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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012



GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

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JUNE 2012


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Making Classrooms Safe For LGBT Students

11 Buck Rogers to the rescue!

12 Real Pride in Lethbridge 14 A “Meital” that Won’t Rust Sultry Israeli artist wears gay icon status like a coat

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Jayman Modus Challenges Edmonton to “Try Something Different”

24 Brandi Carlile Kids Around

Singer talks new album, career epiphany and how ‘even lesbians have chickens and horses’


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26 The Traveling Tickle Trunk Setting sex toys on fire for your safety!

28 The Swinging Scales of Justice International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association

Bigotry and Enlightenment Around Equal Marriage In America

30 Deep Inside Hollywood


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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


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35 Out of Town

A Provincetown Primer

37 Edmonton Pride Festival 2012


We’ve Come a Long Way


Porn Star visits Edmonton’s Pure Pride

42 Love, Rufus

Crooner talks new pop album, gay evolution and Gaga diss

45 The Trouble with Adam Lambert

Pop star talks ‘novelty’ of his homosexuality, being an unfit role model and his peculiar sex toy


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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

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Publisher’s Column By Rob Diaz-Marino, MSc. I think just about every gay man, at the height of their bar star years, has looked disdainfully on those LGBT couples who have bought a house out in the suburbs and don’t go out as much anymore. “How dare they not support the bars?” “Do they think they’re straight or something?” “It must be terribly boring stuck in suburban hell.” Although Steve and I have never said these things ourselves, nearly 6 years ago we were guilty of agreeing with two individuals who went on this rant. But as Steve and I find ourselves settling comfortably into this once criticized lifestyle, I realize that perspective makes a huge difference. I spent over 6 years of my life living in a 4th floor condo in Downtown Calgary; Steve, much longer than that. It was a time when I was finishing up my Master’s degree at the University of Calgary, and we were in the process of growing GayCalgary Magazine into a household name, so we didn’t have a whole lot of extra money at our disposal, and renting was our only option. It was convenient for us because we could walk just about everywhere we needed to go, so we could even spare ourselves the expense of owning a car. For us and many others, living the urban lifestyle meant we had easy access to the action of Calgary’s nightlife – in fact, it’s my understanding that many gay men plan their lives this way intentionally.

price when split between the two of us), we were constantly struggling to fit our lives into it. We were not just restricted by physical room, but by the fact we were renters and we were sharing the building with 31 others suites. There were many things we were not happy with that we had to accept we couldn’t change. Personally, I felt like we were living in a cave because our condo was on the southeast side of the building and hardly got any sunlight. I felt completely disconnected from the outdoors when I was at home, and there were days of working on the magazine that I swear I didn’t even see daylight. I wondered if our cats would ever know what it was like to play outside in the grass, not just look out from our balcony. Meanwhile, Steve was constantly butting heads with our Condo board because he often didn’t agree with the approach they took to maintaining the building, and didn’t like the fact that decisions they made haphazardly could have an inconvenient impact on us and others – that essentially, our fate could rest in their hands.

The only problem, as I realize now in hindsight, was that we were in hell.

Our original plan had been to buy our condo if and when the price returned from outer space back to within our threshold, but before that could happen, we reached the end of our patience with our building. We were anticipating our rent to be jacked up obscenely, thanks to multiple cash calls for major repairs that were all coming due at the same time. We knew we wouldn’t find another condo of comparable size for a better price - in fact some people wanted the same amount of money for half the square footage or less!

Even though we were lucky enough to be situated in one of the older but more spacious downtown condos (around 1,200 sq. ft. for a decent

After investigating our lack of options for downtown condos, we went out on a limb and started looking at houses. It was very eye opening to

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


 Continued from Previous Page find that there were decent houses out there for roughly the same price as what was being asked for our suite, and apples to apples, the suite paled in comparison. The price was a bit intimidating - I never thought we would be able to afford anything like that on our modest income, but to our surprise, we discovered it actually was possible. As it turned out, our monthly mortgage payments would be cheaper than our rent! So after finding the right house, we took a big scary step forward – one that lead us finally to start taking on the gamut of responsibilities of adult life. Moving into our new place was a challenge, particularly thanks to the logistical problems of living on the 4th floor and having to bring everything down in the elevator. It was October, cold, with snow on the ground and fog in the air. We initially rented a cargo van for 24 hours, but 48 hours later with only 3 hours of sleep in between, we finally finished moving everything. It was easily the most miserable 2 days of our lives, the last twist of the knife before we could finally wipe our hands clean of our urban prison. As we did our final walkthrough of the empty suite, it was hard not to get sentimental about all the memories we had there…but it has been nearly 3 years now and we’ve never looked back.

Online Last Month (1/2) Virus Detected in Semen of Those on HIV Meds, Studies Show Transmission Risk low but significant, STIs also a factor

Several new studies show that some on antiviral therapy may have enough HIV in their semen to transmit the virus to...

Gender Outlaw Stalks the Bible Belt I’m not particularly religious but I have read some of the Old Testament. I am familiar with the story of Lot, and the...

Over the next few months, the idea that we owned our new place slowly sunk in. In the condo, the property belonged to someone else, and any permanent fixtures we might have wanted to add to improve the suite would have been theirs, whether they felt inclined to compensate us for it or not. So we were used to only doing the bare minimum to keep our place livable.

Creep of the Week

Now, in our own house, it was worthwhile for us to invest our time, effort, and money to make improvements. I went from being a helpless, hands-off kind of guy to a surprisingly efficient do-it-yourselfer, taking on things I had seen my parents do as a kid, but that I never realized I myself was mature enough to accomplish on my own. The “glass ceiling” had been removed and I was finally able to do the growing that I was so completely ready for.

It really made a difference that I wasn’t playing in the sandbox anymore, that now I was playing for keeps. It gave me this feeling of ownership, permanence and security; it was a solid foundation that I could build on and feel like it was mine, that I could bank it at the end of the day, and that I wasn’t just using it on loan from someone else who could take it away on a whim. It made me try harder and care more about it than I could ever have done if it wasn’t mine. Another particularly profound feeling for me was to know that we own a piece of the earth. I didn’t realize how much I had missed the ground after living up on the 4th storey for so long. It isn’t a huge piece of land, but it is ours to take care of. Being reunited with it gave me this almost spiritual feeling of being connected and in harmony with the world for the first time since I had moved out of my parent’s place – like I was finally a part of it, responsible for it, living symbiotically with it rather than as a tourist, isolated from it and unable to repay it for my existence. After experiencing all of this, I realized how hollow my days of living in a downtown concrete tower truly were. Certainly, some people might be able to make the urban lifestyle work for them, but for us who have a strong appreciation for nature it was purgatory, a pit of despair. And ironically, going out to the bars was our primary escape from that misery. It didn’t get us closer to nature, but it was a change of scenery, and a way to mix things up a bit in our lives. It was the only way we knew how to feel connected with the world. I realize that, at the time, the only thing we felt we could build on was our business and our reputation in the community, struggling to make a name for ourselves and to be popular – and I realize how fearful we were that one wrong move could undo all of that effort. When it came to concentrating so hard on social standing, there was no solid foundation to build on, nothing for us to bank at the end of the day. I definitely don’t miss that feeling of insecurity. Sure, going out was fun and exciting, but all of it was transient, a sandbox for life until we found what we were truly looking for. So, if I had to explain to my younger self why so many people rarely return to the bars once they’ve put down roots, I would have to offer some insight on why some people party in the first place. Simply put, it is because they are looking for something. They are horny and they need to get laid, they are lonely and they need to find love, they are isolated and they need human contact and a sense of belonging, they are insecure and they need to feel good about themselves, they are angry and they need to punish themselves or take it out on others, they have


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

National Organization for Marriage

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myBad iPad When he was alive, Steve Jobs praised the iPad’s ability to offer freedom from, among other things, pornography. He believed Apple had a moral responsibility...

Creep of the Week

Rep. Steve King (R-IA)

Oh, Steve King. You are a royal creep, indeed. A longstanding foe of LGBT people and anyone who sees LGBT people as...

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Lesbian Porn Director Reveals…

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Edmonton’s Queer Prom Celebrating Everyone

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a problem and they need to find someone who can help them, they are sad or stressed and they need to distract themselves from their troubles, they are bored and they need something to do, they are stuck in a rut and they need something or someone to shake them out of it...the list goes on, and we’ve gone through some of them ourselves. The alcohol (and not so legal substances that some choose to take) helps people shed their armour and leave themselves open for these things to happen. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes you can let in a whole bunch of unwanted things in the process. So, once you’ve found what you’re looking for, once you’re truly happy and feeling fulfilled in your daytime life, your motivations to go out to the bar are reduced dramatically. Not going out is a pretty inane thing to blame and criticize people for, when it’s the result of filling the wants and needs they were once out at the bar trying to satisfy. And when you feel like you’re on a solid foundation, you may not want to shed your armour and leave yourself vulnerable to unwanted things which could disrupt that. For us, we finally feel like we can go out to the bar because we want to, not because we need to. It’s still good to have a change of scenery, and a way to mix things up. We still like to go out for special events that interest us (and our readers), and it’s still good common ground to meet and socialize with friends. But it’s not as urgent as it once was; we don’t feel like we might be missing any sort of golden opportunity by not being out at the bar in every moment of our spare time. And for all the effort we have put into making our home suit us, sometimes we don’t need to get away from it at all. So are we really trapping ourselves in a suburban “straight person’s” hell? To dance my life away in the dark and never find what I’m looking for – that seems more like hell to me. May 2012 Over the May long weekend we decided to head out to Wayne, Alberta, just south of Drumheller, to check out the Ghost Town LGBT Campout. We had an article on it in the April edition and they weren’t kidding – we really did have to cross over several single-lane wooden bridges to get there. I’ve always found the scenery of the Badlands to be both beautiful and baffling, and as we discovered, the campout was nestled in a little a river valley campground, oddly situated right beside a quaint rural biker bar and restaurant. With an announcement on Facebook giving only a few days notice of their closing, Calgary lost another one of its LGBT bars. In this announcement, Jason Wheeler, owner of FAB Bar, cited unfavorable lease renegotiations as the reason for his decision to shut down the bar after 5 years in operation. The space has been a longtime hangout for the LGBT community, dating back even further through its former incarnation, Money Pennies. FAB threw their final goodbye party on Saturday, May 26th before shutting down the next day. “THANK YOU! Your support and loyalty has been humbling and heartwarming, we love and will miss all of you!” said Jason. This Month There are some major events in June that you should mark your calendars for, if you haven’t already: Edmonton Pride is upon us almost immediately after this magazine starts hitting the stands, but hopefully you already knew that from their ads in the last edition. Lumped in with the well attended parade and street festival are other major independent events, such as PURE Pride. If you can’t stay the whole week, see our article on page 37 or use our Edmonton Pride Guide section on page 2 to formulate your plan of attack!

Heat Up Your Night with Some Good Ol’ Fashion Hippy Lovin’

Lethbridge Pride happens the week afterward, and though it’s a smaller event, it is still worth a visit to the windy city. See the article on page 12 for details.

It was a Saturday night, a brisk chill in the air, but seated inside Stage West Theatre the ambiance was hot. Summer...

On the last Saturday of May, ARGRA held their final dance of the season before the Rodeo. Now comes the largest, most anticipated and internationally attended yearly LGBT event of Alberta. Save the dates for the long weekend at the end of June! See our article on page 20 for more information, and our ARGRA Rodeo Mini Guide section on pages 31 to 34.

Stage West Presents Summer In the City Until June 10

More articles online...

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Book Review

 Jason Cianciotto


Making Classrooms Safe For LGBT Students By William Carpentiere In addition to telling them ‘It Gets Better’ when they are older, what can be done to make it better now for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth in classrooms? In the 1980s, the average age youth self-identified as gay or lesbian was 19-21 for men and 21-23 for women. New research confirms today’s youth are becoming aware of their sexual orientation or gender identity between ages 11-13 and are coming out around age 15, already a difficult and confusing time for most youth. Self-identification at an earlier age can expose LGBT youth to bullying and rejection at home and at school. The 2007 National School Climate Survey of 6,209 LGBT students, conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, found that 86 percent were verbally harassed at their school because of their sexual orientation. Nearly half had been physically harassed because of their sexual orientation and 61 percent felt unsafe at their school. Transgender youth face even higher rates of harassment and rejection. In their new book, LGBT YOUTH IN AMERICA’S SCHOOLS, released this month from The University of Michigan Press, Jason Cianciotto and Sean Cahill tackle issues relating to the education, health and safety of LGBT youth. Through an accessible review of social science research and original policy analysis, combined with profiles of LGBT students who challenged anti-LGBT prejudice in their schools and communities, the authors describe the public policies and school-based practices that can make schools safe for LGBT youth, and help them build the strength and resiliency they need to reach their full potential. “This book includes practical, common-sense solutions that can help schools become safe and affirming institutions of learning for all students,” explains co-author Jason Cianciotto, a researcher and policy analyst with over a decade of experience advocating for the health, safety and well-being of LGBT people. “Teachers, school administrators, parents, and political leaders have a moral and legal obligation to stop school bullying, which is so often based on students’ real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Progress has been made over the past decade. In 2000, only two percent of students in public schools were protected by inclusive anti-bullying laws. By 2010, that number has grown to 39 percent. “We know what factors increase LGBT youth’s vulnerability to disparities in health and school performance, and what policy interventions can decrease this vulnerability,” says co-author Sean Cahill, a member of the Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth, a researcher at The Fenway Institute, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at New York University. “For example, gay-straight alliances in schools and family acceptance at home are resiliency factors that correlate with lower rates of suicidal ideation, substance use, and HIV risk behavior among LGBT youth. We can make schools safe places in which all students can learn if we implement the proven policies we describe in our book.” Cianciotto and Cahill’s recommendations for policy change include passing the Student Nondiscrimination Act and the Safe Schools Improvement Act, which would outlaw bullying, including harassment, based on real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. The authors favor the rejection of abstinence-only-untilmarriage sex education programs in favor of those that eschew anti-gay content and regressive gender stereotypes and provide comprehensive, age-appropriate information about how to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STDs. They also contend educators must acknowledge that transgender youth exist in schools and accept that they have a legal obligation to support and protect these students regardless of how they choose to express their gender identity. While topics such as marriage equality, anti-LGBT hate crimes, and adoption by same-sex couples continue to grab news headlines, Jason Cianciotto and Sean Cahill remind readers to remember the youth affected by these human rights struggles in schools across the country. The educational foundation we offer these students today will impact the success of their, and our, tomorrow.

Jason Cianciotto Follow him on Twitter @JasonCianciotto More Info

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


 Gil Gerard as Captian Buck Rogers, courtesy of Universal

Buck Rogers to the rescue! By Jade Cooper Gil Gerard is best known for his portrayal of Captain William “Buck” Rogers from 1979 to 1981 in the TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. The campy cult classic featured a macho astronaut named Buck, Erin Grey as the gorgeous Colonel Wilma Deering and a comedic sidekick robot named Twiki. Famous for being hero to a futuristic Earth, Gil fought many battles behind the scenes with, what would prove to be, present-day values, advocating equal rights for women and taking on controversial roles in film. In 1971, Gil landed a role as a gay pilot in a film called Some of my best friends are..., a dramatic film set in a gay bar on Christmas Eve - a reminder that forty years ago, the word ‘gay’ and the lifestyle was only alluded to or whispered. A heterosexual actor from Arkansas, Gil found himself being hustled by his co-star. “He thought we should get naked and explore each other’s bodies... He said that it would help the role.” Gil politely told his co-star, “I guess the role will just have to suffer.” Gil was struck by the incredible loneliness of the characters in the film. To celebrate the holidays together, each character was at the bar because, “they had nowhere else to go?! I must say, straight or gay, that is generally the type of people I have found in bars in my life, particularly the late night places, incredibly lonely people... looking for love in all the wrong places.” This role showed Gil a lifestyle he had no knowledge of, nor had he ever experienced the culture. Luckily, Gil never witnessed blatant intolerance towards the gay lifestyle, attributing this to the open-minded perspectives of people in and around the Hollywood film and television scene. “It strikes me that the people who were intolerant of gays in the seventies, are the same people who are intolerant of gays (today).” The seventies were also an era for equal opportunity for women in the workforce. Gil fought vehemently behind the scenes for women to be cast in equally strong roles. In the Buck Rogers movie, set 500 years into the future, Gil found himself next to his costar Erin Grey, the sole female on the flight deck. Erin agreed her being the only female commanding officer didn’t compute, “We had to shut down production until they got women, got them in costume and brought them onto the set... and that set the tone that we were in the future.”

Erin went on to praise Gil for being a huge part of that. Gil told the producers there were going to be young girls watching this show, “I want them to see that if they are interested in being a pilot or are interested in mechanical things... that they can look at (the show) and tell themselves that they CAN do that. I did not want anything said about it. I did not want it underlined. I didn’t want any speeches about it... I just wanted it to BE!” Gil paid a bitter price for his advocacy, “I was known as a trouble maker for that. I think that women should get equal pay. I think women should have equal opportunity to anything that men can do. I do not think that anyone should get preferential treatment based on their sex.” Both the producers of the movie and of the show conceded, depicting women in combat as officers, guards, pilots, mechanics and crew. Gil also played alongside his good friend, Suzanne Pleshette in a couple of romantic comedies, one of which was the second highest rated TV movie in the history of television called Help Wanted: Male, released in 1982. Susanne’s character, an unmarried career woman, wanted a baby and, when her boyfriend comes up short, she is searching for a suitable fertile donor. Popular shows, such as South Park, Family Guy and The Simpsons have paid tribute to Buck Rogers. Traveling across country, Gil turned on the television in his hotel room and happened to flick the channel to Family Guy at the exact moment that the character on screen was being taken away, “for teaching his theory on the origins of the universe, of which Gil Gerard ejaculates into the primordial ooze, creating life as we know it today.” Gil recalled being dumbfounded, “and I said, Damn!?” Boasting both a twelve inch and a six inch action figure, Gil is forever making people laugh and captivating his audiences with his sly sense of humour and rapier wit. As a lyric baritone, he has performed in multiple musicals, including Music Man, Most Happy Fella and Oklahoma. He produced The Amen Corner, a James Baldwin play, swearing he would never do that again and he was published in an American Anthology of Poets. He is currently writing short stories, golfing and playing tennis in his spare time. Fans of Gil Gerard should keep an eye out for his latest project, a film called Blood Fare, a Civil War ghost story with a modern twist, by female action filmmaker, J.A. Steel.

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Real Pride in Lethbridge  Performers at Lethbridge Pride 2011, photos by Steve Polyak, GayCalgary

By Carey Rutherford Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford is infamous for refusing to attend pride events in the city known as one of the most international cities in the world. Not once, not twice, but event after event he declines. And yet, out here in the hard-bitten west, where a man is a man and a woman is a woman and other crap like that, where Calgary and Edmonton struggle to create an impression of international credibility, the mayor of the booming metropolis Lethbridge not only has officially attended the opening ceremony of the Lethbridge Pride Fest twice, he even raises the rainbow flag at city hall! And, he was attending this event before he was mayor, sent as official representation for Lethbridge’s previous mayor who was not available to attend but wanted to be there. Heather Chomos, Chair of the Lethbridge Pride Fest Society, comments, “He’s incredibly supportive of our community, and allows us a great deal of leniency in terms


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

of having the flag fly all week: that’s a big thing in a small community like this! “We are in the bible belt here, if not on the outskirts, and so our first year (in 2009) we thought we’d get maybe 50 people for the entire weekend, and we got nearly 1,000 people. And it’s grown exponentially since then.” Exponentially? Well perhaps a slight exaggeration, we can’t quite expect there to be a quarter of the planet in Lethbridge from June 16th to 23rd this year. Nevertheless, the lineup of events is impressive. Regarding the Youth Pride Dance in June 16th, Chomos says, “For years we’ve had young people asking if they could attend our dance, but because we were serving alcohol, they could not. And that did, in some ways, alienate the younger members of our community who wanted to come out and celebrate. So this is our first year for this.” For the flag raising on June 18th, she says, “[The time of] six o’clock allows people to leave work, go home, get ready, and maybe some of it is my own desire to allow the most people possible to attend, making sure that we are not excluding anybody.” She comments on Blues Night, June 20th, “It’s the middle of the week: you can relax, there is an event happening if you want to come out... It’s not going to be an overly-flamboyant, attention-grabbing thing, where some of our events are.” The main attraction of the week is Out in the Park at Galt Gardens on Saturday, June 23rd. “This is really what our parade would be if we marched down the street: really it’s just an event to show the diversity of our community and

Lethbridge Pride Events June 16

Bob Kosta Memorial Pride Barbeque;

June 16

Youth Pride Dance – Boys and Girls Club

June 17

Pride Faith Services & Affirm Pride Luncheon at the McKillop United Church

June 18

Official Flag Raising – Lethbridge City Hall at 6:00 p.m.

June 19

Pride Variety Night – The Owl Acoustic Lounge

June 20

Blues Night with Bill Durst – The Slice Bar and Grill

June 21

OUTreach Southern Alberta Society 2nd Annual Pride Awards – Mocha Cabana Coffee Lounge

June 22

Downtown LA Presents: Queeraoke – The Old Fire Hall

June 23

OUT in the Park– Galt Gardens

June 23

Imagine Pride Dance – German Canadian Club

Show Some Pride! Film Festival At the Lethbridge Public Library June 5


June 12

The Baby Formula

June 19

Two Spirits

June 26

Saving Face

really celebrate who we are.” This is followed by the Imagine Pride dance at the German Canadian club. “For me, this is one of the greatest events, because I get to see people having fun and enjoying themselves: cutting loose.” “Having this diversity of events allows as many members of our community as possible to attend the events that they feel they belong at...I can’t go anywhere with all these events going on without someone thanking me or appreciating that Pride is happening... We’ve been very responsible with the Pride Society and our roles in the community, and making sure that the events that we have (for example the Sunday event which respects people of faith) helps people to know that we love everybody. “Gay or straight, we want you to join us in celebrating who we are. If ten years from now there’s no need for there to be a gay pride anywhere in the world, we’ve done our job!”

Lethbridge Pride June 16th to 23rd Lethbridge, AB

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


A “Meital” that Won’t Rust

Sultry Israeli artist wears gay icon status like a coat

She may have become a gay icon with her music, but Meital has actually been around gay people her whole life. Her best friend in Israel was gay, though unfortunately he died. Now she has other gay friends there, and as she travels for work, she’s making many new gay friends everywhere she goes.  Photo by Meeno Peluce

By Krista Sylvester With lyrics like “them boys are so hot” and “tasty and yummy, enjoy them while you can”, you know actress-turned-singer Meital loves, well, boys. But you know what; they love her back. Gays, lesbians and straights are soaking up Tel Aviv-born Meital’s voice and dancing to the beat of her proverbial drum. Before her two singles – and videos – for “Yummy Boyz” and “Yummy”, the 32-year-old dynamic force was probably best known for her recurring role on HBO’s Weeds, where in one memorable episode she pulled out a black dildo for a sex scene – with an uncomfortable looking guy to be on the receiving end. “Oh, that was funny,” she laughs. “It was a lot of fun actually. The whole show was fun, but that scene was particularly funny. It was a pleasure.” But that was then and this is now, and if you haven’t seen Meital’s first two music videos yet, you should. In the already-viral video “Yummy”, the vixen packs a punch while wearing nothing but pink boxing gloves and boots. But you get the impression Meital is not shy. In a she’s sexy and she knows it kind of way, she takes the Internet by storm racking up millions of views for her videos and probably millions more for her magazine covers and photographs. But it was her “Yummy Boyz” video that hit MTV and catapulted Meital into the club music force she is becoming, and her songs are blaring on pride stations and remixed in gay clubs across the world. “The videos were a lot of fun,” she says from London, England where the ever-busy vixen is amidst several projects. “They were both fun in different ways.” These days Meital is dabbling in a little bit of everything, but music is at the forefront. Her upcoming album I’m in Hate With Love will be released in the fall and she just returned from a female-filled April weekend at Dinah Shore where she performed her upbeat songs for hundreds of lesbians. Dinah Shore labelled her one of the top five emerging artists to watch for this year. “It was amazing. They have a very different energy, a very beautiful energy. Some were more femme, some more masculine but in general they were all very energetic and well-rounded. It was so beautiful.” So is there a Yummy Girlz video in the artist’s future? “I should,” she laughs, “but I don’t have that version yet.”


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

“I really have a lot of fun with a gay audience. I think the gay community is a lot of fun and they are very open-minded, emotional and vibrant people,” Meital says. “It’s so much fun - it makes me feel like I was gay in a past life.” But it’s more than just friendships for Meital; she wants to support homosexuals and encourage progress in society’s acceptance of them. “Anything I can do for minorities, sexual freedom or just freedom in general, it’s my honour to be a part of it.” And besides, Meital says in her sultry Israeli accent, “straight is so boring these days.” It doesn’t hurt that she’s constantly compared with popular artists Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, just to name a couple. “Oh, it’s all good. I think gay audiences embrace new artists they believe in, and that’s kind of something that’s always been happening,” she explains. “They usually are drawn to strong, passionate women that are edgy and bring something new.” Women, she adds, like Bette Midler, Madonna, Cher and of course, Gaga and Perry. While some artists dislike being compared to others, Meital embraces it. Besides, she says, there are worse things you can be compared to than some of the best in the industry. “I’m still going to do my own thing but it’s still great to be compared.” And to think, Meital might not have ever turned to music if not for her spiritual guide in Israel who urged her along. She could have continued acting, performing comedy, appearing on magazine covers like Maxim and never have appeared in videos. But she had a calling. “I mean, I’ve always like music, but I never really focused on it until my guide said, you have to go back right now, drop everything and go now, and then everything just happened so fast,” she says. “Isn’t that funny?” Meital is just a go-with-the-flow kind of girl, wherever that may lead her. And lucky for us it’s everywhere. But will she be coming to Canada? “I’ve been to Toronto and I would love to come back to Canada and really connect with Canadian audiences,” she says. “I think it’s such a beautiful place.” For now, Canadians will have to whet their Meital appetite with her next single, a song with popular Jamaican artist Sean Kingston. If her previous videos are an indication, it’s going to be a club hit, which means it’ll hit the gay clubs with ferocious intensity.

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Rights in the Moment

AIDS Calgary Announces Annual Conference By AIDS Calgary Awareness Association On June 21st, AIDS Calgary Awareness Association’s (ACAA) annual conference will present a group of internationally renowned experts in HIV treatment, drug policy, and criminal law. The Conference, Rights in the Moment: Looking at the rights of people living with HIV, sex workers, and people who use drugs, has an exciting line-up of guest speakers discussing current issues, best practices, and research. Dr. Val Montessori and Irene Day, of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, will be presenting on Treatment as Prevention followed by a panel discussion. Conference speakers also include one of the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada by Canadian Lawyer magazine, Alan Young. The Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and one of Canada’s leading figures in drug policy, Donald MacPherson, will also be joining us. Other issues and hot topics to be explored at Rights in the Moment include a detailed look at the laws surrounding sex work, and Changing the Frame: A New Drug Policy for Canada. The conference topics will focus on current laws and research specific to Alberta and Canada. Registration for the conference is $80 per person, $130 for two people from the same organization and $35 for students. Reduced rates for Morning only or Afternoon only registration are available for those with busy schedules or a particular area of interest. For more information and to register please see the information below. Following the conference ACAA will also hold their Annual General Meeting. Rights in the Moment will take place at Fort Calgary from 8:30am to 4:00pm, with the AGM to follow at 5:00pm until 8:00pm. Food and beverages will be provided throughout the day.

Rights in the Moment Presented by AIDS Calgary Awareness Association June 21st, 8:30am-4pm • Fort Calgary (750 – 9th Ave SE) AGM to follow, 5-8pm Conference Registration 1-877-440-AIDS (2437) •

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012



 Futurama TM and (c) 2010 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved

Voice Actors Speak Out By Evan Kayne John DiMaggio and Billy West may not be household names but you might recognize them if you heard them speak. Both are voice actors from the animated series Futurama – John is the voice of Bender the robot among others, while Billy voices Philip J. Fry, Professor Hubert Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg, and Zapp Brannigan. As well, Billy has done voices for several of the Looney Tunes characters, voiced both characters in The Ren & Stimpy Show and had experience doing multiple voices when he was on the Howard Stern Show. They were both in town as part of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment expo this past April. Followers of voice actors in my opinion get a little more “nerd credit” than fans of other genres because they recognize the craftsmanship that a lot of voice talent display in their work. In contrast, big Hollywood films will often hire the “celebrity” name over the voice artist with years of experience. As Billy put it, “…a lot of movies demand Ben Affleck as a voice.” A celebrity may be a good actor on film but his voice alone usually provides a flat reading when compared to professional voice actors. Yet producers don’t care as it’s a big name that draws people in to see their film. John agreed, adding “…it’s frustrating. But you know, looking at it from a producer’s standpoint, I’m sure they have their reasoning. They want to make money and they want to have a name attached to it but, it’s frustrating.” Billy, however, doesn’t see evidence that a movie makes more or less money with a celebrity than if they had used artisans. “The whole celebrity thing…I could go on for a

million years with this, but they say What are you so worried about? You’re doing everything! I’m not complaining for myself I’m complaining about the 18-year old/19-year old girl firebrand who’s in Holy Oaks Massachusetts that can blow the doors off people and never get a shot at anything. And my heroes when I was growing up they weren’t frickin’ celebrities; my heroes were artists.” As voice artists, if you’re any good with multiple voices, it usually prevents you from getting categorized into one type of character much like some actors attached to popular shows have experienced (e.g. Adam West, William Shatner). That’s not to say that you can’t still be typecast. At one point in his career, Billy was pigeon-holed for characters he had been asked to read for because of Ren & Stimpy. “Every incidental character…they’d say and he’d start screaming at everybody because of Ren and Stimpy. They’d say that’s (your) thing. And I’d go No, it was busting my onions to do that!…I used to lose my voice.” Furthermore, if there is any doubt in the versatility a voice actor has over most celebrities, Billy told us he would often voice several Futurama characters back-to-back in the same recording session because it would take too long doing each voice as a separate track. “It’s all real time. We all jump characters. We’ve all got utility characters that show up and sometimes they’re back to back and we just do it in real time.” During the interview, these two actors demonstrated the vocal skills they possess. Unfortunately, it translates poorly to print, but for those who did get a chance to speak with with John and Billy, and watch the animation panel at the expo, realize how good these people are at their craft. It’s just a pity Hollywood sometimes doesn’t recognize it as much as they should. With newer tools and distribution networks being created thanks to the internet and the use of portable recording tools, this may change in the future; but until then, the next time you watch Futurama or an animated show where there are distinctive voices, try closing your eyes and just listen. You’ll probably find it pretty entertaining, even without the visuals. Watch the full interview at

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Archie Comics Turns a Shade Pink By Evan Kayne Recently, Archie Comics raised a few eyebrows and made some history when it introduced Kevin Keller – a gay character. His creator, Dan Parent, was in town in April for Calgary’s Comic and Entertainment Expo, and GayCalgary Magazine spoke to him about Kevin and other changes in Archie’s world. Introducing a gay character to what some might call the “squeaky clean image of Riverdale,” we wanted to know what kind of reaction Kevin got, especially considering how upset some social conservatives became when President Obama recently came out in support of gay marriage. “The reaction first it was a little bit surprised, because it’s Archie Comics,” Dan told us. “Overall it was good. Some people were on the fence...and then of course there’s your negative reaction, but when the book came out most of the Archie fans were onboard, and most of the people who were on the fence were onboard too...they liked the story when they read it. They saw that we weren’t corrupting America’s youth or anything, we were just introducing a gay character.”

As to the reason why they added a gay character, Dan’s short reply was essentially why not? The longer version was that the editors and writers were trying to add more diversity to Riverdale. They’d been adding more ethnic characters, and they discussed adding a gay character. The catch was, Archie comics didn’t necessarily want a gay character for the sake of sensation, they wanted a good character. “Basically, they told me if I could come up with a good story line, they would go for it.” Dan did, in a way that wasn’t forced or like an afterschool special; just something light and fun. The storyline certainly was that - Veronica falls for Kevin, Jughead knows Kevin’s gay, he’s okay with it but wants to see Veronica squirm, then Betty finds out about it but doesn’t say anything because that means she gets Archie all to herself. If it seems like something out of the movie Clueless or the TV show Will & Grace, that’s exactly what they were aiming for, Dan told me. “The story snowballed into this really fun, sort of sit-com plot.” As for the thought that injecting a gay character into the Riverdale world takes away that world’s innocence, Dan “... couldn’t disagree with that more. We all have gay people in our has nothing to do with morality. People nowadays understand that’s the way it is. Riverdale is still family friendly. A kid could still pick up a comic book and read it.” Dan added that Kevin has lots of fans, and his sexuality is not even important to them. While it might not be important to the fans, I was surprised at the lack of negative reaction, especially considering that not only did they introduce a gay character but they had

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


 Continued from Previous Page him pursue a military career. This would seem to be hitting a lot of hot buttons, considering that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was being debated (and ultimately repealed) in the American government about the same time, while gay marriage rights is almost constantly in the American news. The reason for Kevin’s military aspirations evolved as they flushed out his back story. They saw him as having travelled around the world but they needed a reason why. Victor Gorelick, Editor in Chief of Archie Comics, had served in the military. It was he who came up with the idea having Kevin’s background being that of a military brat. They didn’t play up the issue of gays in the military too much – Kevin just wanted to follow in his Dad’s footsteps. “We just felt it was a positive thing to show...a gay kid can follow in his father’s footsteps and it shouldn’t matter.” For me, this seemed like a lot of change coming from Archie comics. After all, this brand has been around for over 70 years. I don’t think of Archie comics as being current – the word I would use is “conservative”, not in the sense of politics, but in a sense, unchanging – like a comfort food. You know what’s going to happen when you pick up an issue of Archie comics – and that’s not a bad thing. The brand remains the same, but there are these slight changes to reflect that modern society is evolving. Another change Dan Parent made in the Riverdale world was the inter-racial romance between Archie Andrews and Valerie Smith (aka Valerie Brown) from Josie and the Pussycats. This has been a real shake-up. Usually Archie may stray a bit and date a new girl, but this time it seems like the new romance is sticking. Consequently, it’s a real threat to the Betty/Veronica love triangle. The reaction to this new...well, love quadrangle has been really good. “Surprisingly enough, the only time anyone has come up to me with a negative reaction was over that story line, and that was when I was doing a convention down in the South. Someone came up to me and he didn’t like my liberal agenda that I had...he said he was never buying any Archie comics again because of the Archie/Valerie romance. But I don’t think we wanted him as a reader to be honest... but for every person who doesn’t like it you’re going to have fifty people who do like it.” As for any future plans for Kevin, they’re getting him into the dating world. If after a year it goes well, they may introduce a serious boyfriend. The adult Kevin did get married, but that’s in the alternate universe portraying the Riverdale characters as grown adults. Archie comics will just show him dealing with the same problems every teen encounters – for the most part. “Some issues we’ll tackle a gay issue, some issues we won’t. We’re just going to do what feels right.” Now that they have a gay character, the inevitable question will be what about a lesbian character in Archie’s world. “If it comes up in a story, we’ll do it...but we don’t want to do it for the sake of having a lesbian character,” Dan said. There has to be a story that is natural. Some people suggested they should have done the lesbian storyline first as people are more comfortable with that. “It’s just the way it is in media watch TV shows, people are much more accepting to that. But we didn’t do it because the story line didn’t work. I worked in the Veronica book and I needed to have a Veronica story that was funny, so I needed a Kevin Keller for the story.” It’s not pushing an agenda, as some social conservatives might say. Archie comics is looking for entertaining stories which will resonate with the fans, and the Kevin Keller storyline, along with the Archie/Valerie romance is certainly doing that. “They just wanted to put out good stories that people will like without compromising the brand either – which we haven’t done.” If anything, these changes are making it more realistic and more accessible to a new generation of fans; and appealing to the older fans like myself who are finally seeing their own lives reflected in Archie’s world.


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

Gay: The New Super-power LGBT characters in comic books isn’t a new concept: Batwoman, Pied Piper, Moondragon, Northstar, Hulkling, Wiccan, Apollo and Midnighter are just a few characters who in the last decade have come out as gay – and it is interesting to see the mainstream acceptance of LGBT characters. Besides Kevin Keller, recently we’ve seen several new gay characters show up in comics and cartoons. Newspaper comic Funky Winkerbean recently ran a storyline where a same-sex couple wanting to go to their high school prom together encountered some bigotry. Marvel Comics announced the character Northstar would be marrying his long-time boyfriend Kyle in the pages of X-men. Furthermore, DC Comics recently announced that one of their major superheroes would come out of the closet. Speculation zeroed in on the Golden Age Green Lantern (aka Alan Scott), with DC comics confirming this June 1st. However, to a certain degree it’s not a complete reversal of a long existing character – they’ve recently (again) rebooted the DC comics universe, and the new storyline deals with a younger Alan Scott on Earth 2 (which is an alternate Earth from the Earth with Superman and the Hal Jordan Green Lantern). Still, many people would prefer that they create a new superhero who was never trapped in a closet, and there is a lot of debate on whether “gaying up” a previously straight character is a good thing. In the case with DC comics’ announcement, the feeling was this decision both propped up flagging sales and jumped on the gay bandwagon; yet there is no arguing that “queering” a major character does provide a lot of visibility for LGBT issues in comics - if handled properly. You can read the full Green Lantern press release at:

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The Carol Cattell Classic Golf Tournament & Campout A Legacy Lives On

By Dallas Barnes and Sam Casselman As summer quickly approaches, dozens of LGBTA organizations are quickly finalizing the last minute details of some amazing events, such as the Carol Cattell Classic Golf Tournament. From the sounds of things, not only will you be able to show off the golf swing you have been working on all year, but you will also be paying tribute to a phenomenal woman and an amazing organization. The tournament held from Friday, July 13th to Sunday, July 15th in Bashaw, Alberta is hosted by Womonspace, an organization whose mandate is to ensure safe and fun meeting spaces for lesbians in Edmonton and surrounding areas. The tournament is unique in many ways, and as Laurelie Nattress of Womonspace states, “This is a fun tournament that will include some unusual contest and golf skill competitions for modest prizes.” What originated as a more lax get-together has evolved into an all-weekend tournament. “In the past, we have used morning and afternoon shotgun starts for the golfers on the Saturday of the weekend. This year the tournament is again on the Saturday, but we are using specific tee times for the participants, beginning in the early afternoon or late morning, depending on registrations,” adds Nattress.

Carol Cattell, whose namesake highlights the tournament, was a founding member of Womonspace who began the annual tournament. “Carol started the golf tournament and worked hard to make it happen every year until she lost her fight with cancer. A portion of the proceeds of the tournament goes toward the arts program at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton,” remembers Nattress. Cattell’s determination has definitely paid off, and the weekend is unique not only in the game of golf, but also in that it is a weekend campout, a favourite pastime of many of LGTBA Albertans. “The campout is unusual in that it is a rarity in our community; an opportunity for lesbians to gather, camp, and socialize in the great outdoors. The location, Country 9 Golf Course and Campground in Bashaw, lends itself well to the combination tournament/ campout.” Womonspace has a rich history in creative events for women. What began as a small group of women craving social events in 1981 has turned into a volunteer-driven Board, organizing many social events and six dances a year. Registration for the Carol Cattell Classic Golf Tournament ends on July 4th. Visit their website if you would like to register, or contact Laurelie with any questions at

Carol Cattell Classic Golf Tournament & Campout 2 Nights Optional Camping, 9 Hole Golf Tournament Friday, July 13th to Sunday, July 15th Country 9 Golf Course and Campground, Bashaw, AB

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


2012 Rodeo Will Rock

ARGRA/CRIR Expands to include more Live Entertainment  ARGRA/CRIR 2011, photos by Steve Polyak GayCalgary

By Evan Kayne The Canadian Rockies International Rodeo (CRIR) running this year from June 29th to July 1st, has always been a popular event. The organizers – ARGRA – have taken careful steps over the past few years to keep the old standbys and slowly add new ideas. This year they’ve re-branded the event as a rodeo AND music festival. ARGRA’s Director of Communications, Judy Munson, told us that this year’s rodeo “...has turned into an amazing event, and I have to give kudos to Andrea Katz. She’s been working with Jefferson – our vice president – and they’ve put together an absolutely amazing list of entertainment.” With over twenty performers rocking the Showboat stage for thirty hours over the weekend, “...the sad thing is, as a competitor, we’re going to miss a lot of these performers because most of them are performing during the day (and some in the evening).” This is to make the CRIR even more exciting for everyone. Musical performances are starting in the morning and go until 10pm. “We’re trying to make it a music festival and


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

we’re trying to provide that component along with the rodeo…to draw people who like rodeo and like music both.” Friday’s entertainment will be female soloists, groups, and acts featuring female vocals. From folk to rocking country gals, they’ll kick off the rodeo with bands predominately for the cowgirls. Amazing acts such as Tanyss Nixi, Amy Heffernan, and of course Hashmagandy. Pear will also appear just before they leave to be one of the supporting bands for Reba McEntire. Saturday is a solid day of Pop and Rock, but also an “anything goes” kind of day. You’ll see Connor James, Jamie Flynn, Kyemara, Magnetic North, Boy & Gurl, and Netty Mac. “Netty Mac is very interesting,” Judy told me. “She’s female artist of the year ACMA (Association of Country Music), and she comes with a pretty big following of her own.” The final day of the music festival will be one dedicated to local up and coming country artists. You’ll see Jon Gant, Allison Demeter, Lauren Mayell, Alex Vissia, The Backyard Bettys and the Ruminants performing at various times. “These are all very talented artists who are bringing a diversity of music and entertainment to our Showboat Stage like we’ve never had. We are pleased to welcome back some favourites, but the majority of acts you will see this year will be new to you and us. Our Entertainment Department has outdone themselves on the calibre of acts we’re presenting this year.” Yet the festival is only the start! Last year, a tornado warning truncated the rodeo on Sunday, so this year ARGRA is hoping the new “Tornado Night Club” will blow you away

 ARGRA/CRIR 2011, photos by Steve Polyak GayCalgary

with three great nights of partying. “We’re advertising it as the biggest gay bar in Canada, on the Canada day weekend.” It will all be happening in the big hall. “We also have international gay and lesbian amazing 20,000 watt PK sound system and James Kalder’s state of the art lighting. This is going to be huge.” Expect to see the likes of local DJ Goldstar (“...he’s kind of our main guy, he’s the one who’s really spent a lot of time and effort getting this going”), and Jeffery Michael from Vancouver, to name just two. Judy anticipates that, like the musicians, their selection of DJs will bring out fans to the party. Yet it’s not just dance music you’ll hear; Judy assures us there will also some boot-stompin’ country tunes as well. “I think people are really going to be surprised with what’s going on.” Of course, there will still be a lot of the regular standby items that are now part and parcel of the rodeo – such as the GayCalgary Country Carnival, the food vendors, the Town Hall, the Silent Auction, and the camp sites just beside the rodeo grounds. These mainstays haven’t changed, but as usual, if you are interested in booking a space at the Carnival or in the campsite or Town Hall, check out ARGRA’s website ASAP for details, deadlines and fees. One of the recent additions to the CRIR which has proved quite well-liked is the Rodeo School. It is geared toward beginners who have never competed before and want to learn and possibly compete in certain rodeo events. “It’s our third year of rodeo school. It’s really popular – people are signing up like nuts!” Judy said. What she finds encouraging is the interest in the rodeo school coming from a lot of new people. “I think our rodeo school is one of the most popular on the circuit.” Consequently, if you want to become a “Cowboy/ girl in training” register on ARGRA’s website immediately before the deadline or before all the slots are taken. Finally, Judy wants to give a big shout-out to all the volunteers who make it possible. Especially since the 2012 version of the Canadian Rockies International Rodeo is shaping up to be a party like no other.

That’s not all...ARGRA introduces a Fabulous New Membership program! ARGRA is now a member of the Social Club Discount Listing. This means that besides the discounts already available with ARGRA sponsors, members will receive discounts at restaurants, hotels, ski hills, and businesses all over Alberta (over 178 businesses at this point). Once you have your new ARGRA membership card, all you have to do is show it at any participating businesses and make your membership work for you. “Our membership is just skyrocketing because people are really excited about it,” said Judy.

The Canadian Rockies International Rodeo Presented by ARGRA June 29th to July 1st, 2012 122 Brent Blvd, Strathmore, AB

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012



 Floor plans for 3 types of suite available in ION2

Midori Suite, Kitchen 

Affordable. Comfortable. Chic.

Jayman Modus Challenges Edmonton to “Try Something Different” By Janine Eva Trotta A fully equipped fitness room in building one, an entertainment lounge in building two; a looming four story glass atrium, wide hallways, guest residences and a communal outdoor courtyard with BBQ area are just some of the tempting trimmings offered by the new Ion in Ambleside condominium buildings in Edmonton. “The time to buy is now,” says Sandi Serr, Project Marketing Specialist for Jayman Modus and part of the Jayman MasterBUILT company group since 1993. ION1, the first Ion building erected in Edmonton’s Ambleside community, was met with such a warm reception that the edifice now has only six suites remaining as they are ready for move in. However in ION2, potential dwellers still have the opportunity to preselect interior colour palettes. “[The Ion in Ambleside] gives homeowners the ability to live out their lifestyle and a playground for vibrant living,” says Serr. “First time buyers and even young couples – the young urbanite who wants maintenance free lifestyle living along with a stylish yet affordable home.”


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

Owners have four contemporary options from which to choose: slate, pearl, mocha and nutmeg; all offering transitional stylings and four levels of upgrades that ensure the unit you select will reflect your taste. “Each of our communities we build from scratch,” Serr says. “They are very unique and focus on the lifestyle of the customer. We cater to their style and individuality.” Suites at the Ion were named for popular urban cocktails. The Cosmo is a one bedroom, 610 square foot suite; the Midori a two bedroom with 869 square feet; and the Chatelier a two bedroom with 965 square feet of living space. Other suite options include the Tesoro, the Reiko and the Ambre. “The Ion is about one’s reflection in style and is sexy and sophisticated,” Serr says. Some the key suite specifications include: • Nine foot ceilings • Stackable front load washer and dryer • Full height ceramic tile kitchen backsplash • Stainless steal appliance package including refrigerator, smooth top stove, dishwasher and OTR microwave • 42 inch upper thermofoil kitchen cabinets • Heated underground or surface level parking • Built in tech centre • Kitchen eating bar Best of all, theses suites – close to amenities, retail developments, golfing and in proximity of Edmonton’s hot spots – are priced affordably. A one bedroom unit starts at $174,455, which works out to $730 per month – most likely at par or less than what most renters pay. This is available with a qualifying income of $41,463 per annum. Two bedroom suites start from $250,900, which equates $1090 per month, with a qualifying income of $48,762. “Buying your first home can be overwhelming, so Jayman Modus has created the Modus Experience which delivers an easy buying experience and a seamless transition into your new home,” says Serr. This includes the option to have your property financed through Jayman Financial.

 Midori Suite, Living Room

 Chatalier Suite, Bedroom

“[Jayman Financial] focuses on the buyers’ mortgage requirements and ensures they have the best rate and program to suit their needs,” Serr says. “We also don’t charge disbursement fees and if you go through Jayman’s lawyers there are no legal fees.”  Cosmo Suite, Livingroom The company also boasts “No Surprises!” Heat, hot water, gas, and irrigation and maintenance of the grounds, are included in the monthly condo fees. Electricity will be individually metered per unit and will be the responsibility of the owner. Whether buying down or moving up Jayman Modus ensures you are kept in the loop as your new build completes, or as you ready yourself for the move in date. The company offers purchasers a moving van and a Modus Essentials Starter Kit full of basic homeowner necessities such as nails, garbage bags and toilet paper.

“Whether [clients] prefer texting or email, they will receive regular updates and photos as construction progresses,” Serr says. “It’s just another way to stay excited and informed.” “We want to give the homebuyer the best experience out there.”

Ion show Suites Mon-Thur, 2-8pm • Weekends, 12-5pm 2584 Anderson Way SW, Edmonton

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Brandi Carlile Kids Around

Singer talks new album, career epiphany and how ‘even lesbians have chickens and horses’  Brandi Carlile, photo by Big Hassle

By Chris Azzopardi Here’s what we know about Brandi Carlile: Her lung power is a bigger threat to humanity than any nuclear war; she’s cool enough to sing with Elton John, who recorded a track with the singer for her last studio album, 2009’s Give Up the Ghost; and she’s totally girl crazy. Carlile’s fourth LP, Bear Creek, named after the secluded studio outside of Seattle she and her twin collaborators recorded in, takes her further into the Americana genre she’s gradually pursued since dropping her debut seven years ago. GC: Of all your albums, Bear Creek feels most indicative of your musical influences as a child. BC: It doesn’t surprise me. It’s the first record we’ve made outside the boundaries of working at a faraway studio with a major producer. It really did feel like the kind of record you make if you are a kid having a sleepover and the parents aren’t there. We ended up doing things that we didn’t expect. GC: “Just Kids” sounds like nothing you’ve recorded before. Can you tell me about that song? BC: I call that my 3 o’clock in the morning song, because after the session would end and everybody would leave, I would work on this crazy song that I had been tossing around in my head that no one got. I couldn’t get anybody to get it because it was too difficult for me to play. GC: You always come back to songs about childhood. Why do you feel a connection to that time?


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

BC: I probably always will. I’m super in touch with my inner 8-year-old. I have The Neverending Story tattooed on my shoulders, and that’s just how I live my life – so I’ll probably always write from that vantage point. I hope I don’t ever lose that, because that’s my compass. GC: Are your twin collaborators, Phil and Tim Hanseroth, big kids too? BC: Oh yeah. We get together and catch frogs and things like that. GC: Is that what you did at Bear Creek? BC: Quite a bit. We went down to the creek a lot, and the frogs were insane. What you hear at the end of the record was just a really great microphone that we ran out the back window and down to the creek to record the frogs, which is difficult, believe it or not. GC: Why is Bear Creek significant? BC: That whole area of the northwest is significant to me. It’s a rural northwestern recording studio built from a 100-year-old barn – more similar to my living situation. It’s really near where the twins and I grew up; we all lived in the area, and we’d all get up every morning and carpool or just stay overnight there. GC: Many of your childhood influences were country artists, and you’ve gradually moved into that genre. Have you considered doing a country record? BC: Yeah, I’ve thought about it a lot. Someday I’d love to do a country duets record. Country is just full of duets and has the best duets there are. I’d love to do an album of duets with current country artists that I love – and then some of the

older country artists that are hanging around Nashville that probably wouldn’t give me the time of day. But I would beg them. GC: Being a lesbian, do you think the country genre would welcome you with open arms? BC: I haven’t made any strategic moves or decisions to move toward a more countrydefined flavor in my music or in my lifestyle. I love country music so much because of the way it sounds and because of its traditions, but also because it really does speak to the way I live when I am in my truck and I’m going to get hay for the horse and I’m chasing chickens around the yard. My sexual orientation has very little to do with that, so I expect the country music industry to catch up to that sentiment – that even lesbians have chickens and horses and problems finding work and all the things that they sing about, and they will catch up to that eventually. I am of the strong belief that where you stand out most is exactly where you’re needed. GC: Last time we spoke you mentioned that you didn’t recognize a huge gay following despite you being out. Has that changed? BC: Yeah, the blinders have been removed from me a bit. I guess (gay fans) kind of always were there; I just didn’t notice. I have total career mindedness and tunnel vision, and I get ultra focused. I’ve just been living on adrenaline and momentum for the last decade and singing and touring, singing and touring. I never notice what the venues are or who’s calling or where they’re from; I just have these discussions and they’re great, and then I move on. But now I do see things – like, I look at my schedule and I go, “Chris is calling me; OK, this is a gay publication, this is exciting and I’m ready to dive into that conversation.” GC: What changed? BC: Well, I turned 30. (Laughs) I just woke up one day, and it happened to be on my birthday coincidentally, and realized that I cultivated a real career mindedness and was being neglectful. I plan to get a little more involved with activism in the coming years. I’m getting pretty excited about broadening my horizons. GC: Activism within the gay community? BC: If it calls for it, then certainly. I tend to be more moved by humanitarian issues, issues that are less politically motivated. The gay community is one of the interesting situations where, politically, it does veer into humanitarian and human rights territory. It’s one of the last civil rights situations and, to me, that is a humanitarian effort. So it definitely falls in the category of what I want to focus my charity on. GC: What was your experience growing up gay in a small town? BC: It wasn’t a difficult process for me. My parents were amazing about it, my siblings were great, they came around, and I had the support from my community. Again, the whole concept of where you stand out the most is where you’re most needed. I think I had a good reputation and I had a lot of love and friends and family in my small hometown, in my small school. Just being and living openly in that area changed minds on its own. I wouldn’t say I made a big momentous occasion of coming out. I just was out, and there was really no hiding it. I mean, the way that it changed minds wasn’t that I was standing outside the church with a protest sign; the guy at the grocery store

would hear and go, “Oh, she’s gay? But I really like her.” And his mind would be changed. GC: You know, I’ve always had a crush on the twins. BC: I believe you! One of them is married to my sister, though, so that disqualifies him. So there’s only one left for you; that’s Timmy. He’s not married, and no, he’s not gay. (Laughs) GC: Having known each other for so long, and being around them as much as you have, you must have seen them naked once or twice. BC: More than once or twice. Once or twice a day. Look, all modesty goes out the door when you live on a tour bus – that thing is 45 feet long by 8 feet wide, and when you have 12 dudes on there at one time, there’s just no privacy left, there’s nothing sacred anymore. GC: What have you learned from each other? BC: We’ve meshed and become a machine that moves in the same direction. And we’ve learned a lot from each other personally. It’s been a crazy year. Phil married my sister, and I was the maid of honor and Tim was the best man. Just a couple of weeks ago, Tiffany and Phil had a baby, so me and Tim were in the hospital, the auntie and the uncle – a pretty strange way for a band to be in the same room. GC: What happens five minutes before you hit the stage? BC: I say a prayer, if I’m really nervous. A lot of times Phil goes off the rails and into some manic pep talk; he’s like a football coach that’s just taken cocaine. He gets really into it, jumps up and down and slaps high-fives. And he yells “Iron Maiden” all the time, which is really weird. Tim just kind of plays his guitar and I might do a shot of whiskey. We love to play, so we don’t tend to ritualize it. GC: Is the song “Josephine,” from the album The Story, about an ex-girlfriend? BC: No, just a county in Oregon. Now, though, Josephine is the name of my niece. GC: For the longest time I thought it was about a lost love. BC: No, no. But you’re very romantic. GC: I’m not sure if you’re still with your girlfriend, but how has she, or any other girlfriends, influenced your songwriting? BC: It’s funny. I rarely write songs about a person that I’m in a relationship with at the time. It’s always someone I’ve been in a relationship with or someone I want to be in a relationship with. So no, I would say not. And I’m not still with her, but she was such an influence on my life that I’m sure she’s in there a little bit and probably always will be. In true gay fashion, she is, of course, one of my biggest friends. GC: Those lesbians can’t let go. BC: (Laughs) We cannot! If you made me a T-shirt that said, “Those lesbians can’t let go,” I would proudly wear it.

Brandi Carlile

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The Traveling Tickle Trunk Setting sex toys on fire for your safety! By Jade Cooper Brenda Kerber is changing the face of Sex Shops for the better! Owner, operator and Sex Educator at The Traveling Tickle Trunk, Brenda and her team pride themselves on knowing their sex toys from the inside out and ensuring their clients receive all the information upfront, before they buy! Not only does The Traveling Tickle Trunk carry a wide variety of sex toys, lube, kinky accessories and mood enhancing candles, they also offer sex positive seminars and workshops to the Edmonton community. Brenda’s shop makes everyone feel welcome, providing a bright, friendly and comfortable environment for customers, far beyond the often dark, dingy and sleazy sex shops. Even if you can’t make the trip to Edmonton, Brenda offer’s her assistance to those that are thinking about buying a toy over the internet and says that they are welcome to call The Traveling Tickle Trunk for advice before they buy. “Don’t buy toys from the internet,” is Brenda’s first piece of advice. If you insist on making an incognito purchase, are embarrassed to cross the threshold of a sex shop or are too shy to ask a professional then be prepared to get what you paid for... or to get ripped off. Let’s face it, the sex toy industry is one of the fastest growing industries. No refunds, returns or exchanges, this industry is a quick cash grab for most distributors. Even through a recession, the sex toy industry continued to gain more attention, providing a broader range of products, technology and accumulating consumers. Buyer beware, there are no regulations or standards around sex toys. “There is a lot of information you need to know in order to be using sex toys safely.” Most people don’t understand the proper care and cleaning of a toy. If you are participating in multi-partner play or sharing your toy with your partner, you should also consider using a condom on your vibrator. Sounds absurd? Then you need more information. The Traveling Tickle Trunk has a strong criteria for the toys and the sexccesories they sell, “It must be safe to use for its intended purpose. It must be of quality construction. It must do what it is designed to do. It must help you to feel good about yourself, not imply that you need to be bigger, smaller, tighter or harder.” By putting the toys to the test at the shop and at home, Brenda and her team not only give you a well investigated synopsis of a toy, they can also offer personal testimonials! Not too personal, mind you. Once Brenda has sufficiently researched 26

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

a toy, she requests a demo from the manufacturer, “... and then we just abuse it. We take it apart. We actually set them on fire sometimes. We throw them in water. We throw them on the floor. We turn them on and off a million times...” This way Brenda and her team know if the toy is going to stand up to the test of time and usage. “We put things through the ringer before we will actually sell them.” Customer satisfaction combined with healthy sexuality is paramount to Brenda. The best part of her job is talking to people and assisting people with a happier, healthier sexlife. “It’s about taking an active role in your own health and your own expression of your sexuality and making those decisions for yourself. Having respect for yourself is really important to me, I think that’s a big aspect of healthy sexuality - and communication...being able to talk openly with anybody that you are engaging with about what feels right for you. What you need. What they need and sharing that respect with a partner.” Brenda went on to say, “I don’t say that healthy sex is always using condoms. It isn’t as simple as that. It is bigger to me than that.” Before opening The Traveling Tickle Trunk, Brenda was a Sex Educator for the HIV Network. She found the majority of sex education to be extremely negative, using scare tactics and fear of the unknown as a basis for protecting oneself from the evils of sex. “All of the education is about all of the different ways you are going to get hurt when you have sex. How sex is going to ruin your life - that you are going get pregnant, you are going to get AIDS and you are going to die. That’s all they ever talked about.” While working in this position, she was introduced to sex toys and she attended a sex toy party. Brenda then began selling toys through the party companies and realized that the quality of toys and the education required to go along with these toys was lacking. From there, she realized that there was a greater market for quality items accompanied by information and she opened the Traveling Tickle Trunk. The Traveling Tickle Trunk... helping newcummers explore new and exciting sex toys in a safe, consensual way that protects your health!

The Traveling Tickle Trunk 9923 – 82 Avenue, Edmonton 780-469-6669 •

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The Swinging Scales of Justice

Bigotry and Enlightenment Around Equal Marriage In America By Stephen Lock Despite the advances in rights for the LGBTQ communities, and a growing acceptance of at least lesbians and gay/bi men (acceptance of transsexuals is still lagging), we continue to encounter some pretty far out anti-gay stuff. We certainly had the whackos crawling out of the woodwork here in Canada during our process toward equal marriage. Our American neighbours seem to go in for polarized politics at the best of times and when it comes to the debate currently happening in the States around same-sex marriage there, this tendency is on full tilt. First, we had a North Carolina Senior Pastor, Sean Richards of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, exhorting his congregation to ”correct” effeminate behaviour in boys by punching them, calling for fathers to ”squash” the behaviour; if they “had a limp wrist”, straighten that wrist by cracking it and make the boy “man up”. “So your little son starts to act a little girlish when he is four years old and instead of squashing that like a cockroach and saying, man up, son, get that dress off you and go outside and dig a ditch, because that is what boys do, you get out the camera and start taking pictures of Johnny acting like a female and then you upload it to YouTube and everybody laughs about it and the next thing you know, this dude, this kid is acting out childhood fantasies that should have been squashed... Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist! Man up. Give him a good punch. Okay? You are not going to act like that. You were made by God to be a male and you are going to be a male.” But it wasn’t just gay boys he was after. Young lesbians came in for it, too. “And when your daughter starts acting too butch, you rein her in. You say, oh no, oh no sweetheart! You can play ‘em, play ‘em to the glory of God, but sometimes you’re gonna act like a girl, walk like a girl, talk like a girl, and smell like a girl so that means you’re gonna be beautiful, you’re gonna be attractive, you’re gonna dress yourself up.” Following a firestorm of outrage, he issued a retraction...of sorts. Keep in mind, he is a Southern Baptist minister so he is never going to see homosexuality in an affirmative light. To him, it is and will always be “an abomination”. And that’s fine. He’s free to believe whatever he wishes and to interpret 2000-year old words, often poorly translated over the centuries, in any manner he wishes. That is freedom of religion. I disagree but have no real issue with that. Okay...I have bit of an issue with it, but I recognize no amount of logic, reasonable argument, or pointing out how the understanding of human sexuality two millennia ago was considerably less sophisticated than it is now, is going to change such a person’s mind. I can live with that. In his retraction he acknowledges he should have chosen his words better. But he goes on to say, “It’s amazing how punch has been equated to [sic] inciting violence against gay youth; that’s not what I meant!” When asked on CNN what he did mean by the “punch remark” he answered, “A shove. An affirmation. You see coaches give their players a good punch or a good’s a way of affirming the gender distinctions between a male and a female...”

Then, a few weeks later, we have another Baptist minister, Pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church, just outside Charlotte, N.C., take it even further. Pastor Worley preached lesbians and “queers and homosexuals” (what the distinction is between the two was never made clear by the pastor) should be incarcerated in what sounded very much like concentration camps. “About our president gettin’ up and sayin’ it’s alright for two women to marry or two men to marry. I’ll tell you right now I was disappointed bad, but I’ll tell ya right there - and it’s as sorry as it can get - but the Bible’s [against] it, God’s [against] it, I’m [against] it and, if you got any sense, you’re [against] it! I figured a way out, a way to get rid of ‘em, all them lesbians and queers, but I couldn’t get it past the a great big large fence - 50 or a 100 mile long - and put all the lesbians in there. Fly over and drop some food. Do the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals. And then have that fence electrified so they can’t get out. Feed ‘em, and then you know what? In a few years, they’ll die out. You know why? They can’t reproduce.” Pastor Worley is no novice to this sort of rhetoric. In 1978 he gave a sermon archived on the church’s website in which he said, “We’re living in a day when, you know what, it saddens my heart to think that homosexuals can go ‘round - bless God - and get the applause of a lot of people. Lesbians and all the rest of it. Bless God, forty year ago they’da hung them, bless God, from a white oak tree! Wouldn’t they? Amen...” Whatever one might think of his beliefs - as twisted and horrifying as they may be - what will get him in trouble with the Feds is not his, I would argue, clearly advocating for the incarceration and death of lesbians and gay men in concentration camps. It will be his crossing the line from preaching into the realm of politics. Not a particularly intelligent move on his part. But I’d rather deal with a stupid bigot than a devilishly clever one. The blatantly ignorant ones are easy to spot and easy to counter. It’s the smart ones that appear reasonable and concerned as they sneak their policies and ideas in through the back door, that concern me the most. It seems Pastors Richards and Worley fall into the former category, with room to spare. Like in Canada, churches and other faith institutions such as temples, synagogues, mosques and religious charities, enjoy tax exempt status so long as they separate charitable and faith activities from political advocacy. As in Canada, the rules of tax exemption are quite clear. Pastor Worley sailed right on past that. “I’ll tell right now...somebody said who you’re gonna vote for. I ain’t gonna vote for a baby killer and a homosexual lover! Ya said, did you mean to say that? You better believe I did! God have mercy - it makes me pukin’ sick to think about - I don’t even know if ya can all say this in the pulpit or not - can you imagine kissing some man...” He then went on to say “I love you fellas, but not that much...” While Pastor Worley seems to think he is free to spout whatever garbage he sees as truth because after all he lives in the United States of America and the Constitution says he can say whatever he wants, he apparently is not ready to extend that right to those who disagree with his views. The church reputedly had requested that “all media be restricted” and media gathered at the church were told by police deputies to immediately leave the property. More than 1000 protesters speaking out against Worley had to hold their rally 12 kilometres away in Newton, according to rally organizers, to accommodate the large turnout and to have a more visible presence than the remote location in which Providence Road Baptist is located. One can’t help but suspect they, too, had been told to relocate. Worley has, at the time of writing, refused to make a statement to media or to be interviewed. The Right frequently comes out against initiatives such as hate/ bias crime laws, gay-affirmative action in our schools, or any sort of


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

limitations on freedom of speech and religion. I understand that; I don’t happen to agree with them on those issues, but I do understand where they are coming from...most of the time.

partnerships only. Equal marriage, civil unions, or same-sex domestic partnerships are banned by either statute or state constitutional amendments in the remaining 33 states.

However, why do we not hear anyone from the social conservative end of the spectrum speak out against such hatred? Does their deafening silence indicate at least a tacit agreement with such views? It’s not like there isn’t ample opportunity, in a variety of media, to speak out against such things. They certainly seem to have access to such avenues when they accuse moderate Muslims of failing to speak out against Islamism. They certainly seem to have plenty of access when accusing the ‘lib-left’ of failing to speak out on a variety of issues. Yet their silence on this is pervasive. It reads as being guilty of the very thing of which they accuse others. There’s a word for that; hypocrisy.

Having a sitting President support equal marriage carries no legal or constitutional weight. Congress does not appear willing to rescind the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) enacted under Bill Clinton, although Obama has directed his Justice Department to cease defending challenges to DOMA which, one assumes, would eventually lead to DOMA withering on its own vine. While most Republicans are not surprisingly opposed to equal marriage, there are few moderates in favour. This, however, is balanced out by conservative Democrats.

A recent ABC News-Washington Post poll found 53 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage; an increase of 20 percentage points from a 2004 poll which registered only 32 percent favoured same-sex marriage. There has also been a dramatic shift in the demographics. In 2006 only people younger than 30 years of age were a majority in favour. The 2012 poll shows people in their 30s and 40s now are. Currently, same-sex marriage is legal in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachuetts, New Hampshire, New York State, Vermont, and the District of Columbia. Oregon is one of the 31 states to ban samesex marriage but it is permitted amongst the Coquille First Nation. The state of Washington only recognizes civil unions, but the state’s Squamish tribe recognizes same-sex marriage. California conditionally recognizes it, meaning marriages performed there when it was briefly legal (overturned by Proposition 8) are recognized; others are not. Maryland and Rhode Island only recognize marriages made outside their jurisdiction.

One of Obama’s major wins, North Carolina, voted 61 percent in favour of enshrining ”traditional marriage” in their state constitution. There are also concerns within his Administration that support of equal marriage could cost him important ”swing states” such as Virginia and Ohio. He also risks alienating many within the Hispanic and African-American communities which, overwhelmingly, oppose same-sex marriage and/or civil unions for homosexuals. Obama is, of course, aware of this and still chose to ”do the right thing”, as President John F. Kennedy did over 40 years ago when he stood up to southern states and pushed for civil rights for AfricanAmericans. JFK recognized for a nation built on the premise of equality and freedom, to deny a segment of that society anything less than full equality undermined the very thing America stood for. Obama recognizes the same thing and, like JFK, has taken a leap of faith. Let us hope the American people, the Richards’ and Worleys and others like them notwithstanding, recognize it as well.

Civil unions are legal in Delaware, Hawaii (which also recognizes domestic partnerships), Illnois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. California, Maine, and Washington State recognize domestic

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Gossip year. And OK, yes, it also stars Mel Gibson, which is clearly a turnoff. But before you go looking for a third strike against it, know that in all things there exists a balance. In this case it’s lesbian bombshell Amber Heard, who’s taken a role in the violent action movie. Plot: Machete battles an arms dealer who wants to launch weapons into space. She’ll be featured alongside Jessica Alba (straight) and Michelle Rodriguez (on the books as straight at the time of this writing), both reprising earlier roles in the first installment of the intentionally pulpy fiction. It comes out sometime in 2013; plenty of time for you to figure out once and for all how Jodie Foster manages to enjoy Gibson’s company. Wentworth Miller joins Killer behind the camera Maybe you were one of the vast throngs of gay guys who thought that Wentworth Miller’s talents were limited to looking hot on Prison Break. If so, then that just shows how much you know. Are you aware that he also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming film Stoker, starring Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska? Or that his latest scripted effort, The Disappointments Room, has been picked up by power-lesbian Christine Vachon’s Killer Films, which will join forces with Voltage Pictures (The Hurt Locker) to produce the project? Well, now you do. The brief plot synopsis for Disappointments makes it sound like a typical haunted house/somethingbad-happened-here movie – family moves into mysterious old dwelling where dark secrets lie – but the fact that Killer (Mildred Pierce, Boys Don’t Cry) is into it means there’s already some sort of secret wrinkle we don’t know about. This is a company that puts vision before money, so we’ll be happily following the progress of this one. Set that DVR: Margaret Cho finally returns to 30 Rock

 T.R. Knight, photo by ABC

Deep Inside Hollywood The return of T.R. Knight

When Margaret Cho played North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il on 30 Rock last season, kidnapping Avery (Elizabeth Banks) and setting a bizarre plot line in motion for Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), it was pretty clear she’d be back this season to renew the role. And then Kim Jong Il died. What to do? And the answer to that long-simmering question is: bring back Margaret Cho as Kim Jong Il, of course. This is a show, after all, that successfully and hilariously tackled Tracy Morgan’s real-life offensive antigay statements during a stand-up routine, so the death of a real-life character isn’t going to slow them down. Just how this will all shake out is under wraps right now, but Cho will return to the show for the May 10 and May 17 episodes. And as long as she’s playing a dead man now, who’s to say she won’t do it again in the future? Romeo San Vicente would wholeheartedly support a Liz Lemon/Jack Donaghy ticket for 2012.

By Romeo San Vicente There was that “f-word” scandal, he quit Grey’s Anatomy and then… whatever happened to T.R. Knight? Well, first he took some time off, appeared on Law & Order the way everyone does eventually, and then spent time under the media radar doing theater – the perfect route to insure that Hollywood will ignore you for as long as you like. But now Knight is back on the screen in 42, the upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic from Legendary Pictures. In the role of Robinson will be Chadwick Boseman (The Express), while Knight will portray Harold Parrott, the Brooklyn Dodgers’ traveling secretary. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford will star as Branch Rickey, the man who signed Robinson to the Dodgers in 1947, making him the very first black Major League baseball player and ending segregation in the sport. In other words, baseball fans would do well to bring something to discreetly sniffle into when the film opens in the spring of 2013.

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Amber Heard machetes her way through Hollywood Hey ladies, Robert Rodriguez has a new movie in the works. Of course, you’ll have to look past its most obvious qualities to see what’s specifically in store for you, since it’s called Machete Kills and is, in fact, the sequel to the Grindhouse director’s crazy, Danny Trejo-starring revenge-sploitation film of last 30

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012



GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Out of Town A Provincetown Primer

 Ten Tables, which opened in 2011, has quickly become one of Provincetown’s hottest culinary destinations, photo by Andrew Collins

By Andrew Collins There’s nothing quite like late spring in Provincetown, when seasonal businesses have all completed their refurbishments and new paint jobs, and the loyal fans of this idyllic gay resort town at the tip of Cape Cod have begun filtering back, predominantly over long weekends in May and June, and then in significant numbers of every day of the week throughout summer. If you’re more about quiet beach strolls, saving a little money, and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow travelers without overpowering crowds, plan a trip here in spring, or wait until the beautiful autumn months of September and October. If you’re more about partying and hobnobbing, head here in summer - just keep in mind that rates are at their highest then, as are waits for tables at top restaurants. And many hotels and inns require minimum stays of three to as many as seven nights during this period. Be aware, too, that Provincetown has a number of very fun yearly events that draw big crowds, from Carnival to Holly Folly to Cabaret Fest - you can view the full rundown at the excellent website produced by the GLBT Provincetown Business Guild (, which also gives comprehensive lists of attractions, lodgings, bars, restaurants, shops, galleries, and more. At whatever time you come, here are some key Provincetown ( recommendations on where to sample delicious food, mingle with friends at bars, and snuggle up in bed for the night: A couple of terrific restaurants opened in Provincetown last season and immediately began earning raves. In an elegant

Victorian mansion, Dalla Cucina serves artfully plated fine Italian fare - it was named “Best Italian Restaurant in New England” in 2011 by Yankee Magazine. The other newish notable is Ten Tables, which has earlier-established branches in Cambridge and Boston’s LGBT-popular Jamaica Plain neighborhood. This intimate, romantic eatery sources ingredients from local fishermen and the restaurant’s own garden. Chef-owner Krista Kranyak dazzles diners with creative dishes like braised pork shank with grilled romaine, sunchokes, and orange. Long-running P-town favorites are still turning out terrific food, including the uber-romantic, rather fancy Red Inn, which occupies beautiful early-19th-century house in the West End and serves first-rate coastal New England fare, and the informally elegant Mews, which offers great live entertainment as well as tasty food. The casual upstairs bistro has lighter fare (burgers, salads, etc.), and the downstairs dining room more elaborate options, like lobster risotto with roasted-butternut squash. In light and airy yellow house in the West End, Victor’s serves deftly prepared modern American cuisine, including some of the best breakfast fare in town. Cute and inviting Devon’s is another great option both for breakfast and dinner, serving such internationally inspired victuals as lemon-chicken tagine with almond-apricot-green-olive couscous in the evening, and hearty Portuguese omelets to start the day. In an intimate second-floor space with stunning harbor views, Ross’s Grill earns kudos for its well-chosen wine list, tantalizing raw bar, and inventive American cuisine. For authentic Mexican food, head to Lorraine’s, where crab enchiladas and roasted duck

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


star on the menu. Right on the water in the East End, Fanizzi offers up fresh bountiful dinner salads, seafood pastas, and other casual but well-executed meals (at reasonable prices) - it’s a favorite with locals. For lighter noshing, Aquarium Markeplace is home to several fun take-out spots, including Big Daddy’s Burritos, Batata (which serves Belgian-inspired treats like super-crisp fries with unusual dipping sauces, and addictively good short-rib sliders), and the fabulous Aqua Bar, which has seating overlooking Provincetown Harbor and serves exceptional seafood and cocktails. Frappo 66, beside Art House Cinema, serves healthy, world-beat cuisine, including seared tuna tataki, and warm and welcoming Cafe Heaven is a top spot for decadent breakfast fare. For late-night post-bar noshing, head for Spiritus Pizza, a longtime tradition for people-watching. You and check your e-mail and perk up with a cup of potent java at Wired Puppy coffeehouse. And be sure to stop by the Provincetown Portuguese Bakery to sample the delicious meat pies, pastries, rolls, and breads. When it comes time to trade in your knife and fork for a mug of beer or an icy cocktail, head for historic Atlantic House (aka A-House), which contains both a hopping gay bar and a disco. The other big player in town, noted for its pulsing weekend circuit parties, is the Crown & Anchor resort, which also has a festive video lounge and a cruisy leather bar. The Gifford House hotel is home to Purgatory, a small, sexually charged basement dance club. In the East End, check out the lesbian-oriented Vixen, an attractive bar and dance floor with live shows on many nights. All summer long, poseurs and party creatures mingle and cruise during the Boatslip’s legendary tea dances. The crowd usually moves on to the Pied Piper, which has a small but fun dance floor, off of which is one of the loveliest decks in town, a great spot to watch the sun sink over the bay. Bayside Betsy’s is a wonderfully dishy spot for early-evening cocktails, and Monkey Bar is an enjoyable place to sip martinis and watch the world go by. Fans

of the grape should check out Joonbar, a natty wine boite with a mixed clientele, while Nor’East Beer Garden is a cool open-air hangout with an exceptional selection of interesting ales. Provincetown has more than 70 inns and guest houses with a gay following, most of them welcoming a mix of men and women, gay and straight (the exact breakdown of clientele typically varies throughout the year). Arguably the town’s premier accommodation, the superbly sumptuous 40-room Crowne Pointe (crownepointe. com) occupies a regal setting on a bluff in the center of town. Cushy in-room amenities abound - pima-cotton bathrobes, gas fireplaces, whirlpool tubs, TVs with DVD players. The inn’s stunning Shui Spa is a top-notch facility with a professional yet low-keyed staff, and the inn’s restaurant serves tantalizingly good contemporary American fare. The team behind Crowne Pointe also runs the exceptional Brass Key ( which was the first Provincetown guest house to offer a level of service and amenities comparable to a world-class luxury hotel, and this splendid resort still excels in every category. The staff at hip and cozy Somerset House Inn (somersethouseinn. com) has set the standard in Provincetown when it comes to hospitality, capturing the chic ambience of an urbane boutique hotel, with its mod furnishings, L’Occitane bath amenities, and plush beds with luxuriant linens. The lesbian-owned Inn at Cook Street ( is handsome, smartly furnished Greek Revival house and two cottages on a quiet block on the East End - it’s ideal for a peaceful getaway. One of the best addresses for gay guesthouses is Johnson Street, home to the reasonably priced, attractively furnished Christopher’s by the Bay, which occupies a towering Victorian house with a lush and cheerful patio in back - proprietors Dave and Jim are two of the nicest and most helpful innkeepers in town. Across the street, the sleek and stylish White Porch Inn ( contains nine natty guestrooms named for Cape Cod lighthouses - each unit has a flat-screen TV with DVD player and an MP3 dock, and quite a few have deep tubs and fireplaces. Just a few doors down, the similarly romantic Carpe Diem ( is sophisticated yet quite social, with rooms named for famous poets and writers (from Rilke to Cocteau). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll find countless other great properties around town - the cheap and cheerful Heritage House (, ideal if you don’t mind shared baths; the sumptuous Benchmark Inn (, a Greek Revival beauty with sun-filled rooms; the friendly and moderately priced Ampersand Guesthouse (, nestled in the quiet West End; and the tranquil Secret Garden Inn (, set down a narrow alley off of Commercial Street and surrounded by fragrant gardens and redbrick patios. Andrew Collins covers gay travel for the New York Times-owned website and is the author of Fodor’s Gay Guide to the USA.

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

Edmonton Pride Festival 2012

We’ve Come a Long Way

 Edmonton Pride 2011, photos by GayCalgary

By Dallas Barnes The year 1980 was not a kind time for us in the LGBTQA community. Same-sex sexual activity (in the words of the Supreme Court) had only been legal for 11 years. Homosexual rights were not even considered in the Canadian Constitution, and the right to serve openly in the military and the rights to marry any gender weren’t going to be recognized for another 12 and 15 years respectively. What was remarkable about this time however was the proud and courageous efforts of 75 individuals in Edmonton that gathered to celebrate that first Pride event. It started off small, as a baseball game followed by campfire, but its legacy has lived on. Edmonton Pride 2012 has again reserved its place as a destination Pride event, and has a few more firsts to announce. Edmonton Pride Week begins on June 8th and runs until June 17th. The week is chalk-full of events involving all aspects of the community and many allies. The Pride Parade and Street Festival happen on Saturday, June 9th. Warren Becker, Co-Chair of Edmonton Pride, took some time to talk with GayCalgary Magazine and is excited about its 32nd year. “This is the second year of our three year Pride Theme triad, Stand Up, Stand Out, and Stand Proud, and this year we are definitely living up to our theme (Stand Out).” “We are so excited to have the Trustees from the Edmonton Public School Board as our Grand Marshalls this year. They have really showed us what it is like to stand out by taking a

historical and monumental stand on important issues affecting our youth,” adds Becker. This year, the trustees passed an antibullying policy that includes protections for LGBTA students in Edmonton public schools. “Along with our Pride Theme this year, having the Trustees lead the parade makes sense. We will also be including all those that help to make anti-bullying a reality including the Edmonton Police and Camp fYrefly.” Politically, Alberta has had a tumultuous year. Edmonton Pride is well aware and has embraced this in a historic fashion. Gracing the stage at the Celebration on the Square, Presented by TD, will be none other than Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel, Alberta Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk, and Premier Alison Reford. As re-elected Premier, Conservative Redford gained many LGBTA voters in the last provincial election either as strategic votes or ones of confidence. Either way, Redford’s attendance at Edmonton Pride is a definite favourable move in a pledge to be a Premier for all citizens of Alberta. Becker adds “Alison Redford is definitely standing out as a speaker. She is showcasing her community focus, and is telling us that we are indeed first-class citizens.”

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


The Pride Board is thrilled to be hosting numerous events throughout the week and is especially happy with their community partners. “This year our community has really enhanced Pride week,” states Becker. All of the events are listed in their guide on page 2 of this edition, with further event details available on the Edmonton Pride website. The highlight of the week by all accounts is the Pride Parade and Celebration on June 9th. The parade begins at noon at 108th Street, travelling eastbound on 102nd Avenue, and ending on 99th Street. The floats and marchers are many; Becker projects an attendance of 27,000 spectators and participants. The Celebration on the Square Presented by TD, as mentioned, will have some illustrious speakers. It is also going to be host to a myriad of entertainers, vendors, and of course a gigantic and always popular beer garden. Pride, like any other festival, comes at an enormous cost, and so the Board appreciates any donations to ensure that each year gets better and better. This year’s festival is estimated to cost in the ballpark of $250,000, and without the financial support of sponsors and generous donors, the celebration would not happen. Make sure to check out donation spots at the Festival, or feel free to donate online on Edmonton Pride’s website. Becker is in awe of all of the hard work and dedication it takes to plan Edmonton Pride, and he is quick to recognize these efforts. “Thank you so much to the entire volunteer Board that have worked so hard all year for this. The workload this year was crazy. Thank you also goes out to all of our countless volunteers that help us run our events. And for the Sponsors, thank you for making Edmonton Pride happen this year.” There is one individual that Becker would like to give the utmost gratitude for. “This year we were fortunate enough to hire a part-time employee to the organization. Festival Manager Angela Bennett has put in tireless amounts of time and energy into making sure that we are a success. Thank you Angela, we wouldn’t be here without you.”

Edmonton Pride June 8th – 17th, 2012 See our Edmonton Pride Guide on page 2

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

Samuel Colt

Porn Star visits Edmonton’s Pure Pride By Evan Kayne On June 9th, as part of Edmonton’s Pride celebration, adult film star Samuel Colt will be hosting the massive Pure Pride dance event; appearing alongside his partner and fellow performer Chris Porter. He’s of a rare but growing breed of adult actors who got into the business at a later age. In the past he has participated in various bodybuilding competitions and won several titles. He is also a bit of a nerd, having worked behind the scenes of the adult industry as webmaster for Hot House Entertainment. His debut as an adult actor occurred in 2009, and has since performed in several films. At 38 years old, he and I are from the same generation, which make for an interesting interview. One nice change I have noticed in pornography in the past ten years – actors like Samuel (older than 30 and furry) are getting a lot more work. In the past if there was a hairy model or an older actor it was the domain of a leather movie, with the older hairier model working over the young hairless twink. “I think the market has gotten big enough it’s been able to diversify and specialize. There certainly is a market for hairy guys, it’s just never been the traditional porn image,” he told me. “A lot of it started with Titan casting older models; they had no problems casting someone who’s 40 years old if they have a nice body, a nice face and a nice dick.” You wouldn’t have seen that five or ten years ago. This shift in demand for models might also speak to the evolving tastes of consumers as they age. This is not the only change in the adult film industry over the last twenty years. Businesses which create and distribute pornography have long been early adopters of technological

advances, something that is still continuing now. Traditionally, the business focus has been on making movies that are published to DVDs. As a result, there are higher production values and more work required on a scene by scene basis. “You can spend six hours shooting a scene that’s maybe going to be edited down to twenty minutes...there’s some web-only companies like Cocksure Men that from start to finish is 45 minutes to an hour.” You’ll get paid a little less, Samuel told me, but if you work it on an hourly basis, “’re shooting for a Falcon movie that’s going to be on a DVD that’s six hours (to shoot), you’re making $2500 for that scene versus something that’s going to take an hour and you’re making $1400 for that scene...well, I’m going to take the $1400.” Overall, for these web-based adult film sites their method is much more economical – they can shoot three scenes in one day as opposed to six hours to shoot a scene that’s edited down to the same amount of time. “Does the quality go down? Maybe yeah. Do people care about that as much? I don’t know. I can tell you one thing, those shorter scenes have a lot more passion in them because you’re going . It’s real sex. Whereas some of the DVD scenes, all you can think about is eating and maybe having a nap.” Other casualties of the newer crop of adult films are the various storylines used to explain why all these hunky men are in a cabin in the woods. A lot more films just go into the sex without the story. Given the dubious acting skills of some performers, that’s probably a good thing. Samuel agrees, but, “ some degree I like it because for me sex is a very mental thing. I like the set up, the fetish and the fantasy.”

Continued on Next Page 

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


 From Previous Page Unfortunately, when the actor has to talk, it can sometimes ruin that fantasy. It’s worse when you’re in the business. “Some of these really hot guys...oh my god they’re really hot, I’d love to do a scene with them, then you meet them in person and you’re like ewww...” But this dick-shrivelling moment can now happen to fans and fellow perfomers. “As our lives have become more digital all the time, with Facebook and Twitter and blogs...the more press coverage the porn industry receives, you learn more of the backstory of the porn performers as individuals, which can ruin the fantasy.” Samuel and I both remember a time before the internet where you’d hear rumours a porn star was at a gay nightclub, and you’d rush out to the club just to get a glimpse of them in person. Today, with digital media all the mystery to these adult entertainers is laid bare, which can be a good or a bad thing. “It can work both ways for some


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

people...the porn industry can attract maybe a lot of broken people, and it makes more excuses for those types of people...and you give them a pulpit, a soapbox to say anything they want? Well there goes all that magic.” He understands how people can enjoy receiving all that attention, but, “personally, I need to be able to turn it off and get away from it and live my normal life once in a while. I tweet a lot, but I don’t even tweet personal pictures very often.” Open and proud promotion is another interesting evolution from fifteen to twenty years ago. Adult actors back then would go by aliases and there was very much an underground element still attached to it. Today, performers are featured at circuit parties, they’ll DJ parties, and they’ll do modelling work – among other things. The reasons why are too complex to start listing here, but in Samuel’s opinion, while he doesn’t think that porn

is more accepted in society, it is more known that it happens. What is probably more important is the rise of the cult of celebrity. “I’m not saying porn stars are celebrities, but in a way they are kind of gay celebrities.” Samuel is boggled by all the attention given to celebrities; especially in the case of Kim Kardashian who has a tonne of twitter followers and really, does nothing. The reason her face appears on so many celebrity tabloids is that she’s simply famous (and in my opinion, fucking annoying). This cult of celebrity happens in the adult industry, albeit at a much smaller degree, and Samuel has no idea why. Using himself as an example, he has 23,000 Twitter followers, and, “I have no idea why people are interested in what I have to say. The weird thing is that it’s not even a porn thing. I get comments from people all the time who say Oh wow I didn’t even know you did’s very bizarre...I don’t know why people need celebrities so much.” Unfortunately it’s a fact of our life today. I suspect why people like what Samuel has to say is that, besides his very nice body, he has proven he also has a lot of smarts, which will make him a great host for the Pure Pride party. He’ll be walking around, talking to fans, signing autographs and posing for pictures. As well, they’ve got a whole bunch of events Samuel and his partner Chris will be appearing at, besides the Pure Pride party – they’ll probably be in the Pride parade, for example. “I’m definitely excited to be in Edmonton. I’ve heard this is a really fun party, and I’ve been looking forward to it the last year.” As many fans have also been anticipating – let’s hope Edmonton shows them a good time and a Happy Pride!

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Love, Rufus

Crooner talks new pop album, gay evolution and Gaga diss

 Rufus Wainwright, photos courtesy of Decca Records

By Chris Azzopardi There are bad romances, and there’s the kind that Rufus Wainwright had during the making of his latest album, Out of the Game. The troubadour got smitten with super-producer Mark Ronson, who added a pop bend to Wainwright’s classical leanings. Love at first sight? Just about. “One day we finally hung out at this party – at the U.N. of all places – and we were just completely enamored of each other,” Wainwright says. “Needless to say, we went into the studio and struck up not only a great musical relationship but a great friendship – and, at least from my end, a huge crush.” And the singer doesn’t just give his love away: He recently slammed Lady Gaga for being “predictable and boring,” setting off a media and gay mafia frenzy. In our interview, Wainwright talked about those comments, the eyes that comforted him during his mother’s death and the evolution of his gayness. GC: How did this “love affair” between you and Mark Ronson begin? RW: I had heard of the legend of Mark Ronson for many years. In fact, we had done shows together in the past, but because he’s a DJ he was always on much later than I was – so we never really crossed paths. Then, word got out that I wanted to work with him and word got out that he wanted to work with me, and we were both very excited. GC: Is there a sex tape? RW: There’s not a sex tape. There’s an audio sex tape that we will make at some point and get to you. (Laughs) 42

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

GC: Your classical and theatrical sensibilities are still present on the album, but what was it like to meet Mark, because of his pop leanings, in the middle? RW: As much as he’s involved and immersed and knowledgeable of the pop world, for really over most of the 20th century, I am, by the same token, involved in opera and classical music. We could both appreciate each other’s dedication to our respective musical genres, and that kind of ignited this exchange between us. I didn’t feel like I had to relate to what he was telling me and he didn’t feel the same with me, either; we just had to enjoy what we had to give, and there was no pressure in that respect. GC: Does songwriting come easier to you now than it did at the beginning of your career? RW: It doesn’t seem to have abated much over the years. I don’t know if that’s a personal decision or kind of a natural function. I mean, I do seem to hurl myself into these situations where I have to write songs or I have to learn new material or come up with something, so physically, it’s a job that has to get done. But it always gets done somehow. I don’t want to get too descriptive of it, because then it might disappear. (Laughs) GC: During “Sometimes You Need,” you refer to the effect of movie stars on our lives, on your life. Who did you have in mind? RW: I’m being very specific, actually. There’s a friend of mine, Quinn Tivey, and he’s Elizabeth Taylor’s grandson. I had just met him, and he’s a lovely guy and he has his grandmother’s eyes – those amazing violet, Black Irish eyes, or at least they look Black Irish to me. At the time, my mother was very ill (Kate

McGarrigle died in early 2010), and I went to L.A. to see him, and there was just something about staring into those Taylor eyes that I found incredibly soothing and distracting in the face of this horrific experience. GC: What’s the last movie that changed your life? RW: I was a big fan of Melancholia. I loved that movie. I really got it. You know, I didn’t necessarily get Lars von Trier’s last movie – the one with the bloody penis in it (2009’s Antichrist). GC: Tell me about the track “Montauk.” RW: It’s a postcard, shall we say, to my daughter Viva, welcoming her to her future home and hoping that she enjoys it. Superman has Krypton and Rufus has Montauk – that’s where I go to reboot. GC: And it also works as a commentary on gay parenting. RW: Yes. Arguably, that could be the first big major song about having two dads on a mainstream level. GC: You’re getting married to longtime partner Jörn Weisbrodt in August. What finally sold you on the idea of marriage? RW: I’m not on the fence about it, of course; it’s happening, but I do think we’re still in the process of defining what gay marriage is, and it’ll take some time. But you can really only define it by doing it, you know? (Laughs) So I don’t think anything is set in stone about what it means or how it’s going to go down, but I do think we need to move forward and figure that out. GC: For you, what’s the most important part of the ceremony? RW: I don’t know. I am in the process of picking who I want to marry me, meaning, do we want the priest, do we want the sheriff – or do we want the pope? (Laughs) I don’t think we’re going to get the pope. So that’s where I am right now, figuring out who’s actually going to do the ceremony, and that’s bringing up some questions for me. I’m kind of shying away from the religious end of it at the moment. GC: Your idea of gay back in the day was this old-school personification, kind of like Oscar Wilde. How has your idea of gayness evolved from then till now?

Continued on Next Page 

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


 From Previous Page RW: I still love that Oscar Wilde persona and I haven’t put that to bed yet in certain ways, but I also think that my belief in maturity is more of a Hindu theory, where over the years you become all of these different people and by the end, you’re sort of this cast of characters. I learned a lot from those bohemian days and respect it tremendously, but nonetheless, I want to survive and go onto the next level and experience other things. It’s more of just adding things to the recipe. GC: You used to have a thing for cigarettes and chocolate milk. What are your current cravings? RW: My boyfriend just got a job in Toronto and I have this thing now for maple syrup. I just tip it into my mouth and guzzle it straight from the bottle. GC: Since this album is being called “your most pop album,” what contemporary pop do you listen to? We know it’s not Gaga. RW: (Laughs). I really appreciate what Arcade Fire has been able to accomplish, especially with all of their success last year. It was really fantastic to watch. Also, Adele is tearing everything up and really paving the way for both me and other artists who want to be a little different from the norm. I think it’s a good time.


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

GC: Would you take back your comments on Gaga? RW: I don’t dislike her. There’s just not a single song (that I like) there. I can’t hum one of her tunes. And her whole, “You’re like me” thing? How can you say that with a piece of cheese on your head? I certainly had an appreciation for Madonna, but Madonna wasn’t like that. She wasn’t all, “You’re like me.” She was, “You’ll never be like me.” GC: Won’t it make it awkward should you and Gaga attend the same gay benefit? RW: Perhaps if she sings one of my songs, that would rectify it. (Laughs)

Rufus Wainwright

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The Trouble with Adam Lambert

Pop star talks ‘novelty’ of his homosexuality, being an unfit role model and his peculiar sex toy

 Adam Lambert, photos by Lee Cherry

By Chris Azzopardi

“That was an interesting night,” he says, snickering in his charmingly guy-next-door way about that seminal smooch. “That AMAs performance was trespassing, in a way.” And, on his latest album, he’s not done crossing the line: Trespassing is the defiant second to the American Idol spawn’s 2009 debut. In this candid interview with Lambert, the pop star opened up about the “redundant” press questions regarding his sexuality, becoming more confident as an out celebrity, and breaking the rules – and going to jail for it. GC: What does the album title, Trespassing, mean to you? AL: Being who I am in this music environment is trespassing, and that’s why Pharrell (Williams) and I wrote it about that. We had a big conversation about the music industry and the business and being an artist, and then on top of it, being somebody that’s different, being a gay man and being in an industry where it’s not very common, not very present. Kind of

feeling like I’m gonna own this, march forward and ignore any kind of sign or person telling me no. I’m gonna do what I wanna do and not feel sorry for myself. GC: Is anything you do for shock value premeditated? AL: No; I don’t think, “OK, I want to piss people off now” or “I want to shock people.” I kind of, especially after the (AMAs), go with what I want to do musically. That’s been more in the forefront for me in my decision-making. I think just kind of being, and being unapologetic for being, is a risk in and of itself in today’s music industry. GC: Was the AMAs kiss good for you? AL: I don’t even know. I was in such autopilot. It was one of those weird moments that just kind of happened. Some of the choreography earlier in the number was planned, but that whole moment with him was just, “Oh my god, now we’re kissing!” GC: You’ve spoken with gay publications and mainstream publications. How is it different talking to each? AL: I try not to make it any different. That’s been one of my big goals, especially with this album. This time around I’m trying to just adopt a post-gay mentality about it, because I’m so proud of who I am and I’m 100 percent positive about it and I celebrate it – but I also think it’s a bit dated to harp on

Remember the fuss Adam Lambert caused when he tongued his keyboardist in front of the world? Of course you do. The controversial kiss drew both homophobic outbursts and so-what shrugs, and it’s an American Music Awards moment that won’t soon be forgotten. Especially by Lambert himself.

Continued on Next Page  GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


 From Previous Page it and to lean on it and to constantly be defined by your sexuality. I think that gay men and women who live their lives as gay men and women understand that and understand that it’s just another part of who they are. Unfortunately, with some mainstream publications, it’s such a novelty for them to be able to talk about it. It’s such a hot-button issue that it becomes the focus of a lot of discussion. GC: Does that bother you? AL: (Hesitates) It gets a bit redundant. Gets a little old. It’s something I’ve made peace with; I’m trying to just look at it from the other point of view and realize that a lot of the questions are legitimate for someone who doesn’t understand. I think the way to progress and confront ignorance is information. You start talking about things and we get past them. So yeah, it gets a bit redundant, but I feel like at this point, it just comes with the territory that I’m trespassing on. GC: What challenges have you run into as not just an artist but a gay artist? AL: Well, there’s a huge double standard. Straight artists are constantly toying with images of sexuality and double entendre lyrics; when a gay male artist does, it raises a lot more eyebrows. I’m trying to find the balance, and I think this album has found a balance. It’s not shying away from it at all – my sexuality or who I am or my identity – but it’s also universal. All of these ideas are universal: how I feel, wanting to go get laid, to go have a couple drinks with my friends and get a little nasty. Hopefully, for an open-minded individual, no matter what their sexual preference is, they’ll relate. Everybody feels that way. Everybody wants to have a good time, let go and feel free, no matter who you are. What’s cool about the album is that it does specifically address my lifestyle and my experience in nightlife and in relationships, but I think it can reach anybody. GC: Does being a gay celebrity put pressure on you to spearhead the gay movement? To have to be more political? AL: I don’t feel pressure to be political, but I do feel pressure to raise social awareness and to help be a confident voice for perhaps a young gay teenager who doesn’t really have a lot to look up to. I also find it dangerous, because I don’t always consider myself the best role model in the world. (Laughs) GC: Why do you say that? AL: Because I’m not here to teach anybody how to be gay and I’m not here to teach anybody how to be the best person. I’m not always the best example. I make mistakes and I do things that are out-there sometimes, but what I hope to inspire is the sense that people can be who they want to be. I always say, “Don’t do what I do; do what you want to do.” I hope that I can inspire people to take control and charge of their own reality. GC: What can we expect from this album? AL: One of the best parts about the album, as well as it being about an out and proud gay man, is that the first half of the album is very upbeat and electro-funk-dance-pop, and a lot of the things expressed in the first half of that album are rebelliousness and liberation and these kind of anthemic calls to arms. It explores, as gay men and people in general, that when we go out into the world we have to put on our game face. You want to go out and feel fierce, and that fierce thing that we 46

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

all put on is sometimes like an outfit: We dress it up and we project fierceness, but what lies underneath is sometimes weakness and vulnerability and pain and darkness. The album transitions into that place midway through – it’s very dark and quite sad and it’s dealing with heartache and insecurity. It shows a lot about what lies underneath the surface of me, but I think we all can relate to that. We all want to be our fiercest self, and it takes a certain amount of posturing and peacocking to be that. I hope people can find themselves in this music. GC: Tell me about the song “Outlaws of Love.” AL: That song actually is about everything – it’s about gay marriage, it’s about every challenge that we face as a community, including gay marriage, but it’s more about that emotion of what it feels like when you’re being persecuted or outlawed or shunned because of whom you choose to love. GC: You’ve been reluctant to talk about politics in the past. But something seems to have changed in you; you’ve been more open to discussing politics and equal rights. What changed? AL: You know what I think? It’s so fast. All of a sudden everyone’s talking about me and I’m on the cover of a magazine. No matter how well-adjusted you are, that’s a weird thing to get used to. Over the past several years, with the first album and the first tour, I’ve got more comfortable in the public eye and I’ve gotten to know my fans more and I’ve sussed out who I want to be as an artist. GC: But not just as an artist. As a gay man in the public eye too, right? AL: Yeah, as a person. Totally. I’ve kept a lot of my close friends close and my family is still close to me, but of course this type of experience and this flip in your lifestyle causes you to adjust – and that includes as a gay man. I’ve had to adjust and reassess things and evolve a little bit, and that’s because of age, too. When I started I was 27, and I just turned 30 – those three years are a big three years. My perspective is just different – it’s different because of celebrity, but also just because of life. GC: What’s one piece of advice from American Idol that you’ve held onto? AL: I had a lot of support from my circle of friends who were like, “Just do what you’ve always done. It doesn’t matter that you’re on TV now; just do what you’ve always known.” The hardest thing about the show is all of a sudden, there’s all this pressure and all these factors that you aren’t used to as a performer, and you have to tune it out and just trust your own gut and try to maintain that sense of integrity. And it’s not easy. Then, transitioning into the music industry is the same challenge. You’re like, “OK, well, I gotta play the game but I also want to do what I want to do, so how do I do that?” GC: You were in the slammer for a few hours for fighting with your boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen, outside a gay bar in Finland. Did it fulfill any fantasies of yours? AL: (Laughs) Uh, no. Actually, it was horrifying. I was by myself; there wasn’t anybody else in there. It was a private cell. It was a very embarrassing moment and not something

that I’m proud of. I have plenty of friends who have had crazy nights and things have happened, and these things do happen to regular people; I am a regular person, but I just happen to have a higher profile. I’ve tried to walk away from the experience and learn a lesson from it and make some adjustments and try not to let it ever happen again. It definitely wasn’t as dramatic as the media made it out to be, but it also wasn’t something to laugh about. GC: So it’s not true what they say about young guys in jail? AL: Not from my experience! GC: What’s different about maintaining a relationship in the public eye versus out of it? AL: People wanting to know what’s up and asking questions. But I don’t know. To be honest with you, I only maintained one relationship out of the public eye, so I’m kind of inexperienced either way. (Laughs) I was a bachelor for a long time! I definitely played the field. So I think just being in a relationship that’s become quite domestic actually feels really good; it’s something I hadn’t really experienced much before, and I’m really enjoying it. It actually fits in quite well with my new lifestyle because it’s more private, it’s more at-home, and that’s nice. GC: Do you want to be married and raise a family? AL: Yeah, someday. I definitely want that for myself at some point. I don’t know when that’s going to be. In fact, I don’t know if it’s anytime soon. I’m really excited that our society is progressing. Everybody has the divine right to marry whoever they fuck they want. The funny thing about being a gay celebrity is all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh, are you going to get married since that’s the new big struggle and that’s the thing everyone is fighting for?” And I’m like, “I can fight for it without getting married myself.” I don’t need to get married for my people. That’s silly. GC: What does it take to be a Glambert?

AL: Reckless abandon. (Laughs) I think that any sort of diehard fandom is a crazy, surreal mentality. That’s part of the fun for the Glamberts; they’ve given themselves permission within that community to be kind of insane. And it’s gorgeous and it’s fun and it’s an escape. It’s not real life – it’s something else. Everybody wants that in some form or another. We all have our different versions of it. For people who are diehard fans, that’s their way, that’s their obsession and that’s their outlet. GC: Tell me your best crazed-fan story. AL: Well, I’ve gotten a lot of very interesting gifts. I don’t know what they’re called specifically, but I remember opening up this small box and it was this metal sex toy and I think you stick it in the tip of your dick – a urethra rod or something. I don’t know what the fuck it is. (Laughs) GC: Did you use it? AL: I definitely did not use that. That is not my style. I looked at it and said, “What the hell is that?” And somebody had to answer that for me and then I went, “OK, I’m gonna pass.” GC: Did you at least re-gift it? AL: As a joke, I did. I think I gave it to Raja (season-three winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race). He actually was my makeup artist on my tour that same year. I think I gave it to him. I doubt that he kept it, but I know he laughed quite hard. GC: Who knows where it is right now. AL: Or what it’s being used for!

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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012




TRANScend at The Auburn, Calgary

Heroes vs. Villains at Calgary Eagle

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

Photography Jockstrap Auction at Calgary Eagle

32nd Ghost Town LGBT Campout in Wayne, Alberta

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012




ARGRA Dance, Calgary

FAB Closing Party, Calgary

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012



GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012



GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

Directory & Events 24


43 41 4

37 34

2 33





5 6




1 2 3 4 5

Calgary Outlink---------- Community Groups Aids Calgary------------- Community Groups Backlot------------------------Bars and Clubs Calgary Eagle Inc.------------Bars and Clubs Texas Lounge-----------------Bars and Clubs

6 Goliath’s--------------------------Bathhouses 13 Westways Guest House----Accommodations 16 Priape Calgary----------------- Retail Stores 24 Courtney Aarbo-----------------------Services 33 Twisted Element--------------Bars and Clubs


GayCalgary Magazine is the go-to source for information about Alberta LGBT businesses and community groups—the most extensive and accurate resource of its kind! This print supplement contains a subset of active community groups and venues, with premium business listings of paid advertisers. ......... Wheelchair Accessible

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 403-543-6960  1-888-543-6960 

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Vertigo Mystery Theatre------------- Theatre One Yellow Rabbit-------------------- Theatre ATP, Alberta Theatre Projects-------- Theatre Pumphouse Theatre----------------- Theatre La Fleur------------------------- Retail Stores


LGBT Community Directory

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34 35 36 37 41

Accommodations 13 Westways Guest House------------------- ✰  216 - 25th Avenue SW  403-229-1758  1-866-846-7038  

Bars & Clubs 3 Backlot---------------------------------- ✰  403-265-5211  Open 7 days a week, 2pm-close

 209 - 10th Ave SW

4 Calgary Eagle Inc.---------------------- ✰  424a - 8th Ave SE  403-263-5847   Open Wed-Sun, 5pm-close Leather/Denim/Fetish bar. 60 Club Sapien (CLOSED)----------------- ✰  1140 10th Ave SW  403-457-4464  Dance Club and Restaurant/Lounge. 9 FAB (CLOSED)-------------------------- ✰  1742 - 10th Ave SW  403-263-7411   Closed Mondays. Bar and restaurant. 5 Texas Lounge------------------------------ ✰  308 - 17 Ave SW  403-229-0911   Open 7 days a week, 11am-close

43 Lisa Heinricks--------- Theatre and Fine Arts 58 Theatre Junction--------------------- Theatre

33 Twisted Element--------------------------- ✰  1006 - 11th Ave SW  403-802-0230  Dance Club and Lounge.

Bathhouses/Saunas 6 Goliaths------------------------------------ ✰  308 - 17 Ave SW  403-229-0911   Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Community Groups 2 AIDS Calgary--------------------------  110, 1603 10th Avenue SW  403-508-2500  

Alberta Society for Kink

 403-398-9968   group.albertasocietyforkink

Apollo Calgary - Friends in Sports

  A volunteer operated, non-profit organization serving primarily members of the LGBT communities but open to all members of all communities. Primary focus is to provide members with well-organized and fun sporting events and other activities.

• Western Cup 31


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Directory & Events Calgary Events Mondays

ASK Meet and Greet----------------  7-9:30pm  Bonasera (1204 Edmonton Tr. NE) See 1 Calgary Outlink

Yoga-----------------------------  7:40-9:15pm See

Apollo Calgary

Calgary Networking Club-------------- 5-7pm See 1 Calgary Outlink

 1st

Between Men--------------------------- 7-9pm See 1 Calgary Outlink

 2nd, 4th

Bootcamp---------------------------  7-8:30pm Apollo Calgary

Karaoke------------------------------  8pm-1am At 5 Texas Lounge

Fetish Slosh----------------------------  Evening At 3 Backlot

 2nd

Alcoholics Anonymous--------------------  8pm  Hillhurst United Church (Gym Entrance) 1227 Kensington Close NW

Knox United Church

Women’s Healing Circle--------------  1:30pm AIDS Calgary

Free Pool-------------------------------  All Day At 4 Calgary Eagle with

Prime Timers Calgary

LGBT Coffee Night------------------------  7pm See


 1st

Mosaic Youth Group--------------------  7-9pm  Old Y Centre (223 12th Ave SW)

Squash------------------------------  7:30-9pm By

Coffee------------------------------------ 10am

Annual General Meeting-----------------  1pm

 3rd





At 6 Goliaths

By Prime Timers Calgary  Midtown Co-op (1130 - 11th Ave SW)

Swim Practice (June)------------  7:30-8:30pm

Curling-------------------------  2:20 & 4:30pm

By Different Strokes  SAIT Pool (1301 - 16 Ave NW)

By Different Strokes  SAIT Pool (1301 - 16 Ave NW)


Bootcamp------------------------------- 7-8pm See

Apollo Calgary

At 1 Calgary Outlink

 1st

Alcoholics Anonymous--------------------  8pm  Hillhurst United Church (Gym Entrance) 1227 Kensington Close NW

At 4 Calgary Eagle

ISCCA at 3 Backlot

Illusions-------------------------------  7-10pm

 1st

Womynspace---------------------------- 7-9pm

 2nd

New Directions-------------------------- 7-9pm See 1 Calgary Outlink

 3rd

Heading Out----------------------- 8pm-10pm See 1 Calgary Outlink

 4th

Rec Volleyball--------------------------- 7-9pm See

Apollo Calgary

Alcoholics Anonymous--------------------  8pm  Hillhurst United Church (Gym Entrance) 1227 Kensington Close NW

 6020 - 4 Avenue NE 

• Running (Calgary Frontrunners)


• Boot Camp

• Slow Pitch

 Platoon FX, 1351 Aviation Park NE 

By Calgary Dyke March  Location TBA

D-Fest 2012-------------------------------  8pm

Worship Time---------------------------- 10am Deer Park United Church

Saturday, June 16th

Worship------------------------------  10:30am See

Scarboro United Church


Hillhurst United Church Knox United Church

Int/Comp Volleyball----------- 12:15-1:45pm See

Apollo Calgary

BBQ Social Sundays----------------------  2pm At 4 Calgary Eagle

Church Service----------------------------  4pm See

Rainbow Community Church

Swim Practice (June)-------------------  5-6pm

By Different Strokes  SAIT Pool (1301 - 16 Ave NW) Apollo Calgary

Free Pool-------------------------------  All Day

Icarus--------------------------------------  8pm

• Yoga

 World Tree Studio (812 Edmonton Trail NE)  Robin: 403-618-9642  $120 (10 sessions); $14 Drop-ins open to all levels. Apollo membership is required.

Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association (ARGRA)



• Volleyball (Beach)

  Peer support group for gay, bisexual and questioning fathers. Meeting twice a month.

• Volleyball (Int/Comp)



By Apollo Calgary  Sunterra Market - Keynote, 2nd Floor (200 12 Ave SE) Thursday, June 28th

Wet Jockey Contest-------------------  Evening Monday, July 2nd

Last Stand Party----------------------  Evening By 4 Calgary Eagle

By 3 Backlot at Vinyl

By Calgary Men’s Chorus  Rosza Centre, U of C

• Tennis

 If it’s done outdoors, we do it. Volunteer led events all summer and winter. Hiking, camping, biking, skiing, snow shoeing, etc. Sign up at to get updates on the sport you like. We’re always looking for people to lead events.

AGM, Champagne & Cupcakes------  6:30pm

Wednesday, July 11th

• Curling

• Outdoor Pursuits

By AIDS Calgary  Fort Calgary (750 - 9th Ave SE)

Stampede Cowboyz Party------------  Evening

• Monthly Dances------------------------------


Annual General Meeting-----------  5pm-8pm

Saturday, June 9th

 Mount Royal University Recreation  All skill levels welcome.

• Lawn Bowling

By Aids Calgary  Fort Calgary (750 - 9th Ave SE)

At 4 Calgary Eagle

• Squash


Thursday, June 21st

2012 Conference----------------  8:30am-4pm

By 4 Calgary Eagle

Women’s Volleyball----------------  7-8:30pm See

Cowboy Fantasy Night----------------  Evening By 4 Calgary Eagle

Sunday Services---------------------  10:45am

 Let’s Bowl (2916 5th Avenue NE) 

• Golf

By Calgary Sexual Health Centre  Calgary Winter Club (4611 - 14 Street NW)


• Bowling (Rainbow Riders League)

 North Hill Curling Club (1201 - 2 Street NW)  Will return in September 2010. Sign up at to receive updates.

Annual General Meeting-----------------  6pm

Legend:  = Monthly Reoccurrance,  = Date (Range/Future),  = Sponsored Event

 YMCA Eau Claire (4th St, 1st Ave SW)  East Doors (directly off the Bow river pathway). Distances vary from 8 km - 15 km. Runners from 6 minutes/mile to 9+ minute miles.

• Biking

By ISCCA at 4 Calgary Eagle Thursday, June 14th

Friday, June 15th

 Calgary Contd. • Badminton (Absolutely Smashing)

Sunday, June 10th

 Hillhurst United Church (Gym Entrance) 1227 Kensington Close NW

Worship Services------------------------- 11am

Leather Night-------------------------  Evening

See 1 Calgary Outlink

Apollo Calgary

Alcoholics Anonymous--------------------  8pm



See 1 Calgary Outlink



Lesbian Meetup Group-------------  7:30-9pm


Communion Service-----------------  12:10pm See

By 4 Calgary Eagle

 Kerby Center, Sunshine Room 1133 7th Ave SW

Fundraising BBQs------------------------  5pm

Wednesdays See

Running-----------------------------------  9am

Swim Practice (Jul/Aug)---------------  7-8pm




Lesbian Seniors---------------------------  2pm Buddy Night-------------------------  6pm-6am

Inside Out Youth Group---------------- 7-9pm

Bear Chest Night----------------------  Evening


   West Hillhurst Community Center 1940 6th Avenue NW 

• Volleyball (Recreational)

 Langevin School (107 6A St NE) 

• Volleyball (Women’s)

 YWCA Calgary (320 - 5th Avenue SE) 

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

 Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association 1320 - 5th Avenue NW

Calgary Gay Fathers

Calgary Men’s Chorus

• Peer Support and Crisis Line

 1-877-OUT-IS-OK (1-877-688-4765) Front-line help service for GLBT individuals and their family and friends, or anyone questioning their sexuality.

• Calgary Lesbian Ladies Meet up Group • Between Men and Between Men Online • Heading Out • Illusions Calgary • Inside Out • New Directions • Womynspace Calgary Queer Book Club

• Rehearsals

 Weeds Cafe (1903 20 Ave NW)

 Temple B’Nai Tikvah, 900 - 47 Avenue SW

Calgary Sexual Health Centre---------

1 Calgary Outlink---------------------------- ✰  Old Y Centre (303 – 223, 12 Ave SW)  403-234-8973  

 304, 301 14th Street NW  403-283-5580  A pro-choice organization that believes all people have the right and ability to make their own choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health.

Deer Park United Church/Wholeness Centre

 77 Deerpoint Road SE 

 403-278-8263

Different Strokes


Directory & Events  Calgary Contd. FairyTales Presentation Society

 403-244-1956  Alberta Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

• DVD Resource Library

Over a hundred titles to choose from. Annual membership is $10.

Gay Friends in Calgary

 Organizes and hosts social activities catered to the LGBT people and friends.

Girl Friends

 

Queers on Campus---------------------

 279R Student Union Club Spaces, U of C  403-220-6394  Formerly GLASS - Gay/Lesbian Association of Students and Staff.

 2nd Cup, Kensington

Hillhurst United Church

 134 Scarboro Avenue SW  403-244-1161  An affirming congregation—the full inclusion of LGBT people is essential to our mission and purpose.

Scarboro United Church

 1227 Kensington Close NW  (403) 283-1539  

Sharp Foundation

HIV Peer Support Group

 403-230-5832 

ISCCA Social Association

 Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch. Charity fundraising group..

Knox United Church

 506 - 4th Street SW  403-269-8382  Knox United Church is an all-inclusive church located in downtown Calgary. A variety of facility rentals are also available for meetings, events and concerts.

Lesbian Meetup Group

 Monthly events planned for Queer women over 18+ such as book clubs, games nights, movie nights, dinners out, and volunteering events.

Miscellaneous Youth Network


 The Old Y Centre (223 12th Ave SW) For queer and trans youth and their allies.


 Mystique is primarily a Lesbian group for women 30 and up but all are welcome.

• Coffee Night

 Good Earth Cafe (1502 - 11th Street SW)


 A social, cultural, and service organization for the mature minded and “Plus 40” LGBT individuals seeking to meet others at age-appropriate activities within a positive, safe environment.

Parents for Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

 Sean: 403-695-5791  A registered charitable organization that provides support, education and resources to parents, families and individuals who have questions or concerns about sexual orientation or gender identity.

Positive Space Committee

 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW  403-440-6383  Works to raise awareness and challenge the patterns of silence that continue to marginalize LGBTTQ individuals.

Pride Calgary Planning Committee

 403-797-6564


24 Courtney Aarbo (Barristers & Solicitors)  1138 Kensington Road NW  403-571-5120  GLBT legal services.

 403-272-2912  

Unity Bowling

Urban Sex Radio Show

 CJSW 90.9 FM  Focus on sexuality; gay bisexual lesbian trans gendered and straight issues here in Calgary and around the web.

Vigor Calgary

 403-255-7004  Violence in Gay Male Relationships (VIGOR) is a committee of professionals dedicated to increasing the awareness of gay men’s domestic violence and the services available to them.

6 Buddy’s Nite Club------------------------- ✰  11725 Jasper Ave  780-488-6636

Duncan’s Residential Cleaning

14 FLASH-------------------------------------- ✰  10018 105 Street  780-938-2941 

Lorne Doucette (CIR Realtors)

5 The Junction---------------------------- ✰  10242 106th St  780-756-5667 

MFM Communications

12 Woody’s------------------------------------ ✰  11725 Jasper Ave  780-488-6557

 403-543-6970  1-877-543-6970  Web site hosting and development. Computer hardware and software.

“Yeah...What She Said!” Radio Show

11 Steamworks------------------------------- ✰  11745 Jasper Ave  780-451-5554 


Free and confidential HIV/AIDS and STI testing.

Community Groups

• Calgary Drop-in Centre

 Room 117, 423 - 4th Ave SE  403-699-8216  Mon-Fri: 9am-12pm, Sat: 12:15pm-3:15pm

Alberta Bears


AltView Foundation

• Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre

 1213 - 4th Str SW  403-955-6014  Sat-Thu: 4:15pm-7:45pm, Fri: Closed

Restaurants ✰

60 Club Sapien (CLOSED)---------------- See Calgary - Bars and Clubs.

9 FAB (CLOSED)------------------------- See Calgary - Bars and Clubs.

 403-850-3755  Sat-Thu: 8pm-12am, Fri: 4pm-12am

36 ATP, Alberta Theatre Projects  403-294-7402   107, 100 - 7 Ave SW 

Adult Depot-----------------------------

 403-262-3356 


 140, 58th Ave SW  403-258-2777 Gay, bi, straight video rentals and sex toys.

See Calgary - Community Groups.

41 La Fleur------------------------------------  103 - 100 7th Avenue SW  403-266-1707 Florist and Flower Shop.

 Bow Trail and 37th St. SW  403-249-7799 

The Naked Leaf----------------------------

 403-283-3555

16 Priape Calgary------------------------- ✰  1322 - 17 Ave SW  403-215-1800  Clothing and accessories. Adult toys, leather wear, movies and magazines. Gifts.

Jubilations Dinner Theatre

 780-471-6993  Naturism club for men—being social while everyone is naked, and it does not include sexual activity. Participants do not need to be gay, only male.

Camp fYrefly

 7-104 Dept. of Educational Policy Studies Faculty of Education, University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2G5 

Edmonton Pride Festival Society (EPFS)


Edmonton Prime Timers

43 Lisa Heinricks (Artist)---------------------  Art Central, 100 7th Ave SW, lower level  35 One Yellow Rabbit-------------------------  Big Secret Theatre - EPCOR CENTRE  403-299-8888  37 Pumphouse Theatre------------------  2140 Pumphouse Avenue SW  403-263-0079 

Book Worm’s Book Club

Buck Naked Boys Club

Theatre & Fine Arts AXIS Contemporary Art--------------------

Retail Stores

 #44, 48 Brentwood Blvd, Sherwood Park, AB  403-398-9968   For gender variant and sexual minorities.  Howard McBride Chapel of Chimes 10179 - 108 Street 

• Safeworks Van

4 Calgary Eagle Inc.--------------------- See Calgary - Bars and Clubs.

 305 10th Street NW  Organic teas and tea ware.


 Room 201, 420 - 9th Ave SE  403-410-1180  Mon-Fri: 1pm-5pm

 1317-1st Street NW

Bars & Clubs

DevaDave Salon & Boutique

 810 Edmonton Trail NE  403-290-1973 Cuts, Colour, Hilights.

• Centre of Hope

Wild Rose United Church

58 Theatre Junction----------------------  Theatre Junction GRAND, 608 1st St. SW  403-205-2922  


 403-461-9195 

 Let’s Bowl (2916 - 5th Ave NE) 

34 Vertigo Mystery Theatre------------------  161, 115 - 9 Ave SE  403-221-3708 

 Jim Duncan: 403-978-6600 Residential cleaning. Free estimates.

 CJSW 90.9 FM 

• Fake Mustache • Mosaic Youth Group

Calgary Civil Marriage Centre

 403-246-4134 (Rork Hilford)  Marriage Commissioner for Alberta (aka Justice of the Peace - JP), Marriage Officiant, Commissioner for Oaths.




 727 - 42 Avenue SE  403-243-6642 

 403-777-9494 trial code 3500  Telephone classifieds and chat - 18+ ONLY.

• Coffee Night


Services & Products

Primetimers Calgary

  Designed to foster social interaction for its members through a variety of social, educational and recreational activities. Open to all gay and bisexual men of any age, respects whatever degree of anonymity that each member desires.

  Group of older gay men and their admirers who come from diverse backgrounds but have common social interests. Affiliated with Prime Timers World Wide.

Edmonton Rainbow Business Association

 3379, 11215 Jasper Ave  780-429-5014  Primary focus is the provision of networking opportunities for LGBT owned or operated and LGBT-friendly businesses in the Edmonton region.

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Directory & Events DOWNTOWN EDMONTON 5

11 6 12


4 14

4 Edmonton STD---------- Community Groups 5 The Junction------------------Bars and Clubs

Edmonton Events

6 Buddy’s Nite Club------------Bars and Clubs 11 Steamworks----------------------Bathhouses

12 Woody’s-----------------------Bars and Clubs 14 FLASH-------------------------Bars and Clubs

Intermediate Volleyball--------  7:30-9:30pm

Thursday, June 7th

Saturday, June 16th

Queens of Clubs----------------  8pm-2:30am

Thought OUT-----------------------  7pm-9pm

A Touch of Goth---------------------------  8pm

Family Picnic----------------------------- 11am

Friday, June 8th

Save a Horse... Ride a Cowboy!---------  8pm


Team Edmonton



Boot Camp------------------------------ 7-8pm

Men’s Games Nights--------------  7-10:30pm


Team Edmonton



Martial Arts---------------------  7:30-8:30pm See

Team Edmonton

Swim Practice-------------------  7:30-8:30pm See

Team Edmonton


GLBTQ Bowling------------------  1:30-3:30pm See

GLBTQ Sage Bowling Club

Youth Sports/Recreation-----------------  4pm See

Youth Understanding Youth

Cycling---------------------------  6:30-7:30pm See

Team Edmonton

Yoga---------------------------------  7:30-8pm See

Team Edmonton

Youth Sports/Recreation-----------------  4pm See

Youth Understanding Youth

Swim Practice--------------------------- 7-8pm See

Team Edmonton

Book Club-----------------------------  7:30pm See

BookWorm’s Book Club

 3rd

 2nd, Last

Edmonton Illusions-------------------  8:30pm At 5 The Junction

 2nd

Pride Awards---------------------------  7pm By Edmonton Pride Week Society


Pride UnderBear Party----------------  8pm By BEEF Bearbash at 5 Junction


Youth Understanding Youth

Naturalist Gettogether See

Buck Naked Boys Club

 2nd

Friday, June 9th

Edmonton Illusions Social Club

Sunday, June 17th

Come Out and Play Day---------------  All Day

Celebration on the Square------------  1pm By Edmonton Pride Week Society


PURE Pride Dance-----------  9pm-2:30am By PURE Pride

Running------------------------------  10-11am

PURE Pride Afterparty--------  11:30pm-8am

Altview Outlets Meeting---------------- 6-8pm

Yoga---------------------------------  2-3:30pm

Tuesday, June 12th

Saturday, June 23rd

Altview Outlets Meeting---------------- 6-8pm

Thought OUT-----------------------  7pm-9pm

 Sherwood Park United Church (#20 Fir St)

At 5 Junction (Eatery side)

Thursday, June 14th

Swingin’ into the 50’s--------------------  9pm



Team Edmonton

Team Edmonton Team Edmonton

Ballroom Dancing--------------  7:30-8:30pm See

Team Edmonton

Monthly Meetings---------------------  2:30pm

 Unitarian Church (10804 119th Street) See Edmonton Primetimers

 2nd


Y Afterhours (10028 102 street)

BBQ and Silent Auction---------------- 6-9pm


Team Edmonton

Monday, June 18th

altView Writes-------------------------- 7-9pm  Sherwood Park United Church (#20 Fir St) Tuesday, June 19th  Sherwood Park United Church (#20 Fir St)

By ISCWR at 5 Junction

 Sherwood Park United Church (#20 Fir St)

Tuesday, June 26th

Friday, June 15th

Altview Outlets Meeting---------------- 6-8pm

2012 Gay Edmonton Pageant-----------  9pm By

Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose


Living Positive Society of Alberta

 #50, 9912 - 106 Street 780-423-3737  Living Positive through Positive Living.

4 Edmonton STD  11111 Jasper Ave

Edmonton Vocal Minority


GLBTQ Sage Bowling Club


HIV Network Of Edmonton Society----

 9702 111 Ave NW 780-488-5742  Provides healthy sexuality education for Edmonton’s LGBT community and support for those infected or affected by HIV.  Student-run GLBTQ Alliance at MacEwan University.


ISCWR at 5 Junction

End of Pride Dance--------------------  8pm By Edmonton Pride  Hellenic Hall (10450 – 116 Street)

 Sherwood Park United Church (#20 Fir St)


Legend:  = Monthly Reoccurrance,  = Date (Range),  = Sponsored Event

 5 The Junction  780-387-3343 



Bowling-----------------------------------  5pm

 Edmonton Contd.

 780-474-8240

By Edmonton Pride  Oliver Community Hall (10326-118 Street)

Pride Parade--------------------------  Noon By Edmonton Pride Week Society

By Edmonton Primetimers  Unitarian Church, 10804 - 119th Street

Team Edmonton

 780-479-2038 

At 5 Junction (Eatery side)

 2nd

Monthly Meeting----------------------  2:30pm

Martial Arts---------------------  7:30-8:30pm See

By Edmonton Vocal Minority  Westbury Theatre, TransAlta Arts Barns (10330 84th Ave)

Youth Sports/Recreation-----------------  4pm

See Thursdays

Men’s Games Nights

 Treasury Vodka Bar (10004 Jasper Ave)

Men’s Games Nights

 Unitarian Church (10804 119th Street)  780-474-8240 


 University of Alberta, basement of SUB   Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender/transsexual, Queer, Questioning and Straight-but-not-Narrow student group.

Pride Centre of Edmonton-------------

 10608 - 105 Ave  780-488-3234  

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

• Free School

• Men’s HIV Support Group

 10608 - 105 Ave  monika\ Free School provides workshops on a variety of topics related to local activism.

 10608 - 105 Ave  Support group for people living with HIV/AIDS.

• Get Tested for STIs

 10608 - 105 Ave  780-436-1998  Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays: A support group for family members and friends of GLBT people. An excellent resource for people whose family members and friends have just come out.

Free STD testing for anyone interested. For more information please contact the Pride Centre.

• GLBT Seniors Drop-In

 SAGE building, Classroom B 15 Sir Winstone Churchill Square  A social and support group for seniors of all genders and sexualities to talk, have tea and offer each other support.

• Men Talking with Pride

 10608 - 105 Ave  A social discussion group for gay, bisexual and transgendered men to discuss current issues and to offer support to each other.



 10608 - 105 Ave  TTIQ is mixed gender open support group addressing the needs of transsexual and transgendered individuals.

• Womonspace Board Meeting

 10608 - 105 Ave  Womonspace is a Social and Recreational Society in Edmonton run by volunteers. They provide opportunities

Directory & Events Alberta Events Saturday, June 16th

Saskatchewan Events

Thursday, July 26th

Camp fYrefly---------------------------  All Day


Lethbridge Pride Fest--------------  All Day Jun23

Friday, August 3rd

Ranch Rendezvous---------------------  All Day At

Spring Valley Guest Ranch


 Edmonton Contd. for lesbians to interact and support each other in a safe environment, and to contribute to the broader community.

• Youth Movie

 10608 - 105 Ave  Movie chosen by youth (aged 14 – 25), usually with LGBT themes. Popcorn is served.

• YouthSpace

 A safe and supportive space for GLBTQ youth aged 13–25. Video games, computers with internet, clothing bank, and more.

Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton

 780-474-8240 

Team Edmonton

  Members are invited to attend and help determine the board for the next term. If you are interested in running for the board or getting involved in some of the committees, please contact us.

• Badminton (Mixed)

 St. Thomas Moore School, 9610 165 Street  New group seeking male & female players.

• Badminton (Women’s)

 Oliver School, 10227 - 118 Street  780-465-3620  Women’s Drop-In Recreational Badminton. $40.00 season or $5.00 per drop in.

•Ballroom Dancing

• Martial Arts

 15450 - 105 Ave (daycare entrance)  780-328-6414   Drop-ins welcome.

• Outdoor Pursuits

• Running (Arctic Frontrunners)

 Kinsmen Sports Centre  All genders and levels of runners and walkers are invited to join this free activity.  Parkallen Field, 111 st and 68 ave  Season fee is $30.00 per person. $10 discount for players from the 2008 season.

• Snowballs V

 January 27-29, 2012  Skiing and Snowboarding Weekend. 

• Spin

 MacEwan Centre for Sport and Wellness 109 St. and 104 Ave  Wednesdays, 5:45-6:45pm Season has ended.  7 classes, $28.00 per registrant.

• Swimming (Making Waves)

• Tennis

• Cross Country Skiing


• Curling with Pride

 Granite Curling Club, 8620 107 Street NW 

• Cycling (Edmonton Prideriders)  Dawson Park, picnic shelter 

• Dragon Boat (Flaming Dragons) 

• Golf


• Gymnastics, Drop-in

 Ortona Gymnastics Club, 8755 - 50 Avenue  Have the whole gym to yourselves and an instructor to help you achieve your individual goals. Cost is $5.00 per session.

• Hockey

Restaurants 5 The Junction-------------------------------  10242 106th St  780-756-5667 12 Woody’s------------------------------------ ✰  11725 Jasper Ave  780-488-6557

 Kinsmen Sports Centre  Sundays, 12pm-3pm 

• Ultimate Frisbee

 Sundays Summer Season starts July 12th  E-mail if interested.

• Volleyball, Intermediate

 Amiskiwacy Academy (101 Airport Road) 

• Volleyball, Recreational

 Mother Teresa School (9008 - 105 Ave) 

• Women’s Lacrosse

 Sharon: 780-461-0017  Pam: 780-436-7374 Open to women 21+, experienced or not, all are welcome. Call for info.

Passion Vault

 15239 - 111 Ave  780-930-1169  “Edmonton’s Classiest Adult Store”


 780-482-1794   Women’s social group, but all welcome at events.

Community Groups GALA/LA

 403-308-2893  Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Lethbridge and Area.

• Monthly Dances

 Henotic (402 - 2 Ave S) Bring your membership card and photo ID.

• Monthly Potluck Dinners

• Support Line

Products & Services

 403-308-2893  Monday OR Wednesday, 7pm-11pm Leave a message any other time.

• Friday Mixer


 The Mix (green water tower) 103 Mayor Magrath Dr S  Every Friday at 10pm

Robertson-Wesley United Church

 University of Lethbridge GBLTTQQ club on campus.

 780-413-7122 trial code 3500  Telephone classifieds and chat - 18+ ONLY.  10209 - 123 St. NW  780-482-1587    Worship: Sunday mornings at 10:30am People of all sexual orientations welcome. Other LGBT events include a monthly book club and a bi-monthly film night. As a caring spiritual community, we’d love to have you join us!

• Soul OUTing

Gay & Lesbian Integrity Assoc. (GALIA)

 Room C610, University of Lethbridge

Gay Youth Alliance Group

 Betty, 403-381-5260   Every second Wednesday, 3:30pm-5pm

Lethbridge HIV Connection

 1206 - 6 Ave S

• Film Night

 1-888-530-6777  

 Bi-monthly, contact us for exact dates.

• Book Club

 Monthly, contact us for exact dates.

Theatre & Fine Arts Exposure Festival

 Edmonton’s Queer Arts and Culture Festival.

The Roxy Theatre

 10708 124th Street, Edmonton AB  780-453-2440 

BANFF/CANMORE Community Groups Mountain Pride

  Serving the GLBTQS community in Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise and Area.


• Movie Night

 Second Sunday every month, 7pm An LGBT-focused alternative worship.

• Yoga

 Lion's Breath Yoga Studio (10350-124 Street) 


 McKillop United Church, 2329 - 15 Ave S GALA/LA will provide the bring the rest. Please bring a dish to share that will serve 4-6 people, and your own beverage.

Retail Stores

• Soccer

• Blazin’ Bootcamp

 Ed’s Rec Room (West Edmonton Mall)  $15.00 per person.

 Brendan: 780-488-3234 

• Slo Pitch

 NAIT Pool (11762 - 106 Street)  

• Bowling (Northern Titans)

• Sports and Recreation


 Foot Notes Dance Studio, 9708-45 Avenue NW  Cynthia: 780-469-3281  Garneau Elementary School 10925 - 87 Ave 

Youth Understanding Youth

 780-248-1971  A support and social group for queer youth 12-25.

PFLAG Canada

Pride Lethbridge


RED DEER Community Groups Affirm

 Sunnybrook United Church  403-347-6073  2nd Tuesday of the month, 7pm Composed of LGBTQ people, their friends, family and allies. No religious affiliation necessary. Activities include support, faith and social justice discussions, film nights, and potlucks!

Central Alberta AIDS Network Society

 4611-50 Avenue, Red Deer, AB  The Central Alberta AIDS Network Society is the local charity responsible for HIV prevention and support in Central Alberta.

LGBTQ Education

  Red Deer (and area) now has a website designed to bring


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GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Classifieds Announcements


Responding to Biblical Bullying Sunday, June 10, 2012 @ 12 noon, McDougall United Church, 10025 101 Street & MacDonald Drive, Edmonton, Alberta. The luncheon presentation will focus on skills that can help people who experience Biblical bullying. Donations for lunch appreciated. (780) 428-1818

Pride Church Service 10:30am, Sunday June 10 McDougall United Church 10025 101 Street & MacDonald Drive Edmonton, Alberta 780-428-1818


Sales Rep Wanted GayCalgary Magazine is looking for a part time sales rep. Income by commission, sales experience required. Duties include contacting new advertisers and maintaining existing customers. Contact Steve at



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Erotic Massage




Alberta Escort Listings

Do You Need a Computer Hero? On-site home and business computer service. 15yrs experience. Certified, insured, BBB member. GLBT Owned. Friendly & respectful service. Call 403-444-0700, Calgary & Area.

Check out for the Hot Escorts in Calgary, Edmonton, and the rest of Alberta. New Improved Features. Free to Post and Browse. Videos, Pics, and Reviews. Join Now! Code: GCEE

Products/Services 500

Best Courier in Town!


Adult Depot Large selection of gay DVDs from $9.95, aromas and toys. Open MonFri 12-11pm, Sat 12-6pm, closed Sundays and holidays. (403) 258 2777



Want to attract the LGBT local or traveler to your business?

Gay Talent Wanted Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency is are looking for Gay Talent to perform in Adult entertainment Productions. Call Pj @ 403 826 2670 E-mail:

Help Wanted


Writers and Photographers GayCalgary Magazine is seeking additional freelance writers and photographers from Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, and Medicine Hat to accept monthly assignments. Must be willing and able to conduct interviews in person or by phone. Please have a writing sample ready. Contact Steve at

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FABULOUS LGBT & STR8 WEDDINGS Rork Hilford MC, Commissioner for Oaths. MarriageCommissioner@ | 403-246-4134

It’s not about special treatment. You can’t assume the LGBT person, or the straight person will follow the pack anymore. The LGBT market is becoming more and more aware of what organizations support them, and which ones don’t, ultimately sending them away from businesses and communities that do not recognize them or their lifestyle. Does your staff need LGBT sensitivity training? Want to attract the market but unsure how to proceed? Local, Domestic, International, We can assist. Check us out at http://, Email us at, Call us at 604-369-1472. Based in Alberta.

Ads starting at $10/mo. for the first 20 words. Submit yours at 60

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

 Directory - From Page 59

Education/Training 535

Need help with your Career Search? Over 700 clients in North America have come to us for Resume and Cover Letter creation plus Interview practice. For information, contact Doug at 587-335-7667 or

various LGBTQ friendly groups/individuals together for fun, and to promote acceptance in our communities.

Pride on Campus

 A group of LGBTQ persons and Allies at Red Deer College.

ALBERTA Community Groups Alberta Trans Support/Activities Group

 A nexus for transgendered persons, regardless of where they may be on the continuum.

Theatre & Fine Arts Alberta Ballet



 Frequent productions in Calgary and Edmonton.

CANADA Community Groups Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition

 P..O. Box 3043, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 3S9  (306) 955-5135  1-800-955-5129 

Premium organic medical marihuana shipped quickly, discreetly to your door.



Massage in Edmonton

Egale Canada

 8 Wellington St E, Third Floor Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1C5  1-888-204-7777  Egale Canada is the national advocacy and lobby organization for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transidentified people and our families.

Products & Services Squirt

 Website for dating and hook-ups. 18+ ONLY!

Theatre & Fine Arts Broadway Across Canada



 GLBT Television Station.

Registered Massage Therapist in downtown Edmonton. Relaxation and therapeutic massage. For appointment phone Dwayne at 780483-3190 or 780-918-5856

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


Q Scopes

Do not flirt, Aries! Venus retrograding across the Sun in Gemini triggers bold flirtations that will probably go awry. Keep a sense of humor. As Mercury enters Cancer protective moods can shade your thinking. Ask older relatives for family recipes or share some new ones.

ARIES (March 20–April 19): Do not flirt at work. The gym maybe, but neither now. You seem to be mixing up flirtation with argument. Instead of trying to pick someone up you might rather pick a fight. Feistiness has its charm, if you can get the right balance.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20): You are cute, charming and

wonderful, but working it is going to draw unwanted attention and costs. Just be yourself without the self-conscious effort. If your usual divertissements just annoy you, try out some new amusements.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20): A new relationship may be in

the offing, or an old one is just off. Keeping your home together can require hard work (the easy part) and diplomacy (not so easy). Focus your criticisms on yourself.

CANCER (June 21–July 22): A new exercise program can

do you a world of good, but start out easy! Learning a new skill can help you take advantage of changes at work. Your insights to team dynamics can also secure your position, but you don’t have to share them.

LEO (July 23–August 22): A binge with your friends can get mighty expensive and lead to arguments. Before going out, think hard about whose company you value and why. Sometimes it’s best to “have previous plans.” Political action is good. Criticizing your comrades, not so much.

VIRGO (August 23–September 22): You’re good with the

boss. Don’t do anything that could look like you’re kissing up. Tips from experts can make your work more effective and less stressful. Some adventurous fun with your family can also turn things around for you.

LIBRA (September 23–October 22): Temptation to argue comes out of your own anxieties. Give yourself and everyone else a break by focusing on your own problems and unburden yourself with a therapist, a favorite aunt, or a good stand-in.

SCORPIO (October 23–November 21): You can be a fierce

advocate for the queer community or your own part of that. Be careful not to overplay your hand. Speak up for universal rights and equality over privilege and you’re sure to make your case.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22–December 20): Your partner

or other connections can help you find a new job; move quickly. You may be a bit selfish in appraising your relationship, but if you’re not good for each other move on.

CAPRICORN (December 21–January 19): Focus on

foresight and good behavior. Rash actions and outspokenness can undermine your work and get you into trouble with your boss or clients. Remember your colleagues are on your team. Approach problems as a healer, not as a critic.

AQUARIUS (January 20–February 18): You’re itching for a good fight, but can too easily land in a bad one. To fix economic problems be a healer, not a warrior. You can get more flies with honey instead of vinegar without compromising your principles.

PISCES (February 19–March 19): Where has your life been heading and where do you want it to grow? Reexamine your priorities and goals. Domestic comforts and lessons are a basis for growing in new directions, not a cozy nest to hide in. Jack Fertig, a professional astrologer since 1977 teaches at the Online College of Astrology. He can be reached for personal or business consultations at 415-864-8302 or through his website at http://www.


GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012

GayCalgary Magazine #104, June 2012


GayCalgary Magazine - June 2012  

The ONLY Publication Dedicated to Alberta's LGBT+ Community, with articles and content that are of interest across Canada and around the wor...

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