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Vitavia – a ‘way of life’

Let V i t a v i a b e p ar t o f y o u r g a rd e n c e n t re ’ s ‘ w a y o f l i f e ’

Selling greenhouses can be great addition to any garden centre and Vitavia is on hand with an extensive range, first-class service and after-sales support

Firstly, the most posing question of all, how do you actually say Vitavia?! It is pronounced Vita Via, which is Latin for ‘way of life’.

To sell greenhouses or not?

We know this question floats across lots of minds when thinking of filling a space within a garden centre. We hear the voice inside your head, saying ‘we’re so busy, can we really deal with greenhouses on top of everything else? The answer is ‘yes’. You can have it all because we are here to do all the work and make the journey of selling greenhouses seamless. • We visit your garden centre to see the space available and advise on display models we think would fit • Our specialist installers will come and put up the greenhouses as agreed • We supply POS to be displayed in the greenhouse to help customers who want to know specifics • Once the customer decides on the model with or without installation, they come to you to make payment

The Vitavia Freya Greenhouse combines a generous amount of growing space with a contemporary pent roof. The Janssens Helios Urban Greenhouse

The Vitavia Orion greenhouse has attractive curved eaves for optimum growing height.

Vitavia is the leading name throughout Europe for quality hobby greenhouses and the

UK distributor for the Belgian company Janssens which markets middle and high-end greenhouses and garden rooms. To get in touch email: info@vitavia.co.uk or visit


• The order is then sent to us and then you can forget all about it • Our operations team contact the customer directly to arrange delivery • Our team of drivers will deliver the greenhouse to the chosen location on a preferred date • We have a list of recommended installers who will arrange an installation date and time to suit the customer directly • If the customer decides to install the greenhouse themselves, we have a fantastic customer service team to deal with installation queries • If customers have any greenhouse questions thereafter, they can contact us directly

So there you have it, it really is hassle free.