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1426 Main Street Columbia, SC 29201

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Annie Drowne CREATIVE DIRECTOR Daniel Shelley ART DIRECTOR Kristmar Muldrow EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Xavier Edwards MANAGING EDITOR Kiante Chapman PHOTO EDITOR Makena Cummings ASSISTANT PHOTO EDITORS Lauren Creel Morgan Epperson ONLINE EDITOR Chris Rosa PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR Tilden Brighton VIDEOGRAPHER Alexander Grosse STYLE EDITOR Julia Nicholson EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Kaitlyn Campbell, Deborah Swearingen COPY EDITOR Caitlin Edahl, Richard Lipkin WRITERS Alice Barraclough, Khadijah Dennis, Sarah Ferraro, Rebecca Maurer, Caitlyn Mcguire, Kalyn Oyer, Tommy Robelot, Alyson Russo, Shelby Sipperly, Deborah Swearingen, Shenay Turner PHOTOGRAPHERS Liz Bailey, Heather Midkiff DESIGNERS Lisa Ashworth, Ashley Crompton, Hillary Dadouris, Alden Earl, Emily Greenwell, Casey Ksau, Landon Masters, Andy Szakovits PUBLIC RELATIONS Sarah Barreca, Casey Brandt, Angela Cooper, Averie Faulkner, Walker Fritz, Alana Fuscardo, Jessica Gorman, Joanna Goude, Rachel Holyfield, Richard Kelleher, Katie Northcutt, Aly Russo, Ally Soule, Erin Spencer, Kelsey Spencer, Elissa Visotski DIRECTOR OF STUDENT MEDIA ADVERTISING MANAGER CREATIVE MANAGER PRODUCTION MANAGER BUSINESS MANAGER FACULTY ADVISER

Scott Lindenberg Sarah Scarborough Edgar Santana Degan Cheek Kristine Capps Scott Farrand

ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVES Claire Potts, Trevor Begley, Michele Dressler, Layla Ferjani, Amber Grant, Ian Peacock, Frank Pisco, Jake Rose CREATIVE SERVICES Carly Keith, George Hinchliffe, Angelina LeGare, Spenser Weeks, Evan Wu

ADVERTISING (803) 777-3018 TO CONTACT G&B, EMAIL GANDBE@SC.EDU OR VISIT WWW.GANDBMAGAZINE.COM Garnet & Black magazine is produced four times a year by students of the University of South Carolina and is distributed free to members of the University community. All editors and staff members can be contacted at (803) 777-1149. The office is located in Russell House room 339. Email letters to the editor to or to Garnet & Black magazine, Student Media, 1400 Greene Street, Columbia, SC 29208. Letters should be 250-400 words and must include name, address, phone number and academic information (if applicable). Garnet & Black reserves the right to edit for libel, style and space. Anonymous letters will not be published. 4 | GARNET & BLACK 2014

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3/30/14 5:10 PM

KALYN OYER Kalyn Oyer is a third-year public relations major who has been writing for Garnet and Black since freshman year. For this issue, Oyer wrote “Beyond the Classroom” on p. 23, which highlights impressive students around campus. She loves in-depth interviews with interesting people, so this story was right up her alley. Though Oyer’s main passion is music journalism, she always appreciates an opportunity to expand her skills.

ANDREW SZAKOVITS HEATHER MIDKIFF Heather Midkiff is a first-year visual communications major. When asked why she chose that as her major she said, “I love all the different things I can do with that after college. I especially love photography because of how you can capture an entire story into one small photo.” Check out Heather’s photos for the Superlatives on p. 9.

Fourth-year visual communications major Andrew Szakovits is a designer for G&B. “After working on G&B for a few issues, I definitely recommend people go ahead and begin helping out with organizations as early as they can” He says, “don’t wait till you’re going to be a senior and regret not being a part of something that could turn into a great experience.” See his design on p. 12.

ASHLEY CROMPTON Ashley is a third-year graphic design student. She has worked with G&B before as a designer, but this is her first time modeling as well. “The G&B shoot was an incredible experience and different than anything I have ever done before. It was very creative and was fun to have the Wes Anderson theme to it.” Check it out on p. 30.

We proudly carry the following brands: LO E F F L E R R A N DA L L • PA R K E R B E L L E B Y S I G E R S O N M O R R I S O N • DA N N I J O J EW E L RY S U P E RG A • M I L LY • T I B I • R E B E C C A TAY LO R TO RY B U RC H • J B R A N D • R AG & B O N E TUCKER • VINCE • 3.1 PHILLIP LIM

@ S H O P VA N J E A N


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2 7 3 4 D EV I N E S T R E E T

C O LU M B I A , S O U T H C A RO L I NA 2 9 2 0 5

3/30/14 5:10 PM

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LETTER from the EDITOR It’s been hard to write this final letter without sounding like either a Garnet & Black spokesperson or USC ambassador. I just seem to find myself rambling on about all my positive experiences from both and how I genuinely cannot believe that they’re coming to an end. I guess it could be a lot worse, though. But seriously, if you are a freshman and reading this I envy you. At the risk of sounding cliché, coming to school here has been one of the best decisions of my life and the four years here absolutely flew by. So if you’re a senior reading this, then here’s to making the rest of our time here count. My thoughts on how to make every moment count? Knowing that: there’s plenty of time to sleep later in life, succeeding outside the classroom is the most rewarding, you shouldn’t regret any of those Groucho trips on Saturday mornings, it’s perfectly acceptable to spend a night watching Netflix... but going to Five Points will almost always give you better memories, it’s okay to make stupid mistakes, not forgetting to take in how gorgeous this campus is, and your friendships and memories in college will be stronger and more important than any others you’ve had.

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Some of the most remarkable and inspiring friends I’ve ever had are by my side in the picture above. The staff that I had the pleasure of working with this past year has been such an unbelievable group of hard-working, wonderful people that I owe so much to. I would like to thank them for the endless amount of work they put in here and my position would not have been anywhere near as rewarding without them. If it weren’t for them, I probably would have hid under my desk all day. I truly cannot wait to see the amazing places that each and every one of you go. As for me? I haven’t the slightest clue what I will be doing after I graduate. Quite frankly, I have no idea what I’ll even do with myself after this issue is completed. Hopefully one day I’ll be living in NYC or London, but in the meantime I am perfectly content with moving home and have my parents cook and do my laundry for me (thanks guys!). What I do know, however, is that nothing will compare to the time I got to spend here. Is it too early to start scheduling trips back? I’ll be seeing you again, Carolina.

3/30/14 5:11 PM


Russell House Suite 227U

710 Pulaski St, Columbia SC 29201 4480 Rosewood Dr, Columbia SC 29209


This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration and is an Equal Housing Lender.

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2014 GARNET & BLACK | 9

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we’re all this...

the hero awards. primary healthcare. get-yourself-tested. prescription drugs. commit to get fit. resting metabolic rate testing. tobacco cessation resources. choose to lose. urgent care. specialized women’s care. birth control. family planning. laboratory services. psychiatric services. add/adhd management. suicide prevention gatekeeper training. group counseling. couples counseling. community support meetings. good advice. crisis intervention services. referral services. substance abuse assessment and counseling. std/sti testing. glbtq support. anxiety management. survivors’ therapy. self-hypnosis & relaxation/stress relief training. stand up carolina. pre-doctoral psychology internship program. changing carolina peer educators. eating disorder management team. physical therapy. blood pressure measurement. body fat percentage measurement. cholesterol/lipid testing. glucose screening. sexual & reproductive health consultations. presentations on popular health topics. exercise consultations. fitness assessments. medgem metabolic testing. eating disorder management team. grocery store tours. cooking demonstrations. one-on-one nutrition consultations. break time, lunchtime, anytime strength training. fitstop. diabetes prevention. colon cancer awareness. over the counter pharmacy products. insurance filing. prescription transfers. online prescription refills. allergy, immunization & travel clinic. physicals. project condom. carolina beautiful: celebrate your body week. clothesline project. walk a mile in her shoes. women’s selfdefense class. sexual assault &interpersonal violence survivor advocacy. national denim day. stress management. flu shot drive-through clinics. heart walk. sweet success diabetes management. mindfulness training. gamecock health magazine. 24/7 first responders. sports medicine. dine with the dietitian. individual counseling. healthy holidays challenge. stalking information fair. world aids day.


HEALTH Services

and a whole lot more.

Learn more about our services & programs at Like us: Follow us on Twitter: @UofSCshs

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ces. g. isis






nim etes . nge.


rams u/shs Cshs Cshs

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Late Night HEALTH


The f word. I know what you’re thinking, but that’s not what I’m talking about it. The f word I’ve got on the brain is greasy, delicious, and highly addictive – food. There’s no denying it. We begin most nights out looking to have a good time with our friends, but somehow we always end up in the Cookout drive-thru, impatiently waiting to devour our chicken quesadillas and slurp our milkshakes up through a frozen straw. Does it have to be this way, though? The problem might seem simply too tough to tackle. Eating healthy can be difficult, particularly in the early hours of the morning. Most of us can agree that what’s fun trumps what’s healthy. So, how can we compromise? Your friends at Garnet & Black are here to help. We have compiled a late-night healthy eating guide to assist you in making the right decision... even after a few drinks.

MCDONALD’S Shocked to see McDonald’s on this list? Like many places, it’s all about what you order. Not every item on the menu has the same caloric value as a Big Mac. Ordering three double quarter pounders might sound enticing at 3 a.m., but that’s probably not your best bet. Luckily, Mickey D’s has a variety of foods to choose from. Opt for a Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap, Egg White Delight, six piece McNuggets, or small vanilla ice cream cone. A plain hamburger has just 250 calories. I’d be willing to bet you’re probably going to be hankering for some fries to go with the burger, but just keep portions in mind. A kid’s order of fries has only 100 calories, compared to the 500 in alarge order.

SONIC How can a place this delicious be open 24 hours? Sonic was made to satisfy the late-night cravings that intensify with every downed drink. Sonic is worse than some of the other restaurants on this list, so it is absolutely essential to understand how to make a good decision in the face of temptation. The Junior burger and chicken strip snack are both great choices – each will fill you up but ensure that your belt buckle doesn’t need loosening. Sitting at approximately one-third of the calories of the Sonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger, the Junior burger has 330 calories and 6 grams of saturated fat. The vanilla dish is the perfect accommodation for any of you with a sweet tooth. It has 240 calories. Craving a cone? The vanilla cone has just 10 more calories than the dish.

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3/30/14 5:12 PM

PITA PIT Want all of the deliciousness of a sandwich or quesadilla but without the carbs? Sure, maybe I sound like advertisement, but if your answer was yes, then Pita Pit really is the late-night place for you. Here, you have the option of either a wheat pita or a white pita. You can get a meat pita, veggie pita, or even a breakfast pita (at all hours of the night). There really is something for everyone. Mix and match toppings makes for the ultimate form of customization. Try the Philly cheesesteak – I promise you won’t be disappointed. At 350 calories, it falls in the middle of the pack of meat pitas. The turkey pita has just 290 calories, making it the healthiest calorie-wise. If you’re looking for something with low sodium, go for the buffalo chicken or plain chicken breast. Each has just 630 mg of sodium compared to the 690 mg in the Philly cheesesteak and the 1350 mg in the turkey. Are you a vegetarian? If you are or even if you’re just on a quest for a clean late-night snack, you’re definitely in luck here. There isn’t a single veggie pita that goes over 420 calories. The Garden Pita has 200 calories – less than a medium order of fries at McDonald’s.

WENDY’S Now that the Wendy’s on Assembly has been transformed into a five-star dining arena, it’s time we put it to use for our in toxicated excursions. Like McDonald’s, Wendy’s is a restaurant where some menu items will definitely cause you some heartache. But if healthy eating truly is the goal, then you have to do your best to ignore the urge to order a Baconator. The Baconator has a whopping 940 calories. That’s just about half of what the USDA estimates a person age 21-25 needs in an entire day. Instead, try the Jr. Cheeseburger or Ultimate Chicken Grill. The Jr. Cheeseburger is 290 calories. Not too bad, right? I can’t think of anything much tastier than cheese after a night of shenanigans. If you’re craving something sweet, treat yourself to a Junior Frosty! At only 160 calories and 4 grams of fat, it’s actually one of the best options on the entire menu.

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JIMMY JOHN’S After a night in Five Points, this is the prime location for a wholesome snack. Sandwiches are yummy and good for you all at the same time. But the more you stuff on a sandwich, the unhealthier it gets. Try and play it safe in the extra meat and cheese department. Ordering wheat bread instead of white is always a go-to move when you’re trying to keep a clean diet. Lots of us love mayo, and most might have trouble saying no completely. If you fall into this category, you should try lite mayonnaise. It’s much healthier, and there is hardly any taste difference. That being said, cutting out the mayo altogether trims over 100 calories off the sandwich. My personal favorite? The Turkey Tom. When ordered with wheat bread, easy turkey, and no mayonnaise, the sandwich has 380 calories. The carbohydrates and protein are certain to leave you full and satisfied, but the lack of grease will ensure you finish your food guilt-free. Feeling a bit adventurous? Try an Unwich – Jimmy John’s version of a lettuce wrap. Swapping a lettuce wrap for wheat or white bread shaves close to 300 calories off of the meal.

3/30/14 5:12 PM


We proudly carry the following brands: C H A N T E C A I L L E • NA R S • S T I L A • TA RT E • S M A S H B OX K EV Y N AU C O I N • M A R I O BA D E S C U • S T. T RO P E Z F R E S H • F R E D E R I C F E K KA I • A RT O F S H AV I N G


WWW.SHOPPOUT.COM 803.254.5051

2 8 5 0 D EV I N E S T R E E T

C O LU M B I A , S O U T H C A RO L I NA 2 9 2 0 5


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Mass TiMes

Saturday — 4:30pm Sunday — 9 & 11am

addiTional Mass TiMes during acadeMic school year

Sunday — 5 & 7pm

Come join us at 1610 Greene Street on the USC campus. *FULL_SUMMER 2014.indd 22

StTM_G&B_Ad.indd 1

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3/7/14 11:10 AM




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bass AU STIN LAN G Guitar& vocals T I M BY R D

e v e ry t h

ing else D


ING drum



24 | GARNET & BLACK 2014

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BE a music

ian and a

n advoca te for yo

ur fellow


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2014 GARNET & BLACK | 25

3/30/14 5:13 PM


n n n

80 *FULL_SUMMER 2014.indd 26

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Live closer to campus. n Furnished apts. n New flooring n New furniture

n Flat panel HDTV n Updated kitchens n Wireless Internet

803.772.2200 *FULL_SUMMER 2014.indd 27

n Fitness center n Tanning bed n Shuttle to USC 3/30/14 5:13 PM


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Pou yo Pour Po your y A Art rt out


All brushes, canvas, acrylic paint, and aprons are provided.


ry the new artistic and cultural experience at Studio Cellar’s paint and sip place in the Vista of Coumbia, SC. No skills neded, our instructors are here to guide the way with helpful tips and inspiration. If that isn’t enough, we sell wine, beer and champagne for liquid encouragement.Studio Cellar is great for parties, groups, mixers or just to detox from school stress. You can reserve seats for a fun, entertaining and instructional class or just walk in to the Paint Bar at any time and go at it freestyle!

off Paint Class

Not valid without student I.D.

Liquid Inspiration is Available For Purchase (Must be 21)

Coupon Code: GOCOCKS Expires 4/1/15

1. Visit 2. Click on the Calendar 3. Pick the class you want 4. Purchase your seats 5. Enter Coupon Code

Come out, explore something fun and new! Artist or not, you’ll love it here.

Open weekdays at 5pm and noon on Saturdays and Sundays 912 Lady Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-929-0709

If you are under the age of 21, it is against the law to buy alcoholic beverages. All ABC regulations enforced.

Still living in

Black &


Color! 1051 Southern Dr. Columbia, SC 29201 803-255-0170

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A P P LY O N L I N E F O R FA L L 2 0 1 4



GARNET RIVER WALK • UNIVERSITY OAKS great locations to campus & the stadium + fully furnished apartments + washer & dryer included fitness centers + computer centers + free tanning + swimming pools with hot tubs pet friendly + individual leases + roommate matching available

Fees and amenities are subject to change. See office for details.

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It’s Friday night! How are ya feelin’?

Ready to RAGE

Chill night

Are you a freshman?

Do you even want to go out?


I need a drink!


Do you graduate soon?

What’s your jam? “That’s My Kind of Night” - Luke Bryan Are you involved in Greek Life? Hell yeah!



Enjoy your cheap drinks (great way to save money for more), especially if it’s a Monday! Watch out for the hill, though. It can be tricky.


Take it easy with your craft beer and your pals. This place is the ultimate location for a relaxed night out because of their good food and even better live singers.




Def not

Not really...

Who are you with?

A group of people



Is this even a question? You don’t have that much longer for this. Come on, now.

No Pop in a movie and put on those sweat pants. Everyone deserves a night off.

My two best friends


Is tonight going to be the night that you ride the mechanical bull? Remember though, it doesn’t count unless your friends snapchat it to everyone you know.

Let’s be honest, fishbowls are the most fun drink out of every place downtown. Definitely bring your group of friends here tonight and split one. Or two.

Grab yourself a $1 Natty and hop up on the benches to belt out every song that plays. Don’t forget to let the bartender know if it’s your “birthday” for a free shot.

What’s that? I think we hear the porch calling your name. Have all your friends meet you out back and enjoy the beautiful Carolina weather.




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Profile for Garnet & Black Magazine

Summer 2014  

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