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Index Opera Burlesque The Bosco Theater p10

Ed Kuepper The Famous Spiegeltent p24

La La Parlour presents Tarnished (The) The Umbrella Revolution & The Famous Spiegeltent p10

Ash Grunwald The Famous Spiegeltent p20

Edge The Bosco Theater p9

LaLaLuna The Umbrella Revolution p26

Problem Pony The Famous Spiegeltent p21

Audreys (The) The Famous Spiegeltent p13

Even The Famous Spiegeltent p15

Last Days of Mankind (The) The Bosco Theater p22

Bernadette Robinson The Famous Spiegeltent p19

Felix Listens To The World The Bosco Theater p22

Late Night Revolutions The Umbrella Revolution p29

SAFM’s Lehmo Live At The Fringe Outside Broadcast p25

Blue King Brown The Famous Spiegeltent p13

Flat on Your Bacharach The Famous Spiegeltent p15

Laugh-apoolooza The Umbrella Revolution p12

bluehouse (the) The Famous Spiegeltent p14

FourPlay The Famous Spiegeltent p19

SARS The Famous Spiegeltent p15

Bob Log III The Famous Spiegeltent p14

Funny Business The Umbrella Revolution p27

Lawrence Leung and Andrew McClelland’s Somewhat Secret Secret Society The Garden Shed p23

Bumpuppets presents Deniro. Behind the Mask The Garden Shed 24

Gauche The Bosco Theater p24

Leaping Loonies – The Crate Show The Umbrella Revolution p27

Space Between (The) The Umbrella Revolution p12

Gentlemen Prefer Curves The Famous Spiegeltent p20

Manic Opera The Bosco Theater p11

Hiptones (The) The Famous Spiegeltent p21

Mia Dyson The Famous Spiegeltent p14

Hoodwinked The Bosco Theater p9

Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing The Famous Spiegeltent p19

160 Characters The Umbrella Revolution p12

Dave Graney & Clare Moore The Famous Spiegeltent p19

Andy White The Famous Spiegeltent p11

Burlesque Hour (The) The Famous Spiegeltent p10 Candy Butchers – A Circus Sweetmeat (The) The Umbrella Revolution p7

Phil Moriarty The Bosco Theater p11

Sam Simmons’ Tales from the Erotic Cat The Garden Shed p23

Shooglenifty The Famous Spiegeltent p20

Stephen Cummings The Famous Spiegeltent p19 Tam White The Bosco Theater p11 Ticklish Allsorts The Umbrella Revolution p28 Two More Vodkas The Famous Spiegeltent p21

Chipolatas (The) The Famous Spiegeltent p28

Jimeoin The Famous Spiegeltent p8

Circuit Breaker (The) The Umbrella Revolution p9

Kerri Simpson The Famous Spiegeltent p20

Mikelangelo and The Black Sea Gentlemen The Bosco Theater p22

CODA – Music For The Eyes The Umbrella Revolution p12

Kid Confucius The Famous Spiegeltent p21

Mind Bending The Umbrella Revolution p6

Vardos The Famous Spiegeltent p11

Colin Hay The Famous Spiegeltent p20

Kids Comedy Gala The Umbrella Revolution p28

Monique Brumby The Famous Spiegeltent p21

Collected Musicians (The) The Famous Spiegeltent p13

King’s New Suit (The) The Umbrella Revolution p28

My Friend The Chocolate Cake The Famous Spiegeltent p13

Wendy Rule & Land of The Blind The Famous Spiegeltent p14

La Clique... A Sideshow Burlesque The Famous Spiegeltent p5

Necks (The) The Famous Spiegeltent p13

Cooking Show – Jimeoin & Bob Franklin serve up (The) The Famous Spiegeltent p8 Darth Vegas The Umbrella Revolution p12

Omar Sosa Trio The Famous Spiegeltent p14

Up in Smoke The Umbrella Revolution p28

Wilson Dixon The Famous Spiegeltent p15 Women With Standards The Famous Spiegeltent p15

Bookings FringeTIX (08) 841 88 666 on line: and all FringeTIX outlets Venue*Tix 1300 305 485 online: & and all Venue*Tix outlets On site from 17th February 2

The most beloved of festival sites is ready and set to blow the lid off your wildest festival fantasies. We will seduce unsuspecting Garden virgins and infiltrate the moon-age daydreams and crazy nightmares of every lucky, wide-eyed punter.

We welcome you, with our trademark tip of the trilby, into our magical world for four short weeks... a world that sparkles, fizzes and spins with the pizzazz and aplomb befitting the best fandangles and ballyhoos in the business. Kabarett with one K and two T’s, nipple tassels, concerts on G-strings, kaleidoscopic circus under the stars and carnies that glow in the dark. Gravitydefying aerial ballerinas

and other astonishing feats of fancy! Become part of the wildlife and the nefarious goings-on at the party that never ends! For once in your life get out more, over-indulge and blow out your senses. “Ave a go, dude”... we only let this genie out of the bottle once every two years! Don’t be shy, you are with us now! Welcome to The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Become a kid again and be amazed, be delighted, be astounded, be challenged, be thrilled, be scared, but, most of all be there... come again and again and again! You will never regret you did... not for a moment!

Inhabit the human zoo that is The Garden of Unearthly Delights. Witness tomorrow’s tastes on a titillating palate of the latest and greatest lard! Yesterday’s magic potions shaken and stirred with tomorrow’s brightest stars. This concoction will be loaded and fired into the ether over Rundle Park only to land in your imagination and memories forever! For one month you will deal with us in the currency of the unforgettable, the indelible, the astonishing.

A garden of dreams... a garden of unearthly delights – the distilled essence of the Fringe. You will love it, baby... and baby, we will love you!


k _\


A 1900’s European Theatre Tent, a Circus Big Top, the hippest Garden Shed and, of course, the piece de resistance – The Famous Spiegeltent.

The Famous Spiegeltent ‘More! more! more! Give me more... standing ovations, goose bumps down the spine, shivers of excitement, sensational and scintillating performances by some of the world’s finest! Feeding time for the senses has arrived and from sunset to sunrise, the greatest show in town hits town! The legendary parties that simply do not end. The fortunes that are told in the wee small hours. The dreams that come true the morning after. The essence of ‘The Garden’, its heart and soul, its raison d’être has returned. The Famous Spiegeltent will weave its special magic throughout the city... she has returned and no-one is safe!

Umbrella Revolution The Umbrella Revolution reloads and explodes into life as we bring you a deliciously reckless program of dark clowning, old world spectacle, contemporary circus, biting cabaret, dynamic music, almost stand-up comedy, and theatre at its extreme. We proudly present two of Australia’s most contemporary circus luminaries – the award winning Candy Butchers and the Happy Sideshow’s notorious sword-swallower, The Space Cowboy, while LaLaLuna (USA) heads up our carefully crafted family programme of jam-packed weekends and delightful dusk performances! Join us under the umbrella and let the revolution begin.

The Bosco Theater The Bosco Theater will make its Australian debut in Adelaide at The Garden of Unearthly Delights. It will host an amazing array of theatre, comedy, cabaret and concert performances with artists from Australia and abroad. The Bosco Theatre is an original Dutch kermis-circus tent built in 1909. It has appeared at fairs and festivals throughout the Low Countries from the beginning of the twentieth century. It is an authentic part of the rich European fairground tradition. Come on down and experience the history and charm of this unique venue as well as the plethora of stunning performances.

The Garden Shed Obligatory in every garden...even those of an unearthly nature! Full of young whipper snippers, shovel loads of comedy that will nail you to your seat and prices that won’t mow you down. Come and get hammered, engage in some secret secret men’s business, meet some well crafted tools and the occasional rake. Lattice tell you something for nothing, let’s just call a spade a spade, we won’t give you a bum steer, this place is the erotic cat’s meow!



La Clique show burlesque …a side

The undeniable smash hit of festivals all around the world and hot-on-the-heels of a sell out 9 week season in Melbourne... La Clique is a late night saunter through the strangest and sultriest circus in town, a cache of international artists that will take your breath away and make your festival blush! Combining the traditions of Vaudeville and Music Hall with Berliner Kabarett, La Clique is a variety show on acid transforming the elegant, sumptuous confines of The Spiegeltent into something just a little... below the belt! “It’s the place where circus meets vaudeville and it has never been, could never be sexier...awesomely, breathstoppingly skilled... do whatever it takes to get a front row seat.” THE SCOTSMAN “just plain sexy” THE HERALD “This is cabaret blinged up to the max and an unmissable evening’s entertainment” METRO

“sexy, daring and utterly stunning... it could easily be the most spectacular show you see” THREE WEEKS Feb Fri 17th at 8.00pm Preview $25 Feb Sat 18th – Mar Sun 19th at 10.30pm (No Shows Feb Mon 20th & Mar Mon 6th) $30 Sun – Thur, $34 Fri & Sat, ($25 Conc Mon & Tue)



Mind Bending Witness The Space Cowboy’s apparent paranormal powers as he draws pictures from people’s minds, bends spoons in their hands and controls their actions in ways you never thought possible. His demonstrations of the bizarre world of subconscious persuasion are so incredible they just have to be seen to be believed. Through various forms of psychology, educated intuition, perceptual manipulation and mind control you will see him exceed the impossible by reading and predicting the very thoughts of his spectators and even stopping their watches! But that’s not all. You’ll experience some of the world’s most extreme and highly skilled sword swallowing stunts, that climax with a glass neon tube 70cm long, filled with a deadly mercury compound gas and powered by 2000volts of electricity. It is swallowed down his digestive tract, to be seen shining through his skin from the inside. An unforgettable performance! Previews: Feb Tue 21st – Thu 23rd at 8.30pm Season: Feb Sat 25th – Mar Sun 19th (Wed – Sat at 8.30pm, Sun at 7pm) Adult $24, Conc $20, Previews $14

The Happy Sideshow’s notorious sword swallower returns to astound and confound with his new solo performance.



The Candy Butchers

“A timeless 21st Century sideshow... at once monstrous & delicate, macabre & heart-warming – startling, substantial & technically spectacular” THE AGE

A Circus Sweetmeat Contemporary circus luminaries Derek Ives & Azaria Universe join forces with rising stars, DJ Garner & Jess Love to create The Candy Butchers; proud purveyors of elegant stunts, dirty acrobatics and dark clowning. A darkly humorous journey into a neovaudevillian world from an imaginary sideshow era, The Candy Butchers – A Circus Sweetmeat combines high-level circus skills with pathos, drama and tragedy to create a vision that is at once delicately touching, visually enchanting and physically impressive. Previews: Feb Tue 21st – Wed 22nd at 10pm Season: Feb Thu 23rd – Mar Sat 18th (Mon, Wed – Sat 10pm and Sun 8.30pm) Adult $27, Conc $22, Child $18, Mon & Previews $20


“Jimeoin recalls the familiar at a fantastically silly level, boiling his audience down to a tear-filled, gibbering mess.” SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY

Jimeoin Stand up comedy at it’s very best as Jimeoin makes a welcome return to the Adelaide Fringe Festival to find the funniest spot on The Famous Spiegeltent stage. Mar Wed 8th – Sat 11th & Wed 15th – Sat 18th $36 (Conc $31)

Jimeoin and Bob Franklin serve up The Cooking Show Seemingly of no educational or culinary merit! “Surreal, inspired lunacy... a mirth packed hour” THE LIST, EDINBURGH

“Completely, ridiculously funny” THE SCOTSMAN “A whirlwind of inventive props and ridiculous improvisation” THE INDEPENDENT, LONDON Mar Sun 12th & Wed 15th at 6.30pm, Mon 13th & Tue 14th at 8.30pm. $36 (Conc $31)


Edge Set on the day in 1963 when Sylvia Plath died, Edge offers the self-told story of the troubled poet and author. Angelica Torn gives an outstanding one-woman performance as Plath. “... a troubling and powerful performance...” THE NEW YORKER “... a resurrected Sylvia Plath... the showcase of a lifetime.” NEW YORK TIMES

“... from the very first line, writer Paul Alexander has you gripped... Angelica Torn is devastating as Plath.” TIME OUT, LONDON “Angelica Torn gives a virtuoso performance... gripping acting.” THE BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

Mar Wed 8th – Sun 12th at 9.30pm & Thu 9th, Fri 10th, Sun 12th at 3pm $30 (Conc $24)

Hoodwinked The Festival Spirit Hoodwinked is a new game show of bluff, deception and hilarity, played by a gargantuan, all-star, rotating panel of the funniest cards at the festival, shuffled nightly. A cross between Blankety Blanks, Spicks & Specks and nothing else you’ve ever seen (!!!!), it’s the festival spirit in a live game show. Hosted by Marcus Jones, contestants include Jimeoin, Bob Franklin, Akmal Saleh, Lawrence Mooney, Harry Angus (Cat Empire) & Erik the Dog. Some of the show’s profits will be donated to BeyondBlue – The National Depression Initiative. Mar Mon 13th – Sun 19th (No Shows Wed 15th & Thur 16th) $24 (Conc $21)


The Circuit Breaker Sound of Human (Ben Walsh) Ben Walsh is thundering back with a brand new show. In a desperate attempt to keep drumming alive in this machine age, he goes head to head with the machines, revealing his humorous internal battle with technology and within himself. A wild ride of supercharged breaks, bleeps and beats. Preview: Feb Thu 23rd at 11.30pm Season: Feb Sat 25th – Mon 27th, Mar Wed 1st, Thu 2nd, Sat 4th, Sun 5th at 11.30pm Adult $20, Conc $16, Preview $14



Tarnished These kittens of the apocalypso welcome you to their temple of tease. Join this gaggle of decadant girls in a shotgun marriage of circus and burlesque. Behold Australia’s notorious Queen of Burlesque, Imogen Kelly performing her world famous Marie Antoinette striptease. Happy Sideshow’s Tiger Lil will tantalise and intrigue you with her discerning grace and whip-cracking prowess. Be amazed by Kelly Vella, infamous ascendant of the Limelight Review and miscellaneous contortions of tease. Oh yeah... and you’ll also see a little shit called Neridah... um... Waters. The Famous Spiegeltent: Feb Sun 19th – Wed 22nd at 8.30pm. The Umbrella Revolution: Mar Sun 5th & Sun 12th at 10pm, Mar Mon 6th at 8.30pm, Mar Wed 8th at 11.30pm. $20 (Conc $16) for Umbrella and Spiegel performances

The Burlesque Hour Salon of Live Ladies At last! The smash-hit, sell-out, standing-ovationed Burlesque Hour! From the Sydney Opera House to Edinburgh, from London to Tokyo – these are the raucous, risqué and razor sharp acts that have created a frenzy amongst critics and audiences alike. See internationally acclaimed Queen of Cabaret Bizarre Moira Finucane, Circus and Burlesque Star Azaria Universe, Japanese Shock Cabaret Artiste Yumi Umiumare, mix it up with luminous guest stars Maude Davey, Ursula Martinez & The Town Bikes! “Kerosene fuelled, gender bending, bodice ripping, stereotype trashing, neo-circus cabaret madness.” METRO UK “Jaw dropping, feisty, seductive, dynamic. Unmissable”


“Wickedly entertaining, hugely different, grotesquely addictive” THREE WEEKS UK

Feb Mon 27th – Mar Wed 1st at 8.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)

Opera Burlesque More high C’s than sleaze but just enough tease to please. After a sell-out, debut season at The Famous Spiegeltent in Melbourne, the Opera Burlesque now comes to Adelaide for two exclusive shows featuring three of Australia’s most successful young opera singers; Ali McGregor, Antoinette Halloran and Dimity Shepherd. “...Crossing neatly between (the) old and new school is the Opera Burlesque – a trio of classically trained singers with serious reputations, who like to do an odd runner from traditional fare and delve into the subterranean world of cabaret, vaudeville and heavy metal..” LILI BRAGGE, THE AGE “Opera Burlesque drags grand opera kicking and teasing into the vaudeville house..” GREG BURCHALL, THE AGE

Mar Wed 15th & Thu 16th at 9.30pm. $28 (Conc $25)


Manic Opera NZ’s daring a cappella comedy trio, return to Adelaide with their incisive wit, gorgeous harmonies and staggering vocal arrangements. Nominees in the USA Contemporary a cappella Recording Awards, their shows have sold out in Singapore, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia. “So wickedly funny I literally cried with laughter” ADELAIDE ADVERTISER Feb Sat 25th – Mar Wed 1st at 9.30pm. $25 (Conc $21)

Tam White & Brian Kellock After a sensational run at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club Brian Kellock joins fellow Scot Tam White in this long awaited return to the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Tam’s onstage presence demands that we enjoy ourselves, his whisky, gravelly voice commands immediate attention. Tom Waits, Gill Scott Heron, Ray Charles plus White’s own acclaimed material. Don’t miss it this time! Mar Thu 2nd – Tue 7th at 9.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)

Phil Moriarty One half of the Gadflys’ legendary Moriarty brothers, Phil Moriarty, aka ‘The Great Muldavio’, takes a break from current band the Black Sea Gentlemen and hits the road to get a handle on playing the songs from his soon to be released solo album I Also Skip Here. A songwriting feast. Mar Mon 6th at 7.30pm. $20 (Conc $15)

Vardos Gypsy and traditional music learnt in Hungary and Romania. “With stagecraft that is equal parts formation dancing, martial arts and Keystone Cops, the violin-accordion-double bass trio play with formidable panache, spinning the tunes into a dizzying procession of crescendos and false stops. ...Vardos don’t hold back” HERALD, EDINBURGH 2004 Mar Mon 13th at 7.30pm. $22 (Conc $19)

Andy White Belfast born Irish singer-songwriter Andy White has travelled the world with an acoustic guitar case in one hand and book of words in the other. Working with artists such as Neil and Tim Finn, writing with Peter Gabriel, playing all the great folk and WOMAD festivals, Andy is touring with his newly released album ‘Boy 40’. Mar Sun 12th at 8.30pm. $20



Laugh-apoolooza The musical comedy hit of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival comes to the Adelaide Fringe with the funniest Australian and International comic musicians joking and jamming together in one rock rollicking show. Come celebrate the launch of the debut Laughapoolooza DVD, which stars Gud, Scared Weird Little Guys, Eddie Perfect, Tim Minchin, and many more. 6 SHOWS ONLY. Nightly line-ups: Feb Tue 28th, Mar Tue 7th & Tue 14th at 10pm. Mar Fri 3rd, Fri 10th & Fri 17th at 11.30pm. $25, (Conc $20)

Darth Vegas From the diabolical mind of Michael Lira (Vicious Hairy Mary), three ARIA award winners and some of the best talent around comes a new musical ferris wheel of horror... Darth Vegas an amalgam of lounge, swing and death-metal. Inspired by the “Cantina Band” from Star Wars and with backgrounds in circus, theatre, noise bands, punk, jazz and beyond this band has the skills to work any crowd. From martinis to moshpits. “A cross between Glenn Miller’s big band and Slipknot” JAY KATZ – TRIPLE J Mar Thu 9th, Sat 11th, Sun 12th at 11.30pm. All tix $18

CODA – Music For The Eyes Grunge Opera, cardboard cut out Panto, cut up Cabaret and Rock & Roll symphony in a contemporary and classic fusion Concert experience. CODA’s Music for the Eyes is direct from a sell out series of concerts at the Sydney Opera House Studio. Inspired by the life, work and play of Erik Satie the CODA Collective deliver an aural and visual feast with showgirls, aerialists, vocalists and performance artists! CODA’s new work is for the mammal in you! Feb Sat 25th, Mon 27th, Tue 28th at 7pm. Feb Sun 26th at 10pm All tix $18 PRESENTED BY VANILLA PRODUCTIONS

160 Characters You forward text messages you have received direct to the onstage phone. These texts start completely improvised comedy sketches. You have the power to inspire sketches with no more than 160 Characters of text! Matchless comedic storytelling by a cast of 6, diving into the ridiculous, the hilarious and absurd. Mar Mon 13th – Tue 14th at 8.30pm. Mar Wed 15th – Thu 16th at 11.30pm $18 (Conc $14) CIRCA PRESENTS

The Space Between Lyrical, physically extreme and joyously sensual, The Space Between is a powerful exploration of the things that keep us apart and our desire to be together. Three performers journey through explosive acrobatic encounters, lyrical duets & supple physical contortions, as they explore love, loss and desire. Visually drenched in layers of projection & set to a blend of Jacques Brel’s songs, industrial sounds by Darrin Verhagin & DJ Shadow; this is stripped back circus of the heart. Feb Mon 27th & Tue 28th at 8.30pm. $20 (Conc $16)


My Friend The Chocolate Cake MFTCC return to The Famous Spiegeltent for one night of kitchen sink piano tales, vivid chamber orchestration and hell-raising instrumental shenanigans. Whether wrapped in the warm, dark cloak of a rainy city or hitching their skirts to howl at the moon, they’re tunes that teach sad hearts to sing and bad dancers to throw their arms out and cut sick. Feb Sat 18th at 6.30pm. $35 (Conc $30)

Blue King Brown Blue King Brown hit The Famous Spiegeltent as part of their massive national tour. With a distinctly original sound fusing heavy percussion with soul, roots and groove, their uplifting high energy show marks them as one of the best new bands around. Very rarely does a band with such a grasp of awesome rhythms, great songs and live flair emerge. Be sure to catch this exciting new band on the rise! Feb Sat 18th at 8:30pm. $25 (Conc $20)

The Necks The Necks are one of the great cult bands of Australia. Chris Abrahams (piano), Tony Buck (drums), and Lloyd Swanton (bass) conjure a chemistry together that defies description in orthodox terms. Not entirely avant-garde, nor minimalist, nor ambient, nor jazz, the music of The Necks is possibly unique in the world today. “...They produce a post-jazz, post-rock, post-everything sonic experience that has few parallels or rivals. Their music is a thrilling, emotional journey into the unknown. Like seeing a world in a grain of sand.” THE GUARDIAN (UK) Feb Sun 19th, at 6.30pm & 20th at 10.30pm. $30 (conc $25)

The Collected Musicians Jazz, folk, blues, contemporary, rock and gospel, this is the music of Eva Cassidy. The Collected Musicians are a group of talented artists who have been brought together for this portrayal of Eva Cassidy’s life through her music. The Collected Musicians have an extensive and diverse background in all genres of music with Kim Spargo (vocals – pictured), Alain Valodze (guitar), Reeve Maloney (acoustic & electric bass), Rob Eyers (drums), Tim Haslam (piano), and Emma Rodda (fiddle). Feb Mon 20th at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)

The Audreys The Audreys are at the folksy end of rock, the classy end of country and the bluesy end of, well, blues. Take Taasha’s fallen angel voice and fondness for toy store instrumentation, add brothers Tristan and Cam throw in Mikey G, plenty of wistful harmonies, songs that swing from foot stomping to beguiling and you’ve got The Audreys. Feb Wed 22nd & Mar Sat 18th at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $20)


the bluehouse the bluehouse – wit, charm, gorgeously harmonious voices, inspired musicianship and a truckload of laughs. Take a roller-coaster ride of emotions and join Bernadette, Jacqui and Sam in one of your last chances to see this trio in its current line-up. Feb Thu 23rd at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)

Mia Dyson Mia Dyson has been acclaimed as the hottest young female guitarist on the scene right now. Mia plays electric, lap steel, baritone, slide and acoustic guitar and is joined at this intimate venue by her brand new band - Angus Diggs on drums and Wayne Freer on bass guitar. Nominee for ‘Best Female Artist’ and WINNER of ‘Best Blues and Roots’ album for Parking Lots at this years ARIA Awards. Parking Lots is a stirring collection of inspired songs, delivered with the kick and command of an artist who has found her voice and isn’t afraid to use it. Feb Sat 25th at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)

Bob Log III This one-man band from Tucson, Arizona, plays slide guitar faster than anyone on earth, whilst furiously striking the kick drum and cymbals with his feet, all under the guise of a space suit and crash helmet. Its blues-rock at it’s absolute best, and must-be-seen-to-be-believed. Feb Sat 25th at 8.30pm. $25

Omar Sosa Trio Omar Sosa is a spirited pianist/composer who creates irresistible music. His artistry blends the freedom of jazz with influences of Afro-Cuban folklore, Latin rhythms, hip-hop and electronica. The trio features Cuban master percussionist Miguel ‘Anga’ Diaz and Mozambique bass player Childo Tomas. “Sosa is one of the truly illuminated minds of world jazz” BILLBOARD Feb Thu 23rd at 8.30pm. $35

Wendy Rule & Land of the Blind Melbourne songstress Wendy Rule teams up with San Francisco based electro/shamanic duo Land of the Blind on their first Australian tour. With a shared love of magic, music and ritual, the two acts have collaborated in the USA, creating concerts of visionary depth and beauty. Feb Sun 26th at 6.30pm. $20


SARS Described as ‘one of the most colourful and exciting groups in Australia today’ (SEBASTIAN FLYNN – BEMAC). SARS draws from the rich harmonies of Argentine Tango, the wild improvisations of Gypsy Jazz, and the fire and grace of Flamenco. SARS recalls the ‘scene of 1920’s Paris cafes but filtered through an edgy, contemporary sensibility’ JEAN BURGESS – ON-LINE REVIEWS. Feb Sun 26th at 8.30pm. $22 (Conc $19)

Wilson Dixon Jesse Griffin, one third of highly acclaimed comedy trio and Adelaide Fringe favourites The 4 Noels, brings his hilarious County ‘n’ Western character Wilson Dixon to the Fringe for the first time. Backed by a band of Australia’s top musicians, Wilson sings sweet country songs and tells rambling stories that’ll have you rolling in the aisles. “brilliantly oddball...countless quotable gags..., Wilson Dixon will surely inspire a devout following before long. A cult is born.” CHORTLE.CO.UK Feb Mon 27th at 6.30pm. $22 (Conc $18)

Women with Standards Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend? Should you stand by your man? Four of SA’s greatest voices have the answers! Big songs, massive harmonies and serious tongue in cheek. “...these four with their glittering stage presence and subversive rewriting of familiar lyrics, make for a world-class event.” ADVERTISER Feb Tue 28th & Mar Wed 1st at 6.30pm. $25

Even Ten years on from their first release, Melbourne 3-piece band Even are still kicking goals. Currently recording their fifth studio album with a US tour to follow, Even make their welcome return to the Adelaide Fringe Festival – a sentimental favourite for the band who played their ‘most memorable Adelaide show ever’ there back in 2004. Mar Thu 2nd at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $20)

Flat on Your Bacharach Do YOU know the way to San Jose? How long IS the journey to Tulsa? Hailed by the Sydney Morning Herald as “powerful, sassy performers”, Adelaide’s own Flat on Your Bacharach are back in town to take you on their intimate, mischievous travels through 40 years of Burt Bacharach’s songbook. Mar Thu 2nd & Fri 3rd at 8.30pm. $25


The Famous Spiegeltent


Umbrella Revolution


The Bosco Theater


The Garden Shed

Stephen Cummings Stephen Cummings is a national treasure. The old-school pop stylist and long time chronicler of personal upheaval, sets up shop at The Famous Spiegeltent for one night to perform songs from his Liberation Blue Acoustic album Close-Ups and his brand new CD, Love-O-Meter. “Stephen Cummings remains one of Australia’s finest songwriters. Terrific!” TIME OFF Mar Fri 3rd at 6.30pm. $25

FourPlay FourPlay’s repertoire includes arrangements of Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley, Charles Mingus and Metallica together with a dash of contemporary classical music, and their own originals. Inspired by a wide array of diverse music such as dub, klezmer, electronica, post-rock, improv and avant-garde. A FourPlay gig is an affair not to be missed. Mar Sat 4th & Sun 5th at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)

Dave Graney & Clare Moore Dave Graney and Clare Moore are hardcore lifers of the music scene. Shifty, rock hard, weird, unpredictable and totally out on their own. Their latest CD is a double, Hashish and Liquor. Whenever they appear, they have twenty albums of material running through their minds. What they are doing is where music should be at in 2006. They are heavy entertainment. Look out! Mar Sat 4th at 8.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)

Bernadette Robinson In her critically acclaimed show Calling All Angels, Spiegeltent regular Bernadette Robinson interweaves contemporary songs (think Joni Mitchell and Jane Siberry) with uncanny evocations of Piaf, Garland, Cline and Holiday and comic demolitions of Streisand, Callas, Bassey and Andrews. Don’t miss a rare chance to see this wonderful singer. “...touches emotional chords with a delicacy and strength only a true artist can accomplish” AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW

Mar Sun 5th at 8.30pm. $25

Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing Journeyman troubadour Mick Thomas brings his band The Sure Thing to Adelaide Fringe Festival for an intimate show at The Famous Spiegeltent. With a guitar case full of tales from the road and from the heart, Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing will entertain with a night of certified classic songs. Mar Mon 6th at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)


Gentlemen Prefer Curves From opera to Oprah, the three delicious divas return for an exclusive season at The Famous Spiegeltent! With a Fringe Award for excellence, interstate tours and lots of sold out shows in their handbags, the sequined sweethearts of cabaret and comedy turn 5 – be there for the cake! Mar Mon 6th & Tue 7th at 8.30pm. $25 (Conc $20)

Colin Hay Scotland, Big Ship, Melbourne, Cricketer’s Arms, Men At Work, Who Can It Be Now, Down Under, Grammy, Looking For Jack, Wayfaring Sons, Acoustic, Peaks And Valleys, Funny Bastard, Folk Festivals, 2000 Olympics, Edinburgh Fringe, Ringo’s All Starr Band, Man@Work, one of the world’s best solo performers. Don’t miss him! Mar Tue 7th & Wed 8th at 6.30pm. $28 (Conc $24)

Shooglenifty There have been many attempts over the last decade to describe the music of Shooglenifty. The music made by this six-piece band from Edinburgh has variously been described as Hypnofolkadelia, Acid Croft and, more recently, Ambientrad or Headfolk. Clearly, categorising the band has offered many journalists a challenge, underlined by the band’s own suggestion: Describing music is like trying to dance to architecture! Mar Thu 9th & Tue 14th at 6.30pm. $30

Kerri Simpson & Ray Pereira Kerri Simpson, National Female Blues Award Winner of 2005, and master drummer Ray Pereira delve back into the rhythms of Africa, Haiti and the American South evoking haunting aural images of both the secular and spiritual. “Genuinely original, working in a musical world which defies category.” BRUCE ELDER SMH

Mar Fri 10th at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)

Ash Grunwald Ash is reinventing the blues and roots genre. Combining Delta blues with hypnotic, ‘phat’ grooves, this one man band has played his unique songs at major festivals all over the country, including The Falls, Cockatoo Island, East Coast Blues and Roots, Apollo Bay, Port Fairy, and Melbourne International Blues Festival. More than just a powerful vocalist, Ash is sliding, stomping and hollering his way into 2006. He received the coveted Album of the Year award for I Don’t Believe at the 2005 Australian Blues Awards. Mar Sat 11th at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)


Two More Vodkas The Two More Vodkas Tour is a live music showcase that aims to highlight some of the best live acts and bands that South Australia has to offer. Featuring four of SA’s best - the Emily Davis Band, Curio, The Dairy Brothers and Krysalis. This is a one night only show not to be missed. For more information please go to Mar Mon 13th at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $18)

Monique Brumby Strong melodies and powerful storytelling have become synonymous with the name Monique Brumby. Not content to be musically pigeonholed, her songs encompass elements of rock, pop, blues and soul. Having already won 2 ARIA Awards and following on from the critically acclaimed albums Thylacine and Signal Hill, Monique will be launching her third album Into The Blue at The Famous Spiegeltent. Mar Thu 16th at 6.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)

Problem Pony Problem Pony’s unique mix of guitars, accordion, ukulele and glockenspiel creates a sound that ranges from delicate to dirty, but always with irresistible charm. Four singer-songwriters tell stories about the moon with rare musicality that takes the listener along for a joyous and emotional ride. Mar Fri 17th at 6.30pm. $20 (Conc $17)

The Hiptones There’s a special kind of magic when four musicians really connect. From a gumbo of blues, soul and funk, The Hiptones have created their own sound – showcased on their new national release CD. The rhythm bed of guitar, drums, hammond organ and bass is superbly overlaid by Snooks La Vie, a singer of titanic proportions who is also an outstanding harmonica talent. Get the groove. See The Hiptones! Mar Sun 19th at 6.30pm. $20 (Conc $15)

Kid Confucius Sydney’s 9 piece soul/hip-hop band Kid Confucius have had an incredible year since the release of their critically acclaimed debut self-titled album. The band spent the year perfecting their already incredible live show by touring nationally, and drawing capacity crowds and blowing away audiences at festivals including Splendor In The Grass and the Pyramid Rock Festival. Kid Confucius promise to bring a little bit of Motown to The Famous Spiegeltent. Mar Sun 19th at 8.30pm. $25 (Conc $22)


The Suitcase Royale – Felix Listens to the World Direct from the Melbourne International Arts Festival, this show takes you into a surreal, miniature, magical place you never thought existed. Through the use of junkyard props, innovative self-lighting, delicate paper cut-outs, shadowplay, old gramaphones and super8 film, we see a tiny love story unfold. Forgo the modern world and follow Felix as he journeys after his sweetheart, Rose who has sailed away in a teacup. Feb Tue 21st – Mon 27th at 7.30pm (No show Fri 24th) $20 (Conc $15) (Family – 2 adults & 2 children $60)

Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen Internationally acclaimed and immaculately dressed, Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen bring their nightmarish and hilarious Kabaret Noir to the Garden of Unearthly Delights. They were a hit at the 2003 & 2004 Adelaide Cabaret Festival and the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe, so make sure you get in early for a ticket. “These are performers at the top of their game” THE SCOTSMAN Feb Tue 28th – Mar Sun 5th at 7.30pm. $28 (Conc $22)


Last Days of Mankind Winner 2004 Melbourne Fringe – Best Actor / Best Original Sound. The Last Days of Mankind is Karl Kraus’ (1874 –1936) magnum opus, an Expressionist play that foreshadows the documentary theatre of Brecht. Kraus was the Michael Moore of his era, and the superb Justus Neumann plays every role in this contemporary adaptation. The pacifist message of this piece is powerfully pertinent to audiences experiencing the War on Terror. “Justus Neumann is an artist of the highest order. He brings a unique approach to the theatre that enriches the cultural landscape and the audiences that he performs to.” BARRIE KOSKY Feb Sat 25th – March Mon 6th at 5.30pm. $16 (Conc $12)



Lawrence Leung & Andrew McClelland’s Somewhat Secret Secret Society Show The cult hit of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. Who are the secret rulers of the world? How can you become part of the New World Order and never have to wait in line at the supermarket again? Investigating bizarre brotherhoods and calculating conspiracies including Freemasons, the Da Vinci Code and more, Lawrence (Sucker, Sceptic) and Andrew (History of Pirates) will brainwash you with their ripping tales, revelations and compelling anecdotal evidence that proves stuff! “Together they are comedy dynamite” Chortle (UK) “Praise comes as easily as the bellylaughs” THE MELBOURNE AGE “Downright hilarious” ADELAIDE ADVERTISER Feb Sat 25 – Mar Sun 19 (Excl. Mon 7 Mar) at 8pm Adult $20, Conc $18, Preview $15 PRESENTED BY VANILLA PRODUCTIONS

Sam Simmons’ Tales From The Erotic Cat It’s like David Lynch shaking hands with Elvis at a cocktail party where Jim Henson has spiked the punch... Diving into the mundane and the absurd, Sam Simmons performs an hour of music and songs, animated stories, stand-up, and dancing badly with intent... Simmons is one of the most daring unconventional comics in Australia, completely original and vastly absurd, he has one foot firmly planted into the soils of reality, and the other rooted deep into the psyche of being silly. A poetic and joyous exploration of the odd. This is the type of show that lets you forget about things like dandruff and car-parking fines, if only an hour or so. If you secretly hate basil and Goths, but like crumpets, seagulls, chutney and buttons that don’t match, then this is the show for you. Directed by Alan Brough (Spicks & Specks, ABC TV) “Verges on brilliance extremely enjoyable, funny, clever and mental” THE AGE “This truly is comedy at its absolute lunatic best” THE CHASER Feb Wed 22 – Mar Sun 19, Tue – Sat at 9.15pm $20 (Conc $18)



Bumpuppets presents De Niro behind the Mask Performers from the global smash, Puppetry of the Penis, in a complete about face bring you a pants down peak at cinema’s most celebrated method actor, Robert DeNiro. Featuring brown-eyed contemporaries John Belushi, Joe Pesci, Martin Scorcese, Marlon Brando, et al. Exposing scenes from Bum Driver, Raging Bum and The Bum Hunter. “Will paralyse with revulsion or fits of traumatic laughter. Does boast a considered sub-text. You simply require a strong stomach to read it.” THE AGE Feb Wed 22nd – Mar Sat 18th, Tue – Sun at 10.30pm. $18 (Conc $15)

Gauche Gauche is a five-piece experimental pop band featuring members of Darth Vegas, Hermitude, Circus Monoxide and Monsieur Camembert. This diversity and talent has created a unique new sound in Australian music and Gauche is a staple on the Sydney music scene, billed with the likes of Ursula Rucker, FourPlay and The Bird. / “Gauche is the most original band in Sydney... absolute quality... this awe-inspiringly brave yet fantastic hybrid of genres is a breath of fresh air, for Sydney and the world.” BILL CODE, 3DWORLD, MAY 2005. Mar Wed 8th – Fri 10th at 7.30pm. $20 (Conc $15)

Ed Kuepper – The Man, The Music, The Magic The one time Saints guitarist/songwriter and band leader for post-punk giants the Laughing Clowns, and Wegener, the original drummer for The Saints and only other mainstay along side Kuepper in the Clowns, reunited after a 20 year sabbatical earlier this year to cover the extensive catalogue of Kuepper plus a selection of covers from Peggy Lee to the Rolling Stones, Canned Heat and the Velvet Underground. Mar Mon 6th at 10.30pm. $25


U J B X CVUFSF T NPSF UI Toffee apples, popcorn and a thousand delicious taste sensations. The Garden of Unearthly Delights will sparkle as always with the finest, tastiest, mouth-watering morsels and bars of extreme liquid treats. No matter what the time of day (or early hours) your tastes will be satisfied. Indulge yourself with bubbles galore, juicy comestibles and hard, hard liquor.

Wacko And Blotto Two Clowns And A Chicken inhabit a caravan in a neverending entertainment vacuum. A mesmerising and torturous insight into the world of dysfunctional clowns. It is a vacuous, ridiculous and completely pointless enterprise. Nonetheless, it is disturbingly compelling.

Man Who Breathes Through His Eyes The talk of Adelaide 2004 returns to the Garden direct from Holland. The world is big and we are small, there is no one who knows 100% of the truth. At any given moment you could be surprised by something you never thought could be true. A man who breathes through his eyes...if you think it’s a trick you’ll get your money back. Discover a small miracle.

Take a wander around the Garden market place, day or night, and experience the wonderful world which unfolds before you!

Archers Arcadia

Outdoor Rig

Roll up! Roll Up! Don’t miss David Archer’s intriguing artworks, sensational sideshows and amazing interactive spectacles, as he takes us into the fantasy world of automata. Archer’s sculptures inspired by the genre of the travelling carnival, seaside holiday culture and the circus, see art and mechanics combine to animate the inanimate.

High aerial spectaculars programmed throughout the season, look to the skies and catch your breath as some of Australia’s top aerial artists swing with the stars.


The Flying Trapeze Swing into the Garden of Unearthly Delights this festival as Flying Trapeze Australia hosts classes daily as well as a nightly professional showcase. For bookings – 0417 073 668

SAFM’s Lehmo Live at The Fringe SAFM’s Lehmo will talk to a star studded Fringe line up when he broadcasts live each weekday between 5pm – 6pm from The Garden of Unearthly Delights. Feb Mon 27th – Mar Sun 19th

A compact story about a little man, a car & an accident. Crash! is a mini multimedia show where the audience witnesses the live creation and production of a film. One director, one live musician, but different film sets. Only two boots and the white outline of a victim remain, but where did the body go?

The Sixth Sense A 10 min non stop show in which you meet a guy who reads minds, sees without using his eyes and will set very uneasing thoughts in your mind. Hard for the skeptics, warm for the dreamers, but always a mind teaser. Step into the world of Rob Mollien - telepathy, extreme sensibility will not forget meeting Rob.



LaLaLuna The Shneedles After touring the world, the Shneedles’ brand new show makes its Australian Premiere! LaLaLuna is the surreal and hilarious new theatrical creation from Wolfe Bowart, artistic director of international comedy sensation The Shneedles, and one of today’s masters of physical theatre. What if, one evening, the light in the moon went out and you were the one responsible for finding a replacement light bulb? Circus skills, magic, acrobatics, interactive film and riotous physical comedy tell the quirky tale of one man’s quest to get closer to his beloved moon. Mar Wed 1st – Sun 19th, Tue – Sat & Mon 13th at 7pm, Sun at 4pm. $24 (Conc $16)

“LaLaLuna confounds and amazes. Guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of adults and children alike” LINCOLN NEWS, USA



Leaping Loonies – The Crate Show Evel Knievel meets Crusty the Clown in the Crate Show! Drawing on the great international traditions of physical performance, vaudeville and the silent movie era; the Loonies make the rehearsed look accidental with their uniquely Australian sense of larrikinism and pay homage to a bygone era of vaudeville theatre performers. Australia’s premier acrobatic comedy troupe, the Leaping Loonies brand of slapstick acrobatics earned them the “People’s Choice Award” at the Valladolid Street Theatre Festival (Spain) playing to 5,000 daily. The company have also been awarded a MO Award for “Best Specialty Act” and the Frater Award twice (2000 & 2001) for “Excellence in Schools Performances”. Feb Sat 18th – Mar Sun 5th at 5.30pm Adult $16, Conc $12, Child $10


Funny Business Strawberry (Fraser Hooper, UK) Forget scary make-up and squirty flowers, this is award-winning clowning with a contemporary edge! Using no words, Strawberry (Fraser Hooper) has charmed and delighted audiences across the world. Taking his cues from the crowd, he creates spontaneous comedy routines from nowhere. Children become hat-stands, men become tables and pushchairs are balanced on his head. Mime, physical comedy and vaudeville fuse with the traditions of the great silent clowns. A mesmerizing performance – ridiculous routines, dexterous juggling and eccentric dance has spellbound children worldwide. “Classic clowning and consummate skill.” NATIONAL THEATRE LONDON “The best clown in the business” SIDMOUTH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL Mar Sun 4th – Sun 19th (Sat, Sun, Mon 13th at 2.30pm, Mon – Fri at 5.30pm). All tix $14



Kids Comedy Gala Roll up for madness under the big top, featuring the best comedians and clowns in the business! Hysterically silly, but completely captivating, these hand-picked experts provide top quality laughs and side-splitting giggles. The ultimate family event – the biggest and craziest comedy show for kids at this year’s festival! Feb Sat 25th & Sun 26th, Mar Sat 4th & Sun 5th, Sat 11th – Mon 13th, Sat 18th – Sun 19th at 1pm. All tix $14

The King’s New Suit Splash Theatre Company A brand new version of Hans Christian Anderson’s evergreen story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. With slapstick humour and song this fast paced production captures the irreverent spirit of the original story. Designed for the whole family! “A tightly written and very funny script is injected with physical comedy and slapstick” THE ADVERTISER Mar Sat 11th – Mon 13th at 11.30am. All tix $12

Ticklish Allsorts Splash Theatre Company Ticklish Allsorts is a fun-filled musical show for children and families. Everyone is invited to join in the singing, dancing and fun. Ticklish Allsorts tours all over Australia at festivals, arts centres and schools and has toured overseas three times and won several awards for its performances and CDs. Award winning interactive music and dance performance for children aged 3 – 10. Mar Sat 4th – Sun 5th & Sat 18th – Sun 19th at 11.30am. All tix $12

The Chipolatas Spiegeltent favourites The Chipolatas present their legendary children’s show. Multi-talented musical clowns, their seamless performances feature a sensory overload of vibrant, colourful and dazzling routines, blending the flavours of music hall and street theatre, in a 5-star fun(ky) 3-style package – a show for children of all ages! “Brilliantly Diverse, Mischievous and expertly coherent” THE SCOTSMAN, EDINBURGH

Mar Sat 4th – Wed 8th at 4.30pm & Mar Sun 5th at 1pm. $15 (Conc $10) PRESENTED BY CIRKIDZ

Up in Smoke Directed by Sara Ritchie and devised by The Cirkidz Performing Troupe Up in Smoke explores eclectic contemporary themes of modern science, sporting heroes, devils and angels and includes a humorous look at ‘the social set.’ The Cirkidz performers dazzle with their amazing blend of aerial skills, human pyramids, acrobatic tumbling, handstands, contortion, juggling, table sliding and hoop diving. Feb Sat 18th & Sun 19th at 2.30pm. Adults $16, Children $10


I H J U O F U B M PMFSZ P G N UP Late Night Revolutions

Club Spiegel

Join the crew at the Umbrella Revolution for a late night fix of grooves, beats, your funkiest favourites and a selection of retro records. The perfect vinyl finish to any Fringe Festival night out! $5 entry

Awesome, legendary and the stuff of indelible memories – ‘the Festival’s beating heart’. Club Spiegel, the Club of Clubs... full of surprising performances, mad music, dancing on the bar and delivered always with a lot of love in the air, there is no better place at which to end your Festival nights. More, more, more is the order of the night... every night! Dancing is an absolute must. You can’t remember what day of the week it is? Don’t worry, neither do we. Rub shoulders with the best the Festival has to offer and become imbued with the ‘spirit’. We are in residence until 19th March till 3am every night and are ready to unleash that Spiegel brand of utter ebullient escapism. Leave your world outside... you are with us now! Club Spiegel will become etched in your festival memory forever and ever. Amen!

DJ Catkid Catkid can and will mix whatever with whoever! Rocking the house, or just keeping it fresh, so you can keep it real. As far Catkid is concerned, nothing is sacred! Michael vs Emimem, Cindy Lauper vs Basement Jaxx, Missy vs Britney. This pinkpanther keeps it bouncin’, holding residencies at some of Vegas’ hottest night spots as well as touring and playing with some of Australia’s best. Feb Wed 22nd – Sun 26th

DJ Andrew McClelland’s Invigorating Journey to Poptasia Andrew plays music to dance to, that you don’t always get to dance to. Soul! Rock! 60’s Pop! Indie Pop! Fine Electronica! Country! Whimsy! And he takes requests (within reason)! No house! No techno! No nasty hip-hop (but some of the good

stuff)! No soulless chart pop (but again, plenty of the goodies)! Overall, it’s a goodtime dance party funjob plus! Feb Tue 28th – Mar Fri 17th (Tue, Thur, Fri)

Groovelands Soundsystem For one night only we shake up the Umbrella Revolution from the inside out and groove to the sounds of the Groovelands Soundsystem led by Ben Walsh. Melding the colour and festival flavours of cuban, salsa, afrobeat and bhangara with modern basslines and breaks, this is a fresh club experience that boasts a sound like no other as live percussion melds with DJ’s pumping it out for the dancefloor. Mar Sat 4th

The Shenzo Extravaganza 30 years ago a legend was born...come celebrate! Mar Sun 5th

Feb Fri 17th – Mar Sun 19th at 12.30am till late – Tickets at the door

Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra A tight travelling band of freaks, misfits and creatures bound together by fate and their music. This unlikely and formidable ensemble make music which will stir your vitals like a wooden spoon in a steaming vat of offal. Fusing funk with junk, circus with jazz and everything from waltz, swing, blues and gypsy in-between, Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra make their Adelaide debut in a venue that was built for them like a Ferrari was built for speed. “Fat Vaudevillian rock’n’roll Expect to be seduced and appalled in equal measure” LILY BRAGGE, THE AGE JAN 2006

Feb Mon 27th – Mar Sun 5th at 12.30am till late – Tickets at the door

The Shuffle Club Just returned from Edinburgh, Mexico and the Caribbean this immaculate band are hitting Adelaide and are ready to cook! Without doubt one of the most high-energy swing and boogie outfits around today you must not miss Ash Gaudion, Danny Bourne, Rod Gilbert and Paul Griska as they tear up the dance floor like never before. In our final week of the Fringe, The Shuffle Club will be there ‘doing the business’. Prepare to be laid out by the hottest blend of swing, blues, jazz and boogie -– all in its most natural habitat – The Famous Spiegeltent dance-floor. Mar Mon 13th – Sun 19th at 12.30am till late – Tickets at the door


The Garden Of Unearthly Delights – Adelaide 2006 Rundle Park, East Terrace, Adelaide Friday 17 February – Sunday 19 March 2006 The Garden of Unearthly Delights is open from midday until 3am every day except where earlier performances are noted.

Bookings FringeTIX (08) 841 88 666 on line: and all FringeTIX outlets Venue*Tix 1300 305 485 online: & and all Venue*Tix outlets On site from 17th February

The Garden of Unearthly Delights would like to thank the following people for their support: Karen, Gail, Janine & the whole Fringe Family, Adelaide City Council, Flip Jansen – The Bosco Theater, Scott, Jen & Ian Walker, Pam Buxton, Christie Anthoney, Gareth & Erin at Venue*Tix, all the wonderful artists and crew performing in The Garden and of course the people of Adelaide who have embraced The Garden and made it their own. Our generous sponsors: Rick Payne and the crew at SA Brewing, Hardy Wine Company, Diageo, Coca Cola, Smart Car, Berni Sewer – SAFM, Kathy Damis - Channel Nine, John Lazzara – B-Wired, Fiona & Eva – Schenker Steinnes, Pacific International Apartments on Frome, Quest on Wakefield.


Contact Information:


The Garden Of Unearthly Delights Phone: 08 8232 4664

Buxton Walker Publicity Michelle Buxton 0419 134 278 / Amber Sheldon 0419 921 003 /

The Famous Spiegeltent & The Bosco Theater Spiegeltent International PO Box 12798, Edinburgh EH7 5ZE Scotland, UK Email: The Umbrella Revolution & The Garden Shed Strut and Fret Production House PO Box 224, Red Hill QLD 4059 Email:

The Famous Spiegeltent, The Umbrella Revolution and The Garden Shed are fully wheelchair accessible. The Bosco Theater has limited wheelchair access. All performances in The Garden of Unearthly Delights are General Admission – seating is not guaranteed. All prices are inclusive of GST and booking fees. Service and transaction fees may apply.

Buxton Walker Pty Ltd PO Box 2197 St Kilda West VIC 3182 Email:

Sponsorship: Liza Boston and Alex Boston Spiegeltent International Team: David Bates, Monique Harvey, Brett Haylock, Vicki Kromer, Julie Richardson, Shoshannah Orenstein, Simon Barfoot, Willie Suddon, Rich Morrod, Siiri Metsar, Emma Gerrett, Therese Mavros, Phoebe Robb, Lorne Rawlings, Linda Jay, Phil Moriarty, David Musolino, Shay Hooray, Mark Ogge, Robbie Sedgewick, David Swinton, Simon Mitchell, Bec Snook and Yannick Ressigeac. The Umbrella Revolution & Garden Shed Team: Scott Maidment, Sarah Stewart, Sonya Bohlen, Natalie Lidgerwood, Nicola Chapman, Brian Robertson, Allen Laverty, Stoph Vanwensveen, Bruce Jobin, Adam White, Dave Nemeth, Leila Maruan, Kylie Armstrong, Darrin Carter, Bec Hill, Olivia Allen, Tom Flanagan, Tony Kelly and Chris O’Brien.

Buxton Walker Team: Andrew Walker, Michelle Buxton, Amber Sheldon, Mickey Camilleri, Hiromi Nishitani, Sheena Lestock-Kay. Bar Team: Tim Saunders and Sam Dundas. Brochure Design: Paoli Smith Design

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