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A few scattered thoughts When I try to keep away from him, he comes closer, Oh pray! Why hope for an embrace? He forbids me from touching his hand! Strange are the practices of mankind, Owais! For we can't quite forget, those whom we can't possess To whom would I confess the sorrows of my heart, besides you? I would have died of this torment long ago, If it weren't for you Oh what a relief that you still loathe me, I would have been forgotten a long ago, If it weren't for you Only the god of the rich and the powerful resides here, The power mongers are his entourage There is no comparison between him n me Us lovers have another god of our own When you can't face the truth, Then why ask such questions When you know that it's not good, Then why do you reduce yourself to this? To achieve anything, throw your whole might into it, If the goal still remains unachieved, Then why should one regret? The night of sorrows is past us, please talk about the dawn, Talk about a new existence, some new avenues, It's not an art to get mesmerised by rosy cheeks and curls, Talk about the truth of life, the betterment of humanity Again I turned away upon seeing the rival, With words of resentment unsaid, I turned away When I glanced upon his heart, It was only you I could see, I shed a tear, and showered my blessings, I turned away

A few scattered thoughts - Owais (English)  

English translation of Urdu poetry

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