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I FEEL INSPIRED BY WHERE WE MEET At the crossroads of Europe we come together to do business. Accessible, affordable with fine Slovenian hospitality, all you need to do is provide the people.

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Page 6 CONVENTA 6E 2014 The 6th Conventa highlights Experience, Engagement, Education, Emotions, Energy and Entertainment

MARJAN HRIBAR General Director of the Directorate for Tourism and Internationalisation


Page 12-13 CONVENTA A-Z - A-D: Conventa participants - E-I: Adding value to your services - J-M: Networking opportunities - N-Q: Educational opportunities - U-R: Exploring the region - V-Z: Enriching the experience

ZORAN JANKOVIČ Mayor of the City of Ljubljana

Page 34-35 INSIDE AWARD Geoffrey waiter of the 21 century

KARMEN NOVARLIČ Head of Slovenian Tourist Board


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MERI MATEŠIČ Director of Croatian National Tourist Board

MARK ANŽUR CEO of Adria Airways

Page 42-84 CONVENTA CATALOGUE Conventa programme / Floor plan / List of exhibitors / Page 100-105 INSIDE HOTEL The Secret life of Grand Hotel Union Exclusive reportage from backstage of famous Ljubljana hotel

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Page 14-15 POSITIVE CONVENTA ENERGY Interview Andrea Leitner, CEO Fincentive Interview Timo Heinaro, Manager, Conventionland Karnten Page 20-30 MEETINGS STAR AWARD 2013 - TOP meeting destinations - TOP convention centre - TOP city meeting hotels - TOP resort meeting hotels


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CONVENTA ORGANISERS MIHA KOVAČIČ Miha Kovačič is known as a highly professional and motivated, zealous, positive, hearty and constructive colleague. Under his management, the Slovenian Convention Bureau became an important connecting point and an efficient marketing and promotional institution of the Slovenian meetings industry, which currently unites over 60 of the most important Slovenian providers of congress services.

Official magazine of the Slovenian Convention Bureau Member of

GORAZD ČAD Editor of Kongres Magazine has united his professional education and love of discovering new, lesser-known meetings destinations with a love and passion for the meetings industry. His special love is Conventa: “Conventa is simple, heartfelt, warm and attractive. Conventa brand invites you to a personal meeting for coffee and this sums up the essence and atmosphere of the project - hospitality. Through the brand we are trying to convince congress organisers what the DNA of the region in which we operate is like.”

ISSN 1 8 5 5 - 8 6 1 5

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he moto of the 6th Conventa are 6 E. You will ask yourself is this another marketing trick of the successul show? It is not just a marketing campaign it is the main frame of the 6th edition of the meetings show of the region of South East Europe that this years welcomes also the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 6 E = Engagement, Experience, Education, Emotion, Energy, Entertainment Each E presents number activities aimed to maximise the tradeshow experience and to bring participant highest possible return on investment.

If you follow them success is inevitable.


6E Success of every meetings show is measured by number and the quality of hosted buyers. Conventa team has invested much more ressources to bring Conventa to a higher level. First analyses have proved that we have achieved this. True results will be done after the show by the feedback of exhibitors and hosted buyers. I again will repeat the last part from my last year’s welcome. We’ve invested all of our knowledge, positive energy and passion to make this Conventa another success. Enjoy the moment and enrich Conventa 2014 with your energy. You can only really get it if you share it! Dobrodošli! (Welcome)

Studying the Conventa programme you will realise that the show will feature many novelties with the aim to bring more value to hosted buyers and exhibitors but also media and partners. Conventa 2014 thanks to ist strategic, regional and local partners for the partnership and their involvement to make 6th Conventa another success. These partners understand the true value of live marketing and opportunity to host such a prestigious group of clients from all over Europe and suppliers from the region on one place. 4

Which event do you think marked the year 2013? At major events I enjoy the moment when they are held otherwise I’m focused on the future. About what would talk a book that you would write? Benefactors. From simple to large ones. The world can be so beautiful. Let’s try to make it even more beautiful. Who are your role models and inspiration? Those who are honest and willing to share their knowledge and experience and have a positive view on the world and change. Where will be the congress Silicon Valley of the region? The region of Southeast Europe has wonderful opportunities, but only the region knows whether it will be able to change into Silicon Valley.

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efore us lies the sixth Conventa and for the editorial we talked to Gorazd Čad, who, together with Miha Kovačič, forms a part of the duo that have envisioned and executed all of the previous Conventa shows. Over the course of just a few years Conventa has developed from a small local trade show into a strong brand that is now replicated in many other places in Europe. These other shows themselves say that they are a boutique trade show, which builds on the advantages of its specific energy, which for us is today recognised by our 1,205 invited guests coming from 36 countries. “The trade show is a living project that always emerges from an analysis of the needs of exhibitors and the invited guests, with at its heart the high quality meetings and year-round contextual marketing,” responded Gorazd Čad to the question of how to organise the trade show so that it does not lose its reputation, attractiveness and accessibility. “Through the measurement of results, a survey of participants and personal meetings with our partners we provide for annual quality improvement, which strengthens the trade show’s reputation and the loyalty of its partners.” Precisely because of these reasons Conventa is achieving outstanding results in terms of quality. The average satisfaction rating of exhibitors after five years was 4,23, with the average satisfaction rating of invited guests even higher at 4.44. Conventa has in its five years achieved tremendous growth and development and has become a reputable brand that, between hosted buyers and exhibitors, enjoys a high reputation and credibility. “We are trusted by global trade shows IMEX, EIBTM and Meetings Show UK, ICCA, MPI and SITE and all major convention bureaus in the region,” agreed Čad. “Moreover, the largest congress players have been with us since the beginning. The loyalty rate is extremely high, because from the beginning we have been trusted by 98% of the exhibitors to whom each year new ones are joining, which ensures the growth of the project.” Conventa is also a communication machine that has notably helped put the entire region on the convention destinations map. The success of the project is in many places even more recognisable than some desti-

nations own largely contributed and precisely content marketing. “It would be good to adapt the well known statement ‘I communicate, therefore I am’ to convention destinations,” said Čad . “Every year we are expanding our range of year-round communication activities, which are based on one of the best databases of buyers in Europe, with over 39,816 contacts.” For exhibitors, the optimal added value of the trade show is in saving time and money. Exhibitors have on average 22 pre-scheduled appointments, for the organisation of which they would otherwise have to spend a lot of time. “For the average organisation of a sales meeting you would have to devote at least 60 minutes, without including time invested in market research and other time invested in finding customers,” explained Čad. “According to the Conventa survey we save you on average at least 60 hours of valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching for contacts and on the organisation of meetings.” At trade shows of this boutique-type small and large exhibitors are treated equally, which is much harder to achieve at the larger trade shows, where a restriction is already in the size of the exhibition space. “The registration fee for Conventa has no hidden costs and includes a fully equipped stand on the principle come, meet, win,” stated Čad. “Moreover, within two days of the event as one of the few trade shows we completely take care of the food for the participants, which is fully included in the registration fee.” Exhibitors can also take advantage of the various opportunities for communication with selected buyers that will be offered in 2014 through the various forms of socialising to enable exhibitors to learn about and build bridges with the greatest possible number of invited guests. “Conventa addresses invited guests and exhibitors equivalently, therefore, all social events form an integral part of the Conventa project and are free of charge for exhibitors, as they are an integral part of achieving ROI for exhibitors,” said Čad. Organisers have been working hard to ensure that Conventa 2014 will be yet another to get into your heart and to justify your trust in us. 5

PERSONAL: Which event do you think marked the year 2013? Surely the fifth anniversary of Conventa and challenges of strategic renovation of the project for a new five-year plan to 2018. About what would talk a book that you would write? The book has actually been prepared and will talk about the connection between rock’n’roll and the meetings industry. Who are your role models and inspiration? All congress organisers, who understand that we are here to satisfy congress participants. Because of them we absolutely exist and to them we are devoting. Where will be the congress Silicon Valley of the region? I personally believe that AlpsAdria will be the new congress epicentre of Europe, which will grow strongly and fast in the coming years. In addition, I believe in many fresh destinations of the New Europe.


The 6th Conventa highlights Experience, Engagement, Education, Emotions, Energy and Entertainment text by Polona Simšič Experience – A new trade show experience Conventa is not only a trade show offering providers a business-oriented platform to develop individual business relationships with targeted meeting industry audiences in a cost and time efficient manner, but it is also a South East Europe meeting point full of energy, warmth and South East European hospitality. It is a place where personal experience is what matters most, where business is flourishing, where knowledge is acquired and where a good time is guaranteed. All in all it is a whole new trade show experience! Engagement – It’s all about team work! When it comes to the satisfaction of hosted buyer and exhibitor needs, you can expect nothing less than the maximum engagement of the Conventa team. Best value for money and the satisfaction of Conventa participants have always been the top priorities of Conventa and a lot of effort has been put into making the 6th Conventa the best show yet. The trade show is built on a partnership model of creating synergies with official, regional, international and media partners. Their engagement also plays a crucial role in the success and development of the trade show and consequently also in the development of the meeting industry

in the South East Europe region. But it is not only about the engagement of the organisers and partners; each year Conventa participants also help shape the show with their feedback, suggestions and, last but not least, by coming to Conventa, conducting meetings and being a part of the Conventa magic! Education – Expanding the pool of knowledge Conventa offers numerous opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge and best practice examples throughout the entire event. The guiding principle is to share knowledge and experience that has been developed through years of tradition and professional practice with those that are and will be shaping the future of the meeting industry. The sixth edition has enriched the educational programme by upgrading the Conventa Academy, introducing Conventa morning energy sessions tailor-made for exhibitors and/or hosted buyers needs, and with the brand new Conventa Experts Corner, where short and more intimate sessions will be loaded with expertise and advice. Emotions – Don’t be afraid to show them! People from the South East European region are well known for their temper and for their love of life. Conventa tries to capture these different


emotions, history, culture and tradition, tries to connect people and represent South East Europe as one home. The show captures the joy, it elicits interest, it evokes hope and it leaves Conventa participants with many happy memories and a wish to return for the next edition of the show. Energy – Think positive! It’s all about the positive energy and positive energy is contagious! Notice the smiles on Conventa team members, the warm hospitality and the energy in the air. Soak it up, smile and make a positive impression on the potential business partners you meet at Conventa. Your business meetings will definitely be more fruitful. Entertainment – Enjoy the show! Hard work followed by a good time is what Conventa is all about. Imagine a place filled with your industry colleagues, a great atmosphere, live entertainment, good food and a fine glass of wine. Conventa turns this dream into a reality. The welcome reception will be transformed into a black and white masquerade ball; the red carpet will await you at the official reception and your dance moves will be tested at the Five-star after party hosted by Kongres magazine. Yes, we will certainly be mixing business with pleasure!

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Marjan HRIBAR, MSc., DG FOR TOURISM AND INTERNATIONALISATION Slovenia - sustainable-oriented meetings and incentive destination

Q: What is your vision for the development of Slovenian tourism? Our vision is enshrined in the Strategy for the Development of Slovenian tourism 2012 – 2016 »Partnership for Sustainable Development« and is: In 2016, the tourism in Slovenia will be based on sustainable development and will be a very successful economic sector of the national economy that will contribute to the social well-being and reputation of our country throughout the world. We want to develop Slovenia into a sustainable-oriented congress and »incentive« destination with an attractive offer, professional staff and with support at both the local and national level. Q: Will 2014 see any changes in the field of organisation of Slovenian Tourism? Slovenian tourism should regain its agency – the Slovenian Tourist Board – for the specific promotion of national tourism. It will therefore be necessary to make certain changes in the law…until then, the programme of work, which has already been adopted, will be fully implemented in collaboration with the public agency SPIRIT. Q: In your opinion, how important is integration in South-Eastern and Central Europe? To be competitive on the global tourism map, cooperation and integration of South-Eastern and Central Europe is very important. It is necessary to create at-


tractive joint tourist products, offer attractive tourist programmes, implement joint promotion, particularly in remote markets, and exchange expertise. A very successful example of such integration and cooperation in the region is the Conventa Trade Show of South East Europe, which is this year celebrating 6 years of successful operation. Q: How do you assess the role and importance of Conventa for Slovenian and regional tourism? I believe that the traditional implementation of this trade show in Ljubljana is an excellent promotion of Slovenia as a congress and »incentive« destination. I am particularly pleased that Ljubljana was at one of the preceding Conventa events proclaimed as the best congress destination in South East Europe and was awarded with the »Star of Congress«. At Conventa, an event regularly recorded in the calendars of many event organisers and congress service providers, participants from across the region exchange experiences, expertise and commonly promote the region as an attractive convention destination. In being this, Ljubljana is similar to other successful congress destinations and I sincerely congratulate the organisers for the excellent preparation and wish them a successful execution of this year’s Conventa, which will undoubtedly attract suppliers and buyers of congress services from wider Europe and the world and has already set guidelines for the following years.


ZORAN JANKOVIĆ, Mayor of the City of Ljubljana The Conventa trade show is very important in promoting and strenghtening the image of Ljubljana and Slovenia

Q: What most impresses conference guests when they come to Ljubljana? The best answer I believe the guests themselves can give. After a few days staying in Ljubljana they say that they are fascinated by our city. It is a combination of factors, among which are the architectural appearance, an attractive old town, the short distance between key places, which can be reached by foot, the tidy docks of the Ljubljanica river with extensive areas closed to traffic and a strong sense of security for which we are proud to say we have received an award in Barcelona.They are also impressed with the city’s pleasant and lively atmosphere, which comes about through a number of events, a rich gastronomic offer and by our friendly citizens with their good knowledge of foreign languages. Q: Congress tourism is one of the development priorities of tourism in Ljubljana. What do you see the role of Conventa as being? The Conventa Trade show is very important to promote and strengthen the image of Ljubljana and Slovenia also as a congress destination. Since its inception Conventa has become an integral part of the marketing of tourism projects in Ljubljana. The


Municipality of Ljubljana with Ljubljana Tourism as a strategic partner supports the further development of Conventa with the desire that this event maintains its domicile in Ljubljana. Q: Which is your favourite special venue in Ljubljana? The jewel in the crown for the city is undoubtedly Ljubljana Castle, which in recent years has shined especially brightly in its renovated image and with many new features. It is also one of the most popular tourist spots in Slovenia, which recorded over a million visitors last year alone. The multipurpose rooms and a spacious courtyard enable the implementation of many types of events. All that and and the beautiful unique view of the city is what really stays in the memory. We also have to mention the famous KriĹžanke and a renewed Congress Square, which has become the center of many cultural and social events and together with the archaeological park revitalization project won an international architectural prize Gubbio. Many renovated streets and squares contain attractive special venues in the city center, which often surprise the foreign organizers. Q: As Mayor how can you help the organisers of major international congresses? I show my support from the very beginning at the stage of preparation of nomination and personally invite international associations to bring their event to Ljubljana. At the same time I highlight the key attributes that speak in our favour. I also gladly meet congress participants at the official opening, invite them to the City Hall, where together with our experts, who have helped bid for international Congresses, can exchange experiences and impressions. I am at all times committed that congress participants learn about our wonderful Ljubljana and experience all of its beauty, feel comfortable here and return home filled with new experiences. Many because of the warm welcome like returning to Ljubljana, which is for me the most beautiful city in the world.


KARMEN NOVARLIČ, Head of Slovenian Tourist Board Competitive advantage is in professionalism and hospitality of staff

important segment of tourism awaits a year of many events taking slight decrease in the total consumption and the number of participants in events.

Q: In your opinion what will congress year 2014 be like? Given the current indicators in Slovenian tourism in the year 2014 awaits us another year where we will work within the frames of intensified competition in the European and global market and within the frames of difficult economic conditions and falling purchasing power of households in the domestic market. Despite these harsh economic frameworks, I believe that ahead of us for the product of Slovenian business and congress tourism is a successful year. Ljubljana for example, is this year hosting some important events or large business conferences, which will no doubt also positively contribute to the overall balance of arrivals and nights of our capital city. Period ahead of the Slovenian business and congress tourism is also a period of many opportunities. Finally, current trends in the field of business and congress tourism speak in favour of what constitutes a competitive advantage of the Slovenian tourism: a positive relationship between price and quality offered, the demand for nearby convention destinations, new “non-traditional� offer, often associated with outdoor events, etc. According to the forecast for Europe this important and increasingly

Q: To where will the attention of the Slovenian Tourist Board be focused? Division for Tourism SPIRIT Slovenia will also in 2014 seek to maintain or rather improve the competitive position of Slovenian tourism at European and international map, and to achieve goals we have set for ourselves in the programme of work of SPIRIT Slovenia in the field of tourism: growth in the number of arrivals and overnight stays by foreign tourists in the amount of at least one to two percent, growth or at least maintenance of the number of arrivals of domestic tourists. We are going to approach marketing and promotion projects innovatively and intensify and upgrade partnership both at home and abroad. We are going to compete with successful and established destinations with a single and targeted performance in collaboration with the Slovenian tourism industry and other key partners of the Slovenian tourism. We will strive to maintain the share we have achieved over the years in key neighbouring tourism markets, the key to these efforts will correct positioning of tourism products. At the same time we will focus on global markets, particularly Eastern ones, showing high growth potential, such as the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and to overseas markets such as Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea. Q: What are the key opportunities and challenges of the regional meetings industry? The regional meetings industry is distinguished with several advantages, among them I would highlight good balance between price and quality, flexible and innovative offer, offer of services that are distinguished by high added value and professionalism of implemented events and congresses. A special competitive advantage over other destinations is in professionalism and hospitality of staff, which will continue to be at the forefront of our continuing efforts in the field of human resource development as one of the key competitive advantages of the Slovenian tourism. Opportunities and chal10

lenges are reflected in the further development and strengthening of the relevant air and other transport connections and further strengthening of the position of this important segment of Slovenian tourism in the region and beyond. Q: How important is for the Slovenian meetings industry trade show CONVENTA? CONVENTA for Slovenian tourism is of great importance, as it ranks among the top professionally implemented business events. This year the event is going to host more than 170 foreign participants from 25 countries and prove once again that quality made events each year are attracting the most important players of business and congress tourism in the region and beyond. The event with direct meetings between providers and buyers interested in the field of business and congress tourism in one place represents an excellent opportunity to consolidate existing and establish new business connections.


MERI MATEŠIČ, director, Croatian National Tourist Board


In 2014 the identity of Croatian tourism will be reinvented

Q: What differentiates Croatia and makes it attractive to the meetings market? The MICE segment is one that presents many challenges to the modern tourism industry – in addition to excellent accommodation and competent and friendly staff, organizers and participants expect top notch congress facilities, equipped with high-tech gadgets, a variety of activities related to leisure, from team building to sightseeing across breathtaking nature and interesting cultural and historical sites, and easy and fast access. Croatia is proud to be able to offer all that. The Croatian National Tourist Board recognizes congress tourism as an important part of overall Croatian offer and continues to provide support to potential hosts through the so-called Ambassador program focused on mobilization of Croatian representatives in international associations and through participation at specialized fairs. Promotion, partnerships and cooperation with all local, regional and international stakeholders in attracting associations and companies interested in organizing their gatherings in our country are also a part of CNTB’s activities.

Q: What challenges are you currently facing in Croatia? Croatia has been widely recognized as a top destination for years and its identity as one of the last well-preserved parts of the Mediterranean has been stable. Now we are facing the challenge of rebranding – the 2014 will be the year in which the identity of Croatian tourism will be reinvented, striving to attract not only those who already know us well, but to present ourselves and to be interesting to tourists who search new experiences, preferably not only in high-season. We plan on achieving this through identification and promotion of our premium experiences and destinations attractive in the period of pre- and post-season, but also through implementation of a rebranding strategy which will be launched at the WTM in London. As far as the MICE segment is concerned, new investments in hotel and congress infrastructure are encouraged and expected, in order to make Croatia even more appealing. Q: What large events are coming to Croatia in near future? We are proud that several international associations have chosen Croatia to be the venue of their meetings in 2014 – Zadar will host the gathering of the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.), Europe’s largest automobile club; representatives of the ADFC (General German Bicycle Club) will come on a study trip; while the EANA conference (the European Alliance of Press Agencies) will take place in Split, to name just a few. Q: What positive trend do you see in our region (SEE Europe)? We can expect the MICE sector to register recovery and growth after recession, even though our region may be slower in manifesting that recovery. As a consequence of increasing demand by companies, competition will be fiercer than ever, which should benefit high quality destinations and facilities, as well as encourage new investments. This could prove to be a growth engine for the entire region, if we successfully face the challenges of global competition.


Q: Where are you positioning your marketing efforts this year and next? Our objectives are clear and straightforward: Croatia traditionally attracts tourists for its beautiful sea and summer offer. We wish to raise the awareness of additional elements of Croatian offer, thus contribute to shift that demand towards our inland region and in periods of pre- and post-season. In order to achieve that, we will focus our integrated communication and PR strategy to convey messages related to our future brand values and the PPS-concept through all available communication channels, while DMOs and DMCs will be responsible for identification and development of high quality products and offers. Q: Where do you see Croatia meetings industry in five years’ time? With an increased number of investments and consequently of top venues and rich additional offer, Croatian meetings industry should be a strong contributor to our national strategic goal of becoming one of the 20 tourist most competitive countries by the year 2020. Q: What is the best part of your job?. It may seem predictable, but when your job is to promote a product which you strongly believe to be excellent, then receiving confirmation of that excellence from numerous satisfied and delighted visitors to Croatia is the most fulfilling part of what I do. Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world for a month, where would you go and why? I would like to travel along the famous Route 66 to discover the USA as it once was. My second destination of choice would be Australia. I must admit it’s hard to imagine a whole month at only one place.


Conventa A-Z text by Polona Simšič

A-D: CONVENTA PARTICIPANTS Exhibitors Conventa exhibitors range from convention bureaux, tourist boards, PCOs and DMCs to congress centres, convention hotels, special venues, event agencies, airline companies and more. Exhibiting companies from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and the Czech Republic can present their meetings industry services to carefully selected buyers at the Conventa show. Hosted buyers Hosted buyers are carefully selected meeting planners from associations, corporations and event agencies. They organise, influence or make budgetary decisions for international meetings, incentive travel, conferences, product launches, staff training initiatives and events. Hosted buyers have a unique opportunity to personally meet the suppliers to the meetings industry of South East Europe under one roof, thus establishing new and maintaining existing business partnerships. Invited buyers Invited buyers are meeting planners from the corporate, government and association segments with an interest in South East Europe as a meeting and incentive travel destination. From the hosted buyer programme they enjoy free entrance to the Conventa trade show and access to the social events. Trade visitors Trade visitors are meeting industry professionals who attend the Conventa trade show to network with their colleagues and business partners. They are welcomed to the trade show and its social events, without the facility of arranging individual appointments. Media Media representatives visit the Conventa trade show to report on its highlights, exhibitors’ innovative products, the latest news and the development of the regional meeting industry market. The media can therefore raise the profile of the trade show, its exhibitors and the meeting industry as a whole. Guests Conventa guests are political, economic and diplomatic representatives with influence over the strategic development of the meeting industry, the tourism sector and/or the economy.

E-I: ADDING VALUE TO YOUR SERVICES Meetings Services Spot Providers of information technologies and systems, technical equipment, congress and promotional materials and marketing and event production can present their offer to their potential business partners at Conventa’s Meetings Services spot. The ‘Meetings Services’ spot gives providers of technology and event solutions a unique opportunity to reach and develop personal relations with new clients from South East Europe’s meetings industry. Conventa wild card The Conventa wild card programme aims to help new or emerging meeting industry providers to enter the global market and thus increase the competitiveness of the entire region. The Conventa free wild card grants the meeting industry providers coming from a South East European country with lower trade per capita, who had never before exhibited at Conventa, an opportunity to present their offer at the Conventa trade show free of-charge. The winners of the Conventa wild card programme 2014 are Avaz doo Radon Plaza hotel from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Tourist Organisation of Subotica from Serbia. Conventa E-Magazine Conventa E-Magazine, published as a part of the popular meetings industry magazine and Conventa media partner - Kongres magazine, presents the potential for meetings, congresses, events and incentives in South East Europe. The aim of the magazine is to get meeting planners excited about the region and advise them about the diverse meetings offer available. Meeting planners reading the magazine are able to explore, engage and experience the region through Conventa 2014 exhibitor’s stories. J-M: NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Conventa social and networking events In addition to providing a business platform for prescheduled one-to-one appointments, Conventa offers a wide range of social and networking events. On 21 January 2014, Conventa invites the participants to attend the Welcome reception held in Grand Hotel Union. We will upgrade last year’s Black and white reduta, the traditional masquerade ball that was one of the most exclusive events in Ljubljana at the beginning of the 20th century. The winners of Meeting Star awards will be celebrated. Join us in creating a carnival atmosphere and don’t forget to come dressed in black and white! 12

The Official reception will be held on the evening of 22 January 2014 at GR - Ljubljana exhibition and Convention Centre. Guests will include distinguished representatives of the political and economic society in South East Europe. Opening speeches and the award ceremony will be accompanied by music, exquisite food and a good glass of wine. The evening festivities will continue at Kongres magazine’s Five-star after party. Bring your dancing shoes! Hosted buyer ‘Chefs challenge’ Spice up your Conventa experience by joining the ‘Chefs Challenge’! Cookery courses and culinary workshops are the right choice for all who want to learn about the little secrets of master chefs. Join us on Wednesday, 22 January at 4pm and Thursday, 23 January at 2 pm. A kitchen surroundings will be created with all necessary appliances and ingredients. Selected number of participants will be divided into two groups and be assigned to one of the chefs. Teams will compete in making delicious culinary delights and be judged by the Conventa participants. You can register for Hosted buyer ‘Chefs challenge’ at SORA Catering stand (No 19) and Vivo catering stand (No 24). SORA Catering chefs and VIVO Catering chefs await for you! N-Q: EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Professional education Conventa has always followed the meeting industry trends and has dedicated a great deal of attention to professional education and trying to transfer new knowledge to meeting professionals. The sixth Conventa offers a fresher, stronger educational programme tailor made for exhibitors and hosted buyers. On the first day of Conventa, 21 January 2014, participants will be able to attend the traditional Conventa Academy. Exhibitors will also be able to listen to the “Leisure to MICE” forum. They will be joined by hosted buyers to learn about meeting design and brand design. Morning energy sessions with workshop on branding, energy in leadership and creativity in business will be held during the trade show days (22 -23 January 2014). The sessions will be followed by Conventa Experts Corner, short one-to-one sessions hosted by experts covering different meeting industry fields. IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum The IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum that encourages the best and brightest students to develop successful careers in the meetings


and events industry will be held on 21 January 2014. The Forum presents a great opportunity for students from South East Europe to listen to top international speakers, learn about the meeting industry and meet industry leaders. Over 100 forums have taken place globally since 2003 with more than 6,000 students participating in the forums to date.

U-R: EXPLORING THE REGION Conventa fam trips Finding something new and different to offer to clients is easy at Conventa. Fam trips offer the opportunity for first-hand experience of the destination and a chance for hosted buyers to verify that the presentations given at one-to-one meetings are indeed accurate. Hosted buyers are invited to attend fam trips to the following destinations of the South East European region: Ljubljana, Bled, Zagreb, Carinthia, Trieste/ Friuli Venezia Giulia, Opatija and Portorož.

V-Z: ENRICHING THE EXPERIENCE Conventa TV During the Conventa trade show the programme will be enriched with updated videos, highlights, informative interviews with meeting industry professionals, personal presentations of destinations, meeting industry suppliers and planners from the South East Europe region and much, much more. We invite you to follow us and watch Conventa TV, available on Conventa’s official web site Conventa sustainable management Conventa is fully committed to reduce the negative environmental impacts of the trade show by implementing sustainable practices that benefit all participants and the local community. Winning the Sustainable Stand Award at EIBTM 2011, a global meetings & events exhibition, Conventa therefore considers this as a special honour. The participants are again invited to take part in our sustainable endeavours and participate in the Conventa sustainability programme. It doesn’t take a lot - participants can return their badges and lanyards at the end of the trade show to be re-cycled, use the recycling bins... just follow our lead!



POSITIVE ENERGY: Interview with Andrea Leitner, Conventionland Karnten EXPERIENCE PURE NATURE: People behind the scenes make Conventa so successful Text by Ines Klopčič

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your background? How did you get into the meetings industry? I started my career at the Four Seasons New York (3 years) followed by the Kempinski Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Munich, where I started working as a Conference & Banqueting manager. After 3 years I had the great opportunity to be part of the pre-opening team of the Rocco Forte Collection, The Charles Hotel in Munich. I was in charge of the entire Banqueting Sales and Catering Team. Next stop on my CV was the Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo, but unfortunately only 4 months due to the political issues in Egypt at that time. So I moved to Vienna to be Business Development Director for le Meridien Vienna and after over 10 years working in the Conference & Banqueting Hotel-industry I chose to change sites. I decided on being the head of the Carinthia Convention bureau, which I’ve done since June 2011. Q: Why do you think Kärnten is a great place for meetings and incentives? For me Carinthia is a so called Jewel-Destination. Here you have the possibility to get in contact with the people themselves. As a guest you are not ‘just a tourist’ - during your stay you will be overwhelmed by the charming Carinthian people and you will be part of the Alpe-Adriaspirit. During your meetings and incentives you will experience pure nature. The combination of our 200 lakes and our mountains makes your stay unforgettable. Q: What do you personally love about your destination? I love the quality of life here. People are still greeting each other in the supermarkets and if you decide to go for a hike, a bike tour, skiing or swimming everything is just around the corner. Q: What is on your list of “can’t miss” events and trade shows? My favourite trade show is Conventa, followed, of course, by the Austrian trade show ACCESS. Q: What do you think made Conventa so successful? The people behind the scenes. I can only congratulate Miha for his wonderful team. They are really organised and you can feel their spirit! 14

Q: What for you are the benefits of attending Conventa? Meeting the high quality of hosted buyers. Q: How can Conventa set itself apart from the other trade shows? The organisation of Conventa is already very special, very personal. What I like is also the set up and the character of appointments. Everything is very simple and easy to work with. The main focus is on business and networking – that makes Conventa so successful. Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge for people in the meetings industry today? For the hotels and the convention bureaus the biggest challenge is to arrange comparable prices and packages. Lots of companies started to organise their meetings in their own conference spaces or stay in their own area. The competition is huge and they all also have great proposals and possibilities. You have to be creative and engaged with your business to be at the top! Q: What was the key highlight for you or your business in 2013? ATB Experience Q: The most memorable event for you? The congress of plastic surgery in Velden, Carinthia. Being part of the organisation team. Q: Favourite European meetings city? Vienna and Munich.


POSITIVE ENERGY: Interview with Timo Heinaro, FINCENTIVE WALKING THE TALK: Southeast Europe is an answer to the call for authenticity Text by Ines Klopčič

Q: What qualities make a great corporate event, meeting or travel planner? To start with: do you do things from the heart or by heart? You need to be passionate about putting yourself into the game. Can you create something truly unique or just recycle from off-the-shelf? Civilised creativity, being able to create and maintain versatile, quality networks, being reliable makes all the difference. Q: What do you think is the number one way to earn clients in our industry? Walking the talk. See answer to the previous question. Q: What frustrates you about the industry? Disloyalty. Clients unnecessarily shopping around wasting everybody’s resources (including theirs). Moreover, hotel inspections on FAM trips can be a real waste of time and, even more importantly, losing a good opportunity to leave a positive, memorable mark of a destination.

Q: How did you get into the MICE industry? Believe it or not but everything started because of what happened in Tianmen Square in 1989. I was stuck in Hong Kong trying to get to Beijing and met guys who had just evacuated themselves from there. They told me about having established an adventure travel company and needing a person to start running it. So, once back in Finland I found myself in the reins of the company – right when the previous recession started. Very soon we realised adventure travel lays no golden eggs and moved to the corporate side and, ever since, that’s where we have stayed. First it was outdoor team building, then extraordinary participative corporate events, pioneering in event marketing and soon delivering very special travel programs. Then I moved to run full-service incentive house operations. In the meantime I also spent a very interesting year in Russia developing top-of-industry DMC operations before returning to the present MICE business in, from and to Finland.

Q: The most memorable event for you? I feel blessed to have a lot of dreams-cometrue during the past twenty years. Creating a Lapland Village on an outdoor museum island in Helsinki with Aurora Borealis projected to the skyline, opening the historic fountains on a first drum beat by a navy orchestra in front of Peterhof (the Summer Palace of Peter the Great), walking with wild rhinos and travelling onboard a steam train in the dark African night like in a time machine, are all probably on the top of the list. But I never forget organising a Yugoslav-themed Party-Party dinner at Vila Bled, the former summer residence of President Tito. That was very special. Also building a beehouse for a handicap care centre during the IMEX Challenge in Slovenia is something to cherish for the rest of my life. Q: How do you find unusual MICE venues? Keeping my eyes and ears open. Taking part in trade shows, post-tours and FAM trips. Also travelling around and visiting new destinations, even when on my holidays. Thinking out of the box. I have found a fantastic venue solution even from a Lonely Planet guidebook, which turned a near disaster into one of the best events I have organized.


Q: Where do you think incentives will be in the next five years? Knowing that a new generation is entering the work world I believe ever more so in authenticity and adventure. Or, no matter what the age group, people appreciate the most real, unique, genuine, memorable experiences anyway. Instead of six star restaurants they may leave a lot happier from a million star meal by the campfire under the starry sky. Still luxury, but more than whatever amount of money can buy. Much bigger emphasis on special themes, adventure spirit, hands-on participation. Hopefully also more and more CSR elements Q: What have been some of your more challenging assignments? My first group to Russia amidst the economic chaos there in 1998. I could (and should) have written a book on what kind of obstacles, bureaucracy and last-minute surprises we had to overcome. All went extremely well, however, and we even got rewarded with the SITE Crystal Award, but boy it took a week to recover from it all! Q: What positive trend do you see in our region (SEE Europe)? South-East Europe is an answer to the call for authenticity. You have an amazing pot-pourri of history, an abundance of cultural heritage, excellent and even exotic local cuisines and great outdoors. Right now it is also one of the politically most correct destinations. If a client has redundancies, the Caribbean is out of question but South-East Europe is absolutely the opposite. As time remains a constraint I trust at least that European companies should look for new destinations closer-by and not waste their time, money and biorhythm in trying to impress the target groups with long-haul destinations. Q: What are your challenges and hopes for 2014? Making the iron hot again! We are introducing totally new incentive products to our markets and teaming up even more globally, so these will surely keep me away from mischief. Or, maybe not…


Meet the team Miha Kovačič Exhibition Director


How did you get into the meetings industry? When working 15 years ago for the largest tour operator in the country, the M&IT department head invited me to join the team and I haven’t left the industry since then, despite a few years later changing to the convention hotel and eight years ago to the national convention bureau. A challenging but rewarding experience contributing to the development of the industry. What is the most positive thing about Conventa? It is difficult, almost impossible, to name the ‘most’ positive one. There are so many and they are connected to each other. Conventa is also a development project, so things are changing every year. One of them is definitely positioning Slovenia and South East Europe on the international meetings map. The next one could be uniting the meetings industry of the region and developing its product, its potential, but also demonstrating its value and contribution to national economies. Career high: I am in the middle of my professional career. The first half has been great, looking forward now to the second half. As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gorazd Čad Head of Marketing How did you get into the meetings industry? For the meetings industry I was first inspired at Cankarjev dom, where I worked as a student. It was then virtually the only convention centre and PCO in Slovenia, which has given me a lot of knowledge and connections. It was a long time infection that lasts to this day. In the meantime, I also tried my hand as a hotelier, but my passion for the meetings industry and organisation has led me to my own company in which in addition to other projects we are also co-creating Conventa. What is the most positive thing about Conventa? Definitely a special energy that we have managed to create at the event and for which much larger congress organisers envy us. Energy is the result of Conventa being prepared by highly experienced organisers who are trying to understand buyers’ needs as well as those of exhibitors. At the same time the whole event is conceived as a boutique experience. Career high: In the long career there have been a lot of events that could be described as peaks, depending on the period. Among congresses the highlight was definitely the largest congress in Slovenia’s history, the Apimondia Congress, which was organised in 2003 in Cankarjev dom. Today, the biggest challenge and at the same time satisfac-

tion is managing my private firm and I am especially excited by changes in the field of content marketing, which we are trying to promote through the production of the Kongres magazine. Natalija Bah Čad Exhibition Manager How did you get into the meetings industry? During my study at the Faculty of Arts I was working as a hostess in Cankarjev dom, the Congress and Cultural Centre in Ljubljana. At that time I first had a chance to get in contact with congress participants. It was a very interesting experience. When there was an opportunity to start working in the PCO department, I knew that this is what I want to do. And I stayed there for 10 years…. What is the most positive thing about Conventa? I was involved in the organisation of the biggest congresses held in Ljubljana with very complex logistics. But Conventa is special. First, because we did it from scratch. And every year it is a challenge how to make it even more effective for providers and hosted buyers. Career high: After 17 years in the meetings industry, I still see a lot of challenges. For sure I will continue my work as a congress organiser and share my experiences with younger colleagues that would like to work in the meetings industry as well. Špela Jeruc Hosted Buyer Manager How did you get into the meetings industry? It was pure luck. I got into the meetings industry through an internship and stayed because I love the team I’m working with. I’m studying management of tourist destinations, so I always knew that I was going to work with people. I especially wanted to work in the process of the organisation. How can anything be more interesting than that? I’m definitely staying in this business. What is the most positive thing about Conventa? I personally think the evaluation of Hosted Buyers. The Conventa team is always trying to get better and better buyers for exhibitors. Conventa puts so much effort into finding the right people from SEE, which you can’t see on other trade shows. We are very strict in the field of reviewing. At the end this means satisfied exhibitors and organisers. Career high: Well…because I’m so young I would have to say working for the company Toleranca marketing is my career high. They gave me an opportunity to show them what I’m


capable of. Our team is small but very effective and passionate about every project. I especially enjoy working for Kongres Magazine. I think it is the most stylish magazine for the congress industry with great content. Jasna Flis Hosted Buyer Manager How did you get into the meetings industry? I must say that it was somehow ‘by chance’ (although I’m convinced that everything happens for a reason). However, it has been quite a long way. After University I started my career at the Ministry working in the field of regional development. I continued at another public agency to then realise that the private sector must be much more challenging and exciting. After several years in Italy, where I used to work in the field of sales for different international companies, my way took me through a luxury real estate project to an experience in the hospitality industry, which has always been one of my ‘curiosities’. As ‘one door opens another’, now I’m a proud member of the Conventa team and a new entry in the (I can already say) fascinating meetings industry. What is the most positive thing about Conventa? I can say that “it’s all about people”, we are a young, enthusiastic and dedicated team with a nothing-can-stop-us spirit. I’m sure that with this positive approach we can overcome any limits and obstacles and make the 6th Conventa a unique and unforgettable experience! Career high: Every single experience has its small (or big) high, but the peak for me is definitely the recent start of my independent working path. Polona Simšič Content Manager How did you get into the meetings industry? Actually it was Conventa that first introduced me to the meetings industry. Three years ago organisers needed someone to help out with on-location press and Conventa TV, so I stepped in at the last minute. Agreeing to work on the project I did not know what to expect, but obviously I was pleasantly surprised, so I have been working on and for Conventa ever since ☺ What is the most positive thing about Conventa? I think the idea of connecting people in the SEE region. The business model might look complicated on the outside, but it is actually quite simple and works very well. Another thing I would say is the opportunity to mix serious business with pleasure. Career high: That’s a tough one. I am interested in so many things and you never know where life will take you. If I would have to pick one thing from the past that I hope to continue

working on I would choose the Intercontinental Advertising CUP – The CUP. I love the feed of creativity which I believe we are often lacking in life. Tanja Smrzlić Financial Manager How did you get into the meetings industry? It was completely unplanned - I had an opportunity for a job interview and here I am working in the meetings industry for 8 months. What is the most positive thing about Conventa? Conventa is a large event, recognised in business tourism. I think that just mentioning the name Conventa is a synonym for an important event for exhibitors and hosted buyers from around the SEE region. The city of Ljubljana has the honour to host such an event each year. Career high: In a few years time I see myself as business analyst, financial advisor for large projects such as this one. Conventa is a large project and I shall take the opportunity and learn from the project as much as possible. Ines Klopčič Content Marketing Manager How did you get into the meetings industry? I would say purely by chance. Conventa team needed some help with organization of Conventa 2014 and I was prepared to help them. So far, I simply like this job and I cannot wait for Conventa to start. What is the most positive thing about Conventa? For me, the most positive thing about Conventa is definitely meeting & networking with people from all around SEE. Happy faces of exhibitors and hosted buyers at the end of Conventa trade show will repay us for all effort and time we put into the event. Career high: My career high is at the moment definitely being a part of Conventa Team. Organising & planning events is something I love to do and is something I will definitely continue to do in the future.



Conventa sustainable management Conventa is fully committed to reduce the negative environmental impacts of the trade show by implementing sustainable practices that add value to all participants and the local community. Winning the Sustainable Stand Award at EIBTM 2011, global meetings & events exhibition, Conventa therefore considers as a special honour.







At Conventa 2014, a further step is made in implementing and assessing sustainable practices, among them: Sustainable commitment

In line with implementing of a number of energy efficient measures, Cankarjev dom commits to reduce energy consumption by encouraging Conventa participants to use stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Sustainable performance indicator

Cankarjev dom undertakes to report on energy savings by participants taking stairs.

Sustainable commitment

With its own cogenerated electricity Hotel Mons reduces water consumption by 15% and gas consumption by 15% in 2012. By providing hotel toiletries in refillable dispensers, Hotel Mons reduces their costs by 15 %.

Sustainable performance indicator

Hotel Mons is to report on water and gas consumption savings during the Conventa trade show. Hotel Mons undertakes to report on cost savings on hotel toiletries.

Sustainable commitment

Austria Trend Hotel, built in line with sustainable principles, commits to provide for digital signage in 50 % and use signage made from recyclable materials in other 50 %.

Sustainable performance indicator

Austria Trend Hotel undertakes to report on the number of digital and paper signage and thus related costs and savings.

Sustainable commitment

Vivo Catering aims to establish a traceability system of food products, especially those from the local area.

Sustainable performance indicator

Vivo undertakes to measure the food miles of products and their ingredients travelling from their source before reaching the Conventa venue.

Sustainable commitment

Printed materials are designed and written in a generic way instead of specific way (not including the event date), to allow them to be reused for future editions of the trade show.

Sustainable performance indicator

Go.Mice is the report on the number of printed materials to be reused for future trade shows and the number of materials to be donated to the cultural-ecological fellowship Smet Umet that, combining art, ecology, design, creates new products from waste.

Sustainable commitment

In addition to providing standard participant communication, Go.Mice prepared sustainable guidelines for exhibitors and for hosted buyers to help them understand how to integrate sustainable actions into their exhibit and travel arrangements.

Sustainable performance indicator

In the Conveneta evaluation form, participants are asked to give their opinion concerning the sustainable initiatives within the show programme. The outcome of the survey and the feedback obtained are evaluated and used for the quality assurance of the following trade shows.


Exclusive Interview



ircraft accessibility is crucial for the development of congress destinations. In Slovenia we are monitoring developments with the national airline Adria Airways, which is also a long-standing partner of Conventa Trade Show, with great interest. The CEO of Adria Airways told us what they’re planning in the Slovenian airline for 2014:  Q: In what condition is Adria Airways a year after you took over its management? The aviation industry is a very complex activity. That is why it is a great challenge to lead this company and make a turn inside the company. The company is in a better position than a year ago; we managed to achieve most of the objectives that we set ourselves last year. In 2013, the total number of flights decreased by 7% compared to 2012, but the number of passengers has

increased by 4% compared to 2012. Thus, we have increased the occupancy of the aircraft by 6% and reduced costs. Last year we transported 1,026,839 passengers. Q: What are the short and medium term plans of Adria Airways? Can you reveal more to us about? Adria Airways becoming a hybrid between lowcost and national carriers? To a certain extent we will approach the business model of low-cost carriers, therefore we will lower the fares and in this way increase the number of tourist passengers. To these we will offer the lowest possible price and the option to develop travel to their preferences with the purchase of additional billable travel services. Of course, we intend to maintain the segment of business travellers and passengers travelling 19

on connecting flights. We plan to enable a wider range of benefits for business travellers. Q: What innovations and which new lines can be expected in 2014? In April we will begin to fly to Prague and Warsaw and connect Ljubljana with direct flights to Tirana and Frankfurt. Q: You have collaborated with Conventa since the very beginning. Has the trade show justified your expectations so far? I can only praise our cooperation. I always emphasize that the players in tourism have to act together, because this is the only way that we can do the most for the recognition of Slovenia as a tourist destination.



tar Award Meetings S BEST MEETING 4 NS 201 DESTINATIO



ongress tourism is highly positioned in Prague and according to the Prague Convention Bureau data it generates between 20 to 25% of the total tourist traffic. The President of the Prague Convention Bureau, Sanjiv Suri, is a charismatic Czech entrepreneur of Indian descent. The head of the largest catering company in Prague is also an interesting character, who surprises with his positive life philosophy that he transmits to the whole city meetings industry. The CVB is excellently organised and implements all key promotional functions, among other things the ambassador programme, which is also supported by the Mayor, Bohuslav Svoboda. The spirit of Central Europe is best captured in this beautiful city, which is an excellent convention destination because of its cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, liveliness and a tireless nightlife. What is the secret of Prague congress tourism? What are they doing differently? Well, it’s a combination of circumstances and wise development policies. Elegantly and sustainably they are working towards being among the top ten European congress cities.

Individual grades: Natural and cultural factors 


Prague’s historic districts, Staro mesto (the Old Town), Novo mesto (the New Town), the Jewish Quarter, Hradcany and the Little Quarter form the core of an outstanding experiential diversity of the city, which for many years has been attracting a number of tourists. The city has developed on seven hills by the river Vltava. ‘Golden Prague’ is special because of its extreme concentration of architectural and historical sights in combination with landscape diversity, culture and the arts. General and transport infrastructure


Safety, excellent infrastructure, professional environment with an educated workforce, affordability, tradition and high quality of life are the main attributes of the general infrastructure of Prague. Also important for the development of congress tourism are the solid airline availability and regulation of the Vaclav Havel airport ,with a new Terminal 2 that is becoming an important aviation hub of the region. Tourist infrastructure


The Czech capital has in recent years established itself as one of the most visited European tourist destinations. In the city everything is therefore subordinate to tourists with an almost pilgrimage-like surge in high season. However, the city retains its charm and offers a diverse and mainly high quality tourist infrastructure. Prague is a room with a view. Meetings infrastructure


A complex and comprehensive offer, in which a remarkable number of world-class historic congress venues stand out. It is the first meeting point of the East European meetings industry that with further development is mixing it up with such first category destinations as Vienna, Berlin and Barcelona. It is the city in which conference participants will feel good. Subjective grade


The city with its rich cultural heritage, friendliness of locals and countless congress options anchors deep in the heart. Every street and house tells its own story, which gives the city a special touch. Prague maintains and builds on its high-quality romantic reputation.

Destination grade: EXCELLENT MEETINGS DESTINATION Grades: 5 excellent meetings destination 4 quality meetings destination 3 recommendable meetings destination 2 average meetings destination 1 so so


Comparison with the region: Prague has for a long time not been an Eastern European gem, but a true European tourist metropolis with a diverse and comprehensive offer, luxury hotels and sometimes too high prices. The story is reminiscent of Škoda, of which the Czechs are very proud and is one of the oldest automotive brands in Europe. Reputable, solid and reliable pre-war limousines were after the war changed by cars that were behind the times. Today, Škoda shines again and again puts the Czech manufacturer where it once was. The same can be said for the meetings industry, where Prague began to seriously falter against the locations top of the European league. If we look at the position of Prague regionally, Prague will not take primacy in the region over Vienna, but it certainly has all the conditions to remain for a long time the first congress destination among East European capitals. 20



tar Award Meetings S BEST MEETING 4 NS 201 DESTINATIO



ubrovnik is a city growing and developing, a large part of this due to the meetings industry. It will be a big part of the industry future for the entire region, primarily as the most successful Croatian and regional brand on the global meetings market. Without any exaggeration it can be claimed that the destination brand of the entire region will hang on Dubrovnik. It will lead the region as the primary destination where international and local hotel chains are opening convention centres and performing intensive co-branding. The results of this are the numerous incentives of international corporations booking up the season and convention centre openings one after the next. I personally believe the meeting industry will change the image of Dubrovnik. It is possible that new investments in the industry will change the socio-economic profile of tourists. I have to also add that the key question for the destination is always its vision and knowledge that the infrastructure will be successfully marketed. The wonderful setting of Dubrovnik is only a part of the story; the meeting industry is largely a logical industry for Dubrovnik. It is only missing the important investment in general and meeting infrastructure. Meeting organisers can learn much from Dubrovnik, particularly the inscription on the door to the Duke’s Palace: “Obliti privatorum publica curate” or “Forget your own gains and take care of the common ones”. LIBERTAS!

Individual grades: Natural and cultural factors 


A Stone Palace, which hides many stories, will greet you in all its splendour as it has for centuries greeted travellers from around the world. The magnificent city is one of the tourist icons of the Adriatic and justifiably the most painted tourist skyline, with unprecedented experiential diversity for conference guests. General and transport infrastructure 


Among Croatian destinations Dubrovnik depends the most on flight availability, hence this year’s forecasted record number of flights is gratifying for conference organisers. The city is safe, as is backed up by website Trip Advisor analysis. Logistically the city is solidly regulated, so it is only necessary to avoid the largest tourist crowds in the middle of the season. Tourist infrastructure 


Dubrovnik is once again well established on the world tourist map as a leading tourist destination in the region. Given the extensive tourist infrastructure locals would want to stretch the summer crowds on for the rest of the year. In addition to legendary and iconic hotels like the Excelsior, the city offers a variety of hotel accommodation and is lively day and night with a plentiful supply of restaurants and entertainment. Meetings infrastructure


To have convention completeness Dubrovnik is only missing a modern, multifunctional convention centre, which has been in the planning for a long time. So far, it is successfully catered for by modern and well-equipped centres at hotels such as the Dubrovnik Palace, Excelsior, Bellevue, Grand Villa Argentina, Importanne Resort, Dubrovnik President, Valamar Lacroma and Radisson Blu. The entire conference infrastructure, including destination management and the creative agency scene, is well developed. Subjective grade 


This world destination is again attracting well-known names and world class events. It is the strongest brand of the region for the meeting industry, which hardly disappoints or leaves one feeling indifferent. Dubrovnik lights up love at first sight.



Grades: 5 excellent meetings destination 4 quality meetings destination 3 recommendable meetings destination 2 average meetings destination 1 so so

Comparison with the region: Dubrovnik is the flagship of regional tourism and is the first association of meetings organisers we meet daily. It has still not reached its full potential, but is closest in the region to the renowned Mediterranean convention destinations of Cannes and Monte Carlo. It has the biggest potential in the area of corporate and other incentives; with the completion of the convention centre it will also benefit in the area of international association conventions. World-famous cream with caramel.




tar Award Meetings S BEST MEETING 4 NS 201 DESTINATIO



he second largest city of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy is one of my favourite European capitals, where I feel at home. Even in times of gray it seemd to me colourful, cheerful and full of power of life. Through numerous visits I observed the transition of the city into today’s modern congress metropolis. Budapest has always belonged to the tradition and culture of the West and the forced stay in the Eastern Europe is already quite a faded memory. Specific added value give the city extremely professional and positive professionals who because of their Finno-Ugric linguistic connection are reminiscent of their Scandinavian relatives. Once you agree all the details everything will work like clockwork and without unnecessary problems. It’s no wonder that it is always attracting congress organisers.

Individual grades: Natural and cultural factors


One of a few cities in the world that literally lies on thermal springs and to which specific experiential value gives the Danube River. In the city there is just no end of cultural and historical attractions, which positions Budapest among experientially the most attractive tourist cities of Europe. General and transport infrastructure


Budapest enjoys a very favourable position in Europe, at the crossroads between the East and the West. Moreover, even according to Mercer’s scale of quality of life it is among the first ones in Eastern Europe with a strong multicultural character. Accessibility of the city is excellent, as all roads in Hungary are leading to the capital. Excellently arranged is also public transport, which is known as reliable and the city as a safe convention destination. Tourist infrastructure


The rich legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in combination with sights of the socrealist period and affordability are the formula for an exceptional tourist popularity of the city and a good occupancy of 22.000 hotel rooms. If we add to this an excellent hotel infrastructure and attractions such as spas, gastronomy and a rich nightlife we get a top tourist destination. Meetings infrastructure


The winning combination of world-class convention hotels, additional incentive offer and good prices. Behind its main competitors Vienna and Prague Budapest lags in destination management and has a little worse image. We are missing a more proactive city convention bureau. Subjective grade


Best value for money. According to the research of Magyar Turizmus 1 EUR spent in Vienna in the congress industry is worth 2 in Budapest. At the same time Budapest is still a fresh and new destination compared to some competitors who are in the market for quite tired.

Destination grade: EXCELLENT MEETINGS DESTINATION Grades: 5 excellent meetings destination 4 quality meetings destination 3 recommendable meetings destination 2 average meetings destination 1 so so


Comparison with the region If put congress destinations of the New Europe in a football perspective, then in the first league dominates Vienna, which is immediately followed by Prague and Budapest. This has also shown on our scale on which Budapest among larger cities ranked third. The city has no shortage of picturesque special venues nor the most luxurious hotels and crazy and diverse incentive locations. If Prague and Dubrovnik are a love at first sight, then Budapest is love in the long run. In addition to the selection of 16 five-star hotels from Intercontinental to Kempinski and 61 hotels with four-stars it impresses with a unique specialty historic spa resorts. All this has been for many years an excellent and well-established MICE destination and well-oiled congress machinery. In addition, Budapest unlike its rivals is also a very pocket friendly congress destination. 22

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TOP 10


Portorož, Slovenia 



The Kempinski Hotel is the only five-star superior hotel in Slovenia. This means that the rooms are spa- cious and well-equipped, as befits a top hotel. The inte- rior colour is subdued, modernly designed and appears prestigious whilst offering a lot of style and freshness. The technical equipment showcases the hotel’s tech- nological sophistication. The modern convention centre is prestigious and well-equipped. Six confer- ence rooms have natural daylight and the largest hall can accommodate up to 220 participants. The heart of the convention offer is Crystal Hall, which after the renovation shone in full splendour and in addition to the Union Hall in Ljubljana is the most prestigious conference and banquet hall in Slovenia. It opens onto a century-old park, which is an attractive venue for outdoor events. 2. HOTEL MONTE MULINI

Rovinj, Croatia


This is the hotel to enjoy, to which the entire business philosophy is covered. There are only a few hotels that delight and thrill as fully as Monte Mulini does. The hotel looks good, is superbly equipped and offers a number of extras. The longer we hung out in the hotel, the better was the feeling that it is an extraordinary gastronomic oasis. A real 5 star hotel in an excellent location. Suitable for the most demanding and exclusive conference events. 3. FALKENSTEINER SCHLOSS HOTEL VELDEN

Velden, Austria


The legendary hotel is no doubt one of the best hotels in the region. Managed with German precision and Austrian charm, it is the ideal of excellence in all areas. Unfortunately, the town Valden is not following the hotel standards and also the rest of the tourist offer is average. After the takeover by the Falkensteiner hotel chain the hotel was slightly refreshed and is probably one of the best incentive hotels for the most demanding guests. The Hotel was established as the best hotel for elite guests in Carinthia. We consider that the goal is close, however still a little mastery of details will be needed by the Falkensteiner Team. You know what happens when a large hotel chain buys a boutique hotel; in the great zeal to rationalise, it is often forgotten that some things simply cannot be squeezed into a boutique hotel. 4. HOTEL LONE

Rovinj, Croatia


We understand design hotels as an experience that includes reflection and very personal contact with culture, nature and the culinary art of the destination. The creators of the first Croatian design Hotel Lone were probably thinking similarly. I like it. Lovers of hotel glamour and kitsch will not like it but we think that luxury is in small details, like a enormous room service menu and the hotel guide in broadsheet newspaper format or in selected fabric for curtains and numerous other details. The hotel is ideal for ”DINKS” and young professionals and a monument of Croatian creativity and the zeitgeist of the new generation. 5. HOTEL LAV MERIDIEN

Split, Croatia

It is in a class of its own on the current hotel and convention scene in Split. Operators of Starwood have done their homework excellently and are winners in the most sensitive area; friendliness and professionalism of the staff. This has in the past earned them a place among the best in its class. However, there are also some shortcomings, particularly in the field of catering and hospitality, where one would expect a little more from a top hotel. However, this is a balanced congress hotel, which is elegant and charming and the perfect choice for the most demanding congress clients. 24


TOP 10



Umag, Croatia


Hotel MeliĂĄ Coral convinces with the quality of the offer, comfort and spaciousness. The final grade is that this is a good hotel for good money. Prices are in fact reasonable in relation to the nearby Istrian and Slovenian competition. Numerous options for organising receptions and outdoor activities. Istratourist together with the hotel chain Melia without much bragging managed to make a great hotel and convention product. Umag is becoming a serious and respected European incentive destination. 7. HOTEL & SPA IADERA

Zadar, Croatia


The overall result of the new resort is extremely good. The hotel follows the known standards of the Falkensteiner group and is an excellent choice for incentive and product launches and smaller conferences. It is important to avoid the high tourist season and go for less frequent dates, carefully planning the arrivals logistics. From what we saw and experienced we can only give a firm nod of approval.


Dubrovnik, Croatia


At the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace I wonder how little is needed to move from being a solid hotel to some- thing special and collecting numerous awards. Firstly, it is about the quality of services, as well as about marketing that was excellently prepared around the hotel and is reflected in its increased profile. According to the World Travel Awards jury, something of a tourism Oscar, the hotel earned the 2011 award for being the leading Croatian hotel and spa resort. At the same time, we wonder whether they are eligible for other prizes. After visiting the hotel, it is clear that the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace deserved the award; to the highest category it does not lack much, and depending on the assessment we ranked it among the top premium congress hotels in the region, where the emphasis is not only on the environment but on quality. In almost all respects a modern hotel and definitely a good choice among the many options in Dubrovnik. 9. RADISSON BLU RESORT & SPA

Dubrovnik, Croatia


The Hotel does not have any serious weaknesses and convinces with comfort and quality as it befits hotels in the colours of the Radisson chain. If we used the automotive jargon, it is a premium hotel. If you wonder what we see under the term premium in this hotel, then this would be its rich and luxurious equipment, small details and above all the image of the brand. If you have ever organised a meeting in a hotel belonging to the Radisson Blu chain, then you can expect a similar experience in Dubrovnik. The Hotel is very suitable for incentive events, which seem to be taking place as if they were lined up on the conveyor belt at the Hotel’s Convention Centre. 10. GRAND HOTEL TOPLICE

Bled, Slovenia

In Slovenia there are only a few hotels with such a long tradition and regular guests who like to return to Bled. The Hotel Toplice (Spa) remains one of these, regardless of the change of ownership and renovation of a hotel CLASSIC that gets under your skin. Changes since the last renewal have been welcome, but they did not deprive the hotel of its soul. This is the right hotel for sworn lovers of historical locations and a place where time slows down and almost stops. It is reminiscent of the period that many people long for. 25


TOP 10



Belgrade, Serbia


The legend has returned to Belgrade. Historic heritage has been in the long renovation excellently rebuilt and the hotel today is flirting with premium hotels in major metropolitan cities of the region. Warm colours, superior lighting, retro furniture and services at an appropriate level place it among the best hotels in the Balkans. If you want to impress your conference guests, then this hotel at the moment is the best choice in Belgrade. The hotel in which the memory of the good returns, which many people are missing today.


Zagreb, Croatia


The hotel is an excellent choice for business and congress guests and is probably the regional flagship in terms of service quality, customer care, prestige and image. Staying at the hotel is a special experience, with a package that gives you a feeling of luxury.


Trieste, Italia


The Savoia Excelsior Palace is definitely a good example of why such hotels are still a big selling hit and a shining exception on the otherwise quite tired Trieste congress-hotel scene. The hotel with its offer is a good starting point for the re-launch of Trieste as a congress destination. Less can be more. Probably the most stylish first category facility also in the wider region.


Sarvar, Hungary


The hotel Spirit certainly represents a new chapter in the rich history and culture of spa tourism of Sárvár, which is currently the “flag ship” of the city. Hotel Spirit is elegant, spacious and because of all this an impressive hotel. It is certainly not perfect. Anyone wishing to take advantage of everything the hotel has to offer will have to deal with a relatively high price for this part of Europe.


Sofia, Bulgaria

Extremely practical classic hotel, which has recently received numerous competition. The question remains what, in addition to the central position, differs the hotel Sheraton from contemporary competitors. If you’re a fan of minimalism and the latest hotel fashion than this hotel is not customised for you. It is a traditional hotel with the classic charm of the hotel, which is felt at every step after entering the hotel lobby. However, for the hotel to keep pace with the competition it will need cosmetic refurbishment in hotel rooms.



TOP 10



Sofia, Bulgaria


Reasonable prices, a solid selection of restaurants, beautiful views from the rooms, especially on the Vitosha mountain, a great convention centre are the main advantages of the hotel. Still, the hotel is far from the standards of other hotels in the Kempinski chain. The most disturbing are lobbies and other public areas, which call for urgently needed renovation, and inconsistent services. The hotel also in the final evaluation fits into the category of four stars and does not reach the standard of five stars, but because of the diversity of the hotel offer in combination with the cuisine, a large number of rooms and spaciousness it is still a very good choice for meeting planners. 7. GRAND HOTEL UNION EXECUTIVE

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Taste of meetings organizers is unpredictable and difficult to follow, but the choice of Grand Hotel Union is definitely a right one. Due to the excellent convention halls, flexibility and friendly staff, of course. In the Ljubljana conference offer the Grand Hotel Union reigns. Excellent hotel for convention gourmets and a true flag bearer of the Ljubljana hotel conference offer ever since 1905.


Belgrade, Serbia


Hyatt Regency is a legend on the Belgrade hotel scene. It represents an excellent choice in Belgrade’s current premium class. For many years it has been the most reliable and convincing Belgrade hotel. Soon it will face fierce competition with an excess of hotels, which will necessarily demand a renovation of the existing hotel. Already the rooms are calling for renovation. The hotel has a soul, which has been successfully shared with its guests for a number of years and, like the city itself, it does not leave you feeling indifferent.


Zagreb, Croatia


Westin Hotel is contemporary but not modern, spacious but not over equipped, robust yet flexible hotel for those who care a lot for practicality and reliability. Westin Hotel still functions perfectly and is among congress clients well received due to its versatility and professionalism of the staff. Service, staff, quality in all the important elements of the hotel works well, it is disturbed only by the lack of a hotel of character and personality, which more inclines the hotel towards four stars. 10. HOTEL LEV

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hotel Lev is somehow reminiscent of car limousines: in our region, despite numerous advantages they are not always the first choice. The situation is completely different in other markets, where limousines dominate among cars as do those with pedigree and genetic blueprint of large hotel chains among hotels. Lev is love at second sight, which never disappoints. After all, not all guests are the same and to some more important than the appearance of the hotel are the well-being, comfort and friendliness of the staff that makes all the difference. After all, this hotel is “good value for money”, which today is also very important to business guests. 27


Hidden Congress Guest

Meetings Star Award BEST LUXURY CITY HOTEL 2014

Meetings Star Award BEST PREMIUM CITY HOTEL 2014



Overall impression and credibility The legend has returned to Belgrade! After a long renovation the historic heritage has been excellently rebuilt and the hotel is today flirting with premium hotels in the major metropolitan cities of the region. Warm colours, superior lighting, retro furniture and services at an appropriate level place it among the best hotels in the Balkans. If you want to impress your conference guests, then at the moment this hotel is the best choice in Belgrade. The hotel, rich in good memories, is now back for the many people who were missing its good times.


FLOP – negative surprises Small construction details that have not yet been completely resolved after the hotel’s opening.


TOP – positive surprises Tašmajdan park for lovers of recreation and jogging, or simply to relax between busy convention hours.

RESULTS OF ANALYSIS Location Accessibility First impression Lobby Employee attitude Reception Hotel room Hotel bed Bathroom and restroom Hotel breakfast Bars and restaurants Congress hall Additional offer Total: FINAL GRADE Luxury hotel Luxury Premium Business Economy Budget

Final Score


4.93 4.17 4.89 4.99 4.67 4.83 4.84 4.95 4.92 4.48 4.85 4.95 4.86 4.79

4.79 ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★

Overall impression and credibility Reasonable prices, a solid selection of restaurants, beautiful views from the rooms (especially to the Vitosha mountain) and a great convention centre are the main advantages of the hotel. Still, the hotel is far from the standards of other hotels in the Kempinski chain. The most disturbing aspects are the lobbies and other public areas, which call for urgently needed renovation, and the inconsistent services. In a final evaluation the hotel fits more readily into the four star category and does not reach the five star standard, but because of the diversity of the hotel offer in combination with the cuisine, a large number of rooms and the overall spaciousness, it is still a very good choice for meeting planners.


FLOP – negative surprises The old and as yet unrenovated rooms are not at the level one would expect from the Kempinski hotels.


TOP – positive surprises Japanese Zen garden with Japanese restaurant. 28

RESULTS OF ANALYSIS Location Accessibility First impression Lobby Employee attitude Reception Hotel room Hotel bed Bathroom and restroom Hotel breakfast Bars and restaurants Congress hall Additional offer Total: FINAL GRADE premium hotel Luxury Premium Business Economy Budget

4.82 3.92 4.15 4.07 4.77 4.93 4.13 4.13 4.38 4.66 4.69 4.89 4.48 4.46

4.46 ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★

Hidden Congress Guest

Meetings Star Award BEST LUXURY Resort hotel 2014

Meetings Star Award BEST PREMIUM Resort hoteL 2014

KEMPINSKI PALACE HOTEL DUBROVNIK PORTOROŽ PALACE 4.77 ★★★★★ Luxury ★★★★★ premium 4.41 Final Score


Overall impression and credibility The Hotel Kempinski is, simply put, a great hotel. After the renovation it not only offers to guests superior services at Kempinski standards, but also has a unique look and style that reflects its legendary character and Habsburg elegance. In addition, at the hotel they understand the concept of hospitality at the very highest level extremely well.


FLOP – negative surprises It’s hard to find faults, perhaps the only disturbing thing is the arrangement of the coastal stretch, which with the quality of its offer does not reflect the prestigious hotel, but this is not the problem of the hotel, but rather of the development of Portorose tourism. Maybe also the prices of prestigious wines (that are overpriced) raises an eyebrow on the otherwise exceptional wine list.

Final Score


RESULTS OF ANALYSIS Location Accessibility First impression Lobby Employee attitude Reception Hotel room Hotel bed Bathroom and restroom Hotel breakfast Bars and restaurants Congress hall Additional offer Total: FINAL GRADE Luxury hotel Luxury Premium Business Economy Budget

4.80 4.00 5.00 4.95 4.85 4.39 4.96 4.67 4.97 4.99 4.87 5.00 4.60 4.77

4.77 ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★

Overall impressions and credibility At the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace I wonder how little is needed to move from being a solid hotel to something special and collecting numerous awards. Firstly, it is about the quality of services, as well as about marketing that was excellently prepared around the hotel and is reflected in its increased profile. After visiting the hotel, it is clear that the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace deserved the award; to the highest category it does not lack much, and depending on the assessment we ranked it among the top premium congress hotels in the region, where the emphasis is not only on the environment but on quality. In almost all respects a modern hotel and definitely a good choice among the many options in Dubrovnik.


FLOP – negative surprises Guests accustomed to 5-star standard would expect a slightly higher standard in the rooms and especially the bathrooms and their hotel arrival experience (concierge).


TOP – positive surprises The hotel is an excellent choice for automotive premieres. Because of the above it is no surprise that the prestigious car manufacturer Mercedes chose it for the global launch of its A-Class model. 29

RESULTS OF ANALYSIS Location Accessibility First impression Lobby Employee attitude Reception Hotel room Hotel bed Bathroom and restroom Hotel breakfast Bars and restaurants Congress hall Additional offer Total: FINAL GRADE Premium hotel Luxury Premium Business Economy Budget


4.55 3.95 4.65 4.38 4.11 4.49 4.15 4.95 3.98 4.16 4.65 4.78 4.59 4.41

4.41 ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★

TOP – positive surprises Spaciousness, comprehensive offer, wellness and professional conference services.

Hidden Congress Guest



CANKARJEV DOM, Cultural and Congress Centre ★★★★★ LUXURY Final Score

Luxury congress centre

INTRO For Cankarjev dom, it seems like it’s been here since time immemorial. For 33 years the legendary institution has been a synonym for cultural and humanistic activities and meetings industry tourism in Slovenia. The most impressive aspect is that the original programme vision under leadership of the legendary director Mitja Rotovnik has been completely fulfilled. In Cankarjev dom the cultural-artistic programme and congress activity have been excellently complementing each other at all times of operation - a paradigm, which is particularly of interest today. All this places Cankarjev dom among one of the higher-quality and more interesting convention centres in Europe. LOCATION Cankarjev dom is located in the centre of the city within the main modernist square and neighbouring all the major institutions of the Slovenian state. Square of the Republic, where it is located, is important for Slovenia in urbanistic, architectural and symbolic terms. It was conceived as a political centre of the state and it actually transformed the image of the city. On a symbolic level it is associated with events that have transformed the history of Slovenia during the struggle for independence. From the perspective of the meeting industry it represents a meeting focus for Ljubljana. ACCESSIBILITY The administrative centre in which lies Cankarjev dom lies makes it easily accessible on foot, by car or by public transport. Under the Square of the Republic there is a large parking garage, and the latest one is just a stone’s throw away under Congress Square. Both are sufficient to cover the needs of motorised conference guests. A great advantage of the location is that all the city’s attractions, and especially the key hotels, are within walking distance. In these terms Cankarjev dom is a very friendly and nice location for conference guests. COLD APETIZER Architecture and Aesthetics Cankarjev dom is the work of architect Edo Ravnikar and is an integral part of his design for the Square of the Republic. It was created in the era of modernism and is considered a key example of monumental architecture, comparable with achievements of Alvar Aalto in the Finlandia convention centre. A number of smaller details are surprising, the most astounding the fact that the architecture of the building has preserved its value. With the current renovation, which has trig-

gered heated controversy, the convention centre acquired more elegance and a contemporary feel with more natural materials. Above all, some of the original planning errors were removed, such as a relatively low ceiling in the lower lobbies. The exemplary building maintenance is particularly impressive, as it is a rarity in comparable centres in Europe. WARM APETIZER – Staff and customer service Without Cankarjev dom and their team the Slovenian meetings industry would probably not be what it is today. Many personnel have formed in Cankarjev dom. A large number of specialists for individual segments provide a superior execution of events. Above all, one of the advantages is the connection with culture. For this reason, in production terms, this opens up completely new possibilities. MAIN COURSE – Quality of facilities Cankarjev dom boasts 22 multi-purpose conference halls and represents the largest purpose-built convention centre in Slovenia. A big advantage is the diversity of spaces for different convention needs. The largest hall, Gallus, with 2,000 seats, is still today the concept of extraordinary acoustics and is the only hall of this type in Slovenia (Auditorium). The venue’s total surface of 36,000 m 2 can accommodate up to 5.000 visitors. With extensive lobby exhibits it has already carried out a number of conferences with large accompanying exhibitions. This year’s renovation now completed, all spaces will be adapted to modern technological requirements, making them more useful, more comfortable and more beautiful. DESERT – Catering and additional offer Cankarjev dom is the culprit that catering has established itself as a concept and type of service in Slovenia. For many years the main protocol events in the country were held at Cankarjev dom. It is not surprising that this part of the offer is exemplary, arranged with an excellent centre for the production and distribution of food. It seems that together with the institution two of the largest Slovenian catering companies have also grown - Jezeršek catering and Vivo catering.


FLOP – negative surprises Due to the complexity of the architecture it takes some time for orientation.


TOP – positive surprises A sustainable approach, with bees on the roof in 30

the middle of the city, its own crop of honey and an environmentally friendly business philosophy. Final impression and credibility The cultural and convention focal point of Slovenia and a place where Slovenian history is happening. One can not imagine Ljubljana today without Cankarjev dom; it and the Slovenian meetings industry were created together. On top of that Cankarjev dom is a perfectly oiled congress machinery, which does not show its age and which after recent renovations is in excellent condition.

RESULTS OF ANALYSIS Location  Accessibility  Overall impression at arrival  Quality – entrance hall lobby Quality – conference space  Quality – conference inventory  Quality – lighting  Quality – acoustics and sound system  Quality – multimedia system Quality – internet connectivity Employee behaviour Access to power and com lines  Bussines centre  Customer service  Safety  Security and emergency  Additional offer  Catering Sustainability practices  Communication & marketing  Total: FINAL GRADE Luxury congress centre Luxury Premium Business Economy Budget

4.95 3.90 4.90 5.00 4.98 5.00 4.89 4.92 4.97 4.95 4.76 4.95 5.00 4.92 5.00 5.00 4.83 4.72 4.85 4.57 4.85

4.85 ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★


Canon LEGRIA mini X Creative filming meets amazing audio The Canon LEGRIA mini X is a new, creative camcorder that delivers professional quality audio alongside stunning HD video to match. Ideal for everyday story-tellers, the LEGRIA mini X merges Canon’s signature video quality with advanced sound and a highly flexible design, making it ideal for almost any kind of video capture – from on-the-scene reporting, documentaries and self-recording, to capturing live music or theatrical performances. Compact and light enough to take anywhere for spontaneous shooting, the device’s unique combination of an ultra-wide angle lens, built-in stand and touchscreen LCD screen makes it easy to capture footage.

GEOFFREY – ELECTRONIC BUTLER Geoffrey is a multi-award-winning electronic ordering system, price list and newspaper all in one device. Leaves no wishes unfulfilled, lets customers order at any time – without having to wait a single minute. Geoffrey speeds up the average table turnaround and shortens the ordering time to a minimum. Customers can place their own orders, making mistakes, excuses and misunderstandings a thing of the past. Geoffrey is always ahead of the time, and it only gets better!

SWEET ONLINE SHOP NAME: Moja čokolada LOCATION: Ljubljana, Slovenia CONTACT: WEBSITE:, Currently our assortment of goods includes more than 1.000 of different chocolate products - and since the very beginning our most sold product of all times is My Chocolate of 200 grams which can be created by the customer according to his or her own wishes. There is possible to choose between three different types of chocolate (white, milk and dark chocolate) and more than 60 various toppings - from crumbled hazelnuts, raspberries and candied oranges to chili, salt and dry onions. So, more than 11 billion possibilities avaliable!



Hidden Congress Guest



Explore the emerging destinations of South East Europe over a cup of coffee.

21 - 22 JANUARY 2015, Ljubljana—Slovenia


Inside Award



eoffrey is a desktop electronic price list intended for cafés and hotels that allows guests to review and order the offer, read daily news of the world media, check events in the surrounding area and much more. Geoffrey is a system that allows every catering establishment or hotel to increase its traffic and maximize profits. Geoffrey encourages guests to impulsively buy as guest no longer has to wait to order. On average, cafés equipped with Geoffrey recorded 17% increase in sales. On the other hand, Geoffrey caters for 7-10 min faster turnaround of each table. Time savings mean that more customers are served and consequently more sales. Geoffrey relieves waiters and catering staff, as it spares them unnecessary memorising of orders and walking. This means that staff are not too much under pressure and at all times available to guests, which means better well-being of guests, better service, and of course more sales. Geoffrey in the course of his work constantly collects data and provides detailed insight into the functioning and operations of the bar itself.

With the help of smart questionnaires Geoffrey constantly collects information about customer satisfaction, the data is also analyzed and presented in a simple and understandable way. With the help of Geoffrey caterer actually understands their business and the behaviour of guests.

completely waterproof and is actually fully developed for the demanding hospitality environment. He is also the only handheld in the hospitality industry, which insurance companies are willing to insure.

Geoffrey has already saved over 700.000 To date, Geoffrey has helped more than 100.000 Minutes of waiting guests. Old and young, Quite easily. Geoffrey is the waiter of the 21st no waiting and fuss. century, which helps each bar to become a Content appearing on Geoffrey can be managed centrally via the web. This means that from anywhere in the world via the Internet it is quite easy to change the content and offerings which can be displayed on 1, 10, 100 or even 1,000 Geoffreys. Geoffrey is currently the only handheld that works for several weeks without charging, is


“smart bar” and increase sales, optimise operations, reduce operating costs, while at the same time allowing full access to the business of the establishment and guest behaviour.

Inside Award

MATEJ ZALAR, Director of the Visionect, Inside award winner MATEJ ZALAR DEFINING MOMENTS The craziest destination Dubai. The craziest event Burning man in Nevada. If you could be present at any event in history, which one would it be? When Ford Model-T, the first cheap enough car for the general public, becomes available. Hotel in which you like to return? I think there are too many things to see and do. I would rather try and experience new “hotels” than return to the ones I have already been to. Rock concert that you would like to see? Metallica.

Q: What does Visionect do? Visionect deals with the development of high-tech products. Our main product is Geoffrey. Geoffrey is a handheld device intended for cafés. It allows guests to order in their own language food, drink, read daily news of the world media, check the weather forecast, happenings in the area and much more. Geoffrey in a very effective way turns every restaurant table into a smart table and helps each bar to become a “smart bar”. Q: What problem did you solve with your innovation? We have shortened the ordering process between 7-10 minutes, and enabled a catering establishment to maximize their traffic and reduce costs. A guest can submit their order at any given moment, which means that they are never in a situation when they due to availability/unavailability of serving staff (waiters) want to change their mind.

serving in bars and restaurants has saved guests more than 700.000 minutes of waiting. Q: What are sustainable effects of the innovation? An increase in sales of restaurants from 13-21%, cost reduction, better knowledge of the habits and desires of guests. Guests thus have an improved experience and improved hospitality which makes them return. Q: What are your plans for the future? To shorten the waiting time in restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars... to the largest possible number of visitors around the world. Q: What inspires you personally and from where do you get your ideas? Seeing how the product you have been developing for years finally comes to life and helps to improve the lives of users.

Q: What are the concrete economic results achieved by the innovation? Geoffrey increases sales, optimizes operations, reduces operating costs, while allowing full access to the business of the establishment and guest behaviour. It is interesting that to date Geoffrey due to faster



Experiencing South East Europe

The sixth edition offers a record number of Conventa fam trips


osted buyers attending Conventa will most certainly get plenty of possibilities to explore the SEE region. Not only will they get to know South East Europe by meeting with key meeting industry suppliers from this region at the trade show, but will also have the possibility to attend Conventa fam trips that will offer them a first-hand experience of the following destinations:



post-tour: 23rd – 24th January 2014

pre-tour: 20th – 21st January 2014

Beautiful scenery provides a fantastic backdrop that enthuses and inspires participants. The lake, island and castle are a truly unforgettable sight, with countless other natural and cultural attractions to stun visitors just a short drive away. A meeting in Bled will remain in the memory of attendees forever. It is compact, with all its facilities and sights being within walking distance.

Ljubljana Tourism / Convention Bureau has once again prepared a special pre-Conventa familiarisation programme. Hosted buyers embark on a 24-hour journey in order to get a feel of the Slovenian capital city. This cosy and vibrant city offers very good value for money when it comes to meetings & incentive products, with an array of downtown venues all within walking distance.


post-tour: 23rd – 25th January 2014 Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia, is one of Europe’s oldest cities and since July 2013 the new metropolis in the European Union. It is the scientific, economic, and cultural centre of the country, hosting numerous major cultural and sports events, business meetings and international events all year round. Conveniently located at the intersection of several important routes between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe, Zagreb has always represented a unique blend of different worlds and cultures. It has excellent air and road connections to other destinations in the region and beyond. 36


Explore post-tour: 23rd – 25th January 2014 Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost province, presents itself to its guests with sincerity, a Mediterranean charm, genuine hospitality and a zest for life which is infectious and guides the quality of life and holidays. The many crystal-clear lakes provide refreshment and make Carinthia a ‘lake district’, but it is also a region of mountains with marvellous scenery making it perfect for hiking and skiing. Carinthia’s refreshing paradise of nature offers varied and exciting activities at any time of the year. Congress centres, conference hotels, top locations and event agencies offer a top quality, customised service and genuine hospitality.



post-tour: 23rd – 25th January 2014

Professionalism, innovative properties and a multitude of sceneries: in Friuli Venezia Giulia each of these is engaged to make an event an unforgettable experience. The design and the modernity of the conference centres, combined with the charm of castles and ancient dwellings, offers a wide range of amazing opportunities. Trieste, a cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic city with its Habsburg charm, seems to embrace the sea, or rather, to welcome the sea into the heart of the city. “Piazza dell’ Unità”, one of the loveliest and biggest sea-front city squares in Europe, is waiting for hosted buyers!

The colour of the sun and the sea, along with the wind and salt, strokes the picturesque Mediterranean towns on the Adriatic coast where every one of the 47km offers a new surprise. The coastal town with the longest tradition of tourism is Portorož. It combines history with a modern beat and is a popular centre for conferences and meetings, with several conference halls capable of holding up to 1,100 guests. The town also has casinos, a modern marina and natural health resorts. Portorož is closely connected with the most charming of the medieval towns on the Slovenian coast, Piran.

post-tour: 23rd – 25th January 2014 (2 Nights) Opatija has always been a centre of the most important business, art and entertainment events. The city is a cradle of modern tourism in Croatia and a Mediterranean oasis in the very heart of Europe. Easily reachable by all means of transport, Opatija offers glittering, classically designed halls, congress centres, picturesque parks and a spacious open-air theatre... it is like a large stage set of hotels located close to the sea and the main street, all just a few minutes pleasant stroll from each other. Its meeting facilities include 10 hotels with 50 halls that can host up to 800 participants.



post-tour: 23rd – 25th January 2014


Conventions and meetingS in Friuli Venezia Giulia: a worthwhile choice


riuli Venezia Giulia is in the heart of Europe. Thanks to its strategic position, in the centre of the Old Continent, every event can become a unique occasion of guaranteed success. This easily accessible region served by Trieste airport, just an hour from the international hubs of Venice and Ljubljana, is the ideal destination for the meeting industry. An unspoiled territory - full of charming locations and ideal for visitors looking for unique emotions - which provides every single event with a touch of originality. A cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic territory rich in history and culture: Trieste with its Habsburg charm, Gorizia with its Central European elegance, Udine and the Venetian architecture, Pordenone with its sixteenth-century palaces. Friuli Venezia Giulia offers a wide choice of first-class, well-equipped locations for conferences, meetings and workshops of various kinds and sizes. Professional activities can be combined with a program of tours, entertainment, leisure and shopping, cultural or food and wine related visits, thanks to the beauty of an area whose disparate landscape – from the Adriatic sea to the Alps, from the cities of art to the countless wine cellars – is a perfect setting. Small meetings of undoubted success can also be hosted in Friuli Venezia Giulia’s typical wineries and farms, accompanied by tastings and visits which recall the tradition and fragrances of the past. The main conference centre is Trieste, which was granted status as an international centre of attraction by the European Federation of Conference Towns, and that offers top-level and state-of-art congress venues, access to excellent hotel facilities and a proven track record of over twenty years’ experience. In Trieste, the flagship is the Stazione Marittima Congress Palace (floor space of over 2,000 m 2 with 980 seats, 6 rooms with advanced technical equipment for scientific sessions, 5 rooms for parallel sessions and 400 m 2 of exhibition space), lapped on three sides by the sea and located in the city’s cultural district. The largest multifunctional complex in the region is the Udine Expo Conference Centre (9 modern pavilions, 600 to 1,500 seats, a number of rooms adaptable into separate units, and an auditorium with 360 fixed seats). In Grado the modern Conference Hall (an auditorium with 994 seats) is ideal for large business meetings and conferences, while the Kursaal Conference Centre has a team of dedicated professionals operating in Lignano. In the west of the region the Pordenone Expo Conference Centre offers nine halls and is able to host up to 4000 people.

Photo: Claudio Crivellari

Photo: Marco Milani

Friuli Venezia Giulia Tourist Board - MICE department Via Carso, 3 33052 Cervignano del Friuli (UD) - Italy Tel. +39 0431 387111 Fax +39 0431 387199 website: e-mail:

Realized within the project of excellence “ MICE in Italy “ with funding from the Department for the development and competitiveness of tourism, the Council Presidency



Zagreb - a Smart Place to Meet


agreb is the capital of the Republic of Croatia and one of the oldest European cities, with a history stretching back to the 11th century. Since Croatia’s accession to the European Union in July 2013, Zagreb has also become the new metropolis of the European Union. The secret recipe for a successful meeting or a conference, a memorable incentive, or a fascinating event, includes a rich variety of carefully selected historic and modern venues, world class hotels, exciting gastronomic adventures, top quality PCOs and DMCs, highly professional staff and excellent service. Combine them according to your preferences and wishes and what you will get will be a unique, tailor-made Zagreb experience. For that as well as many other reasons Zagreb has increasingly been chosen by business executives from all over the world as the perfect destination for their conventions, conferences, meetings and incentives.

You can also spice it up with a great number of cultural and historic attractions, all centrally located and within walking distance - take a break and stroll through a string of green parks and promenades right in the city centre, or just enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in one of the open terraces on the many squares downtown. The pulse of this administrative, economic, diplomatic and cultural capital of the country will carry you everywhere you go, from its Gothic churches, Baroque palaces, the Art Deco buildings, the numerous museums and galleries, beautiful city parks, picturesque open-air markets to the many charming places in its beautiful surroundings. Conveniently, “the city of a million hearts� as Zagreb is called by the locals, is very centrally located, making it easily accessible from all parts of Europe. Simply put, Zagreb boosts the energy levels, motivates and brings out the best in every event and its participants. Welcome!


E T +386 1 433 21 55 WWW.UNION-HOTELS.EU


IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum Conventa 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia Tuesday, 21 January 2014, GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Conference Hall Urška 3 09:00 - 09:30

Welcome and Introduction to the Future Leaders Forum Miguel Neves, Senior Online Community Manager at IMEX Group Sarah Skavron, Knowledge and Events Executive at IMEX Group The Future Leaders Forum has been developed to encourage the best and brightest students to develop successful careers in meetings industry. Over 100 forums have taken place globally since 2003 with more than 6,000 students participating in the forums to date. In this introduction we will present the three partner organisations that are supporting the Future Leaders Forum and give an introduction to leadership. Gain a deeper understanding of the meetings industry and learn how to make the most of the Future Leaders Forum.

09:30 – 10:15

“The Meetings Industry - Not a Job but a Career!”

Jan will also give an overview of FAM trips and how the region is promoted.

In this session we will explore the value of creating a strong professional network and how networking can advance careers. This short session will give you valuable advice and practical tips on how to make the most of the excellent networking opportunities available to you at the roundtable session and throughout Conventa 2014.

11:15 - 12:30

14:45 – 15:00 Break

tions etc). and discuss the different kinds of events that take place in the region. Learn more about the scope and value of the regional industry and what role regional organisations play in international events.

The Elevator Pitch Challenge – Intro-duction and Preparation

Introduced by Jan Orsic, Project Manager at Intours DMC Students will prepare their Elevator Pitch in teams. The challenge is to sell a destination to a specific client with specific needs. The details of the client and specific project will be revealed at the event. In the first part of the challenge you will prepare your brief and in the second part the presentations will take place.

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

Paul Kennedy, MBE - Director and Owner of Kennedy Consulting

13:30 - 14:00

What is the meetings industry? How is this buoyant, valuable and expanding industry viewed by its employers and employees around the world especially in these troubled economic and political times? Is this an industry that you want to enter and enjoy as an exciting and worthwhile career?

The teams will present their pitch to a jury of industry professionals.

This session will look at developments, trends and the sustainability of the meetings industry as well as the life cycle of meetings from concept to post event. It will be followed by an open discussion.

The_Elevator Pitch Challenge – Presentations

14:00 - 14:30

Introduction to Meeting Design

Mike Van der Vijver, Managing Partner, MindMeeting

10:15 – 10:30 Break

The expectations of meeting participants and meeting owners are changing: increasingly people expect meetings to be effective and engaging. This can never be the result if meeting programmes are not crafted carefully. In this session we will explore the basics of designing good programmes.

10:30 - 11:15

14:30 – 14:45

The Meetings Industry in South East Europe

Jan Orsic, Project Manager at Intours DMC What is the meetings industry like in South East Europe? Join Jan Orsic for a regional overview of the meetings industry where he will present the major players (major hotels, venues, destina-

The Power of Networking

Miguel Neves, Senior Online Community Manager, IMEX Group Sarah Skavron, Knowledge and Events Executive, IMEX Group Networking is key to any industry, but perhaps even more crucial in the meetings industry. 42

15:00 - 16:30

Roundtable session with industry experts

A selected group of expert Meetings Industry professionals will offer their time for informal career and professional development conversations. Each expert represents one industry specialty or area of interest giving the future leaders an opportunity to meet with their four chosen professionals in 20m group appointments. DMC: Jan Orsic, Project Manager at Intours DMC DMO: Azra Botonjic, Marketing Manager at Slovenian Convention Bureau Hotel: Mojca Gobina, Assistant Director of MICE Sales at Sava Hotels and Resorts Venue: Luka Zajc, Sales Manager of Events and Congress Department at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre Technology: Miguel Neves, Senior Online Community Manager at IMEX Group PCO: Mateja Peric, Project Manager at Cankarjev Dom, Cultural and Congress Centre Associations: Irena Jelenova, Membership Development Executive at ICCA


Close of the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum at Conventa 2014

Certificates of Participation will be handed out



Event programme

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

ACADEMY CONVENTA, Grand Hotel Union 16.00 – 17.00 Forum “Leisure to MICE marketing” Presentations of best practices and challenges for suppliers For: Exhibitors at Conventa Language: English 17.30 – 19.00 “Don’t forget this meeting” Panel discussion on meeting design and brand design Mike van der Vijver, MindMeeting Davor Bruketa, Marketing Agency Bruketa&Zinic Roger Pride, Heavenly Wales moderator: Chris Parnham, Absolute Corporate Events For: Conventa exhibitors and hosted buyers Language: English

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

16.00-19.00 Academy Conventa, Grand Hotel Union, White Hall Welcome reception, Grand Hotel Union, Grand Union Hall

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

venue: GR - Ljubljana exhibition and Convention Centre 08.00 – 09.00 Registration for exhibitors and set-up of exhibition stands 08.30 – 0.00 Conventa morning energy sessions 09.00 – 10.00 Registration for hosted buyers 10.00 – 13.00 One2one meetings 13.00 – 14.20 Working lunch and prize draw 14.20 – 17.00 One2one meetings 16.00 – 17.00 Conventa Chef Challenge, coffee corner (SORA Catering) 19.30 – 22.00 Conventa networking dinner, GR, Sonet hall 22.00 – 01.00 Kongres Five-Star After party, GR, Oda Hall

Thursday, 23 January 2014


venue: GR- Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

08.30 – 09.45 Brandoctor workshop by Anja Bauer Minkara, CEO & Senior Brand Consultant & Petra Despot, Brand Consultant For: Conventa exhibitors Language: English 10.30 – 11.30 Energija za vodenje dr. Danijela Brečko, GV Izobraževanje For: Meeting planners from Slovenia, Slovenian hosted buyers Language: Slovene

09.00 – 10.00 Registration 09.00 – 10.00 Conventa morning energy sessions 10.00 – 13.00 One2one meetings 13.00 – 14.20 Working lunch and prize draw 14.20 – 17.00 One2one meetings 14.00 – 15.00 Conventa Chef Challenge, coffee corner (Vivo Catering)

Thursday, 23 January 2014 GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Conventa specials:

CONVENTA MORNING ENERGY SESSIONS 08.45 – 9.45 The role of creativity in business, Bruketa&Žinić OMD Ivan Tanić, Strategic Planner at Bruketa&Žinić OM For: Conventa exhibitors and Slovenian hosted buyers Language: English 09.00 – 9.45 Corporate Event Trends in Germany prof. Dr. Ricarda Merkwitz For: Conventa exhibitors and meeting planners Language: English 10.30 – 11.30 Inovativen pristop k pripravi in izvedbi dogodkov s podporo tehničnih sredstev Marko Križnik, Promo d.o.o. For: Conventa exhibitors and Slovenian hosted buyers Language: Slovenian


17.00 end of the show 17.00 eparture for fam trips to Trieste, Bled, Zagreb, Carinthia, Portorož and Opatija (for hosted buyers only)

On both days, short presentations will be running in the Expert’s corner in the Marmorna Hall. At the Job Fair corner you will be get information about the young professionals looking for their first jobs! Hosted buyers are welcome to relax in the Hosted Buyers Lounge @ Ljubljana Tourism. Hosted buyer ‘Chefs challenge’ Spice up your Conventa experience by joining the ‘Chefs Challenge’! Cookery courses and culinary workshops are the right choice for all who want to learn about the little secrets of master chefs. Join us on Wednesday, 22 January at 4pm and Thursday, 23 January at 2 pm. A kitchen surroundings will be created with all necessary appliances and ingredients. Selected number of participants will be divided into two groups and be assigned to one of the chefs. Teams will compete in making delicious culinary delights and be judged by the Conventa participants. You can register for Hosted buyer ‘Chefs challenge’ at SORA Catering stand (No 19) and Vivo catering stand (No 24). SORA Catering chefs and VIVO Catering chefs await for you!

Meetings industry suppliers

Meetings industry suppliers

............................................................................ Stand Cat. ................................................................................... № №


CVB (National, Regional or Local Convention or Visitors Bureau) Carinthia Convention ............................................................................... 101 49 Convention Bureau Niederösterreich ........................................ 94 50 Salzburg Convention Bureau & Salzburg Congress .......... 92 52 Steiermark Convention ........................................................................ 100 53

Congress & Exhibition Centres Congress Center Villach........................................................................ 106 50 Congress Schladming................................................................................ 99 50 Design Center Linz / Tourism Board Linz ............................. 93 51 Messe Congress Graz................................................................................. 97 51

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Accor Hotels...................................................................................................... 91 49 Best Western Central Europe.............................................................. 10 49 Courtyard by Marriott Graz................................................................. 95 50 Falkensteiner Resort Carinzia ****s and Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden.................................... 107 51 roomz graz ; Budget Design Hotel.................................................. 96 52 Seepark Hotel Congress and Spa................................................... 104 52 Sonnenhotel Hafnersee......................................................................... 108 52 VI Hotels & Resorts.......................................................................................98 53 Werzers Hotels am Wörthersee .................................................... 103 53

Opatija Convention & Incentive Bureau .................................. 75 58 Zagreb Convention Bureau ................................................................. 57 59

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences .............................................. 69 56 Hotel Aristos ................................................................................................... 59 56 Hotel Katarina ............................................................................................... 71 56 HUP-Zagreb d.d. (Starwood hotels in Zagreb)..................... 58 56 Ilirija Travel ..................................................................................................... 70 57 Istraturist - Partner of Meliá hotels International............ 66 57 Lafodia Sea Resort**** ........................................................................... 63 57 Le Meridien Lav Split .............................................................................. 72 57 Maistra d.d. ....................................................................................................... 67 58 Plava Laguna d.d. ......................................................................................... 68 58 Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens..... 64 58 Solaris Beach Resort .................................................................................. 74 59 Sunčani Hvar Hoteli .................................................................................. 73 59

DMC - Destination Management Company DT Croatia - Dubrovnik Travel DMC ......................................... 61 55

Other Congress Services Brandoctor ........................................................................................................ 55 54 Bruketa&Žinić OM ..................................................................................... 55 55

Czech Republic

Other Congress Services “MICE & more Wörthersee” (Austria)..................................... 102 51

CVB (National, Regional or Local Convention or Visitors Bureaus) Prague Convention Bureau .................................................................... 81 60

Special Venue Casino Velden/Casinos Austria....................................................... 105 49


Other Congress Services Euromic – events & destination management partnership...................................................................... 60 53

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Congress Hotels & Hotels with conference facilities Hotel Radon Plaza Sarajevo BiH ..................................................... 45 54


Congress Hotels & Hotels with conference facilities Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia ..................................................... 46 54 Hilton Hotel Sofia ......................................................................................... 47 54


CVB (National, Regional or Local Convention or Visitors Bureaus) Croatian National .......................................................................................... 56 55

Tourist Board / Convention Bureau Dubrovnik Tourist Board ....................................................................... 62 55

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Carlson Rezidor ............................................................................................. 82 59


Other Congress Services Magency Digital ........................................................................................... 54



CVB (National, Regional or Local Convention or Visitors Bureaus) Hungarian Tourism Plc. .......................................................................... 84 60 Sárvár Tourist & TDM Nonprofit Ltd. ........................................ 85 61

Congress & Exhibition Centres Hungexpo - Budapest ............................................................................... 84 60

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Park Inn by Radisson Sárvár Resort & Spa .............................. 85 61 Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa Sárvár*****superior .................... 83 61


CVB (National, Regional or Local Convention or Visitors Bureaus) Agenzia Turismo FVG ............................................................................. 90 61


Meetings industry suppliers


CVB (National, Regional or Local Convention or Visitors Bureaus) Montenegro Convention Bureau ..................................................... 88 62

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Montenegrostars hotels group .......................................................... 87 62 Normal tours, Hotel Podgorica ....................................................... 89 62

DMC - Destination Management Company EastWest Voyage ........................................................................................... 86 62 Talas-M DMC................................................................................................... 61 63


Other Congress Services Qatar Airways .................................................................................................. 65 63


Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest ................................................... 47 64


CVB (National, Regional or Local Convention or Visitors Bureaus) Belgrade Convention Bureau ............................................................ 77 64 Serbia Convention Bureau .................................................................... 76 65 Subotica / Lake Palic Destination ................................................. 80 65

Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Best Western Hotel M Belgrade ..................................................... 79 64

DMC - Destination Management Company DMC Vekol doo .............................................................................................. 78 64


CVB (National, Regional or Local Convention or Visitors Bureaus) Bled Tourist Board & Convention Bureau ............................... 29 66 Ljubljana Tourism / Convention Bureau .................................... 3 73 Slovenian Convention Bureau ............................................................... 1 75 Slovenian Tourist Board ............................................................................ 2 75 Tourism Bohinj .............................................................................................. 33 76 Tourist Board Sotočje – Soča Valley ............................................. 36 77

HIT Alpinea d.d. .......................................................................................... 35 69 Hotel Cubo ........................................................................................................ 12 69 Hotel Mons ....................................................................................................... 15 69 Hotel Plesnik**** Logarska dolina ............................................... 37 69 Hotel Slon d.d. Ljubljana ........................................................................ 11 70 Hotel Triglav d.o.o. Bled ........................................................................ 30 70 Istrabenz Turizem dd, Lifeclass Hotels & Spa ................... 25 71 Kempinski Palace Portoroz .................................................................. 26 71 Kompas Hoteli Bled d.d. .......................................................................... 11 72 M Hotel Ljubljana ......................................................................................... 17 73 Plaza hotel Ljubljana ................................................................................ 18 73 Sava Hotels & Resorts ................................................................................ 31 74 Terme Čatež d.d. ........................................................................................... 38 75 Terme Krka, d.o.o., Novo mesto........................................................ 39 76 Terme Olimia ................................................................................................. 40 76 Thermana Laško ........................................................................................... 41 76 Union Hotels, Ljubljana ............................................................................. 9 77

DMC - Destination Management Company iDMC ............................................................................................................ Intours DMC .................................................................................................. Kompas DMC ................................................................................................. Kompas DMC International ................................................................

22 70 20 70 13 72 13 72

PCO - Professional Congress Organiser Cankarjev dom, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana .....................4 67 GO.MICE ................................................................................................................. 7 67

Special Venues Ljubljana Castle ............................................................................................. 16 72 Postojnska jama, d.d. - Postojna Cave .......................................... 27 74

Other Congress Services Adria Airways d.d. .......................................................................................... 5 65 GoOpti low cost transfers ..................................................................... 21 68 Kaval Group ...................................................................................................... 43 71 SORA Catering ................................................................................................ 19 75 Visionect d.o.o. ................................................................................................. 23 77 Vivo catering ..................................................................................................... 24 78 Proevent ............................................................................................................. 53 74

The Netherlands

Other Congress Services International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) ................................................................................... 49 63

Congress & Exhibition Centres Bled Congress center, Bled Castle ................................................ 34 66 Cankarjev dom, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana .................. 4 67 GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre ............ 6 68 JGZ Brdo - Brdo Estate ........................................................................... 42 71


Congress Hotels & Hotels with Conference Facilities Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana ............................................................. 8 65 Bernardin Group ......................................................................................... 28 66 Bohinj Park ECO Hotel .......................................................................... 32 67 City hotel Ljubljana, Krajc Hoteli d.o.o. ................................... 14 67 HIT d.d. Nova Gorica .............................................................................. 35 68

Other Congress Services The Meetings Show .................................................................................. 48 78 EIBTM ........................................................................................................... 50 78


DMC - Destination Management Company Tunes Travel Istanbul ............................................................................ 44 78

United Kingdom

Meetings industry suppliers

Meetings Services Spot

Media Partners

............................................................................ Stand Cat. ................................................................................... № №


Whales On Waves .......................................................................................... II. 80


CO2cut d.o.o. ................................................................................................. IX. 79 K. G. Media d.o.o. .................................................................................. VIII. 81 Tailored Development Ltd ..................................................................... V. 80


VIDIZ&KESSLER srl - QUBIK CAFFE’............................... VII. 81


Agencija PROMO............................................................................................. I. 80 Hiša Vizij d.o.o. .......................................................................................... III. 81 Studio 37 d.o.o. ............................................................................................. IV. 81 P&F Jeruzalem Ormož ......................................................................... VI. 80

....................................................................................... Cat. ....................................................................................... №


The Slovenia Times ............................................................................................ 82 Kongres Magazine.............................................................................................. 84 Planet GV .................................................................................................................... 83


Tourism Insider...................................................................................................... 82 Tw Magazine............................................................................................................ 82


Turizmus Panoráma .......................................................................................... 82 Turizmus Trend .................................................................................................... 83


Poslovni Turizam/Croatia Meetings.................................................... 83 UT Ugostiteljstvo i turizam.......................................................................... 83 Putovanja za dvoje................................................................................................ 84


Meet and Travel Mag......................................................................................... 84


DV Productions....................................................................................................... 84

Great Britain

International Meetings Review.................................................................




Marmorna Hall 108 107

106 105

104 103

102 101


96 97

98 99




90 89





















69 68




48 60 Expert's corner


62 63








50 49

Ljubljana Street



54 Hosted Buyers Lounge @Ljubljana Tourism


44 45






















24 25









14 10







Info Desk


Job Fair























Marmorna Lobby





Accor Hotels

Accor, the world’s leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe, is present in 92 countries with more than 3,500 hotels (2.000 Meeting Hotels) and 450,000 rooms. Accor is present in the Austrian market since 1977. Ever since, the group has constantly developed its brand portfolio to become today the first international hotel chain in the country. In 2013 there are 32 hotels in Austria - from Low Budget to Luxury Sofitel, MGallery, Novotel, Suite Novotel, Mercure, Adagio, Ibis, Ibis Styles and Ibis Budget. Esther Maninger, the exhibitor from Accor Austria at Conventa, is the local contact for all international MICE requests.

Best Western Central Europe

Best Western is the world’s largest family of more than 4.100 private hotels perfectly suiting every taste and every demand in 110 countries! Best Western guarantees strictly controlled quality – from 3-star premises to BEST WESTERN PLUS® and BEST WESTERN PREMIER® Hotels. Sophisticated booking & reservation, lots of specials and one of the world’s largest customer clubs complement our Best Western range of services. Best Western Central Europe located in Vienna is the head office for more than 70 privately owned hotels in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Carinthia Convention

Carinthia Convention Bureau - Our Services Support in selection suitable conference hotels, meeting and event locations • One stop shop • Organisation and support for site inspections • Professional assistance for putting together supporting programmes on various themes • Carinthia brochures for events on request • Support and guiding through your Event as an official „g reen Meeting“ • Assistance in the advertising of congresses • Goverment funding for international congresses

Casino Velden/Casinos Austria

With its incomparable location on the Lake Wörthersee Bay (located in Carinthia, in the south of Austria), Casino Velden is fascinating because of its mix of seeing and being seen, high-profile congresses, gourmet cuisine with numerous outlets and a gaming area which thrills all the guests. Celebrate, feast or have a meeting in the casino with its charming atmosphere and spectacular view of Lake Wörthersee. Two individuel event halls offer the ideal setting for events, conventions, balls, concerts as well as clubbings. The versatility of Casino Velden is shown in the architectural design and its flexibility.

Contact: Am Europlatz 1 1120 Vienna Austria Contact person: Ms. Esther Maninger E: T: 0043 1 81434605

Contact: Boesendorfer Strasse 5 1010 Vienna Austria Contact person: Ms. Ivona Meissner E: T: 0043 1 5054706

Contact: Voelkermarkter Ring 21-23 9020 Klagenfurt Austria Contact person: Ms. Andrea Leitner E: T: 0043 463 300095

Contact: Am Corso 17 9220 Velden Austria Contact person: Ms. Karin Obkircher E: T: 0043 4274 2064 20112



Congress Center Villach

Congress Center Villach (CCV) is Carinthia’s largest and most modern conference and Event centre. Architecturally innovative, it affords state-of-the-art Technology and is perfectly equipped to host Events for up to 2.000 People. Situated at the very heart of the City on the Banks of the River “Drava”, CCV’s attractive glass facade offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding mountain landscape. With 20 different kind of meeting rooms, the CCV is able to organize all your requirements. The CCV is directly connected with the Congress Hotel 4*Superior, with 134 rooms and Suites, a Gourmet Restaurant and a Wellness area.


congress Schladming

One of the most modern event centers in Europe, congress Schladming was opened at the end of 2011. Equipped with the newest media and stage technology, the building served as Media Center during the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2013. congress Schladming stands for modern architecture, eco-friendly building systems, multifunctional use, gastronomic perfection and state-of-theart technology in the middle of Austria. The combination of “Conferencing in the Mountains” wiht a broad range of recreational opportunities, in the most beautiful natural seeting imaginable, provides that desired balance for mind and soul.

Convention Bureau Niederösterreich

NIEDERÖSTERREICH The best location for your event. Niederösterreich is the vast domain round Vienna and has an excellent transportation infrastructure. This Austrian region lies in the heart of the new Europe and is a neighbor of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Alongside its cultural treasures, Lower Austria is famed for sublime culinary treats, mouth-watering delicacies and heart-felt hospitality you will find all along the 830km of wine roads, or in some 270 inns that cultivate and preserve regional Dining. The Convention Bureau Niederösterreich is your competent partner for assistance with meetings, incentives, conventions!

Courtyard by Marriott Graz

The Courtyard Graz hotel is located 5 km south of Graz nearby the Schwarzl leisure center. Enjoy free access to Austria’s largest recreation area. The hotel offers 114 rooms, including Deluxe rooms with Seperate beds or Kingsize beds, Superior rooms and Junior Suites. The perfect connection to major highways (A9, A2) with direction to Croatia and Slovenia and 120 parking lots makes the journey very comfortable. Modern conference hotel near Graz with 6 meeting rooms for 250 people & 366 sqm total event space. Flexible meeting rooms feature daylight, modern technology, Wi-Fi, air-condition & darkening blinds. It’s a new stay

Contact: Europaplatz 2 9500 Villach Austria Contact person: Ms. Kerstin Fritz E: T: 0043 424222522

Contact: Europaplatz 800 8970 Schladming Austria Contact person: Ms. Lena Reiter E: T: 0043 3687 22033-113

Contact: Niederösterreich-Ring 2, Haus C 3100 St. Pölten Austria Contact person: Ms. Edith Mader E: T: 0043 2742 9000 19825

Contact: Seering 10 8141 Graz Austria Contact person: Mr. Oliver Baumgartner E: T: 0043 3168077605


Design Center Linz / Tourism Board Linz

The DESIGN CENTER LINZ is a timeless event location with a unique glass roof. The locations also well known for its multifunctionality: flexible room solutions offer the same ideal conditions for fairs, congresses, incentives, galas, events, Christmas parties and presentations. All these events are presented with top modern technical equipment. Linz changes the slogan of the city expresses what many already know. The former industrial city has changed and is now a successful, brightly illuminated cultural city at the riverbanks of the Danube.

Falkensteiner Resort Carinzia **** and Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden

Falkensteiner Resort Carinzia **** . Our Conference Center offers 6 rooms with space for up to 450 persons. There’s everything you could possibly need for your seminar, workshop or special event. And it’s in one of the finest spa hotels in Carinthia, right at the foot of the Nassfeld, the ski and adventure area in the Alps. Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden *****. The luxurious palace hotel located directly on Lake Wörthersee. We offer 104 magnificent stately rooms and suites, an excellent 3 toque-awarded cuisine, a new SPA world with 3600 square meters as well as 4 modern equiped Seminar rooms with space for up to 400 persons.

Messe Congress Graz

Starting in 1906, Congress Graz established itself as a key venue for the presentation of prototypes and products, paving the way for the growth of Austria’s largest and most popular public exhibition location. In the 20th century, up to the fall of the Iron Curtain, Congress Graz played a vital role in East-West relations and thanks to its position at the heart of the expanding European Union has continued to act as a springboard for moves into South Eastern Europe. The inauguration of the Stadthalle Graz in 2002 added a significant amount of exhibition space and an architecturally eye-catching, multi-purpose venue.

“MICE & more Wörthersee” (Austria)

LAKE WOERTH REGION (Carinthia / Austria) In addition to MICE, there truly is a lot “more” on offer namely special offers for bus groups and special interest groups (eg. golf, cycling or walking). Whether it‘s tradition, culture, sport or pleasure – the lake Wörth region offers the ideal framework for group tours. A wide range of high standard accommodation (3* to 5*) as well as an up-to-date local infrastructure and various charming sights will guarantee you an unforgettable stay. We assist you in finding the perfect location and provide you with non-binding offers - everything without any additional costs for you.

Contact: Europaplatz 1 4020 Linz Austria Contact person: Ms. Lisa Winkler E: T: 0043 732 69 66 110

Contact: Tröpolach 156 9631 Hermagor Austria www.schlossvelden. Contact person: Ms. Sabrina Slamanig E: T: 0043 4274 52 000

Contact: Messeplatz 1 8010 Graz Austria Contact person: Ms. Claudia Ullrich E: T: 0043 316 80 88 245

Contact: Villacher Straße 19 9220 Velden Austria Contact person: Ms. Petra Nestelbacher E: T: 0043 660 2828 164



roomz graz ; Budget Design Hotel

roomz graz, Budget Design Hotel - the place to be! experience the most exciting side of Graz, surrounded by chic design and modern cosmopolites! right at one of the city’s hot spots, the Graz’ city hall & conference centre, and just a few minutes from downtown! regardless of whether you are visiting the city as a tourist or on business, the roomz graz has everything you need! beside 131 hotel rooms and 2 roof top appartements we offer the relaxing atmosphere of a full-service hotel with conference facilities, à la carte restaurant, bar & reception desk, which are open 24 hours 7 days a week, at budget rates beginning at € 59,00!


Salzburg Convention Bureau & Salzburg Congress

Looking for the perfect destination to go for your next incentive or conference? Well, you have found it in the heart of Europe. Salzburg is the stage of the world and offers great opportunities for professional events and meetings. The ideal setting between Alps and urban city life - the city and province of Salzburg.

Seepark Hotel Congress and Spa

Located in the exquisitely beautiful lagoon on the shore of the lake Woerthersee, Seepark Hotel - Congress & Spa combines business and holiday life in the most fascinating way and offers hotel guests a perfect position between the city of Klagenfurt and the lake. Happy seminar customers are important to us. Yawn. You`ve heard it a thousand times. We`ll rather let the facts speak for us. Our 5 seminar rooms can host up to 200 attendants, further there is a 3000 sqm park outside (we rather regard it as a business playground) and our 142 rooms a perfectly suited for business customers. Welcome in the heart of Carinthia.

Sonnenhotel Hafnersee

Welcome! Modern, bright and comfortable. That is how you experience our Hotel in the wonderful Mediterranean countryside of Carinthia. The “Sonnenhotel Hafnersee”, directly settled on the beautiful Hafner lake is a suitable partner for demanding meetings, seminars, congresses, events, workshops, presentations or company celebrations. Also big events are possible on our total meeting area of 600m². We have in total 7 rooms that are variating from 24-290m², and provide space for 240 persons. Good food and drinks from the Carinthian and Austrian area! That is what you can expect from the “Sonnenhotel Hafnersee”

Contact: Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Str. 96 8010 Graz Austria Contact person: Ms. Eva Haselsteiner E: T: 0043 316 902 090

Contact: Auerspergstrasse 6 5020 Salzburg Austria Contact person: Mr. Gernot Marx E: T: 0043 662 8898 7273

Contact: Universitätsstraße 104 9020 Klagenfurt Austria Contact person: Ms. Karolin Struger E: T: 0043 463 204499 710

Contact: Plescherken 5 9074 Keutschach Austria Contact person: Mr. Alen Kapidzic E: T: 0043 (0) 42 73 23 75 500


Steiermark Convention

STEIERMARK CONVENTION – ADDING A BURST OF COLOUR TO YOUR EVENTS! Steiermark Convention is your competent partner for questions about organising a convention in Styria. Let us and our experienced partners advise and support you! We provide you with assistance in the comprehensive planning and professional organisation of your event – fast and free of charge. STEIERMARK CONVENTION – OUR PROVIDERS: 54 convention providers throughout Styria: 34 conference hotels: city, wellness, sports and castle hotels specialising in conventions, 9 convention centres, 6 event locations, 1 convention bureau, 2 event agencies, 2 excursion

VI Hotels & Resorts

VI Hotels & Resorts (VI) is one of the largest Austrian hotel groups abroad operating 35 hotels including 6.218 rooms & 233 meeting rooms with over 22,000 m² room for your congress, meeting, event or incentive. The hotels are located in nine European countries: • Austria – Salzburg, Loipersdorf & Dornbirn • Czech Republic – Prague, Pilsen & Karlovy Vary • Poland – Cracow, Katowice, Łódź & Miedzyzdroje • Croatia – Opatija & Mali Losinj • France – at Disneyland Paris • Germany – Berlin, Munich, Coburg, Amberg, Wuppertal, Limburg, Günzburg & Neckarsulm • Romania - Bucharest • Slovakia - Bratislava • Russia – Ekaterinburg

Werzers Hotels am Wörthersee

The three hotels Werzer’s Hotel Resort Pörtschach, Werzer’s Seehotel Wallerwirt and Werzer’s Hotel Velden stand out for their impeccable service, personal and intimate ambience and a stunning setting.

Contact: St.-Peter-Hauptstraße 243 8042 Graz Austria Contact person: Ms. Andrea Sajben E: T: 0043 (0) 316 4003-0

Contact: Dresdner Strasse 87 1200 Vienna Austria Contact person: Mr. Michael Kral E: T: 0043 133 3737346

Contact: Werzerpromenade 8 9210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee Austria Contact person: Mr. Thomas Stranner E: T: 0043 4272 2231-107


euromic is a non-profit association founded in 1973. Today, with forty years of experience, euromic has earned the status of “THE association of the leading Destination Management Companies in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.” Recognized for its experience and expertise in meetings, incentives, conventions and high-caliber special-interest programs, euromic stands for quality, security, stability, sophistication and the highest standards of professional conduct, as well as success.

Contact: Rue Arthur Diderich 30 1060 Brussels Belgium Contact person: Mr. Christophe Verstraete E: T: 0032 2 538 66 25



Hotel Radon Plaza Sarajevo BiH

RADON PLAZA Hotel is situated along the main city highway leading up to the city center from the direction of south-west. It is only ten minutes away from the Sarajevo airport and about fifteen minutes from downtown Sarajevo. Hotel has 117 rooms: 82 with king size beds, 35 with twin beds, 2 superior suites, and 1 presidential suite. Capacity and facilities of Radon Plaza Hotel are adapted not only to the individual needs of our guests, but also to hosting meetings such as congresses, To date, we have hosted and organized over 500 business conferences, fairs, presentations, and other events for a variety of local and international companies.


Hilton Hotel Sofia

Hilton Sofia Highlights - Located in the heart of Sofia next to South Park, National Congress center, and a Shopping mall - Shuttle service to and from Sofia International Airport - Newest metro station a step away from the hotel - WiFi-enabled meeting rooms and 24-hour connectivity station - 24-hour gym with sauna, steam room and solarium - Only 5-star hotel with inside relaxing pool - Contemporary award-winning restaurant and cuisine - Open terrace for your summer parties - 7 fully flexible meeting rooms (largest one for up to 320 delegates) with natural daylight - Spectacular Atrium, perfect for glamurous events

Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia

Your recipe for successful events at the 5-star biggest conference facilities in Sofia! Meet in style at the Kempinski Hotel Zografski and experience a myriad of venues – from purely business arrangements for conventions,exhibitions and product launches to glamorous receptions,gala dinners and fashion shows.Unveil a hotel with an amazing infrastructure on 30 000 sqm with 442 rooms and suites,stunning panoramic views over Vitosha mountain and the city center,11 superb conference rooms and a Ballroom for up to 1200 pax,5 restaurants with remarkable international and local cuisine,3 bars,Spa,indoor swimming pool and a unique Japanese garden.


Brandoctor is the most awarded branding agency in the CEE. We are specialized in the fields of brand strategy, brand naming, visual identity, brand consulting and brand implementation. Brand is 100% emotion. Brands inspire consumers. This inspiration creates an emotional bond between the brand and consumer. The foundation for making inspiring brands is knowledge and experience. We believe in brands we are building, those are the brands that we buy ourselves. Without believing in what we are doing, we wouldn’t be passionate about our work. We started the first regional blog on branding.

Contact: Dzemala Bijedica 185 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina Contact person: Mr. Ernad Jakupovic E: T: 00387 33 752 903

Contact: 1 Bulgaria Blvd. 1421 Sofia Bulgaria Contact person: Ms. Alexandra Yankulova E: T: 00359 2 933 5020

Contact: 100 James Bourchier Blvd 1407 Sofia Bulgaria Contact person: Ms. Violeta Milusheva E: T: 00359 2 969 2283

Contact: Zavrtnica 17 10000 Zagreb Croatia Contact person: Ms. Anja Bauer Minkara E: T: 00385 1 6064 039


Bruketa&Žinić OM

Bruketa&Žinić OM is a group of marketing communications agencies consisting with offices in Zagreb (Croatia), Vienna (Austria), Belgrade (Serbia) and Baku (Azerbaijan). It is the Best International Small Agency (Advertising Age, Portland 2013), the Second Most Efficient Independent Agency Globally (Effie Index, Cannes, 2012) and one of the most award-winning advertising agencies in Southeastern Europe, with over 400 international awards for creativity and efficiency.

Croatian National Tourist Board / Convention Bureau

THE CROATIAN NATIONAL TOURIST BOARD (CNTB) is a national tourist organization founded with a view to promoting and creating the identity, and to enhance the reputation of, Croatian tourism. The mission also includes the planning and implementation of a common strategy and the conception of its promotion, proposal and the performance of promotional activities of mutual interest for all subjects in tourism in the country and abroad, as well as raising the overall quality of the whole range of tourist services on offer in the Republic of Croatia.

DT Croatia - Dubrovnik Travel DMC

DT Croatia proudly celebrating 15 years of successful operations! DT CROATIA-Dubrovnik Travel DMC, Croatia’s leading Destination Management Company & PCO, is a privately owned company that specializes in the organization & execution of meetings, incentives, exclusive groups and events. DT also provides customized private shore excursions in all ports on this sunny side of the Adriatic Sea. Our in-depth knowledge of the region, leading position in the industry, and creativity ensure our our clients will enjoy a customized and successful program. DT Croatia Offices: Zagreb (Istria),Split ( Hvar, Zadar), Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Tourist Board

Dubrovnik Tourist Board & Convention Bureau is your official partner offering free impartial support to help you plan your meeting, conference or creative incentive program in Dubrovnik. With our fascinating nature and crystal clear Adriatic sea, UNESCO cultural heritage and unique attractions you can be sure your clients will have a memorable experience. Our experienced team of industry professionals and destination experts can help with all aspects of event planning: advice and comprehensive local knowledge about venues, assistance with site inspections, supporting information for bids, visitor information, updates on new developments.

Contact: Zavrtnica 17 10000 Zagreb Croatia Contact person: Ms. Ivanka Mabić Gagić E: T: 00385 1 6064 000

Contact: Office in Ljubljana: Gosposvetska 2 1000 Ljubljana Croatia Contact person: Mr. Goran Blažić E: T: 00386 12307400

Contact: Obala Stjepana Radica 25 20000 Dubrovnik Croatia Contact person: Mr. Alan Racic E: T: 00385 20313555

Contact: Brsalje 5 20000 Dubrovnik Croatia Contact person: Ms. Romana Vlasic E: T: 00385 20312015



Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences

Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences is a family-run hotel group from South Tyrol with 30 hotels located in Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, and Serbia. In Croatia there are 4 hotels and 2 residences operated under the Falkensteiner Hotels & Residence brand: Hotel Adriana**** and Club Funimation Borik**** in Zadar, Hotel & Spa Iadera*****, Family Hotel Diadora****s, Residences Senia in Punta Skala and Apartments Petrčane in Petrčane. In Serbia there is city hotel Falkensteiner Belgrade****s with 700 sqm conference rooms and family mountain resort Hotel Stara Planina****.


Hotel Aristos

Hotel Aristos is a 4* hotel with modern conference banquet center: separate entrance, congress reception, multifunctional halls equipped with the latest technical audio and video fittings, capacity up to 300 persons in Grand hall and secured free parking ( 200 lots ) and WLAN. Hotel Aristos is situated a few minutes distance from Zagreb Airport ( 6 km ) and from City Center ( 8 km ). At guest disposal are 150 luxurious and spacious rooms, Lobby bar, restaurant Tiara, Lounge Bar Momento, Summer terrace, Wellness & spa Aristos center, Exchange office, Hair dresser, e- business center. All in one place - practical, functional,professional

Hotel Katarina

Hotel Katarina is a modern decorated and highly equipped hotel with 101 accommodation units and 243 beds, 4 star hotel category hotel, located in Dugopolje close to the exit of the highway Zagreb - Split. Accommodation at Hotel Katarina offers luxury and comfort, which represents an ideal combination for business guests and those seeking for rest and relaxation. Our elegant and multifunctional halls are ideal for your conferences, meetings and various events.On the 1st floor of the hotel there is a conference hall where we can organize conferences, seminars, presentations, small and large meetings, exhibitions,fashion shows and similar events

HUP-Zagreb d.d. (Starwood hotels in Zagreb)

HUP-ZAGREB Inc. hotel management, catering and tourism is the biggest hotel company in Zagreb and one of the most significant companies in Croatia. HUP-ZAGREB Inc. features more than 1,200 luxury rooms and suites to offer to the visitors of Croatian capital city. HUP- Zagreb Inc is the owner of the following hotels in Zagreb: The Westin Zagreb 5*, Sheraton Zagreb 5*, International 4*, Panorama 4*, Jadran 3*, Zagreb 2* For 16 years now, HUP-ZAGREB Inc. has been successfully working with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.

Contact: Zrinsko-Frankopanska 38 23000 Zadar Croatia Contact person: Ms. Jadranka Gojtanic E: T: 0038 516187546

Contact: Cebini 33 10000 Zagreb Croatia Contact person: Ms. Nikolina Štorga E: T: 00385 1 6695 900

Contact: Matice hrvatske 4 21204 Dugopolje, Split Croatia Contact person: Ms. Matilda Kežić E: T: 00385 21 712 333

Contact: Trg Krešimira Ćosića 9 10000 Zagreb Croatia Contact person: Mr. Leon Begić E: T: 00385 4892022


Ilirija Travel

Ilirija travel is a part of Ilirija d.d., a company which covers all three segments of the tourism offer: hotel industry, nautics, camping, DMC&PCO and provides all necessary support. Ilirija Travel provides tailor made programs, conference & meetings planning, incentive organization, reveals stunning Zadar Region, its history, culture, cuisine, nature and adventure and much more. We are presenting M/Y NADA, a multifunctional event ship with seating capacity 180 and complete conference audio and visual equipment, a restaurant, kitchen and bars providing excellent service intended for gala receptions, banquettes, weddings, incentives,..

Istraturist - Partner of Meliá hotels International

Istraturist is a Croatian company 50 years tradition in rendering tourist services.All Istraturist’s properties are located on the north-western coast of the Istrian peninsula.Istraturist has invested significantly over the last few years in the infrastructure and the company offer for guests that are looking for group and other business services.The ever-developing M.I.C.E.programe is second to none in Croatia.You can choose from 3 -four- and five-star hotels that tailor to business and other group guests.Our hotels feature a meeting center with top business amenities, all accompanied by Meliá Hotels International outstanding service offer.

Lafodia Sea Resort****

Hotel Lafodia Sea Resort**** is situated on the island of Lopud which position is only nine nautical miles northwest from Dubrovnik. You can reach hotel with regular ferry or using our transfers. The hotel has 152 rooms and 30 suites all with sea viwes and balconies. The bussiness centre provides 1 multifunctional meeting room which can be divided in two breakout rooms capacity up to 150 people + boardroom capacity of 20. Each meeting room has natural light and direct access to outside terrace where welcome drink or coffiee break can be organised. Standard equipment includes overhead projector, flipcharts, screen, notepad+pens, hospitality de

Le Meridien Lav Split

Discover Split With New Eyes Le Meridien’s unique beach front location invites guests to immerse themselves in the inspirational panoramic views of the Adriatic sea. Le Meridien Lav is a five star hotel in Split that features 365 modern rooms and 17 seaview suite, amongst the largest on Split hotels. Our Conference Centre boasts 2500m² of modern meeting space, hosting 850 guests in natural daylight, with panoramic sea views and latest technology. A Coastal journey awaits you Embark on a journey of coastal discovery, easily explore the imposing Dalmatian coast, admire scenic towns of Trogir, Omis, Solin and Makarska.

Contact: T. Ujevića 7 23210 Biograd na Moru Croatia Contact person: Ms. Margita Vrankulj E: T: 00385 23 383556

Contact: Jadranska 66 52470 Umag Croatia Contact person: Ms. Nataša Kovačević E: T: 00385 52 719104

Contact: Obala Ivana Kuljevana 51 20222 Lopud Croatia Contact person: Ms. Ana Kovacevic E: T: 00385 (0) 20 450 312

Contact: Grljevacka 2a 21312 Split Croatia Contact person: Mr. Ozren Kovačević E: T: 00385 21 500 620



Maistra d.d.

Crucial step for the Maistra MICE development took place in 2011. with the opening of hotel Lone which represents the basis of Maistra’s congress offer and the first Croatian hotel included in the international collection of the world-renowned brand Design Hotels AG. International Hotel Awards has pronounced this hotel in Rovinj the best five-star congress hotel in Europe in 2012. Together with the 5-star hotel Monte Mulini, 4-star hotels Eden and Istra and 3-star hotel Park it forms the Cap Aureo conference center which is the flagship of Maistra’s MICE offerings and the best equipped regional conference center.


Opatija Convention & Incentive Bureau

The Opatija Convention & Incentive Bureau is a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting Opatija as a renowned Croatian convention and incentive destination. The Bureau provides independent information free of charge about the possibilities of organising conventions and incentive events in Opatija and its surroundings. Its main services include: • venue finding • hosting familiarisation trips and site inspections • suggesting social programmes, pre- and post-convention tours • providing promotional material • assisting in PCO election • bid assistance

Plava Laguna d.d.

Plava laguna - Laguna Poreč is one of the largest hotel companies in Croatia. It has 13 hotels, 4 apartment villages and 4 campsites, having the total accommodation capacity for 22.000 guests. Our hotels have conference halls and meeting rooms which can accomodate 10 to 600 people. A combination of the pleasant and the useful - this might just be the essence of our message and the goal of our offer for the organization of congresses, seminars, work meetings, symposiums, presentations, sports events, gala dinners, folklore evenings, weddings and animation in Laguna Poreč facilities.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa at Dubrovnik Sun Gardens presents the perfect conference venue featuring a variety of resort amenities located in a Mediterranean setting on the Adriatic coastline, only 15 minutes from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. The resort offers a 201 hotel room and 207 luxurious residences, stylish multifunctional ballroom and 7 additional conference rooms that can host a variety of events, from small boardroom meetings to conferences of up to 900 participants. Resort facilities include an award winning spa, a comprehensive sports and recreation centre, 3 outdoor pools, beach and 16 F&B outlets.

Contact: Obala V.Nazora 6 52210 Rovinj Croatia Contact person: Ms. Jasmina Arić E: T: 00385 52 800 250

Contact: V. Nazora 3 51410 Opatija Croatia Contact person: Mr. Goran Pavlovic E: T: 00385 51 271710

Contact: Rade Koncara 12 52440 POREC Croatia Contact person: Ms. Iva Baldas Pucko E: T: 00385 52 410222

Contact: Na Moru 1 20234 Orasac Croatia resort-dubrovnik Contact person: Ms. Vesna Jurica Market E: T: 00385 99 2343834


Solaris Beach Resort

Solaris Beach Resort is a reputable congress destination, ideal for the organization of different incentives, congresses, conferences, events or teambuildings, situated in central Dalmatia. It is only 6 km away from the historical city of Šibenik and cca 70 km from the both airports Zadar and Split. Total capacity of the Solaris Congress center is 2000 places. It includes 13 multipurpose halls on the surface of 2000 m 2. The biggest hall is the amphitheater with total capacity for 500 participants. Among the 5 hotels in Solaris, we would like to highlight our premium, luxury hotel Ivan****+.

Sunčani Hvar Hoteli

A sunsational mix of business and pleasure Sunčani Hvar Hotels offers countless possibilities for a wide range of business conferences, professional gatherings and special events. Our first class-service, professional staff and highly skilled IT team will inspire the confidence and enthusiasm of your colleagues. Moreover, our outstanding amenities and the island’s pristine natural beauty will create a delightful and dynamic mixture of business and pleasure Most of our hotels and restaurants offer adaptable spaces for professional meetings and special events. Specifications on these spaces can be found on the individual hotel fact sheets o

Zagreb Convention Bureau

Zagreb Convention Bureau is a non profit organization focused on promotion of Zagreb as an ideal destination for meetings and incentives. Our members are major subjects of Zagreb meetings industry: hotels, PCOs, DMCs, authentic historical and unusual venues, incentive facilities.. We aim at improvement of Zagreb meetings industry which results in growing number of international meetings and events taking place in Zagreb. Our services are free and include: • venue finding service, • preparation of bid documents, • hosting of fam trips, site inspections, • suggestions for PCO/ DMC, • suggestions for social programs, • promotional material

Carlson Rezidor

The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic hotel companies. It has a fantastic portfolio of 1,319 hotels in operation and under development, a global footprint covering 81 countries and territories and a powerful set of global brands: Radisson Blu, Radisson, Park Plaza, Park Inn by Radisson, Country Inns & Suites By Carlson and Hotel Missoni. In South Eastern Europe, Carlson Rezidor is represented by 14 hotels in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Contact: Hoteli Solaris 86 22000 Šibenik Croatia Contact person: Ms. Ivana Ivković Nanjara E: T: 00385 22 361 004

Contact: Dolac 1 21450 Hvar Croatia Contact person: Mr. Damir Puljic E: T: 00385 21 750000

Contact: Kaptol 5 10000 Zagreb Croatia Contact person: Mr. Zlatan Muftic E: T: 00385 1 48 98 555

Contact: Kolinska 4 13000 Prague Czech Republic Contact person: Ms. Luiza Paduraru E: T: 0042 0730580998



Prague Convention Bureau

Prague Convention Bureau is the official convention bureau of Prague and is a non-profit organization working alongside the Czech Tourist Authorities to offer you a one-stop-shop service for organizing a conference, meeting, seminar, exhibiton or incentive event in Prague. Our mission is to promote Prague as one of Europe’s leading congress destinations.


Magency Digital

With an office in Paris and New York, Magency Digital is one of the biggest experts in digital platform development. With 2,000 iPads, we offer an all-in-one solution to innovate and guarantee the success of your event. Our white-label application enables to promote your company and increase interactivity in a brand new way. • Boost your participants’ engagement with the Live Voting, the Question Wall, the Quiz. • Facilitate Networking and encourage team spirit with the Who’s Who, the Business Card, the Treasure Hunt, the Photo Story and many more. In 2 years, we have managed 400 digital events going from 5 to 6,000 participants.

Hungarian Tourism Plc.

Hungary is becoming a firm favourite in the meetings industry, a vibrant destination with warm and friendly people, varied and distinct cuisine choices among beautiful buildings and streets. Conveniently located in the very heart of Europe, Hungary is easy to access from any part of the world; it is less than 2-hours away by plane from all European capitals. It offers a plethora of attractions. All major hotel brands can be found in Budapest and beyond to cater for conferences and incentive trips, and there is a host of PCO-s and DMC-s specializing in organising spotless meetings and unforgettable entertainment.

Hungexpo - Budapest

Hungexpo Budapest, member of the French-owned GL Events Group and Hungary’s leading exhibition management company, offers you an ideal venue for all types of events for even 15.000 participants. Located in the heart of Budapest and from 20-minutes drive from the international airport, the establishment covers 36 hectares with landscaped gardens and 8 pavilions which provide the ideal venue for hosting any type of events all the year round. The “G” Pavilion with its available column-free indoor space can be divided into two sections with movable walls, making it perfectly suitable for simultaneous events.

Contact: Rytířská 26 11000 Prague Czech Republic Contact person: Ms. Dagmar Brožová E: dagmar.brozova@ T: 0042 0224284269

Contact: 34 rue des bourdonnais 75001 Paris France Contact person: Ms. Jenny Miralles E: T: 0033 983240342

Contact: Bartók Béla út 105-113. 1115 Budapest Hungary Contact person: Ms. Júlia Csesznok E: T: 0036 1 488 8644

Contact: Albertirsai út 10 1101 Budapest Hungary Contact person: Mr. Márton Ipacs E: T: 0036 1 263 6520


Park Inn by Radisson Sárvár Resort & Spa

Ideally located four-star hotel in Sárvár Situated in the centre of this picturesque town in the renowned spa region of West Hungary, this hotel in Sárvár is directly connected to the state-of-the-art Health Spa and Wellness Centre Sárvár, boasting a uniquely designed bathing landscape and water park. Guests at this hotel in Sárvár can also indulge in a variety of fitness and beauty treatments, including traditional and Far Eastern massages and therapeutic treatments. Unwind in one of the 223 well-equipped rooms and enjoy a scrumptious lunch or dinner at La Caraffa and cocktails at Graffiti Bar & Lounge.

Sárvár Tourist & TDM Nonprofit Ltd.

Sárvár - A crystal-clear experience Sárvár’s main attraction is its thermal waters. Its Spa and Wellness Centre meets the European standards thanks to the continuous improvements and to the family friendly services. That’s why Sárvár is a popular destination. The Nádasdy Castle and the Nádasdy Museum, a historical place awaits the tourist with its rich programmes. The Botanic Garden is part of the health-resort; the park around the castle and the Boating Lake with its green belt invite people for a romantic walk.

Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa Sárvár*****superior

The Spirit Hotel *****superior lies on the shores to the seven lakes of Bad Sárvár as well as to beautiful forests and meadows. The centre of the traditional spa town is within an only 15-minute-walk from the hotel. Bad Sárvár is one of the few “Royal Spas of Europe”.One of the unique spa hotels in Europe, offering 271 in boutique style furnished hotel rooms and suites, fit to the demands of international five star guests. The modern conference and event centre with garden and pool view, fit up to 500 visitors, are perfect venue for any event, and can be divided into 5 section rooms.

Agenzia Turismo FVG

When you arrive in Friuli Venezia Giulia, you arrive in the heart of Europe. Thanks to its strategic position, in the centre of the Old Continent, every event can become a unique occasion and guaranteed success. The region is served by Trieste airport that is located just one a hour from the international hubs of Venice and Ljubjana: is an ideal destination to host congresses, meetings and incentives thanks to the excellent structures throughout its territory. The beauty and infinite number of attractions of our region are always able to create new opportunities for enjoyment, relaxation or fun between one commitment to another.

Contact: Vadkert u. 4. 9600 Sárvár Hungary Contact person: Ms. Eszter Horváth E: T: 0036 95530106

Contact: Várkerület 33/C. 9600 Sárvár Hungary Contact person: Mr. Ferenc Haller E: T: 0036 95 520 178

Contact: Vadkert krt. 5. 9600 Sárvár Hungary Contact person: Ms. Barbara Bolla E: T: 0036 20 234 6979

Contact: Via Carso, 3 33052 Cervignano del Friuli Italy Contact person: Ms. Brenda Lee Fabbro E: T: 0039 0431 387122



EastWest Voyage

EASTWEST VOYAGE is Montenegrin independent travel agency, DMC with extensive experience in providing superior travel service to all our clients and business partners. As a full service destination management company, we provide expert advices & personalized travel planning, design of tailor made programs, conference & meetings planning & incentive organization. Founded in 2011, EASTWEST VOYAGE is an incoming & outgoing tour operator. Our staff provides services for FIT & GROUP basic to culture program, arrangement for business & incentive program, sightseeing tours, guiding services….


Montenegro Convention Bureau

Montenegro is the right choice for organizing business meetings, large conferences and incentive trips. The advantages are many: in addition to luxury hotels with great accommodation capacities and theaters equipped with the latest technology, Montenegro offers the Mediterranean climate, outstanding natural, cultural and historical attractions, unforgettable excursions, excellent relaxation and leisure activities, as well as a rich and authentic cuisine. Peaceful and romantic old cities, the invigorating smell of the sea, together with the dedication and hospitality of the hosts, will make all participants remember the event with joy.

Montenegrostars hotels group

The Montenegro Stars Hotel Group, founded in 2003, is a hotel management company that owns and operates three hotels in Montenegro, on the Budva Riviera. Our properties include: • Splendid Conference and SPA Resort 5* - the most wellknown hotel on the Budva Riviera and within 600 km around • Montenegro Beach Resort 4* - a comfortable hotel in Bečići, famous for being a great place for family vacations • Blue Star Hotel 4* - a modern hotel in Budva city center, designed for short-stay travelers and businessmen • Splendid SPA – one of the East Adriatic’s luxurious wellness hot spots • Splendid Casino Royale – a state-of-the-art gambli.

Normal tours, Hotel Podgorica

Nestled on the bank of the river Moraca, the hotel has a unique location. It is situated in the central part of the town, and at the same time it is in the quiet recreational zone. The hotel is a four star hotel and presents an ideal space for meetings, conferences and other gatherings. It disposes with 2 well equipped conference rooms, 44 guest rooms and apartments. Their common characteristics are abundance of light, space, natural colors and materials, and a wonderful river view. The hotel’s restaurant has a beautiful terrace facing the river, and features special union of classic cuisine and international specialties.

Contact: Pilota Cvetkovica i Milojevica 14 8000 Podgorica Montenegro Contact person: Ms. Zorka Raicevic E: T: 00 382 (0) 20 657 448 / 657 446

Contact: Bul. Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 130 81000 Podgorica Montenegro Contact person: Ms. Danica Ceranić E: T: 00382 77 100 003

Contact: Becici BB 85310 Budva Montenegro index.php/en/ Contact person: Ms. Spasenija Puric E: T: 00382 33 773444

Contact: Svetlane Kane Radevic 81000 Podgorica Montenegro Contact person: Ms. Nevenka Drobnjak E: T: 00382 20 402 510


Talas-M DMC

For more than a decade, Talas-M has been one of the leading event specialists in Montenegro. Our team of multi lingual event planners, who are immensely in love with their country, will show you Montenegro different way than the others do, because we know places that hide real surprises. Our expertise in organising unique incentives , exclusive events, memorable meetings, creative congresses and special interest tours throughout this country of the wild beauty, combined with unbeatable supplier relationship, means we are the one to make it happen in Montenegro. Let us be the planner for your next meeting or event!

Talas-M DMC

For more than a decade, Talas-M has been one of the leading event specialists in Montenegro. Thanks to our excellent reputation, we have been entrusted with some of the most prestigious events ever organized in our country. Some of our clients have been well known names as Volkswagen, Airbus, Henkel, Coca Cola, L’Oreal, Chanel, Toyota, Renault, IBM and many more. Our team of multi lingual event planners, who are immensely in love with their country, will show you Montenegro different way than the others do, because we know places that hide real surprises.

International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)

ICCA (the International Congress and Convention Associ­ ation) is the global community for the meetings industry. Our objective is to enable ICCA members to generate and maintain significant competitive advantage in the international association meetings market. ICCA represents the main specialists in organising, transporting and accommodating international meetings and events, and comprises almost 1,000 member companies and organisations in over 90 countries worldwide.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, one of the world’s 5-star and fastest growing airlines, member of the oneworld alliance, has rapidly expanded into the MICE business. Promoting the exciting corporate business tourism year round, the airline is capitalizing on the burgeoning hospitality business in the State of Qatar, encouraging meeting event organizers and MICE companies to extend their business opportunities to Qatar and any destination within the airline’s rapidly growing network. Being a leading player in global aviation, Qatar Airways currently operates a young fleet of over 125 aircrafts to more than 125 key destinations around the world.

Contact: Žrtava fašizma 26 85310 Budva Montenegro Contact person: Mr. Aleksandar Jovanovic E: T: 00382 33 403 860

Contact: Zrtava fasizma 26 85310 Budva Montenegro Contact person: Ms. Dijana Kustudic E: T: 00382 33 403 860

Contact: Toren A, De Entree 57 1101 BH Amsterdam The Netherlands Contact person: Mrs Amanda Marochko E: T: 0031 654995006

Contact: P.O.Box 22550 22550 Doha Qatar Contact person: Mr. Alen Mlekuz E: T: 0097 433685340



Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest

A lovingly restored belle époque, up-town property, situated within easy reach of government offices, embassies, and banks. Main city attractions are all around, while the airport is 20 minutes away. Built in 1914 and situated within the heart of the city this Bucharest hotel provides spectacular views of Revolution Square. All 272 spacious bedrooms, including 60 luxurious suites, overlook the city or the hotel courtyard and offer Wi-Fi. 13 meeting rooms (2-400 guests), including two ballrooms. The Le Diplomate Ballroom is a national heritage monument and a spectacular setting for internationa


Belgrade Convention Bureau

Welcome to Belgrade and get ready for a surprise. Belgrade is a hip dynamic city that is now booming with new business and urban development projects. Belgrade offers remarkable convenience for hosting major events and conferences. The Sava Centar’s 3,670 plenary seats and a wide range of hotel and venue choices are only 15 minutes from the Airport. Belgrade is one of the best value for money and least expensive destinations in all of Europe. The Belgrade Convention Bureau is ready to assist you in planning your next event; from selecting the appropriate venue to helping you choose the best service providers.

Best Western Hotel M Belgrade

Best Western Hotel M is four star business hotel with superior quality service for any kind of stay, from leisure to special events and congresses.Hotel is located next to the Banjica park, 20 km from the Airport Nikola Tesla and just 4 km away from the city center and Sava Congress Centre. Hotel offers luxury accommodation in 172 rooms and 8 suites. Additional services for guests are complimentary: e-business center, Wi-Fi internet and hotel parking. Beside the comfort of the accommodation, hotel has 8 modern Conference rooms capacity for 20-500 participants - total capacity 1100 seats.

DMC Vekol doo

DMC Vekol is the leading destination management and special event service provider in the Serbia. We’re offering new team building ideas and the best of the event planning and management resources all under one roof, giving us the ability to develop and produce flawless, cost effective meetings and events every time as well as conference services in Serbia. Whether you need a special event, incentive, conference, let our expert team of professionals plan the perfect program for your organization. For our clients we are always providing UNIQUE experience on destination.

Contact: 1-3 Episcopiei str 10292 Bucharest Romania Contact person: Mr. Konstantin Yonchev E: T: 0040 21 3033777

Contact: Masarikova 5/9 11000 Belgrade Serbia Contact person: Ms. Dragana Babovic E: T: 00381 3061400

Contact: Bulevar oslobođenja 56 a 11000 Belgrade Serbia Contact person: Ms. Tatjana Kovacevic E: T: 00381 11 30 90 505

Contact: Vuka Karadzica 6/IV 11000 Belgrade Serbia Contact person: Mr. Dejan Bogdanov E: T: 00381 11 3282 689


Serbia Convention Bureau

Let us introduce Serbia, major economic hub in SE Europe in Top50 World MICE destinations: • Excellent flight connections; • Main conference facilities and fairs; • Diversity of new hotels to choose from; • Variety of restaurants and special venues; • Great value for money; • History of successful events. Spectacular incentive & team building programs: • Belgrade - the New Capital of Cool! • Danube - The Iron Gate spectacular river gorge; • Numerous UNESCO archaeological sites, medieval fortresses & monasteries; • Luxurious train rides, raspberry spa treatment; • Serbian gastronomy, wine tasting & growing organic produce;

Subotica / Lake Palic Destination

Just between Budapest & Belgrade, Subotica/Lake Palic offers you charming atmosphere of buildings in the art nouveau style and pristine nature of largest and most beautiful lake in Vojvodina. Originally a spa in the mid 19thcentury, destination became a popular health & vacation resort for the affluent citizens of the region. Cute and convenient with all hotels and venues located very close to each other, multiethnic city of Subotica is teeming with culture and offers a plethora of activities for visitors like sailing, carriage/horseback riding and ‘sand wines‘ tasting. Perfect value for the money. Please visit

Adria Airways d.d.

Adria Airways boasts more than fifty years of experience in charter and scheduled services. We connect Slovenia to numerous European cities, and we offer excellent connections to Southeast Europe. As a Star Alliance member, we provide access to a global network of flights to 193 countries. We have 170 scheduled flights from Ljubljana a week, while most of our charter flights connect Slovenia to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. Our fleet includes one Airbus A320, two Airbus A319 planes, four Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft and four Bombardier CRJ200 planes.

Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana

Our hotel awaits you with all the amenities you would except from a modern high-end hotel: an inspiring atmosphere, exclusive comfort, state-of-the-art facilities, stunning design, elegant details, professional service, international flair and the most spacious hotel rooms in Ljubljana (measuring from 30 m² minimum to 160 m²)! And let us not forget about the spacious wellness area and our highly professional conference service. The main attractions and the Ljubljana city centre can easily be reached by public transport.

Contact: Cika Ljubina 8 11000 Belgrade Serbia Contact person: Mr. Milos Milovanovic E: T: 00381 116557101

Contact: Trg slobode 1 24000 Subotica Serbia Contact person: Ms. Branka Banjanin E: T: 00381 24 670 350

Contact: Zgornji Brnik 130h 4210 Brnik Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Tomaž Tolar E: T: 00386 42594543

Contact: Dunajska 154 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Sanja Tesanovic E: T: 00386 (0)1 588 25 13



Bernardin Group

The Bernardin Group provides a complete range of tourist services in 4 different resorts comprising 3- to 5-star hotels on the Slovenian Mediterranean coast: Bernardin Resort and Metropol Resort in Portorož, Salinera Resort in Strunjan and San Simon Resrot in Izola - Isola. The flagship of our group is the St. Bernardin Adriatic Resort & Convention Centre which, with its 1,100-seats auditorium, is the largest convention hotel in Slovenia. Due to its 19 conference rooms of a different size and superb location, overlooking the Adratic Sea, it is most suitable for scientific congresses, corporate events and dynamic incentives alike.


Bernardin Group

Bernardin Group, Resorts & Hotels brings together a comprehensive selection of offerings for quality free time or conference-related activities on the Slovenian coast. With prestigious locations in Portorož, Izola, Strunjan and Piran, we offer hotels and apartments, wellness centres with a top selection of services for natural health and well-being, conference centres and casinos.

Bled Congress center, Bled Castle

Congress organization in Bled prides itself on tradition, expertise and experience; making Bled a top-rated host. Bled congress centre, situated on the lake shore and within easy walking distance of all major hotels, the centre seating 512 is ideally located for all types of top-level corporate and entertainment events. It offers 3 smaller halls for work in sections and a large exhibition hall. Bled can accommodate 2,500 people in its hotels and guest houses and offers a wide choice of rooms and apartments in private houses. Bled hotels are of high standard, with comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms.

Bled Tourist Board & Convention Bureau

Bled is one of Slovenia’s premier meeting destinations, whose allure lies in its magical lake, island and castle. The destination caters for meetings of up to 500 participants, who can be accommodated in the Bled Convention Centre. The meeting offer is complemented by first-rate hotels with conference facilities, while accommodation options range from the simple to the sophisticated. Bled has been playing host to corporate, association and governmental meetings, as well as frequent top-end sports events for decades. The destination also offers ample opportunities for enhancing a meeting with a reception, gala dinner or teambuilding programme.

Contact: Obala 2 6320 Portorož Portorose Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Gregor Gorenc E: T: 00386 5 690 71 08

Contact: OBALA 2 6320 Portorož Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Urban Benčič E: T: 38656907303

Contact: Cesta svobode 11 4260 Bled, Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Špela Repnik E: T: 00386 4 57 29 770

Contact: Cesta svobode 11 4260 Bled Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Petra Čuk E: T: 00386 45780500


Bohinj Park ECO Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Alps you will find Slovenia’s premier new 5star alpine ECO retreat with 102 rooms, 7 conference rooms, cinema, bowling, exclusive wellness and aquapark. The hotel was built in 2009 with highest awareness of the environment and is as such, at the moment, one of the most advanced and energy efficient hotels in CEE. In 2010 it has also been certified by Green Globe sustainability organisation. Our efforts target all areas of sustainability: energy-water-waste consumption and re-use, working with locals, promoting local culture, heritage, landscape. Welcome to the green and active destination, only 45 min from the airport.

Cankarjev dom, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana

CD Congress Centre is located in the centre of Ljubljana, at a walking distance from several hotels and the attractive Old Town. With 22 multi-purpose halls and function rooms and a maximum capacity of 2,000 delegates in the plenary hall, it is the largest purpose-built congress centre in Slovenia in terms of auditorium-style seating and among our most established venues on the international conference market. The venue, which has a total surface area of 36,000 m2 and is able to welcome up to 5,000 visitors simultaneously, also provides extensive space for commercial or art exhibitions. It is a member of ICCA and IAPCO.

City hotel Ljubljana, Krajc Hoteli d.o.o.

The City Hotel, located in the very heart of Ljubljana, is an excellent choice for business and leisure visitors alike, as it provides an ideal base for efficient meetings or exciting discovery tours. At less than five minutes walking, one reaches the vibrant city centre and romantic Old Town. The property has 201 rooms, three luxury suites, an underground garage, a restaurant, which is popular with its daily lunches, and a flexible conference centre with four meeting rooms. If united, they can welcome a maximum of 200 delegates theatre-style, while a single space can hold up to 50 seats.


GO.MICE is a Professional Congress Organizer, active in the region of South-East Europe. Its team of event managers contributes creative ideas on how to enrich the contents of each event and to generate even greater return on investment. When planning the event Go.Mice takes into consideration client’s goals, demands and resources. Go.Mice can take over the organization of the complete event from the bidding, start-up strategy to the on-site execution. Special attention is being paid to sustainable management of events. Go.Mice is proud to have developed the concept of Conventa trade show and has been designated as technical organiser.

Contact: Triglavska cesta 17 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Nataša Andlovec E: T: 00386 8 200 4000

Contact: Prešernova 10 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Maja Vidergar E: T: 00386 1 2417 128

Contact: Dalmatinova 15 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Tadeja Marinković E: T: 00386 1 239 01 41

Contact: Stihova 4 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Natalija Bah Cad E: T: 00386 1 4305103



GoOpti low cost transfers

GoOpti is the first LOW-COST ground transportation company. Inspired by low-cost airlines we try to offer the lowest price for reliable transportation services with possible extra payments for greater comfort. GoOpti takes care everyone can easily and for low cost reach main Slovenian destinations (Ljubljana, Maribor, Slovenian Coast) from nearby airports (Venice, Trieste, Milan, Bologna, Zagreb, Graz, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich,...). GoOpti transfers are appropriate for individual and business passengers and also for other closed groups. We also organize transfers for Meetings & Events. We cooperate with Travel agencies, hotels,.....


GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is the leading events centre in Slovenia comprising 20 multifunctional halls that occupy a surface area of 12,323 square metres, which are complemented by 8,844 square metres of external exhibition space. The function rooms, providing a high degree of versatility, can be arranged to welcome any kind of meeting from 15 to 4,000 delegates. The largest hall provides a seating capacity for around 2,200 people theatre-style, or 1,200 if a banqueting set-up is arranged. The three larger halls are complemented by an array of different-sized conference rooms, with a capacity from 15 seats upwards.

GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is the leading events centre in Slovenia comprising 20 multifunctional halls that occupy a surface area of 12,323 square metres, which are complemented by 8,844 square metres of external exhibition space. The function rooms, providing a high degree of versatility, can be arranged to welcome any kind of meeting from 15 to 4,000 delegates. The largest hall provides a seating capacity for around 2,200 people theatre-style, or 1,200 if a banqueting set-up is arranged. The three larger halls are complemented by an array of different-sized conference rooms, with a capacity from 15 seats upwards.

HIT d.d. Nova Gorica

The Hit Group is the largest multinational tourism corporate in Slovenia devoted to the tourism development inside its primary sector of “gaming and entertainment”. The group has been operating in this sector for over 29 years and its tourist offer contains gaming and entertainment centres, casinos, resorts, hotels and restaurants strategically located in renowned tourist locations in Slovenia and abroad. Nova Gorica, Slovenia Entertainment destination, headquarters of the Hit Company, 2 gaming and entertainment centres, 1 gaming hall, Spa Perla Centre, Hit Sport Centre, Hit Conference Centre, 4 hotels, restaurants and bars.

Contact: Tehnološki Park 18 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Urška Kozamernik E: T: 00386 1 320 45 32

Contact: Dunajska cesta 18 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Luka Zajc E: T: 00386 1 3002639

Contact: Dunajska cesta 18 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Miha Gartner E: T: 00386 1 3002627

Contact: Delpinova 7a 5000 Nova Gorica Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Hana Škobalj E: T: 00386 5 3364282


HIT Alpinea d.d.

Kranjska Gora meetings tourism has a long tradition. Hit Holidays hotels have as many as 19 halls, the biggest hosting up to 1,200 participants and most of them having plenty of daylight. The unspoiled natural surroundings call for active leisure time and are excellent for a wide range of teambuilding programmes. After the activities, participants can relax in any one of the four wellness centres, take a walk and see the local sights, or visit any of the museums. There are also many options for organising gala dinners and dinner parties that take you to the realm of dream culinary experiences.

Hotel Cubo

Hotel CUBO is a small design hotel located in the heart of the city centre. We are offering 26 luminous and spacious rooms, decorated with particularly good taste in a warm contemporary style using only the highest quality materials and amnesties. In addition, we also offer conference facilities - 2 meeting rooms with minimalistic design, strategically placed lighting and latest audio-visual equipment. The new conference hall which we just added in 2013, is situated in the vicinity of our hotel, a few meters walk from the hotel. It can easily accommodate up to 100 guests. The hall and all hospitality services are managed by our hotel.

Hotel Mons

The Mons is the first design hotel in Slovenia; in addition to its excellent hospitality, modern congress centre, good transport connections and excellent culinary treats, it affords guests a special privilege, being on a hilltop in the midst of greenery, surrounded by woods and grassy fields, while still being in close proximity to the heart of Ljubljana. HOTEL & CONGRESS CENTRE • 110 double rooms and 4 suites • free Wi-Fi internet access • free parking • congress centre with 6 function rooms and 3 conference rooms.

Hotel Plesnik**** Logarska dolina

The four-star Plesnik offers luxurious amenities, exquisite dining and professional service. Highlights for us include the breathtaking views from the south-facing balconies, the splendid hotel terrace and the heated ground level pool and sauna facilities with a glass wall through you can view the valley while you swim. These are free to use for guests and various massages and other treatments are available for an extra charge. The hotel is also a popular destination for business retreats and meetings and multi-day packages for couples and families are also on offer. Additional accommodation is offered in adjacent Villa Palenk.

Contact: Borovška 99 4280 Kranjska Gora Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Tjaša Šuvak E: T: 00386 4 5884 548

Contact: Slovenska cesta 15 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Luka Ocvirk E: T: 00386 1 4256000

Contact: Pot za Brdom 4 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Vesna Lešnik E: T: 00386 30 666 777

Contact: Logarska dolina 10 3335 Solčava Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Nina Plesnik E: T: 00386 3 839 23 00



Hotel Slon d.d. Ljubljana

The BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Slon is the premier business tourism venue in Ljubljana only a few steps away from the old city core, Ljubljana castle and all the main city sights. This modern 4-star superior hotel offers 168 comfortable and well-appointed rooms with all the modern facilities and amenities. The hotel offer includes an in-house Fitness&Spa, with Fitness, saunas and massage studio to unwind, relax and escape the daily stress. There are extensive facilities for business functions; a versatile array of five conference halls provide accessible and flexible conferencing for up to 250 participants, backed up by a professional team.


Hotel Triglav d.o.o. Bled

Hotel Triglav Bled, first opened in 1906 and after extensive renovations newly opened in April 2009, is only 200 metres from Lake Bled and in the immediate vicinity of the train station. All rooms and suites are tastefully furnished and decorated with artwork and selected antique furniture. The stunning views will make your stay unforgettable. The hotel features the Ă la carte restaurant 1906 Bled which is one of the best in Bled, a wine bar, a wine cellar and a fireplace lounge. We can organise meetings for up to 70 people, weddings, anniversaries, business lunches and Slovenian culinary workshops and teambuildings.


iDMC is specialized in designing and implementation of special events, incentives, teambuildings and business events. Our professional staff will make every part of your event an unforgettable first class experience. Whether in the Mediterranean or in the Alps, Slovenia offers you beauty, comfort, safety and an array of choices. Experience Slovenia in a unique way and events will tell your story. Being fresh, reliable, inspiring and innovative, iDMC is the right partner for you.

Intours DMC

INTOURS DMC operates in Slovenia and Croatia, with offices in Ljubljana, Split and Dubrovnik. We are a creative team, aware of responsibilities we have towards the agencies and clients. Ljubljana, Alpine or Mediterranean part of Slovenia, Istria, Dalmatia, Split, island of Hvar, Dubrovnik,... this are the regions which are extremely interesting for incentives and where INTOURS DMC can offer you a great service. Excellent relations with suppliers give us additional strength. Dedicated and experienced staff combined with local expertise is a guarantee for successful event. Welcome! INTOURS DMC team

Contact: Slovenska cesta 34 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Helena Kotolenko E: T: 00386 1 4701 156

Contact: Kolodvorska cesta 33 4260 Bled Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Sonja Primozic E: T: 00386 4 575 26 10

Contact: Stegne 3 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Jelena Petković E: T: 00386 590 177 46

Contact: Dalmatinova 3 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Tomaz Kusic E: T: 00386 1 430 35 50


Istrabenz Turizem dd, Lifeclass Hotels & Spa

LifeClass Hotels & Spa in Portoroz, featuring 6 hotels (a 5* Grand Hotel Portoroz and 5 hotels 4*), famous for their spa experience and their modern congress center featururing 10 congress rooms with biggest one for 500 delegates. Completely refurbished huge spa area spreads over 10.000 m2 and features thalasso, ayurveda, thai, ultimate sauna experience, modern and spacious gym, indoor swimming pools and exclusive beach area. The restaurants feature international, thai, indian and typical mediterranean cuisine, both as eat-all-you-can buffet and as à la carte with table service. Closest airports Trieste 75 km, Ljubljana 130 km, Venice 170 km.

JGZ Brdo - Brdo Estate

Brdo near Kranj is located in the heart of Slovenia. Slovenia is a boutique country of great contrasts and one of Europe’s prettiest jewels. The destination is a great opportunity for MICE business and well worth of experiencing the diverse beauty of Slovenia. Brdo near Kranj is renowned for its exceptional history and is distinguished by its closeness to Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital city and other nearby international airports such as Ljubljana Airport, Venice, Vienna, Munich, Zagreb, and others. Brdo estate is located on a prime location that offers its guests great services, a natural environment and professional atmosphere.

Kaval Group

Kaval Group is a restaurant chain in Ljubljana. At Kaval Group we pride ourselves on providing a distinctive experience to our guests. The typical Tuscan cuisine combines classic preparation from Italy infused with flavors of Slovenia. Our guests will find the experience to be both enlightening and memorable. And as Thomas Keller said:“When you acknowledge as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it..Then the real purpose of striving towards perfection becomes clear – to make people happy. That’s what cooking is all about.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz

The 5 star Superior hotel Kempinski Palace Portoroz is situated directly at the Adriatic coast of Slovenia, just a short drive from Ljubljana, Trieste and Venice.The hotel embodies a combination between traditional and modern design, boasts 164 Superior and Deluxe rooms and 17 exclusive suites, 1500 sqm SPA and offers innovative food and beverage concept in all its restaurants and bars. Conferences, seminars, team buildings, product presentations and gala dinners – the Kempinski Palace avails six meeting rooms, a selection of breakout rooms, a unique ballroom and a private 5000 sq m park for all kind of events.

Contact: Obala 33 6320 Portorož Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Ronald Kvarantan E: T: 00386 5 692 9045

Contact: Predoslje 39 4000 Kranj Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Jasna Jašič E: T: 00386 4 2601794

Contact: Tacenska 95 1210 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Dada Jerovšek E: T: 38615120072

Contact: Obala 45 6320 Portoroz Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Najda Đorđević E: T: 00386 5 692 7665



Kompas DMC

Kompas is a leading destination management company in the Adriatic region with more than 60 years of experience and has since its foundation retained a commitment to use all the creativity, expertise and experience to make every stay the most enjoyable and memorable. We take our variety of tailor made services, including incentives, company meetings, promotional events, individual and group travelling to the next level. Whatever your want, where ever you want and however you want, we’ll make it happen.


Kompas DMC International

Kompas is a destination management company with more than 60 years of experience and has since its foundation retained a commitment to use all the creativity, expertise and experience to make every stay the most enjoyable and memorable. We take our variety of tailor made services, including incentives, company meetings, promotional events, individual and group travelling to the next level. Whatever your want, where ever you want and however you want, we’ll make it happen.

Kompas Hoteli Bled d.d.

The sister hotels Kompas and Best Western Premier Lovec are situated in the very heart of Bled, next to one another, and offer views across the lake and the mountains. There are five meeting halls in the Kompas Hotel, the largest for 220 participants, with an additional top-floor hall for up to 140 guests in the Lovec. The hotels combine a stimulating working environment with superb cuisine featuring dishes made from the freshest locally grown ingredients, which may be tasted at working lunches, gala dinners and receptions. Particular emphasis is laid on personal attention, which the friendly hotel team provides to participants of each event.

Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle, a mighty medieval fortress, a symbol of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana is an interesting tourist point, the idyllic grounds for long strolls just a glance away from the lively city centre. The Ljubljana castle offers many cultural, historic and entertaining events throughout the year.The Ljubljana Castle offers halls and premises for rent intended for various occasions in an idyllic castle environment.You can organize press conferences, presentations, fashion shows, receptions, gala dinners, weddings, diverse cultural and artistic exhibitions, etc., above and away from all the city bustle.

Contact: Prazakova 4 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Viljam Kvalič E: T: 00386 1 2006 448

Contact: Prazakova 4 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Drago Sečnik E: T: 00386 1 2006 448

Contact: Cankarjeva cesta 2 4260 Bled Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Sandra Cerar E: T: 00386 4 620 51 18

Contact: Grajska planota 1 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Maja Pangršič E: T: 00386 1 306 42 30


Ljubljana Tourism / Convention Bureau

Ljubljana Tourism/Convention Bureau is the prime contact for professional support concerning meeting venues, suppliers and services in the Slovenian capital. The destination can welcome events with up to 2,200 delegates in two congress centres, a number of convention hotels and special venues. Ljubljana can be depicted as safe, green, compact, multilingual and hospitable city providing a combination of modern infrastructure and urban lounge feel. It also has a wealth of history, style, arts & culture and a mix of Central European and Mediterranean flair, with many of Slovenia’s attractions - possible settings for incentives, close by.

Ljubljana Tourism / Convention Bureau

Ljubljana Tourism / Convention Bureau is the prime contact for professional support concerning meeting venues, suppliers and services in the Slovenian capital. The destination can welcome events with up to 2,200 delegates in two congress centres, a number of convention hotels and special venues. Ljubljana can be depicted as safe, green, compact, multilingual and hospitable city providing a combination of modern infrastructure and urban lounge feel. It also has a wealth of history, style, arts & culture and a mix of Central European and Mediterranean flair, with many of Slovenia’s attractions - possible settings for incentives, close by.

M Hotel Ljubljana

An ideal, very accessible location with parking places. Personalised, friendly approach to the customers. Competitive rates. 9 different conference and meeting rooms. 154 hotel rooms. Own shuttle transfer service. The new hotel restaurant offers every day buffet lunch and dinner plus a-lacarte dishes.Very nice summer terrace. A lot of various shops next to the hotel. Jogging tracks in the green nature just at the hotel. All 154 elegant rooms have: free wireless Internet access, air-conditioning, especially comfortable mattresses from the latoflex. minibar, cable-TV.

Plaza hotel Ljubljana

Plaza Ljubljana offers 236 spacious guestrooms, including 25 junior suites, 2 business suites and an astonishing 155 m2 Plaza executive suite. The rooms include a sizable working area, a comfortable deep-sleep bed, and a fully stocked refreshment bar with a coffee making facility. On the 15th floor of this prestigious building, Plaza Hotel Ljubljana proudly presents a modern congress centre. Adjustable congress halls with a capacity of up to 250 people, astonishing views and extraordinary food and beverage service make it a perfect place to hold meetings and host various events on the first-class level. More at

Contact: Krekov trg 10 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia meetings Contact person: Ms. Vesna Klemenčič E: T: 00386 51 622393

Contact: Krekov trg 10 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia meetings Contact person: Ms. Tatjana Radovic E: T: 00386 1 306 45 84

Contact: Derčeva 4 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Anja Novak E: T: 00386 1 513 7029

Contact: Bratislavska cesta 8 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Matevž Matic Vozlič E: T: 00386 30 605708



Postojnska jama, d.d. - Postojna Cave

The company Postojnska jama d.d. manages the Postojna Cave and the Predjama Castle, two of the biggest Slovenian tourist attractions, must-see destinations for every visitor to Slovenia. The Jamski dvorec Mansion, at the entrance to the Postojna Cave, is a luxurious event and culinary center. The Postojna Cave is well-known for its beautiful dripstones and its exceptional animal Proteus anguinus. It is the queen of the world’s show caves and the most visited show cave in Europe. The Predjama Castle is among ten most fascinating castles in the world and the only cave castle in Europe. Both of them are unique venues for special events.



Proevent d.o.o. was founded in 1994. In almost 20 years of its activity it has grown from a leading company in installation and equipment rental for fair constructions in Slovenia to a company with a long-term vision - from idea to performance. In 2006 they extended their prime activity into organization of all sorts of events and fairs, which have till this day become regonisable brand names.

Sava Hotels & Resorts

Sava Hotels & Resorts brings together the 6 most beautiful destinations in Slovenia where modernity, excellence and diversity connect in a creative atmosphere in harmony with nature. With 14 hotels of different categories, 41 traditional and contemporary meeting rooms, high level conference services, state of the art technical equipment, professional support in planning, organisation and all related activities we assure the provision of services of the highest level. Additional attractions include: thermal spas and wellness centres, golf courses, culinary delights.

Sava Hotels & Resorts

Sava Hotels & Resorts brings together the 6 most beautiful destinations in Slovenia where modernity, excellence and diversity connect in a creative atmosphere in harmony with nature. With 14 hotels of different categories, 41 traditional and contemporary meeting rooms, high level conference services, state of the art technical equipment, professional support in planning, organisation and all related activities we assure the provision of services of the highest level. Additional attractions include: thermal spas and wellness centres, golf courses, culinary delights.

Contact: Jamska cesta 30 6230 Postojna Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Urška Kiković E: T: 00386 5 7000 103

Contact: Proevent d. o. o. Dunajska cesta 10, P.O.Box 3558 1000 Ljubljana Contact person: Mr. Janez Levec E: T: 00386 1 300 32 22

Contact: Dunajska cesta 156 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Mojca Gobina E: T: 00386 4 206 6049

Contact: Dunajska 152 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Katja Anžel E: T: 00386 2 74 94 519


Slovenian Convention Bureau

SLOVEnia is a compact country rich on geographical diversity and cultural heritage. Superb meeting facilities spread all around the country combined with excellent service and hospitality of the people enriched by exquisite cuisine and excellent wines and good value for money are ingredients for a successful event. Slovenian Convention Bureau is a non-profit organization and acts as a professional intermediary to assist clients in finding objective information on destinations, meeting venues and service providers. Bureau acts as an independent guide and provides a free of charge service to all interested clients. SCB has currently 65 members.

Slovenian Tourist Board

Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is a major national tourist organization for planning and performing the promotion of our country as a tourist destination, linking the existing products and programmes of national importance and advancing the progress of new ones, establishment of the integral tourist information infastructure and executing research and development work. The STB is the contact and central point in the complex network of the Slovenian tourism which plays a coordinating and linking role between the public, private and civil society.

SORA Catering

SORA Catering is an international event catering company providing multiple hospitality products and services. SORA Catering provides innovative and personalized solutions with a dedicated human touch to create memorable experiences. SORA Catering is the international brand of a renowned, family-run company Jezeršek Catering. Jezeršek Catering is with more than 30 years of experience the first Slovenian catering company and could hold its position as the Slovenian market leader until today. Jezeršek Catering was appointed as the Official Caterer of the EuroBasket 2013 and was responsible for VIP Hospitality.

Terme Čatež d.d.

Terme Čatež d.d. is the largest Slovenian natural health resort. Its range and diversity of tourist products rank it among the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. Terme Čatež is present on four locations – at Čatež, Mokrice, Koper and Portorož, all of them offering a broad range of choice of a quality holiday arrangement with accommodation in hotels (1,550 beds), lovely holiday apartments (450 units) and the camp (450 units), which was in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 declared best camp in Slovenia by ADAC. The main element of development and service range of Terme Čatež is the thermal water and aqua programmes.

Contact: Dunajska cesta 156 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Azra Botonjic E: T: 00386 1 569 12 60

Contact: Dimičeva 13 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Lucija Jager E: T: 00386 1 5898 550

Contact: Sora 1a 1215 Medvode Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Kristina Jurjevec E: T: 00386 1 3619421

Contact: Topliška cesta 35 8251 Čatež ob Savi Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Nataša Mihajlović E: T: 00386 7 6207 086



Terme Krka, d.o.o., Novo mesto

Terme Krka is one of the leading tourism companies in Slovenia that comprises health and spa resorts in Dolenjske and Šmarješke Toplice, the seaside centre Thalasso Strunjan, the Otočec Hotels with the Otočec Castle and the Krka Hotel in Novo mesto. At all its locations Terme Krka offer plenty of opportunities for organizing seminars, meetings, trainings and social or business gatherings. The modern Hotel Balnea which together with the Cultural and Congress Centre sets Terme Dolenjske Toplice Spa as one of the most attractive destinations for congress tourism. Another interesting venue are Otočec Hotels with the Otočec Castle Hotel.


Terme Olimia

Meetings in the harmony of nature – location, away from the crowded city rush. Congress Center Olimia is devised as a multifunctional space, appropriate for different types of meetings up to 350 delegates . A complex of eight excellent and technically equipped halls and meeting rooms is suitable for conferences, commemorations, meetings, seminars, exhibitions and presentations as well as motivational programs, receptions and other social events such as banquets, fashion shows and formal banquets. All areas are equipped with the latest audio-video equipment for a high quality realization of your events and undisturbed work.

Thermana Laško

CONGRESS CENTER THERMANA LAŠKO • Connected to a contemporary hotel with a thermal centre enclosed in a glass dome and a wellness spa centre. • Exceptional location in the very heart of Slovenia • Large number of exterior parking spaces as well as underground parking • The built in audio and video systems will ensure a fully professionally presented event. All halls have good natural light as well as the ability to produce total darkness. Wireless internet is available without extra charge. Capacity up to 1,100 participants on over 3.700 square metres: • 1 multi purpose hall up to 490 seats • 6 seminar halls from 20 - 200 seats

Tourism Bohinj

The main activities of Tourism Bohinj are: providing information services, promotion of the tourist destination, marketing, the organisation and implementation of events and development of the sustainable products that promote the awareness of the significance of the local cultural and natural heritage. More than two thirds of Bohinj tourist destination lies in the protected area of Triglav National Park. Bohinj welcomes everyone - those, who search for new things, those who strive for unique experiences, the dreamly and adventurous, but still considerate and respectful of nature.

Contact: Ljubljanska cesta 26 8501 Novo mesto Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Katja Kočevar Leskovec E: T: 00386 7 3919412

Contact: Zdraviliška cesta 24 3254 Podčetrtek Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Dejan Hojnik E: T: 00386 3 8297848

Contact: Zdraviliška 6 3270 Laško Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Mojca Leskovar E: T: 00386 3 4232 484

Contact: Triglavska cesta 30 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Vida Kovačič E: T: 00386 4 57 47 590


Tourist Board Sotočje – Soča Valley

Tourist board LTO Sotočje is a destination management organization covering central area of Soča Valley (Tolmin & Kobarid). The area is an outstanding outdoor destination, famous for the emerald Soča river and known for its natural beauties (Triglav National Park), historical role (World War I.) and excellent restaurants. We provide information services to visitors, partners and media and professional support to our members. We can assist partners and operators specialized in any kind of alpine tourism including events, conferences and incentives. We are also managing DMO activities for the whole Goriška / Northern Primorska region therefor

Union Hotels, Ljubljana

Hotel Lev, takes its name from the powerful animal, the Lion. The elegant and modern Hotel Lev Ljubljana combines classical elegance and modern accommodation. Business travellers, conference delegates and tourists alike can experience the exquisite art of life and hotel seervices at the Hotel Lev. Hotel is located in the very heart of Ljubljana, just a few minutes walk from the main sightseeing attractions and less than 30 minutes drive from the airport. Hotel offers one conference room, wich can accept up to 150 delegates in theatre style and 40 in U shape and 6 smaller meeting rooms on the 13th floor with breathtaking views of Ljubljana.

Union Hotels, Ljubljana

The Grand Hotel Union is located in the heart of the Ljubljana city centre just a few steps from the Old Town and less than 30 minutes’ drive from Jože Pučnik international airport. It consists of two connected parts, Executive and Business. They offer together 327 hotel rooms with modern technical equipment, tailored to the needs of today’s travellers. The Grand Hotel Union is the largest congress hotel in Ljubljana and boasts the stunning Grand Union Hall which can accommodate up to 800 delegates. The conference area in total includes 21 halls with the area of 3,150 square meters with state-of-the-art technology and natural daylight.

Visionect d.o.o.

Visionect developed a table-top ordering solution for restaurants, pubs, bars, cafés, hotels and similar named Geoffrey. Geoffrey enables guests to have entire menu at their fingertips. Guests can review and submit orders directly from their table, browse daily news, read up on events and much more. No more waiting, no more frustrated guests. Simply put, Geoffrey is the 21st Century Waiter that helps restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and hotels to sell more, save more money and at the same time gives them a much better overview over their business and their guests. With Geoffrey’s help every restaurant table becomes a smart table.

Contact: Petra Skalarja 4 5220 Tolmin Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Tatjana Humar E: T: 00386 5 3800490

Contact: Vošnjakova 1 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Mojca Vidic E: T: 00386 1 231 77 97

Contact: Miklosiceva cesta 1 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Nusa Solar E: T: 00386 1 308 1070

Contact: Ukmarjeva 2 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Matej Zalar E: T: 00386 31 832270



Vivo catering

Vivo catering is on the top of Slovene catering services with successful 20 years tradition. We boast of international experiences, and we prepare catering in Slovenia and also abroad. We are specialised in organising an event catering. We can feasts thousand guests or more on different locations at the same time. We arefamous of our tasty and original dishes and our touch of artistic presentation. With of congressional activity in Slovenia, we are more and more present on the congresses. One of the biggest in Slovenia was in 2010 where we were caterer at Autoimmunity congress at Gospodarsko razstavišče with 1600 guests for five days.


Tunes Travel Istanbul

Tunes Travel Istanbul is a full service and innovative destination management company based in Istanbul. With extensive experience and progressive ideas, Tunes Travel provides the organization and implementation of incentive travel programs to any point of Turkey. Tunes Travel supplies endless opportunities to sample the country’s diverse culture, 2000year history, famous cuisine and entertainment. Offering the highest level of personal attention, professionalism, and flair, the company is managed by professionals with broad experience in global communications and travel. Tunes Travel Istanbul looks forward to being of service to you.


Where the global meetings and events industry connects. EIBTM ( is the leading global event for the meetings, incentives, conferences, events and business travel industry, taking place in beautiful Barcelona. The event gathers over 15,000 MICE industry professionals for three days of focused access to a dynamic business environment with over 3,100 Exhibitors, an international Hosted Buyer Programme, thought provoking professional education and business networking to drive your business into the future. We look forward to seeing you on 18-20 November 2014 for another must attend exhibition and on the 17 November for the EIBTM Forum opening conference.

The Meetings Show

Organised by meeting professionals for meeting professionals, The Meetings Show is a major event for the UK inbound and outbound meetings industry. With suppliers from around the world, high quality networking and a comprehensive education programme, the show is more than just another trade exhibition. It is where the meetings industry will meet to do business, develop industry knowledge, catch up on the latest trends, establish new partnerships or simply re-establish old friendships.

Contact: Pot na Fužine 2 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Mateja Pohlin E: T: 00386 1 54 61 657

Contact: Bagdat Cad. 191 Ciftehavuzlar 34730 Istanbul Turkey Contact person: Ms. Serra Tunaman Parlakisik E: T: 0090 5322158704

Contact: Gateway House/ 28 The Quadrant TW9 1DN Richmond United Kingdom Contact person: Mrs Ronda Annesley E: T: 0044 788 005 5747

Contact: Wells Point W1T 3QN London United Kingdom Contact person: Mr Adam Garside E: T: 0044 207 970 4061


CO2cut d.o.o.

CO2cut d.o.o. is part of Geonatura Group with offices in Zagreb and London. We provide carbon neutral travel and online shopping at no additional cost. Also offer brokerage and emissions trading consultancy both for voluntary and regulated carbon markets. CO2cut is the member of Impact HUBs in Zagreb and London and member of Carbon Trade Exchange platform. We are also UKTI Global Entrepreneurship Programme’s company. YesI have read and agreed to the stated Terms and conditions for exhibiting in Conventa Eco village

Contact: Opatovina 23 10000 CityZagreb Croatia Contact person: Mr. Roman Danko E: T: 00385959047271




Kongres magazine, the main media partner of Conventa trade show, invites you to the party that will start off the year 2014. Although we are keeping our promise to always deliver the freshest meeting industry news, be ahead of everybody else and predict the trends before they happen, we can’t help ourselves but to once in a while also feel a bit nostalgic. On the 22nd of January 2014, for one evening only, we will take you back in history to remember the times we shared. We will first walk through the Tito exhibition – the Yugoslavian icon whose life is now the red thread of many historical incentives and later on rock out to the best Ex-Yugoslavian beats plaid by the famous band Rock Partyzani. The five-star party will be a chance to meet again and thank our partners in person, exchange ideas, network with key meeting industry attending Conventa, a chance to unwind, dance and once again represent the region as one. Everybody who is somebody in the meeting industry will be there. Will you? To get you on the VIP list please confirm you attendance to Gorazd Čad, the editor of Kongres magazine and organizer of the party at! Party on! See you at Five-star party held on 22 January 2014 at 22 at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (Oda Hall)!



Whales On Waves

Whales On Waves creates sparkling mobile ideas. For the meeting industry we have created a new interactive tool: iConference. iConference is a conferencing tool that gives your audience the opportunity to actively participate in your meeting. It includes all the tools you need for an interactive meeting!iConference includes a voting tool but has also a twitter function and provides the possibility to ask questions during the meeting. But most of all: it has a function to follow the speaker’s slides on your own device. With an optional audio-stream and possibility to follow and participate in the meeting from home, iConference offers a full package to make your meetings more attractive and high-tech.


Agencija PROMO

Agencija Promo is an event management specialist which provides promotions and presentations, incentive and teambuilding programmes. We provide support with our knowledge and consultancy in all of the stages of your event: from the idea to the technical support and to the final visual image starting with an excellent and dynamic presentation on tablet. The first-to-last service includes total flexibility in line with clients’ needs and wishes for the most demanding of functions such as multimedia events. We present the specialties and adventures of Slovenia’s rich natural, cultural and social heritage to domestic and foreign businessmen in a way not easily discovered on one’s own.

Tailored Development Ltd

Tailored Development Ltd is full service design and development agency specialized in WordPress. We should be your first stop if you need a quality website design for every screen resolution you can think of, as well as WordPress consulting, 24/7 support and custom WordPress development.

P&F Jeruzalem Ormož

The best things in life should be shared with others. This describes the essence of P&F Jeruzalem Ormož: a refreshing winery from Slovenia.The foundation for the quality of our wines lies in our region, one of the best wine regions in the world. Yet at the same time we are convinced that it is the people who truly make the difference. For instance, our grapes are still hand-picked. We love working together with people who share the same love, passion and craftsmanship. In this way we seek to produce even better and more accessible wines allowing more people to enjoy them. Meet our wines and get to know us.

Contact: M. Fochlaan 69 1030 Brussel Belgium Contact person: Mr. Stefan Uytterhoeven E: T: +32 2 880 87 78

Contact: Cankarjevo nabrežje 7 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Marko Križnik E: T: ++386 1 438 24 70

Contact: Kapitolinski trg 10 52100 Pula Croatia Contact person: Mr. Emanuel Blagonic E: T: +385 99 5503 300

Contact: Kolodvorska cesta 11 2270 Ormož Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Sonja Erculj E: T: +386(0)27415700


K. G. Media d.o.o.

KG Media is an advertising agency with more than 20 years of experience, focusing on advertising in international media, covering all media types: from press to radio, from television and outdoor to the Internet. KG Media’s core business is mostly promotion of tourism industry.Our service includes target-audience analysis, media-strategy and evaluations, media-planning, media-pre-selection, media-negotiations and placement, media-buying, advertising creation and production management, result-measuring, checking of publishing-results, invoicing together with voucher-copies, pre-financing, etc...

Studio 37 d.o.o.

Studio 37 is an independent full service advertising and production agency, specializing in event management, production and Multidata touch screen units. Our event management services include complete project management, from concept creation to execution and support. Our most advanced projects in production include 3D video mapping on several buildings in Ljubljana. The company’s latest challenge is Multidata, a network of interactive Digital Signage Systems, especially useful for congresses and conferences, such as Conventa, where you can try out 5 devices.


Vidiz & Kessler is the excellent partner. Its experience comes from many years of working in the coffee field and colonial products, which have been present in Trieste, a city symbol of the Mittel European merchant tradition, since 1948. The established reputation acquired over decades and production flexibility are the hallmarks of our company in our industry on the market. With the brand new coffee Qubik want to offer a blend of the best Arabica coffee. With high quality products we offer our coffee to a partner who can satisfy and pamper even the most demanding customers.

Hiša Vizij d.o.o.

We are a Slovenian company offering wide range of superb professional equipment for sound system, lighting system and scenography elements to rent. In addition, we can provide you with complete technical and conceptual support for organization and execution of various events - from simplest to most challenging events. Our offer:-Sound system-Lighting system-Lease of furniture, decoration and other elements for different events-Design and execution of the finest scenography for events-Complete organization of events-Purchase of fine small table decorations: http://trgovina.popolna-dekoracija. siTrust us with your moment and we will provide you with high quality, optimized installation and execution of event that will create a joyful moment, for you and your guests.

Contact: Partizanska 4/1 52440 Porec Croatia w Contact person: Ms. Jelena Jažić E: T: 00385 52 427 046

Contact: Dunajska cesta 119 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Barbara Randić E: T: +386 1 56 55 126

Contact: Via Stazione Di Prosecco 5/B 34017 SGONICO (TS) Italy Contact person: Mr. Andrej Zuppin E: T: +386 31 620175

Contact: Šišenska cesta 36 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Ana Flegar E: T: 05 9035 388




The Slovenia Times

The Slovenia Times is the central newspaper in the English language in Slovenia since 2003. After implementing higher quality print and fresh design last year in 2012 we significantly upgraded the Economy section with attractive interviews and background stories connected to current economic situation in Slovenia. In May 2012 we also substantially upgraded the web page with up to date daily information. The Slovenia Times offers a critical, in-depth and vivid analysis of the social and economic image of Slovenia. The second part of the newspaper focuses on attractive stories from the fields of tourism, culture, sports, recreation and other lifestyle related entertainment topics.


Tw Magazine

Tw tagungswirtschaft as practice-oriented professional and business publication is a reliable partner to MICE deciders. It features an extensive variety of information and thus is an efficient support instrument for planning and organizing meetings, conventions, congresses and events. There’s new inspiration to readers, and definite real-life support as well. In addition, Tw tagungswirtschaft presents successful case examples, analyses on-going research and university projects, conducts own studies and provides in-depth background reports. At the same time, it narrates stories, awakens interest and kindles emotions.

Turizmus Panoráma

TURIZMUS Ltd. serves the daily work of the representatives of the travel trade by the production and distribution of relevant information, services and products, while on the other hand creates a communication platform for members of the travel trade and the suppliers aiming to reach them. Our strength: • Image-building communication towards the widest range of the Hungarian travel trade; • Delivering specific messages to the target groups of the travel trade through diverse filters; • Combination of the print, the online media and the BTL-tools

Tourism Insider

Tourism-Insider is the largest and best known GermanChinese and English speaking online-magazine for tourism executives. According to google analytics we have over 81.000 readers in 143 countries of the world. Our main focus is on authentic advertising-free reporting in the tourism branch with a close view to worldwide interconnections. We publish highly topical and explosive insider-knowledge out of the tourism branch with the fastest news about current trends and events, as well as Marketing and PR news. Tourism-Insider reports about current affairs in the tourism industry.

Contact: Dunajska 5 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Mr. Goran Mladenovič E: goran.mladenovic@ T: 38615205084

Contact: Mainzer Landstraße 251 60326 Frankfurt Germany Contact person: Ms. Theresa Silberg E: T: 496975951885

Contact: Munkás u. 9 1074 Budapest Hungary Contact person: Ms. Ágnes Kelecsényi E: T: 3612665853

Contact: Schwedenstr. 15b 13357 Berlin Germany Contact person: Mr. Joachim Fischer E: T: 493088766645


Poslovni Turizam/Croatia Meetings is the first specialized online guide through complete offer of Croatian congress and MICE tourism capacities (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions). is the first specialized online guide through complete offer of Croatian congress and MICE tourism capacities (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions). CroatiaMeetings was recognized and is being supported by leading Croatian specialized institutions (Croatian Ministry of Tourism, Croatian Tourist Board and Zagreb Tourist Board).

Planet GV

Planet GV is a valuable partner for business and personal training as well as coaching sessions. We cooperate with experts, consultants and lecturers from different fields of knowledge. We also exceed in organising customized trainings for different companies.Planet GV publishes two special Magazines, HRM – Magazine for Human Resources Management, PIA – a magazine for agile business assistants and as much as 10 books per year. Our mission: Constantly developing new topics, upgrading knowledge and skills, as well as expanding our offer and thus creating new values for individuals and organisations. We aim that our partners achieve expected business results and make their visions a reality.

UT Ugostiteljstvo i turizam

UGOSTITELJSTVO I TURIZAM (CATERING AND TOURISM) is a monthly professional publication with 62 years of tradition. Our magazine serves as an official voice for the associations of hoteliers, catering professionals, camp site owners and managers, restaurateurs and travel agencies. UT is also place for communication between all segments of tourism and it is very good and successful media for companies which offer their products or services to tourist industry in Croatia and some other countries.

Turizmus Trend

Turizmus Trend (Tourism Trend) is the dominant source of information for the Hungarian tourist trade. With the fine articles and surveys of the monthly published magazine, our goal is to get a wide international perspective and to go ahead of domestic and foreign trends.

Contact: Kvarić 20/2 10090 Zagreb Croatia Contact person: Ms. Daniela Kos E: T: 385912638282

Contact: Železna cesta 18 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Contact person: Ms. Maja Bovcon E: T: 38613094449

Contact: Bosiljevska 32 10000 Zagreb Croatia Contact person: Ms. Silvana Jakus E: T: 38513705750

Contact: Montevideo utca 3/b 1037 Budapest Hungary Contact person: Mr. Petér Szigeti E: T: 3614304551



Meet and Travel Mag

The French magazine of the Meeting Industry. A bi-monthly publication, certified circulation 8.000 copies per issue, entirely dedicated to Incentive and Events news and latest trends from worldwide destinations. Incentive, congresses, conventions, seminars, product launches… 100% MICE.


DV Productions

DVProductions offers a choice of professional travel trade media (print, online and television) within the tourism industry in Belgium and Luxemburg. DVProductions is the sole publishing house in Belgium to offer a printed magazine for every segment of the Belgian travel industry: travel2 for the leisure segment, business travel2 for the corporate segment, and mice2 for the meeting segment. VProductions also organises the yearly online travel agent contest “Best Travel Agent”, which rewards the travel agents’ knowledge of the sponsoring destination. The final selection, with 10 finalists, takes place on the destination itself, where the winner of the “Best Travel Agent of the Year” is chosen.

Putovanja za dvoje

The main goal of the company Studio Damjana d.o.o. regarding the magazine Traveling for couples - to become the leading European tourism magazine, thereby using all comparative advantages: compositions of travel journalists that are likewise passionate readers of our magazine, journalists that with their somewhat emotional approach offer a direct experience of the destination, exceptional photographs without the possibility of aloofness, and a modern design in accordance with world trends. After reinforcing the position of the magazine in Europe, expanding to other continents is planned.

Kongres Magazine / International Meetings Review

The Kongres Magazine is a leading communications medium in the field of meetings industry. It gathers and distributes know-how related to the organisation of meetings for the world’s top professionals and analyses the development of meetings industry in Central and Southeast Europe, Europe. Kongres Magazine is member of IMRN – International Meetings Review.

Contact: 32, rue du Fg Poissonnière 75010 Paris France Contact person: Mr. Patrick Monnier E: T: 33175772162

Contact: Willem Lepelstraat 28 2000 Antwerpen Netherlands Contact person: Mr. Danny Verheyden E: T: 32475944972

Contact: Andrijevićeva 12 10000 Zagreb Croatia Contact person: Ms. Petra Rožman E: T: 38514618898

Contact: Štihova ulica 4 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia www.internationalmeet Contact person: Mr. Gorazd Čad E: T: 38614305103



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visit World’s 5-star airline.

In Focus


of the most-read stories on


et’s look at the events that marked the year 2013 in the field of congress tourism and were the most read on the portal.

Air Serbia

Air Serbia was established on 29th October 2013, after Etihad Airways took ownership of the incumbent JAT. Revival of the former JAT raises a lot of optimism regarding the improvement of the accessibility of the entire region.


Belgrade is one of the fastest growing congress destinations of the region and in 2013 it is finally back on the map for both corporate events and conferences of associations. With the opening of new hotels and the positive outlook for 2014, the only way is up.



2013 was the year of a variety of useful gadgets that make life easier for congress organisers, many of them massively financed on platforms such as kickstarter. Within the project INSIDE for 2013, ‘Geoffrey – electronic butler’ was one to be awarded.

Heart of Meetings

The realisation of the year was the turning point towards participant satisfaction of congress events, receptions, conferences, seminars... It is absolutely because of them that we all exist and they are the very essence of the meetings industry. In the blockbuster of the year, “Into the Heart of the Meetings”, this was nicely presented by Mike van Der Vivjer and raised a lot of interest among the Kongres readers.


The collapse of one of the world’s largest PCOs shook the meetings industry. In the field of PCOs nothing will be as it was before. The bankruptcy of Congrex has to become a kind of a turning point, as behind the magnificent façade of the industry a lot of problems and challenges are hiding, that will inexorably be unveiled in the coming months.

50 year anniversary of ICCA, which was created at a time when one could not imagine today’s omnipresent connectivity. The idea arose in 1962, when international air traffic stated to grow and with it the number of conferences and meetings of associations also increased. The basic idea of the exchange of information throughout its existence has remained the focus of the association.



Dubrovnik has experienced a dream meetings year in which hardly a week passed without some communication on the implementation of important conferences, from NATO conferences to the UEFA football association and many others. In 2013, Dubrovnik has definitely strengthened its position as a flag bearer of the regional meetings industry.


As the biggest sporting event in Slovenian history this one really marked the year 2013. The major organisational challenge has proven to be extremely successful and exceeded expectations, as was also confirmed by the FIBA. The Championship was watched by a record 330,000 spectators, including 55,000 foreigners.


Continues to open new hotels in the region and is strengthening its market position. In 2013 they opened a Falkenstener hotel in Belgrade, the Hotel Schladminng in Carinthia and the Hotel Wien Margareten, as well as taking over the management of the Hotel Stara Planina in Serbia. With 28 hotels in its portfolio that are concentrated in the region, it is becoming one of the region’s strongest hotel chains.

In the year 2013 anniversaries were marked by many events. The CONVENTA trade show celebrated its fifth anniversary, with many hotels presented in the magazine also celebrating anniversaries, among them the 100th anniversary of the celebrated hotel Piran and to great fanfare also the legendary Dubrovnik Hotel Excelsior. The Hotel Europe in Sarajevo celebrated its 130th birthday and the Istrian company Istraturist its 50th anniversary.

Kempinski Palace Portorož

Metropol Palace

The best city hotel, as chosen by hidden congress guests for the year 2013. Following its opening in 2012 the hotel quickly stood amongst the best in the region for its superior service.


In 2013, we can no longer conceive of the life of congress organisers without social networks. With the help of many tools your events can go beyond the standard framework. A large number of apps created in 2013 are intended to integrate your event with social networks.


The explosion of One2One events at the global level and regionally has raised questions on the meaningfulness of some of them. However, the results suggest that personal experience is still in the foreground and one of the best sales tools. The importance of measuring ROI was also very clearly demonstrated: among the projects with good ROI on a global scale IMEX and EIBTM stand out and locally, according to research, Conventa has also performed very well.


The best city congress destination according to the selection and evaluation of Kongres travelogues 2013. It ranked higher than both Dubrovnik and Budapest.


We have devoted a whole chapter to the theme, because events are under scrutiny, marketing budgets are shrinking and directors require maximum ROI. In 2013, the ROI also in the meetings industry finally established itself as a tool for decision-making regarding events and interpretation of the results and impacts.


Was the best resort convention hotel in 2013, according to the selection of hidden congress guests, and for the second time at the top and just in front of the Hotel Monte Mulini of Rovinj and the legendary Falkensteiner Schloss Hotel Velden.

Technological and organisational challenges of the meetings industry have triggered a series of entrepreneurial start-ups, which began its life in 2013. Some of them offer outstanding solutions that used to require huge investments. You won’t fail to remember names such as, conferize, meethub, eventrater and many others.

Lowcost spring

TedX Talks

In 2013, virtually no day passed without an announcement of new low-cost connections in the Balkans. It seems that the low-cost carriers will quickly replace the loss of flights by the regular scheduled carriers. This is good news for many interesting destinations in the Balkans and also for the meetings industry of the region, which relies on air connections. 86

Are also in our SEE region an extremely popular concept of conferences where the audience listens attentively from beginning to end. From events with the slogan “Ideas worth spreading” event organisers have a lot to learn, mostly from the very well-prepared lecturers and from the concept of built-in interactivity.



In the year when at the forefront of events were event participants, we have also seen in Zagreb the implementation of the first “unconference� event. This event stepped outside of the classic conference framework as a result of the interactivity of the open-space format, a format that has been known since the mid-nineties and has thus also started to be used concretely in our region.

Virtual reality

Simulation of real conferences in virtual space became a part of the normal practices of event organisation in 2013. Highlighted interactivity offered by many low-cost programmes became a practice among hybrid and true virtual events. In 2013 readers were most enthusiastic about the technology giant Cisco.

Weekend Media Festival

Is undoubtedly the event of the regional communications industry. In 2013 it also offered interesting lectures, round tables and crazy parties. Attracting over 3,500 participants is an absolute record and in the magazine we dedicated coverage to the event through a conversation with the author of the story, Tomo Ricov from the Zagreb agency Peppermint.


Experiential marketing is the answer to impersonal and intrusive communication, typical of traditional marketing. In the field of events it gained a lot of supporters in 2013, because with users it only communicates there and then, when participants wish to do so.


Generation Y is on the rise - it is growing up, gaining purchasing power and organising events. From childhood it has been experiencing an explosion of information and stimuli, which they now also expect from events. Modern technology gives them a breadth and flexibility that the earlier generations were denied.


The old capital of the new EU member state. Croatia became the 28th member of the EU, which was the expansion event of 2013. Despite restrained euphoria on its entrance, this is a substantial opportunity for the Croatian meetings industry.

In Focus


of the most-read stories on



rom the editorial board of Kongres magazine we have gathered together some of the events and trends that are predicted for 2014 and that were sent to us by our correspondents, partners and other professionals with whom we work. After years of reflections on the crisis, a wave of congress optimism is finally sweeping, with 2014 also to be marked by important anniversaries and major sporting events. In particular, we are bring to your attention:

ential benefits of events will this year be recognised even by the greatest traditionalists. July 2014 will be marked by the football World Cup. Brazil will be following up on the World Cup by hosting the Olympic Games. It will be interesting to monitor what the effects of the championship will be on the meetings industry of the entire region.

With the continued development of smart phones the percentage of people who use their mobile phone as their primary source to access the web and web content increases. Bear this fact in mind when restoring your website and writing or sending web mail, but also make sure of it so that your conference and its contents are suitable for reading and using from mobile devices.

Anniversary of Emona

Green meetings

New Europe


Online events

In 2014 we will mark 2,000 years since the establishment of the Roman settlement Emona on the ground of today’s Ljubljana. The anniversary will be celebrated with many events peaking between the 22nd and 24th August 2014, with the event Ave Emona that will trace 2,000 years into the past and show the life as a former Roman settlement.


On the congress scene the green convention destination Bled will shine once again, a destination that has long been preparing for a comeback and today is fresh and with new congress energy awaiting conference guests. It is also increasingly becoming a regional Davos, due to important political meetings being held. In addition, among all of the regional destinations it most comprehensively tackled and profiled itself in the context of sustainable tourism.


In 2013 contextual marketing was on the rise, and in 2014, in our opinion, it will finally establish itself. The winners will be those who will be able to tell the best stories. Changed market conditions require a new strategy for content marketing, which builds on positive communication with customers through stories and storytelling.


FIFA World Cup Brazil

The path of the meetings industry towards green meetings has only just begun, although in some ways it seems that this topic has already been exhausted. The world is constantly changing; it is necessary to take into account many different factors and environmental issues are just one of them. The meetings industry will continue to focus, but in the right way - through the observance of all the three elements of sustainability: environment, economy and social responsibility. The next phase of hybrid and virtual conferences will be holographic projections. The technology has become cheap and is a champion of virtual meetings. Cisco is a pioneer also in this field with its Cisco On-Stage TelePresence with which it has already equipped 150 conference halls in 28 countries. We are looking forward to the first hotels in the region to offer such an experience.

Istanbul and Turkey

Istanbul and the whole of Turkey will in 2014 host some of the most important congress events of the year. It will begin with the MPI conference in Istanbul, the ending with the ICCA conference in Antalya. This is a confirmation of the totally outstanding direction of this country in the meetings industry.

The key question for event organisers is how to get under the skin of participants. Most of us are familiar with the heart of conference organisation, but much less is at the forefront of thinking about the soul of meetings. In Europe, more and more professional meeting designers are coming on stream and that you are going to encounter in the future. In 2014 we are predicting their definitive breakthrough in the meetings industry.



Live streaming of audio and video allows people who, because of a lack of time, cannot be physically present to watch the event online. This allows for proper interactivity. To paraphrase a little: if your conference or event in 2014 is not live, it does not exist.

2014 will be a year of experiential marketing, which will be at the heart of event organisation. The user experience on a personal level with an option of choice is the basic paradigm that will distinguishe good from bad events. The experi-

Some creative events have already been financed by this most famous crowdfunding platform. The logic of kickstarter is a great opportunity for new, innovative congress projects that want to try themselves out and be funded in such a way. In 2014, test your ideas on crowdfunding platforms.



2014 will be a year of new convention destinations that Europe is not yet aware of and that we are reckoning to be in Eastern Europe. These destinations are full of energy, believe in themselves and know exactly what they want. To the European meetings space they are bringing freshness and new exciting congress stories. Put in your mind the names of the new convention bureaus: Ostrava, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Azerbaijan and many others… Virtual conferences and webinars are not new on the market, but their organisation has become technologically simple and mobile, so we are predicting an explosion of them in 2014. Solutions such as CiscoWebex and others are now becoming affordable and easy to use.

Planners of the future

In the year 2014, in our view, meeting planners will change into planners of marketing and communications. The future will arrive in the form of young planners eager for change and more open to the idea of lifestyle ideas than the mature traditionalists oriented towards conference logistics.

Real time

The concept does not seem anything new, but think about how important it is for the organisation of events to capture ‘the right moment’ - to report on events at the time when they are happening, to create news. Event organisers are changing into editorial boards of stories that they have been able to launch to participants in real time.

Sarajevo 2014

A year of important anniversaries for the legendary place by the Miljacka river, which will also be important as a communication opportunity for this beautiful city. It will start in February with the anniversary of the legendary Winter Olympic Games in 1984. The highlight of the year will be the anniversary of the First World War, which began right in the city by the Miljacka river.


Tenth Anniversary

The Slovenian Convention Bureau will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Ten years have passed in a spirit of numerous innovations and a number of successfully implemented projects. All of this and much more stems from the healthy and respected balance of the Slovenian meetings industry, which will be presented within the framework of the celebration of ten years of the bureau.

Umag and North-western Istria

North-western Istria offers a genuine and very active conference experience. The options of activities with which you can load a schedule for your conference guests are countless. Including through the help of a convention bureau, which is now being established, we are counting it to be among the most promising congress destinations in 2014.


Today there is undoubtedly no event that does not want to achieve virality, possible only through paid advertising or organised virality. Since paid advertising is too expensive for most events often the only option is viral marketing. It is best done by word of mouth, which has to be properly promoted. Knowledge of viral marketing will become key in 2014.

Winter Olympics Sochi

XXII Olympic Winter Games - Sochi (Sochi) 2014 will start on 7th February, when the opening ceremony will take place and will run until 23rd February. This will be the first Winter Olympic Games in Russia. In addition to the positive impact on tourism, they are devoting great attention to congress tourism after the event.

Xpress business

In the field of congress tourism the speed of decision-making is important, as is the speed of execution. We estimate that 2014 will be a turning point for providers who will not be able to adapt and use quick and inexpensive organisational solutions. In this a crucial role will be played by technology and the huge number of Apps that are growing like mushrooms after rain.


The meetings industry does not exist because of hotels, catering providers and vendors of technological solutions, but because of a genuine and unique human need for meetings. Participants have taken things into their own hands, so this year will be the year of purebred organisers, who talk with their body and soul. Participants feel this; they are attracted by the smell of events, the smell of the people around them and a human proximity.

Z generation

The youngest generation is on its way and it will soon conquer the world. These are the young people born in the 90s or after. Although it seems that they are not important for the meetings industry, a lot can be learned from them, because they are superiorly informed and want to actively participate in all of the processes, particularly in the organisation of events.

SLOVENIA MEETINGS Feel the people. Taste fresh ideas.




IT&CM China 2014 – “Lucky 8” text by Robert Cotter

The number 8 has a profound significance in China, recognised as being auspicious due to its close resemblance to words in the Chinese language such as ‘wealth’ and ‘prosperity’.


s the IT&CM China event scheduled for 15-17 April at the Shanghai World Expo and Convention Centre will be its eighth iteration, we can therefore rightfully expect that the stars should be aligning to make this one an event to remember. With Shanghai continuing as host city for the eighth run and also being a city in which growth towards its goal of becoming the world’s financial powerhouse is tireless, the event has borrowed a little from the city’s energy in also not stopping when the doors of the convention centre close. This is not only through the amazing business connections and deals started there, but is also demonstrated through the Travel Corporate Roundtable sessions that have been advanced since the close of the 2013 outing. “There are aspects of Business Travel Management that Chinese corporations are still lacking awareness in, such as their travel management processes,” explained Ooi Peng Ee, General Manager of TTG Events. “The Roundtable sessions aim to fill this knowledge gap.” With many Chinese corporations still relying on manual systems and paper processes rather than technological options for automation of event organisation management, and this within an industry estimated to be worth $150 billion annually and growing at 20% per year, these may prove to be valuable sessions to attend. In addition to this, the sessions also fill what might otherwise be perceived as a calendar lull and ensure that IT&CM China remains live right throughout the year, which when it reaches the showcase three days in April is expecting to attract 3,000 MICE professionals

from a range of sectors including DMCs, PCOs, corporate travel and associations, as well as 400 hosted delegates, altogether making up more than 10,000 business appointments in addition to a whole range of opportunities through business, education and networking sessions. “China’s business events market is growing faster than any other nation and it is predicted that China will be the world’s largest contributor to this industry,” stated Chen Yueliang, Vice-President of event co-organiser China International Travel Service (CITS) Limited. “With domestic and international demand driving surges in group meetings and events travel, both Chinese industry suppliers and buyers alike will find IT&CM China as an ideal platform to expand their business networks.” The broad omens for the future of the China’s MICE industry, without thinking just of lucky 8, are clearly very good and whilst the growth has been questioned at some points over the past years and may not be as rampant as in its earlier years of growth it remains more than healthy and with huge room for further development. “China has become the number one (top) source market of MICE travellers to Thailand since 2013, and with a constant growth of the Chinese economy we expect to welcome more business travellers and MICE visitors from China,” said Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, President of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, by way of example. Whilst Thailand is one of the easier to reach destinations for Chinese outbound, with the scale of growth and scope for longer-haul trips becoming more within reach of Chinese corporate and MICE travellers, it is certainly high time for interesting European destinations, such as the many gems of South East Europe, to start looking seriously at this burgeoning market. “2014 exhibitors can expect to see 70% Chinese buyers, addressing the outbound and domestic procurement for both international and Chinese suppliers respectively,” confirmed Darren Ng, Managing Director of event co-organiser TTG Asia Media, in this regard. “The latter can also benefit from the remaining 30% of international buyers looking to buy into China (inbound),” he added. Kongres looks forward to investigating both the inbound and outbound potential of the world’s single biggest MICE market and will once again be participating in IT&CM China. We will be reporting back in a future issue on what we hope will be a very prosperous event indeed for all of us. Here’s to Lucky 8!



Hilton Athens - Shining Bright at 50 text by Robert Cotter


ising from the ground over five decades ago, at the time locals couldn’t have known that a modern but timeless Athens landmark was on its way. Half a century on and those who were there for the original unveiling of the Hilton Athens have had the chance to savour not just fifty years of a city legend, but also what became an international emblem of quality for the Hilton brand, so much so that company founder Conrad Hilton, present at the 1963 inauguration, was moved to say that “I agree with those who believe that the Hilton hotel in Athens is the most beautiful Hilton hotel in the world”. As with the passage of time, however, even the most radiant of beauties can fade, as perhaps no other city on earth knows like Athens does. After forty years of celebrity-studded service – from Aristotle Onassis to Frank Sinatra and from Ingmar Bergman to Anthony Quinn, to name but a few – and for the occasion of the 2004 Olympic Games being held the city, the hotel underwent a full renovation and played a key role as HQ to the International Olympic Committee. Ten years following this auspicious moment in the hotel’s history, today it continues to shine brightly, from the monumental artwork by Yannis Moralis on the building’s façade to the urban reputation of its celebrity-filled rooftop Galaxy bar with astounding city views of the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill, from the timeearned reputation of its Milos restaurant and Aethrion lounge, not to mention the recently opened and elegant Byzantino terrace, to the health and leisure facilities, including the city’s largest outdoor pool and the Hiltonia Spa, all of which complement the 506 high quality rooms, 109 of these being executive and with their own executive lounge and private reception. The strength and outstanding quality of all of these attributes was recognised in October 2013 when the Hilton Athens, on the celebration of its fiftieth birthday, scooped the ‘Best Business Hotel in Western Europe’ title at the Business Traveller Awards “This is very gratifying and a confirmation of a targeted focus on satisfying our business traveller guests,” said Bart van de Winkel, Area General Manager for Greece and Cyprus, Hilton Worldwide. “With the hotel’s central location, professional service and a unique selection of rooms and suites, the Hilton Athens has a lot to offer to all segments of the business community, both domestic and international.” Pivotal to all of this success has also been what Hilton Athens has been offering to the MICE

industry through its range of meeting facilities, the largest in Athens, which in themselves reflect the high quality found throughout the rest of the hotel. With 22 flexible and state of the art meeting rooms, the largest holding up to 1,600 people, and a range of exhibition areas, all naturally daylit and some with direct access to the pool area, the hotel covers all the bases for hosting the perfect meeting, made easier by all of the rooms being connected to the business centre for access to support and secretarial staff as well as administrative tasks. Achieving the Hilton Meetings trademark for meeting facilities in nine of the 22 rooms, the benchmark for excellence is and remains a priority in Athens. They say that life begins at 50. For the beauty that is the Hilton Athens, it looks like that is very true indeed. 93


Meetings from the Heart text by Robert Cotter

It has often been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and if a little bit of this wisdom is brought into the MICE industry it could become commonplace that the way to the heart of a successful meeting might also be through the food provided.


ood is undeniably a central and increasingly important part of productive events, whether it is ensuring the right kind of snacks are in place, that the food can keep both the brain and body active reflecting the nature and demands of the event and, of course, that for formal functions the food elicits a wow factor from delegates. Further, many more incentives are nowadays being based around food and learning new cooking skills or a better understanding of alternative cuisines. In South Korea, one of the world’s leading nations on the global MICE circuit and quickly making its way towards the top spot for international events, the emphasis placed on the importance of food is immense, with all of the health and concentration benefits that it can bring taken into account, as well as how it best reflects the culture, tradition and everything else that makes South Korea a premium destination. This all became evident on a recent Korea Food Foundation FAM tour that took in some of the key production facilities for quality Korean produce, not to mention some of the finer restaurants where this produce could be enjoyed as part of amazing dishes. The tour of Korean cuisine – or Hansik, as it is called – started off in the remote south-eastern corner of South Korea, closer to Japanese territory than to Korean capital Seoul, but in a place of wild natural beauty where the gifts of Mother Nature constantly work their magic on the treasures of the earth. Jookjangyeon Farm, set amidst mountains and surrounded by orchards, is a place where the ultimate brain food, the soybean, is through a long fermentation and ageing process transformed from a simple, weak tasting bean to a rich, flavour-filled, premium sauce. With incredible care and attention to detail the humble bean is subjected to a process of cleaning (with spring water drawn from hundreds of metres below the farm), boiling, pasting, fermenting, seasoning and finally ageing in hundreds of huge clay pots positioned to catch both the sun and the prevailing winds through the valley. The result? After anything from three months to a number of years (as per customer requirements), it is perfection in a jar, and a perfection that is shared on the tables of MICE delegates. Travelling northwards from Jookjangyeon another spot also making the delicious soybean 94

based sauces is to be found at the Seoil Farm, an extra benefit of this one being that they have an established restaurant on site to taste their excellent wares and with rambling gardens around the farm to be able to walk them off afterwards. Also, for those lucky enough to be granted such access – such as international journalists on a FAM tour – a special sitting with the farm’s patroness and tasting her range of amazing and traditionally prepared teas is a once in a lifetime experience. On the road between these two farms, should the journey be too taxing and the need to try out other foods raise its head, a stopover at the UNESCO World Heritage listed Hahoe village is an absolute must and a seriously recommendable incentive idea. Staying the night in a hanok (a traditional Korean house) at the historic Bukchondaek serves up accommodation that hasn’t change for centuries and sleeping on the floor of traditional Korean buildings with a centuries-old under-floor heating system is a remarkably intimate connection with the culture of the country. To prepare for a good night’s sleep, there is also the option to enjoy a traditional meal at the nearby town of Andong’s traditional Pungjeon restaurant, where an endless procession of fine Korean cuisine is brought tapas-style to tables that can also be reserved in private rooms. This would again all make part of an incredible incentive trip After a night steeped in history wedged between two immersive trips into Korean traditional cuisine, the fine dining back in the capital Seoul capped off everything that South Korea has to offer for its MICE industry. Whilst outside of


Korea the food is mostly known for its Bibimbap, barbecue and its famous Kimchi, the range of cuisine available such as from the city’s renowned Sanchon restaurant, a Buddhist vegan menu that manages to stimulate all the taste buds and leave even the meat-needy satisfied, to the ßber-trendy Jungsikdang restaurant offering very high end modern Korean fare (and with a sister restaurant in New York city) leaves no pot, pan or stone unturned. And leaves no delegate wanting for a better culinary experience. In South East Europe and no less at Conventa itself some of the flavours of the region can also really be appreciated through the expert preparation of local catering companies. South East Europe is a big area, however, with a lot of unique regions that all have their take on flavours and foods. There is a lot that can be learned from the Korean care and concern for ensuring that the best food can make the best events. Not to mention truly tasty events at the same time. South East Europe can join with South Korea in aiming to get to the heart of great events by making them titillate the taste buds just as much as the brain cells.


15-17 April 2014 | 2014ࣲ4఼15-17ெ Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center


The Leading International MICE Event in China Ë—â€ŤÚŽâ€ŹáŻŤŕĄ‘ĘˇŕŤ‰á„ŠË„ËŠÍ˜á?ŹÇŒâ€ŤÝ’â€ŹŇľŕŽťŕş¤ÇŒÍ˜á?ŹÖ—ŕĄ™áœżá„Šâ€ŤŕŁąŕ¸ˇĚ”Ö—ËŠ×¸â€ŹÔź

No Other MICE Event In China Yields Results Like We Do


˗‍ڎ‏.*$&á›ĄËŠá„ŠĚƒáźťŕŠ‡ŕą§ÓŹáĄ•áźťŕŻ„Ë Í ŕś‹


ŕž˛ŕ €ŕĄ™â€Ť×¸â€ŹáŽ•ŕ°°á?ĄÓ­ŕ˛–á„Šá‘&#x;ܾ᣺҂

Order Volumes of

Above USD 1 Million ʺᎿ᧛̿ʽ Expected For Selected Exhibitors

85% of Exhibitors Expect Orders

6 To 12 Months After IT&CM China 2013

“IT&CM China has been able to raise the bar each year, bringing the right participants and buyers to the show and providing good opportunities for all attendees.� Cinn Tan l Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Co Ltd, China

ᥔ᣿á„ŠËźŕ ’

Over 90% of Buyers Gave Top Scores For

Quality of Exhibitors á­¤ŕŁ˘ŕť˜ŕ¨“ŕĄ™â€Ť×¸â€Źá ?᧚ ᥔ᣿á„ŠËźŕ ’

Over 86% of Buyers Gave Top Scores For

Quality of Business Appointments á­¤ŕŁ˘ŕť˜ŕ¨“áŒžá&#x; á ?᧚

ᥔ᣿á„ŠËźŕ ’á?ŁËž

Over 80% of Buyers Say That

IT&CM China Surpasses Similar Events

â€œŕŚ´Í´á?Ťá?“áźť*5$.$IJOBŕŻ§á­¤ŕŁ˘ŕŠ‡ŇŞá„ŠÇ? ŕĄ™Í˜ŕ°°áŤŽáźťŕŠˆÍƒË á?ľÜłÜąâ€Ťŕ¸ˇĚ”×¸ŕĄ™ÚŽâ€ŹáźťĚľÍƒá?ŒĚ€ŕŠˆÍƒ ŕĽ˘ÜłĐ˘Ě†ŕĄ™Í˜áˆĽŕą?ᄊԌᯠÇ?á€˜â€ŤÚ¤â€ŹáŒžá&#x; Ëˇá­¤ŕŁ˘ŕŠ‡ŇŞáźť ᄞᄊ༢ర༠௚ࣲгŕą?Ç?Ăż -JV+VO l .FFUJOHT$IJOB ˗‍ڎ‏

“IT&CM China improves greatly each year and provides a good mix of exhibitors and quality appointments. I look forward to 2014!� Anthony Jepsen l Conference Venues and Booking Services, Australia


In Terms of Quality of Exhibitors, Quality of Business Matching, Potential Business Generated, Networking Opportunities and Being A Must-Attend Event ‍׸ख़ښ‏á ?á§šÇŒâ€Ť×¸â€ŹŇŹáŒžá&#x; ÇŒŕť¸â€ŤÚšâ€ŹŐŒÍťŕ°ťáĽ…ÔŁá‡ŤĚ”ŕ°ťÍ˜áŠŽŕŽľá­§Í– ̆м̾Ő?á‹?ำү

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For International Delegates ‍ڎ‏Ꮕख़‍׸‏ Email: Tel: (65) 6395 7575 For Chinese Delegates ‍ڎ‏Яख़‍׸‏ Email: Tel: (86-21) 3304 9999

Official Media:

IT&CM China 2014 is proud to be part of the Shanghai Business Events Week. Where The MICE Industry Comes Together In Shanghai. An Exciting Week of Business, Education And Networking Events.

Inside Hotel

The Secret life of Grand Hotel Union Exclusive reportage from backstage of famous Ljubljana hotel

Grand hotel Union allowed us to look behind the scenes where the congress guests are usually not allowed. We found out what happens when technique brakes down, what’s going on behind the scenes of the reception and who first come to work.......

Hotel exterior, photo GH Union


friendly receptionist on the main reception of the Grand Hotel Union directed one guest in one of the most famous restaurants in Ljubljana. In the lobby was waiting for its first guests the one and only shoes cleaner. Lively team of congress organizers was preparing plan for its conference with the first morning coffee at the Aperitiv bar. Later we learned that they are guests which are starting the congress season in Ljubljana’s largest convention hotel with its conference. Consistency of railways schedules across Europe depends on their accuracy.


Inside Hotel

Photo of the dish, photo GH Union


he work in the kitchen of Grand Hotel Union has already begun at four o’clock in the morning. The kitchen works like a well oiled machine, where each knows what his assignment is. Chef Janez Dolšak is responsible for a team of 3 chefs who first begin with the preparation of bread, sausages and grilled dishes. More than half of bread is prepared in the kitchen. Work is progressing towards eight o’clock where the kitchen is joined by 30 chefs. Chef likes to take a walk to Ljubljana market place for shopping as well as for the inspiration for the creative dishes which he creates as a member of the Slovenian national culinary team. As he says there is always plenty of time for improvement and creativity in daily work, which he likes to test at competitions with his team. The quantity of food that is served in the kitchen is impressive. They prepare over 1.500 eggs for breakfast if they have a fully occupied hotel. Quite a few food stays and goes to biological processing. Despite the reduction in congressional budget, chefs’ challenge is to prepare creative dishes from cheaper materials. Otherwise, the most popular is light food. There is increasingly less demand for meat and more and more for vegetables. Employees are eating in the hotel canteen. They try to have diverse food and adapted to the work they do. For Janez Dolšek, office work is the less pleasant work. Young people who are interested in this challenging and creative profession advises a lot of patience and diligence. As a specialty we can tell you a secret. In the team of chefs at Union is also a gynaecologist who changed his profession for the spoon of this legendary hotel.

Janez Dolšak in action, photo GH Union


Inside Hotel


technical coordinator is in the hall at least one hour before your event. Miha Mramor worked for 6 years as a technician as a student and successfully completed his studies of multimedia. Each month he takes care for 100 events with his team. As he says, the biggest problem is failure of batteries, which sometimes causes that the microphone does not work. He says that customers appreciate if he is present throughout the event, as it creates a sense of security to organizers. Conference guests don’t have to worry if the power cuts, because in such cases they have a generator deep in the bowels of the hotel. Miha is currently the most proud of the latest HD project, which is the second one in Slovenia and provides truly superior projection. In addition, he says that the acoustic in the main Union hall is superb. It happened that organizers wanted ice in the hall but in the end this idea was not realized.

Picture of Miha Mramor, photo Kongres Magazine

Union hall, photo GH Union


Inside Hotel

A detail of a chair for cleaning shoes, photo Kongres Magazine


n the lobby of the hotel there is a special start-up story for the nostalgic guests. An탑e Stare came up with the great business idea at the time of his unemployment. He set the elaborate chair for cleaning and shoe caring, as we remember from the old days and movies. The overall design of the chair is the result of local knowledge. As he says, this was the only thing that he could afford at the beginning of his career, plus he does not have competition in Slovenia. Quite a number of guests decides for this service, among them are dominating the foreigners. The price is from 4, 50 to 6 Euros and many guests say that the shoes look prettier than new. An탑e wants to extend the service to other hotels from the Union group and he will also be happy if you invite him to your conference.

Photo of An탑e Star, photo Kongres Magazine


Inside Hotel Even before the guests find themselves in the hotel, for them takes care booking service led by Otto Ĺ kerbinc. Otto is among the oldest hotel staff because he was employed in 1979 in the former Holiday Inn hotel. He knows the hotel from head to toe since he began his career as a lift boy and in the meantime he performed the work of a master of bathing in secretariat. Since then, the hotel industry has changed fundamentally. Considerably more were walk-in guests, especially in times of fairs. Also the role of travel agencies has changed significantly. Otto believes in the positive combination of youth and experience in sales. Young people need to learn from our mistakes. Good hotel salesperson usually gets the business.

Photo of Otto Ĺ kerbinc, photo GH Union


hen the sales team completes their work, there begins the work of reception. Miran Erjavec is shift manager who himself perform a lot of work before the guests even arrive. Night work is very important. It is necessary to prepare everything for the next day – review of the reservations, the preparation of the material, so the next day everything goes smoothly. At larger arrival to the hotel, it is necessary to examine a lot of reservations and agreed prices. The basic rule in the work of the receptor is discretion, it is particularly necessary to pay attention to the specific request of guests, which reception always strictly takes into account. Guests usually do not have any special requirements. It comes to usual stuff from washing cars to help with health problems. Mr. Miran says that in his long-standing practice it has not yet happened that he would not have an answer to any question.

Photo of uniforms, photo GH Union

Photo of Miran Erjavec, photo Kongres Magazine


Inside Hotel

Photo of a hotel room, photo GH Union


he maids have a lot of work every day. Senada Zulić is the housekeeping supervisor. She usually cleans from 13 to 18 rooms per day. The cleaning process takes from 20 to 30 minutes. The most disturbing for her are late departures when it’s running out of time to thoroughly clean up the room. It bothers her when guests hang the sign »do not disturb«. Otherwise, special satisfaction for her is when the room is ready for the guest, clean and nice scented. Guests frequently forget items for personal care and especially phone chargers. There are many unusual items. Once a guest forgot 100 Euros wrapped in newspaper. The maid did not notice the money, so she threw the newspaper in the trash. The money was however found between paper recycling and return it to the client. As an interesting anecdote she remembers an event that took place during the visit of American president Bill Clinton. After arrival at the hotel he dressed into sportswear. Somehow he escaped the strict security guards and went to see the exhibition in the hotel ground floor. In the meantime, the security searched around the hotel, but in the end they found him.

Photo of Senada Zulić, photo GH Union

GRAND HOTEL UNION SPECIAL Traditional Heering Feast Heering Feast is traditional slovenian culinary exhibition. Already 88 years chefs in Grand Union Hall are preparing exhibition and tasting of fast culinary delights, always on Asw Wednesday, day after Mardi Gras. In 2014, this will already be 89th Traditional Heering Feast.

The most notable prizes won and titles of Janez Dolšak 2002: GTZ Terme Čatež- culinary delights category A gold medal (Slovenian culinary representative team) and preparation of art cuisine 2002: Gast International culinary competition Salzburg – gold medal for preparing finger food,

gold medal for exhibition of cold cuisine and bronze medal for exhibition of artistic cuisine 2005: Gast International culinary competition Salzburg – gold medal for exhibition of cold cuisine category A and acknowledgment for achieved points 2006: Participation in competition of French Culinary Academy Paris 2009: Participation in competition “Global Chef Challenge Portugal” 2012: Culinary Olympics IKA, as leader of national culinary team silver medal for cooking menu category; acknowledgement for exhibition of culinary delights-total bronze medal


Famous guest at the hotel In over a hundred years of existence, the Grand Hotel Union significantly shape the political and social life in the capital and its wider region. In its rich history, the hotel has been witness to important events in it. In 1979, in GH Union stayed actor and director Orson Welles, in 1999 former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, in 2002 the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, in 2008 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. with her husband.

Who is Who


1. What is the best part of your job?

Sales Manager, Le Meridien Lav Split

2. What would make your job easier? 3. What was your best idea last year? 4. The most memorable event for you?

 etting to know new people and cultures 1: G every day, finding out what makes them special and unique! 2: It would be much easier to know many more foreign languages. The best way to connect is still through direct contact in the language of your client. 3: What was your best idea last year? The idea was started in 2012 but it came alive in 2013, it was the birth of my new son in February 2013! 4: It was the Yamaha Rev Your Heart MT-09 launch by Ant-Production in Summer 2013 held at Le Meridien Lav Split.


Design Center Linz/Tourism Board Linz

 etting in touch with new and interesting 1: G people and the fact that I can support the customers with the event planning. 2: Everything is fine - I like a challenging job!  o participate in the Linzer Marathon with 3: T my company. 4: Graduation ceremony of my Academy for Marketing & Management.



Manager, Convention Bureau Niederösterreich

 o meet interesting people and telling them 1: T about the wonderful places and event-locations in Lower Austria. 2: A good time management between our promotion tours within and without Austria. 3: A business evening in Bratislava for customers, with the presentation of our partners in an exclusive ambiance. 4: The business lunches in Germany where we combined cooking and networking with clients.

MILOŠ MILOVANOVIČ Ceo, Serbia Convention Bureau

 eeting with nice people and working in 1: M the international environment. 2: More money for some activities. 3: To take fa ew days off and spend it with family. 4: EXIT Festival 2004, Architecture Biennale Venice 2006, ICCA Congress 2007.


Service Manager, Plaza Hotel

 est part of my job is to meet new people, 1: B every single event is a special one. 1: Planning an event. 2: Even better technical support. 3: To add a new conference hall in our offer. 4: New Year’s Eve dinner at the hotel. 106

2: I think if you are organised enough there is no problem to make it easier, and of course with the help of your colleagues. Team power is very important. 3: To start with some live concerts in our hotel. 4: Live streaming of operation in our hotel and UKC Ljubljana, a special congress.

Who is Who


Director Of Sales, Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana

 eeting new people and learning some1: M thing new every day. 2: Having more regular meetings with MICE representatives (from the same region), so we could share our experiences. 3: Special site inspection for Conventa hosted buyers which will be even more special in 2014. 4: Thematic (Casino Royale – James Bond) New Year’s Party organised by our hotel for one of our clients.


Corporate And Meetings Manager, City Hotel Ljubljana  he best part of my job is that I have plenty 1: T of reasons to smile on a daily basis. I meet so many kind people who are able to return the smiles back. 2: My job would be much easier if ALL the people would feel the passion and enthusiasm to fulfill their obligations, or even do something MORE. We have plenty of tools available nowadays, but people are getting more and more dissatisfied, empty and even angry. Without those, my job would be easier. 3: My best idea was not to do some things.  he most memorable event for me was the 4: T organisation of a continuous 48-hour event in one of the venues I was working as an Event Manager. A very unusual and challenging thing to do.

2: In a perfect world everyone would choose our destination and our hotel. 3: Actually not many business ideas, since I was on maternity leave and I’m glad to be back at work for new great ideas. Last Conventa reception I attended in 4:  Grand hotel Union, since it’s a perfect venue for different kinds of events.


Program Executive Officer, Subotica / Lake Palic Destination

MOJCA VIDIC Sales Manager - Conference, Union Hotels Hotel Lev

1: I nteraction and communication, it’s a lot of fun to work with people and have the opportunity to get to know people and learn something new. 2: When every client would know exactly what they want. J I have had the opportunity to receive and prepare the offer for Apple Inc. and I can tell you they really have a vision and strategy for everything. You can find out from their request exactly how they want it to be. 3: There have been several best ideas in 2013.  kitchen party event we organised last 4: A year. It was a conference and networking party afterwards in the kitchen for secretaries of the biggest Slovenian companies. The ladies were surprised by our kitchen, how young a team we have and how the process of work is totally different from that at home. The event was scheduled to be over, but they could not leave the kitchen J

 he best part of my job is that it is a creative 1: T one and that there’s no such thing as a typical day. After ten years in business I love my job. 2: A bigger staff would surely make my job easier. There are a lot of things to do but only few people to do it. 3: I cannot choose one best idea. Every single day is compiled of different bigger or smaller ideas. Sometimes, one big idea doesn’t bring big results. Usually, a bunch of small ideas brings constant results. 4: The most memorable event last year was the Subotica Tourism Organisation Annual Tourism Award ceremony, when all the activities and the accomplishments of our organisation were listed – and it was not a short list. These accomplishments were achieved through team work and the best “players” were awarded on this occasion. It was very nice.


Marketing Manager, Bohinj Park Eco Hotel

RONALD KVARANTAN Area Sales Manager, Istrabenz Turizem dd, Lifeclass Hotels & Spa


Event Manager, Union Hotels

 ince I was a child I always had to organise 1: S different things and was keen to meet new people and so congress manager is definitely a dream job for me.

idea, so I suppose it can be considered as one of my best ideas in the last year. 4: The congress of the Italian company Tricologia in February 2013

 he look on the face of the satisfied client at 1: T the end of an event. 2: To erase the economic crisis would make my job much easier. 3: The dinner in Ljubljana Castle was a great success and the Italian chapter of the Goldwell company was thrilled with the 107

1: People. 2: Flexibility. 3: To go on vacation J  ontinental - global press conference for 4: C bicycle tires.

Who is Who

1. What is the best part of your job? 2. What would make your job easier? 3. What was your best idea last year? 4. The most memorable event for you?


Manager, Tourist Board Sotočje – Soča Valley

Days of Slovenian Tourism, which took place right here at Terme Olimia.


Marketing Manager, Sora Catering  hat I enjoy most about my work is seeing 1: W happy and enthusiastic visitors, who come back to me, thank me for my kindness, professionalism and help with organising unforgettable experiences for them. 2: For those who create the destiny of our activities to listen to and better understand our needs and support the ideas and development of the sector of tourism. 3: The implementation of a new gastronomic event in Kobarid – “Festival štrukljev in krapcev” (Festival of štruklji and krapci), where tradition and new trends meet and merge. 4: Outdoor Show Kobarid – a presentation of sports activities, competitions, entertainment etc. All in all, it was an unforgettable mix of positive energy, active life-style, nature and fun.


Mice Manager, Terme Olimia

 he best part of my job is absolutely diver1: T sity, because every event is different and so every single day is different. You get the most of it when you work in the MICE department – from being on the road in foreign countries and then on the other hand managing the events on the location. It’s the perfect balance. 2: A nother pair of hands. J No, seriously   sometimes you need to do everything in one day and most of the time it seems impossible, so it would be great if I could get some help. If I think it through it would be great if my office would be closer to my home, because I am driving about one hour every day to get there. 3: I had some great ideas for team building and incentive groups last year. So you need to send me an inquiry and you will see. 4: The most memorable event last year was 108

 ur team of co-workers. I love stepping into 1: O the office each morning and seeing their smiley faces. My second favourite is the making of our food creations’ photo galleries. Imagine why … 2: If days would have more than just 24 hours J Actually we jointly create ideas in our 3:  company. We sit together when an idea pops up and implement it together. 4: The most memorable event for you? There have been several in the last year. But being the official caterer at EuroBasket 2013 still tops them all.

ALEXANDRA YANKULOVA Sales Executive MICE, Hilton Sofia

 he best part of my job is the dynamic envi1: T ronment I work in and the contact with different people and characters. I love the challenges that the job brings on a daily basis and the inevitable lessons I learn from each and every occasion. 2: My job would be easier if there was better support from the state organisations and the Government to promote our destination. 3: My best idea was to sign up for Conventa 2014 J 4: Personally, the most memorable event from last year was my nomination and participation in a Top Talent event held in Prague where people with exceptional performance and ideas were gathered to form a pool of “talents” with the aim to support the rapidly developing Hilton chain in our region.

Who is Who



Director Of Sales, Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest

 he dynamics! Travelling around, meeting 1: T interesting people, different situations and challenges! 2: A convention bureau plus clear and targeted promotion policy at national level in Romania, especially when it comes to mice. 3: Moving to Bucharest to join the team of a true landmark property. This was and continues to be the place to create the history of Bucharest and Romania over a century! 4: This is going to be the 100th anniversary of Athénée Palace Hilton this year! We shall organise & take part in a series of events in the hotel and in Bucharest to mark this special year.

Marketing Projects Manager, Cankarjev Dom, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana  hat nothing is the same and that every day 1: T brings something new. 2: Understanding clients and willing partners as well as Murphy’s Law proven wrong. 3: To actually start listening and hearing what people are trying to tell you. 4: Attending the shooting of the promotional film on Cankarjev dom Congress Centre with a helicopter camera. My my, what shots and what halls those are.


Deputy Manager Salzburg Convention Bureau


Project Manager, iDMC Ltd

 or me the best part of the job is at the end 1: F of the event, when all the participants go home happy, safe and full of new experiences. It’s when the client is happy with our work and after we overcame all the challenges of the project. And then I can hardly wait for the next one! 2: Sometimes I think it would help if there was more time for planning. 3: Idea 145 ;) 4: I n 2013 this was definitely our Garden party of Slovenian MICE that we organised in Moscow for our partners and clients. It really was a memorable party as we even had a football group of artists that sang for us!

1: I t’s the intermediary part of my job between the clients and the suppliers as we work unbiased and free of charge for our clients. The fact to think out of the box for every event and come up with creative ideas makes my job so interesting. 2: It would be easier when corporate events would be planned on a long term basis. Clients would gain better terms and conditions from suppliers and it would make them more flexible. However, we profit from a great market share in Salzburg and still hold the second place in the Meeting Industry Report Austria, after Vienna. 3: There have been so many ideas we realised, but one of them might be our new website and digital communications. We have been aiming to provide in depth destination and supplier information, but also simple venue finding solutions. Client feedback shows that we’ve done a great job. 4: Our 10th anniversary events in 2013 are my personal favourite. We invited clients in different European destinations to participate at typical Salzburg cooking classes with award winning chefs, rented a brewery and an après ski location in the centre of London. We managed to show the hospitality and uniqueness of Salzburg and our services. 109


Sales Assistant, Postojnska Jama, d.d.

 he best part of my job is organising a wide 1: T variety of different events while meeting new people. We have many various offers and we always try to adapt to clients’ diverse wishes. 2: If clients would respect all the arrangements regarding an event, this would make my job easier. I would add also joint marketing activities with companies and organisations that deal with business events. 3: Last year we have developed a new product – an adrenaline underground adventure ‘’Following in the footsteps of Luka Čeč’’ which is the embodiment of experiencing and getting to know Postojna Cave in a different way, outside of the usual tourist trails. The adventure helps participants become familiar with the compelling story of this underground world, mainly in relation to the first steps ever taken inside the Postojna Cave. 4: The most memorable event for us was the official Draw of EuroBakset 2013 which took place underground – in the Postojna Cave Concert Hall. The unique settings of the Postojna Cave provided the background as the Draw of EuroBasket 2013 marked the start of the official countdown to Europe’s premier basketball event. Over 600 guests attended the ceremony in the world-famous tourist attraction, including delegates of the 24 participating teams, special guests and 150 accredited media.


Bruketa & Žinić OM

 e work on something different every day. 1: W We solve our clients’ challenges with marketing communicati­ons. Those challenges can be very different. It’s up to us to find an efficient solution that can do the job with minimum expenses. Sometimes the good

Who is Who

old print ad or a web banner will do it, but much more often it is some unusual forms. Sometimes it’s enough to do a small performance to intrigue the media and the public through social platforms. We did all sorts of projects: from large conferences to books that glow in the dark. 2: A good question is half the answer. The more our task is clearer and focused, the more efficient is the solution and its results. Many times our challenge is that the advertiser wants to say too much at once, and perception is built step by step. 3: Last year we really did various things and it’s difficult to single out one project. This resulted with the American magazine Advertising Age pronouncing us the Best International Small Agency in 2013. We are not part of any global agency networks, we’re independent, so this was a great recognition for us. 4: Events don’t need to be expensive and large to be memorable. We received an offer to exhibit our projects in Mestrovic’s Pavilion in Zagreb. Instead of displaying our projects, since they can all be viewed on the agency web page, we decided instead to display the interest that these projects aroused. We exhibited all those people who were intrigued by the agency’s work to date and who came to view the exhibition. The photo of each visitor was displayed on a large circular projection on the walls of the gallery as well as on a special microsite and on huge displays on city squares. All photos were saved on the microsite and could be shared on social networks. Instead of staying in an introverted gallery space, we came out where there’s a lot of people – on the streets and social networks, all with a relatively small budget. http://bruketa-zinic. com/2012/04/12/biz-exhibit/

1. What is the best part of your job? 2. What would make your job easier? 3. What was your best idea last year? 4. The most memorable event for you?


Sales&Marketing, Terme Čatež

1: Travelling and meeting new people. 2: I enjoy my job, it is very exciting and gives me many opportunities and possibilities for my career promotion. 3: The organisation of the team building event for my colleagues, which resulted in higher productivity. 4: Organisation of a big event for charity purposes.



Protocol Event Manager, JGZ Brdo - Brdo Estate

 he stunning natu­ral setting of Brdo that 1: T makes me feel like a delighted visi­tor each and every time I come to work. 2: A fully functioning time machine.  ringing the classes of acclaimed fitness 3: B instructor Alenka Košir to Brdo, where they are organised outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. 4: One involving a smaller corporate group of 25 persons who visited us for a 3-day cluster meeting within the framework of our MICE offer. We prepared an exciting teambuilding program that featured photo hunting on the Brdo hunting grounds, an entertaining culinary showdown, a fish-smoking course in our log cabins, and a wine tasting dinner in the spirit of the ancient Zois family.


Managing Director, Carinthia Convention

 he best part of my job is the product I am 1: T allowed to sell. Carinthia (Koroska) is such a beautiful region and has so much to offer. Every time it is a real pleasure experiencing what you are able to do in Carinthia. 2: If we, the Convention bureau, would have more possibilities to present Carinthia to our guests and clients. 3: The best idea we had was to change our motivation. Sustainability is our major goal for business and our motto. We are official holder of the Austrian Environment license, therefore we are allowed to certify events with a green meeting label. 4: ATB Experience – a brand new format of the Austrian Tourism Board that took place in Villach, Carinthia. Over 150 international guests were able to experience Carinthia during 10 totally different adventures. Being the main organiser it made me really proud organising such an event in Carinthia.

Who is Who


Sales & Marketing Manager, Congress Centre Villach  he best part of my job is the very cool feeling 1: T to represent the biggest and most flexible event location in Carinthia. 2: When European people already know that there is a great congress destination – VILLACH - crossing three interesting countries. 3: We created our new innovative banquet folder – with new culinary ideas like “green meeting packages”. 4: “Innovationskongress 2013” – the biggest congress of innovation in Europe, with more than 1,000 participants from all over the world.


portunity to meet new interesting people and to have new experiences every day ... Conclusion: no day is like another ... and that’s the exciting and fun part of my job. 2: The international exchange should be simplified in my opinion. The job was not supposed to be easy, otherwise it is no longer a challenge. And challenges completed positively push us and motivate us to continue. 3: Iwould not say that one idea is emphasised here, but that the totality of the implemented ideas speak for themselves. The Seepark Hotel has undergone a conversion of 100% in 2013 ... new website, newly launched rate structure, strong presence at trade shows, workshops and sales trips. 4: Last year I experienced many fascinating moments ... one of them was certainly Conventa 2013 ... one of the best organised trade fairs in the calendar. But also the inhouse events and the events in Klagenfurt were unique ... Ironman Austria, Woman’s night Luxury or Beach Volleyball Championship ... because all these events took place in front of the Seepark Hotel in Klagenfurt.

Marketing & Sales Assistant, Casino Velden/ Casinos Austria

 o organise so many different events and to 1: T communicate with so many different companies and customers. 2: Less bureaucracy – more creativity.  o organise the first casinoball in spring 3: T 2014, because we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the casino in Velden. 4: The white nights on 26th of July with different DJs, live acts, white dinner and thousands of people dressed in white.


Sales Manager, Seepark Hotel Congress and SPA

 he constant interaction with colleagues 1: T and partners is very important ... and in my job this is possible daily. You have the op-


Sales & Event Manager, Hotel Radon Plaza Sarajevo BIH

 he best part of my job is that I am fortunate 1: T enough to have the opportunity to meet new people and to consistently work on new projects and challenges. 2: My job would be made easier with more effective communication between staff members and team work. Also, staff professionalism and decisiveness among staff to perform to the best of their abilities and a willingness to further educate themselves. 3: My best idea last year was to sign over 300 corporate contracts with various companies so that we as a hotel can focus on being a great business destination and provide our business clients the best possible services. 4: We had many successful events last year and our goal is to provide the same attention to all our clients. No matter what their budget is, we believe that each client is to be treated like a king.


ANJA BAUER MINKARA Senior Brand Consultant, Brandoctor

 he part that makes me in love with this job 1: T is the combination between the fun and creative with the complex and rational. It’s so challenging to think of great ways to create a brand that is memorable and inspiring to consumers. The best part is to be your own judge – to see if what you did would inspire you or people that you find inspiring. 2: If I took it less seriously, but then I would leave this job. 3: The one I hold dear is the project that we did for a humanitarian aid organisation that is still in the implementation process. The one project I am most proud of is Stina wine rebranding – because we made a huge change for this brand despite the lack of money for communication. 4: If we are talking about work then it is being rewarded by Rebrand100 for 6 years in a row. This means that Brandoctor was awarded amidst fierce international competition (against brands such as Starbucks or Audi) - this makes us feel good, as our clients don’t have as much money as our international competitors. Thus, we feel confident that bigger international brands will come knocking on our door.


Steiermark Convention

1: I feel motivated because my job is really rich in variety. There is a good balan­ce betwe­en business trips and appointments in the office. I also enjoy meeting new contacts from all over the world as well as regular partners. 2: It would be easier if destination-marketing could be more measurable. We always try to evaluate the success of our projects in cooperation with our partners as good as possible, but we exactly know that there would be enough room for improvement.

Who is Who

1. What is the best part of your job? 2. What would make your job easier? 3. What was your best idea last year? 4. The most memorable event for you?

3: I’m particularly pleased by the way Steiermark Convention has set standards for the presentation at workshops and exhibitions. It means that all of them developed a special product in cooperation with regional producers. We are proud to represent Styria as a high quality destination with delicious culinary and wine through interactive highlights like cooking workshops. This also gives rise to our slogan “Making Meetings a delight”. The Congress Award 2013 in Graz: it 4:  honours organisers of scientific, business and NPO conferences and meetings who act as ambassadors of the city at local, national and international levels by holding their events in Graz. I also love the Congress Graz, which is a very special and unique location for this event.

PETRA TOLJA Meetings & Incentives Manager, Kompas d.d.

 ertainly the best part is the end of every 1: C event. I am always nervously waiting for the organisers feedback. After each positive mail I receive I immediately forget all the sleepless nights and problems we might have had. So, satisfaction of the clients make it all worth it. 28 hours instead of 24 and longer 2:  deadlines. 3: Accepting an event I was quite skeptical about and in the end it was a pure success. 4: ISU 2013 – stereoscopic world congress. Having 3D photographers for a week in Slovenia enjoying all of the beauty that Slovenia has to offer.


Werzers Hotels am Wörthersee

 he best part of my job is: I do a lot of sales 1: T and also I have a lot of contact with our hotel guests because I am working in the front and back office in our hotel company. 112

 y job would be easier if we had more than 2: M 365 days a year, so I can divide my work. 3: My best idea was an excellent event in our new Werzers Bathhouse and also a lot of new modernising things in our hotel group. 4: There are more than one, but it was my first big moderation for an great event in 2013.


Director Of Global Sales, Vi Hotels & Resorts

 elling our beautiful properties and desti1: S nations as well as staying in contact with MICE industry professionals and work actively developing this segment for our company. 2: More qualified MICE platforms and events. A lot of MICE events & forums are popping up at the moment. It’s getting more challenging to find the right place to be and to meet the right contact persons. 3: A lot of ideas and new things were coming up last year, it’s tough to nominate the best one. If I have to I would say it was a great & successful idea to implement new global strategies and global contracting during the last year for our key accounts for all our hotels; we act in a global way but also we worked very closely with our local hotels. A successful season was our result. 4: ITB Party 2012 at the Andel’s Berlin - our biggest VI property. We were celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the hotel as well as presenting the new strategies of VI Hotels & resorts. It was an amazing celebration with over 1,000 guests.

Na vsakem dogodku najbolj cvetoËi! We’re in full blossom at every event!

CVETLI»ARNA GALERIJA FLOWER SHOP GALLERY MARJAN LOV©IN Prešernova 10a, 1000 Ljubljana, t.: +386 1 426 04 05, f.: +386 1 426 04 03, e:


Conventions, corporate meetings and events with Kira Travel Destination Management


e are a company of trusted, passionate travel specialists who create customized events with highest standards of service and comfort. Kira Travel Destination Management encompasses all aspects of your conference and event: planning, designing, managing,budgeting and organizing. We pay close attention to your and your clients needs, assist you in creating a lasting impression and provide a complete range of services to achieve your company goals. From the original concept right through the design, building and application, we can handle it all with flair and originality - leaving a lasting impression for all the right reasons. For: Product Launches & Grand Openings, Corporate Social Outings , Themed Events, Interactive and Team Building Programs, we source and coordinate local services - from accommodation, transportation, social programs and events management and create a wide range of programs to suit your’ clients special interests.

We are independent agency, who are large enough to compete but small enough to care and we’ll take the best care of you and your clients. Just leave it up to our unique network, and we will give your event a place and a shape. Quick, flexible and creative!


Never-ending Commitment to the Perfect Event. Kira Travel, Croatia Sales inquiry:

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17. 01. 14


Think out of the box. Surprise your clients. Exceed your goals. THINK BLUE.

Go from grey days into gold …that’s the magic of Aegean



13156_Aegean_Kongrea_Ad.indd 3



Best Regional Airline Europe 2013

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13/01/2014 15:59




o wonder that Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana is known as the prime address for elegant lodging in Ljubljana! Our hotel awaits you with all the amenities you would except from a modern high-end hotel: an inspiring atmosphere, exclusive comfort, state-of-theart facilities, stunning design, elegant details, professional service, international flair and the most spacious hotel rooms in Ljubljana (measuring from 30 m² minimum to 160 m²)! And let us not forget about the spacious wellness area and our highly professional conference service. A true highlight of our hotel is the perfect location! The main attractions and the Ljubljana city centre can easily be reached by public transport. The Old Town, the Convention Centre, the Faculty of Economics, the BTC shopping centre, the Krvavec skiing resort, several golf courses and Center Stozice are situated in the vicinity of the hotel as well.

meetings at the highest level

At the Hotel Ljubljana we offer eight extraordinary conference rooms on a total area of 830 m², suitable for any kind of event – ranging from smaller meetings, over conferences with up to 600 guests. Video conferences are available. All our conference rooms feature state-of-the-art facilities and many technological highlights such as electronic flipcharts.

RESTAURANT & BAR – a gourmet paradise

We look forward to treat you with an unforgettable culinary experience, both in our restaurant and our bar, where we offer delicious domestic specialities and exciting international favourites. Wine and dine in a truly pleasant atmosphere! Start your day with a powerful breakfast in our restaurant. Taste our fresh rolls and other delicacy and enrich your day with the vitamins from a variety of fresh fruit cuts.


Wellness & Beauty

Welcome to the oasis of harmony for body and soul. A place where time stands still and where you can forget the world around you. With its oriental and peaceful atmosphere the “Sense Wellness Club” is perfect to relax and unwind and offers a unique combination of massage treatments from Thailand and the Philippines. Aromatic oils, warm herbs and various oriental treatments round off our offer. In addition, we offer a Hammam, a Finnish sauna, a bio sauna, a whirlpool, a relaxation room as well as a VIP area where couples can enjoy treatments together in a relaxed atmosphere.




EST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Slon is located in the most central area of Slovenia’s beautiful capital city and celebrates more than 460 years of tradition in hospitality. It is only a few steps away from the old city core, Ljubljana castle and all the main city sights, as well as the city’s government and financial district.

Whether you are planning a board meeting, conference or celebration, we can arrange unforgettable event for you. A versatile array of five congress halls provides accessible and flexible conferencing for up to 250 participants. Our dedicated and experienced team helps you coordinate every detail – from arranging transfers to helping you design a signature event, including additional activities for your guests to enjoy during their stay at the hotel. Our award-winning culinary team will inspire your guests with a customized menu designed for your celebration. The luxury 4-star superior hotel offers 168 comfortable and well-appointed rooms with all the modern facilities and amenities that a business guest comes to expect. The hotel offer includes an in-house Fitness&Spa, with state of the art Fitness room open 24/7, equipped with


Technogym machines and relaxing saunas. Hotel also offers massage studio with generous choice of 9 different Thai massage treatments to unwind, relax and escape the daily stress.


GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre A perfect fit for international congresses


R as a typical example of modern functionalist architecture has always been a tempting location for international congresses. In 1955 it was originally built for the purpose of the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. Later on, in 1964, the XVth International Congress of Applied Psychology was held there as the first international scientific event of that kind in former Yugoslavia. 1200 delegates from 33 countries participated in the congress. And the GR calendar for 2014 looks promising, too: Slovenia, its capital Ljubljana and the GR will obviously be a perfect fit for many international congresses.


From 11 to 15 August 2014, the GR will host 40th Worldwide Scout Conference. This is the meeting of the leadership of 160 scout organizations which is held every three years; the delegates pass programme guidelines for the whole world. 800 delegates from around the globe will participate in the conference.


From 26 to 29 August 2014, the 14th congress EAAE, which is held every three years in one of European countries, will take place at the GR. The main topic of the congress will be to establish the dialogue between the subjects of power and scientists in the development of agriculture.


Between 22 and 23 September 2014, the yearly conference ABTA will take place at the GR. In the main meeting of the biggest British tourist association, about 600 managers from tourist organizations in Great Britain will participate, as well as 25 journalists from leading Great Britain professional and general media covering tourism, who will be present before, at and after the event. GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is the leading events centre in Slovenia comprising 20 multifunctional halls that occupy a surface area of 12,323 square metres, which are complemented by 8,844 square metres of external exhibition space. It has great flexibility

8th A. Menarini Diagnostics International Diabetes Nurses Conference, Marmorna Hall, 31 May 2012


and offers a truly first class range of facilities. The function rooms, providing a high degree of versatility, can be arranged to welcome any kind of meeting from 15 to 4,000 participants. The location within the city and the option of having an open area exhibition and convention centre rather than a regular building are definitely its advantages making it a perfect venue for congresses with exhibition for 1500 participants.

dt-kongres.indd 1

27.2.2012. 11:25

Reflection of diversity for meetings & events with character

out e b a US ng mor ar O I SER E, hosti vents/ye MIC 350 e than


abo RING ut re latio ns

FOC abo USE w ud w D

BLE I S PONture S E R ut na

e de hat liver


Sava Turizem d.d., Dunajska cesta 152, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija ‡

Beyond the app

Make your events MEMORABLE

KONGRES EDITORIAL CALENDAR TOPICS AND DATES Published 6 times per year Kongres Magazine is far from being just a magazine. It is the only provider of integrated congress marketing communications, with which you can make effective dialogue with congress customers. Because we know what congress customers really need and how to ensure their long-term loyalty, we can make above-average, high-quality, relevant, independent, in-depth and interesting congress stories. In 2013 they will dedicate to you and your customers even more.


CONVENTA DAILY 1 - 2 Daily newspaper, which will be released during the Conventa trade show and which brings to exhibitors and invited guests daily news from Conventa. Space close: 13.12.2013 Materials due: 20.12.2013 Delivery: 22. - 23.01.2014

SPECIAL ISSUE January 2014

CONVENTA 2014 Special edition, published as a catalogue of Conventa together with extensive destination presentations and presentations of participating partners. In terms of content this is the most comprehensive overview of the meetings industry in the region of Southeast Europe. Space close: 13.12.2013 Materials due: 20.12.2013 Delivery: 22. - 23.01.2014

SRING ISSUE March 2014

In Focus: ENERGY The uniqueness of your event is based on energy. The event can be quickly estimated as successful if it was just executed well and in line with the objectives. Effective are only a few events, which are the ones in which the flow of atomic congress energy is present, where participants become a part of the energy. In the spring issue we will highlight all the meetings industry topics related to energy. Themed supplement: KONGRES GOURMET 2014 Space close: 14.02.2014 Materials due: 21.02.2014 Delivery: 28.03.2014


MEETOLOGUE 2014 In Kongres magazine we have been publishing since 2010 CONGRESS TRAVELOGUES, which were renamed MEETOLOGUES. International Congress buyers thus discover little-known European convention destinations. All existing travelogues of the NEW EUROPE will be issued in a special issue of Kongres magazine, which will be released prior to IMEX trade show. With high-quality editorial content, travelogues completely replace the tedious and irrelevant catalogues of meetings suppliers. Digital versions of MEETOLOGUES are currently the most read sections of the Kongres magazine. Space close: 11.04.2014 Materials due: 18.04.2014 Delivery: 16.05.2014

SUMMER 2014 July 2014

In Focus: ENGAGEMENT Future of meetings industry depends on understanding the needs of new generations of congress participants who are looking for new different experiences. In the summer issue, we will explore what triggers positive experiences. To do this we must first build well, if we build events on authenticity, there is a good chance that we will initiate positive emotional reactions. We will present to you a few stories that are true, verifiable and relevant. Themed supplement: ADVENTURE PARKS 2014 OUTDOOR VENUES 2014 Space close: 20.06.2014 Materials due: 27.06.2014 Delivery: 25.07.2014

FALL 2014

September 2014 In Focus: “EDUTAINMENT” We live in a period of edutainment, where connection of educational content with entertainment has become a vital component of events. We will discuss how to use technology at your events for greater interactivity, what kind of innovations are offered on the market. We will re-open the dilemma of whether technology can replace personal contact. Themed supplement: INNOVATIVE PEOPLE & EVENTS Space close: 22.08.2014 Materials due: 29.08.2014 Delivery: 19.09.2014

WINTER 2014 November 2014

In Focus: ENTERTAINMENT Meetings industry is characterized by a mixture of professional and fun motive, but certainly the most important thing is companionship in their profession and communities. What are the trends, innovations, and what are the examples of good practice will be revealed in the last issue in 2014. Moreover, as an integral part of the magazine we will present a whole series of new ideas for organization of congress parties. Themed supplement: KONGRES WAW - WINES AND WINERIES 2014, KONGRES HOLIDAY & PARTY GUIDE Space close: 18.10.2014 Materials due: 25.10.2014 Delivery: 15.11.2014

Inside Ljubljana



Inside Ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle to be Refreshed by Spring 2014


he Ljubljana Castle, which towers above the Old Town, is one of the prime special events venues in the Slovenian capital. Back in 1979, the extensive renovation of this historic building started in the M Wing, right where the works are approaching the final stage. This section of the castle has welcomed many visitors in the past for a special reason, as it housed until recently the Blue and White halls, better known as the Wedding halls. More than 30 years of use and over 700 weddings a year were a good reason enough for a makeover. The renovation works are due to be completed in March 2014 and will transform the two halls, henceforth named Red and Blue, into a versatile and even more appealing function space. The solemn elements of this castle wing will be softly intertwined with its architectural heritage, light and freshness of the colours. The premises will open up to the courtyard and therefore emphasise the historical environment of the Ljubljana Castle.

More Comfort at CD Congress Centre Ljubljana


D Congress Centre Ljubljana has skipped a proper summer break again as, for the past few years, the venue has been undergoing an extensive gradual renovation, technological upgrading and maintenance works in the warmest months. Bearing the comfort of visitors in mind, the seats in the two largest auditoria - Gallus and Linhart halls - have been replaced, with a thorough refurbishment that took place alongside. Gallus Hall (1,545 fixed seats) is set to start the forthcoming season shining in a new splendour. The parquet floor in the stalls, as well as the dress and upper circles, have been sanded, the marble walls polished, and the new seats

installed. The overhaul of Linhart Hall (562 seats) has been even more extensive. The walls are now repainted, the stage portal renovated, conduit pipes and electrical installation replaced, equipment upgraded, the latest ventilation and air-conditioning system built in and an advanced lighting system installed. The highly comfortable new seats were the final touch. The value of this year’s investment is two million Euros. Other details of the makeover comprise improved elevator access to the panoramic, topfloor CD Club, as well as the refurbished CD Information Centre and Box Office. The construction works have been concluded by the


end of August as scheduled, right on time for the busy autumn congresses and events season, which has also featured the Congress of the Paediatric Rheumatology European Society (PReS) with 1,000 delegates – this year the largest in Ljubljana. The Centre’s recent genesis, to be continued next year with the construction of additional breakout rooms, will certainly be appreciated by the foreign and local public, whose total number in just over 30 years of operations has reached as many as 15 million visitors / delegates.

Inside Ljubljana

Conference highlights in 2013 and 2014


jubljana’s congress calendar features a number of scientific and expert meetings of regional, European and international relevance. Among the ones taking place in 2013 the two largest were: 5th Conference of the European Survey Research Association – ESRA (Faculty of Social Sciences, 600 delegates) and the Congress of the Paediatric Rheumatology European Society – PReS (CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, 1,000 delegates). The highlights in 2014 are to be: World Psychiatric Association – WPA Regional Meeting 2014 (CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, 1,000 delegates), 40th World Scout Conference – WOSM (GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, 1,500 delegates) and the 14th Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists – EAAE (also the GR, 800 delegates).

Nox - a Novelty on the Hotel Design Scene


he Roman Goddess of the night, Nox, brings a breeze of fresh air to the Ljubljana boutique hotels portfolio. Ljubljana’s latest hotel offer has been enriched this September by Nox, another trendy property in the design line, which already seduces travellers by its refined style, modern comfort and aesthetic luxury. The prime concept of this 4-star boutique hotel is to perfectly blend business and pleasure through an original approach aiming to create an experiential showcase of the “made in Slovenia” hotel interior design. What distinguishes Nox from other hotels is its interior decoration. Each of the 24 rooms is unique in design and character and guests can choose the one that suits their taste best when booking. Several acclaimed Slovenian designers and architects had a total creative freedom in developing the room concept, which ranges from minimalist to a richly decorated baroque, as well as vintage, more romantic, or even a saltern room. All the hotel rooms are double, but differ in layout and size, ranging from 24 to 45 sq m. The property also features a trendy lounge, which is becoming popular for smaller social functions, and a conference room seating up to 60 delegates, The hotel’s construction follows one of the green principles of sustainable development: the use of local materials. The wish was also to create a raw yet plain and attractive appearance. As a result, the interior blends three primary materials - oak wood, concrete and metal. The NOX Hotel is well situated close to the ring road, on the way from the city centre to the airport, which makes it perfect for business travellers and those coming to Ljubljana for a city break by car. In a nutshell: the aim to reach diversity in ideas and experiences has been accomplished and Ljubljana can now proudly present another jewel in its design palette.




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