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kalmar werkstätten Kalmar Werkstätten celebrates the historic lighting manufacture Kalmar. Since the project’s launch in 2009, Kalmar Werkstätten has issued designs based on drawings found in the Kalmar archives and selected for today’s residential and commercial interiors. Specifically these lamps, chandeliers, and sconces spotlight the Secession and Wiener Werkstätten, movements in which the company was intimately involved, thanks to working relationships second-generation owner Julius Theodor Kalmar had established with the great talents including Josef Hoffmann and Adolf Loos. They rediscover Austrian modernism’s directness of form, honest expression of industry and craftsmanship, and dedication to time-honored materials - and are contemporary heirlooms in their own right. Collaborating with a choice group of emerging and established talent, Kalmar Werkstätten is releasing light fixtures whose designs are chosen from the Kalmar archive and adapted for today’s residential and commercial interiors.

profile After assisting Kalmar lighting in trade show presentations during 2009, in 2010 garth™ accepted the co-creative direction responsibilities of the Kalmar Werkstätten brand in collaboration with Nicolo Taliani. In this collaboration the initial steps taken focused on brand development and creative direction. With a systematic design approach garth™ created systems for presentation, ranging from printed material to exhibitions. Strategies of marketing and new business development were also established and successfully implemented. To complete Kalmar’s brand regenesis, lighting objects were designed to embody the DNA of the existing Werkstätten products. These works where not only intended to align with the trends and esthetic principles of the current high-end lighting market, but also the heritage of Kalmar lighting’s Werkstätten brand.

garth™ garthTM is a Berlin based design studio focusing on product design, and creative direction. With a systematic design approach the studio creates and implements innovative design strategies and distinctive dynamic designs for cultural, social and business clients. The studio’s mentality is ideas led, project specific and grounded on analytic thinking. We believe design to be experimental, dynamic and useful. Therefore we approach each commission individually from a multi-disciplinary perspective, and emphasize the intrinsic characteristics of each project to create innovative, well-crafted design solutions and self initiated projects with a passion for detail, functionality and beauty.

garth garth™ is headed by garth roberts. He founded the studio in 2009 after a series of pop-up studios project with Universities in Milan, Berlin and New York. Previously he worked in the studios of Jeffrey Bernett and Patricia Urquiola. Since summer 2007 he has been based in Berlin, Germany but continues working relations between Milan, Berlin and New York. The studio works in different fields of product design and creative direction, developing solutions for a wide range of venues from high-end furniture to contemporary art. We consult and design identity & branding systems, brand analysis and development, home accessories, lighting, furniture, retail interiors, collaborative marketing strategies, product packaging, spacial installations, hospitality interiors and product exhibitions.

tel + 1 (347) 274 8768 mail info(at) (mailto: (

Kalmar Werkstätten  

This document is a visual overview of the garth™ projects for Kalmar Werkstätten brand of Kalmar Lighting. The scope of these works ranges f...

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