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GASTOWN MAGAZINE FW2023 Rylee: GANNI Overdyed Jeans Bleached Denim Izey jeans and pant, BASERANGE top, HOUSE OF HUDSON earrings, all from ONE OF A FEW. ALOHAS South Bicolor boot from ROWAN SKY Photographed at L’ABATTOIR RESTAURANT - 217 Carrall St


On any given day, while strolling down Water Street in Gastown, it’s likely you’ll spot a unique display of artistry— something you can only find in this neighbourhood. Two gentlemen, Christian Turo and Leonard McKay sit at the top of the street carving their days away, crafting wooden art pieces that reflect their Indigenous heritage. The duo has made Water Street the milieu of their work for the past fifteen years—an inner-city studio that allows passersby to admire their skills and purchase one-of-a-kind pieces.

Tourists and locals alike can watch their mastery at work, carving pieces that use traditional colours such as red and black and symbolism like bear paws, wolf paws, ravens, feathers, and medicine wheels. Turo also likes to incorporate vivid colours in his works, like florescent pink and bright turquoise.

Both carvers learned their craft from friends and family.

“I was always an artist,” Turo says, “I was a painter, graffiti artist, graphic design, all that stuff. I did art all my life. My dad was an artist too, so it’s in the blood.” Leonard started learning when he was twelve by watching his uncle George McKay at work.

Leonard is currently working on a much larger project for St. Paul’s Hospital—a garden fence that will be ready in October of 2026.



Down the cobblestones of Water Street in Vancouver’s iconic Gastown neighbourhood, Inform Interiors beckons as the community’s beloved destination for thoughtfully curated household furnishings. Inform is a central point for design and architecture enthusiasts, presenting a premium assortment of modern furniture, lighting, and accessories, all while delivering unparalleled service and expertise about their products. This year, Inform Interiors is celebrating its 60-year anniversary—an epoch worth revelling in.

Having its origins in Vancouver in 1963 and acknowledged as one of the globe’s finest five design boutiques, Inform’s appeal goes beyond Canadian borders, garnering an international clientele. In its 60 years of operation, while trends and climates have changed, one thing has remained a constant for Inform, “Our belief that design makes our lives better,” Inform Co-Founder, Nancy Bendtsen says. This milestone not only signifies longevity, but also speaks to the high regard patrons have for the luxury retailer. “It certainly shows that design has legs, and that the community is very resilient,” Bendtsen says of the anniversary.

The milieu of Gastown harbours a historical feeling. Small businesses line the streets, both old and new, offering a unique (and sometimes niche) selection of goods. “We love being in Gastown. We think that it is the best part of Vancouver,” Bendtsen says. Shopping in Gastown feels

intentional and unequivocally local—moving away from the noise of mass-retailers and franchises and stepping toward a more individual, singular shopping experience.

Bendtsen has noticed that over the years, many design professionals have set up their offices in the community. Being that Gastown and Railtown are home to many design stores, Bensen, Inform’s sister company that specializes in Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design being one of them, it’s no surprise that designers want to be surrounded by what inspires them most: design itself.

Heading into the fall season, Bendtsen feels that their clients are ready to look at the lesser-known pieces they have sourced. Stepping away from the traditional and dabbling in experimentation is a sure way to spark joy in the designing process. “[Our clients] are willing to play with more colour. And green is going to be huge!,” Bendtsen notes of the new season.

Looking for a simple way to elevate your living space? Bendtsen suggests keeping comfort in mind. “Look for very well detailed and made pieces. If you cannot afford new, look at the second-hand market. Spend time reading design magazines so that you can spot the bargain!”

And if Inform is your vibe, be sure to check out these other cool design stores of the same vein in Gastown: Old Faithful Shop, Kitchen Infinity Atelier, Lock & Mortice, and Out & About.


Adrienne Matei.

“The objects stocked have to be things that we would have in our own home, but also not things found in other stores,” says Karyna Schultz of Neighbour Objects, the 51 Powell Street boutique she opened with her husband Saager Dilawri in 2018. For Schultz and Dilawri, Neighbour Objects is a way to extend their talent for finding well-made, distinctive, and deeply cool products beyond the realm of clothing (the couple also operates two internationally renowned Gastown fashion boutiques: Neighbour and Neighbour / Women) and into the world of homewares. In addition to a certain practicality, Schultz says, when sourcing items for the store, “We look for quality and a story.”

At Neighbour Objects, Schultz and Dilawri’s stock includes one-off vintage vases and trinket boxes often personally sourced from flea markets around the world; organic bed linen and pajamas from Copenhagen line Tekla; clean-burning candles from Maison Louis Marie; elevated magazines; chic kitchen essentials that any host would be delighted to receive; adorable stationary, and all manner of gorgeous ceramics, from the French countryside stylings of Astier de Villatte to the organic forms of Vancouver’s own Nathalee Paolinelli.

Paolinelli’s particular work caught Schultz’s eye early on in the ceramicist’s career. “We’ve known Nathalee for years and


Tucked away in a cozy nook in Gastown, right across from the historic steam clock, Kamuy Vintage offers a curated, hand-picked selection of one-of-a-kind items from all over the world. Hayato, the Founder and Owner of Kamuy, says that vintage shopping is not a passive act; rather, it is a means of connecting people through threads. “I love finding items that were once loved by previous owners and connecting them to the present,” Hayato says, “I believe that we inherit these goods, and the connection to past is important.”

Hayato’s parents used to run a dry-cleaning shop in his hometown in Japan. Surrounded by clothing, it was inevitable he would take vested interest in fashion. When Hayato was in Portland, Oregon twenty-five years ago, he would visit thrift stores, flea markets, swap meets, and various dealers, scoping out unique pieces to send back to Japan.

Vintage shopping is a rewarding endeavour. On one hand, it’s like playing an endless game of “who can find the most unique pieces?” and on the other hand, it allows people to engage with sustainability in a way that feels authentic to themselves—or at least those with an appetite for fashion.

watched her practice evolve and seen her find her voice,” says Schultz. Indeed, Paolinelli’s style is distinctive, defined by paper-thin clay pieces that evoke deep-sea formations, nubbly barnacles, and delicate fungi. “We have a unique way of working with Nathalee that allows her to be free to make whatever she feels she needs to,” says Schultz of the boutique’s dynamic with the artist, “and then we choose from there. Never constraining [Paolinelli] by asking her to make a certain quota of plates or something, for instance, allows it to be a more symbiotic relationship.”

For visitors looking for a less-fragile local memento to take home, Neighbour Objects also stocks cards and plush pillows shaped like tuna fish by Vancouver designer Debbie I-Ching Sun.

Staying abreast of Neighbour Object’s Instagram is a good way to learn about the community events Dilawri and Schultz host in the space, such as film screenings, photography shows, and brand pop-ups. With three stores all located in Gastown, the couple is thoroughly committed to the area - not only for the “Beautiful old buildings and the charm of the streets,” as Schultz puts it, but for the creative energy that flows between the artists and business owners who live, work, and play here. Says Schultz, “There’s nowhere else in the city that would suit us the way Gastown does.”

“I think people more care about recycling than mass production,” Hayato says, “I feel that consumers are looking for more of their own unique style these past few years.” And it’s true—vintage shopping allows consumers to be more individualistic because no one else is going to have what they have (at least the chances are slim). “Looking at vintage items, there are many well-made and one-of-a-kind items,” Hayato continues, “It is unique way to add vintage/ pre-loved items to your closet that still fits the trends of today.”

Gastown has no shortage of vintage store gems. Established in 2011, Community Thrift & Vintage operates as a non-profit social enterprise. They specialize in offering a thoughtfully curated selection of upcycled fashion items at affordable prices. Their commitment involves assisting vulnerable individuals through a compassionate vocational training initiative. All the proceeds they generate are contributed to the PHS Community Services Society. The funds amassed are dedicated to sustaining continuous PHS projects related to housing, healthcare, harm reduction, and health promotion in both Vancouver and Victoria. If you find yourself in the Gastown neighbourhood, be sure to check out these other notable vintage shops with an undeniable cool factor: Hey Jude, Uniques, and From Another. Happy shopping!


Story by Caitlin Goff.

When Scott Hawthorn lost both of his tenants due to the pandemic, it made him rethink how he wanted his Gastown building to fit into the community. His goal was to acquire new tenants that expressed the diverse arts and culture landscape that is quintessential of Gastown. “I wanted tenants that were owner occupied, were unique to Vancouver and Gastown, and were willing to explore and express a local cultural voice,” Hawthorn says.

Gastown stands as Vancouver’s most diverse community, serving as a fertile ground for the emergence of innovative ideas. The historic downtown area cultivates a local, cultural voice—one that can be appreciated by neighbours and tourists alike. “I love that it has a strong sense of community,” Hawthorn says, “It’s a little village that has several owner-occupied businesses doing something very well.”

His two current tenants are ‘Vinyl Records’ (44 Water St.) and ‘Is that French’ (45 Blood Alley). Vinyl Records, owned by David Jones, is a haven for music lovers. “Vinyl Records preserves and celebrates vinyl culture,” Hawthorn says. Jones’ expertise and sheer passion for music is palpable, creating a place for people to connect on something universal: music.

Is that French, a beautiful little wine bar tucked away in Blood Alley, harbours simple sophistication with their offerings. “Is that French is the best expression in Vancouver of minimal intervention of BC food and wine,” Hawthorn says. A hidden gem and certainly a must-try. “Wine, food, and music are the trojan horse for the heart,” Hawthorn says. Both Vinyl Records and Is that French fit effortlessly into the community, bringing their own flare to the neighbourhood.


Story by Adrienne Matei.

Michelle Rizzardo’s clothing and jewelry boutique, One of A Few sets the bar high for Gastown shopping. Launched in 2005 with the goal of “bringing ethically produced clothing to Vancouver and lifting local designers,” says Rizzardo, One of a Few brims with cool-girl energy. Here, Vancouver artisans like Hi Jules, Reassembly, and Melodie Borosevich stock their limited-run jewelry and perfumes and gift shopping becomes practically de rigueur. Local fashion lines, including Renée Power’s Bronze Age (a collection of bags, apparel, and hair accessories) and Casey Lamb’s KSLAM (sustainably crafted dresses that have graced the likes of musicians Saweetie and Carly Rae Jepsen), shine alongside bold and sophisticated international favourites like Ganni and Rachel Comey.

Rizzardo’s close connection to local designers means custom pieces are always on the table. “A lot of the times when these pieces are sold out, we can call up the designer and ask for something made that’s similar,” she says. “And then the customers get to interact with the designers and it really makes community out of what we’re selling.”

“Vancouver truly has some of the most talented people,” says Rizzardo. At One of A Few, that talent is supported with enthusiasm and abundant style.

50 Water St. 51 Powell St. 354 Water St. 332 Water St.


Like what you see? Find out where to shop the OBJECTS using the corresponding colour on the map on page 6 - 7

MAKERS. The Morocco Vase by TwentyTwoDecor. It’s distinctive design makes it an eye-catching addition to any space.

NEST CLINIC. Premium Agate Gua Sha tool. Used for cosmetic practices in traditional Chinese medicine. Great for decreasing puffiness and creating glowing skin.

EAST VAN ROASTERS. Mbingu Tanzanian Dark Chocolate with Banana and Crispy Rice. This special chocolate bar represents the flavours and spirit of the generous people of Mbingu, Tanzania.

OLD FAITHFUL SHOP. Camber Y-350 Toolbox. This Good Design winning tool box is durable and tough for daily use. Perfect for storing tools or art supplies.

HONEY GIFTS. Womanizer Premium 2. It’s gentle yet powerful suction is known for its blissful sensations.

KIM PRINTS. Ken Foster Painting. “Blue Alleyway” Kim Prints has a large collection of paintings by Vancouver street artist Ken Foster.

POURHOUSE RESTAURANT. Rittenhouse Manhattan. One of the many cocktails made with Rittenhouse Kentucky Straight Rye, Cocchi Torino, Angostura bitters.

OUT & ABOUT. Polka Dot Dog cup with saucer by Eleonor Bostrom A dog who wants to bath in your morning coffee. Made of paper porcelain with hand painted details.

PARADE ORGANICS. Everything Baby Blanket Goes anywhere baby goes and comes in Parades’ signature seasonal best selling prints.

FLUEVOG. The Mellow Bebop plays to the fearless fashion-lover who follows their soul.

5 4
Rylee: HENRIK VIBSKOV dress from THE BLOCK. Hat by CLAUDIA SCHULZ SHOE THE BEAR Tove Chelsea L boot from GRAVITY POPE Photographed somewhere in Gastown. Rylee: SZEKI 7115 jacket from OUT & ABOUT. RACHEL COMEY jeans from ONE OF A FEW ALLISON WONDERLAND top and REIKE NEN boot from THE BLOCK Photographed at NELSON the SEAGULL - 315 Carrall St Must try: The house sourdough. SÖMN. The Noa Linen Throw Blanket. Made from premium linen, this throw blanket is both soft and durable, ensuring long-lasting comfort and warmth. NIKA. Weekend Bag by House of Sajaco. This gorgeous leather bag with adjustable shoulder strap, outside zipper pocket and three inside small pockets.
EAT & DRINK Al Porto Ristorante - 321 Water St Guu with Otokomae - 105-375 Water St Ignite Pizzeria Express - 508 W Cordova St Momo Sushi - 6-375 Water St Monaco Cafe - 356 Water St Playhaus Nightclub - 350 Water St The Poke Shop - 306 Water St Silvestre Deli & Bistro - 317 Water St Sonder Café - 321 Water St Steamworks Brewpub - 375 Water St The Water Street Cafe - 300 Water St SHOP Arcade Showroom 332 Water St Artina’s Jewellery 387 Water St Artemisia Clothing 452 W Cordova St Canada Ammolite Museum - 313 Water St Cappelleria Bertacchi - 332 Water St Chic Winds 5-375 Water St Cigar Connoisseurs 346 Water St Fleet Street - 375 Water St Floba Flower Boutique 422 W Cordova St Herschel Supply Company 347 Water St Honey Gifts 350 Water St Hudson House 321 Water St jWS 355 Water St Kamuy Vintage - 145-332 Water St The Latest Scoop 305 Water St Li-Sa Shop 28 Water St Little Mountain Vancouver - 308 Water St Make Gastown 170 Water St Menu Skateboard Shop 170-332 Water St #NFS X Heat Vault 486 W Cordova St National Standards Clothing 466 W Cordova St Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe 1-306 Water St One of a Few 354 Water St Silver Gallery 312 Water St Smiley’s Enterprises 359 Water St Suraj Imports Ltd 339 Water St Vancouver Whitecaps Store 385 Water St WELLNESS A1 Barbershop - 150-332 Water St Arcane Body Arts - 230-332 Water St Bryan of London - 375 Water St Patchwork Art Studio - 311 Water St Rebels & Rogues Parlour - 328 Water St Reform Pilates - 332 Water St Tantra Fitness - 314 Water St Tokiwa Hair - 110-332 Water St Water Street Cannabis - 348 Water St EAT & DRINK Black Frog Eatery - 108 Cambie St Brioche Urban Baking - 117 Water St Café Kitsuné - 157 Water St Clough Club - 212 Abbott St CNTRBND - 45 Water St Cottage Deli Restaurant - 131 Water St Gringo Restaurant - 27 Blood Alley Is That French - 45 Blood Alley Square Jules Bistro - 216 Abbott St Lamplighter Pub - 92 Water St The Old Spaghetti Factory - 53 Water St Pourhouse Restaurant - 162 Water St Straight Brooklyn Pizza - 114 Water St Waffleland Cafe - 32 Water St World Wrap Place - 68 Water St SHOP Anna Kosturova Design Inc - 33 Water St Australian Boot Company - 137 Water St COS - 18 Water St Canadian Souvenirs - 185 Water St Filson - 47 Water St Gravity Pope Projects Ltd - 73 Water St Imperial Fur & Gift Co - 139 Water St Inform Interiors - 50 Water St Inform Kitchens & Bath - 97 Water St Jason Matlo Atelier 33 Water St John Fluevog - 65 Water St Kit and Ace - 165 Water St Maison Kitsune - 159 Maison Kitsune Makers Gastown - 38 Water St Michelle’s Imports - 175 Water St Oak and Fort - 151 Water St Poggenpohl Kitchen Infinity Atelier - 131 Water St Premiere Fashions - 131 Water St Somn - 28 Water St Vinyl Records Gastown - 44 Water St WELLNESS Flowstate Hair Space Inc - 55 Water St High Five Family Health - 55 Water St MVMTLAB Inc - 55 Water St The Nest Clinic - 315-55 Water St Vive Wellness - 605-55 Water St Zenden - 33 Water St EAT & DRINK Cambie Pub - 300 Cambie St The Cordova - 136 W Cordova St Hiro Japan Sushi Xpress - 142 Cordova St Revolver Coffee - 325 Cambie St Stega Eatery - 301 W Cordova St Take Out Shack - 318 Cambie St Timbertrain Coffee Roasters - 311 W Cordova St SHOP Bear With M 330 W Cordova St Beyond Capture - 151 W Cordova St The Block - 350 W Cordova St Charles Van Sandwyk & Co - 215 Cambie St Colourbox Salon - 305 W Cordova St Diamond Deals Jewellery - 303 Cambie St Durant Sessions - 315 W Cordova St Dutil Denim - 303 W Cordova St EC Rare Books - 323 Cambie St Frank and Oak - 316 W Cordova St FvH Stamps - 340 W Cordova St Indonesian Trade Center - 310 W Cordova St Lovenote Bride - 235 Cambie St MOSH Framemakers - 45 Water St Nettle’s Tale - 306 W Cordova St Nika Fashion and Design - 309 Cambie St Nurture With Nature - 313 Cambie St Old Faithful - 320 W Cordova St Out & About - 321 W Cordova St Parade Organics Kids - 231 Cambie St Roldorf & Co. - 307 W Cordova St Rowan Sky - 334 W Cordova St State of Underdress - 318 Homer St Time Frame Gallery - 317A Cambie St Unique Antiques - 319 W Cordova St Whitecap Books Limited - 314 W Cordova St WELLNESS Shivanesce Wellness - 304 W Cordova St W-Dental - 126 W Cordova St EAT & DRINK Coffeebar - 10 Water St The Blarney Stone - 216 Carrall St The Forge - 212 Carrall St The Greek Gastown - 221 Carrall St Guilt and Company - 1 Alexander St Hot Pie Pizza - 4 Powell St Kozak Ukrainian Food - 1 W Cordova St Local Public Eatery - 3 Alexander St L’Abattoir Restaurant - 217 Carrall St Meet in Gastown - 12 Water St Monarca Cocina Mexicana - 181 Carrall St The Portside Pub - 7 Alexander St Robba da Matti - 12 Powell St Sitar Restaurant - 8 Powell St Six Acres - 203 Carrall St Soft Peaks - 25 Alexander St Smith’s Irish Pub 212 Carrall St Twisted Fork - 213 Carrall St SHOP Angel of Vancouver - 2 Powell St Bill’s Confectionary - 200 Carrall St From Another - 202 Carrall St Neighbour-Men - 125-12 Water St OK Boot Corral - 205 Carrall St Royal Vape Inc - 206 Carrall St Roden Gray Inc - 8 Water St Smoke Valley - 227 Carrall St 1 Water Street Pop-up - 1 Water St WELLNESS Aesop - 19 Water St Le Labo - 225 Carrall St Silver Bones Tattoo - 280 Carrall St EAT & DRINK Back and Forth Bar - 303 Columbia St Birds And The Beets - 55 Powell St Gastronomy Gastown - 62 E Cordova St Milano Coffee - 36 Powell St Rodney’s Oyster House - 52 Powell St Skewers Souvlaki Pita Bar - 26 Powell St Tekkaba - 68 E Cordova St Zoomak Korean Tavern - 52 Alexander St SHOP Avelyn Florist Inc - 67 E Cordova St Bia Boro HQ - 83 E Cordova St Chenko - 263 Columbia St EZ Dog - 56 Powell St Hello London Designs - 55 E Cordova St Haven Shop - 52 E Cordova St Kimprints - 41 Powell St Neighbour-Object - 51 Powell St Neighbour-Women - 45 Powell St Rituals of Love Bridal - 273 Columbia St The Shop Vancouver - 88 E Cordova St Stussy - 49 Powell St Telio - 211 Columbia St WELLNESS Brass Harpy Tattoo - 62 Powell St Casa Hair - 20 E Cordova St Faye Smith Agency - 73 E Cordova St Fortknight Barbers - 46 Alexander St Get Lashed - 50 Powell St Haley Glenn Hair - 38 E Cordova St Haus Of Lacquer Beauty - 14 E Cordova St Jamie Kan Tattoos - 73 E Cordova St Joanna Keller Beautique - 73 E Cordova St M Prive Salon and Spa - 50 Powell St Primp & Proper - 73 E Cordova St Sidestreet Tattoo - 26 E Cordova St Tebori Studio - 283 Columbia St Tula Beauty - 55 E Cordova St Victory Barber & Brand - 77 E Cordova St EAT & DRINK Captain Donair - 310 Carrall St Di Beppe - 8 Cordova St Donair Thyme - 310 Carrall St East Van Roasters - 319 Carrall St Greta Bar - 50 W Cordova St La Casita Gastown - 101 W Cordova St The Metropole Pub - 320 Abbott St Nelson the Seagull Cafe - 315 Carrall St Sooda Korean BBQ 60 W Cordova St Tacofino Gastown - 15 W Cordova St SHOP Carrall Supermarket 302 Carrall St Community Thrift & Vintage - 311 Carrall St Express News & Smokes - 109 W Cordova St Hey Jude - 315 Abbott St - 227 Abbott St WELLNESS Brush Salon - 62 W Cordova S Gastown Float House - 70 W Cordova St Gastown Psychic Shop - 316 Carrall St House of Blond 55 Water St JD’s Barbershop - 235 Abbott St Marigolds Cannabis - 231 Abbott St Mountainview Movement - 70 W Cordova St Omnicare Pharmacy - 1 E Cordova St Pacific Rose Tattoo - 105 W Cordova St Umeglow - 234 Abbott St GATEWAY STEAM CLOCK
ALLEY SQUARE ARTS & CULTURE Coastal Peoples Fine Art Gallery - 332 Water St CES Centre of English Studies - 322 Water St Mexi-Can Holidays - 150-332 Water St Rocket Repro - 403 W Cordova St SELC Language College - 321 Water St SOCAN - 385-375 Water St ARTS & CULTURE Gastown Business College - 73 Water St JCI Institute - 150-220 Cambie St Latincouver - 68 Water St Little Mountain Gallery - 110 Water St Vancouver Film School - 142 Water St ARTS & CULTURE Art Speak - 233 Carrall St Choboter Fine Art - 23 Alexander St
Call the Gastown Patrol for your safety and security needs. Scan here to find your way to Gastown ARTS & CULTURE Centre of International Contemporary Art - 228 Abbott St The Cheeky Proletariat - 320 Carrall St EXIT Gastown - 289 Abbott St Music in the Morning Concert Society - 306 Abbott St ARTS & CULTURE Beyond Capture Studios - 151 W Cordova St Vancouver Film School - 151 W Cordova St
WOODWARD’S 604.992.2391
9 GASTOWN STYLE 8 Like what you see? Find out where to shop the OBJECTS using the corresponding colour on the map on page 6 - 7
BERTACCHI. The Greek Fisherman Cap. A lightweight and casual cap. Handmade in Italy. TEES.CA. East Van Flag Unisex T-Shirt. This is 100% cotton fitted tee with professional screen printed design. Custom vintage reproduction. DURANT SESSIONS. Dutil Eyewear. Quest 04. Acetate and Gold Titanium. Designed in Gastown and handcrafted in Japan. NEIGHBOUR. Moccamaster KBGV. Designed with copper coil conduction for fast and even heating. Brews up to ten cups in about five min. RODEN GRAY. The Meditation Chair. Handmade of 100% recycled post-industrial plastic strapping tape in the brand’s home of Bali, Indonesia. LE LABO. Rose 31 - Grasse rose, a symbol of voluptuousness and unqualified femininity, into an assertively virile fragrance that can be worn by all. IS THAT FRENCH. Albacore Tuna Toro Crostini. Served on a Janaki Larsen broken plate. HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO. Orion Retreat Crossbody Bag. For downtown or around town. Genuine leather, wrinkled nylon and metal finishes. NELSON THE SEAGULL. The Olive & Rosemary Sourdough. Stuffed with green Castelvetrano pitted olives and aromatic rosemary. ROLDORF & CO. Laco - Zürich 40/40D - Quartz. Optimally readable, highly precise and absolutely reliable: These pilot watches have proven themselves over decades as robust companions on the wrist. MENU SKATE SHOP. Menu Tote Bag. These totes are handmade in Gastown and come in assorted colors / prints. Each has an inside pocket made from upcycled fabrics. VINYL RECORDS. JPNSGRLS - Circulation - 2014. Vancouver Canada Indie Rock Pop Punk - Sealed LP. Michael: OLIVER SPENCER Grandpa coat and UNIVERSAL WORKS pant from THE BLOCK NATIONAL STANDARDS shirt. Scarf by CLAUDIA SCHULZ. MOMA 53301 boot from GRAVITY POPE Photographed at THE BIRDS & THE BEETS - 55 Powell St Must try: The Barley Bowl and late-night wine pop-up. Rylee: JWS suit jacket and shorts. Blouse and wool vest from STATE OF UNDERDRESS MARA BINI loafer from GRAVITY POPE Photographed at SOFT PEAKS - 25 Alexander St Photgraphed flavour: The Gastown. Our flavour pick: The Mud Slide



Bistro All Day Happy Hour

Portside Live Music

Pourhouse Live Jazz Music

Smith’s All Day Happy Hour 2nd Floor Water St Live Music

Friday The Cambie Live Music

Guilt & Co Live Music

Smith’s Live Music 2nd Floor Water St Live Music


On behalf of the Gastown BIA, we are beyond thrilled to be launching the first issue of Gastown Magazine; Vancouver’s newest lifestyle and culture magazine focussed obsessively on the city’s original neighbourhood, Gastown.

A little about us: with over 85 retail shops (from fashion and furniture, to vintage and handmade), 70 design studios (from architecture and interior designers, to multimedia and creative agencies), 50 wellness boutiques (from salons and barbershops, to tattoo and fitness studios), Gastown is a hub for independent and international retailers, fashion and beauty innovators, and designers of every discipline. Tucked between some of the best culinary fare, live music venues, and coffee collections in the city. We’re a world-renowned

Saturday The Blarney Stone Live Music

The Cambie Live Music

Guilt & Co Live Music

Smith’s Live Music 2nd Floor Water St Live Music

Sunday Guilt & Co Live Music

Is That French Live Jazz Music

Pourhouse Live Music

Six Acres Sunday Roast

Smith’s Live Music 2nd Floor Water St Jazz Brunch

destination. A place where people from every walk of life meet to explore the cobblestone streets and experience a different side of Vancouver.

One of our tasks at the BIA is to find ways to showcase this diverse and stylish neighbourhood and all of its creative offerings. We invite you to dive into eight pages of Gastown goodness. Covering the fashion, design, pop culture, and craftspeople that drive this neighbourhood. Plus, Gastown Magazine is the home to

11 10
Michael: TONE EDITION Proof of Work waxed cotton raincoat from DUTIL DENIM NATIONAL STANDARDS knit sweater and pant. FIORENTINI and BAKER sneaker boot from GRAVITY POPE Rylee: FILIPPA K wool rib skirt and sweater, HENRIK VIBSKOV socks from THE BLOCK YUKO IMANISHI square toe heels from ROWEN SKY. Flowers by FLOBA FLOWER BOUTIQUE. Photographed at IS THAT FRENCH - 45 Blood Alley. Must try: Raw bar paired with BC wine and live jazz music.
Trick or Treat
Italian Design
Lumiere Festival
Holidays in Gastown
Oct. 31
Week Oct.
- Nov. 3
Nov. 2-6
Thurs. Nights Hot
Fesitival Jan. 13 - Feb.
Dine Out Vancouver Jan. 17 - Feb. 4
Your City Feb. 1 - 28 Vancouver Cocktail Week March 3 -
The Cambie Open
Guilt & Co Live Music 2nd Floor Water St Live Music
Guilt & Co Live Music The Lamplighter Pub Trivia 2nd Floor Water St Live Music
The Blarney
Trivia Guilt & Co Live Music The Lamplighter
Portside Karaoke Smith’s Paint
2nd Floor Water St Live Music
Mic Comedy
Thursday The Cambie Karaoke
& Co GroundUp Live Music
our new business directory so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Because that something lives here. This publication wouldn’t be possible without the businesses who offered up their spaces, objects and voices, along with the very talented, and neighbourhood locals, Claudia Schulz, Style Director, and Trevor Brady, Creative Director. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this inspiring endeavour. This is only the beginning. Yours Truly, The Gastown BIA CONTRIBUTORS Style Director Claudia Schulz Creative Director Trevor Brady Editor Elise Yurkowski Executive Director Walley Wargolet Publisher Gastown BIA/Gastown Business Improvement Society (GBIS) Rylee Smiles. HOUSE of HUDSON earrings and GANNI Overdyed Jeans Bleached Denim Izey jeans jacket and BASERANGE top from ONE OF A FEW Models. RYLEE with LIZBELL AGENCY and MICHAEL DUNN with RICHARDS INTERNATIONAL MODELS Makeup & Hair. LUCYANNE BOTHAM @lucyannebothammakeup. Production Assistant. ANASTASIA MILOVANOVICH @anastasiamilovanovich. Styling CLAUDIA SCHULZ. @cs.alexandra. Photographer. TREVOR BRADY @trevorbrady1. Creative. CREAME POP UP Tone Edition POP UP 1 Water Street, Gastown. Sept. 27th - Oct.17th, 11am - 6pm Opening Event Friday, Sept. 29th, 4pm - 8pm Design and Art Cape de Coeur Claudia Schulz Dougherty Glassworks Flore Botanical Alchemy Jemma van Osch Nordwerk Design State of Underdress Tania Gleave Urbone Knittings Weberei Weiss Austria Photography Alfonso Lara OGXYZ (Jonathan Plashkes, Geordie Milne + Kris Grunert) Trevor Brady James Turrell 11.23.23 01.07.24 CICA Vancouver 228 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC Scan here to find more pop-ups in Gastown


Michael: HENRIK VIBSKOV fringe knit vest (reversed) and OLIVER SPENCER fishtail trousers from THE BLOCK. RED WING boot from ROWAN SKY. The Morocco Vase from MAKERS. Flowers by FLOBA FLOWER BOUTIQUE Photographed at
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