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4 | MAY2018

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6 | MAY2018


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China Reveals it has Two Underwater Listening Devices Within Range of Guam

development should come as nocome surprise has placedhas powerful development should as notosurpriseThe to PRC government The PRC government placed powerful anyone, inanyone, view of the threat it must seeitinmust the see in acoustic in the Challenger Deep of the in view of the threat the sensors acoustic sensors in the Challenger Deep of the forward deployed military Trench, asTrench, well as near theasisland forwardU.S. deployed U.S.strength militaryinstrengthMariana in Mariana as well near the island Guam withGuam a major Air Force base, a Navy of Yap, ostensibly scientific with a major Air Force base, a Navy of Yap, for ostensibly forresearch, scientificbut research, but base and soon Marine base. more likelymore to spy on US subsonand intercept baseaand soon Corps a Marine Corps base. likely to spy UStosubs and to intercept US underwater military signals to Guam. AtGuam. At US underwater military signals to By John M. Robertson The state-run Sciencesof Sciences the same time, thosetime, samethose sensors cannot help The Chinese state-runAcademy Chinese of Academy the same same sensors cannot help only disclosed pair ofthe acoustic but offer a but wayoffer to listen fortosubmarine traffic. traffic. only the disclosed pair ofsensors acoustic sensors a way listen for submarine While North While Korea North hasKorea been inhas thebeen spotlight in the spotlight earlier in January but had been Guam, a major earlier in2018, January 2018, but had been Their strategic Theirlocations strategicnear locations near Guam, a major over the past over year thebecause past yearofbecause its nuclear of its nuclear operating operating them sincethem 2016,since according to a base for U.S. submarines and surfaceand surface 2016, according tostaging a staging base for U.S. submarines weapons threats weapons from threats the North from the against North againstreport from the South China Morning warships, as well as long-range bombers, bombers, report from the South ChinaPost. Morning Post. warships, as well as long-range Guam, theGuam, Democratic the Democratic Republic of Republic China of China One of them is of in them the Challenger Deep, the likelihood that the devices One is in the Challenger Deep, only reinforces only reinforces the likelihood that the devices has continued has continued its buildupits ofbuildup militaryofpower military power located at located the southern of the end Marianas have secondary military early warning at theend southern of the Marianas have secondary military earlyand warning and to the Westtoofthe us.West Although of us. itAlthough has for many it has for many Trench and the deepest known point on point onintelligenceintelligence gathering roles. Trench and the deepest known gathering roles. years beenyears the more beenserious the more military seriousthreat military threat earth, andearth, the other situated west andisthe other isfurther situated further west to Guam and to Guam the region and the all along, region the all along, news the news near the island of Yap, part thepart Federated Just being Just ablebeing to monitor near the island of of Yap, of the Federated able tounderwater monitor underwater has been all hasabout beenthe all Democratic about the Democratic People’s People’s States of Micronesia. Both reportedly can movementsmovements into and from and States of Micronesia. Both reportedly can into Guam, and from Guam, and Republic of Republic Korea and of Korea its apparent and itsnewfound apparent newfound pick up acoustic more thanmore 620 than 620 elsewhere elsewhere in the general vicinity, an pick upsignatures acoustic signatures in the generalisvicinity, is an strength instrength nuclear in and nuclear missileand technology. missile technology. miles away, putting them within range of range of importantimportant capability.capability. Capable ofCapable operating miles away, putting them within of operating News overNews the past over weeks the past has weeks been has been Guam andGuam the major strategic navalU.S. naval for protracted periods below the below surface, and the majorU.S. strategic for protracted periods the surface, encouraging encouraging in that chairman in that chairman Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-un base at Apra Harbor. submarines have inherent base at Apra Harbor. submarines havedeterrent inherent qualities deterrent qualities has announced has announced willingnesswillingness to give up to hisgive up his and are well to avoiding andsuited are well suited todetection avoiding detection nuclear weapons nuclearfor weapons a nuclear for free a nuclear peninsula free peninsula The two devices aredevices “a breakthrough for closetotoget a particular area to area to The two are “a breakthrough for in order toinget order close to a particular and possibly andreengaging possibly reengaging in economic in growth economic growth China,” the head ofthe thehead deep-sea launch a no-notice or tostrike discreetly China,” of thesurveillance deep-sea surveillance launch a strike no-notice or to discreetly with assistance with assistance from the South. from the That South. is That is and communication programs at the Academy gather intelligence. and communication programs at the Academy gather intelligence. good newsgood indeed, news butindeed, the jury butis the stilljury out on is still out ofon Sciences,ofidentified by theonly surname Sciences, only identified by the surname whether there whether is genuine there isinterest genuine in interest such a in suchZhu, a told the South Morning Zhu, told China the South ChinaPost. Morning Post. radical change. radical We change. must wait We and mustsee wait what and see what “The deeper under the surface, thesurface, quieterthe thequieter the “The deeper under the if anythingifevolves anything from evolves a summit from between a summit between world becomes, it allows concentrate worldand becomes, andusittoallows us to concentrate ChairmanChairman Kim and U.S. KimPresident and U.S. Donald President Donald on the signal to hear. “Atto hear. “At on we themost signalwant we most want Trump within Trump thewithin comingthe weeks. coming weeks. least officially, signals aresignals the sounds leastthose officially, those are the sounds produced as a result as of undersea produced a result ofearthquakes, undersea earthquakes, Meanwhile, Meanwhile, China hasChina resumed hasthe resumed the typhoons and other extreme patterns typhoons and otherweather extreme weather patterns harassmentharassment of the Republic of theofRepublic China of China above, andabove, marineand animals, as whales. marinesuch animals, such as whales. (Taiwan) with (Taiwan) military withmaneuvers military maneuvers off its westoff itsUnderwater west quakes in particular can triggercan trigger Underwater quakes in particular coast and firing coast and missiles firing in missiles the direction in theofdirectiondevastating of tsunamis giving the giving sensorsthe a sensors a devastating tsunamis A tug assists in moving the Los Angeles-class attack that islandthat country island tocountry the northeast to the of northeast Guam. of Guam. legitimate legitimate role in improving early warning role in improving earlyofwarning of submarine USS Key West to a dock in Guam after a This, afterThis, the U.S. afteradministration the U.S. administration agreed agreed potential natural disasters. February potential naturalIn disasters. In2017, February 2017, four-month patrol. to provide to submarine provide submarine building technology building technology to to the Academy Science’sofInstitute Geologyof Geology the of Academy Science’sofInstitute Taiwan and Taiwan agreedand to sell agreed it advanced to sell it F22 advanced jet F22 andjetGeophysics conducted conducted a number of and Geophysics a number of On top of On that,top theofChinese that, thelistening Chinese listening fighter aircraft. fighterOfaircraft. greaterOf concern greatertoconcern Guam, to Guam, controlled controlled detonationsdetonations in the Marianas in the Trench Marianas Trench may be able to be pickable up to underwater devices may pick up underwater China hasChina developed has developed new military newtechnology military technology that wouldthat havewould produced data in datadevices have important produced important in communications transmissions. The SouthThe South communications transmissions. including underwater including underwater listening devices. listening devices. this regard.this regard. China Morning reported there that there ChinaPost Morning Postthat reported The Chinese Thegovernment Chinese government has revealed hasthe revealed the might be networks undersea might beof networks of hydrophones undersea hydrophones existence of existence two underwater of two underwater sensors situated sensors situated in and around Guam thatGuam allow that submarines in and around allow submarines between the between Unitedthe States United Territory States of Territory of to communicate with U.S. Navy command to communicate with U.S. Navy command Guam andGuam the South and the China South Sea.China Though Sea. Though centers without having to rise to periscope centers without having to rise to periscope officially for officially scientific forresearch, scientificthe research, undersea the undersea depth or surface completely and revealand their depth or surface completely reveal their listening devices listening aredevices likely doing are likely double doing duty, double duty, position. Itposition. would also be able to be pickable up to any It would also pick up any monitoringmonitoring the movements the movements of American of American and and other acoustic as well. Inas well. In othercommunications, acoustic communications, other foreign other submarines foreign submarines and potentially and potentially 2008, reports emerged the U.S. 2008, reportsthat emerged thatNavy the U.S. Navy intercepting intercepting their communications. their communications. This This 8 | MAY2018

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had hired had Raytheon hired Raytheon to work ontoa work system on a system called Deep called Siren, Deep which Siren, would which use would a smalluse a small buoy to convert buoy to satellite convert signals satellite intosignals soundinto sound waves, allowing waves,aallowing submerged a submerged submarinesubmarine to to use long-range use long-range communication communication networks networks without having without to expose having itself. to expose itself.

INSIDER NEWS own territory ownand territory reportand their report activities theirand activities and movementsmovements to civil authorities. to civil authorities. Beyond just Beyond just being of dubious being of legality dubious under legality international under international maritime law, maritime there was law, no there obvious was no way obvious way Chinese authorities Chinese authorities could enforce could these enforce rules.these rules. The new acoustic The newsensors acoustic could sensors easily could be part easily be part of an effortoftoanchange effort to thischange balance this ofbalance power. of power. All of this All would of this be in would line with be inprevious line with previous reports of the reports country of the working countrytoward working that toward that goal. In 2016, goal.the In state-owned 2016, the state-owned China State China State Shipbuilding Shipbuilding Corporation Corporation publicly presented publicly presented a concept for a concept what it for called what anit“Underwater called an “Underwater Great WallGreat Project” WalltoProject” support to thesupport PLANthe in PLAN in the South China the South Sea.China Sea.

It is likely It that is likely any such thattransmissions any such transmissions containingcontaining sensitive information sensitive information would would be encrypted be encrypted or otherwise or otherwise coded in some coded in some fashion, but fashion, they could but they still could provide still a wealth provide a wealth of information of information for Chinese foranalysts, Chinesesuch analysts, as such as possible details possible about details standard aboutoperating standard operating A map of Chinese and other foreign outposts in the South proceduresprocedures based on how based many on how messages many messages China Sea. DOD go out in ago certain out intime a certain frametime or when frameand or when and in in international waters. Earlier waters. in January Earlier in January where the where exchanges the exchanges occur. It could occur. also It could also international Then, in May Then, 2017, in May other2017, Chinese otherresearch Chinese research 2018, the Arleigh 2018, the Burke-class Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS destroyer USS expose potential exposevulnerabilities potential vulnerabilities in those in those institutionsinstitutions announcedannounced they wouldthey begin would begin Hopper conducted Hopper conducted one of these one missions of thesenear missions near communication communication methods. methods. placing underwater placing underwater sensor netssensor in both nets thein both the the disputed theScarborough disputed Scarborough Shoal, prompting Shoal, prompting South China South SeaChina and the Sea East andChina the East Sea,China Sea, a Chinese awarning Chinesethat warning the country that thewould country do would do the latter of thewhich latterisofcentral which to is acentral territorial to a territorial everythingeverything to defend its to sovereign defend its territory. sovereign territory. dispute with dispute Japan. with Again, Japan. theAgain, ostensible the ostensible objective was objective to gather wasscientific to gatherdata, scientific but data, but Though China’s Though steadily China’s growing steadilyintegrated growing integrated authoritiesauthorities acknowledged acknowledged that they also thathad they also had air and coastal air and defenses coastalondefenses its South onChina its South China an innate “national an innate defense” “nationalcapability, defense” capability, as as Sea outposts Seadooutposts presentdo anpresent increasing an increasing well. well. anti-access/area anti-access/area denial challenge, denial challenge, there there has been little has been the country little thecould country do tocould limitdo to limit submarines submarines moving through movingthe through area. The the area. The Chinese are Chinese intent on areexpanding intent on expanding the size and the size and A shot of submarine activity at Apra Harbor in Guam, with capabilitiescapabilities of their own of submarine their own submarine force, force, two Los Angeles-class attack submarines moored to the including the including development the development of advanced of advanced submarine tender USS Emory S. Land at right and the Ohio-class guided missile submarine USS Michigan diesel-electric diesel-electric types usingtypes air-independent using air-independent dockside at left. USN propulsionpropulsion systems and systems other and technologies other technologies to reduce their to reduce acoustic theirsignature. acoustic signature. So far, So far, is not a newofconcept, course. During though, the though, resultsthe of those results modernization of those modernization This is notThis a new concept, course. of During the Cold War, the United efforts been have less impressive been less impressive than parallel than parallel the Cold War, the United States builtStates built efforts have and maintained an undersea extensive undersea work with work regards with to regards the country's to the surface country's surface and maintained an extensive surveillance to helpthe monitor the f leet, including f leet, new including modern newdestroyers modern destroyers A screen grab from Chinese state television in May 2017 surveillance network tonetwork help monitor of Soviet submarines, as an expanding and an expanding aircraft carrier aircraft f leet. carrier At f leet. that At reportedly showed one of the prototype underwater movementmovement of Soviet submarines, known as knownand sensors destined for the South China Sea or East Sea. CTV Sound Surveillance present, the present, People's theLiberation People's Liberation Army Navy's Army Navy's the Soundthe Surveillance System, orSystem, SOSUS.or SOSUS. Spies subsequently compromised that system, (PLAN) submarine (PLAN) submarine componentcomponent remains a remainsFrom a Spies subsequently compromised that system, all accounts, will bethis a major From all this accounts, will be a major to a multi-faceted combination of relatively small relatively portion small of portion its overall of its naval overall naval leading to leading a multi-faceted combination of undertaking. The aforementioned research research undertaking. The aforementioned underwater sensors and ship-based towed force and relies force and heavily relies onheavily shorteron range shorter rangenetwork alone underwater sensors and ship-based towed has an estimated tag ofprice $2 tag of $2 network alone has an price estimated sonar cued to processing coastal types coastal less well typessuited less well to long suited duration to long duration sonar arrays, all arrays, cued toall processing stations stations billion Yuan – more than $300 than million at the billion Yuan – more $300 million at the ashore, known as the Integrated patrols to help patrols enforce to help itsenforce maritime its claims. maritime claims. ashore, known as the Integrated Undersea Undersea present official rateofficial of exchange, which the which the present rate of exchange, Surveillance System (IUSS), parts of which Surveillance System (IUSS), parts of which Chinese government reportedlyreportedly deliberately Chinese government deliberately in operation remain in remain operation to this this day. undervalues. Other parts of theparts “Underwater undervalues. Other of the “Underwater

Great Wall” will Wall” likely not Great willcome likelycheap, not come cheap, But for China, developing its own such But for China, developing its own such either. These costsThese are immediately offset either. costs are immediately offset is important, especially as it capability capability is important, especially as it by the potential having aofgame-changing by theofpotential having a game-changing increasingly tries the to restrict the movement increasingly tries to restrict movement undersea surveillance net that could change undersea surveillance net that could change of foreignforces military forcesitsthrough of foreign military through vast its vast the strategic in disputed thecalculus strategicboth calculus both inregions disputed regions territorial claims in China the South China One of China's Type 091 nuclear-powered attack territorial claims in the South of the Pacific specifically, as well as the region of the Pacific specifically, as well as the region Though international tribunals havesubmarines in 2009. QIAO TIANFU/COLOR CHINA Sea. Though tribunals have as a a whole. rejected thegovernment’s Chinese government’s continuallycontinually rejected the Chinese PHOTO/AP positions, authorities in Beijing have pushed positions, authorities in Beijing have pushed The new reports The new of new reports sensors of new near sensors Guamnear Guam As such, the turned to other AsChinese such, thehave Chinese have turned to other de facto control, through primarily through establish deestablish facto control, primarily only underscore only underscore that Chinathat is determined China is determined to to and to limit of foreign means trythe andability limit the ability of foreign the establishment of numerous the establishment of numerous military military means to try project power project further power intofurther the Western into thePacific Western Pacific to maneuver freely through to maneuver freelyareas through areas on man-made outcroppings in submarinessubmarines outposts onoutposts man-made outcroppings in and challenge and the challenge ability the of foreign ability military of foreign military February China announced it claims. In 2017, February 2017, China announced uninhabited reefs and claims. In previously previously uninhabited reefs and shoals. forces, especially forces, those especially of thethose United of the States, United to States, to planned changes its maritime plannedtochanges to its safety maritime safety operate with operate impunity withinimpunity and around in and regions around it regions it that wouldthat require submarines would require submarines InUnited turn, the United States in particular regulationsregulations In turn, the States in particular considers to considers be integral to be to integral its national to itsterritory. national territory to surface to and displayand a national while flag while surface display aflag national sends aircraft andinto warships sends aircraft and warships those into areasthose areas transiting through areas ofthe theareas South transitingthe through of the South onofFreedom of Navigation Operations, or on Freedom Navigation Operations, or that the country claims as its Sea that the country claims as its The foregoing is adapted from an article in “The WarZone asserting right to operate China freely SeaChina FONOPS,FONOPS, asserting its right toits operate freely Wire” by Joseph Trevithick in January 2018.

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Wanted: A Few Good Men and Women

The GCA Small Business Committee supports small business members of the association to ensure their voices are heard and needs are met within GCA capabilities. Do you have an issue or concern that we might be able to assist with? Do you have an idea or suggestion that may benefit our small business community? Help us help you by joining us at our monthly meetings or contact: Lysander “Al” Star (Chair) 647-7870 Jane Ray (Co-Chair) 735-2595 Gerardine Mendiola (Co-Chair) 647-2895 Our next meeting is on Tuesday, May 29th , 11:30 AM at the GCA conference room 202. Please RSVP with Elaine Gogue. Her email address is




WORKSHOPS The Guam Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is offering FREE workshops to the public for May 2018. Our May 2018 workshops are geared toward businesses trying to get their first government contracts. Workshops run from 9:00am-10:00am in the UOG Jesus and Eugenia Leon Guerrero Business and Public Administration Building, Margarita Duenas Perez & Jaime Felipe Tuquero IT&E Lecture Hall, 131 (unless otherwise specified)

May 2018 5/10/18 - SAM - Reps/Certs Explained Part of your SAM registration requires you to answer over 40 questions concerning Federal laws. We will discuss the questions and how to make sure your company is compliant.

5/17/18 - SBA Profile / DSBS An SBA profile is a great marketing tool for your business. Contracting officials and Primes use the DSBS to search SBA profiles. We will show you how create your profile as well as how to use the DSBS to increase your chances of winning a Federal contract. 5/24/18 - Marketing to the Federal Government Selling to the government is not the same as the private sector. Strategies and essential documents will be discussed so that your company can get on "the list". 5/31/18 - FedBizOpps / NECO The Federal government uses two main portals to post their solicitations. We will show you how to use these portals as well as how to create automated searches.

Source: Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) and Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS).

Register at:

For more information, contact the Guam PTAC at (671)735-2552 or visit

10 | MAY2018

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Hydraulic Vertical Shoring System

Modular Aluminum Shields

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on February 13th of this year, the agreement to complete the remaining Imperial Pacific work was formally signed. Since that time, February to March, Pacific Rim has been prepping the worksite, attending to safety issues as well as other aspects of the restart of the project after some delays from the prior contractor. Currently, there are about 600 local workers employed directly by Pacific Rim; an additional 200 Imperial Pacific H2 workers augment the project manning.

No stranger to mission-impossible-things, Pacific Rim Construction orchestrated the successful completion of the now Tumon hotel gem known as Dusit Thani. Yet, as impressive as that construction feat is and was, it pales, locally, in scale and magnitude in all things relative to construction, logistics, and labor, when comparing it to the Imperial Pacific Resort. It is an amazing undertaking. And, that utterance may be an understatement. “It’s an amazing project,” says Keith Stewart-President for Pacific Rim Construction; referring to their newly acquired contract to finish the Saipan casino, the Imperial Pacific Resort. Here’s some of the bedrock specs that warrant that amazing descriptive. “The building size is more than 1.4 million square feet; our phase is 1.1 million square feet. There are 14 suites plus one presidential suite and 329 guest rooms; plus gaming areas, restaurants, spa, multiple pools, etc.,” Stewart reports. That “etc.” part is kind of a catch all, a bucket term for a whole lot of other stuff. I mean, there’s got to be massive engineering, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, to compose that construction symphony which Imperial Pacific Resort will end up being. Stewart further characterizes the quality and the detail of the suites and presidential accommodations as unequaled to any within the region. Again, the word amazing rolls off the tongue—literally. Bear in mind, this is the same construction team that brought the Dusit Thani to reality. That team.

According to Stewart, regarding their labor pool, “The local support has been overwhelming in a good way.” Aside from the labor, he acknowledged that the project is just massive, illustrating, “We’ve bought out Home Depot and Ace Hardware a couple of times.” And, as was the case with Dusit Thani, logistics surely will encounter challenges, but those hurdles will be attended to, and reconciled. And, providing more visual to the huge scale of the Saipan project, he says, “The owner(Imperial Pacific) has 16 warehouses storing various materials and equipment in support of this project.” Asked about some of the Guam-hired labor benefit, he said, “Our Guam workers will be able to visit Guam every 90 days or so; this bundled with a good salary.” Stewart continued with the company’s value of supporting their workers and their families. “We believe that our commitment to hire locally and to build our good relations and relationships with our team, brings great benefit to our community—economically, and also, builds knowledge and promotes skills development.” As Guam and the region garners the types of projects such as the Imperial Pacific Resort, and gains the notoriety of being able to locally deliver the world-class quality and skilled labor necessary for such, we can expect beyond-the-ordinary outcomes, from our locally committed businesses with excellent aspirations like the Pacific Rim team.

Yet, there’s a very evident and enduring characteristic harbored within the Pacific Rim ethos: they believe in their local team, raised and homegrown. It has been their signature, “skin-in-the-game.” They did it with the Dusit Thani construction project on Guam, and they are at the onset, modeling that same commitment in the Imperial Pacific work. It was in November 2017 that they got the nod they would be awarded the project. January 2018, they mobilized their management team, finalized the contract terms, and then,

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Uplifting the Community By: R.D. Gibson


Open up any newspaper or turn on any TV station, it is very easy to read or hear another sad story in the world. But, then again, who reads the actual newspaper or watch anything other than their cellular phones? In a world becoming so completely desensitized, it seems nearly impossible to handle the daily struggles; to cope with the proverbial curve balls that life likes to throw whichever direction. Suicide, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, STDs, and broken homes; these issues and many more are strewn across the pages of news headlines. They build up the statistical data that sends communities into passionate debates surrounding funding in the search for solutions. Overall these issues also shed light on the community’s most vulnerable and helps us identify ways to help them. Though the construction industry is structured and by-the-book, its safety records can only justify the buildings and projects being completed. Sometimes it can be easy to forget the human aspect of contracting. The general membership of the Guam Contractors Association boasts extensive training for their employees both in industry and self-care. It’s evident in the Contractor of the Year and Excellence in Construction winners, but in the understanding throughout that the employees’ health and well-being maintains a thriving industry. The men and women at WestCare Pacific Islands offer another option for potential programs that can be utilized within the general contracting community. “WestCare Pacific Isalnds has a strong commitment to ‘uplifting the human spirit’,” states Sarah Thomas-Nededog, Executive Director of WestCare Pacific Islands in Guam. The variety of programs they have for the community serves to serve Guam and other communities throughout the Pacific. More directly, WestCare has forged a path toward assisting those who need it most; veterans, persons with mental illness, homeless, at-risk youth, and raising awareness about the effects of HIV/AIDS in Guam. And, they have no desire to stop at that. “The current focus of services and those that are in development are in areas that are underdeveloped and for those of our neighbors who are underserved,” Thomas-Nededog said. Also, as WCPI continues their mission toward ‘uplifting the human spirit’, they are also looking at expanding their reach throughout, developing partnerships and collaborating to create new programs that can help diverse industries.


livelihoods. Through the Supportive Services for Veteran Families, WCPI helps low-income veteran families who are “at-risk or experiencing homelessness”. Our island is rooted in family. Something evident in fiestas that turn into block parties. However, sometimes there are issues that can cut at that very root; problems that rip at the very fabric of what our community is about – looking out for each other. The Guam Healthy Relationships Education Program works to help enhance family relationships. It “is a culturally responsible program that provides comprehensive healthy relationships skills in an interactive workshop format.” They also offer counseling services for behavioral health, substance abuse, and employee assistance. In any instance, sometimes we just need to have a conversation with someone with however we are feeling. The stress of construction and contracting can get anyone feeling out of sorts. ThomasNededog alluded to how employee counseling can help with those affected by personal, emotional, and addiction issues, and can in turn “reduce turnover, absenteeism, and increase morale and productivity. Currently, their community partnership is as expansive as the Pacific community they service. They work with various community organizations, such as Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center, GALA, Sanctuary, Inc., Micronesian Youth Services Network, Payu-ta, Inc., the Guam Youth Congress, Guam Public Health and Social Services, Guam Department of Education, the University of Guam, the Guam Community College, Guma’ Mami, Inc., iCan, the Guam Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence, the Guam Homeless Coalition, Youth for Youth Live Guam, and Oasis Recovery Center, among others. Whichever way it is viewed, there are organizations like WestCare Pacific Islands that make a difference in our community and can help within almost any industry. It is a matter of setting up a meeting and seeing exactly how they might be able enhance your employees’ experiences and overall company. It is easy to forget that for every bad news story, there is some organization working to do good and uplift those in our community. These organizations like WCPI are here to help. They are the threads that weave the tapestry of our great island together.

As recently as December 2017, WestCare Foundation was issued Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation. According to the CARF website, the nonprofit organization is ‘focused on advancing the quality of services you use to meet your needs for the best possible outcomes.” The organization provides accreditation for services across the globe for health and human service providers ranging from addiction and substance abuse to retirement living. “CARF accreditation signals a service provider’s commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community.” WCPI’s accreditation is good for a period of three years and applies to their programs addressing the CARF Standards. Currently, WCPI maintains several programs aimed at those on island who could use it most. With one of the highest enlistment rates per capita in the country, it is important to focus on veteran

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small biz notes NAVFAC Marianas awarded about $87.8M to Small Business (SB) concerns on Guam for a variety of products and services through 30Apr2018. The socio-economic breakdown is as follows: -

$53.3M - Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) $63.9M - HUBZone Small Business (HZ) $5.4M - Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) $2.9M - Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Fargo Pacific Inc. was awarded about $4.4M for repairs and upgrades to lightning protection systems at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.

Technicon Inc. was awarded about $448K to replace a waterline at Naval Base Guam. They were also awarded about $260K for MEC requirements.

Pearl Construction and Environmental Service Inc. was awarded about $249K for septic tank repairs at Building 740, Naval Base Guam.

Source: Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation (FPDS-NG)

5 tips to sharpen your critical thin king

Critical think ing: It’s an important skill to have

in your toolbox, both in and out of the workplace. Why is critical think ing so important? It allow s you to analy ze ideas and present supporting evidence. Basically, it is a self-d irected, self-d iscipl ined, self-monito red, and self-corrective way of think ing that's especially important for successful decision-making. In your job, wheth er you’re faced with a tough problem or big decis ion, critical think ing allow s you to walk through a challenge, break it into smaller parts, and analy ze it from differ ent angles before coming to a thoughtful and objective outcome.

Here are some tips to keep your critical think

ing skills sharp: 1. Self-criticiz e: Just because you believe some thing, that doesn’t make it true. Question why you believe an idea, your attachment to it, and whether you can prove or disprove it. This tactic allows you to determine the perspective you are entering your thought process with, so you can circumvent personal bias. 2. Actively listen: Critical think ing is about analy zing evidence, so if you aren’t fully absor bing other people’s ideas, arguments, and critic isms you aren’t gathering the infor mation needed to think critically. Liste n to others to learn different perspectives and focus on the infor matio n, not your reactions to it. 3. Analyze the evidence: Understand where your evidence is coming from — does it alread y exist in your head or is it shared by others? Assess that information and start to analy ze connections between concepts, spot faulty reasoning, and test arguments. 4. Detach emot ional ly: Getting attached to a concept builds a wall against critical think ing. Staying neutral and objec tive can help surrender your judgment and foster communication with others to gain a new perspective. 5. Be brave: Fear has the power to make an idea seem more likely than it is. Rationaliz e those fears to eliminate them so you don’t misinterpret the facts at hand. From the Virtual Acquisition Office - 4/24/2018 Source Articles: 3 Techniques for Sharpening Your Critical ing Skills [Source: LinkedIn, Publication Improve Your Critical Think ing With This Think Five-Step Process [Source: Lifehack, PublicationDate: 9/9/2014] What are the Importance and Benefits of "Crit ical Think ing Skills"? [Source: LinkedIn, PubliDate: 3/17/2016] cation Date: 1/27/2015]

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Matson Community Giving Tops $3.7 Million in 2017 Guam and Pacific Island Organizations Received $310,000 GUAM (April 30, 2018) – Matson contributed a total of more than $3.7 million in cash and in-kind donations to charitable organizations and community efforts in the communities it serves in 2017, with more than $310,000 in cash, services and equipment going to support Guam, Micronesia and South Pacific island organizations. “One of our core values at Matson is contributing positively to the communities in which we work and live. It’s not a slogan; we try to live our values and last year, I’m proud to say on behalf of all Matson employees, we contributed more than ever,” said Matt Cox, chairman and CEO. Last year, Matson supported 88 Guam and Micronesia organizations and 21 South Pacific organizations providing community resources in human services; youth development / recreation; community improvement / disaster preparedness; education; cultural and the arts; environmental preservation; agriculture and nutrition; and maritime safety. Matson continues to fulfill a five-year $50,000 scholarship program supporting post-secondary scholarships in Guam and Micronesia. “The Matson Guam team is very proud to be a part of a company that believes in enhancing the lives of our employees, customers and the people in the communities we serve,” said Bernie Valencia, vice-president and general manager, Guam and Micronesia. “We would also like to thank the charitable organizations we’ve worked with this past year for their good work, especially in the areas of education and environmental and cultural preservation. We will continue to be good stewards of the environment and to make Micronesia a better place for all of us who call it home.” Matson also supported public safety efforts in American Samoa, women’s leadership programs in FSM and RMI as well as local sports, including rugby and outrigger canoe paddling. In addition to Matson’s cash donations, major in-kind support included donated or discounted shipping of medical equipment and supplies to Palau, Pohnpei and Majuro. Matson’s environmental program, Adahi I Tano’ (caring for the land), marked its fifth year by partnering with 24 Guam organizations – generally sports and student groups – each earning $500 for weekend clean-ups, removing trash and debris from public areas. Since the program began, Adahi I Tano’ has benefited 78 different charities. Detailed information on Matson’s 2017 giving is available in its annual giving report, Manifest, posted on the company’s website at

About Matson Founded in 1882, Matson (NYSE: MATX) is a leading U.S. carrier in the Pacific. Matson provides a vital lifeline to the economies of Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Micronesia and select South Pacific islands, and operates a premium, expedited service from China to Southern California. The Company's fleet of 22 owned vessels includes containerships, combination container and roll-on/roll-off ships and custom-designed barges. Matson Logistics, established in 1987, extends the geographic reach of Matson's transportation network throughout the continental U.S. Its integrated, asset-light logistics services include rail intermodal, highway brokerage, warehousing, and less-than-container load freight consolidation and forwarding to Alaska. Additional information about Matson, Inc. is available at

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GPA Honored with National Award for Outstanding Safety Practices in 2017 The Guam Power Authority has earned the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Safety Award of Excellence for safe operating practices for the qualifying year of 2017. The utility earned a third place award in the ‘Group F’ category for utilities with 250,000 to 999,999 worker-hours of annual worker exposure. “Safety is and always will be our industry’s top priority,” said Kenneth Gutierrez, GPA Safety Administrator, “This recognition is an achievement of the Guam Power Authority as a whole committed towards delivering safe, reliable and quality electrical services.” More than 250 utilities entered the 2017 annual APPA Safety Awards contest, which is among the highest number of entrants in the history of the program. Entrants were placed in categories according to their number of worker hours and ranked based on the most incident-free records during 2017. The incidence rate, used to judge entries, is based on the number of work-related reportable injuries or illnesses and the number of worker-hours during 2017, as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). “We at the Guam Power Authority are proud of the service we provide to our customers,” said GPA General Manager John M. Benavente, P.E. “But above all else, we are proud of our safety record—proud that we do everything we can to send our people home to their families each and every night,” Benavente concluded. For More Information Contact Patricia L. Diego, Acting Communications Manager/PIO Phone No.: 648-3000 X.3226

Standing Back Row (L-R): John M. Benavente, Guam Power Authority General Manager, Jesse J. Cruz, Line Electrician Supervisor, Gerry Smith, Safety Inspector II, Eddie Nick Camacho, Safety Inspector II, Richard C. Masnayon, Safety Inspector Supervisor, and Ed Leon Guerrero, Line Electrician Supervisor. Seated in Front Row: Beatrice Limtiaco, Guam Power Authority Assistant General Manager of Administration and Gabina Ignacio, Administrative Aide. Not Pictured: Kenneth Gutierrez, Safety Administrator, and Jesse B. Aguon. Safety Inspector II.

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Frank Cruz receives Relyant Global Perfect Record Award For more than 100 years, the National Safety Council has been a leader in workplace safety. We know that employers who show they care about the safety of their employees see improved morale, increased productivity, lower costs and, most importantly, fewer injuries. RELYANT Global is a long standing member of the NSC, and was recently awarded a Perfect Record Award for operating 46,182 employee hours without occupational injury or illness involving days away from work between November 30, 2016 and January 1,2018. The OSHA-NSC Alliance The OSHA-NSC Alliance agreement aims to prevent workplace injuries, deaths and illnesses. As part of the agreement, OSHA and NSC partner to: • Develop compliance assistance tools and best practice documents • Convene, participate and exhibit at occupational safety and health forums and stakeholder meetings • Collaborate with other OSHA Alliance participants to address specific safety topics • Support and promote the Journey to Safety Excellence Campaign Onsite Diesel Ad GCA 25yrs.qxp_Layout 1 14/08/2015 1:50 pm Page 1

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                 





 




    

     





  

  









   

  

 

  


 

 

 MONTH ENDING: April 2018 Employers Workplace Monthly Report Statistics

 

 GUAM DEPARTMENT OF LABOR  Alien Labor Processing Certification Division

 

   

 






 

 



 



 

 













  

Prepared By: Sherine Espinosa Contact information: Greg Massey, ALPCD Administrator P.O. Box 9970 Tamuning, Guam 96931 (671)475-8005/8003

 




 

    


 

 

 





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