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Early American Antiques & Decorative Arts

March 31, 2012

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Saturday, March 31, 2012 beginning at 10:00 A.M. Lots 1 - 526 PREVIEW TIMES: M O N DAY – T H U R S DAY, M A R C H 26 – 29, 10:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M. F R I DAY, M A R C H 30, 10:00 A.M. TO 8:00 P.M. S AT U R DAY, M A R C H 31, 9:00 A.M. TO 10:00 A.M.





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March 31

Americana Auction beginning at 10:00 A.M. Lots 1 - 526

1 FINE DECORATED CORNER CUPBOARD. American, 1820-1840, pine. Two-piece cupboard, the upper section with twelve panes, the top row with gothic arches, the lower section with paneled doors and a shaped skirt. Retains its original faux curly maple paint decoration. Minor imperfections. 84”h. 44”w. 21”d., requires a 29” corner. $4,000-$8,000






FOUR PIECES OF MOCHA. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Blue cup and saucer with tooled band, creamer with blue bands, 5”h., and sanded miniature creamer, 2 1/2”h. Together with a blue covered mustard with cat’s-eye designs, 3”h. Imperfections. $400-$600

SAMPLER. Probably American, 1843, wool on linen. Rows of alphabets, numbers and family initials, a verse, hearts and birds adorn the lower half. Bright colors. In new grain-painted frame, 19 1/2”h. 10 3/4”w. $150-$300



MOCHA PITCHER. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Grapes design on bands of tan, blue and green with tooling near rim. Applied handle with leaves. Imperfections. 7”h. $250-$450

MINIATURE ON IVORY OF CHILD. Probably England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Portrait of a frail looking child with blond hair, dressed in white. In an octagonal papier mache frame. 4 3/4”h. 4 1/4”w. $400-$800



THREE PIECES OF MOCHA. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Bowl with earthworm on brown band, 3”h. 5 1/2”d., striped and tooled mug, 3 1/2”h., and a small mug with bold tobacco leaf on blue, 2 1/2”h. Imperfections. $400-$800

MINIATURE GROUP PORTRAIT ON IVORY. Probably England, signed and dated “Philippe 1827”. Finely painted portraits of two sisters and younger brother done mostly in white and blues. In a papier mache frame with brass acorn hanger, 5 1/4”h. 4 1/2”w. $600-$1,200


5 MOCHA PEPPER POT AND BOWL. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Both have earthworm designs on grey bands. Some wear, pot has flakes. Pot, 4 1/2”h., bowl, 3”h. $300-$600 4 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012


9 TWO PORTRAITS OF MAN AND WOMAN ( EUROPEAN SCHOOL, MID 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Well-done portraits by the same hand. Young man with walking stick and a young woman dressed in a riding habit and holding a crop. 30”h. 25 1/2”w., in gilt frames, 40”h. 35 1/2”w. $1,000-$1,500





BURL BALL. American, 19th century. Solid ball with dark patina, 4”d. $200-$400

TWO ROCKINGHAM FLASKS. American, mid 19th century. Book flask with good glaze. Edge flakes. 6”h. And a flask with molded hunting dogs from East Liverpool, Ohio. Imperfections. 7”h. Ex Bill and Betty Annable (Ohio). $200-$400

WOODEN DISH AND HANGING SHELF. American, 19th century. Shallow treenware bowl with good patina. Split with iron staple repairs. 3”h. 15 1/2”d. And a simple hanging bracket shelf of thick pine boards. Old worn grey paint,.26”h. 18 1/2”w. $200-$400

11 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE CUP PLATE AND PLATE. England, ca.1820s. Dark blue transfers. Castle Garden Battery cup plate impressed “Enoch Wood & Sons”, 3 3/4”d., and Peace & Plenty with Indian impressed “Clews”. Knife scratches. 9”d. $400-$600

12 GEORGIAN TRAY. England, early 19th century, mahogany. Turned round tray of flame grain mahogany with inlaid rim edge. Some imperfections. 9”d. Sold at Garth’s, March 28, 2009, lot 198. $250-$350

10 - 13



RARE “GLASS PAINTING” OF THE PRODIGAL SON REVELLING WITH HARLOTS. American, ca.1815. Colorful painting after the 1814 print by Amos Doolittle. Pen and ink title below. Flaking. In a frame, 15 1/4”h. 11”w. Ex Bensoussan-Sels Antiques (California), ex Geoffrey Paul (Connecticut), sold at Northeast Auctions, August 2002, lot 671. $1,000-$2,000



RARE “GLASS PAINTING” OF THE PRODIGAL SON RECLAIMED. American, ca.1815. Colorful painting after the 1814 print by Amos Doolittle. Pen and ink title below The Prodigal Son Reclaimed. Flaking. In a frame, 15 1/4”h. 11”w. Ex Bensoussan-Sels Antiques (California), ex Geoffrey Paul (Connecticut), sold at Northeast Auctions, August 2002, lot 671. $1,000-$2,000


17 INLAID HEPPLEWHITE SIDEBOARD. Probably New York, ca.1795, mahogany and pine. Serpentine front with four drawers over three doors and a bottle drawer, resting on tapered legs. Elaborate inlaid decoration consists of sawtooth trim, small flowers, and fourteen ovals. 41 1/2”h. 75 3/4”w. 26 1/2”d. Ex Herbert Schiffer (Pennsylvania).


6 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

New York cabinetmakers seemed to have had a fascination with inlaid ovals on the sideboards they made. This is perhaps best exemplified by sideboard currently in the DuPont family dining room at the Winterthur Museum. See Montgomery, American Furniture: The Federal Period, 1788-1825, entry 360. $3,000-$6,000




TWO PRINTS OF THE PRODIGAL SON. London: Sayer, 1791. Handcolored mezzotints after Amos Doolittle. Two of the series of four, The Prodigal Son taking Leave of his Father and Misery. Imperfections. In matching frames, 16”h. 12”w. Ex Phil and Jeanne Jessee (Ohio). $400-$800

19 TRIPLE PORTRAIT OF CHILDREN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, MID 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Two sisters and their brother near a garden lattice. Rebacked on masonite. 44 1/2”h. 36 1/2”w., in a modern gilt frame, 54 1/2”h. 45”w. $800-$1,200

20 SHERATON BOWFRONT CHEST OF DRAWERS. American, 1815-1830, mahogany, pine and chestnut. Turned feet, reeded columns with biscuit corners, scrolled apron and four dovetailed drawers with applied beading. Imperfections. 37 3/4”h. 42”w. 21 3/4”d. $400-$800 20 |7


CAMPING OUT, SOME OF THE RIGHT SORT BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio of men in hunting camp, C# 777. Good color. In a frame, 29”h. 36”w. $1,000-$2,000



CAMPING IN THE WOODS, LAYING OFF BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio of four men with their catch of fish, C# 774. Good color. Imperfections. Unframed. 22”h. 30”w. $1,000-$1,500



WOODLANDS IN SUMMER BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio with good color. C# 6778. In a gilt frame, 13”h. 16 1/2”w. $250-$500 8 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012






LANDSCAPE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive romanticized image of people relaxing near a mountain river. Repairs. 23”h. 30”w., in a frame, 29 1/2”h. 37 1/2”w. $300-$600

HUNTING SCENE (ENGLISH SCHOOL, EARLY 19TH CENTURY). Oil on oak board, unsigned. Country squire on horseback with hunting dogs. 12”h. 15”w., in an inlaid frame, 14 3/4”h. 18”w. $400-$800

26 SHERATON TALL CASE CLOCK. American, 1815-1830, curly maple veneer on pine. Reeding and other decorative detail including flame grain mahogany banding. Turned feet, cove molding between sections, waist with quarter columns, bonnet with freestanding columns and curved crest with turned finials. Brass works with painted dial with phases of the moon dial. Imperfections. 100”h. $1,500-$2,500


AMERICAN COUNTRY LIFE, MAY MORNING BY N. CURRIER. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio of family, house, and surrounding countryside, C# 121. Good colors. Imperfections. Unframed. 20 7/8”h. 27”w. $900-$1,200




WINTER IN THE COUNTRY - GRIST MILL BY CURRIER & IVES. Large folio handcolored lithograph on paper. C# 6738, one of the Old and New Best 50. Opaque colors. Minor imperfections. 22 1/2”h. 28 3/4”w., in a frame, 26 1/2”h. 33 1/2”w. $2,000-$4,000

28 |9

29 DECORATED WINDSOR SETTEE. American, 1815-1835, mixed woods. Original greyish green paint with brown and black striping and stenciled, freehand floral decoration. Turned legs and stretchers, wide one-board seat, scrolled arms, half-spindle back and shaped crest. Some minor wear. 34 1/2”h. 74”w. $800-$1,200





THE ACCOMMODATION TRAIN BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Medium folio of woman boarding train. C# 31B. In a frame, 16 1/2”h. 20 1/2”w. $400-$700

10 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012



TWO CURRIER AND IVES PRINTS. Handcolored lithographs. Companion small folio prints, The Arkansas Traveller, C# 270, and The Turn of the Tune, C# 6248. Some staining and foxing. In matching frames, 15 1/4”h. 18 1/2”w. $400-$800

DECORATED MULE CHEST. New England, ca.1800, pine. With slightly later stenciled and rosewood grained decoration. 39”h. 41”w. $400-$800




WINDSOR CANDLESTAND. American, early 19th century, maple and ash. Dish top and a turned shaft, resting on a tripod base. Refinished. 26”h. 14 1/4”d. $200-$400

STILL LIFE WITH APPLES (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Red apples tumbling out of a straw lined basket. 10”h. 18”w., in a 19th-century frame, 15 1/2”h. 23”w. $200-$400

34 BOWBACK WINDSOR SIDE CHAIR. Wallace Nutting, Connecticut, early 20th century, mixed woods. Of typical form with bold balusterturned legs. Old refinish. 17 1/2”h. seat, 38”h. overall. $200-$400

36 REVERSE GLASS PAINTED MIRROR. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Applied turnings and rosettes in corner blocks. Top tablet of woman on stage. Old mirror. Some imperfections. 25”h. 13”w. $150-$350 33 - 34


37 WINTER SCENE WITH ICE SKATERS (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive painting of skaters on a moonlit pond. On the back of the canvas is another landscape by the same hand featuring a farmstead near a river with animals and people in boats. Framed between wood so both sides are visible. 29 1/2”h. 37 1/2”w. $400-$800



38 WATERCOLOR AND THREE HANDCOLORED PRINTS. American, late 19th century. Three small folio engravings of birds. In matching frames, 10”h. 7 1/4”w. And a watercolor of a vase of flowers. In a gilt frame, 10”h. 8”w. $100-$300 | 11

39 - 41



PAIR OF CHIPPENDALE SIDE CHAIRS. American, 1760-1780, walnut with old finish. Cabriole legs with acanthus carving and ball and claw feet, slip seats reupholstered in floral brocade, pierced splats with carved detail and crest with carved ears. Imperfections. 17”h. seat, 38”h. overall. $1,500-$2,500

TWO PAIR OF BRASS CHAMBERSTICKS. England, 1st half-19th century. Similar with rectangular trays and push ups. Imperfections. 5”h. $250-$450

40 CHIPPENDALE TILT-TOP TEA TABLE. American, 18th century, walnut with old finish. Tripod base with well-shaped cabriole legs and trifid feet, bulbous turned column, birdcage with turned posts, and two-board dish turned top with fiddle back figure. Imperfections. 28 1/2”h. 37 3/4”d. $1,500-$2,500

12 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

42 SHEFFIELD PLATE HOT WATER URN. England, early 20th century, silver plate over copper. Regency-style urn with ribbing and lion head handles, the urn resting on four pawfoot legs. Engraved medallion “Arnold”. Imperfections. 18 1/2”h. $400-$800

43 TWO SPENCERIAN DRAWINGS. American, 2nd half-19th century, pen and ink on paper. Quill pen with orange/red accents, 3 1/2”h. 8”w., and a dove in tree, 9 1/4”h. 11 1/4”w. Both in gilt frames. $200-$400


45 - 48




YOUNG GIRL AFTER MILTON HOPKINS (AMERICAN, 1789-1844). Oil on board, unsigned, early 20th century. Full-length portrait of a child in a red dress, holding basket of flowers, spotted dog at her feet. 14”h. 11”w., in a frame, 16”h. 12 1/2”w.

SEVEN CHINESE EXPORT PLATES. China, late 18th-early 19th century. Hand decorated with floral sprigs and rose peonies. Scalloped rims have flaking. 9”d. $150-$300

See Sotheby’s New York sale, January 16, 2004, lot 32 of Virginia Ada Wright. $200-$400

45 BENNINGTON COACHMAN BOTTLE. Vermont, impressed Type A Bennington mark used 1849-1858. Flint enamel in shades of amber and some green. Minor imperfections. 10 1/2”h. $300-$500

47 BOOK FLASK. Probably Bennington, Vermont, mid 19th century. Flint enamel book flask with medium blue accent color. Imperfections. 6 1/2”h. $100-$300

48 FOLKSY CARVING OF LAMB. American, 2nd half-19th century, white marble. Reclining lamb with textured wool, 4”h. 6”l. $200-$400

49 QUEEN ANNE SLANT-FRONT DESK. Probably Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ca.1760, figured walnut, pine, poplar, and possibly cedar. Five-drawer desk on ogee bracket feet, the stepped interior with shell-carved drawers and secret drawers behind the prospect. Imperfections. 43 1/2”h. 39 1/2”w. 22 1/2”d. 30 1/2” writing surface. Sold at Sotheby’s (New York), January 2001, lot 751.


The interior, particularly the configuration of the hidden compartments, is similar to a desk-and-bookcase attributed to Samuel Harding that sold as part of the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Lammot du Pont Copeland at Sotheby’s in January 2002 and is now part of the collection of the Chipstone Foundation. $3,000-$6,000 | 13


50 - 53



BAND BOX. American, mid 19th century. Cardboard with block printed grey wallpaper with green and white floral designs. Added strip of paper along lid edge. A few small holes through box. 10 1/2”h. 14”l. $200-$400

BLANKET CHEST. American, 1st half-19th century, pine. Sixboard chest with demilune ends and old grey paint. 22”h. 43 1/2”w. 16 1/2”d. $300-$600

51 DECORATED CHILD’S CHEST OF DRAWERS. American, 2nd half-19th century, pine. Two glove drawers over three drawers with wooden pulls. Shaped tops. Original grain painting. 15 14”h. 17 1/2”w. 8 1/2”d. $200-$400

52 SET OF SIX DECORATED SIDE CHAIRS. American, mid 19th century, mixed woods. Bamboo Windsors with original yellow paint, sponged seats and stenciled fruit and foliate crests. 17 1/2” seat, 33 1/2”h. $600-$800


54 SAMPLER. American, 1830, silk on linen, unsigned. Sets of alphabets and numbers, floral baskets, three-story house, and black and white cat looking at a bird perching on a branch. Unframed. 16 1/2”h. 16 1/2”w. $200-$400

55 MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive image of fishermen at a lake with surrounding mountains. Restoration. 28”h. 48”w., in a modern gilt frame, 35”h. 55”w. $100-$300

56 14 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012



FOLKSY BARN RAISING (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 20TH CENTURY). Canvas on board, unsigned. Various figures building, laying out food, feeding chickens. 11”h. 14”w., in a frame, 16 1/2”h. 19 1/4”w. $125-$200

TWO PANTRY BOXES AND A CARRIER. American, late 19th century, mixed woods. Round bentwood boxes, one with red repaint and single fingers, 3”h. 6”d., and one with lapped seams and dark patina, 4 1/4”h. 8 3/4”d. Together with a bentwood carrier, lapped seams, and original grey paint. Bale handle. 6 3/4”h. 11 1/2”d. Varying wear. $200-$400



STEPBACK CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, pine and poplar. Onepiece, open top with two shelves, and a plank door below. 73 1/2”h. 32”w. 19”d. $250-$500

60 TWO DECOYS. American, carved wood. Teal from Wisconsin, ca. 1900. Stylized form with traces of paint and glass eyes. Wear and age split. 13”l. And a mid 20th century working decoy with black and white repaint and repair. 13”l. $100-$250

61 58

56 FRAKTUR BY REV. HENRY YOUNG (PENNSYLVANIA, 1792-1861). Watercolor on blue lined paper. Red roses surrounding English text that records a birth in Snyder County, Pennsylvania, 1860. Minor stains. In a burl veneer frame, 14”h. 9 1/2”w. $1,000-$2,000

57 MIDWESTERN FARM SCENE BY FRANK GILBERT (AMERICAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Ink wash on paper, signed lower right. Welldone bird’s-eye view of the Gentry farmstead. Glued to paper. 8”h. 11 3/4”w., in a frame, 13 1/2”h. 16 1/4”w. $100-$300

TWO DECOYS AND DIORAMA. American, 20th century, carved wood. Duck with bluebill, original paint and glass eyes, 14 1/2”l., and mallard hen with original paint and painted eyes. Imperfections. 15”l. And a small pond diorama Mr. Turtle and the Decoy. “Hand carved original Irene L. Peacock ‘ 61”. 9 1/2”l. $100-$300

62 DECOY. Attributed to Herman Fouts (Liverpool, Illinois, 1880-1957), ca. 1910, carved wood. Two-part body with original paint and glass eyes. Working decoy with wear and shot scars. 15 1/2”l. $200-$400

63 TWO DECOYS. American, 1st half-20th century, carved wood. Redhead by the Wildfowler Factory. Impressed mark. Original paint, 13 1/2”l. And a scaup with tack eyes. Refinished. 12 1/2”l. Imperfections. $100-$300

59 - 64

| 15

65 TWO WATERCOLOR PORTRAITS OF SISTERS. Probably England, watercolor on paper. Full-length portraits of young girls, each dressed in blue. Period inscription on backing identifies them as the daughters of Daniel and Maryann Green. The eldest, Maryann, born in 1834, had her portrait painted in 1840. In a frame, 10 1/4”h. 8 1/2”w. And her sister, Emily Smith, born 1841 was painted in 1845. In a grain painted frame, 9”h. 7”w. $300-$600

66 SHERATON TWO-DRAWER STAND. Possibly Kentucky, 1820-1840, cherry and poplar. Two drawers with scratch beading, and delicate turned legs. Retains an older dark red surface. 26 1/2”h. 20 1/2”w. 20”d. $250-$500

67 65

THREE CHIPPENDALE CHAIRS. New England, 18th century, maple. Includes a pair with molded legs and rush seats, 16 1/2”h. seat, 38”h. overall; and a folksy armchair with a rope-supported seat, 17 1/2”h. seat, 41 1/2”h. overall. $250-$500

68 TWO PAIR OF BRASS ANDIRONS. American or English, 1st half-19th century. Both have seamed construction. Cannonball finials, 15”h. and urn finials, 19”h. Both have repaired log supports. $200-$400

69 DOUBLE BRASS CANDLESTICK. American, mid 19th century. Two candlesticks on a round base with interior push ups. Tin reflector with green repaint. 15”h. $75-$150


66 - 70

16 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

TWO BRASS TRIVETS AND A KETTLE. American or English, 19th century. Two pierced trivets. Lyre shaped on iron frame, 5 1/4”h., and rectangular, 3 1/2”h. Together with a kettle having porcelain handle and finial lid, 9 1/4”h. Ex Maize Pottinger (Indiana). $100-$200


71 SET OF SIX FANCY WINDSOR CHAIRS. Possibly Baltimore, Maryland, ca.1825, mixed woods. Half-arrow back Windsors with tablet tops, elaborately decorated with swans, urns, and flowers in gold against a green ground. 18”h. seat, 32 1/2”h. overall. Ex G.W. Samaha (Ohio). $600-$1,200

72 CARVING OF BLUE JAYS. American, mid 20th century, softwood. Realistic carving with original paint of blue jay and fledgling. Illegible artist signature and date 1975 on the driftwood base. Minor edge flake. 20 1/2”h. $150-$300



PAIR OF PORTRAITS OF YOUNG CHILDREN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND QUARTER-19TH CENTURY). Oil on poplar panel, unsigned. Both dressed in white, one arm resting on red drapery, painted oval mat. In what appear to be original pine frames, 25 1/2”h. 21 1/2”w. $400-$700


| 17



DECORATED “BOSTON” ROCKING CHAIR. American, 2nd quarter-19th century, mixed woods. Original floral stenciling on a faux rosewood ground. 16”h. seat, 40”h. overall. $200-$400

DECORATED PLANK CHAIR OR BRETSTUHL. European, 19th century, softwood. Turned legs and floral decoration. 20”h. seat, 38”h. overall. This type of simple chair was common throughout Europe from the 17th through the 19th century, and the form came to this country with German immigrants in the 18th and 19th centuries. $150-$300

76 WROUGHT IRON FLOOR-STANDING CANDLEHOLDER. Possibly European, late 19th century. Adjustable arm with two candlesockets and petal drip pans. Ornate post on tripod base. 58 1/2”h. $200-$400

74 - 76 77

77 LANDSCAPE WITH VILLAGE. (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF19TH CENTURY). Oil on paper, unsigned. Covered bridge spans a river, leading to a cluster of five or six two-story buildings, laborers in a distant field load a wagon. In a Victorian frame, 10 3/4”h. 13”w. $100-$200



THREE PRINTS. Small folio handcolored lithographs. N. Currier Married, C# 4016. Light stains. And an unmarked and probable later print after Currier & Ives of T.W. Dorr. Together with George M. Dallas by Kellogg. Matching frames, 16 3/4”h. 13”w. $100-$300


18 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

LANDSCAPE, FRUIT & FLOWERS BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio still life with soft colors. C# 3440. One of the Best Old and New 50. In a frame, 29”h. 37”w. $600-$900

81 79



THE ROUTE TO CALIFORNIA BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio of steam train with good colors. C# 5225. One of New Best 50. Some stains and foxing in margins. In a walnut frame, 15 1/2”h. 20”w. $700-$900

81 BURL BOWL WITH CARVED HANDLES. Attributed to New England, 19th century. Thin walled hand carved bowl with good figure. Scalloped rim handles. Old refinishing. 6 1/2”h. 16” x 18”. $1,500-$2,500

82 QUEEN ANNE HIGH CHEST OF DRAWERS. New England, 1750-1780, maple and pine. Cabriole legs with pad feet, scrolled apron with turned drops, and four dovetailed overlapping drawers in case. Top has five graduated drawers and a molded cornice. Original brasses. Imperfections. 72”h. 40 3/4”w., 22 1/2”d. $2,500-$5,000


| 19



FOLK ART POTTERY BUST. American, dated 1912. Interesting portrait of a woman, possibly Lady Liberty. White glaze with colored accent glazing including date on the back. Eyes have been colored in. 5”h. $400-$800

MINIATURE ON IVORY OF A WOMAN Probably American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Woman dressed in black with her hair in ringlets. Small area of crazing. In a frame, 4 1/2”h. 4”w. $300-$500


84 TWO PIECES OF PEARLWARE. England, late 18th-early 19th century. Dr. Wall period Worcester waste bowl with blue transfer flowers and butterflies. Crescent mark. 3”h. 6 1/2”d. And a hand decorated teapot with flowers, 8”h. Imperfections. $150-$350

INLAID BOX. Attributed to Spain, mid 19th century, hardwood. Dovetailed case with dome-top lid made of single piece of wood, staple hinges and till with chip carved edges. Bone inlay with armorial shield on the lid and urns of flowers with cherubs on the bottom. 6”h. 11 1/2”w. $400-$800

85 MINIATURE ON PAPER OF A MAN. American or European, 2nd quarter-19th century. Profile of a man wearing a large overcoat. In a brass frame, 3 1/2”h. 3”w. $150-$350

83 - 87



MAP OF THE AMERICAS BY GUILLAUME DELISLE (FRANCE, 1625-1726). Handcolored printed map on laid paper. Coloring is later. In a frame, 28”h. 32 1/2”w. $300-$600

89 NEEDLEWORK PICTURE. American or English, late 18th-early 19th century, silk thread, chenille and paint on silk. Pensive woman sitting beneath a tree, a flower basket at her feet. Black glass mat of later date. In a gilt frame, 11 1/4”h. 10 1/2”w. $150-$300


89 20 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

TWO BIRD PRINTS BY JOHN PRIDEAUX SELBY (BRITISH, 1788 to 1867). Handcolored engravings. Large folio Iceland Gull and Black Headed Gull. Paper has J. Whatman watermarks. In matching frames, 26”h. 31”w. $600-$900


91 FEDERAL-STYLE LOLLING CHAIR. American, 20th century. Brocade upholstery in good condition. 41”h. $150-$300

92 SHERATON DROP-LEAF TABLE. American, 19th century, mahogany with old soft finish. Delicate turned and reeded legs, one dovetailed drawer, and wide single board top with shaped leaves. 28 1/2”h. 34”w. 22”d. with 10 3/4” leaves. $600-$800

93 BAND BOX. Rhode Island, mid 19th century. Oval cardboard box with yellow wallpaper featuring a wagon pulled by a dove and a camel on the lid. Lid has paper label for “Henry Cushing & Co., Paper Hangings and Band Boxes...Providence”. Worn areas with split in lid. 10”h. 16”l. $300-$600

91 - 93

94 SEVEN PIECES OF PEWTER. American and English, 18th-19th century. English charger with touch marks for Joseph Spackman, 15”d., and six pieces of unmarked American pewter. Teapot with wooden wafer finial, 8”h., porringer attributed to Samuel Hamlin, 5 1/2”d., and two mugs and two tumblers, 2 3/4”h. Some imperfections. $350-$700

95 THREE PIECES OF STAFFORDSHIRE. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Dark blue transfers. Covered vegetable with fishing scenes impressed “Clews”. 6 1/2”h. 9 1/2” x 11 1/2”. And a creamer and covered sugar with flowers. 5”, 6 1/2”h. Imperfections. $250-$500

96 SEVEN BRASS CANDLESTICKS. American and English, 18th-19th century. Two pair, one with pushups, the other with threaded sections, 8 1/2”, 13”h., and three singles: Victorian with pushup, 10 1/2”h., and two earlier ones with hexagonal bases, 5 1/2”, 7”h. Some imperfections. $250-$500

94 - 97



INLAID BOX. American or English, early 20th century, mahogany. Inlay of diamonds and zigzags on all surfaces. Bone escutcheon. 5”h. 10”w. 6”d. $250-$500

FIVE LIGHTING DEVICES. American, 19th century. Two punched tin lanterns. Some rust. 15”, 15 1/2”h. And three hogscraper-type chambersticks with push ups. One has old red. Some damage. 3 1/2”, 3 1/2”, 3 3/4”. $150-$350 | 21




AMERICAN INDIAN POTTERY VESSEL ATTRIBUTED TO NAMPEYO. New Mexico, early 20th century. Small vessel with elongated neck. Umber and dark brown designs. 4 1/2”h. 3 1/2”d.

AMERICAN INDIAN BASKET. Early 20th century. Pima basketry tray. Some stitch loss and old rewoven repair. 4 1/2”h. 14”d. $200-$300

TOBACCO BASKET. Made by Rebecca James, Northern California, ca. 1983, hazel, spruce and black fig fern. Covered basket with leather ties, 6 1/2”h. $100-$200

See Garth’s Auctions, November 23, 2007, lot 429, for a similar design. $1,000-$1,500

101 TWO AMERICAN INDIAN BASKETS. Early 20th century, woven splint. Oblong Salish basket with diamond designs. 5”h, 6” x 9” And a tall Pima basket with linear design, 11 3/4”h. 9”d. Both have loss. $200-$400


HOPI POT SIGNED “ENNIS” (PROBABLY CARY ENNIS, NEW MEXICO, B. 1951). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Still life with Hopi pottery jar and apples. 20 1/2”h. 26”w., in a frame, 27 1/2”h. 33 1/2”w. $300-$600

99 - 102

Detail 99

103 22 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012




STAGECOACH BY ROBERT WESLEY AMICK (CONNECTICUT, 1879-1969). Oil on canvas, signed upper right. Colorful scene of a stagecoach traveling through a canyon. Rebacked. 28”h. 40”w., in a frame, 34 1/2”h. 48 1/2”w. $700-$1,000

PREHISTORIC POTTERY EFFIGY BOWL. Mississippian culture, ca.12001600, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Eagle bowl with head and tail and tooled band. 5 1/4”h. 8”d. Ex Choix Barrison, ex Elmer Patmos. $600-$900


LONE RIDER BY DONALD TEAGUE (CALIFORNIA, 18971991). Oil on board, signed lower right. Depiction of a cowboy and his herd at sunset. 14”h. 18”w., in a frame, 18 3/4”h. 22 3/4”w. Ex Mongerson Wunderlich (Illinois). According to the gallery label, this work was commissioned by Edward C. McCormick, an Ohio industrialist. $3,000-$6,000

106 PREHISTORIC POTTERY EFFIGY BOTTLE. Mississippian culture, ca.14001600, Paul Vernon site, Cross Country, Arkansas. In the form of a barn owl. 7 1/4”h. $300-$500

108 PREHISTORIC POTTERY EFFIGY BOTTLE. Mississippian culture, ca.12001600, Lake Grierson, Pike County, Arkansas. Bottle with painted stripes in the form of a kneeling woman. Some restoration. 11 1/2”h. Ex Paul Richter. $400-$800

109 FOUR PIECES OF PREHISTORIC POTTERY. Similar water bottle and bowl, the bowl being Fort Ancient culture, Montour phase, cal 1550-1700, found in Ross County, Ohio. Bottle, 7 1/2”h. Bowl 4”h. 7 1/2”d. and a small fragment 1 3/4”h. Together with an Adena pipe from Highland/Ross County, Ohio, 5 1/2”l. Ex Terry Ausman, ex Bob Williams. Some loss. $300-$600




PREHISTORIC POTTERY VESSEL. Quapaw culture, ca.1650-1750, Lincoln County, Arkansas. Star design. 6 1/4”h. Ex Paul Richter/Bill Rowlett Collection (Arkansas). $200-$400

THREE PREHISTORIC POTTERY JARS. Mississippian culture, ca.12001600. Effigy bowl with opossum face, Tyler Mound, Fulton County, Kentucky, 3”h., and jar, Madisonville site, Hamilton County, Ohio, 3 1/4”h. Together with a salt pan, Rose Mound, Cross County, Arkansas. 3”h. 9”d. Ex Charles West and Clyde Theler Collection. $400-$600

106 - 111 | 23




THEOREM BY DAVID ELLINGER (PENNSYLVANIA, 1913-2003). Watercolor on paper, signed lower left. Exotic birds and hearts with flower pots. In a decorated frame, 9”h. 11”w. $400-$700

FRAKTUR. Watercolor on laid paper. Family record of Joseph and Bithiah Jewel, married in 1801, and their six children. Stains and loss. In a frame, 13 1/2”h. 11 1/2”w. $150-$350



THEOREM BY DAVID ELLINGER (PENNSYLVANIA, 1913-2003). Watercolor on paper, signed in center and on back. Peacock and poppy. In a decorated frame, 15”h. 13”w. $400-$700

DECORATED CORNER CUPBOARD. Probably Pennsylvania, 1800-1820, pine. Twopiece cupboard, the upper section with twelve panes and shaped interior shelves, the lower section with raised-panel doors, and resting on bracket feet. Retains its original faux mahogany paint decoration. Minor imperfections. 86”h. 49”w. 25”w., requires a 32” corner. $2,000-$6,000

114 MOCHA BOWL. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Large bowl with double decoration of earthworm and cat’s eye on yellow and brown bands. Imperfections. 4 1/2”h. 9 1/4”d. $400-$800

115 MOCHA PITCHER. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Earthworm on brown band with blue and tooled stripes. Imperfections. 7”h. $400-$600 113

116 MOCHA MUG. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Earthworm design on pumpkin orange band with blue tooled stripes. Applied handle with molded leaves. Two hairlines. 6”h. $300-$600

114 - 117 24 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

119 PAIR OF FAN-BACK WINDSOR SIDE CHAIRS. American, late 18th century, mixed woods. Splayed turned legs and “H” stretchers, saddle seats, turned back posts, seven-spindle backs and shaped yoke crests. Old gray and reddish-brown paint. 17”h. seat, 34 1/2”h. overall. $500-$700

120 WASHING DAY (AMERICAN OR EUROPEAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Woman with her skirt tucked up, hanging wash up, under an old spreading tree. 15”h. 24”w., in a 19th-century frame, 20”h. 29”w. $150-$300

121 FISHING CAMP BY ANNA TROWBRIDGE (AMERICAN, 1870-1963). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Fisherman on a pond. Rebacked on masonite. 16 1/2”h. 24”w., in a gilt frame, 22 1/4”h. 29 1/4”w. $100-$300

118 - 121 | 25

125 122 - 124



WINDSOR CHAIR. American, 1st half-19th century, mixed woods. Bow-back, 16 1/2”h. seat, 36 1/2”h. overall. $200-$400

BARN BY DAVID ELLINGER (PENNSYLVANIA, 1913-2003). Watercolor on paper, signed bottom left. Colorful barn with hex signs. In a painted frame, 9 1/4”h. 11”w. $300-$600

123 TWO KEROSENE OIL BUCKETS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Wooden stave construction with metal bands and bale handles. Original green paint with black labels. Larger has a spigot, smaller has partial paper label. Wear. 7 7/8”, 13 1/2”h. $200-$400

124 DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Ohio or Pennsylvania, mid 19th century, pine. High turned feet, paneled construction and till. Retains its original reddish brown graining on a light colored ground, in imitation of curly maple. 24 1/2”h. 42 1/2”w. 20 1/4”d. Sold at Garth’s, August 2008, lot 55. $500-$1,000

126 STEP-BACK CUPBOARD. American, early 19th century, cherry with old finish, poplar secondary wood. High cutout feet and scrolled apron, paneled doors flanking stationary panel with three dovetailed drawers in base. Top has high pie shelf with “S” scroll ends, double doors each with panes of old glass and a stationary panel with three panes. Wide cove molded cornice. Imperfections. 98 1/2”h. 60 1/2”w. 16 3/4”d. $1,500-$2,500

126 26 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012



FOUR SILHOUETTES. Probably American, 1st half-19th century. Three hollow cut. A tailor and his wife identified as Joseph and Eleanor Fell of Pittston, Pennsylvania. 6 3/4”h. 5 3/4”w. and a young man with inked hair. 5 1/2”h. 5”w. Together with a cut out of a woman in a cap with gold inked details, 5”h. 4 1/2”w. All in frames. $150-$350

WROUGHT IRON CANDLE HOLDER. American, 19th century. Adjustable trammel with folding pan that has two candlesockets with unusual push ups. Shortest length 25”l. $150-$350

128 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATE. England, ca. 1820s. Dark blue transfer America and Independence with states border. Impressed “Clews”, 10 1/2”d. $250-$450

129 SILHOUETTE. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Possibly by John Frith (England, born ca.1810). Full length inked portrait of a gentleman with a top hat. In a birds eye veneer frame, 14 3/4”h. 10 1/2”w. $200-$300

131 CUTOUT BY DAVID ELLINGER (PENNSYLVANIA, 1913-2003). Watercolor on paper, initialed and signed and dated 1971 on back. Heart with bird and tulip cutout. Laid on cloth. In a painted frame, 11 1/4”h. 10 1/2”w. $400-$600


127 - 130

TESTER BED. American, 19th century, birch and soft wood in old red. 72”h. with tester frame, rope rails are 70”l., end rails and headboard are 46 1/2”. $300-$400


131 | 27







FOLK ART CARVING AND PAINTING. American, 20th century. Carved pine plaque of people gathered around a kitchen table. Signed “LA Donaison”. 23 1/4”h. 29 1/2”w. And an acrylic on canvas of a turkey farmer signed “Pat Neely, 1986”. In a painted frame, 20 1/2”h. 26 1/2”w. $250-$500

MECHANICAL MEAT & VEGETABLE CHOPPER. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Starrett’s Patent food chopper with revolving tin. Included is a copy of a period advertisement. 13”h. 16 1/2”l. $200-$400

FIGURAL SPOOL CADDY. American, early 20th century. Tin make-do caddy with a pedestal in the form of a spelter American Indian chief. Original paint has wear. 14”h. $100-$200



134 FOLKSY WHALE SCENE SIGNED “THOMAS” (CARIBBEAN, LATE 20TH CENTURY). Gouache on heavy stock, signed lower right. People butchering a beached whale. Under glass in a gilt frame, 23 3/4”h. 27 3/4”w. $100-$300

TWO DESK ITEMS. Austria,19th century, cold painted bronze pen wipe in the form of a Great Dane. Some wear. 7”l. And an Aesthetic-style Asian bronze pen holder with lily. Marked on the underside. 10”l. $200-$400


136 - 138 28 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

DUCK AND FISH DECOYS. American, 20th century. Large ice fishing decoy with original bright paint and tin fins. 14 1/2”l. And a merganser carving with original paint and glass eyes. Shot scars. 12”l. Imperfections. $150-$350

139 SAWBUCK TABLE. American, 19th century, pine with old red finish. Decorative cutouts on base members, three-board scrubbed top with breadboard ends. 30”h. 33”w. 75”l. $400-$800



HUTCH TABLE. American, late 18th-early 19th century, pine. Of typical form with wonderful old blue paint and a breadboard top. 29”h. 44 1/2”w. 48 1/2”l. $4,000-$6,000

JACQUARD COVERLET. American, 1830-1860, wool and cotton. One-piece double weave in blue and white. Centerfield pattern of oak leaves and double grapevine borders. 71 1/2” x 88 1/2”. Ex Western Reserve Historical Society (Ohio). $200-$400

141 STONEWARE JUG. American, mid 19th century. Ovoid with applied strap handle, impressed “4” and a brushed cobalt tulip. 18”h. $200-$400


142 STONEWARE JUG. American, 2nd half-19th century. Impressed partial label “—-mann, Lyons, NY, 2” with a brushed cobalt script retailer’s label “—-hardt Bros. Co....Buffalo, NY”. Applied strap handle. 13 1/2”h. $100-$300

FRAKTUR. Handcolored fraktur printed by Ritter, Reading, Pennsylvania. Records an 1820s birth in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Imperfections. In a frame, 16 3/4”h. 13 1/2”w. $50-$75

143 TWO STONEWARE CROCKS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Pictured is one marked “Ottman Bros., Ft. Edward, NY” with a brushed cobalt bird and two applied handles. 8 1/2”h. Together with one having traces of a stenciled cobalt label for “Reppert, Greensboro, Pa”. 10 1/2”h. $100-$300

140 - 143

146 DECORATED CHEST. Signed by Martha Cahoon (1905-1999), Massachusetts, mid 20th century, pine. A late 19th-century cottage chest redecorated with a scene of General Washington reviewing his troops and the door with “Washington 1794” against a faux bird’seye maple ground. 30”h. 29 1/2”w. 18 1/2”d.


Martha Cahoon and her husband Ralph (1910-1982) were well-known furniture decorators in Cotuit, Massachusetts. Martha learned the trade from her father, and in turn, taught her husband. For related examples of Martha’s work, see Northeast Auctions (New Hampshire), August 2007, lots 1138 and 1139. $2,000-$4,000

146 | 29


147 - 148

147 BLOWN GLASS CANISTER. American, mid 19th century. Clear with applied blue rings. Two cobalt on the bottom, sapphire blue rim on the lid. 12 1/2”h. 6”d. $200-$400

148 TWO TASTERS AND TWO TUMBLERS. Pittsburgh, mid 19th century. Paneled. Cobalt and violet blue tumblers, 3 1/4”, 3 1/2”h., and cobalt and sapphire blue tasters, 2”, 2 1/4”h. Edge wear. $150-$350

149 TWO THEOREMS. American, 20th century, watercolor on paper. Rooster by Carl Moyer, in a frame, 10 1/4”h. 9 3/4”w., and a colorful bird and flower urn by Garret French. In a painted frame, 16 1/4”h. 18 1/4”w. $250-$450



30 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

SHERATON CHEST OF DRAWERS. New England, early 19th century, birch with birdseye maple veneer and cross banded mahogany. High turned feet, scrolled apron, turned and reeded columns with biscuit corners and conforming top. Four drawers with applied edge molding and pine secondary wood. Imperfections. 42”h. 42 1/2”w. 20 1/2”d. $800-$1,200

151 - 155




MOCHA PITCHER AND BOWL. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Both with seaweed decoration. Bowl with brown band and tooled rim, 4”h. 7 1/2”d., and pitcher with blue and grey bands, 8”h. Imperfections. $600-$900

LOCKBOX. European, 19th century, pine. Dovetailed with original hand painted interior. Wrought iron hardware, interior till. Age split. 11 3/4”h. 23 1/2”w. 15 1/4”d. $200-$400

PIE SAFE. Possibly the workshop of George Moyer and David Sears, Grainger County, Tennessee, mid 19th century, poplar. Two drawers over two doors, with diamond-patterned tins. Cleaned down to its original brown paint. Imperfections. 42”h. 54”w. 18”d. Ex Mary Jo Case (Tennessee). Sold at Brunk Auctions, January 2004, lot 238.

152 MOCHA BOWL. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Double designs of earthworm and cat’s eye on light yellow band. Imperfections. 4 3/4”h. 9”d. $700-$900

Though found in Cocke County, this safe bears characteristics of the safes made by Moyer and Sears, and the tins were likely imported from the Wythe County, Virginia, shop of Fleming Rich. It is documented that Moyers and Sears purchased tins from Rich in 1841. See Harsh and Coleman, The Art and Mystery of Tennessee Furniture, pp. 161-162, and Moore, “Wythe County, Virginia, Punched Tin: Its Influences and Imitators, in The Magazine Antiques, September 1984, pp. 604-605. $1,500-$3,000

153 MOCHA PITCHER. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Double earthworm on pale grey and blue. Imperfections. 7 1/2”h. $400-$600

154 TOLE TEA CADDY. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Original black ground with later gilt band decorated with fruit and leaves. Some wear. 4”h. $200-$400


155 THEOREM BY DAVID ELLINGER (PENNSYLVANIA, 1913-2003). Watercolor on paper, signed in center. Blue peacock on urn with flowers and grapes. In a decorated frame, 9 3/4”h. 8 1/4”w. $400-$700

156 - 157

WINTER IN THE COUNTRY, THE OLD GRIST MILL AFTER CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored print on paper. Small folio with the image as the large folio C# 6738. Some toning, mostly on the edges, and surface wear. Unframed, 10 1/2"h. 14"w. $75-$150 | 31



U5 RANCH, WYOMING BY ROBERT LOUGHEED (NEW MEXICO, 1910-1982). Oil on artist board, signed lower right and back. Three cowboys on a trail ride. Identified on the back by the artist. 12”h. 16”w., in a frame, 21 1/2”h. 25 1/2”w. $1,000-$2,000

TWO PREHISTORIC POTTERY JARS. Mississippian culture, ca.12001600, Bone Bank site, Posey County, Indiana. Grey surface. 8”, 8 1/2”h. $150-$300


NAVAJO RUG. Two Grey Hills made by Annie Yazzie, ca.1975. Wool in shades of grey and brown. With a Fred Harvey tag. 2’4” x 3’. $100-$300

POTTERY EFFIGY BOTTLE. Reputedly prehistoric American Indian. Two-headed turtle with painted shell. 7”h. $100-$300


160 PREHISTORIC POTTERY JAR. Mississippi Culture, ca.1200-1500, Panola County, Texas. Carson red stripes on buff ground. Tooled table ring. 6”h. 5 7/8”w. Ex Andy Santo Collection. $250-$450


165 TWO PRINTS BY GERALD HARVEY (TEXAS, B. 1933). Limited edition prints signed and numbered. Cowboys in winter, 1615/2250. In a frame, 39 1/2”h. 33”w. And a train depot, 979/2250. In a frame, 31”h. 38”w. $100-$300

161 PREHISTORIC POTTERY EFFIGY BOTTLE. Mississippian culture, ca.1400-1600, Arkansas. Figure with headdress and open mouth. 5”h. $100-$300


162 PREHISTORIC POTTERY WATER BOTTLE AND BOWL. Mississippian culture, ca.1200-1600. Ribbed bottle with tooled band, 7 1/2”h., and a bowl, found in Davidson County, Tennessee. 2 1/2”h. 8”d. Ex Col. Raymond Vietzen. $250-$450


TWO POSTERS BY LINDA ADAMS KESLER (AMERICAN, 20TH CENTURY). Color prints on paper, signed in pencil lower right. Two images of the Carmel Mission. In matching frames, 24”h. 31”w. $50-$100

167 STONE LODGE AXE. American, hard stone. American Indian relic with later Masonic carving including “Fred Bloom, Russelvile (sic), O. 1913”. 8”l. $100-$300

159 - 163 32 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012



YELLOW PLAINS BURIAL BY MICHAEL COLEMAN (UTAH, B. 1946). Oil on masonite, signed lower left. American Indian near a burial platform. 24”h. 36”w., in a frame, 32”h. 44”w. $1,000-$1,500


OUT AT DAWN BY ROBERT PUMMILL (OHIO/TEXAS, B. 1936). Watercolor on paper, signed lower right. Cowboys and chuck wagon cresting a hill. In a frame, 23”h. 29”w. $2,000-$4,000



STRAIGHT TALK BY ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ (CALIFORNIA, B. 1954). Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1990 lower right and back. Navajo with lamb. 20 1/2”h. 16 1/2”w., in a frame, 29”h. 25”w. $600-$900


HOSTILE RECEPTION BY JIM CARSON (NEW YORK/CALIFORNIA, B. 1942). Oil on canvas, signed and dated (19)82 lower right. Wagon train being chased by Indians. 24”h. 36”w., in a frame, 34”h. 46”w. $2,000-$4,000



| 33



ETCHING LAND OF SPACE BY GENE KLOSS (NEW MEXICO, 1903-1996). Artist proof signed in pencil lower right. Scene of Monument Valley. In a frame, 19”h. 26 1/2”w. $500-$800

172 - 173

ETCHING RETURN OF THE PACK TRAIN BY GENE KLOSS (NEW MEXICO, 1903-1996). Artist proof signed in pencil lower right. Transporting wool near 1930s Taos. In a frame, 22 1/2”h. 20 1/2”w. $600-$800



PREHISTORIC POTTERY WATER BOTTLE. Mississippian culture, ca.1200-1600, Polk County, Arkansas. Red and white long necked bottle with applied smudge spots. Repaired neck. 10”h. $300-$600

PREHISTORIC POTTERY JAR AND BOWL. Caddo culture, ca.1200-1400. Incised friendship bowl from Arkansas. Restored. 5”h. 12”d. Ex Mike Steele. And McKinney plain jar with applied decoration. McCurtain County, Oklahoma, 7 1/2”h. Found by Cletus Thomas, ex Len Weidner. $600-$900

175 POTTERY EFFIGY BOTTLE. Stirrup bottle in the form of a sleeping heron. Age split. 6”h. $200-$300


174 - 178

34 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

THREE PREHISTORIC POTTERY JARS. Caddo and Ft. Ancient culture, ca.1200-1700. Two similar strap jars, one from Vinton/Jackson County, Ohio. 4 1/2”h. 6”d., 4 1/2”h. 5”d. And an incised Bailey olla from Saline County, Arkansas. 5”h. Ex Sam Johnson. $300-$600

178 PREHISTORIC POTTERY WATER BOTTLE. Quapaw culture, ca.15501750, Phillips County, Arkansas. Three-color bottle. Hairlines and some restoration. 8 1/4”h. Ex Dan Stroud Collection, ex Col. Jack Roberts Collection (Mississippi).. $300-$500

179 THREE AMERICAN INDIAN BASKETS. Northwest Coast, 20th century. Lidded container with colored accents of green and burgundy, 3”h. 5 1/4”d., and two cylindrical baskets, finely woven with serrated bands. Larger has splits in bottom. 5”h. 4 1/4”d. and 4”h. 3 1/4”d $200-$300

180 TWO HOPI BASKETRY TRAYS. Geometric floral design in natural colors made by Martha Kooyahoema, 2nd Mesa, Arizona, ca. 1980s. 13 1/2”d. And eagle motif in brown, orange and white by Lenard Moia, ca. 1980. 9”d. $150-$300

181 TWO AMERICAN INDIAN BASKETS. Twentieth century. California Mono with zigzag lines, 3 3/4”h. 8”d., and a Pima with expanding design, 1 1/2”h. 6”d. Both have stitch loss around rim. $200-$300


ETCHING A MORNING IN APRIL BY GENE KLOSS (NEW MEXICO, 1903-1996). Artist proof signed in pencil lower right. Rider in landscape near Delta, Colorado. In a frame, 24”h. 25 1/2”w. $600-$900

179 - 182


THE CHIEF BY HARLEY BROWN (ARIZONA/CANADA, B. 1939). Pastel on paper, signed lower right. Study of a distinguished American Indian chief. In a frame, 33”h. 27”w. $2,000-$4,000

186 COWBOY WITH HORSES BY HENRY W. SMITH (AMERICAN, 20TH CENTURY). Watercolor on paper, signed lower right. Horse corral. In a frame, 29”h. 37”w. $300-$500 183

182 TWO YEI RUGS. Late 20th century, wool. Tightly woven with figures on brown ground. Rebound edges with warp breaks. 2’ x 3’. And a larger one with grey ground attributed to Emma Ahidey, Shiprock, New Mexico. 2’8” x 3’9”. $250-$450


183 PORTRAIT OF INDIAN BY ACE POWELL(AMERICAN, 1912-1978). Oil on canvas, signed lower left. 9 3/4”h. 7 1/2”w., in a frame, 17 1/2”h. 15 1/2”w. $200-$400

186 185 | 35







CHIPPENDALE-STYLE SETTEE. Kittinger, American, 20th century, mahogany. Ivory brocade upholstery. Labeled on the underside, serial number “D7703 CK”. 38”h, 45”w. $400-$800

INLAID CHIPPENDALE MIRROR. American or English, 2nd half-18th century, mahogany veneer. String inlay on frame with oval patera on crest. 37”h. 19 1/2”w. $200-$400



BAROQUE-STYLE ARMCHAIR. Early 20th century. Twist-turned arms and legs and crewelwork upholstery. 36”h. overall. $150-$300

TWO HANDCOLORED LITHOGRAPHS. American, 1860s. Both by Major & Knapp, New York. The Original Cottage...of the Jones Family... and Departure of the 7th Regt. NY... Creases and some toning. In matching frames, 13 12/”h. 15 1/2”w. $300-$600

TWO NEEDLEWORK PICTURES. American or English, late 18th century. Silk embroidery on silk depiction of a young woman in a straw hat, standing by a densely worked shrub. Painted features and hands. In a oval gilt frame, 12” l. And a silk embroidery on printed paper, entitled “Floral”, of a seated young woman in pink dress. Matted and in a frame, 11 1/2”h. 9 1/2”w. $200-$400


AMERICAN FIELD SPORTS, ON A POINT BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio from the four print series, C# 150. Good color. Imperfections. In a frame, 24 3/4”h. 31”w. $800-$1,200

190 191

192 36 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012




AMERICAN FIELD SPORTS, A CHANCE FOR BOTH BARRELS BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio from the four print series, C# 148. Good color. Imperfections. In a frame, 31”h. 38”w. $800-$1,200


AMERICAN FIELD SPORTS, FLUSH’D BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio from the four print series, C# 149. Imperfections. In a frame, 31”h. 38”w. $600-$900


AMERICAN FIELD SPORTS, RETRIEVING BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio from the four print series, C# 151. Imperfections. In a frame, 31 3/4”h. 39 1/4”w. $400-$800

195A AMERICAN COUNTRY LIFE, MAY MORNING AFTER N. CURRIER. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio print after the large image C# 121. Imperfections. Unframed, 10 3/8"h. 13 7/8"w. $75-$150


196 SET OF SIX QUEEN ANNE-STYLE SIDE CHAIRS. American, 20th century. Slip seats covered in faux leather. 40”h., 18”h. seats. $250-$400

197 SHERATON BANQUET TABLE. American, early 19th century, cherry with old finish. Three-part table with delicate turned and reeded legs with brass castors. Wide single boards used in tops and tops have reeded edges. Each section has five legs with swing legs supporting leaves. 29 1/4”h. 46”w. 131 1/2”l. fully extended. $3,000-$5,000

196 - 197 | 37

198 PORTRAIT OF TWO CHILDREN ATTRIBUTED TO AARON DEAN FLETCHER (VERMONT/ NEW YORK, 1817-1902). Oil on canvas, unsigned, 1840s. Young girl with her hair carefully fashioned in ringlets,dressed in black and wearing a locket, is seated next to her younger brother in a blue jacket and ruffled collar. 30”h. 26”w, in a frame, 36 1/2”h. 32 1/2”w. $2,000-$4,000

199 FOUR PRINTS. European, 19th-20th century. Artist proof of Love Songs signed in pencil by “J. Petitjean”. Printed in London, 1926. In an eglomise frame, 24”h. 191 /2”w. Handcolored English coaching print Hold Hard, 15”h. 18”w., and a handcolored French lithograph Road and Bridge over the Mohawk, 13 1/2”h. 16”w. Together with a French engraving of a fable with a fox from a folio, 17”h. 12”w. $200-$400

200 GEORGE III HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD. England, early 19th century, mahogany and pine. The single door with geometric panes over an inlaid panel, the interior with old blue paint. 41 1/2”h. 29 1/2”w. 17”d., requires a 21” corner. $300-$600

201 CAST IRON URN. American, 2nd half-19th century. Garden urn on pedestal base with two memorial images of Lincoln on an American shield. Some edge loss and black repaint. 22”h. 15”d. $200-$300

202 SHERATON CARD TABLE. North Shore Massachusetts or New Hampshire, 1805-1820, mahogany, birch, pine. The facade with three panels of flame birch and string inlay, resting on turned and reeded legs. Minor imperfections. 30”h. 36”w. 17 1/2”d. (closed) 35”d. (open). $1,500-$2,500

203 BANJO CLOCK. Howard and Davis, Boston, ca.1860, cherry. Of typical form with original dial marked “Howard & Davis Boston.” Case with original rosewood graining and original eglomise tablets. The weight is marked “4” and the pendulum is engraved. 32”h. $1,000-$2,000

204 CARVED EMPIRE MANTEL CLOCK. Asa Munger, Auburn, New York, 2nd quarter19th century, mahogany. Carved crest and columns, paw feet, and blown glass pulls. Dial and paper label marked for retailer Hotchkiss and Benedict, Auburn, New York. 39 1/2”h. $300-$600 198

38 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

201 - 202


203 200

204 | 39



CHIMNEY CUPBOARD. American, 19th century, pine and poplar with old soft finish. Paneled door, interior shelves with three pull-out bins. Imperfections. 69”h. 26”w. 17 1/2”d. $250-$500

PORTRAIT OF TWO COWS (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on board, unsigned. A pair of stout black cows face each other in green field. 8”h. 10”w., in a mid 19th-century frame, 12”h. 14”w. $200-$400



FOLKSY VILLAGE SCENE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, illegible signature lower right. Brightly colored buildings at crossroads. 14”h. 24”w., in a frame, 17 1/2”h. 27”w. $125-$300

LANDSCAPE (AMERICAN, SCHOOL, MID 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Large three-story white house overlooking a river dotted with sailboats, a boy approaching a white horse in the foreground. 12 1/2”h. 18 1/2”w., in a frame, 16 1/2”h. 23”w. $200-$400


209 THREE LANTERNS. American, mid 19th century. Glass globes with tin bases and tops and wire guards. Onion globe with tin font, no hanger, 11”h., and railroad-type lantern with tin font, 10”h. not including bale handle. Together with a pressed panel globe and punched tin. No font, partial handle. 9”h. $150-$350


210 DOUGH SCRAPER BY PETER DERR (BERKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, 1793-1868). Iron blade with long brass ferule and later turned wooden handle. Blade is marked “PD 1848”. Light pitting and small dings. 6”l. $400-$800


209 - 211

205 40 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

211 BOX, MINIATURE STAND, AND PAIR OF CANDLE SCONCES. American. Mid 19th century curly maple ballot box. Hole in the lid, single dovetailed poplar drawer. Refinished. 4 1/2”h. 7”w. 6”d. And a miniature tilt top table. Shaped top, turned post and three curved legs. Refinished and one leg repaired, 11 3/4”h. Together with a pair of replica tin candle sconces with mirrored backs and scalloped crests, 13 1/2”h. $200-$400

212 LANDSCAPE SIGNED “GRULE” (AMERICAN, 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Farmstead set amongst flowering trees. 24”h. 48”w., in a gilt frame, 31”h. 56”w. $300-$500




QUEEN ANNE-STYLE HIGH CHEST OF DRAWERS. David T. Smith, Morrow, Ohio, 20th century, poplar. Two-piece with good detail, dovetailed drawers, and distressed blue paint. 75 1/2”h. 41 3/4”w. 21 3/4”d. Ex Jess Mallow (Ohio). $2,000-$4,000

FEDERAL-STYLE HIGH-POST BED. David T. Smith, Morrow, Ohio, 20th century. Chamfered posts topped by urn finials, with a distressed green over red paint. 85 1/2”h. 66”w., rails are 83”l. $400-$800



| 41





LITHOGRAPH SUNDAY 1897 BY GEORGE BELLOWS (AMERICAN, 1882-1925). Lithograph on paper, initialed on the plate, signed in pencil lower right. Carriage ride. 12 1/8”h. 14 7/8”w., in a frame, 21’h. 24”w. $900-$1,200

217 THEOREM BY DAVID ELLINGER (PENNSYLVANIA, 1913-2003). Watercolor on paper, signed lower left. Fanciful bird with tulip. In a decorated frame, 11”h. 12 1/4”w. $400-$700


216 TOM SAWYER LITHOGRAPH BY NORMAN ROCKWELL (NEW YORK, 1894-1978). Artist proof signed in pencil lower right. Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence. In a frame, 31 1/2”h. 27 1/2”w. $200-$400

SET OF FOUR RUSTIC SIDE CHAIRS. Old Hickory, Martinsville, Indiana, 1st half-20th century. Woven backs and upholstered seats. 36”h. $400-$800


PLANK CHAIR OR BRETSTUHL. Zoar, Ohio, mid 19th century, cherry. Shaped back with heart cutout and chamfered legs. Imperfections. 17 1/4”h., seat, 35 1/4”h. overall. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio), originally owned by the Rouf family, who ran the hotel in Zoar. $300-$600

220 CRADLE. Possibly Ohio, 19th century, curly maple. Dovetailed, with heart cutouts and an old finish. 18”h. 26 1/2”w. 40 1/2”l. Ex Mary and Glenn Sonner (Ohio). $200-$400

219 - 220 218 42 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

221 RUSTIC ARM CHAIR. Old Hickory, Martinsville, Indiana, 1st half-20th century. Barrel-form armchair with woven back and seat. $200-$400

222 TWO PAPER CUTTINGS. Possibly Massachusetts, 2nd quarter-19th century, paper and ink. Concentric decorative circles, inked center depicting a pair of doves, two hearts and the word “Love”. In a frame, 9” x 9”. And a half-moon cut and woven design with sawtooth edging. Found in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In a frame, 8 1/4”h. 10 3/4”w. Note on back of valentine reads “Taken from the scrap book of William Robinson and his wife Matilda daughter of Thomas Edwards of Ipwich”. Purchased at Garth’s, May 14-15, 1976, lot 421. $250-$500


223 SEVEN PIECES OF MOCHA AND YELLOWWARE. American and English, 19th century. Two miniature mocha creamers with raised checked bands, 2 3/4”, 3 1/2”h. and five pieces of yellowware. Miniature creamer, 3”h., and pepper pot with blue bands, 4”h. Together with three miniature chamber pots with blue seaweed on white bands, 1 1/2”, 2”, 2”h. Some flakes. $150-$350

224 TWO MOCHA BOWLS AND SALT. England, 1st half-19th century. All have blue stripes. Bowls, 4”h. 9 1/4”d. and 3 1/4”h. 6 1/4”d., salt, 2”h. All have edge wear. $200-$300



MOCHA PITCHER AND BOWL. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Blue and green striped pitcher, 6 1/4”h., and brown and black striped bowl, 3”h. 6 1/4”d. Imperfections. $400-$800

226 THREE PIECES OF MOCHA. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Creamer with brown bands and tooled lines, 5 1/2”h., and a tall pot with mustard bands and dome lid, 11 1/2”h. Together with a large mug with marbelized rim and incised foliate band, 4”h. All have applied handles. Imperfections. $400-$600

223 - 226

| 43

230 - 235



LONE TREE TRADING POST BY BARBARA RUTH GARVIN (CALIFORNIA, 1936-2006). Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1980 lower left. Horses and wagon near adobe buildings. 31”h. 40”w., in a frame, 40”h. 52”w. $1,000-$2,000

228 WOMAN WITH BASKET BY R.C. GORMAN (NEW MEXICO, 1932-2005). Pastel on paper, signed and dated 1985 lower left. American Indian woman with a large basket. In a frame, 43”h. 53”w. $800-$1,200



SANTA FE SUMMER PROBABLY BY MICHAEL MCGUIRE (NEW MEXICO, 20TH CENTURY). Oil on masonite, signed lower left and on back. Landscape with distant mountains. 9”h. 12”w., in a frame, 18”h. 20 1/2”w. $100-$300

230 POTTERY EFFIGY BOWL. Reputedly prehistoric American Indian. Bowl with cat’s head and tail. 6 1/2”h. $200-$400

231 229

44 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

PREHISTORIC POTTERY BOWL. Caddo culture, ca. 1200-1400, Arkansas. Incised friendship bowl. Chip.3 1/4’h. 7 1/2”d. Ex Mike Steele. $300-$500

232 CARVED PREHISTORIC EFFIGY PIPE. Mississippian culture, ca.1200-1400, Pike County, Illinois. Carved sandstone pipe in the form of a kneeling person. 9 3/4”h. Ex Byron Knobloch, ex Leo Allen. $500-$800

233 PREHISTORIC POTTERY EFFIGY WATER BOTTLE. Quapaw culture, ca.1650-1750, Jefferson County, Arkansas. Frog shaped bottle with a rattle in its head and Old Town red and white decoration. Some restoration. 8 1/2”h. Ex Harry White. $400-$800

234 PREHISTORIC POTTERY JAR. Mississippian culture, ca.1200-1600, Old Slave Plantation, Crittendon County, Kentucky. Banks noded jar with raised design and strap handles. 5 1/2”h. Found by Len Weidner. $200-$400

235 PREHISTORIC POTTERY WATER BOTTLE. Quapaw culture, ca.1200-1600, Cass County, Texas. Squared bottle with concentric circle designs. Some restoration. 8 1/2”h. Ex Roger Peterson, ex Brock Ellis. $400-$700

239 - 243


CROSSING THE YELLOWSTONE BY LOREN ENTZ (MONTANA/WYOMING, B. 1949). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Cowboys herding longhorns across the river. 42”h. 36”w., in a frame, 54 1/2”h. 48 1/2”w. $1,000-$1,500


240 PREHISTORIC POTTERY EFFIGY VESSEL. Mississippian culture, ca.1000-1600, Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Vessel in the form of a seated person. 5”h. Ex Jim VanSassen Collection. $350-$700


LANDSCAPE BY NANETTE DAVIS (TEXAS, 20TH CENTURY). Acrylic on masonite, signed and dated 1986 lower right. Detailed image of a wagon trail. Built into a frame, 28”h. 52”w. $1,000-$2,000

TWO PREHISTORIC POTTERY JARS. Early American Indian. Tapered bottle with pierced foot found in Miller County, Arkansas. Repair. 11”h. Ex Rosa Moreno. And a bulbous jar. Age splits. 7 1/2”h. $400-$600



LANDSCAPE BY JACK DUDLEY (CALIFORNIA, 1918-1996). Oil on masonite, signed lower right. River scene. 20”h. 30”w., in a frame, 29”h. 39”w. $400-$800

239 FOUR PREHISTORIC POTTERY VESSELS. Mississippian culture, ca.1000-1600, Arkansas water bottle, 3 1/2”h., and frog effigy bowl, 3 1/4”h. 5”d. Fort Ancient culture, Montour phase, ca.1550-1700, water bottle from Mason County, West Virginia, 3 1/4”h., and engraved bowl from Lawrence County, Ohio, 3”h. Ex Herb Fein Collection. All have imperfections. $400-$600



PREHISTORIC POTTERY WATER BOTTLE. Quapaw culture, ca.1650-1750, found in Carden Bottoms, Yell County, Arkansas. Caddo relief engraved surface, red decoration. Restoration. 7 1/4”h. $300-$500

243 TWO ENGRAVED PREHISTORIC POTTERY PIECES. Caddo culture, ca.1200-1700. Barkman engraved bowl from the Texarkana focus from the Hatchel site, Bowie County, Texas. 4 1/2”h. 11”d. Ex Ken Partain Collection. And an Avery engraved compound jar with scalloped rim. From the McCurtain focus, Red River Valley - Texas/Arkansas. 10”h. Both have repair. $450-$850


| 45

244 INLAID FEDERAL CHEST OF DRAWERS. Probably Pennsylvania, 1800-1820, walnut and poplar. Two over three drawers resting on bracket feet and decorated with folksy barber pole inlay. Retains period, possibly original, brasses. 44”h. 39”w. 21 1/4”d. $1,000-$2,000

245 PENNSYLVANIA JACQUARD COVERLET. Center Township, Berks County, 1847, wool and cotton. Center seam, tied Beiderwand. Large perching peacock, weaver’s name, John Kirst, in the corner blocks as well as the client, Marie Blatt. Eight-point star centerfield with fruit and floral baskets on borders. 80” x 95”. $250-$500


246 JACQUARD COVERLET. American, 1830-1860, wool and cotton. Center seam, Beiderwand in olive and natural. Star and flowering vine centerfield with double eight-point star borders. Trademark corner blocks. Full fringe. 80” x 89”. Ex Western Reserve Historical Society (Ohio). $200-$400 245


WAKING UP THE OLD MARE BY CURRIER & IVES. Chromolithograph on paper. Labeled “Printed in Oils” with some hand tinting. Large folio of horse drawn sleighs, C# 6490. Imperfections. In a frame, 22”h. 30 1/2”w. $100-$300


GOOD TIMES ON THE OLD PLANTATION BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio with passing river barge, C# 2451. Minor imperfections. In a frame, 13”h. 17”w. $200-$350

Detail 245

246 46 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012





THE GREAT MISSISSIPPI STEAMBOAT RACE BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio of the steamboats Robt. E. Lee and the Natchez under moonlight. C# 2630. Retailer’s label “Moore & Co.....Louisville, Ky”. One of the New Best 50. Some wear and toning. In a frame, 12 1/2”h. 16 1/2”w. $100-$300




MIDNIGHT RACE ON THE MISSISSIPPI BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio of steamboat race, C# 4117. Retailer’s label “Given with ‘The Home Companion’ S.L. Thorpe...Cleveland, O.” One of the New Best 50. Slight toning. In a frame, 15 3/4”h. 19 3/4”w. $200-$400


THE ENCHANTED CAVE BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio with good color, C# 1739. Minor toning and loss. In a frame, 22 3/4”h. 27”w. $150-$350



AMBER BLOWN GLASS PAN. Attributed to Mantua, Ohio, 2nd quarter-19th century. Yellow amber with swirled ribs and folded rim. One open blister. 6”d. $600-$800 | 47

253 FEDERAL TALL CASE CLOCK. American, early19th century, walnut with old refinishing. Broken-arch pediment with brass medallions, the case with chamfered corners, and the base with a quatrefoil panel. Brass movement with dial painted with birds and with a sun-moon dial in the dial arch. Imperfections. 96”h. $1,000-$2,000

254 - 258

254 MINIATURE PORTRAIT OF A MAN ON IVORY. European, 2nd quarter-19th century. Dapper young man with blue eyes. In a wooden frame, 4 1/2” x 4 1/2”. $250-$500

255 TEA CADDY. England, 1st half-19th century, mahogany and mahogany veneer. Tapered sides and lid with inlaid bone escutcheon. Two interior compartments and a mixing bowl. Imperfections. 6”h. 10 1/2”w. 4 1/2”d. $150-$300

256 PEWABIC ART POTTERY CANDLESTICK. Detroit, Michigan, early 20th century. Iridescent green and grey glaze. Impressed and paper label. 6”h. Ex Carleton Brown (Michigan), sold at Garth’s, September 1999. $150-$300


253 48 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

MINIATURE ON IVORY OF A WOMAN. American or European, 2nd quarter19th century. Small portrait of a woman in white with her hair in two ringlets. Inlaid frame, 6 1/4”h. 5 1/4”w. $200-$400


258 TRAY AND CIGAR CASE. Second half-19th century. Tin oval tray with chromolithograph of a winged Lady Liberty. Worn. 13” x 16 1/4”. And a German papier mache cigar case with leather sides. Hand painted with a nude woman on swing and “Segars” on the back. Minor wear to surface, leather has loss. 3” x 5”. $250-$450

259 FISHING BOATS (EUROPEAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, illegible signature and date (18)87 lower left. Study of boats off shore. Small patch. 16”h. 24”w., in a frame, 18 1/2”h. 26 1/2”w. $150-$350



FORK-TAILED FLYCATCHER PRINT AFTER AUDUBON (1785-1851). Handcolored lithograph printed by R. Havell, 1833. Label for The Old Print Shop. A few stains. In a frame, 31”h. 23 1/4”w. $600-$800

261 PORTRAIT OF JOHN JAMES AUDUBON BY SPENCER DOUGLASS CROCKWELL (NEW YORK, 1904-1968). Oil on masonite, monogram lower right. Audubon sketching a turkey in the wild. In a gilt frame, 31” x 31”. $300-$600

262 261


FIGHT AT THE RAIL FENCE, BUNKER HILL BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil and graphite on paper, signed lower left. Sketch of battle. 40”h. 48”w., in a frame, 43”h. 51”w. $500-$1,000


DEFENSE OF FORT WASHINGTON, 1776 BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil and graphite on paper, unsigned. Large sketch of Washington leading battle. 28”h. 45”w., in a frame, 31 1/2”h. 48”w. $500-$1,000




DEFENSE OF FORT WASHINGTON, 1776 BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, initialed lower right. Study of battle scene with minor variations from previous sketch. 12”h. 18”w., in a frame, 20”h. 26”w. $600-$1,200

265 SHERATON-STYLE SOFA. American, likely Centennial era, cherry. Good detail with turned and reeded legs and posts, shaped arms and curved back have inlaid banding. Reupholstered. 36”h. 78”l. $400-$800


| 49

Detail 266

266 HALF HULL MODEL. American or English, 19th century, pine. Carved half hull with original paint and label “DelmarMorgan Experimental Steel Hull”. Wear and some edge loss. 6”h. 50”l. $600-$900




POND SAILER. Germany, mid 20th century. Well-made wooden boat with cloth sails. Marked “SeifertBoot, Schutzmarke, Made in Germany”. 48”h. on stand, 37”l. $400-$600

CLASSICAL GAMES TABLE. American, 20th century, mahogany. Old dark varnish stain. Green felt insert and four swivel mounted cup holders. Imperfections. 28”h. 27 1/2”w. 27 1/2”d.

268 BEACH SCENE SIGNED “ROSS” (AMERICAN, LATE 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Children playing with a sailboat. 16”h. 20”w., in a gilt frame, 25 1/2”h. 29 1/2”w. $100-$300

Purchased from the J. Peterman Company, this table was used as a prop in James Cameron’s Oscar-winning movie Titanic. It can be seen in the parlor/library to which the men retire after Jack Dawson dines in the first class dining room. $400-$800

269 267

FOLK ART CANE AND CARVED EAGLE. American, late 19th-early 20th century. Cane with natural branch shaft and carved burl dog head handle. Age splits. 36 1/2”h. And a carved wood and gilt eagle with glass eyes, possibly an architectural crest. Imperfections. 8 1/2”h. 17”l. $200-$400


268 50 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

STATUE OF DOG AND TWO EAGLE PAPERWEIGHTS. American, late 19th-20th century. Hollow copper casting of a setter with black paint, 7 1/2”h. 13”l., and two cast iron eagles, one with old black paint, one with old gold paint. 3”, 3 1/4”h. $100-$200






DECORATED SEA CHEST. Nineteenth century, pine. Wrought-iron handles and decorated in green with “Maid of the Loch Loch Lomond” on the front and on the lid, a ship flying the US and Scottish flags. 19 1/2”h. 38”w. 18 1/2”d.

EASTERN SHORE HARBOR BY JOHN BANNON (BALTIMORE, B. 1933). Oil on masonite, signed lower right. Sailing boats at dock. 12”h. 16”w., in gilt frame, 19 1/2”h. 23 1/2”w. $100-$200

Located in north-central Scotland, Loch Lomond is, by area, the largest lake in Great Britain. The current Maid of the Loch is a steamer and is presently being restored. $300-$600

274 BENCH. Probably southwestern US, 19th century, pine. Paneled back and shaped legs. Older refinish. 20”h. seat, 38”h. overall 72”l. $300-$600

275 BRASS LIGHTING DEVICE. American or English, early 19th century. Iron rod trammel with brass swivel arms ending in two candle sockets. Loss to some decorative scrolls. 35”h., extended, 61”h. $300-$600


274 | 51





FOLK ART TRAIN ENGINE. American, 1st half-20th century, found materials. Steam engine made from a cast iron section of piping with threaded posts. Wooden cab with tin roof and wooden wheels attached with metal bands. Old copper paint, some loss. 10 1/4”h. 31”l. $200-$400

DECORATED CHEST OF DRAWERS. Possibly north-central Ohio, 1830-1860, poplar. Two over four drawers with scrolled stiles and feet. Retains its original, vibrant paint, including faux mahogany graining with faux crossbanding on the large drawer, and stenciled escutcheons. Retains its original pulls. 48 1/2”h. 43”w. 21 1/2”d. Ex Denny Tracey (Michigan). $500-$1,000

277 FOLK ART TRAIN ENGINE. American, late 19th century. Steam engine with a carved and turned wooden body and cast iron wheels. Old red paint. 13”h. 26”l. $200-$400

279 TEN PIECES OF TOLE AND METALWARE. American, 19th century. Two tole trays, one red, 8”9”l., bread tray, 11”l.; two containers, one with grain paint, 4 1/2”h. 6 1/2”d., one with stencil and bale handle, 4”h.; heavy tin pan, 2 1/4”h. 10 1/4”d.; scissor wick trimmers and wrought iron trivet, 3 1/4”h. Together with a late hogscraper candlestick, 7 1/4”h., and pewter chamberstick, 1 3/4”h. $50-$125


280 TWO PIECES OF TOLE. American, 2nd half-19th century. Small dome-top box attributed to Vermont. Original gold ground and worn foliate band, 3”h. 4 1/4”w. And a child’s red cup with stenciled label “A Gift”, 2”h. $100-$200



52 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

TOPSEY-TURVEY DOLL AND MIRROR. American, late 19th -1st half 20th century. Mixed fabrics doll has woman dressed in velvet, the other has an African American woman dressed in linen, 11”l. And a cast iron dressing mirror with oval swivel mirror. White over layers of paint, 15 1/2”h. $150-$300

282 RAILROAD CROSSING BELL. From Hammond, Indiana, 2nd half-19th century, brass. Old black paint. Repair. 9”h. 14”d. $200-$400



AMERICAN COUNTRY LIFE-OCTOBER AFTERNOON BY N. CURRIER. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio of a large homestead. C# 122. Imperfections. In a frame, 25”h. 31 1/2”w. $800-$1,200

284 THREE CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. Handcolored lithographs on paper. Small folios with good color. Scenery of the Catskills C# 5418. In a modern frame, 15”h. 19”w., and American Homestead-Spring C# 170, one of the “New Best 50”. In a gilt frame, 16”h. 20”w. Together with Ruffed Grouse. C# 5248. In a frame, 16”h. 20”w. Imperfections. Ex James Wyant Collection (Ohio). $300-$600



YOUNG BLOOD IN AN OLD BODY BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio of children and stagecoach with bright colors. C# 6839. In a gilt frame, 13”h. 17”w. $150-$350


288 CHIPPENDALE TILT-TOP TEA TABLE. Pennsylvania, 18th century, walnut. Molded top over a birdcage mechanism and baluster shaft, and resting on cabriole legs ending in pad feet. Imperfections. 28”h. 33”d. $300-$600



SALE OF THE PET LAMB BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio with good color. C# 5369. In a gilt frame, 13”h. 17”w. $200-$300

CHIPPENDALE MULE CHEST. New England, late 18th-early 19th century, curly maple. Two dovetailed drawers and cutout bracket feet. Refinished. 39”h. 37”w. 17”d. $600-$800


AUTUMN PASTELS BY RUTH COLE (VIRGINIA, 2ND HALF-20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower left. Impressionistic river landscape. 24”h. 30”w., in a frame, 29 1/2”h. 35 1/2”w. $100-$200




| 53




ORIENTAL RUG. Room size Bijar, ca. 1925. Blue borders, burgundy ground. 8’10” x 11’10”. $4,000-$6,000

ORIENTAL RUNNER. Northwest Persian. Geometric medallions on a red ground. 11’9” x 2’11”. $1,000-$1,500

ORIENTAL RUNNER Karaja, ca. 1930. Geometric with red ground. 2’4” x 8’8”. $500-$800






ORIENTAL RUG Hamadan. Graphic design with red and blue ground. 7’1” x 5’4”. $400-$600

TWO ORIENTAL RUGS AND A GINGER JAR. Twentieth century. Jar with blue floral hand decoration on white ground with carrying lugs and an animal finial. Imperfections. 9”h. And two contemporary oriental rugs. $150-$350

ORIENTAL RUG. Early 20th century. Shirvan. Geometric design in shades of blue, ivory and tan. Worn. 3’6” x 5’2”. $100-$200

294 ORIENTAL RUG Heriz, ca. 1930. Bold design with red ground and blue border. 5’8” x 8’1”. $1,000-$1,500


54 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

297 ORIENTAL RUG. Oushak. Floral medallion on red ground. Some wear, 3’ x 5’7”. $200-$400



298 THREE VIEWS OF MOUNT VERNON BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oils on canvas. Two are initialed and dated June, 1905, The Music Room and The River Front. Both unframed, glued to cardboard, 17 1/2”h. 21”w. And an unsigned landscape Cornfield in November. Crazing. 12”h. 16”w., in a frame, 20”h. 24”w. $300-$600

299 298

TWO INTERIOR VIEWS BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas. Studies of Washington and party inspecting the 1st silver coins struck in the US. Initialed and titled on the backing board. Splits. 13 1/2”h. 17 1/2”w. and Captured flags from Yorktown. Unsigned, titled on the backing board. 16”h. 22”w. Both unframed, glued to cardboard. $200-$400



TWO VIEWS OF MOUNT VERNON BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, initialed and dated 1905. The Stairway. Unframed, glued to cardboard, 17 1/2”h. 21 1/2”w. and The Greenhouse, 12”h. 16”w., in a frame, 20”h. 24”w. $250-$450

301 LANDSCAPE AND VIEW OF MOUNT VERNON BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 18561945). Oils on canvas. Revolutionary Battlefield at Princeton, NJ signed and dated 1909 lower right. 12”H. 16”w., in a frame, 20”h. 24”w. and the library at Mt. Vernon, initialed and dated 1905 lower left. 16”h. 12”w., in a frame, 24”h. 20”w. $300-$600 300

302 PEACOCKS SIGNED “W-WEYDEN” (AMERICAN SCHOOL, EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on plywood, signed lower right. Naïve image of peacock and peafowl. 11 1/2”h. 17 1/2”w., in a frame, 14 1/2”h. 20 1/2”w. $100-$200 301 | 55


303 HORSES BY TOM RYAN (AMERICAN, B. 1977). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Two horses in an open field. 12”h. 17”w., in a frame, 18 1/2”h. 23 1/2”w. $600-$1,200 306

304 LANDSCAPE WITH COWBOYS BY JIM REY (COLORADO/NEBRASKA, B. 1939). Oil on canvas, signed and dated (19)93 lower left. Cowboys returning to a ranch. 20”h. 30”w., in a frame, 29 1/2”h. 40”w. $600-$800


WINTER SUN BY MICHAEL LYNCH (COLORADO, B. 1950). Oil on masonite, signed and dated 1997 lower right and back. Impressionistic winter landscape with pueblos. 20 1/2”h. 30”w., in a frame, 26 3/4”h. 36 1/2”w. $600-$900

305 304

SEMANA SANTA CONCEPCION SIGNED “E. GUERRA” (AMERICAN, LATE 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Night ceremony outside the mission’s walls. 48”h. 72”w., in a frame, 61”h. 84 1/2”w. $600-$900


305 56 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

A DISTANT NOISE BY GARY LAWRENCE NIBLETT (NEW MEXICO/CALIFORNIA, B. 1943). Watercolor on paper, signed and dated (19)68 lower left. Three American Indians on horseback. In a gilt frame, 22 1/2”h. 28”w. $2,000-$4,000


308 - 312




FIVE PREHISTORIC POTTERY ITEMS. Early American Indian cultures including Quapaw, Dallas and Ft. Ancient, ca.1200-1600. Two circular trowels, 2 3/4”, 4 1/4”d., and two miniature jars, both from Tennessee. One has flint points inside. Both 2 1/2”h. Together with a redware storage jar found in Red River County, Texas. Repair. 5 1/2”h. 8 1/4”d. Ex Dan Stroud. $250-$500

PREHISTORIC POTTERY WATER BOTTLE. Mississippian culture, ca.12001600, Pemiscot County, Missouri. Raised turkey track motif on shoulder. 7”h. Ex Tom Davis. $300-$500

FOLK ART POTTERY PIECE. American Southwest, 2nd half20th century, red clay. Seven figures surrounding a candle holder. 7”h. 10”d. $75-$125

309 PREHISTORIC POTTERY EFFIGY BOTTLE. Mississippian culture, ca.14001600, Center Ridge, Conway County, Arkansas. Seated woman with painted designs. 10 1/2”h. Ex Bill Rowlett (Arkansas), Richard Meeks. $600-$900

310 PREHISTORIC POTTERY GOURD SHAPED BOTTLE. Mississippian culture, ca.1200, Paul Vernon site, Cross County, Arkansas. Old Town red and white paint with tooled band. 11”h. Ex JP Cunningham, ex Von Hilliard. $400-$800

312 PREHISTORIC POTTERY BOWL AND BOTTLE. Mississippian culture, ca.16501750, Arkansas. Plain water bottle, 8 1/2”h., and an incised friendship bowl. Age splits. 5”h. 10”d. $300-$500

313 THREE PRINTS FROM GLEASON’S PICTORIAL DRAWING-ROOM COMPANION. American, ca.1851-1855, hand colored engravings on paper. Images of Spanish missions in Texas. Images of text on the opposite side of the paper. In matching frames, 15 3/4”h. 18”w. $100-$300

315 SIX AMERICAN INDIAN BASKETS. First half-20th century. Probably Pima/Papago with dark woven designs on a lighter ground. Five are similar, 6”h. 10”d. to 1 1/2”h. 3 1/2”d. The sixth is woven from a different material, 5 1/2”h. 8”d. Varying edge damage. $200-$400

316 TWO PREHISTORIC POTTERY JARS. American Indian, probably Mississippian culture. Large ovoid pots with flared rims. One is red pottery, 16”h., the other has smoke smudges, 13”h. $200-$400

317 PERCUSSION LONG RIFLE. Marked on the octagonal barrel for Silas Fleming (Ohio). Curly maple full stock. Restoration. 57”l. $200-$400

313 | 57

318 GENRE SCENE SIGNED “WHITMAN” (EUROPEAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed and dated (18)78 lower right. Girl sitting near farm building. Repairs. 18”h. 23 1/2”w., in a gilt frame, 26”h. 31 1/4”w. $400-$800

319 TWO CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. Handcolored lithographs on paper. Small folios. The Horse Shed Stakes, Free for All C# 2942. In a frame, 14”h. 16”w. And Trotters on the Snow C# 6167. In a frame, 17”h. 21”w. Imperfections. $150-$300

320 TWO CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. Handcolored lithographs on paper. Small folio. Spring C# 5671, 11 1/4”h. 15 1/4”w., and Deer Shooting C# 1539, 13”h. 17”w. Both in frames, both with imperfections. $100-$300


321 SHERATON LADY’S DESK. New England, early 19th century, birch with old finish. High turned legs, three dovetailed, cockbeaded drawers and hinged writing shelf in base. Top has double doors, and a fitted interior with drawers and pigeon holes. Imperfections. Replaced brasses. 51 1/2”h. 39 1/2”w. 20”d. $800-$1,200



PUTNAM CALLED FROM THE PLOW BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, initialed lower right. Study of messenger and Putnam. 12”h. 16”w., in a frame, 20”h. 24”w. $300-$400


BUNKER HILL BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, initialed lower right. Sketch of militia behind a barricade. 12”h. 18”w., in a frame, 20”h. 26”w. $300-$500

320 58 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012



OLD BLACKSMITH SHOP BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Study of interior of shop in Southport, Connecticut. Minor crackling. 12”h. 16”w., in a frame, 20”h. 24”w. $200-$400




LEAVING MOUNT VERNON FOR CONTINENTAL CONGRESS BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, initialed lower right. Sketch of Washington, Patrick Henry and Pendleton outside Mt. Vernon. 9”h. 12 1/2”w., in a frame, 17”h. 20 3/4”w. $200-$400


TWO PAINTINGS OF MOUNT VERNON BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/ MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, initialed and dated June 1905 lower left. Studies of Martha in her sitting room, 16”h. 12”w., in a frame, 24”h. 20”w. And an exterior view, 11 1/2”h. 15 1/2”w., in a frame, 20”h. 24”w. $300-$600




| 59


328 327




ORIENTAL RUG. Room size Heriz, ca. 1925. Wide blue floral border, abrash blue spandrels and red ground. 10’ x 12’. $3,000-$5,000

ORIENTAL RUG. Heriz. Red ground and white spandrels. 6’5” x 8’9”. $1,000-$1,500

ORIENTAL RUG. Heriz, 1925. Good colors of blue, red and green. Some wear. 8’7”x 7’6”. $1,500-$3,000


60 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012



ORIENTAL RUNNER. Northwest Persian. Red and blue borders with red ground. 13’6” x 3’4”. $1,000-$1,500

ORIENTAL RUG. Twentieth century. Shirvan Kilim in shades of red and blue. Some loss. 4’7” x 9’. $300-$600



ORIENTAL RUG. Aftshar/Khamseh. Blue, red and white medallions with birds and animals and multiple borders. 6’2” x 9’. $2,000-$3,000

TWO ORIENTAL RUGS. Maslaghans, ca. 1940. Very similar “lightning” designs in red and blue ground with white border. Some wear. 2’5” x 4’. $100-$200

335 334





ORIENTAL RUG. Room size Heriz. Large graphic design elements on a blue ground with wide rust border. Wear. 8’10” x 11’4”. $3,000-$5,000

ORIENTAL RUG. Senneh, ca. 1925. Bold design with red border and blue ground. 6’6” x 4’6”. $1,000-$1,500

ORIENTAL RUG. Room size Tabriz, ca. 1930. Floral design on medium blue abrash ground with blue border. Some pile wear. 9’6” x 12’. $2,000-$3,000

337 HEPPLEWHITE-STYLE INLAID SIDEBOARD. American, late 19th-early 20th century, mahogany and poplar. Of diminutive size with flame veneer façade with inlay and stringing. Imperfections. 36”h. 64”w. 24”d. $800-$1,200

338 WHALE END HANGING SHELF. American, 20th century, softwood. Of typical form with red paint. 36”h. 28”w. $75-$150



ROCKING CHAIR. American, 19th century, mixed woods. Four-spindle back with splayed arms, splint seat, and old black paint. 13 1/2”h. seat, 41”h. overall. $75-$150

| 61


340 - 342




DECORATED BOX, BUTTER PADDLES AND PEASEWARE CONTAINER. American, late 19th-early 20th century. Bentwood box with lapped seams and original black paint with bowl of fruit on the lid, 4 1/2"h. 7 1/2"d., and a turned Peaseware jar with lid, 7"h. 6"d. Together with two butter paddles, 9"l. Imperfections. $250-$450

TWO LANTERNS. American, mid 19th century. Glass with pierced tin bases and tops with handles and old black paint. Heavy onion globe with tin font and burning fluid burner, 13”h., and molded globe with no font. Crack. 13”h. $200-$400

ORIENTAL RUG. Room size Kashan, 2nd quarter-20th century. Floral design on burgundy ground, camel spandrels. 10’4” x 14’. $3,000-$5,000

341 DELFT CHARGER. Netherlands, 18th century. Blue freehand decoration of a flowering tree. Marked on the bottom for The Porcelain Claw factory (16611840). Scalloped edge has flakes. 14 1/2”d. $600-$900


62 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012


AMERICAN FARM YARD-EVENING BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio of contented livestock. C# 138. Foxing and light overall toning. In a curly maple veneer frame, 24 3/4”h. 31 3/4”w. $1,500-$2,000


345 ORIENTAL RUG. Isfahan, mid 20th century. Figural with hanging urns. Abrash salmon with ivory ground. 4’8” x 6’10”. $300-$500

346 ORIENTAL RUG. Aftshar/Khamseh, ca. 1920. Geometric on dark and medium blue. 5’10” x 7’10”. $1,000-$1,500


347 - 350


347 THREE CARVED ARTICULATED DOLLS. Probably American, 2nd half-19th century, wood. Dark stained figure with carved features, chest, buttocks and protruding belly. Traces of old paint. 13”h. And doll with penciled face and jacket in old natural finish, 6 1/4”h. Together with simply made doll with penciled face in old natural finish. 7 1/4”h. All with imperfections. $250-$450

348 REDWARE FLOWER POT. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Basket shaped with a rope twist handle and coggled rims on the basket and attached saucer. Yellow slip dots, scrolls and “Ruth Scarbrouth 1824”. Loss. 8 1/2”h. 5 1/4”d. Sold at Garth’s, May 4-5, 2007, lot 860. $400-$600

349 DOLL SIZE ROCKER. American, late 19th century, pine. Old green and red paint, turned legs and posts. Scratch carved name on the underside “Irene M. Gross”. Some wear. 15”h. $150-$350



TWO GROTESQUE JUGS. Both by Reggie Meaders (White County, Georgia, 1916-2009), signed. Redware with brown alkaline glaze. 7 1/4”, 7 3/4”h. $400-$800

DECOY. American, 1st half-20th century, carved wood. Working decoy with original paint and glass eyes. Wear. 14"l. $100-$300



INLAID BIRDCAGE. Probably American, 19th century, mahogany. Well done with glass and wire panels and two glass water bottles. Slide out tray. Underside is nicely inlaid. Minor wear, missing finial. 16 3/4”h. 10 3/4” x 11”. $600-$800

TWO DECOYS. American, 1st half-20th century, carved wood. Redhead hen attributed to St. Clair Flats, Michigan. Working decoy with touched up paint and glass eyes. Some wear and shot scars, 14 1/2"l. And a decoy attributed to Pratt Mfg.. Original paint and glass eyes. Wear and age split, 14"l. $200-$400

352 SHERATON-STYLE TALL POST SINGLE BED. American, 20th century. Old dark finish. 61 1/2”h. plus hinged canopy frame with convoluted curve. Rails are 72 1/2”l. 42”w. $125-$175

353 FOUR PIECES OF REDWARE. American, mid 19th century. Crock and apple butter jar, 5”, 8 1/2”h., and two plain pie plates, 7 1/4”, 7 3/4”d. All with interior glazes and some wear. $75-$150

353C TWO DECOYS. American, late 20th century, carved wood. Two decoys with original paint and glass eyes signed "Gary Ward", dated 1975. 12"l. $100-$300

353D TWO DECOYS. American, 20th century, carved wood. Hollow decoy with repaint, 14"l. and solid decoy with repaint and glass eyes. 13 1/2"l. $100-$250

| 63

356 354






ORIENTAL RUG. Dergazine. Floral design on red ground. Added fringe. 2’6” x 4’. $75-$150

SACK-BACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. American, late 18th century, mixed woods. Splayed baluster legs and baluster arm supports. Old refinish. 17 1/2”h. seat, 39”h. overall. $250-$500

TWENTY-FOUR PIECES OF GLASS. American and English, 19th century. Decanter, 10”h.; nine tumblers, most paneled, 3 12” to 5 3/4”h.; five stemmed wines 4 1/2” to 7”h. and six mugs and tasters, 2 1/4” to 3”h. Together with three olive glass bottles, 6”, 7 1/2”, 10”h. $200-$400

355 ORIENTAL RUG. Afshar. Floral medallions on blue ground. Some wear. 3’7” x 5’10”. $250-$450

356 TWO ORIENTAL RUGS. Belouch. Overall geometric designs. Two color diamond medallion. 2’2” x 3’3” and blue and red on brown. 2’ x 3’. $100-$200

357 TWO ORIENTAL MATS. Chinese. Colorful design with black border and salmon red ground. 2’ x 2’ and a Hamadan. Diamond design in shades of red and blue. 2’ x 2’6”. $100-$200

64 | GARTH’S May 23, 2009

359 HANGING CUPBOARD. Midwestern, 19th century, pine. Two plank doors with applied pilasters. Original red paint with good surface. Interior has three fixed shelves. 36 1/2”h. 29 1/4”w. 9”d. $200-$400

360 THREE WROUGHT IRON LIGHTING DEVICES. American, 19th century. All have tripod bases with penny feet. Rush light holder with wide clasp and spring holder. One foot missing. 33”h. And a pair of double candle holders that appear to be late. Swivel arms with double candle sockets and twist finials. 34”h. $100-$300

361 DECORATED BED. American, mid 19th century, pine. Peaked headboard with original grain painting. 33 1/2”h. 52 1/2”w., rails 72”l. Ex Rick Almonrode (Ohio). $200-$400

363 PAIR OF BLOWN GLASS BOTTLES. American or European, probably 19th century. Amethyst with faintly twisted ribs on the necks. Some blisters. 7 3/4”h. $150-$350

364 TWO MOCHA PEPPER POTS. England, 1st half-19th century. Pale blue, one also has pale green band, 4 1/2”h. $75-$150

365 ORIENTAL RUG. Shirvan. Multiple borders with shades of blue and camel. 3’10” x 4’5”. $100-$200


365 366




TWO ORIENTAL MATS. Joshegan. Concentric diamonds in shades of red and blue. 2’ x 2’6” and a Sarouk. Central floral design on red. 2 x 2’6”. $100-$200

TWO MINIATURE PORTRAITS ON PAPER. American, 1st half-19th century, watercolor on paper. Profiles of young men. Smaller has brown hair, 5”h. 3 3/4”w. Larger identified on the back as “A. Stenson, Jany. 3rd, 1845”. 9 1/4”h. 8 1/4”w. Both in wooden frames. $250-$450

PAIR OF ANDIRONS AND HOOKED RUG. American, late 19th-20th century. Cast iron andirons with ring finials, 13 1/2’h., and a hooked rug on burlap with basket of flowers, 21”h. 34”w. $150-$300


PAIR OF ANDIRONS AND FEDERAL-STYLE MIRROR. American, 2nd half-19th century-20th century. Pair of cast iron cannonball finial andirons from the Ten Evck house, built 1865, Cazenovia, New York, 15”h., and a Federal-style gilt mirror. Round with convex mirror and eagle crest. 25”h. $200-$300

367 TWO ORIENTAL RUGS. Anatol. Camel with red and blue, 2’ x 3’ and red on shades of brown, 1’10” x 2’10”. Both have wear. $100 - $200

368 ORIENTAL RUG. Oushak. Roses on a gold ground. Some wear, 2’8” x 5’11”. $200-$400

369 ORIENTAL MAT. Sarouk. Floral design on red ground. 2’ x 2’6”. $150-$300

370 ORIENTAL RUG. Melayir. Floral with intricate design and ivory ground. Worn areas. 4’ x 6’. $200-$300

FOUR MINIATURE FAMILY PORTRAITS. American, ca.1840, watercolor on heavy stock. Identified as Mrs. Irvine, the family matriarch and three grandchildren, Maggie, Elize and George. The latter two have partial Whatman watermarks in the stock. In frames, 5”d., 7”h., 4”h. 4 1/4”w. and 5” x 5” respectively. $300-$400

373 WASHSTAND. American, mid 19th century, pine. Old red wash. Gallery top with cutout, turned legs, and a shelf with single dovetailed drawer. 37”h. 18 1/2” x 18 12/”. $150-$350


376 MIRROR AND COPPER PITCHER. Nineteenth-20th century. American Federal twopart mirror with carved applied half turnings and ball drops on the crest. Top panel has American eagle and flag made from colored feathers. Repair. 27”h. 14 3/4”w. And a European hammered copper water pitcher with nickel plated bands and steel handle, 13”h. $200-$400

| 65

377 TWO HANDCOLORED LITHOGRAPHS. American, 1860s. Battle of Bull Run... by Currier & Ives, C# 391. In a mat and frame, 17 1/4”h. 21 1/4”w. And Camp Belder, Baltimore, Md by E. Sachse. Stains and tears. In a frame, 15 3/4”h. 21 3/4”w. $200-$400





TWO LANDSCAPES (EUROPEAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Watercolor on paper, unsigned. Studies of Italian coastlines, both with buildings on rocky outcroppings, the top image titled Scylla. Light stains and edge loss. Both on a single unframed sheet, 13”h. 9 1/2”w. $150-$350

TWO BASKETS AND HANGING BOX. American, 2nd half-19th-20th century. Dovetailed hanging walnut box. Refinished with hole on one end. 7 3/4”h. 14 1/2”w. And two baskets. Rye straw, loss, 5”h. 12 1/2”d., and later gathering basket, 8”h. 8”d. $50-$100

379 RIVER LANDSCAPE BY E.F. MILLER (AMERICAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Watercolor on paper, signed and dated 1880 lower right. Atmospheric scene with single boat on river, possibly the Hudson River. In a gilt frame, 25 1/2”h. 20 1/2”w. $150-$350



66 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

FEDERAL TALL CASE CLOCK. American, 1800-1825, cherry and pine. Scroll-cut crest and fluted columns on the hood, and the case with fluted quarter columns and ogee bracket feet. Imperfections. 87”h. Sold at Blue Hen Auctions (Delaware, November 2011, from the estate of Thomas Clayton Frame Harrison, having descended from his ancestor, James McComb, a member of the Continental Congress from Delaware). $800-$1,200

382 TWO PEWTER COFFEE POTS American, mid 19th century. Earlier one has touch mark for Josiah Danforth (Middletown, Connecticut, 18251837), Jacobs # 100, 10 1/2”h. The other is later pigeon breasted form with wooden finial wafer. 10 1/2”h. Imperfections. $150-$350

383 TWO FOOTSTOOLS. American, 2nd half-19th century, mixed woods including cherry and pine. Both have cutout feet. Oval with dark red varnish and mortised legs, 7 1/4”h. 13”l., and rectangular with light varnished surface and dovetailed legs. 6”h. 13 1/2”l. Both have wear. $100-$300



WASHINGTON AND LAFAYETTE AT ARTILLERY CAMP BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, initialed lower right. Study of the two generals at Valley Forge. 8 1/2”h. 13”w., in a frame, 16”h. 21”w. $300-$500



MARINUS WILLET PREVENTING REMOVAL OF ARMS... BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Study of men surrounding wagons. 8”h. 12”w., in a frame, 16”h. 20”w. $250-$450




SHERATON CANOPY BED. American, 19th century, walnut and soft wood with worn graining. Turned posts. 56”h, plus curved canopy frame. Original rope rails have been extended, 55”w. 74”l. $350-$700

COOKIE CUTTERS AND HALLOWEEN ITEMS. American and German, 20th century. Three modern tin cookie cutters and five earlier cookie cutters including 9 1/2”h. man; pair of tin candlesticks, 5 1/2”h.; two tin molds, 3”, and a whistle. Together with a cast iron rooster bottle opener, African American wooden doll, papier mache jack o’lantern, 2 1/4”h., and a black Steiff cat, 4”h. $150-$350

388 THREE CANDLESTICKS, COPPER LUSTER, AND PEPPER POT. England, 19th century. Brass candlestick with push up, 9 1/2”h., pair of brass taper sticks, 4”h. Ex Phil & Jeanne Jessee (Ohio). Copper luster tumbler, 3 1/4”h., and pepper pot, 4”h. Ex Dan Dennis (Ohio). Together with a blue transfer Staffordshire pepper pot after Wilkie, woman at a well. Repair. 4 3/4”h. Ex Peter Chillingworth (Pennsylvania). $250-$450


POSTING NOTICE OF SALE OF MANOR OF FORDHAM BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, initialed lower right. Study of gathering outside house. 8 1/2”h. 11 1/2”w., in a frame, 16 1/2”h. 19 1/2”w. $250-$500


390 PAIR OF CANDLESTICKS AND A DELFT TOBACCO JAR. England, early 19th century, turned oak candlesticks. Old varnish finish and applied tin candle sockets, 23”h. Together with a 18th-century Delft tobacco jar. Hand decorated in blue on tin glaze with stylized American Indians and “St. Domingo”. Repaired. 9 1/2”h. $200-$400


| 67


DOORWAY OF NELSON HOUSE, YORKTOWN, VIRGINIA BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Sketch of building exterior. 12”h. 16”w., in a frame, 20”h. 24”w. $100-$200


OLD HOUSE BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Study of one of the few houses left standing in Fairfield, Connecticut. Crazing. 12”h. 16”w., in a frame, 20”h. 24”w. $150-$350

394 68 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012








THE OLD MINT, PHILADELPHIA, 1792 BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/ MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Fashionable entourage outside building. 10”h. 15”w., in a frame, 18”h. 24”w. $250-$450

RETREAT THROUGH THE JERSIES BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/ MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Study of Lafayette and Washington on horseback. 16”h. 12”w., in a frame, 25 1/2”h. 22”w. $400-$700


THE FIRST POST LEAVING NEW AMSTERDAM BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, initialed and dated 1907 lower right. Study of horse and rider in crowd. 8 1/2”h. 11 1/2”w., in a frame, 18”h. 21 12”w. $250-$500

LANDSCAPE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH-EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive scene of farm buildings and railroad tracks. 19”h. 25”w., in a frame, 21 1/2”h. 27 1/2”w. $100-$200




FOLK ART MATCH HOLDER. American, late 19th century, red sandstone. Well-carved tree stump with exposed roots, featuring a cross and anchor. Carved initials on the underside “FW”. 7”h. Sold at Garths, April 21, 1989. $300-$600

PEWTER CANDLESTICK. Touch mark for Rufus Dunham (Westbrook, Maine, 1837-1861), 6”h. Ex Bill Steimel (Ohio), sold at Garth’s, January 2000. $200-$400


398 FOOT WARMER AND KETTLE STAND. Nineteenth century. English pierced brass kettle stand with wrought iron hooks to go over fender, 12”l. And an American foot warmer with wooden frame and mortised turned posts. Pierced tins with hearts. Worn red stain and bale handle. 6”h. 8 1/2”w. $250-$450

SEWERTILE STUMP. Ohio, early 20th century. Hollow stump with hand tooled bark. In the making separations, one at base goes through. 11”h. Ex Jack Adamson, (Ohio). $150-$350

397 - 401



TWO BIRCHBARK CONTAINERS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Both with laced seams and wooden lids. Oval gum box, 2”h. 3 3/4”l., and a cylindrical container with impressed designs, 6”h. 4 1/4”d. $200-$400

TWO PRINTS. American. First half-19th century handcolored engraved valentine. Couple with lovebirds and verse. Stains and some wrinkles. In a velvet frame, 10 1/4”h. 9”w. And a late copy of an engraved portrait of Washington wearing Masonic regalia. In a frame, 10 3/4”h. 7 3/4”w. $100-$200

402 CORNER CUPBOARD. American, 1820-1850, cherry with old finish. Base has cutout feet with scrolled apron and paneled doors. Top has a single door with twelve panes of old glass and a molded cornice. Interior has modern pink repaint. 90”h. 43 1/4”w., fits a 29” corner. $800-$1,200

404 GRAIN SHOVEL. Shaker, 2nd half-19th century. Carved from a single piece of wood. Good patina. Edge chips. 36”l. $200-$400


| 69

408 405 - 407




TWO INUIT STONE CARVINGS. Twentieth century. Seal with partial scratch carved name “—-cassie—”, 7 1/4”l., and a bear marked “Kali—- 140800”, 11”l. $200-$400

PREHISTORIC INDIAN POTTERY JAR. American Indian, probably Mississippian culture. Large ovoid pot with flared rim. 20”h. $250-$500

TWO LANDSCAPES WITH HOUSES (AMERICAN SCHOOL, MID 19TH-EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Earlier painting of a log house with figures gathered around a horsedrawn wagon, chicken and ducks in the yard. 12 3/4”h. 16”w., in a 19th century frame, 15 1/2’h. 19 1/2”w. And early 20th century work of a three-story grey house under tall shade trees. 11”h. 15”w., in a frame, 12 1/2”h. 15 1/2”w. $150-$300


406 TWO INUIT STONE CARVINGS. Twentieth century. Swan with scratch carved name “Ning—-” and tags marked “in-na 7, Ningeesiak Ashoona”. Repair. 8”h. And a bear scratch signed “Bekoalook” and a paper label “Authentic Native Handcraft from Alaska”. 7”l. $200-$500

407 INUIT STONE CARVING. Twentieth century. Hunter with polished surface. Once held spear. Illegible scratch carving on the bottom with “96580” and a paper label “Canada Eskimo Art”. 7 1/2”h. $250-$450

409 70 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

HOG HEAVEN BY DAVID ALLEN HALBACH (ARIZONA/CALIFORNIA, B. 1931). Watercolor on paper, signed lower right. Cowboys herding cattle. In a frame, 29”h. 38 1/2”w. $900-$1,250

410 NAVAHO RUG. Twentieth century. Stepped diamond medallion in natural colors of red, white and greys. Some edge loss. 3’ x 4’. $200-$300

412 TWO PRINTS. American, late 19th-20th century. Colored landscape marked R. Atkinson Fox, 18 3/4”h. 15 3/4”w., and an etching of a horse drawn sleigh by W.C. Bauer. Signed in the plate and margin. 27”h. 34 1/2”w. Both in frames. $100-$300




DECOY. Made by Madison Mitchell (Harve de Grace, Maryland), ca.1960, carved wood. Baldpate drake with original paint and painted eyes. Working decoy with minor wear. 14 3/4”l. $100-$300

TWO DUCK CARVINGS. American, late 20th century, wood. Competition carvings of a green winged teal hen (pictured) signed “Bruce Buckley”, 10 3/4”l., and a scaup hen signed “Len Carnaghi”. 13 1/2”l. $250-$450



THREE CARVED SHOREBIRDS. American, 20th century. Plovers with original paint. Two with glass eyes impressed “Stevens”, 13 1/2”h., and an earlier one with iron hook, 11”h. All on wooden bases. $200-$400

TWO DUCK CARVINGS. American, late 20th century, wood. Competition carvings of a redhead drake signed “Randy Tull”, 13”l., and a white winged scoter drake. Unsigned. 16”l. $250-$500

415 TWO DECOYS. Carved by Fred Faith (Chincoteague, Virginia, 20th century). Both have original paint and glass eyes. Inscribed “FF”. Minor wear. 12 1/2”, 18”l. $150-$250

418 SHERATON CANOPY BED. New England, 1st half-19th century, birch and soft wood. Worn old red. Turned and reeded posts, feet posts are reeded. 64”h. plus curved canopy frame. Original rope rails 70”l. 54 1/2”w. $400-$800


413 - 415


SUNNYSIDE ON THE HUDSON BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio print, C# 5893. Glued down. Unframed, 12”h. 17 1/2”w. $100-$300


THE KING OF THE ROAD BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Large folio racing print of Dexter, C# 3336. Some professional restoration. Unframed, 22”h. 30”w. $600-$1,200


421 US GRANT BY ELIJAH C. MIDDLETON (OHIO, MID 19TH CENTURY). Lithograph on paper, label on reverse, 1864-1865. Grant in his Civil War officer’s uniform. In original oval frame, 22”h. 19”w. Middleton began printing portraits of famous Americans in the 1860s using “warranted oil colors.” $100-$300

422 PLASTER BUST OF A WOMAN. American, 2nd quarter-20th century. Molded form with rough, applied surface. Some edge flaking. 18”h. $100-$300

420 | 71

423 - 427



PAIR OF GLASS CANDLESTICKS AND A COMPOTE. Pittsburgh, mid 19th century. Pair of paneled sticks with pewter inserts, 9 1/2”h., and a flint glass compote with cut strawberry and diamond bowl. Possibly Bakewell. 7 1/2”h. 10”d. $250-$500

FINE FEDERAL-STYLE DWARF CLOCK. In the manner of John Bailey, Hanover, Massachusetts, 19001930, mahogany. Fretwork crest and columns on the hood, quarter columns, figured mahogany and inlaid decoration on the case, and resting on French feet. The rocking ship dial is inscribed “John Bayley, Hanover.” Imperfections. 52”h.


The dwarf clock was a form popularized in southeastern Massachusetts by the Bailey family of makers in the opening years of the 19th century. This particular clock is an early reproduction and was collected by the current owner’s father prior to 1939. $2,000-$4,000

SIX WINE GLASSES. Probably England, 19th century. Clear glass with wafer stems and cut panels, 4”h. $100-$200

425 PAIR OF DECANTERS. Attributed to Pittsburgh, possibly Bakewell, 2nd quarter19th century. Clear cut strawberry and diamond patter with three applied neck rings. Matching stoppers. 11”h. overall. $250-$450

426 BLOWN GLASS FOOTED DISH. American, 1st half-19th century. Clear with hollow baluster stem and ribbed bowl with folded rim. 4 3/8”h. 5 1/4”d. $300-$400


428 72 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

TWO CELERIES AND A VASE. American, mid 19th century, flint glass. Paneled celery with scalloped base, 10”h. and a cut celery with scalloped rim. Reground. 8”h. Together with a blown vase with baluster stem, 12 3/4”h. 6 1/2”d. $250-$500




PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 1ST QUARTER-19TH CENTURY). Oil on paper, unsigned. Young man seated at a desk. Old inked paper label identifies him as “Charles Kendrick, aged 20”, painted in 1814. Imperfections. 19”h. 14 1/2”w., in a frame, 27”h. 22”w. $400-$800

MIDNIGHT RACE ON THE MISSISSIPPI BY CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio of steamboat race, C# 4117. One of the New Best 50. Imperfections. Unframed, 11”h. 14”w. $200-$300


THE RUINS OF THE ABBEY BY N. CURRIER. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Medium folio of distant ruins, C# 5251. Some imperfections. In a gilt frame, 21 3/4”h. 27 3/4”w. $150-$350



A HOME IN THE COUNTRY AFTER CURRIER & IVES. Handcolored lithograph on paper. Small folio of the medium print C# 2860. Unmarked except for title. Light toning. Unframed, 10 1/4”h. 14”w. $75-$150


433 TWO SHELF CLOCKS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Gilbert clock with mahogany veneer and reverse printed panel with beehive, 16 3/4”h., and an Ingraham Grecian with bird’s-eye maple veneer, 15”h. Both with paper labels. $100-$300


434 GEORGE III CHEST-ON-CHEST. England, late 18th-early 19th century, mahogany, pine and beech secondary woods. Cutout feet and scrolled apron. Base has three dovetailed, overlapping drawers; top has wide chamfered corners with fluting, five dovetailed overlapping drawers and molded cornice. Old finish. Imperfections. 72 1/4”h. 45 3/4”w. 20 3/4”d. $1,500-$2,500

434 | 73

435 THEOREM BY DAVID ELLINGER (PENNSYLVANIA, 1913-2003). Watercolor on paper, signed at bottom and on back. Rooster with worm. In a painted frame. 8 1/2”h. 9”w. $300-$600

436 STEAMBOAT PAINTING (AMERICAN SCHOOL, MID 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. An illustration of a riverboat at shore. 36”h. 24”w., in a frame, 41”h. 29”w. $150-$350


437 MOCHA PITCHER. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Tobacco leaf on brown band. Applied handle with leaves. Imperfections. 8”h. $700-$900


438 TWO MOCHA MUGS. England, 1st half-19th century. Applied leaf ended handles. Seaweed on blue and brown with faint stenciled ER and “Pint” mark, 5”h., and green, blue and tooled stripes and bands, 5”h. Imperfections. $300-$600

437 - 439



DECORATED CANDLEBOX BY DAVID ELLINGER (PENNSYLVANIA, 1913-2003). Pine, signed on lid. Sliding lid, dovetailed box with original black graining on red. 4 34/”h. 13 3/4”l. $900-$1,200

BAND BOX. American, 2nd half-19th century. Round cardboard box with dark grey wallpaper accented with yellow accents, flowers and fish. 1867 newspaper on the inside and bottom. Wear with worn edges. 7”h. 10”d. $200-$300

440 DECORATED ARROW-BACK WINDSOR CHAIR. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Worn original graining in imitation of rosewood with green striping. Imperfections. 17 1/2”h. seat, 34”h. overall. $100-$200 440 - 442 74 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

442 FOLKSY TILT-TOP CANDLESTAND. Probably Ohio, 2nd quarter-19th century. Dark reddish-brown alligatored finish. Tripod base with delicate scrolled legs, turned column, and round top. 26”h. 17”d. Ex Mimi Morgan (Kentucky). $200-$400








JACQUARD COVERLET. Probably Ohio or Indiana, 1830-1860, wool and cotton. Center seam, double cloth in blue and white. Birds Feeding Young centerfield, three sided double buildings borders. Possible trademark corner blocks. 73” x 83”.

MARYLAND JACQUARD COVERLET. Westminster, Caroll County, 1871, wool and cotton. Two-piece Beiderwand in blue, green and red with natural. Four-rose with star centerfield and floral vine and bird border. Signed in corner block by W[illiam] H Gernand. Bright colors and full fringe. 87” x 93”.

See Brunk Auctions, September 24, 2005, lot 16,7 for identical coverlet pattern. $200-$400

NEW YORK JACQUARD COVERLET. Ithaca, Tompkins County, 1836, wool and cotton. Center seam, double weave in blue and white. Corner block reads “ Emily Jenks/ Liberty & Independence/ Ithaca/ 1836 A/ Davidson/ Fancy/ Weaver”. Eagle with shield over prancing horse on bottom border. Scotland born Archibald Davidson worked in Ithaca, advertising his “Fancy Coverlets” as early as 1831. 74” x 78”. $200-$400



JACQUARD COVERLET. American, 1830-1860, wool and cotton. Onepiece Beiderwand in red, blue and two shades of mustard with natural. Eight-point star centerfield with building borders. Single flower trademark in corner blocks. 70” x 90”. $150-$300

JACQUARD COVERLET. American, mid 19th century, wool and cotton. One-piece tied Beiderwand. Large central medallion. 81” x 81”. $250-$350

Born in Maryland, William (1823-1883) learned his trade from his father, Jacob Gernard. He purchased the weaving equipment of Andrew Kemp in 1855 and is listed as a carpet weaver in the 1860 & 1870 Caroll County census. See Anderson’s American Coverlets and Their Weavers, p.160. $300-$600

448 PAIR OF WALL SCONCES. American or English, 19th century, brass. Round mirror sconces in brass frames with floral urn finials and single candle sockets. 9 1/2”h. $200-$400 | 75



LANDSCAPE SIGNED “A. KONING” (EUROPEAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower left. Cottage on lake. 8”h.12”w., in a gilt frame, 13 1/2”h 17 1/2”w. $100-$300

FOUR BIRD PRINTS BY JOHN PRIDEAUX SELBY (ENGLISH, 1788-1867). Engravings on paper. Black and white images signed in the plates “PJ Selby” in the plates. Glossy Ibis, Red Throated Diver, Common Barnicle and Common Wild Goose. In matching frames, 32 1/2”h. 17”h. $600-$800

450 FOUR WOODBLOCK PRINTS. Japan, 2nd half-20th century. Four seasons featuring songbirds in trees. Good colors. Signed on the plates and in the margins. In mats and frames. 27”h. 18 1/2”w. $200-$300

452 PAIR OF ANDIRONS AND HOOKED MAT. American, late 19th-early 20th century. Cast iron andirons with ring finials and portrait medallions. 10 1/2”h. And a silk and wool hooked mat with a redheaded woodpecker. Some loss. 19”h. 18”w. $150-$300



THREE LIGHTING RELATED ITEMS. American, 19th century. Wrought iron sticking tommy with scrolls and cutout rooster finial. In a wooden mount, 8”h. overall. And a small tin can lamp marked “Frostburg”, 3 1/4”. Together with a pair of scissor wick trimmers, 6 1/2”l. $150-$300

BRUSH POT. Asian, mid 20th century. Hand painted blue decoration of children playing. Marked on underside. 6 1/2”h. 8”d. $200-$300



451 76 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012


PAIR OF TABLE LAMPS. Twentieth century, composition. Asian-style faux carved ivory lamps, 25”h. overall. $50-$100


456 ORIENTAL RUG. Anatol. Prayer with wide orange border and red ground. 4’ x 5’. $300-$500




ORIENTAL RUG. Karaja. Red border and medallions on white ground. 2’2” x 4’4”. $75-$125

ORIENTAL RUG. Kuba. Detailed geometric design in shades of blue and tan. 3’5” x 4’3”. $200-$400



ORIENTAL RUNNER. Oushak. Wide borders, abrash salmon ground with blue medallions. 3’6” x 11’. $400-$800

ORIENTAL RUG. Sarouk. Floral design with dark blue border and salmon ground. Good pile sheen. 3’6” x 5’. $300-$500



ORIENTAL RUG. Kirman. Multiple borders and bold colors of red and blue. 4’ x 6’. $300-$500

TWO PAINTED CARRY-ALLS. American, 19th century, pine. Both are dovetailed with cutout handles in the center divider. The larger has square nail construction and original black on red grain decoration. 7”h. 15” x 22”. The smaller has original red paint. 6”h. 10” x 11 1/2”. Both have wear. $200-$300


463 OHIO CRAZY QUILT AND CREWEL PANEL. Ohio, 1890-1900, silk. Block pattern crazy quilt decorated with embroidered designs and names. Contains campaign ribbons for William McKinley’s Ohio governor race and a printed souvenir program for the Kyle Opera Company. Imperfections. 60” x 78” Ex Western Reserve Historical Society and a 20th century hand-embroidered crewel work panel. Backed and mounted on a pole. 31”h. x 50”w. $200-$400


464 TWO FOLKY RUGS. American, late 19th-early 20th century, wool and burlap. wool yarn worked in a design of a spaniel reclining on a red rug. Imperfections. 26”h. 48”w. and a circular hooked rug in a floral pattern. Imperfections. 32” dia. $100-$200 461

465 FOUR ORIENTAL RUGS. Twentieth century. Anatol mat, 1’7” x 2’3” and an Oushak mat, 2’ x 3’8”. Some loss. Together with two modern geometric pattern rugs. Salmon ground, 2’4” x 2’6” and runner with rust ground, 3’ x 9’8”. $200-$400 459

466 SHERATON STAND. American, 2nd quarter-19th century, cherry, poplar secondary. Single board top with turned legs and one dovetailed drawer. Dark stain, some imperfections. 29”h. 19 1/2” x 19 1/2”. $75-$150 | 77



PARIAN STATUE OF ARIADNE. England, ca.1840s. Nude woman on a gothicstyle panther. Marked “Minton”. Small loss and repair. 14 1/4”h. 12”l.


The original sculpture was made by Johann Heinrich von Dannecker (Germany, 1758-1841) and was reproduced by Minton, a larger version being displayed at the Great Exhibition in 1851. $900-$1,600

468 SPENCERIAN VERSE. American, pen and ink on paper. Heart with verse on wisdom and “Rachal Arnold...1841”. Stains. In a frame, 9 1/2”h. 11 1/2”w. $300-$450



VALENTINE’S MANUAL OF THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. New York: printed by Edmund Jones and Company, 1865, 12mo. In period, custom red leather binding with gilt-stamped decoration including the New York City seal and the name “John P. Huggins.” Imperfections. $100-$200 78 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

THE PARTING BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Night time image of departing soldier. 14”h. 10 1/2”w., in a frame, 22”h. 18 3/4”w. $200-$400


THE SPINNER BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Woman at spinning wheel. 34”h. 24”w., in a frame, 37 1/2”h. 28”w. $300-$600






PAIR OF BRASS CHAMBERSTICKS AND TIN CHANDELIER. English, 19th-century chambersticks with reticulated pans, 6”d., and an American, late 20th-century punched tin chandelier with six candlearms. 14”h. 24 1/2”d. $200-$400

“BINGEN AM RHEIN” (GERMAN, 2ND QUARTER-19TH CENTURY). Ink on muslin, illegible signature at bottom. Same scene is published in William Clarkson Stanfields’s Traveling Sketches published in 1833. Not framed, 23 1/2”h. 16”w. $100-$200

FEDERAL BANQUET TABLE. American, 19th century, mahogany with old finish. Two-part, each has five turned and acanthus carved legs, “D” ends with figured mahogany veneer and banding on aprons and swing legs that support top. Imperfections. 31 3/4”h. 52 1/2”d. 96”l. when extended. $400-$800

475 SAMPLER. Probably England, 2nd quarter-19th century, silk on wool. Finely worked in minute stitches. Rows of alphabets and numbers over band of shaded roses, a central memorial with palm trees, flame stitch pattern, and urn with flowers. Signed “L Miam”. Bordered with pink silk ribbon and backed with paper and cloth. Unframed. 9”x 15 3/4”h. $200-$400

476 LANDSCAPE PAINTING (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Boys fishing at a mountain stream. 20”h. 30”w., in a modern gilt frame, 26”h. 36”w. $200-$400






SET OF FOUR QUEEN ANNE SIDE CHAIRS. England, mid 18th century, mixed woods including mahogany and fruit wood veneer. Vasiform splats. Restoration. 17 1/2” seat, 40”h. $400-$800

TWO VASES. China, 20th century, porcelain. Hand decorated. Ribbed with blue flowers, 18”h., and black with scenic reserves, 15”h. $200-$400

FIREPLACE MANTEL. American, 19th century, pine. 47 1/2”h. 57 1/2”w. $150-$300



CHIPPENDALE TILT-TOP TEA TABLE. Probably American, late 18th century, mahogany. Round top with an urn shaft and cabriole legs ending in pad feet. Imperfections. 27 1/2”h. 35”d. $300-$600

PAIR OF BRASS ANDIRONS. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Ball finials with seamed construction, slipper feet. 15”h. $200-$400

482 THREE BRASS CANDLESTICKS. England, 18th century. Two with square bases, 6”, 6 1/2”h., one with seamed construction and scalloped base, 7”h. Imperfections. $150-$300

477 - 478 | 79

483 INLAID FEDERAL TALL CASE CLOCK. Probably New York, ca.1800, mahogany and pine. Broken-arch pediment with carved floral rosettes, string-inlaid case, and ogee bracket feet. The eight-day brass movement has its original painted dial. Imperfections. 95”h. Purchased on Nantucket in the 1960s. The inside of the case has a period chalk inscription reading, “Cleaned Nov. 6, 1827 John Putnam.” Spittler, Spittler and Bailey list a John Putnam working in New York in the 1840s. $2,000-$4,000

484 THREE BRASS BOXES. European, 18th-19th century. Two Dutch tobacco boxes, one with raised lines of letters and symbols dated 1787, 5”l., and one an inscribed image of a burial along with text on the back, 6 1/4”l. Together with a thick, covered box with scalloped base and acorn finial, 6 1/2”h. $300-$500

485 MINIATURE CHEST. Found in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1st half-19th century, poplar. Dovetailed, applied moldings, till and turned feet. 9”h. 15”w. 7 1/2”d. Penciled note on bottom “Bought at the estate sale of Chas Rockefeller on Dec 2, 1895....”. $225-$450

484 - 487

487 THREE BRASS LIGHTING DEVICES. American or English, 19th century. Two similar whale oil lamps with saucer bases and finger loops. 6 3/4”h., and a taper jack with scissor clamps and stylized paw feet, 5 1/4”h. $200-$400

488 NEOCLASSICAL DINING TABLE. Baker Furniture, 20th century, mahogany. Two pedestals with splayed legs, the top with crossbanded trim. Surface scratches. 30”h. 46”w. 66”l., with three leaves. $200-$400

489 MOURNING PICTURE AND TOWEL. American or German, 4th quarter-19th century, hair and glue on glass. Weeping willow over monument. In a frame, 15 1/2”h. 13 1/2”w. And an early 19th-century hemmed linen towel with later red embroidery. 40 1/2”l. 13”w. $75-$125


483 80 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

FOUR SILHOUETTES. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Hollow cut portraits. Man and woman with embossed “Museum” labels for Peale’s Museum, and a pair of women, one with a cap. Matching frames, 5 1/2”h. 4 1/2”w. $200-$400


490 CELESTIAL GLOBE. Made by Loring, Boston, 1841. Handcolored printed globe in a cherry frame with zodiac horizon ring. Faded with dented area. 17”h. 17”d. $600-$900

491 CHIPPENDALE TILT-TOP TEA TABLE. American or English, 18th century, mahogany. Single board top, baluster shaft, and cabriole legs ending in pad feet. Refinished. 28”h. 29 1/2”d. $300-$600




DOUBLE PORTRAITS (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Brother and sister. 28 1/2”h. 24”w., in a gilt frame, 37 1/2”h. 32 1/2”w. $250-$500

493 CARVED EMPIRE MANTEL CLOCK. Asa Munger, Auburn, New York, 2nd quarter-19th century, mahogany. Flat top, carved columns, and reverse-painted tablet. Original dial and original paper retail label from Munger and Benedict (pasted against a brightly colored, block-printed wallpaper). 37 1/2”h. $300-$600

494 SET OF SIX QUEEN ANNE-STYLE CHAIRS. Twentieth century, mahogany. Vasiform splats and turned stretchers, and faux flame stitch slipseats. 17”h. seat, 38”h. overall. $200-$400

493 492

495 QUEEN ANNE-STYLE DINING TABLE. Watertown Table Slide Corporation, Wisconsin, 20th century, mahogany. Double-pedestal table with cabriole legs and pad feet. 28 3/4”h. 48”w. 66”l. plus four 12” leaves. $200-$400

496 SHERATON PEMBROKE TABLE. American, 2nd quarter-19th century, walnut and chestnut. Single drawer and reeded legs. Imperfections. 28 1/2”h. 40 3/4”d. 18 1/2”w. (closed) 31”w. (open). $150-$300

494 - 495 | 81



497 SEWERTILE LION. Clough Wheaton, Illinois, ca.1900. Relief of reclining lion. 8 1/2”h. 18”l. $200-$400

498 PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN (AMERICAN, LATE 19THEARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Woman on a swing. Rebacked on fiberboard. 36”h. 19”w., in a gilt frame, 41”h. 21”w. $100-$300


499 COASTAL SCENE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on board, signed Marie Ladbetter lower left. Lighthouse on rocky coast, ship in full sail off shore. In a frame, 14”h. 19 3/4”w. $100-$200


501 500

FOLK ART CARVING. American, 20th century. Carved wooden sparrows with original paint and bead eyes on a fungus base, 9 1/2”h. 12”w. $150-$350


501 OHIO JACQUARD COVERLET. Jacob and Michael Ardner, Mount Vernon, Knox County, 1852, wool and cotton. Center seam Beiderwand in two shades of blue and rose with natural cotton. Eagle borders. 70” x 87”. $150-$300 82 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012


FARMSTEAD (AMERICAN SCHOOL, EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on tin, unsigned. Long, low white farmhouse and outbuilding with small figure of a boy. Painted on sign advertising farm machinery in Hampton, New York. In a frame, 10”h. 22”w. $100-$200



THREE POTTERY DOGS. American, early 20th century. Two are sewertile, a begging cocker spaniel, 10 1/4”h., and a seated bulldog pup (Ohio), 4”h. Together with a white clay setter with albany glaze, 7”l. $100-$300

MINIATURE CHEST OF DRAWERS. American, 3rd quarter-19th century, pine. Three drawers with applied molding, applied molding on sides and cutout feet. Retains grungy original dark finish. 17 1/2”h. 15 1/4”w. 9”d. $225-$450



CHALK DEER AND TWO SEWERTILE PIECES. American, 19th-20th century. Small reclining chalk deer with original green and red paint, 6”h. Together with a small sewertile dog, 2 1/2”h., and pot bellied stove, 3”h. $250-$500

JACQUARD COVERLET. Franklin Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania, 1833, wool and cotton. Center seam, double weave. Small floral centerfield motifs with eagle borders. Corner blocks list weaver as “J.B.” and the client as “Hannah Maria Heagy”. 73” x 82”.


Probably woven by Jacob Biesecker (1810-1865), listed in the 1850 Adams County census as a weaver. His client, Hannah Maria Heagy (1816-1896), married John Biesecker (1810-1883) in 1834. The couple were life-long residents of Franklin Township. $200-$400

TWO STONEWARE CROCKS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Both with applied handles and brushed cobalt designs. Bird, 7”h. 9”d., and flower with impressed label “Somerset Potter’s Works”. Hairline. 7 1/4”h. 7 3/4”d. $150-$300

503 - 506


508 DECORATED BOX. Maine, ca.1840, pine. Six-board box retaining its original black paint with highly detailed floral decoration on the front side that is similar to sampler motifs. 8”h. 21 1/2”w. 11”d. Ex David Good (Ohio). $800-$1,200

510 SAWBUCK TABLE. American, 19th century, pine. Of typical form with old red paint. 28”h. 48”w. 29”d. $300-$600



DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Pennsylvania, 19th century, poplar. Bracket feet, dovetailed case, molded edge lid and till with lid. Original red and black graining. Imperfections. 23 3/4”h. 49 3/4”w. 20 1/4”d. $150-$300

FANCY WINDSOR ROCKING CHAIR. American,19th century, mixed woods. Original yellow paint with black and brown striping, brown sponged seat and foliage decoration on crest. Imperfections and wear. 41 1/2”h. $200-$400

507 | 83

512 FOUR BOTANICAL ENGRAVINGS AFTER PIERRE-ANTOINE POITEAU (FRANCE, 1766-1854). Handcolored stipple engravings from Histoire Naturelle des Orangers published Paris, 1818. Some toning and foxing. In matching frames, 22 1/2”h. 20”w. $250-$450 512


513 TWO LANTERNS. American, mid 19th century. Clear glass globes with pierced tin bases and tops with ring handles and old black paint. One has onion globe, no font. 11”h., the other has an oblong globe and glass font. Top is loose. 16 1/2”h. $200-$300

514 MAGNIFIER. Probably American, 2nd half-19th century. Table-top piece with cast iron base and clear blown glass flask that can be used as a magnifying lens. Possibly used for lace making. Old black paint. 12 1/2”h. $150-$250

513 - 515

515 THREE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Two dark blue transfers Don Quixote and the Shepherdesses, 10”d., and Villa in the Regents Park, London. Repair. 9”d. Together with a light blue Dr. Syntax Star Gazing. Impressed “Clews”. Repair. 9”d. $100-$300

516 EMPIRE HOLLOW-COLUMN MANTEL CLOCK. Clarke, Gilbert and Company, Winchester, Connecticut, mid 19th century, mahogany. Floral-painted dial, figured veneered case, and paper label. Imperfections. 28 1/4”h. $250-$500

517 516 517

84 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

CARVED EMPIRE MANTEL CLOCK. Asa Munger, Auburn, New York, 2nd quarter-19th century, mahogany. Scroll-cut crest, applied columns with carved capitals, and blown glass pulls. Dial and paper label marked for retailer Hotchkiss and Benedict, Auburn, New York. 37 1/2”h. $200-$400

518 SHELL ART CHURCH. American, 20th century. Large church with steeple and porch covered in shells. Replaced cross. 18”h. 19”w. $200-$400

519 - 521


519 DECORATED DOLL CRADLE. American, 20th century, pine. Scroll cut with grain painted exterior, 10 1/4”h. 19 1/2”w. $100-$200

520 BRIDE’S BOX. European, late 19th century. Oval bentwood box with laced seams. Hand decorated with white roses on bittersweet ground. Decoupage chromolithograph on the lid of military band. Some wear. 6”h. 17 3/4”l. $150-$350

521 PAIR OF SEWERTILE SHEEP. Probably Ohio, 20th century. Molded sheep with painted eyes. Inscribed “E.S. Grimm 4-11-70”. 8”l. $100-$300


JOHN ADAMS...1775 BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Interior of delegation proposing George Washington for Commander-in-Chief. 10”h. 16”w., in a frame, 18”h. 24 1/2”w. $200-$400


THE SPIRIT OF ‘76 BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/ MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Dated “March 14, 1906”. Sketch of man joining militia. 10”h. 14”w., in a frame, 18”h. 22 1/4”w. $200-$400



POLISHING DAY BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1903. Maid at fireplace polishing pots and pans. 51”h. 38”w., in a frame, 56 1/2”h. 43 1/2”w. $500-$800

525 PAINTING AND PRINT BY JOHN WARD DUNSMORE (MICHIGAN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1856-1945). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Sketch of the Battle of Princeton. 8”h. 12”w., in a frame, 16”h. 20 1/2”w. and a black and white photogravure of the Battle of Springfield, NJ. In a frame, 18 1/2”h. 23 1/2”w. $100-$300



526 TWO FOLKSY BIRD CARVINGS. American, late 19th-20th century, soft wood. Partridge with gesso and original paint. Tack eyes. Damage. 8 5/8”h. And a cormorant with glass eyes branded “TM” for Tom Martindale (20th century, Canada). Old paint and glass eyes. Tail repair. 18”h. 28”l. $150-$300

526 | 85

ARTIST and MAKER INDEX Amick, Robert


Hopkins, Milton



Kesler, Linda Adams

Bannon, John


Kloss, Gene

Bellows, George


Koning, A.


Brown, Harley


Lougheed, Robert


Cahoon, Martha


Lynch, Michael


Carson, Jim


McGuire, Michael


Cole, Ruth


Middleton, Elijah


Coleman, Michael


Miller, E.F.


Crockwell, Spencer Douglass


Moyer, George


Currier & Ives

21-23, 27, 28, 30, 31, 78-80, 192-195, 247-251, 283-286, 319, 320, 343, 377, 419, 420, 430-432

Davis, Nanette DeLisle, Guillaume

237 88

Derr, Peter


Dudley, Jack


Dunsmore, John Ward

Ellinger, David

262-264, 298-301, 322-326, 384-386, 391-395, 469, 470, 520-523 112, 113, 125, 131, 155, 217, 435, 439

Ennis, Cary


Entz, Loren


Faith, Fred


Fletcher, Aaron Dean


Garvin, Barbara Ruth


Gilbert, Frank


Gorman, R.C.




Guerra, E.


Halbach, David


Harvey, Gerald


86 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012


44 166 172, 173, 184


Niblett, Gary


Poiteau, Pierre-Antoine


Powell, Ace


Pummill, Robert


Rey, JIm


Rockwell, Norman


Rodriguez, Alfredo


Ryan, Tom


Sears, David


Selby, John Prideaux


Selby, John Prideux


Smith, David T.

213, 214

Smith, Henry


Teague, Donald


Trowbridge, Anna


Weyden, W.


Young, Henry


Auctioneers Jeff Jeffers, Principal Auctioneer Amelia Jeffers Steve Bemiller Andrew Richmond Dave Pritchard Kellie Seltzer Justin Arnold, Apprentice Catalog Department Susan Wise Andrew Richmond Ellice Ronsheim Judi Hill Eclectic Auctions Justin Arnold Nick Burdette Cheryl-Lynn May Operation and Transportation Jared Wells Nick Burdette George Craft Derrik Wilson Ron Scheeler Kris Klein Exhibitions Debbie Bender Accounts Receivable Toni Warner Administrative Support Debbie Bender Edie Preece Toni Warner

CEO Richard “Jeff” Jeffers

Consignor Representatives Jeff Jeffers Amelia Jeffers Steve Bemiller Andrew Richmond Jared Wells

President Amelia Jeffers

Consignment Manager Edie Preece

Executive Vice President Steve Bemiller

Appraisers Jeff Jeffers, CAGA Kristin Crump, CAGA Jared Wells, CAGA Andrew Richmond, CAGA Justin Arnold, CAGA Lisa Darke, CAGA Kim Mills


Vice President Andrew Richmond

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Real Estate Amelia Jeffers Jeff Jeffers Steve Bemiller Dave Pritchard Penny Jones Leah Rhodes

Marketing Kellie Seltzer Public Relations Christa Johnson Kellie Seltzer Subscriptions Toni Warner Internet Auction Services Debbie Bender | 87


GUARANTEE: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. continues to be committed to providing thorough descriptions that reflect our belief in service through honesty, integrity and attention to detail. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. guarantees the authenticity of origin as stated in the first bold line of the catalogue description, with the exception of amendments by any oral or written notices or announcements at the time of the auction. “Origin” is defined as the creator, period, culture, or source, as set forth in the first bold line of a lot in the catalog. Exclusions – Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms of Guarantee, Garth’s Auctions, Inc. does not guarantee the names or patterns of any Oriental rugs. All rug dimensions are approximate. Garth’s does not guarantee the authenticity of any item created before 1500. Regarding all jewelry, all weights, grades, sizes, and metal content(s) are approximate. Regarding colored stones: purchasers are reminded that colored stones and diamonds may be enhanced by using one or more techniques, including but not limited to: clarity enhancements, resins, and heat treatment. Garth’s makes no warranty express or implied to the buyer as to whether a natural stone has been enhanced. Additionally, antiques, by the very nature of their age, have wear that reflects their years of use. As a result, honest wear earned from use is to be expected and is sometimes the proof that an item is an antique. Normal wear will not be listed. Buyers who would like to know the fine points regarding condition should call prior to the auction. We would prefer that you examine the items before you place a bid. All other guarantees of authenticity of authorship, expressed or implied, are hereby disclaimed. There is no other warranty, express or implied. Each and every lot is sold “as is”.

BUYING FOR OUR ACCOUNT: The owners and employees of Garth’s Auctions, Inc. never have, nor ever will buy any item at our auction for ourselves.

LIABILITY: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. guarantees the authenticity of origin of a lot for a period of twenty-one days from the date of the auction and only to the original purchaser of record at the auction. If it is determined to Garth’s Auctions, Inc.’s satisfaction that the first bold line is incorrect, the sale will be rescinded provided the lot is returned to Garth’s Auctions, Inc. in the same condition in which it was at the time of the auction. It is also Garth’s Auctions, Inc.’s policy to have the purchaser obtain, at the purchaser’s expense, the opinion of one (or two in some cases) recognized experts in the field, mutually acceptable to Garth’s Auctions, Inc. and the purchaser, before Garth’s Auctions, Inc. determines whether to rescind the sale under the above guarantee. The purchaser’s sole remedy in the event of disputed authenticity of origin of any lot shall be the rescission of the sale and return of the original purchase price and premium paid by the purchaser. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. accepts no liability of any kind for an item after the gavel has fallen.

WITHDRAWN LOTS: Garth’s Auction, Inc. reserves the right to withdraw any property before the auction and shall have no liability whatsoever for withdrawal of the property.

SUCCESSFUL BIDDERS: The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer is the buyer. The auctioneer is the sole determinant as to who is the successful bidder. Once the auctioneer’s gavel falls, the successful bidder immediately assumes full risk and responsibility for the purchased lot.

DISPUTED AND REJECTED BIDS: The auctioneer reserves the right to re-open the bidding on the disputed lot. The auctioneer also reserves the right to reject nominal bids and to withdraw from the auction items that do not receive a bid reflective of an item’s worth. We make every attempt, for the benefit of both seller and buyer, to create lots that reflect the quality of our cataloged merchandise. Therefore, any lot not receiving an opening bid of at least $50.00 will be passed.

ESTIMATES & RESERVES: Presale estimates are intended as guides and may not be reflective of actual gavel price. Some of the items in this auction are subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and Garth’s Auctions, Inc. The reserve will not be higher than the low estimate.

DEFINITIONS OF STATEMENTS: a) “Attributed to” – work is of the period of the named artist and may be the work of that artist, but not definitely so. b) “Circle of” – work of the period closely associated with the artist or from his studio. c) “School of” – work by a pupil or follower of the artist, in his style. d) “After” – in our opinion, a copy of the work of the artist. e) “Signed” – has a signature that in our opinion is the signature of the artist. f) “Bears signature” – has signature that in our opinion might be the signature of the artist.

PREVIEWS: We encourage our clients to come and examine the items before each auction. Preview times are listed in the forward of each catalog. The stage is closed during the auction.

88 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

GARTH’S POLICY (continued)

CONDITION REPORTS: Absentee bidders should call for an updated condition report. This report supersedes the catalog description. Our staff will take a list of the items you would like examined and give you a time to call back for a detailed report. Photographs are also available for a nominal fee.

ABSENTEE BIDS: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. accepts absentee bids including internet bids. These bids are given to an experienced bidder to execute competitively. All absentee items are purchased as inexpensively as possible. Although our absentee bidding system is 100% honest, it is not foolproof and Garth’s Auctions, Inc. is not responsible for failing to execute any absentee bids. A $50.00 minimum bid is required on all lots. Absentee bids must be submitted in (a minimum of) $5.00 increments. Increments less than $5.00 will not be observed. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. also accepts telephone and live auction internet bids. For phone bidding it is to your advantage and we strongly recommend placing a “back up bid”.

BIDDING INCREMENTS Absentee and saleroom bidders should be aware of the following bidding increments, to which our auctioneers adhere: $0-500 $25 $501-1,000 $50 $1,001-3,000 $100 $3,001-5,000 $250 $5,000-10,000 $500 $10,000-30,000 $1,000 or auctioneer’s discretion $30,000-50,000 $2,500 or auctioneers discretion $50,000 & up Auctioneer’s discretion

BUYERS PREMIUM: A buyer’s premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payable by the purchaser as part of the total purchase price. The buyer’s premium is 17.5% of the successful bid price of each lot up to and including $100,000, and 12.5% on any amount in excess of $100,000.

SALES TAX: Buyers are required to pay state and local sales tax unless exempted by law. If exempt, buyers must file a tax exemption form with Garth’s Auctions, Inc. before any exemption can be made.

PAYMENT: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. accepts cash, personal and certified checks or VISA® and MasterCard® as payment for items purchased. Current identification (valid driver’s license) may be required. Garth's accepts payment in USD only; any currency-conversion fees are at the expense of the buyer. Wire transfer information is available by contacting our office. Items may not leave the premises until payment is made. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise until a check has cleared. A fee of $50 will be assessed on all returned checks. If payment has not been initiated within 10 days after the auction, Garth's reserves the right to charge the credit card on file. A fee of 1.5% per month of the total invoice, in addition to storage charges, will be charged (minimum finance charge $10) on all invoices not paid by the 28th day after the auction.

PACKING AND SHIPPING: Clients are invited to pick-up purchased items at our auction location during regular business hours or have items shipped by a company of their choosing. Should you require shipping assistance, please call us or visit the shipping concierge page on our website for a list of suggested shipping contractors. If you plan to pick-up your items, please let Garth's know as soon as possible, so that we may have items accessible for you. Purchasers utilizing shipping services will be charged by the company selected for packing, handling, postage and insurance. Garth's Auctions, Inc. is in no way responsible for the acts or omissions of independent contractors, packers or carriers of purchased merchandise. *Note: Regarding the shipment of firearms: please be aware that many restrictions apply to the international shipment of firearms, antique or otherwise. Ivory cannot be shipped outside of the USA. Your winning bid will not be canceled, rescinded, or retracted due to an international shipping limitation. It is your responsibility to resolve shipping issues PRIOR to bidding in this (or any other) auction.

STORAGE: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. requires that purchased items must be removed from the premises within 15 days of the auction unless other arrangements have been made. A notice of 24 hours must be given before items are picked up. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to charge a fee of $5 per day, per item, if not removed within the requested time frame. Items not removed after 60 days may, at the discretion of Garth’s Auctions, Inc., be sold without notice to the original purchaser, to cover the cost of the merchandise and storage charges. Items are stored at the buyer’s risk. | 89

GARTH’S POLICY (continued)

ONLINE BIDDING: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. may offer online bidding on specific catalogued auctions. For availability and online bidding policies visit our website

FIREARMS: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. follows all Federal Firearms Regulations. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: Bidding on any item indicates the bidder’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of Garth’s Auctions, Inc.’s policy. We would like to thank you for your interest and participation.

OTHER INFORMATION FOR OUR CUSTOMERS CATALOG SUBSCRIPTIONS: $165.00 per year. All catalogues. (Includes complimentary subscription to Garth’s Eclectic Auction Brochures, $15.00 value). We are now accepting VISA® and MasterCard® for subscriptions and catalogue orders. Call 740.362.4771 or email

CONSIGNMENTS: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. will assist you by selling one item, a collection or an entire estate. For consignment inquiries and appointments call one of our representatives: Jeff Jeffers, Steve Bemiller, Andrew Richmond or Jared Wells. Garth’s Auctions, Inc. is also licensed to sell real estate.

TRUSTS AND ESTATES: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. often works with bankers, trust officers, lawyers and others with the responsibility for dispersing estates. We will work with you and your representative to discuss you estate planning needs.

APPRAISALS: Garth’s Auctions, Inc. provides appraisal services for insurance, estate tax, family division and other purposes.


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* Discount may be given to Garth’s customers at time of reervation. * Family pets may be welcome. Confirm when making reservation. 90 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

Bravo Columbus Fish Market Hoggy’s J Gilberts O’Charley’s Polaris Grill Roadhouse Grill

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92 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012


I have examined these items.


Bidder No.

Street: City:


Telephone #:

Fax #:

Zip: Email:

Garth’s may, on my behalf, enter bids on the following lots to the maximum price I have indicated for each lot. I understand that if my bid is successful, the purchase price will be the sum of my final bid plus a premium (see policy) of the bid and an applicable sales tax. Garth’s will execute these bids competitively and make all reasonable attempts to purchase items as inexpensively as possible. Garth’s absentee bidding system is 100% honest but is not foolproof. Absentee bidders are subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in Garth’s policy in the catalog. CATALOG or LOT NUMB ER


To allow us to process your bids, bidders not yet known to Garth’s should supply the following information at least 3 days prior to the auction. We thank you!

Name of Bank:


Contact Person:

ANY QUESTIONS CALL (740) 362-4771

Address of Branch:

Branch Phone No.: Branch Fax No.: Your Signature: (I authorize Garth’s Auction to contact the above institution.) Credit Card Number:

Exp. Date: (Visa & Mastercard Only) | 93

  w ww. ohi o c ountr y.c om + 513-7 3 8 -7 2 5 6

94 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

Where Antiques Week in Philadelphia Begins... FR I DAY, APRIL FRIDAY, APR I L 2 27 7 10AM-6PM 10AM-6P M $15



The 23rd Street Armory Antiques Show 2012 Join us for a three day quality show and sale featuring 45 nationally recognized American, English and Asian exhibitors spanning the 18th through early 20th centuries.

Special Show Exhibit Ted & Jennifer Fuehr American Spirit Antiques Axtell Antiques Baldwin House Antiques Melissa Bourque Antiques Britannia House Antiques Martin Chasin Fine Arts, LLC John Chaski Antiques DBR Antiques - Doug Ramsay Kocian DePasqua Dover House Antiques Christopher & Bernadette Evans Funston Antiques Pat & Rich Garthoeffner Gemini Antiques Ltd. James B. Grievo Antiques Otto & Susan Hart

Holden Antiques David H. Horst Antiques Jewett-Berdan William R. & Teresa F. Kurau Joseph J. Lodge Christine Magne, Antiquaire L. Malcolm Magruder Zane Moss Antiques Neverbird Antiques Thurston Nichols American Antiques Hilary & Paulette Nolan The Norwoods’ Spirit of America Piccolo Art Mario Pollo Port ‘N Starboard Gallery Gene Pratt-Rodney McDonald Howard Price Fine Art

R and S Antiques R.G.L. Antiques John H. Rogers, Antiques CAFS LLC SAJE Americana Salt Box Antiques Shaia of Williamsburg Stephen/Douglas Antiques Steve Smoot Antiques Ed Weissman Antiquarian Chuck White Michael Whittemore Antiques & Folk Art Charles Wilson, Antiques & Folk Art Bette & Melvyn Wolf, Inc.

BARN STAR PRODUCTIONS Show Phone: (914) 474-8552 Office: (845) 876-0616 Find Us On Facebook!

SHOW LOCATION First Troop Armory 22 South 23rd St (Btwn Market & Chestnut) Philadelphia, PA


96 | GARTH’S March 31, 2012

Front Cover: 86, 96, 148, 254, 484, 198, 49 Inside Front Cover: 21

Inside Back Cover: 103 Back Cover: 7, 8, 32, 50, 441


Early American Antiques & Decorative Arts

March 31, 2012

P.O. Box 3 69 Delaware O hi o 43015

Garth's Auctions: March 2012 Early American Antiques & Decorative Arts Catalog  

Americana Auction: Saturday, March 31 at 10:00 am featuring Early American Antiques and Decorative Arts including the Southwest Art Collecti...

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