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a blast, and there are chapters all across the country to help you form life-long, female friendships. Go to to find your local chapter.  Trust your gut. Putting yourself out there is difficult for most of us. However, if you see an opportunity to make a new friend, take it! Pay attention to people and conversations around


oving to a new city is hard at any age, but it can feel especially tough when you’re older. Maybe you’ve retired or your kids are all grown up now. Many of the things that made up your identity a decade ago have changed and you’re not sure where you’ll fit in now. The process of finding friends in a new place may seem daunting, but it’s never too late to make new friends. Here are a few ways to make new connections:  Volunteer. Whether reading to a group of

 Don’t limit yourself. New city, new you. One of the perks of starting over in a place where no one knows you is the opportunity to redefine yourself and try new things without judgement.  Find your tribe. If Take a crack at yoga, you love books, find dye your hair, go on or start a book club. the Mediterranean diet Walking, dancing, or just change up your cheese-tasting, writing, wardrobe. When you cooking, spiritualifeel like your best self, ty, crafts, museums, others can’t help but adventures—whatever gravitate to you. you’re into, there’s a group waiting for you  Wear a red hat. to join. The Red Hat Society also allows you to con- (RHS) is a group of tact local groups with women 50 or older particular interests. dedicated to having children at your local library, helping out at the VA hospital or building houses for displaced families, giving back to your new community will help you meet new people.

ou’re Whatever y into–books, ncing, walking, da re’s a cooking–the for g group waitin you to join. you. Be helpful whenever you can, however you can. Your new best friend could be standing in front of you in the post office line, waiting behind you to order coffee or sitting next to you at the movies. You just never know where life will lead you.

May/June 2018



20 PUBLISHED BY THE GREAT BEND TRIBUNE Mary Hoisington, Publisher LOCAL REPORTING: Veronica Coons LOCAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Hugo Gonzalez DESIGN: Hugo Gonzalez SALES: Tammy Mason Diane Lacy-Trostle

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How to Make Friends After a Move

Quick Tips to Further Your Charitable Donations Getting Your Garden in “Mint Condition”


The Lowdown on Healthy Fats




INSPIRE HEALTH March  April 2018

Ginger-Sesame Glazed Salmon With Cauliflower Risotto Fresh Berry, Mint & Cream Shortcake Magnesium

14 FUN

Remember When 1956... Lucille Ball Almost Drowns

3 Life-Saving Self-Exams You Should Perform Regularly Old School Fun & Exercise – Yard Games

Grandparents Have a Challenging Role When Their Children Divorce


Preventing Contractor Fraud




ne is “No o orld this w n i s s he usele tens t h g i l who ther " f ano o s n ns. burde cke les Di



onating and helping the less fortunate reinforces the fabric of humanity. This was especially evident through the recent efforts of NFL defensive superstar, J. J. Watt, who raised over $18 million in a week’s time following Hurricane Harvey. While no donation is a bad donation, believe it or not, some contributions are better than others. The next time you give to a charity or a relief effort, consider the following tips.  Vet Your Charities Research the organization

the fundraiser collect a percentage of the proceeds—sometimes as much as half. Further your donation by giving directly to the charity via their website or phone number.  Cause Vs. Charity Some charities allow donations for specific causes while others deposit the funds into a general account. If you wish to contribute to relief efforts after a particular event (like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma), verify the donations actually fund that cleanup work.

Identity Protection for the whole family before turning over your hard-earned assets. Review its practices and policies or better yet, utilize impartial sites like, and  Donate Directly Fundraising events provide great exposure to important causes, but in most cases, the venue and organization hosting

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“MINT CONDITION” By Michele Robert Poche


seful in everything from refreshing beverages and exotic entrees to mouthwatering desserts and DIY home medicinal remedies, mint comes in many varieties that can be grown in your herb garden. Their tastes and uses may vary, but they all have broad, green leaves that release a menthol scent when muddled and bruised. And bonus! They’re all very easy to grow! Select your variety. Choose from peppermint, spearmint, pennyroyal, apple mint, orange mint or even chocolate mint – to name only a few. Most types can be grown from seeds, but for more immediate gratification, it’s easier to pick up a small pot from a


garden store or simply plant a root cutting from an established mint. Define your location carefully. Famously fast-growing and hardy, the roots of the mint plant (called runners) are known to be very invasive and can easily overtake a flowerbed or herb garden in no time. For that reason, plant mint in separate containers outside of your garden or in crack-free pots sunken into your beds to keep them from spreading across the whole space. Create the right environment. Mint is best planted in the spring but can also be planted in the fall in frost-free climates. Optimally, it should receive plenty of morning sun and partial afternoon

shade. Choose soil that is well-drained and nutrient-rich. Keep it damp (perhaps with the help of a water-retaining polymer additive) but not soaked.

Maintain it to retain it. A little fertilizer every few weeks will fortify your mint, especially if your harvests are frequent. Trimming back the plant not only keeps it from overgrowing but also ensures the leaves stay larger and more fragrant. Pinch off any flowering buds as they appear to extend the harvesting season.

st planted Mint is be n ing but ca r p s e h t in lanted in p e b o ls a ost-free r f in ll a f the climates.


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: d o s o t a G F e Th urated Fats UnsaOt mega 3 &

The Good,and THE LOWDOWN the “Bad” the Ugly ON HEALTHY FATS


By Anja Springthorpe

etogenic diets are gaining more and more popularity. Low intake of carbohydrates combined with high intake of protein and healthy fats formulates the main idea behind keto diets. By removing carbs, the body’s main source of energy, we begin to breakdown fat, which leads to weight-loss and long-term weight control. While this is a simple concept, the role of fats


in ketogenic diets is somewhat misunderstood. Keto diets, and most other successful dietary approaches, emphasize adequate intake of good fats. Fat is an important food group, required for optimal health. It is also a structural component of all cells, it plays a pivotal role in hormone synthesis and it is important for mental health. Needless to say, a low-fat, or no-fat diet, can be detrimental to health.

 THE GOOD: UNSATURATED FATS AND OMEGA-3 FATS Unsaturated fats are found in seeds, nuts, avocados, olives and soy. Consuming these foods or their oils has been found to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease as well as stroke. Because unsaturated fats are required for many metabolic processes, they are less likely to be stored in fat cells. Omega-3 fats are a subgroup of unsaturated fats. These fats are the superstars of healthy

fats. Abundant in oily fish, omega-3 fats reduce inflammation, lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and support cognitive health. In fact, they make up around 60 percent of our brain.  THE BAD: SATURATED FATS Saturated fats are largely derived from animal sources like beef, pork, whole-fat dairy, butter, cheese, lard or ice cream. Saturated fats have received a lot of bad press over the years as they are linked to heart disease, obesity and elevated cholesterol. However, it is not the fat itself that is bad, but the fact that we eat too much of it. The average US diet is laden with saturated fats, yet often lacks unsaturated fats. Consuming more unsaturated fats and less saturated fats improves your overall health and longevity.

The Ugly: Trans Fat

The B Satu ad: Fatrsated  THE UGLY: TRANS FATS Trans fats are the real bad guys. Industrially produced to increase the shelf-life of products, these fats have numerous detrimental health impacts such as weight-gain, increased inflammation as well as raising bad choles-

terol while lowering good cholesterol. There is no safe amount and these types of fats should be avoided altogether. Trans fats are commonly found in processed foods like baked goods, chips and dips, chocolate bars or ready-made meals.

IT IS EASY TO IDENTIFY AN UNSATURATED FAT. Is it liquid at room temperature? If yes, it is an unsaturated fat. Is it solid? It is classified as saturated fat.

May/June 2018



Start to finish: 30 minutes (30 minutes active) Servings: 4



his keto-diet friendly dish is low in carbohydrates but packed with protein and healthy fats. Salmon delivers the inflammation fighting omega-3 fats dha and epa. Sesame oil and olive oil, both polyunsaturated fats, promote hearthealth and hormonal balance.

INGREDIENTS • 4 tablespoons soy sauce • 3 tablespoons sesame oil • 2 tablespoons ginger, minced • 1 tablespoon garlic, minced • 4 salmon filets DIRECTIONS  Preheat oven to 400 F.  In a bowl, combine soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger and garlic.  Place salmon filets on baking tray, skin side down. Spoon mixture evenly over salmon filets.  Bake in oven for 15 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.  In the meantime, prepare the cauliflower risotto.

CAULIFLOWER RISOTTO INGREDIENTS • 4 cups cauliflower florets • 1 tablespoon olive oil • 1 shallot, chopped • 1 cup vegetable stock • 2 tablespoons coconut cream, unsweetened • 2 tablespoons parsley, chopped • ½ cup Parmesan cheese, grated DIRECTIONS  In a blender, pulse cauliflower florets until it resembles rice.  In a skillet, over medium heat, cook shallot in olive oil until tender.  Add cauliflower, toss to combine. Add stock and cook around 8 minutes or until tender.  Add coconut cream, parsley and Parmesan cheese. Gently stir to combine.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  Serve with salmon.


FRESH BERRY, MINT & CREAM SHORTCAKE INGREDIENTS • 1 Cup prepared pancake mix • 2 Cups heavy cream • 1 Tsp Stevia (for cream) • 1 Tsp vanilla extract • 2 Cups Strawberries • 2 Cups other berries • 2 Tbs Stevia (for berries) • ¼ Cup Mint leaves DIRECTIONS Place aluminum bowl and blender beaters in freezer.  Toss sliced berries in a separate bowl with 2 Tbs. stevia & ¾ of mint leaves. Place in refrigerator.  With prepared batter make two 8” pancakes, cool on wire rack.  Using the cold aluminum bowl from freezer and cold beaters, blend heavy cream.  Slowly add stevia and vanilla extract.  Beat until stiff peaks form.  Place pancake on cake plate with rim to hold in juices.  Spoon half of the berries over pancake.  Spoon half of the whipped cream over the berries.  Place second pancake on top and layer with remaining berries and cream.  Garnish with berries and mint leaves.

May/June 2018




m sa lts


o say that magnesium is essential to health and well-being is an understatement. As the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, magnesium plays a vital role in energy production, protein synthesis, muscle functioning, blood sugar control and gene control. In fact, almost every cell in our body requires it to function effectively. Magnesium deficiency correlates to many conditions. Osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, insulin resistance, migraines,

By Anja Springthorpe

fatigue and conditions of the nervous system. Muscle cramps, which are usually triggered by low levels of magnesium, should be taken seriously. Needless to say, we require sufficient amounts of this nutrient for optimal health.  WHAT CAUSES MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY? A number of factors contribute to insufficient levels. A diet lacking certain foods, such as nuts, seeds, dark green leafy vegetables or sardines, can lead to a deficiency. Also, the body’s ability

to absorb magnesium from the foods we eat weakens as we age. Furthermore, frequent alcohol consumption is known to cause magnesium deficiency as well as kidney or gastrointestinal conditions.  HOW MUCH DO WE NEED? According to the National Institute of Health, men aged 50 and above require around 420mg of magnesium per day. Women of the same age group should aim to consume around 320mg per day. This is equivalent to approximately two cups of

brown rice, one grilled mackerel, one cup of spinach and one cup of all-bran cereal for example. Ideally, you should obtain magnesium via the food that we eat. However, supplementation is a suitable alternative and most health stores stock a range of supplements. Actually, people that take the supplements often report an increased feeling of calmness, relaxation and improved sleep. This is likely due to the relaxing muscle effects of magnesium. Interestingly enough, it is one of the few minerals you can absorb through the skin. Epsom salts, for example, contain high amounts of magnesium. A 15-minute soak in a bathtub containing one cup of Epsom salt can boost levels considerably.

*If you take prescription medication, please talk to your physician or pharmacists before taking magnesium supplements.


! e t a D e av e th


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Remember When...


Lucille Ball almost drowned while stomping grapes!

In the "I Love Lucy" episode, titled “Lucy’s Italian Movie,” there was trouble on the set during the grape stomping scene. Said Dennis Sprick of The New York Times, “That was a real-life Italian grape stomper who was Lucy’s vat partner and who almost drowned the real-life Lucille Ball by pushing her down into the grapes and grape juice and fighting with her during the filming of that episode.”

Lucille Ball WORD SEARCH: Find the words/ phrases in the puzzle and circle them. Have fun!

Babalu Beverly Hills Comedienne Cuban Desi Arnaz Desilu Studios Emmy Ethel Mertz Fred Mertz Heres Lucy I Love Lucy Icon Jamestown Laughter Lucie Arnaz

Lucy Ricardo Mame MGM Paramount Redhead Ricky Ricardo Show business Sitcom Technicolor Television The Lucy Show Vivian Vance Wildcat William Frawley Yours, Mine and Ours

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elf-exams are easy to perform and one of your first lines of defense when it comes to preventing fatal diseases like cancer. The lack of discussion around men’s health makes men less likely to perform a self-examination and puts them at greater risk of missing diseases in critical stages.


• m  en are 80 percent less likely than women to use a regular source of health care • men ages 18-50 don’t even have a regular source of health care • a third of men in that age group hadn’t had a checkup in more than a year • 40 percent had never had their cholesterol checked

Whether you are a man or a woman, talking to your spouse, children and loved ones about the importance of self-examinations could save their lives one day. Here are a few self-exams you can and should perform regularly:  BREAST EXAM Although breast cancer isn’t as common in men as it is in women, men still

make up one percent of breast cancer cases in the U.S., according to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Women especially should self-examine breast tissue for abnormalities. says you should (1) begin a breast exam by looking for irregularities in a mirror with shoulders straight and arms on hips. (2) Next, raise your arms while continuing to look for irregularities in shape, size, color, symmetry or nipple fluid. (3) Lay down and use a circular motion to feel breast “from top to bottom, side to side—from collarbone to the top of your abdomen, and from your armpit to your cleavage.” (4) Repeat while standing or sitting. You can do this in the shower as well.  TESTICLE EXAM This exam only applies to men. The Testicular Cancer Society says the best time to examine yourself is after a warm shower or bath. (1) Stand in front of a mirror and check for swelling on the scrotal skin. (2) Examine both testicles individually

with both hands by placing index and middle fingers under the testicle with the thumbs placed on top. Roll between your thumbs and fingers to feel for irregularities. (3) Find the soft rope-like structure on the back of the testicle and disregard during self-exam as a suspicious lump.  SKIN EXAM The Skin Cancer Foundation offers a free, printable body map and self-examination schedule. This is where you will record any moles, birthmarks, freckles and so on. Note anything new during your next self-exam and follow up with a dermatologist.

OTHER EXAMS YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER INCLUDE: • O  ral Exam – oral cancer is twice as common in men, also checks for gum disease • B  elly Fat – this may reveal serious health issues like diabetes and heart disease • H  eart Rate Check – find out if you’re at risk for a heart attack • B  lood Pressure – high blood pressure is related to a number of serious health issues

ouse, talking to your sp d ones about the children and love d examinations coul lfse of ce an rt po im e day save their lives on May/June 2018





as stepping into your own backyard and turning back the clock with a friend for an old-school yard game.


xercise can improve your health and keep you fit. So why does it seem like a chore? According to the American Family Physicians, to stay active and limber, you should aspire to participate in four categories of exercise: aerobic, strength or resistance, balance and stretching. There are lots of ways to incorporate these types of exercises into your daily schedule without going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer. If you aren’t accustomed to exercise, start slowly. Always check with your physician to see if you are capable or have any restrictions. If you are willing and able, take a trip to the grocery! Simply getting out of the house


and going to the grocery store can be a beneficial activity to get you moving. Brisk walking to and from the car can be a form of aerobic exercise. Bending for groceries on the lower shelf can be considered a stretch if done properly. Walk, bend. Walk, bend. Walk with purpose. Don’t meander. Lifting items such as a pound of sugar or flour can help as a strength activity. Work on your balance while standing in the check out line. Simply lift one foot and count to five then alternate with the other. When you leave the grocery, you will feel refreshed and have more energy for what comes next. Take it outside. Want to get a little fresh air and exercise at the same time? It can be as easy

HORSESHOES. Two players (or two teams) take turns throwing horseshoes at a vertical metal stake positioned 40 feet away. (This distance can vary according to space and ability.) If the horseshoe lands around the stake (called a ringer), it’s scored at three points. If the horseshoe lands within six inches of the stake, it’s scored at one point. The first player (team) to reach 21 points wins the game. The average horseshoe usually weigh between two and three pounds. Lifting it in a curling motion five or six times before you toss helps with strength and resistance. Stand comfortably with your arms hanging at your sides and a horseshoe in your right hand. Slowly bend the right elbow until your arm is at a right angle. Hold for two seconds. Lower your arm slowly back to the hanging position by your side. Repeat five times on each side. CORNHOLE. While there are many homemade versions,

cornhole is easiest to set up when purchased where toys and games are sold. The game is played in singles or doubles and involves taking turns tossing corn-stuffed bags through sixinch holes on an angled wooden board. If the bag goes into the hole, the toss is scored at three points. If the bag lands on the platform, it’s scored at one point. The first player (team) to reach 21 points wins. This game helps as a stretching activity while tossing the Want to get a bean bag. The more you little fresh air and stretch, the more agile you are. The more agile, the better exercise at the same you can move around. From a time? It can be as standing position, bend slightly easy as stepping into forward. With the bag in your hand, swing your arm forward your own backyard. and backward to a 45 degree “pins” (painted red and white if angle, then back by your side. you’re feeling creative) into the Repeat five times before you standard triangular formation throw. and take turns going for spares, CROQUET. As our cover game, strikes and even turkeys. Get the this pastime is a perennial favor- most out of this game by stretchite. Two teams (one to four peo- ing before each turn. Standing ple each) take turns hitting balls with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the ball up to your with mallets through a course waist. Extend the ball out and of nine wickets and two stakes. bend down to touch the ball as Each time the ball is hit in the close to the ground as you can. right direction and sequence, a point is scored. The first side to Do not overdo it. Stay in a comearn points on every wicket and fortable bend. Wrap up the gameday with stake for each of its balls wins. a refreshing strawberry-mint Make it a fit game by walking around the course one complete splash. As with any exercise reglap each time it is your turn. imen, make sure you do not overdo it and always consult BOWLING. Using only reyour physician first. The idea is cycled two-liter soda bottles to stay active and get moving for and a ball (volleyball or soccer better health. ball), you can go bowling in your own backyard. Set up the

SIMPLE STRAWBERRY MINT SPLASH • C  rushed strawberries – Fresh strawberries are best but, if they're unavailable, the frozen variety are a good substitute. • H  alf and Half sparkling water and Sprite®. By using half the Sprite®, you cut down on the sugar and maintain its freshness. • S  pear a strawberry and mint leaf with a toothpick. Top off the drink and serve.

May/June 2018






By Patricia Danflous

ara’s anger, quest for revenge and frustration are not appropriate responses to the news of a cheating wife and her son’s upcoming divorce. It’s a natural reaction, however. The 60-yearold grandmother of two pre-teens is one of an increasing number of older adults facing the news that their children are divorcing. There is no question that divorce is difficult on all members of the family. A dissolving family presents a unique challenge for grandparents who want to support their child while maintaining a strong connection with the grandkids.

“The most important thing to keep in mind— and it is not easy to do—is to remember that you are the grandparent, and you are there for those grandkids,” emphasizes Rebecca Moos, LPC, director of Mindful Movements in Metairie, Louisiana. “Keep the communications lines open between you and your spouse’s ex, offer to help him or her with kid-related activities whether it is driving a carpool or shopping for school supplies. Maintain the same type of interaction with your grandkids as always – don’t decrease or increase the involvement. As a grandparent you represent stability,” says Moos.

If you’ve spoiled those grandkids in the past—and every grandparent has—now is not the time to stop that love.


THE GRANDPARENTS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA ALSO RECOMMENDS YOU: • K  eep your home a neutral zone • Discuss the divorce only if your grandchild brings it up, but don’t take sides • Reinforce the message that divorce is not the grandchild’s fault • Be positive and inclusive when talking about your child’s ex

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By Chad Ruiz

top me if you've heard this one before. After answering your door, a self-proclaimed arborist says he was passing through and noticed the dead tree in your front yard. He claims that he can cut it down for you tomorrow and haul away the debris but first, he’ll need a $50 deposit to secure his services. He hands you a business card, and you notice the company name printed on his truck. While this may seem shady to some of you,

unfortunately, millions of people every year fall for these con artists. Last year, more than 15 million consumers gave up over $16 billion to scammers, according to the latest numbers from Javelin Strategy & Research. That’s up 16 percent year over year and 25 percent since 2011. With more and more consumers buying online, virtual transaction theft experienced the highest uptick, growing by 40 percent. Even with the latest security measures, thieves and scammers

continue finding new ways to tap into our wallets. Stay ahead of the con-game with these rules. ASK FOR REFERENCES All quality contractors and professionals have a long list of satisfied clients at the ready in case a new client requests references. Demand a list of at least three of the most recent clients serviced by the contractor. I suggest asking the recent clients about the quality of work performed, cleanliness, cost and completion duration. USE THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU The BBB suggests contacting them or visiting to check for complaints against the company, especially “traveling” contractors

who show up following a natural disaster. AVOID PAYING ANYTHING UPFRONT In another life when I operated a landscaping business, after my customer and I agreed upon the design, estimated cost and contract, I always asked for at least a third of the project total upfront. This protected my company from wasting money and time gathering materials, and it protected the consumer. The BBB echoes this practice and recommends that you “set up a schedule of payments based on the job’s progress.”

HERE ARE SOME MORE TIPS FOR AVOIDING CONTRACTOR FRAUD. • A  lways use printed contracts and read the fine print • R  equest before/after pictures of previous jobs • W  atch out for “cheap” labor and materials • R  equest license numbers and building permits • N  ever hire a contractor on the spot • C  ontact professionals referred by family and friends

May/June 2018


by Veronica Coons Photography by Hugo Gonzalez or Anna Faye Hensley, Great Bend, retirement means finally getting to choose what, when, and how she wants to live life. It’s a journey she began 13 years ago, after 31 years as an elementary school secretary for USD 428. Many of those years were spent at Jefferson, and she continues to receive graduation, wedding and birth announcements from the kids who were once students there. A recent encounter with a barista who recognized her at a Starbucks coffee shop in Hays took her by surprise. It never gets old, she said. At age 73, she feels more fit than she did when she was working. She’s always been a walker, but hours of sitting behind a desk took a toll on her health. Thankfully, in recent years she’s turned that around, and is fit, trim and energetic. Her husband, Leroy, can’t keep up, she jests. But, he’s glad that she works out, and he encourages her. These improvements have helped Anna Faye to continue to live an active lifestyle.



post-menopausal women. Carla Jecha is Anna Faye’s personal trainer. She has several clients who have come to her following chemotherapy. Their doctors recommend they maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, both cardiovascular and weight bearing, and maintaining a proper weight. Lifting weights and doing bone-loading exercises help, she said.

Chemo recovery About six months after she retired, Anna Faye was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system. She underwent chemotherapy for several years to ensure it was gone. That affected her immune system, so now she takes intravenous immunoglobulin treatments once a month to bolster her immune system to help her keep from getting sick. If she were to get sick, she may not be able to fight off the infection, she explained. Chemotherapy is hard on bones, and she was diagnosed with osteopenia. She began weight training to help build back bone density after the chemotherapy. Osteopenia is a condition where bone mineral density is lower than normal. It’s considered a precursor to osteoporosis, and not uncommon in

Heightened expectations On a typical day, Anna Faye logs 20,000 steps. In the summer, many are logged during her morning walks through her neighborhood. She likes to walk with a friend, but will substitute with lively music in a pinch. The route is a large loop starting in her neighborhood and encompassing Veterans Memorial Park and vicinity. But, she doesn’t like to walk outside when it’s less than 60 degrees outside. “I don’t like to walk if it’s cold or if it’s misty and rainy.” She also visits Inspire Fitness twice a week, where she’s been working out since August, 2015. On a Monday morning in April, she agreed to meet with us at Inspire for an interview while she completed her circuit. “She’s a little dynamo,” her trainer, Jecha said. “This girl can jump, too. A lot of gals can’t jump, or won’t.” Just a few years ago, Anna Faye never would have imagined she could do this. “I’ll tell you something,” she said. “I remember the day I first came here. I was so tired, I went home and I flopped on the sofa, and I slept, and I thought, I don’t know if I can go back, but I did.” Her muscles still feel sore after a full session, but she’s learned to appreciate the burn. “It’s good that you feel sore on occasion,” she said. “It means that you’re working.” She credits Jecha with pushing her to get stronger. They have become very dear friends. May/June 2018


Family fun Anna Faye has a lot to live for, and her family history is never far from the top of her mind. Both her parents died in their early 70s, and three of her four siblings died at ages 64, 68 and 70. She’s nowhere near ready to follow in their footsteps, because her children and grandchildren have a lot going on. Bailey, 23, is a registered nurse and a softball player, and will be getting married in May. Anna Faye has had her dress picked out since January, and is looking forward to dancing at the reception. Dalton, 20, is a student at Pratt Community College and a wrestler. He will graduate this year. “Our grandchildren are our prize,” she said. During our interview, Anna Faye loses track of the repetitions she’s done. Luckily, Jecha is there to help keep count, because Anna Faye is one of those clients that will work through a conversation, rather than pause. It’s clear they are not just client and trainer, but fond friends. Working it out At first, Anna Faye said, her goals were simple. She wanted to lose weight, build bone density, firm up and be stronger.



“It’s all about your health, anytime you do exercise it improves your health,” she said. Her workout strengthens both her bones and her core. This helps with posture and balance, which keeps Anna Faye feeling sure-footed. “When I need to use the stairs, I can tell,” she said. “Before, I felt a little unsure, but now I feel confident when I climb.” Jecha brings out the bosu balance trainer. It looks like a squishy rubber ball cut in half. Anna Faye stands on it, and works to stay upright. Sometimes, she uses the bosu when she’s performing squats or lunges, but often she just stands on it for a few minutes at the end of her session. Watching her, you can’t help but feel that there are no good excuses not to work out. When Anna Faye finishes her workout, she looks energized and ready to meet the day. Her smile is contagious. She stays active in the community, and interested in new things. She enjoys reading, and is involved with her church,



where she attends a study group on Wednesdays. She’s stays connected with those in need as a substitute for Meals on Wheels, and enjoys coffee and lunch with friends. “I even occasionally cook and clean my house,” she laughs. “It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I keep busy.”

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GB Active Living May-June 2018  

Active Living Magazine encourages people everywhere to embrace natural living as the key to true and lasting health by promoting natural and...

GB Active Living May-June 2018  

Active Living Magazine encourages people everywhere to embrace natural living as the key to true and lasting health by promoting natural and...