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The world’s longest cable car will link Granada to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The project, which is planned for 2010, is backed by a €150 million investment. Granada, Spain.- From 2010,

the province’s economic activity by

the Sierra Nevada mountain range

around 1%, will result in an “environmental

will have the longest cable car in the

saving” of approximately €500,000

world, linking the mountain range to

per year. This will be as a result of the

Granada city. The railway will be able

new way of accessing the mountains,

to carry 3,600 people per hour on a

which at the moment can only be

40-minute journey.

reached by road.

The project has an investment of

As emphasised by some of its

over €150 million, thanks to the

promoters, this initiative will turn

commitment of its developer, the

Granada into a point of reference for

company Teleférico Sierra Nevada S.A.,

tourism worldwide, and will compliment

which is comprised of private companies

the city’s other attractions such as the

from the Granada area which are

mountains themselves, the Alhambra

hoping that this new infrastructure will

and the Science Park.

boost employment and tourism in the Nasrid city.

The first proposal to link the city to the Sierra Nevada mountain range

The journey will start at Los

was made in the early 20th century,

Cármenes stadium in Granada city

and was based on the creation of a

and end at Pradollano, with four

set of funicular railways which never

intermediate stops at Huetor Vega,

went ahead. This ambitious cable

Monachil, El Purche and Tajo del Zorro.

railway project is therefore an attempt

The cable car will have over 100 cabins with capacity for 30 people

to achieve a historic aim. In addition to the private initiative,

each, and will be fitted with every

the project also has the backing of

available security system and even

several public institutions, which have

with heating and air conditioning

highlighted the importance of having


this type of transport infrastructure.

The initiative, which will respect

F u r t h e r more, ac c ordin g t o a

the environment throughout the

survey presented yesterday by Juan

twelve hectares it will occupy and will

Antonio López, the Chairman of the

at no time encroach on the Sierra

company which has driven the project,

Nevada National Park, will overcome

nine out of every ten inhabitants of

the 1,500 height difference between

Granada who took part in the survey

the city and the ski resort.

were in favour of the cable car, and a

The cable car, which will create over 2,000 jobs and increase

majority believed that this will be “very important” for Granada.

Granada's cable car - Gaspar Lino  

Cable car linking Granada with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Granada's cable car - Gaspar Lino  

Cable car linking Granada with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.