiscovered European congress capital which slowly and steadily penetrates into the congress market. It represents a novelty for international congress market which impresses due to the kind and sympathetic city center but also because of not excessive commercialization. The city is close to the congress organizers mainly due to a more personal congress experience – the city is very friendly and there are no problems with the safety. The city center is full of pubs, restaurants and shops and the hotel offer includes the best known hotel chains. Many special venues like Eurovea city center are the ideal choice for larger and scenic demanding events.


Meetings Star 2015












VILLACH, Austria



PIRAN, Slovenia


Dubrovnik is the flagship of regional tourism and is commonly the first association of meetings organizers we meet daily. It is the closest in the region to renowned Mediterranean convention destinations Cannes and Monte Carlo, and it will be even closer after the completion of the convention center. So far the center is successfully replaced by modern and well-equipped centers at hotels such as Dubrovnik Palace, Excelsior, Bellevue, Grand Villa Argentina, Importanne Resort, Dubrovnik President, Valamar Lacroma and Radisson Blue. Well-developed is the entire conference infrastructure including destination management and creative agency scene. The city is safe and one of the tourist icons of the Adriatic and justifiably the most painted tourist skyline with unprecedented experiential diversity for conference guests. Salzburg offers all the characteristics of a congress destination and a cosmopolitan mix of visitors. With its location in the heart of Europe and because of the high quality of life, Salzburg has a great starting point in congress tourism. For current logistics and transport restrictions of the city, medium sized congresses with up to 2.500 participants are the best suited. Two top-quality, modern and high tech congress centers are together with a top quality conference hotel infrastructure a foundation for this congress destination. In this area they will offer you a superior product wrapped in superior packaging. Although you will find Mozart on every step of your way and it seems that the clock stopped in the times of the famous composer, Salzburg is a very modern and cool tourist destination with extraordinary culinary scene. Klagenfurt is a likable alpine congress destination with rich cultural heritage and high experiential diversity. Key advantage is definitely fairy tale like well-maintained and pleasant environment, quality offer that is above average in regional sense, and professionalism of suppliers. Position at the crossroads of important routes is also an important factor in competitiveness of this destination. The city is an important inter social and European transit region that is easily reachable thanks to modern highways and rail connections. Klagenfurt as the center of Carinthia with its tidiness, safety and ratio between price and quality is one of the best convention destinations in the wider region. The city builds its meetings offer on a sustainable development.

Villach is the second largest city of Carinthia and its tourist sights attract an enormous amount of visitors. Villach has also become established as a small Silicon Valley in the Alps, with an international character reflected in the town‘s infrastructure. The main reason for a meetings industry in this part of Austria are the numerous incentive programmes, all of which you can engage with in a very clean enviroment. The most charming aspects are the Carnithian way of life, cultural diversity and a general sense of casualness. In our opinion the main advantages are the size and the feeling of familarity, along with a modern congress infrastructure. Locals also like to emphasise the border location, sat at the crossroads of three nations, which hasn‘t been totally picked up in a congress sense. It is an inspiring mixture of meeting facilities, atmosphere, modernism and a high quality of life and services at any time of the year. Medieval Piran is definitely one of the most portrayed cities on Slovenian tourist postcards. The city owes its prosperity to the over a thousand-year long respectful coexistence between the saltpan workers and their natural environment. Where once a monastery stood, today you will find the St. Bernardin hotel located only a 15-minute walk away from Piran. The Bernardin Congress Centre is the first and the largest hotel congress centre in Slovenia. Its multifunctional design sets the standards for all similar centres in the region. For quite some time the city has been living in the shadow of its notorious tourist neighbour Portorož; the truth is, however, that in the future Piran will stand out if it decides for the right differentiation.


Meetings Star 2015




MARIBOR, Slovenia



UDINE, Italia



PULA, Croatia Pula is a city of intoxicating flavours, scents and multiple images. Only when you experience it, it becomes clear why it’s also a great meetings destination. Pula as a regional centre of Istria is in terms of congress tourism currently less developed than some tourist destinations in Istria. The role of the regional congress centre took Rovinj with intensive investment, partly Poreč and cities of NW Istria. Current investments of company Arenaturist incite very high degree of optimism since the city acquired a high quality infrastructure. Along with the urban culture of the city and number of higher education institutions, the potential for congress tourism in Istria is among the largest.


ZADAR, Croatia



RIJEKA, Croatia


Maribor is one of the most promising meetings destinations in Slovenia. The city is historically, ethnically and culturally extremely interesting. It gives an impression of familiarity and warmth. Transport infrastructure, mostly because of the inactive Maribor Airport, is the weakest part of the Maribor meetings industry offer. Otherwise the city is safe and pleasant to live in. Its speciality is an extraordinary access to nature. The additional tourist offer is well developed, especially for sports and recreation. Congress offer of Maribor is concentrated in company Terme Maribor and their hotels Habakuk, Piramida (Pyramid) and Bellevue. The town is very rich with additional convention programmes suitable for incentives, but unfortunately a comprehensive offer of Pohorje and the town is under-utilised and not well presented.

It is a unique world in which the Latin elements from the period of Roman Empire are mixed with those of Lombard, Venetian, Austrian and Slavic. History touches you at every step, which is the perfect backdrop for a variety of innovative incentive programs. Udine has a rich quality of life, being one of the most economically developed Italian region. The city is perfectly accessible via highways, rail and air. There are plenty of hotel facilities in the city and the surrounding areas, which are a true shopping paradise with superb cuisine and some of the best Italian restaurants with Michelin stars. In the middle of one of the most important Italian wine regions you can organize you event in wineries, renovated industrial buildings or palaces. The whole offer is quality linked by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Tourist Board.


Zadar with over 4000 beds, several campgrounds and resorts is a developed summer destination for leisure and a yachting paradise. The charming city with thousand years of cultural heritage, the proximity of the islands, five national parks and improving flight connections has a number of good reviews by foreign media describing it as a cool convention destination. The city is an ideal destination for organization of smaller conferences and incentives for up to 100 participants. Currently, the main drawback are congress facilities that are not offering enough space for bigger business events, as well as congress infrastructure which is not yet built and in function. Once everything is in place, Zadar will certainly be an important congress player.

The extended region of Kvarner has the huge potential to become a leading meetings destination. Individual congress cities together with the islands of Opatija, Lošinj and Cres are the heart of a very rich product. It is a complex offer, appropriate for associations as well as corporate events. Comparing Rijeka to Split it’s possible to see just how fast the tourist-congress transformation can happen. With its Mediterranean - industrial character Rijeka has no competitor in the Adriatic; the urban scene is so very alive and contains a rich cultural offer. Plenty of congress stories are just waiting for discovery.


Meetings Star 2015




BLED, Slovenia



OPATIJA, Croatia



PORTOROŽ, Slovenia



ROVINJ, Croatia



HVAR, Croatia


Bled is definitely among the leading Slovenian meetings destinations. Tidiness, wonderful nature and entire infrastructure are ideal bases for development. As a recognisable brand Bled stands out among other meetings destinations in the region. The overall personal experience in Bled is a positive one, despite the feeling of low season sleepiness. The ratio of price to quality is mostly good. In Bled the saying ‘Less is more’ is very true. The potential for the meetings industry is immense, it just needs to be harnessed in the right way. Its advantages were traditionally built on congresses and conferences of international associations, which can once again fuel its development. It just needs to adapt to change faster.

An elegant tourist lady to which years are showing and appears at times a bit tired, but is still very charming. It will need a facelift as soon as possible and a vitamin treatment to be able to fully compete with the competitors on the Croatian Adriatic, and above all to fight for its congress place in the battle with Dubrovnik. 170 years of tourism tradition is based on the positive energy of the riviera and the exceptional natural conditions. The city already boasts the entire infrastructure, but it is beaten mostly by an unfavourable image and somewhat slow adjustment to the new market conditions. A change of the structure of hotels is also necessary, as ‘cosmopolitan’ Opatija today only boasts three hotels in the 5-star category, whilst in Dubrovnik there are now 14.

Portorož is unquestionably an appropriate destination for the meetings industry, given its climate, cultural diversity and range of social and leisure options. Expensive yet accurate and precise renovation of the secessionist hotel Palace and several historic buildings ensured we can also still enjoy a part of its historic glamour too.A rich congress history, tradition and the existing infrastructure are a competitive advantage. The meetings industry is by no means a tree to sleep under and simply harvest its fruit of wealthy congress participants. Despite that, Portorož has proven resilient and adaptable many times in the course of history, so some innovativeness and marketing opportunities should ensure it has a bright future.

Indented coast with over 22 islands of the Rovinj Archipelago, clear waters and rich historical and cultural heritage of this picturesque town are the main reasons that Rovinj is the leading Croatian tourist destination. Tourism is the main industry of the city, but it is highly seasonal. Efforts of the main hotelier Maistra and all tourism providers in recent years is to promote tourism also in the low season, to which play a role mild climate and new world-class hotel facilities. Maistra has seriously focused on the development of congress offer, as evidenced by the recent large-scale investment in the Lone Hotel, with which is also at the same time rounded the offer of convention centre Cap Aureo, one of the largest convention centres in the region.

Over the beauty of the island, reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, there is no point in wasting words, since there is no shortage of various urban legends for approval. Logistically the organisation of events on the island is certainly more complex than on the mainland. Despite the notoriety of the island and its visibility Hvar is still sweet, genuine and full of sincere, authentic Mediterranean experiences. Island culture fascinates and conquers even despite the more difficult access. It is worth it! None of the more than 1.000 Croatian islands has such karma and recognition as Hvar. Definitely a “must” Croatian destination, right behind Dubrovnik. Distance from the mainland gives it a touch of boutique smallness.


Meetings Star 2015













TIVAT, Montenegro





Upper Savinja Valley is one of the natural jewels of Slovenia. Without a doubt its tourism offer is getting more diverse each year but still many foreign guests miss comprehensive information about events and activities offer. Valley offers a comparison with Soča Valley, which has in many respects similar congress offer and a slight advantage in functioning destination organization (LTO Sotočje). Both valleys are two uncut diamonds of Slovenian meetings offer for whom we believe they will sooner or later be discovered by European event organizers. Given the advantages of the valley which impresses with is diversity, its natural resources and the charms of the Savinja river they will undoubtedly succeed.

The main advantage of the destination is the developed incentive product, gastronomy and a preserved natural and cultural heritage that is unequalled. In terms of marketing some other destinations are also better, despite significantly worse conditions. Given the capital of the destination, represented by a number of already developed stories and awards (EDEN European Destinations of Excellence), the incentive meetings product awaits a bright future. As an incentive pearl the Soča Valley is somewhat remote, so for a visit it requires a bit more logistics planning. However, the reward once there is so much bigger, because you find yourself in one of the European incentive epicentres that offers a complete infrastructure for adrenaline and active incentive programmes, from agencies to guide services and accompanying services.

Kranjska Gora is a worldwide brand known as the traditional Slovenian winter ski resort highly suitable for various possibilities of creating incentive products. The ethnographic treasure, legends and stories all call for the arrival of incentive programmes. The best way from here to the valley of Soča over Vršič is very attractive in the summer time, where is possible to test a variety of adrenaline incentive programmes. It is easily accessible, lying on the borders of important tourist markets. Kranjska Gora throughout the year provides an interesting experience and with the accompanying incentive products seals itself as an active congress destination.

In the middle of one of the most picturesque Adriatic bays a prestigious marina has grown, which is also where the new Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is set. The development of a formerly neglected area has completely transformed the image of Tivat and turned it into a luxury Adriatic tourist destination. Destination is relatively accessible via three airports with scheduled and charter flights. The global jet-set elite have quickly discovered the charms of the Montenegrin coast and the destination offers a picturesque views of the marina and the Bay of Kotor frame the view.

It would be hard to find a more traditional health resort in Slovenia. Most other health resorts including the neighbour- ing PodÊetrtek can not boast with such tradition that inspires confidence. The place in a few years has radically changed its appearance and has excellent congress infrastructure. Its rate is compared to other spa congress resorts much more peaceful. Something is missing and it is more convention visitors who were once coming in mass to these places. RogaÊka needs congress tourism, as it is written on its skin. It seems that currently it defies the new times mainly thanks to proac- tive individual hoteliers. To re-climb to the top more connec- tivity will be required, better joint promotion and a reflection on the establishment of a Convention Bureau.




Meetings Star 2015


4.85 4.85 4.25





Meetings Star 2015

TESTING TO THE LIMIT Based on 113 hidden guests’ ratings, which have been published in the Kongres Magazine, we selected the winners of the MEETING STAR AWARD 2015. 5 categories, 12 hidden guests 465 evaluation criteria 35 evaluated City Meeting Hotels 33 evaluated Resort Meeting Hotels 14 evaluated Spa Meeting Hotels 16 evaluated Boutique Hotels 15 evaluated Congress and Convention Centres For quite a long time now it has been a wellknown tourism truth that the congress guests are the most demanding guests and with the highest purchasing power. They spend a longer amount of time in the hotel, they have greater levels of contact with the personnel and they avail themselves of more of the hotel services. They also expect a higher level of service and, therefore, it is fair to say that they deserve the utmost attention. So, which hotels were most highly rated by the hidden congress guests sent out to the field by Kongres magazine throughout 2015? On the following pages you can find the results of the biggest regional testing of congress centres, hotels and destinations undertaken for the purpose of acknowledging and awarding the best in the business. How does The Meeting Star Award actually work? The award has been organised for the sixth successive year and the principle remains the same - the winners are selected by hidden congress guests, who make an independent evaluation of the quality of the hotel, congress, restaurant and other services.


This is an experienced expert in the field of congress organisation and who has knowledge

in hotel and restaurant management. To guarantee objectivity the following knowledge and competencies are required for the hidden congress guest: • at least 15 years of experience in the field of congress and event organisation • expertise in Slovenian and international meeting tourism standards with specific knowledge of standards’ control (DIN – Deutsche Industrie Norm, ICCA – International Congress and Convention Association, IAPCO – International Association of Professional Congress Organisers, APEX – Accepted Practice Exchange, AIPC – International Association of Congress Centres, MPI – Meetings Professionals International) • familiarity with meeting industry trends on the Slovene and international market • recognition of specific needs and wishes of participants • knowledge about key factors that influence the selection of a congress venue location • familiarity with all elements required for successfully holding a congress (technical requirements, catering services, extras, security, protocol etc.) All hidden congress guests have verified references that allow them to give an impartial opinion on behalf of the client and ensure maximum reliability of the method. Most importantly, they are objective, fair, precise, reliable, well-organised and pay attention to detail. Nothing escapes the eye of the hidden congress guest.


The evaluator visits a randomly selected hotel or participates in one of the hotel’s or congress centre’s events, where they evaluate the performance of the hotel’s services using an evaluation sheet. At certain points of the evaluation sheet personal comments and pictures or video evidence can be added to the rating.


WHAT IS THE BASIS FOR COLLABORATION? The evaluation sheet includes over 450 measurable evaluation criteria, which are divided into the following categories: A. First contact with the customer B. General impression upon arrival at the hotel C. Entry hall – lobby D. Employees’ attitude E. Reception F. Hotel room G. Hotel bed H. Bathroom and restroom I. Hotel breakfast J. Hotel bar and restaurant K. Congress halls L. Extras M. Sales procedures and communication Each category is evaluated based on how well it meets prerequisites and an average score – this way individual criteria can be improved.   Additionally, to the framework of the evaluation sheet a subjective assessment is provided, which can be used to improve performance in the following areas: • Architecture and aesthetics • Reputation and credibility • Communication • Price • Extras • Location • FLOP - negative surprises  • TOP - surpluses 

And who are the winners?

Meetings Star 2015


The winners in the individual categories for the year 2015 are: CITY MEETING HOTEL


Luxury: PARK HYATT VIENNA, Vienna, Austria / score 4.89

Boutique: SPIRIT HOTEL, Hevisz, Hungary / score 4.52

Premium: CROWNE PLAZA BELGRADE, Belgrade, Serbia / score 4.49


BOUTIQUE MEETING HOTEL Boutique: VILA MENEGHETTI, Bale, Croatia / score 4.85


RESORT MEETING HOTEL Luxury: HOTEL REGENT PORTO MONTENEGRO, Tivat, Montenegro / score 4.90 Premium: VALAMAR LACROMA, Dubrovnik, Croatia / score 4.50 HOTEL SPLENDID, Budva, Montenegro/ score 4.50







ABSOLUTE WINNERS HOTELS with Highest Score 2015

CONVENTION CENTRES with Highest Score 2015



Tivat, Montenegro / score 4.90


2. PARK HYATT VIENNA, Vienna, Austria / score 4.89

3. ICE KRAKOW CONGRESS CENTRE, Poland / score 4.88

Krakow, Poland / Score 4,88





Salzburg, Austria / Score 4,87

3. CANKARJEV DOM, CULTURAL AND CONGRESS CENTRE, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Score 4,85




Meetings Star 2015

TOP 10 CITY MEETING HOTELS Today we have evaluated 35 resort meeting hotels. Here are our top ten: 01.


Vienna, Austria




Dubrovnik, Croatia




Belgrade, Serbia




Zagreb, Croatia




Prague, Czech R.




Belgrade, Serbia


A unique blend of tradition and modernity, this is a temple of the best hotel aesthetics, which is essentially intimate, sophisticated, respectful of its history and not at all boastful. All of this inspired us during our visit and we believe that the newly opened hotel has set new standards in the regional hotel industry, where absolutely nothing has come about by chance. A superior hotel is one that is a remarkable storyteller of timeless stories, just as is the case of what we enthusiastically experienced in Vienna.

Last year the hotel won the award for the leading hotel in each brand of the Hilton Worldwide chain – Connie Award. It has convinced us with its luxury and superior level of customer service. A hotel with a soul that speaks for himself is also an excellent choice for congresses, if your budget allows it. The hotel has witnessed many historic congress events and banquets, which will not disappoint you even today. It is a hotel institution with a soul.

Radisson Old Mill took a risk and it has succeeded. It seems they have captured just the right aesthetic balance. Top quality ingredients are never wrapped with ballast and the new space is balanced with the story of the former mill. The result is an elegant concept of an authentic hotel, a cult restaurant and a dynamic lounge bar, which gives a new dimension to Belgrade tourism and sets new standards.

The hotel is an excellent choice for business and congress guests and is probably the regional flagship in terms of service quality, customer care, prestige and image. Staying at the hotel is a special experience, with a package that gives you a real feeling of luxury.

As a rule, luxury hotels must surprise us. In this respect The Mark is special because of its timeless elegance. In every sense there is nothing that disturbs the view; it seems that everything is in its rightful place and the hotel is proving that this kind of lifestyle is certainly still worth something. The Hotel Mark has two main advantages over other hotels: the first its garden and the second is being in one of the best locations in Prague, next to the Municipal House, the Czech National Bank and just a few steps away from the Prague triangle at the intersection of Hybernska, Na Prikope and Republic Square.

The legend has returned to Belgrade. Through a long renovation the historic heritage has been excellently rebuilt and today the hotel is flirting with premium hotels in the major metropolitan cities of the region. Warm colours, superior lighting, retro furniture and services at an appropriate level place it among the best hotels in the Balkans. If you want to impress your conference guests, then at the moment this hotel is the best choice in Belgrade. It is the hotel from which the memory of the good times returns, which many people are missing today. 62

The HIDDEN CONGRESS GUEST section is not paid for. The selection of hotels, which are evaluated by the hidden congress guest, is left to the editorial board. The hidden guest visits the hotels without prior notice.


Meetings Star 2015









Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sarajevo, BIH


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Trieste, Italia


The taste of meeting organisers can be unpredictable and difficult to follow, but the choice of Grand Hotel Union is definitely a right one, due to the excellent convention halls and, of course, the flexible and friendly staff. In the Ljubljana conference offer the Grand Hotel Union reigns. An excellent hotel for convention gourmets and a true flag bearer of the Ljubljana hotel conference offer since 1905.

It has long been known that hotels need a good story, and not many have a story like Hotel Europa. It started in late 1882 and continued after its renovation. There hasn’t been an important event to characterise the city that didn’t pass through this legendary institution. The hotel is sold to you with its comfort, but the location next to the famous Baščaršija is also something very special. An excellent independent hotel with a top congress offer.

Dubrovnik’s high-flier defies time and it’s increasing competition in the city. The image of the hotel’s myth is built on the reputation of being the best hotel in the city. This traditional hotel is still very high on the quality scale, however, it seems that at the same time it has several competitors breathing down its neck. ‘Excelsior is Excelsior’, though, and this sentence you often hear in Dubrovnik. It would be difficult to place any other hotel in Dubrovnik into this thought with the same special meaning. This, however, does not diminish the value of other local competitors, which are continuing to build on other strengths.

The Savoia Excelsior Palace is definitely a good example of why such hotels are still a big selling hit and a shining exception on the otherwise quite tired Trieste congress-hotel scene. The hotel is a good starting point for the re-launch of Trieste as a congress destination. Less can be more. Probably the most stylish first category facility also in the wider region.










Dubrovnik, Croatia



Belgrade, Serbia



Zagreb, Croatia




Prague, Czech Republic





Belgrade, Serbia




Belgrade, Serbia



Belgrade, Serbia



Bratislava, Slovakia



Belgrade, Serbia


Sofia, Bulgaria



Ljubljana, Slovenia




Zagreb, Croatia



Sarajevo, Bosnia




Ljubljana, Slovenia



Dubrovnik, Croatia




Zagreb, Croatia


Trieste, Italia







Maribor, Slovenia

4.41 4.39 4.35

Hotels are rated by the HIDDEN CONGRESS GUEST. These are professional people who have many years of experience in the meetings industry and the additional knowledge of hospitality management. The evaluation matrix contains over 450 measurable criteria, which are divided into different categories, such as the first contact with the customer, the general impression upon arrival, the behaviour of employees and a host of others. Each category is assessed by the share of conditionality and the average rating, which allows the improvement of the quality of the individual criteria. 63

Meetings Star 2015


Today we have evaluated 35 resort meeting hotels. Here are our top ten: Tivat, Montenegro


Lošinj, Croatia


Šibenik, Croatia


Portorož, Slovenia


Rovinj, Croatia
















Through renovation an elegant and extremely elaborate, in fact almost timeless hotel has been created. This is also reflected in its exceptional and truly top-class logo. With the richness and diversity of content it functions as a mini-city into which the convention centre is also nicely and reasonably well positioned. A team of Croatian architects, led by the legendary Andrija Ruslan, has done excellent work and created a space that the youthful team is filling with kindness, positive energy and a superior service. A hotel that in many respects stands out from the offer on the Adriatic and deserves the highest praise. ★★★★★

Until recently Šibenik would have been considered somewhat off the beaten MICE track, but in recent years it has been rapidly developing in the right direction. Where a former navy military barracks once stood, today a luxury resort owned by the Turkish Dogus Group company stands as part of the new Marina Mandalina. Architecturally the hotel is highly impressive, yet at the same time remains completely personalised. The decision to reveal the natural concrete skeleton of the building is exceptional and throws up new architectural surprises. The youthful and inspired personnel and this amazing city with its urban culture and very special joyfulness really stand out. ★★★★★

The Kempinski Hotel is the only five-star superior hotel in Slovenia. This of course means that the rooms are spacious and well-equipped, as befits a top hotel, with its interior of a subdued colour, of modern design and appearing prestigious, whilst also offering a lot of style and freshness. The technical equipment showcases the hotel’s technological sophistication and the modern convention centre is of top quality and well-equipped. The heart of the convention offer is Crystal Hall, which post-renovation now shines in its full splendour and which alongside the Union Hall in Ljubljana is the most remarkable conference and banquet hall in Slovenia. ★★★★★

This is a hotel to enjoy and for which the entire business philosophy is covered. There are only a few hotels that delight and thrill as fully as the Monte Mulini does; it looks good, is superbly equipped and offers a number of extras. The longer we stayed in the hotel, the better was the feeling that it is an extraordinary gastronomic oasis. A real 5 star hotel in an excellent location, suitable for the most demanding and exclusive conference events.

The legendary hotel is no doubt one of the best hotels in the region. Managed with German precision and Austrian charm, it is the ideal of excellence in all areas. After the takeover by the Falkensteiner hotel chain the hotel was slightly refreshed and is probably one of the best incentive hotels for the most demanding guests. The Hotel was established as the best hotel for elite guests in Carinthia. We consider that the goal is close, however still a little mastery of details will be needed by the Falkensteiner Team. You know what happens when a large hotel chain buys a boutique hotel: in the great zeal to rationalise, it is often forgotten that some things simply cannot be squeezed into a boutique hotel. 64

The HIDDEN CONGRESS GUEST section is not paid for. The selection of hotels, which are evaluated by the hidden congress guest, is left to the editorial board. The hidden guest visits the hotels without prior notice.

The hotel sets new regional hoteliers’ standards and sets Montenegro among the most luxurious tourist destinations. It is not surprising that it was nominated for World Luxury Awards for 2015. Ratings of its individual criteria speak for themselves; the hotel offers comfort, a range of top quality materials, luxurious elegance and a high quality offer of its spa centre for which a visit is a special experience and why many famous and rich people have already visited Regent Porto Montenegro. You too can book your corner among the VIPs in one of its 51 rooms.

Meetings Star 2015

Rovinj, Croatia








Split, Croatia





Umag, Croatia


Dubrovnik, Croatia




We understand design hotels as an experience that can include reflection and a very personal contact with culture, nature and the culinary art of the destination. The creators of the first Croatian design hotel, Hotel Lone, were probably thinking similarly. And we like it. Lovers of hotel glamour and kitsch will not like it, however, but we think that the luxury comes through in the small details, like the enormous room service menu and the hotel guide in broadsheet newspaper format, or even in the selected fabric for curtains and the numerous other small details. Being ideal for “DINKS” and young professionals and a totem of Croatian creativity, it is the zeitgeist of the new generation. ★★★★★

Zadar, Croatia


The overall impression of the new resort is an extremely good one. The hotel follows the known standards of the Falkensteiner group and is an excellent choice for incentive and product launches, as well as smaller conferences. It is important to avoid the high tourist season, go for less frequented dates and carefully plan the arrivals logistics. From what we saw and experienced we can only give it a firm nod of approval.

It is in a class of its own on the current hotel and convention scene in Split. Operators of Starwood have done their homework excellently and are winners in the most sensitive area - friendliness and professionalism of the staff. This has in the past earned them a place among the best in its class. However, there are also some shortcomings, particularly in the field of catering and hospitality, where one would expect a little more from a top hotel. However, this is a balanced congress hotel, which is elegant and charming and the perfect choice for the most demanding congress clients.

Hotel Meliá Coral convinces with the quality of the offer, comfort and spaciousness. The final grade is that this is a good hotel for good money. Prices are in fact reasonable in relation to the nearby Istrian and Slovenian competition. There are numerous options for organising receptions and outdoor activities. Without much bragging Istratourist together with the hotel chain Melia managed to make a great hotel and convention product. Umag is now becoming a serious and respected European incentive destination.



Everything in the hotel is geared to the comfort of its congress guests. Each apartment and room seems to be tailor-made, which further enhances the feeling of luxury. Due to the large glass surfaces, it seems that the hotel blends seamlessly with the surrounding nature. The hotel operates throughout the year, which is a great advantage. Importanne resort is not just a new superior hotel, but also a synonym for superior service standards, which has almost no competition in its class. TOP 10 RESORT MEETING HOTELS 2015 - LUXURY



Tivat, Montenegro



Dubrovnik, Croatia



Lošinj, Croatia



Budva, Montenegro



Šibenik, Croatia



Pula, Croatia



Portorož, Slovenia



Savudrija, Croatia



Rovinj, Croatia



Split, Croatia



Velden, Austria





Rovinj, Croatia





Zagreb, Croatia



Dubrovnik, Croatia



Split, Croatia



Opatija, Croatia



Dubrovnik, Croatia



Bled, Slovenia



Umag, Croatia



Budva, Montenegro



Bohinj, Slovenia



Meetings Star 2015


Today we have evaluated 14 spa meeting hotels. Here are our top ten: Sarvar, Hungary


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Podčetrtek, Slovenia


Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia


Laško, Slovenia


Moravci, Sloveniay














The Hotel does not have any serious weaknesses and convinces with comfort and quality as it befits hotels in the colours of the Radisson chain. If we used the automotive jargon, it is a premium hotel. If you wonder what we see under the term premium in this hotel, then this would be its rich and luxurious equipment, small details and above all the image of the brand. If you have ever organised a meeting in a hotel belonging to the Radisson Blu chain, then you can expect a similar experience in Dubrovnik.

Hotel Sotelia was never hiding its ambitions to bring to the meetings industry a genuine wellness experience, which other competitors do not yet know. In addition, the distinctive architectural design has many admirers; small details always attract the eye. In all respects this is a very good hotel with conference facilities for smaller events. Together with the rich tourist and sports offer Podčetrtek is ideal for the implementation of various incentives and other incentive programmes. The hotel is no longer the newest on the market, but it is still fresh enough and different from the other offer in Slovenia.

A full-blooded wellness experience that does not disappoint your congress guests – the interiors and architecture of the hotel is sound in all respects and the quality craftsmanship and materials used satisfy at first glance, with the only drawback being that the hotel is generally very busy and so your conference guests will have to mix with classical health guests. Otherwise, this spa is where you can be a little removed from the world and enjoy the peace and intimacy of your event. A very authentic and very genuine boutique congress experience.

Thermana offers a lot for a moderate amount, which is very important in today’s economic climate. It is also striking how much Laško can offer to congress guests in addition to the traditional beer. Everything from one of the best Slovenian cuisine restaurants to exceptional cultural and historical heritage, along with the option of organising green meetings. Given all of the above, Thermana’s congress offer became a hit and caused a true earthquake on the Slovenian market. The organisation of events with the option of extra wellness pampering is very appealing, and for the time being we can only make reference to the new congress offer with full respect. The complex is very fresh and modern, and very much in tune with what a positive congress tourism product should be. It is complemented by a rich experiential offer around its thermal pools and pampering options. Congress guests will receive individual treatments and culinary experiences. The only real topic of discussion is its placement in the five-star category, as some details ordinarily expected at this level are missing.


The HIDDEN CONGRESS GUEST section is not paid for. The selection of hotels, which are evaluated by the hidden congress guest, is left to the editorial board. The hidden guest visits the hotels without prior notice.

The hotel Spirit certainly represents a new chapter in the rich history and culture of spa tourism of Sárvár, which is currently the “flag ship” of the city. Hotel Spirit is elegant, spacious and because of all this an impressive hotel. It is certainly not perfect. Anyone wishing to take advantage of everything the hotel has to offer will have to deal with a relatively high price for this part of Europe.

Meetings Star 2015









Veli Lošinj, Croatia


Ptuj, Slovenia


Portorose, Slovenia


Rimske Terme, Slovenia


A natural environment that has a calming effect – on one side the sea, on the other pine trees. Although Punta, because of its positioning as a ‘Vitality hotel’ on the first ball does not catch congress guests, it is a very suitable choice for the organisation of business and motivational events for groups of up to 60 guests. Professional service, friendly staff, solid cuisine, reasonable prices and interesting additional offer.

Grand Hotel Primus has a great position on a spacious green area, surrounded on one side by the swimming pool complex, and on the other with a park and a golf course. All rooms have a great view. Often for an event we need more than just a well-equipped hall: what happens during breaks, at lunch, and at the evening event is also important. In the Grand Hotel Primus the offer is so rich that you can easily fill a day, two or more for your participants with a quality programme. The grand hotel Primus convinces, especially with its authentic story.

Lifeclass stakes its reputation on the provision of high quality services and a lot of pleasure for their guests, which they manage to do well. The hotel and convention centre, however, just lack a bit more character, and a look across the street at Portorož’s first class facility that does not leave their guests cold could help. Set against the quality of service of the nearby Kempinski Hotel, the Grand Hotel Portorož is more deserving of four rather than five stars. A little more emotion, playfulness and hotel dyna

Following a period of turbulence, the Spa management is now working to restore its lustre and it must be admitted that so far they are making good progress. The hotel is undergoing its spring and is especially blowing on the souls of those who want a different experience and a disconnection from the everyday world. With their offer they are trying to move towards above standard to high quality, while taking into account local traditions. The main complaint is related to the offer of the town, which is still not aware what kind of a pearl the Roman Spa is. With a special offer, an exquisite cuisine and its pleasing architecture, the Roman Spa is a competitor to Slovenia’s more experienced thermal providers worthy of serious consideration.



Sarvar, Hungary




Dubrovnik, Croatia




Podčetrtek, Slovenia




Dolenjske toplice, Slovenia




Laško, Slovenia




Moravci, Slovenia




Veli Lošinj, Croatia




Ptuj, Slovenia




Portorose, Slovenia




Rimske Terme, Slovenia


Hotels are rated by the HIDDEN CONGRESS GUEST. These are professional people who have many years of experience in the meetings industry and the additional knowledge of hospitality management. The evaluation matrix contains over 450 measurable criteria, which are divided into different categories, such as the first contact with the customer, the general impression upon arrival, the behaviour of employees and a host of others. Each category is assessed by the share of conditionality and the average rating, which allows the improvement of the quality of the individual criteria. 67

Meetings Star 2015

TOP 10 BOUTIQUE MEETING HOTELS Today we have evaluated 13 resort meeting hotels. Here are our top ten: 01.


Bale, Croatia




Belgrade, Serbia




Belgrade, Serbia



Dubrovnik, Croatia


Opatija, Croatia


Ljubljana, Slovenia


A truly special place in the estate is the table set under the 100 – year-old oaks with views over the surrounding vineyards. As an ensemble the estate the estate feels like an island that has been dropped onto the mainland, a place where time has stopped and you are instantly relaxed. Everything here is to an extremely high standard, but at the same time oozing genuine warmth.

A modern hotel in a picturesque historic building dating back to 1929. It is beautifully furnished and has excellent room facilities. Everything is stylish about this hotel and the support and excellent service from all the staff makes it very special.

Elegant, modern and sophisticated hotel in the heart of the Old City of Belgrade with an extremely good restaurant attached. The swimming pool is one of the coolest designed we know of. Finest food, elegant service and special attention to every detail.

Contrary to what is often experienced in corporate hotel companies, at the Pučić Palace, you will be treated with special attention and a very personalised service. It is suitable for small groups of demanding guests, who will get to know Dubrovnik from a great hotel experience. If you have deep pockets this hotel definitely won’t let you down.





It started out as a superb restaurant, to which a hotel offer was added in the last year. The prime location and superior design overlooking the Kvarner Bay can also be a venue for very special events.

The hotel is perfectly located and feels brand new. Everything about the room and the hotel is very modern and beautifully designed. The standard of food and service is top notch. The hotel is elegant and über-modern, almost a design hotel.


The HIDDEN CONGRESS GUEST section is not paid for. The selection of hotels, which are evaluated by the hidden congress guest, is left to the editorial board. The hidden guest visits the hotels without prior notice.


Meetings Star 2015



Brtonigla, Croatia




Ljubljana, Slovenia




Logarska dolina, Slovenia




Zagreb, Croatia



Idrija, Slovenia


Pag, Croatia


San Rocco was created from an old, restored Istrian family business, while at the same time maintaining the atmosphere of the medieval town. For four years running (20072010) the hotel was acknowledged and honoured as Croatia’s best boutique hotel.

This urban oasis offers tranquility right in the heart of Ljubljana’s Old Town. The hotel is a modern reflection of the city and a completely new hotel experience unprecedented in Ljubljana. This is best confirmed by its recognition and classification on the prestigious list of the 154 best hotels in the world by the Conde Nast Traveller magazine.

The hotel is set in the idyllic natural surroundings in one of Slovenia’s most beautiful alpine valleys and combines nature conservation with the life of the locals in a unique way. Solčavsko received the 2009 EDEN award.

Trendy, quiet hotel in Zagreb. Rooms are well proportioned and decorated following a colour scheme. A stylish environment, breakfast on the roof terrace and smooth service.

The mighty renovated building, of the former Kenda homestad revived the spirit of ancient times.The serenity of the house, with touches of the past and small attentions at evry step, defines this exceptional hotel.



Beautifully situated on a hill in Novalja surrounded by a dense pine forest and close to a vineyard and an olive grove, Hotel Boškinac offers carefully decorated accommodation with handmade furniture. Unwind completely far from the urban noise and enjoy the scent of pine trees, bay plants, jasmine, sage, incense, mint and fresh hay.


Bale, Croatia Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade, Serbia Dubrovnik, Croatia Opatija, Croatia Ljubljana, Slovenia Brtonigla, Croatia

4.85 4.81 4.79 4.79 4.77 4.76 4.74



Ljubljana, Slovenia Logarska Valley, Slovenia Zagreb, Croatia Idrija, Slovenia

4.70 4.69 4.68 4.68


Pag, Croatia Goriška Brda , Slovenia

4.49 4.28

Meetings Star 2015

TOP 10 CONVENTION CENTRES Today we have evaluated 15 convention centre. Here are our top ten: Krakow, Poland


Salzburg, Austria


Ljubljana, Slovenia



Brdo, Slovenia




Istanbul, Turkey




Ljubljana, Slovenia







CANKARJEV DOM, Cultural and Congress Centre


Over 36.000 m² of conference space, an Auditorium ready to host 2000 people, a spacious and multifunctional foyer adapted for activities such as hosting of exhibitions and sponsor and exhibition stands; additionally, the building’s excellent location in the centre of Krakow – these are only some of the assets of the multifunctional ICE Congress Centre.

Salzburg Congress located in the center of the city, is a harmonious synthesis of appealing architecture, state-of-the-art congress technology and historic surroundings. Over 1,200 beds in 4- and 5-star hotels within easy walking distance and the close proximity to the attractions in the historic city center make the location of Salzburg Congress so uniquely attractive.

Slovenia’s leading convention centre and a professional congress organiser, is located in the centre of Ljubljana neighbouring all the major institutions of the Slovenian state. The cultural and convention focal point of Slovenia and a place where Slovenian history is happening. One can not imagine Ljubljana today without Cankarjev dom; it and the Slovenian meetings industry were created together. On top of that Cankarjev dom is a perfectly oiled congress machinery, which does not show its age and which after recent renovations is in excellent condition.

Brdo Congress Centre is part of Brdo Estate. What is necessary to appreciate is what is hidden below the minimalist exterior. The centre is different, Zen-like and exudes elegant luxury. Today the centre is an important player in the field. We rate it as an all-round excellent convention centre, without any serious errors, which at the moment represents the pinnacle in its field.

The Haliç Congress Center situated along the historical Haliç coast. The Center provides its guests with a peaceful environment away from the hectic city. The Center has hosted many major congresses and special events and provides its guests with an incomparable experience due to its uncompromising quality of service. The Center spans 102.000 m2 and includes an open space of 16.000 m2, comprising four buildings that are interconnected with broad galleries and lounges filled with sunshine and a total indoor exhibition area of 9.000 m2.

The Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention centre is positioned as a mid-sized regional exhibition and convention centre. As a result of a number of past investments and reforms and with the new administration in place they have really lifted the level of infrastructure and come in line with the highest international standards. After renovation, the centre functions in a very fresh and tidy way and gives the impression of a well maintained centre that is the equal of similar centres in Europe. 70

The HIDDEN CONGRESS GUEST section is not paid for. The selection of hotels, which are evaluated by the hidden congress guest, is left to the editorial board. The hidden guest visits the hotels without prior notice.


Meetings Star 2015






CONGRESS Saalfelden



Schladming, Austria


Graz, Austria


Saalfelden, Austria


Innsbruck, Austria


Congress Schladming stands for modern architecture, environmentally friendly building technology, multi-functional use, gastronomic perfection and state-of-the-art technology, in the heart of Austria. The combination of “days in the mountains” and a diverse recreational offer in a pristine natural landscape lends the desired balance for mind and soul.

Congress Graz has been a certified ‘Green Meetings’ venue for over two years. Now, for the first time this year, Messe congress Graz is also on board – with three events in 2014. The first one was the gala ceremony for the Congress Awards Graz in May, followed by the congress of the ‘Österreichischen Schmerzgesellschaft’. It goes without saying, Messe Congress Graz believes it is essential to provide responsible and expert services, and to wholeheartedly provide for the wishes of clients in compliance with all environmental criteria.

This multifunctional congress facility can accommodate up to 1800 guests and is situated at the heart of the popular Saalfelden Leogang holiday region. The modern congress centre is particularly well known for its wide range of customisable rooms, and a conference floor that provides fantastic views of the surrounding mountains. The glass cube on the top floor of the venue in the Salzburg countryside is surrounded by a patio at a height of 14 metres.

In June 2004 the two companies Congress Innsbruck GmbH and Innsbrucker Messen GmbH merged to one company: Congress und Messe Innsbruck GmbH. By making use of numerous synergies and combining the power of two successful and now unified businesses, they have further extended Innsbruck as an international Congress, Exhibition and Trade Fair destination.



Krakow, Poland




Salzburg, Austria



CANKARJEV DOM, Cultural and Congress Centre

Ljubljana, Slovenia




Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia




Istanbul, Turkey




Ljubljana, Slovenia




Schladming, Austria




Graz, Austria



CONGRESS Saalfelden

Saalfelden, Austria


Innsbruck, Austria



Hotels are rated by the HIDDEN CONGRESS GUEST. These are professional people who have many years of experience in the meetings industry and the additional knowledge of hospitality management. The evaluation matrix contains over 450 measurable criteria, which are divided into different categories, such as the first contact with the customer, the general impression upon arrival, the behaviour of employees and a host of others. Each category is assessed by the share of conditionality and the average rating, which allows the improvement of the quality of the individual criteria. 71

SLOVENIA MEETINGS Feel the people. Taste fresh ideas.

Conventa Best Event Award



Conventa Best Event Award

CONVENTA BEST EVENT AWARD 2015 The newest Meetings Star award acknowledging the best events organized in the New European region


n scope of The Meetings Star Awards of 2015, Kongres Magazine in collaboration with Conventa trade show opened a call for entries for Conventa Best Event Award. The competition that was designed to celebrate the very best event experiences by honouring the inspiring meeting planners delivering nothing but excellence in the New European meetings industry was very well accepted by both the competitors and the jury. Overall, the Editorial Board of Kongres Magazine received 17 entries that were evaluated based on Creativity, Innovation, Execution, Results of the event, Event communication and Sustainable policies by an esteemed Conventa Best Event Jury comprised of the following meetings industry professionals: Patrick Delaney, SoolNua, Ireland Bo Kruger, Moving Minds, Denmark Johanna Fischer, tmf-dialogue marketing, Europe & India

Best events that obtained at least 60 out of 100 points made it on to the short-list:

The winner of Conventa Best Event Award receiving the highest score by the jury is:

• TEDxLjubljana Salon v zraku • Combining incentive trip to Dubrovnik with CSR event in Bosnia • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week • Vitranc in the Sky • NOTE2NOTE • 31st Slovenian Book Fair • BMW GRAND TOURER WORLD PREMIER • P&G World Cup • EuroBasket 2015 Zagreb Corporate Hospitality • Uavhengighetstur 2015 • Secret Destionations • Zavarovalnica Triglav New Year’s Concert

TEDxLjubljana Salon v zraku organized by TEDxLjubljana

“I enjoyed the process. It was really interesting to read about all the amazing things going on in your region. It was a pleasure to take part!” Bo Kruger, Moving Minds about the Conventa Best Event Award jury process

Entry to Conventa Best Event Award was free of charge. Every entry was awarded with 2 free registration passes to Conventa 2016 and free promotion.


The winner will be awarded on the great Conventa stage during Conventa Welcome reception held on 19 January 2016 at Grand hotel Union, Ljubljana.

Conventa Best Event Award

Conventa Best Event Award

Winner 2015: TEDx Ljubljana Salon v zraku INFORMATIONS Name of the event

TEDxLjubljanaSalon v zraku


24. 9.2015


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport





Event type



TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world. First TEDxLjubljana event took place in the spring of 2009. To this day we hosted more than a 100 different speakers that gathered from 70 to 1500 visitors on different locations. We are proud to say our events have been growing every year. Idea about an event on a plane came from a desire to achieve something that no TEDx team in the world has managed. The most original TEDx events took place on the archeological ruins, in a bowling center, desert, train and Mont Everest, and the first one on a plane was ours- on 24th of September 2015. For the first time, the world witnessed an event that happened literally in the air. Adria airways, our main sponsor, provided us with the A319 plane and its crew. We went from Jože Pučnik airport to Maribor airport. The flight that would take only 15 minutes was turned into an 80 minute flight. The pilot took us to Split and back to Slovenia, so we had more time to listen to four ideas worth spreading.


Working with an airline company presented a great challenge for us, mostly because of the provisions Adria made due to the security protocol of the airports. Finding the right time was the key, because the planes were not free exactly at the time we wanted them. A lot of planning was involved to be able to see the plane for the first time, try the acoustics on it and see the terminal, where the first part of the event would take place, together with the crew. Security measures made the sound reinforcement and recording of the event difficult. It was forbidden to bring conventional PA on a plane, the recording of the event was made difficult by the small space and seating arrangement

All the visitors and people present at the event had to be known in advance and have their data available to the airline. The data was entered into the system and gained access to the secured area of the airport. The visitors applied online on an Eventbrite website. Choosing the speakers that will attract the audience posed another challenge. Out of many ideas we chose those speakers that had a potential for a good TEDx talk and an idea, worth spreading. All of them were invited to a meeting and four of them were chosen for the event. We practiced the talks with each of them, until it was ready for the event.

Event Results CREATIVITY:

This event was the first TEDx event on a plane in the world, so it’s pretty creative by itself. Our creativity also included technical solutions for things, which are much easier on the events happening on the ground. One of the main ones was sound and recording at the event, because the strict rules of the airline made it impossible to do it the usual way. The recording was creatively done with additional Go-pro recording systems. The sound system posed a separate challenge. Rules dictate that in an emergency the pilot has to have an option to cancel out all the sources of the sound. The only option of speaking on a plane was through a flight attendant’s speaker, which turned out to be hard and nearly impossible because the speaker would have to hold the button for sound transmission throughout the flight. It was solved by using a headset microphones, connected them to a speaker that directed the sounds through the flight attendant’s speaker.


Although we did’t find any new inventions, everything about the event was innovative. Everything from the airport check-in, all the way to installing the sound system, recording system, etc. We had to find solutions that were very much innovative and we’ve never seen them before.


Our team, which consists out of 19 active members, first connected with Adria Airways and we coordinated our wishes and possibilities, which led to a successful cooperation. When both of us knew this was the collaboration we want to do and can do, we started planning the project. First, we had to find sponsors to help us with the transportation from Maribor back to Ljubljana, helped us organize the catering after the event, and helped us with the promotion of the event … Next there 77

was the searching and choosing our four speakers, with whom we practiced every week and helped them form the talks for the event. Along with that we had to promote the event and get the information on the passengers on time before the event. Before the event we looked at the terminal, where the official part of the event was held, and a plane, which we flew in.


The result showing us that our organization and promotion made the event so interesting and desirable to the public, is the time in which we sold out the tickets. On a web page Eventbrite the tickets were available at exactly 20:00 and sold out in less than a second.


The event was promoted on our TEDxljubljana social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, our own website and our mailing list. Not only was our event promoted by us, but other media wrote about our event as well.


This creative and unique setting of a TEDx event made TEDxljubljana known for organizing the first TEDx event on a plane. In addition, four incredible Slovenians got the opportunity to share their idea worth spreading with others. 4 different topics were presented, from a new way of car usage and ownership, to try and convince people, that gaining experiences abroad is priceless, but opportunities at home are also worth a try, continued with investigative journalism and concluded the event with a story about the obstacles Slovenians face when they want to adopt a child. Our talks from the event are available on the internet, for all of those that were unable to attend the event due to the limited capacities on the plane.

Conventa 2016


2007 78

• The first trade show hosted 35 exhibitors and 40 hosted buyers • First ‘Simex’, predecessor of the Conventa show • Development of One2One system for pre-scheduling meetings


• 50 exhibitors and for the first time over 100 hosted buyers • Decision to expand the project across borders • First catalogue: Meet in SEE


• 82 exhibitors and for the first time over 157 hosted buyers • The launch of the Conventa brand • Over 3,000 One2One meetings • The start of ‘Academy Conventa’


• Exceeding 100 exhibitors • 266 hosted buyers • Conventa starts to recognise outstanding achievements by granting awards • The launch of the Meeting Services spot


• 23 % more exhibitors from 9 SEE countries • 271 hosted buyers • The launch of the Conventa Wild Card programme • Conventa Hall of Fame award granted for the first time

• 2,232 billateral talks • Conventa wins Sustainable Stand Award at EIBTM • Introduction of ‘Eco Day’ and ‘Eco Village’ • Conventa hosted first IMEX-MPIMCI Future Leaders Forum


• 142 exhibitors • 10 SEE destinations presented at the show • Conventa TV – broadcasting live for the first time • The launch of the Conventa mobile site • Conventa hosts Meeting Star Awards for the first time


• Expanding the borders – Turkey joins the Conventa exhibitors • Hosting the SEEPCO meeting • Celebrating the 5-year anniversary – Conventa give me five! • Inside award granted for the first time at Conventa • Introducing Conventa mingling


• The largest number of international meeting planners in the history of the show (over 200) • The highest quality hosted buyers (62.78 % were rated as good or excellent by exhibitors) • Introduction of 6 Es (Experience, Engagement, Education, Emotions, Energy and Entertainment) • Congress destinations presented in the highest number so far (12)

• A record number of pre-arranged meetings (3,158) • The best and most extensive educational programme offered (3 days overall) • First Conventa Ambassador


• Record number of hosted buyers (279) • 146 exhibitors • 3,365 One2One meetings • For the first time Conventa invites emerging destinations of New Europe • Congress destinations presented in the highest number so far (15) • Adding another E to the mix • Introducing Conventa Valley • Exhibitors at Meeting Services Spot get their own One2One system • More media partners than ever


• Conventa Best event award for the first time • In conjuction with SITE Society for Incentive Travel Excellence – SITE educational day • New partnership with Turkish Airlines • Record number of participants from New Europe • Mobile one-to-one system for meetings • Highlighting experience (sound, touch, taste, smell, feel, sight) • Special blend of Conventa Coffee

Conventa 2016




79 4












1. Conventa Trade Show in 2014, 2. Meeting Star Awards Ceremony 2015, 3. It’s all about meetings, 4. Conventa Academy 2014, 5. Black and White welcome reception 2014, 6. Culinary delights by Sora Catering, 7. Conventa always mixes meetings with pleasure, 8. IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum, 9. International Press Conference 2014, 10. Networking dinner 2014, 11. Conventa Hall of Fame 2015, Tomaž Krušič, 12. Successful morning sessions, 13. Good music shouldn’t be missing, 14. Conventa TV, 15. Special Love Experience

Conventa 2016




he holidays are now over and after all the great food, wine and family time we have made our way into the new year replenished and full of optimism. When I look back at the eight full years we have been doing Conventa I am particularly happy that it marks the traditional start of the congress year. Our team has been working around the clock for the whole year to ensure that the event brings not only its important business dimension, but also the socializing, high spirits and everything else that carries a positive sign and marks the beginning or a new year – and hopefully also of new and promising business relationships. With perhaps a touch of immodesty we would venture to say that you are not really on the congress map if you aren’t attending Conventa. This is backed up by the record feedback from all of the hosted buyers and by the fact that 98% of exhibitors regularly return to the event. The theme of this year’s Conventa follows that of the Conventa Experience and the participants journey through all the bodily senses. We believe that this encourages better thinking, more curiosity and a higher level of interest for

our products and destinations. We also believe that an experience can tell more than a thousand words. Confirmation that we, as organisers, are on the right path with all of our approaches is the co-hosting of the SITE Executive Summit’s conference. Amongst the many amazing experiences that this year promises will also be the Conventa Best Event Award, to be awarded this year for the first time. The response to our public tender last year has been amazing and the international judging panel had a really difficult time picking the best one. The successful event will join all the other award recipients in the Meeting Star section, which has been presenting the best destinations, hotels and congress centres since Conventa started out. We, as the organisers, have done everything we can to make sure you leave Ljubljana with a smile on your face and new business connections in your pocket. We hope you really enjoy your time here with us. Gorazd Čad



f seven is the lucky number, then what does that make eight? Actually, it doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is whether the eighth Conventa will once more prove to be another great show. This information we will get from you, our esteemed Conventa hosted buyers, exhibitors and partners of the show. New Europe is an emerging region and it is a fact that it’s getting more and more popular. This year we broke yet another record, as we are welcoming hosted buyers from 33 countries, and this time from overseas too. Knowledge was, is and always will be crucial in our industry. Conventa is fully aware of that. Every year we introduce a top knowledge component to the show for the regional industry that is complimentary. This year we are also proud to co-host the SITE Incentive Summit in Ljubljana, enabling Conventa exhibitors to learn from the very best. Alongside this there is so much more on the programme to enjoy and you especially don’t want to miss out on the musician Miha Pogačnik. Social Media is a feature of our industry that is gaining in popularity and becoming a more

important marketing and communication channel. Conventa is most definitely on trend with this as well. We are also proud to partner with Soolnua, from Ireland, to bring the region to a very new level. Please do share all of your experiences with us on social media by using #Conventa2016 and @Conventa2016, but also on #conventaexperience. We are a Slavic nation. Hospitality is etched deeply into our DNA and the social life is an important part of our everyday lives. It means we do business whilst we’re enjoying food or drinking a glass of wine. Try it - you’ll love it. Finally, I will repeat something that I shared with you last year: We have invested all of our knowledge, our positive energy and our passion into making this year’s Conventa another success. Enjoy the moment and give your energy to the Conventa experience 2016. You can only really get it if you share it! Dobrodošli! (Welcome!)  Miha Kovačič

Conventa 2016



Explore the emerging destinations of Europe over a cup of coffee


THE BOUTIQUE MEETINGS MARKET IS BACK AND THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL Once you’ve seen what CONVENTA can do for you in two days you’ll never want aything else.


18 - 19 JANUARY 2017, Ljubljana—Slovenia

Conventa 2016


Ladies and gentlemen!

I 82

n Slovenia, a land of great natural diversity, with an extraordinary variety of landscapes and where the mountains meet the sea, it is but natural for its people to be inclined to meet, socialise and forge friendships and business relationships. Congressional tourism is the story of how the business of large-scale meetings evolved to become one of Slovenia’s most fundamental tourist products. Conventa is another story of how a trade show has also been expanding over the last few years and now connects all of the key providers of congress services from across Southeast Europe. Conventa is based on partnership, which is also an essential basis of Slovenian tourism. The Slovenian Tourism Development Strategy 20122016 is based on such a partnership and it will be the basis of the strategy for the new strategic period. Upgraded with an orientation towards sustainable tourism development, high-quality products and effective promotion, Slovenian tourism is set to keep improving, showing the success of its strong foundations. We have just had a record-breaking tourist year, with Slovenia’s tourism income exceeding two billion euros and over ten million overnight stays. Are we satisfied? Yes, we are. Do we want more? Yes, of course! Tourism is by all means one of the most important strategic sectors in our country. It is a vector of development, generating 9.2% of the GDP in Europe and as much as 12.8% in Slovenia. It also represents 37% in exports of services and employs more than 48,000 people. Our goal for the upcoming years is to increase tourism income to three billion euros, up from the current two billion. We have already made a few important steps in the direction of faster growth. The first step was definitely the independence of the Slovenian Tourist Organisation, followed by the exceptionally well-received promotion of Slovenia abroad, financed by European funds. This will be followed by systemic solutions aimed at creating a stimulating business environment and securing a longterm and stable source of financing for promotion of Slovenia abroad. The Slovenia Tourist Organisation will have at its disposal substan-

tially more financial resources than in the past. Nevertheless, it is of essential importance that every euro is spent in a thoughtful, goal-oriented and innovative way. The topic of this year’s Congress is a view into the future. In cooperation with you, the participants, we are asking ourselves how to continue with our efforts. A new focus is needed in the field of tourism – we need to choose a single goal out of the five we are currently looking at and put all our efforts into jointly supporting it. At the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology we will initiate preparations for the new Slovenian tourism development strategy 2017–2021 by finding ways to improve the competitiveness of Slovenia as a tourist destination, to ensure growth and quality, to interconnect Slovenian tourism in order to exploit all of our growth potential and to develop a strategy for intensive and innovative marketing. We will also carry out an analysis of the main tourist products of Slovenia. I am convinced that congressional tourism is an essential one of these – we have an excellent assortment of conference halls in Slovenia and congressional tourism increases the occupancy of tourist capacities outside high season and attracts visitors with higher incomes. Despite the digital age, meeting and working together face to face still proves to be the most efficient way to cooperate, and a hand shake is still the best way to find out what kind of a person we are dealing with. This is precisely what Conventa offers – along with the many opportunities to make the step beyond a meeting to becoming business partners. I wish every Conventa participant plenty of creative energy and a very pleasant stay here in Slovenia! Zdravko Počivalšek Minister of Economic Development and Technology

Conventa 2016

MAJA PAK, ACTING DIRECTOR OF SLOVENIAN TOURIST BOARD Slovenia – at the top of the best congress destinations with a view stretching far into the future


hat Slovenia is on the map of excellent congress destinations has been well known for quite some time. In recent years, the country has been on the list of the best countries for hosting congresses and business events as one that cannot merely achieve, but even exceed the expectations of discerning business guests. The Conventa trade fair has greatly contributed to the recognition of Slovenia as place to hold congresses and business meetings. Conventa has been placed on the European congress map as a ‘must-go-to’ event, where more than one hundred providers of congress services from South East Europe exhibit to clients from all across Europe and beyond. As an international business exchange, Conventa has become one of the key business events of Slovenian tourism, one that places Slovenia at the top end of professionally staged events and thus strengthens the image of the country as an excellent host of important business and tourist events. There is no doubt that this event, which for a long time has reached far beyond the borders of Slovenia, is the most important business and international tourist event in Slovenia’s congress sector. Those of us who have been entrusted with developing and marketing Slovenia as a tourist destination are well aware that congress guests are quite familiar with the offer of competitive destinations, and that they decide by comparing the ratio between price and service offered and, what is more, the experience that is offered. Thus, the Slovenian Tourist Board strives to constantly develop the tourist offer in line with global trends and the demands of modern guests – we create innovative and creative tourist products with high added value, focusing on the green and sustainable development of the country and we market Slovenian tourism with modern marketing tools, placing special emphasis on the digital marketing of content and on partnerships with Slovenian tourist service providers and other key partners in Slovenian tourism. The Conventa exhibition is an event that follows the defined path of Slovenia’s development as a high-quality, innovative and sustainable tourist destination. Here I must emphasise the growing significance of congress tourism as a key product of Slovenian tourism, which is confirmed by the high added

value of the product, the number of tourists in this segment and by its high multiplier effects. The Slovenian Tourist Board recognised the importance of this event when the first Conventa was organised, so the Board used this important business event to partner with the Slovenian Convention Bureau. I am pleased to say that we have remained partners with Conventa through the years and have also upgraded our partnership. I am also quite pleased that, this year, our capital city is once again hosting this business exchange. Ljubljana has been declared the European Green Capital of 2016, so it will once again prove an excellent host and a destination with a future focused on sustainable development. Conventa once again confirms and additionally strengthens the image of Ljubljana as a destination for the most demanding business meetings. On an annual level, Ljubljana provides for more than 20 per cent of all Slovenian congress venues and hosts approximately 400 business meetings per month. Personal meetings and contact between providers and potential buyers remain paramount at a time when, even in tourism, digitisation is spreading as a key marketing and sales tool. Due to this and the fact that the interest of foreign and domestic clients in participating at the exhibition is rising, as well as due to its increasing popularity, Conventa ranks as one of the key business events in Slovenian tourism.


Conventa 2016

ZORAN JANKOVIĆ, MAYOR OF CITY OF LJUBLJANA Dear business visitors, exhibitors and other participants of Conventa!



llow me to extend my greetings to yet another international crossroads of ideas and initiatives in the meetings industry, and sincerely welcome the 8th edition of Conventa! This business and knowledge exchange platform, which has over the years gained a solid recognition across Europe, has become a sought-after event in the calendars of meeting professionals and regional business tourism providers. The show is a great start to a new year, fostering the personal exchange of experience and know how with colleagues and potential business partners, who can all get acquainted with trends and novelties at quality educational sessions. The Conventa Show is of great importance to Ljubljana, since it offers a host of opportunities to establish relevant business connections in a destination that is striving to raise its profile on the international market. At the same time, dear Conventa participants, you will have a unique chance to experience the beauty of our city firsthand and appreciate the harmony between its modern features and the rich cultural-historical heritage. I am convinced Ljubljana will not leave you indifferent, since it is a green, clean, safe and friendly city of coexistence and respect for the different. The city is extremely proud to be the European Green Capital 2016 and to follow its sustainable mobility principles, envisioned and mapped in a strategic city development document until 2025.

I would also like to extend sincere congratulations to the teams of Ljubljana Tourism with its Convention Bureau as well as to the Slovenian Convention Bureau, who are doing their best to strenghten Ljubljana’s position on the European conference map, thus also supporting the efforts of each individual meetings industry provider uder the destination umbrella. The team spirit that is easily felt is an added value to the professionalism of the entire service chain, which has an ear for the Client’s requirements as well as a personal approach. Although business comes first, allow me to invite you to take some time between your meetings, step onto the streets and indulge in the pleasures of the excellent Slovenian cuisine and attractive tourist offer. You will not have a problem to be undestood – our local residents are fluent in foreign languages and spontaineously helpful to visitors. We trust that the rekaxed rhythm of the city, alongside with the genuine hospitality of our citizens, will convince you to return here in the future. Welcome to Ljubljana, the most beautiful city in the world! Zoran Janković Mayor of the City of Ljubljana

Conventa 2016

PETRA STUŠEK, ACTING MANAGING DIRECTOR, LJUBLJANA TOURISM Eight candles and bright skies for conventa!


ince the very start, Ljubljana Tourism has taken on the role of a strong and long-term partner of the Conventa Show and its organisers. As the host destination, we do not perceive it just as an important regional meetings industry business event that has established itself on the European market, as it has overgrown this “basic” format. With its concept and personal approach Conventa has developed over the years into a true experience, showcasing the array of possibilities for holding meetings and events in Ljubljana, Slovenia and the wider area of Central and Southeast Europe. We are proud to say that Conventa now stands for a high-quality and efficient business platform topped by informal networking opportunities between hosted buyers, exhibitors and other meeting industry players in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Throughout this time we have strived to support Conventa’s growth and development, since we recognise it as one of our most important marketing projects at the destination level, by which both Ljubljana and Slovenia are strengthening their brands and presence on the international meetings industry market, and even wider. Needless to say, welcoming around 160 hosted buyers who can experience at least some qualities of our destination is a valuable opportunity to pinpoint Ljubljana as an attractive city for meetings and events with a strong touch of local authenticity. Ljubljana’s medium-term tourism development strategy till 2020 has firmly set the meetings industry as one of its main product segments, with the Conventa Show being an integral part of its further growth. Our destination has been recording a steady increase in visitor numbers over the last decade as a result of a balanced development and visible transformation of the city that have positively impacted the quality of life and its general attractiveness. A series of eminent international awards and titles the City of Ljubljana and Ljubljana Tourism have received in the recent years bear witness to all the efforts invested in making the Slovenian capital a role model for sustainable

development in Southeast Europe. And, in 2016 more than ever, Ljubljana will be green all the way to its heart - as European Green Capital! We are confident that the many events and happenings connected to this unique year will leave a special mark on our city. A glimpse at 2015: it is overall regarded as a new record tourism year in Ljubljana, also showing an expansion of the meetings business both in the associations and corporate events segment. We are aware that, on a wider international scale, the year 2015 has brought positive, yet mixed signals, connected to a host of important facts: from the global economic situation and its volatility, to geo-political and security issues that affect the general travel-, as well as the meetings industry. In several European countries the sound financial state has given a boost to organising corporate events abroad, yet often in not too faraway places. In the associations’ world, global congresses are facing an increasing competition from regional and specialist events in the same scientific field. Therefore, looking ahead with a measure of moderate optimism, I believe that Ljubljana can turn these elements to its own advantage – in terms of safety, location, “newness” factor, genuine experiences and excellent value for money. In the destination, an array of quality products are in place and the development is smart, keeping the human scale and sustainability at the forefront. Not to forget that our key partners are continuously striving to deliver the best client experience with an understanding of what the power of personal approach means in creating successful and long-term business relationships. This is also very true for the boutique Conventa Experience! Petra Stušek Managing Director


Conventa Ambassador

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED Stella Ariadni Constantinou, Professional Meeting Planner (PCO) and Strategic Communications Consultant, CEO.

86 Conventa Hall of Fame

Stella Ariadni Constantinou Stella Ariadni Constantinou is a Professional Meeting Planner (PCO) and Strategic Communications Consultant, CEO. Impressive ApS was founded and established with the aim of offering every travel and tourism related service to their international customers travelling to destinations all across the globe for business. With long-term experience and expansive knowledge they can look back on more than 25 years of hard work and hundreds of successful meetings and events. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, they serve every destination and have distinguished themselves as Professional Meeting Planner (PCO) and a Destination Management Company (DMC). Planning, consultancy, management, organisation and operation of Incentives, Meetings, Conventions, Exhibitions, B2B events, Conferences, Congresses, Seminars, Team Building Events, Art & Culture groups and Events, all in “collaboration” with their selected team of professionals in each destination, is but “a few to name” of their many activities.


Q: What does the Conventa Ambassador mean to you? Conventa is a true experience! This is a unique trade show in the MICE industry where the quality of all of the services seems to me to be something extraordinary. Once you are in CONVENTA, you can feel not only the warm welcome offered by the organisers – who in the meantime love taking care of everything, from the detail of all those attending and particpating: speakers, exhibitors, hosted buyers, journalists and in fact showing them what hospitality seems to be – but the Conventa organisers every year simply offer nothing but the best. Being a Conventa Ambassador is really an honour for me; it is a great opportunity introduce Conventa and the beloved Ljubljana to the MICE industry professionals. Q: What is the main thing you hope to accomplish as Conventa ambassador? PASSION to be a PROFESSIONAL! The Mee­t­ ings industry needs passion to create, to explore, to innovate. My hope is to bring that Conventa passion to delegates as a Conventa Ambassador. Q: You have been in the meetings industry for a very long time. What inspires you? Creation, of course, what else would it be? The challenge of being creative and focusing on the here and now. The Meetings industry can be absolutely inspired by Conventa‘s success story. Q: What is friendship like within the meeting industry? Conventa distinguishes itself through the excellent one-to-one and face-to-face meetings between the exhibitors and well selected hosted buyers. They both can explore every possibility of how to make business through a true friendship. To speak about how to achieve the best outcome of successful business, meetings and events, you first have to build the bridge of friendship and trust. Within two days of meetings, networking and social events in Conventa, we all return back home with new friends and we look forward to a mutual and fruitful future collaboration.

Q: What changes are needed in the meetings industry? The Meetings industry would ideally be constantly creative. By this I mean that a transformation would be made smoothly and easily. Each meeting, event, incentive, conference or exhibition requires exclusivity and uniqueness. Professional Meeting Planners and all of us involved in the Meetings industry have to engage ourselves in such a state of constant education and deep knowledge. The key words in this are: Innovation, Inspiration, Motivation, Creation! Q: What is your prediction for the future of the meetings? I like to say »expected the unexpected, as you cannot plan, but you can do as planning«. We all know that the Meetings industry is about Business Development and economic impact. Obviously, the future of the meetings can be based on that motto and relevant actions can be taken. PR, marketing and promotion are essential to be considered seriously in this respect. Destinations have to be well promoted and make themselves well known. Culture, arts or sports can do the connection; but authenticity is what is missing from the Meetings industry and we should work on it. Convention Bureaux, social media, trade shows and professional meeting planners are the key tools for the future of the meetings, all of whom need continuous education and knowledge. Q: Greatest idea you have ever had? Idea or Ideas? It is hard to talk about a ‚great idea‘, as I have the charisma to give birth to several ideas, which seems to be intense under certain circumstances. Every idea is a vision to be expressed and what makes the difference in the Meetings industry is the Idea, the concept, of each meeting, incentive or event that makes it truly unique and authentic. The influence of culture in the Meetings Industry is one of the greatest ideas I ever had and still have. Keep searching for the ideal team to work on it. Q: Do you have any regrets? No, no regrets. Every decision we make, every path we take, is part of the flow. And this is Life.

Create, Explore, Innovate! Be passionate! Expect the Unexpected!

Conventa 2016

















1 IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum 2 Conventa Hall of Fame - winner Tomaž Krušič, director at Intours DMC Slovenia 3 Conventa Ambassador - Paul Kennedy MBE, Director and Owner of Kennedy integrated Solutions 4 Kongres Magazine Traffic Light After Party 5 One2One Meetings 6 Kevin Kelly, COnventa Experts' Corner 7 Team energizer at Conventa Academy 8 Conventa Welcome Reception, Grand Hotel Union 9 Dalmatian vocal group Kaše 10 Incentive Valley at Conventa Exhibition 11 One2One Meetings 12 Working Lunch sponsored by Dubrovnik Tourist Board and catered by Sora Catering 13 Meeting Stars Awards, Romana Vlašič from Dubrovnik Tourist Board - 3rd Meeting Destination of 2014 Photo by: Katja Jemec

Conventa 2016



Maja Pak Acting Director of Slovenian Tourist Board “The Conventa trade fair has greatly contributed to the recognition of Slovenia as place to hold congresses and business meetings. Conventa has been placed on the European congress map as a ‘must-go-to’ event, where more than one hundred providers of congress services from South East Europe exhibit to clients from across Europe. As an international business exchange, Conventa has become one of the key business events of Slovenian tourism, which places Slovenia at the top of professionally staged events and thus strengthens the image of the country as an excellent host of important business and tourist events. There is no doubt that this event, which for a long time has reached beyond the borders of Slovenia, is the most important business and international tourist event in Slovenia’s congress sector! ”

Sandi Kovačevič General Manager at Hotel Cubo “I love the format (small and boutique with a personal touch- like our hotel) - we met such a great range of Buyers in such a short period of time. Buyers are experienced; meetings are relevant, dynamic and straightforward. I’m part of Conventa from the beginning and the event is more productive than I could ever imagine it will become. The networking and social program are amazing and getting better every year. With helpful, friendly staff, very high standards of organization, and excellent activities, this is the best MICE event in this part of Europe. Definitely worth the time out of the office!”

Tomislav Čeh General Manager at Union Hotels “UNION HOTELS in the heart of Ljubljana are more than merely hotels, they are guides to local experiences. At Union Hotels, we do our best to pamper our guests with the finest cuisine, which makes experiencing the flavour of Ljubljana even more pleasant, with events that add to the city’s energy, as well as with numerous other small things that make for an unforgettable hotel stay. We provide all of the following in a single place: superior rooms, conference and event facilities, useful information, excellent services in the immediate vicinity, and a variety of events for a unique local experience. And since a common thread of this year’s Conventa is experience, we are proud to be its partner with our range of services based on experiences. We will provide comfortable accommodation to a hundred of Conventa participants, who will be staying in our updated and renovated rooms, and have an opportunity to experience the local specialities, including the fine cuisine offered at the restaurant Smrekarjev hram, more than 170 fine wines part of the Grand Hotel Union’s Wine Library, the barber shop "Ljubljanski brivec", the newly introduced concierge service at Grand Hotel Union Business, the new Lounge Bar and, last but not least, numerous events. We are pleased to be able to share these stories with even more people and for another opportunity to impress the Conventa guests at the gala reception in Grand Union Hall, which in itself offers a unique and unforgettable experience.”

Dada Jerovšek Director at Kaval Group “Kaval Group represent culinary story with 7 restaurants, cafes, pastry shop, pasta production, confectionery production and catering services in Ljubljana. We have TOP Slovenian Chefs such as Chef Igor Jagodic from Archer Restaurant at Ljubljana Castle. At Conventa we present catering services, suitable for congress events. ”

Jernej Osterman Managing Director, Austria Trend Hotels “In Austria Trend hotel Ljubljana we are proud to bring to this year’s Conventa new services we are offering in our hotel. We opened highly modern sport centre with fitness Gym 24 and sport clinic. Gym 24 is opened 24/7 and it’s measuring 1200m2. It is equipped with the most modern sport equipment and 30 meters sprint track. In Global Sports Clinic we are offering medical treatment and consulting for managers and hotel guests.”

Maja Vidergar CD Congress Centre “The CD Congress Centre Ljubljana has formed an important part of Conventa from the very beginning. We strongly believe that the new Europe is a fresh destination and can bring an added value to the well-established world of meetings‘ destinations. CD, as a pioneer of congress industry in Slovenia, a remarkable venue, a PCO with interna-

Conventa 2016

tional references and over 35 years of experience, can significantly contribute to Conventa‘s success. We are proud that the CD Congress Centre is the venue hosting Conventa‘s networking dinner and awards ceremony on 20 January. And, no less importantly, it is a venue where the legendary after party, a relaxed event running into the late-night hours, is organised. Before the Conventa 2016 starts allow us to wish you much success with the forthcoming event, in the hope that it might boost your business results and bring new friendships.”

Kristina Jurjevec Marketing manager, SORA Catering “SORA Catering always proudly participates at Conventa. We try to support the organizers‘ and our regional partners‘ efforts to showcase quality business and service standards. Conventa gives us the opportunity to create a new catering concept or to present a good practice example. Our aim is to raise the level of trust in our services in the eyes of our foreign guests.”

Iztok Bricl Director of Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre “The GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre and Conventa have been connected from Conventa’s very beginnings; its predecessor took place at a tourism fair organized by the GR. We are among the founders of Conventa, and it is returning to the GR in 2016 the eight time in a row. In addition to the exchange, we are hosting several other events comprising the accompanying programme of Conventa. We are glad and proud that we have opened our door for Conventa throughout these years as its partner and that it has become recognizable also thanks to our imaginative sustainable exhibition elements composed of wooden crates which have received quite a few international awards. Let me remind you

of the slogan which presented the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre at the 2015 exchange: ‘Just like birds, meeting industry professionals know no borders; they migrate to their nesting destinations. And they know why they keep coming back’. Welcome in Ljubljana, at the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre! And let me greet you with our 2016 slogan: ‘Don’t stress. Relax. GR does the rest’.”

Marko Guček CEO GoOpti “Today business and leisure travellers demand unexplored and picturesque destinations to be reachable in a hassle-free and care-free way. GoOpti is a professional marketplace for transfers on middle and long distance routes between airports and cities regardless of the number of travellers. GoOpti offers innovative solution in road passenger transport for event management companies to bring visitors to the events in distant places. Even more: GoOpti is not just a transport provider, it is an unique counselling and executive partner taking transport organisation on a higher level for different types of travellers. It is not the destination that makes our travel unforgettable, but the experience does. Visitors coming to the events from many distant airports can be too hot to handle for event organiser. With GoOpti visitors find their event more accessible and have greater experiences. Flexibility and professional service make tourism interesting and enhance its growth. We are here to make every event an experience that is hard to forget.”

Jerneja Kamnikar General Manager at Vivo catering “Conventa, a junction of congress tourism in Southeastern Europe, is a very important link in the promotion of Slovenia as a congress destination. It is a combination of business and networking among people in one place

and at the same time the opening up of new opportunities for the discovery of new and attractive destinations. These are increasingly looked for by the organizers of meetings. Vivo with our Center of innovative solutions D125 in Ljubljana takes part in Conventa and shapes it from the beginning.”

Petra Stušek, Acting Managing Director of Tourism Ljubljana “We are proud to say that Conventa now stands for a high-quality and efficient business platform topped by informal networking opportunities between hosted buyers, exhibitors and other meeting industry players in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Throughout this time we have strived to support Conventa’s growth and development, since we recognise it as one of our most important marketing projects at the destination level, by which both Ljubljana and Slovenia are strengthening their brands and presence on the international meetings industry market, and even wider.”

Sarah Skavron Knowledge and Events Executive, IMEX Group “I am at Conventa to run the IMEXMPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum (FLF) – this is a one day event that will inspire and engage current students from South-East Europe to become part of our industry and return to Conventa as industry professionals in the next years. I really enjoy the concept and the atmosphere at Conventa and I am also going to interview previous FLF participants here who have started successful careers.”


Conventa 2016



Conventa participants are exhibitors (exhibiting companies presenting their meetings industry services), hosted buyers (carefully selected meeting planners from associations, corporations and event agencies), invited buyers (selected meeting planners from associations, corporations and event agencies), trade visitors (meeting industry professionals who attend the Conventa trade show to network with their colleagues and business partners), media (visiting the Conventa trade show to report on its highlights) and guests (political, economic and diplomatic representatives with influence over the strategic development of the meeting industry).


Conventa sets out to transfer as much new knowledge to meeting professionals as it can. It always follows the influential trends of the meeting industry and has dedicated a great deal of attention to professional education. The eighth outing of Conventa offers a stronger educational programme tailor-made for hosted buyers and exhibitors.

The eighth Conventa once again offers the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum that encourages the best students to develop successful careers in the meetings and events industry. Another event taking place in Ljubljana, at the Grand Hotel Union on the 19th January, is by SITE - Society for Incentive Travel Excellence, one of the biggest global companies comprising of 2,000 members in 90 countries and whose vision and goal is to bring the best-in-class solutions, insights and global connections to maximize the business impact of motivational experiences. The lectures at the SITE conference are also open for Conventa participants.



Conventa adds value to your services with its Meetings Services spot, which gives technology providers and event solutions a unique opportunity to reach out to and develop personal relations with new clients from New Europe’s meetings industry. Another added value is the Conventa Wild Card Programme, which aims to help new or emerging meeting industry providers to get a foot into the global market and thus increase the competitiveness of the entire region. Incentive Valley is also worth a mention, which is the chance for incentive programme providers to exhibit at Conventa for less.

EXPERIENCING THE REGION Conventa offers many different social and networking events in addition to providing a business platform for pre-scheduled one-toone appointments. The Welcome reception in Grand Hotel Union on 19 January 2016, where the Conventa Best Event is ceremoniously award, the Conventa networking dinner at CD- Congress Centre on 20 January, where the Meetings Star Awards are given out, and the working lunches are the best opportunities to network in a relaxed and entertaining environment. Good music and performances, exquisite food and drink, fun networking activities and a legendary party are all guaranteed! This year’s novelty is the Coffee Corner, which will inspire new stories and ideas through meetings and lectures in a very unorthodox style!

Conventa 2016 is offering exciting fam trips to the South East Europe region that are the chance for hosted buyers to verify that the presentations given at one-to-one meetings are indeed truly accurate. Hosted buyers are invited to attend fam trips to the following destinations of South East European region: Ljubljana, Bled, Zagreb, Portorož and Piran, Kranjska Gora and Maribor – Pohorje.

Conventa 2016



CONVENTA IN NUMBERS One2One Pre-scheduled Meetings per years 3,158


21.6 34.5 4.29 4.35 5

out of 5 was the level of hosted buyer satisfaction with the content of the meetings

out of 5 was the level of hosted buyer satisfaction with networking opportunities out of 5 was the grade for 2 out of the 6 fam trips organised for hosted buyers






Almost 89 % of hosted buyers said that their participation absolutely met their expectations. Did your participation meet your expectations? 88.9 % yes, absolutely 11.1% yes, partly

Two thirds of hosted buyers agree their itinerary met their business objectives. Did the itinerary meet your business objectives? 74.6% yes, absolutely 25.4% most likely

In the future, hosted buyers will most likely place business in the destination. 4.41

pre-scheduled meetings on average per hosted buyer

meetings actually realized throughout the show and social events per hosted buyer


4.19 4 3 2 1


4.02 The activities

Conventa Social Media Be one of the first to read what’s hot at Conventa by joining our social media, where our team will keep you interested, informed and entertained on Facebook (, Twitter ( and LinkedIn. ( groups-tile-flipgrp).



The venues

Conventa TV, powered by Kongres Magazine, will enrich the programme during the Conventa trade show with key interviews, videos, highlights, personal presentations of destinations and much more. You can follow us and watch Conventa TV on the and websites.



The hotels

Conventa app, sponsored by Superevent, is an easy way to follow Conventa on-thehop, locate exhibitor booths and get in touch with Conventa participants.

The Conventa team is fully committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of the trade show by implementing sustainable practices that add value to every participant as well as the local community. Winning the Sustainable Stand Award at EIBTM 2011, the global meetings & events exhibition, is considered by Conventa as a special honour. Participants are once again invited to participate in the Conventa sustainability programme with small but important gestures such as using the recycling bins and returning their badges and lanyards at the end of the trade show to be re-cycled... Other initiatives you will see on the show floor – help us to make a difference.


The destination

Conventa Catalogue takes you in a step by step way through the entire Conventa 2016 experience. Conventa Daily, which is issued on the first and second day of the trade show, brings you the freshest ideas and all of the key news.



How likely (1-not at all likely, 5 – very likely) are you to place future business in:


Conventa 2016

MEET THE CONVENTA TEAM 1: What is the one thing you are most excited about experiencing at Conventa 2016? 2: What is your greatest personal life experience? 92

MIHA KOVAČIČ Exhibition Director As the organiser we already begin preparing the following year‘s Conventa in March i.e. 10 months before the show actually starts, so I am honestly thinking about Conventa almost every day. I am devoted to ensuring that Conventa participants experience the best regional show in the meetings industry. As a member of the organising team I enjoy developing this fantastic event every year. There are so many exciting moments at Conventa that it is actually impossible to name just one. If I had to though, maybe this one: meeting satisfied Conventa participants fulfilling their goals.

to create a place for networking and socialising, as well as creating a high energy along with a fun programme. I am also excited about the reactions from exhibitors and hosted buyers to what we have in store for them and I promise that it will be an unforgetable experience with a lot of added value.

the new culinary delights prepared by the best Slovenian caterers, to shaking hands with meeting planners coming to Slovenia for the first time, to seeing exhibitors close new business deals, and of course to hearing Miha Pogačnik explore the parallels be­ tween musical and organisational identity.

Event organisation is similiar to professional sports, in that you are only as good as your last event. Otherwise there have been many individual highs, as well as many lows too. For me personally, the biggest feat you can acomplish is knowing how to get up after you have been knocked down. Making all the right decisions at the right time is also a great acomplishment for me.

It is hard to single out just one, as I am a person that enjoys the little things in life. I am not big on anniversaries, birthdays, celebrating moves, new jobs and so on, so if I have to choose one, I choose the one that still makes me laugh when I think about it. I will just give you a hint. Roller coaster in Scotland that runs through the forest and me getting into a seat with a dodgy safety belt…


That’s a tough question to answer in a few sentences. Believe in yourself and be patient; as a person you are constantly developing, so if you are open minded and keen to learn you will learn great lessons and experiences from the people around you. You are probably familiar with the saying that the teacher comes when the student is ready. So, my greatest life experiences might change during Conventa. Let’s see.

It is always great to meet industry colleagues who have been coming to Conventa for several years, but on the other hand there will be more than 100 people who are coming to Conventa, or even to Ljubljana, for the first time. Together with the team and partners we will do our very best to make their stay here pleasant and memorable! 1:

Despite the 20 years of experience in the meetings industry I am still learning something new every day. Thanks to my younger colleagues in the team I am learning about the needs of the new generations. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” (Mahatma Gandhi) 2:

I am excited about experiencing the special energy created every year by so many meeting proffessionals gathered together in one place. Throughout the years we have been trying to present to you the emotional elements of our story, which will inspire you and trigger the so called ‚Conventa Experience‘. The goal of our job is 1:

I guess there is plenty to get excited about, but I have to say that I’m most excited about meeting with our Hosted Buyers and exhibitors and listening to their feedback over the two days at Conventa and its networking events. The great thing about Conventa is that there are plenty of opportunities to learn something and someone new. I enjoy seeing the community of people coming together to learn and share experiences and hopes. It will be really inspiring to be part of this year’s Conventa. 1:

Show love and appreciation while you still can! Time is precious, too precious for us to take the ones we love for granted. 2:

NINA OZANIČ Marketing Assistant POLONA SIMŠIČ Content Manager

GORAZD ČAD Head of Marketing

ŠPELA JERUC Hosted Buyer Manager

NATALIJA BAH ČAD Exhibitors and Social Programme Manager




Working on the project for the fifth year in the row you may think you have experienced it all, but that definitely isn’t the case when it comes to Conventa. Although we like to stick to a trade show model that has been working for years, we add our personal touch to each and every new edition. I am thus most excited to awaken the senses that will make this 2016 experience unique. I am looking forward to smelling that new special bled of Conventa coffee, to tasting 1:

I am excited to experience Conventa itself, the mixture of passion, organisation and spontaneity. 1:

In my life I give a lot of attention to the senses, so I can say that my greatest life experience is every time I get goose pimples when I hear good music, see a magnificent painting, taste harmony on a plate, smell something that reminds me of unforgettable moments or when I can feel the truth with a touch. 2:

Conventa 2016

POLONA PONIKVAR Assistant to Conventa Daily Editor

ŠPELA BULC Assistant to Coventa Catalogue Editor I will experience Conventa 2016 for the first time, so everything is still new and exciting for me. I am looking forward to getting new knowledge about the meetings industry and meeting new people from all over Europe.

Since this is my first Conventa trade show, I am basically excited about everything at Conventa. Mostly I am keen on hearing some interesting success stories at the Expert’s corner and seeing some new ideas in the field of incentive programmes.

Motherhood is definitely my greatest life experience. When I held my daughter for the first time, my whole life changed in the best possible way. Since then it changes every day...probably many women will agree with me.

My greatest personal life experience would be becoming a mother. Exp­ eriencing the challenges of being a parent and realizing that raising and educating a child is not just a personal matter that touches my intimate micro family sphere, but also a social matter that stretches out worldwide…it’s a personal project that grows beyond the boundaries of your private life dimensions, because educating a child and helping him/ her become a responsible, intelligent, selfand socially-aware person means co-creating a new vital force, a new mindset that contributes to the well being, prosperity and the development of the global society. This experience changed me and altered my perception on how to live, love and understand life.





AJA JESIH Hosted Buyer Assistant As it‘s my first time to participate at Conventa as part of the Conventa team, for me everything is the most exciting part. I‘m excited to learn new things, meet new people, see how everything works, but most of all I‘m excited to work with some amazing people, from whom I will learn so much, and for that I‘m very grateful. 1:

I still have so many things to learn in life, but what I experienced so far is that every day is a new opportunity to learn something new, to meet a person who might change your life, to travel somewhere new and make lifetime memories. And most importantly, to do something good, to make a change in someone‘s life for the better. 2:



A closed event that is an essential meeting point of cherry-picked buyers and New European meeting providers.

A trade show organised in a cost- and time-efficient manner.


A place filled with energy, warmth and great hospitality!


Never just a number. An individual approach is what Conventa swears by. You will find the personal touch at every step of the way.


Conventa 2016

CONVENTA EXPERIENCE Sharpen your senses


true experience with an emphasized heightening of all of the senses awaits you at Conventa. Our wish is for you to create your own holistic sensuous experience that will fix in your memory and carry positive feelings with you when you return back home. Our approach is based on a unique formula for the synergy of an experience that we simply call the Conventa Experience. As many as 98% of our partners say they return to Conventa due to positive past experiences, so‌ will you be one of them? In 2016 we want you to create your own personal experience through the six senses, an experience so good that we will look forward to seeing you again in 2017.


SOUND Music stimulates passion, affection, devotion, reassurance and warmth. To hear something you can remain passive, but to listen you have to be active. Sound is important because of its link with memory; music stimulates and awakens memories of our past and at the same time takes us into the future. Conventa Sound: In the audible sphere we will offer you an exceptional musical experience by Miha PogaÄ?nik. His lectures on active listening and management learning accompanied by

Bach sonatas are a hit all over the globe. Listeners simply need to listen and participate. Managers at Ericsson, Shell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Mitsubishi, Matt and Nike have all listened to Miha as he elegantly and in his unique way brings together art and economy with different cultures and generations. WHERE: Conventa Expert Corner WHEN: Tuesday, 20 January 2016 at 2:20 pm

Conventa 2016


Taste is undoubtedly one of the ways in which we can feel love. It is not so unusual then that there is the old saying: “The way to the heart is through the stomach”. This doesn’t just mean to fall in love with someone because they might be a good cook, but it means that with our taste buds we can taste when someone has prepared a dish with genuine love and care. Conventa Taste: We have envisioned Conventa as a culinary marketplace of New Europe, so in addition to having a cup of the excellent coffee that traditionally accompanies every event in Southeast Europe, through its various forms of culinary gatherings Conventa also allows hosted buyers and exhibitors to meet and deepen their business relationship. Social events at Conventa include coffee breaks, working lunches and gala receptions. Conventa is one of the few trade shows that treats exhibitors and hosted buyers equally. The organisers make sure to schedule joint social events for all in order to create further opportunities for networking. WHERE: Conventa Lunch, Conventa Evening Receptions WHEN: Wednesday, 20 January and Thursday, 21 January, 1pm – 2.20 pm

SMELL Even if you close your eyes and cover your ears, you will always smell the air as you breathe. You explore the smells all around you with every breath you take. The Conventa scent is one of new experiences as well as the scent of nostalgia, and most of all the scent of a freshly roasted coffee. Conventa scent: We like to share our passion for coffee, which is why we have joined forces with the Bernardin Group that entrusts the Illy brand of coffee and Escobar coffee run by Omar and Katja. Café St. Bernardino will welcome you with a morning coffee and keep you caffeinated all through the day, while special blends of Escobar coffee will be presented by Omar and Katja in the Meeting Services Spot. The Conventa atmosphere will be filled with the lovely coffee aroma. Enjoy! WHERE: Café St. Bernardino, Conventa coffee point WHEN: Wednesday, 20 January and Thursday, 21 January, all day


Conventa 2016



‘Try before you buy’ is part of the Conventa trade show philosophy, so yrying out the destination before offering it to clients is what we offer to hosted buyers. Conventa organisers believe in the personal experience of the destination and offer it by arranging fam trips to the great destinations in the region. Conventa Touch: In 2016 you will get to personally experience the following destinations: Ljubljana - Ljubljana, often regarded as a hidden gem, still has an aura of newness despite being on the European conference map for more than 30 years. This welcoming city of a compact size, with 280,000 residents, has the elements of a boutique destination, offering authenticity and a quality of life that both leisure and business visitors appreciate. Modern meeting facilities, professional know-how, a good choice of event space for social functions complemented by an excellent catering offer, as well as good language skills, ensure that events are carried out according to plan. Bled - Bled charms visitors at first sight with its beautiful lake, the idyllic island in its midst and the majestic cliff-top castle overlooking the blue waters of the lake. The unspoilt countryside is a magnet and a perfect backdrop for “green” meetings, while the vicinity of the destination to the airport and the main thoroughfares is a further advantage. Zagreb - Zagreb is easy to reach by air and road to all major European cities and beyond. It is a very compact, “people friendly“ city where all principal attractions, hotels, venues, museums and historical sights are within walking distance from each other and are centrally located. It is a safe city with hospitable people, the city of green urban parks and promenades, rich with historical and cultural heritage and a specific mixture of central European and Mediterranean flair.

Portorož & Piran - With its 130 years’ tradition in tourism, Portorož is a very popular and recognized MICE destination. It offers a range of different hotel accommodations, modern conference facilities, numerous event venues, delicious cuisine, relaxation facilities, cultural events and entertainment options. Besides all this, Portorož is characterized by the short distances between all of its venues, which allows visitors to reach all the activities, business, social and cultural sites on foot. Kranjska Gora - Kranjska Gora is an ideal meetings and incentive destination. It features the best year-round entertainment, sporting and recreational centre in the Julian Alps. This picturesque small town, surrounded by the impressive scenery of the mountains, lies on the outskirts of the Triglav National Park, very close to the intersection of three borders between Slovenia, Austria and Italy. Maribor – Pohorje - Maribor, one of the Top 10 tourist destinations in the world in the opinion of various media, is wonderfully nestled in the embrace of the green Pohorje Mountains on one side and the picturesque wine-growing hills on the other. It is the second largest Slovenian city that is nowadays firmly positioned on the meetings map. Every month of the year there are internationally heralded events taking place in the city, from congresses and conferences to entertainment, sports, cultural and ethnological events. WHEN: Ljubljana, 18 - 19 January 2016 Bled, 21 - 22 January 2016 Zagreb, 21 - 23 January 2016 Portorož & Piran, 21 - 23 January 2016 Kranjska Gora, 21 - 22 January 2016 Maribor - Pohorje, 21 - 23 January 2016

Conventa 2016


Sight is the most important of the human senses, which often dominates other senses. The first contact with Conventa is through its brand and in its eight years Conventa has become a reputable, trustworthy brand well-known by meeting planners as well as meeting providers. Conventa sight: By participating at the trade show you too can become a part of the group of the best meetings industry companies in the region. Supporting Conventa are global trade shows like IMEX, IBTM and UK Meetings Show, associations like ICCA, MPI and SITE, as well as all the main convention bureaus of the region. The biggest meeting players have followed Conventa from the very beginning and the degree of loyalty is also extremely high when it comes to our exhibitors - we can proudly say that 98% of them return to Conventa every year, while the show also annually attracts new meeting providers and destinations. A real ‘sight for sore eyes’ will be the visual performance by aerialist Maruša Conič, who will mesmerize us with tricks and aerial movement on the aerial silk. It will be a performance to remember for the rest of your life! WHERE: Welcome reception, Grand hotel Union WHEN: 7.30 pm

FEEL Exhibition equipment, decoration, furniture, heating, lighting and various elements of the set-up make the atmosphere at Conventa. The cherry on top is the great hospitality that fills the air and that can warm up even the coldest of the meetings industry players’ hearts. Conventa feel: This year you will be able to enjoy the magical atmosphere at the Welcome and Official receptions. At the Welcome reception held at Grand hotel Union, the stunning hotel in Art Nouveau style in an exclusive location in the heart of the city centre, you will get the feel of elegance and a century old tradition. Here the first connections will be created, first impressions made and the first experiences gathered. At the Official reception held at CD-Congress Centre we will roll out the red carpet for the distinguished representatives of New Europe’s political and economic society. Opening speeches and the award ceremony will be accompanied by music, exquisite food and a fine glass of wine. The evening festivities will continue at the legendary after party sponsored by Kompas DMC. WHERE: Welcome reception at the Union hall, Official reception at the grand hall of CD-Congress Centre WHEN: The evening of 19 and 20 January


Conventa 2016

FAM TRIPS – EXPERIENCE CONGRESS DESTINATIONS Conventa encourages hosted buyers to create their own experience and adventure Conventa 2016 is offering exciting fam trips to the region of South East Europe and a first-hand experience and adventure of the following destinations:


LJUBLJANA pre-tour, 18 - 19 January 2016

BLED post-tour, 21 - 22 January 2016

ZAGREB post-tour, 21 - 23 January 2016

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. Often named a ‘hidden gem’, it still has an aura of newness despite being on the European conference map for more than 30 years now. This welcoming city of a compact size, with 280,000 residents, has all the elements of a boutique destination, offering authenticity and a quality of life that both leisure and business visitors appreciate.

With its emerald-green lake, picture-postcard church on an island, a medieval castle perched on a rocky cliff and some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, Bled is Slovenia’s most popular resort, drawing business and leisure guests alike. It has a longstanding tradition in organising events, so professional infrastructure and services are guaranteed.

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is situated in the heart of Europe. It has excellent transport links via air, road and train to all major European cities and beyond. Zagreb has proven to be a great host to many international congresses, corporate meetings and different events. It is a very compact, “people friendly” city where all of the principal attractions, hotels, venues, museums and historical sights are within walking distance from each other and are centrally located.

“Our attentively designed programme is a shortcut to unveiling the many qualities of Ljubljana for meetings & incentives in just over one day. Hosted Buyers are therefore invited to embark on a 24-hour journey (sleep excluded) in order to get a real feel of Ljubljana. The concept is to showcase the destination in an experiential and fun way, combined with professional knowledge. Our guests will have the opportunity to see a selection of meeting and special event venues alongside the main city attractions. Small tasks and encounters from various backgrounds will spice up the Ljubljana experience!” Tatjana Radovič, Ljubljana Tourism / Convention Bureau

“With a rich tradition of being present on the conference map for more than 25 years, Bled’s meeting professionals ensure that every event in Bled turns into an inspirational success story. Undoubtedly Bled is synonymous with a perfect destination for mixing business with pleasure and creating iconic meetings with character. To get a taste of it, we warmly invite you to join us on the Bled Fam Trip 2016.” Jaka Ažman, Tourist Board Bled

“Allow us to present to you Zagreb, one of the oldest European cities and at the same time since July 2013 the youngest metropolis of the European Union. By taking part in the Zagreb Fam Trip you will get a unique opportunity to explore and get to know Zagreb, its conference and events venues and facilities, both historical and new, get fresh ideas for incentive programmes, see major landmarks, enjoy tasty local dishes and learn about the proverbial Zagreb hospitality. We take pride in being your hosts and are looking forward to welcoming you to Zagreb!” Zlatan Muftić, Zagreb Convention Bureau

Conventa 2016

“Portorož & Piran easily fit into your schedule: don’t waste any of your precious time, because here everything is at your fingertips. Enjoy your business meetings with a breathtaking view of the sea. It’s easy to achieve success and wellbeing surrounded by air full of natural scents that promote brain activity. And after business is done, you can restore your energy by taking advantage of one of the most comprehensive wellness offers in Europe, enjoying your favourite sports activities or simply by savouring the beauty of the many natural and cultural gems of this charming region. Enjoy your business with ‘a pinch of the Mediterranean’. ”

“Winter time in Kranjska Gora is really magical and by joining us on our Fam trip to Kranjska Gora we will take you to our winter wonderland and offer you active time in Kranjska Gora, with lots of outdoor activities, great food, casinos, hotel presentations… We’ve designed the Fam Trip to show you all the secrets of organising a great event in Kranjska Gora, a place surrounded by mountains, nature, great people and traditional culinary adventures. We warmly welcome you to join us on our Fam trip to Kranjska Gora and discover 8 great reasons for coming to a place where business and nature go hand in hand.”

“Dear Buyers, welcome to Maribor – Pohorje destination! We will take care of your soul& body after your many meetings at Conventa! Together we will discover the cosy city of Maribor and the Pohorje Hills as a destination of wine, sports and culture. Just a quick reminder, why you should join our fam trip: The oldest vine in the world (which is listed in the Guinness book of records) Wine & dining tour The joys of winter: „pležuhi“, snow shoes, night hiking with torches and other fun ideas Relaxing at a wellness centre ...and much, much more. I look forward to hosting you at Maribor- Pohorje destination.” Mojca Juhart, Terme Maribor d.o.o.  

Tjaša Šuvak, HIT Alpinea

Romina Salvi, Tourist Board Portorož

PORTOROŽ & PIRAN post-tour, 21 - 23 January 2016

KRANJSKA GORA post-tour, 21 - 22 January 2016

MARIBOR - POHORJE post-tour, 21 - 23 January 2016

With its 130-year tradition in tourism, Portorož and Piran are very popular and recognised MICE destinations by the sea. They offer a range of different hotel accommodation types, modern conference facilities, numerous event venues, delicious cuisine, relaxation facilities, cultural events and entertainment options.

Perhaps nowhere in the world is the cultural heritage so closely connected to nature and the inhabitants. Kranjska Gora is an ideal meetings and incentive destination. It features the best year round entertainment, sporting and recreational centre in the Julian Alps. This picturesque small town, surrounded by the impressive scenery of the mountains, lies on the outskirts of the Triglav National Park, very close to the intersection of three borders between Slovenia, Austria and Italy.

Maribor, located by the Drava river and at the centre of one of the fastest growing destinations in Slovenia, is wonderfully nestled in the embrace of the green Pohorje Mountains on one side and the picturesque wine-growing hills on the other. Possibilities for executing excellently organised conventions, seminars, celebrations or meetings in Maribor are many, thus the city with its convention-business capacities is ever more renowned as a perfect host for the such events, and the friendly and hospitable town core and its hinterland is an additional charm that offers abundant possibilities for relaxation.


Conventa 2016

WE WILL CONTINUE OUR GROWTH BY ADDING ADDITIONAL AIRCRAFT AND ALSO SOME NEW DESTINATIONS Interview with Mr. Nesih Gümüş, Director of Turkish Airlines Slovenia(PCO) and Strategic Communications Consultant, CEO. This year we will celebrate our 10th anniversary in Slovenia Q: How important is business tourism for Turkish Airlines? Turkish Airlines is paying a lot of attention to the quality of our service both onboard and on the ground. The business lounge in Istanbul was rewarded as the best business lounge in the world, which shows that we are putting a lot of effort towards the satisfaction of our business passengers. We are also very pleased to see that business tourism is evolving in Turkey, with a lot of meeting facilities now in Istanbul, Antalya and elsewhere. We will always be there to offer support to all kinds of summits and meetings.


Nesih Gümüş, Director of Turkish Airlines Slovenia After graduating from Bosphorus University in 2004, where his major was in administration, he entered into aviation when he started working for Turkish Airlines in the Istanbul Headquarters. He had been working in the HQ facility for just some years when the chance came to get more experience working abroad. Since then he worked in several different international stations before moving to Ljubljana in December 2013, where he was appointed as Director for Slovenia.

We are flying to all the major cities in South East Europe and will continue to do so and with increasing frequencies to these destinations.

Q: As an airline you offer a lot of benefits to meeting planners as well as to delegates. For instance, meeting planners can turn to you if they are organising an event that has at least 100 delegates coming from different countries and continents. Can you tell us a little bit more about Turkish Conventions service? Turkish Conventions service is a new product that allows convention organisers to keep track of the people signing in for a convention, their flights, times and dates, etc. so they can organise themselves easier. In terms of delegates, they can also register online, look for flight tickets, keep track of their flight status and get information about the convention that they are attending. The biggest advantage is that immediate discounts are offered to delegates when they register and and proceed to purchase the tickets. Q: This year you have partnered up with Conventa and you will be attending the trade show for the first time. As a partner, what are your expectations? Our main expectation from this year’s Conventa is to meet other people, share some ideas and see their view on things. Of course we are eager to hear from others how they feel about Turkish Airlines, what are their experiences, maybe even get some ideas for improvement. These kinds of events are always helpful for your business, as they give you different perspectives of things that you might have not seen before.

Q: And what are your expectations as an exhibitor? We expect to promote our brand, line and destinations. We will get a great chance to talk to people who make decisions in their fields. We will also seize this opportunity to promote Slovenia as a destination that you can reach from Turkey with Turkish Airlines. One of our biggest goals is to increase the number of tourists coming from Turkey to see the beautiful country of Slovenia, not just the other way around. Q: Conventa is open to New Europe but the show’s main focus remains on the South East European Region. How do you perceive this region in terms of air travel? The region itself has been showing a lot of improvements over the last years. The growth continues after the recession of the last couple of years. Airports in the area are getting bigger by adding new terminals and they can attract more passengers and new airlines. In 2015Turkish Airlines was voted the Best Airline in Europe for the 5th year in a row, as well as the Best Airline in South Europe. We are flying to all the major cities in South East Europe and will continue to do so and with increasing frequencies to these destinations. Q: What are Turkish Airlines’ plans for 2016? If we are talking about Turkish Airlines’ global plans for 2016, we will continue our growth by adding additional aircrafts to our fleet, which is already the youngest fleet in Europe, and this will continue. We will also add some new destinations for our passengers, such as Atlanta, USA and Hanoi, Vietnam. As for Turkish Airlines Ljubljana, 2016 will be a very important year. This year we will celebrate our 10th anniversary in Slovenia. We will increase our flights to 14 per week, meaning double the daily flights from Ljubljana to Istanbul. This will allow our passengers to have more possibilities in connecting to their desired destination. We will also work towards increasing passengers coming to Slovenia, not just from Turkey, but also from destinations such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.

Conventa 2016


MYTH: CONVENTA IS THE WORLD’S VERY FIRST TRADE SHOW. PARTLY CONFIRMED: Conventa is always the first - the first to open the annual trade show season, that is, as it is traditionally organised every January.

MYTH: OVER THE YEARS CONVENTA HAS HOSTED AROUND 1,000 HOSTED BUYERS AND FACILITATED 10,000 MEETINGS. BUSTED: In seven years Conventa has hosted 888 exhibitors and 1,702 hosted buyers. Over the years 20,668 one2one meetings have been held during the show.

MYTH: CONVENTA HELPS MEETING PLANNERS AND MEETING PROVIDERS SAVE MONEY. CONFIRMED: Only at Conventa does an investment of 55 EUR brings hosted buyers VIP treatment worth 1,200 EUR, while exhibitors pay only 9 Euros for a lead, which is one-tenth of the price paid by the exhibitors at other major trade shows.


BUSTED: In 2015 Conventa also opened its exhibition floor to meeting providers coming from New Europe and immediately attracted exhibitors from Greece, Azerbaijan and Russia.


CONFIRMED: Conventa invites all guests for a good cup of coffee. In 2015, around 2,500 cups of coffee were served by the Bernardin Group Resorts & Hotels.


CONFIRMED: Conventa is solely a hosted-buyer driven show where each exhibitor on average concludes 24 One2One meetings with quality hosted buyers. v


BUSTED: The number of countries meeting providers come from has doubled over the years.

MYTH: HOSTED BUYERS AT CONVENTA ARE ALWAYS THE SAME. BUSTED: Every year around 82 % of buyers are new at Conventa.


BUSTED: The idea of Conventa was born in a more relaxed atmosphere, not while drinking coffee, but while drinking beer!

BUSTED: Conventa loves winter time. Did you know that in Ljubljana the snow is typically at its deepest on January 25, with a median depth of 12.5 cm, and that the depth exceeds 30.9 cm only one year out of ten? The snowiest Conventa was the 5th Conventa.




CONFIRMED: Conventa stands are made of wooden crates from naturally dried domestic pine that are being re-used each year. It takes around 3,200 wooden crates to set up all of the Conventa stands.


CONFIRMED: Conventa is fully committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of the trade show by implementing sustainable practices that add value to every participant and to the local community. In 2011, Conventa won the Sustainable Stand Award at EIBTM.


CONFIRMED: On a scale from 1-5, average satisfaction with the show is 4.42 (hosted buyers) and 4.27 (exhibitors).

MYTH: HOSTED BUYERS TRAVEL SHORT DISTANCES TO COME TO CONVENTA. BUSTED: The farthest distance a hosted buyer travelled to come to Conventa 2015 was 7,690 km.

CONFIRMED: Conventa is a matchmaking platform in every sense of the word. A hosted buyer from Italy who met a buyer from Russia at Conventa 2015 is now getting married to her in Slovenia.


Conventa 2016

Meetings industry suppliers

............................................................................ Stand Cat. ................................................................................... № №


CVB (National, Regional or Local Visitors or Convention Bureau Convention Bureau Niederösterreich.............................. 93 108 St. Pölten Convention Bureau ........................................... 93 112 Convention Bureau Upper Austria................................... 94 109 Design Center Linz & Linz Tourism Association......... 95 109 Carinthia Convention........................................................ 102 107 Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH.........................................103 114 Steiermark Convention...................................................... 104 112 Convention Bureau Leoben GmbH.................................. 112 108 Salzburg Convention Bureau............................................ 116 111 Convention Bureau Tirol.................................................... 116 108


Congress & Exhbition Centres Design Center Linz & Linz Tourism Association......... 95 Congress Center Villach...................................................... 97 Congresszentrum Zehnerhaus Bad Radkersburg....... 109 Messe Congress Graz...........................................................111 Salzburg Congress............................................................... 115

109 107 108 110 111

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Falkensteiner Balance Resort............................................ 98 109 Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences.................................. 99 109 Hotel Karnerhof.................................................................. 100 110 Werzer´s Hotels am Wörthersee...................................... 101 113 Hotel Novapark....................................................................105 110 GenussHotel Riegersburg................................................. 106 110 Steiermarkhof.......................................................................107 112 Vienna House ...................................................................... 108 113 Roomz Graz Hotel...............................................................110 111 Wolf Hotels GmbH & Co KG............................................. 113 113 Tauern Spa Kaprun / Zell am See.................................... 114 112 VAMED Vitality World ...................................................... 114 113 DMC - Destination Management Companies Retter Events........................................................................ 106


Special Venues Casino Velden/Casinos Austria......................................... 96 Amadeus Terminal 2 Salzburg Airport.......................... 115

107 107


DMC - Destination Management Companies Globtour Event....................................................................... 83 Promo Tours DMC................................................................ 84

114 114


Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Hilton Sofia............................................................................. 39



CVB (National, Regional or Local Visitors or Convention Bureau Croatian National Tourist Board.......................................61 115 Zagreb Convention Bureau................................................. 62 120 Opatija Convention & Incentive Bureau Opatija Tourism Office........................................................ 64 119 Dubrovnik Tourist Board.....................................................75 116

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities HUP-Zagreb d.d.................................................................... 63 117 Kempinski hotel Adriatic.................................................... 66 118 Arenaturist - Hotel Park Plaza Histria.............................67 115 Maistra d.d.............................................................................. 68 119 Plava laguna d.d. ................................................................... 70 119 Istraturist Umag.....................................................................71 117 Falkensteiner Hotels&Residences Punta Skala............. 72 116 Hotel Park - Potestas d.o.o...................................................73 116 Le Meridien Lav Split............................................................74 118 Lafodia Sea Resort.................................................................78 118 Importanne Hotels & Resort.............................................. 79 117 Losinj Hotels & Villas by Jadranka hoteli LTD............. 80 118 llirija Hotels.............................................................................81 143 Sunčani Hvar d.d................................................................... 82 120 DMC -Destination Management Conmpany Intours DMC Croatia............................................................10 Penta DMC & PCO................................................................ 65 Centours DMC....................................................................... 69 DT Croatia DMC....................................................................76 Globtour Event Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina......................................................... 83 PCO - Professional Congress Organisers Penta DMC & PCO................................................................ 65

117 119 115 115 116 119


Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Carlson Rezidor.....................................................................40



CVB (National, Regional or Local Visitors or Convention Bureau Hungarian Convention Bureau......................................... 46


Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Aquaworld Resort Budapest ****.......................................41 120 Danubius Hotels Group....................................................... 42 121 InterContinental Budapest................................................. 43 121 Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest..............................44 121 DMC -Destination Management Conmpany Tour East Tour Hungary Ltd............................................. 45



CVB (National, Regional or Local Visitors or Convention Bureau Agenzia Turismo FVG......................................................... 85



CVB (National, Regional or Local Visitors or Convention Bureau Tourism organization of Budva......................................... 58 Tourism Board Podgorica................................................... 59 Montenegro Convention Bureau....................................... 60

123 123 122

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Regent Porto Montenegro....................................................57


DMC -Destination Management Conmpany Talas - Montenegro DMC....................................................77


Conventa 2016


Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest .................................... 39 123


CVB (National, Regional or Local Visitors or Convention Bureau Serbia Convention Bureau.................................................. 89 Belgrade Convention Bureau............................................. 90

125 124

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities MK Mountain Resort........................................................... 86 124 Holiday Inn Belgrade & Belexpocentar Hall ................ 87 124 Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade............................ 88 125 Crowne Plaza Belgrade.........................................................91 124 DMC -Destination Management Conmpany Talas-Serbia DMC..................................................................77



Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava......................................... 47 126 Hotel Yasmin.......................................................................... 48 126


CVB (National, Regional or Local Visitors or Convention Bureau Slovenian Convention Bureau............................................... 1 Slovenian Tourist Board.........................................................2 Ljubljana Tourism / Convention Bureau...........................3 Bled Convention Bureau...................................................... 24 Brda Tourist Board................................................................27

136 136 134 128 128

Congress & Exhbition Centres GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre..........6 CD Congress Centre Ljubljana.............................................9 Brdo Estate............................................................................. 25

131 129 128

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Union Hotels d.d......................................................................7 138 Hotel CUBO...............................................................................8 131 Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana............................................ 11 127 Best Western Premier Hotel Slon Ljubljana....................12 132 Kompas hoteli Bled d.d.........................................................12 133 Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Ljubljana...................................13 135 City Hotel Ljubljana..............................................................19 129 Sava Hotels & Resorts.......................................................... 23 135 Bohinj ECO Hotel................................................................. 26 128 HIT Alpinea d.d..................................................................... 28 131 Hit, d.d..................................................................................... 28 131 Grand hotel Sava****superior............................................ 29 130 Terme Krka d.o.o................................................................... 30 137 Terme Maribor d.o.o............................................................. 31 137 Terme Olimia d.d.................................................................. 32 137 Hotel Plesnik**** Logarska dolina....................................33 132 Bernardin Group................................................................... 34 127 Thermana d.d..........................................................................35 137 Kempinski Palace Portoro탑................................................ 36 133 LifeClass Hotels & Spa..........................................................37 134 Remisens Hotels & Villas.................................................... 38 135

DMC -Destination Management Conmpany Intours DMC...........................................................................10 ETC Adriatic d.o.o.................................................................15 iDMC ........................................................................................ 17 Kompas DMC..........................................................................21 DT Slovenia DMC..................................................................76

132 129 132 133 129

PCO - Professional Congress Organisers CD Congress Centre Ljubljana.............................................9 GO.MICE / Toleranca marketing..................................... 22

129 130

Special Venue Ljubljana Castle......................................................................16 Bled castle / Bled convention center................................ 20

134 127

Orther Services Providers Adria Airways d.d. ................................................................. 4 GoOpti Transportation Specialist.......................................5 Vivo catering...........................................................................14 Kaval Group.............................................................................18 SORA Catering....................................................................... 20 ABC tourism, Europcar Slovenia.......................................27

126 130 138 133 136 126


CVB (National, Regional or Local Visitors or Convention Bureau Antalya Convention Bureau............................................... 49 Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau........................... 54

138 139

Congress & Exhbition Centres Istanbul Congress Center - ICC.........................................51


Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Pine Bay Holiday Resort / Double Tree by Hilton ...... 52 139 Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort .....................................53 140 DMC -Destination Management Conmpany AquaMICE.............................................................................. 50 Tunes Travel Istanbul..........................................................55

139 140

Other Services Providers Turkish Airlines.................................................................... 56



Other Services Provider The Meetings Show.............................................................. 92 140


Conventa 2016

Meetings Services Spot

Incentive Valley

Organization........................................................................ Stand Cat. ................................................................................... № №

Organization.................................................. Cat. ...................................................... №

CROATIA 142 AS Congress Service Ltd..........................................................V. 142


LIFE Events ....................................................................................... 143 Blue ........................................................................................... 143



Agencija Promo d.o.o................................................................. I. 141 GROPIK d.o.o.............................................................................II. 141 Proevent d. o. o.........................................................................III. 141 ESCOBAR Specialty Coffee Roasters................................ VI. 141 VPK D.O.O................................................................................VII. 142 KISIKURA D.O.O.................................................................VIII. 142



Pre-scheduled Oneto-One meetings were you get to know every potential business partner in person.

Personally experiencing meeting destinations on fam trips.


Social events where exhibitors and hosted buyers can mix and business match even further in a more relaxed atmosphere.


Educational modules tailor-made for exhibitors and hosted buyers.


Friendly and professional Conventa staff available to every guest 24/7.


Tradition, trust, high standards and high satisfaction rate. In seven years 888 exhibitors from 17 countries and 1,702 hosted buyers from 45 countries have conducted 20,668 meetings at Conventa.

Conventa 2016


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

    9.00 – 17.00  SITE Incentive Summit Education Day (for exhibitors only), Grand Hotel Union         9.00 – 16.30  IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum (for students only), GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, Urška hall 4         19.00 – 22.00 Welcome reception, Grand Hotel Union    

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 Venue: GR - Ljubljana exhibition and Convention Centre 08.00 – 09.00 Registration for exhibitors and set-up of exhibition stands 09.00 – 10.00 Registration for hosted buyers   10.00 – 13.00 One2one meetings   10.00 – 10.30 Press conference for Slovenian media, Forum hall 11.00 – 11.30 Press conference for International media, Forum hall   13.00 – 14.20 Working lunch catered by Kaval Group, sponsored by Dubrovnik Convention Bureau   14.20 – 15.00 Expert‘s corner: Miha Pogačnik, world renowned classical concert violinist and leadership consultant: Musical Resonance Platform: Strategic environment for the event industry, from ROI to ROT 15.00 – 17.20 One2one meetings   19.30 – 22.00 Conventa networking dinner and award ceremony catered by Sora Catering, CD Congress Centre   22.00 – 01.00 After party sponsored by Kompas DMC, Club CD  

Thursday, 21 January 2016 Venue: GR- Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

09.00 – 10.00 Registration 10.00 – 13.00 One2one meetings   11.00 – 11.45 Lecture by Johanna Fischer: Winning meetings and incentives with smart PR – an update on Meetings PR and communication in the meetings industry, Urška hall   13.00 – 14.20 Working lunch catered by Vivo Catering   14.20 – 17.00 One2one meetings   17.20 End of the show   17.30 Departure for fam trips (for hosted buyers only)

CONVENTA EXPERTS CORNER Short (15 minutes) presentations hosted by convention bureaus, meeting providers and spcial guests are held throughout the two Conventa days. Participants have the possibility to in between meetings listen to some of the best presentations and catch a one-on-one Q&A session with the presenters.

Wednesday, 20 January Location: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, Marmorna Hall 14.20 – 15.00 Musical Resonance Platform: Strategic environment for the event industry, from ROI to ROT Miha Pogačnik, world renowned classical concert violinist and leadership consultant 15.05 – 15.20 Winning meetings and incentives with smart PR – an update on Meetings PR and communication in the meetings industry - teaser Johanna Fischer, managing director of tmf-dialogue marketing in Europe and India 15.25 – 15.40 Why cross-cultural competence matters in the hospitality industries Daniel Tschudy, Speaker, Coach & Hospitality Consultant

CHECK YOUR MEETINGS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND AND DOWNLOAD OUR ONE2ONE MOBILE APP! It’s free and available for any Apple or Android smartphone. Just go to the App store or Google Play on your mobile, search for “TalkB2B” and download it like you would any other app. Once you have downloaded and installed your application you simply LOG IN using the same e-mail address and password you have.


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List of exhibitors by country

AMADEUS TERMINAL 2 SALZBURG AIRPORT Amadeus terminal 2 an airport terminal for your event Product presentations, gala events, concerts and much more – the amadeus terminal 2 plays all of the parts! It is Europe’s first airport terminal, which is also presented as an events location of a special kind. You dine between the check-in counter and the security control and enjoy the rare view of an aircraft parked in front of you; what could be more enticing as this combination.

Contact Innsbrucker Bundesstraße 95 Salzburg Austria

CARINTHIA CONVENTION After the southern side of the Alps has invited you to a conference, we invite you to share your event requests with us. Our services – your advantages from a single source We support you free of charge • when choosing suitable seminar hotels, and locations for meetings and events • when obtaining non-binding offers – from vacancy enquiries in hotels and locations to the whole package • when establishing contact with competent suppliers • when organising supporting programmes in the most diverse areas • when organising and supporting site inspections • in congress bids

Contact Völkermarkter Ring 21 Klagenfurt Austria w /de/273/home/index

CASINO VELDEN/CASINOS AUSTRIA Casino Velden: your event wins! Gambling meetings on the lake. With its incomparable location on the Lake Wörthersee Bay (located in Carinthia, in the south of Austria), Casino Velden is fascinating because of its mix of seeing and being seen, high-profile congresses, gourmet cuisine with numerous outlets and a gaming area which thrills all the guests.

Contact Am Corso 17 Velden Austria

CONGRESS CENTER VILLACH The CONGRESS CENTER VILLACH is one of the Austria´s most innovative and attractive congress locations, in the center of three culture groups. Organizer of national and international meetings, congress, presentations as well as cultural and social major events with up to 2.000 people appreciating the extraordinary combination of modern architecture, recent technique, a multifunctional room concept, comfortable ambience, twotoque catering and a four-star superior hotel business on highest level.

Contact Europaplatz 2 Villach Austria

Contact person: Ms. Daniela Brueggler Minatti T: +436628580704

Contact person: Ms. Melanie Christof T: +43 463 3000 95

Contact person: Ms. Karin Obkircher T: +43 4274 2064 112

Contact person: Ms. Bettina Rottensteiner T: +43 4242 22522 5865


List of exhibitors by country


CONGRESSZENTRUM ZEHNERHAUS BAD RADKERSBURG Cordially–as partners–individually: You meet a cordially team in the ZEHNERHAUS Bad Radkersburg. In partnership, we meet your needs and offer you special individual packages according your needs with individual pricing. The Zehnerhaus is distinguished by a unique, harmonious symbiosis of historical architecture and modern elements. In the conference rooms you will find centuries-old vaults with a special charm, while the two large halls meet modern requirements. Experience the charm oft he south of Styria and treat yourself and your partecipants an unforgettable event in our wonderful region.

Contact Hauptplatz 10 Bad Radkersburg Austria

CONVENTION BUREAU LEOBEN GMBH Please let us know the event you would like to host and we serve you a customised offer for your meeting, workshop, congress and seminar! If a meeting room, catering, hotel, framework programme, advertisement or communication is required, we offer you an all-inclusive service of highest quality. The CBL will be pleased to assist you in making contacts and organising framework programme. Let us organise an unforgettable event for every participant!

Contact Hauptplatz 1 Leoben Austria

CONVENTION BUREAU NIEDERÖSTERREICH Lower Austria, the land round Vienna, the largest wine region of Austria has more than just perfect venues for staging your Meetings, Special events and incentives in an exclusive atmosphere. You are planning a business meeting in a royal palace? An event in a modern event hotel? Or an elegant banquet in a romantic Baroque castle? The Lower Austrian Convention Bureau and its top partners can suggest the perfect location for every occasion to combine a hard day of business with the more pleasant sides of life.

Contact Niederösterreich-Ring 2, Haus C St. Pölten Austria

CONVENTION BUREAU TIROL As a professional non-profit service agency, Convention Bureau Tirol supports and assists the organisation of conventions, conferences, incentives and other events. Closely associated with more than 60 partner operations, it is the central marketing organisation and representation lobby of Tirol as a convention and business events location. Our service - competent and neutral non-profit service and consulting platform - central hub for inquiries and information - contacts to members, ongoing information about their products - recommendations

Contact Maria-Theresien-Straße 55 Innsbruck Austria

Contact person: Ms. Sonja Ornigg-Riegger T: +43 (0) 3476 / 35 00 35

Contact person: Ms. Sandra Dölder T: +43 3842/ 47 260

Contact person: Ms. Edith Mader T: +43 67681219825

Contact person: Ms. Veronika Handl T: +43 512 5320 675

List of exhibitors by country

CONVENTION BUREAU UPPER AUSTRIA Convention Bureau Upper Austria is your central information and advice office. As our main service (free of charge), we search for free capacity in seminar hotels, congress and convention centres and locations. We assist you in selecting the right location for your event and find offers for you that cater for your needs, whether for conventions, congresses, events or accompanying programmes. We provide you with competent advice on planning and organisation, based on your event goals, to make your event a success. And we promote Upper Austria as location for international congresses & events.

Contact Freistaedter Strasse 119 Linz Austria

DESIGN CENTER LINZ & LINZ TOURISM ASSOCIATION The Design Center Linz is a modern and multifunctional event location. Its glass roof creates daylight atmosphere indoors. Due to its versatility it stands out during conventions, public and trade fairs, during galas, presentations, events, and meetings. The Congress and Convention Service of the Linz Tourism Association offers professional, free of charge support in the planning of seminars, conventions, congresses and events.

Contact Europaplatz 1 Linz Austria

FALKENSTEINER BALANCE RESORT Inspiring architecture, an exclusive atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxation, and one of the best SPAs in Austria. Experience and enjoy the perfect balance of lifestyle and business. Located next to Austria109s largest golf course, with a view of the magnificent scenery of Southern Burgenland. The ultra-modern audiovisual equipment in the 377 m2 conference room surely to cater for all your requirements, and guests can enjoy a perfect balance of business and wellness thanks to our comprehensive range of health spa programs. Perfect for all kinds of events.

Contact Panoramaweg 1 Stegersbach Austria

FALKENSTEINER HOTELS & RESIDENCES At Falkensteiner, we have a vision of a great conference hotel: whether it is located directly by the sea or in the mountains, in the the heart of the city, or surrounded by pristine untouched nature, it provides the perfect setting for your meeting, conference or incentive. You have the choice of 31 hotels in 6 countries, 18 hotels with conference facilities which include technical equipment, recreational programmes, a great atmosphere and service, and a unique philosophy: You reach your goals when you are relaxed!

Contact Schlosspark 1 Velden Austria

Contact person: Ms. Ingrid Krieger T: +43 664 828 39 84

Contact person: Ms. Lisa Winkler T: +43 732 69 66 110

Contact person: Ms. Katja Vampl T: +43 664 846 53 93

Contact person: Ms. Denise Kunisch T: +43 664 609 185 365


List of exhibitors by country


GENUSSHOTEL RIEGERSBURG In harmony with nature Harmoniously embedded in the vineyard, the Hotel Riegersburg is a wonderfully comfortable refuge for connoisseurs. About four floors of the building nestles into the hillside and offers from all rooms a magnificent view of the towering castle and the vastness of the Styrian hill country Enjoyable stay Comfort and security, the accents of modern architecture and a good shot nature - that offer the rooms and suites of the Hotel Riegersburg. For example: on your private terrace with view of the castle to the south. Thanks to your indoor fountain, which provides them

Contact Starzenberg 144 Riegersburg Austria

HOTEL KARNERHOF The Karnerhof is situated on a gentle incline, overlooking the crystal clear waters of Lake Faak, surrounded by 100.000sqm of meadows and gardens. The lake is Austria’s southernmost Alpine lake, close to the Italian and Slovenian border and offers a mild hint of the Mediterranean. 4 conference rooms with daylight accommodate up to 140 participants. The lakeside terrace can be accessed directly from all conference rooms. After a hard day’s work guests will enjoy exploring 3 indoor saunas, steam bath, fitness room, indoor and outdoor pools and whirlpools and the beautiful lakeside sauna.

Contact Karnerhofweg 10 Egg am Faaker See Austria

HOTEL NOVAPARK The Hotel Novapark is located in the North of Graz. Situated in a peaceful surrounding it offers relaxation and recreation for everybody. The centre of Graz as well as the main train station can be reached easily and the public transport station is just a few minutes away. About 300 parking lots are free of charge for hotel guests and for conference and spa guests. The Hotel offers 20 conference rooms with a total surface of 1.400 m². The size of each room can easily be adapted to the requested capacity. All rooms offer day light and air-condition. 135 rooms are available for an overnight stay.

Contact Fischeraustrasse 22 Graz Austria

MESSE CONGRESS GRAZ Messe Congress Graz – Diverse and Unique 44 multifunctional rooms for meetings, conferences and congresses, balls and concerts, the most modern multifunctional hall in Austria and seven expo halls – that’s how large the range of facilities offered by Messe Congress Graz Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H really is. Several venues - Congress Graz, Stadthalle Graz, Messecongress Graz, Messe Graz and sports arenas have been united under the MCG umbrella brand. The events staged are as diverse as the venues. It is not uncommon for several trade fairs to be held parallel to football games, classical music

Contact Messeturm 1 Graz Austria

Contact person: Ms. Sophia Valda T: +43 31 53 20 0 20

Contact person: Ms. Ursula Melcher T: +43 4254 2188

Contact person: Ms. Sabine Schiffermayer T: +43 316 682010-0

Contact person: Mr. Stefan Ettl T: +43 66480882245

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RETTER EVENTS RETTER EVENTS is a full-service event agency with headquarter in Loipersdorf, Styria – the “green heart of Austria”. Since 1996, we have been here as a professional partner for you and your questions about events in Austria and the whole world. With our motivated Outdoor Team and our own event equipment, we will come to you at your desired location. Furthermore we are happy to book your accommodation, the event location, the transfer service and evening arrangements.

Contact Loipersdorf 219 Loipersdorf Austria

ROOMZ GRAZ HOTEL roomz Graz is a Budget design Hotel , perfectly located directly oppisite the civic Center and Close to the City Center. We offer a perfect Price/ Performance Ratio in Graz, for our Business guests. the rooms are perfectly equipped with an inviting ambience, fresh design and carefully selected materials, as well as flat Screen tv, free wlan, air conditioning - just to mention few Details. Our conference facilities offers the ideal venue for seminars, conferences and other Events. Our a la carte Restaurant “Atelier” offers a great variety of styrian, austrian & international cuisine.

Contact Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße 96 Graz Austria

SALZBURG CONGRESS Salzburg Congress is one of Europe’s top venues for hosting association conferences, AGMs and congresses. The sophisticated design of this facility, located at the beginning of Mirabell Gardens, enables the halls and rooms on up to five levels to be customise to the exact requirements of each event. There are 1200 hotel beds within walking distance, excellent rail and air connections and a team qualified to deal with even the most complex and technical challenges, to guarantee your event enjoys the success it deserves.

Contact Auerspergstrasse 6 Salzburg Austria

SALZBURG CONVENTION BUREAU The Salzburg Convention Bureau is the central marketing platform for all matters concerning meetings, incentives, congresses and events in the city and surrounding province of Salzburg. The members of the Salzburg Convention Bureau offer the best locations and infrastructure for any occasion – from small business meetings to large international events. The unique combination of culture, nature and tradition provides a unique setting for any organizer and promises to be an unforgettable experience for participants.

Contact person: Ms. Christina Eder T: +43 3382 200 50

Contact person: Ms. Kristina Laura Kern T: +43 316 90 20 90 920

Contact person: Mr. Klaus Schmidhofer T: +43 66288987614

Contact Auerspergstrasse 6 Salzburg Austria Contact person: Ms. Elisabeth Pfoess T: +43 662 88 98 7272


List of exhibitors by country


ST. PÖLTEN CONVENTION BUREAU Convention Bureau St. Pölten – new destination & attractive MICE location The capital of the province of Lower Austria is central located between Salzburg and Vienna and also very close to the airport of Vienna, just 50 min away by train. Unique locations like the modern „Festspielhaus”, known for classical concerts and dance performances, the traditional “5-star-cattle-hotel”, the historical “drug-store” or “rent a castle” , as well as extraordinary incentive programms like “rent a wineyard” will be offered. Please join us and get more information about St. Pölten.

Contact Rathausplatz 1, 3100 St. Pölten St. Pölten Austria w convention

STEIERMARK CONVENTION Steiermark Convention is your expert service agency for any question regarding the best way to organise your conference in Steiermark! We and our experienced partners are here to give you excellent advice and support in comprehensively planning and expertly staging your event. Our services are professional, fast – and free! Please visit us and inform yourself about our 49 professional conference providers throughout Steiermark from one hand!

Contact 8042 St.-Peter-Hauptstrasse 243 Graz Austria

STEIERMARKHOF Steiermarkhof is a convention center and hotel in the west of Graz, Austria. With 16 meeting rooms, the “styria hall” (for up to 400 people), a cooking training centre and over 1,330m2 of dedicated space for exhibitions and events, clients will find the perfect surrounding for a successful event.

Contact Krottendorferstraße 81 Graz Austria

Contact person: Ms. Gabriele Backknecht T: +43 2742 333 5306

Contact person: Ms. Andrea Sajben T: +43 3112 3858 5

Contact person: Ms. Teresa Unterrieder T: +43 6646025967101

TAUERN SPA KAPRUN / ZELL AM SEE With its spectacular modern architecture the TAUERN SPA Zell am See - Kaprun fits perfectly within the unique natural landscape at the foot of the Kitzsteinhorn. The stylish resort is part of VAMED Vitality World, Austria’s leading operator of spas and health resorts. It is an exclusive 4-star-superior resort hotel with a modern SPA Water and Sauna World with indoor and outdoor areas stretching across 20,000 sqm. which was a third time awarded the accolade of Europe’s Leading Lifestyle Resort. Highlights include the extraordinary Hotel Panorama Spa with its glass Skylinepool.

Contact Tauern Spa Platz 1 Kaprun Austria Contact person: Mr. Matthias Classen T: +43 645720403135

List of exhibitors by country

VAMED VITALITY WORLD VAMED Vitality World is the market leader in Austria and operates 4*+ spa and health resorts in the most beautiful regions in Austria and Hungary. The resorts provide the perfect surroundings and offer room to evolve for your incentives, teambuildings, events, presentations, conferences or meetings up to 900 delegates: Near Innsbruck/Munich: AQUA Dome – Tirol Therme Längenfeld. Near Salzburg/Linz: Tauern SPA Zell am See – Kaprun, SPA Resort Therme Geinberg. Near Vienna: Therme Laa – Hotel & Spa, St. Martins Therme & Lodge, Aquaworld Resort Budapest.

Contact Richard Strauss Strasse 12 Vienna Austria

VIENNA HOUSE 38 Hotels in 9 European countries are looking forward to welcome youfrom Berlin to Munich, from Cracow to Prague..any many more attractive destinations! We are looking Forward to meet YOU at this year’s Conventa and we have exciting news to come up with! From 2016 on we will have four special hotel brands under one roof! Curious? Book your meeting with us now and find out more about our upcoming hotel group in Ljubljana!

Contact Dresdner Straße 87 Vienna Austria

WERZER´S HOTELS AM WÖRTHERSEE The three hotels Werzer’s Hotel Resort Pörtschach, Werzer’s Seehotel Wallerwirt and Werzer’s Hotel Velden stand out for their impeccable service, personal and intimate ambience and a stunning setting. Sheer business meetings bliss and pleasure go without saying in all three enchanting hotels on the shores of the picturesque lake Wörthersee. Find out more about the three Werzer Hotels directly on the lake Wörthersee, in Velden, Pörtschach or Techelsberg! You will be taken aback by your stay in the south of Austria - all over the year!

Contact Werzerpromenade 8 Pörtschach Austria

WOLF HOTELS GMBH & CO KG HOTEL ALPINE PALACE , SAALBACH-HINTERGLEMM , AUSTRIA Spacious, luxurious, artistic, traditional and always surprising. Let us transport you into an inspiring world where Salzburg traditions, contemporary art and modern Alpine lifestyle are perfectly combined. Enjoy a stay in one of the various themed rooms and suites and take advantage of the ever-invigorating well-being offersavailable in the 5-star setting of the Alpine Palace which is as fanciful as it is captivating. Be seduced by the culinary skillsinvested in the Alpine Palace’s award-winning cuisine and indulge in gourmet delight

Contact Dorfstrasse 129 Hinterglemm Austria

Contact person: Ms. Sieglinde Dotter T: +43 1 60127 777

Contact person: Mr. Tobias Bauer T: +436648249145

Contact person: Ms. Sigrid Kirchner T: +43 4272 22 31-0

Contact person: Mr. Harald Wickhoff T: +43 6541 6346


List of exhibitors by country


WÖRTHERSEE TOURISMUS GMBH MICE & more Wörthersee is an alliance of MICE specialists such as hotels (3-5*), meeting facilities, locations, golf courses and sights / attractions in the region of Lake Woerth. We offer a helping hand (free of charge) in providing our clients with information, non-binding offers as well as suggestions.

Contact Villacher Strasse Velden am Wörthersee Austria

GLOBTOUR EVENT BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA Globtour Event is a leading regional Travel Management Company and DMC with more then 37 years of experience in organizing incentives, events & conferences, ranging from 20 to 2500 participants on ferry boats, trains, yachts and hotels. A Company with offices in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovenia, Globtour Event is CWT partner for named countries and a member of SITE since 2001. Dedicated to create locally flavored experience and secure ROI for your events wherever they are.

Contact Džemala Bijedića 185/10 Avaz Business Center Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina

PROMO TOURS DMC Promo Tours is the leading Destination Management Company - DMC in Bosnia and Herzegovina with proven experience in organizing meetings, events, incentives and conferences during last 15 years. Our philosophy is to act like true partners driven by passion, commitment and professionalism. Experienced and reliable team always keeps top quality and a full range of services in mind when selecting the best supplier to meet all of our clients needs and expectations. Promo Tours team is always ready to go the extra mile to meet the clients’ objectives and deliver a return on investment.

Contact Kemala Kapetanovica bb Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina

HILTON SOFIA Set in the heart of Sofia and surrounded by the city’s South Park, Hilton Sofia offers contemporary accommodation in 245 rooms. Sofia Airport is just 25 minutes away, whilst the capital’s boutiques, restaurants, bars and commercial district are all within walking distance. Hilton Sofia offers modern, flexible meeting spaces, dedicated support and a full-service catering team. 6 multifunctional meeting rooms accommodate up to 50 guests- each features natural daylight and high-speed internet access. The ballroom caters for up to 320 guests.

Contact 1 Bulgaria Blvd. Sofia Bulgaria

Contact person: Ms. Petra Nestelbacher T: +43 6602828164

Contact person: Ms. Arijana Imširović T: +387 62 330826

Contact person: Mr. Benjamin Begovic T: +387 33715691

Contact person: Ms. Hristina Nedkova T: +359 2 9335021

List of exhibitors by country

ARENATURIST - HOTEL PARK PLAZA HISTRIA Park Plaza Histria is a contemporary, newly renovated hotel in a beautiful location and content that will turn any type of business event into a success. The conference plenary hall can fit up to 700 people what makes it a perfect place for big events. For smaller and more intimate meetings there are three other boardrooms and a modern cinema room. All the rooms are equipped with the latest technology, according to the standards of a four stars hotel.

Contact Smareglina 3 Pula Croatia

CENTOURS DMC CENTOURS DMC based in Poreč, Croatia, is a specialized agency for organization of creative and incentive travel, meetings and events in the northern Adriatic and Croatian inland. Despite the young agency, the staff has 15 years of experience in organizing business meetings and creative programs in Croatia. Professional staff and DMC services, with friendly customer and supplier approach will provide the best experience to guests. Excellent selection of best hotels, meeting facilities and modern techniques. Meet us for creative programs in unusual locations for unforgettable experiences.

Contact Vukovarska 19 Porec Croatia

CROATIAN NATIONAL TOURIST BOARD THE CROATIAN NATIONAL TOURIST BOARD (CNTB) is a national tourist organization founded with a view to promoting and creating the identity, and to enhance the reputation of, Croatian tourism. The mission also includes the planning and implementation of a common strategy and the conception of its promotion, proposal and the performance of promotional activities of mutual interest for all subjects in tourism in the country and abroad, as well as raising the overall quality of the whole range of tourist services on offer in the Republic of Croatia.

Contact Iblerov trg 10/IV Zagreb Croatia

DT CROATIA DMC DT CROATIA – Dubrovnik Travel DMC, specializes in the organization and orchestration of meetings, incentives, exclusive groups and events since 1998. With its 40 highly trained, multilingual and experienced young professionals, in their Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb offices. DT CROATIA provides complete solution and assures a quality standards to clients and partners throughout Croatia and its neighboring countries with affiliated offices of Talas M in Budva, Montenegro, DT Slovenia with offices in Ljubljana and Portoroz, and Talas S’s office in Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact Obala Stjepana Radića 25 Dubrovnik Croatia

Contact person: Mr. Tomislav Korošec T: +385 52 529 400

Contact person: Ms. Margarita Maruskic Kulas T: +385 914113839

Contact person: Ms. Metka Bradetić T: +385 12307400

Contact person: Ms. Karmen Kutnjak T: +38520313555


List of exhibitors by country


DUBROVNIK TOURIST BOARD The Convention Bureau within the Dubrovnik Tourist Board was established aiming to assist the organisers of business meetings, congresses and incentives and facilitate the realisation of their projects. The bureau offers assistance and advice in the organisation of your gatherings and special events. It helps in the choice and booking of venues and locations, in the preparation of offers and in the organisation of inspection trips, and also provides free promotional materials on Dubrovnik.

Contact Brsalje 5 Dubrovnik Croatia

FALKENSTEINER HOTELS&RESIDENCES PUNTA SKALA Punta Skala is situated on a wonderful peninsula directly on Croatia’s Mediterranean shore. Falkensteiner offers not only two superb hotels here, but also a small holiday paradise. With fine restaurants, stylish shops, exclusive apartments, modern sports facilities, crystal clear water, and a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Cutting-edge equipment and Mediterranean design will make your event an unforgettable experience, and the wellness area in Croatia’s top SPA Hotel Iadera guarantees top-quality relaxations.

Contact Zrinsko Frankopanska 38 Zadar Croatia w en/hotel/punta-skala

GLOBTOUR EVENT CROATIA, SLOVENIA, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA Globtour Event is a leading regional Travel Management Company and DMC with more then 37 years of experience in organizing incentives, events & conferences, ranging from 20 to 2500 participants on ferry boats, trains, yachts and hotels. We are Carlson Wagonlit Travel partner in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. We have also longstanding tradition in luxury individual and group travel, specialy focused on inventive programs and special interest tours. We are very proud of our clients with high expectations - our goal is to achive our clients targets.

Contact Trg N.Š. Zrinskog 1 Zagreb Croatia

HOTEL PARK - POTESTAS D.O.O. Hotel Park is a story that you want to experience. At least once in a lifetime. The flagship hotel in the city and region, completely renovated, offers a superb standard and very unique atmosphere. Upon entering the hotel, accompanied by notes of the piano coming from the restaurant along with the warm reception of our staff and champagne, every guest is overcome by a feeling that this is the moment moving towards a new and personal story.

Contact Hatzeov perivoj 3 Split Croatia

Contact person: Ms. Romana Vlašić T: +385 20323887

Contact person: Ms. Andjela Lovric T: +385 91 4532 286

Contact person: Ms. Tajana Bašić T: +385 1 4881115

Contact person: Ms. Davina Ljubičić Đirlić T: +385 21406406

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HUP-ZAGREB D.D HUP ZAGREB Inc. hotel industry, catering and tourism, with core business - hotels in two Croatian cities, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. In hotel The Westin Zagreb and Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, hotels International and Panorama Zagreb, hotel Jadran and hotel Zagreb in Zagreb, HUP ZAGREB Inc. offers accommodation in 1300 rooms and suites. In the Dubrovnik area, in the hotels Astarea and Mlini, HUP ZAGREB Inc. offers accommodation in 440 rooms, and a new hotel in Srebreno, resort Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel o

Contact Trg Krešimira Ćosića 9 Zagreb Croatia

IMPORTANNE HOTELS & RESORT The Importanne Resort Dubrovnik provides any guest with a personalized stay to suit their individual needs. Steps away from the seaside, the Resort is located at the peaceful Lapad Bay peninsula and only 4 km from the historic Old Town of Dubrovnik. Importanne Resort consists of one 4-star hotel, a 5-star hotel, two 5-star hotels with suites and a 5-star Villa. Whether for a small corporate gathering or extravagant event, the Importanne Resort provides multipurpose venues that cater for up to 500 guests. Visit us and we will give you a reason to stay with us again and again.

Contact Kardinala Stepinca 31 Dubrovnik Croatia

INTOURS DMC CROATIA By offering first-class destination management services, Intours DMC has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in organizing events and meetings in Croatia and the larger Adriatic region. The team of events specialists prides itself in designing impressive incentive and corporate meeting programs that meet the client’s objectives and deliver return on investment.

Contact Bihačka 2a Split Croatia

ISTRATURIST UMAG Istraturist is a Croatian company with 50 years tradition in rendering tourist services in hotels, apartment resorts and campsites. The recognisability and success of Istraturist are results of its long-standing orientation towards high quality tourism.

Contact Jadranska 66 Umag Croatia

Contact person: Mr. Leon Begic T: +385 1 4892 000

Contact person: Ms. Debora Petrovic T: +385 91 4619576

Contact person: Mr. Ante Lacman T: +385 21 486 549

Contact person: Ms. Natasa Kovacevic Ilic T: +385 52 700 700


List of exhibitors by country


KEMPINSKI HOTEL ADRIATIC Kempinski Hotel Adriatic is the first and only Croatian 5-star luxury seaside golf & spa resort. The hotel boasts 186 exclusively furnished rooms and suites, two gourmet restaurants, three bars, a 3000 sq m spa with gym, a private wedding chapel in a Mediterranean garden, various appealing wedding venus and a serviced beach. Our pride are two conference centres, the hotel and the marina one, with 7 meeting rooms, of which one directly at the beach, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The Golf Club Adriatic represents the first championship 18-hole golf course in the Istrian region.

Contact Alberi 300a Savudrija Croatia

LAFODIA SEA RESORT Lafodia Sea Resort, situated on the peaceful, traffic-free island of Lopud, is a four star accomodation with 182 modern and stylishly-decorated rooms and suites which all boast fantastic sea views and offer a wide range of amenities. The Hotel includes a modern and fully equipped congress hall, swimming pools, outdoor whirlpools, a luxurious new Waterhill Spa, a variety of restaurants and bar lounges, a bakery & pastry shop and since has an travel agency,offers also boat tours, transfers and other services giving you the possibility to visit, navigate and explore the southern cost.

Contact Obala Iva Kuljevana 51 Lopud Croatia

LE MERIDIEN LAV SPLIT Experience the ultimate in meetings on the Adriatic coast. Take advantage of approximately 2,500 square metres of total conference space over one floor, including a pillarless grand ballroom with natural light. Full conference facilities include computer rental, simultaneous translation system, state-of-the-art audio and video equipment and High-Speed Internet Access. A resort like no other in the region, Le Meridien Lav Split offers unparalleled facilities. 8 meeting spaces. Accommodates up to 800 guests. Dedicated team of meeting specialists. Latest conference technologies

Contact Grljevacka 2a Split Croatia

LOSINJ HOTELS & VILLAS BY JADRANKA HOTELI LTD LOŠINJ HOTELS & VILLAS is a hotel brand of Jadranka hotels, a member of one of the oldest Croatian tourist company - JADRANKA GROUP of Mali Lošinj. Relying on more than 60 years of tradition, it confirms its leading role in the development of its islands on daily basis: by expanding its offer, by the quality of its service, and constant investments. We operate 3 hotels with 4* and 3 hotels and villas with 5*, for more than 3.500 guests. All of our properties are located by the sea surrounded by the green centuries-old pine-wood in the immediate vicinity of the sports facilities.

Contact Drazica 1 Mali Losinj Croatia

Contact person: Ms. Jelena Rubesa T: +385912708026

Contact person: Ms. Iva Roža T: +385 91 2759069

Contact person: Mr. Ozren Kovačević T: +385 91 4444379

Contact person: Mr. Milan Pejic T: +385 99 706 49 36

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MAISTRA D.D. Maistra is a leading hotel company in Croatia, thriving on 50 years of tourism excellence. A hospitality company renowned for perfect hotel and resort experiences, we offer great accommodation and personalized service with a smile in Rovinj and Vrsar. We are a successful partner in organization of events, meetings, incentives and conferences because of our rich event organization experience, wide variety of meeting facilities, amazing hotels, stunning venues, superior food and beverage services and expert staff.

Contact Obala V. Nazora 6 Rovinj Croatia

OPATIJA CONVENTION & INCENTIVE BUREAU - OPATIJA TOURISM OFFICE The Opatija Convention & Incentive Bureau, as part of the Opatija Tourism Office, is a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting Opatija as a renowned Croatian convention and incentive destination. The Bureau provides neutral, free-of-charge information to the organisers of conventions and incentive events in Opatija and its surroundings. Activities of the Bureau include daily communication with service providers in the town, event organisers, and potential clients. The Bureau also supports the events that take place in Opatija by providing information and assistance in the organization.

Contact V. Nazora 3 Opatija Croatia

PENTA DMC & PCO PENTA is one of the leading PCO and DMC companies in Croatia, founded in 1991. Experienced staff is trained to design customer-tailored solutions, managing every aspect of your event matching the profile and budget of your group. With our expertise and creativity, experienced and devoted staff, we will show you and your clients why Croatia is a perfect destination for your events and congresses.Our clients are coming from the following line of businesses: pharmaceutical, IT, insurance, bank, financial, telecommunication, oil & gas.We would like YOU to be congratulated on the job well done!

Contact Kršnjavoga 25 Zagreb Croatia

PLAVA LAGUNA D.D. Hotel Laguna Parentium is an excellent 4* hotel located in Poreč, Croatia. It has 269 rooms and offers 1 big congress hall for up to 450 persons (it can be divided into 3 parts), 1 small meeting room for up to 30 persons and 1 for up to 15 persons. It is ideal for different types of congresses (medical, banking, accounting, marketing), smaller events (meetings, team building, press conferences), weddings, incentives etc. It has 3 restaurants, wellness and indoor swimming pool. Hotel Laguna Parentium is very good connected with airports in surroundings (Pula, Rijeka, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Trieste)

Contact Rade Končara 12 Poreč Croatia

Contact person: Ms. Jasmina Arić Buhin T: +38552800250

Contact person: Mr. Goran Pavlovic T: +385 99 2263 229

Contact person: Ms. Silva Ušić T: +385 91 2015 935

Contact person: Ms. Radojka Cvitan T: +385 52410210


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SUNČANI HVAR D.D. The island of Hvar, labelled as the sunniest island in the Mediterranean, is located off the magical Adriatic Sea coastline. As a destination blessed with ten centuries of incredible architecture, Hvar offers a number of event opportunities amid the magical atmosphere of its sites. It is a true year round destination and inexhaustible source of experiences and adventure. Drawing our inspiration from the island, Sunčani Hvar Hotels designed some of the most desired venues on Croatian islands, offering countless possibilities for conferences, team buildings, incentives and special events.

Contact Ive Miličića 3 Hvar Croatia

ZAGREB CONVENTION BUREAU Zagreb Convention Bureau is a non profit organization focused on promotion of Zagreb as an ideal destination for meetings, incentives and events. We offer assistance and support to international meeting planners, associations and travel agencies to hold their events in Zagreb. Our members are major subjects of Zagreb travel and meetings industry ranging from hotels, PCOs, DMCs, to historical venues, incentive facilities etc.

Contact Kaptol 5 Zagreb Croatia

CARLSON REZIDOR Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic hotel companies. It has an expanding portfolio of more than 1,370 hotels in operation and under development, a global footprint covering over 110 countries and territories. In South Eastern Europe, my hotel portfolio includes 16 hotels- Radisson Blu and Park Inn (4 and 5 stars hotels) in 8 countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Contact Koruni 21 Prague Czech Republic

AQUAWORLD RESORT BUDAPEST **** Aquaworld Resort Budapest**** superior (a resort of VVW) is located 25 minutes away from the City center. The four-star superior conference and wellness hotel offering 309 rooms.Conference Centre with an adjoining terrace is 1000 sqm. Mobile walls allow creating ,15 section rooms of various sizes. The hotel is connected with Easter- Europe’s largest indoor aqua theme parks Aquaworld, which offers unforgettable entertainment for everyone. The hotel spa and also the Aquaworld can be used as an exclusive gala event location up to 400 persons.

Contact Íves u. 16. Budapest Hungary

Contact person: Ms. Tomislava Vrgoc T: +385 21 750 011

Contact person: Mr. Zlatan Muftic T: +385 1 48 98 555

Contact person: Ms. Luiza Paduraru T: +42 0730580998

Contact person: Ms. Anikó Nagy T: +36 1 2313 628

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DANUBIUS HOTELS GROUP Largest hotel group in Hungary and one of the leading regional hotel companies in Europe with over 40 comfortable spa&wellness, city&business and resort hotels and excellent meeting&conference facilities in Hungary (Budapest and country side), Czech Republic (Marienbad), Slovakia (Piestany&Smrdaky), Romania (Sovata/Transylvania) and United Kingdom (London).

Contact Szent István tér 11. Budapest Hungary

HUNGARIAN CONVENTION BUREAU The Hungarian Convention Bureau – HCB – has been established to help meeting planners from all over the world to get acquainted with Hungary and its conference and incentive facilities, to provide assistance in finding local partners and staging really memorable events. The Hungarian Convention Bureau – a not-for-profit organisation – has been working as a department of the Hungarian National Tourist Office since the 1st of January 2000. Its aim is to assist meetings and convention industry professionals planning events in our country by providing free information, promotional materials and valuable contacts through its network of the best conference hotels and convention, exhibition and special events’ venues.

Contact Kacsa u. 15-23., 4th floor Budapest Hungary

INTERCONTINENTAL BUDAPEST Make it happen at InterContinental Budapest! Some of the most important highlights of our outstanding property; Location:Top City Center Location, Steps Away from the Main Shopping Street and Landmarks of the City. Unique selling point:Amazing View of the Danube River, the Historical Buda Side and Chain Bridge, Biggest Ballroom in Budapest among the other hotels Up To 850 Pax in Theatre Style, 12 Flexible Meeting Rooms with Natural Daylight. Guestrooms: 402 (mixture of classic, superior,deluxe and suites). Group ceiling:250-300 rooms/night. Officially Non-rated Hotel. 100% Non-smoking Hote

Contact Apaczai Csere J. utca 12-14 Budapest Hungary w com/en/

KEMPINSKI HOTEL CORVINUS BUDAPEST Modern and luxurious the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus located in the heart of Budapest, offers 349 elegant rooms, including 33 chic suites. The hotel has become the lifestyle and gastronomy hub of the city. It boasts a stunning fully re-vamped ground floor with remarkable culinary attractions such as ÉS Bisztró, Blue Fox The Bar, and the not to be missed Nobu. 10 salons and meeting rooms for up to 450 delegates are suitable for conferences, meetings, lunches, dinners, live cooking events, weddings, exhibitions, and fashion shows, most of them feature daylight and located on one floor.

Contact Erzsebet ter 7-8. Budapest Hungary

Contact person: Ms. Nóra Simonyi-Szombati T: +36 1 889 4156

Contact person: Ms. Júlia Csesznok +36 1 4888644

Contact person: Ms. Judit Bodis T: +36 70 466 6582

Contact person: Ms. Aniko Szunyi T: +3614293479


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TOUR EAST TOUR HUNGARY LTD. Working together is a success! Tour East Tour Budapest -since 1992- is one of Hungary’s leading Incoming Tour Operators and Destination Management companies, handling group, individual, incentive, and corporate meeting programs for a wide range of travel trade clients around the world. Based on our long term, reliable contacts to the providers, the scale of services is wide and individual. The creative team of Tour East Tour will present you HUNGARY as a new and exciting destination. Our experience is your success!

Contact Király utca 51. Budapest Hungary

AGENZIA TURISMO FVG Friuli Venezia Giulia, located in the heart of Europe, offers top quality venues suitable for any kind of event. It is an ideal partner for all your projects. Reliable suppliers, amazing food and wines, breathtaking landscapes stretching from the sea to the mountains will make all events unforgettable. An accessible region served by Trieste international airport, just an hour from the international hubs of Venice and Ljubljana, a perfect destination to host congresses, meetings and also incentives and team building activities, thanks to the excellent structures throughout its territory.

Contact Via Carso, 3 Cervignano del Friuli (UD) Italy

MONTENEGRO CONVENTION BUREAU Every reason and even more. Montenegro is the right choice for organizing business meetings, large conferences and incentive trips, as proven by numerous commercial companies, national and international organizations and associations. The advantages are many: in addition to luxury hotels with great accommodation capacities and theaters, Montenegro offers the Mediterranean climate, outstanding natural, cultural and historical attractions, unforgettable excursions, excellent relaxation and leisure activities, as well as a rich and authentic cuisine that make all participants remember the event with joy, eagerly anticipating the next one in Montenegro.

Contact Bulevar Sv.Petra Cetinjskog 130 Podgorica Montenegro

REGENT PORTO MONTENEGRO Inspired by Renaissance Venetian style mixed with local architectural references, Regent Porto Montenegro is a five-story terracotta roof building. The hotel has an expansive views of the sea surrounded by towering mountains and a spectacular water garden. The hotel plays an integral role in Porto Montenegro while helping transform this historical AustroHungarian naval base into the Mediterranean’s premier marina village and yacht homeport. Regent Porto Montenegro offers a choice of 57 rooms and 30 residences, providing sophisticated, contemporary living spaces.

Contact Obala bb, Porto Montenegro Village Tivat Montenegro w Porto-Montenegro

Contact person: Ms. Ágnes Drégely T: +36 30 9518125

Contact person: Ms. Brenda Lee Fabbro T: +39 334 6749034

Contact person: Ms. Milica Antic T: +382 77100001

Contact person: Ms. Marija Delibasic T: +382 32660660

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TALAS - MONTENEGRO DMC For more than a decade Talas Montenegro has been one of the leading event specialists in Montenegro. Thanks to our excellent reputation, we have been entrusted with some of the most prestigious events ever organized in our country. We are always up to date with new products and fresh ideas. Talas-M provides complete solution and assures a quality standards to clients and partners throughout Montenegro and its neighboring countries with affiliated Talas S office in Belgrade, Serbia, DT Croatia with Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb offices and DT Slovenia with offices in Ljubljana and Portoroz.

Contact Žrtava fašizma 26, pf 59 Budva Montenegro

TOURISM BOARD PODGORICA Work of the Tourism Board Podgorica, as promoter of tourism is focused on positioning the tourist products in local, regional and international markets and in tourist evaluation of comparative advantages of the Capital Podgorica. The main activities are based on creating the conditions for promotin aof authenic and attractive tourism area, as well as profiling the Capital Podgorica as a MICE destination.

Contact Ulica Slobode 47 Podgorica Montenegro

TOURISM ORGANIZATION OF BUDVA The Tourism Organisation of Budva creates and promotes the identity of Budva and enhances the reputation of Budva’s and Montenegrin tourism. We are responsible for marketing and promotion of Budva’s tourism product in Montenegro and abroad. Through our global reach and organisation of various cultural, entertainment and sporting events we aim to attract more potential visitors in our destination, raise the overall quality of the whole range of tourism services, improve Budva’s ranking in the eyes of international visitors.

Contact Mediteranska 8/6 Budva Montenegro

ATHENEE PALACE HILTON BUCHAREST A lovingly restored belle époque, up-town property, situated within easy reach of government offices, embassies, and banks. Main city attractions are all around, while the airport is 20 minutes away. Built in 1914 and situated within the heart of the city this Bucharest hotel provides spectacular views of Revolution Square. 272 spacious bedrooms, including 60 luxurious suites, executive floor and lounge. The recently refurbished conference centre boasts 10 meeting rooms for up to 60 guests (up to 200 combined) and 2 ballrooms including the national heritage monument Le Diplomate Ballroom.

Contact 1-3 Episcopiei str Bucharest Romania

Contact person: Ms. Ivana Djurperovic T: +382 69 664 595

Contact person: Ms. Biserka Stamatović T: +382 20 667 535

Contact person: Ms. Darja Marovic T: +38233402814

Contact person: Ms. Sorana Protopopescu T: +40 21 303 37 77


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BELGRADE CONVENTION BUREAU The Belgrade Convention Bureau, is a non-commercial entity that promotes Belgrade as an international meetings destination: - Compact and Convenient Congress City - One of Europe’s largest and most capable Congress Center - Excellent flight connections - One of the best value for money and least expensive destinations in Europe - Belgrade’s New Developments Belgrade ranked Europe 27 and Worldwide 50 in the ICCA Statistics Report 2014. We are ready to assist you in planning your next event in Belgrade.

Contact Francuska 24 Belgrade Serbia

CROWNE PLAZA BELGRADE The biggest hotel in the region, completely renovated 4 star property, 416 rooms in total, 12 conference venues, with different capacities, from 10 to 800 participants. Over 600m2 pre function area. Only 13km far from the airport. Over 200 parking spots close to hotel. Free WiFi. Big SPA centre with the biggest swimming pool in the city, 2 saunas and gym. Crowne Plaza Belgrade has won first place in category Best Meeting Hotel in Premium group in the IHG group. We are proud that we received an award for the most human hotel within the IHG Group. Warm welcome!

Contact Vladimira Popovica 10 Belgrade Serbia w hotels/us/en/belgrade/ begcp/hoteldetail Contact person: Ms. Dragana Vukovic T: +381648104053

HOLIDAY INN BELGRADE & BELEXPOCENTAR HALL Holiday Inn Belgrade is 4 star hotel, part of IHG, opened in November 2007. Location: Main business district, only 10 minutes from the airport, 5 minutes from the city center, 5 minutes from Belgrade Arena. Accommodation: 140 rooms inculding 2 rooms for disabled persons. Conference space: 2500sqm column free Belexpocentar venue. Additional 7 conference rooms with daylight and AV equipment. Added value: Free WiFi in hotel rooms, lobby and cafés, Usage of Fitness and Spa Centre, Free parking space, Free tablet gadget in Lobby bar

Contact Spanskih boraca 74 Belgrade Serbia

MK MOUNTAIN RESORT MK Mountain Resort Kopaonik Grand Hotel & Spa****, Family hotel Angela****, Apartments Konaci**** Maximum capacity of 1500 pax. 3200m² of Congress facilities in Grand Hotel & Spa and Family Hotel Angela. 1800m² of Spa facilities. Expo facilities, 88 Rooms Hotel Belgrade. The 1st Feng Shui hotel in Serbia. Roof Top Conference & Restaurant facilities for up to 200 pax. Valet parking. Loby bar. 9 minutes walk from the city center. Most popular Hotel in Serbia for 2015 according to Tripadvisor

Contact Takovska 45a Belgrade Serbia

Contact person: Ms. Dragana Babovic T: +381 64 8181040

Contact person: Ms. Ivana Breberina T: +38163428361

Contact person: Mr. Marko Keserovic T: +381648714050

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RADISSON BLU OLD MILL HOTEL, BELGRADE Located near the train station and about 16 km from the airport – Easy access to historic and cultural attractions like the Kalemegdan Fortress, the Museum of African Art and the House of Flowers – 236 Belgrade hotel rooms with amenities like Free high-speed, wireless Internet – On-site restaurant and bar featuring international cuisine and creative array of drinks – Fitness club with state-of-the-art equipment, a sauna and a steam bath – Garage and outdoor parking lot accommodating 93 vehicles total – Well-equipped meeting rooms located next to Belgrade Fair

Contact Bulevar Vojvode Misica 15 Belgrade Serbia w hotel-belgrade

RADISSON BLU OLD MILL HOTEL, BELGRADE The innovative Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade opened at 10th December 2014 and has 236 fashion inspired guest rooms, including 14 impressive suites, designed by the prestigious Graft Architects offer the ultimate in spacious and stylish contemporary comfort, with brilliant artwork selected by Strauss & Hillegaart. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular views of the city, with the beautiful, 10th floor.

Contact Bulevar Vojvode Misica 15 Belgrade Serbia

Contact person: Ms. Ksenija Lubarda T: +381116357357

Contact person: Mr. Thomas Swieca T: +381116357357

SERBIA CONVENTION BUREAU As the major economic and social hub in South East Europe, Serbia’s 1.7 million capital Belgrade offers direct flight options to 54 destinations in EMEA region, with 24 airlines operating, including national carrier Air Serbia, member of Etihad Airways Partners. On the top of 2,000+ rooms in Belgrade 5* hotels like Hyatt Regency, Metropole Palace – the Luxury Collection and 4* Crowne Plaza, Radisson Blu, Falkensteiner, Holiday Inn, Best Western… there are additional 4,000+ rooms in independent hotels. Serbia Convention Bureau remains committed to maintaining Serbia’s top position in SEE.

Contact Cika Ljubina 8 Belgrade Serbia

TALAS-SERBIA DMC Talas Serbia DMC is the Destination Management Company of Serbia. We specialize in organization of congresses, conferences, corporate meetings, incentives, team building and other events of almost any size. We deliver a full range of services to our clients, always trying to bring the best innovative ideas. Talas - S provides complete solution and assures a quality standards to clients and partners throughout Serbia and its neighboring countries with affiliated offices of Talas M in Budva, Montenegro and DT Croatia - Dubrovnik travel in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Contact Kralja Milana 10 Belgrade Serbia

Contact person: Ms. Katarina Srbljanin T: +381 11 6557 102

Contact person: Mr. Aleksandar Jovanovic T: +382 69129090


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AUSTRIA TREND HOTEL BRATISLAVA Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava was opened in 2009, is located in the city centre of Bratislava, directly at the beginning of the pedestrian area. 199 rooms in 3 categories, 4 flexible conference rooms, conference for up to 250 participants, Event space for up to 850 participants, seating dinner for up to 400 participants. Upon your arrival in the evening at the Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava, you will notice the lighted window frames already from a distance. When you enter the lobby area, you will find yourself in a breathtaking atmosphere of style and glamour.

Contact Vysoka 2A Bratislava Slovakia w Hotel-Bratislava/de/

HOTEL YASMIN Discover the City of Košice – a unique Central European metropolis and European Capital of Culture 2013! Let yourself be allured by elegance and functionality of modern lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a comfortable business hotel in the city center or the perfect conference location, Hotel Yasmin will charm you with its harmonious interior, modern equipment, and exceptional service. The hotel features 155 guest rooms including 11 suites, a Restaurant and Cafe Bar and 6 conference and meeting spaces all of which have direct daylight.

Contact Tyršovo nábrežie 1 Košice Slovakia

ABC TOURISM, EUROPCAR SLOVENIA ABC Tourism is a DMC specializing in INBOUND tourism services, predominantly in Slovenia, where the company is based, but also in Central and South-East Europe (Croatia, Italy, Austria, Serbia, etc.). Backed by over 20 years of experience, our creative team, committed to excellence, can provide tailor-made and personalized solutions, where flexibility is of great importance. We offer services for: - MICE. - Tours and Short breaks, - Farm and Countryside Holidays, - Railway Adventures (Steam train on Bohinj railway), - Car rental and Transfer Services (owner of EUROPCAR franchise for Slovenia.

Contact Celovška cesta 268 Ljubljana Slovenia

ADRIA AIRWAYS D.D. Adria Airways boasts more than fifty years of experience in charter and scheduled services. We connect Slovenia to numerous European cities, and we offer excellent connections to Southeast Europe. As a Star Alliance member, we provide access to a global network of flights to 193 countries. Our registered office is Jože Pučnik Airport in Ljubljana, and we have offices in Ljubljana, Frankfurt, Moscow and Zurich, and sales offices in almost all European countries. We have 170 scheduled flights from Ljubljana a week, while most of our charter flights connect Slovenia to holiday destinations.

Contact Zg. Brnik 130h Zgornji Brnik - Aerodrom Slovenia

Contact person: Ms. Zuzana Timkova T: +421 2 5722 5836

Contact person: Ms. Jana Tomková T: +421 917 912 476

Contact person: Ms. Ajda Perko T: +386 59 070 510

Contact person: Ms. Tina Jordan T: +38651271483

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AUSTRIA TREND HOTEL LJUBLJANA Our hotel awaits you with all the amenities you would except from a modern high-end hotel: an inspiring atmosphere, exclusive comfort, stateof-the-art facilities, stunning design, elegant details, professional service, international flair and the most spacious hotel rooms in Ljubljana (measuring from 30 sqm; minimum to 160 sqm. And let us not forget about the spacious wellness area and our highly professional conference Service. Facts: - 214 Rooms, including 12 suites - Executive floors - Category Premium - eight conference rooms

Contact Dunajska 154 Ljubljana Slovenia w hotel-ljubljana

BERNARDIN GROUP Bernardin Group Resort & Hotels provides a complete range of services for those wishing a perfect combination - to enjoy business and feel pleasure at the top of the Adriatic Sea. Bernardin Group offers accommodation in 3 categories and apartments, convention centre which houses 19 multi-purpose halls, casino and wellness centres. Promoting Istria and the Slovene Riviera under the newly established brand Enjoy Local, the Bernardin Group ensures the supply of services of the highest quality.

Contact Obala 2 Portorož, Slovenia w

BERNARDIN GROUP The Bernardin Group, hotels & resorts, provides a complete range of tourist services in 3- to 5-star hotels on the short Slovenian Coast in the near vicinity of the old Habsburg city of Trieste in Italy and Croatian Istrian peninsula. The flagship of our group is the St. Bernardin Adriatic Resort & Convention Centre which, with its 1,100-seats auditorium, is the largest convention hotel in Slovenia. Due to its 19 conference rooms of a different size and superb location, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, it is most suitable for scientific congresses, corporate events and dynamic incentives alike.

BLED CASTLE / BLED CONVENTION CENTER The mission of the Bled Culture Institute is to responsibly manage the Bled Castle, Festival Hall and other cultural monuments of national importance and to organise cultural events linked to the above mentioned cultural monuments in Bled.

Contact person: Ms. Sanja Tešanović T: +386 (0)1 588 25 13

Contact person: Ms. Mojca Gobina T: +386 51 350 967

Contact Obala 2 Portorož, Slovenia w Contact person: Mr. Gregor Gorenc +386 5 690 7108

Contact Cesta svobode 11 Bled Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Špela Repnik T: +386 4 5729 779


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BLED CONVENTION BUREAU Bled Convention Bureau is a non-profit organisation, operating under the umbrella of the Bled Tourist Board. Its main tasks include the marketing and promotion of Bled as an inspiring and refreshing destination for medium-sized corporate, governmental and association meetings, larger international sports events and incentive travel. Furthermore, it acts as a source of objective information on meeting venues and service providers in Bled, supporting planners in the selection of the most suitable partners, as well as assisting them with expert advice and material.

Contact Ljubljanska cesta 27 Bled Slovenia

BOHINJ ECO HOTEL Nestled in the heart of Alps you will find Slovenia’s premier Alpine ECO retreat with 102 rooms, 7 conference rooms, cinema, bowling and exclusive wellness. The hotel was built in 2009 with highest awareness of the environment and is as such, at the moment, one of the most advanced and energy efficient hotels in CEE. In 2010 it has also been certified by Green Globe sustainability organization. Our efforts target all areas of sustainability: energy-water-waste consumption and re-use, working with locals, promoting local culture, heritage, landscape.

Contact Triglavska cesta 17 Bohinjska Bistrica Slovenia

BRDA TOURIST BOARD Tourist board Brda rapresents the magical and sunny region of Brda, known for excellent wines & world-known wine producers, tasteful fruits, olive oil, delicious culinary and fairytale landscape. Tourist board Brda is a branch of Institute for tourism, culture, youth and sport Brda which operates in the region and provides operational support to tourism, culture, youth and sport activities in the region. The institute also manages the renovated Vila Vipolže, the most beautiful renaissance villa in Slovenia, small&unique this villa is a perfect spot for a successful & memorable MICE.

Contact trg 25.maja 2 Dobrovo Slovenia,

BRDO ESTATE Brdo Estate is an enchanting combination of picturesque nature and local aristocratic history. It is located in the heart of Slovenia.The destination is a great opportunity for MICE business and is distinguished by its closeness to the capital city of Ljubljana. The venue offers the MICE sector a distinctive advantage of elegantly designed venues for a range of functions, – from intimate business networking sessions to larger board room meetings. Brdo also offers its services in nearby Strmol Castle and the four star hotel Vila Bled in a serene part of the Slovene Alpine resort Bled.

Contact Predoslje 39 Kranj Slovenia

Contact person: Ms. Lili Ošterbenk Janša T: +386 4 5780 506

Contact person: Ms. Nataša Andlovec T: +38651828288

Contact person: Mr. Aljaž Filej T: +386 31 699 458

Contact person: Ms. Darja Remic T: +386 4 260 16 61

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CD CONGRESS CENTRE LJUBLJANA CD Congress Centre Ljubljana lies in the heart of Slovenia’s capital, within walking distance from all major hotels and the city’s attractive Old Town. With 20 multipurpose halls and maximum capacity of 2,000 delegates in the plenary hall, Cankarjev dom is the largest congress centre in Slovenia, annually hosting over 250 national and international congresses and convention-related events. The venue also provides extensive exhibition space and is member of IAPCO and ICCA.

Contact Prešernova 10 Ljubljana Slovenia

CITY HOTEL LJUBLJANA The City Hotel Ljubljana boasts a privileged downtown location, a cozy and warm atmosphere, and an array of hotel amenities. The property features 200 rooms distinguished by their fresh interior design and two luxury apartments overlooking the Old town and Ljubljana Castle. The fully equipped Conference Centre with four bright meeting rooms is an ideal venue for smaller meetings. These individual units can be flexibly arranged into six combinations, their maximum capacity being 200 seats theatre-style when joined together. High speed free WiFi is available throughout the hotel.

Contact Dalmatinova 15 Ljubljana Slovenia

DT SLOVENIA DMC DT Slovenia DMC specializes in the organization and orchestration of meetings, incentives, exclusive groups and events. With its highly trained, multilingual and experienced young professionals, in their Ljubljana and Portoroz offices. DT Slovenia provides complete solution and assures a quality standards to clients and partners throughout Slovenia and its neighboring countries with affiliated offices of Talas M in Budva, Montenegro, DT Croatia with offices in Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb, and Talas S’s office in Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact Modra Hiša, Bravničarjeva 13 Ljubljana Slovenia

ETC ADRIATIC D.O.O. ETC Adriatic is your best choice for team building and incentive companies in the region. We offer great programs, complete organization and we believe we can make your event the best possible. Contact us for a custom and unique offer for your preferred location in Slovenia, Croatia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy).

Contact Podgorje 39 Kamnik Slovenia

Contact person: Ms. Maja Vidergar T: +386 1 2417 128

Contact person: Ms. Tina Možina T: +386 1 239 01 39

Contact person: Ms. Taja Macek T: +386 30 292 733

Contact person: Mr. Matjaž Jug T: +38631226763


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GO.MICE / TOLERANCA MARKETING Go.Mice / Toleranca marketing is a young and flexible team being active in various fields within the meetings industry. Beside the professional organisation for both association and corporate events, they also act as consultants and moderators facilitating the transfer of knowledge to achieve optimal results. With the professional technological tools they take over the registration of participants, their hotel reservations, on-line payments and abstracts handling. Go.Mice are the proud technical organiser of Conventa!

Contact Stihova 4 Ljubljana Slovenia

GOOPTI TRANSPORTATION SPECIALIST Do you wish to discover the easiest way to get to Slovenia? Besides traveling by car or bus, arriving by plane is becoming an increasingly easy method of visiting our country. You can fly to Ljubljana airport or to nearby airports in Zagreb, Venice, Trieste, Bergamo, Bologna, Vienna, Graz...which offer numerous low-cost connections to various cities in Europe and other parts of the globe. Our company is the leading road transportation specialist in Slovenia, providing individuals and groups with low-cost and comfortable shuttle transfers from all these airports to any location in Slovenia.

Contact Tehnološki Park 18, 1000 Ljubljana Ljubljana Slovenia

GRAND HOTEL SAVA****SUPERIOR "Rogaška has been known for its healing mineral water for centuries, but there is more to it. Rogaška has been making history for hundreds of years: with its people, nature, water, health ... A quiet place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by rich vegetation and unspoilt nature. A magnificent park soothes with beauty and elegance, the nearby forest tempts with a comforting shade. The hotel has preserved its historic charm, but at the same time it can meet the highest expectations of a modern guest. Let it seduce you with its majestic appearance and rich offer"

Contact Zdraviliški trg 6 Rogaška Slatina Slovenia

GR - LJUBLJANA EXHIBITION AND CONVENTION CENTRE GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is the largest convention centre in Slovenia comprising 20 multifunctional halls that occupy a surface area of 12,323 square metres, which are complemented by 8,844 square metres of external exhibition space. The function rooms, providing a high degree of versatility, can be arranged to welcome any kind of meeting from 15 to 4,000 delegates. The largest hall provides a seating capacity for around 2,200 people theatre-style, or 1,200 if a banqueting set-up is arranged. All halls and function spaces offer unlimited possibilities for exhibitions.

Contact Dunajska cesta 18 Ljubljana Slovenia

Contact person: Ms. Natalija Bah Cad T: +386 1 430 5103

Contact person: Ms. Urška Kozamernik T: +386 1 320 45 25

Contact person: Mr. Žan Sekirnik T: +38638114393

Contact person: Ms. Ana Bozic T: +386 1 300 26 39

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GR - LJUBLJANA EXHIBITION AND CONVENTION CENTRE GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is the largest convention centre in Slovenia, comprising 20 multifunctional halls that occupy a surface area of 12,323 square meters, which are complemented by 8,844 square meters of external exhibition space. The function rooms, providing a high degree of versatility, can be arranged to welcome any kind of meeting from 15 to 4,000 delegates. The largest hall provides a seating capacity for around 2,200 delegates theatre-style, or 1,200 if a banqueting set-up is arranged. All halls and function spaces offer unlimited possibilities for exhibitions

Contact Dunajska cesta 18 Ljubljana Slovenia

HIT ALPINEA D.D. Kranjska Gora is a petite Alpine resort in the heart of Julian Alps, on the boarder of Slovenia, Italy and Austria and only 50 min drive from the closest airport. The destination offers wide range of activities for different types of guest and is an excellent starting point for numerous activities as well as team-building programs for business guest. The company HIT Alpinea has a long tradition in congress tourism and have large amount of experience in organizing different types of events, hotels with their infrastructure are suitable for variety of business events and incentive programs.

Contact Borovška 99 Kranjska Gora Slovenia

HIT, D.D. By the main road leading to the town of Nova Gorica the mighty building of the Perla Gaming and Entertainment Centre rises. Its attractive outside look invites to visit its contemporary and accomplished inside. Its shipthemed complex combines a hotel, a casino, an open air casino, a Poker Room, a discotheque, the Arena show room, a conference centre, several restaurants, the Caffè Dolce Vita coffee shop and the Spa Perla wellness centre. Because of its extraordinarily rich gaming and entertainment offer, the Perla is one of the largest gaming and entertainment centres in Europa.

Contact Delpinova 7 a Nova Gorica Slovenia

HOTEL CUBO Hotel CUBO is a modern design hotel located in the heart of the city centre. We are offering 26 luminous and spacious rooms, decorated with particularly good taste in a warm contemporary style using only the highest quality materials and amenities. In addition, we also offer conference facilities - 2 meeting rooms with minimalistic design, strategically placed lighting and latest audio-visual equipment. The newest conference hall is situated in the same building as the hotel and can easily accommodate up to 100 guests. The hall and hospitality services are managed by the hotel.

Contact Slovenska cesta 15 Ljubljana Slovenia

Contact person: Mr. Miha Gartner T: +386 1 3002 627

Contact person: Ms. Tjaša Maučec Šuvak T: +386 45 884 548

Contact person: Ms. Mija Rijavec T: +386 41 766 367

Contact person: Mr. Luka Ocvirk T: +386 41 265 787


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HOTEL PLESNIK**** LOGARSKA DOLINA We are inviting you to our little paradise - Logar Valley in Solčavsko. Capacities are available in a family hotel that satisfy the highest expectations of modern guests. Within the hotel complex, we offer conference facilities in a beautiful modern style with a hint of familiarity and a view of the meadows and forests. The halls are equipped with modern audio-video technology, which facilitates communication and presentations at the highest level.

Contact Logarska dolina 10 Logarska dolina, Solčava Slovenia

BEST WESTERN PREMIER HOTEL SLON LJUBLJANA The BEST WESTERN PREMIER HOTEL SLON is a 4-star superior hotel and is situated in the very heart of Ljubljana city centre. It offers 170 comfortable and well-appointed hotel rooms There are extensive facilities for business functions: five conference halls provide accessible and flexible conferencing for up to 250 participants; we also host working breakfasts, business lunches and gala dinners, receptions, parties and weddings. The hotel is also famous for its cuisine. In our Restaurant Slon 1552, our guests will be served excellent dishes and top quality wines.

Contact Slovenska cesta 34 Ljubljana Slovenia

IDMC iDMC stands for reliable, knowledgeable and experienced DMC in region of Slovenia, Croatian Istria and Serbia. It also stands for a way of life. It stands for a business partner that will handle your project with energy, passion and smile. That will handle your challenges with care and add ideas to make your event an unforgettable experience.

Contact Stegne 3 Ljubljana Slovenia

INTOURS DMC Intours DMC is proud to be a reliable partner for incentive and event organisers since 1995. The team of events specialists provides destination expertise and creativity in organizing incentives, meetings, conferences and product launches in Slovenia and the larger Adriatic region. It seeks out of the box solutions to meet the needs of clients and ensure success of each event.

Contact Breg 10 Ljubljana Slovenia

Contact person: Ms. Nina Plesnik T: +386 3 839 23 00

Contact person: Ms. Helena Kotolenko T: +386 1 4701 156

Contact person: Ms. Jelena Petković T: +386 59017746

Contact person: Mr. Miro Hribar T: +386 1 430 35 50

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KAVAL GROUP Kaval Group existed since 1999 and connect 17 restaurants, patisserie, billiards club and catering services in Ljubljana. Kaval Group is reliable partner that provides creative culinary journey for everyone. Kaval Group has RESTAURANTS IN EXCLUSIVE LOCATION, 8 TOP CHEFS WITH PLENTY OF EXPERIENCE, TYPICAL SLOVENIAN DISHES, and CATERING SERVICES ACROSS SLOVENIA. Kaval Group participated in numerous events such as congresses, conferences, meetings etc. Each event is prepared with personal touch, diversity and creativity.

Contact Tacenska cesta 95 Ljubljana Slovenia

KEMPINSKI PALACE PORTOROŽ The Kempinski Palace enjoys a unique location in the very heart BF Portorož with a fantastic view BF the Adriatic Sea. Close to the medieval pearl, the town BF Piran and jsut a short drive from Trieste, Ljubljana and Venice, the hotel is ideally positioned for leisure, business and adventure. The 5 star Superior hotel boasts 164 Superior and Deluxe rooms, 17 exclusive suites.Conferences, seminars, team building, product presentations and gala dinners – the Kempinski Palace avails six meeting rooms, a selection of breakout rooms, a unique ballroom and a private 5000 sq m park for car launches.

Contact Obala 45 Portorož Slovenia w portoroz/palace-portoroz/ welcome/

KOMPAS DMC Kompas with more than 63 years of tradition is one of the European largest tourism agencies. With its international network of 22 offices all around the Europe and as well in USA and Asia is familiar with numbers of destinations. When looking for tailor made incentive programmes, unique team buildings and memorable events, Kompas DMC ensures professionalism in organization and focus on details. We have built up a strong reputation to manage and execute a number of important and high profile events, meetings, conferences and incentives.

Contact Prazakova 4 Ljubljana Slovenia

KOMPAS HOTELI BLED d.d. The sister hotels Kompas and Best Western Premier Lovec are situated in the very heart of Bled, next to one another, and offer views across the lake and the mountains. There are five meeting halls in the Kompas Hotel, the largest for 220 participants, with an additional top-floor hall for up to 140 guests in the Lovec. The hotels combine a stimulating working environment with superb cuisine featuring dishes made from the freshest locally grown ingredients, which may be tasted at working lunches, gala dinners and receptions.

Contact Cankarjeva cesta 4 Bled Slovenia w

Contact person: Ms. Dada Jerovšek T: +386 41684248

Contact person: Mr. Tomislav Hrala T: +386 5 692 766

Contact person: Ms. Irena Smrkolj T: +386 1 200 6386

Contact person: Ms. Sandra Bajželj T: +386 51 681 644


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LIFECLASS HOTELS & SPA The LifeClass hotel chain consists of 6 hotels situated in the center of Portorož, the elite costal resort in Slovenia and offer altogether 793 elegantly appointed rooms. The LifeClass Congress center Portus offers an excellent working experience in a relaxing environment. Its seven meeting rooms at the hotel Slovenija, the two conference rooms at the Grand Hotel Portorož – the Galea and Batana – together with the Mystica meeting room at the hotel Riviera, cover an area of 1,600 m2, feature state of the art audio and visual equipment and can host up to 1,200 delegates.

Contact Obala 33 Portorož Slovenia

LJUBLJANA CASTLE On the hill above the city … … on a 376 metre hill stands a mighty fortress – the Ljubljana Castle. Its unique position has long ensured its role as a safe refuge, a strategic point or a residence. Due to its dominance, the castle soon also became a symbol of the city. Through the centuries, it has experienced various fates, frequently changing its function, but there is no doubt that it is and will remain a symbol of the Slovene capital. The Ljubljana Castle is the most visited and interesting tourist attraction of the capital, with more than a million visitors each year.

Contact Grajska planota 1 Ljubljana Slovenia

LJUBLJANA TOURISM / CONVENTION BUREAU The team of Ljubljana Convention Bureau is your source to impartial and expert advice on meeting venues, suppliers and services in the capital of Slovenia and offers support to the prospective client in identifying the best solutions for an event. With insider’s destination knowledge and a network of professional and dedicated partners, we can contribute to reaching the set objectives. In addition, our services are free of charge. Why organize an event in Ljubljana? Safe. Compact. Car-Free. Good value for money. European Green Capital 2016.

Contact Krekov trg 10 Ljubljana Slovenia w meetings/

LJUBLJANA TOURISM / CONVENTION BUREAU The team of Ljubljana Convention Bureau is your source to impartial and expert advice on meeting venues, suppliers and services in the capital of Slovenia and offers support to the prospective client in identifying the best solutions for an event. With insider’s destination knowledge and a network of professional and dedicated partners, we can contribute to reaching the set objectives. In addition, our services are free of charge. Why organize an event in Ljubljana? Safe. Compact. Car-Free. Good value for money. European Green Capital 2016.

Contact person: Mr. Mitja Žnidaršič T: +386 5 692 90 29

Contact person: Ms. Maja Pangršič T: +386 1 306 42 30

Contact person: Ms. Tatjana Radovic T: +386 1 306 45 84

Contact Krekov trg 10 Ljubljana Slovenia w meetings/ Contact person: Ms. Sindi Vogric T: +386 1 306 45 84

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RADISSON BLU PLAZA HOTEL LJUBLJANA The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Ljubljana is the premier accommodation choice in the heart of the city’s business and shopping district. Choose from 236 spacious rooms equipped with a range of comfortable amenities, like Free high-speed, wireless Internet. The on-site restaurants include an innovative eatery serving gourmet cuisine and the Plaza Cafe, the perfect place for a cup of coffee or cold cocktail. Host both business and personal events in the hotel’s 15th-storey congress center.

Contact Bratislavska cesta 8 Ljubljana Slovenia w hotel-ljubljana Contact person: Mr. Matevz Matic Vozlic T: +386 30605708

REMISENS HOTELS & VILLAS More than 20 well-equipped convention halls and meeting rooms make Remisens Hotels & Villas a regional leader in the field of conference organisation. Why not organise your conference or a business meeting in one of our congress hotels located along Adriatic coast - on Opatija Riviera, in Cavtat near Dubrovnik or in Portorož. The fabulous Crystal Hall of the Hotel Kvarner, the magnificent Golden Hall of the Hotel Imperial, the congress facilities of the Hotel Ambasador in Opatija, modern meeting halls of Hotel Metropol in Portorož... Remisens can meet all the needs of modern gatherings.

Contact Obala 77, Portorož Opatija - Portorož Slovenia

SAVA HOTELS & RESORTS The largest tourism company in Slovenia includes 4 MICE destinations: Sava Hotels Bled and three Thermal resorts in the North Eastern part of the country: Ptuj, Moravske Toplice and Radenci. With more than 5,500 m2 of meeting space and 1,800 hotel rooms in total, pampering wellness centres and picturesque golf courses, Sava Hotels & Resorts offers diversity and variety surrounded by nature.A personal approach to meetings can be felt in their dedicated MICE team, who are committed to advise on the best solutions to turn every event into an unforgettable experience. Devoted to environmentally friendly initiative, the >>Green for tomorrow<< brand was launched within Sava Hoteli Bled emphasizing the use of local ingredients and tap water, the separation of trash and the reduction of electricity use among meeting organizers. Around 30% of events held within Sava Hoteli Bled already carry a green note.

Contact Dunajska 152 Ljubljana Slovenia

SAVA HOTELS & RESORTS The largest tourism company in Slovenia includes 4 MICE destinations: Sava Hotels Bled and three Thermal resorts in the North Eastern part of the country: Ptuj, Moravske Toplice and Radenci. With more than 5,500 m2 of meeting space and 1,800 hotel rooms in total, pampering wellness centres and picturesque golf courses, Sava Hotels & Resorts offers diversity and variety surrounded by nature.A personal approach to meetings can be felt in their dedicated MICE team, who are committed to advise on the best solutions to turn every event into an unforgettable experience. Devoted to environmentally friendly initiative, the >>Green for tomorrow<< brand was launched within Sava Hoteli Bled emphasizing the use of local ingredients and tap water, the separation of trash and the reduction of electricity use among meeting organizers. Around 30% of events held within Sava Hoteli Bled already carry a green note.

Contact Dunajska 152 Ljubljana Slovenia

Contact person: Mr. Ronald Kvarantan T: +386 56 901 201

Contact person: Ms. Janette Poglajen T: +386 51 271772

Contact person: Ms. Saša Zor T: +386 51662516


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SAVA HOTELS & RESORTS Sava Hotels & Resorts brings together the 6 most beautiful destinations in Slovenia where modernity, excellence and diversity connect in a creative atmosphere in harmony with nature. With 14 hotels of different categories, 41 traditional and contemporary meeting rooms, high level conference services, state of the art technical equipment, professional support in planning, organisation and all related activities we assure the provision of services of the highest level. Additional attractions include: thermal spas and wellness centres, golf courses, culinary delights.

Contact DUNAJSKA 152 Ljubljana Slovenia

SLOVENIAN CONVENTION BUREAU The Slovenian Convention Bureau (SCVB) is a non-profit organization, offering free advice on the meetings and incentive options available in Slovenia. It features 66 members that include convention centres and hotels, PCO’s and DMC’s, the Ljubljana Convention Bureau, incentive and other service providers. The Slovenian Tourist Board is its strategic partner. The SCVB promotes and markets Slovenia as a meetings and incentive travel destination in order to attract international meetings business to the country. It acts as a professional intermediary between meeting planners and suppliers.

Contact Vošnjakova ulica 1 Ljubljana Slovenia

SLOVENIAN TOURIST BOARD Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is a major national tourist organization for: - planning and performing the promotion of our country as a tourist destination - linking the existing products and programmes of national importance and advancing the progress of new ones - establishment of the integral tourist information infastructure - executing research and development work The STB is the contact and central point in the complex network of the Slovenian tourism which plays a coordinating and linking role between the public, private and civil society.

Contact Dimiceva 13 Ljubljana Slovenia

SORA CATERING SORA Catering is a family owned company from Slovenia with over 30 years of tradition and experience in hospitality business. SORA Catering will transform the most simple local dish into a trendy culinary delicacy. Family managed company of 4 brothers ensures personal touch and trustworthy services. SORA Catering has the expertise, resources and contacts to offer their services wherever you wish throughout Europe or elsewhere.

Contact Sora 1a Medvode Slovenia

Contact person: Ms. Špela Pipan T: +386 4 579 46 07

Contact person: Ms. Jasna Jašič T: +386 1 5691260

Contact person: Ms. Vesna Mojsilović T: +386 1 589 85 44

Contact person: Mr. Primoz Kriznar T: +386 1 3619421

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TERME KRKA d.o.o. We are one of the leading tourism companies in Slovenia that comprises health and spa resorts in Dolenjske Toplice and Šmarješke Toplice, the seaside centre Thalasso Strunjan and the Otočec Hotels with the famous Otočec Castle. At all locations we are offer plenty of opportunities for organizing seminars, symposiums, meetings, trainings and social or business gatherings. A novelty at is a new modern Hotel Balnea which together with the Cultural and Congress Centre sets Terme Dolenjske Toplice Spa as one of the most attractive destinations for congress tourism.

Contact Ljubljanska cesta 26 Novo mesto Slovenia

TERME MARIBOR d.o.o. The company Terme Maribor runs eight different hotels (from 3 to 5 stars) and Convention Center for up to 800 hundred participants. Our hotels lay in incredible region, where meets winegrowing area, thermal water and the green hills of Pohorje - which offer the biggest ski center in Slovenia. In the center of region lays the second biggest city in the country – Maribor. During last year’s we hosts many interesting and well known person for example: Dalai Lama, Garry Kasparov, chess master, Mr. Sergej Lavrov, foreign minister of Russia, Football club Chelsea with Mr. Murignio, The best women sk

Contact Ul. heroja Šlandra 10 Maribor Slovenia

TERME OLIMIA d.d. Terme Olimia has always been an excellent incentive and holiday spot for all those curious, adventure-loving and culinary-oriented tourists who like to take a look beyond the edge of the swimming pools, the biggest world of saunas and excellent staying in wellness hotel Sotelia**** superior. The Congress Centre Olimia incorporates eight halls and conference rooms equipped with the latest technology, suitable for the organization of conferences, consultations, meetings, seminars. Guests will find the most beautiful village in Europe – Olimje & will get pampered in unique Wellness Orhidelia.

Contact Zdraviliska cesta 24 Podcetrtek Slovenia

THERMANA D.D. When planning an event, select advantages of Thermana Congress Centre such as: - Easy accessible and peaceful location, situated in in the very heart of Slovenia - event management completed (Conference halls - hotel - catering - wellness centre - thermal centre ), - eco - green standards (“EU EcoLabel”), - Congress Hotel Thermana Park Lasko****superior (188 rooms), - 10 Conference halls for up to 1100 pax., 2 floors, coctail bar, - restaurants, coffee bar, gala -banquets, festive dinners, - parking garage, - hospitality that convinces participants

Contact ZDRAVILIŠKA CESTA 6 Laško Slovenia

Contact person: Mr. Primož Potočar T: +386 7 38 48 707

Contact person: Ms. Mojca Juhart T: +386 2 234 43 20

Contact person: Ms. Anja Tihec T: +386 3 829 78 70

Contact person: Ms. Metka Krivec T: +386 31 604 629


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UNION HOTELS D.D. The Union Hotels offer 574 elegantly furnished guest rooms and 30 conference rooms. Grand Hotel Union and Grand hotel Union Business with 327 bedrooms are one of the bigger properties in the city with excellent meetings facilities and a magnificently restored Art Nouveau banqueting hall with gala dinner capacity of 400. Hotel Lev with 180 rooms delights its guests with charming views of Tivoli Park and Ljubljana’s castle. Central Hotel is a smaller hotel offering an excellent location and full comfort. They are a perfect venue for organizing events according to your wishes.

Contact Miklošičeva 1 Ljubljana Slovenia

UNION HOTELS D.D. The Union Hotels offer 574 elegantly furnished guest rooms and 30 conference rooms. Grand Hotel Union and Grand hotel Union Business with 327 bedrooms are one of the bigger properties in the city with excellent meetings facilities and a magnificently restored Art Nouveau banqueting hall with gala dinner capacity of 400. Hotel Lev with 180 rooms delights its guests with charming views of Tivoli Park and Ljubljana’s castle. Central Hotel is a smaller hotel offering an excellent location and full comfort. They are a perfect venue for organizing events according to your wishes.

Contact Miklošičeva ulica 1 Ljubljana Slovenia

VIVO CATERING Vivo catering is on the top of Slovene catering services with successful tradition. We boast of international experiences, and we prepare catering in Slovenia and also abroad. We are specialised in organising an event catering. We can Feasts few thousand guests or more on different locations at the same time. With of congressional activity in Slovenia, we are more and more present on the congresses.

Contact Pot na Fužine 2 Ljubljana Slovenia

ANTALYA CONVENTION BUREAU Antalya Convention Bureau highlights Antalya’s name as a congress and incentive destination. That’s why ACB speeds up its work to promote Antalya by participating in the most important fairs every year. It is important to make the MICE professionnals understand the meeting facilities, natural beauty and direct flights from many destinations. Antalya is not only a sun, sea and sand destination. Besides, Antalya is one of the most attractive destinations for Meeting Industry. Antalya has more than 300 five star hotels, 600.000 beds and 175.000 seating capacity for the congresses and conventions

Contact Göksu Mah Gazi Blv. Antalya Turkey

Contact person: Ms. Nuša Šolar T: +386 1 3081070

Contact person: Mr. Marko Zidar T: +386 1 308 1042

Contact person: Ms. Mateja Pohlin T: +386 1 54 61 657

Contact person: Mr. Ali Sinan İnan T: +90 2423143806

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AQUAMICE AquaMICE is the destination management company that is located in Antalya and Istanbul. Company was established in 2009 specializing in services for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. AquaMICE is the leading DMC in Turkey that provides avia-charters, accommodation, ground services, event management, professional conference and banquet organizations with its own dedicated creative team and equipments, team buildings and many other services. The main advantage to work with Aquamice is to get professional A-Z services from one single address.

Contact Kızıltoprak Mah. Ersahin apt. 920 Sok. No:20/A Muratpasa Antalya Turkey

ISTANBUL CONGRESS CENTER - ICC İstanbul Congress Center Being the most modern convention and exhibition center in Turkey. İstanbul Congress Center is located at a central region that is closed to the historical and touristic richness of the city and hosts the leading hotel chains of the world and also its position provides convenience in terms of access and transportation. İCC built over an area covering 119.500 m²- entertains its guests at national and international platforms with its Auditorium with 3555 seats,115 meeting rooms and 4.500 m² open area,

Contact Istanbul Kongre Merkezi, Taskısla Cad. No:1 Harbiye Istanbul, Turkey

ISTANBUL CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU Founded in 1997 as Turkey&rsquo;s first destination marketing bureau, the Istanbul Convention &amp; Visitors Bureau (ICVB) is a non-profit organisation that offers a wide range of services designed to: - Help promote Istanbul as a congress, meeting &amp; incentive destination - Assist organisers in creating fabulous events in the city - Arrange site inspections for association representatives &amp; meeting planners - Support the congress candidature process of Istanbul by preparing official bids - Provide promotional materials - Coordinate the support of local and national authorities

Contact ITO Ek Hizmet Binasi, Resadiye Cad. No:7 K:3 Istanbul Turkey

PINE BAY HOLIDAY RESORT / DOUBLE TREE BY HILTON Pine Bay Holiday Resort has its own bay, beach, blue flag beach and a magnificent nature. It is located in such a geographical position surrounded by cultural wealth that you can go to historical journeys tirelessly. The conference hall for 1000 guests equipped with superior light, audio systems might be converted to 200 (Pergamun), 500 (Miletus), 200 (Priene)-guest capacity halls with sound isolated separators. You can enter into our hall from a large lounge and enters and exits can be made via 4 large doors easily.

Contact Çam Limanı Mevkii KUŞADASI Turkey

Contact person: Ms. Victoria Tucan T: +90 5389473033

Contact person: Mr. Ihsan Gemici T: +90 553 281 02 04

Contact person: Ms. Tugce Memisoglu T: +90 2125225555

Contact person: Ms. Zülal Inan T: +90 5326003805


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REGNUM CARYA GOLF & SPA RESORT Opened on 01st April of 2014, Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort is located in Carya Golf Clubs area of 1.000.000 m² surrounded with pine trees. In this region of heavenly beauty, designed with a flawless architecture the hotel combines the soothing green of Golf with the rousing blue of Mediterranean. With a total of 1200 beds, the hotel is getting ready for being the most assertive hotel of the region. Regnum Carya Golf and Spa Resort will be one of the most amazing hotels of not only Antalya region, but also Mediterranean.

Contact UCKUM TEPESI MEVKII Antalya Turkey

TUNES TRAVEL ISTANBUL INCENTIVE TRAVEL & YACHT CHARTERS; Tunes Travel Istanbul is a full service and innovative destination management company with extensive experience and progressive ideas. Provides exclusive organization and implementation of incentive programs with the highest level of personal attention, professionalism, creativity and flair. Endless possibilities to view and sample the diverse culture, 2000 year history, cuisine & entertainment.

Contact Bagdat Cad. 191 Ciftehavuzlar Istanbul Turkey

TURKISH AIRLINES Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines with a fleet of 297 aircraft (passenger and cargo) is a four-star airline flying to 277 cities around the world. One of the fastest growing airlines, it received several “Passenger Choice Awards” from APEX. In 2015, Turkish Airlines has been chosen “Europe’ s Best Airline “ for the fifth consecutive time. Having become a member of Star Alliance in 2008 and ICCA on October 2010, Turkish Airlines offers multiple solutions for all kinds of events with a single point of contact; Group & Conventions Department.

Contact Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:123 K:3 34373 Elmadag Istanbul Turkey

THE MEETINGS SHOW Organised by meeting professionals for meeting professionals, The Meetings Show is a major event for the UK inbound and outbound meeting industry. For 2015 The Meetings Show has refreshed, redefined and reinvented the platform for those that are truly serious in doing business within the meetings industry. By combining a proven hosted buyer programme, unrivalled education sessions and numerous daytime and evening networking opportunities, The Meetings Show has become the must attend event.

Contact 79 Wells Street London United Kingdom

Contact person: Ms. Tugce Baykal T: +90 242710 3434

Contact person: Ms. Serra Tunaman Parlakisik T: +90 5322158704

Contact person: Ms. Evrim Acar T: +90 212 3686363 / 30047

Contact person: Mr. Gordon Kirk T: +44 20 7970 4410

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GROPIK D.O.O. The company GROPIK was founded in year 1990 with the purpose of producing our own leather goods. Soon they added products from import and rapidly expanded their offer in range of business and promotional gifts. Today, they offer a very wide range of business and promotional gifts of many foreign suppliers and carefully selected Slovenian ethnomanufacturers. They print logos to different equipment. Their offers are always custom tailored to costumer individual needs and wishes.

Contact Orla vas 13 3314 Braslovče Slovenia

ESCOBAR SPECIALTY COFFEE ROASTERS ESCOBAR Specialty Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and retailer based in Vrhnika, Slovenia. We offer high quality and always fresh roasted coffee. Enjoy our house blends and single origins which we buy directly from the coffee farmers.In cooperation with a group of young baristas Experiment; no ART = no FUN we organize CREATIVE COFFEE BREAKS. Contact us and enrich your coffee break with our delicious coffees and unique experience.

Contact Grilcev grič 12 1360 Vrhnika Slovenia

AGENCIJA PROMO D.O.O. Agencija Promo organises a large variety of business events, team building programmes and incentive tours. Thanks to our rich experience, we help our clients create unique events, supported by state of the art technical equipment. In our 25 year history, we have become the agency that makes your event something special, thanks to which we are today part of the Europe’s Live Communication Agency 27Names http://www.27names. com. Through our events, we introduce guests to the unique features and experiences the rich Slovenian natural and historic heritage has to offer in a way they could never have experienced by themselves. Our events take place on carefully selected locations. All events are tailor made for your guests to enjoy a unique experience. We make sure your event is unforgettable.

Contact Cankarjevo nabrežje 7 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

PROEVENT D. O. O. Proevent d.o.o. company was founded in 1995. In more than 20 years of its activity it has grown from a leading company in installation and equipment rental for fair constructions in Slovenia to a company with a long-term vision - from idea to performance. In 2006 we extended our prime activity into organization of all sorts of events and fairs, which have till this day become regonisable brand names. These events are the biggest family fair event in Slovenia Childrens’ Bazaar, Festival of the Third Age, Students Arena, Education and Career Fair Informativa, International Collectors Fair Collecta, and we also cooperate in organizing the Slovenian Congress of Accounting Service Performers and other events. Besides the company extended its activity into a successful accounting service.

Contact Dunajska street 10 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Contact person: Ms. Tjaša Grobelnik T: +386 3 425 3600

Contact person: Ms. Katja Turk Escobar T: +386 41 311 068

Contact person: Mr. Marko Križnik T: +386 1 438 24 70

Contact person: Ms. Melita Remškar T: +386 1 300 32 19


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STREAMING.HR Europe-wide traveling VIDEO crew offering all-inclusive service: video production, web streaming, broadcasting to Internet media and to TV, post-production, monetizing content by own Pay-Per-View paywall, uplink, filming and video editing - professional full service VIDEO company in SE Europe, leading HQ live streaming provider in Adria region:

Contact Kaptolska 36 10110 Zagreb Croatia

AS CONGRESS SERVICE LTD. Founded in 1969, AS Congress Service is the regional market leader in providing technical support to congress and MICE industry. Always aiming to highest possible level of quality and reliability, AS Congress Service is proud of achieving the status of technology reference company, following global trends and setting them locally. Serving meetings from a handful of participants to several thousands, AS Congress provides everything a meeting might need to be truly networked, interactive and multimedial: Sound systems by BOSE; Simultaneous interpretation by BOSCH and BRAHLER; Audience response & voting by IML/LUMI; IT & network equipment; Presentation management network systems; Mobile apps; Digital signage; E-posters; LCD screens; Projectors... and highly trained and professional staff.

Contact Industrijska 1 10431 Sveta Nedelja Croatia

KISIKURA D.O.O. KISIKURAis a total novelty on the Europe market. A novelty, which in its innovative and attention grabbing way upgrades any event!KISIKURA is a therapy which has priceless effects on the human body. How? With pure Oxygen. On your event guests with desire to get uplifted and regenerated can sit on a comfortable chair and breathe! Result? Pure Storm of natural physical energy! Revitalised mind and body!No more headaches! Higher concentration. Oxygen barKISIKURA can be branded. It is a perfect option for promotions of new products or make an info point. Every visitor of oxygen bar takes some time for relaxation. During this time, our staff represents all the novelties about the product or giving an informations of event. We were selected for the top 10 innovations at EIBTM in Barcelona

Contact Hrenova 8 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

VPK D.O.O Company was established in 1985, as a small production company focusing on producing corporate films for local companies. In 90’s came first commercial television channels to the region. TV production got the opportunity for growth. VPK produced first daily show for TV Slovenia – Wheel Of Fortune, and first outsourced production for HRT Croatia. VPK won many awards for best documentaries at SLO film festival , best tourist film... Production of the most watched weekly show for more than 7 years, called “Na Zdravje” ( Slo version Musikantstadl) with average viewer rating over 13%Awarded as the best Slovenian TV commercial production house SOF Portorose 2011 ( slovenian advertising festival). VPK is already a well recognized name for sport production in the region.

Contact Kranjčeva ulica 22 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Contact person: Mr. Karlo Dzeverlija T: +385 95 2000000

Contact person: Mr. Adem Braco Suljic T: +385 1 3370500

Contact person: Vanja Dordevic T: +386 30 656 170

Contact person: Mr. Mitja Kregar T: +386 1 236 28 30

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LIFE EVENTS LIFE Events is one of the leading incentives and event companies in Slovenia. LIFE Event provides the creative, customized and unique corporate events, incentives, creative meetings, team building and promotional events. Through our carefully planned business events programs you can discover true Slovenian Alps or the magical Croatian coast and at the same time inspire and motivate your clients. Having run over 600 events around Slovenia, Croatia and beyond, we have the experience, the knowledge and the expertise to ensure that your event will run smoothly from start to finish. Our specialty is our knowledge of boutique locations and wonderful, somewhat remote areas. Our mission is to provide unique event experiences and adventures coexisting with nature and special urban area.

Contact Bleiweisova cesta 30 4000 Kranj Slovenia

BLUE Surprise your clients BLUE is a one-stop shop for your meetings in Slovenia and South East Europe. BLUE offers complete support for any kind of incentives, events and meetings. Meeting planners wish for something new. You would like to see the yet unseen places, taste un-tasted delicacies, unknown wines and experience undiscovered experiences. South East Europe offers numerous pleasant secrets in the worldwide meeting industry, waiting to be discovered.

Contact Štihova 4, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

ADDENDUM Ilirija Travel Ilirija travel is a part of Ilirija d.d., a company which covers all three segments of the tourism offer: hotel industry, nautics, camping, DMC&PCO and provides all necessary support. Ilirija Travel provides tailor made programs, conference & meetings planning, incentive organization, reveals stunning Zadar Region, its history, culture, cuisine, nature and adventure and much more. We are presenting M/Y NADA, a multifunctional event ship with seating capacity 180 and complete conference audio and visual equipment, a restaurant, kitchen and bars providing excellent service intended for gala receptions, banquettes, weddings, incentives,..

Contact T. Ujevića 7 Biograd na Moru Croatia

Contact person: Mr. Matej Mejovšek T: +386 4 2014875

Contact person: Mr. Gorazd Čad T: +386 1 430 51 03

Contact person: Ms. Margita Vrankulj T: +385 2 3383556


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KONGRES MAGAZINE/INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS REVIEW The Kongres Magazine is leading communications medium in the field of meetings industry. It gathers and distributes know-how related to the organisation of meetings for the world’s top professionals and analyses the development of meetings industry in Central and Southeast Europe. Kongres Magazine is member of IMRN – International Meeetings Review.

Contact Štihova 4 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia w

CIM CIM - Conference & Incentive Management is a leading European trade magazine for the convention, incentive and event industry. With a print run of 20,500 copies it addresses planners in companies, associations and agencies. CIM is bilingual (German/English) and is published six times a year. It reports about trends, destinations, technologies et cetera in our business segment. Its competent and independent journalists have built a reputation for their critical reflections on industry topics. Website provides daily news and is complemented by our newsletter CIMnews every two weeks. CIM is available as app for iPads and Android tablets.

Contact T & M Media GmbH & Co. KG Hilpertstr. 3 64295 Darmstadt Germany

BALKANS.COM Business News is a prominent and recognized voice for business globally. As a Balkans business resource, we provide up-to-date daily news and weekly reviews, market research, financial reports, company news linking and database of companies who do business in Albania, BosniaHerzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. In addition, our notable industry news section provides detailed information on business happenings for over 30 specific industries. Our readers are high-level executives, business leaders, educational institutions, investors, business owners and government institutions throughout the world. The business-only website in English, Serbian and Greek keeps our readers up-to-date with its comprehensive coverage of the region, in-depth analysis of industries and business opportunities, interviews with business leaders, special reports and a searchable database.

Contact 27, Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX England

Contact person: Mr Gorazd Čad, Editor-in-chief T: +386 143 051 03 F: +386 143 051 04

Contact person: Ms Ellen Hellbusch Advertising Director E: T: +49 6151 39 07 921 F: +49 6151 39 07 929

Contact person: Mr Manos Ioannidis Executive Vice President T: +44 203 371 1151 E:

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CONFERENCE & MEETING WORLD MAGAZINE, PART OF MASH MEDIA GROUP LTD Conference & Meetings World (CMW) magazine is the internation- al quarter magazine for the global meetings community published in London. The magazine offers news, features, destination reports and analysis of the key issues affecting the sector. Read what industry thought leaders have to say, as well as the latest association and corporate research. CMW provides a broad platform for all involved in the business of international conferencing. Check out also the website for blogs, galleries and a full rolling news service. Let CMW be your guide to action in the world of international conferencing. CMW is published in English by Mash Media Group, owners of International Confex and publishers of the UK’s broadest portfolio of events industry titles.

Contact Mash Media Group Ltd Sterling House 6-10 St George’s Road, London SW 19 4DP United Kingdom Contact person: Ms Teodora Jilkova International Account Manager E: T: + 44 208 971 828 2 F: + 44 208 971 828 4

145 GRUPO EVENTOPLUS Since 2000, Grupo eventoplus brings together, informs and inspires the Spanish meetings and events industry in Spain: from the first event portal in Spain to the leading trade magazine (eventos Magazine), from the leading Spanish trade show (evento Days) to the industry’s job search ... the group has gathered the industry’s finest community of meetings and events professionals. It also edits the official EIBTM Show Daily, in a partnership with Reed Travel Exhibitions.

Contact Diputació 256 5 1 08007 Barcelona Spain

POSLOVNITURIZAM/CROATIAMEETINGS – Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in SEE, but also an attractive meeting and incentives destination. If you are planning your next business event in Croatia, - is the best starting point of searching information about Croatian congress offer. is a leading specialized web portal for Croatian meetings industry. As one-stop-shop concept it gives a comprehensive overview of the Croatian conference venues, specialized MICE agencies and related services. provides meeting planners with efficient search tool and easily sending RFPs. This saves time and helps to find appropriate partners and business solutions. Besides detailed congress offer, you can find information about the most important Croatian tourist and meetings destinations, read the news and interviews, tips, researches, announcements of business events, etc.

Contact Krvarić 20/2, Zagreb, Croatia

PUTOVANJA ZA DVOJE Putovanja za dvoje – magazine for a modern traveller is a quarterly travel magazine (February, May, August and November) published since 2006. The first franchise for publishing the magazine was sold in 2008 for Slovenian edition – Potovanja v dvoje. So far five other franchises were sold (for France – Horizons Monde, Germany – World Horizons, Serbia – Putovanja za dvoje, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Putovanja za dvoje and Italy – Orizzonti Travel). Putovanja za dvoje readers are sophisticated, active travelers who look to the magazine for planning both pleasure and business trips. The magazine gives first-hand information and travel tips about domestic and international destinations, current trends, airlines and other carriers, prices and currencies, hotels and resorts. With their somewhat emotional approach, contributors in their reportages offer a direct experience of the destination accompanied by exceptional original photographs.

Contact person: Mr José G. Aguarod Director E: T: + 349 327 209 27

Contact person: Ms Daniela Kos, director E: T: +385 912 638 282

Contact Place2go d.o.o. Višnjica 16, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia Contact person: Mrs Damjana Domanovac Editor-in-Chief E:,, T: + 385 146 188 98, F: + 385 145 723 97

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THE SLOVENIA TIMES The Slovenia Times is the central newspaper in the English language in Slovenia since 2003 and it offers a critical, indepth and vivid analysis of the social and economic image of Slovenia. It covers promotional very interesting groups with higher that average personal income. The Slovenia Times is also an organizer of the finest business events in Slovenia with the FDI Summit Slovenia as one of the business highlight of every year.

Contact Domus d.o.o. Dunajska 5, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

TURIZAM.INFO B2B magazine for hotel, gastronomy and travel professional.

Contact A. Stangera 32 51410 Opatija, Croatia

Contact person: Mr Goran Mladenović Marketing Manger E: T: +386 314 468 08

Contact person: Mr Adriano Požarić, Editor in Chief T: +385 51 271 190, F: +385 51 718 351 E:

TURIZMUS TREND Hungarian travel trade magazine is published 10 times a year, on 64 pages. In 2013 its design and content was renewed. The magazine is supported by a daily newsletter sent out to 17000 addresses and a news website, www. turizmusonline. hu. Their goal is to make an analytic, professional mag- azine which points forward and can forecast the trends of the tourism sector. The magazine gives comprehensive outlook for tourism abroad and domestic as well with high quality articles, researches. Turizmus Trend focuses on issues concerning travel agencies, tourism marketing, hospi- tality and public transportation. Our readers are tour-operators, travel agents, managers and employees, professionals in hospitality industry, sales managers, guides, airline and other transportation corporations’s employees, TDM-organisations.

UT UGOSTITELJSTVO I TURIZAM Ugostiteljstvo I Turizam (catering and Tourism) is a monthly profession- al publication with 62 years of tradition. Magazine serves as an official voice for the associations of hoteliers, catering professionals, camp site owners and managers, restaurateurs and travel agencies. UT is also place for communication between all segments of tourism and it is very good and successful media for companies which offer their products or services to tourist industry in Croatia and some other countries.

Contact H-1037 Budapest, Montevideo utca 3/b Hungary Contact person: Mr Gergo Mráz, Sales Manager E: T: +361 430 450 0 F: +361 430 456 9

Contact UTM Revija d.o.o. Bosijevska 32, Zagreb Croatia Contact person: Ms Silvana Jakus Contact Manager T: + 385 137 057 50 F: + 385 137 057 55 E:


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ACE OF M.I.C.E. EXHIBITON 2015 MICE sector’s biggest international gathering ACE of M.I.C.E. Exhibition is getting ready to open its doors for the 2nd time this year. The exhibition will be held in Istanbul Congress Center between 26 - 28 February 2015 and will bring together sector professionals from Turkey and from the four corners of the world. Tourism Media Group organizes the ACE of M.I.C.E. Exhibition to raise awareness on the MICE sector. This year, the event will gather event planners and congress organizers from 25 different countries. This is the one and only M.I.C.E. Exhibition which is organized in MICE sector of Turkey. Many interesting panels, seminars, conferences and networking will be hold during the show.

Contact Turizm Medya Grubu Fuarcılık A.Ş. Kavacık Mahallesi Fatih Sultan Mehmet Cad. Akbey Sok. Kardeşler İş Merkezi No:10 K:5 D:13-14 Kavacık – Beykoz Istanbul, Turkey Contact person: Ms Beyza Aksit, Vice General Manager E: T: + 902 164 659 556 F: + 902 164 659 558

147 MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE Meetings International is our first meetings management magazine after working over 25 years with the leading meetings industry association Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and the two leading global exhibitions IMEX and EIBTM. This gave us a strong international perspective on the industry and we now want to share our experience and knowledge with a global audience. With articles covering key industry issues, strategic meetings management, (SMM), CSR, procurement and return on investment (ROI), through to supply chain management and benchmarking, we help meeting planners develop strategies, content and events that really make a difference. As editor in chief, Atti Soenarso, says »We put the planners who create the future of the worldwide meetings industry in the spotlight – where they belong«.

Contact Meetings International Publishing AB P.O. Box 224, 271 25 Ystad, Sweden

GENIOSO EVENT MAGAZINE Genioso Event Magazine is the go-to resource for event professionals, promoters, and meeting planners across the globe. Genioso is an online magazine focusing on increasing profits for event professionals. Written by event professionals for event professionals, Genioso strives to deliver the content that really matters. From marketing hacks, event technology news and reviews, to the latest insights and industry reports, you’ll find it there. Genioso Event Magazine

Contact person: Simona Harizanova - Founder and Editor-In-Chief E: Twitter@eventgenioso Facebook/eventgenioso

SOOLNUA SoolNua is a boutique MICE consultancy owned by Patrick Delaney and Pádraic Gilligan and offers strategy, marketing and training for destinations, hotels and venues

Contact person: Pádraic Gilligan E: T: +353 86 8113134

Contact person: Atti Soenarso T: +46 (0)8-612 42 20 E:




Meet, dine and sleep in style. • Central location near business, cultural and entertainment districts • 170 rooms with luxurious bed concept and pillow menu • Multifunctional conference halls with natural day light • Tailor made events on superb location • Healthy and traditional food experience • Complimentary Spa & Fitness • Modern 4-star superior hotel





lovenia is not just a super insider tip as the number 1 compact meeting destination, but it’s also number 1 on the World ICECREAM Index now too. Since September 14, the world knows that Slovenia has taken first prize with Ljubljana’s Lolita ice cream. Not just a fresh destination for meetings, not just some fresh air for boutique design (see Lolita’s vibrant contrasts), but also with a very particular green touch to it: Ljubljana has been recently awarded the prestigious European Green Capital 2016 title and was included in the Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations List. The locally grown products, as well as the ice cream, make the city a fresh and healthy complete experience.

“Lolita’s Ice-cream is homemade from natural Slovene ingredients with no chemical preservatives,” said Dada Jerovšek, Director at Kaval Group. “We only use what is fresh and natural. Once prepared one has to eat it within four days, which has never been a problem! My favourite ones are the fruity tastes, because it is like the taste of the fruit itself but just in a cold version. The most precious for me is the blueberry ice cream prepared from blueberries that have been growing in our beautiful, green Slovene forests, that get picked in the early morning and by the afternoon they are already spoiling and seducing you from within the best of Lolita’s ice cream delicious. There is just one problem…your teeth are going to be blue afterwards. But it’s worth it!”


At Conventa there will be an ice cream tasting area where visitors can sample ice cream prepared from wholly Slovenian ingredients. Delicious! Source and more information on the Slovenian Convention Bureau website. Contact info: Patisserie Lolita Cankarjevo nabrežje 1, 1000 Ljubljana




ustria Trend Hotel Ljubljana always aims to be the best location for every kind of event. The year started off with a health conference organised by the World Health Organisation, continued with sport events and celebrity visits, and was wrapped up with the record haul of Xmas parties in the entire history of the hotel. The congress season opened with the major health conference organised by World Health Organization that had a special guest and speaker â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Slovene Minister of Health. The highlights of the sporting events that followed this prestige opening to the season were the visits of two famous teams: the Udinese Football Team and the Brazil Volleyball national team. Attending to all of their requests and needs it can proudly be claimed that every member of the hotel team will remember both projects as the most successful sports events of the year. 151

The season continued with another health conference organised by the National Institute for Public Health, one that had for its main aim to prove that appropriate awareness would have an impact on reducing the number of patients with diabetes. After several more conferences, strategy meetings and seminars during a successful congress season the year reached its apex with the Xmas celebrations. Starting out with exclusive dinners in their vinoteque and gearing towards the big celebration with more than 300 people attending, looking back they can proudly say that in December 2015 they were chosen 25 times as the best party location in the city.




uka Jezeršek is head of a culinary team that prides itself on numerous successful stories created by Jezeršek Catering. While catering is the company’s core business, Luka also manages kitchen processes at Dvor Jezeršek Restaurant and Bled Castle Restaurant. Jezeršek Catering was founded by Luka’s parents, so naturally Luka and his three brothers were involved in all the catering processes from their early years. He attended a secondary school for hospitality and catering in Ljubljana and specialised as a masterchef shortly after his graduation. Upon opening Dvor Jezeršek in 2007, their new property in the vicinity of Ljubljana airport, he took over restaurant and hotel management. Luka then became responsible for all kitchen segments of the company in 2011 at the age of 30. His main responsibility was to monitor work processes, event execution and staff mentoring. In order to optimise work processes and improve event management Luka and his brothers decided to create their own catering software. This investment has lifted Jezeršek Catering events to a different level. At that time the Jezeršek Catering founders also began the process of ownership transfer to their sons. One of the most important events in the history of the company followed this: EuroBasket 2013. Jezeršek Catering became the official caterer of the event at which Luka and his team created more than 66,000 meals for 5 segments in 16 days and at 5 different locations throughout Slovenia. Company expansion to Croatia followed in the same year and with it a new international culinary challenge for Luka - his kitchen processes had to be implemented also in their new catering kitchen in Zagreb. Bled Castle Restaurant management was entrusted to Jezeršek Catering at the beginning of 2015 and a bit surprisingly they changed the entire course of their work. Bled Castle is one of the most visited Slovenian sights, with over 300,000 guests annually and expects nothing less than superb hospitality services. Jezeršek Catering also operates in Italy and Croatia under their new brand, SORA Catering. Luka now manages a team of 22 chefs and numerous part time co-workers who offer their support at major events. Even though Jezeršek kitchens create different concepts they all still follow similar guidelines. Local and regional dishes are made in contemporary and sophisticated way while always preserving the gastronomical heritage of Slovenia or of the countries in which they operate. Luka Jezeršek appreciates basic, primary tastes and a clear dish presentation.

When developing new menus, Ana Šušteršič, head of culinary creations, is always by his side. Street food is Luka’s passion and his dream of working with this came true in creating the TAMnjam foodtruck: “Always new locations, new clients and amazing street vibes. It’s trendy to hold a cup or a plate with delicious bites while strolling down the street. I believe that the streets give people a sense of freedom.” It was the ‘Slovene street food’ concept that convinced the national investment agency SPIRIT Slovenia to hire Jezeršek Catering to manage hospitality services at Pavilion Slovenia in Milan, Italy, at EXPO 2015. This amazing project required long term preparation, complex purchasing processes, food pre-treatment and processing, transportation logistics, trilingual staff recruitment and training, and daily sales management to customers from all over the world. Pavilion Slovenia was one of the few pavilions to offer fresh and


local Slovenian food served by Slovenian staff for the entire six months. Luka Jezeršek wishes to familiarise the public with the new dimensions of Slovenian gastronomy. He loves to share his knowledge with students at the Jezeršek Academy. Together with his co-workers he also runs culinary courses at Dvor Jezeršek. Over 3,000 amateur home cooks have participated at the Jezeršek Academy culinary workshops in the last 3 years. Wider audiences had the opportunity to get to know Luka during his performance at the MasterChef Slovenija TV series, where he was given an important role as a judge. Conventa guests can meet Luka Jezeršek in person at the Conventa networking dinner in CD Congress Centre.


DISTINGUISHES US WHAT WE LOVE Interview with JERNEJA KAMNIKAR, CEO Vivo Catering Q: Look at the history of Vivo Catering today? The beginnings were simple and modest. But I was happy because it was the one job that I loved and I focused all my energy into it. Goethe said that distinguishes us what we love. The art of setting goals is to start with small steps. As the old saying says: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Q: What has changed in the field of catering from your beginnings to today? The first years of my entrepreneurial path catering activity in Slovenia was unknown, I still remember the questions what it Vivo catering means. With today’s lifestyles we are used to different forms of catering at every turn, so there is also more offer. The market is becoming more demanding, both in terms of national cuisine and world cuisines. Also there has been a great progress in technology. Otherwise, today innovation, creativity, boldness and following of trends are increasingly important. Therefore, it takes a lot of practice and continuing education. Q: How do you remember the days when you started your catering path? In my childhood and my youth, I regularly followed my mother on her work travels related with culture, education and tourism. Hard work and entrepreneurial-ship were placed in my cradle; my parents were professors, and grandparents entrepreneurs. So it is no coincidence that I offered myself as a student, to our dear, now unfortunately deceased, a long-time family friend Olga Markovič, for a holiday job at the Ljubljana Castle. I soon found that the secret of happiness is simple, work that makes you happy is work that one does with joy. Work organization and interpersonal communication during studies as a challenge have taken me to set up own company. This launch was a challenge. With my colleagues we have worked dedicated, persistent, with love, and were, from the outset striving for excellence. We have started with smaller orders that have soon turned into larger projects. So mastery has become our way of living. Q: Who was at the beginning of your business path your business angel? My business angel was my mentor, the great master and author of many cookbooks, Mrs. Olga Markovič. My faithful angels, who give me the flight and power, are my family and my mother who is with me at all the ups and downs with.

Q: If you would not deal with the catering, what do you think you would be today? In all probability, I would deal with education in the field of tourism and hospitality. Education is my eternal challenge, teaching is my hobby. Years ago I got my Master Degree the field of tourism, today I am a lecturer and associate professor at the high and higher school.

flawlessly transport food from the kitchen to the location of the event. One of the most important innovations, particularly in the development of meetings industry are transportation convection ovens with which we can transport a small kitchen practically to the location of the catering. In terms of design it is certainly an inventory for entertainment.

Q: What kind of a challenge is it to be a woman in a senior position? What is your experience? For a woman with clearly defined personal, professional and spiritual goals, with enough courage, energy, good will and heart culture a management position is a real challenge.

Q: Your special future is affection for younger people. You have educated many and trained them for the job. Why? Constant concern for the education Vivo staff. We are transferring the knowledge and culture of event catering to generations of students and students of catering and tourism and with our scholarship fund we are achieving superior results and are thus shaping the world of culinary excellence for the most demanding guests. We realize that only by co-creating we can create excellence at all times, so we see our young scholars as central a rising stars of catering. We involve them in the functioning of Vivo catering with the goal of common successful trip in the future, different, fragrant, delicious and friendly cuisine. I see a particular challenge in the intergenerational knowledge sharing and creation, which will be developed through IMI. We want to continue to expand our operation also outside of Slovenia.

Q: What were your biggest and most memorable events? Trust of the Queen Elizabeth II. to Vivo Catering to carry out the banquet on her visit to Slovenia is certainly the largest international reference for both Vivo as a company and for the staff who took care of the queen and her guests. In the meetings industry, we were most marked by the autoimmunity congress of organisers Kenes International, and in the media world catering at the visit of Kevin Costner, Monica Belucci, David Guetta and Bill Clinton. In addition there were a lot of memorable events both at home and abroad. Q: What do you think about the quality of Slovenian catering compared to the European level? According to European standards, the quality of Slovenian catering is excellent, in many areas we are innovators. We work a lot in Europe and the response of guests shows that our service is of the highest quality. Q: Vivo Catering has won a number of medals and awards in the field of business excellence, attitude towards employees. What motivates you for progress and success? One of the prizes, which I and also my colleagues are most proud of is three times award for the Best Employer Golden Thread. The main motivation for our work is quality service. Cuisine is creating, which includes personal talents, the secret of success is desire for excellence and perfection, which is also the desire for progress and teamwork and interconnectedness and trust. Q: What are today’s major innovations in the field of catering? Among the most important are certainly conveying cooling and heating boxes that allow us to 153

Q: What will be in the future, that you feel as a risk or an opportunity for Vivo catering? Vivo chose its own path, followed own goal with the same principles as today. We risked and we succeeded. This was the only way for us and will be. We know that food is a medicine, so we want to pay more attention to healthy, organically grown food, traceability of food, locally sourced food, right food combinations and healthy food preparation.

JERNEJA KAMNIKAR VIVO Catering Favourite drink? Champagne, wine, cognac Favourite food? Pates and terrines Favourite meetings location? The nicest and safest city in the world - Ljubljana


THE SPIRIT OF CONNECTING How do you integrate into space?


earching for the delicate, invisible points that the moving being then attaches to, bounces off, pushes from, slides along, catches hold of, rests, spirals through and then almost flies… The fabric, vertically set, stretches in response when the airborne mover alternately seeks to hold on to the tissue and the air, searching for the fusion of freely flowing activity and inner calm. Aerialist Maruša Conič presents a performance filled with tricks and aerial movement on the aerial silk, a performance to stir the veil of anticipation for this year‘s Conventa and invite you into the spirit of connecting. With the opening act she seeks to encourage the openness of people to one other and also the openness to connecting within the meetings and destination industry. Contact:


Maruša is a future Masters in Economics graduate and is active in an academic students‘ »Movement for Pluralism in Economics« society, aspiring to academic ingenuity and diversity. In parallel she is active in audio–visual and movement practice and cognitive research and eco-design as part of the »Cooperative EkociCoop« and »Eksperiskop« teams.


ON THE DANCE FLOOR Conference day is over. Let’s get ready for the evening party!


aving taken the first step to the perfect evening gathering in finding the perfect venue, the second step is then finding the quality music artists that can help create that extra special atmosphere. With their extensive musical knowledge, carefully selected repertoire, high quality performance, commitment to music and exclusive live show without any playback the Victory band is just such a perfect match for any kind of event and they are guaranteed to get any guests into high spirits. The Victory band performance is a memorable experience that transforms event guests into enthusiastic dancers. Slovenian band VICTORY is a four-member professional musician Party Cover Band from Ljubljana. Since 1990 they have been one of the most sought after and specialist performance groups for business and private social events.

The basic set-up consists of four male lead vocalists, keyboards, drums, bass and electric guitar. The band members are well-experienced musicians, all with twenty five years of live performance experience under their belts. They have given more than 500 performances at different events and venues in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Germany. In addressing their guests they speak fluent Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, English and German. Their »mileage« means they can offer a quality and diverse cover programme that includes all of the musical styles: pop, rock, evergreens, modern pop, dance music…you name it! And all tailor made for an international audience. Contact:


»Known for our immense stage energy and with a very broad international repertoire we will satisfy even your most demanding congress guests. Open-hearted and with exceptional energy on the stage, a relaxed and experienced approach to audience and exquisite vocals, we always give our best to achieve an excellent atmosphere at this year‘s event.« Robert Dragar, Victory Band


CONGRESS CENTRE WILL PUT SARAJEVO ON THE MAP OF CONGRESS CITIES OF EUROPE AND THE WORLD Interview with Mr. Semir Efendić, youngest Mayor in BiH and the Mayor of Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo Q: Why Sarajevo? This city is part of the world’s cultural and historical heritage, set in the heart of Europe and a meeting place of diversity. The Orient and Occident were literally found in Sarajevo and have offered a new value to this city - beauty in diversity. That is why Sarajevo is interesting and special.

Congress Centre Sarajevo preparations began at the end of 2012 and now, after making a decision to start the preparation of an urban project and after a public hearing, the final version of the project has recently been adopted.

Q: We now find out that Sarajevo will get new Congress Centre – why did you decide on that kind of investment? As Sarajevo currently doesn’t have a convention centre and we are witnessing the expansion of congress tourism around the world, we had the idea that in the centre of the Novi Grad Sarajevowe Municipality we would move towards the implementation of a facility for that purpose. Our wish is that the construction of the Congress Centre Sarajevo will put Sarajevo on the map of conference cities of Europe and the world. In countries where congress tourism is popular, the multiple economic effects are already visible and with such a convention centre Sarajevo will become a serious competitor on this market. Q: Do you think that with the new centre Sarajevo will reach the level of other European capitals? It is certain that the not just the development itself, but also the content and quality of the Congress Centre Sarajevo will attract the attention of those who are in constant demand for such facilities, and they will choose to organise their congresses, conferences, and similar events right in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo has always been known as a tourist destination and in the few last years there has been an evident increase of tourists from around the world. Only last year, according to the tourists themselves, Sarajevo was repeatedly highlighted as a mandatory stop for a visit. Following an article in the Huffington Post Sarajevo was also on the list of 10 most beautiful cities in the world, and it was published on the portal on the list of 53 world cities that must be visited. Alongside Dublin, New York, Istanbul and other world famous capitals Sarajevo was also placed. The Congress Centre Sarajevo will complete the offer of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina 156

and will in the future certainly become one of the key reasons to come to this town. Q: Why is this project the most significant of the “Pokrenimo Novi Grad zajedno” programme? It is true that this project is one of the main projects of the „Pokrenimo Novi Grad zajedno“ programme for which, together with the Municipal administration, we have been actively working to implement for the last four year. The financial value of this project itself, for which the estimated value is around 300 million KM, places it among the most important projects of the aforementioned programme. The project is clearly of great importance to our local community, but also for Sarajevo in general, as Sarajevo now has high-quality conditions for all forms of tourism other than for congress tourism. Q: Will the new Congress Centre be intended only for Congress use? Beside its congress focus, extra facilities are also planned. Bearing in mind that only holistic and multi-functional projects have a chance in today’s competitive market, alongside the congress component where it will be possible to maintain the central business and educational, cultural and other events, it is also planned to construct hotels with envious levels of accommodation capacities, a shopping centre, underground parking, additional business facilities, as well as the construction of an element of housing. Furthermore, after the traffic will be dropped one level below ground (allowed for in the existing projects), conditions will be met for the arrangement of an attractive central square in our Municipality. Q: How popular will Sarajevo be as a desti­ nation for events and what are Sarajevo’s strengths as a future meetings destination? Sarajevo is interesting for several reasons. First of all, it has a very favourable geographical position, located in the heart of Southeastern Europe and well connected with the whole region. Just 15 minutes from where Congress Centre Sarajevo will be located is Sarajevo Airport and every other part of Sarajevo is easily accessible by public transport, taxi or even walking.


The advantage of Sarajevo as a destination for holding business meetings is that it will be a completely new destination. The tourist movement across the world shows the need for new destinations, and Sarajevo will be on tourist map of the world as a new destination for this type of tourism. Another very important reason that Sarajevo will surely be an attractive destination is the excellent price-quality ratio that visitors will get for their money. Q: What will set Bosnia and Herzegovina apart and make it attractive to the meetings market? In addition to its core business aspect congress tourism has also an unavoidable element of tours, dinners, shopping, recreation, etc. With the high quality offer of Congress Centre Sarajevo and the excellent service which will be insisted upon, I am sure that given the richness and diversity of the overall content on offer, with well-organised visits to natural and cultural attractions, BiH will quite quickly become a regular destination for many visitors.

Here we offer untouched nature, ancient cities, friendly people, a rich history, a unique cultural mix, Bosnian cuisine with dishes that leave no one indifferent, healthy and organic food and, what is very important, good prices compared to other world capitals. Q: Which markets and countries are you targeting with your investment? We do not have specific countries that we are targeting with this investment. What is important is that this idea comes alive. From the tourist community of the Sarajevo Canton, we were informed that an interest exists, but often for significant and major queries they do not have the opportunity to offer what is being required of them. It is known that visitors as part of the congress type of tourism are significantly bigger consumers than the average tourist, but during the construction and renovation of hotel facilities in Sarajevo little care was given to this type of guest. The halls which existing hotels have generally correspond to the organisation of seminars and other small gatherings. We hope that with the construction of the Congress


Centre Sarajevo we will change this, and that we will be able to respond to these kind of requirements also. Q: What are you predictions for the future? Future Congress Centre Sarajevo will certainly make Sarajevo not only more beautiful, but will also change the perception of our capital for everyone who lives here and who visits Sarajevo. The new content and the new value that the Congress Centre will bring will classify Sarajevo among the few European capitals that beyond just large and significant events can also offer value in its rich and interesting cultural heritage, historical monuments, the Olympic Mountains and a whole range of continental and Mediterranean tourism that are very close to Sarajevo. After the construction of the Congress Centre in Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, I am convinced that nothing in this Bosnia and Herzegovinan city will be as it was before. These investments enrich and change the character and vision of the development of cities. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m glad to be part of this project.



CROSSOVER - A MARKETING EVENT TURNED UPSIDE DOWN Expect more engagement, more authentic experience and more live interaction in: - Crossover Caffe - Marketing Ring - Innovation Bar - Case studes Bar - Chit Chat Corner

Europeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Leading Out of the Box Event on Meeting Design, Marketing and Innovation Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana July 4 - 5, 2016

WE ARE NOT AFFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT! Organiser: Conventa / Toleranca marketing Crossover is a fusion of our events Inside Meetings, Travel Zoom and Conventa Academy transformed into new format.


Inside Ljubljana

A WRAP-UP OF THE »MEET IN LJUBLJANA« YEAR 2015 Text by Tatjana Radovič

The Slovenian capital has once again registered a visible growth in visitor numbers in 2015, part of which can also be attributed to a dynamic year for congresses, meetings and incentives.

Eight properties (all the above mentioned, plus three more belonging to the Union Hotels group and the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel) are in the process of obtaining the Travelife designation - an international sustainability certification scheme, which helps its 1,300 hotel members around the world to improve their environmental, social and economic impacts cost-effectively. An important novelty in 2015 was the entry of the Radisson Blu brand in our market and the announcement of an InterContinental hotel to be opened in 2017.

Apart from association events the feedback from destination partners focusing primarily on the corporate meetings & incentive travel segment has been positive, too. Ljubljana can be regarded as both an established, yet still fresh destination geared to welcome congresses with up to 2,200 delegates. Its meeting venues encompass two convention centres, several convention hotels as well as a number of academic and business venues located mostly in the city centre. The walking dimension of Ljubljana - European Green Capital 2016, and its human measure can be underlined among its assets. When it comes to green, Ljubljana also became the proud winner of the Tourism for Tomorrow Destination Award for 2015, conferred by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The past year has actually seen a number of investments in the hotel sector aimed at improving the quality of the guest experience and services that are due to continue in 2016. Soft and major refurbishments have thus started at the Grand Hotel Union, Best Western Premier Hotel Slon, as well as the City Hotel Ljubljana and Park Hotel. New amenities and products have also been launched alongside.

Although the year 2015 featured only one event with more than 1,000 delegates, a series of mid-sized ones were featured on the congress calendar, which is published on the Ljubljana Convention Bureau website. The major one in 2015, with close to 1,400 delegates, was the 34th Annual ESRA Congress (European Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy), which took place at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. This venue also hosted the 27th International Lepton Photon Symposium, which brought together a number of the leading physicists in the world. At CD – Cankarjev dom Congress Centre Ljubljana, among a series of congresses spread out through the year, the 16th European Congress of Pediatric Surgery – EUPSA 2015, the 25th Annual Conference of Alzheimer Europe, and the CIVITAS Forum – with 500 to 600 delegates, were the largest in terms of attendance. Bids stretching into 2021 are currently on the pipeline. The most notable among association event at Grand Hotel Union - the largest city convention hotel, was the 5th European Conference for Social Work Research - ECSWR 2015 with 350 delegates, while other hotels also reported a good selection of regional / European association meetings with up to 200 attendees. 160

What also surprised in 2015 is the increasing number of regional / European scientific meetings held in academic venues, which is also connected to the fact that some faculties moved to new premises allowing larger functional space for such purposes.

Established DMC partners and hotels organised a host of corporate events / incentives for up to 200 participants, which were mostly based in Ljubljana, yet especially incentives took the advantage of Slovenia’s compact size to move a part of the programme elsewhere, thus enhancing the diversity of activities and experiences. Some of the companies that selected Ljubljana / Slovenia include: Vodafone Germany, Mitsubishi Electric Germany, Everest UK, Footlocker International, Texaco Holland, Toyota Switzerland, Goodyear Sweden, Volvo Belgium, Bridgestone (Intours DMC), Kleber - Michelin, Kaspersky, Total Gaz, Generali (Liiberty Adriatic), Nissan event – European – European internal sales launch of the new Navarra (Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Mons), Octapharma Academy Nordic, Belimed European sales meeting (Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Ljubljana), Coca Cola Regional Management Meeting, Sandoz WEMEA Kick off Meeting (Grand Hotel Union), and Swiss Pharma Regional Annual meeting (Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana). And now the eyes are set on 2016 and the next few years, accompanied by a high level energy and motivation of all destination partners to make them as successful as possible!

Inside Ljubljana



ace makers, researchers, engineers, teach­ ers, students, doctors and entrepreneurs from all over the world will be co-creating Ljubljana’s meetings industry scene in 2016. They will focus on making expertise bridges and sharing their knowledge in many different fields, from robotics to veterinary, textile, string music, advertising, chemistry and so much more. Moreover, due to Ljubljana’s prestigious title, the European Green Capital 2016, sustainable events and the green colour will be the “it” thing in the city.

The various events’ topics

The year will start with Conventa, the 8th edition of New Europe exhibition for meetings, events and incentives, where exhibitors from 13 European countries will be presenting their services to meeting planners from different parts of the world. Furthermore, many different events, from congresses, conferences, forums and symposiums will take place in Slovenia’s capital, to name just a few of them: • EU Robotics Forum • 2nd International Dental Student Congress • 4 4th Conference of the European String Teachers Association

• CEEISA-ISA Joint International Conference »Politics for International Relations« • 17th World Lace Congress of OIDFA • 15th International Conference on Research in Advertising • 1 2th Winfocus World Congress on Ultrasound in Emergency & Critical Care • 11th Intl. Congress on Non-Motor Dysfunctions in Parkinson's Diseas​e - NMDPD 2016 As very common in the events industry, the most packed months in 2016 are predicted to be June and October, which are due to attract around 5.000 attendees at various scientific meetings.

What about the venues?

Ljubljana Convention Bureau is glad that meeting planners are choosing more and more Ljubljana’s different conference facilities, from the two congress centres to conference hotels as well as academic and special venues. A range of flexible spaces managed by dedicated professionals, who understand the importance of a personal approach, are at hand.

Where you can find the calendar?

Ljubljana Convention Bureau is regularly updating the congress calendar, which is published in the dedicated section of the Visit Ljubljana website - also a valuable source to discover an array of other events happening in Ljubljana. And don’t forget to check what will be on the calendar for the European Green Capital 2016 at 161

Inside Ljubljana

“At Kenes, we see Ljubljana as a true congress city – it’s your great geographical location and convenient and easy international access that sets a perfect stage for any type of meeting. This is why the ESRA 2015 congress has welcomed so many Europeans. Four major European regions meet in Slovenia: the Alps, the Dinaric area, the Pannonian plain and the Mediterranean - from the West to the East, Ljubljana is at the crossroads of Europe. What’s more, is that Ljubljana offers attractive, ultra-modern conference and business infrastructure – first class conference and exhibition centers, hotels, fine cuisine, museums and a natural beauty all its own. “ Shani Kupershmidt, Meeting Planner, ESRA Congress 2015, Kenes Group



Inside Ljubljana






Meet The Team


THE BACK STORY Dream came true. It all started back in 1998. The idea of DT was clear, to be the best, no.1 service agency with loyal and local partners for exclusive groups and events in the ex-Yugoslavia area! We started with „innovations“ that made our businesses grow by listening to the market needs and trends and implementing those in everyday life of our company with a focus on satisfaction of - not only clients but also our team members! The strategic team members that recognised DT quality are still today with us and working gladly together on the future of DT business - they are the soul of DT the meeting warriors that made many battles for the success of DT. People of DT are the most important asset we have and we will always have them to be in the front page of any „DT news“ that circulates around the world. They are the leaders we worship and DT is proud of its team, today recognised as the regional experts, our DT strategy that many want to copy unfortunately. Our Meet-jutsu secrets have been copied and stolen many times too, but for sure, the Spirit of the DT Temple has remained at home, even bigger, and stays where it belongs to. Indeed all competition comes and goes, after 17years of steady and sustainable growth, we can for sure say, we slept always with one eye open, and that’s how we are now too, always awake and ready to act. In year 2005 we felt the moment is right and we partnered with the strongest DMC in Montenegro, Talas-M, so today our companies still work under own brands but we are together

and stronger than ever - behind us are numerous events, groups, meetings, incentives - we share happy clients with great experiences that are the most valuable, the golden marketing tool and the selling point of DT no one can take and that we can ever have! In 2014 Talas-M and DT Croatia launched a new company in Serbia, Belgrade - Talas S DMC, and in 2015 DT Croatia partnered with a Slovenian well known and very strong expert in travel business and formed DT Slovenia, with headquarters in Ljubljana and a branch office in Portoroz. We are also strategic partners with other DMC’s in other countries where we don’t have offices. Other systems and strong partnerships we are proud to be partner of is Euromic, Ovation, Body&Soul International, DUDMC, Destico, SB Mice, DMS Marketing, Klass, DMCRep and Platinum.

Top talk Daniel Marušić Q: Which projects defined your business success? Definitely high-end incentive groups from various markets, learning each time new standards, demanding clients with a reason, and making both sides happy with the outcome. In our region after the war, it was tough to get the high standards delivered from suppliers but we made it, we educated shared knowledge invested time money with most of them and carved the path for them for their today success with our and other business and other DMC’s that came in much later just to enjoy some cream from the 166

top - but why not, the client is free to choose, many of them that choose sometimes wrong ask us at the end to help them out, and we’ve seen many in these years. There was so much work behind just to get the destination appreciated by the world of MICE, our task number one that was. Today other challenges are in front of us, today we battle with technology, new ideas, new rules of the business, and, again, the competition that lowers the prices and quality of the destination just to make overnight profits - but we have seen, as said, a lot come and go. It’s hard to be no.1 but it’s even harder and more difficult to keep the no.1 position as long as we do - but we know it’s the only way! No sleep, create, innovate! Q: What are the current priorities for DT Croatia?  DT team members always our priority.  Q: How does Dubrovnik inspire your work?  Dubrovnik is the bridge to the world for DT, when we gave the original name Dubrovnik Travel to the company many people congratulated us, saying so simple but so important for business, at that time Dubrovnik was more famous than Croatia, in some markets it still is. Dubrovnik is the craddle of International meetings and Incentives in our area, and we can only play strong at home. Very strong. A level of DMC services impossible to imagine, safe, secure, perfect delivery, with no obstacles, but just one limit: the budget! 

Meet The Team

Facts & Figures Long-term clients: World known Incentive houses, Leading global Meeting planners, Group Travel & Event Agencies from major world markets. Leaders match with leaders. Organized conferences and incentives: Average per year we provide services for 5-10 bigger conferences, and more than 60-70 incentive programmes. Biggest incentive group: several times, we had big incentive groups of 500-600 people. Different profiles, different goals and standards. All groups were fantastic!  Number of employees: 40 Number of offices: Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and since early 2015, DT Slovenia in Ljubljana and Portorož.

Q: How would you define the philosophy of DT Croatia? DT Croatia has never been happy to be just a good DMC, we want and we work hard to be the PERFECT REGIONAL DMC.

Things to come Q: What are you working on now? At this stage we are working on several small and big 2016 and 2017 projects, plus numerous requests that daily come to us, and must mention a big, a huge, event to come soon in early 2016 it will be the largest project that ever was made in this area, Croatia and the region. DT has been chosen for this project to be the solution provider for all local logistics and out of hotel services. DT was scanned and went through a rigorous business process to get this opportunity to be part of this very soon will-be-well known important and historical event for our destination. Our Slovenia office is also working on a very interesting project for spring 2016, but not yet confirmed, this will also be something very interesting for DT Slovenia and for the future of the event business in the sunny side of the alps! 

IVANA MARUŠIĆ ZUBOVIĆ Ivana Marusic Zubovic was brought up in a family that was always involved in tourism leaving little doubt what her career choice. Seeing the challenges overcome by her country in the past decades to rise to the position of the most popular destination destinations, contributed to her passion for sales and promoting the destination and region as a whole. Working with people, creating for them unique experiences and providing them with unforgettable memories is life’s call and she has been doing this at DT Croatia for the past 10 years. As Sales Director, she is active in mentoring and teaching new DT stars , conveying her enthusiasm and full commitment to projects, teaching that being there from the start to the execution of the project, knowing your client’s and their needs is of the greatest of importance because there is no greater feeling nor reward than when upon the client’s departure from your country, they tell you it has been the best program they’ve ever participated in. TAJA MAČEK Taja Maček, a managing partner in DT Slovenia, the newest member of the DT family, has grown alongside the tourism industry for most of her life. Working within the family and learning from experiences in the field has resulted in her full commitment towards quality and creativity. Bolstered by an education the conceptual art as well as a master program in heritage,

tourism she strives to present Slovenia’s regional diversity through amazing incentive programs. In order to deliver the best you need to get to know your client, meeting new people and working with clients from around the world, which provides the extra energy to keep creating unique products that connect the local environment on a global level. When this balance is reached, satisfaction is ensured. DT Slovenia is a fresh and vibrant new sister of the well-established DT Croatia that opened its doors earlier in 2015. ALEKSANDRA BOŽOVIĆ MARLAIS Alex Bozovic Marlais has been with the DT Croatia team for more than a decade now. After working one summer for DT in Dubrovnik she fell in love with the region & the travel industry and decided to take the leap and move from her native New York to Croatia.  She works closely with DT’s other offices in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Serbia to promote the entire region for events. After all these years of planning events, she is still excited to share with clients all the hidden gems and beautiful destinations the region has to offer for meeting and incentives.  With the rest of the DT team she shares a desire to do her best and work hard for her clients. She finds herself inspired by her colleagues and partners on a daily basis and loves the challenge of working with them to create an unforgettable event.  The goal is simple, a perfect event.. 

History 1998 – started working as a private and independent business company 2000 – changed strategy and became the first officially recognized international DMC for Croatia 2005 – made partners with strongest DMC in Montenegro, Talas – M 2007 – awarded by as one of the fastest growing companies in Croatia 2010 – received quality control certification ISO 9001-2008 2011 – gets the Best small-size company award in the county issued by the Dubrovnik chamber of commerce


2014 – launching a new company in Serbia, Belgrade – Talas–S; and forming a new company in Slovenia – DT Slovenia 2015 – DT Croatia becomes an AAA credit worthness certificate holder and nominated as the best mid-size company of the county Joined partnerships: SB Mice 2002, Klass 2003, Destico 2008, DUDMC 2009, ICCA 2009, Euromic 2010, Platinum 2010, Ovation 2011, DMS Marketing 2011, Body&Soul International 2013 and DMCRep 2014




Think out of the box. Surprise your clients. Exceed your goals. THINK BLUE.

MTLG2016 NOW ONLINE Destinations include Istanbul Prague Dubrovnik Bucharest Bratislava Split Ljubljana Salzburg

Sell more, work less. CRM that fits your needs.



WHERE BUSINESS MEETS NATURE Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz offers top-quality sunlit conference rooms with air conditioning for conferences and various meetings in the hotel for 10 up to 230 guests. • In picturesque green surroundings, 5-minute walk from the largest natural thermal lake in Europe. • Perfect place for relaxation, wellness & beauty. • Own thermal well, with medicinal water of the same properties as the water of Lake Hévíz itself. • Attractive spa and wellness facilities: 6 pools and 4 saunas (partly outdoors), Emporium Beauty Salon and Danubius Premier Fitness Club. • DANUBIUS QUALITY CONFERENCE: 4 function rooms and 7 breakout rooms with air-conditioning. • Conference facilities for up to 200 guests in elegant conference rooms with modern technical equipment. • Choose from a range of sport activities

Information and booking Tel: 00 36 83 889 432, Fax: 00 36 83 889 436 E-mail:



Photo: Archive of Slovenian Tourist Organization, Savinja&Šalek Valley

1. The presentation of the best offer for active holiday in Alpe Adria region 2. Pre-scheduled appointments of your choice 3. Study tours with live experiences of local offer 4. Education – presentation of good practice examples 5. Full hosted buyer programme and excellent hospitality


IN THE ALPE-ADRIA REGION More information: | GO.MICE/ Toleranca marketing d.o.o. T: +386 1 430 51 03;


16-18 March 2016

Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) & Istanbul Lutfi Kırdar - ICEC


AME 2015 in Numbers

The 4th ACE of M.I.C.E. Congress, Meeting and Event Awards on 17 March 2016 at Zorlu Performing Arts Center!

11.687 Visitors 269 Exhibitors 656 Hosted Buyers 8.551 B2B Meetings

This fair is organised with the permission of TOBB in accordance with the law No: 5174

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