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Garmon introduces “GreenScreen ® for Safer Chemicals” certification in the apparel industry, to let the fashion world enjoy beautiful garments produced through truly safe chemicals. Garmon’s being awarded GreenScreen® certification is part of the groundbreaking “Green of Change”, Garmon’s platform matching love for fashion, technical mastery and respect for the planet.

Garmon changes the paradigm in fashion, introducing the GreenScreen® certification to the apparel industry. It is indeed the first specialty chemical supplier to comply with this revolutionary worldwide leading standard, a publicly available and transparent chemical hazard screening method developed by the NGO “Clean Production Action” (CPA).

Garmon, a pioneer of the revolution. Garmon is the advanced chemical supplier for the apparel world that provides worldwide fashion players with advanced solutions to give wearers exactly what they ask for: garments enhanced by modern and beautiful fashion treatments that are safe for them and for the planet. Garmon is the only company contractually granted a 2-year license on the GreenScreen® trademark in apparel.

Green is the new black: fashion welcomes GreenScreen® products. Environmental issues will be the driving topic affecting business in the next 10 years, challenging the way companies manufacture, use and distribute chemicals. Fashion brands and laundries can indeed no longer just promise future change: an answers must be given now. “GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals” is what ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Joint Map (2013) recommends as the best tool to assess the safety of chemicals.

While other certification protocols are property of specific associations or companies, GreenScreen® is revolutionary in the sense that it is open and freely accessible. GreenScreen® moves away from any transience and temporariness and is instead a symbol of solid commitment to the environment. It allows brands that choose this certification path to be counted as leading design and ethical icons. It shows the world that responsible developments and production with zero aesthetical tradeoffs are now possible and cool. Garmon’s commitment to responsibility dates back to the very beginning of its operations. Garmon is the first specialty chemical supplier to proudly introduce GreenScreen® in the apparel industry. Some of the chemicals that are now GreenScreen® certified are the very same products that have been on the market long before, proving how embedded in the company’s DNA environmental values are. Green of Change, the platform for the new Millennium. GreenScreen® certified products are part of Garmon’s platform “Green of Change”, umbrella concept totally dedicated to its most innovative and technological advanced projects. “Green of Change” means love for fashion, technical mastery and respect for the planet. Every garment, technology and product that displays the Green of Change logo is a beacon of true inspiration, able to prove that an answer to international call for sustainability can be given right now without any compromise. Avol oxy white: bleaching revolution certified GreenScreen®. Garmon launches Avol Oxy White, the innovative bleaching agent certified by GreenScreen® designed to obtain localized effects on denim fabrics avoiding potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate is pervasively used today throughout the fashion industry, but it still entails many risks to health and the environment. Avol Oxy White is an alternative and safer solution to jeans bleaching. The long- awaited response for fashion.

For information, please contact: Margherita Verlicchi – Menabò Group Rita Sechi – Menabò Group

Garmon, a pioneer of the revolution  

Garmon Chemicals changes the paradigm in fashion, introducing the GreenScreen certification to the apparel industry.

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