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Early American Antiques & Decorative Arts featuring The Sixth Annual Ohio Valley Auction

May 18, 2012

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E A R LY A M E R I C A N A N T I Q U E S & D E C O R AT I V E A R T S feat u ring

The Sixth Annual Ohio Valley Auctio n Friday, May 18, 2012 at 10:00 A.M.

PROPERTY FROM: J A C K & S U S A N BAT D O R F F ; A C O L L E C T I O N F R O M T H E S TAT E O F D E L AWA R E ; T H E C O L L E C T I O N O F J E A N N E L . D A I L E Y; A S A R A S OTA , F L O R I DA C O L L E C T I O N ; T H E C O L L E C T I O N O F PAU L JAC Q U E S G O R D O N , J R . ; T H E M . O . H A L L O C K F A M I LY C O L L E C T I O N ; F I R E A R M S F R O M T H E C O L L E C T I O N O F T H E L A T E S T E P H E N H . R O M A N O F F, P I T T S B U R G H , P E N N S Y LV A N I A ; A PHOENIX, ARIZONA COLLECTION; P R O P E R T Y F R O M T H E C O L U M B U S M U S E U M O F A R T, O H I O , S O L D T O B E N E F I T I T S A C Q U I S I T I O N F U N D . A N D S E L E C T C O N S I G N M E N T S F R O M A R I Z O N A , C O N N E C T I C U T, F L O R I D A , I L L I N O I S , I O W A , K E N T U C K Y, M I C H I G A N , M I S S O U R I , N E W Y O R K , O H I O , P E N N S Y LV A N I A , A N D T H E U N I T E D K I N G D O M . F E AT U R I N G


PREVIEW TIMES: S U N DAY, M AY 13, B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY – W E D N E S DAY, M AY 14 - M AY 16, 10:00 A.M. T O 5:00 P.M. T H U R S DAY, M AY 17, 10:00 A.M. T O 8:00 P.M. F R I DAY, M AY 18, 9:00 A.M. T O 10:00 A.M.


TERMS: 17.5% Buyer’s Premium ~ Cash, Check, Visa® & MasterCard Accepted Absentee and fax bids accepted and bid competitively. Call a day or two before the auction to make arrangements. PO Box 369, Delaware, Ohio 43015 P: 740-362-4771 F: 740-363-0164 Email: ©COPYRIGHT – Garth’s Auctions, Inc. 2012

For your convenience, we will be able to answer your questions about specific items and take your absentee bids by phone. Call (740) 362-4771 or Email inquiries: Auctioneers: Jeff Jeffers, Amelia Jeffers, Steve Bemiller, & Andrew Richmond


The Sixth Annual Oh io Valley Auc tio n F RIDAY, M AY 18, 2012 O HIO VALLEY L OTS 1 - 153 beginning at 10:00 A.M. followed by ACCESSORIES

A MERICANA & L OTS 154 - 553

2 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

1 DIMINUTIVE CUPBOARD. Zoar, Ohio, 1830-1850, walnut, pine and poplar. Bold cornice, a pair of solid crotch walnut doors flanked by split columns with a drawer above and below, and resting on blocked feet. Refinished. 38.5”h. 26.25”w. 14.75”d. Though clearly related to the full-sized, blocked-foot cupboards made in the Zoar cabinetshop, the present cupboard is distinguished by its unusually high level of refinement. According to tradition, it descended in the family of an original settler (who lived in #26 house) to a Mrs. Sturm. Upon her death, it sold to Charles Momchilov along with the schrank that sold at Garth’s in January 2012 (lot 892). From him, the cupboard sold to Tom Thornton, and was part of the November 1972 sale of the contents of “Mary Thornton Antique Shop” (lot 141), and at that sale was purchased by Alan Wainwright, from whom the current owner purchased it.


According to Zoar descendant and historian Hilda Morhart, this cupboard was originally gifted by the Society to a young girl named Peterman for her kindness to an elderly woman upon her passing. For another diminutive cupboard, though of a more typical configuration, see Garth’s, May 2011, lot 124. $1,500-$3,000 |3



MOGADORE POTTERY LION. Mogadore, Ohio, 2nd half-19th century. Reclining lion on an oval base with running glaze in shades of amber. Minor glaze imperfections. 14”l. Ex Bill and Betty Annable (Ohio). $500-$800

POTTERY FIREPLACE. Ohio, late 19th-early 20th century. Stoneware-type material with dark brown glaze. A kiln, fireplace or pottery building with chimneys, one with a cover and applied “Ohio”. 5.5”h. 6” x 7”. $150-$250



SEWERTILE EAGLE AND PUPPY. Ohio, early 20th century. Relief eagle plaque inscribed “EJE” (Tuscarawas County molder), 5”h., and a seated bull dog puppy, 4”h. $200-$400

SEWERTILE TREE LAMP. Ohio, early 20th century. Hand formed with good detail including grapevines, small animals, and a water bucket. Some edge loss. Electrified. 12”h. overall. Purchased at Fout’s auction, ex Jack Adamson (Ohio). $250-$500

4 SEWERTILE EAGLE. Ohio, early 20th century. Standing eagle with incised feathers. Initialed “EJE” for a molder from Tuscarawas County, possibly Edward J. Ellwood. 7”h. See the Illustrated Handbook of Ohio Sewer Pipe Folk Art by Jack E. Adamson for a similar example. $350-$650




CAST IRON FAT LAMP. Marble Furnace, Adams County, Ohio, ca.1820. Single spout with dish and tripod base, and handle with thumbpiece. 6.75”h. Ex Bill & Betty Annable (Ohio), ex Gus Knapp (Ohio).

CAST IRON FAT LAMP. Marble Furnace, Adams County, Ohio, ca.1820. Double-spouted with dish base and handle. 5.75”h. Ex Bill and Betty Annable (Ohio), ex Clark Garret (Ohio), ex H. Hoffman Dolan Jr. (Ohio).

Marble Furnace was so named because its furnace stack was made of white limestone, which resembled marble. This lamp was exhibited and illustrated in Equal In Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts, 1788-1860, entry 199. $600-$900

This lamp was exhibited and illustrated in Equal In Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts, 1788-1860, entry 200. $400-$800

9 POTTERY DOG. Ohio, early 20th century, red clay. Bagnell type seated dog. Unglazed molded dog with incised details and impressed stamp “Superior Uhrichsville, O.” 10.5”h. Sold at Garth’s, January 2002, lot 579. $400-$600

10 SEWERTILE BASEBALL PLAYER. Ohio, early 20th century. Boy in baseball uniform seated on a baseball. Unsigned piece by Robert Wilson, Tuscarawas County. Glued bat. 7”h. Purchased from Robert Wilson’s son. $150-$350 3-9

4 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

11 OHIO POTTERY GREASE LAMP. Attributed to Samuel Routson, Doylestown, Ohio, ca.1840. Double spouted with applied handle and saucer base. Albany slip. Repair. 6.25”h. Sold at Garth’s Auctions, May 21, 2011. $500-$700

12 ROCKINGHAM FIGURAL INKWELL. Attributed to the Larkin Brothers Pottery, Newell, (West Virginia), 1848-1861. Sleeping boy, 5.5”l. 10 - 16

Though technically on the Virginia side of the Ohio River, the Larkin Brothers are generally considered part of the East Liverpool pottery district, which produced tremendous quantities of Rockingham and yellowware in the 19th century. $100-$200

13 FOLK ART ELK BY BYRON SMITH (MAHONING COUNTY, OHIO, 1885-1979). Carved wood, signed on the bottom. Bellowing elk with original paint and glass eyes on a glitter-coated base. 11.5”l. Ex Gene and Linda Kangas (Ohio), sold at Garth’s, May 23, 2008. $150-$350

14 GRAIN-DECORATED LOCKBOX. Attributed to Bluffton, Ohio, 2nd half-19th century, pine. Original flame grain paint, lid has beveled edges. Divided interior lined with period cloth. Some edge wear. 4”h. 12”w. 10”d. $200-$300

15 SEWERTILE BANK. Ohio, early 20th century. Bank in the form of a child’s head. Good detail. 5”h. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio). $300-$500

16 TWO PEWTER CANDLESTICKS. Flagg and Homan, Cincinnati, Ohio, mid 19th century. Similar. One has a push up, the other a ring around the baluster. 8”h. $100-$200


17 SHERATON TALL CHEST OF DRAWERS AND STAND. Eastern Ohio, 1820-1840, cherry and poplar. The chest with six drawers on turned legs, 49.5”h. 40.25”w. 19.5”d., and the stand with two drawers, spring locks, and turned legs, 28.75”h. 22”w. 19.75”d. Ex Bill and Jane Woodring (Ohio), ex Littleton Kirkpatrick III (Ohio). This chest and stand were made in the same, as-yet unidentified shop in eastern Ohio. Along with identical decoration on the case stiles, they share similar construction features, most notably, nearly identical dovetails, and the presence of spring, or “Quaker,” locks. Both were found in Cadiz (Harrison County) about 1980. $1,500-$2,500 |5




TWO SEWERTILE PRESIDENTIAL PORTRAIT PLAQUES. Ohio, early 20th century. Relief profiles of Grant, 5.5”h. 4.5”w., and Lincoln, 5”h. 4”w. Both unglazed. $150-$350

SEWERTILE FIREPLACE. Ohio, early 20th century. Fireplace shaped smoking set with a lead grate in the bottom. Incised “L. Staley” for Louis Staley, a molder from Tuscarawas County. 6.25”h. 9.75”w. 5.5”d. $150-$350

SEWERTILE BIRDHOUSE. Found in Southern Ohio, early 20th century. Cylindrical with hand tooled “bark” top. Edge damage. 8.5”h. 8”d. $150-$350


22 SEWERTILE FROG BANK. Ohio, early 20th century. Stamped on the underside “Superior Clay, Uhrichsville, Ohio Walter Smith”. 8”l. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio). $150-$350

SEWERTILE OWL ON STUMP. Ohio, early 20th century. Single owl on stump with colorful metallic flecked glaze. Unsigned piece by Robert Wilson, Tuscarawas County. 7.25”h. Purchased from Robert Wilson’s grandson. $150-$350

18 - 23

23 SEWERTILE PRESIDENTIAL PORTRAIT PLAQUE. Ohio, early 20th century. Oval plaque with a relief portrait of Warren G. Harding. Inscribed on the back “Made by Bert Palmer, Akron, Ohio”. 9.5”h. 8”w. $150-$250

24 OHIO JACQUARD COVERLET. Xenia, Greene County, 1851, wool and cotton. Four-color, one-piece Beiderwand signed D[enis] Cosley. Four roses in a wreath pattern centerfield, floral urn border. 82” x 87”. $250-$500


24 - 25 6 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

OHIO JACQUARD COVERLET. Possibly woven by Michael Klein, Shelby County, Indiana, presumably for a customer in Preble County, dated 1848, wool and cotton. Center seam, double weave in blue and natural. Stylized medallion centerfield , realistic floral borders, urn trademark in corners. Location woven along the edge of the bottom border. 81” x 83”. Sold at IveySelkirk Auctions, March 11, 2011, lot 93. $200-$400

26 DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Attributed to Soap Hollow, Pennsylvania, mid 19th century, poplar. Dovetailed chest on bracket feet, and retaining its original black over red paint decoration with black trim. 19.5”h. 39”w. 18”d. Though lacking the stenciled decoration found on most furniture made in the Mennonite community of Soap Hollow, the shape of the base is quite similar to known Soap Hollow chests, and the similar paint decoration is used as a ground on other Soap Hollow furniture. $1,000-$2,000

27 SEWERTILE PLANTER. Ohio, early 20th century. Impressive log-shaped planter with incised flowers and “Bertha Bricker Tappan” (Ohio). 9”h. 25”w. 8.75”w. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio). $350-$700





DECORATED CRIB. Probably Zoar, Ohio, 1840-1860, poplar. Paneled ends, shaped slats, and tapered legs. Retains old blue and reddish-brown paint. 24.5”h. 18.5”w. 40.5”l. Ex Marjorie Stauffer (Ohio), sold at Garth’s, October 2004, lot 515, and again March 2009, lot 21.

FRAKTUR. Handcolored printed fraktur on paper. Recording an 1829 birth in Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio. Kneeling children with a butterfly and American eagle medallion. Damage. Unframed, 15”h. 12”w. $250-$500

GROUP OF SEWERTILE ADVERTISING. Ohio, early 20th century. Two desk sets marked for Kaul Pottery, Toronto, Ohio, 3”h., and a set of thirteen miniature sewer pipes (one a duplicate) from the Robinson Clay Product Company, Akron, Ohio. 1.25” to 2”l. Company pamphlet included. Some edge flakes. $100-$300

For a settee with similarly shaped slats, see Equal in Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts 1788-1860, entry 51. $200-$400

30 TWO PIECES OF SEWERTILE. Ohio, early 20th century. Presentation brick from the Hill Sewer Pipe Co., Akron, Ohio. Flakes. 15”h. 5.5”l. And an unmarked tree trunk lamp by JW Moore (Tuscarawas County). 11.25”h. overall. $250-$500

32 SEWERTILE DOG AND LION. Ohio, early 20th century. Lion bookend with old, dark brown paint. Inscribed “Wadsworth, O., 1124-1927”, 5.5”h. And a seated flathead dog from Tuscarawas County, 5”h. Varying edge loss. $300-$600


27 |7




SHERATON ONE-DRAWER STAND. Probably Fairfield County, Ohio, 18251850, cherry, poplar, and pine. A single drawer with an inlaid pull and flanked by split turnings, all resting on boldly turned legs. Imperfections. 25.75”h. 20”w. 19.75”d. Ex Dave and Pat Pusecker (Ohio). $250-$500

POTTERY DOG. Attributed to George Bagnall, Newcomerstown, Ohio, ca.1870. Seated spaniel-type dog with freestanding front legs and a buff colored surface. Damage at corner. 10”h. Sold at Garth’s Auctions, May 21, 2011. $300-$500

CLASSICAL SIDE CHAIR. Probably Holmes or Tuscarawas County, Ohio, 1830-1860, curly maple. Lyre back and tapered legs, seat reupholstered in yellow silk. Imperfections. Purchased at a country auction in Winesburg, Ohio. 17.5”h. seat, 34.5”h. overall. This chair represents a simplified classicism embraced by many of the Germanic immigrants coming to Ohio during the second and third quarters of the 19th century. A closely related armchair is illustrated in Snyder, Snyder, and Goudy, Zoar Furniture 1817-1898, plate 13. $250-$500

36 33 - 37

STONEWARE JUG. I.M. Mead, Summit/Portage County, Ohio, mid 19th century. Impressed mark with cobalt accent. Ovoid with applied handle. Crazing and handle hairline. 11”h. Sold at Garth’s Auctions, May 21, 2011. See Treichler, A History of Northeast Ohio Stoneware, pp. 27-29. $150-$250

37 STONEWARE JUG. J. Bennage, Mogadore, Ohio, 2nd quarter-19th century. Impressed mark with cobalt accent. Ovoid with applied handle. 15”h. Ex Peter and Marjorie Storm Estate (Illinois), sold at Pook & Pook, April 23, 2010. See Treichler, A History of Northeast Ohio Stoneware, pp. 61-62. $250-$350


37A 8 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

MANTEL CLOCK. Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut, 2nd quarter19th century, mahogany. Gilt columns and reverse-painted tablet depicting a sailor, a reference to the Battle of Lake Erie. Original brass movement with floral-decorated dial. 26”h. 15”w. Ex Bill Samaha (Ohio/Massachusetts). $800-$1,600

38, 40 - 42



STONEWARE CROCK. Solomon Purdy, Portage County, Ohio, mid 19th century. Impressed mark with cobalt accent. Ovoid form with two applied handles. Minor flakes and hairline. 12”h. Sold at Garth’s Auctions, May 21, 2011.

FOLKSY CUPBOARD. Possibly Ohio or Pennsylvania, 18001840, cherry, walnut and pine. Bold cornice over two arched doors flanked by split columns, and resting on ball feet. Decorated with “matchstick” trim under the cornice and folksy inlay along the bottom. The interior with a shelf and two drawers. Imperfections. 36”h. 30”w. 15”d. $1,500-$2,500

Solomon Purdy was first recorded in Ohio in 1820, working in several locations including Atwater. See Treichler, A History of Northeast Ohio Stoneware, pp. 17-27. $500-$700

39 STONEWARE JUG. Calvin Merrill, Summit County, Ohio, 2nd quarter-19th century. Impressed mark with cobalt accent. Ovoid with applied handle. 11”h. Ex Sandy Lockrone (Indiana). Calvin J. Merrill worked in the Akron, Ohio, area. See Treichler, A History of Northeast Ohio Stoneware, pp. 30-33. $150-$350

40 STONEWARE JUG. Thurston and Clemmer, Mogadore, Ohio, mid 19th century. Impressed mark. Large brushed cobalt tulip. Ovoid with applied strap handle. Some crazing. 14.5”h. Sold at Garth’s Auctions, November 27, 2009. Marked examples by Thurston and Clemmer are rare. See Treichler, A History of Northeast Ohio Stoneware, pp. 62-63. $600-$900

41 THREE PEWTER CANDLESTICKS. Flagg and Homan, Cincinnati, Ohio, mid 19th century. Similar with ringed balusters. No push ups. 9.75”h. $150-$350

43 FINE CLASSICAL DESK-ANDBOOKCASE. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1815-1825, mahogany and poplar. Two-piece, the upper section with a peaked pediment and fully turned columns, the lower section with a long drawer containing a writing surface, flanked by carved flowers, all resting on boldly turned legs. 76”h. 38”w. 23”d. Sold at Cowan’s (Cincinnati), June 2009, lot 160. This desk-and-bookcase is part of a growing group of classical furniture from the same unidentified Cincinnati shop. The most striking characteristic of this group are the boldly turned legs that often include robust spiral turning and ball feet. Another secretary descended in the family of clockmaker Luman Watson (see Hageman, The Furniture Makers of Cincinnati, 1790-1849, p. 248) and another sold at Cowan’s, June 2006, lot 154. Other forms that have been linked to this group are one- and twodrawer stands, and a drop leaf table. The desk-and-bookcase offered here was exhibited and published in Equal in Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts , 1788-1860, entry 163. $3,500-$4,500

43 |9

44 COUNTRY LANDSCAPE BY JESSE BRADFORD HAGUE (AMERICAN, 1903-1994). Oil on canvas, signed lower left and dated 1956. Humorous scene of a horse pulling a broken down automobile. Unframed, 22”h. 34”w. Born in Noble County, Ohio, Hague spent his career working as an engrosser in New York, and later, splitting time between New York and Rockport, Massachusetts, while wintering in St. Petersburg, Florida. Many of the paintings he executed are of New England scenes. However, later in his life, he lost sight in one eye, and afterwards painted a number of scenes of rural Noble County from memory. The present painting, as well as lots 45, 46 and 139 all descended from the artist to his niece, the current owner. $400-$800


45 COUNTRY LANDSCAPE BY JESSE BRADFORD HAGUE (AMERICAN, 1903-1994). Oil on canvas, signed lower left and dated 1991. Charming pastoral scene of a very active Nobel County, Ohio, farm. 22”h. 35”w. See also lots 44, 46 and 139. $400-$800

46 A VILLAGE IN WINTER BY JESSE BRADFORD HAGUE (AMERICAN, 1903-1994). Oil on canvas, signed lower left. A serene scene of a rural Ohio village, with the general store/post office at the right. Unframed, 20.25”h. 24.25”w. See also lots 44, 45 and 139. $300-$600



FOLK ART PLAQUE MY HOME BY ELIJAH PIERCE (COLUMBUS, OHIO, 19121984). Wood, signed and dated 1978 on the back. Relief carving of a homestead and fields with original paint. 16.5”h. 33.5”w. Property of the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, sold to benefit its Acquisition Fund. $4,000-$6,000

48 FOLK ART CARVING OF A WOMAN BY ELIJAH PIERCE (COLUMBUS, OHIO, 1892-1984). Carved wood, signed on the bottom. Woman with knapsack. Original paint with glitter on the base. Paper address label on the back. 11”h. Most likely one of several versions based on a Migration North theme, depicting his parents and their travels. See no. 59 in Elijah Pierce, Woodcarver by the Columbus Museum of Art for similar figures. $3,000-$4,000 46 10 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012



FOLK ART PLAQUE THE ASCENSION BY ELIJAH PIERCE (COLUMBUS, OHIO, 1912-1984). Mixed media, unsigned, paper label with title in lower right. Carved relief plaque with original paint and glitter and cardboard ground. 38”h. 24.25”w. Property of the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, sold to benefit its Acquisition Fund. $3,000-$4,000

50 WASHINGTON COUNTY, OHIO ARCHIVE. Eight documents, all ink on vellum or paper, dating to the 1830s. Includes land grants and registers for John and Samuel Dye (secretary-signed for Presidents Jackson and Van Buren), an appointment to postmaster for John Dye, and other real estate documents. Various sizes.


John Dye Sr. (1774-1823) and his half-brother Samuel Dye migrated from Virginia to Ohio in 1805, and were among the earliest settlers in Lawrence Township (just northeast of Marietta) in 1807. Three of John’s sons, Samuel, Daniel, and John, also appear on some of these documents. $300-$600

49 | 11


52 53


WARRIOR CHIEF BY LEVENT ISIK (COLUMBUS, OHIO, B. 1961). Acrylic on board, signed front and back. Dated 1993. American Indian chief riding a pinto horse. Integrated frame is made from a door. 14”h. 23.5”w. $150-$350

52 FOLK ART BUST BY ERNEST “POPEYE” REED (OHIO, 1919-1985). Sandstone, unsigned. Face of an American Indian with a headband. Most likely a fragment of a larger statue. Surface weathering. 8”h. $200-$400


RIX MILLS REMEMBERED: SIXTH GRADE SPELLDOWN BY PAUL PATTON (OHIO, 1921-1999). Acrylic on canvas, signed lower right and labeled on verso. 24”h. 30”w., in a wooden frame, 25”h. 31”w. Paul Patton grew up in Rix Mills in Muskingum County, Ohio. After a career away from his hometown, he returned in the mid-1980s to discover that the small, rural town had been practically decimated, in part due to local strip mines. He turned to painting, and executed a series entitled Rix Mills Remembered in which he portrayed his happy childhood, growing up in Rix Mills in the 1920s and 1930s. His work was the subject of a 2003 retrospective publication Rix Mills Remembered: An Appalachian Boyhood. A companion painting to the present work is illustrated as figure 124 and titled Seventh Grade Spelldown. $400-$800



TWO SEWERTILE PIECES WITH DOGS. Ohio, early 20th century. Both are incised “EJE” (Tuscarawas County molder). Bookend with two Scotties, 4.5”h. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio), and an ashtray with seated dog, 2.5”h. $200-$400

SEWERTILE CROW. Ohio, early 20th century. Crow seated on stump. Dark glaze. Incised “EJE”, a molder from Tuscarawas County, possibly Edward J. Ellwood. Minor beak flake. 9”h. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio).


54 - 57

12 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

SEWERTILE CHIMNEY SMOKING SET. Ohio, early 20th century. Hand modeled chimney with two areas for pipes. Inscribed “Bud M.” on the bottom. 6.5”h. 9/5”w. $150-$300

According to Jack Adamson, Ellwood, prior to his passing, told him that this is one of six crows that he made. $1,000-$1,500

57 PAIR OF PEWTER CANDLESTICKS. Flagg and Homan, Cincinnati, Ohio, mid 19th century. Ringed balusters, no push ups. 8”h. $100-$300



TWO PORTRAITS BY SILAS MARTIN (OHIO, 1841-1906). Pen and ink on paper, initialed and dated “1876” lower right. Bedraggled looking man with hat in two images titled Wind and Water. In matching modern frames, 11.25”h. 9.5”w. $250-$500

MINIATURE SET OF POTTERY ADIRONDACK FURNITURE. Midwest, 20th century, white clay. Well-done depiction of a settee and two armchairs with hand tooled log backs and legs. Settee is inscribed “June 1938”, 8”h. 8/5”w., and one of two chairs is marked “May ‘38”, 7.75”h. Imperfections. $600-$900

59 SHERATON TWO-DRAWER STAND. Attributed to Clyde, Sandusky County, Ohio, mid 19th century, curly maple and poplar. Turned legs, pressed glass pulls, and a good, old finish. 29”h. 22”w. 21”d.



Illustrated in Equal in Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts, 1788-1860, entry 141. $1,000-$2,000

SEWERTILE FISH AND EAGLE PAPERWEIGHTS. Midwest, 20th century. Earlier fish relief plaque with felt on the bottom, 10.5”l., and an eagle head on base. Faint inscription “—Davis”. Repair and flakes. 6”h. $250-$450



POTTERY LION. Probably Ohio, late 19th century, white clay. Reclining lion on oval base with dark brown glaze. Inscribed “April 10, 1894, CL”. Glaze flakes. 4”h. 6.75”l. $200-$300

61 SEWERTILE DOG BANK. Midwest, early 20th century. Seated Staffordshire-style spaniel with applied overall texture. Damage to bottom. 8.5”h. $200-$300

SEWERTILE TREE TRUNK LAMP BASE. Ohio, early 20th century. Large tree with grapevine, fungus, and bucket. Initialed “GAP”. In the making separation in base. 10.25”h. 10”w. Ex Bill Kandle (Ohio). $300-$500

65 SEWERTILE DOG. Probably Ohio, early 20th century. Relief figure of a seated spaniel with incised details. Inscribed “OO” on the base. 10”h. $150-$350

66 TWO SEWERTILE TOOTHPICKS. Midwest, late 19th century. Toothpicks or match holders in the form of ladies’ high top boots. Good detail, one is on a heart base, 3.75”, 4”h. $100-$200

59 - 66 | 13




FEDERAL TALL CASE CLOCK. Movement by Luman Watson, Cincinnati, Ohio; case attributed to Amassa Read and Company, Xenia, Ohio,1816-1825, cherry, burl maple, and poplar. Broken-arch pediment with inlaid rosettes and a triangular drop, the case with a shaped door and burl veneer. Wooden thirty-hour movement has a dial with wonderful polychrome flowers in the spandrels and dial arch. Imperfections. 93”h. Sold at Garth’s, September 2000, lot 101.

SEWERTILE DEER AND STUMP. Ohio, early 20th century. Reclining deer and hollow stump possibly a smoking set. The top is incised “R.R. Romig”, the underside “H. Roth”. Repaired antlers. 4.5”h. 9.25”w. 6.5”d. Ex Jack Hammond (Indiana).

SEWERTILE LION. Ohio, early 20th century. Reclining lion on rectangular base, original gold and black paint. Base impressed “American Sewer Pipe Company, Factory No. 3, Akron, Ohio”. Paint wear. 6.5”h. 11.25”w. 6”d. $700-$900

Following the dissolution of the partnership of Luman Watson and Abner Read in 1816, Watson continued to manufacture large quantities of tall clock movements in his Cincinnati factory, often buying cases from Abner Read, who by 1818 was joined by his twin brother, Amassa. Two related cases housing an earlier Read and Watson movement sold as part of the Paul Heffner collection at Cowan’s (Cincinnati), November 2003, lots 90 and 92. $3,000-$6,000

67 14 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

Romig Clay was based in Gnadenhutten, Ohio. $150-$350

69 SEWERTILE OWLS ON TREE STUMP. Ohio, early 20th century. Three owls perched on trunk. One has remaining rhinestone eyes. Imperfections. 9”h. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio), bought from the EJE family, a molder in Tuscarawas County, possibly Edward J. Ellwood. $800-$1,200

70 SEWERTILE HERON PLAQUE. Ohio, late 19th century. Molded plaque with standing heron. Inscribed on the back “1890 Maud Perdue, Christmas, Uhrichsville, Ohio”. Repaired corner. 11”h. 6.25”w. $600-$900

68 - 72

72 TWO SEWERTILE TREE LAMP BASES. Ohio, early 20th century. Very similar tree souvenirs stamped “Schoenbrunn Memorial State Park, New Philadelphia, Ohio”, “J.W. Moore, Uhrichsville, Ohio”. 5.5”h. $300-$500

73 EIGHT SEWERTILE SOUVENIRS. Ohio and Iowa, early 20th century. Pencil holder “Robinson Clay Product Company, Akron, Ohio”, 4”h. 4.5”d., three miniature bricks stamped for Beldon, Mason City, and Rockford, 2”l., and a “Logan Clay Products Co..” ashtray, 4.5”d. Together with three miniature sewer pipes, two marked for “National Sewerpipe Co., Akron, Ohio” and one for “Lehigh”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”h. $100-$300

74 RARE OHIO STONEWARE CHURN. Summit County, Ohio, 1865-1880. Six-gallon of typical form, decorated in cobalt with an elaborate bird on a branch, holding in its beak a banner reading “Akron, Ohio” and under the name “D.S. Alexander.” Imperfections. 18”h. Sold at Blair Auctions (Ohio), May 2004, sold at Waasdorp (New York), September 2004, lot 209. D.S. Alexander likely refers to David Alexander, a farm implements dealer and the older brother of noted businessman , J. Park Alexander (18341908). The younger Alexander engaged in a variety of successful business ventures, however is perhaps best known for the development of a stoneware distribution network. He worked with a number of local potters and maintained warehouses in Akron, Detroit, and Chicago. The present churn is illustrated in Treichler, A History of Northeast Ohio Stoneware p. 55, along with a monumental jug retailed from Alexander’s Detroit warehouse. That jug is also discussed and illustrated in Equal in Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts 1788-1860, entry 104. Another Alexander piece (an 1876 Centennial jug) was appraised by Alan Katz on the Antiques Roadshow in St. Paul, Minnesota, in June 2004. A candidate for the maker of this churn is William McBurney, a potter who came to the Akron area in the early 1860s. Another churn, signed by McBurney and with a similar bird to the present churn, is illustrated in Treichler, p. 57. $15,000-$20,000


| 15

75 RARE ILLINOIS SAMPLER. Greene County,1840, silk on linen. Realistic flowering vines surround the narrow sawtooth inner border, the oval cartouche denotes the maker’s name, Jessy Ann Spenser, and date as well as rows of alphabets and numbers over pious verses. In the pictorial, leafy shrubs on a green hillock, a pair of butterflies above and on the lawn a large diamond weave basket is filled with flowers. 16.5”h. 18.5”w., in a frame, 20”h. 22.75”w. Research located Jesse Ann Spencer born in 1826 in Greene County, the 5th child of Stephen Winchell Spencer, a Major in the War of 1812 and Mary Smith, both originally from Addison County, Vermont. Jesse Ann married John Carter on March 5th 1850 in Greene County. Eleven years later, a widow with two young children, she married Isaac S. Barton, a Pennsylvania native and continued to live in Greene County where she died in 1892. Historical information included with lot. $1,500-$2,500 75

16 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012


76 IMPORTANT OHIO SAMPLER. Canaan Township, Athens County, 1834, silk on linen. Alphabets, numbers and traditional verse over large pink and green striped urns filled with diminutive pine branches surrounded by multicolored birds. Signed “Sarah Mansfield Was Born Feb 21 1819” and “Hannah S Carpenter Canaan Athens Ohio 1834”. 17.5”h. 10.5”w., in a frame, 22”h. 15”w. Early Canaan township records indicate that the parents of Sarah are Martin Mansfield (born 1779 in New Jersey) and Margaret Durham (born in Delaware in 1788). They were among the first settlers in the area, marrying there in 1804. The Martin Mansfield household in the U.S. census reports for 1820 and 1830 lists a young girl matching Sarah’s age. Three Carpenter families are listed in the 1830 Canaan Township census and only War of 1812 Captain Parker Carpenter had a daughter of the appropriate age to be Sarah’s presumed instructress. According to historical records, he was born in Connecticut in 1781 where he married Mary Heath (born 1778) about 1800. Hannah was born in Connecticut, May 30th, 1814, and emigrated to Canaan Township, Athens County, around 1817 with her parents and most of her eight siblings. She married James Ranson Cable in 1837, she died in 1879 and is buried along with her husband in the West Union Street Cemetery, Athens, Ohio. Samplers from this southeastern Ohio county are quite rare. In Ohio is My Dwelling Place, Sue Studebaker documents only one marking sampler. Historical information included with the lot. $1,800-$2,500

| 17


SUNSET OVER HILLS BY CHARLES DUVALL (OHIO, 1865-1966). Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1928 lower left. Landscape with glowing sky in impasto. Unframed, 27.75”h. 36”w. Property of the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, sold to benefit its Acquisition Fund. $800-$1,200


PORTRAIT OF MARGARET BY ALICE SCHILLE (OHIO, 1869-1955). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Ca.1920s portrait of a woman dressed in black against a red backdrop. 36”h. 30”w., in a frame, 43.55”h. 37.5”w. Property of the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, sold to benefit its Acquisition Fund. $3,500-$4,500

79 PORTRAIT OF “GRAM” SCHILLE BY ALICE SCHILLE (OHIO, 1869-1955). Oil on artist board, signed lower left. Ca.1915-1920 portrait of the artist’s mother. 30”h. 24”w., in a frame, 32.5”h. 26.5”w. Property of the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, sold to benefit its Acquisition Fund. $1,500-$2,500

80 BOARDWALK SCENE BY CLYDE SINGER (OHIO, 1908-1999). Oil on masonite, signed lower right. Two young men near a beach wall. 18”h. 25.75”w., in a frame, 23”h. 31”w. $1,500-$2,500



THEY’RE OFF! BY JAMES THURBER (COLUMBUS, OHIO, 1894-1961). Pen and ink on paper, signed lower right. Hurried family with luggage and pet dog. Alternate title or Let’s Go! Minor foxing and light stain. In a frame, 9”h. 12”w. $1,000-$2,000


78 79 81 18 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

82 PIPE TRADE SIGN. American, early 20th century, wood and canvas. Old gold and black paint.19 1/2”h. 73”l. From a tobacconist’s shop in Greenville, Ohio, which closed in the 1990s. $500-$900 82

83 FOLK ART CATFISH BY SHERMAN HENSAL (OHIO, MID 20TH CENTURY). Soft wood, signed on the bottom. Realistic catfish with original paint, glass eyes, and metal whiskers. 13.5”h. Sold at Cowan’s, October 9, 2010. Hensal was best known for his Amish subjects. $150-$250 83

84 JACQUARD COVERLET. Attributed to Holmes County, Ohio, 3rd quarter-19th century, wool and cotton. One-piece Beiderwand in five colors. Large central medallion with eagle corners. Also similar to coverlets woven by J.D. Wieand [Wiend] of Allentown, Pennsylvania. One sold at Garth’s, April 11, 2003, lot 772. And see Anderson’s Weaving A Legacy p. 217. And American Coverlets and Their Weavers, p. 228. $150-$300 84

85 DECORATED STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Found in Medina County, Ohio, mid 19th century, pine and poplar. One-piece, the upper section with two glazed doors, the lower section with one drawer over one door, the lower edge of which is shaped to mimic a shaped skirt. Retains its original faux oak grain paint with appropriate wear. 83”h. 41.5”w. 20.5”d. $1,500-$2,500

85 | 19

86 INLAID CLASSICAL STAND. Attributed to Stark County, Ohio, ca.1830, cherry, maple, pine and poplar. One drawer over turned back legs and scrolled front legs, the facade decorated with curly and bird’s-eye maple, and the drawer with folksy inlaid birds surrounded by a light and dark wood band. 28.5”h. 22”w. 18.5”d. Ex Sumpter Priddy III (Virginia). The birds inlaid on the drawer front and the comma shapes inlaid on the top display a Germanic influence, often seen on furniture in the StarkTuscarawas-Holmes-Wayne County area. For another stand with a similar inlay treatment, see Hageman, Ohio Furniture Makers 1790-1860, Vol 2, p. 61. $2,500-$3,500

87 86

CLASSICAL RENT TABLE. Ohio, ca.1830, walnut, cherry, curly maple, and pine. Octagonal top with four drawers and acorn drops over a bold baluster shaft and resting on cutout feet. 29”h. 24”d. Ex Pete and Ann Lowder (Ohio), sold at Garth’s, November 2005, lot 66, and May 2008, lot 6. The so-called rent table was a form designed for use on country estates, with multiple drawers for organizing a landlord’s records. More common in England, rent tables were used in early America including by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. A signed Hamilton County, Ohio, rent table was published in Made in Ohio: Furniture 1788-1888, entry 54. The present rent table was exhibited in Age of Optimism: Ohio Builds a Statehouse (Riffe Center, Columbus, 1996) and in Neoclassical Furniture (1780-1850) (Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, Lancaster, 1999-2000). $500-$1,000

88 POTTERY LION. Ohio, early 20th century, white clay. Fearsome lion on a high base. Impressed on the bottom “Moore Ceramics, Uhrichsville, O.” In-the-making separations. 7”h. 10.25”l. Sold at Garth’s, January, 2002, lot 487.

87 - 88 20 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

A similar lion is pictured in the Illustrated Handbook of Ohio Sewer Pipe Folk Art by Jack E. Adamson. $700-$900

89 FEDERAL MIRROR. American, 1815-1830, mahogany. Carved crest and reeded columns, the original reverse-painted tablet depicting Oliver Hazard Perry’s victory at the Battle of Lake Erie. Minor imperfections. 41”h. 19.5”w. Ex Bill Samaha (Ohio/Massachusetts). Oliver Hazard Perry’s defeat of the British Navy in September 1813 secured Lake Erie and proved a crucial step on the way to an American victory in the War of 1812. $800-$1,600

90 POTTERY MUG. Navarre, Ohio, early 20th century, white clay. Probably a personalized shaving mug with glazed name “Jacob Kleine”. Inscribed on the bottom “Navarre 1902, GM”. 3.75”h. $100-$200





DIORAMA OF THE BRIGANTINE NIAGARA. American, 1st half-20th century. Carved wooden ship with string rigging on a painted panel background and composition waves. Original paint. Minor wear and loss. In a later shadow box frame, 22”h. 27.25”w. $250-$450


PORTRAIT OF THE SHIP FRANK E. KIRBY BY E.F. LAFER (OHIO, 20TH CENTURY). Colored pencil on paper, signed lower right. Large image of the sidewheeler flying flags of port along Lake Erie. Creases. In a modern frame, 21.75”h. 41.5”w. Lafer lived on Catawba Island and also made decoys. The Kirby provided transportation between Detroit, Put-in-Bay, and Sandusky and was known as one of the fastest ships on the Great Lakes. $800-$1,200


PORTRAIT OF TASHMOO BY E.F. LAFER (OHIO, 20TH CENTURY). Colored pencil on paper, signed lower right. Colorful rendition of the steamboat. Matted. 19.25”h. 31”w. Launched on December 31, 1899, the Tashmoo was nicknamed the Glass Hack because the windows that lined the decks. It provided service between Detroit and Port Huron, Michigan. $700-$1,000


94 PORTRAIT OF THE SCHOONER ZACK CHANDLER BY E.F. LAFER (OHIO, 20TH CENTURY). Colored pencil on paper, signed lower right. Sailing ship on a bright blue sea. Matted. 19.5”h. 31”w. Built in 1867, the Great Lakes schooner Zach Chandler ran aground near Deer Park in 1892. $700-$1,000 94 | 21

95 TOWN SCENE WITH FUNERAL PROCESSION BY TELLA KITCHEN (OHIO, 1902-1988). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Tentatively titled Life Goes On, this painting shows busy town life in Adelphi, Ohio, while a horse drawn funeral procession passes through the main street and along many town landmarks. Painted specifically for the deceased’s family, the hearse has stopped in front of the general store run by one of Kitchen family. 22”h. 30”w., in a frame, 25”h. 33”w. Tella Kitchen (1902-1988) was born in Ohio, raised in Indiana, and then returned to Ohio when she married Nolan Kitchen in 1920. When Nolan died during his time in office as mayor of Adelphi, Tella finished his term. Her folksy paintings depict a bygone era, with all the hustle and bustle of small-town life. Robert Bishop, in his Folk Painters of America, asserts that Kitchen is one of the very few naive American artists whose pictures compare favorably to the homespun charm of those painted by Mary Robertson “Grandma” Moses. $1,000-$2,000


96 WINTER SCENE BY TELLA KITCHEN (OHIO, 19021988). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. The rural landscape features a mare and foal in the foreground. These were the Kitchen family horses “Squaw” and “Papoose” bought from the Pavey’s at a Columbus fairgrounds auction. They were later used at a Kitchen family member’s berry farm in Indiana. Unframed, 14”h. 18”w. $600-$800

22 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012




JULY PRINT BY BEVLYN SIMPSON (OHIO, B. 1917). Silkscreen on paper, signed and dated 1969 in pencil lower right. Abstract in mostly blue and yellow. In a modern metal frame, 22.5”h. 24.5”w.

GLASS SALVER OR CAKE STAND. Probably Wheeling, West Virginia, 2nd quarter-19th century, colorless blown glass. Hollow and ringed stem and domed foot. 7.5”h. 10”d. $150-$300

A graduate of the Ohio State University with both bachelors and masters degrees in Fine Arts, Simpson estatblished an endowment fund at her alma mater and has had multiple exhibitions of her work. Lot 141 in this sale is another example of her work. $100-$300

100 PEASEWARE JAR. Ohio, late 19th century. Treenware covered jar or sugar bowl with slightly tapered form and urn shaped finial. Age splits. 8”h. 7”d. $400-$600

98 OHIO POTTERY DOG BANK. Attributed to Crooksville, Ohio, late 19th-early 20th century. Seated mastiff with an iridescent, mottled black-brown glaze. 6”h. $200-$400

98 - 100


MAN WITH BLUE COAT BY ELIJAH PIERCE (COLUMBUS, OHIO, 1912-1984). Pine, unsigned. Three-quarters-length bust of a man in the likeness of Sammy Davis, Jr. Original paint and a rhinestone tie tack with applied pebbles on the base. 9.5”h. Property of the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, sold to benefit its Acquisition Fund. $900-$1,200


FOLK ART PLAQUE THE COMING OF CHRIST BY ELIJAH PIERCE (COLUMBUS, OHIO, 1912-1984). Mixed media, unsigned. Wooden relief carving of Christ in the clouds with original paint and glitter. 27.25”h. 18”w. $1,500-$2,500 101

102 | 23

103 STILL LIFE WITH FRUIT BY ALBERT FRANCIS KING (PENNSYLVANIA, 1854-1945). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Peaches and grapes. 9”h. 12”w., in a later frame, 12.25”h. 15.25”w. The present painting, and the following three, all descended from the artist to his granddaughter, who lived in Columbus until her death. They were acquired by the present owners directly from the estate. Each has information on verso that was added in 1967. $2,500-$4,500

104 FLORAL STILL LIFE BY ALBERT FRANCIS KING (PENNSYLVANIA, 1854-1945). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Colorful and detailed vase of flowers. 12”h. 15”w. 15.75”h. 18.75”w. Descended from the artist to his granddaughter, from whose estate it was acquired by the current owner. Retains a wonderful inscription on verso, “To my dear little Granddaughter Aneta Margaret From her loving Grand-dad A.F. King— Memorial day May 30-1931.” $500-$1,000

105 FALL LANDSCAPE BY ALBERT FRANCIS KING (PENNSYLVANIA, 1854-1945). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Autumnal scene near a lake or river. 16”h. 20.5”w., in a later frame, 19”h. 23.5”w. Descended from the artist to his granddaughter, from whose estate it was acquired by the current owner. $800-$1,200


BEECHWOLD, COLUMBUS, OHIO BY ALBERT FRANCIS KING (1854-1945). Oil on canvas board, signed lower right. Late summer-early fall landscape. 12.5”h. 9.5”w., in a later frame, 17.75”h. 14.75”w. Descended from the artist to his granddaughter, from whose estate it was acquired by the current owner. This work was presumably gifted to King’s son while he was living in Columbus in the 1920s. $400-$800

24 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012


Photographs of the artist, Albert F. King, with his granddaughter, who owned these paintings. 103

105 106 | 25


107 DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Probably Ohio or Pennsylvania, 1820-1850, poplar. Dovetailed case, interior till, turned feet, and its original faux mahogany graining. Imperfections. 22.5”h. 42.25”w. 17.75”d. $250-$500

108 SEWERTILE CHIMNEY TOP WITH OWL. Ohio, early 20th century. Mushroom shape with an owl perched on a tree branch. Impressed “Hand Crafted by Walter Smith, Superior Clay Products, Uhrichsville, Ohio”. Minor edge flakes. 18.5”h. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio). $250-$500



STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Attributed to Sugarcreek, Ohio, mid 19th century, poplar. Twopiece, the upper section with two six-pane doors, the interior with block-printed wallpaper, and the lower section with two drawers over two doors and resting on cutout feet. Retains its original pulls and its original dark red stain with an alligatored surface. 85”h. 50.5”w. 19.5”d $3,500-$4,500


26 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012


SUNSET ON CATAWBA ISLAND (AMERICAN SCHOOL, MID 20TH CENTURY). Watercolor on paper, initialed and dated “WHG ‘41”. Pleasant shoreside image. In a frame, 18.5”h. 22.5”w. $150-$300

111 SEWERTILE LION. Ohio, early 20th century. Large Mogadore-style lion on an oval base. Dark glaze. Incised “EJE”, a molder from Tuscarawas County, possibly Edward J. Ellwood. Small edge flakes. 7.5”h. 8.5” x 12.5”. $800-$1,200

112 SEWERTILE DOG. Ohio, early 20th century. Reclining dog on base. Stamped on the underside “Empire Clay Co., Louisville, O.” 3.5”h. 7.25”l. Sold at Garth’s, December, 1983, lot 28. $150-$350

113 SEWERTILE DOG. Ohio, early 20th century. Bagnell-type seated dog with freestanding legs, tooled detail, and colorful glaze. 9”h. Sold at Garth’s, January, 1997, lot 408. $250-$450



POTTERY DOG. Ohio, late 19th-early 20th century, white clay. Staffordshire-style spaniel with original painted surface. Made by Alfred Marsh at the Walker Sewer Pipe plant. 8.5”h.

TWO SCARCE OHIO CENTENNIAL TRADE CARDS. Both chromolithographs, ca.1888. Includes a folding card for Aultman, Miller and Company, Akron, Ohio, manufacturers of agricultural equipment, 5.25”h. 4”w., ex Antique Associates at West Townsend (Massachusetts); and a card for the Centennial celebration at Columbus that ran from September 4 through October 19, 5.125”h. 3.25”w.

The Walker plant was on a river road between East Liverpool and Wellsville, Ohio. $800-$1,000

115 OHIO POTTERY DOG. George Bagnall, Newcomerstown, Ohio, ca.1870. Seated spaniel of typical form with freestanding front legs and hand tooled features. Remnants of brown painted surface. Repairs. 9.75”h. Sold at Garth’s Auctions, May 21, 2011. $400-$600

116 FOOTSTOOL. Found near New Bremen, Ohio, mid 19th century, curly maple. Rectangular top and bandy legs. Old finish. 6.5”h. 8.25”w. 14.5”l. Bandy-legged footstools such as this are often found with histories of ownership in the vicinity of Ohio and Indiana’s German and Swiss communities. Illustrated in Equal in Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts, 1788-1860, entry 140. $400-$800

Though Ohio’s statehood centennial was in 1903, many celebrations were held in 1888, the anniversary of the opening of the Northwest Territory. The images that most often appear on such souvenirs portray the progress of civilization by setting stereotypical pioneer figures and/or Indians against a backdrop of cities, factories, and other representations of technological advancement. The Columbus card offered here was also produced in a poster size, an example of which sold at Garth’s, December 2009, lot 1114. $200-$400

118 TWO JACQUARD COVERLETS. Bellefontaine, Logan County, Ohio, 1850, wool and cotton. Double weave with center seam. Sunburst and rose centerfield, bird, basket and building border. Signed and dated “I.M. Logan Co. Ohio”. 70” x 74”. And a red and blue double weave with center seam, birds feeding young with Christian and heathen border. Possibly Ohio. 75” x 78”. $100-$200

111 - 117

110 | 27

119 STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Attributed to Indiana, mid 19th century, cherry and poplar. Two-piece, the upper section with two six-pane doors with arched upper panes above five small drawers and the lower section with three drawers over two paneled doors, all resting on scrolled feet. Retains its original finish with a later 19thcentury overvarnish that has an alligatored and grungy surface. Minor wear and losses. 85 1/2”h. 58”w. 21 1/2”d. $4,000-$8,000



THE LOITERING HERD BY JOHN JAY BARBER (OHIO, 1839-1910). Oil on canvas, signed lower left. Woman with cattle at a stream. Some damage. 20”h. 40”w., in a gilt frame, 33”h. 53”w. Property of the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, sold to benefit its Acquisition Fund. $800-$1,600

121 STONEWARE JAR. Ohio or Pennsylvania, ca.1880. Brushed cobalt apple and two “tornado” designs. 9”h. $150-$350

119 121 28 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

122 DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Found in central West Virginia, 1820-1850, poplar. Six-board chest with interior till, turned feet, and retaining much of its original painted decoration. 19”h. 32”w. 14”d. $250-$500


TROOP TRAIN BY BERNADINE STETZEL (TIFFIN, OHIO, B. 1927). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Winter scene of Tiffin with a WWII troop train passing through. In a modern strip frame, 36.25”h. 52.25”w. 122

Stetzel, a life-long native of Tiffin, Ohio, began painting at age 12, and continues painting today. Like the work Paul Patton and Tella Kitchen, Stetzel’s pictures of both naive and documentary, and full of color. Stetzel painted a series of 71 pictures related to the life and presidency of John F. Kennedy, which she donated to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. A special exhibition will open in 2013. $400-$800


SENECA COUNTY FAIR BY BERNADINE STETZEL (TIFFIN, OHIO, 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Active summer fair scene. In a modern strip frame, 34”h. 44.25”w. $400-$800 123

125 FOUR DRAWINGS BY JANE WOODSIDE (OHIO, 1824-1890). Pencil on paper, signed lower right, two dated 1840. Pastoral landscapes of stone ruins. In modern frames, 11 1/2”h. 13 1/2”w. Probably done in Denmark, where her father, Jonathan F. Woodside, was the United States Ambassador from 1835-1841. Upon their return to Chillicothe, Ross County, Woodside resumed his law practice. In 1849, Jane married Milton Lee Clark (1817-1897) who had read law under her father. Clark was active in Ohio politics, but the couple maintained a residence in Chillicothe where they raised six children. $300-$600


125 | 29

126 SEWERTILE FROG. Ohio, early 20th century. Frog on a high incised base. Mottled glaze. Inscribed “AS” on the bottom. Edge flakes on lip. 4”h. $100-$300

127 SEWERTILE JAR. Probably Ohio, early 20th century. Cylindrical jar with tree bark surface and a seated monkey finial on the lid. Good detail. Repaired tail. 6.5”h. 4”d. $300-$450

126 - 131



SEWERTILE BOWL AND THREE ANIMAL FIGURES. Ohio, early 20th century. Plain bowl incised “Betty”, 2.5”h. 5”d. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio), and two seated dogs. Spaniel inscribed “JHS”, 4”h., and a German Shepherd (flakes), 3.25”h. Together with two fox kits, 1.75”h. $200-$400

DECORATED TOOL CHEST. Possibly Ohio, dated 1895, pine. Of typical form with original polychrome paint, including stars, “1895”, and “Jacob Kahler N.W.O.” 18”h. 30.5”w. 21”d.

129 SEWERTILE DOG. Probably Ohio. Seated boxer with light brown glazed eyes. Inscribed “Roy Blind, 1977”, 12”h. $200-$400

130 POTTERY CAT. Probably Ohio, early 20th century. Hand modeled reclining cat with alert eyes. Unglazed with brown painted surface. Some edge flakes. 4.5”h. 11”l. $150-$350

131 SEWERTILE GROUND HOG. Ohio, early 20th century. Sitting ground hog with incised facial features. Glaze has metallic flecks. Inscribed “KC” on the bottom. 8.5”h. $200-$300 30 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

Though it is not certain, “N.W.O” in the inscription may stand for “Northwest Ohio.” A Jacob Kahler was located in the Census for Crawford County, having been born in Germany in 1865, and listed as a painter. $200-$400


132A BELL. Vanduzen and Tift, Cincinnati, Ohio, mid 19th century, bronze with cast iron stand and clapper. Marked “Vanduzen & Tift Buckeye Bell Foundry Cincinnati, Ohio 1865” in relief on side of bell. Neoclassical collar with putti in bas relief. 20”h. 20”d. Vanduzen and Tift opened the Buckeye Bell Foundry in 1837. Throughout the 19th century, they manufactured high quality bells for schools, firehouses, plantations, and, of course, riverboats. $2,000-$4,000 132A




POTTERY DOG. American, late 19th century, white clay. Seated spaniel with dark brown glaze. Marked “Galesburg Pottery Co., Ill.” on the bottom, but given away as a gift by the FM King Co. Marked “Souvenier 1877 FM King Co. 1897” on top of the base. Small flakes. 7.5”h. $300-$500

TWO SEWERTILE BUSTS. Ohio, early 20th century. Hand modeled man’s head with a beard. Inscribed “RLW”. 4”h. And a molded figure of a woman wearing a head scarf, 4.25”h. $150-$350

OHIO JACQUARD COVERLET. Delaware, Delaware County, 1843, wool and cotton. Tied Beiderwand, center seam. Lily and sunburst center field with bird border. Inscribed “Gabriel / Rauser / Delaware / County / Ohio / 1843”. In two panels, 38” x 92”. $250-$500

134 SEWERTILE LION. Ohio, early 20th century. Reclining lion on a ribbed edge base. 5.5”h. 9”l. $250-$450

135 SEWERTILE TREE TRUNK VASE. Probably Ohio, early 20th century. Nicely detailed trunk with delicately vining roses. Inscribed “Made by Carl E. Funk, Nov. 20, 1936” on the bottom. Edge loss. 8.75”h. $150-$300

136 PAIR OF SEWERTILE AMERICAN INDIAN BOOKENDS. Probably Grand Ledge, Michigan, early 20th century. Hand modeled with attention to detail including feathered headdresses. Impressed “HG”. Some loss on one. 5.5”h. $200-$400

138 SEWERTILE TOBACCO HUMIDOR. Midwest, early 20th century. Barrel shaped humidor with a bust of Will Rogers as a finial. Minor edge flakes. 8”h. $150-$250


141 ABSTRACT BY BEVLYN SIMSON (OHIO, B. 1917). Acrylic on canvas, signed lower center. Geometric abstract with yellow on red. In a painted strip frame, 39/25”h. 31.25”w. $250-$450

PERFUME ADVERTISING ILLUSTRATION BY JESSE BRADFORD HAGUE (AMERICAN, 19031994). Watercolor/gouache and ink on paper, signed lower right and dated 1926. For Houbigant of Paris, in a wonderful Art Deco style, with a woman and her dog in front of a store window. Matted and framed.17.75”h. 14.5”w. See also lots 44, 45 and 46. $250-$500


133 - 138

| 31


FREEDOM BY CHARLES OWENS (COLUMBUS, OHIO, 1922-1997). Oil on canvas board, signed on the back. Southern slaves crossing a river, possibly led by Harriet Tubman. 14”h. 18”w., in a frame, 19”h. 23”w. $100-$300


AMERICAN BUFFALO BY LEVENT ISIK (COLUMBUS, OHIO, B. 1961). Mixed media, signed front and back. Dated 1996. Colorful image with raised texture and tin horns. 24.75”h. 34.75”w. overall. $300-$500



144 DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Probably Ohio or Pennsylvania, 1820-1850, pine. Dovetailed case with interior till and bracket feet. Retains its original red paint and green trim. Imperfections. 27”h. 48”w. 20.5”d. $400-$800

145 PORTRAIT OF A GIRL BY ELLEN SINCLAIR (OHIO, B. 1907). Oil on masonite, signed and dated 1953 upper right. American Indian girl holding a doll. 15”h. 10”w., in a frame, 18.5”h. 14”w. $200-$400



146 STILL LIFE BY ADAM LEHR (OHIO, 18531924). Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1897 lower left. Lobsters and fish. 16”h. 24”w., in a gilt frame, 19.5”h. 27/5”w. $900-$1,200


146 32 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

STILL LIFE BY ADAM LEHR (OHIO, 18531924). Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1897 lower right. Fish and brass bucket. 16”h. 24”w., in a gilt frame, 19.5”h. 27.5”w. $900-$1,200




SEWERTILE CHIMNEY TOP. Ohio, early 20th century. Cylindrical with decorative design and serrated rim. 21.5”h. $100-$300

DECORATED CHEST OF DRAWERS. Probably northwest Ohio, mid 19th century, poplar. Two over four drawers with split columns, porcelain pulls, and its original faux mahogany graining. 47”h. 22.5”w. 21.5”d. Sold at Garth’s, May 2009, lot 43. $250-$500


150 LIGHTHOUSE BY CARLTON T. CHAPMAN (OHIO/NEW YORK, 1860-1925). Watercolor on paper, early 20th century, signed lower left. Lighthouse, keepers lodgings, and bell tower on marsh. In a frame, 15”h. 18”w.



Chapman, a native of New London, Ohio, was known for his marine paintings and illustrations. He was commissioned by the US Naval Academy as well as received awards from several World Fairs. His work is represented in several museum collections. $150-$300



PERCUSSION RIFLE. Barrel marked for J. Hayden, Oxford, Ohio, lock marked for J. Griffith, Cincinnati, approximately .48 caliber, 37.25” octagonal barrel with target sights, walnut stock.

SEASCAPE BY ARNOLD SCHEELE (OHIO,18861973). Oil on canvas board, signed lower left. Waves on the rocky shore of Kelleys Island. 18”h. 24”w., in a frame, 24”h. 30”w.

Joseph Hayden (b. 1824) is listed in Oxford regularly through the 1880s. See Hutslar, v. 1, p. 69. John A. Griffith (1803-1865) was born in England and worked on Main Street in Cincinnati. See Hutslar, v. 2, p. 69. $300-$600

Scheele grew up on Kelleys Island and received formal art training. In 1925 he was named one of the nation’s 100 best artists by National Artists League. $200-$400



153 151

CRADLE. Probably Ohio or Indiana, dated 1849, walnut and poplar. Dovetailed cradle with heart cutouts. Retains its original finish and stenciling at one end “JR 1849.” 23”h. 43”l. $150-$300 | 33

154 HARPERS FERRY MODEL 1855 RIFLE-MUSKET. .58 caliber, 33” round barrel with two bands, lock dated 1861, walnut stock with inlaid eagle on left side. Saber bayonet and scabbard and accompanied by a brass powder flask and leather pouch. $1,000-$2,000


155 FULL STOCK PERCUSSION RIFLE. Marked “S. Hunt”, American, 19th century, curly maple. Approximately .32 caliber, 41” octagonal barrel, engraved London lock, double set trigger. Retains an older patina. $800-$1,200


156 156

CLEMENT AND NORRIS MODEL 1861 RIFLE-MUSKET. .58 caliber, 40” round barrel with three bands, lock dated 1863, walnut stock. With bayonet and scabbard. $500-$1,000

157 KENTUCKY-TYPE PERCUSSION PISTOL. American, 19th century, figured walnut. Approximately .50 caliber, 9.75” octagonal barrel, adjustable tension trigger with engraved trigger guard, checkered grip. $650-$850 157

158 CIVIL WAR ERA SWORD. Model 1860 cavalry saber marked on the blade for “Mansfield & Lamb, Forestdale, R.I.” The other side has a “US” mark with inspector’s initials and 1862 date. Brass guard, leather grip with possible replaced wire wrapping. Blade has dings. Metal scabbard is dented. 42.5”l. overall. $400-$800

159 TWO LODGE SWORDS. American, early 20th century. Marked on the blades for M.C. Lilley & Co., Columbus, Ohio. Ceremonial Rose Croix swords with brass fittings and ornate brass scabbards, knight helmet pommels with dragons and ivory grips with incised initials. Both have etched blades with battle scenes and names. Blued recesses with “Stuart R. Bolin” and gold recesses with “Andrew R. Bolin”. Sword covers of suede and leather, the latter with Andrew Bolin’s name. Imperfections. 39”l. overall. $250-$450 34 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012



160 FOLKSY POWDER HORN. American, dated 1877. Relief-carved with snake head spout, dog near the plug, dog or bear head strap hook, and a banner with “W. Helliher 1877.” 9.5”l. $600-$900

161 COLT “LIGHTNING” REVOLVER. .38 caliber, six-shot cylinder, 3.5” round barrel, nickel finish, hard rubber grips. S/n 57418.



Engraved on the back strap is “John Trapp Sheriff 1887.” $500-$1,000



LARGE POWDER HORN. American, 19th century. With horn measure. 18”l. $300-$500

HALF-STOCK PERCUSSION RIFLE. Marked for J. Henry and Son, Boulton, Pennsylvania, 1836-1850, walnut. Approximately .32 caliber, 38.5” octagonal barrel, double set trigger and impressed “B” behind the trigger guard. Retains an old patina. $650-$850

163 POWDER HORN. American, 19th century. With finely turned plug. 12”l. $150-$300

164 CARVED POWDER HORN. American, 19th century. Pine plug with pewter pull, and carved with ship, birds, tree, and “AR.” 11”l. $250-$500

162 - 164

166 COLT ROOT MODEL REVOLVER. .28 caliber, five-shot cylinder, 3.5” octagonal barrel, blued finish, walnut grips. S/n 2126. $400-$800

165 166




SMITH AND WESSON MODEL NO. 2 OLD MODEL REVOLVER. .32 caliber, six-shot cylinder, 6” octagonal barrel, pearl grips. S/n 63529. $300-$600

SHARPS MODEL 2 PEPPERBOX PISTOL. .30 caliber, 3.5” four-barrel cluster, brass frame, checkered gutta percha grips. S/n 10851. $250-$500


| 35






*COLT NEW ARMY REVOLVER. .38 caliber, six-shot cylinder, 6” round barrel, hard rubber grips. S/n 214675. $200-$400

COLT THIRD MODEL DERINGER. .41 caliber, single shot, 2.5” barrel, brass frame, walnut grips. S/n 13147. In a modern case. $150-$300

ENFIELD RIFLE. Martini-Henry MK III, dated 1887. British proof marks on the barrel, stamped “00” and “19” on the stock. 32.5” barrel. $300-$500



SMITH AND WESSON MODEL NO. 1 SECOND ISSUE REVOLVER. .22 caliber, seven-shot cylinder with British proof marks, 3.5” octagonal barrel, blued finish, rosewood grips. S/n 33705. $200-$400

*REMINGTON DOUBLE DERINGER. Model 4, .41 caliber, 3” barrels, gutta percha grips. S/n 758. With leather belt holster. $150-$250

171 173



SMITH AND WESSON MODEL NO. 1 SECOND ISSUE REVOLVER. .22 caliber, seven-shot cylinder, 3.5” octagonal barrel, blued finish, rosewood grips. S/n 25350. $200-$400

174 TRAP GUN. F. Reuther, Hartford, Connecticut, ca.1860. Approximately .30 caliber, two 4.25” octagonal barrels. $150-$300

176 GRISWOLD AND GUNNISON REVOLVER. .36 caliber, six-shot cylinder, 7.5” round barrel with octagonal lug, brass frame, walnut stock. S/n 2466. Retains a period, probably original, leather holster. $8,000-$12,000

177 TWO SMITH AND WESSON SAFETY DOUBLE-ACTION REVOLVERS. .38 caliber, five-shot cylinders, 3.25” round barrels, checkered rubber grips. S/n 47744 and 106095. $200-$4000

176 174 36 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012



GRAVITY PARLOR PISTOL. Marked “Jongen Fres a Liege,” Belgium, mid 19th century. Approximately .41 caliber, 9” octagonal barrel, engraved frame, carved walnut grips. S/n VC1202. Accompanied by a bullet mold with similar engraving.

FINE DECORATED SERVER. American, 1820-1850, pine and poplar. In the late classical style with two short drawers over one long drawer over two cupboard doors, flanked by split columns, and resting on block feet. Retains its vibrant, original red over yellow vinegar paint decoration. Minor imperfections. 45”h. 46”w. 19”d. $3,000-$6,000

Credit for devising this unusual pistol has generally been given to Victor Collette, though Herman Jean Nicolas, a gunsmith working for him, may have played a role as well. $800-$1,200

179 WHITNEYVILLLE ARMORY REVOLVER. Single action, .32 caliber, 3.5” octagonal barrel, wood grips. S/n 7547B. $100-$200

181 GOOD FEDERAL PEMBROKE TABLE. Connecticut, late 18th century, dense mahogany and pine. Single drawer, tapered legs, and arched “X” stretchers. Retains its original brass pull and its original finish. 39”h. 20.75”w. (closed) 37.5”w. (open). 31”l. For a similar form, see Sack, The New Fine Points of Furniture, p. 276. $800-$1,200


182 STAFFORDSHIRE PLATTER. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Large platter with blue transfer of lions and cubs. Floral border. 15” x 19.5”. $400-$800

183 STILL LIFE AFTER JOHANN WILHELM PREYER (GERMANY, 1803-1889). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Nicely detailed fruit including grapes and a wine glass on a marble top table. Repair. 12.5”h. 17”w., in a gilt frame, 17”h. 21.5”w. Preyer’s original painting of this scene was produced as a print in the 1880s, and it is likely that this painting is based on that print. What appears to be the original work was sold at Ketterer Kunst (Germany) in 2003. $350-$700 181 - 182


| 37

184 185




PAIR OF MINIATURES ON IVORY. American or English, 1st quarter-19th century. Finely painted husband and wife in matching gold-colored locket frames. In the back are pieces of opalescent glass with locks of hair and blue glass ovals backed with stamped foil. Each blue oval has an anchor of seed pearls. The woman’s frame has separated, but the pieces are intact with minimal damage. The man’s frame is still together, but the hair and anchor are damaged with loss and the ivory has an age split. Both are in fitted leather cases, 3 3/4”h. $750-$1,500

CLASSICAL SOFA. American, 1815-1830, mahogany. Serpentine back and seat, with gothic arm supports and brass mounts. Reupholstered in purple silk. 17”h. seat, 38”h. overall, 84”l. $800-$1,200

PORTRAIT OF CHILDREN AND DOGS (ENGLAND, 1818). Gouache, watercolor and pencil on paper, illegible signature. Five young blue-eyed and blond haired siblings encircle an imposing black dog, his collar and chain at their feet, a second smaller dog sleeps in the corner. An obelisk on the right inscribed in part “Emily Owen” “1818”. Some imperfections. In an old, if not original, frame, 24.25”h. 25”w. $250-$500

186 PORTRAIT OF A MOTHER AND CHILD (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 1840S ). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Sweet faced woman in cap, cuffs and large collar accenting her golden brown dress, her arms around a young golden haired child, dressed in white. Unframed, 28”h. 23”w. $250-$500

188 CHIPPENDALE DUMBWAITER. American, late 18th-early 19th century, mahogany. Tripod base with turned column, dished edges, and turned finial. Imperfections. 34.5”h. 24.5”d. $600-$1,200

189 SEA CHEST. American, 19th century, pine. Dovetailed and braced, becket handles marked “WW”, and its original, dry painted surface with “W. Walbridge No. 2” on the front. 20”h. 37”w. 17.5”d. $200-$400


186 38 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012


SMOKING STAND. Early 20th century, brass. The tray with an African-American boy flanked by an ashtray and match holder, each with corn decoration. Good patina. 30”h. $100-$300

191 - 197




HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE COFFEE POT. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Dark blue transfer of Lafayette at Franklin’s Tomb by Enoch Wood. Tall pot with domed lid. Minor flakes and a glued finial. 11.75”h. $800-$1,200

HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE SOUP PLATE. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Dark blue transfer of the United States Hotel, Philadelphia by Tams. Hairline. 10”d. Ex Mary Thornton (Ohio). $600-$800



SMALL STAFFORDSHIRE TUREEN. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Brown transfer of Fort Ticonderoga, New York marked “Jackson’s Warranted” (John and Job Jackson). The fitting lid has an image of horse and rider with Federal house. Repaired chip in lid. 6.75”h. 8”l. Ex Robert Burkhardt (Pennsylvania). $200-$300

HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE CUP PLATE. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Arms of South Carolina by Thomas Mayer. 4”d. Ex Richard and Virginia Wood (Maryland). $600-$900

HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE LEAFSHAPED DISH. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Blue transfer by J&W Ridgway of the Boston State House from the “Beauties of America” series. Finely molded dish in the form of a grape leaf. 4.75”l. $250-$450

195 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATTER. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Octagonal platter with dark blue transfer of the Hospital Boston by J&W Ridgway, one of the “Beauties of America” series. 9.5” x 12.5”. Ex Earl Knittle (Ohio). $600-$900

196 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE SOUP PLATE. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Dark blue transfer of View of Governor’s Island impressed “Stevenson”. Floral border. 10”d. Ex Richard and Virginia Wood (Maryland). $800-$1,200 198

198 CLASSICAL DROP LEAF TABLE. American, 1820-1840, mahogany, oak and poplar. Shaped leaves on a elaborately leaf and scroll carved pedestal and resting on paw feet. Refinished. 29”h. 40”l. 26”w. (closed) 45.5”w. (open. $300-$600

199 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE TUREEN LID. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Dark blue transfer of the Arms of Virginia by Thomas Mayer. Repaired rose finial. 7”h. 9.75”l. Ex Richard and Virginia Wood (Maryland). $250-$500

200 MINIATURE PORTRAIT ON PAPER. American or European, 1st quarter-19th century, watercolor. Image of a girl with short dark hair. Overall toning. In a composition frame, 5 1/4”h. 4 1/2”w. A later note on the back has a partial name and date of 1820. $100-$200 | 39

201 PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG MAN ATTRIBUTED TO MICAH WILLIAMS (NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK, 1782-1837). Pastel on paper, unsigned. Probably a ship’s captain wearing a bright blue coat and with gathering clouds in the background. Imperfections. In original frame, 27”h. 22”w. Sold at Garth’s, March, 2, 1996, lot 517. $900-$1,200



SEWING CADDY. American, 1840-1860, cherry and poplar. Above the Ionic capital a lift off lid reveals access to glass fronted compartment containing framed paper flowers. Turned supports separate the two dovetailed drawers in the dovetailed base, all resting on ball feet. In an old, if not original, finish. 14.5”h. 7.25”w. 4.5”d. $250-$500


203 AFRICAN-AMERICAN BASEBALL GAME (AMERICAN, LATE 19TH-EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Folksy depiction of an afternoon game, with ladies looking on. 19” square, in a period frame, 25.5” square. $250-$500

204 - 205

204 WALKING STICK. American, 1st half-20th century. Wooden shaft with an ivory cue ball for a handle topped by a silver disk engraved with players on a baseball field and “Boston Red Sox”. 34”l. $600-$900

205 202

40 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

FIVE BABE RUTH SODA BOTTLES. American, 1920-1940, molded glass. Small size with tin lids and printed labels with Babe Ruth “All American Athlete.” 4.5”h. $150-$300

206 TWO CARNIVAL GAME WHEELS. American, 1st half-20th century, wood. One revolves on a post. Original paint and stenciled numbers. 35.5”h. 32.5”d. The other is hand painted in red and green with repainted numbers and replaced pegs. 32”d. Both have some wear. $250-$500

207 - 210



TWO PICTURES OF CHILDREN. American, 2nd half-19th century, graphite on paper. Both with chalk details. One with applied leaf cut outs. 7.75”h. 7”w. and one of a child seated in a decorated chair, 12.5”h. 10”w. Both in frames. $150-$350

DECORATED CASE OF DRAWERS. American, 2nd half-19th century, pine. Of small size with four divided drawers and its original grain painting, including faux crossbanding on the drawers. Period pulls. 7.75”h. 10”h. 9”w. $200-$400

208 TWO PORTRAITS (AMERICAN, 19TH CENTURY). Watercolor and ink on paper. Naive images. Profile on laid paper of a woman with a tortoise-shell comb, 6”h. 5.5”w. ,and another of an artist with brush. Signed and dated on the back “Ethan Nalmer, 1833”. 8”h. 6.5”w. Both have wear, both in frames. $200-$300

210 DECORATED SLIDE-LID BOX. American or European, 1st half-19th century, beech. Dovetailed box with notched slide lid and original red and blue paint decoration including stars, diamonds, and a pinwheel. 3.75”h. 4.75”w. 8”l. $200-$400

211 DECORATED MULE CHEST. Probably New England, 1st half-19th century, pine. Chest with two faux drawers over two real drawers, resting on bracket feet. Retains its original paint decoration. Imperfections. 42”h. 39.5”w. 18”d. $1,000-$1,500


| 41



HORSE WEATHERVANE. American, 1st half-20th century, sheet metal. Cutout silhouette of a running horse with old gold paint. 24”h. 33”l. on a modern metal stand. $200-$400

GEORGE III DUMBWAITER. England, late 18th-early 19th century, mahogany with old finish. Tripod base, unusual reeded bows supporting reeded edge shelf and turned pedestal with rotating top which is also reeded on the edge. Both shelves have dished edge. Imperfections. Old repairs and maybe modified. 35”h. 23 1/2”d. $400-$800

213 SHERATON DROP LEAF TABLE. American, 1820-1850, cherry and curly maple. Six-leg table of large size. Refinished. 29”h. 48”l. 22.5”w. (closed) 66”w. (open). $250-$500

217 PIECED QUILT. Probably Pennsylvania, possibly Mennonite, 1875-1890, cotton prints. Precisely handpieced eight-point stars in red and yellow, reversing to tan floral print. Hand quilted in various designs including grid, orange peel and circles. Rarely used condition. 94” x 96.” $500-$700

214 PAIR OF COMB-BACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIRS. D.R. Dimes, New Hampshire, 20th century, mixed woods. Bold forms with good turnings and distressed black paint. 17.75”h. seat, 44”h. overall. $500-$1,000


215 TWO TOLE TEA CADDIES. American, mid 19th century. Cylindrical with old repaint. Medallions with American Indians on a distressed red ground. 10”, 10.5”h. $300-$600

212 - 213

APPLIQUE QUILT. American, mid 19th century, cotton. Four Princess Feather blocks in solid turkey red, cheddar and printed green fabric separated by two sawtooth bands. Floral swag border. Handsewn and hand quilted in diagonal lines. 84” x 86”. $450-$550

217 - 218

214 - 216 42 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012






FARMSTEAD SCENE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2nd HALF 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive scene of barn and cattle. 14”h. 18”w., in a period red painted frame. Found in Pennsylvania. 16.5”h. 21”w. $300-$600

VELOCIPEDE. Probably France or Germany, late 19th century. Carved wooden horse with cast iron braces and three wheels. Old white paint, glass eyes, and replaced horsehair mane and tail. Imperfections. 28”h. 35”l. $1,000-$2,000

MINIATURE ON IVORY. American or European, 2nd quarter-19th century. Well-done portrait of a man. In a frame, 5.5”h. 4.75”w. $200-$400

220 HORSE WEATHERVANE. American, late 19th-early 20th century, copper and zinc. Full-bodied vane of Dexter with a verdigris surface and traces of gilt. Splits along top seam, one 3”x3” patch on one side cleaned to the copper. 33”l., modern stand. Ex David Good (Ohio). $2,500-$4,500


222 PAIR OF YELLOWWARE SHOE FLASKS. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. High top ladies’ shoes with laces and running brown glaze. Minor edge flakes. 6.75”h. $150-$350

224 MINIATURE ON IVORY. European, 1st quarter-19th century. Portrait of a woman in an Empire dress, holding roses. In an oval frame, 4”h. 3.5”w. $150-$350

225 TEA CADDY, BOTTLE AND TRAY. American, 19th century. Small octagonal Rockingham tray, 5.75”l., and an aqua pint flask with eagles and “Cunningham, Pittsburgh”, GII-111, 8”h. Together with a curly maple veneer, single compartment tea caddy with decorative straps. Interior lid. Minor loss. 4”h. 4.25” x 4.25”. $200-$300

222 - 225

| 43



PICKET FENCE LAUNDRY BASKET. Possibly Kentucky Shaker, late 19th century, mixed wood and wire. Large oval vertical slat basket with double swing handles, joined by twisted wire. Several baskets in this style have been found in the Pleasant Hill Shaker community area. 15.5”h. 29.25” l. 17”d.

PICKET FENCE BASKET. Possibly Kentucky Shaker, late 19th century, mixed wood and wire. Rectangular vertical slat basket with fixed handle, joined by twisted wire. Several baskets in this style have been found in the Pleasant Hill Shaker community area. 6”h. excluding handle, 14”w. 10”d.

See Willis Henry Shaker Auction, September 4, 2005, lot 73. $300-$600

See Willis Henry Shaker Auction, September 4, 2005, lot 73. $200-$400

226 - 229





TWO ROCKING CHAIRS. Both American, 19th century, mixed woods. Includes a Shakertype armchair rocker with acorn finials and mushroom caps, imperfections. 16”h. seat, 44”h. overall. And a decorated armchair rocker with a woven splint seat with old yellow paint. 13.5”h. seat, 39”h. overall. $150-$300

PICKET FENCE BASKET. Possibly Kentucky Shaker, late 19th century, mixed wood and wire. Round vertical slat basket with double swing handles, joined by twisted wire. Several baskets in this style have been found in the Pleasant Hill Shaker community area. 10.25”h. 13” dia.

PAIR OF HOGSCRAPER CANDLESTICKS. American, late 18th-early 19th century, wrought iron. Both with push ups and lip hangers. Riveted bases similar to example from the Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York. 7”h. Ex Pat Guthman (Connecticut). $900-$1,200

THREE PIECES OF TREENWARE. American, 2nd half-19th century. Peaseware spool caddy with dark patina. 5”h. and an inkwell with faint stenciled decoration, probably unmarked Sillman, 2.5”h. Together with a tobacco jar with two tone varnish finish, 6.5”h. Imperfections. $250-$500


See Willis Henry Shaker Auction, September 4, 2005, lot 73. $200-$400

230 - 233

DOCUMENT BOX. Probably New England, 1820-1850, basswood. Dovetailed box with leather handle and old red paint. 8.25”h. 16”w. 9.5”d. $100-$200

233 TINDER BOX. New England, early 19th century, tinned iron. Typical construction with candle socket on lid, a thumb ring and an interior damper. Complete with flint, iron striker, cloth tinder, candle and early package of matches. 3.5”h. 4”d. Ex Pat Guthman (Connecticut). $500-$600 44 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

234 PIE SAFE. American, 1840-1880, pine and poplar. Two drawers over two doors resting on high tapered legs. Eight tins with pinwheel decoration. Retains old, worn brown paint. 48.5”h. 45.5”w. 17.5”d. $500-$1,000 235

235 DECORATED TABLETOP DESK. Possibly New England or New York, 1st half-19th century, pine. Dovetailed box opens to reveal slanted writing surface, two lidded storage compartments, and shaped cubbyholes. Original salmon graining on interior is worn to a soft finish on the exterior. 11.5”h. 16.5”w. 13.75”d. closed. $250-$500 234

236 - 238



FOLK ART ROOSTER DIORAMA. American, 1st half-20th century. Composition fighting roosters on a wooden base with a picket fence. Original paint. Some damage. 12”h. 30”l. Together with a late copper plate with applied “CS”. 3.5” x 4”. $150-$350

CARVED HEREFORD BULL BY CALVIN RAY KINSTLER (AMERICAN, MID 20TH CENTURY). Hardwood, signed on the base. Nicely carved with original paint. 6”h. 13.5”l. Ex Sandra Mitchell (Ohio), sold at Garth’s Auctions, September 29, 2001. $400-$600



DUCK DECOY. Massachusetts, early 20th century, wood. Resting black duck with inlet head, original paint and glass eyes. Minor wear. 16”l. Ex Guyette & Schmidt (Maryland). $400-$800

CARNIVAL SIDESHOW BANNER BY J. SIGLER (AMERICAN, 20TH CENTURY). Signed lower left “J. Sigler, Tampa”. Large canvas banner featuring the Midget Bull. Imperfections. 78”h. 92”w. $800-$1,200 239 | 45



COUNTRY TABLE. California, 19th century, sugar pine. Impressive one-board top on turned legs. Refinished. 28”h. 54.5”w. 34.5”d. $300-$500

FOLK ART LANDSCAPE WITH APPLIQUE FIGURES. St. Louis, Missouri, dated 1881, oil on board with softwood. Applied jigsaw scene and border set against a lush landscape with a river in the background. Titled below “Davy Crockett” and noted above “St. Louis MO 1881.” In its original frame. 34”h. 40”w.

241 FOLKSY CARRIAGE STEPS. Nineteenth century, softwood. Bowfront steps with elaborately shaped ends. Retain an old bittersweet paint over an earlier black. 44”h. 22”w. $600-$900

242 PAIR OF PAINTED WHEELS. American, 19th century, wood and iron. Old blue paint and on modern stands. 23”d. $400-$800

This was likely created to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the 1831 publication of James K. Paulding’s Lion of the West, a satirical play based on the life of frontiersman Davy Crockett. Such jigsaw work was popular in the late 19th century. On this example, it’s likely that the border elements were purchased from a professional craftsperson, while the center scene was made by someone else. $1,500-$2,500




PORTRAIT OF THE SHIP PORTER POSSIBLY BY CHARLES W. NORTON (MICHIGAN, 18481901). Gouache and graphite on paper, unsigned. 15”h. 21.5”w., in a burl frame, 25.75”h. 31.25”w. $800-$1,200

46 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

241 - 242




SAILING SHIPS BY STEN BILLE (DENMARK, 1890-1953). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Port in background. 19.75”h. 27.5”w., in a gilt frame, 23”h. 3”w. $200-$400

EARLY NEW YORK PORTRAITS AND RELATED LETTER. Pencil on paper, lace, ca.1819. Drawings noted on reverse as done by a “French artist Mons Millbar” and identified as Judge Skinner of Sandy Hill and Betsy Crocker of Ft. Miller, Washington County, 6”h. 4”w. And a letter addressed to Betsy, dated 1819. Together with pieces of embroidered lace. In a Riker mount, 20”h. 14”w. $100-$200







TWO OCEAN SCENES. Watercolor on paper, signed Ruth Langhorne lower left, 20th century. Brightly colored lighthouse and dwelling. In a gilt frame, 18.25”h. 23.5”w. And a colored lithograph of a ship in full sail, Columbia The Cup Defender after James G. Tyler 1899. $125-$250

PORTRAIT OF A SHIP, SCHOOL OF EDOUARD ADAM SR. (FRENCH, 1847-1929). Watercolor on paper, unsigned. Very detailed depiction of the Monrovia. In a frame, 32”h. 43.25”w.

TRAIN IN STATION BY IRWIN MYERS (CALIFORNIA/ILLINOIS, 1888-1965). Mixed media on paper, signed lower left. Depiction of the locomotive Champion with passengers in front. In a frame, 27”h. 37”w. $250-$500


PORTRAIT OF THE SHIP HINDOSTAN, SCHOOL OF EDOUARD ADAM SR. (FRENCH, 1847-1929). Watercolor on paper, unsigned. Large portrait with wonderful detail. In a frame, 32”h. 43.25”w. Research has located several British ships named Hindostan (variously Hindustan), and one appears similar in size and rigging was an East Indiaman purchased by the Royal Navy in 1795 and was lost to fire in 1804. However, the date of this watercolor would suggest a later ship by that name. See also lot 249 for another ship portrait by the same hand. $1,500-$2,500

This ship is likely the Canadian ship of that name that was built in New Brunswick in 1878. See also lot 248 for another ship portrait by the same hand. $1,500-$2,500

250 CHIPPENDALE SLANT-FRONT DESK. New England, late 18th-early 19th century, maple and pine. Stepped interior over four graduated drawers, resting on bracket feet. Imperfections. 41”h. 36”w. 19”d., 29.5” writing surface. $800-$1,200

250 | 47





BATTLE SCENE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY).. Oil on canvas, unsigned. Cavalry skirmish with Union officer. Restoration. 24”h. 18”w., in a modern gilt frame, 30.5”h. 24.5”w. $300-$500

PORTRAIT OF A CIVIL WAR OFFICER (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Watercolor on heavy stock, unsigned. Infantry captain in uniform with his horse. Possibly an image after a lithograph of the period. Minor edge loss. 26”h. 19.25”w., in a frame, 30.5”h. 24”w. $300-$500

MORTAR SHELL. Found at Petersburg, Virginia, probably Civil War-era. Large fuse hole. 8”d. $100-$300

GROUP OF RELICS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Large group of relics including a variety of bullets in many shapes and sizes, US brass belt buckle, Civil War insignia, and day-to-day tool. $200-$400

255 FIVE ARTILLERY PIECES. American, 2nd half-19th century. Four shots measuring 10” and weighing 4 lbs. each, with a 16”, 17.5 lb. cannon ball. $150-$250


257 TWO PARROTT ARTILLERY SHELLS. American, 2nd half-19th century. One 8.5”, 8.5 lb. example with a 12.5”, 25 lb. shell. $150-$250

258 THREE HOTCHKISS SHELLS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Measuring 5.5" to 6.5" and weighing 4.5 to 6.5 lbs. Extensively used during the Civil War, these fine examples still retain their brass nose cones. $150-$250



259 TWO CANNON BALLS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Civil War-era 20" shell weighing 37.5 lbs. and a 22" shell weighing 46.5 lbs. $150-$250


255 - 260

48 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

TWO PARROTT ARTILLERY SHELLS. American, 2nd half-19th century. One very nice cutaway example of a 12" Parrott exploding artillery shell and a 10" 16.5 lb. shell. $150-$250




BRONZE HORSE HEAD BY HENRY MERWIN SHRADY (NEW YORK, 1871-1922). Cast bronze, signed on the collar. Work horse on marble base. 16”h. $1,500-$2,500

PICKETT’S CHARGE BY CHARLES HALLOWELL STEPHENS (PENNSYLVANIA, 1864-1940). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. En grissaille image of the Civil War battle. Rebacked. 14”h. 28.5”w., in a modern frame, 20.5”h. 30”w. $300-$500

TWO SWORDS AND TWO SOCKET BAYONETS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Light officer sword with eagle impressed on hand guard, 37”. Fraternal sword marked “J.F. Anderson”, 36.5”. Two socket bayonets, one with a leather and brass sheath. $250-$450



GROUP OF EPHEMERA. American, 2nd-half of the 19th century, some 20th. Includes GAR photos and documents, several jugs, and an ink well, Dog tag from Ohio Infantry, bookends and paperweights, Lincoln and Grant lithograph, and a stereoscope with cards and postcards. $150-$250

TWO SWORDS WITH SCABBARDS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Light cavalry sword, 43.5” in scabbard, along with a field and staff officer sword, 40.25” in scabbard. $250-$500

262 GROUP OF EPHEMERA. American, 2nd half-19th century. Nice group of twelve playing cards, old drum, opera and field glasses, some Civil War-era forks, old shoe leather, and a 20th century, wall mount school map. $200-$400

263 EARLY PRINTED PAPERS. American, 2nd half-19th and 18th centuries. Two pages from the Gazette of the United States, July 17, 1790. One page from the Pennsylvania Evening Post, June 19, 1777. One page each of the Fremont Journal, November 8, 1861, and the Newark Advocate, September 4, 1863. $150-$250

266 GROUP OF MEDICAL ITEMS. American, 2nd-half of the 19th century. Sheffield lancets, old medicine bottles, invalid feeder, glass syringes, goggles and five crutches. $150-$250


269 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE MUSKET American, 2nd half-19th century. Model 1863 Rifle Musket Type II, .58 caliber, 40” round barrel, single leaf rear sight, tulip head ramrod and walnut stock. $250-$500

270 GROUP OF CIVIL WAR PAPERS AND EPHEMERA. American, 2nd half-19th century. Papers are all dated mid to early 1860s. Titles include Cleveland Herald, Cincinnati Daily, Ohio Farmer, and Harpers weekly. Ephemera includes officer camp chair, two knives, bone saw, a book of early photos, matches and telegraphs. $150-$250




KENTUCKY RIFLE, PISTOL, AND ACCOUTREMENTS. American, 19th-20th century. Curly maple flintlock long rifle with octagonal barrel. Imperfections. 48”l. overall. Modern curly maple flintlock pistol marked “Turpin” on the barrel, 15”l. overall. Together with a powder horn and tin powder flask. Damage. 8.5”l. $300-$600

| 49

272 FOLKSY BIPLANE. American, 1st half-20th century. Wooden plane with tin wings, tail and pilot silhouette. Worn old paint. 23”h. on stand, 23”l. $150-$300

273 FOLK ART BIRD TREE. Found in Cherry Valley, New York, 1st half-20th century, soft wood. Eight carved birds on wire arms attached to a central fluted post with a bird finial. Original paint and bead eyes. Flaking with some edge loss. 25”h. Base, 12” x 18”. Ex Betty Dorow (Ohio). $800-$1,200

274 272

FOLK ART PARROT CARVING. American, Hudson River area, ca.1930, hardwood. Stylized form with original paint and glass eyes on a wood and metal stand. 24”h. overall. Ex Betty Dorow (Ohio). $400-$600



BLANKET CHEST. Probably New England, early 19th century, pine. Bootjack ends and old, alligatored black paint. 21”h. 45”w. 17.25”d. $300-$600

FOLK ART BIPLANE. American, 2nd quarter-20th century, wood and tin. Painted to resemble the Red Baron. Details include pilot with machine gun and spinning wheels and propeller. Weathered surface. 13”h. on stand, 24”l. $150-$350


275 - 277

50 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

273 - 274

PAIR OF DECORATED WINDSOR CHAIRS. American, 1815-1830, mixed woods. Bambooturned legs and retaining original paint, including birds on the crest against a white ground. Wear. 17”h. seat, 33”h. overall. $250-$500

278 SET OF FIVE DECORATED WINDSOR CHAIRS. American, 1815-1830, mixed woods. Half-spindle Windsors in old green with polychrome decoration including birds on the crests. 16.5”h. seat, 33”h. overall. $300-$600




STEPBACK CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, cherry and poplar. One-piece with four paneled doors and old green paint. Imperfections. 82”h. 43”w. 17”d. Ex Paul and Ruth Semer (Michigan), ex Rick Miehls (Ohio). $400-$800

TWO LANDSCAPES WITH HOUSES (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH-EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Vertical format of red house on hill, early car driving by. 17.5”h. 9.75w., in a carved frame, 24.25”h. 16.75”w. And a upper New England-style attached barn and house under a setting sun. 12”h. 20”w., in a frame, 15”h. 22.5”w. $200-$400


SYLVANIA GARDENS BY E.P. JONES (AMERICAN, MID 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed and dated ‘47 lower right. Folksy winter landscape. 25”h. 36”w., in a frame, 32.25”h. 43.5”w. $500-$900



281 | 51

282 STONEWARE WATER JUG. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Impressed label for “S. Hart, Fulton” (New York) and retailer’s mark “J.A. Griffin, Oswego, N.Y.” with a brushed cobalt “3” and pair of lovebirds. Bung hole has old, if not original, stopper. Applied handle. 13.5”h. $1,000-$1,500



PORTRAIT OF A BOY (AMERICAN SCHOOL, CA. 1835-1850). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Seated boy gathering flowers in a straw hat. Tear. 35”h. 28”w., in a frame, 41.5”h. 33”w. Ex Vixseboxse Art Galleries, Cleveland, Ohio. $400-$800


284 UNUSUAL DROP LEAF WORK STAND. Pennsylvania, 2nd quarter-19th century, cherry, mahogany, maple and pine. Three drawers with bird’s-eye maple fronts flanked by split columns, with shaped leaves and resting on turned legs. 30”h. 20.5”w. (closed) 35”w. (open) 19.5”d. For another example of this distinctive form, see Pook and Pook (Pennsylvania), February 2009, lot 507. $400-$800



PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND QUARTER19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Woman in a wonderfully detailed dress typical of the late 1830s including lace mitts on her hands and a pocket watch tucked in her belt. Restoration. 32”h. 23”w., in a frame, 36”h. 27.5”w. $600-$800


286 FALL LANDSCAPE BY ROBERT HAMILTON (IRELAND/NEW YORK, 1877-1954). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Birch trees on a hillside, overlooking a lake. 25.5”h. 30.25”w., in a frame, 31.5”h. 36.25”w. $350-$700



52 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

FEDERAL TILT-TOP CANDLESTAND. American, early 19th century, mahogany. Shaped top, reeded urn shaft, and cabriole legs ending in spade feet. Imperfections. 35”h. 25”w. 19”d. $150-$250


288 TWO TILES AND A BRICK. American, late 19th-early 20th century. Two “slave tiles” with scalloped tops and applied designs, 8”h. 8”w., and a brick from Kansas City stamped “Don’t Spit on Sidewalk”, 4.25”h. 9”l. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio). Slave tiles were reputedly made by slaves in Georgia to serve as either garden borders or grave markers. The brick was part of a public health campaign by Dr. Samuel Crumbine, a member of the Kansas State Board of Health in the early 20th century. $150-$300

288 - 291

289 ROCKINGHAM PISTOL. American, mid 19th century. Pepper box-shaped pistol flask, 7.5”l. $100-$300

290 PAIR OF POTTERY PISTOLS. England, mid 19th century. Probably Staffordshire, pair of flintlock pistol-shaped flasks with cobalt accents. Barrels impressed “JPP Watts”. Missing hammers. 12.5”l $300-$400

291 SEWERTILE BOOK. Probably Ohio, early 20th century. Solid book with names inscribed on the back “Richard, Irene, Danile, Glenda, Richie, Vera, Mickey”. Edge chips. 2” x 9” x 6”. $100-$250

292 SHERATON SERVER. American, 1820-1840, mahogany and pine. Figured mahogany veneer with two over one drawer over a shaped shelf and reeded stiles and turned feet. Opalescent pressed glass pulls. 35.5”h. 34.5”w. 18.5”d. $400-$800

293 THREE-PIECE GIRANDOLE SET. American, 3rd quarter-19th century. Cast brass with figures of Paul and Virginia under a tree. White marble bases and cut, paneled prisms. Prisms have minor flaking. 15”h. $200-$400


292 - 293



TWO BAROMETERS. American, 19th-20th century, walnut. Stick barometers. One with metal fittings marked “EC Spooner, Boston” and one marked for the Will Corporation, Laboratory suppliers, Rochester, New York. Both 42”l. $250-$500

LIGNUM VITAE CONTAINER AND GAMEBOARD. England, 2nd half-19th century. Turned container with lid and saucer/pan midway on the column. Lid is glued. 7.5”d. And a checkerboard with original hand painting and a decoupaged medallion on the back. Imperfections. 23”h. 15”w. $100-$200 | 53

296 LANDSCAPE WITH INDIANS BY PAUL SURBER (AMERICAN, B. 1942). Gouache on paper, signed. Prairie camp of three tipis at sunset. 6.25”h. 10”w., in a frame, 15”h. 18”w. $250-$500

297 LANDSCAPE BY C.M. DOUGHTY (CONNECTICUT, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower right, and dated 1878. Waterfall at twilight. 12”h. 10”w., original, frame bearing label from T.M.V. Doughty’s gallery in Winstead, Connecticut, 16.5”h. 14.25”w. Presumably, the artist of this work is a relative of the photographer and gallery owner, Thomas M.V. Doughty. $300-$600



298 TWO LANDSCAPES WITH INDIANS (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH-EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on concave composition board, unsigned. Indian encampment, mountains in background. In a frame, 23.25”h. 22.75”w., and an oil on board, signed Geo. Long, 1970. Winter scene with tipis and horses. 12”h. 16”w., in a frame, 21”h. 25”w. $250-$500




DECORATED CHEST OF DRAWERS. Attributed to central Pennsylvania, mid 19th century, pine. Four drawers with scrolled ends and feet. Retains its original faux mahogany graining. 47"h. 43"w. 21"d. $300-$600

LOG CABIN QUILT TOP. Found in Ohio, ca.1870, wool and cotton. Handsewn, graphic pattern. 72” x 81”. $100-$200



54 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

TWO YARN SWIFTS AND A BASE. American, 1st half- 19th century, mixed wood. Umbrella-style, one probably Shaker with clamp and copper tacks. 27”h. The other with adjustable height and width. 23”h. And tri-footed base. 11.5”h. $125-$250

302 CLASSICAL OVER-MANTEL MIRROR. American, 1820-1840, softwood. Of typical form, with turned elements. 26.5”h. 61.5”w. $250-$500



DECORATED MANTEL. American, mid 19th century, mixed woods. Fluted pilasters and old oak graining. 52”h. 45”w. $200-$400

LANTERN AND CLAMP. American, 2nd half-19th century. Curly maple hand screw clamp,14”l., and a barn lantern with old white repaint. 12.5”h. $150-$350

304 TWO AMERICAN INDIAN ITEMS. Small early 20th century basket, probably New England and possibly Pequot. Wrapped handle and stamped decoration. 3.5”h. 8”l. 7”w. And a double-pocket beaded match safe, probably Iroquois, dated 1898 in blue glass beads. 6.5”h. $300-$400

310 TWO HANGING WALL BOXES. American, mid 19th century, poplar and pine. A lidded box with an arched back, 8”h. 9.5”w. 6.25”d., and an open box with a scroll-cut back, 8”h. 8.5”w. 4”d. Both retaining old blue paint. $250-$500 304 - 308



PAINTED GAMEBOARD. American, early 20th century, softwood. Folding gameboard in the shape of a book with original grain painting and red and yellow gameboards, checkers on the outside, backgammon on the inside. Wear, mostly two areas on the inside. 17” x 17” open. $350-$650

AMERICAN INDIAN POTTERY JAR. Marked “Acoma, NM” on the bottom, ca.1930s. Brown and umber parrot and geometric designs on a white ground. Expected surface wear. 6.75”h. 8.5”d. $400-$700

306 FOUR PIECES OF NAVAJO JEWELRY. Twentieth century. Silver. Tooled vintage bracelet with turquoise stone, ring with turquoise and coral, and a tooled bar pin with turquoise stone. Together with a tooled cross marked “Bell, Sterling”, 2.5”l. $200-$300

312 309 - 311

307 NAVAJO BRACELET. Mid 20th century. Tooled silver bracelet with a Liberty head silver dollar dated 1882. $400-$600

313 WHEEL MOLD AND PLATE RACK. American, 20th century. Carved pine wheel with spokes. Old red and black paint. 20”d. And a two-shelf plate rack made of found wood with dark brown stain. Scalloped crest. 18”h. 37”w. $75-$150

308 NAVAJO BRACELET. Late 20th century. Silver bracelet with three Emerald Valley turquoise stones. Marked on the back “— Johnson, Sterling”. $275-$475

GRAIN BIN. American, 1st half-19th century, pine. Raised-panel construction with a shaped gallery and bracket feet. Interior with three compartments. Retains old blue paint with a grungy surface. 43”h. 48.5”w. 25”d. $400-$800

312 | 55

314 PORTRAIT OF A MAN SIGNED “G. FALKE” PROBABLY GISELA FALKE (AUSTRIA, B. 1900). Oil on canvas, signed lower left. Elderly man reading a political poster. Rebacked. 27”h. 22”w., in a frame, 40”h. 35”w. Sold at Garth’s, June, 2000, lot 151. $1,500-$2,500

315 CLASSICAL STYLE BED. American, early 20th century, mahogany. Carved posts with pineapple finials, ring turnings and acanthus and lotus carving. The headboard has a basket and cornucopia. 87”h. 86”w. 62”d. $800-$1,600




PORTRAIT OF AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on composition board, unsigned. Woman wearing a head scarf. Glued to wooden backing board. 10”h. 8”w., in a frame, 13.5”h. 11.5”w. $150-$300

317 PORTRAIT OF A BOY POSSIBLY BY NOAH NORTH (NEW YORK, 1809-1880). Oil on poplar board, unsigned. Young boy with belted coat, holding a melon. An open window shows a peacock in a tree. Found in New York state. Split. 14”h. 10.75”w., in a frame, 18”h. 15”w. Ex Newsom & Berdan (Pennsylvania). $900-$1,800


318 PORTRAIT OF GENTLEMAN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND QUARTER-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive image of a young man. Found in New York. Imperfections. Unframed, 25.75”h. 21.75”w. $250-$500

319 315

56 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

FIVE FRAMED ITEMS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Two battlefield maps depicting Chickamauga, 20”h. 30”w., and Antietam, 22”h. 20”w., and a Mother and Sons portrait, 24”h. 27”w. Together with two CDVs on a Masonic chromolithograph in a frame, 21”h. 27”w., and a framed, 24”h 18”w., picture of President Grant’s birthplace at Point Pleasant and a post card. $250-$500


320 PEARLWARE SUGAR AND GLASS BOWL. American and English, 1st half-19th century. Covered sugar with blue foliate design and applied handles. Minor imperfections. 4.5”h. 4.5”d. And a clear blown glass bowl with folded rim, 2”h. 5”d. $150-$350

321 PAIR OF STONE APPLE HALVES. American or European, late 19th-early 20th century, marble. Large matching apple halves with carved core and realistic paint. Minor flakes. 4”h. $300-$600

322 MEMORIAL. New England, 1st half-19th century, watercolor on paper. Nicely done image of a woman and child at a draped sarcophagus. Inked below “Our Father”. In a frame, 7.5”h. 9”w. Ex Mary Webb (New York). $300-$600

323 NEEDLEWORK PURSE. American or English, 18th century, silk. Folded purse with flamestitch cover and faded pink interior. 4” x 5’5”. Together with a woven tape. Some damage. 320”l. $150-$350

320 - 324



TWO STILL LIFES BY ALEX FLETCHER (PENNSYLVANIA, 1866-1952). Oil on masonite, signed bottom right. Floral still lifes in blue vases. 5.5” x 5.5”, in decorated frames, 9.75” x 9.75”. $300-$600

EAGLE WITH FLAGS BY ALEX ROSSOP (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas board, signed and dated 1885 lower right. 16”h. 20”w., in a gilt frame, 22.75”h. 26.5”w. $100-$200

325 GEORGE III MULE CHEST. England, late 18th century, mahogany and oak. Chest over four drawers, flanked by fluted quarter columns and resting on ogee bracket feet. 36”h. 64”w. 27”d. $300-$600

327 SPORTING STILL LIFE BY SCHROEDER (AMERICAN, MID-LATE 20TH CENTURY). Oil on board, signed and dated ‘[6]2 lower right. Duck decoys with wooden barrel. 29”h. 39.5”w., in a frame, 37”h. 47.5”w. $200-$400

326 325 | 57



RARE SET OF FOUR AMERICAN FIELD SPORTS BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithographs on paper. Large folio hunting scenes with good color. A Chance for Both Barrels, C# 148, 21.5”h. 30”w.; Flush’d, C# 149, 22.25”h. 30”w.; On a Point, C# 150, 22.25”h. 30”w., and Retrieving, C# 151, 21.75”h. 28.5”w. Imperfections. In matching burl veneer frames, 30.5”h. 37.5”w. $8,000-$12,000

58 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

329 331 330





SEASCAPE WITH SHIP BY E.T. WELLS (AMERICAN, LATE 19TH-EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on board, signed and dated 1920 lower left. Large painting of a ship in full sail. 30.5”h. 42”w., in a frame, 37.5”h. 49.5”w. $150-$300

COASTAL SCENE BY WESLEY WEBBER (NEW ENGLAND/NEW YORK, 1841-1914). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Rounded boulders on a rocky shore. In a frame, 24.5”h. 29.5”w.

SPRINGTIME AT WILLOW BROOK, STATEN ISLAND BY GUSTAVE ADOLPH WEIGAND (AMERICAN, 1870-1957). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. 24”h. 36”w., in a frame, 29.75”h. 41.5”w.

Webber was a self-taught artist, born in Maine and served in the Civil War. His engravings of the war were published in Harper’s Weekly. $700-$1,200

A student of William Merritt Chase, Weigand was born in Germany. His work is in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum and the Newark Museum. $500-$1,000


OCTOBER BY FRANKLIN DEHAVEN, NA (NEW YORK, 1856-1934). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Atmospheric wooded landscape. Imperfections. 29.5”h. 23.5”w., in a frame, 41”h. 35”w. Property of the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, sold to benefit its Acquisition Fund. $300-$600


332 COASTAL SCENE BY S. BRICKER (MAINE, LATE 19TH-EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower left. 12”h. 18.5”w., in an old gilt frame, 15”h. 21.5”w. Found in Maine. $150-$300 | 59

334 - 335



STONEWARE CROCK. American, ca.1856-1859. Signature graphic foliate design in brushed cobalt. Impressed “Nichols & Boynton, Burlington, VT. 4”. Two applied handles. Inthe-making inscribed lines on the back. 10.75”h. 12.5”d. $300-$500

IRON GARDEN SILHOUETTE. Maine, early 20th century. Made from a sawmill blade, depicts a boy and dog sitting in floral vines. 67”h. 54”w.

335 STONEWARE CROCK. American, ca.1840s. Stylized brushed cobalt blossoming tree branch with “2”. Impressed “N. Clark & Co., Lyons”. Two applied handles with cobalt accents. Tight hairlines. 8.75”h. 9.75”d. Ex Dave Crandall, (New York). $500-$700

336 336


TWO CURRIER & IVES DARKTOWN PRINTS. Chromolithographs on paper. Published by Joseph Koehler. Small folio images with vibrant colors. The Darktown Fire Brigade - A Prize Squirt, C# 1386, and ...The Last Shake, C# 1395. In matching frames, 17.25”h. 21.25”w. $300-$500

337 TWO CURRIER & IVES DARKTOWN PRINTS. Handcolored lithographs. Small folio companion prints. Initiation Ceremonies of the Darktown Lodge first and second parts, C# 3113 and 3114. Some stain and creases. In matching frames, 16.5”h. 20.5”w. $100-$300

338 - 339

60 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

From the Todd Family of Martha’s Vineyard, purchased by them in the 1940s-50s. See also lot 339 for another silhouette from the same artist and family. $1,000-$2,000

339 IRON GARDEN SILHOUETTE. Maine, early 20th century. Made from a sawmill blade, depicts a figure playing a flute. 57”h. 33”w. From the Todd Family of Martha’s Vineyard, purchased by them in the 1940s-50s. See also lot 338 for another silhouette from the same artist and family. $800-$1,200

340 DECORATED HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD. American, 3rd quarter-19th century, pine. Single door with a shaped panel, flanked by beaded trim, and retaining its original faux oak-graining. 33.25”h. 30.25”w. 16”d., requires a 22” corner. $300-$600

341 LANDSCAPE WITH OX TEAM (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Graphite on paper, unsigned. Diminutive sketch of an oxen pulling logging sled. In a modern frame, 10”h. 11”w. $150-$300




COUNTRY MANTEL. American, 19th century, mixed woods. Vernacular mantel with applied columns and old grey-blue paint. 56”h. 56.75”w. $250-$500

TWO KETTLE STANDS. American or English, 19th century. Wrought iron spider stand, 13”h. 30”l. and wrought iron with pierced brass top, 11.5”h. 9” x 9”. $200-$400

CLASSICAL SECRETARY BOOKCASE. American, mid 19th century, mahogany and poplar. Columns on top and bottom with glass doors on top featuring Gothic mullions and crest. Lower section with a desk compartment over three graduated drawers and period blown glass knobs, all resting on paw feet. Imperfections. 90”h. 45”w. 22.5”d. $800-$1,200

343 TWO ORIENTAL RUGS. Caucasian. Graphic design on abrash blue ground. Edge loss. 5’5” x 10’2” And a late Caucasian-style pattern. Red and mauve. 5’1” x 8’6”. $400-$800




SET OF FOUR WINDSOR SIDE CHAIRS. American, early 19th century, mixed woods. Bamboo turnings and old green paint. 16.5”h. seat, 31.5”h. overall. $100-$200

IRON FIRE BACK AND RACK. American, 19th-early 20th century. Cast iron fire back with floral design marked “Wellington & Burrage, Boston”. Split. 18.5” x 32”. And a standing floor rack with penny feet, 27”h. 49”w. $250-$450

345 PAINTED BENCH. American, 19th century, pine. Mortised construction with shaped legs and old, weathered blue paint. 17.5”h. 13.5”d. 72.5”l. $250-$500

346 FIREPLACE FENDER. American or English, mid 19th century. Wire with a brass top rail. 26/5”h. 40”w. 14”d. $200-$300

347 THREE WROUGHT IRON FIREPLACE ITEMS. American, 19th century. Two trammels, one a sawtooth, 36”, 39”l. And a fireplace crane, 33”l. $250-$450

348 TWO IRON BROILERS. American, 19th century. Both rotating. Wrought iron, 20”l. and cast with grease pan, 25”l. $200-$300

CANDLEMOLD IN FRAME. American, mid 19th century. Twelve pewter candle tubes in a wooden frame, 13.5”h. 17”w. 6”d. $250-$500

352 HANGING GAME RACK. American, 2nd half-19th century, wrought iron. Curved with scrolled ends and old white paint. 117”l. $200-$400

353 OVEN AND IRON FIREPLACE UTENSILS. American, 19th century. Peel with ram’s horn handle, 41”l. and two pokers. Together with a tin Dutch oven with spit, 18”h. 23”w. $200-$400

354 GROUP OF FIREPLACE POTS AND HANGERS. American, 19th century. Cast iron covered skillet, teapot, 8”h. and pot with handle, 7”h. 10”d. Together with three wrought iron pot lifters and hangers and a dovetailed copper pot. $200-$400

355 | 61

356 DECORATED CORNER CUPBOARD. American, 1820-1850, pine. Two-piece cupboard, the upper section with a bold cornice over two six-pane doors, each with arched top panes, the interior with shaped shelves, and the lower section with two drawers over two doors, all resting on elaborately cutout feet. Retains its original, stylized, faux mahogany-grain paint. Minor imperfections. 82”h. 68”w. 27”d., requires a 48” corner. $4,000-$8,000

357 STONEWARE JUG. American, late 19th century. Albany slip at top with brushed blue script “Water jug for you to bet full”. Applied handle. 11.5”h. $150-$350

358 TWO CUTLERY TRAYS. American, 19th century, poplar. Each with canted sides and shaped dividers with cutouts. In old green, 5”h. 12.75”l., and in old blue, 4.75”h. 14”l. $250-$500

359 GROUP OF SPATTERWARE. American, 2nd half-20th century. Red spatter with peafowl. Initialed for Marjorie Weaver, Akron, Pennsylvania. Three platters (one without peafowl), three open vegetables, ten handleless cups and saucers, four-piece tea set, covered tureen, and eighteen plates. $400-$700

360 ROCKINGHAM COW CREAMER. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Freestanding cow with amber mottled glaze. Similar stopper. 5.5”h. 7.5”w. $100-$300

361 BARBER POLE. American, late 19th-early 20th century, wood. Red, white and blue repaint with iron bracket. Imperfections. 39”l. $200-$300

356 62 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

357 - 360



CLASSICAL CHEST OF DRAWERS. Probably Midwestern, 1820-1850, cherry, maple, and poplar. Neoclassical backsplash over two glove drawers with bird’s-eye maple veneered fronts over four drawers with solid curly maple fronts, flanked by carved columns and resting on carved feet. Refinished. 58”h. 48.5”w. 21”d. $400-$800

FOLKSY PIECED TABLE MAT. American, 3rd quarter-19th century, wool felt. Diamond shapes handsewn in star pattern with checkerboard corners and border. Mounted for hanging. 26.5” x 27.25”. $250-$500

363 TWO PORTRAITS (AMERICAN SCHOOL, MID 1850s). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Possibly a mother and son. Rebacked on masonite. 30”h. 25”w., in matching oval frames, 38.5”h. 33.5”w. $300-$600


365 TWO JACQUARD COVERLETS. Adam Hoerr, Harmony, Butler County, Pennsylvania, 1850, wool and cotton. Tied Beiderwand, one piece. Grapevine centerfield, town borders. 63” x 90”. And New York coverlet by “D[avid] P. Johnson, Orleans Co. N.Y. 1848”. Blue and white tied Beiderwand, center seam. Four roses center, eagle borders. 66” x 90”. $100-$200


362 | 63



BURL TURTLE. England, 19th century. Highly unusual turtle shell with well-executed detailing and good burl figure. 6”l. $1,000-$1,500

HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, mixed woods. Of diminutive size with a paneled door and alligatored, old yellow paint. 23”h. 20”w. 10.25”d., requires a 15” corner. $200-$400

367 FOLK CARVING OF BEARS. American, 2nd half-20th century, poplar. Carving of mother bear and cub on a base with rock and trees. Original paint. 9.5”h. 12.5” x 18”. $200-$400

368 BLANKET CHEST. American, 1820-1850, pine. Dovetailed case with reeded mid-molding, interior till, and high bracket feet. Retains old blue over an earlier red paint. 28”h. 47.5”w. 19.5”d. $400-$800

369 DIMINUTIVE MULE CHEST. American, early 19th century, pine. Chest over one drawer with half-moon ends and retaining an old red paint. 25.5”h. 38”w. 15.5”d. Sold at Garth’s, March 2011, lot 37. $400-$800

371 TWO BASKETS. American, late 19th-early 20th century, woven splint. The larger has a bentwood swing handle and is attributed to the Taconic area of New York/Connecticut. 9.5”h. 17.5”d. without handle. The smaller is possibly Shaker with a fixed bentwood handle. 9.5”h. 12.25”d. with handle. Ex Betty Dorow (Ohio). $200-$400


372 BASKET AND BOOK. American, early 20th century, woven splint. Rectangular with bentwood handle and old, if not original, red paint on the rim and handle. Tin name plate “H.T. Wheeler”. Minor corner damage. 12.5”h. 23.5”l. with handle. And a hardcover book America’s Quilts and Coverlets by Safford and Bishop. $150-$350


373 JACQUARD COVERLET. Possibly New York, 1830-1860, wool. Center seam, double weave in red and blue wool. Floral and medallion center, foliate borders. 72” x 84”. $125-$250


368 - 372 64 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

SHIP MODEL. American, 1st half-20th century. Ocean liner similar in form to the Queen Mary. Carved wood, tin and other material with original paint. Good detail including a moving rudder and incised port holes. Some wear and loss. 9”h. 36”l. $400-$800

374 375


LAKE SUNAPEE, N.H. BY GUSTAVE ADOLPH WEIGAND (AMERICAN, 1870-1957). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. 25”h. 30”w., in a frame, 32”h. 37”w. Ex Vixeboxse Galleries (Ohio). A student of William Merritt Chase, Weigand was born in Germany. His work is in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum and the Newark Museum. $1,500-$2,500



DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Eastern Pennsylvania, dated 1789, poplar and pine. Dovetailed and pinned case with three drawers, interior till, and bracket feet. Retains its original strap hinges and its original red and blue paint with “Catarina 1789 Lutzin” on the front. Imperfections. 27”h. 50”w. 22.5”d. $2,000-$4,000

TWILL WEAVE COVERLET. Probably Lancaster or Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1st half-19th century, wool and cotton. Center seam. Handknotted fringe on foot. 76” x 94”. $125-$250

377 TWILL WEAVE COVERLET. Found in the Gettysburg area, Adams County, Pennsylvania, 1st half-19th century, all wool. Center seam. In tomato red, green and indigo. 80” x 80”. $300-$500



378 | 65

379 - 380





LADDERBACK HIGH CHAIR. American, 19th century, mixed woods. Of typical form with old red paint and a splint seat. 18.5”h. seat, 35”h. overall. $100-$200

PAINTED BED. American, mid 19th century, poplar and pine. Tulip finials and old blue-green paint. 60”h. 52”w., original rails are 69”l. $150-$300

SHERATON BED. American, 1815-1830, maple and pine. Reeded baluster and urn posts and an arched canopy. Imperfections. 64.5”h. (posts) 59.5”w., rails are 75.5”l. $200-$400



DRY SINK AND DRAINBOARD. American, 19th century, walnut and poplar. Two drawers and door doors, with old green paint. 34”h. 48”w. 18.5”d. Together with a 19th-century pine drainboard with old white paint. 21.5”w. 17.5”l. $400-$800

DECORATED BED. American, 1820-1840, maple. Nicely turned posts and retaining its original floral decoration on a yellow ground. 48”h. 55”w., original rails are 68”l. and have a custom-made iron support for a modern mattress. $300-$600

382 383 66 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012



FEDERAL CANDLESTAND. American, early 19th century, maple and pine. Curly maple top with delicately shaped corners, over a baluster shaft and folksy feet. Imperfections. 28”h. 16.5”w. 13.75”d. $400-$800

CORNER CUPBOARD. Probably Ohio, 1820-1850, curly walnut. One-piece with two raised panel doors on top and bottom. Mortised and pegged construction. Scalloped apron. Painted interior. 80”h. 36”w. $900-$1,800



STONEWARE JUG. American, 2nd half-19th century. Brushed cobalt parrot on branch. Impressed “3, New York Stoneware Co.” Applied handle. 11”h. $400-$700

STONEWARE CROCK. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Dark cobalt paddle tail bird on branch. Impressed “A. White & Son, Utica, NY 2”. Two applied handles. Restored. 9”h. 10.25”d. $100-$200

386 STONEWARE JUG. American, ca. early 1870s. Most likely made by FT Wright & Co., Taunton, Massachusetts, with a typical brushed cobalt songbird on branch. Impressed retailer’s mark “Jones, McDuffee & Stratton, Boston”. Applied handle. 15”h. Ex Dave Crandall, (New York). $400-$700

389 PAIR OF TIN CANDLE SCONCES. American, late 19th century. Tooled backs with flowers. Paneled glass covers with hinged door. 15”h. 11”w. $200-$300

390 PAINTING AND CURRIER PRINT. American, 2nd half-19th century. Portrait of a woman on artist board with a landscape painting on the reverse. Surface wear. In a frame, 9.75”h. 13.5”w., and The Pride of America by N. Currier, C# 4910. Handcolored lithograph of a woman on horseback. In a frame, 15.75”h. 11.75”w. $100-$200

391 QUEEN ANNE DROP LEAF TABLE. Delaware River Valley, 1750-1780, walnut, pine, and oak. Rectangular top with shaped corners and cabriole legs ending in trifid feet. Imperfections. 28.5”h. 16”w. (closed) 47”w. (open) 43.25”l. $400-$800

387 384 - 386 | 67



TWO CANES. American, early 20th century. Twisted shaft with cast iron dog head handle. Split. 33”h. And a walking stick with a carved wooden Boston Terrier head with movable jaw, 33”l. $150-$300

PRESIDENTIAL CANE. American, late 19th century. Wooden shaft with white metal figural head of the “Hon. Wm. McKinley, Our Next President”. Wear. 35.5”l. $200-$300

393 PRESIDENTIAL CANE. American, late 19th century. Wooden shaft with white metal bust of William McKinley “Our Next President, Protection, Prosperity”. Worn brass colored surface. 35”l. $200-$400


392 - 394

TWO CANES. American, early 20th century. Pictured is one with a carved horn handle in the shape of a dog head, 35”h., and one with a carved alligator handle. Doweled repair. 33.5”l. $150-$250

395 CARVED WOODEN CANE. European, 2nd half-19th century. Probably a riding crop carved from a root with a man’s head for a handle. The man wears a hat similar to a jockey’s cap. Damage to end. 26”l. $100-$250

396 THREE CANES. American, early 20th century. Faux bamboo with tortoise-shell handle, 36.5”l., and one-piece with stained shaft and carved bird head handle, 38”l. Together with a fish vertebrae cane, 35”l. $150-$350

398 TWO PRESIDENTIAL CANES. American, late 19th-early 20th century. Wooden shafts with metal busts. Copper Franklin Roosevelt with 1933 International Exposition sticker “A Century of Progress”, 36.5”l., and white metal of McKinley “Protection 1896”, 34,75”l. Both have some wear. $200-$300

399 TWO CANES. American, early 20th century. Carved with two snakes and original painted accents, 38”l., and faux bamboo with a dog head handle carved from horn. Repair. 36”l. $100-$200

400 LEHNWARE BUCKET. Joseph Lehn (Pennsylvania, 1798-1892). Stave construction with metal bands. Enhanced red paint with worn original blooming vines painted on the bands. Wear. 9”h. 7.5”d. $400-$800

401 FOLKSY MATCH HOLDER. American, late 19th century, softwood. Hanging box with a carved heart in the back, incised matches on the front, and original green paint with grungy surface. 8.25”h. Ex Stephen-Douglas (Vermont). The first friction match, which is the type incised into this box, was developed in 1827 by English chemist John Walker. $200-$400

68 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012






POND SAILBOAT. American, 20th century. Good form with original finish and sails. On a base. 44”h. 37”l. $300-$600

EAGLE ARCHITECTURAL ORNAMENT. American, 19th century, cast iron. Spreadwinged eagle on a half sphere, with old gold paint. 45” wingspan, on a later base, likely from an early 20th-century table, 52”h. overall. $400-$800

CORNER CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, cherry and poplar. Onepiece, the upper section with two doors each one pane of glass; the lower section with two paneled doors. Older finish. 85.5”h. 51”w. 21.5”d., requires a 32” corner. $800-$1,200


402 404 | 69

405 DECORATED GAMEBOARD. American, late 19th century. Single thick pine board with checkerboard in original polychrome paint. Some imperfections. 17.5” x 17.5”. $500-$700

406 STILL LIFE BY ANNA MAE BOMBERGER (PENNSYLVANIA, EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on board, signed and dated 1917 lower right. Cut watermelon and other fruit on a plate. In a frame, 13.25”h. 25.25”w. 405

According to 1920 Lancaster County census records Anna Mae Bomberger was a 21-year-old living with her parents. $150-$300



SPENCERIAN DRAWING. American, late 19th-early 20th century, pen and ink on paper. Two running deer. Minor foxing. In an ornate floral frame, 25”h. 32”w. $300-$500

408 MOCHA BOWL AND SOFTPASTE MUG. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Large bowl with earthworm on blue band, 5”h. 9.75”d., and a mug with red transfer of compass star, 3.5”h. Imperfections. $250-$450

408 - 410



QUEEN ANNE DROP LEAF TABLE. New England, 18th century, birch. Rectangular top and leaves, cabriole legs ending in pad feet. Imperfections. 26.75”h. 47”l. 17”w. (closed) 46.25”w. (open). $250-$500

THREE WINDSOR BAR STOOLS. American, 20th century, mixed woods. Bowback chairs on high, balusterturned legs, with distressed black paint. 30”h. seat, 49.5”h. overall. $150-$300



DOME TOP DOCUMENT BOX. New England, mid 19th century, mixed woods including pine. Original green paint and a Chippendale brass used for a handle. Wear and partial wear. 9.5”h. 18”w. $250-$450 411

70 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

412 TWO EASY CHAIRS. American, 20th century. Both with molded legs, one with faux flamestitch upholstery, 19”h. seat, 47”h. overall, the other with blue and white checkered upholstery, 18”h. seat, 40”h. overall. $150-$300

413 CAMELBACK SOFA. American, 20th century, poplar. Turned front legs and faux flamestitch upholstery. 19”h. seat, 35”h. overall, 63.5”l. $150-$300

412 - 413

414 STILL LIFE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive still life of strawberries in a container. 10”h. 15”w., in a grain decorated frame, 12.75”h. 16.75”w. $150-$300



COUNTRY CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, maple and pine. Possibly a store cupboard, three-piece, a removable cornice over three doors with interior shelves over a case of nine drawers. Imperfections. 84.5”h. 80”w. 24”d. $1,000-$2,000



SCHERENSCHNITTE. Germany, late 19th century. Paper cutout with pinprick designs and watercolor accents. Eight hearts with armorial shields surround a star flower and contain inked names and messages for a husband and wife. Some wrinkles and loss. Information on the text included on the back. In a frame, 15.5”h. 18.5”w. Ex Bill Samaha (Ohio/Massachusetts). $200-$400


| 71

417 WILLIAM AND MARY HIGH CHEST OF DRAWERS. New England, 18th century, maple and pine. Two-piece, the upper section with a concealed drawer over three over three drawers; the lower section with three drawers and a shaped skirt, all resting on cabriole legs. Imperfections. 65.5”h. 36”w. 21”d. $800-$1,200

418 ORIENTAL RUG. Room size antique Heriz/Serape. Red ground, ivory spandrels and camel border. Imperfections. 11’10” x 19’5”. $3,000-$5,000

419 ORIENTAL RUG. Room size Heriz. Red ground with ivory spandrels. Wear. 8’10” x 11’7”. $600-$800

420 ORIENTAL RUG. Room size Gorevan Heriz on a dark blue ground with blue border. Some wear and end loss. 8’11” x 9’5”. $1,500-$2,500

421 ROOM SIZE INGRAIN CARPET. American, 2nd half-19th century, wool. Stylized floral design in cream and deep red, woven in three panels. 9’ x 16’4”. $200-$400

422 FIRE SCENE BY WARREN SIMSON (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed on stretcher. Night scene of buildings on fire. 20”h. 30”w., in a frame, 28”h. 34.5”w. $200-$400

423 SILK RAG RUG. Attributed to the Shakers, late 19th-early 20th century, silk. Narrow stripes of brightly colored silk cloth and ribbon interwoven with black. Two panels sewn together to form larger rug. 71” x 102”. $200-$400 417

424 ORIENTAL RUG. Room size Heriz. Red with black border. 9’3” x 13’6”. $800-$1,200

72 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012




422 421


| 73

425 426 - 428





TWO DECORATED GAMEBOARDS. American, late 19th-early 20th century. Both single boards with original paint. Grain painted with silver and gold checkerboard, 11.5” x 11.75”, and double sided with dark brown and green and a gallery edge. The backgammon board has decoupage decoration. 18.75” x 18.75”. Both have minor wear. $250-$500

MINIATURE CHEST OF DRAWERS. American, 1820-1840, cherry, pine and poplar. Four drawers flanked by split columns and resting on scrolled feet. Refinished. 23”h. 18.5”w. 13.5”d. $250-$500

TWO SILHOUETTES AND PORTRAIT. American, 1st half-19th century. Pair of hollow cut silhouettes of a man and woman, the man has an embossed “Museum” label for Peale’s Museum. Stains. In bird’seye maple frames, 6.5”h. 5.25”w. And a pencil on paper portrait of a man with curly hair. In an oval frame, 5.5”h. 4.25”w. $200-$400

FOOTSTOOL AND CONTAINER. American, late 19th century, pine. Footstool with cutout apron and feet and original blue paint, 9.5”h. 15”l., and a stave constructed container with metal bands, handle and spout. Most likely an oil can. Original blue paint, 10.5”h. Both have imperfections. $150-$300

429 DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. American, 1820-1850, poplar. Dovetailed case on high cutout feet. Retains its original paint decoration. 24”h. 34.5”w. 18”d. $400-$800



74 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

IRON FENCE. American, late 19th-early 20th century. Simple rods bent to form scalloped top. 43”h. Six varying sections of 30.5”, 58”, 36”, 63”, and two 85”l. $250-$500



THREE LIGHTING DEVICES. American, 20th century. Wrought iron floor candle holder with tripod base, 43.5”h., and two tin lamps with electrified candles, 22.5”, 56”h. $150-$250

DRAWING OF THE STEAMBOAT MARY GARRATT. Mixed media on paper, late 19th century, illegible signature lower left (appears to be J. or T. “Spoo___”). In 19th-century frame, 18.5”h. 25”w.

432 DECORATED DROP LEAF TABLE. New England, 1st half-19th century, maple and pine. Turned legs and original red and black paint decoration. Illegibly signed in period chalk on the underside of the top. 28”h. 16.75”w. (closed) 35.25”w. (open) 36”l. $200-$400

433 PAIR OF LADDERBACK SIDE CHAIRS. American, 19th century, mixed woods. Old green paint and woven seats. 17”h. seat, 34”h. overall. $100-$200

The Garratt was built by Stephen H. Davis in Stockton, California, and launched in June 1878 for the California Steam Navigation Company. $300-$600

435 WESTERN LANDSCAPE BY EDITH SOWERSBY (CALIFORNIA, 18751959). Oil on board, signed lower left. 20”h. 24”w., in a frame, 25.75”h. 29.75”w. $200-$400

436 TWO PAINTINGS (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). House scene by Anna Belle Craig (Pennsylvania, b.1878). Oil on composition board, initialed lower left. 8”h. 12”w., in a frame, 10.5”h. 14”w. And a portrait of Lincoln. Oil on paper, unsigned. In a gilt oval frame, 19”h. 15.5”w. $200-$400

432 - 433




TABLE MADE FROM A DRUM. Drum made by the Duplex Manufacturing Company, St. Louis, Missouri, 1st half-20th century. Single glass covered leather head has a hand painted American eagle. Made into a table with mid 20thcentury-style legs. Imperfections. 17.75”h. 24.5”d. $150-$350

438 STONE TROUGH. Probably American, 19th century, sandstone. Square trough with shallow indentation. 10”h. 20” x 20”. $300-$600

436 434

435 | 75



QUEEN ANNE HIGH CHEST OF DRAWERS. New England, 2nd half-18th century, pine. Two-piece, the upper section with two over four drawers, the lower section with one over three drawers and a shaped skirt, all resting on cabriole legs ending in pad feet. Imperfections. 71”h. 37”w. 21”d. $1,000-$2,000

PORTRAIT OF JANE GATES BY WILLIAM MATTHEW PRIOR (MASSACHUSETTS, 1806-1873). Oil on heavy stock, unsigned. Young woman dressed in black. Some surface scuffs. 14.75”h. 11”w., in a period frame, 16.5”h. 12.5”w. Ex Pam Boynton (Massachusetts). Jane was the daughter of Jonathan and Janet Gates of Ryegate, Vermont. Born May 29, 1825, died February 6, 1848. INcluded with this lot is the book History of Ryegate, Vermont by Miller and Wells. $2,500-$4,500

442 RETABLO (SPANISH OR LATIN AMERICAN, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on tin, unsigned. Image of the Christ Child with a heart. Underneath is “...Dame tu Corozon...”. Wear and edge damage. 14”h. 9.75”w. $300-$600



PRINT THE TRAPPER’S LAST SHOT. American, 2nd half-19th century. Engraving by Booth after a painting by Wranney showing a trapper with rifle on horseback. Imperfections. In a frame, 22.5”h. 29”w. $150-$300

444 LARGE GROUP OF BOOKS. American, late 20th century. Very nice group of reference and history books. $200-$400




76 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

GROUP OF OLD BOOKS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Includes Ohio, Civil War registry, Lincoln and McKinley, medical, and war history books. $200-$350


446 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATE. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Upper Ferry Bridge over the River Schuykill by Joseph Stubbs with eagle border. Impressed Stubbs. 9”d. $150-$350

446 - 450



TWO MINIATURE PORTRAITS ON IVORY. American, 19th century. Earlier portrait of a young man with a gold stick pin. In an oval frame, 2.5”h. And a later image of an older woman with a pearl bar pin. In an oval frame, 2”h. Both are in late matching shadow box frames, 8”h. 7”w. $300-$600

HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATE. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Court House Baltimore by Henshall, Williamson & Co. with fruit and floral border. 8 1/2”d. $250-$450

448 MINIATURE ON IVORY OF GIRL. American or English, early 19th century. Young girl with her blonde hair in ringlets. She wears a coral bead necklace and holds a silver cup. Split. In a brass frame, 2.75”h. $150-$300

452 - 454

450 THREE BRASS CANDLESTICKS AND VASE. European, 19th century candlesticks. Square base, paneled stem, threaded post, 6”h, octagonal base, knop stem and threaded post, 5”h., and a chamberstick with push up stamped “RF” on the finger loop, 4”h. Together with a later Middle Eastern vase used as a candle holder, 4.5”h. $400-$700




FALL LANDSCAPE BY L. MUNSON (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF20TH CENTURY). Oil on board, signed lower right. Stone wall with farmstead. 18”h. 25”w., in a frame, 23”h. 29.75”w. $100-$200

HEPPLEWHITE BANQUET TABLE. Probably American, 19th century, mahogany. Three-part table with string inlay. Imperfections. 29”h. 48”w. 102”l. when open, plus an additional 20” leaf. $1,000-$2,000



SET OF SEVEN CHIPPENDALE-STYLE CHAIRS. Twentieth century, mahogany. Openwork splats and straight legs. Includes one armchair and six side chairs. Faux flamestitch upholstery. 18”h. seat, 37”h. overall. $400-$800

DINNER SERVICE SET. England, 2nd half-19th century. Green Eastern Flowers transferware with some hand colored accents. Twelve each dinner, luncheon and soup plates. Together with two covered vegetables, serving plate, gravy, and three platters. 15.25” x 18” to 12” x 14”. $200-$400 | 77

455 JELLY OR PANTRY CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, walnut and poplar. Two paneled doors and interior shelves. Retains early 20th-century green paint. 50”h. 37”w. 14”d. $300-$600

456 DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Probably New York, 1st half-19th century, pine. Of diminutive size, dovetailed case, interior till, and bracket feet. Retains its original graining and scrollwork decoration. 13.5”h. 31”w. 12.5”d. $300-$600

457 STONEWARE JUG. American, ca.1880-1890. Stylized pine tree design. Impressed “A. White & Son, Utica, NY”. Applied handle. 11”h. $150-$250

458 STONEWARE JUG. American, ca.1855-1858. Brushed cobalt swan on a foliate nest. Impressed “J. Reiley & Co., Lansingburgh, 2” (New York). Applied handle. Hairline. 13”h. 455

Pictured on pg. 104 of Pottery Works of New York. $700-$1,000

459 STONEWARE CROCK. American, ca.1877-1879. Brushed cobalt stylized flower with “5”. Impressed label “John Burger & Co., Rochester, NY”. Small flakes, repaired handle. 13”h. 12.5”d. This mark was used during the partnership of John Burger Jr., George Burger, and Michael Neuhart. $500-$700

460 STONEWARE CROCK. American, 1860. Dark cobalt brushed flower and “2” with an impressed label “John Burger, Rochester” (New York). Two applied handles. 9”h. 10”d. $500-$700

461 COUNTRY SERVER OR CUPBOARD. American, mid 19th century, pine. Two dovetailed drawers over two doors. Old red paint. 55”h. 49.5”w. 19”d. $800-$1,200 461 78 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

456 - 460 | 79

462 FIVE CURRIER & IVES DARKTOWN PRINTS. Chromolithographs on paper. Published by Joseph Koehler. The Darktown Fire Brigade-Taking a Rest, Investigating a Smoke, Under Full Steam, The Rescue! and All Their Mettle, C#’s 1390, 1396, 1387, 1389, 1397. In matching frames, 17.25”h. 21.25”w. $400-$800

463 THREE CURRIER & IVES DARKTOWN PRINTS. Chromolithographs on paper. Published by Joseph Koehler. Small folio. Two of the Darktown Hook and Ladder Corps, C# 1401 and 1403. Vibrant colors. In matching frames, 17.25”h. 21”w. And a handcolored lithograph Speeding on the Darktown Track, C# 5643. In a frame, 14”h. 18.25”w. $250-$500



464 DECORATED SLIDE LID BOX. Attributed to Henry Lapp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1862-1904), poplar. Original painted design with decoupage roses and fruit. 5.5”h. 13”w. 8.5”d. $250-$500



80 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

FOUR ADIRONDACK-STYLE ITEMS. American, 20th century. Two stools, one with traces of original green paint decoration, 13”h. 10.5” x 10.5”, and one with an upholstered top, 16.5”h. 12.5” x 12.5”. Together with a twig covered valance, 8”h. 41”w., 5”d., and a frame covered in small pine cones, 23”h. 20”w. $100-$200


LIFE NEEDS ART BY HARRY BRESSLER (NEW JERSEY, 1893-1962). Graphite and paint on paper, signed and dated January 4, 1930, lower right. Illustration representing Dayton with presentation inscription to Miriam Rosenthal. In a frame, 31”h. 23”w. Miriam Rosenthal was a prominent Dayton journalist, public relations figure, and patron of the arts in the middle of the 20th century. $250-$500



FEDERAL HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD. American, early 19th century, mahogany and bird’s-eye maple. Three interior shelves and a single twelve-pane door under a band of bird’seye maple. 44”h. 32”w. 20”d., requires a 23” corner. $400-$800

GROUP OF PEWTER, SUGAR NIPPERS, AND PLATTER. American and European, 19th-20th century. Iron sugar nippers, 9”l., and an octagonal platter with Rockingham glaze, 9.5” x 12.5”. Together with two pewter spoons, 5”l., a plate, 5”d., and a late porringer marked “Stede”, 6”d. $100-$300

468 SIX CONTEMPORARY FOLK ART WOODEN CARVED BIRDS. American, 2nd half-20th century. Two flatty shorebirds, the taller is a curlew. 11.5”, 9.5”h. And four miniature carvings on driftwood signed by Dorothy Brown (North Haven, Maine). Canada goose, kingfisher, wood duck and drumming grouse. 3” to 5.5”h. $250-$500

471 PAIR OF BRACE-BACK WINDSOR CHAIRS. Wallace Nutting, Massachusetts, 2nd quarter20th century, mixed woods. One labeled, both stamped “301”, and both retaining old surfaces. 17 1/2”h. seat, 39”h. overall. Sold at Garth’s, November 2010, lot 818A. $100-$300


469 WINDSOR SETTEE. American, 1820-1850, mixed woods. Refinished. 17.5”h. seat, 31.5”h. overall, 90”l. $100-$200

TWO STONEWARE MUGS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Earlier one has cobalt accented, incised lines and cobalt interior, 3.5”h. The other has bright cobalt foliate designs, 5”h. $200-$400


473 PORTRAIT OF A MAN SIGNED A. VANDER BA—- (AMERICAN SCHOOL, MID 19THCENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower left. Gentleman holding a map of what appears to be the eastern seaboard. Painting is also marked “Antwerp,...” Imperfections. 33”h. 26”w., in a frame, 37.5”h. 30.5”w. $400-$700



HEPPLEWHITE LADY’S DESK. Possibly the school of John and Thomas Seymour, Boston, Massachusetts, 1795-1810, mahogany, maple, satinwood, and pine. Two-piece desk, the upper section with a long drawer over a central prospect flanked by tambour doors; the lower section with the foldover writing surface over three drawers, all on tapered legs. As-found condition. 46”h. 36”w. 18.5”d., 30”h. writing surface. $800-$1,200


| 81




CHILDREN’S WAGON. American, late 19th-early 20th century, wood. Bed has mechanical dovetails and “Good Will Soap” painted on the sides. Wrought iron and wood spoke wheels. Original worn red and yellow paint. Replaced wagon seat. 21”h. overall, 38”l. $250-$450

PORTRAIT OF CHILD WITH DOG BY THOMAS GREGG (UNITED KINGDOM, 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed on paper label. Seated child with pet dog. Identified on a partial paper label from the artist as Elizabeth Dean, daughter of Mary Ann Dean. Born 1822, died 1829. Rebacked. 30”h. 25”w., in a frame, 33”h. 28”w. $600-$800

HOBBY HORSE. American or European, 2nd half-19th century, wood. Large carved horse with old gesso surface and old white and grey dapple paint. Leather bridle, martingale and saddle. Imperfections. 42”h. on later rocking base. 48”l. $600-$800

476 CHRISTMAS TREE. Germany, early 20th century. Tall tree with green paper “feathers” and a rewrapped trunk. In a wooden base. 72”h. $400-$600


475 - 476





SQUARE-BACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. Branded for John Letchworth, Philadelphia, ca.1805, mixed woods. Slightly arched crest and bamboo-turned spindles, legs and stretchers. Retains an old surface. 17 1/2”h. seat, 35 1/2”h. overall.

PORTRAIT AND BATTLE SCENE. Oval portrait of girl with ringlets in a red dress. Oil on paper adhered to canvas, unsigned. In old, if not original, frame with Cincinnati label. 20.5”h. 17.75”w. And an image of Napoleonic cavalry. Painted over print. European, late 19th century. In a frame, 16”h. 28.5”w. $75-$125

TWO DOUBLE WOVEN COVERLETS. American, 1st half-19th century, wool and cotton. Center seam. One in two shades of blue with cream. 74” x 88”. And a coverlet in red, blue and white. 74” x 91”. $175-$300

Philadelphia Windsor makers were among the first to move away from the bow-back to the fashionable “square top” about 1800. See Evans, American Windsor Chairs, pp. 133-4. $1,000-$2,000

82 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

481 TWO MULTIPLE-SHAFT COVERLETS. Probably Pennsylvania, 1st half-19th century, wool and cotton. Center seam, handwoven. One in red, green and blue with foot fringe. 72” x 87”. And a ‘“summer and winter”-type in blue, red and cream. 72” x 77”. $150-$300

483 TWO DOUBLE WOVEN COVERLETS. American, 1st half-19th century, wool and cotton. Center seam. Similar blue and cream coverlets with pine tree and snowflake designs. 75” x 88” and 70” x 90”. $125-$250

484 CUTLERY TRAY AND APPLE TRAY. American, 19th century, poplar. Cutlery tray with peaked divider and cutout handle, in old blue paint, 5.5”h. 13”l., and an apple tray with canted sides and old red paint, 4”h. 14”l. $250-$500

485 TWO PAINTED BOXES. American, 19th-20th century. Pine dome top box with green and yellow vinegar paint. Stained inside. 5”h. 9”w. And a round bentwood pantry box attributed to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Copper tacks and later slate grey paint with compass star on top. Wear. 2.75”h. 6.5”d. $100-$300

484 - 486

486 SPONGE-DECORATED SEWING CADDY. American, 2nd half-19th century, softwood including poplar. Two-part round tea caddy with original red and mustard sponged decoration. The top section has a lid with damaged pincushion. Some wear and hairlines. 8”h. 5.75”d. $300-$500

487 SUGAR BUCKET. American, 2nd half-19th century. Stave construction with bentwood bands and bentwood handle. Old green paint. 13.5”h. 15.25”d. $200-$400

488 JELLY OR PANTRY CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, pine. Of small size with raised-panel door and ends, and old grey-blue paint. 54.5”h. 28.5”w. 14.5”d. $400-$800


489 487 - 488

CORNER CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, pine. Of small size, one-piece with beaded door and old grey paint. 59.5”h. 42.5”w. 22”d., requires a 31” corner. $500-$1,000 | 83




DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. American, mid 19th century, pine and walnut. Of unusual form with a divided interior and small drawer on the facade. Retains old red grain decoration with black trim. 20.75”h. 43”w. 25”d. $800-$1,200

DECORATED DOME TOP BOX. American, mid 19th century, pine. Dovetailed case with original dark green vinegar paint decoration. Interior is lined with 1847 Exeter, New Hampshire, newspaper. Imperfections. 11”h. 24”w. 12”d. Ex Betty Dorow (Ohio). $300-$500

DECORATED CHEST. New England, 1820-1850, basswood. Dovetailed box with wrought-iron handles and original brown over cream paint decoration. Minor imperfections. 11”h. 28”w. 13.75”d. $250-$500


493 TWO THEOREMS BY WILLIAM RANK (PENNSYLVANIA, 19212000). Watercolor on velvet, signed lower right. Baskets of fruit with birds. In painted frames, 23”h. 21”w. and 16”h. 18”w. $250-$450

490 - 492

494 CAMPING SCENE BY MARTHA MORGAN (PENNSYLVANIA, D. 1991). Oil on artist board, unsigned. Mid 20th scene of man at a blue camper. 16”h. 28”w., in a frame, 16.75”h. 21”w. $150-$300

494 495 84 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012


TABLE WITH SUNFLOWER BY MATT LIVELY (AMERICAN, LATE 20TH CENTURY). Acrylic on paper backed on board, signed lower left. Colorful interior scene. In a frame, 25.5”h. 25.5”w. $200-$400

496 TWO CHILDREN’S BOOKS AND A DRUM. American, late 19th-1st half-20th century. Cheerful Days published by D. Lothrop, Boston, and The Adventures of Dick Tracy, a BigBig Book. Together with a tin and paper drum with chromolithographs of Uncle Sam and an eagle. 5.5”h. 6”d. All have wear and some damage. $75-$125

500 497 - 499



FOUR WOODEN MALLETS AND PESTLES. American, 2nd half-19th century. Two curly maple pestles, one with an age split, 9”, 11”l., and a burl mallet. Refinished, 12”l. Together with a pestle with layers of worn red and green paint, 6”h. $250-$500

DECORATED GAMEBOARD. American, 1st half-20th century, pine. Single board with stain and original green and yellow paint. Applied molding forms two areas for playing pieces. Some edge loss. 14.5” x 25”. $200-$300



TWO FOLK ART PICTURES. Watercolor on paper, unsigned. Naive horse and eagle on scrap paper. The backs have assorted text. Penciled ledger notes on the horse, 4.75”h. 5.5”w. and pen and ink “Constantine, David E. Graff” on the eagle, 6”h. 7.75”w. Both in frames.

FOLK ART MANTEL CLOCK. American, ca.1900, mixed woods. In the form of a fireplace and chimney, with a mirrored fireback, faux bricks, and the dial with applied name “George Griggs.” Original paint, minor losses. 32”h. 14”w. $250-$500

Each has a late note that they were painted by Wayne B. Blouch of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but neither is signed. $150-$350


499 DECORATED CASE OF DRAWERS. American, 2nd half-19th century, poplar. Of small size with three short over one long drawer, ripple-molded top, and original grain paint. Period pulls. 7.25”h. 13”w. 6.25”d. $200-$400

FAMILY GROUPING OF SILHOUETTES AND MOURNING PICTURE. Probably Spanish or South American, dated 1801, ink on paper. Detailed with gold highlights and whitewash, each signed by G. Ruiz and illegibly identified below. Includes seven members of the Hilardez / Cansino families and a large dwelling. In a carved frame, 21”h. 19”w. And mourning print, American, 1840-1850, lithograph on paper. Lady leaning on memorial printed “To the Memory of “ with “My Mother” penciled in. In old bird’s-eye maple frame, 18”h. 21”w. $200-$400


503 FIVE PAINT PAILS AND CANS. American, early 20th century, tin. Three “Dutch Boy White Lead” paint pails, 4.5”, 6.5”, 8”h., and a “Dutch Boy Pure Linseed Oil” can, 14 1/2”h. Together with a “Devoe Varnish” can, 8.5”h. All with black and yellow labels. $150-$350 | 85

504 505 - 506




TWO CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. Handcolored lithographs. Companion small folio prints, The Arkansas Traveller, C# 270, and The Turn of the Tune, C# 6248. Some staining and foxing. In matching frames, 12.25”h. 15.5”w. $200-$400

FOLKSY AFRICAN-AMERICAN DOLL. American, 2nd quarter-20th century, fabric. Well detailed with embroidered features, jewelry, batiste apron and scarf. Stockinette lower body weighted with heavy metal can covered by her skirt. 24”h. $175-$325

STONEWARE CROCK. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Brushed cobalt parrot on branch. Impressed “F.B. Norton & Co., Worcester, Mass. 2”. Two applied handles. Small edge flakes. 9”h. 10”d. $350-$550

507 - 508, 510 86 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012



SET OF EIGHT LADDERBACK CHAIRS. American, early 19th century, maple. Exaggerated finials, rush seats, and old red paint. 19”h. seat, 47.5”h. overall. $400-$800

SEWING BOX. American, 2nd quarter-19th century, curly maple, mahogany and pine. Sarcophagusshaped lid opens to mirror and fitted interior, removable tray reveals marbled paper lined compartment. Ball feet. 9”h. 13.75w. 10.5”d. $200-$400

508 SHERATON ONE-DRAWER STAND. American, 1st half-19th century, curly maple and poplar. Turned legs. Period inscription “<A>” on the drawer underside. Imperfections. 28.5”h. 18”w. 17.5”d. $150-$300

509 INLAID SEWING BOX. Attributed to the Shakers, 19th century, bird’seye and mahogany veneer on pine. Canted hinged lid opens to papered interior with mirror and cloth covered boxes and pincushion. Removable tray. 13.5”h. 11”w. 8”d. Two similar boxes from the J. John Auraden collection were sold at Cowan’s, October 21, 2004, lots 222 and 223. $125-$200

511 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE BOWL. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Dark blue unidentified American scene with scenic view featuring an obelisk and eagle. Hairline. 3.25”h. 6.25”d. $150-$300

512 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATE. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Dark blue Landing of Gen. Lafayette... Impressed “Clews”. 8.75”d. $150-$300


514 SHERATON DRESSING TABLE. American, 1820-1840, cherry, poplar, and pine. Scrolled backsplash, two drawers, and turned legs. Refinished, replaced opalescent pulls. 36”h. 34”w. 19.25”d. $200-$400


513 TWO PAIR OF BRASS CANDLESTICKS. Spain, early 18th century, pricket sticks with triangular bases and paw feet, 14”h. And England, early 19th century, seamed construction, 9”h. Both have threaded posts. $400-$800

STILL LIFE BY C.T. METCALF (AMERICAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower left and on verso and dated 1884. Fruit and foliage in a basket on a table. Unframed, 18”h. 21”w. $300-$600

507, 511 - 514 | 87




CORNER CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, cherry and poplar. One-piece, with blind doors, a single drawer flanked by faux drawers, and bracket feet. Imperfections. 82.5”h. 45”w. 22”d., requires a 31” corner. $1,000-$2,000

CAMELBACK SOFA AND EASY CHAIR. American, 20th century. Chippendale loveseat and a tapered-leg easy chair, upholstered in muted green and tan. 18”h. seat, 38”h. overall, 58”l. and 18”h. seat, 44”h. overall. $200-$400

517 PAIR OF WROUGHT IRON ANDIRONS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Ornate open spiral finial andirons, 25”h. with separate crossbar, 45”l. Together with a matching shovel and tongs. $150-$350


516 88 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

FIVE PIECES OF METALWARE. American and English, 19th century. Pair of brass oil lamps with seamed construction and riveted posts. Threaded openings in fonts. Dents. 6.5”h. And two pewter chargers. Inscribed initials, 11 1/2”d., and partial touch “Made in London”, 15”d. Both have wear. Together with a tole tea caddy. Repainted with seashells. 3.5”h. 7”d. $200-$400

520 FRAME. American, ca.1840s. Mahogany veneer frame with gilt liner. Minor imperfections. 23” x 27”. $75-$125

521 PORTRAIT OF AMERICAN INDIAN (AMERICAN MID 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower left “Albaugra” or Al Baugra” and dated 1963. 36”h. 24”w., in its original painted frame, 42”h. 30”w. Ex Blue Door Gallery (New Mexico). $200-$400


522 521



BOXING PRINT. England, aquatint with handcoloring on paper. Interior of the Fives Court with Randall and Turner Sparring. Engraved and published by C. Turner, London, 1821. In a modern mat and frame, 27”h. 32”w. $200-$400

DECORATED CANDLESTAND. New England, early 19th century, maple. Round top, baluster shaft, and snake feet. Retains its original grained decoration. 27.5”h. 16”d. $800-$1,200


FOLK ART CHURCH. American, early 20th century, wood and glass. Church with cutout windows backed with glass. Original paint. Some damage. 11”h. 10”l. $75-$150

PORTRAIT OF A SHIP AT SEA (ENGLISH, 1ST HALF-19TH CENTURY). Watercolor on paper. Folksy painting of ship in full sail, flying a British flag, and a carved figurehead at the bow. Image size, 6.75”h. 10”w. , in a frame 16.75”h. 19.75”w. $300-$600

524 LANDSCAPE STUDY BY SAMUEL COLEMAN (NEW YORK/CALIFORNIA, 1832-1920). Graphite and chalk on paper, estate stamp on the back. Pine trees with partial title lower left. Framed between glass so the estate stamp is visible on verso. In a modern mat and frame 19.5”h. 26.5”w. $400-$600



527 DECORATED CHILD’S WINDSOR CHAIR. American, 1815-1830, mixed woods. Arrow-back chair with bamboo-turned legs and its original red and yellow floral decoration on a green ground. Some wear. 14”h. seat, 28”h. overall. $150-$300

525 - 527 | 89


528 - 530





TWO BIRD BATHS. American, late 19th-early 20th century, sandstone. Simple forms with shallow bowls. One piece, 16”h. 13”d. and three piece, 22”h. 15”d. $200-$400

SWAN FOUNTAIN. American, early 20th century, zinc. Large detailed swan with fountain spout in uplifted beak. Verdigris patina. 35.5”h. 27”l. $600-$1,200

CAST IRON GARDEN BENCH. American, early 20th century. Floral design with scrolled arms and legs. Later paint surface. 16.5” seat, 33”h. 41”l. $300-$600




STONE BENCH. American, late 19th-early 20th century, sandstone. Three piece bench made of half columns. 19”h. 40”l. $200-$400

CAST IRON GARDEN URN. American, early 20th century. Fourpiece with scrolled ear handles and square base. 34”h. 30”d. $150-$300

CAROUSEL HORSE ATTRIBUTED TO CHARLES PARKER. American, 1st quarter-20th century, wood. Carved jumper with glass eyes and colorful repaint. Leather reins and stirrup straps are probably original. 54”h., on later base, 45”l. $1,000-$2,000

HALF CAROUSEL HORSE. American, 1st quarter-20th century, wood. Carved horizontal half of a jumping horse with glass eyes. Grey repaint with red, white and blue painted tack. Has some style characteristics similar to Parker horses. 36”h. 60”l. $250-$500

535 STONE DRAIN. American, 19th century. Large drain end with indentation and open end. 8”h. 22” x 58”. $600-$800

536 531 - 532

TWO STONE TROUGHS. American, 19th century. Rough hewn with deep wells. Weathered surfaces. Semicircular, 10”h. 20” x 25”, and rectangular, 8.5”h. 13” x 34”. $600-$800

537 SHERATON EASY CHAIR. American, 19th century, mahogany. Turned legs and posts, blue upholstery. 16”h. seat, 46”h. overall. $200-$400 90 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012







ASSEMBLED SET OF THREE CHIPPENDALE-STYLE CHAIRS. Twentieth century, mahogany. A pair of side chairs and a similar armchair, all with openwork splats and faux flamestitch upholstery. Side chairs are 17”h. seat, 37”h. overall; armchair is 18”h. seat, 40”h. overall. $250-$500

LANDSCAPE STUDY BY DAVID JOHNSON (NEW YORK, 18271908). Graphite and chalk on paper, initialed lower left. Rocky hill side with partial location “Joyceville, Conn.” In a modern mat and frame, 21.5”h. 26”w. $400-$800

SKETCH OF EGYPT MONUMENTS BY SANFORD ROBINSON GIFFORD (MASSACHUSETTS/NEW YORK, 1823-1880). Graphite on paper, unsigned. Statues of pharaohs taken from a sketch book. Included is a copy of the sketchbook cover with a date 1881. 5”h. 8.5”w., in a frame, 10.5”h. 14”w. Ex Hirschl-Adler Galleries (New York). $400-$800

PORTRAIT OF A MAN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND QUARTER-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Young man with well-done facial features. Minor surface wear. Unframed, 24”h. 21”w. $250-$500

542 FEDERAL SLANT-FRONT DESK. American, early 19th century, mahogany and pine. Four graduated drawers on bracket feet, the interior with an inlaid central prospect flanked by drawers and pigeonholes. Retains period brasses. imperfections. 48”h. 38”w. 21”d., writing surface is 35”h. $800-$1,200 541

542 | 91

543 TREENWARE BOWL. Found in New Hampshire, 1st half-19th century. Turned wooden bowl with original mustard paint on the exterior and traces on the scrubbed interior. Age split in bottom. 4.5”h. 15”d. $250-$450

544 FOUR COOKIE CUTTERS. Pennsylvania, late 19th century, tin. Rabbit, peafowl, bird with crest, and a woman, 2.75” to 7”h. Modern stands included. Ex Gene Bertolet (Pennsylvania). $400-$600


543 - 547

MINIATURE SHERATON BLANKET CHEST. American, 2nd quarter-19th century, walnut and poplar. Thick mortised boards with applied molding on lid and turned spool feet. Original dark stained surface. Age splits. 12”h. 17.5”w. 11”d. $150-$300

546 AFRICAN-AMERICAN DOLL NEEDLE CASE. American, early 20th century, wool felt, embroidery thread and buttons. In the form of a girl in red dress with embroidered features and lightly padded head. 6.5”h. $100-$200

547 SEVEN FOLKSY PAINTED BOWLS AND PLATES. American, late 19th century. Treenware pieces with naive landscapes, ships and still lifes. Wear. 10” to 14”d. Together with a painted miniature dust pan. $100-$200

548 EAGLE APPLIQUE QUILT. Probably Pennsylvania, 2nd half-19th century, cotton. Four large shieldbreasted eagles, spread wings, heads toward sunburst center. Sawtooth inner border. Neatly hand-appliquéd and hand quilted. Solid colors on cheddar ground and backing. Thin batting. 79.5” x 83”. Several very similar quilts have been found in Pennsylvania. $400-$800 548 92 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

549 MIRROR AND BASKET. American, 19th and 20th century. Folksy pine mirror with pockets, candle sockets, and hanging rack. Wear. 24”h. And a basket made of pine cones. 20”h. $200-$300

550 PIE SAFE. American, 19th century, pine and poplar. Two doors over a single dovetailed drawer, twelve tins with stars, high legs, and old blue-grey paint. 59”h. 40”w. 17”d. $400-$800

551 COUNTRY CUPBOARD. American, mid 19th century, poplar. Simply made with a plank door and retaining vibrant, old blue paint. Imperfections. 47.5”h. 31.25”w. 13”d. $400-$800



552 DECORATED “MAMMY’S” BENCH. American, 1820-1840, mixed woods. Original black and red ground with green and gold striping and elaborate cornucopia stenciling. Minor imperfections. 17.5”h. seat, 32”h. overall, 71”l. $400-$800

553 DIMINUTIVE BLANKET CHEST. American, 19th century, butternut and poplar. Paneled lid and sides, traces of old paint. 19”h. 30”w. 14”d. $150-$300


| 93

ARTIST and MAKER INDEX Adam Sr., Edouard 248, 249 Alexander, D.S. 74 Bagnall, George 37, 115 Barber, John Jay 120 Bennage, J. 36 Bille, Sten 245 Blind, Roy 129 Bomberger, Anna Mae 406 Bressler, Harry 466 Bricker, Bertha 27 Bricker, S. 332 Burger, John 459, 460 Chapman, Carlton T. 150 Clark, N. 335 Coleman, Samuel 524 Cosley, Denis 24 Craig, Anna Belle 436 Currier & Ives 328, 336, 337, 462, 463, 504 Dehaven, Franklin 330 297 Doughty, C.M. Duvall, Charles 77 Ellwood, Edward J. 4, 56, 69, 111 Falke, Gisela 314 Flagg and Homan 16, 41, 57 Fletcher, Alex 324 540 Gifford, Sanford Gregg, Thomas 477 Hague, Jesse Bradford 44-46, 139 Hamilton, Robert 286 Hart, S. 282 Hayden, Joseph 151 83 Hensal, Sherman

94 | GARTHâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S May 18, 2012

Isik, Levent 51, 143 Johnson, David 539 Jones, E.P. 280 King, Albert Francis 103-106 Kinstler, Calvin 238 Kitchen, Tella 95, 96 Klein, Michael 25 Lafer, E.F. 92-94 Langhorne, Ruth 247 Larkin Brothers Pottery 12 Lehn, Joseph 400 Lehr, Adam 146, 147 Letchworth, John 479 Lively, Matt 495 Marble Furnace 7, 8 Martin, Silas 58 Mead, I.M. 35 Merrill, Calvin 39 Metcalf, C.T. 515 Morgan, Martha 494 Munson, L. 451 Myers, Irwin 554 North, Noah 317 Norton, Charles 244 Norton, F.B. 506 Owens, Charles 142 Palmer, Bert 23 53 Patton, Paul Pierce, Elijah 47-49, 101, 102 Prior, William Matthew 441 Purdy, Solomon 38 Rank, William 493 Read, Amassa and Company 67

Reed, Ernest "Popeye" Reiley, J. Rossop, Alex Routson, Samuel Scheele, Arnold Schille, Alice Schroeder Shrady, Henry Sigler, J. Simpson, Bevlyn Simson, Warren Sinclair, Ellen Singer, Clyde Smith, Byron Sowersby Staley, Louis Stephens, Charles Stetzel, Bernadine Surber, Paul Thomas, Seth Thurber, James Thurston and Clemmer Vanduzen and Tift Watson, Luman Webber, Wesley Weigand, Gustave Wells, E.T. White, A. Wilson, Robert Woodside, Jane

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WITHDRAWN LOTS: Garth’s Auction, Inc. reserves the right to withdraw any property before the auction and shall have no liability whatsoever for withdrawal of the property.

SUCCESSFUL BIDDERS: The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer is the buyer. The auctioneer is the sole determinant as to who is the successful bidder. Once the auctioneer’s gavel falls, the successful bidder immediately assumes full risk and responsibility for the purchased lot.

DISPUTED AND REJECTED BIDS: The auctioneer reserves the right to re-open the bidding on the disputed lot. The auctioneer also reserves the right to reject nominal bids and to withdraw from the auction items that do not receive a bid reflective of an item’s worth. We make every attempt, for the benefit of both seller and buyer, to create lots that reflect the quality of our cataloged merchandise. Therefore, any lot not receiving an opening bid of at least $50.00 will be passed.

ESTIMATES & RESERVES: Presale estimates are intended as guides and may not be reflective of actual gavel price. Some of the items in this auction are subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and Garth’s Auctions, Inc. The reserve will not be higher than the low estimate.

DEFINITIONS OF STATEMENTS: a) “Attributed to” – work is of the period of the named artist and may be the work of that artist, but not definitely so. b) “Circle of” – work of the period closely associated with the artist or from his studio. c) “School of” – work by a pupil or follower of the artist, in his style. d) “After” – in our opinion, a copy of the work of the artist. e) “Signed” – has a signature that in our opinion is the signature of the artist. f) “Bears signature” – has signature that in our opinion might be the signature of the artist.

PREVIEWS: We encourage our clients to come and examine the items before each auction. Preview times are listed in the forward of each catalog. The stage is closed during the auction.

96 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

GARTH’S POLICY (continued)

CONDITION REPORTS: Absentee bidders should call for an updated condition report. This report supersedes the catalog description. Our staff will take a list of the items you would like examined and give you a time to call back for a detailed report. Photographs are also available for a nominal fee.

ABSENTEE BIDS: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. accepts absentee bids including internet bids. These bids are given to an experienced bidder to execute competitively. All absentee items are purchased as inexpensively as possible. Although our absentee bidding system is 100% honest, it is not foolproof and Garth’s Auctions, Inc. is not responsible for failing to execute any absentee bids. A $50.00 minimum bid is required on all lots. Absentee bids must be submitted in (a minimum of) $5.00 increments. Increments less than $5.00 will not be observed. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. also accepts telephone and live auction internet bids. For phone bidding it is to your advantage and we strongly recommend placing a “back up bid”.

BIDDING INCREMENTS Absentee and saleroom bidders should be aware of the following bidding increments, to which our auctioneers adhere: $0-500 $25 $501-1,000 $50 $1,001-3,000 $100 $3,001-5,000 $250 $5,000-10,000 $500 $10,000-30,000 $1,000 or auctioneer’s discretion $30,000-50,000 $2,500 or auctioneers discretion $50,000 & up Auctioneer’s discretion

BUYERS PREMIUM: A buyer’s premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payable by the purchaser as part of the total purchase price. The buyer’s premium is 17.5% of the successful bid price of each lot up to and including $100,000, and 12.5% on any amount in excess of $100,000.

SALES TAX: Buyers are required to pay state and local sales tax unless exempted by law. If exempt, buyers must file a tax exemption form with Garth’s Auctions, Inc. before any exemption can be made.

PAYMENT: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. accepts cash, personal and certified checks or VISA® and MasterCard® as payment for items purchased. Current identification (valid driver’s license) may be required. Garth's accepts payment in USD only; any currency-conversion fees are at the expense of the buyer. Wire transfer information is available by contacting our office. Items may not leave the premises until payment is made. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise until a check has cleared. A fee of $50 will be assessed on all returned checks. If payment has not been initiated within 10 days after the auction, Garth's reserves the right to charge the credit card on file. A fee of 1.5% per month of the total invoice, in addition to storage charges, will be charged (minimum finance charge $10) on all invoices not paid by the 28th day after the auction.

PACKING AND SHIPPING: Clients are invited to pick-up purchased items at our auction location during regular business hours or have items shipped by a company of their choosing. Should you require shipping assistance, please call us or visit the shipping concierge page on our website for a list of suggested shipping contractors. If you plan to pick-up your items, please let Garth's know as soon as possible, so that we may have items accessible for you. Purchasers utilizing shipping services will be charged by the company selected for packing, handling, postage and insurance. Garth's Auctions, Inc. is in no way responsible for the acts or omissions of independent contractors, packers or carriers of purchased merchandise. *Note: Regarding the shipment of firearms: please be aware that many restrictions apply to the international shipment of firearms, antique or otherwise. Ivory cannot be shipped outside of the USA. Your winning bid will not be canceled, rescinded, or retracted due to an international shipping limitation. It is your responsibility to resolve shipping issues PRIOR to bidding in this (or any other) auction.

STORAGE: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. requires that purchased items must be removed from the premises within 15 days of the auction unless other arrangements have been made. A notice of 24 hours must be given before items are picked up. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to charge a fee of $5 per day, per item, if not removed within the requested time frame. Items not removed after 60 days may, at the discretion of Garth’s Auctions, Inc., be sold without notice to the original purchaser, to cover the cost of the merchandise and storage charges. Items are stored at the buyer’s risk. | 97

GARTH’S POLICY (continued)

ONLINE BIDDING: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. may offer online bidding on specific catalogued auctions. For availability and online bidding policies visit our website

FIREARMS: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. follows all Federal Firearms Regulations. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: Bidding on any item indicates the bidder’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of Garth’s Auctions, Inc.’s policy. We would like to thank you for your interest and participation.

OTHER INFORMATION FOR OUR CUSTOMERS CATALOG SUBSCRIPTIONS: $165.00 per year. All catalogues. (Includes complimentary subscription to Garth’s Eclectic Auction Brochures, $15.00 value). We are now accepting VISA® and MasterCard® for subscriptions and catalogue orders. Call 740.362.4771 or email

CONSIGNMENTS: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. will assist you by selling one item, a collection or an entire estate. For consignment inquiries and appointments call one of our representatives: Jeff Jeffers, Steve Bemiller, Andrew Richmond or Jared Wells. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. is also licensed to sell real estate.

TRUSTS AND ESTATES: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. often works with bankers, trust officers, lawyers and others with the responsibility for dispersing estates. We will work with you and your representative to discuss you estate planning needs.

APPRAISALS: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. provides appraisal services for insurance, estate tax, family division and other purposes.


Best Western Delaware Inn (Delaware)* Best Western Franklin Park (Polaris) Comfort Inn (Delaware) * Comfort Inn (Polaris) Days Inn (Worthington) Hilton Garden Inn (Polaris) Holiday Inn Express (Delaware)* Holiday Inn (Worthington) Marriott Courtyard (Worthington) Red Roof Inn (Worthington) Travelodge (Delaware)* The Winter Street Inn*

RESTAURANTS (within 20 minutes)

740-363-3510 614-396-5100 740-363-8869 614-791-9700 614-436-0556 614-846-8884 740-362-3036 614-436-0700 614-436-7070 614-846-3001 740-369-4421 740-990-8695

* At time of publication, discount will be given to Garth’s clients. Please inquire at time of reservation to confirm. Family pets are currently welcome. Please confirm this policy when making reservation. Fees may apply.

98 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012

Bravo Brio Tuscan Grill Columbus Fish Market J Gilberts O’Charley’s Polaris Grill Molly Woo's Asian Bistro

614-888-3881 614-410-0310 614-410-3474 614-840-9090 614-846-9744 614-431-5598 614 985-9667

RESTAURANTS (Delaware area)

Amatos Woodfired Pizza Buns Chandra's Bistro (Korean, sushi) Chelly Belly Chipotle Mi Cerrito Nova Old Bag of Nails Vaquero’s

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DIRECTIONS TO GARTH’S AUCTIONS, INC. 2690 Stratford Road, P.O. Box 369, Delaware, Ohio 43015 Phone: 740-362-4771 • Fax: 740-363-0164 Website: • E-Mail: Garth’s is located north of Columbus, Ohio approximately thirty minutes from the Columbus International Airport. FROM THE CINCINNATI AREA: Take I-71 North to Columbus. Then take Rt. 315N to 270E to 23N. Follow 23 North to Delaware. We are approximately 10 miles North on Route 23. You will pass a golf club on your right and the Methodist Theological Seminary. At the traffic light turn right (Stratford Road). We are the buildings on your left. FROM THE CLEVELAND AREA: Take I-71 South to Route 36/37 (Delaware/Sunbury exit 131). Take this route into Delaware, and turn left on Route 23 South. Turn left onto Stratford Road (at the sixth traffic light). We are the red buildings on your left. FROM COLUMBUS AIRPORT: Take I-670 East to I-270 North (or West) to Cleveland. The first exit past I-71 s Route 23 North—Delaware. We are approximately 10 miles North on Route 23. You will pass a Dornoch golf club and the Methodist Theological Seminary on your right. At the traffic light turn right (Stratford Road). We are the red buildings on your left. FROM THE DAYTON AREA: Take I-75 North to I-70 East to Columbus. Take I-270 around Columbus to the Delaware/Worthington exit (Route 23 North). Take 23 North to Delaware. We are approximately 10 miles North on Route 23. You will pass Dornoch golf club and the Methodist Theological Seminary on your right. At the traffic light turn right (Stratford Road). We are the red buildings on your left. FROM INDIANAPOLIS: Take I-70 East to Columbus. Take I-270 around Columbus to the Delaware/Worthington exit (Route 23 North). Take 23 North to Delaware. We are approximately 10 miles North on Route 23. You will pass Dornoch golf club and the Methodist Theological Seminary on your right. At the traffic light turn right (Stratford Road). We are the red buildings on your left. FROM PITTSBURGH: Take I-79 South to I-70 West to Columbus. Take I-270 to I-71 North to the Polaris Exit (Route 750). Turn left and follow 750 to Route 23 North (turn right). You will pass Dornoch golf club and the Methodist Theological Seminary on your right. At the traffic light turn right (Stratford Road). We are the red buildings on your left. | 99


100 | GARTH’S May 18, 2012


I have examined these items.


Bidder No.

Street: City:


Telephone #:

Fax #:

Zip: Email:

Garth’s may, on my behalf, enter bids on the following lots to the maximum price I have indicated for each lot. I understand that if my bid is successful, the purchase price will be the sum of my final bid plus a premium (see policy) of the bid and an applicable sales tax. Garth’s will execute these bids competitively and make all reasonable attempts to purchase items as inexpensively as possible. Garth’s absentee bidding system is 100% honest but is not foolproof. Absentee bidders are subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in Garth’s policy in the catalog. CATALOG or LOT NUMB ER


To allow us to process your bids, bidders not yet known to Garth’s should supply the following information at least 3 days prior to the auction. We thank you!

Name of Bank:


Contact Person:

ANY QUESTIONS CALL (740) 362-4771

Address of Branch:

Branch Phone No.: Branch Fax No.: Your Signature: (I authorize Garth’s Auction to contact the above institution.) Credit Card Number:

Exp. Date: (Visa & Mastercard Only) | 101


2012 SEASON SPECIAL STUDIES: ENRICHING YOUR SPIRIT at at th the eA Athenaeum thenaeum Ho Hotel tel tMIND, C Chautauqua, hautBODY auqua& ,N New ew York York

Chautauqua Institution is a community on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York state that comes alive each summer with a unique mix of fine and performing arts, lectures, interfaith worship and programs, and recreational activities. Over the course of nine weeks, more than 170,000 visitors atCChautauqua and participate in programs, classes and community events for all DOUBLE DOUwill BLstay EO OCCUPANCY CUPANCY agesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;all within the beautiful setting of a historic lakeside village.


Allove, l-incarrive lusivveach e pasummer ckageto: create a diverse More than 300 teachers, experienced in subjects they Hotel offers 155 rooms in a number of st yles assortment of courses. Garthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is proud to be offering this season at Chatauqua. t-two PEHJOcourses H Ser ving guests in st yle since 1881, the Athenaeum

including luxur y Second Empire-, Victorian- and t(BUFBOEQBSLJOHQBTTFT Mission-themed19th dĂŠcor& .M oderCENTURY n amenitiesARTISTS provide UNIDENTIFIED 20th REGIONALISM IN t SFBLGBTAMERICAN U (SBOE-VODMATERIAL #EARLY DPVSTF(PVSNFU%JOOFS I#VGGFUBOECULTURE AND for aTHEIR comfoWORK rtable experience that is at the heart of t"taught MMTFS WJDby FDAndrew IBSHFT Richmond of Garthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Auctions taught Jeff Garthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the Cby haut auJeffers qua Insof tituti on proAuctions gram and just steps Art is subjective and examining an artist's work evokes t'During America's SBOEQexpansion  ZPVto PPMBDDFTTfrom EVSJOHEast STWest UBZ emigratJ U O F T T D F O U F from the Areaction ily of mphitheabut ter, one wheeasily re you swayed will enjoby y daalack a personal ing tradespeople and artists produced an array of goods worship ser vInicethis auqua s, mcourse orning you lecturwill es, tlearn he Chto autevaluate confidence. influenced ill assist yoby u athe nd eregions nsure A with dedicdesign ated ancharacteristics d friendly staff w and appreciate unknown art based on the merits Symphony Orchestra and popular entertainment. to clanded. heck-out thafrom t all awhich spectsthey of yocame ur vacas atiwell on froas m where check-inthey of G the works, notlcthe Using historical objects as windows to the past we will amming omeobvious to specireputations al weekly prof ogrwell-known uest s are we are accommodated. artists; revealing an entire world of wonderful and aftake a look at life in early America and examine style throughout the season on our porch and in our parlor, fordable art for you to collect. and construction by Call 1.800.821.1881 orr vvisit Call 1 .8 00.821.1881differences o isit w ww w w.region. whicDate: h incluJune des a25-29 fternoon tea, live entertainment, Class Class Date: June 25-29 for availability and reservations. t io n s . f o r a v a il a b ili t y a n d re e s e rv r v a lectures and discussions. For the entire summer course catalog & class costs, visit

$249 PER PER RP PERSON/PER ER RS SON/PER NIGHT NIGHT Chautauqua, C hautauqua, N New ew York York $249

Offer based on availabilit y. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or standard discount. plOU icaBbLlEe O taCxCeUsP. ANCY Single occupancy rates and suites availabletupon request. Package rates are subject to apDOUBLE D OCCUPANCY

a att th the eA Athenaeum thenaeum Ho Hotel tel

Scan this code to view a video about the Athenaeum Hotel.

C H A U TA TA U Q U A I N S T I T U T I O N t C H A U T TA A U Q U A , N E W Y O R K t W W W. W C I W E B.O RG t 201 12 2 SE A SON JUNE 23 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; AUGUS T 26

dependable. honest. results.

Sold 2012 - $9,400

Garth’s offers a spectrum of materials and services that are as diverse as our clients. Our strong marketing of your consignments ensures that your items are in front of the right buyers, be they in Ohio, New York, Hong Kong, London or anywhere else in the world. Employing more certified appraisers than any other company in the Midwest, Garth’s is your most important source for the evaluation of your American, Continental & Asian furniture, fine art, pottery, porcelains, textiles, silver, firearms, American Indian & more.

Sold 2011 - $55,815

Now accepting Quality Consignments for the following 2012-2013 Auctions:

Sold 2012 - $11,750 Sold 2011 - $18,800



Contact us today to reserve a place for your single item or lifetime collection in these upcoming events! Learn why a relationship with your auction house is as important as the collection you are building and why satisfied customers have been selling with us, and referring their friends since 1954. Sold 2012 - $34,075 Sold 2012 - $29,375

CALL 740.362.4771


Front Cover: 211, 356 Inside Front Cover: 339

Inside Back Cover: 338 Back Cover: 211, 491, 492, 26


Early American Antiques & Decorative Arts featuring The Sixth Annual Ohio Valley Auction

May 18, 2012

Garth's Auctions: May 2012 Americana Catalog featuring the Sixth Annual Ohio Valley Auction  

Americana Auction catalog from Garth's May 2012 sale featuring formal and painted furniture, textiles, paintings, fraktur, glass, porcelains...

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