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Failing to Detect the Coming Holocaust Why was it back in those deep dark days right before the holocaust no one was paying attention to National Socialism rising to power in Germany? All the warning signs were there: the grandiose Nazi war machine was gaining money and power year after year; these ham handed flame throwers of horrific anti-Semitic propaganda grew stronger each and every passing month; the murderous attacks on European Jews that started in little spurts became a giant crime wave that went unreported by the press becoming cover for Hitler’s monstrous acts & assertions. System Was Toxic This peace at any cost run roughshod over common sense as the Nazi hydra spread its deadly tentacles over the world sucking money from all that believed in this illogical farce that became reality all because world leaders let it happen. The few who did warn were said to be the ranting’s of doomsayers & warmongers while no one understood the threat from National Socialism in the East nor much cared as long as these traitors were getting rich.

This foolish axiom of avoiding conflict at any cost came out of the glum days of World War One that took the lives of 16 million of our brethren shared by the leaders & primarily by the educated elites. Thus these peacemakers laid the groundwork for 60 million dead in World War Two and the killing still continues. The Nazi holocaust against the Jews did not end with the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, it continues to this very day with human bombs blowing up Middle East Jewish temples and marketplaces; Nazi style anti-Semitism continues its grim hardy goose stepping march across the Arab landscape spreading the Jewish hate propaganda just like before the big one. Nothing has changed much; just the bombs have gotten bigger & more deadly. Clear Facts State Today, again, the reality is clear, but as it was then, it is now; the people are not paying attention as we are being enveloped in a bubble of illusions. The price of illusion is very steep just like it was in World War two when 60 million lost their lives fighting an enemy that should never have been. The clear facts today are Iran is not being stopped from obtaining a nuclear weapon. They are calling for our

destruction as well as our friend Israel. They are continuing to build inter-continental ballistic missiles that will carry nuclear warheads pointing at the U.S. & Israel. Just Like before WW2 Today, just like then, there are those in the world who dismiss Iran’s extreme rhetoric as serving domestic purposes. Today, just like then, there are nations that view Iran’s nuclear ambitions as the result of the natural will of the Iranian people, a will that should be accepted. The lessons of the past have not been learned. When we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. This insane idea to avoid confrontation at any cost will lead to another World War where more than 60 million would die. Just remember mankind has never built weapons they have never used; weapons of mass destruction do indeed exist and Israel does indeed possess them. Bebee Benjamin Netanyahu stated in a speech just recently at The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, “On this day, on behalf of the Jewish people, I say to all those that sought to destroy us, and to all those who still seek to destroy us: You have failed and you will fail again. The

State of Israel is stronger than ever. It is a state that seeks peace with all its neighbors, and it pulsates with an iron will to ensure the future of our people”. “The people will arise like a lion cub and raise itself like a lion…and Judea will dwell securely”. (Number 23:24; Jeremiah 23:6).

Failing to detect the coming holocaust  

Warning signs of a new World War are looming but we are....

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