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FacultyFocus Dawna Torres Mughal, Ph.D. The serene countenance of Dawna Torres Mughal, Ph.D., R.D., LDN, FADA, Associate Professor and Director of Gannon’s Dietetics Program and Gannon’s Medical Technology Program, belies the whirlwind of activity in which she thrives. In addition to directing, teaching, and conducting research (in chemistry, medicine, nutrition, and food science) at Gannon, Mughal is Director of the Consortium Coordinated Program in Dietetics, and serves in numerous state, federal, and international positions. Mughal is Secretary of the Special Interest Research Group on Aging and Intellectual Disabilities (SIRGAID), an affiliate of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities (IASSID). During the past five years, her work with SIRGAID has taken Mughal to the UK, Cyprus, Switzerland, Japan, Greece, and Argentina. Her professional presentations at the conferences have drawn the interest of her national and international colleagues, who have invited Mughal to contribute to books and articles. Her current research focuses on nutrition screening of free-living older adults and of adults with intellectual disabilities who live in community-based homes. Mughal is deeply dedicated to service and giving back. “Education is valuable as an agent of change, collaboration as a tool for making things happen, and volunteer work as an important investment in the community and its future,” she said. “I know that teaching is my calling. In my native country, we highly value education and good teachers who challenge students to be the best they can be. Many good teachers have influenced me and my work ethic, and I still remember them.” Above all, Mughal says, “Teaching is a noble profession. I have seen many people whose lives were transformed by education and by teachers who expect nothing but the best from their students.”

“Teaching is a noble profession.” Education

Ph.D. in Nutrition from Penn State University M.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Southern Illinois University B.S. in Chemistry (Magna cum laude) from Central Philippine University


National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director’s Council Director of the Consortium Coordinated Program in Dietetics Board of Pennsylvania Dietetic Association and Delegate to the ADA SIRGAID Leadership Erie United Way Erie International Institute

Awards and certifications

FADA (Charter Fellow of the ADA— the highest credential awarded to registered dietitians by the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the ADA) LDN (Licensed Dietitian/Nutrition) PADA’s Keystone Award for leadership ADA’s Madge Myers Fellowship ADA’s New Researchers Award (for her doctoral research on type 2 diabetes mellitus and dietary adherence) ADA’s Outstanding Dietetics Educator Award Distinguished Alumna, Central Philippine University


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Fall/Winter 2003  

Stay in touch and see the history of Gannon as it’s made! Gannon Magazine is published three times annually (Winter, Spring and Summer) by t...

Fall/Winter 2003  

Stay in touch and see the history of Gannon as it’s made! Gannon Magazine is published three times annually (Winter, Spring and Summer) by t...