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Spring/Summer 2021






YOUR BEST STORY IS WAITING FOR YOU When will your best story begin? Bob and Rosey Hess started their story when they moved to Sycamore Springs in June 2020. Their new community quickly became a place where their children and grandchildren felt at home too...

Saturday morning breakfasts, walks along the creek and special places to build forts made Sycamore Springs a magical place to write new stories for the Hess family.

An engaging community, award-winning home designs and an abundance of open spaces to explore make Sycamore Springs a great place to write your best story.



Discover a

filled with opportunity and purpose

Explore the abundant opportunities you

have to live with purpose in community at Garden Spot Village.

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GARDENSPOTVILLAGE.ORG | 717.355.6000 Garden Spot Village, 433 S. Kinzer Ave, New Holland, PA, 17557. 717.355.6000. A non-profit, fee-for-service community. Monthly fee includes repairs and maintenance of residence and furnished appliances, electric, heat, air conditioning, water, sewer, property taxes, garbage and trash disposal, lawn care, snow removal, security, use of common facilities, social, educational, cultural and recreational events. The following are available for a fee: telephone service, cable TV, dining options, personal care, skilled nursing, memory support, adult day services, at home care services, housekeeping, laundry and a hair and nail salon. Fees and services are subject to change. Minimum age requirement 55.

Interested in becoming a

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At Garden Spot Village, our two-step approach to building community lets you determine how quickly you take your journey.

Step 1: Submit an application with the $150 application fee to become a future resident

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Step 2: Choose your housing style, make a down payment and join our Radar Screen, a community of people looking forward to calling Garden Spot Village home.

Read about Bob & Pat's journey to Garden Spot Village on page 66.

What do you have to lose?





In August 2019 the leadership of the Garden Spot Village Wood Shop began to dream and plan for a renovation and expansion. Over the next 18 months they raised funds, drew up floorplans and built a new space.





Opportunities to explore and learn art abound at Garden Spot Village. From monthly displays in the Main Street Art Gallery to card making and watercolor classes, residents and local artists collaborate and share expertise.







For the past 18 months, Chaplain Chet Yoder has been fostering an exploratory new partnership with the New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM).

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G



Don Shenk, a Lancaster County photographer, started taking photos around his grandfather’s truck farm as a teen with Voigtlander and Argus rangefinder cameras.



The Artists at Garden Spot Village employ a variety of art forms. From sketching to watercolor to collage and cardmaking, art offers a way to connect and build community.



The intentional placement of art throughout Garden Spot Village curates an atmosphere where creativity is encouraged and inspired.



In 2018 Brandon Adams connected with an instructor at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and presented a challenge: Could the students help design the cover of Destination Garden Spot Village? The ensuing relationship has offered new opportunities for students and Garden Spot Village.



Ric Myers, who joined the ForgeWorks team in August 2020, brings extensive experience in team building, operations, customer service, sales, marketing and real estate.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


Looking for a career with great benefits, fair pay and flexibility? Do you want to connect with a vibrant, purpose-filled community? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? Join the Garden Spot Communities team! Visit WEAREGSC.ORG to discover all the career opportunities available at Garden Spot Communities.



When I joined the Garden Spot team 15 years ago, I met Elaine. She was sitting by herself drawing the most beautiful red cardinal. “That is amazing,” I commented, “How long have you been an artist?” She replied, “About six weeks. I decided to take a class in the art studio.” Many people enjoy their artistic abilities all of their lives and there are many lifelong accomplished artists at Garden Spot. Others discover their inner artist later in life with the help of skilled teachers and inspirational artists. In recent years, my wife has been saying, “You need to find a hobby.” I have never considered myself an artist. I can’t paint to save my life. Or at least I thought I couldn’t. As with most things, there are basic skills and if you take the time to learn those basics, you just might surprise yourself.

In early 2019, my family started binge-watching Bob Ross’s show The Joy of Painting on Netflix. The more I watched, the more I thought, “I’ll bet I can do that.” One day I went online and bought an introductory Bob Ross oil painting kit. Later, I went to the art store, picked up some canvases and a small easel and just gave it a try. The accompanying photograph shows my very first attempt at painting. Picasso I ain’t, but my wife is not ashamed to hang it on the wall. Today I have a full oil painting studio. I’m still not Picasso, but I’ve gotten better over time. We have a couple of paintings hanging in our house that I can’t believe I actually painted. Looks like I found that hobby! This issue of Destination Garden Spot Village features the artists of Garden Spot Village. A lot of very talented artists live here. If you are interested in learning their craft, they are willing to help you get started. If you’re an artist in your own right, you will find a very welcoming community with all types of artists. As you read, engage with the stories of the featured Garden Spot artists and may they awaken the artist within you. Enthusiastically,




Sustainably printed to reflect Garden Spot Communities' commitment to environmental stewardship.


Scott Miller | Brand Editor & Chief Marketing Officer


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G


Andy Sieger, D.M.D., Melissa Della Croce, D.M.D., John Backof, D.D.S.

Proudly Serving the New Holland Community

Compassion, Experience, Integrity 119 West Main Street, New Holland

717.354.6471 • SIEGERDENTAL.COM D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


GET TO KNOW THE NEIGHBORHOOD Lancaster County offers an engaging art scene. With more than 90 art venues in downtown Lancaster as well as studios scattered throughout the county and juried shows throughout the year, art enthusiasts can find a wealth of art inspiration in Lancaster. Here are a few of the local artists who inspire artists at Garden Spot Village.

11 6 6

Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery

Red Raven Art Company



The Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery features the work of Lancaster County’s very own Freiman Stoltzfus. Freiman is proficient in a variety of media, including oil and acrylic paint, pastel, drawing, watercolor, printmaking, photography, collage and sculpture. The gallery is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am-4pm and by appointment. The gallery has been voted as a favorite by Lancaster Newspaper readers for the last five years. The gallery features beautiful paintings as well as his handmade pendants and ornaments, available for purchase.

The Red Raven Art Company features the work of many artists including: Dick Whitson, Art Harrington, Regina Martin, Fred Roger, Matt Chambers, Robert Andriulli, Steve Wilson, Patricia Wertz, Sarah McRae Morton, C.X. Carlson, Luigi Rist and many more. The gallery features a different artist each month with varying talents from sculpting to painting. The showcase is open for appointments but also on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am–5pm with extended hours on the first Friday of the month from 10am–8:30pm. The Red Raven Art Company features everything from prints and oils to watercolors and acrylics.

Julia Swartz Art Gallery

Liz Hess Gallery



The Julia Swartz Art Gallery showcases the talented work of Julia Swartz. A lifetime resident of Lancaster County Pennsylvania, Julia has always had an eye for things of beauty. She loves to be creative, thus her subjects are wide and varied, from landscapes to cats, flowers, figures and portraits. Julia’s works of oil painting, watercolor, and ink are all available for purchase online and by appointment.

The Liz Hess Gallery showcases the work of local artist Liz Hess. Liz offers countless painting collections for sale at the gallery including: watercolors, pastels, acrylics and oils. The showcase is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm with extended hours on the first Friday of every month from 10am-9pm. Her paintings are inspired by the travels Liz Hess has taken through the years.



Live with

MOUNTAIN VIEW PERSONAL CARE Do you desire to live with opportunity? With an apartment suite in Mountain View, you can pursue the things that matter most to you—whether that's family, relationships, painting or gardening. By sharing the responsibilities of your daily routine with others, you can focus on living your best life.

To learn more or schedule a visit, call 717.355.6272.

MEADOW VIEW MEMORY SUPPORT Do you desire to live resiliently? At Meadow View you can do just that. With innovation and stateof-the-art technology, Meadow View offers opportunities for people with dementia to live resiliently, maintain their dignity and live with purpose in community.

To learn more or schedule a tour, call 717.355.6268.

ADULT DAY SERVICES Do you desire to engage in community? Adult Day Services at Garden Spot Village provides community and social interaction in a secure, protective environment throughout the day. In addition, you can take advantage of all of the amenities at Garden Spot.

To learn more or schedule a one-day, no-charge trial, call 717.355.6226.

GARDEN SPOT VILLAGE AT HOME Do you desire to maintain your independence? Garden Spot Village at Home can help you do just that. Our compassionate team members can help with grocery shopping, personal care, companionship, transportation to appointments, meal prep and light housekeeping.

To learn more call 717.355.6031 or visit




ARTISTS POSSE: Creating Art in Community


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

On Wednesday mornings at 9:30am a group of artists— ranging in experience from novice to professional—meet to simply create. Dubbed the “Artists Posse,” they bring their materials—pencils and sketchbooks, watercolors, acrylic paints, clay and more—and simply work together, in community. In warm weather they meet outside at the Pavilion and on cooler days they meet in the Art Room. The goal? To simply encourage each other to continue creating art. Artists with a range of experience gather to share ideas and gather inspiration.

Jill also loves photography and picked up her camera rather than her pencils on a day when the group met outside. She says, “I’m thankful that they combined all of the art and meet once a week. It allows room for photography.”

Barb Baxter, a Garden Spot Village resident since November 2017, says, “I used to answer questions and show techniques when the watercolor group met and that worked pretty well. Attendance for the watercolor group and the sketch group started to fall, so we decided to just combine all of the groups and meet weekly, regardless of what we were working on.”

Although the Artists Posse is a subset of the Art Guild, anyone is welcome to attend. Lynne Kokotiuk, a Garden Spot Village resident since November 2014, says, “The Artists Posse meetings on Wednesday mornings are a great time when anyone can come and do whatever they want to do. It’s an opportunity to be inspired to try something new.”

“It’s motivational to talk and work with other artists,” Barb says. “We admire each other’s art and are inspired to continue to keep working. I really enjoy it.”

In addition, the Artists Posse offers a smaller group where people can build community. Barb says, “We have a lot in common and a lot to talk about. We’ve found that the places we’ve been and the people we know are in common.”

For Jill Smith, a Garden Spot Village resident since June 2019, the Artists Posse has become a place where she can connect with her new neighbors and learn new skills. As a child and through her teenage years, Jill sketched non-stop. She’s picking up art again in retirement and appreciates the insight and camaraderie of the Artists Posse.

Above: The Artists Posse meets on Wednesday mornings to create a variety of art. In cooler weather they meet in the Art Room; in warmer weather they meet outside.

“If I can’t figure something out, they have experience. I’m not an accomplished artist yet, but they welcome me,” Jill says. “They are so encouraging. Meeting once a week keeps me motivated to keep drawing.”

The group also brainstorms new ways to find inspiration. During a summer outdoor painting session, the group brainstormed about a spring or summer 2021 trip to Kuerner Farm in Chadds Ford. They hope to paint in the area where legendary Pennsylvania artist Andrew Wyeth painted. “I need motivation,” Barb says. “Being with people gets me over my painter’s block and gets me in the mood to get back at my art again.”

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



JOHN & SHARON SHEAFFER: Enjoying a New Community

Dr. John Sheaffer, Jr. can trace the history of his family’s farm all the way to an indenture from William Penn’s nephew. Over the next 300 years, members of the Sheaffer family lived in the home, passing it from generation to generation. John and his wife, Sharon, purchased the home in 1965. In September 2020, when John and Sharon moved to Garden Spot Village, their son Aaron and his wife, Pammi, and their son, Enoch, became the next generations of Sheaffers to inhabit the family homestead.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

John’s father, Dr. John Sheaffer, Sr., opened his dental practice in New Holland in 1940. After attending college and serving in the Vietnam War, John Jr. returned to New Holland to join the family dental practice. Today, John and Sharon’s daughter, Dr. Laura Harkin, continues the family practice. Their oldest son, John Christian, is also a dentist in his North Carolina community. John and Sharon met while John attended dental school at the University of Pennsylvania. Sharon, who grew up in central New Jersey, attended Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. John’s sister, who knew Sharon through the 4-H Extension program, set them up on a blind date and the rest is history. Education has been very important to the Sheaffers. “We have always said, the best thing you can do is give your children a good education,” Sharon says. John served on the Conestoga Valley School Board while Sharon served on the Board of Trustees of the district’s Education Foundation. John also served on the board of the Spartan Education Foundation for Eastern Lancaster County School District. A lifelong learner, John continuously found new ways to better serve his patients. John and Sharon happily served as a host family for various exchange students through the years. These temporary arrangements evolved into lifelong friendships and they have appreciated the opportunity to visit their former exchange students and their families in France, Denmark and Germany. As a food stylist with an advertising agency, Sharon traveled around the country, working with food manufacturers. Her clients included McCormick, General Foods, Weaver Chicken, Furmano’s, Lucky Leaf, Cutco and more. In some cases, she was given a list of ingredients and asked to develop easy-to-use recipes for recipe books; in other cases, she represented the food manufacturer on radio interviews. In all cases, she made the clients and their food look good. Sharon worked primarily out of a studio in Lebanon, but also commuted to New York City, Philadelphia and York. She often used their farmhouse kitchen to prep food and test recipes before photo shoots.

Above: John and Sharon Sheaffer enjoy a moment in their kitchen. A retired food stylist, Sharon enjoys making delicious food look like a work of art!

Sharon also served as a leader for the Lancaster County 4-H seamstresses for 20 years. She taught tailoring to 14 to 18-year-olds. Some of her favorite experiences were taking the young women and their mothers to G Street in Washington, D.C., to source fabric. John and Sharon moved into their cottage at Garden Spot Village in late-September 2020. Moving to Garden Spot made sense to them. Because John had practiced dentistry in New Holland for his entire career, they were very familiar with the Victor Weaver family, who founded the community, and trusted the reputation of Garden Spot Village. In addition, they have family and church friends at Garden Spot Village; the move was convenient and “just felt right.” D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1




A Mix of Rural Countryside and Community


hen Myron and Mary Ann Slabaugh visited friends at Garden Spot

Village in 2017, they found a delightful community. They knew about

Garden Spot’s reputation through church connections and friends, but

at that point, moving to a retirement community was a “someday” sort of decision. 22

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

Myron owned a custom stair business and Mary Ann worked as a professional beautician. In 2017, Myron was busy creating elaborate custom stair designs for high-end homes located anywhere from the Lehigh Valley to the Jersey Shore to northern New Jersey. His business, Slabaugh Custom Stairs, was in high demand and he thrived on the challenge of creating staircases in challenging spaces. In late 2018, the idea of moving to a retirement community was more appealing and Myron and Mary Ann completed the initial paperwork to become future residents. In March 2019 they made a deposit on the home of their choice—a deluxe end carriage home—which moved them to the Radar Screen. They settled in for a two- to three-year wait. As future Garden Spot Village residents, Myron and Mary Ann took advantage of opportunities to connect with their new community through a trip to tour Gettysburg, home repair days with Good Works, open houses, special events and more. As they began to build relationships with their neighbors-tobe, they realized they wanted to move to Garden Spot Village sooner rather than later! As Myron began to wind down his work and prepared to sell Slabaugh Custom Stairs in early 2020, they realized they couldn’t wait to move! Myron and Mary Ann reached out to Kelly Sweigart, Garden Spot Village sales associate, to explore the options at Sycamore Springs. As they explored the available floor plans, they gravitated toward the Weaver model because of the additional space on the second floor. “I liked the balcony and the grand windows in the living room,” Mary Ann says. Myron adds, “We need the second floor for my photography studio and the man cave. We’ll use every square inch of it!” Choosing their lot was the next challenge. “When we saw the view of the Welsh Mountains from Cairn Lane, we knew it was the right fit,” Myron says. They mapped out the drive to the Village Square at Garden Spot Village and realized it was just right. The mix of the beautiful rural view with the convenience of community sold the Slabaughs! “We were pleased to make the selections for our home—the flooring, the countertops, the appliances—and design our home just the way we wanted it,” Mary Ann adds.

Above: Myron and Mary Ann Slabaugh look forward to moving to their new home at Sycamore Springs in March 2021.

As they anticipate a move to Garden Spot Village in March 2021, Myron and Mary Ann look forward to connecting with their new community. They have already built relationships with some of their new neighbors at Sycamore Springs and anticipate deepening those relationships and learning to know more people. As a master carpenter, Myron looks forward to joining the Wood Shop and Mary Ann hopes to use her experience as a beautician to bless other residents. They also look forward to joining Bible study groups and exploring volunteer opportunities. Most important, they look forward to the day when Sycamore Springs is home. D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1




Embracing the Pull of Africa


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

“When you get the African mud between your toes, it pulls you back,” says Evie Hershey, a Garden Spot Village resident since August 2019. Evie should know. She took her first trip to Africa when she visited her daughter, Rhonda, who was working as a teacher in the Congo, in 2011. Rhonda had recently had a baby and needed some help with child care so she could attend a conference. That first trip took her to Zambia as well. She was enthralled by the art, design and music of the African culture. Evie retired from teaching art at West Fallowfield Christian School in Atglen, Pennsylvania, in June 2015. She immediately headed to Nairobi, Kenya, to begin a one-year assignment with Eastern Mennonite Missions (now Everyone Moving in Mission). For that year she served as the hostess at Amani Gardens Inn, a guesthouse for mission workers and business travelers. In addition to her responsibilities as the hostess, she connected with opportunities to serve her new community. She began an art class for expat and Kenyan children every Wednesday at a local church. She also hosted art classes on the porch of the Amani Gardens Inn. Through her community involvement, Evie connected with Zedekiah Miyare, a Kenyan redware pottery artist. Zed provided a ministry to young women by offering them work in his pottery studio as an alternative to prostitution.

Evie helped with Bible studies for the young women and Zed taught her about African pottery. She learned how to make her own clay from scratch—by digging dirt from the ground, adding water and letting it dry in the sun to reach the right consistency. Zed taught her how to make African cooking and fishing pots, which start out as coil pottery. Evie completed her term in June 2016 and returned home, with the pull of Africa still in her heart. Since then, Evie has found reasons to return to Africa each year—working with a Mennonite Central Committee education representative, leading peer mediation training and taking a textile tour with a friend. In January 2020, she traveled to Kenya with Garden Spot team members Marvin and Marian Harnish, experiencing a week with CURE International’s mobile health clinic. Evie hopes to visit Africa again in 2021. In the meantime, she creates African cooking pots and other pottery in the Art Room at Garden Spot Village. The creative process inspires her, she says. “It’s gratifying to see something come out of a hunk of mud. Plus, as I work, I’m reminded of the Lord’s promise in Jeremiah 18, ‘I am the potter, you are the clay.’”

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


VO LU N T E E R S P OT L I G H TS Alan Dinning creates beautiful woodturned bowls in the Garden Spot Village Wood Shop.

ALAN DINNING: Embracing Opportunities to Serve “Garden Spot Village goes out of its way to encourage and facilitate volunteering,” Alan Dinning says. “I’m so appreciative of this encouragement. People need to stay engaged and connected; volunteering helps people become healthier and happier.” When Alan and his wife, Judy, began to look for a retirement community several years ago, they weighed a number of factors. One key factor, Alan shares, was the availability of volunteer opportunities. Since moving to Garden Spot in November 2018, Alan has taken full advantage of the volunteer opportunities offered. He participates in Village Voices, delivers the Friday mail to Iris and Vinca Courts, screens guests in the Village Square, and serves on the committee for the Wood Shop. Alan also serves as a small group leader with Men’s Christian Fellowship. His involvement with this group inspires him. “I am really excited about the growth the group has experienced in the last year. We started a new study in September 2019 with 20 men and now have more than 30 regularly attending. It’s exciting to see friendships growing and people sharing as they begin to know and trust each other more.”

He is also working through a mentoring process to become an elder at St. Stephen Reformed Church in New Holland. He served as an elder in his previous church, Church of the Savior, in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Alan is also involved with Cross Jr., a program of CrossNet Ministries in New Holland that connects 4th and 5th graders at local elementary schools to adult mentors. Alan meets with the children weekly and works through lessons to help them build self-confidence, gain life skills and have fun.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

Alan explains, “When we lived in Kennett Square, Judy and I volunteered at the local elementary school. We loved interacting with the kids.”

“They called us Poppy and Grandma D,” he adds with a smile. “This great experience in our previous community drew us to volunteer with Cross Jr.” Alan looks forward to the sessions starting again when COVID restrictions ease a bit. Alan and Judy also volunteer as Garden Ambassadors at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square.

A former marketing and communications executive, Alan enjoys painting and drawing. He shares that he picked up painting as a younger man by watching an artist paint on Saturday mornings while he lived in East Aurora, New York. He creates functional art these days by adding decorative scenes to trays he makes in the Wood Shop. The trays are sold to benefit the Benevolent Fund.

When he is in the Wood Shop, Alan enjoys crafting bowls by woodturning. He says, “Woodturning is inspiring because you start out with a hunk of wood and make something out of nothing.” Alan and Judy have two daughters and a son-in-law as well as two grandchildren. They enjoy connecting with family when they are not busy serving at Garden Spot Village. “I’m so blessed to be here,” Alan says gratefully.

Annie McAbee shares her love of golf with her community through volunteering.

ANNIE MCABEE: Connecting People Through Golf “I started golfing at 62 and I just got hooked. I love it. When you do really well and sink a putt, it’s a great feeling,” Annie McAbee says.

Annie loves to share her passion for golfing with others. Whether it’s organizing a ladies group to golf weekly at Foxchase Golf Club in Stevens, Pennsylvania, volunteering to staff a tee box for the annual Garden Spot Village Golf Tournament or coordinating a Nine & Dine event, Annie loves to encourage others to join her on the golf course.

Annie and Jim most recently lived in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. They moved to Garden Spot Village in July 2010 on the recommendation of good friends and because they appreciated the Christ-centered approach to community at Garden Spot.

“On Tuesday mornings a group of ladies golfs at Foxchase from April through October,” Annie explains. The group is open to any lady who wants to golf 9 or 18 holes. “It is such fun,” she adds.

“‘Don’t wait, come now,’ is what we heard when we visited,” Annie explains. She is glad to call Garden Spot home. “The food at the Harvest Table is like at a 5-star restaurant and the staff is so friendly. We are friends with the staff—we have relationships. It’s unlike any other place I’ve ever lived,” Annie adds.

In addition, each September, Annie and neighbor Hugh Dockeray, who coordinates the men’s golfing group, organize a Nine & Dine event for the men and women golfers and their spouses. The event includes nine holes of golf at Foxchase and dinner at the course’s restaurant. “The food is delicious and it is just a really wonderful opportunity to get together,” Annie says.

In addition to golf-related activities, Annie connects with women in her community through a monthly knitting group that meets in her home on the third Thursday afternoon of each month. “It’s a very casual gathering,” Annie says. “We are all very different, but we get together and enjoy something we have in common.” The group is not limited to Garden Spot Village residents and includes a few women who live nearby.

Annie and her husband, Jim, also serve on the Garden Spot Village Golf Tournament Committee and help at the tournament, which is held at Applecross Country Club in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The couple often serves as volunteer hole witnesses at special events and contests. They also greet golfers at the tee box and make sure the golfers tee off at the right distance.

Annie also helps with a knitting group on Monday afternoons in Mountain View, the personal care community at Garden Spot Village. Wherever they have lived, Annie and Jim have invested in relationships and the people around them. Their move to Garden Spot has connected them to a new community where they have built lasting, meaningful relationships.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time,”

says Wood Shop member Bob Winegardner. This

statement truly embodies not only the process of renovating the Wood Shop at Garden Spot Village, but also the dedication and hard work of the residents who made it a reality. Once the discussion of expanding started among the 80 members of the Wood Shop, the two-year process was in full swing. The group had many conversations and opinions about what needed to be done and what goals they had for the new space. The residents also worked to create layout and architectural drawings that would help to bring their vision to life. The planning process was truly a group effort and each of the 80 members contributed something to the new Wood Shop.

Although Garden Spot Village did not have room in the budget for the renovation, the leaders of the Wood Shop went to work immediately to estimate the cost of the project. They then started a capital campaign that raised $44,000 for the new Wood Shop. Wood Shop members, family, and friends all contributed to the renovation funds. In addition to the financial help, many people made material donations and used their time to help the project.

Using their new plans and a PowerPoint presentation, the group presented ideas to Garden Spot Village CEO Steve Lindsey and COO Steve Muller for funding. Despite their great encouragement, the 2020 capital expenses had already been set and leadership was left saying, “Where does it fit?”

Bob says, “We wanted to make it easier for Steve Lindsey and the rest of the administration to make it happen.”


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

With the funding and subsequent approval from administration, the residents started the renovations. One

of the largest tasks was moving 57 resident storage units from one side of the hall to the other. So the group dismantled the storage lockers containing the personal items, moved them to the new location, and reconstructed them. This was a huge undertaking, but they used their different strengths and their dedication to make it happen. “Everyone contributed some piece of expertise,” Bob added. From cabinets and electrical work, to architectural layouts and knowledge of dust collection systems, each individual brought something to the table that helped create the beautiful Wood Shop they have today. In just two years, the Wood Shop expanded from 2,500 square feet to 4,625 square feet, and 88 new cabinets were installed. The Wood Shop’s painting and aerosol painting rooms were also redone. The group also purchased a large Computer Numerical Control Machine, commonly known as a CNC machine, and a routing table. “So far, in using it, the space flows the way we want it to, works the way we want it to, looks the way we want it to look and we have a Wood Shop that is second to none,” Bob says. The members look forward to using their new space to prepare for future events such as the Bird House Display and Silent Auction, as well as the Fall Festival. Counter clockwise: The expanded Wood Shop offers plenty of room for individual work stations; the wood storage room moved across the hallway and is now incorporated into the Wood Shop; multiple sizes of table saws allow for large and small projects; a lathe stands in front of liveedge wood sourced from trees cut down at Garden Spot Village; a new state-of-the-art CNC router offers creative designs.

“Garden Spot Village is an amazing place, with amazing experience and amazing expertise. I never cease to be amazed by the response I get when I ask, ‘Can you help me?’” Bob says.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1




Farm life photos by Don Shenk. Story and Don's portait by Art Petrosemolo, Sycamore Springs resident since December 2016.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G


ou may not know Don Shenk, but if you live in Lancaster

County, Pennsylvania, you have certainly seen his work. Don, 77, is one of the area’s premier photographers, capturing farm life and the world of the Plain Community, off the beaten path of the Lancaster tourist sites.

Don was born in Lancaster and grew up on a farm on New Danville Pike south of the city. He started taking photos around his grandfather’s truck farm as a teen with Voigtlander and Argus rangefinder cameras, tutored by his dad. He appreciated the hard work of the farmers he watched as he was doing the same things on his grandfather’s farm, planting and harvesting but using modern equipment. “I didn’t start out to photograph Plain Sect people,” he says, “but I saw beauty in their farms and I respected their culture and work ethic and wanted to photograph them.” He attended Lancaster Bible College, then worked full-time with Lancaster Youth for Christ. His first professional camera, in the 1960s, was a Minolta SLR film camera with manual controls. “Unlike today’s digital camera, where you can take multiple photos quickly,” he says, “in the film days, you had to use a light meter and pick the proper shutter speed and aperture to expose the film properly, or the results weren’t usable.”

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

“I never took photos to sell them,” Don explains, “and I still do not have a website where people can see my work or buy prints. As my photos of local farms and Plain families got better, I entered them in photo contests where they were recognized.” Many of Don’s images have been used in marketing pieces for Lancaster County tourism and he has published several coffee table photo books. A latecomer to digital photography, Don made the switch to a Canon SLR digital camera in 2009, but he now carries two with him at all times. Like many old school photographers, Don feels the camera lenses are as important as, and probably more important than, the camera body. “I use four Canon zoom lenses that cover 24 mm to 200 mm,” he says. He believes that using too many lenses can also be a problem and recommends that new photographers pick what works best for what they want to photograph—wide angle for landscapes and telephoto for sports or up-close photos—and stay with them. Don likes to describe his work as a realistic portrait of a culture that lives and works in the 21st century but maintains many traditions from an earlier time. He works carefully to be in the right spot to take his photo and picks a lens aperture and speed long before he presses the shutter button. Don also didn’t purchase his first computer for reviewing his digital images until 2009. He is happy doing just minimum photo adjustments to his images, including cropping and exposure. “Photographing Amish farmers or families has changed considerably in the decades I have taken their photos,” Don says. “Years ago many in the Amish community would say ‘no photos’ or kids would wave their hands in front of their face as soon as they saw your camera. “Today, if you talk to them first,” Don smiles, “and they know you will not take their portrait but photograph them working or playing, most times they will say ‘OK’ or nod.” Finding the right place to shoot from to put the farm or farmer in perspective is a big part of taking good photos, Don feels, and says, “Exposing the image is actually the easy part.” Don recently published two photo books with Schiffer Publishing in Atglen, Pennsylvania. The first book—Seasons of Lancaster County: Home to the World’s Largest Amish Community—is coffee table size and has more than 100 images taken during the area’s four seasons. The second book—Lancaster County: A Keepsake—in a compact size, is part of the publisher’s series on tourist locations. The series features scenes ranging from the Susquehanna River through Lancaster’s Amish farm country to traditional farm markets. Don is working on two additional photo books for the same publisher to be released in 2021 and 2022. A charter member of the Lancaster Camera Club, he continues to record the unique culture of Lancaster County and its Plain Community residents. He says, “It has become a labor of love.”

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“The hardest thing about learning art is learning to see. Art is simply a translation of what you see. Once you see, you are unlimited.” – Win Reber, Garden Spot Village Art Guild Founder Win Reber, a retired art teacher who moved to Garden Spot Village in August 2004, started the Art Guild in 2008 to bring appreciation of art to Garden Spot Village. The fledgling group grew steadily, reaching nearly 80 members in 2021. Members of the group include professional and amateur artists as well as people who simply enjoy art. They participate in classes, lectures and trips to local museums and private galleries. They bring beauty and art to their neighbors through monthly displays in the Main Street Art Gallery and through the celebration of Inspire Your Heart with Art Day each January. The following pages explore the art of a few of the Art Guild members. D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


SKETCHING Many artists start their creative process with sketching. As a way to connect artists and help them find inspiration in community, Win organized a monthly sketch group. The group evolved into the Artists Posse, a weekly opportunity for artists to connect and explore whatever art inspires them.

WATERCOLOR PAINTING Many people at Garden Spot Village enjoy watercolor painting. A few, such as Bruce Poulterer, a Garden Spot Village resident since June 2020, are very accomplished. Bruce has been painting for 40 years and especially enjoys plein air painting—a technique in which he sets up a small easel and canvas outside and simply paints what he sees. Before moving to Sycamore Springs, Bruce’s favorite plein air location was the Kuerner farm in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, where Andrew Wyeth painted.

His specialty is historic buildings and outdoor landscapes. Bruce says, “Painting outdoors adds enjoyment, when you are painting under the sky and hear nature all around you.” Bruce generously shares his art with others, donating a portion of his sales to a non-profit organization and hundreds of his limited-edition reproductions to their annual banquets as door prizes.

Barb Baxter, another watercolor artist, used to lead monthly sessions with other watercolor artists, answering questions and sharing techniques. Recently though, she has engaged her neighbors in weekly open air art sessions through the Artists Posse. The opportunity to create in community is life-giving to Barb.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

Throughout 2020 she engaged in online art challenges with friends. “My painting tribe includes five women in four different states,” Barb explains. “Our challenges arise by chance, such as when someone finds a great reference photo and we all paint it. The result is amazing—five different interpretations in watercolor and oil.” Barb says, “It is a fun way to connect with fellow artists, even though we are in different places.” “Painting takes me away—I forget about everything and can paint for hours, time slipping away like grains of sand. I often look at my finished work and am amazed that it was done by my hand!” Barb says.

PHOTOGRAPHY An informal group of photographers share their passion for their art. Bob Morrison, an accomplished architect and photographer, spent his career focusing on large commercial and technical projects. In retirement, he focuses his photography on the minutiae—the “smaller scenes of God’s creative world,” he says. Bob, who moved to Garden Spot Village in December 2010, adds, “I enjoy expressing both visual and poetic imagery while reflecting the multiple layers of meaning and metaphor that surround us in every phase of life.” David Givens, a Garden Spot Village resident since October 2018, is a professional photographer and videographer. He and his wife, Elizabeth, spent much of their careers documenting, through photos and stories, the way global workers have impacted their communities. Dave continues to capture the world around him. He says, “I’m a realist. Even with all the technical tools available to alter images, I’m most inspired by capturing my subjects in natural light with sharpness and clarity.”

STAINED GLASS Bonnie Lord, an accomplished stained glass artist, inspires her neighbors to learn the art of stained glass through introductory and next-step classes. Over the course of six weeks Bonnie teaches the basics, including cutting, grinding, wrapping, soldering and finishing the glass, using both copper foil and lead. Her next-steps class walks participants through the creation of a stained glass window. Through Bonnie’s classes, a number of people have learned and relearned the techniques and art of stained glass. Bonnie’s continuous encouragement helps them learn and experiment with new designs.

Of stained glass art Bonnie says, “I just love the way light transforms the pieces of glass into a thing of beauty.”

PAINTING “I love art because it is a form of self-expression. When I am painting, I am in a world of my own, totally immersed. Art for me is a necessary part of my life. I cannot live without being creative and productive!” says Lynne Kokotiuk, a Garden Spot Village resident since November 2014. Lynne initially learned to paint folk art when her first daughter was born. Her mom, recognizing that Lynne needed a creative outlet, invited her along for painting lessons. Learning from and influenced by artists in the Society for Early American Arts, they learned to replicate early American patterns on wood, tin and velvet. Lynne joined an art guild in her hometown near Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

She says, “It was a lot of fun being part of an art guild. Successful artists took time to encourage me and critique

my work. Also, having access to venues where I could sell my work kept me stimulated and offered me an outlet for my creativity.” Over the years Lynne has applied those first lessons to a variety of mediums. From stencils and folk art to Chalk Couture, Lynne finds ways to unleash her creativity and encourage those around her.

SCULPTURE Win Reber’s first passion as an artist is sculpture, although he doesn’t do as much sculpting as he did in the past. He works with the Georges River Land Trust, which acts as trustee for renowned Maine artist Bernard Langlais's Sculpture Preserve in Cushing, Maine. Win serves there as a steward and has written much of the docent training materials. His videos on the life of Langlais and the methods used to restore his works are shown continually at the preserve to inform visitors.

A retired art teacher, Win thrives on teaching others to make and understand art. “I love making something that is understandable and enjoyable to others. There is nothing else like the pleasure of creating something from so little,” he says.

POTTERY Evie Hershey loves to work with clay. A retired art teacher who moved to Garden Spot Village in August 2019, Evie is an accomplished potter. She enjoys creating pottery on her wheel, but more recently finds herself using coils to create mugs, bowls and other vessels. While volunteering in Kenya with EMM, Everyone Moving in Mission in 2015/2016, Evie learned how to make traditional African cooking pots (Read more on page 24). The joy for Evie is in

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


the creating. “It’s therapeutic for me,” she says of the pottery process. “It’s relaxing and gratifying to see something emerge from a hunk of mud.”

WOOD CARVING AND TURNING John Dolan, a Garden Spot Village resident since January 2013, carves delightful wooden figures. He’s been carving for the past 60 years, bringing to life the fun characters of his imagination. “It’s not so much the finished product (of which I may or may not be proud), but it’s the doing. I love when I have created something good enough to give away—that’s fulfillment,” John says. Roy Johnsen, a master craftsman and retired pastor, finds joy and fulfilment in woodturning. He creates works of art from scraps of wood that might otherwise have been discarded. He says, “I listen to the wood until it speaks to me.” His specialty is chalices and bowls, which he has sold and shared with people around the world. Most recently he has offered items for sale at his church, Neffsville Mennonite.

For years Roy has donated the proceeds from the sale of his art to non-profit mission organizations. Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) and Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) have received the bulk of his donations over the past several years. In 2019 Roy led a fundraising campaign for MDS that helped to rebuild a children's church in La Plata, Puerto Rico, that was totally destroyed in a hurricane. The sale of his bowls and chalices helped to fund the rebuilding. He and his grandson Sebastian traveled to La Plata in February 2020 to celebrate the church’s dedication. For Roy, creating art through wood turning offers an opportunity to be creative and make a difference around the world.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

PAPER CUTTING Marie Diehl, who moved to Garden Spot Village in November 2010, creates three-dimensional decoupage art. Her intricate pieces involve multiple copies of a photograph or painting, many layers of paper, thousands of tiny cuts, and much scoring and molding. The results are lifelike.

Marie has won various awards for her art over the years, but really she just loves to create. “Anything that’s creative, I love to do,” she says. She willingly shares her art with others, offering classes in card making and paper folding. She has also offered classes in 3D decoupage. “I love art because it lets your inner creative talent come forth,” Marie says. “There is something in me that keeps pushing me forward to learn and create new things.”

COLLAGE In 2016, in the midst of a road trip from Austin, Texas, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jessica Fehrenbach, a Garden Spot Village resident since August 2020, discovered collage art. She explored watercolors, acrylics and oil painting over the previous ten years with some success. But when she picked up collage, it fit her artistic style perfectly. Jessica was greatly encouraged when she submitted her first collage in an art show and somebody purchased it. She says, “I had to reinvent what I was doing to discover the art that fit.”

A self-taught collage artist, she says, “Collage just seems to be my thing. I apply the principles I’ve learned from watercolor—creating composition with a source of light, contrast, different shapes, catching the viewer’s eye from

the other side of the room and keeping their attention, creating interest. I just apply those principles to what I am doing in collage.”

CARD MAKING Paula Schmauk and Marie Diehl offer card making classes monthly. Marie’s Creative Cards class offers advanced techniques, often focusing on tea bag folding and is enjoyed by more experienced artists. Paula’s Card Connection class offers a perfect opportunity for beginners. It includes cutting shapes and using stamps as well as embellishing with paint, colored pencils and markers.

Paula preps materials and encourages the women who take her class to use her materials and their imagination to create their own designs.

The Art Guild exists, Win Reber says, to bring art to everyday life at Garden Spot Village. The Main Street Art Gallery, pop-up shows, art talks and classes all give artists an opportunity to experience art in a new way.

“The value of art is that it allows us to understand and see the emotion around us,” Win says. “Through art, we understand the world.”

Paula’s daughter, Julie Caracci, helps her teach the class. “The ladies who participate are fairly consistent. I think they enjoy the communication and the community as much as the cards,” Paula says. Restrictions on group size due to COVID limited classes in 2020 but Paula looks forward to more regular classes in 2021. Paula works hard to offer two new card designs each month, drawing on years of experience and classes as well as participant feedback. “I ask the ladies who participate if there is a card they would like to make,” she adds.


For Paula, the teaching and creating in community are life-giving because she is able to use her experience and her creativity to bless her neighbors.

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Earth Construction by Freiman Stoltzfus hangs behind the Resident Services desk.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

T Garden Spot Village has always been committed to providing an aesthetically pleasing campus. From the paintings hanging on the walls to the various sculptures throughout the community and even the tables in Village Square, art from local artists is integrated everywhere. Local artist Freiman Stoltzfus says,

“Art is the most profound expression of the human spirit. We all share it in many ways— sometimes joyous and vivid, at times melancholy and reflective. Art, like life, is unstoppable.”

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



rt truly marries the powers of creativity and expression. Freiman and many other local artists find a ready audience and showcase at Garden Spot Village.

LIZ HESS Lancaster artist Liz Hess has been creating art for most of her life. She recognized her gift at a young age and now works as a full-time artist, selling her work in her own gallery, the Liz Hess Gallery in downtown Lancaster. Liz is known for the signature red umbrella she includes in many of her watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oil paintings. Liz has participated in pop-up art shows during Inspire Your Heart with Art Day at Garden Spot Village. Her great talent and experience can also be found in various places on campus. FREIMAN STOLTZFUS Lancaster County native Freiman

Stoltzfus is proficient in oil and acrylic paint, pastels, drawing, watercolor, printmaking, photography, collage and sculpture. He grew up the youngest of six in an Amish-Mennonite family. From a young age his talent was encouraged. A very accomplished artist, Freiman studied art in New York City, France and Italy. Freiman’s gallery in downtown Lancaster includes paintings as well as handmade pendants and ornaments.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

is showcased in the live-edge wooden tables in The Harvest Table and Village Square. Mike also created a set of smaller tables for Mountain View Personal Care from trees harvested on the Garden Spot campus.

JULIA SWARTZ Julia Swartz began painting as a young girl, borrowing her mother’s oil paints and blank canvases. For years she had successful galleries in Lancaster and Intercourse, Pennsylvania. She closed her gallery in Lancaster several years ago so that she could focus on her family. She and her husband, Terry, recently closed their gallery in Intercourse to retire. Julia continues to create masterpieces, using all kinds of styles and techniques, in her home studio. Most notably, she works with oil, watercolor, and ink while specializing in impressionist-style painting. While she finds it rewarding to present clients with commissioned work, her greatest joy comes from a blank canvas. She says, “In my mind’s eye, a blank canvas is an opportunity with no limits or boundaries, to create an image that creates a feeling when looked upon.” Julia’s art appears throughout Garden Spot Village.

AMOS GLICK Amos Glick is the founder of Compass Ironworks in Gap, Pennsylvania. Amos is well-known for his custom metalwork and attention to detail. The company offers a wide range of work from fencing to terrace railings. Glick’s incredible work is a central feature of Garden Spot’s Village Square. Serving as the stunning centerpiece to our community, the life-size Japanese tree in the Village Square weighs 500 pounds and is 14 feet tall! Glick’s beautiful tree truly adds a unique dimension to Garden Spot Village and we are honored to showcase such talent in our community.



Lyman Whitaker is known Steve de Perrot began working with internationally for creating beautiful clay in 1982. He says, “My inspiration wind sculptures. His handcrafted is the awesome beauty of what God pieces, with their countless different has created and I seek to honor Him shapes and materials, add movement through my pottery and tile work.” and vibrancy to any outdoor area. Following years of experience gained His stunning wind sculptures are through college and an featured in gardens and Opposite: Amos apprenticeship, Steve outdoor scenery from coast Glick's metal tree opened his full-time pottery in the Village to coast, and now Lyman’s Square. From top: business, Pots by de Perrot, incredible work is featured in 1995. He creates beautiful Mike Fisher's live in the roundabout at edge table in the backsplashes, tiles, knobs Sycamore Springs. Village Square; Julia and pots. Steve’s stunning Swartz's painting in the lobby of the DALE ROGERS tiles depict the house Village Square; numbers on each home at Based in Haverhill, Dale Rogers' CorSycamore Springs and are Ten angel in the Massachusetts, Dale Memorial Garden; scattered throughout the Rogers is a metal sculptor walking paths in each of the Lyman Whitaker's and owner of Dale Rogers wind sculptures at commons in the Sycamore Sycamore Springs. Studio. His geometric and Springs neighborhood. abstract work can be seen


Mike Fisher is a skilled woodworker and owner of Orchard Hill Woodcrafts in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Mike works mostly on commercial projects but also creates beautiful wooden pieces for friends, family, and others in the community. Mike’s stellar work

all over the country, from Maine to California. Dale has worked with stainless steel and Cor-Ten steel since 2002. He creates innovative and unique sculptures for any area. He created the beautiful, flawless angel that serves as a main focal point for the Garden Spot Village Memorial Garden.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1




ver the course of a year, opportunities to explore and learn art abound at Garden Spot Village. From monthly displays in the Main Street Art Gallery to card making and watercolor classes, residents and local artists collaborate and share their expertise.

Weekly Artists Posse gatherings inspire people to keep creating, regardless of their preferred medium. Monthly art talks by resident artists as well as by other professional artists mix in art history as well as practical design experience. Plus, each January the Garden Spot Village Art Guild hosts Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, a day full of free art classes and experiences.

DEVELOPING AN ARTISTIC STYLE For artist Lynne Kokotiuk, a Garden Spot Village resident since November 2014, the art culture at Garden Spot is invigorating. “I love to take classes from other artists,” she says. “Marie Diehl creates amazing paper art and Sally Rapp teaches quilting—they are masters.”

Lynne’s current passion is signs and wall art. She discovered Chalk Couture at an open house a few years ago. Chalk Couture offered a technique for producing art that was both simple and attractive. She was hooked! She became a consultant for a year, but decided that she would rather focus on her own art style and mix it with Chalk Couture.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

RELEARNING PAST SKILLS When Bonnie Lord hosted a stained glass class for beginners in early 2018, Ed Mills quickly signed up. Ed and his wife, Ethel, had moved to Sycamore Springs in October 2017 and Ed was looking for ways to engage with his new community. Rediscovering his passion for stained glass was a natural first step. He took the class with his neighbor Dick Endres, who moved to Sycamore Springs in March 2017.

She teaches a variety of classes using stencils, Chalk Couture and painting. She enjoys blending mediums and methods to create a unique product. She finds inspiration at craft shows, in craft stores and through online searches. She sells her art at local art and craft shows as well.


Ed quickly brushed off his basic skills for making stained glass and Bonnie’s encouraging teaching style inspired him to keep working. Ed says, “I had done some glass cutting 40 years ago but forgot the ins and outs of the skill. Bonnie’s class and encouragement got me started again.”

Ed has displayed his work at informal art shows at Sycamore Springs as well as at the Fall Festival and Fall Opposite: Katie Joy Harvest Week. Nellis paints during the 2020 Inspire Your Heart with Art Day. From top: Art supplies in the Art Room; Garden Spot resident sketching during an outdoor Artists Posse session.

Jill Smith is rediscovering her inner artist. As a youth she enjoyed drawing, but life quickly got in the way. Moving to Garden Spot Village and discovering an established Art Guild and community of artists inspired Jill to relearn some of those forgotten skills.

For artists of all skill levels, Garden Spot’s encouraging art culture and abundance of classes offered by fellow residents make exploring art an opportunity to grow in community.

Through the weekly Artists Posse gatherings on Wednesday mornings, Jill began to explore drawing once more. The encouragement she received from other artists spurred her to keep drawing and refining her art.

“The other artists are so encouraging. They tell me art just takes practice, practice, practice!” So Jill keeps practicing.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


Designing Relationships hen Brandon Adams was studying graphic design at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, some of his most memorable assignments included connecting with local companies and creating art for real-world projects.


Brandon, who started as a graphic designer at Garden Spot Communities in 2014, believed that those real-world experiences were a valuable part of his education. Brandon says, “As one of my coaching goals for 2018, I decided to see if I could connect with a local art school. I really wanted to pass that real-life experience on and also begin a relationship that may prove beneficial for Garden Spot in the process.” In July 2018 he reached out to the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PCA&D) to see if one of the classes would want to take on the challenge of designing the front cover of the spring 2019 issue of Destination Garden Spot Village. This partnership was the start of a valuable relationship with PCA&D. That September PCA&D instructors Christina Hess and Bill Dussinger brought 21 senior illustration students to Garden Spot Village for a tour and an overview of the project. Over the course of the day the students were immersed in Garden Spot Village, and they left with some pretty strong impressions of the vibrant community, which they used to prepare their illustrations. “We were really impressed by the quality of the art submitted,” Brandon says. “It was a really good experience and we quickly began to plan for more collaboration.” The students were invited back in January 2019 for a cover reveal party. Garden Spot Village Art Guild members were also invited to the party and the relationship between Garden Spot and PCA&D deepened. In April the students returned again, as their Destination cover art hung in the Main


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

Street Art Gallery. More residents were invited to a gallery opening to interact with the students. Over the course of the evening, Chief Marketing Officer Scott Miller connected with a comic artist, which was the impetus and inspiration for The Amazing Adventures of Hugo & Val. The following fall, Brandon invited Christina and her newest batch of seniors back to Garden Spot Village for a new assignment: designing the medal and T-shirt for the 2020 Garden Spot Village 1/2 Marathon & 10K. Again, a solid collection of art was submitted and choosing a winner was challenging. Although the 2020 graduates ended their college career with Lancaster County in a literal shutdown, the students submitted art, which was once again hung in the Main Street Art Gallery in April. Residents missed the personal interaction with the students, but enjoyed seeing their art.

Clockwise from top left: Brandon Adams addresses PCA&D students in January 2019; Scott Miller and Brandon Adams pose with the 2020 Marathon Design Winners in November 2019; a PCA&D student interacts with June McKie, an artist and Garden Spot Village resident since November 2010; art from PCA&D students hangs in the Main Street Art Gallery in April 2020; PCA&D students pose in the Village Park in January 2019.

Through that experience Brandon connected with Tyler Le, who graduated in 2020 and was the winner of the marathon art assignment. Brandon commissioned Tyler to create cover art for the fall/winter 2020 issue of Destination Garden Spot Village. The partnership with PCA&D continues. Most recently, Brandon connected with Natalie Lascek and Tyler Barton from the Center for Creative Exploration, an arm of PCA&D that provides classes for artists of all ages and skill levels. During the spring 2021 semester, PCA&D offered virtual seats in their workshops for Garden Spot Village residents at no cost. Natalie says, “We see this as a wonderful way to strengthen our ties with a longtime partner, and forge a new level of collaboration. 2020 has presented everyone with unforeseen challenges, but perhaps one of the biggest of all has been the fact that it's become more difficult—in many cases, impossible—to gather safely in community.” She continues, “Using technology that's simple to use, we've learned it is possible to envision and teach vibrant art classes in the virtual world. Virtual platforms allow for more intergenerational classes and the opportunity to bring classes to a population who may otherwise be unable to travel to our campus. This new level of partnership with Garden Spot Village is such a wonderful opportunity for us to build on a great history of collaboration.” Experienced and novice artists alike benefited from a variety of classes offered, such as poetry writing, watercolor painting, Notan design and custom fabric design. A collection of artists participating in the enrichment classes—from Garden Spot Village as well as the broader Lancaster community—will be featured in the April 2021 Main Street Art Gallery.

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TO SERVE For the past year, Chaplain Chet Yoder has been fostering an exploratory new partnership with the New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM). A small team of Garden Spot Village residents plans to travel to New York in 2021 to participate in a three-night/four-day urban mission trip. The trip will include attending a Sunday morning service at Brooklyn Tabernacle, participating in theological classes through Elim Bible Institute, assisting NYSUM with some light construction projects and serving with NYSUM’s food truck in the evenings. A GARDEN SPOT CONNECTION Dr. John Smucker, who moved to Garden Spot Village with his wife, Irene, in August 2008, served in urban ministry in New York City for 47 years. Shortly after they were married in 1957, John and Irene moved to the Bronx, where they planted a church with the support of Maple Grove Mennonite Church in Atglen, Pennsylvania, and the Mennonite Board of Missions in Elkhart, Indiana. In 1979 they left the Bronx, ready for a change of pace.

In 1983, John and Irene were living in Lima, New York, where John was teaching and studying at Elim Bible Institute. He and Elim president, Paul Johansson, met weekly to pray. “We wanted to see God working in a new way,” John says. “Out of those weekly prayer times grew the vision and courage to return to New York City and start NYSUM.” When John and Paul revealed to Irene what they believed God desired to do in New York City, Irene prayed and fasted for three days. She couldn’t see how she and John could possibly return to New York City. In the end, she says, “I realized God wasn’t asking me to go back to New York because of my skills; He simply wanted me to be obedient. The next 25 years in Queens were the best years of ministry for me.” In their obedience, John and Irene found great growth. They planted a church in Queens and John began to help build NYSUM. For many years, Elim had offered a short-term mission outreach for students in New York City. NYSUM

formalized this outreach and provided a base for the students and others to serve in an urban setting. NYSUM TODAY Over the next 24 years, John and Irene helped to lead and grow the ministry of NYSUM. John served on the board of directors for 33 years, finishing his service in 2017. “Groups come from all over the United States to serve with NYSUM,” John says. “People’s lives are changed through service.”

NYSUM’s 70,000-square-foot training center in Long Island offers volunteer students an opportunity to experience practical urban classroom teaching and training. After training, outreaches take place through participation in street meetings, soup kitchens, rescue missions, city shelters, rehab centers and more. Elim seniors are required to serve and learn for one semester at NYSUM. Their training equips them for leadership in ministry and the experience changes their lives. NYSUM also ministers to pastors and leaders in New York City churches. John believes that Garden Spot Village residents will thrive during their time serving with NYSUM. “At Garden Spot Village, people like to do something concrete. This trip will combine light construction projects with learning and outreach.” LEARN MORE:

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The Amazing Adventures of

Hugo & Val

By Andrew R. Lytle D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


The Amazing Adventures of

GRANDPARENTS GUIDE Reading The Amazing Adventures of Hugo & Val with the children in your life offers an opportunity for purposeful conversation.

MICHELANGELO QUICK FACTS* • Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 in Florence, Italy. • At age 13 he became an apprentice to a local artist, where he learned various techniques for three years. • He was an Italian Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect and poet. • He is most well known for his paintings on the ceilings and walls in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. • It took him four years to paint the Sistine Chapel. • Michelangelo's most famous sculpture is David, which is at Accademia Gallery in Florence, Italy. • Michelangelo loved large projects. Because he liked to work alone, though, he didn't finish a lot of his projects. TO LEARN MORE: GSC.GL/D6W97QCN *Information was taken from:

Here are a few


to get the conversation started! TAKE TURNS ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS WITH THE CHILDREN. 1. If you could paint something on your ceiling, what would you paint? 2. Do you prefer to work alone? Or with a friend? 3. Do you prefer to finish a project quickly or work on it over several days? 4. Michelangelo once said,

Every block of stone has

a statue inside it and it is

the task of the sculptor to discover it.

What do you think he meant?


Michelangelo's sculptures, which are more than 500 years old, are still viewed by thousands of people each year. Using air dry clay, playdough (homemade or store bought) or a bar of soap, create your own sculpture! • FOR INSPIRATION ON HOW TO CARVE SOAP: GSC.GL/OK6NR4YVJ • TO FIND A RECIPE FOR HOMEMADE PLAYDOUGH: GSC.GL/M36C5ZF


Check out Hugo and Val's brand new website:


A fun place where kids and adults can go to view all of Hugo and Val's adventures, see Hugo and Val's family tree, and learn more about each member of their family!


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G




Comprehensive Eye Care From the Doctors and Staff at Optometric Associates

Dr. Wolfram Andrews

Founder of OA; focusing on Comprehensive and Geriatric Eye Care, Diabetic Eye Care, Glaucoma

Dr. Jonathan Andrews

Our office has been providing eye care services to the Lancaster Community at the same location for over 65 years.

Focusing on Dry Eye, Glaucoma, Diabetes, Specialty Contact Lenses, Emergency Eye Care, and Surgical Co-Management

Optometric Associates (OA) is a family owned and operated optometry practice focused on medical and urgent eye care. Located at 117 West Main Street, New Holland, PA 17557, Optometric Associates is looking forward to growing and maintaining a lasting relationship with you and your family for years to come. Optometric Associates is one call away to offer five star care for you and your family. Our team also offers twenty-four hours, seven days a week on call emergency medical eye care services. Our office offers new and existing patients same day emergency appointments for foreign body removals, corneal abrasions, eye injuries or other trauma related disorders, sudden onset of flashes/floaters, or symptoms of retinal tears and detachments. We also have ophthalmologists on call with our practice 24 hours a day if immediate, more invasive, surgical care is indicated. The Doctors at OA are well equipped to serve the residents of Garden Spot Village and patrons of New Holland. Our office is currently accepting new patients, we accept most major medical insurances, and offer a 10% senior citizen courtesy. Schedule your eye health appointment with us!







Research our practice online and see what patients are saying about us.

Schedule with one of our excellent doctors to see what treatments may be available for you

Relax knowing you are well cared for by highly experienced staff and doctors

Dr. Kathryn Andrews

Residency Trained Pediatric Optometrist focusing on Children’s Examinations, InfantSEE® examinations, Strabismus, Amblyopia, Medically Necessary Contact Lenses.

Dr. Cynthia Koza

Focusing on Comprehensive Eye Care, Diabetic Eye Exams, Glaucoma, Contact Lenses, and LASIK Co-Management. 117 west main street, new holland, pa, 17557 T(717) 354-2020 F(717) 355-2020 D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G


hen the Garden Spot Communities

leadership team established ForgeWorks as a consulting organization in 2017, they had a vision to assist nonprofit organizations across the country by providing tools for organizational growth and innovation. Over the past four years ForgeWorks Co-Founders Steve Jeffrey and Steve Lindsey, as well as Brand Warrior Scott Miller, have provided valuable leadership and insight to non-profit and for-profit organizations around the country.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


AN EXPANDING PURVIEW Ric Myers joined the ForgeWorks team as BridgeBuilder in August 2020. In this role, Ric shares his extensive experience in team building, operations, customer service, sales, marketing and real estate through the ForgeWorks consultancy. Over his 35-year career, Ric has worked with both non-profit and for-profit organizations in the retirement living and hospitality industries across the United States. “I admire the creative ways Garden Spot Communities and ForgeWorks have made a difference in our industry and am excited to be a part of these great organizations,” Ric says. “I believe my experience in operations, sales, marketing, hospitality and real estate can help further the ForgeWorks mission to spark organizational growth around the United States.”

A SOLID CONNECTION Steve Jeffrey says, “Ric’s title of BridgeBuilder describes him so well. His depth of experience and passion for connecting with people to solve their needs shines through. As we continue to grow our team and as our clients continue to work through COVIDrelated sales and marketing challenges, we believe Ric will be a unique and important resource to non-profits looking to expand their market presence. In short, we are very excited about Ric joining our team.” Steve Lindsey adds, “Ric not only has great industry experience, but also deep faith and a servant’s heart. As such, I am confident that he will add significantly to the ongoing life of our community.”

OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW In partnership with Scott Miller, Ric offers custom solutions for sales and marketing professionals. He recognizes that sales fuel an organization’s bottom line and that even incremental changes


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

can result in solid increases in profitability. One of the solutions Ric offers as part of the ForgeWorks consultancy is the role of interim sales director. Because sometimes it’s challenging to recruit the right leader in a short period of time, Ric offers a temporary solution so that organizations can keep moving forward. As interim sales director, he can also offer mentoring and training to a new leader, whether promoted from within or brought from outside the organization. Ric most recently served as interim sales director for Garden Spot Village. During that time, Ric helped the Garden Spot Village sales team quickly rebound from the COVID19 shutdown, connect with new prospects and sell the remaining homes at Sycamore Springs, including the final two-story house in the first phase of the Sycamore Springs neighborhood. Ric also offers expertise in sales coaching and is willing to work with organizations to find new ways to sell, whether they need ideas for selling virtually, staging new model homes or hosting virtual events. In addition, Ric’s “Living Small to Live Big” sales technique, based on his personal experience with inner-city living, helps people think about how they live in their space. He has presented this sales technique internationally, helping organizations to think strategically about selling. “My life and career experiences match the culture at Garden Spot Communities. My role with ForgeWorks allows me to use my creativity and to leverage my contacts and my problem-solving experiences,” says Ric. “Sometimes all that is needed,” he continues, “is a fresh, outside perspective. Plus, as organizations evolve, sometimes they need to find new ways to do things. COVID is a great example—it has disrupted the marketplace and forced us to think and serve in new ways.” Above: Ric Myers, ForgeWorks BridgeBuilder


IMPACTING OUR Cash Contributions to Other Non-Profits

In many ways, 2020 was a year where everything stopped. But, Garden Spot Village residents and team members continued to find abundant opportunities to live with purpose and serve in community. They generously donated teddy bears to the New Holland Police Department, children’s books to Lancaster County Prison and hygiene items to Lancaster Refugee Center & Community School. When March rolled around and the community meal was re-imagined, residents and team members pivoted, generously continuing to fund and prepare a to-go meal for their neighbors. Here are just a few of the ways we supported our community in 2020.



Including CrossNet Ministries, ELANCO Public Library, Fulton Theatre and Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society.

COMMUNITY Free Meals Served

at Garden Spot’s monthly community event at CrossNet Youth Ministries.


of Fresh Produce Donated to the local food pantry from our aeroponic greenhouse.


Face Masks Donated

to New Holland Elementary School. Each face mask was hand-sewn with love for the students. An additional 120 masks were requested in January 2021.


Per Year in Local Taxes—

the largest taxpayer in ELANCO School District.


to Garden Spot Fire Rescue

*Estimates based on charitable gift contribution recommended amounts



Donated items thru Making-A-Difference

3,051 items like toothbrushes, teddy bears, clothing, winter coats, hats, scarves, backpacks and food through our monthly collection to benefit local non-profits like Lancaster Refugee Center & Community School, Lancaster County Prison, Water Street Ministries, New Holland Food Bank and more.


Team Members Live and Serve in our broader community, impacting the lives of people around them.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



Pharmacist Josh Stauffer is a fifth-generation pharmacist who serves the New Holland community.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

In 1896 William Stauffer opened Stauffer’s Drug Store in the 200 block of East Main Street in New Holland. In 2021, 125 years later, Josh Stauffer is the fifth-generation pharmacist to manage the store, drawing on a lifetime of helping his family serve the New Holland community.


Today’s Stauffer’s Drug Store, located at 149 East Main Street, looks a little different than the one opened in 1896, but the goal remains the same: to serve the New Holland community by providing personalized service at an affordable price. In addition to filling prescriptions, Josh and his team offer a wide variety of services, including immunizations, home delivery, refill synchronization, medication packaging and much more. In recent years, Josh, who is a boardcertified geriatric pharmacist, has positioned the pharmacy to serve senior living communities well. Stauffer’s Drug Store offers delivery services to Garden Spot Village residents. In addition, Josh has expanded the pharmacy’s participation in administering vaccines, creating on-site clinics where he and his team administer flu shots and the shingles vaccine to as many as 200 to 300 people a day. Each fall they bring the mobile clinic to Garden Spot Village and offer the flu shot to all residents. They also offer the shingles vaccine in the pharmacy and began administering COVID-19 vaccine to Garden Spot Village residents in January 2021.

Josh also serves as a consultant for local retirement communities, including Garden Spot Village, reviewing resident medical charts and offering insight on medications. In addition, he offers seminars, speaking to support groups at Garden Spot Village on emerging therapies for illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease. As a family-owned, hometown pharmacy, Stauffer’s Drug Store’s specialty is relationships. “When people start to get to the point where they are on multiple medications and want an expert to talk to, they switch their prescriptions to us. Our focus is on customer service and we have a business model where the pharmacists are more accessible,” Josh says. “We just do prescriptions and a few over-the-counter medicines; we don’t have to worry about maintaining a large health and beauty inventory,” he adds. “Also, the waiting area is very close to the pharmacist. People feel like they can ask questions and build a relationship with the pharmacist. We get to know their individual health concerns and we are able to answer their questions.” Stauffer’s delivery option for Garden Spot Village residents is also a benefit. “When our customers are heading home from the doctor and feeling sick, they appreciate our short wait times,” Josh says. “Or, if they live at Garden Spot Village, they can just say, ‘Send it out tonight and add a bottle of Tylenol,’ and we’ll deliver it.” Josh and his family live in New Holland, within a few blocks of the pharmacy, and appreciate the opportunity to serve their community. Although he loves the science behind pharmacology, he also enjoys the business aspect and appreciates the independence he has as a small business owner. He is hopeful that his daughter or one of his two sons will be the sixthgeneration pharmacist at Stauffer’s Drug Store. “I’m hoping there will be at least one pharmacist in the group,” he says. READ MORE:

See the Stauffer's Drug Store ad on page 88.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



Bob & Pat Banks An Affordable Solution

HOMETOWN: Bob – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Pat – Reading, Pennsylvania FAVORITE THING TO DO TOGETHER: Watching movies, dining out CAREERS: Bob – Material Inspector, Department of Defense Pat – Sales and Marketing CURRENT HOMETOWN: Lititz, Pennsylvania FAMILY: 5 children, 6 grandchildren LOOKING FORWARD TO: Making new friends, Volunteering at Garden Spot Village


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G


think I’ve actually sold half a dozen people or so on coming to Garden Spot Village. It’s funny, my one friend said, ‘You should become a Garden Spot salesperson,’”

Pat Banks says with a laugh.

For the past 40 years Pat has been in sales—sharing a solution that works is natural for her! When her sister, Jeanne Lang, moved to Garden Spot in 2015, Pat knew that Garden Spot Village was where she also wanted to live someday. BEGINNING A NEW LIFE When Pat and Bob met in 2017, they shared a common grief; both had supported a spouse with major health issues who died too young. Pat’s husband battled amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Bob’s wife experienced earlyonset Alzheimer’s.

They married in October 2019. “We are proof that you can find love at any age,” Pat says with a smile. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Pat,” Bob says. “We really hit it off, right from the get-go. It’s been a blessing. Because of our commonality with spouses having had a serious illness, I think it makes us closer.” When they married, Bob was already retired from his job as a material inspector for the Department of Defense, but Pat was still working

as an executive for Clipper Magazine. They established their home in Lititz, Pennsylvania, close to Pat’s work. In the spring of 2020, when Clipper was forced to lay off team members, Pat opted for retirement. For years her life had revolved around work; now she was free to invest in hobbies, including training her new English Cream Golden Retriever, Finn, to be a therapy dog. PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE Pat and Bob’s common experiences inspired them to find a community where they could connect with support and healthcare services if they were faced with that situation again. Pat already knew Garden Spot was where she wanted to be.

Bob says, “It took me a while to get my head around it. Actually, I don’t think that at 65 I’m that old, but it’s important to think about these things and pre-plan. We’ve both seen what can happen to a person, medically, very quickly. We want to be in a position where we don’t have to make a choice about leaving our house or quickly finding a place for someone to get skilled care; most people wait too long.” Pat adds, “As we were talking about a move to Garden Spot, I sat down and looked through what we pay in taxes, heat, electric, trash, homeowners association costs, etc. Everything we pay in our home now adds up to more than our monthly cost at Garden Spot. Recognizing that we can live more cost effectively at Garden Spot was another big impetus for us to get on the Radar Screen now.” WAITING FOR THEIR NEW HOME Pat and Bob put a down payment on a carriage home with a two-car garage in October 2020, which placed them on the Radar Screen. As they wait for their new home, they continue to pursue their hobbies. Bob loves to cycle and takes the couple’s dogs to the dog park in Manheim Township every day.

Pat is still figuring out what it means to be retired, but she hopes to use her career experience to volunteer and help small businesses navigate sales and marketing plans. Together they hope to travel when COVID restrictions lift. They look forward to visiting family in Georgia, as well as traveling in the western part of the United States.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1




Continuing to Innovate 68

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G


urt Cole, a Garden Spot Village resident since January 2019, recalls as a young professional praying a prayer similar to the Prayer of Jabez: Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain. – I Chronicles 4:10.

“I prayed that God would give me a talent that I could use to build my career,” Curt says. “He did—he gave me a talent for understanding and measuring light, which morphed into being able to measure how light impacts biological systems, a field known as ‘photobiology.’” Curt started his career just out of college, as a research associate at Temple University, studying the correlation between exposure to sunlight and skin cancer. “It was my starter job,” Curt says. “I had $20 and a Pontiac Firebird to my name and Paula and I just wanted to get married,” he adds with a laugh. As he reflects on that first career decision Curt says, “God chose that job and set me up in it. My boss was a Christian man and now, more than 45 years later, we are still working together.” In 1986 Curt transitioned to Johnson & Johnson, where he worked in research and development, securing more than 20 patents with more still “in the works.” He and his team created sunscreens and lotions to repair skin and protect it from the damaging properties of the sun. He retired from Johnson & Johnson in 2013 with a long list of accomplishments, awards and published research papers. “God gave me a career. I didn’t plan it. He knew what He was doing. Each phase of my career built on the previous. I give Him all the credit. I am blessed—I always had enough to care for my family and I continue to have enough.” Today Curt is the Principal Member for Sun & Skin Consulting, LLC. As a physicist and photobiologist, Curt continues to connect with scientists and researchers around the globe, offering insight and expertise regarding the development and testing of sunscreens and other topical products. He works approximately 30 hours a week in his office, located in the loft of the carriage home he and Paula share. Before COVID grounded him, Curt traveled around the world to meet with clients and researchers. He currently serves as a project leader for the development of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sunscreen testing standards, leading a group of scientists from 41 countries in an effort to remove trade barriers for sunscreens.

A RETURN TO LANCASTER COUNTY In the 1980s Curt and Paula enjoyed visiting Lancaster County with their children. “We came to tour the countryside and learn about the Amish,” Curt says. “We always enjoyed our visits.”

As they neared retirement, Curt and Paula searched for a community where they would fit. Friends suggested they visit Garden Spot Village, which they did in 2007. For the next ten years they kept looking at other retirement communities, but Curt says, “We never found anything that came close to Garden Spot.” After Curt and Paula moved from their five-acre property in New Jersey in January 2019, they immediately connected with their new community. In addition to working, Curt also volunteers several hours a week screening visitors in the Village Square, working in the Wood Shop, singing with Village Voices and helping to lead a new home repair project. “Every time we visited Garden Spot,” Curt says, “people would say, ‘Come as soon as you can—don’t wait.’ We are so glad that we took their advice and moved when we did.”

Opposite: Curt Cole evaluates the effectiveness of sunscreens in his home office.

Curt says, “When I think of all the people I’ve worked with—I’ve connected with every nationality, all around the world.”

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1




A flavorful dish, Island Jerk Chicken Bowl, offers comfort and flavor in a bowl.

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

Island Jerk Chicken Bowl INGREDIENTS

Toasted Coconut:

4 teaspoons sweetened shredded coconut

Cilantro Mint Vinaigrette: 1/3 cup water 1/3 cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon chopped fresh cilantro 3/4 teaspoon seeded and finelychopped fresh jalapeno peppers 2 Tablespoons and 2 teaspoons chopped fresh mint 1/2 teaspoon peeled and finelychopped fresh ginger 1 Tablespoon chopped red onion 1 teaspoon unseasoned rice vinegar

Mango Cilantro Salsa: 3/4 teaspoon lime juice 1/4 cup diced fresh mango 1/4 teaspoon chopped fresh cilantro 1/4 teaspoon seeded and finelychopped fresh jalapeno pepper 1 teaspoon diced red onions

Brown Rice: 2 cups brown rice 4 cups water 1/8 teaspoon Kosher salt

Napa Cabbage, Kale & Garlic: 1 teaspoon canola oil 1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 1/2 teaspoon finely-chopped fresh garlic 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon white vinegar 2 1/2 cups sliced Napa cabbage 3 1/3 cups coarsely-chopped fresh kale, stems removed 1 Tablespoon butter 1/8 teaspoon Kosher salt

Jerk Chicken Thighs: 2 3/4 teaspoons Caribbean jerk seasoning 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup canola oil 1 1/4 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut into 4-ounce pieces


1. To Prepare Toasted Coconut: Spread coconut evenly onto parchment-lined sheet pans. Bake in a preheated 350-degree Fahrenheit oven for 4 to 5 minutes. Stir coconut. Bake for an additional 3 to 4 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool mixture at room temperature. Store in an airtight container until ready to use.

2. To Prepare Cilantro Mint Vinaigrette: In a saucepan, combine water and sugar to make simple syrup. Simmer over low heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Stir in cilantro, jalapeno peppers, mint, ginger, red onions and rice vinegar. Allow mixture to steep for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Cool quickly. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.


6. To Prepare Jerk Chicken Thighs: Combine jerk spice blend, water and oil. Place the chicken in the marinade and cover. Refrigerate for 12 hours or overnight to marinate. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove chicken from marinade. Place on a baking sheet. Cook for 20 to 25 minutes or until cooked through. NOTE: Drain and discard excess marinade

7. To Plate Island Jerk Chicken Bowl: Place 1 cup brown rice in a bowl. In order, top with: 2 Tablespoons cilantro mint vinaigrette, ¼ cup Napa cabbage with kale, 1 cup diced jerk chicken, 1 Tablespoon mango cilantro salsa, 1 teaspoon toasted coconut. Enjoy immediately!

3. To Prepare Mango Cilantro Salsa: In a mixing bowl, add all ingredients. Toss until wellcombined. Place in refrigerator until ready to use.


4. To Prepare Brown Rice: Combine brown rice, water and salt. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer covered for 45 to 50 minutes or until rice is tender and water is absorbed.

5. To Prepare Napa Cabbage, Kale & Garlic: In a large sauté pan, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add red pepper flakes and garlic. Sauté for 2 minutes. Add apple cider vinegar and white vinegar to deglaze pan. Stir to incorporate. Add cabbage. Cook until cabbage is wilted, reducing by half in size, about 5 to 10 minutes. Add kale and butter. Cook for 1 additional minute. Add salt. Toss to combine. Serve hot.


D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



Scott Ruth

Creating Beauty


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

JOB TITLE: Director of Campus Services

“I am so happy to be here,” Scott Ruth says. “I feel fortunate to be part of the Garden Spot Village community and to be here, especially during the pandemic, to offer support to residents.”

DATE STARTED AT GSV: September, 2019

Scott started as director of Campus Services in September 2019, bringing a career of landscaping design and lawn and tree care with him.


He studied Landscape Design at Temple University, Ambler Campus from 1983 to 1986. Through the years Scott started his own business as well as worked for other landscaping and lawn care companies. He also served as the director of Land Management for Masonic Villages in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, overseeing the community’s 600-acre farm and 65-acre orchard for 13 years.

MOVIE: Anything with Robin Williams FOOD: Fruits and vegetables BOOK: Business & Self-Development books MUSIC GENRE: Smooth jazz QUOTE: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest that you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” - Robert Louis Stevenson

When he learned through a professional contact about the opportunity to work for Garden Spot, the move felt right. “I always enjoyed working with residents and hearing their stories,” Scott says. “It’s important to meet their requests and offer the opportunity to find contentment and fulfillment in the landscaping around their homes.” Garden Spot’s vision for future growth inspired him as well. “I’m excited to see the opportunities for growth and extra projects through expansion of the campus.” Scott starts each day early, checking email and planning for the day. His team arrives by 6:30 or 7:00am and they discuss the day’s assignments. In the spring, summer and early fall they talk through mowing, planting and mulching. In the winter they talk through pruning schedules and snow removal. Scott and his team maintain the lawns and landscaping throughout Garden Spot’s 220 acres as well as the tree nursery, community gardens, greenhouse and many new projects. Scott’s team is also responsible for maintaining the community’s fleet of vehicles and tractors. New installations for 2020 included hardscaping and planting the roundabout at Sycamore Springs and the new pocket park adjacent to the Garden Spot Communities sign on Main Street. The Campus Services team also coordinated the planting of the lawns and the landscaping around each of the new homes at Sycamore Springs and at Meadow View. Throughout 2020, Scott also developed a relationship with Rileighs Outdoor Decor, a well-respected commercial holiday streetscapes and decoration company in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Scott’s relationship with Rileighs led to a new venture that included outdoor lighting, banners and other decor throughout the Garden Spot Village campus. Scott says that one of the reasons for pushing that partnership forward in 2020 was a renewed interest in outdoor events as a safer way for people to interact. Outside events held in December included the Tree Lighting Extravaganza as well as wagon rides through the Garden Spot campus, allowing residents to experience the decorations. Scott explains, “For most of the year we couldn’t host inside events. We wanted to provide something that people could enjoy and anticipate. Outdoor lights seemed like the right fit.”


“Also, Rileighs is partnering with us because they see it as an opportunity to expand their reach into the retirement community industry,” Scott continues. “They will use our partnership as a marketing tool. If our experience is successful, we look forward to growing our relationship in 2021.” Despite the challenges of COVID, Scott says, “It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable year.” D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1





D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G


Their daughter, Jaye Ann Hostetler, says, “We were very happy to know that Dad and Mom had people around them who cared about them. They had other friends at Garden Spot—people they knew, people they worked with or had known from growing up in Kennett Square.”

we went all over the East Coast. We usually went for a couple of weeks a year, plus weekends. Camping was always a highlight of our summer.”

GENEROUS HEARTS These relationships and their deep connection to Garden Spot Village encouraged Jay and Erma to designate a portion of Jay’s IRA as a legacy gift to the Garden Spot Village Benevolent Fund. Because Jay disclosed this designation, he and Erma were included in the Garden Spot Village Legacy Society. Individuals and couples who designate a portion of their estate to Garden Spot are honored by the Legacy Society through special events and luncheons.

They were also generous with their family, Jaye Ann says. “One camping trip that was very special for all of us was when Mom and Dad paid for all four children and nine grandchildren to go to Disney World in 2001. We camped in the Fort Wilderness campground and had a wonderful time in the parks. We all have great memories of this trip.”

Jaye Ann says, “They had a heart for giving. Dad especially, gave to organizations he believed in—the Alzheimer’s Association, the Parkinson’s Foundation and cancer research. He gave to so many places I wasn’t even aware of until after he died.” “They were always really active in the church and giving to the church— wherever they attended,” she adds.

A LEGACY OF MEMORIES Jaye Ann shares that her parents loved to travel—and camp! “We did a lot of camping when we were growing up,” she says. “We had a pop-up camper and

“They took a trip out west for their 40th anniversary and joined a camping caravan to Alaska,” Jaye Ann adds.

AN UNDERSTANDING OF RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES Jay, who grew up in Unionville, was a lifetime employee of Bell Telephone. Erma, who grew up in nearby Kennett Square, worked in human resources for many years at Kendal-Crossland Communities, a continuing care retirement community in Kennett Square.

Erma’s experience at Kendal influenced the couple’s decision to move to a continuing care retirement community. It made sense for Jay and Erma to move to a retirement community— especially one where friends and church family already lived.

TO LEARN MORE about designating a portion of your IRA as a legacy gift or other

legacy giving, please contact Linda Dodge in the development office at 717.355.6215.

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



THINGS TO SEE & DO Schedule is subject to change. For current listings, visit or contact Resident Services at 717.355.6000.

March 26 KIDS RUN

Join the cheering crowd as children, ages 6-12, finish the last leg of a 1/2 marathon or a one-mile fun run, coming down the finisher's chute and receiving their own medal. For residents, guests and the public.

27 GARDEN SPOT VILLAGE 1/2 MARATHON & 10K Join us as we safely host our annual Race Day! The Garden Spot Village 1/2 Marathon & 10K course winds through rolling Lancaster County farmland. For residents, guests and the public.


A free community meal at CrossNet Youth Center. Prepared by Garden Spot Village staff and residents. For the public.


A virtual event where you will learn more about life at Garden Spot Village. Visit for details and registration. For the public, especially 50+.


A free community meal at CrossNet Youth Center. Prepared by Garden Spot Village staff and residents. For the public.



Award-winning intergenerational day camp full of Lancaster County adventures.

For residents, future residents and family members.


A free community meal at CrossNet Youth Center. Prepared by Garden Spot Village staff and residents. For the public.


A delicious event, the ice cream carnival provides a sweet time to socialize. For residents only.


A virtual event where you will learn more about life at Garden Spot Village. Visit for details and registration. For the public, especially 50+.


A free community meal at CrossNet Youth Center. Prepared by Garden Spot Village staff and residents. For the public.


A free community meal at CrossNet Youth Center. Prepared by Garden Spot Village staff and residents. For the public.


A day trip to enjoy the sights, tastes and sounds of Cape May, New Jersey, with Elite Coach. For residents only.



For residents and the public.

For the public, especially 50+.

Popular golf outing benefiting the Garden Spot Village Benevolent Fund, which supports residents who have, for reasons outside of their control, exhausted their resources.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

A virtual event where you will learn more about life at Garden Spot Village. Visit for details and registration.

Experience the thrill of running in beautiful Lancaster County, PA on

SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 2021 Starting at 8am



GARDENSPOTVILLAGE.RUN Follow us on Facebook! D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



Kids 1/2 Marathon and Fun Run IN EDITORIAL ADVERTISER

March 26, 2021, 6pm for Kindergarten-8th grade ENCOURAGE YOUR KIDS OR GRANDKIDS TO RUN THIS YEAR'S KIDS 1/2 MARATHON OR FUN RUN!

Registration and details at

+ 78

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

If you need short-term rehab, you’ll be happy to know person-centered care has come to Maple Farm in Akron, PA. When a medical professional asks you about your short-term rehabilitation preference—tell them Maple Farm.


healing with

604 Oak Street, Akron, PA 17501 717.859.1191 D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E MAPLEFARM.ORG



Garden Spot Village's Swipe Out Hunger Campaign funds a monthly community meal at CrossNet Youth Center, New Holland. SINCE MARCH 2017, volunteers served more than 8,100 meals to members of our community. In March 2020, the community meal temporarily transitioned to a drive-thru style meal. Each month, volunteers serve hundreds of meals prepared and provided by Garden Spot Village.

To learn more call 717.355.6000 80

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

CrossNet Ministries offers programs in the area of Youth, Food & Nutrition, Social Services and Community. Our desire is to empower those who are underresourced and see lives changed by Jesus Christ!

We have many opportunities to get involved! OFFERING HELP & HOPE TO THE ELANCO COMMUNITY 717.355.2454 123 W Franklin Street New Holland, PA 17557

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


Compassionately serving our local community.

We are

a locally owned and operated funeral home offering traditional services, cremation options and advance funeral planning.

145 WEST MAIN STREET, NEW HOLLAND, PA • 717.354.0444 • GROFFECKENROTH.COM R. Fred Groff, III, Supervisor

Visit our two other Locations: Beck Funeral Home, Inc. 315 EAST MAIN STREET NEW HOLLAND, PA 717.354.2227 BECKFUNERAL.COM

Randy L. Stoltzfus, Supervisor

Loren E. Bender, Supervisor Branch location of Groff-High-Eckenroth Funeral Home, Inc.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

R. Fred Groff, III


Loren E. Bender

C. Stanley Eckenroth Home for Funerals

Supporting neighbors. Building community.

For more than 145 years, BB&T has earned the trust of our clients with a local approach to banking. Understanding the fabric of our community. Being there when our neighbors need us. Encouraging what makes our community unique. That’s why we’re proud to support Garden Spot Village.

Mary Jo Medura 717-735-8833 |

Truist Bank, Member FDIC. BB&T now Truist. To learn more, visit BB&

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



717.656.2181 | WWW.HFCI.US

It’s all about CHOICES! Stop in and see your options: Styles, Fabrics, Finishes and Firmness

NEED A LIFT? Lift chairs in petite, medium and average size. Find comfort and accessibility in one!

KUMME ESSE! (PA Dutch for come and eat)

Dining room sets vary in color, wood, style and size. 84

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G info@buehler

BUEHLER FAMILY DENTAL Complete dental care for patients of all ages | Convenient accessible parking

NO INSURANCE—NO PROBLEM Ask about the Buehler Family Dental Savings Plan

Our goal is to improve

We offer Implant Dentistry, Crowns,

your oral health, provide

Bridges, Veneers, Invisalign, Mercury -

a comfortable office

Free Dentistry, Tooth Colored Composite

environment, and, of

Restorations, Metal-Free Dentures & Partial

course, to make you smile!

Dentures, Preventative Care, and much more!

912 W Main St. Suite 404 New Holland, PA


D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


When It’s Time to Begin the Next Chapter of Your Life… We will be there for you!


Call Carol Lehman or Greg Hostetter today to schedule your free consultation.

717.354.6416 | 717.354.HOME (4663)

W W W. HOM E SA L E SL A NC A S T E R .C OM 321 East Main Street, New Holland, PA 86

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G


SMOKER GARD ASSOCIATES LLP ATTORNEYS AT LAW LET US HELP YOU WITH: Business Law — Business Formation Business Sales & Acquisitions Real Estate — Property Settlements Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney & Trusts Estate Administration — Adoption Tax Law & Tax Planning — 1031 Exchanges Title Insurance


121 East Main Street, New Holland

New Holland • Leola Manheim • Mt Carmel • Lititz

Because good oral health starts with quality dental care from a highly-qualified and experienced team committed to providing the absolute best in treatment, skill and judgment. • Located in New Holland convenient to Garden Spot Village • Easily accessible, off-street parking

Laura Sheaffer Harkin, DMD Third Generation Family Dentistry Callfor an appointment today!

(717) 354-4081

507 W. Broad St. I New Holland, PA 17557

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


All of the health. None of the hassle. Managing your medications has never been easier. Ask the pharmacist for details.

149 E Main Street • New Holland, PA 17557 • 717.355.9300 •

PASSWallPosters.indd 6

10/30/2018 1:26:50 PM

Allen Wessel


Financial Advisor


201 East Main St New Holland, PA 17557 717-354-4879

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

Member SIPC

Petal Perfect Flowers Flowers • Special Occasions Celebration of Life • Gift Baskets Walk-Ins Welcome

LOCATED IN YODER’S MALL 12 South Tower Road | New Holland, PA


­ ­

Save 10¢ to 30¢ per Gallon of Gas when you use your Gold Card at Yoder’s Country Market.

We Deliver Locally

Visit our office in New Holland!


VO T E D # 1 E Y E CA R E C E N T E R F O R 18 Y E A R S

Taking Your Sight

SERIOUSLY Schedule your eye exams, surgical evaluations, and follow up in our New Holland office. Trust your vision to a medical doctor, the only Ophthalmologists in town!


Cataract Surgery • Corneal Transplants Glaucoma Care and Management Diabetic Eye Care • Neuro-Ophthalmology Macular Degeneration • Dry Eye Syndrome Glasses and Contacts

Patrick T. Tiedeken, M.D. • Pierre K. Palandjian, D.O. • Wenxin T. Wei, M.D. • John B. Fileta, M.D. Zachary C. Landis, M.D. • Melissa S. Walker, O.D. • Meetal Umarvadia, O.D. D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1


Family Owned & Operated



107 Maxwell Hill Road, Morgantown PA 610.286.9840 or 800.942.1181 90

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

CSA Tech Solutions TM

• Locally owned & operated • 44th Anniversary 1977—2021 • Consumer Cellular & TracFone • Knowledgeable friendly staff • Afternoon & evening service calls

windows • mac • linux FAITHFULLY SERVING 18+ YEARS!

Virus Removal Remote Support Onsite Support Backup & Transfer 357 W. Main Street • New Holland, PA 17557 •


Theraflex Massage A Unique Approach to Physical, Emotional and Therapeutic Health


717.354.2200 331 E. Main Street • New Holland

IF YOU ARE READING THIS, SO ARE YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS! Call Kristy for details at 717.355.6057

Massage therapy for Garden Spot Village residents & employees, every other Monday morning & Wednesdays in Gardens South Lower Level, Room 3. $50 per hour.

by appointment only 717.615.3126 Sessions are paid at time of service | Cash & Check Only



Dr. Stephens considers it her honor and privilege to provide New Holland and the surrounding communities the best that modern dentistry has to offer! Dr. Stephens is a proud graduate of Rutgers University & the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Recently, she earned her fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry—an honor achieved by only 6% of general dentists!

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE! 100 E. Main St., New Holland, PA, 17557 | 717.354.5635 | D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1




Learn more about Garden Spot Village through this interactive online session with Sales Associate Kelly Sweigart.

Upcoming Dates

May 11, July 21, September 14 Sign up at GSVLOOKANDLEARN.ORG or call 717.355.6000

The Community Church at Garden Spot Village WEEKLY SERVICE SUNDAY, 10AM

MORE EPISODES COMING SOON! This podcast explores what it means to retire with purpose, live to your full potential and explore abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community.


D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G

MEADOW VIEW, a new, state-of-the-art memory support building at Garden Spot Village, offers opportunities for people with dementia to live resiliently. At Meadow View people find purpose-filled days and opportunities to engage with community. To learn more or schedule a tour, call 717.355.6000.

Live Resiliently

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



Looking for opportunities to learn and grow in a community that welcomes new ideas and innovation? Garden Spot Communities welcomes people who desire to make a difference wherever they are!



EVERYgirl. Girls on the Run is an afterschool program like no other! Over the course of 10 weeks, girls have fun, make ma friends, increase physical activity levels and learn important life skills they can use at home, at school and with friends.

Why it Matters IT’S FUN. Girls who were the least active at the start of the program increased their physical activity by more than 40%. 94

97% of participants said they learned critical skills to manage emotions, resolve conflict, help others or make intentional decisions.

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G


Thank You


Local businesses are invited to join the Garden Spot Business Circle with a minimum tax deductible sponsorship or gift of $1,000. Five levels of sponsorship and giving offer various benefits. To learn more about how your business can help to enrich the lives of older adults, please contact Linda Dodge, CFRE, Director of Development at 717.355.6215 or

D E S T I N AT I O N G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 2 1



Attorneys Linda Kling, Patrick Deibler, and Ashley A. Glick

Welcoming Ashley A. Glick, Esq.


LEGAL ADVICE A general practice law firm devoted to Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorneys, Estate Administration & Elder Law, Real Estate, Business Law & Family Law 131 West Main Street, New Holland | 717.354 .7700 | .law 96

D E S T I N AT I O N . G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E . O R G