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LMS Guam wins National Safety Excellence Award



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Feature Story

24 NAWIC News

Chamorro Ph rase Of Th e Mo nth Fino Chamorro: English:

2 | MARCH2016

Adahi Be careful

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PRESIDENT James A. Martinez Guam Constractors Association

Guam Contractor’s Association (GCA) in conjunction with Adztech and Public Relations, Inc. publishes the Construction News Bulletin (CNB) monthly. Reproduction of materials appearing in this publication is strictly forbidden without written permission by GCA.

PUBLISHER: James Martinez

PAST CHAIRMAN Art Chan Hawaiian Rock Products CHAIRMAN John Sage WATTS Constructors VICE CHAIRMAN William Beery Tutujan Hill Group SECRETARY/TREASURER Conchita Bathan Core Tech International CONTRACTORS DIRECTORS: Carlo Leon Guerrero M80s Office Systems Mark Mamczarz Black Construction Corp Miguel Rangel Maeda Pacific Corporation John Robertson AmOrient Contracting Rick Brown Pernix Guam LLC ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS: Jeffrey Larson TakeCare Asia Pacific Paul Blas Matson Navigation Patty Lizama Pacific Isla Life Mark Cruz Mid Pac Far East


While we always strive for accuracy, we will from time to time overlook mistakes. In order to help us improve the quality and accuracy of this publication, we ask that you take the time to look at the information provided and notify GCA or Adztech of any corrections as needed. Opinions and editorial content of this publication may not necessarily be those of the publisher, production team, staff, GCA members, GCA Board of Directors and advertisers. For more information about advertising in the GCA Construction News Bulletin contact the advertising department at (671) 477-1239/2239 or email at Distributed to GCA members or can be obtained by stopping by the Guam Contractors’ Association office located at 718 N. Marine Corps Drive, Suite 203, East West Business Center, Upper Tumon, Guam. To find out more about how you can become a GCA member contact Guam Contractors’ Association at Tel: (671)647-4840/41 Fax: (671) 647-4866 or Email:

PRODUCTION TEAM LEAD: Geri Leon Guerrero AD SALES: Jaceth Duenas PRODUCTION: Geri Leon Guerrero Christopher “Taco” Rowland Jaceth Duenas PHOTOGRAPHERS: Christopher “Taco” Rowland Jerry Thompson EDITOR: Adztech CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: John Robertson R.D. Gibson Shierly Caceres GCA STAFF: Desiree Lizama COVER: Rob Salas and Joseph Cruz at the ABC National EIC Banquet.

Postmaster. Send address changes to Guam Contractors’ Association, located at 718 N. Marine Drive Corps Suite 203, East West Business Center, Upper Tumon, Guam.

TRADES ACADEMY B u i l d i n g

S k i l l s

F o r


L i f e t i m e

Guam Contractors Association

4 | MARCH2016



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Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors & Construction Contractors Joint Meeting February 25, 2016 On 25th February, the industry supporting construction contracting came together there was a sell-out audience of 250 individuals that also included representatives of banking, insurance and bonding agencies that are a vital part of the industry. It was purposely held during National Engineers Week which has been expanded on Guam to include Architects, Land Surveyors and the various branches of Engineering. Facilities Engineering Command Marianas (NAVFAC MAR) and Regional Engineer of Joint Region Marianas.

by Shawn Gumataotao

James Martinez, Guam Contractors Association (GCA); Jessica Barrett, National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC Guam); Mark Ruth FAIA, the Guam PEALS Board; Brent Wiese AIA, the Guam Building Code Council; Brent Weise AIA, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Guam-Micronesia; Bill Beery PE, Society of Professional Land Surveyors (GSPLS); Michael Pritchard PE, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE Guam); and, Noel Enriquez, Society of American Military Engineers (SAME Guam Post). In addition, an Appreciation Plaque was presented by Elizabeth Gayle PE and Bill Beery PE of GSPE to ECC as Marquis Sponsor of this years’ MATHCOUNTS competition. During the prior week, there was a Proclamation Signing ceremony at Adelup with signatures by the Governor and Lt Governor recognizing the importance of architecture, engineering and land surveying to the local economy. A copy is

week to present to the students the importance of education, especially in science and engineering and what can be expected in an engineering career.

• • • •

4th Annual H. Dean Gillham Bridge Design Competition- March 12 SAVE THE DATE - Charlie Corn Golf Tournament - May 14 GCA Golf Tournament at Guam International Country Club - Feb 25 GSPE Golf Tournament at Onward Talofofo Golf Club- Oct 22

6 | MARCH2016

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Proclamation Presenting Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors Week

MARCH2016 | 7



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Explosive Safety Submission (ESS)

Endangered Plant and Species Joint Region Marianas has an Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP). It is a comprehensive plan that outlines goals, objectives, and strategies to manage natural resources including federally listed species. INRMP endangered species. Section 7(a)(2) of Endangered Species Act (ESA) requires consultation with USFWS or NOAA for

Ensures safety during ground-intrusive activity

Pre-2010: Reactive, Contractors were given a general brief and instructed to contact EOD in case UXO was found

In 2009: Advised by NOSSA that we were not in compliance

Jan 2010: NFM and GPMO created programmatic ESS for JRM

• Exclusion Zones

identify measures to minimize and avoid impacts to species. Measures may include pre-construction surveys, monitoring of impacts to species, and measures to minimize impacts.

Cultural Resource Stewardship Object is to: identify historic properties (sites, buildings, structures, objects) on JRM property; Include on National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) listing; Provide a program to manage eligible resources; Maintain an Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (ICRMP); Use GIS as part of the record.

• Way Ahead •

Utilize Operational Risk Management (ORM)

ESS will continue to evolve as new technologies become available

Workers safety and constructability are the top priorities

Commitment to Safety – Top 5 Priorities •

Fully committed to the safety of all personnel

Mishap Prevention through hazard recognition training

Energy Culture” to avoid waste by restricted use of electricity,

Eliminating / minimizing all incidents through “Near Miss” reporting

purpose, 3. Greater use of “Renewable Energy & Sustainability” such as solar or wind.

Holding “ALL” personnel accountability for Safety

Hiring Contractors with excellent Safety Programs

Energy Strategy Objective is for 50% Energy Reduction plus 50% Renewables.

Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) unexploded ordnance remains on and below the ground in some places.

8 | MARCH2016

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Stand up of Officer In Charge of Construction (OICC) Marine Corps Marianas to oversee all USMC-related construction • • • • • • • • • •

New command under NAVFAC Marianas Approved by SECNAV Jan 2016 CO / XO selected, arrive summer 2016 Stand-up ceremony summer 2016 OICC staff: mix of GS civilians, military and contractors Will ramp up/down based on projected workload Projected total Billets = 800 with 140 Civilian Hires Ultimately OICC will stand down as a command for Marine Corps Base Guam

Defense Policy Review Initiative (DPRI) Project Status Completed - $400 Mil • P-204 Apra Wharf I $119M • P-1003 Military Working Dog Relocation $13M • P-100 North Ramp Utilities Phase I $20M • P-101 North Ramp Parking Phase I $82M • P-204A Apra Wharf II $38M • J-001 Apra Harbor Infrastructure $96M • J-001A AAFB Gate and Facilities $32M Awarded / Under Construction - $273 Mil • P-101A North Ramp Parking Phase II $24M • $86M • J-200 North Ramp Utilities Phase II $112M • P-240 Marine Wing Support Squadron Facil $29M • P-230 Ground Support Equipment Shops $22M Solicitation / Pending Award • J-001B Cantonment Utilities & Site Imp FY16 / FY17 award • -715 Live-Fire Training Range Complex $126M (FY16 NDAA)


FY16 Military Construction Awards •

-001B Utilities And Site Improvements, Ph 1 Finegayan >$10.0M FY16Q1

P-3030 Par South Ramp Utilities Phase 2 AAFB $7.1M FY16Q2

P-3004 Apr - Dispersed Maintenance Spares & SE Storage Facil $19.0M FY16Q2

P-3028 Low Obser vable/Corrosion Cntrl/ Composite Repr Shop $34.4M FY16Q2

P-535 Sanitary Sewer System RecapitalizationAAFB $45.3M FY16Q2

P-635 Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Closure AAFB $10.8M FY16Q2

P-715 Live-fire Training Range Complex (NW Field) – Phase II $125.7M FY16Q3

P-600 Apr Installation C ontrol C enter AAFB $22.2M FY16Q3

P-3046 PRTC RoadsAAFB $2.5M


FY16 MACCs & IDIQs •

NAVFAC PAC Guam DBMACC (Unrestricted) MACC ≤$990M FY16Q2

SDVOSB MACC (Minor construction) MACC ≤$30M




• •

SB Construction Management Services IDIQ Construction ≤$40M FY16Q2



MARCH2016 | 9



Andersen Air Force Base (AAFB) FY16 SRM Plan •

15-1042 Typhoon Damaged Roof Repair B18001, B18002, B18013, B51104, B17002, B18024

15-1009 Renovate Control Tower B18015

16-1002 Renovate Outdoor Recreation for Arts and

15-1025 Install Fire Sprinkler at WFSM Shop, B18001

16-1008 Repair Typhoon Damage for Roll-Up Doors B18046, 19019, 18042

14-1013 Repair Hardstand and Joint Sealant (C30, C32, C34, C36, C38, C40, C42)

15-1015 Construct Weapons Loading Bay B20001

14-1014 Repair Taxiway D Hardstands (N15, N19, N21, N23, N25, N27, N29, N31, N33)

12-1060 Install Lox Concrete Pads Taxi Lane C Hardstands

06-1056 Install Fire Protection System in Public

• • 61310 • • •

15-1001 Maintain Roads, MSA1 (B, C & D Ave)

• •

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12-1156 Repair Electrical System at Comm Facility NWF (B1300)

11-1468 Install a Redundant 20 Ton HVAC for the Comm Switch Building (B2616)

16-1014 Upgrade Main Electrical Power Source (B17002)

• •

11-1027 Install Fire Sprinkler System & Mass

11-1408 Renovate Guard Shack at MSA3

16-1009 Construct an Alternate ATC Tower

AAFB FY16 Housing Plan •


HVAC Replacement, 119 Units


HVAC Replacement, 115 Units

16-4001 Construct Parking Lot, Playground #4, 5, and 7

16-4002 Install Fence and Lighting, All playgrounds MFH Area

16-4003 Install Generator, B1000

16-4005 Demolish 256 Capehart Units (PH III)

AAFB FY16/17 CAMP Plan • • • • •

FY16 FY16 FY17 FY17 FY17

Repair NWF North Runway, LZ TTP: Construct AGE Warehouse TTP: Construct Addition to Existing Facility Construct ATFP Curbing and Parking Lot

15-1002 Maintain Roads, MSA1 (12th St)

10 | MARCH2016

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Navy Base Guam (NBG) FY16 SRM Execution Plan Current Contract Actions • February Annex 0600 Fender Replacement • February Annex 1502 PMI • February Annex 1502 Backlog • February NCTS Building 285 Fire Alarm Repairs • February Repair/Repave Marine Corps Drive NBG • February NBG Route 1 (MCD) Signage • February Building 23 Chiller Replacement • February Exterior Painting Building 101 • February Exterior Painting Buildings 102 - 106 • February Repair Solar Lights at Various Locations • March Repair Roof at Building 112 (NCTS) • March Install Emergency Generator Pads, CKFC • March Replace Roll-up doors Bldgs 546 and 539 Future Q2 Contract Actions • March Dadi Beach Road Maintenance (NCF) • March Repairs to SROC, Building 4178AH • March Energy Facility Operation Center, B3190 Potential Q2 Contract Actions • April Roof Repairs to SROC Building 4177AH • April Roof Repairs to SROC Buildings 4175A, 4175B & 4175C • April Roof Repairs to SROC Buildings 4175AH, 4179AH & Covered Walkway • May Replace Pneumatic Ordnance Handling Hoists at Building 901NM

NBG FY 16 Family Housing Plan •

Q2 H-07-16 Restore Existing Tennis and Basketball Court, Flag Circle, NBG

Q2 H-07-17 Upgrade/Repair Basketball/Volleyball Courts Apra View, NBGAH

Q2 H-08-17 Install Exterior Lighting at Lanai (114 Units) Apra View, NBAH

Q2 H-03-16 Roof Coating (241 units) Harbor View, NBG

Q2 H-06-16 Replace A/C Phase I (55 units); Apra View, NBG

Q2 H-05-16 R o o f C o a t i n g ( 1 4 0 u n i t s ) Lockwood Terrace PH III & IV, NBG

Q2 H-04-16 NBG

Q2 H-01-16 Exterior Painting (6 Units); Flag Circle, NBGAH

Q2/3 H-14-15 Repair/Replace Playground Floor Surfacing, 9 locations, Lockwood Terrace, NBG

Q3 H-10-17 Demolish 60 Housing Units, Turner Road Housing

Q3 H-02-16 Exterior Painting Phase I, 96 Units; NTIP, NBGAH

Q3 H-08-16 Construct Concrete Roof Above Existing Patio, Flag Circle, NBG

Q4 H-10-16 Demolish 116 Housing Units, Phase II, South Finegayan

Roof Coating (47 units) Bay View,

NAVFAC Marianas Points of Contact •

Norma Borja, Small Business Program Manager (671) 339-7090 –

Eugene Diaz, Acquisition Director (671) 349-6148 -

Mel iss a C r u z , S afe t y Pro g r am Manage r (671) 349-2018 -

MARCH2016 | 11



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Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors and Construction Contractors Joint Meeting Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom February 25, 2016

To join SAME Guam Post, log on to and click on “Membership” at the top of the home page.

12 | MARCH2016

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LMS Guam 2015 ABC National Safety Excellence Award


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Safety is defined as “the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.” There are many places we should feel safe: our homes, school, the office, and in most public places. For contractors, as we all know, safety is key. It’s what gets the job done. It’s what keeps us getting jobs. It’s what provides us with a certainty that we and our loved ones are taken care of. Sometimes safety can be a passing idea for people who don’t work in the industry. The idea of safety plans and safety training aren’t necessarily a part of the vernacular. But, wherever you go, whomever had a hand in its construction or development, more than likely had the best training and knowledge to ensure optimal preventive measures and safety plans are in place. The Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. created the National Safety Excellence Award (NSEA) in 1992 by the National Environment, Health & Safety Committee. It is a recognition tool in the industry. As safety is a core value in the construction industry, the award doesn’t just look at safety in performance for builders and contractors, but also the very structure of their safety programs. These are builders and contractors who excelled in construction safety and training. It is a rigorous application and judging process. The award assesses safety performance, but places much emphasis on the company’s leadership’s role in promoting safety and its commitment to exemplary standards. Organizations receiving this award usually have demonstrated greater lengths to promote and enforce greater safety standards within their staff for better client satisfaction. Only the best safety programs are recognized; they are the ‘cat’s meow’ as determined by the ABC. One of Guam’s premier landscaping companies, LMS Guam was recently awarded the NSEA by the ABC. For 22 years, Robert Salas and his team have provided landscaping services to residents and businesses throughout the island, including ground maintenance, design and construction of irrigation systems, landscape installation, maintenance, and renovation, installation of ponds, pools, pumps, and drainage systems, and pesticide/herbicide applications by licensed team members. In 2015, Rob Salas, Robert Salas’s son, joined

the team as the Director of Operations, after having left PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as a Division Manager. The LMS Team has been involved in major projects like the Tumon Bay Beautification Project and ground maintenance on Andersen Air Force Base. They also have a twenty five-acre nursery, which helps them with the U.S. Air Force’s restoration project at Ritidian Point. And on November 15, 2014, they were awarded a ground maintenance and tree trimming contract with the Command Joint Region Marianas Naval Base. The Federal Contract’s large scope of work includes mowing/trimming, leaning branches, power line control, fence line maintenance, tree trimming and removal, irrigation, and clearing; and covers a wide expanse of extremely diverse terrain extending their area of work outside of Guam to islands such as Tinian. “We are registered as a HUBZone small business with the SBA and take pride in serving the needs of clients in the public, private and residential sectors,” says Rob Salas. He continues, “A strong commitment to the highest ethical standards and business practices has been a hallmark of LMS, and continues to represent the core of our business. LMS undertakes each project with a focus on delivering the highest quality service and products possible.” “The leadership behind LMS’ success,” says Rob Salas, “is a huge part of the company’s growth.” Bob Salas’ industry knowledge from both the public and private sectors allowed for him to make LMS what it is today – a landscaping powerhouse. With development, construction management, real estate, and surveyor experience, Salas has been able to build an impressive resume and rolodex of clients with LMS. He has worked with big developers on Guam like, Sumitomo Construction Co., and Kumangaigumi Construction Co. Salas is also one of the parties responsible for a household name for golf, luxury, and tourism – the Leo Palace Resort Guam in Manenggon Hills, Mangilao Golf Course, Fish Eye Park in Piti, and the Cocos Island Resort. LMS’ touch can be seen throughout our community. The Westin Resort Guam, the Living Wall at St. Leo Chapel at the Westin, the golf course at Leo Palace, Hilton Guam Resort and

MARCH2016 | 15



Spa, Talo Verde, and Ironwood Estates. These projects and many more in the LMS resume would not have been possible without a clear vision to provide the best service for their customers. Businesses, residents, and tourism professionals have called on LMS for their expertise and impeccable record to ensure not only an aesthetic, but also a safe environment. A safe environment starts with having open communication between clients, the safety and quality control teams, and management. LMS has a system in place with a safety messaging group. It is there to address safety issues immediately and to control any escalation, if any. Rob Salas says, “We believe that there isn’t a particular instance that exemplifies safety in the workplace. Rather, it is a culture of safety that pervades every decision we make and every action we take.” Aside from Salas, the safety program at LMS is led by Joseph Cruz, Site Safety and Health Officer. With over 15 years of experience in safety and five years in the military, Cruz brings a unique culture of safety and holds their employees to a high standard. Additionally, Ruben Montalvo, Quality Control Manger, as well as Dan Hualde and Ben Lukas as Quality Control Inspectors, join him along with Tui Lolohea, one of their Project Managers. One of the criteria for the NSEA is a company’s “commitment to safety, a culture of safety that is embraced and espoused by all company employees, and systems/process in place that eliminate hazards before incidents occur, resulting in a world-class safety program,” according to the ABC website. But, more than that, “The award symbolizes a company’s achievement and success in safety,” including arduous safety programs, leadership commitment, and safety culture. As for what the award means for LMS Rob Salas said “The award represents the progress we have achieved with respect to our continued emphasis on a safety culture. The award serves as a benchmark for us and reminds us to continually seek to improve ourselves and to strive for progress.” The Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. definitely saw LMS’ hard work, determination, and commitment to safety. Noting their merit-based national Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) award in 2010, 2012, 2013, and the recently achieved Platinum status in 2015. They also have a zero DART

16 | MARCH2016

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LMS’ Top 5 Safety Principals Mirrors NAVFAC Marianas’

1. Fully committed to the safety of all personnel 2. Mishap Prevention through hazard recognition training 3.•Eliminating / minimizing all incidents through “Near Miss” reporting • 4. Holding “ALL” personnel accountable for Safety • 5. Hiring Subcontractors with excellent Safety Programs •

rate for 2015 as our company had no incidents involving days away• from work, days of restricted work activity or job transfers last year. They are listed among 21 award recipients from throughout the nation who received their awards in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this last March 2, 2016 at the Excellence in Construction Banquet. It’s important to note that LMS won this award among 1,200 other applicants and throughout the nation. The NSEA is only one of three awards given to eligible applicants. The others are the National Safety Merit Award and National Safety Pinnacle Award. What gives any construction business their value? Is it word of mouth? Is it a litany of high-profile clientele? Is it a “can’t get it out of my head” catchy marketing jingle? Is it a flawless safety record? Is it trust? Maybe it’s all of the above. Whether you’re dealing with multi-story condominiums, providing contract work for a government agency, or providing landscape maintenance, we all know safety is always paramount. It is after all more important than convenience. LMS receiving this award demonstrates Guam’s capabilities on another level. “We believe that there isn’t a particular instance that exemplifies safety in the workplace. Rather, it is a culture of safety that pervades every decision we make and every action we take.,” says Salas. A decision that shows an entire company’s willingness, determination, and commitment to invest in itself, its employees, and holds safety supreme and something to continually strive for and build upon.


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For Immediate Release

Landscape Management Systems, Inc. Earns National Safety Award from Associated Builders and Contractors Tumon, Guam, March 2, 2016 – LMS has been named the winner of a National Safety Excellence Award from Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). Based in Guam, LMS received the award March 2 during the 26th annual Excellence in Construction® Awards in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “LMS’ safety record demonstrates how a company-wide commitment to safety as a core value can deliver world-class results,” said 2016 ABC National Chair David Chapin, president of Willmar Electric Service, Lincoln, Neb. “LMS’ safety record shows that in a culture that emphasizes safety and caring for its people, every incident is preventable and we can help drive the construction industry toward zeroincident jobsites. Our ultimate goal is that every employee returns home in the same--or better-condition in which they arrived.” The 2015 National Safety Excellence Award winners were selected from ABC member firms that achieved Diamond, Platinum and Gold status in ABC's Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP). During the selection process, national safety winners were judged on self-evaluation scores, lost workday case rates, total recordable rates, leading indicator use, process and program innovations and video interviews conducted by members of ABC’s National Environment, Health & Safety Committee. The National Safety Awards are presented in three major North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code categories: NAICS 236 – Construction of Buildings; NAICS 237 – Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction; and NAICS 238 – Specialty Trade Contractors.

MARCH2016 | 17

Service is our


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Comprehensive Inspections Offered For: Heavy equipment, Cargo containers, Above-ground storage tanks, Structural welds

Relevant Heavy-Equipment Operator Training Rigging, cranes, excavators, forklifts, aerial lifts, bucket trucks, etc.

Crane & Telehander Rental Boomtruck Rental Welder Qualification Testing OSHA Safety Training and Onsite Consultations

Special Projects Accredited Maritime Crane Inspector per OSHA 29CFR1919

General Contractor

Tel: (671) 653-5501 ‡



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February 25, 2016 Hyatt Regency Guam Guest Speakers CAPT Stephanie Jones

20 | MARCH2016

Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts and Aerial Lifts • 19 feet to 135 feet

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t'03$0/53"$5034"/%16#-*$4"-&4 t $655*/(t#&/%*/(t453"*()5450$,t5*3&8*3&t#"34611035t%&5"*-*/(


Tel: 653-4701 | E-mail:

142 Seaton Boulevard, Suite 102 - HagĂĽtĂąa, Guam 96910 telephone (671) 477-1239 or (671) 477-2239 facsimile (671) 477-3339 email



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4th Annual NAWIC Block Kids Building Competition by Shierly Caceres he Block Kids Building Competition is

Baumgartner Elementary School, constructed

Lyam Girdwood Schlacter, a fifth-grade

the NAWIC Guam Chapter. The

project, during the allotted time, he

dream home complete with solar energy

a national event brought to Guam by competition is meant to introduce

children to the construction industry,

to create an awareness of, and to promote

interest in future careers in one of the many

facets of the industry. This activity introduces the participants to creative thinking and reasoning that is used every day in the construction trade.

On June 13th, approximately 90 students from private, public and home schools were strategizing, designing, and building

construction-related models that are relevant

a building at first. After reconsidering his

disassembled the structure and added a

wrecking ball to mimic construction demoli-

tion. Impressed by his design and creativity, Judge Ginny Caceres said, "Unlike other

students who were building something to stay standing, John Moore created something outside the box."

homeschool student, built a sustainable

panels. His creation received high remarks for his enthusiasm, attention to details, and

design elements which included electrical and mechanical.

All students deserve recognition for their

eagerness and great ideas. However, only a selected few were given an award. NAWIC

Guam recognized the students who received the highest score for each grade level as

category winners. The following students received this honor:

to Guam’s environment in the Multipurpose

• First Grade Category Winner:

Each student received 75 stackable blocks, a

• Second Grade Category Winner:

Auditorium at the Guam Community College.

Maxwell Smith, Wettengel Elementary School

piece of string, one flat rock, and a square

John Moore, Bishop Baumgartner Elementary

to free their imaginations and allow their hands

• Third Grade Category Winner:

piece of foil. They had a 45-minute time limit


to build.

Astumbo Elementary School

After the allotted building time, judges from

Joannes Paulus Reyes, Homeschool

and education industry interviewed their

Lyam Girdwood Schlacter, Homeschool

the architectural, engineering, construction, assigned students to discuss their designs. They scored students based on originality,

• Fourth Grade Category Winner: • Fifth Grade Category Winner:

Lyam Girdwood Schlacter won the “Overall

attention to detail, use of provided materials,

Category” for receiving the highest score. His

participation, and design elements.

competition. If his creation succeeds in the

oral presentation, enthusiasm, reason for

The student designs included various types of buildings, bridges, and construction equipment such as cranes.

John Moore, a second grade from Bishop 24 | MARCH2016

design will move on to NAWIC’s regional

semifinal, his project will then advance to the National competition.

Each winner received a plaque and a set of Lego Architecture depicting an iconic



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structure from Europe, the Middle East, Asia or

Bill Beery, Tutujan Hill Group

Thank you to our Sponsors

reinforces NAWIC’s mission to encourage and

Patrick Curry, Wolf Creek Federal Services

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United States. The Lego Architecture further further the winner's interests in building structures.

According to Jessica Barrett, president of

NAWIC Guam, "The choice of Lego Architecture as a prize is to advance the winners'

interests in the form and function of famous landmarks in the world, in a fun way."

Block Kids is an excellent opportunity for

Guam students to expand their exposure to the world of construction; at the same time, giving them the chance to be creative and hands-on.

Thank you to our 2016 Block Kids Judges NAWIC Guam would like to take this opportunity to thank all the judges and their compa-

nies who volunteered their time and patiently listened to our student participants. Barbara Burkhardt, Green Plus Brent Wiese, RIM Architects

Amy Camacho, Setiadi Architects

Liz Provido, Provido-Tan-Jones Architects Karen DeWaal, AM Orient Engineering

Len Thompson, AM Orient Engineering John Moore, The Moore Group Sandy Khoo, GSI Pacific

Jesse Toves, Pernix Guam

Simon Camacho, Pernix Guam

Ernest Muna, Smithbridge Guam

NAWIC Guam would like to thank Guam

Gil Macatangay, Wolf Creek Federal Services

We also would like to recognize our generous

Elizabeth Reed, Guam Department of Education

Melissa Gutierrez-Luna, Guam Department of Education

Patricia Untalan, Guam Department of Education

Odessa Aguon, Guam Department of Education

Sheila Paulino, Guam Department of Education

Monica Cepeda, Guam Department of Education

Michael Perez, Notre Dame High School

sponsors for making this event possible and for showing their commitment to women in construction.

Hensel Phelps

Frontier Supply Company Pernix Guam, LLC

Watts Constructors

Guam Windward Memorial

Black Construction Corporation TG Engineers, PC Greenscapes

AM Orient Engineering

Aaron Austin, Frontier Supply Company

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Jacob Leon Guerrero, Smithbridge Guam

2. Stephanie Finona

Ethan Nordmark, Frontier Supply Company

1. Joaline Smith

Jeff Khoo, GSI Pacific

3. Jackie Borja

Linda Salas, Latte Stone Entertainment

John Freeman, Pacific Indemnity Insurance Company

Joaquin Fernandez, Former Department of Youth Affairs Director

Virginia Caceres, Guam Department of

4. Marriessa Aguon

5. Jacob Leon Guerrero

6. Joshua Leon Guerrero 7. Victoria Aguon

8. Donovan Nelson


Jezzica De La Pena, AM Orient Engineering Narci Dimaoala, Amazon Construction

James Saunders, Guam Community College John Zillian, Guam Community College

MARCH2016 | 25

26 | MARCH2016 OR Registered Nurse Pediatrics Registered Nurse Pipefitter








1 25 2 3 1 8 1 1 1 3




Bakery Equipment Mechanic

Biomedical Equipment Specialist

Birthing Nurse

Cardiac Cath Retgistered Nurse



Chemo Registered Nurse Cooks Dive/ Scuba Instructor Diving Instructor Electrical Drafter ER Nurse Executive Manger F&B Florist Guest Relations Host/Hostess Heavy Equipment Mechanic

ICU Nurse

Japanese Specialty Cook

Landscape Gardener

12 5 2


Med/Tele Registered Nurse

Med-Surg OR Nurse Message Therapist Motor Repairer

MRI Technologist

5 1 1 1 2 6 2 3 4 18

Spa Therapist Specialty Chef Italian Specialty Chef Thai Specialty Cook Supervisor Surgical Registered Nurse Ultrasound Technician Wedding Service Attendant Welder Welder/Fitter



Restraunt Manager

Total Non-Construction H2-B Workers

1 1 6



Maintenace Machinery Worker

Occupational Safety and Health Instructor Market Research Analyst Mechanic



Les Mills Exercise Instructor and Trainer 1




4 3



4 4

Radiology Technologist

Quality Control Inspectors

Marine Maintenance Mechanic



Automotive Repairer

NICU OB Nurse NICU Registered Nurse

5 5 3

TOTAL Construction H-2B Workers

Total OTHER Construction

Plasterer Welder


HVAC Mechanic Iron Worker


Heavy Equipment Mechanic

General Maintenance & Repairer

Construction Equipment Mechanic

AC& Refrigeration Mechanic AC& Refrigeration Technician Camp Cooks

Other Construction Occupations

Employers Workplace Monthly Report Statistics

AC Maintenance Tech Assistant Solar (PV) Installer

Other Non-Construction Occupations

GUAM DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Alien Labor Processing Certification Division




4 26


3 17


6 13



7 5



Grand Total H-2B Workers





Total U.S. Workers

Grand Total H2B Workers

Korea Thailand 0.44% 0.38%







6.88% 0.39%

Other 0.00%

Peru 0.06%

Prepared By: Sherine Espinosa Contact information: Greg Massey, ALPCD Administrator P.O. Box 9970 Tamuning, Guam 96931 (671)475-8005/8003

Camp Cook

Heavy Equip. Operator Electrician

Sheetmetal Worker

Reinforcing Metalworker Structural Steelworker Plumber


Cement Mason






United Kingdom





United Kingdom 0.00%

Kiribati 0.13%


Common Construction Occupations

Philippines 98.50%

Japan 0.50%

Australia 0.00%

Italy 0.06%

H-2B Population by Nationality








US Workers vs. H-2B


Total U.S. Workers




Total H-2B Employers




Employers By Industry

1569 7 8 2 0 0 1 1 6 0 1594

Investing in Lighting Philippines Korea Japan Kiribati United Kingdom Australia Italy Peru Thailand Other Total by Nationality

Workers by Nationality

Total Common Const.

Camp Cook

88 5


Heavy Equip. Operator Electrician


18 34

499 138

Plumber Sheetmetal Worker

Structural Steelworker

Reinforcing Metalworker


Common Construction Occupations 455 Cement Mason

MONTH ENDING: January 2016


by Shawn Gumataotao

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Building Permits* ,)!!#!!!#!!!






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Investing in Lighting

Construction Employment


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H2 Labor*


by Shawn Gumataotao






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!' !" !( !$ !) !% !* !& !+ '! '' '" '( '$ ')

GCA Apprenticeship Registrations







28 | MARCH2016









* Statistics provided by Guam Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Guam Contractors Association; and the GCA Trades Academy, as of December 31, 2015.



GCA Construction News Bulletin March 2016  

Guam Contractors' Assn. Monthly Construction News Bulletin is Guam's official construction news publication.

GCA Construction News Bulletin March 2016  

Guam Contractors' Assn. Monthly Construction News Bulletin is Guam's official construction news publication.