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For more than 97 years, our goals have remained the same: to develop leaders who have the ambition for success and to equip them with lasting business practices to improve the global economy.

From international internships to our student-managed investment fund, you’ll find a large number of opportunities that will inspire your future possibilities. At every turn, you’ll find professors, academic advisors, mentors and support staff who will motivate you to grow, challenge yourself to achieve excellence, and ultimately, jump start your career.

I invite you to take a closer look at Gatton, visit campus or take a virtual tour and discover all the advantages that being a business student at Kentucky's flagship university has to offer!

From the moment you set foot in Gatton College, you'll be part of a close-knit, welcoming community that is here for your success!



3 SUPPORTPERSONALIZED At Gatton, you’ll have the unique benefit of a full-time, dedicated academic advisor who will be with you every step of the way. From the moment you arrive on campus, your advisor will help you navigate through your degree requirements and guide you toward campus resources that fit your needs. ADVISOR ACADEMICSHAWNSPOTLIGHT:STEWARTADVISOR Academic advisor, Shawn Stewart, was the recipient of the NACADA Outstanding New Advisor award for the 2021-2022 academic school year. “I am responsible for overseeing my students’ academic progress, which means supporting them through their setbacks, but also their successes. I enjoy building relationships with them, and I want them to know that I am their advocate.”

4 SET PROGRAMPATHYOURFORWARDOFFERINGS Look no further than Gatton to establish a foundation of business distinction. With five academic majors and a variety of programs and minors available, prepare to create your unique path. No matter what your career aspirations are, you’ll find the opportunity to ignite your passions.

MORETOYOURUNLEASHDRIVEACHIEVE The next four years at Gatton will change your life. With business courses and bountiful opportunities to become a part of a thriving community, we can ensure your time at Gatton will set you on a path forward in business exploration.

Majors of Accounting receive their degrees within the Von Allmen School of Accountancy. In a highly-focused arena of analytical and financial skills, students walk away with the confidence and ability to make sound, strategic decisions. SEE YOURSELF AS A: | Budget Analyst and Financial Analyst | Chief Financial Officer | Controller and Financial Manager | Financial Auditor | Financial Planner | Internal Auditor | Risk Assessment Officer | Tax Accountant $57,250 7.5%AVERAGE SALARY IN THIS FIELD [NACE, 2021] [expectedJOBTEN-YEARGROWTH-2020-2030] FACULTY LECTURERASSOCIATEOLIVIASPOTLIGHT:N.DAVISDIRECTORANDOFACCOUNTING,CPA As one of six 2022 University of Kentucky Alumni Association Great Teacher Award recipients, Olivia Davis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom. Providing a lane of opportunity for students to discover their passion in accounting, she encourages students to go beyond the technical accounting and auditing concepts and challenges businesses face. “I utilize the extensive network built during my time at a Big Four accounting firm and as a National Association of Black Accountants professional to create unique and valuable experiences for my students.” Source: Bureau of Labor of Statistics GATTONMAJOR ACCOUNTING

MAJOR: GUOJI ACCOUNTINGZHU 7 “I chose to major in accounting because I would have more career options and I can work in a variety of fields. In my accounting classes I've learned a lot of detailed information about analytical software and programs that I will use in my career.”

8 EMMA KING MAJOR: ECONOMICS "After my first Economics class, I loved how challenging and different the subject was. Since then, my professors have pushed my ability to think analytically and are always introducing me to opportunities outside of the classroom."

With the drive to understand how decisions are made, Economics majors gain the problem solving and analytical skills to succeed in times of unexpected change. Through the examination of data, students understand the world around us on a large, impactful scale. SEE YOURSELF AS A: | Credit Analyst | Equity Trader | Compensation and Benefits Manager | Budget Analyst | Actuary | Market Research Analyst | Policy Analyst | Statistician | Lawyer GATTONMAJOR ECONOMICS FACULTY SPOTLIGHT: GAIL GATTONPROFESSORHOYTOFECONOMICS,COLLEGETEACHING FELLOW Professor Gail Hoyt’s Economics of Altruism course has made it a mission to make meaningful contributions to local nonprofit organizations by understanding their purpose, operations, and areas of development. The course provides students the opportunity to analyze a local organization's current operations, efforts, and business strategies and propose plans for use of funding that would best suit the organization. “This class provides a unique learning opportunity for our students. They use their economic skills to do sophisticated analysis of the real-world issues facing our region, preparing them for the vital community impact aspect of being a business $72,200professional.” 12.5%AVERAGE SALARY IN THIS FIELD [NACE, 2021] [expectedJOBTEN-YEARGROWTH-2020-2030] Source: Bureau of Labor of Statistics

10 Having an interest in how the world economy functions and operates is a leading path to jumpstart a Finance career. Today’s world and economy depends on financial strategies and principles gained as a finance major. SEE YOURSELF AS A: | Financial Analyst | Financial Planner | Investment Analyst | Chief Financial Officer | Financial Regulator | Procurement Manager | Asset Manager | Investment Banker | Hedge Fund Manager FACULTY &DEPUTYSHANESPOTLIGHT:HADDENCHAIROFSTUDENTSSENIORLECTUREROFFINANCE, CFA Shane Hadden brings his Wall Street, financial technology, and entrepreneurship experience into the classroom, teaching students how to raise money for start-up companies as well as preparing them for careers in top finance firms. "In my classes, students learn financial concepts using my experience starting my own companies, as well as actual transactions I have executed on Wall Street. I also lead the Finance in France program, where students get to learn finance in Paris for the summer." GATTONMAJOR FINANCE $57,750 15%AVERAGE SALARY IN THIS FIELD [NACE, 2021] [expectedJOBTEN-YEARGROWTH-2020-2030] Source: Bureau of Labor of Statistics




SIERRA RUGGIERO MAJOR: MARKETING &MANAGEMENT“Everydayis a new day for trueandground-breakingThiswildlyThingspossibilities.opportunitiesendlessandreallyarepossiblehere.isaplacetobeunderstandyourpotential”. 12

13 Earning a degree in Management prepares students with a strong foundational knowledge of methodology. Having a vast understanding of operations, network analysis and leadership puts emphasis on the importance of a management degree. SEE YOURSELF AS A: | Distribution Manager | Operations Manager | Quantitative Strategist | Client ManagerRelations | Human ManagerResources | Supply ManagerChain GATTONMAJOR MANAGEMENT FACULTY SPOTLIGHT: DAN OFASSOCIATEHALGINPROFESSORMANAGEMENT As a leading scholar in social network analysis, Dan Halgin offers a level of expertise in network analysis and organizations and their methodology to Gatton students. He continues to apply his research in major spaces including NCAA coaching and more. “Each day, I’m excited to collaborate with Gatton colleagues and students, applying the most current research to today’s management challenges. Students also get to connect with CEOs to get a firsthand account of the complexities of strategic leadership in the global $55,778economy." 12.5%AVERAGE SALARY IN THIS FIELD [NACE, 2021] [expectedJOBTEN-YEARGROWTH-2020-2030] Source: Bureau of Labor of Statistics

14 Through improved communications and collaboration, Marketing and Supply Chain have a lasting impact on the market. Delivering value is translated across both disciplines, making marketing and supply chain increasingly significant when aligning strategies across an organization and in the global marketplace. SEE YOURSELF AS A: | ResearchMarket Analyst | Promotions,Advertising, and Marketing Manager | ResearchOperationsAnalyst | Logistics Manager | Public SpecialistRelations FACULTY OFASSISTANTJORDANSPOTLIGHT:MOFFETTPROFESSORMARKETING Jordan Moffett teaches the Marketing Strategy and Planning capstone class, which entails the application of unique marketing strategies in response to today’s marketing challenges. Moffett’s research has been focused on high-level relationship marketing theory and strategy. “I strive to foster an environment filled with creative conversations... and employing modern marketing strategies in real-world scenarios. It is paramount that students have a voice in their learning GATTONexperience.”MAJORMARKETING & SUPPLY CHAIN $57,875 15%AVERAGE SALARY IN THIS FIELD [NACE, 2021] [expectedJOBTEN-YEARGROWTH-2020-2030] Source: Bureau of Labor of Statistics

KAELIN RIVES MAJOR: MANAGEMENT&MARKETING “My biggest takeaway from being at Gatton is the opportunities. There are so many different resources here, from the Graham Office of Career Management, to professors, or even successful Gatton alums who will do everything in their power to help the next generation succeed!” 15

16 The Gatton College of Business and Economics provides you with a unique opportunity to focus on innovative business practices rooted in international business, social responsibility, and community through the Gatton Honors Pathway Programs. By participating in the pathways, you can reach your full potential by completing concentrated coursework while receiving an undergraduate degree in the major you declared. ENRICHSTUDIESYOUR HONORS PATHWAYS Scan to check out the Pathways in action! “The Social Entrepreneurship Scholars pathway pushes students to tackle real-world business problems and create solutions. Because of amazing opportunities like the Global Social Innovation Challenge, we are able to partner with people around the globe to create a better world together.” Shelby Simpkins, Social ScholarEntrepreneurship

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entrepreneurs and corporations. SCHOLARS

Explore innovative business solutions that also address social,

GLOBAL PATHWAYSCHOLARS Take your interest in business around the world and learn how to thrive in a global workforce, increase your intercultural competence, and apply business principles in different cultures. As part of this pathway, you will complete a minor in international business and experience a semester abroad, as well as many co-curricular opportunities to enhance your global leadership potential.

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will develop your entrepreneurial acumen and socially responsible leadership through a variety of experiential learning opportunities, community service, and

SCHOLARSENTREPRENEURSHIPSOCIALPATHWAY cultural, pathway time local IN ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT to real-world this pathway, which is in partnership with the College of Engineering. In to acquiring strategic decision-making skills, will also earn a Lean Systems certificate to knowledge of waste reduction productivity in the workplace.


PATHWAY Apply business concepts

18 A EXPERIENCELIFE-CHANGING GATTON EDUCATION ABROAD “My experience in Paris was my favorite part of being in Gatton so far. It showed me so many new choices of careers I could pursue internationally, and it is something every student should get to experience. Having this opportunity through Gatton has taught me so much and I will never forget how amazing it was!” SYDNEY MEEK Management, Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles Why education abroad? As the need for international business expertise increases, Gatton offers a unique Education Abroad program that cultivates global business and cultural knowledge for business majors. These experiences are open to all classes and majors of students with the desire to experience: » GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS » CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES » INTERNATIONALBUSINESSPRACTICES

» SUMMER PROGRAMS These experiences are a combination of classroom learning, on-site company tours, guest speakers, visits to historical sites, exploring new cultures, and learning business practices. We highly encourage first-year and second-year students to study abroad, too! Where can I study? There are many locations around the world available to our students to study. UK students have studied abroad in over 100 countries. “Studying abroad in China was a wonderful experience for me. Not only did I learn about China, but I also gained a new perspective of the United States and more self-awareness. It was a unique experience that I would do all over again.”

INTERNSHIPSINTERNATIONAL International internships are a great way to earn college credit and work experience at the same time. Gatton students have interned with Deutsche Bank Group, Ritz Carlton London, Commonwealth Bank in Sydney, Australia, External Management Services in Barcelona, Spain, and many more.


If you don't believe it, ask a student who has just returned! Gatton students are passionate about studying, interning, researching and even serving abroad. They share similar stories about traveling to new places and making life-long friends. Students have many options for when they study abroad, including:


ERICA DERAMUS Accounting, Economics, and International Business, TEAN Abroad, Shanghai, China

FUNDING SCHOLARSHIPSAND Education abroad applicants are eligible to apply for scholarship funding through UK, the Gatton College of Business & Economics, or through outside resources. In most cases, a student’s financial aid package can be used to offset the cost of education abroad. For more information, start here: International.uky.edu/ea


20 INVOLVEMENTSTUDENTGATTON CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS:STUDENT | Entrepreneurship Club | Finance Society | Analytics Club | Real Estate Club | National Association of Black Accountants | American Marketing Association | Phi Beta Lambda | The Accounting Club | Alpha Kappa Psi (Professional Business Fraternity) | Beta Alpha (AccountingPsiHonors Society) | Economics Society | Human ManagementResourceClub | Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Scan to find out how you can be involved. “As a transfer student I found it much easier to meet and network with people through Gatton and its organizations. It’s great to make connections across campus but working towards a common goal by participating in clubs or competitions will provide unique challenges that can help you socially, academically, and professionally. I highly recommend you leverage those opportunities while they’re still around.” JUSTIN LARIVIERE Economics & Finance Major

Gatton, work with the College administration, faculty and staff on policy issues, plan fun activities, and engage in many fundraising and charity events. GRAHAM




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Advisors provide assistance in the future careers of Gatton students. On a peer-topeer level, advisors aid in career explorations, career advising, and development assistance. Through a variety of training, advisors have the opportunity to promote the importance of early and continuous career planing and preparation. BUSINESSWOMEN LEADERS The Women Business Leaders program engages Gatton undergraduates with prominent female business leaders from Lexington and surrounding communities. Through a selection process, students will have the opportunity to: | Receive mentorship for the academic year | Engage bi-weekly, at a minimum, with their mentor | Reflect on experience as a group throughout the academic year | Take part in community service and outreach projects | Participate in group site visits | Celebrate the relationships created at an annual end-of-year dinner 21



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AMBASSADORSGATTON Ambassadors the face College. recruit students to PEER ADVISORS Peer

22 ACHIEVING SUCCESS IN BUSINESSGRAHAM OFFICE OF CAREER MANAGEMENT LEARN WHO YOU ARE Establish leadershipstrengths,identifysuccessfulfoundationawarenessself-astheforacareer:yourinterests,personalstyle. PLAN WHERE YOU’LL GO Connect major choice and classroom learning to defined goals and experiencebuilding abroad,internships,opportunities:educationandmore! GET YOU’REWHEREGOING Perfect job search skills: building standout resumes, prepping for interviews, and negotiating salaries. Whether you are in search of an internship or preparing for your final interview before securing an offer, you will have the support of the Graham Office of Career Management. Students are provided with the resources and tools to take charge of their professional future as world-ready interns and graduates. GATTON PRO SERIES CAREERING THE CURRICULUM! The Gatton Pro Series (GPS) is a series of three connected courses, designed by Graham and Gatton’s industry partners. Strategically positioned with your degree program, GPS courses guide you in navigating the college-to-career journey. You'll define plans and gain industry insights as you translate your major choice into hire-ready opportunities.

23 HANDSHAKE Handshake is our online career development platform that allows you to schedule appointments with your Graham career advisor, search for vetted internships and jobs, as well as sign up for on-campus interviews and events. The extensive network is available 24/7 and will keep you informed of immediate career focused opportunities. OF INTERNSHIPCOMPLETESTUDENTSGATTONAN PARTNERSEMPLOYER SALARYSTARTINGAVERAGE 78% 300+ $56K+ COMPANIESTOPWHO’VEHIREDGATTONGRADUATES: COMPREHENSIVE HOWGRADUATESHIRE-READYSERVICESGRAHAMDELIVERSCAREER SUPPORT: THE OFFICE 1:1 advising appointments, career fairs, meet-and-greets,employerand more VIRTUALLY Graham’s online resources hub, careers.gatton.uky.edu THE CLASSROOM the Gatton Pro Series (GPS) curriculum

GattonRecruiter@uky.eduBusinessGattonukgattoncollegeCollegeofandEconomics TO SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT, REGISTER ONLINE GATTON.UKY.EDU/VISITUSAT UKGattonCollegegattoncollegegatton@uky.edu JACOB WESTOVER DIRECTOR OF RECRUITMENT (859) 257-9127 | jacob.westover@uky.edu | 132D

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