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HAWTHORNE CAT NOW OFFERS FUEL DELIVERY SERVICES Together with South Pacific Petroleum Corporation, we are now offering to our valued customers on-site fuel delivery. You can count on Hawthorne Cat to be there to provide the service and support you need.

When you choose Cat®, you get what you pay for — durable and reliable equipment, and long-lasting relationships. Discover what we’re built for.

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Chamorro Phrase Of The Month Fino Chamorro: English:

Ai si Kiko, åtrasao ta’lo.

Wow Frank, you’re late again.

brought to you by The Guam Contractors Assocation.

2 | APRIL2015



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“After raising five kids, shuttling between sports events with all their "scented gear", car full of kids to and from the mall. Food in tow! Things are bound to leave "aromas" but with the help of Paradise Auto Spa’s deionization treatment! Our car smells like a new car! We will return!” - Joe Pangelinan

989-ASPA (2772) |

S.A.M.E. UPDATE SAME Guam Post Holds General Membership Meeting Dozens of members of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Guam Post attended the monthly general membership meeting at the Outrigger Guam Beach Resort March 19. CAPT Glenn Shephard, commanding officer, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Marianas served as emcee of the event, where he Manager Carlos Salas, ENS Cassandra Fach of NAVFAC Marianas, and guest speaker, Guam Waterworks Authority (GWA) Assistant General Manager for Compliance and Safety, Paul Kemp. During Salas’s sustaining member brief, he introduced view of SSFM’s size, scope, and experience.

NAVFAC Marianas ENS Fach’s military officer brief focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Mentorship. She began by discussing her experiences growing up with an avid interest in science and built an argument for a need to encourage more young girls to pursue careers in as a STEM mentor and encouraged all to reach out to local schools to promote STEM learning. GWA’s Kemp closed out the meeting as guest speaker by discussing the waterworks authority’s progress to meet and maintain U.S. Environmental es that Guam’s water, indeed, works. Kemp closed his presentation by discussing GWA’s partnership with the U.S. Navy. “The future of Guam depends on working together,” he said.

Guam Waterworks Authority Assistant General Manager for Compliance and Safety Paul Kemp offers a

6 | APRIL2015



Photos by Shaina Marie Santos

To join SAME Guam Post, log on to and click on “Membership” at the top of the home page.


APRIL2015 | 7

Tel: 670-234-6601


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3rd Annual


SATURDAY t June 13, 2015 t2-Person Teams t Select Shot tModified Calloway Format (Double Peoria) tRegistration/Check in: 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. tShotgun Start: 12:00 Noon




$250 per Team ($125 per Player) Includes Green Fees, Cart, Awards Banquet & Drinks on the Course

Early Bird Special:

Only $210 per Team if Paid on or Before JUNE 1, 2015

For information on how to register call Gus Gogue: 686 - 6677 t Frank Florig: 687-6940 t Ladd Bell: 972-5360



By John M. Robertson

China’s Military Spending Swells Again, Despite Domestic Headwinds By Andrew S. Erickson and Adam P. Liff for the Wall Street Journal (March 5, 2015) China raised its official 2015 defense budget 10.1% to 886.9 billion yuan ($141.5 billion), the government announced on the March 5th opening day of the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress. Though the real-world impact of these increases is heavily contingent on the pace of China’s volatile inflation, this year’s People’s Liberation Army budget marks the 26th year of nominal double-digit increases since 1989. Many analyses conclude that China’s military spending is significantly higher than officially reported. To be sure, no nation’s official military budget covers all its defense-related spending, but most other countries close to China’s level of military development offer greater transparency. Regardless of what specific additional line items are not reflected in the official figure, however, this much has been clear since 2010: China has climbed firmly into elite company – with the world’s second-largest economy and military

10 | APRIL2015

While the news these days continues to focus on the Middle East and North Africa, there is enough to be concerned about in our part of the world – the Western Pacific. Behavior of the North Korean Government is not improving and the growth in military investment and territorial ambitions of China need a lot more attention than appears to be the case. What is happening is subtle but none the less disturbing as seen in developments of the past decade. The U.S. Compact of Free Association with the Federated States of Micronesia which provides economic assistance and ensures defense of those islands will expire in 2023. If not renewed, we have to be concerned about what moves China will take. There have been indications of interest in this chain of islands as well as in the Republic of Palau. The rebalance to the Pacific is happening but not necessarily in step with developments across the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Like it or not, we in Guam have a front row seat to what is happening in the Western Pacific. budget, both of which are increasing at a rapid clip. At present, the basic trend is clear – Party leaders remain determined to continue rapid, ambitious modernization of what is already the world’s second-best-resourced military. Though by no means a superpower and unable to project power far overseas like the better-funded but also globally-distributed U.S. military, decades of surging military investment have paid major dividends for China’s relative strength in its immediate region. As a case-in-point, the region focused PLA now has more submarines than does the entire U.S. Navy. Conquering the South China Sea The Wall Street Journal (March 26, 2015)

the busiest sea lanes on the planet? Over the past year Chinese dredging and other landfill techniques have transformed tiny reefs into potential homes for military aircraft, ships, radar facilities and other assets. Formerly underwater during high tide, Johnson Reef is now a 25-acre landmass. Nearby Hughes Reef has grown big enough to host two piers and a cement plant. Gaven Reef is now 28 acres, with a helipad and antiaircraft tower. Fiery Cross Reef has grown 11-fold since August, with what appears to be a three-kilometer airstrip under construction. All are part of the Spratly Islands, a cluster of rocks between the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, often some 650 miles from China.

As has been previously reported, China is building military bases on artificial islands hundreds of miles off its coast, in waters claimed by six other countries. These new fortresses in the South China Sea raise the risk of war, yet Washington seems to have no strategy to address them. Are the U.S. and its allies ceding the nearly1.35 million square miles claimed by China without legal merit, including some of


the Philippine marines on Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratlys) and extend its military and economic reach (as with the oil rig it planted in Vietnamese waters last year). The U.S. could also jointly patrol the area with forces from the Philippines, Japan or other willing partners. Trying to work through the 10-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations is probably futile. The U.S. could also invite Taiwanese participation in the next Rim of the Pacific naval exercise set for 2016. China earned its first invitation in 2014, despite its adversarial record, while Taiwan was left out. Washington could also finally sell Taiwan upgraded F-16 fighter jets and help it field modern submarines, something first promised in 2001.

U.S. Senators John McCain, Jack Reed, Bob Corker and Bob Menendez last week wrote a bipartisan letter asking Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Secretary of State John Kerry not to overlook China's behavior. At stake, the Senators note, is the security of U.S. allies in Asia, the continued free flow of $5 trillion a year in oil, iPhones and other trade through the South China Sea, and the principle of "peaceful resolution of disputes." U.S. Executive officials have done little more than politely ask Beijing to stop, citing a 2002 pledge by China and its neighbors to avoid provocative actions. Some in Washington don't even see a problem. Former Obama Pentagon official Shawn Brimley has quoted an unnamed former colleague dismissing China's Spratly fortresses as "a bunch of easy targets that would be taken out within minutes of a real contingency." That is hardly comforting since the purpose of the bases is to change the status quo during peacetime. The Senate letter asks the

tion to report on "specific actions the United States can take to slow down or stop China's reclamation activities." It further suggests publicizing relevant intelligence more regularly, calibrating U.S.-China security cooperation to encourage better Chinese behavior, and deepening U.S. partnerships across Asia. However, U.S. defense cuts and a general impression of American retreat don't inspire confidence. Asian states know they have to live next to China, so they hesitate to resist Chinese ambitions unless they feel Washington is a reliable partner. The U.S. would help security in Asia if it began imposing costs on Chinese aggression. That would require accepting greater risk in U.S.-Chinese relations, but the alternative is watching China continue what it intends to be a gradual march to domination of the Western Pacific. Washington could start by expanding training for the threats posed in the South China Sea, where China uses military, coast guard and civilian vessels to challenge others (such as

"The United States has a national interest in freedom of navigation, open access to Asia's maritime commons and respect for international law in the South China Sea", Hillary Clinton said in 2010. Five years later China is imposing its will more forcefully than ever. The U.S. and its partners may not have another five years to dawdle. Firmly Committed to Growing the U.S. Fleet By Ray Mabus, secretary of the U.S. Navy for the Wall Street Journal (March 16, 1015) Size matters. It’s as true for America’s Navy as anywhere. It is the size of our fleet that uniquely enables the United States Navy and Marine Corps to maintain presence around the globe, around the clock. That presence has kept the peace and promoted prosperity via trade across open sea lanes for nearly seven decades. The U.S. has the most powerful Navy in the world, but comparing the size of our fleet directly to other nations’ fleets—as pundits and politicians of late have done—is fundamentally flawed. As America’s “Away Team,” the U.S. Navy protects and projects our leadership role because it can get anywhere faster, stay longer and carry everything it needs to execute its


APRIL2015 | 11

missions—all without needing anyone else’s permission. In the first 54 days of the air campaign against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, for example, the U.S. relied solely on Navy F/A-18 Hornets flying sorties from the sovereign territory provided by the USS George H.W. Bush in the Persian Gulf. Land-based bombers were delayed until host nations granted approval. To combat Ebola in West Africa, V-22 Ospreys put Marines on the ground the same day as President Obama’s order, providing logistical support to doctors. During Operation Tomadachi, following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, more than 16 ships, 130 aircraft and 12,000 U.S. sailors and Marines delivered 340 tons of supplies. Since World War II, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps have secured the high seas, enabling 90% of world-wide seaborne trade and 95% of voice and data transfer carried by undersea cables to move without interruption. But maintaining the U.S. Navy’s global presence requires continued investment in ships. President Obama’s fiscal year 2016 budget calls for $161 billion to fund our assigned missions and continue to grow our fleet. The challenging fiscal climate demands aggressive efforts to cut costs intelligently. We have and we will continue to do so, but not at the expense of maintaining presence. Cutting ships would jeopardize U.S. security and the global economy. Because of America’s leadership role, no secretary of the Navy can base his decisions solely on a snapshot of America’s current capabilities relative to others around the globe. My charge is to evaluate the fleet’s size and combat readiness, including needed repairs and maintenance, in the face of sequestration and an increasing global need for naval forces to maintain peace and prosperity. Before my tenure, our ship count was declining and our procurement strategy was making it worse. On Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorists struck the homeland,

12 | APRIL2015

the U.S. Navy had 316 ships. When I took office in 2009, the fleet had declined to 278 ships despite a defense buildup. In the five years before I became secretary, the Navy contracted to build only 27 ships, insufficient to even maintain the fleet because of the number of older ships being retired. In my first five years as secretary, we put 70 ships under contract, and we plan to expand the fleet to more than 300 ships before the end of the decade. We’ve done this, despite continuing fiscal uncertainty, with business fundamentals: fixed-price contracts, tough negotiations and multiyear procurement and block-buy contracting that lowers costs. Good business practices have allowed us to save money while providing more than 400,000 wellpaying jobs directly or indirectly related to ship building and maritime industry. To augment our forward deployed

force I and our senior officers have advanced international partnerships, not only with our long-standing allies, but also with dozens of like-minded nations around the world. Partnerships are a force multiplier, maintaining our global presence, while encouraging others to bear their fair share of international security. We seek to preserve the peace, but should an adversary challenge us, I never want U.S. sailors and Marines engaged in a fair fight. Along with the chief of Naval Operations and the commandant of the Marine Corps, I will continue to work together with the president and Congress to responsibly man, train and equip a Navy and Marine Corps that remains the most powerful expeditionary fighting force in the world. America can afford no less. Mr. Mabus is secretary of the United States Navy.





Bring on the Green. Not sure where to bring your wooden pallets, crates, untreated wood waste from construction & renovations, land clearing shrubbery, trees refuse & yard trimmings? We are the nearest, most affordable option on island. Pick up services available as well.

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Pacific Unlimited Inc. DBA: Pacific Trucking

Located at our EPA Permitted Ordot Green Waste & Composting Facility just across the former Ordot Landfill.

William “Bill” Beery, P.E. General Manager, Tutujan Hills Group Ltd. Immediate Past Chairman, GCA

Comprehensive Inspections Offered For:

Retirement solutions for your small business. “For some time our group had been asking for a 401(k) benefit. My first impression was that providing this type of program for a group as small as ours might be on the expensive side. Not only did ASC Trust Corporation break this

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OSHA Safety Training and Onsite Consultations

Welder Qualification Testing Accredited Maritime Crane Inspector per OSHA 29CFR1919

General Contractor Tel: (671) 653-5501 ‡

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Roofs, Renovation, And So Much More by R.D. Gibson

In an already-competitive industry, it can be difficult to stand out. Many boast their services are top-notch with the highest quality of customer care and satisfaction. There is do denying that. The construction industry on Guam is moving with the times; incorporating the newest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure customer satisfaction while growing and thriving. Construction on Guam is such a diverse industry with many businesses working together to get the job done for their clientele. It is almost as diverse as the culture of our island paradise. We see diversity not just in the projects that come up, or their location. We see it in the names and faces behind an abundance of projects both local and federal. InfraTech International, LLC is one such company with their name attached to several different, unique projects. ITI began services in the summer of 2007. At the time, their “main focus was on infrastructure, residential, utilities, and civil works with a vision to deliver the highest level of quality service.” And for the last eight years, the management team of ITI has been hard at work with an extensive list of projects to boast. In short, they have completed over $20M worth of utility work, and over $35M in contract work. But, their work touches on more than just the growth and development of the construction industry. Sometimes we forget construction is not just skyscrapers and office buildings. Much of their work has enhanced many places in the community where children go to school, people go to worship, and enjoy America’s favorite pastime. Several projects stick out in their litany of accomplishments. Some include the Maria Artero Pre-School and Kindergarten Renovation project, which included painting and extension project work. There they renovated an existing room into a kids library, and added an additional 400 square feet for office space and conference room. They also had a project to renovate the San Ramon Chapel Adoration Room in Agaña Heights, which included the demolition and renovation of the existing room with oversized windows and railing work. Additionally, they did extensive work to upgrade the Richard Junior DeGracia Naputi Baseball Field in Talofofo. The project called for replacing existing chain-link fencing, constructing concrete walkways, a parking lot, a players dug-out, upgrading lighting for night games, and installation of topsoil and grass restoration. The project is currently on-going. These projects, and a list of others, don’t just enhance the buildings or their utilities, but demonstrate the diversity of the work ITI does for or being done in Guam, Saipan, GovGuam, the federal government, and the community. The ITI business profile boasts they successfully completed dozens of projects and has the capabilities to perform Scope of Work, like Site Works, Utility Works (water, sewer, drainage, power, and communication lines), Masonry Works, Single- and Multi-family housing, Painting, roof coating, civil works, and concrete works.


APRIL2015 | 17

As unique and diverse as there résumé is the team behind all of their accomplishments. Pragathi Gogineni, Ravindra B. Gogineni, Francisco A. Florig, Adan P. Velasco, Ward Aguon, Jennifer Cortez & Chevy Singco, lead a team of professionals committed to getting the job done, and getting it done well. An accomplishment in and of itself is their status as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) under the United States Small Business Administration. The U.S. SBA is committed to “aiding, counseling, assisting, and protecting the interests of small business concerns, preserving free competitive enterprise, and maintaining and strengthening the overall economy of our nation.” According to the SBA website, in late 2010, “the U.S. Small Business Administration published a final rule aimed at expanding federal contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses (WOSBs). The Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contract program authorizes contracting officers to set aside certain federal contracts for eligible Women-owned small businesses (WOSBs) or Economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSBs).” Additionally, large businesses can gain incentives by subcontracting work from some WOSBs or EDWOSBs. Eligibility requirements include 51-percent ownership and control but one or more women, and primary management by women. The women must be citizens of the United States. “In order for a WOSB to be deemed “economically disadvantaged,” its owners must demonstrate economic disadvantage.” With their eligibility to contract with the federal government, ITI has opened themselves to an even wider network of contracting work. According to management from ITI, “In Guam we are not seeing usage of (EDWOSB) by NAVFAC.” But, with laws passed in U.S. Congress we are seeing more opportunities for EDWOSBs to contract for federal construction jobs. It’s important to note that the frontier of construction is changing and expanding. It is diversifying. And it needs to. Like many successful businesses before them ITI is not just working to construct buildings, but set the standard and a foundation for success for all small businesses.

18 | APRIL2015


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March 18, 2015 Onward Resort Guam Guest Speakers Mr. Kwok Lau Ms. Maria Connelley

20 | APRIL2015



March 12, 2015 Cars Plus Showroom Maite

22 | APRIL2015



APRIL2015 | 23



If you've ever researched "traffic safety", your results would most definitely yield hits pointing to the National Traffic Safety Institute or NTSI, as many refer to it. Locally, Guam Public Safety Educators (GPSE), as NTSI partners, has been conducting a defensive driving 8-hour course, leading to a NTSI specified Nationally-Recognized Certification. At its website, NTSI states: Our innovative approach to Defensive Driving courses stress personal accountability as the Defensive Driving/Traffic School participants explore an interactive curriculum based upon proven behavioral modification principles. At NTSI, our training emphasizes the importance of following safety standards and encouraging personal choice as a means of affecting a positive change in driving. Our mission at NTSI is to provide the highest level of education both online and in the classroom to all defensive driving course participants. We prepare and re-iterate the importance of being a defensive driver through behavior modification. Having trained over 1 million drivers since its beginnings in 1974, NTSI, through its local partner, Guam Public Safety Educators continues

24 | APRIL2015

that ethic and mission here. Located, very conveniently, on the second floor of the Julale Shopping Center in historic Hagåtña., GPSE stands ready to serve Guam’s needful driver market. In the 2014 Guam Highway Safety Plan, it documents the 5-year period of 2008 to 2012 and shows some very stark statistics with respect to Serious Injury; from 448 in 2008, to 1180 in 2012. That is a three-fold increase in five years. And, during that time, there was never a decrease from the year previous. According to Randy Biscoe-Director at GPSE, "We want to reduce the number of accidents in Guam." Asked what the reception has been to their Defensive Driving Course, he stated, “Businesses have been very encouraging. Especially, when they understand that a properly trained defensive driver will be better able to avoid accidents; they see its value to their business—in addition to reducing business liabilities. Also, depending on their insurance carrier, a business may be entitled to premium discounts based on their drivers’ nationally recognized defensive driving certification. Again, that’s dependent on their insurance carrier’s policy provisions.”


Other services offered by the Guam Public Safety Educators is: The Official Guam Road Testpermitted drivers can complete their actual road exam with GPSE. Upon successful completion of the road exam and a post-interiew of their exam details, they can go directly to Guam Revenue and Taxation Motor Vehicles Division and get their transitional Guam Drivers License. Whatever your driver safety needs, you can find that advocate in Guam Public Safety Educators. Their contact information is available below. Some businesses successfully completing the Guam Public Safety Educators’ Defensive Driving Course with their driver fleet are: Carrier-Otis, Angoco Trucking, ST Corp, Kloppenburg Enterprises, Fukuda Enterprises, Miki Taxi, Western Sales & Trading Co., and Hawaiian Rock. Guam Public Safety Educators Randy Biscoe - Director Location: Suite 245B West O’Brien Drive, Julale Shopping Center, Hagatna, Guam 96910 Phone: (671)989-4773



by Shawn Gumataotao Call 2014 a year of progress for the Aerial Work Platform business of Terex. In its annual report released recently, 32% of its net sales were from the AWP sector. Cranes and material handling & port solutions segments both tied at 24%. By product segment, 53% of Terex AWP sales were from boom lifts, 23% from scissor lifts, 17% from telehandlers, and 7% from trailer-mounted and other products. Sixty-four percent of sales were made in the United States and Canada. “Terex continued to improve in 2014 despite a more challenging operating environment than anticipated entering the year,” said Terex Chairman and CEO Ron DeFeo. “We have streamlined our business portfolio, reduced our cost structure, introduced innovative new products, and simplified operations. There is more work to do, but overall we are pleased with the progress we have made and the momentum of our internal improvement initiatives. According to the company's report, Terex increased sales by 3% in 2014, and it was able to generate $329 million in free cash flow. For the year, adjusted 26 | APRIL2015

operating profit was flat with 2013. While the material handling & port solutions and construction segments showed profit improvements, the cranes, materials processing, and aerial work platform segments were below 2013 levels due to unpredictable markets for cranes and materials processing and operating inefficiencies and increased investments for AWPs. Closer to home, GET,LLC Managing Partner Tricia J.S. Gumataotao announced the establishment of Genie Industries Services for Guam and Micronesia. "This effort has been months in the making and we are so very excited to provide this important service to Genie Aerial Lift owners in the Western Pacific," said Gumataotao. With full support of Terex and Genie, GET,LLC now offers factory warranty repairs service and support, on-site scheduled routine maintenance, comprehensive annual inspections, lift options & enhancements, major inspections (10 Year Test), specialty applications, equipment refurbishing and customized paint services.


"GET,LLC stands ready to support the Genie service needs to those contractors and equipment owners who need factory trained service and parts assistance for their respective booms, scissor, aerial work platforms, vertical mast, telehandlers, or material lifts," said Gumataotao. In December 2013, GET, LLC was appointed by the Terex Corporation as its authorized distributor for Terex and Genie aerial work platforms, cranes, construction and materials processing equipment and parts in Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia. "You can count on us to provide Genie assistance when you need it most-our professional service and support team can respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. " To arrange for a factory trained technician to attend to your Genie Industries equipment service needs in Guam and Micronesia, please call 671-727-1789.


Waste Diversion

It’s always exciting to watch a new building going up, and the Gloria B. Nelson Public Service Building, the new GPA/GWA headquarters, was no exception. But unless you are actually on the construction site, people often do not realize the tremendous amount of construction waste that is generated, whether it’s new construction only or demolition of an existing site as well. Construction waste diversion on Guam is on the rise, and for many new construction sites, a certain amount of construction waste diversion is planned for from the onset of the project. If demolition is taking place, concrete structures can be demolished and the concrete ground into suitable particle size for use as backfill or possibly even base coarse for road construction. However, this is an expensive undertaking and is not a common practice. The owners and architects of the Gloria B. Nelson Public Service building desired to obtain LEED certification for the building. LEED, as I’m sure you know, stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental

28 | APRIL2015

Design, a green building certification program. Those striving for certification must satisfy certain prerequisites (such as establishing a recycling program within the building) and earn points to achieve different levels of certification. Aggressive waste diversion was included as one of the LEED items to strive for on this construction site in order to earn an additional 1 or 2 credits based on diversion rates. One LEED credit could be earned for 50% waste diversion, 2 for 75% waste diversion.

It was decided that 10cy or 20cy bins would be placed on the construction site for scrap metal, wood waste and general mixed waste. Large 96 gallon bins were also in place for aluminum cans, plastics 1 and 2, and bimetal cans. With all the scrap metal recycling facilities that exist on Guam, recycling scrap metal was simple to accomplish. Approximately 150 cubic yards or 75 tons of scrap metal were diverted to various recycling facilities, primarily Global Recycling. Virtually all the wood waste, as well as most


by: Peggy Denney

of the gypsum board (drywall) waste, was diverted to the Ordot Green Waste Facility to be shredded into mulch. Fortunately, the gypsum board did not contain any fiberglass or mold-resistant chemicals, and, therefore, Guam EPA modified the Ordot facility’s permit to accept this material to be mulched. Over 880 cubic yards of wood waste and 112 cubic yards of drywall were diverted from the Layon Landfill or any of Guam’s hardfills. Cardboard is another waste component that is easily recyclable, and over 26 cubic yards or approximately one ton of cardboard was diverted to Guahan Waste Recycling aka Mr. Rubbishman. Did you know they export over a million pounds a month of cardboard for recycling?

The waste created by the construction crew that could be recycled consisted of aluminum cans, plastic bottles and bimetal cans. Those materials were sorted and delivered to Pyramid Recycling. The aluminum cans went to various schools through the i*recycle program. The plastic bottles were added to the tons of plastics 1 and 2 that they recycle, and the bimetal cans were

discovered on Pinterest. Assembling 1-inch diameter, 1-inch lengths of PVC into a snowflake design, for example, as a frame for a mirror or a clock is an extremely effective method for making use of small lengths of PVC. A photo of such a mirror is shown. I am currently working with most of the Senior Citizen Community Centers to assist them in creating functional items of value that can be made out of recyclable or reusable materials for display at the upcoming Conference on Aging on May 8th. The ultimate goal is to hopefully create cottage industries at some or all of the centers to aggressively use a variety of items and sell these products at various sites in order to generate revenue for the centers. The Agana Heights Senior Center is taking on the PVC mirror project, and we’re all hoping it will be incredibly successful! Additionally, the Sinajana Senior Center will be working with larger pieces of PVC and carpet scraps (over 1.5 cubic yards generated at the construction site) to make, among other things, cat scratching poles and cat trees.

added to their scrap metals for recycling. So that accounts for the more easily recycled components of the construction waste generated at this site. The remaining materials were more challenging and methods for reuse had to be identified. Beginning with PVC, approximately nine and a half cubic yards of PVC pipe scrap was generated. A very creative Boy Scout working to obtain his Eagle Scout badge, used some of the one-inch diameter PVC pipe to make 40 recorder-like instruments for the Guahan Academy Charter School. Some of the ladies of NAWIC (National

Association of Women in Construction), of which I am a board member, joined Island Girl Power and demonstrated how to construct a Ladder Golf game out of the 1½ and 2-inch PVC pipe waste. We were able to provide them with the pipe for four or five games, and the only items that we needed to purchase were the fittings. A photo of kids playing with the final product is shown here. These games sell for at least $35 in some of the local stores, and they can be easily assembled with leftover PVC pipe waste. Another clever idea for using small diameter, small length PVC pipe waste was

Identifying a use for fiberglass insulation waste was a bit more challenging, but we were able to use it at the Guahan Academy Charter School to insulate to shipping containers that were being used to store books and tools. With the assistance of three CBs, the insulation was glued on to the exterior of the containers using Liquid Nails, and the temperature of the interior was reduced by an estimated 20 degrees. Almost 20 cubic yards of fiberglass insulation waste was generated and all of it will ultimately be used in this fashion. Hundreds of 5-gallon plastic buckets were generated totaling over 35 cubic yards, and fortuitously I happened to meet the owner of Guam Pacific Farms who was more than happy to accept almost all of them for reuse in growing trees and shrubs at his farm. This project has been immensely gratifying, not only because it diverted an incredible amount of construction waste from either the Layon Landfill or other hardfills on Guam, but because a growing number of ideas for reuse are being developed through an expanding networking system. I’m certain the options and opportunities for reuse will continue to reveal themselves as we strive for ever-increasing rates of construction waste diversion. It is truly an exciting time to be involved in waste diversion to extend the life of our sanitary landfill and to protect our precious environment. We got this, Guam!


APRIL 2015 | 29

30 | APRIL2015


Electrical Drafter







2 17 0 1 1 0 10 0








1 4 4

0 0

Field Supervisor


Golf Instructor

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Hvac Technician

Japanese Specialty Cook Landscape Gardeners Laundry Supervisor Les Mills Certified Instructor Machinist Marine Maint. Machinist Marine Maint. Mechanic MRI Technician

Massage Therapist

Motor Rewinder

Nursery Worker

Painter,Transporter Equipment


Quality Inspectors

Radiologic Technician

Restaurant Manager Refrigeration & AC Mechanic

Shipfitter Sous Chef

Scuba Dive Instructor

Welder Welder - Fitter


Electric Motor Repairer

0 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 5

Elevator Installer Chef Spa Supervisor - Trainer Biomedical Equipment Specialist Automotive Mechanic Baker Mechanic Auto Body Repairer Tech. OSH Instructor Buyer HVAC Mechanic AC Maintenance Tech

Total Non-Construction H2-B Workers



Maintenance Electrician

Elec./ Electronic Service Tech




Baker Master



2 4 31

Wedding Service Attendants





Heavy Equipment Mechanic


Tower Crane Operator

TOTAL Construction H-2B Workers

Total OTHER Construction

31 1012



Project Manager




Project Supervisor




HVAC Mechanic




Foreman General Maintenance & Repairer




Field Supervisor


Electrical Power Lineman



Architectural Drafter Civil Engineer


AC& Refrigeration Mechanic

Other Construction Occupations

Employers Workplace Monthly Report Statistics

Ultrasound Technician

Baker Mechanic

Specialty Cook Training & Dev. Specialist

Other Non-Construction Occupations

2 12 1

Auto Repairer Baker

GUAM DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Alien Labor Processing Certification Division

60 4


Electrician Camp Cook Total Common Const.

1159 12 8 2 2 1183


6.12% 0.41%


Sheetmetal Worker

Reinforcing Metalworker Structural Steelworker Plumber


Cement Mason




Prepared By: Sherine Espinosa Contact information: Greg Massey, ALPCD Administrator P.O. Box 9970 Tamuning, Guam 96931 (671)475-8005/8003

Camp Cook Grand Total H2B Workers







Common Construction Occupations






Japan 0.68% Kiribati 0.17% UK 0.17%

Heavy Equip. Operator Electrician

Total U.S. Workers


Philippines 97.97%

Korea 1.01%

H-2B Population by Nationality








US Workers vs. H-2B

Grand Total H-2B Workers


40 87

Non-Construction Total H-2B Employers

Total U.S. Workers



Employers By Industry

Philippines Korea Japan Kiribati United Kingdom Total by Nationality

Workers by Nationality



12 15

387 110

Heavy Equip. Operator

Plumber Sheetmetal Worker

Structural Steelworker

Reinforcing Metalworker


Common Construction Occupations 373 Cement Mason

MONTH ENDING: February 2015


GCA Construction Index GCA Apprenticeship Registrations 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

‘05 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12 ‘13 ‘14 ‘15

DOD Contracts

Building Permits $400,000,000


$250,000,000 $200,000,000

$250,000,000 $200,000,000









$100,000,000 $0

$100,000,000 ‘01‘02‘03‘04‘05‘06‘07‘08‘09‘10‘11‘12‘13‘14

Construction Employment 8,000


Statistics provided by Guam Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Guam Contractors Association; and the GCA Trades Academy.

7,000 6,000

H2 Labor

5,000 4,000


3,000 2,000 1,000 0

‘01 ‘02 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12 ‘13 ‘14

‘01 ‘02 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12 ‘13 ‘14

32 | APRIL2015


1500 1000 500 0

‘01 ‘02 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05‘06 ‘07‘08 ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12 ‘13 ‘14

GCA Construction News Bulletin April 2015  

Guam Contractors' Assn. Monthly Construction News Bulletin is Guam's official construction news publication.

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