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2013 Contractor of the Year

2013 Excellence In Construction Overall


Project Category Awards

Black Construction Corporation

Phase 1 Camacho Landmark Center- Personal Finance Center Building Category: Commercial: $5 Million to $10 million

Black Construction Corporation

Project: Kosrae Runways Overlay and Airfield Improvements Project Category: Infrastructure: Heavy: Streets, highways, parks, dams and bridges

Bulltrack-Watts, A Joint Venture

Army National Guard Combined Support Maintenance Shop Category: Industrial: Manufacturing plants and facilities, refineries and similar types of construction

DCK Pacific Guam, LLC

Northern Waste Water Treatment Plant Interim Improvements Category: Public Works/Environmental Water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants.

DCK Pacific Guam, LLC

Bank Pacific Renovation Phase 1- Joseph Flores Building Category: Renovation: less than $4 Million

IAN Corporation

Painting at 120 units Housing Category: Exteriors: All Other Exterior Finishes

Bishman Continental Services

FY10MCON P528, Torpedo Exercise Support Building (TES) Category: Specialty Contracting Electrical: Commercial $2 Million to $10 Million

Bishman Continental Services

FY10MCON P528, Torpedo Exercise Support Building (TES) Category: Specialty Contracting Mechanical: Commercial $2 to $10 Million

Landscape Management Systems, Inc.

Guam Windward Memorial Irrigation System. Category: Specialty Contracting Sitework/Landscape/Hardscape Interior/exterior, landscaping and parking lots.

Black Construction Corporation

Repair Glass Breakwater (North Shore) Category: Other Specialty Construction: Less than $10 Million


Project Category Awards

Black Construction Corporation

Kosrae state correctional facility Category: Other construction less than $2 million

Reliable Builders

Repair glass breakwater (western point) Category: Other construction $2 million to $100 million

Black Construction Corporation

AAFB Red Horse Headquarters / engineering facility Category: Federal government / military less than $10 million

Dck-Ecc Pacific Guam LLC

Torpedo exercise support facility Category: Federal government / military $10 Million to $100 Million

Black Construction Corporation

Asian hospital and medical center Category: Healthcare less than $10 million

Bulltrack-Watts, A Joint Venture

Tumon maui well rehabilitation Category: Historical restoration / renovation Less than $25 million

Asanuma Corporation

Japanese school of guam gymnasium Category: Institutional: Less than $5 million

Landscape Management Systems Inc. GVB holiday illumination project 2012 Category: Community / public service

JWS Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd. Air cooled maglev chiller replacement Category: Specialty contracting Mechanical: commercial less than $2 million


Merit Award Winners

Ian Corporation

Rewind damaged Orote Power Plant Generator #1

Bulltrack-Watts, A Joint Venture

Repair and Modernization of Waterfront Facilities at Sumay Cove

Tutujan Hill Group Ltd

IHP Medical Group Clinic

Black Construction Corporation

Kosrae Tafunsak Elementary School Classroom Buildings

Landscape Management Systems Inc.

Tan Lam Pek Kim English and Communication Building Atrium Landscape Install

JWS Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd.

Replacement of High Pressure Steam Boiler System for Commonwealth Health Center Hospital

DCK Pacific Guam LLC

Inarajan Community Center


2013 EIC Awards Overall Winners

1st Place Overall

Black Construction Corporation Kosrae State Correctional Facility

2nd Place Overall

Black Construction Corporation Phase 1 Camacho Landmark Center- Personal Finance Center Building

3rd Place Overall

Bulltrack-Watts, A Joint Venture Tumon Maui Well Rehabilitation

Special Safety Award DCK Pacific Guam LLC

Bank Pacific Renovation Phase 1- Joseph Flores Building

Design-Build Award

Black Construction Corporation AAFB Red Horse Headquarters/Engineering Facility

Greener Tomorrow Award DCK-ECC Pacific Guam LLC Torpedo Exercise Support Facility


Contractor of the Year Award

dck pacific guam Wins the 2013 COY Award.

By David F. Macaluso

This year the Guam Contractors Association is proud to announce dck pacific guam LLC as the winner of the 2013 Guam Contractors Association Contractor of the Year. For nearly 30 years dck has been changing the skyline on Guam. dck offices on Guam serves customers in both the private and public sectors in many geographic locations throughout the Western Region of The Pacific. Its parent company, dck worldwide is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Seven years ago dck pacific guam did virtually no commercial work and mostly all of its business was pertained to military projects on Guam. Now with major cutbacks in congress and the lack of a military buildup, dck looked into different markets, where they are able to move into and out

of many markets as needed to continue to thrive in these difficult times. Over the past five years, dck pacific has completed over $3.178 billion of new construction, renovation, and designbuild contracts in both the private and public sectors. Their diversified team of professionals has completed construction projects from high-end retail, office, and recreational facilities, to hotels, industrial and military projects of all types. The company worked was the general contractor for the phased renovation of five stages for the Duty Free Shops Galleria at the Tumon Bay Galleria retail complex. The scope of work included a total gut out of the existing trading areas and the construction of new walkways, new internal walls and partitions, along with

work done to the walls, floors and domed ceiling, which included mechanical work and light fixtures. dck was also the general contractor for the upgrades made to FENA Water Treatment Plant in Santa Rita. The client was the Department of the Navy. dck made improvements and modernized the process control instrumentation along with new construction of its support facilities. The work done at FENA Water Treatment Plant project gave dck the nomination and the win for the 2007 Guam Contractor Association Contractor of the Year award. In the following year, dck won the 2008 Contractor of the Year award for their work on the William C. McCool Elementary and Middle Schools for the Naval Forces Marianas.

dck was the design-build contractor for both Guam High School and the elementary and middle school built to provide modern, state-of-theart facilities to military and other government personnel dependents on Guam. The two-story 170,000 square foot McCool Elementary and Middle School was designed to accommodate up to 850 students and was constructed on a 30-acre site in a campus-like setting. Both the Guam High School and McCool Schools include a gymnasium, athletic fields, multi-purpose rooms, administrative areas, information and media centers, cafeteria, and support rooms. dck won the 2009 Contractor of the Year Award under a new set of criteria that included safety, small business programs, community involvement and general project construction activities. All of those awards were the result and efforts of dck’s employees and management team. dck focuses on quality products for its clients and hopes for good position to win larger projects because of its commitment to a local workforce. Other projects included the Medical-Dental Replacement Clinic which is a 43,300 square foot single story outpatient clinic to provide medical and dental care to beneficiaries at Andersen Air Force Base, Munitions Storage Igloos at Andersen Air Force Base, Triple J Auto Dealership in Upper Tumon and they

worked on the addition to the northern side of Guam Memorial Hospital. Currently dck is continuing work on the Guam Regional Medical City building (GRMC) in Dededo. dck pacific was awarded the $215 million Construction Manager-at-Risk contract in August 2011. Three months later, dck officially began construction of the facility. The project is expected to be completed in May 2014. Once complete, GRMC will be a six-story 267,000 square foot facility. The hospital will have a bed capacity of 130. dck is the first and leading general contractor on Guam who has completed a number of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Sustainable construction projects certified by the U.S. Green Council that includes the Coast 360 Federal Credit Union Building (Gold Certification), Joint Region Marianas Headquarters Building, and the Guam National Guard Readiness Center (both receiving Silver Certification). dck is committed to keeping their employees safe regardless of the type of work they perform and they assure that their subcontractors and vendors remain safe while on their construction site. This commitment has resulted in the best safety record on island with over 900,000 man-hours worked without a lost time injury in the past year, a safety program that has trained hundreds of employees and subcontractor employees and there

has been a number of times dck even trained their competitors. Over the years, dck has contributed to the local community and to non-profit organizations that include; Tour de Guahan, The American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, GCA Trades Academy, Make A Wish Foundation, Guam Disability Employment Awareness, Guam Special Olympics, Guam Rugby Football, GMH Volunteers Association, SAME Charlie Corn Scholarship, Center for Micronesian Empowerment, GCA Golf Tournament, Guam Triathlon Federation, and GMH Pediatrics Ward Sponsorship dck pacific guam is committed to building both the military and local community infrastructure and at the same time they provide a safe work environment for all of its employees. Their achievements and future goals make it clear why dck pacific guam is this year’s leader in safety and excellence within Guam’s construction industry. GCA and all its members would like to Congratulate dck pacific guam for being the recipient of GCA’s 2013 Contractor of the Year of the Year Award.


Contractor of the Year Nominees

This year there were three outstanding companies that were nominated for the coveted Guam Contractors Association Contractor of the Year Award. This award recognizes leadership, safety and excellence within the construction industry on Guam. Although all three of these companies displayed traits, it's unfortunate that there can be only one winner. The following two companies are the runners-up for 2013’s award, IAN Corporation and Black Construction Corporation (BCC). In 2012 both of these companies won awards during last years GCA awards ceremony for their excellence in construction. In addition, BCC won last year's GCA Contractor of the Year Award.

IAN Corporation IAN Corporation is led by Ian “Jay” Chong who has over 24 years experience in the construction industry. Chong established IAN as a licensed general contractor in 2005. Since 2005 IAN Corporation has been serving the needs of the people and been building a better Guam. Since IAN’s humble beginnings, this corporation expanded its construction expertise over the years to offer both comprehensive, inhouse construction expertise such as managers, supervisors and skilled trades people. The company owns its own construction equipment from dump trucks, heavy duty excavators to shoring and trenching equipment, it also has in-house maintenance and supply shops. For nearly a decade, Ian has been working as a sub-contractor for DZSP 21 and it has completed more than $10 million dollars worth of repairs and upgrades at both Naval Station Guam and Andersen Air Force Base. While IAN continues to work closely with DZSP 21 as a preferred sub-contractor, it has recently completed projects as the prime contractor for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US Coast Guard. In 2013, IAN independently bid on several major projects for the federal and local government, and is currently mobilizing for a new project with the Guam International Airport Authority. IAN has strengthened its management personnel over the past three years, Increased aggregate bonding to $8

million, Access to substantial cash and credit resources, and remains financially stable and hired local workers as much as possible. More than 90% of IAN’s current employees have been recruited from the local workforce. Last year IAN won an award by the GCA in the category for Federal Government/ Military Projects less than $10 million. It was for the installation of the Nexion at Northwest Field. IAN also received an Excellence In Construction Merit Award for the removal and installation of guy anchors for six new antenna's at Radio Barrigada. This was a sub-contract job for DZSP 21. In 2012, IAN provided support to the armed forces by way of the Base Operating Services Contract (BOS). In working with DZSP21 as a sub contractor, IAN Corporation successfully completed a total of 2 million in various repairs and upgrades aboard Navy and Andersen Air Force Base. In addition, IAN successfully subcontracted to Honeywell and ARINC to perform work at Andersen. IAN Corporation operates primarily in the heavy construction. It also operates in other construction industry segments including mass structure excavations, municipal landfills and closures, site developments both commercial and residential, pipelines and utilities, land clearing and grading, excavation support

systems, foundations and ground improvements, electro-mechanical works, bridge and renovation. Some of the jobs IAN completed are various Department of Defense, Federal and Local projects which includes lead abatement and demolition at Naval Base Guam, Tower Foundations constructed at Radio Barrigada, Replace rollup doors at Navy Base Guam, water blasting and replacing air condition units at the Naval Hospital, dredging, water and sewer, electromechanical works, remodeling and building. Also in 2012, IAN worked on two projects as the prime contractor. The first one is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife project which requires a multi species harrier fences installed for the Guam National Wildlife Refuge. The second one is a U.S. Coast Guard project which requires IAN to provide and install new 200 KW generators. IAN also continues to give back to the community. Towards the end of each financial year, depending upon estimated profitability of the business for the year, IAN selects a number of preferred Guam charities, sets aside and makes a substantial donation to those charities it determines to be most in need of financial support. In 2012, the charity supported was Catholic Social Services.

Black Construction Corporation In 2012 Black Construction Corporation won numerous awards for its work by the GCA during the award ceremony which includes; the Excellence in Construction 1st and 2nd place overall awards. First place was given for their work at Sandy Beach Homes. The Sandy Beach Homes project also won for the Best Residential Award. The Second place award, was given in recognitition for BCC’s work on the International Distributor Inc Warehouse. This project also received an award in the category for Other Construction Over $1 million. BCC won Best Infrastructure because of their work for rehabilitating Route 4 Bridge over Talofofo and Togcha Rivers, Best Institution for their work at Kosrae Lelu and Ulwe Elementary school classroom building, and Public Works/ Environment Award for PAG Gregorio Perez Marina renovation and site improvement Phase One. In addition, to those awards, last year, BCC won the prestigious title of Contractor Of The Year. But that award is not new to this company, BCC also won Contractor Of The Year for an unprecedented 8 years in a row from 2000 to 2007 and in 2010. Black Construction Corporation has been building and shaping Guam's landscape for the past 55 years. BCC has been setting industry standards, exceeding expectations while always maintaining a firm commitment to quality of the highest degree and at the same time the company ensured safety at a platinum level for their most valuable resources, their employees. Just recently Black Construction's parent company Tutor Perini was awarded three new projects on Guam worth $77 million for road improve-

ments, Navy housing renovations and a dump closure. The biggest one project of those three that Black Construction will handle is the construction of Ordot Dump closure and Dero Road sewer improvements that are worth close to $41 million. Another project is worth $23.8 million that will go towards the renovation of housing units at Big Navy's Lockwood Terrace. The firm will also do improvements to a dutyfree retail area at the Guam International Airport which is estimated to cost $12.7 million. These new projects will help keep Black Construction busy as it finishes other work and allow the company to maintain its current workforce. BCC remains one of the largest employers on Guam with over 500 local employees. Because of its location in the Pacific region, BCC is can offer its clients a superior local contracting capability throughout Guam, CNMI, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republics of Palau and the Marshall Islands. It has international engineering experience and resources of E.E. Black, Ltd (Philippines) and Tutor Perini. BCC takes pride in having the reputation as being one of the most experienced and largest construction company in the Western Pacific. Over the years, BCC has a long and successful history throughout the Northern Marianas and the Philippines with projects encompassing civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical multi disciplined engineering and management. BCC has built a reputation as being reliable, having quality finished work, accurate scheduling, engineering and construction expertise. Black Construction is committed to provide the best possible working conditions for all its employees and subcontractors. Along with this BCC is also committed that its team partners and subcontractors comply with its safety policy and procedures to ensure an effective and efficient safety performance. In addition, BCC remains focused and continues an ongoing evaluation of their safety programs and the inclusion of their supervisors and craft workers in the process. This message along with BCC’s supervisors knowledge of the industry and workplace hazards assists the employees to understand safe work methods and techniques and allows them to accomplish the work assignments

safely. Over the past two years, BCC has significantly reduced injury and accident rates through the implementation of a strategic safety plan. BCC is committed to maintenance, improvements to the local community and infrastructure and providing a safe work environment. Also during that same time, BCC had an annual gross revenues of $87.71 Million in 2012 and $80.19 Million in 2011 the consistency and longevity of BCC is steadfast! From the period of November 2011 to October 2012 Black Construction completed approximately 17 projects. Some of these projects include; improvements at Pacific Dry-Dock and Integrated Maintenance Facility (PACDIM), PACDIM serves as the repair and maintenance base for Cabras’. work at the Red Horse headquarter/ engineering facility at AAFB, a remediation project for Kmart, USN/overland repair fender hardware systems at Sierra Wharf, Apra Harbor, Global Hawk tie down installation at AAFB, the Department of Public Works rehabilitation of Route 4 Bridges over Talofofo and Togcha Rivers, Guam Waterworks Authority ARRA Improvements Project, replace Beans Bridge , Santa Rita, Apra Harbor, and Layon Municipal Sanitary Landfill Entrance Area Facilities and Cells 1 & 2. BCC has been actively involved in the local community and has sponsored various events such as the local chapter of the Special Olympics, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam’s annual soap box derby, Guam Veterans Association, numerous local and national sports events and are active members of civic organizations such as the Guam Chamber of Commerce, Make a Wish Foundation, American Red Cross Guam Chapter, American Cancer Society, Guam Girls Scouts, USO Guam, Navy league of the U.S. Guam Council as well as many more. Black Construction also donated two forklifts to the Guam Trades Academy because it plays a vital role in the training and education of future craft labor entering the construction industry. The Guam Contractors Association would like to thank the two runner up companies IAN Corporation and Black Construction Corporation for helping Guam improve its infrastructure and for creating jobs within our local community.

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Congratulations to All the Best in Guam Construction!

Contractor of the Year & Excellence in Construction Guam 671-649-4228 / Saipan 670-288-6900


COY supplement 2013  

Special Supplement for Guam Contractors Association Excellence in Construction & Contractor of the Year event.

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