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Glee 2021

Harmony Gardens - a world first in growing media If there was one buzzword that was echoing around the halls of the NEC during Glee, and a word firmly on many visitors’ minds, it was sustainability. Everyone in the gardening industry and most gardeners want to demonstrate their green credentials, and create products and garden in a way that is eco-friendly.


As our planet lurches from one disaster to another, the subject of climate change and greenhouse gases has led our industry to move away from using peat in growing media and look for the best peat replacements. The team at Southern Trident was delighted when it was awarded two New Product Awards at Glee, which shows that it is bang on trend with the current green gardening movement. This rapidly growing player in the growing media sector won the Best New Growing Media Product 2021 and the Sustainability Award, both for its new rangge of peatfree growing media under the new Harmo ony Gardens brand. This latter award highlights the com mpany’s underlying mantra that drives its core valu ues - Green Today, Greener Tomorrow. Southern Trident is extremely proud of its high-quality range of peat-free, growing media. Previously, the company only sold compost as dried, compressed coir bricks, but the Harmony Gardens rangge is a new venture expanding the company into the world of bagged products. The Harmony Gardens range includes: a peat-frree multi-purpose compost with a balanced, mineral fertiliser; a full size grow bag that iss

26 October 2021

To find out more about Harmony Gardens, visit the Southern Trident website,, or contact the company at sales@southern or call on 020 3633 7786.

perfect for growing fantastic crops of fruit and vegetables and delivering amazing flavour; top soil for creating new garden borders, replacing old soil and levelling lawns; soil improver, which contains a unique form of nitrogen that helps improve all poor soils, adding organic structure and enhancing the performance of all plants. All products in the Southern Trident portfolio, including Harmony Gardens, are made exclusively from environmentally-responsible by-products and recycled raw materials, and the company is now uniquely carbon neutral verified to PAS 2060. As one of the New Product Awards judging panel commented: “This is taking peat-freee to a new level.” When coir firstt appeared in the UK and was incorporated into composts it had a very mixed reputation as a growing meedium. And not surprisingly so, it was varriable! Southern Trident has overcome theese shortcomings by producing a quality pro oduct. While quality can be seen as a relative term, it is absolute when it comes to the co ompany’s coir supply. Achieving consistent qualityy is built into the production process. Right from the start, from choosing quality dried husks, to fressh water washing to lower its salt content, throu ugh to the final QC process, every step in the production process is carried out to set